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BIO Review 1 - Research, Scientific Cooperation, Microscopes Name __________________ Date _______ 1.

(2006-30) An important feature of modern classification systems is that they — a. group organisms that live in the same ha itat . apply only to organisms that are alive today c. can predict the discovery of ne! species d. can incorporate ne! scientific discoveries 2. (200"-3#) An organism that causes infections in plants and animals$ ut cannot e seen !ith a light microscope similar to that used in a high school iology course$ is most li%ely a — a. virus . acterium c. proto&oan d. fungus 3. (2002-#0) A student !ants to vie! cells under the compound microscope at a total magnification of "00'. (f the eyepiece is 10'$ !hich of the follo!ing o )ective lenses should e used* a. 10' . "' c. 100' d. "0'

,he lac% s!allo!tail li%es to fly more than anything else. d. ,he lac% s!allo!tail is closely related to the spice ush s!allo!tail. 1. (2003-2) +hich of these !ould e the est resource to research the symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia* a. 2aily television ne!s . 3e! 4ngland 5ournal of 6edicine c. 5ournal of 7oology d. 3atural 8istory 6aga&ine /. (200"-21) +hich of the follo!ing came first in the scientific study of living things* a. .ight microscope . 4lectron microscope c. 9ell theory d. 6odel of 23A :. (2002-12) (f a student needs to do research on heredity for a science pro)ect$ !hich of these sources is the most relia le resource* a. A !ee%ly ne!s maga&ine . A ne!spaper ta loid c. A professional )ournal d. A national ne!spaper 10. (2003-"6) ,he discovery that chromosomes are involved in inheritance !as made possi le y the invention of thea. mercury thermometer . computer c. microgram scale d. microscope


". (2003-6) +hen vie!ing a prepared slide under the compound microscope$ a student has to remove his glasses. ,his means he !ill need to read)ust for fine focus !ith !hich part la eled a ove* 1 .2 c. 3 d. " #. (200"-") +hich of the follo!ing methods !ould provide the most accurate information for students collecting data a out local attitudes concerning the use of alternative fuels for automo iles* a. ,rac% prices at near y gas stations . ,a%e an opinion poll of drivers c. -tudy ne!spaper articles d. .isten to speeches given y politicians

11. (2002-10) +hich of these hypotheses is est supported y o servations of this animal* a. ,his animal is her ivorous. . ,his animal has poor hearing. c. ,his animal usually hunts for food at night. d. ,his animal spends much of its time digging. 12. (2001-2") 8enry;s pro)ect is on porcupine populations in <irginia. 8e !ould li%e to use the phone oo% to help him ma%e contacts. 8is most relia le contacts !ould pro a ly e found y loo%ing in the phone oo% under — a. state agencies . ne!spapers c. travel agencies d. civil engineers

6. (200"-3/) 0ichard !as o serving lac% s!allo!tail 13. (2006-"0) A student researching a ne! discovery a out utterflies in the field. +hich one of these is an the activity of mitochondria could find the most current o servation he made a out a lac% s!allo!tail and relia le information in a — utterfly* a. scientific )ournal a. ,he lac% s!allo!tail elongs to the class . ne!spaper (nsecta. c. popular ne!s maga&ine . ,he lac% s!allo!tail laid its eggs on a parsley d. cell iology te=t oo% plant.

1". (200"-2#) +hich of the follo!ing est e=plains !hy a student researching genetics should use the most recent te=t oo%s availa le* a. 3o technologies from more than ten years ago are still in use. . 0esearch in 6endelian genetics egan very recently. c. 3e! discoveries fre>uently add to older %no!ledge in genetics. d. ?lder te=t oo%s are more difficult to understand.

material responsi le for heredity. (n 1:#3$ using information collected y other scientists$ an American iologist and an 4nglish physicist uilt a threedimensional model of 23A. ,hese discoveries est illustrate the importance of — a. replication of results . colla orative efforts among scientists c. recent improvements in the scientific method d. independent research

1#. (200"-31) +hich of the follo!ing scientific achievements est represents a colla orative effort among scientists* a. @regor 6endel;s study of pea plants ena led ,homas 6organ to ecome the first to locate a gene on a chromosome in 2rosophila. . Anton van .eeu!enhoe% invented the microscope in the 1600s$ !hich !as later used y others to study cells. 1:. (200#-1) +hat is the total magnification used to vie! c. 0o ert Aoch studied infectious diseases$ and these onion cells through this microscope setup* .ouis Basteur demonstrated that life only a. #0 . "00 c. "0 d. 10 comes from life. d. Crancis 9ric% and 5ames +atson !or%ed together to design the dou le-heli= model of 23A. 16. (2002-") (n 1:2/$ the scientist Ale=ander Cleming !as trying to gro! the acterium -taphylococcus$ and y chance$ discovered that it !ould not gro! in the presence of a mold that he named Benicillium. (n 1:3:$ 4rnst 9hain and 8o!ard Clorey purified penicillin$ and in 1:"1$ penicillin !as first used to treat acterial diseases. (n 1:"#$ Ale=ander Cleming$ 4rnst 9hain$ and 8o!ard Clorey received the 3o el Bri&e in medicine for the discovery and isolation of penicillin. ,hese facts sho! that — a. Clorey and 9hain unfairly used Cleming;s !or% and should not have received the 3o el Bri&e . !henever possi le$ the 3o el Bri&e should e given to more than one person c. scientific progress often re>uires the efforts of many people !or%ing together d. chance plays no role in scientific discoveries 11. (200#-") A iology class in <irginia conducted a survey of the plant species found on their school grounds. ,hey found several plants that they didn;t recogni&e. +hat resources !ould e most helpful to the class in identifying the plants and determining if they !ere introduced as e=otic species* a. Cossil records and historical society pu lications . <irginia ne!spapers and science )ournals c. <irginia native plant chec%lists and plant identification %eys d. Diology te=t oo%s and the encyclopedia 1/. (200#-"2) (n 1/6:$ 23A !as discovered !ithin the nuclei of cells. Dy the 1:"0s$ scientists %ne! that chromosomes !ere made of oth 23A and protein ut did not %no! !hich !as the genetic material of cells. (n the 1:#0s$ scientists demonstrated that 23A is the

20. (2001-1/) ,he picture sho!s a coverslip correctly eing lo!ered onto a slide. ,his method is used ecause it — a. prevents the escape of microorganisms found in the !ater . reduces the possi ility of air u les on the slide c. prevents the coverslip from moving d. allo!s microorganisms to move freely in the !ater 21. (200"-"") 4arly classification systems consisted of t!o %ingdomsE Blantae and Animalia. +hat scientific development allo!ed ta=onomists to esta lish the 6onera and Brotista %ingdoms* a. 2evelopment of Aoch;s postulates . 9reation of electrophoresis c. 2iscovery of 23A d. (nvention of the electron microscope 22. (2006-23) As part of their training$ iologists learn the history of developments in their field of interest. +hich est e=plains the importance of this education* a. (t provides ac%ground information since most conclusions from efore 1:#0 have een disproven. . (t gives iologists an understanding of their field so they can e=pand on earlier %no!ledge. c. (t narro!s their field of research ecause most important discoveries in iology have already een made. d. (t allo!s scientists to rule out models that have already een tested.