ok guys will show you how to use my software to auto farm iris and pan in wartun e patch 2.

1 1) download the rar file 2) extract it on your desktop 3) you will see these 3 files 4) install ghost mouse follow the step i have already install ..... 5) now you will get an icon like this double click on it and it will say 10 days expire ignore it it will be for 1 month when it expire just unistal and reinstall :D you will get it back again 6)now it depend on wht you going to farm iris or pan if you going for iris look wht i do .... follow me click on load on the software then browse to destkop then search for what you go ing to farm i will go for iris now go to wartune ---> go to sylph atol----> and go to anyplace you want in the iris section and now go to software press on start you will see iam not doing anything it will move by itself and attck iris and if you want to attck pan do the same ok sometime you will see it ignore the iris bcz it is not on full screen think you understande and cheers its geniune iam not hacking any account !!! have fun .... One last thing i forget to say go to option in the software and select (repeat u ntil get stop order)

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