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Published by: hacking888 on Sep 03, 2009
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Conversation A
S1. How much does this pen cost?
S2. I beg your pardon.
S3. How much is this pen cost?
S4. It's four dollars and fifty cents.

Conversation B

S1. How much is this leather billfold?
S2. It’s five twenty-five
S3. Does that include the tax?
S4. It’s five forty four including tax.

Conversation C

S1. This briefcase costs five fifty.
S2. That's fine. I'll take it.
S1. Will there be anything else?
S2. I don't believe so; thank you.

Conversation D

S1. We're having a sale on leather goods today
S2. Are office supplies on sale too?
S3. Yes. Prices have been reduced from 20 to 40 percent.
S4. I notice the sale prices are marked in red ink.

Conversation E

S1. How much are these things all together?
S2. Let’s see. That’ll be twenty-one fifty.
S1. I’d like to change them to my account, please.
S2. Fine. Could you give me your name & address

Exercise 1 / Lines A1, B1, C1 /

How much does this pen cost?

It cost two dollars.

How much do these-bookends cost?

They cost two dollars

How much does that notebook cost?

It costs two dollars.

How much do those brushes cost?

They cost two dollars

How much does this stationery cost?

It costs two dollars.

Exercise 2 / Lines A4, B4, C1 /

It's four fifty-nine.

It costs four dollars and fifty-nine cents.

They're two fifty.

They cost two dollars and fifty cents.

It's seven eighty-five.

It costs seven dollars and eighty-five cents.

They're nine sixty-seven.

They cost nine dollars and sixty-seven cents.

They're twelve seventy.

They cost twelve dollars and seventy cents.

It's twenty-five fifty.

It costs twenty-five dollars and fifty cents.

Exercise 3 / Lines A4, B4, C1 /

What's ten fifty plus forty-nine?

It's ten ninety-nine.

What's two seventy-five plus ten?

It's two eighty-five.

What's six thirty-nine plus twenty?

It's six fifty-nine.

What's three eighty plus eighteen?

It's three ninety-eight.

What's sixty-nine plus eight?

It's seventy seven.

What's one twenty plus eight twenty?It's nine forty.

Exercise 4 / Line D 1 /

We're having a sale on leather goods today.

summer clothing

We're having a sale on summer clothing today.

home furniture

We're having a sale on home furniture today.

kitchen items

We're having a sale on kitchen items today.

household supplies

We're having a sale on household supplies today.


We're having a sale on dinnerware today.

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