Introduction to PC-Lab and Windows 2000_By_AbuBakkar Marwat



Introduction to PC-Lab and Windows 2000 Start, Shut down the computer  Managing Your User Account (Login)  Microsoft Windows® 2000  Sharing and Printing documents

Managing Your User Account (Login)

Logon to NTU Domain
    

Your will get your personal My Documents, My Pictures, Desktop and many other … Data Availability throughout the lab Data Security from unauthorized access Press Ctrl + Alt + Del Type your username (login) and password To Prevent your data from other users Press Ctrl + Alt + Del Click Log off Press Ctrl + Alt + Del Click Change Password

Log off from NTU Domain
  

Change your passwords frequently
 

Microsoft Windows® 2000
    

Windows Explorer

Views of Windows Explorer Create Folders, Copy and Move Folders

Files & Folders

File Extensions Copy & Move files Identifying the Desktop Elements
   

My Computer: Enables you to organize your work Recycle Bin: Temporary Storage area for deleted files Taskbar: For starting programs, accessing various areas of Windows, and switching among programs My Network Places: Your network resources

Calculator, Notepad, Paint

Sharing and Printing documents
 Make

Sure that you have saved the final version of your file  Access to ‘NTUPRINT’ computer’s Shared Folder  Copy your file to Shared folder  Ask Lab Staff to Print your document

 Elements

of Start Menu  Run Command  Getting Help from Windows  Searching Files and folders  Settings – Control panel, printers  Recent Documents  Programs

 Display

properties –  Wallpaper, Screen Saver, Color Schemes  System Tools  Accessibilities  Communications  Entertainment

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