(L.R.Q., chapter P-40.1)

Merchant or manufacturer bound.

42. A written or verbal statement by the representative of a merchant or of a manufacturer respecting goods or services is binding on that merchant or manufacturer.

1978, c. 9, s. 42.

False representations.

219. No merchant, manufacturer or advertiser may, by any means whatever, make false or misleading representations to a consumer.

1978, c. 9, s. 219.

Prohibited practices respecting price.

224. No merchant, manufacturer or advertiser may, by any means whatever,

(a) lay lesser stress, in an advertisement, on the price of a set of goods or services than on the price of any goods or services forming part of the set;

(b) subject to sections 244 to 247, disclose, in an advertisement, the amount of the instalments to be paid to acquire goods or to obtain a service without also disclosing the total price of the goods or services and laying the greater stress on such total price;

(c) charge, for goods or services, a higher price than that advertised.

Total amount to be paid.

For the purposes of subparagraph c of the first paragraph, the price advertised must include the total amount the consumer must pay for the goods or services. However, the price advertised need not include the Québec sales tax or the Goods and Services Tax. More emphasis must be put on the price advertised than on the amounts of which the price is made up.

1978, c. 9, s. 224; 2009, c.51, s.12.

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