The class is mammal

The animal lives in Russia. More specifically it lives in a den. It looks like a leopard. It has two layers of fur so they keep warm.. It eats elk and deer meat. It hunts or it scavenges. It usually has 2 or three babies. Any time of the year.

They teach them that live isn't fair and to just get over it. Some of the Amur leopards enemies are tigers lions and crocodiles.

Corey and Matthew

A few others are Indian wild dogs and African hunting dogs.

However, the Russian government has set up a Population Management Program, to monitor the status Since the Amur and start breeding Leopard isn't very programs for the well-known, not leopards in captivmany people are ity. it is the most doing anything to endangered big help it; they don't cat in the world know it exists. .

There supposedly 23 to 34 still alive in Russia. Sexual maturity is reached at age span in captivity is twenty three years. Amur leopards die in captivity die from pollution in there gene pool.

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