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_ DAVID FARRELLY ty NOT TO BE is TAKEN OUT *Uuroville Library® Sierra Club Books + San Francisco Tsar cadet toa bs voted itself to the study and protection of the fearth’s scenic and ecological resources—-mourtains, wetlands, woodlands, wild shores and rivers, deserts and plane, The publishing program of the Siewa Club Offers books to the public as a nonprofit educational service m the hope that they may enlarge the public's Understanding of the Club's basic concerns. The point js (of view expressed in each book, however, does not { necessarily represent that of the Club. The Siewa Chub ' has some fy chapters coast to coast, in Canada, Hawai, and Alaska. For information about how you ‘may participate in its programs to preserve wildemess ' and the quality of life, please address inquiries to : Siera Club, 530 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA ‘4108. Copyright @ 1984 by David Farcally Alig reserved, No pat ofthis Book may be in any form or by any elecionic or mechanical means, Including information storage and retieval systems, wih esmision in wring fom the publisher, Ubrary of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Farrel, Dovid, 1938 ‘The book of bamboo. Sibography: p. 321 | Incides index | 1. Bamikao, 2, Bamboo—History 3. Bamboo work. 1 Tite ' SB317.82f37 19m 504193 84.5366 fe BEN O-87Is6-824-1 ISBN 0-87196-825-X (pbk Jacket and ext design by Catherine anders Preted inthe United States of America wae7esaa2t | Barefoot Bamboo Jo the immense millions of the mast penniless who would most benefit from bamboo abundance, the people, the forever forgotten anes who can't afford a book on bamboo or anything else, whose bare feet never wander stores in cities where such information is sold, who don’t have the data and dollars _ to search for the species most suited (to their weather and needs, ‘nor land to plant nor time to wait until a grave becames established, who lack traditions of bamboo know-how {9 guide in care, harvest, and uses who often have never seen and can't afford a tool more costly or specialized than a machete, whose daily battle for barest subsistence leaves Title curiosity of energy for the unknown: whose long historical experience has taught a salutary distrust of anybody better dressed (oF fatter fed! coming toward them with some bright message to better their lot... {0 those who will never see or touch or hear of it wo couldn't read it, in any case, this book is affectionately dedicated.