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29th August Students Addition of Set Induction Using virtual manipulative Class work
2009 would be able unlike → Discuss with the students on exercises
to: fractions addition of fractions by asking Web address:
Saturday questions and give few examples 2 1
→ Find (addition of fractions with same 3 6
Primary 5B equivalent denominator then fractions with ary.html
fraction. different denominator).
10.00–10.50am Development 5 2
→ Adding → Show few examples of addition of 6 7
unlike unlike fractions to the class
fractions. starting with easier numbers using
virtual manipulative on the IWB. 2 1
→ Then, allow the students to try 7 3
out few questions on the IWB in
front of the class.
→ Group the students in a group of 6 4 + 3
(big group) and do some questions 9 4
using the virtual manipulative one
by one.
→ After that, allow them to work in 3 1
pairs and try out the questions 11 2
from the web site from easier to
→ Give class work exercises to the
students and allow them to answer
to questions on their own without
using the virtual manipulative.