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Lesson Plan: Ekaterina Tolstova

Title: We can do everything

Level: elementary

Content Area: verbs

Time Frame: 2 lessons + 1 lesson

Learning Outcomes: learners study new verbs and use them in sentences.

Procedures (tasks):

The first two lessons

Steps of the lessons Time Activity Link

Learning new words 10 Learners look for pictures. They type the
Run, jump, sing, dance, min words in the “search window” and try to m/
play, swim, read, write guess the meaning of these verbs. For example:
In groups
The students learn new 10 The teacher shows slides, pronounces http://www.pimpam
words with the teacher min the words adds some new verbs. The
All class learners repeat and try to remember 15518 (this is made
them. by me)

400 (I have found
Playing vocabulary 10 In order to revise and learn the verbs the http://www.manythi
games min students do some activities on the
Individually internet. #
The set of verbs: cook, clean, drink, eat,
cry, write, sing, dance, read.
Children can play 2-3 variants of games
with these verbs.
Learning the structure 10 The teacher shows slides. Learners guess http://www.pimpam
“I can…” min the meaning of the structure “I can”,
All class “We can”. 14694

Doing slide shows 20 The learners do their own slide shows to http://www.pimpam
Individually / In groups min the verbs.
They are to type the verbs they want,
choose the picture they like.
The teacher helps while the children
Using the verbs 15 The groups show their slides and tell the
Commenting slide min class what they can do.
Assessment/Reflection 5 min The class chooses the most funny /
interesting slide show.
Home task The students make photos of their own
which illustrate what the children can
Individually / In groups do. Then they upload photos on Flickr.
tagging the photos “wecando” or by
their names. The children think of the
captions to the photos.

One week later

1. The students make slide shows with speech bubbles on they can write sentences in the bubbles about
themselves. Working on this site is very simple, so the children will cope with the task.

2. Or the learners can make simple cartoons to the topic at