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How to Intervene

The Accessible Channel, Application 2006-1579-2

Where the intervention is filed by electronic means, the line ***End of document*** should be
entered following the last paragraph of the document, as an indication that the document has not
been damaged during electronic transmission.

Each paragraph of the document should be numbered.

Your intervention should clearly identify the application 2006-1579-2 and indicate whether you
support or oppose the application, or if you propose changes to it, include the facts and grounds
for your proposal.

How do I send my letter?

You must send a copy of the letter to both the CRTC and NBRS.

There are five ways of communicating your support:

1. By Email


Subject Line: Application No. 2006-1579-2

2. By Website and E-mail

CRTC: By using the CRTC website ttp://

• Click on Public Participation
• Click on Participate Broadcasting Proceeding.
• Under Interventions/Comments
• Click on FORM (and follow the steps, if you have any problems, call
1.800.567.6755 ext. 225 or your local coordinator)


3. By Mail

CRTC: Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2

NBRS: 1090 Don Mills Road Suite 303 Toronto ON M3C 3R6

4. By Fax

CRTC: 819.994.0218
NBRS: 416.422.1633

5. By Telephone

Call 1.800.567.6755 extension 245

Interveners must leave their name, address and telephone number. The CRTC
will follow-up with a telephone call so your comments will not be valid without this
Things to know

The deadline for submission of interventions/comments

has been extended to March 8 2007.
• If you do write a letter of support, your name and contact information will
be on the public file.