(a) WAR OFFICE/MINISTRY OF DEFENCE: (b) HOME COMMANDS: (c)OVERSEAS COMMANDS: (d) CORPS AND DIVISIONS: (e)BRIGADES: (f) TRAINING AND EDUCATION: (g) INDIAN ARMY: page 2 page 46 page 81 page 121 page 164 page 207 page 218




INDEX: Adjutant-General: Chief of Staff, Adjutant-General’s Department: Administrative Plans, Director: Armoured Corps, Royal, Director: Artillery, RoyalDirector: Deputy Director: Assistant Chief of the Imperial General Staff: Aviation, Army, Director(see Land/Air Warfare) Cavalry, Inspector: Chief of the Imperial General Staff:: Combat Development/Weapons and Development, Director: Defence Policy(Army), Director: Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff: Deputy Quartermaster-General: Doctrine and Development/Land Warfare, Director-General: Fighting Vehicles, Director-General: Infantry, Director: Intelligence, MilitaryDirector: Deputy Director: Land Warfare, Director: Land/Air Warfare/Army Aviation, Director: Manning/Personnel Administration, Director: Deputy Director: Manpower Planning, Director: Master-General of the Ordnance: Military Secretary: Deputy Military Secretary: Movements and Quartering, Director: Operational Requirements, Director1: 2: 3: page 5 page 36 page 39 page 41 page 42 page 14 page 38 page 4 page 45 page 17 page 13 page 35 page 25 page 40 page 43 page 20 page 21 page 25 page 44 page 31 page 31 page 32 page 8 page 9 page 11 page 37 page 21 page 22 page 22


Operations, MilitaryDirector: Deputy Director Personal ServicesDirector: Deputy Director: Physical and Adventure Training, Inspector: Plans, Army, Director: Public Relations(Army), Director: Quartermaster-General: Recruiting and Organization, Director: Special Forces, Director: Staff Duties, Army Director: Deputy Director: Territorial Army, Director-General: Training, Military, Director-General: Deputy Director: Training Support/Land Warfare, Director-General: Vice-Chief of the Imperial General Staff: Vice Master-General of the Ordnance: Vice Quartermaster-General/Chief of Staff, Quartermaster-General’s Department:

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Chief of the Imperial General Staff(Chief of the General Staff from 1964): Field-Marshal Sir William G. Nicholson: April 1908-March 1912 Field-Marshal Sir John D.P. French: March 1912-March 1914 General Sir Charles W.H. Douglas: March-October 1914 Lieutenant-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: October 1914-September 1915 General Sir Archibald J. Murray: September 1915-December 1916 General Sir William R. Robertson: December 1916-February 1918 Field-Marshal Sir Henry H. Wilson, Bt.: February 1918-February 1922 General the Earl of Cavan: February 1922-February 1926 Field-Marshal Sir George F. Milne: February 1926-February 1933 Field-Marshal Sir Archibald A. Montgomery-Massingberd:February 1933-March 1936 Field-Marshal Sir Cyril J. Deverell: March 1936-December 1937 General Viscount Gort: December 1937-September 1939 General Sir W. Edmund Ironside: September 1939-May 1940 Field-Marshal Sir John G. Dill: May 1940-December 1941 Field-Marshal Viscount Alanbrooke: December 1941-June 1946 Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein: June 1946-November 1948 Field-Marshal Sir William J. Slim: November 1948-November 1952 Field-Marshal Sir John A.F. Harding: November 1952-September 1955 Field-Marshal Sir Gerald W.R. Templer: September 1955-September 1958 Field-Marshal Sir Francis W. Festing: September 1958-November 1961 General Sir Richard A. Hull: November 1961-February 1965 General Sir A. James H. Cassels: February 1965-February 1968 Field-Marshal Sir Geoffrey H. Baker: February 1968-March 1971 Field-Marshal Sir R. Michael P. Carver: April 1971-July 1973 General Sir Peter M. Hunt: July 1973-May 1976 Field-Marshal Sir Roland C. Gibbs: May 1976-July 1979 Field-Marshal Sir Edwin N.W. Bramall: July 1979-August 1982 Field-Marshal Sir John W. Stanier: August 1982-July 1985 Field-Marshal Sir Nigel T. Bagnall: July 1985-September 1988 Field-Marshal Sir John L. Chapple: September 1988-February 1992 General Sir Peter A. Inge: February 1992-March 1994 General Sir Charles R.L. Guthrie: March 1994-February 1997 General Sir Roger N. Wheeler: February 1997-April 2000 General Sir Michael J.D. Walker: April 2000-February 2003 General Sir Michael D. Jackson: February 2003-August 2006 General Sir F. Richard Dannatt: August 2006-August 2009 General Sir David J. Richards: August 2009-September 2010 General Sir Peter A. Wall: September 2010-


Adjutant-General: General Sir H. Evelyn Wood: General Sir Thomas Kelly-Kenny: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles W.H. Douglas: General Sir Ian S.M. Hamilton: Lieutenant-General Sir John S. Ewart: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry C. Sclater: General Sir C. F. Nevil Macready: Lieutenant-General Sir George M.W. Macdonogh: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip W. Chetwode, Bt.: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert D. Whigham: General Sir Walter P. Braithwaite: General Sir Archibald A. Montgomery-Massingberd: General Sir Cecil F. Romer: General Sir Harry H.S. Knox: Lieutenant-General Sir Clive G. Liddell: General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Colville B. Wemyss: General Sir Ronald Forbes Adam, Bt.: General Sir Richard N. O’Connor: General Sir James S. Steele: General Sir John T. Crocker: General Sir Cameron G.G. Nicholson: General Sir Charles F. Lowen: General Sir Hugh C. Stockwell: General Sir Richard W. Goodbody: General Sir A James H. Cassels: General Sir Reginald H. Hewetson: General Sir Geoffrey R.D. Musson: General Sir H. John Mogg: General Sir Cecil H. Blacker: General Sir Jack W. Harman: General Sir Robert C. Ford: General Sir George L.C. Cooper: General Sir Roland K. Guy: General Sir J. David F. Mostyn: General Sir Robert A. Pascoe: General Sir David J. Ramsbotham: General Sir Michael J. Wilkes: General Sir H. Michael Rose: General Sir Alexander G.H. Harley: Lieutenant-General Sir Timothy J. Granville-Chapman: 1897-October 1901 October 1901-February 1904 February 1904-May 1909 June 1909-June 1910 July 1910-April 1914 April 1914-February 1916 February 1916-September 1918 September 1918-September 1922 September 1922-March 1923 March 1923-March 1927 March 1927-March 1931 March 1931-February 1933 February 1933-March 1935 March 1935-December 1937 December 1937-July 1939 July 1939-June 1940 June 1940-June 1941 June 1941-1946 July 1946-August 1947 September 1947-September 1950 September 1950-September 1953 September 1953-November 1956 November 1956-August 1959 August 1959-July 1960 July 1960-June 1963 June 1963-October 1964 October 1964-October 1967 October 1967-June 1970 June 1970-June 1973 June 1973-June 1976 June 1976-September 1978 September 1978-March 1981 March 1981-March 1984 March 1984-December 1986 December 1986-December 1988 December 1988-December 1990 December 1990-May 1993 May 1993-July 1995 July 1995-June 1997 June 1997-January 2000 January 2000-January 2003

6 Lieutenant-General Sir Alistair S. Irwin: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick R. Viggers: Lieutenant-General William R. Berragan: January 2003-April 2005 April 2005-March 2008 March 2008-December 2009 December 2009-August 2012 August 2012- . Mans: Lieutenant-General Gerald W. Rollo: Lieutenant-General Sir Mark F.N.H.

Learmont: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Riddell-Webster: General Sir Daril G. Hamilton: Major-General Herbert C.M.Edward W.D. Rous: Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Cowan: Lieutenant-General Sir Scott C.D. Hastings Anderson: General Sir Felix F. Lathbury: General Sir Charles L.: Lieutenant-General Sir Ian S. Jackson: General Sir Patrick J. Grant: Major-General David L. Huxtable: General Sir C. Plumer. Miles: General Sir John S. Applegate: Lieutenant-General Sir Gary R. Ivor Thomas: General Sir Ouvry L. Bt. Richardson: General Sir Alan Jolly: General Sir J. Judd: Major-General Anthony J. Ready: General Sir Reginald S. Jones: General Sir John H. Antony J. Howard-Dobson: General Sir Richard E. Kirkman: General Sir G. Sir William E. Sugden: General Sir Gerald W. Clarke. Deverell: September 1898-April 1903 April 1903-February 1904 February 1904-December 1905 December 1905-April 1908 April 1908-June 1912 June 1912-March 1919 March 1919-March 1923 March 1923-March 1927 March 1927-December 1930 February 1931-February 1935 February 1935-February 1939 February 1939-March 1942 March 1942-February 1946 February 1946-June 1947 June 1947-June 1950 June 1950-August 1952 August 1952-June 1955 June 1955-1956 December 1956-November 1958 November 1958-November 1961 November 1961-January 1965 January 1965-August 1966 August 1966-September 1969 September 1969-January 1973 January 1973-January 1977 January 1977-1979 March 1979-March 1982 March 1982-1983 September 1983-October 1986 October 1986-July 1988 July 1988-December 1991 December 1991-April 1994 April 1994-April 1996 April 1996-July 1998 July 1998-April 2000 April 2000-November 2002 November 2002-January 2006 January 2006-February 2007 February 2007-September 2009 September 2009-July 2012 July 2012- . Clarke: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter Campbell: Lieutenant-General Sir W. Watson: General Sir Sidney C. Worsley: Lieutenant-General Sir Paul A. May: General Sir Walter K. General Sir William G.7 Quartermaster-General: General Sir Charles M. Cowans: Lieutenant-General Sir Travers E. Brownjohn: General Sir Cecil S. Read: General Sir William G.F. Venning: General Sir Thomas S. Roberts: Lieutenant-General Sir Maurice S. Travers: General Sir Richard B. O. Chilton: General Sir Nevil C. Coward: Lieutenant-General Christopher M. G. Trant: General Sir Charles R. Raper: Major-General Timothy N. Tyler: Lieutenant-General Richard A. Nicholson: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert S.

Jeremy Blacker: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert J. Stibbon: General Sir A. Charles: General Sir Hugh J. Jones: General Sir Charles L. Wilson: Major-General William H.G. Pope: February 1899-February 1904 February 1904-February 1907 February 1907-February 1913 February 1913-December 1916 December 1916-January 1920 January 1920-October 1923 October 1923-October 1927 October 1927-March 1931 March 1931-April 1934 April 1934-1938 1960-1962 1962-1963 May 1963-December 1966 December 1966-March 1971 March 1971-March 1974 March 1974-May 1977 May 1977-March 1981 March 1981-September 1983 September 1983-September 1987 September 1987-October 1991 October 1991-April 1995 April 1995-October 1998 October 1998-January 2000 January 2000-July 2004 July 2004-June 2006 June-November 2006 November 2006-January 2010 January 2010-November 2011 November 2011-2013 .W. Noel Birch: Lieutenant-General Sir Webb Gillman: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Ronald E. Hugh Beach: General Sir Peter J. Figgures: Major-General Richard A. Hadden: Major-General Sir Stanley B.M.Elles: Lieutenant-General Sir John G.8 Master-General of the Ordnance(until 1938 and from 1960): General Sir Henry Brackenbury: Major-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: Major-General Sir Charles F. Jenkins: Major-General Peter Gilchrist: Major-General Andrew C.F. Furse: Lieutenant-General Sir John P. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General David J.D. Du Cane: General Sir J.H.S. Sugden: General Sir Charles P. von Donop: Lieutenant-General Sir William T. Noel Thomas: General Sir John H. Leng: General Sir Richard F. Cowley: General Sir Cecil S. Moore: Major-General Nicholas A. Richardson: General Sir J. Applegate: Major-General Christopher C. Gibbon: General Sir W. Vincent: General Sir John J.

M. Hamilton: Major-General Sir Ronald B. Goodwin: Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas C.M. Brownrigg: Lieutenant-General George J. Davies: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip W. Robert Mansergh: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth G. Keightley: Lieutenant-General Sir E. Thompson: Lieutenant-General Sir William G. Stirling: Lieutenant-General Sir John D’A.M. Lane: Major-General John S.: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander J. Learmont: 1896-May 1901 May 1901-April 1903 April 1903-March 1904 March 1904-October 1906 October 1906-October 1911 October 1911-1914 August-October 1914 October 1914-June 1916 June 1916-June 1919 June 1919-October 1920 October 1920-March 1922 March 1922-February 1926 February 1926-March 1927 March 1927-June 1930 June 1930-June 1934 June 1934-September 1937 September-December 1937 January 1938-July 1939 July 1939-February 1940 February 1940-June 1942 June 1942-1946 1946-1948 1948 1948-1949 1949-March 1951 March 1951-December 1954 December 1954-1956 1956-June 1959 June 1959-June 1961 June 1961-March 1963 March 1963-January 1966 January 1966-January 1969 January 1969-February 1972 February 1972-June 1974 June 1974-November 1976 November 1976-July 1978 July 1978-December 1980 December 1980-December 1983 December 1983-October 1986 October 1986-April 1989 April 1989-October 1991 . Deedes: Lieutenant-General Viscount Gort: Lieutenant-General Sir W. McLean: Lieutenant-General Sir Euan A. Ford: Lieutenant-General Sir Robin M. Guy: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Stockwell: Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey S. Chetwode. Sharp: Lieutenant-General Sir Patrick J. Wemyss: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick A. Callander: General Sir Hugh C. Wynne: Lieutenant-General Sir William E. Peyton: Lieutenant-General Sir David G.T. Floyer-Acland: General Sir H. Godley: Lieutenant-General Sir William E.Douglas S. Robb: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis J. Mostyn: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard E. David F. Sidney Clive: General Sir Charles P.C. Campbell: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald F. Codrington: Major-General Sir Frederick S. Colville B. Howard-Dobson: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert C. Boyd: Lieutenant-General Sir G. Pearson: Lieutenant-General Sir John A. Ewart: General Sir Arthur S. H. Patrick R. Franklyn: Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred E. Giffard: Lieutenant-General Arthur N.B. Bt. Browning: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F.9 Military Secretary: Major-General Sir Coleridge Grove: Lieutenant-General Sir Ian S. Miller: Lieutenant-General Sir Colin B. Carnegie: Lieutenant-General Sir Roland K. Palmer: Lieutenant-General Sir John H.

Rous: Major-General Robert J. Rutherford-Jones: Major-General Andrew R. Burden: Major-General Alistair S. Viggers: Major-General Nicholas J. Sir William E.10 Lieutenant-General the Hon.N.H. Peter Grant Peterkin: Major-General Frederick R. Gregory: Major-General Shaun A. Irwin: Major-General A. Mans: Major-General David J. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General Michael I. Scott: Major-General David L. Burley: October 1991-March 1994 March 1994-April 1995 April 1995-June 1997 June 1997-April 1999 April 1999-December 2000 December 2000-October 2003 October 2003-March 2005 March 2005-March 2008 March 2008-September 2009 September 2009-February 2011 February 2011-March 2013 March 2013- . Cottam: Major-General Mark F.E.

Grove(A): Brigadier Ian C.G. Wood(B): Brigadier Jack S. Alexander(B): Brigadier D. Akehurst(A): Brigadier Michael J.F. Fyffe(A): Brigadier Theodore H.W.C. Mullens(A): Brigadier Paul D. Huxtable(A): Brigadier Antony K. Walker(A): Brigadier J. Young(A): Brigadier Denys B. Vincent(B): Brigadier J.11 Deputy Military Secretary: Brigadier Rohan Delacombe: Brigadier Hugh A. Whitworth(A): Brigadier Charles W. Fletcher(A): Brigadier Richard B.E. Parham(B): Brigadier Charles R. Stone(B): Brigadier Brian T. Tomlinson(B): Brigadier M.Noel Nagle(B): Brigadier Richard F. Graeme(B): Brigadier Henry L. Lea(A): Brigadier Ian R. Goodman(B): Brigadier Anthony R. Mackay-Dick(A): Brigadier Jonathan M. Dixon(B): Brigadier David T.C.G. Gill(A): Brigadier Mervyn Janes(B): Brigadier William W. Scott(B): Brigadier D. David W. Birkbeck(A): Brigadier Norman L. Murray Naylor(A): Brigadier Peter W. Borradaile(A): Brigadier Richard A. Pennicott(A): Brigadier Michael I. Leask(A): Brigadier John Harington(B): Brigadier Reginald H.D. House(A): Brigadier John M.A. Leng(A): Brigadier Roy L. Badcock(B): Brigadier Peter J.C.H. Woods(B): Brigadier Ian G.F. Cheyne(A): Brigadier David G. Foster(B): Brigadier George F. Hall(A): 1953-1955 1955-1957 1957-1958 1958-1960 1958-1959 1959-1961 1960-1962 1961-1962 1962-1964 1962-1964 1964-February 1966 1964-July 1967 February 1966-February 1968 July 1967-February 1970 February 1968-April 1969 April 1969-January 1971 February 1970-April 1972 January 1971-November 1972 April 1972-May 1973 November 1972-November 1974 May 1973-March 1975 November 1974-October 1976 March 1975-December 1976 October 1976-April 1979 December 1976-May 1978 May 1978-January 1979 January 1979-July 1980 July 1980-January 1981 April 1979-October 1980 October 1980-October 1982 January 1981-December 1982 October 1982-August 1985 December 1982-October 1985 August 1985-September 1987 October 1985-January 1987 January 1987-February 1988 September 1987-February 1989 February 1988-February 1993 February 1989-April 1991 April 1991-June 1992 June 1992-January 1994 . Trant(B): Brigadier John B. de Gex(B): Brigadier George H. Graham(B): Brigadier Patrick P.E.

Haining: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry R.R. Williams: February 1993-1995 January 1994-January 1996 January 1996-January 1999 January 1999-February 2002 February 2002-December 2005 December 2005?-2006 August 2008-January 2010 December 2009-February 2012 February 2012- Vice-Chief of the Imperial General Staff(until 1985): General Sir John G. Morony: Lieutenant-General Sir James M.R. Ferguson: Brigadier Adrian J.E. Dodson: Brigadier James E. Baker: Lieutenant-General Sir G.G. Fraser: Lieutenant-General Sir William N.12 Brigadier Mark J. Oliver: Lieutenant-General Sir William H.B. Pike: Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey H. Simpson: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald W. Stanier: Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas L.R. Peter Grant Peterkin: Brigadier C.D. Scotter: Lieutenant-General Sir John W. Strudwick(B): Brigadier John C. Brownjohn: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold Redman: Lieutenant-General Sir William P. Richardson: Brigadier Andrew P. Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour: Lieutenant-General Sir Cecil H. Stratton: Lieutenant-General Sir William G.H. Nye: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank E. Glover: April-May 1940 May 1940-May 1941 May -November 1941 November 1941-February 1946 February 1946-February 1948 February 1948-February 1950 February 1950-October 1952 October 1952-May 1955 May 1955-September 1957 September 1957-August 1960 August 1960-September 1963 September 1963-July 1966 July 1966-May 1968 May 1968-December 1970 December 1970-April 1973 April 1973-August 1975 August 1975-June 1978 June 1978-December 1980 December 1980-May 1983 May 1983-1985 . Faith: Brigadier K. Templer: Lieutenant-General Sir Nevil C. Pownall: Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald E. Elcomb: Brigadier Anthony J. W. Blacker: Lieutenant-General Sir David W. Dill: General Sir Robert H. Mark G. Foster: Brigadier Mark P. Sutherell(A): Brigadier A.Desmond Fitzpatrick: Lieutenant-General Sir R.

Bt. M. Hackett: General Sir Charles H. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir John W. Dudley Ward: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard A. Pyman: Lieutenant-General Sir John D’A.P. Chetwode. Kirkman: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth N. Massy: Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald M. Whiteley: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Bt.: Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald Forbes Adam.: Lieutenant-General Hugh R.S. and from 1938 until 1968): Major-General Henry M. Weeks: Lieutenant-General Sir Sidney C. Harington: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip W. Crawford: Lieutenant-General Sir John F.13 Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff(until 1922. Kiggell: Major-General Sir Robert D. Whigham: Major-General Sir Charles H. Lawson: Major-General Sir Archibald J. Freeland: November 1914-January 1915 January-September 1915 November-December 1915 December 1915-April 1918 April 1918-October 1920 October 1920-September 1922 January 1938-October 1939 October 1939-April 1940 June 1942-September 1945 September 1945-1947 1947-September 1949 September 1949-January 1953 January 1953-October 1956 October 1956-May 1958 May 1958-April 1961 April 1961-February 1963 February 1963-February 1966 February 1966-April 1968 April-December 1968 . Harington: Lieutenant-General Sir Ian H. Murray: Major-General Launcelot E. Hull: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold E.

Granville-Chapman: Major-General Michael A.L.W.. Simpson: Major-General William G. Everard: Major-General David M.D. Cunningham: Major-General H. Macready.C. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon N. Mayall: Major-General James J.W. Willcocks: Major-General Kevin O’Donoghue: Major-General F. Pascoe: Major-General Laurence A. Watson: Major-General John F. Rollo: Major-General Simon V. Wheeler: Major-General Michael J. Guthrie: Major-General Richard H. Swinburn: Major-General Roger N. New: Major-General John R. Bt. Walker: Major-General Timothy J.A. Caldwell: Major-General Hugh P.F. Johnston: Major-General Robert A. Major-General Daril G.14 Assistant Chief of the Imperial General Staff(from 1939 until 1946 and from 1968): Major-General Laurence Carr: Major-General Arthur E.E. Richards: Major-General William R. Cullen September 1939-December 1940 April-July 1940 May-July 1940 October 1940-June 1942 June-December 1942 December 1942-August 1944 October 1943-February 1945 August 1944-1945 February 1945-February 1946 September 1968-October 1970 October 1970-December 1972 December 1972-1974 May 1974-November 1975 November 1975-1978 March 1978-January 1980 January-December 1980 December 1980-February 1983 February 1983-November 1984 November 1984-November 1987 November 1987-September 1989 September 1989-November 1990 November 1990-December 1992 December 1992-October 1994 October 1994-June 1996 June 1996-February 1999 February 1999-April 2001 April 2001-September 2002 September 2002-January 2005 January 2005-January 2007 January 2007-May 2009 May 2009-July 2010 July 2010-April 2011 April 2011-January 2013 January 2013- . MacMillan: Major-General Charles R. Jackson: Major-General Ian G. Roper: Major-General Ian H. Baker: Major-General Maurice R. Bucknall: Major-General Richard L. Barrons: Major-General James R. Evetts: Major-General Sir John N. Gill: Major-General Frank G. Kennedy: Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh: Major-General Frank E. Richard Dannatt: Major-General David J. Percival: Major-General Desmond F.

Robert Mansergh: Major-General George W.15 Director-General. Deakin: Major-General Theodore H. Cowans: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward C. F. Bredin: Major-General Jack B. Alston-Roberts-West: Major-General William R. Courage: January 1908-October 1910 November 1910-June 1912 June 1912-February 1917 February 1917-February 1921 February 1921-October 1923 October 1923-October 1927 October 1927-October 1931 October 1931-October 1933 October 1933-April 1936 April 1936-June 1939 June-September 1939 October 1940-June 1941 June 1941-June 1944 June 1944-1945 November 1945-December 1946 1947-1948 1948-January 1949 January 1949-March 1952 March 1952-March 1955 March 1955-February 1958 February 1958-August 1960 August 1960-September 1962 September 1962-February 1966 February 1966-March 1968 March 1968-March 1971 March 1971-May 1974 May 1974-February 1978 February 1978-April 1980 April 1980-June 1982 June 1982-February 1985 February 1985-February 1987 February 1987-December 1989 December 1989-April 1992 April 1992-May 1995 May 1995-1996 . Foster: Major-General Alexander C.H.Cox: Major-General Cecil M. Otway Herbert: Major-General Brian C. Drew: Major-General Robert E.G.C. Birkbeck: Major-General James A.J.S. Jeudwine: General Sir Reginald B.E. Murray Naylor: Major-General Alasdair I. Dye: Major-General Peter C. Brownrigg: Lieutenant-General Sir John Brown: Major-General Viscount Bridgeman: Major-General Sir James S. Gerrard-Wright: Major-General C. Kimmins: Major-General Michael M. Ramsay: Major-General D. Kirke: Lieutenant-General Sir W. Jones: Major-General Charles A. G. Henry Mackinnon: Major-General John S. Edward W. Bethune: Major-General the Earl of Scarborough: Lieutenant-General Sir J. St. Douglas S. d’Avigdor-Goldsmid: Major-General Humphrey E. Boswell: Major-General Richard E. Urquhart: Major-General Sir E. Kennedy: Major-General Walter J. Shapland: Major-General J. Noel Birch: Lieutenant-General Sir Hugh S. Stephens: General Sir William Thwaites: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Bonham-Carter: General Sir Walter M.F.H. Erskine: Major-General E.J. Territorial Army: Lieutenant-General Sir W. N.

P. Bohannan: Brigadier Alastair W. Craddock: Brigadier John R. Cole: Brigadier Richard W. Sheppard: Brigadier Michael A.A. Beckett: Brigadier Richard H. Leslie: Brigadier Thomas I. Strickland: Brigadier John H. Fraser: Brigadier A. O’Connor: Brigadier Denis H. Dennis: Brigadier David A. Powell-Jones: Brigadier Eugene V.H. Watson: Brigadier F. Gibbon: Brigadier Ronald E. Fitzgerald: Brigadier R. Gray: Brigadier H. Palmer: Brigadier Robin V. Michael P.S. Stuart R. Graham: Brigadier Simon V. Coaker: Brigadier Anthony F. Simpson: Brigadier A.L. Tyler: Brigadier Andrew J.G.F. Mayall: Brigadier Nicholas P.G. Swinburn: Brigadier Roger N. Edward Fursdon: Brigadier John J. Stanton: Brigadier Edwin H. Carver: Brigadier D. Carleton-Smith: Brigadier Alistair S. Hamilton: Brigadier Denis S.D.C. Brims: Brigadier Timothy N. Swinburn: December 1966-1969 1969-March 1971 August 1971-March 1973 March 1973-August 1984 August 1984-February 1977 February 1977-January 1979 January-December 1979 December 1979-January 1982 January 1982-1983 . Wheeler: Brigadier Peter J. W. Dickinson: : March 1949-April 1951 April 1951-1953 December 1953-March 1955 March 1955-1957 1957-February 1958 February 1958-December 1959 December 1959-January 1961 January 1961-December 1962 December 1962-January 1964 January 1964-January 1966 January-December 1966 January-December 1985 December 1985-June 1987 June 1987-May 1989 May 1989-July 1991 July 1991-March 1993 March 1993-December 1995 December 1995-January 1999 January 1999-January 2000 January-December 2001 December 2001-2003 2003-2006 2006-January 2009 January 2009-October 2011 October 2011- Director of Defence Policy(Army): Brigadier David W. Carter: Brigadier Mark A.N.16 Director of Army Plans and Resources(Plans and Programmes until Brigadier William S.H. Willcocks: Brigadier Christopher F. Drewry: Brigadier Anthony M.

Heywood: Major-General Ernest K. Blacker: Major-General John H. Morgan Llewellyn: Brigadier John A. Pike: Major-General Geoffrey S.H.J. Pett: Brigadier Nigel W. Nye: Major-General Daril G. Bird: Major-General Sir Arthur L. Carver: Major-General Cecil H. Barr: Brigadier Raymond A.B. Mackenzie: Brigadier-General Wilkinson D. Lynden-Bell: Major-General Sir Cecil F.P. Kiggell: Major-General Francis J. Rupert Brazier-Creagh: Major-General George S.Wilsey: Major-General William G. Cole: Major-General R. Bastyan: Major-General John H. Morris: Major-General Archibald E.G. Vesey: Major-General Cecil P. Hull: Major-General Edric M.F. Romer: Major-General Archibald R. Huxtable: Major-General Brian L. John Archer: Major-General George L.C. Hugh Beach: Major-General A. Braithwaite: Major-General Colin J. Trant: Major-General Charles R.17 Director of Staff Duties(Director of the Army Staff from: Lieutenant-General Henry D. Richards: February 1904-November 1907 November 1907-October 1909 October 1909-October 1913 October 1913-September 1914 September 1914-March 1915 March 1915-February 1916 February 1916-January 1918 January 1918-December 1921 January 1922-January 1926 January 1926-October 1927 October 1927-June 1931 June 1931-May 1934 May 1934-April 1936 April 1936-June 1938 June 1938-September 1939 September 1939-October 1940 October 1940-December 1941 December 1941-June 1942 June 1942-July 1943 July 1943-1945 January 1946-September 1948 September 1948-November 1950 November 1950-September 1952 September 1952-July 1954 July 1954-June 1957 June 1957-April 1959 April 1959-December 1961 December 1961-October 1964 October 1964-June 1966 June 1966-March 1969 March 1969-December 1971 December 1971-March 1974 March 1974-January 1976 January 1976-April 1979 April 1979-February 1982 February 1982-December 1983 December 1983-February 1985 February 1985-January 1987 January 1987-April 1989 April 1989-1991 1991-February 1994 . Davies: Brigadier-General Walter P. Lyne: Major-General Richard A. Thompson: Major-General K. Hutchinson: Major-General Douglas Haig: Brigadier-General Launcelot E.G. Cooper: Major-General Richard B. Gibbon: Major-General W. Watson: Major-General Alexander Galloway: Major-General James S. Squires: Major-General Laurence Carr: Major-General Edwin L. Steele: Major-General Lewis O.O. Michael P. Kenny: Brigadier R. Cameron: Major-General Charles Bonham-Carter: Major-General Sir Ivo L.

Acton: Brigadier John W. Cooper: Brigadier Peter Hudson: Brigadier David M. Younger: Brigadier William F. Lane: Brigadier Michael E. Cullen: Brigadier Richard J. Cubitt: Brigadier Nicholas H. O’R.-B.18 Brigadier Timothy J. Carleton-Smith: Brigadier Keith Burch: Brigadier R. Jackson: Brigadier Edward Maitland-Makgill-Crichton: Brigadier Thomas H. Jameson: Brigadier Derek E. Eeles: Brigadier David M. Holbrook: Brigadier William G.M. Davidson-Houston: Brigadier William G. Stokoe: Brigadier John D. Semple: February-October 1994 October 1994-December 1996 December 1996-1999 1999-January 2001 January 2001-March 2003 March 2003-September 2004 September 2004-June 2007 June 2007-December 2009 December 2009-March 2011 March 2011-2014 Deputy Director of Army Staff Duties(until 1985): Brigadier Reginald H.C. Barry: Brigadier Patrick E. Pontifex: Brigadier A. Bate: Brigadier Lord Alvingham: Brigadier H. Granville-Chapman: Brigadier John D. Tyler: Brigadier Brian W. Morgan Llewellyn: 1950-1952 1952-1955 1957-1960 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-January 1967 January 1967-April 1970 April 1970-April 1972 April 1972-May 1973 May 1973-May 1975 May-October 1975 October 1975-July 1978 July 1978-December 1979 December 1979-June 1981 June 1981-March 1982 March 1982-February 1984 February 1984-February 1985 . Michael Tillotson: Brigadier Barry M.F. Hewetson: Brigadier Guy O. Moore-Bick: Brigadier Timothy N.

Gordon: Brigadier David J.19 Director of Military Operations(Director. Sugden: Major-General A.S. Ronald E. de B.C. Leng: Major-General Martin B.H. Elliott: Brigadier John G. McLeod: Major-General J. Reith: Brigadier A.H.R. Dewing: Major-General John N. G. Busk: Brigadier Francis G. Simpson: Major-General Cecil S. Radcliffe: Major-General Sir William Thwaites: Major-General Sir John T. Coaker: Major-General William N. Sugden: Brigadier James C. Hamilton: Major-General Richard W.H. Kennedy: Major-General Frank E.M. David Leakey: February 1904-October 1906 October 1906-August 1910 August 1910-August 1914 August 1914-December 1915 December 1915-April 1918 April 1918-April 1922 April-September 1922 September 1922-July 1926 July 1926-February 1931 February 1931-January 1934 January 1934-August 1936 August 1936-March 1938 March 1938-September 1939 September 1939-October 1940 October 1940-October 1943 October 1943-February 1945 February 1945-1946 1947-September 1948 September 1948-March 1951 March 1951-June 1954 June 1954-December 1956 December 1956-June 1959 June 1959-January 1962 January 1962-February 1964 February 1964-May 1966 May 1966-April 1968 April 1968-May 1970 May 1970-November 1972 November 1972-June 1975 June 1975-March 1978 March 1978-February 1980 February 1980-October 1982 October 1982-November 1984 1985-September 1986 September 1986-1989 1989-1991 1991-1993 1993-July 1995 July 1995-July 1997 July 1997-December 1999 . Nigel Poett: Major-General John R. Chapple: Brigadier Leslie F.R. Dill: Major-General Robert H. Haining: Major-General Henry R. Charles: Lieutenant-General Sir William H. Burnett-Stuart: Major-General J. United Kingdom Military Operations and Counter-Terrorism from 2004): Major-General James M.C. Jenkins: Brigadier Christopher L. Ewart: Major-General Henry H. Callwell: Major-General Sir Frederick B.M. Hobart: Major-General John H. Desmond Fitzpatrick: Major-General R. Dudley Ward: Major-General Harold Redman: Major-General Roderick W.W. Wilson: Major-General Charles E. Scotter: Major-General Peter J. Farndale: Major-General Derek Boorman: Major-General John L. Bartholomew: Lieutenant-General John G. Pownall: Major-General Richard H. Read: Major-General Ronald E. Craddock: Major-General G. Maurice: Major-General Sir Percy P. Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour: Major-General Patrick R. Grierson: Major-General John S.

Houghton: Brigadier William R. Sinclair: Brigadier Andrew D. Bevis: December 1999-July 2002 July 2002-April 2003 April 2003-2004 2004-2006 2006-August 2007 August 2007-2010 2010-October 2012 October 2012- Deputy Director of Military Operations(until 1984): Brigadier David N. Sinclair: Major-General Sir Francis W.D. McDonogh: Major-General Sir William Thwaites: Major-General Frederick G. Price: Major-General Richard E.G. Davidson: Major-General John A.N. Tyacke: Brigadier John D. Douglas Packard: Major-General Arthur C. Rollo: Brigadier Christopher C. Goddard: Brigadier James H. Cowan: Brigadier Timothy J.F.W. J. Gibson: Brigadier Clive Chapman: Brigadier James M. Bucknall: Brigadier Paul M. Nicholas R. Thursby: Brigadier Desmond H. Majury: Brigadier P. Myrtle: Brigadier Charles A.20 Brigadier J. de Guingand: Major-General Gerald W.S.H.C. Oswald: April 1896-May 1901 May 1901-1904 January 1916-September 1918 September 1918-April 1922 September 1939-December 1940 December 1940-March 1944 March 1944-September 1945 September 1945-April 1946 April 1946-January 1948 January 1948-December 1949 December 1949-July 1953 July 1953-June 1956 June 1956-August 1959 August 1959-June 1962 June 1962-1965 .R. Ramsay: 1965-November 1966 November 1966-March 1969 March 1969-September 1970 September 1970-August 1973 August 1973-January 1976 January 1976-January 1978 January 1978-March 1980 March 1980-March 1983 March 1983-1984 Director of Military Intelligence(from 1916 until 1922 and from 1939 until 1965): Major-General Sir John C. Lloyd: Major-General Marshall St. Shortt: Major-General Valentine Boucher: Major-General Cedric R. Templer: Major-General C. Ardagh: Lieutenant-General Sir William G. Rice: Brigadier Walter R. Nicholson: Major-General Sir George M. Brown: Brigadier James J. Taylor: Brigadier George B. Beaumont-Nesbitt: Major-General Francis H.

C. Kincaid: Brigadier Derek M. New: Brigadier D. Aylwin-Foster: Brigadier R.21 Deputy Director of Military Intelligence(until 1984): Brigadier Raoul Lempriere-Robin: Brigadier Ronald E. Atkinson: 196 1966-February 1967 February 1967-January 1970 January 1970-May 1972 May 1972-June 1975 June 1975-February 1977 February 1977-April 1979 April 1979-October 1980 October 1980-January 1983 January 1983-1984 Director of Operational Requirements(1 until 1993)(until 2000): Brigadier J. Willison: Brigadier John M. Coaker: Brigadier David J.W. Roberts: Brigadier J. Almonds: Brigadier Noel Moss: Brigadier Martin W. Wallis-King: Brigadier James M.B.William M.G. Purser: Brigadier Geoffrey Proudman: Brigadier P.J. O’Callaghan: Brigadier Andrew C. Arthur: Brigadier Laurence A. Oehlers: Brigadier John O. Phippard: Brigadier Reginald A. Figgures: February 1966-1969 January 1970-October 1972 October 1972-March 1975 March 1975-October 1976 October 1976-March 1978 March 1978-May 1979 October 1979-March 1984 March 1984-1987 1987-January 1989 January 1989-1991 January 1992-1993 1993-1995 1995-1999 1999-2000 . Birkett: Brigadier John I. Lewis: Brigadier Michael S. Bayley: Brigadier Colin S. Alexander: Brigadier John H. King: Brigadier Gordon R.G. Glover: Brigadier J.H.F. Norman S.H.

Anthony Richardson: Brigadier Robert Lyon: Brigadier R. Simpkin: Brigadier John G. Ohlenschlanger: Brigadier D. Harris: Brigadier Frederick H. Kincaid: August 1967-July 1968 July 1968-March 1969 March 1969-February 1971 February 1971-May 1973 May 1973-March 1976 March 1976-February 1979 February 1979-September 1981 September 1981-1985 1985-April 1986 April 1986-December 1988 December 1988-1991 1991-1993 Director of Operational Requirements(3)(until 1993): Brigadier Hugo C. Hopkinson: Brigadier C.M. Ironside: Brigadier Richard E.R. Swindells: Brigadier John C. Hogge: Brigadier Martin H. Stone: Brigadier Ian B.22 Director of Operational Requirements(2)(until 1993): Brigadier M.G. Rucker: Brigadier C.W. Rash: October 1966-March 1968 March 1968-March 1971 March 1971-January 1973 January 1973-October 1974 October 1974-January 1978 January 1978-February 1980 February 1980-April 1982 April 1982-January 1985 January 1985-September 1986 September 1986-1989 1989-1992 .Edward Killick: Brigadier Peter R. Roland S.F.F. Michael L.R. Allen: Brigadier A. McGuinness: Brigadier J. Rushmore: Brigadier T.O. Notley: Brigadier John D. Bonnet: Brigadier Anthony C. Beckett: Brigadier James W. Fowler: Brigadier J.W.P. Sinnatt: Brigadier G.Robert Staveley: Brigadier Brendan P.William M.R.N. Michael G.

Gathorne-Hardy: Major-General Harry H.S.23 Director of Military Training: Major-General the Hon. McNamara: Major-General Alan F. Hobart: Major-General Hugh R.) August 1951-1952(Director) May 1952-November 1954 (Director-General) January 1953-April 1955(Direct. Keightley: Major-General Colin B. James H. Bt. Cottrell-Hill: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Deakin: Lieutenant-General Sir John D’A. Richardson: Major-General George C. Bower: Lieutenant-General Sir Colin B. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles L.H. Whitaker. Callander: Major-General Robert C. Murray: Brigadier-General David Henderson: Major-General Sir William R.S. Callander: Major-General Geoffrey C. Heath-Caldwell: Major-General the Hon.) November 1954-August 1957 (Director-General) April 1955-May 1957(Director) November 1957-December 1959 (Director-General) May 1957-1959(Director) January-June 1959(Director) December 1959-1961 (Director-General) February 1961-April 1963 (Director-General) April 1963-May 1964 (Director-General) .S. Brooke: Major-General Percy C. I. Gordon Lennox: February 1904-August 1906 August 1906-November 1907 November 1907-1912 1912-October 1913 October 1913-August 1914 August-December 1914 December 1914-January 1916 June 1922-June 1926 June 1926-May 1930 May 1930-October 1933 October 1933-August 1936 August 1936-November 1937 November 1937-September 1938 September 1938-October 1939 October 1939-December 1940 December 1940-March 1942 March 1942-1945 November 1945-1947 January 1948-February 1949 (Director-General) 1948-November 1949(Director) February 1949-May 1952 (Director-General) November 1949-August 1951(Dir. Gale: Major-General Colin M. Churcher: Major-General Cecil M. Evans: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N. Stopford: Major-General Douglas Haig: Major-General Sir Archibald J. Massy: Major-General Clifford C. Sir Frederick W.C. Robertson: Brigadier-General Launcelot E.F. Kiggell: Major-General Frederick H. Knox: Major-General Sir Hugh J. Malden: Major-General John L. John F. Lathbury: Major-General John B. Hawkesworth: Major-General Sir John A.: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F. Barber: Major-General Roger H. Tapp: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald W. Cassels: Major-General Nigel P. Elles: Lieutenant-General Arthur E.

Michael Gow: Major-General Michael J. Huxtable: Major-General Charles J. Tickell: May 1964-July 1966 July 1966-June 1969 June 1969-June 1972 June 1972-October 1975 October 1975-December 1978 December 1978-December 1980 December 1980-June 1982 December 1980-February 1982 June 1982-November 1983 November 1983-September 1986 February 1982-December 1984 December 1984-July 1987 September 1986-September 1989 July 1987-January 1990 September 1989-March 1992 January 1990-September 1991 September 1991-March 1993 March 1992-March 1995 March 1993-1995 March 1995-1996 February 1996-January 1999 January 1999-December 2001 December 2001-October 2004 October 2004-December 2007 December 2007-December 2010 December 2010-August 2013 August 2013- Deputy Director of Army Training: Brgadier Gerald E. Reilly: Major-General Anthony J. H. Prescott: Brigadier R. Elliott: Major-General Anthony M. Tillard: Brigadier George L.D. Ashworth: Brigadier George W.H. Johnson: Major-General Anthony A. Denison-Smith: Major-General Scott C. Rollo S.H. Grant: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter R. Pollard: Lieutenant-General Sir Garry D. Bremner: Brigadier Philip B. Mackenzie: Brigadier Richard M. Rougier: Major-General Keith Spacie: Lieutenant-General Sir Jeremy C. Thubron: Brigadier John B. Vickers: Brigadier Peter G. Berragan: Major-General Richard R.E.C. Peters: Brigadier John A.A. Michael Koe: 195 -1956 June 1959-1962 1962-1964 1964-March 1967 March 1967-January 1970 January 1970-May 1973 May 1973-May 1974 May 1974-December 1975 December 1975-April 1977 April 1977-August 1979 August 1979-April 1981 .Davis: Major-General Christopher L. Cooper: Brigadier J.H.David F.C. Leask: Major-General Arthur G. McAfee: Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Cowan: Major-General Christopher L. David Leakey: Major-General Andrew J.N. Walsh: Lieutenant-General Sir Robin M.24 Major-General Derek B. Patterson: Major-General H. Pain: Major-General J.M. Carnegie: Major-General David M.G. Lang: Major-General Henry L. Woodford: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard M. Palmer: Major-General A. Mostyn: Brigadier Richard M. Graham: Major-General Gerald W. Duffell: Major-General Robert W. Vickers: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles R.

25 Inspector of Physical and Adventure Training(until 1992): Brigadier Alexander E. Jackson: Major-General Anthony D. Waldron: Brigadier Aubrey A. Sulivan: Major-General Michael D. Grant: Brigadier R. Elliott: Major-General Jonathan B. Downey: 1993-April 1994 April 1994-1995 1996-1997 1997-1999 1999-June 2002 June 2002-December 2004 December 2004-2007 September 2008-September 2011 September 2011March 1993-1994 1994-August 1996 August 1996-January 1997 January 1997-2000 2000-April 2002 April 2002-May 2005 May-December 2005 .C. Willcocks: Major-General Timothy J. Land Warfare: Brigadier Ian G. Lamont Kirkland: Brigadier Piers D. Perkins: Brigadier Robert J. Bredin: Brigadier Oswald J. Bailey: Major-General Robert Baxter: Director. Sanders: 1960-1963 April 1974-March 1978 March 1978-March 1982 March 1982-June 1983 June 1983-April 1986 April 1986-1989 1989-1991 1991-1992 Director-General. Melvin: Brigadier R. Baddeley: Brigadier Richard F.H. Durie: Brigadier Alistair S. A.A. Irwin: Brigadier Andrew R.A. Pringle: Brigadier Alastair D. Fielder: Brigadier Dennis W. Doctrine and Development(Land Warfare from February 1993 to 1994): Major-General Michael A. Duncan: Brigadier Charles S. Mungo S. Powell: Brigadier Philip J. Pigott: Major-General Christopher L.C. Hankinson: Brigadier Simon J.P. Shuttleworth: Brigadier Michael J.D.

Carter: Major-General Bruce Brealey: Major-General Nicholas A.M. P.W. Lamb: Major-General John Cooper: Major-General Andrew C. August 1999-September 2002 September 2002-2005 2005-2006 2006-February 2008 February 2008-February 2011 February-November 2011 November 2011-October 2013 October 2013- . Duncan: Major-General Graeme C. Kennett: Major-General Nicholas P. Plummer: Major-General Alastair D. Training Support(Land Warfare from Capability from November 2011): Major-General Brian P. Pope: until November 2011.A.26 Director-General.

John Woodrow: Brigadier Anthony H. Matthew M.Q. Gordon: Brigadier Sebastian J. Glass: Brigadier Philip C. Stanier: Brigadier William T. H.27 Director of Army Public Relations: Brigadier Godfrey P. Dutton: Brigadier T. Farrar-Hockley: Brigadier A. John Archer: Brigadier John W.S. William E. Farndale: Brigadier Derek Boorman: Brigadier Guy H.A. MacFarlane: Brigadier Martin B. Tower: Brigadier Terence D. Ritchie: Brigadier R.L. Ramsbotham: Brigadier Michael F. McMeekin: Brigadier A. Rous: Brigadier Samuel Cowan: Brigadier Christopher B. Hobbs: Brigadier Phiiip T. Roberts: Brigadier Andrew S. Trousdell: Brigadier Robert D.C.L. Hobbs: Brigadier the Hon. Watkins: Brigadier David J. Wallace: Brigadier Bryan H. Sykes: 1957-1965 1965-March 1967 March 1967-May 1968 May 1968-March 1970 March-August 1970 August 1970-February 1972 February 1972-October 1973 October 1973-January 1976 January 1976-January 1978 January 1978-January 1980 January 1980-January 1982 January 1982-January 1984 January 1984-July 1985 July 1985-September 1987 September 1987-1989 1989-April 1990 April 1990-1992 1992-November 1993 November 1993-January 1997 January 1997-1999 1999-2001 2001-2002 2002-August 2004 .

Army Personnel from 2008): Major-General Arthur S. P. Tomlinson: Major-General Robert F. Woodall: Major-General A. Wynne: Major-General Robert H. Borradaile: Major-General Geoffrey R.K. Musson: Major-General Ian H. Watkins: Major-General Anthony B. Freeland: Major-General Richard E. Director-General. Johnston: Major-General John F. Garrett: Major-General Desmond H. Finch: Major-General Sir Guy de C. Roberts: Major-General Kenneth G.N. McLean: Major-General John D. Gerald Scarlett: Major-General Daril G. Burden: Major-General Archibald P. Deverell: Major-General David L. Colville B. Charlton-Weedy: Major-General William R. Major-General Viscount Bridgeman: Major-General Ouvry L. Director-General. M. and Army Manning from 1979. Anderson: Major-General Hugh A. Jones: Major-General Richard N. D. Currie: Major-General Michael A.J. Army Manning and Recruiting from 1986 until 1995. Carrington: Major-General H. Bastyan: Major-General Charles P.28 Deputy Adjutant-General(Vice-Adjutant General from 1945.L. Brockbank: Major-General Henry E. Rollo: Major-General Timothy N. Glover: Major-General the Hon. Richardson: Major-General John Boyne: Major-General Guy H. Wemyss: Major-General Lionel H. Deputy Adjutant-General from 2001 until 2008. Douglas Campbell: Major-General Gerald W. Lathbury: Major-General Edric M.G. Brooking: Major-General James F. Lunt: Major-General A. Rice: Major-General Michael J. Tyler: May 1902-1904 October 1939-February 1940 February-June 1940 March-June 1940 June 1940-December 1945 June 1940-December 1942 December 1942-March 1944 June 1944-1945 December 1945-1947 1947-1949 April 1949-April 1952 April 1952-1954 January 1954-March 1955 March 1955-March 1957 March 1957-September 1958 September 1958-February 1960 February 1960-March 1963 March 1963-November 1964 December 1964-February 1968 February 1968-September 1970 September 1970-June 1972 June 1972-December 1974 December 1974-October 1976 October 1976-May 1978 May 1978-October 1979 October 1979-December 1980 December 1980-March 1982 March 1982-May 1985 May 1985-March 1986 March 1986-February 1989 February 1989-February 1990 February 1990-April 1993 April 1993-July 1995 July 1995-April 1997 February 2001-May 2002 May 2002-April 2003 April 2003-April 2004 April 2004-November 2005 . Crowfoot: Major-General Patrick G. James Wilson: Major-General John M. Ward: Major-General James D. Watson.

Brown: Brigadier Timothy N. Currie: Brigadier Keith H. Davis: November 2005-February 2008 February 2008-February 2011 February 2011-June 2012 June 2012-September 2013 September 2013- Chief of Staff. Berragan: Major-General Richard E. Regan: Major-General Richard A. Grist: Major-General Michael D. Nugee: Major-General Richard R. Mans: Major-General Andrew R.N. Adjutant-General(Director-General. Adjutant-General’s Corps from 1992 until 1995) Major-General Robin D. Oliver: Major-General Archibald P. Rutledge: August 1992-August 1994 August 1994-July 1996 July 1996-May 1999 May 1999-February 2001 February 2001-April 2002 April 2002-January 2003 January 2003-April 2004 2005-2007 .29 Major-General Mark F. N. McG. Gregory: Major-General Gerald W. Cima: Brigadier T. Tyler: Brigadier Martin J.

Ready: Major-General George J.A. Beck: Major-General Charles J. de C. Stone: Major-General D. H. Johnstone: Major-General Gerald W. Beatson: Major-General Sir B. Norman S. Farmar: Major-General G.30 Director of Personal Services: Major-General William E. Duke: Major-General Desmond A. Currie: Brigadier Andrew S. Browne: Major-General Sir C. Wyndham Childs: Major-General Felix F. Hyams: March 1904-May 1906 June 1906-June 1910 June 1910-August 1914 August 1914-March 1916 March 1916-March 1921 March 1921-March 1925 March 1925-May 1928 May 1928-June 1930 June 1930-January 1934 January 1934-January 1938 January 1938-March 1940 March 1940-February 1943 February 1943-1946 January 1946-September 1947 September 1947-June 1950 June 1950-August 1953 August 1953-September 1956 September 1956-October 1959 October 1959-November 1962 November 1962-September 1966 September 1966-August 1968 August 1968-May 1971 May 1971-May 1974 May 1974-January 1978 January 1978-June 1980 June 1980-February 1983 February 1983-April 1985 April 1985-March 1988 March 1988-June 1991 June 1991-May 1992 May 1992-1994 May 1995-January 1996 January 1996-July 1998 July 1998-December 2000 December 2000-January 2003 January 2003-July 2006 July 2006-September 2008 September 2008-July 2011 July 2011- . Jackson: Brigadier I. Ritchie: Brigadier Nicholas J.E.F.N. Beckett: Major-General Peter L. Grove: Major-General Michael D. McNeil: Brigadier Archibald P. Franklyn: Major-General George F. Nevil Macready: Major-General Finlay C.A. Andrews: Brigadier James H. Wallace: Major-General Russell Gurney: Major-General Horatius Murray: Major-General Valentine Blomfield: Major-General Sir Maurice B. Dowse: Major-General Charles E. Hunter: Major-General Edward A. David G.B. Martin: Major-General John H. Clarke: Major-General Patrick H. Gordon: Brigadier Michael T. Cottam: Brigadier Stephen M. Arthur: Major-General J.D. Firth: Major-General Reginald F. Man: Major-General Denis A. Pank: Major-General Patrick P. Sidney Clive: Lieutenant-General Charles P. David F. Deedes: Major-General Sir Alan J. Mostyn: Major-General Michael Matthews: Major-General J. Griffiths: Brigadier Timothy D. Page: Major-General J.

31 Deputy Director of Personal Services(Director of Army Service Conditions from until ): Brigadier George D. Peck: Brigadier Colin G.E. Bishop: Brigadier Rowland S.N. Allen: Brigadier C.John Codner: Brigadier R. Renny: Brigadier John V. Bull: Brigadier John Brown: Brigadier John Boyne: Brigadier Robert Benbow: Brigadier W.J. Jervis-Read: Brigadier Richard M. Mans: Brigadier Peter C. Winder: Brigadier Richard L. Mattingley: 1956-1959 1961-1963 1962June 1967-April 1970 April 1970-July 1972 July 1972-July 1973 July 1973-February 1977 February 1977-February 1980 February 1980-January 1982 January 1982-April 1983 April 1983-December 1984 December 1984-June 1985 June 1985-1987 .B.

Johnston: Brigadier David R.C. Nitsch: 1946-November 1949 November 1949-November 1951 November 1951-June 1955 June 1955-September 1958 September 1958-September 1961 September 1961-September 1964 September 1964-September 1967 September 1967-June 1970 June 1970-June 1972 June 1972-September 1974 September 1974-1977 April 1977-May 1978 May 1978-October 1979 January 1986-June 1989 June 1989-January 1990 January 1990-July 1993 July 1993-December 1994 December 1994-January 1997 January 1997-April 1999 April 1999-January 2001 January 2001-August 2002 August 2002-May 2004 June 2004-December 2006 December 2006-March 2009 March 2009-April 2012 April 2012-2013 Deputy Director of Army Manning: Brigadier Ian R.G. Thompson: Brigadier James F. Nugee: Brigadier Robert M. Besgrove: Brigadier Frederick R. Graeme: Brigadier Philip C. Foster: Brigadier Mark N.W. M. Hardy: Brigadier Leo H. Robert Russell: Brigadier Michael B. Woods: Major-General John M.J. Fyler: Major-General John B. Spencer-Smith: Brigadier Arthur J. Rice: Major-General Michael J. Mills: Major-General Desmond H.B.E.D. Johnson: Brigadier Colin E. Pritchard: Brigadier P. Pountain: Brigadier Richard E.J. Viggers: Brigadier Keith H. John Drewienkiewicz: Brigadier Peter V. Heidenstam: Brigadier John M. McCandlish: Major-General Cecil S. Badcock: Major-General Giles H. Plummer: Brigadier Arthur G. Sugden: Major-General Kenneth Bayley: Major-General William H.S. Stewart-Cox Brgadier G. Chaundler: Brigadier K. Cima: Brigadier Andrew S.R.H.D. Lambert: Major-General John F. Metcalfe: Major-General Arthur R. Tomlinson: Brigadier N. Spencer-Smith: Major-General John M.32 Director of Personnel Administration(Manning from 1964): Major-General John E. Burton: Brigadier Adrian J. Sloane: Major-General Charles W.G. Craig: Brigadier Cedric J. Carrington: 1963-1964 1964-1966 1967-February 1968 February 1968-March 1971 March 1971-March 1974 March 1974-January 1977 January 1977-September 1978 September 1978-September 1981 September 1981-February 1984 February 1984-January 1986 .

G.33 Director of Manpower Planning: Major-General John D. Dalton: Major-General Graham Peddie: 1946-March 1949 March 1949-February 1952 February 1952-August 1954 August 1954-August 1957 August 1957-1960 . Woodall: Major-General Henry Bainbridge: Major-General Edwyn H.W. Cobb: Major-General Charles J.

L.K. St.) February 1943-1946(Organiz.) September 1914-June 1915(Rer. Finch: Major-General Guy de C. Dawnay: Brigadier Patrick E.B. June 1904-April 1908 April 1908-1909(Recruiting) April 1908-June 1911(Organiz.) May 1917-June 1919(Organiz.B.) June 1911-September 1913 September 1913August-September 1914(Recruit. Hargrave: Brigadier Ian S.G.W.C.) June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-January 1929 January 1929-November 1932 November 1932-October 1934 October 1934-December 1936 December 1936-July 1939 July 1939-February 1940 February-June 1940 February 1941-March 1942(Org. Woodward: Brigadier-General Auckland C. Vesey: Brigadier Sir Reginald S. Geddes: Major-General Sir Robert Hutchison: Major-General Ivo L. Carleton: Major-General Robert A. Fitton: Major-General Sir Henry S. Bt. John Wilson: Brigadier Oliver McC. Morris: Major-General Ian R. Elliott: Brigadier John Milne: .34 Director of Recruiting and Organization(Recruiting until Recruiting Group from ): Major-General Herbert S.) May 1916-May 1917(Recruit. Lytle: Brigadier John F. Pitt-Taylor: Major-General Bertie D.J.) March 1942-February 1943(Org. C. K. Glover: Major-General Oliver P. Bartholomew: Major-General Walter W. Carleton: Brigadier-General Hugh G. Somerville: Brigadier Edward A. Hare: Major-General Alan J. Graeme: Brigadier A.K. Dodd: Brigadier Simon W. Montgomery: Major-General Sir Edward M. Fisher: Major-General Denis J. Campbell: Brigadier-General Frank R. Commander. Rawlinson. Pigott: Major-General John E. Howlett: Brigadier Richard W. Bernard: Major-General Michael G. Barker: Major-General Lionel H.: Major-General Frederick L. May: Major-General William H. Deverell: Brigadier Christopher H. Roome: Brigadier John N. Baxter: Brigadier William T. Burgess: Brigadier Geoffrey H.H.) ?-February 1916(Organization) June-? 1915(Recruiting) February 1916-May 1917(Org. Ellison: Brigadier-General Frank R. Miles: Major-General Charles Crutchley: Brigadier-General Gerald F.) March 1943-1947(Recruiting) August 1960-May 1964 May 1964-May 1967 May 1967-February 1970 February 1970-February 1973 February 1973-February 1975 February 1975-February 1977 February 1977-August 1979 August 1979-June 1982 June 1982-June 1985 June 1985-August 1987 August 1987-November 1989 December 1989-1992 1992-1993 1993-December 1994 December 1994-August 1997 .C. Edgecumbe: Major-General Edmund Hakewill-Smith: Major-General James F.

Churchill: Major-General John C. Hancock: Major-General Ronald M. David Price: Major-General Michael S.G. Travers: Major-General David C. Sheppard: Major-General Kevin O’Donoghue: Major-General Christopher L. Logistic Policy from 1983 until 1994. Desmond Mangham: Major-General Paul A. Ransome: Major-General Randle G. Sexton: Brigadier Andrew C. Chilton: Major-General C. Craig: Brigadier Simon D. Feilden: Major-General Nevil C. Thorne: Major-General Barry M.T. Naylor: Major-General A. Jackson: Brigadier Jolyon T. Antony J. D’A.D.B. Davis: Major-General Peter A. T. Cowley: Major-General Thomas B. Istead: Major-General Geoffrey W. Quartermaster-General from 1994 until 2000): Major-General Robert F. Elliott: March-October 1943 October 1943-January 1945 January 1945-1946 1946-1947 1947-April 1949 April 1949-February 1950 February 1950-March 1953 March 1953-March 1956 March 1956-July 1957 July 1957-June 1960 June 1960-June 1962 June 1962-April 1964 April 1964-July 1966 July 1966-October 1967 October 1967-August 1970 August 1970-September 1972 September 1972-September 1974 September 1974-February 1976 February 1976-August 1979 August 1979-January 1981 January 1981-July 1982 July 1982-November 1983 November 1983-1985 February 1986-May 1987 May 1987-March 1990 March 1990-September 1993 September 1993-April 1996 April 1996-February 1999 February 1999-2000 . Douglas Packard: Major-General John G. Young: Brigadier Christopher M. D. Burges: Major-General M. Worsley: Major-General W. Somerville: Major-General Richard E.E. Marr: August 1997-December 2000 December 2000-June 2003 June 2003-February 2005 February 2005-January 2009 January 2009-December 2011 December 2011- Vice-Quartermaster-General(Director-General. Jackson: Brigadier Simon R. Brownjohn: Major-General Maurice S. Inge: Major-General Peter W.L. Halsted: Major-General Robert St. Reade Godwin-Austen: Major-General John G. Field: Major-General Peter J. Lane: Major-General Brian W. Chief of Staff.35 Brigadier Andrew S. Read: Major-General Rodney L. Dalton: Major-General Alan Jolly: Major-General J.

B. Cooper: Major-General Timothy S.P. C. Holland: Major-General Norman V.J. Watson: Major-General Henry Bainbridge: Major-General William S.F.T. Auld: Major-General Sir Charles E. Collins: Major-General Robert F. Lyall Grant: Major-General Frank W. Cole: Major-General William T. Britten: Major-General William F. Riddell-Webster: Lieutenant-General Sir Dudley S. Duff: Major-General Sir Noel G. Wootten: Major-General Charles A. Campbell: Major-General Ian H. Murison: Major-General Alan C. Streatfield: April 1902-1904 March 1916-October 1917 October 1917-1923 August 1939-January 1941 October 1939-January 1941 January 1941-March 1943 April 1942-1943 February 1943April 1943-1944 November 1943-1946 December 1945-1948 1948-February 1949 February 1949-February 1952 February 1952-May 1955 May 1955-1958 July 1964-June 1967 June 1967-July 1970 July 1970-August 1971 August 1971-September 1973 September 1973-March 1976 March 1976-1978 . Holmes: Major-General Alexander M. Cowtan: Major-General Robert W. Naylor: Major-General Richard M.36 Deputy Quartermaster-General(until 1978): Colonel R. Ellison: Major-General Thomas S. Cameron: Major-General John C. Heath: Major-General Sir Gerald F.

Price: Brigadier R. Webster: Brigadier David B. Lunt: Brigadier Maurice D. Istead: October 1948-December 1950 December 1950-December 1952 December 1952-1954 1954-? 1955 November 1955-September 1956 September 1956-January 1958 January 1958-August 1959 August 1959-January 1961 January 1961-February 1963 February 1963-July 1964 July 1964-February 1966 February 1966-September 1967 September 1967-February 1970 February 1970-February 1971 February 1971-May 1973 May 1973-June 1975 June 1975-May 1977 May 1977-July 1978 July 1978-October 1980 October 1980-July 1982 July-December 1982 December 1982-December 1985 . Barry: Brigadier Walter M. W. Baker: Brigadier John McL. Purches: Brigadier Patrick H.J. Jackson: Brigadier H. Hutton: Brigadier W. Colley: Brigadier Peter W. Travers: Brigadier T.37 Director of Administrative Planning: Brigadier Arthur T. Bishop: Brigadier William Bate: Brigadier Denys B. John Potter: Brigadier David N. E.G. Tyacke: Brigadier James D.H. de Rhe-Philipe: Brigadier John G.H. Man: Brigadier Richard H. Charles Millman: Brigadier Keith Burch: Brigadier Bryan C. Wood: Brigadier Paul A. Cowley: Brigadier Geoffrey H. Titley: Brigadier Arthur R.H.

Cornock: April 1904-June 1906 June 1906-March 1909 April 1909-January 1913 January 1913-August 1914 April 1913-1914(Moves. D’A. Landon: Major-General Charles E. Alexander: Brigadier Reginald S. Heath: Brigadier-General the Hon. Lawson: Brigadier-General George F.: Major-General William Bate: Major-General V. Kemball: Brigadier-General Sidney S.) August 1963-October 1966) (Movements) October 1966-October 1968 (Movements) October 1968-March 1971(Moves) May 1970-January 1973(Quarter.C.) March 1919-April 1920(Quart.D. Holmes: Major-General George Lammie: Major-General Harry L. King: Major-General Stuart H. Ewbank: Major-General Robert C. Wood: Major-General Arthur T. Venning: Major-General Thomas S.) March 1971-October 1973(Moves) October 1973-1975(Movements) January 1973-July 1975(Quart. Bt. Ritchie: Major-General Arthur J.M. McHardy: Major-General Edward Evans: Major-General Edward N. Turpin: Major-General Sir W.C.) August 1914-October 1917(Quar.Longden: Major-General Brian C. John Potter: Major-General Jack R.) . Battye: Major-General John C.1953(Moves) April 1950-April 1952(Quart.H. Kimmins: Major-General Charles G. Dove: Major-General Robert W. Younger. Broadbent: Major-General Walter K. Greaves: Major-General George N.L.) April 1952-February 1954(Quart. Long: Major-General Frederick W.38 Director of Movements and Quartering: Brigadier-General Henry M. A.M.) March 1958-1961(Movements) April 1959-June 1960(Quartering) June 1960-June 1961Quartering) June 1961-August 1963(Moves.) May 1923-May 1927 May 1927-April 1930 April 1930-April 1934 April 1934-April 1938 April 1938-August 1939 September 1939-November 1943 November 1941-1944(Quart. John Carpenter: Major-General Archibald R.) May 1919-May 1923(Moves.H. Gorringe: Brigadier-General George V.B. Richard Montagu-StuartWortley: Major-General Sir Francis G. de Rhe-Philipe: Major-General Walter H.) June 1947-April 1950(Quartering) September 1949-Sept.) October 1917-1919(Quart. Reynolds: Major-General Sir John W. Bond: Major-General H.) March 1945-June 1947(Quart. Dalton: Major-General John W. May: Major-General Alexander A. Williams: Major-General Patrick G.H.) February 1954-February 1957 (Quartering) February 1956-March 1958(Movs) February 1957-April 1959(Quart.) September 1953-1955(Moves.) January 1915-January 1917(M. Riddell-Webster: Major-General Noel G.B. Williams: Major-General John W.

B. Hogge: Major-General John A. Stone: March 1961-April 1964 April 1964-April 1966 April 1966-April 1969 April 1969-September 1970 September 1970-September 1973 September 1973-September 1975 September 1975-December 1977 December 1977-September 1980 September 1980-November 1981 November 1981-August 1984 August 1984-August 1986 August 1986-1988 April 1988-June 1990 June 1990-1992 Inspector of Cavalry: Major-General Henry Fane Grant: Major-General Robert S. P. Brown: Major-General R.E. Beardsworth: Major-General Michael T. Smith-Bingham: Brigadier George A.) Vice-Master-General of the Ordnance: Major-General Henry M. Marshall: Major-General A. Last: Major-General G.S. Stephenson: Major-General Simon J.G. Allenby: Brigadier-General the Hon. Osbert V.39 Major-General Denys B. Michael L.H. Webster: July 1975-July 1978(Quartering) July 1978-August 1981(Quart.H. Michael Hutchinson: Major-General Anthony C. Skinner: Major-General Christopher N. E. Howard-Vyse: Major-General John Blakiston-Houston: Brigadier J.) August 1981-July 1982 July 1982-March 1986(Quart.A. Weir: Major-General A.W. Milner: Brigadier-General Oswald B. Hope: Major-General William D. Wentworth Harman: Major-General Richard G. Lane: Major-General Bryan C.E. Walkling: Major-General Harry Knutton: Major-General Geoffrey Burch: Major-General A. Wood: Major-General Lord Alvingham: Major-General Barry M. Liardet: Major-General Adrian P. Scobell: Major-General Edmund H. Joseph Kingstone: October 1898-May 1903 May 1903-May 1907 May 1907-January 1909 April 1910-August 1914 September 1914-1918 September 1914-18 September 1917-1918 August 1922-August 1926 August 1926-August 1930 August 1930-August 1934 August 1934-August 1938 August 1938-1940 . Lumley: Brigadier-General George F.S. Baden-Powell: Major-General Sir Henry J.

I. Duncan: Major-General Ronald B. C. d’Avigdor-Goldsmid: Major-General John R. Armitage: Major-General Patrick R. Michael Palmer: Major-General Richard M. Holden: Major-General Geoffrey T.R. Roberts: Major-General Nigel W. Gadsby: Brigadier James H. Allen: Major-General Peter D. Rutherford-Jones: Brigadier Simon Caraffi: Brigadier Simon R.B.C.40 Director.P.F.B. Richardson: Major-General Raymond Briggs: Major-General Robert H. Ansell: Major-General Richard E. Cooper: Major-General Nicholas G. Foote: Major-General John D’A. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General Jonathan M.T.B. Rutledge: Brigadier David J. Arkwright: Major-General G. Hopkinson: Major-General James A. Hobart: Major-General John M.C. Philip B. Rollo: Brigadier Martin J. Short: Brigadier William R. Hall: Brigadier Andrew C. Cooke: Major-General Henry R. Jerram: Major-General Simon C. Anderson: Major-General Gerald C. Pope: Major-General Alexander W. Reid: Major-General J. Royal Armoured Corps: Major-General Michael O’Moore Creagh: Major-General Vyvyan W.A.B. Brockbank: Major-General John G. Levey: September-December 1939 June 1940-September 1941 September 1941-July 1943 July 1943-1947 1947-1948 1948-1949 August 1949-August 1952 August 1952-August 1955 August 1955-August 1958 August 1958-October 1959 October 1959-October 1962 October 1962-January 1965 January 1965-April 1968 April 1968-July 1970 July 1970-October 1972 October 1972-November 1974 November 1974-December 1976 December 1976-1978 December 1978-June 1981 June 1981-July 1984 July 1984-April 1987 April 1987-December 1989 December 1989-June 1992 June 1992-February 1994 February 1994-April 1995 April 1995-December 1997 December 1997-October 2000 October 2000-July 2002 October 2002-December 2005 December 2005-January 2007 January 2007-July 2010 August 2010- . Barron: Major-General Robert J.

S. Michael L.41 Director-General of Fighting Vehicles(Land Fighting Systems from Major-General Charles A. B. Liardet: Major-General Walter M.R. Sharman: Major-General David J. Willis: Major-General Jonathan H. Clayton: Major-General Harold E. Hogge: Major-General John B.M. Dunphie: Major-General Edward H. P. Stopford: Major-General Robert J. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General Anthony C.L. George Lewis: Major-General John G. Wormald: Major-General A. Pyman: Major-General Henry R. Allen: Major-General A.A. Jenkins: ): 1945-1948 1948-1951 1951-1953 1953-1955 1955-June 1958 June 1958-February 1961 February 1961-February 1964 February 1964-November 1966 November 1966-December 1970 December 1970-January 1973 January 1973-November 1974 November 1974-October 1977 October 1977-January 1981 January 1981-May 1985 May 1985-March 1989 March 1989-June 1992 June 1992-February 1995 February 1995-December 1996 December 1996-2000 . Rea Leakey: Major-General Derrick B. Dent: Major-General Stephen R. B. Hutton: Major-General A. Foote: Major-General Frederick W. Gordon-Hall: Major-General Henry M. Stone: Major-General Alan G.

Hobbs: Major-General Edward D. Douglas-Withers: Brigadier Jonathan B. Rochfort: Brigadier-General Walter F. Rawlins: Major-General Kenneth F. F. Matthew M.C. Nicholson: Major-General Stuart B. U. Willis: Major-General Francis A.F. Horne: Brigadier-General Sydenham C.G. Cornock: Major-General Peter R. Smith: Major-General Sir James M.S. Lund: Major-General Cameron G. Bonnet: Major-General Brian T.L. Durie: Brigadier Mark G. Tennant: Major-General Ian G. Lewis: Major-General Richard W.M. Howard-Vyse: Major-General Edward J. Wilson: Major-General Arthur W. Franks: Lieutenant-General Sir Webb Gillman: Major-General Edward H. Bartholomew: Major-General Alan F. Glover: Major-General Harry C. van Straubenzee: Major-General George McK. Bailey: Brigadier Christopher C. Goodbody: Major-General Reginald G. Streatfield: Major-General Michael J. Brown: Brigadier Christopher C. Tomlinson: Major-General Charles G. Y. Brunker: Major-General Casimir C. Bates: Major-General George F. Tuzo: Major-General Mervyn Janes: Major-General Robert Lyon: Major-General Thomas L.C. Sykes: August 1904-Septemer 1908 October 1908-May 1912 May 1912-1914 September 1914-July 1915 July 1915-1918 January 1917-1918 1918-1920 April 1924-February 1927 February 1927-1929 May 1929-May 1933 May 1933-November 1935 November 1935-August 1936 August 1936-August 1939 August 1939-1940 February 1944-1946 1946-May 1948 May 1948-December 1950 December 1950-April 1954 April 1954-March 1957 March 1957-January 1959 January 1959-May 1961 May 1961-March 1964 March 1964-August 1966 August 1966-March 1969 March 1969-February 1971 February 1971-August 1973 August 1973-October 1975 October 1975-June 1978 June 1978-May 1981 May 1981-April 1984 April 1984-May 1986 May 1986-March 1989 March 1989-March 1991 March 1991-April 1994 April 1994-February 1996 February 1996-February 2000 February 2000-March 2002 March 2002-April 2003 January 2004-January 2005 January 2005-January 2007 . Langhorne: Major-General Langley Browning: Major-General Otto M. Pennicott: Major-General Michael T.A. Brooke: Major-General Algernon P. Wilson: Brigadier R.42 Inspector/Director of the Royal Artillery: Major-General Sir Alexander N. Lindsay: Brigadier-General Henry S. Morony: Major-General Timothy S. H. de Gex: Major-General Peter J.

Noel Nagle: 1950-1951 1951-1954 1954-1956 1956-1958 1958-1961 1961-August 1964 August 1964-December 1966 December 1966-September 1968 September 1968-January 1971 January 1971-March 1973 January 1973-March 1975 March 1975-February 1979 February 1979-January 1982 . Gore: Brigadier Patrick R. Cordingley: Brigadier P. Barker: Brigadier M. Royal Artillery: Brigadier K. Pethick: Brigadier Hugh E. Dayrell-Browning: Brigadier Peter R. Fernyhough: Brigadier Francis N.W. Esmonde-White: Brigadier John E.H.A.C.M. Eeles: January 2007-January 2010 January 2010-2011 Deputy Director.L. Painter: Brigadier L. Hemans: Brigadier D. Rooke: Brigadier David W. Tadier: Brigadier Nicholas H.B. Rupert Brazier-Creagh: Brigadier Geoffrey L. Birch: Brigadier J.K.43 Brigadier Colin W.L.

Strudwick: Brigadier the Hon.G. House: Major-General Timothy M. Pank: Major-General Robert J. Matthews: Major-General Cecil L. Shortis: Major-General Sir David C. Seymour H. Egerton: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward A. Firbank: Major-General Douglas A. Balfour: Brigadier Robert L.A. Alderson: Major-General Clifford C. Wimberley: Major-General Arthur A. David G. Bt. Murray: Major-General Thompson Capper: Major-General Laurence G.J. Barber: Major-General John H. Dunbar: Major-General David G. Dennis: Brigadier Michael T.A.H.F. Drummond: Major-General Sir Francis Howard: Major-General Granville G. Sibbald: Major-General Colin T. Griffiths: April 1909-December 1912 December 1912-February 1914 February-August 1914 September 1914-April 1916 September 1914-1918 April 1916-1918 September 1916-1918 August-October 1939 June 1940-February 1941 March 1941-1944 1943-December 1944 December 1944-1946 1947-1948 1948-1949 October 1949-1951 1951-September 1952 September 1952-October 1955 October 1955-December 1958 December 1958-December 1960 December 1960-February 1962 February 1962-February 1965 February 1965-January 1968 January 1968-September 1970 September 1970-September 1973 September 1973-May 1975 May 1975-September 1977 September 1977-1980 April 1980-August 1983 August 1983-February 1986 February 1986-May 1988 May 1988-March 1990 March 1990-April 1992 April 1992-July 1994 July 1994-February 1996 February 1996-December 1997 January 1998-June 2001 June 2001-July 2002 July 2002-January 2005 January 2005-January 2008 January 2008-April 2011 April-December 2011 . Dowler: Major-General Cecil B.: Major-General Archibald J. Johnson: Major-General Thomas N. Darling: Major-General Paul Gleadell: Major-General Peter G. Creasey: Major-General David T. Scott-Bowden: Brigadier Richard W. Fairbanks: Major-General Colin M. Young: Major-General Michael Forrester: Major-General Charles W. Charles Loyd: Major-General Dudley G. Kendrew: Major-General Kenneth T. Wilsey: Major-General Francis R. Young: Major-General Peter F. Dutton: Major-General Raymond A. Hodges: Major-General Bryan H.O. Pett: Brigadier Mark J.R. Thorne: Major-General J.44 Inspector/Director of Infantry: Major-General Sir Charles Fergusson. Malden: Major-General H. Monro: Brigadier Alastair D. Wilson: Major-General Douglas N.F.A.H.B. Duncan: Brigadier James M.

Dixon: Major-General John A. Ward-Booth: Major-General William N. Mears: Brigadier E. Bower: Major-General Geoffrey S. Busk: Major-General Robin D. King: Major-General R. Parritt: Brigadier Michael P.Perrett-Young: Brigadier Brian A. Folkes: Brigadier Iain R. Grist: Major-General Simon W.J. Laurie: Brigadier Christopher G.J.C. Goodman: Major-General Leslie F.James H. Dare Wilson: Major-General T. Everson: 1970-March 1973 March 1973-September 1974 September 1974-August 1976 August 1976-March 1979 March 1979-March 1981 March 1981-March 1986 March 1986-April 1989 April 1989-1991 1991-1994 1994-1997 1997-December 2001 December 2001-2005 . Crawford: Major-General Maurice S.C. Withall: Major-General J. Madsden: Brigadier Michael J. Short: Brigadier James T. Intelligence Corps: Brigadier Richard M.H. David W.P.H.P. Cassels: Major-General Roger H. McQueen: Brigadier Colin S. Lytle: Brigadier Peter D.O.B. Bremner: Brigadier Patrick A. Chilton: Major-General A. Tighe: Brigadier K. Crawford: Brigadier E.D. Sibun: Brigadier Richard P. Holtom: Brigadier Peter F. Ford: Brigadier A. Exham: Major-General Gerald P.H. Thompson: Major-General Robert N. Illingworth: ): 1942-1946 1946-January 1948 January 1948-January 1950 January 1950-December 1952 December 1952-December 1954 December 1954-March 1957 March 1957-May 1960 May 1960-January 1964 January 1964-January 1967 January 1967-August 1968 August 1968-August 1971 August 1971-February 1974 February 1974-July 1976 July 1976-January 1979 January 1979-November 1983 November 1983-May 1987 May 1987-December 1989 December 1989-March 1992 March 1992-October 1995 October 1995-1998 1998-November 2000 November 2000-December 2004 December 2004-December 2007 December 2007-December 2010 December 2010- Inspector.M. Weston: Major-General Napier Crookenden: Major-General Frank D. Thomson: Brigadier David S.L.K.E.J. Bray: Major-General Robert K.D. St.45 Director of Land/Air Warfare(Army Aviation from Major-General Kenneth N. Springfield: Brigadier Michael I. Anthony Richardson: Major-General Roy L.

Festing: Major-General George P. Delves: Brigadier John C.H.M.P. Abraham: Major-General Charles E. Lamb: Brigadier the Hon. Michael Rose: Brigadier Jeremy J.46 Director of Special Forces(Special Air Service until 1987): Brigadier R. Shaw: Brigadier Adrian J. Pyman: Major-General George E.R. Raeburn: Major-General J. Sinnatt: May 1945-February 1947 February 1947-June 1949 June 1949-January 1952 January 1952-May 1955 May 1955-September 1956 September 1956-September 1958 September 1958-July 1960 July 1960-February 1961 February 1961-February 1963 February 1963-November 1965 November 1965-July 1968 July 1968-April 1971 April 1971-April 1974 April 1974-April 1977 April 1977-February 1979 February 1979-1981 . de la C. Simpson: Brigadier John P. Page: Major-General Anthony H. Noel Thomas: Major-General S.G. Martin O’H. Farrar-Hockley: Major-General Edward A. Macmillan: Major-General Francis W. Bastin: Major-General Denis G.J. Sutherell: Brigadier John T. Richardson: Major-General H.A. Jonathan D.Watts: Brigadier Peter E. Ferguson Semple: Brigadier John J. Moore: Major-General Charles L. Foley: Brigadier Michael J.B. Wilkes: Brigadier H. Burgess: Major-General Martin H.B. Digby M. Walsh: Major-General William A. de la Billiere: Brigadier John P. Scott: Major-General Harold E. Carleton-Smith: 1969-September 1972 September 1972-September 1975 September 1975-1979 1979-1983 1983-1985 1986-1988 1988-1989 1989-1993 1993-1996 1996-1999 1999-January 2001 June 2001-2003 2003-2006 2006-2009 2009-February 2012 February 2012- Director of Weapons and Development(Combat Development)(until 1981): Major-General Gordon H. Bradshaw: Major-General Jonathan D. Holmes: Brigadier Graeme C. John Mogg: Major-General W. Page: Major-General Mark A.C. Phipps: Brigadier Cedric N.

A/Q: Ireland: C-in-C.: CRA: Brigadier.: Major-General Administration: Deputy Commander: Anti-Aircraft CommandGOC-in-C.: Deputy C-in-C.: Major-General Administration: page 55 page 56 page 57 page 78 page 78 page 79 page 58 page 59 page 59 page 60 page 60 page 60 page 48 page 49 page 49 page 50 page 50 page 51 page 51 page 51 page 53 page 52 page 52 page 53 page 53 page 53 page 54 page 54 page 61 page 61 .47 (b) HOME COMMANDS INDEX: Aldershot Command/South-East DistrictGOC-in-C.A.. East Coast Defences: BGS: Brig.: Chief of Staff/Major-General./Commander. Regional Forces/Force Development and Training: Chief of the General Staff: Deputy Chief of Staff: Major-General Administration: BGS: Assistant Chief of StaffCommitments: Communications: Plans: Training: Commander.: Chief of Staff: Brig. Field Army: Commander.. R. Infantry: DAG: DQMG/Brig. Administration: Commander..C. A/Q: CRA: Home Forces/United Kingdom Land ForcesC-in-C. A/Q: Eastern CommandGOC-in-C.

South-West Coast Defences: BGS: Brig.: Chief of Staff: BGS: Brig.: Tower of London.48 Land Forces/Land Command(See Home Forces) London DistrictGOC..: Chief of Staff: BGS: Brig. A/Q: CRA: Northern Ireland Command. 56th London Brigade: Northern CommandGOC-in-C.: Commander. Administration: Commander.. GOC-in-C.: Chief of Staff/Major-General Administration: BGS: Brig. GOC. District. GOC-in-C. Lieutenant: Western CommandGOC-in-C. South Coast Defences: Commander. A/Q: CRA: Yorkshire District.: page 77 page 78 page 62 page 63 page 63 page 63 page 64 page 74 page 75 page 76 page 76 page 79 page 65 page 66 page 66 page 66 page 67 page 71 page 68 page 69 page 70 page 70 page 70 page 70 page 71 page 79 page 81 page 72 page 73 page 73 page 73 page 74 page 79 . GOC. A/Q: CRA: South-East Command.: Scottish CommandGOC-in-C. GOC.: Chief of Staff/Major-General.: Northern Ireland DistrictGOC-in-C. Land Forces: Chief of Staff: Salisbury Plain...: South-East District(See Aldershot Command) Southern CommandGOC-in-C.: Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff/Commander. A/Q: CRA: Theatre Troops.

: Field-Marshal Earl Haig: General Sir Walter M.Bt. John Mogg: Lieutenant-General Sir Mervyn A. Huxtable: General Sir C. General Sir William R.W. Bradshaw: December 1915-May 1918 May 1918-April 1919 April 1919-1920 September 1939-May 1940 May-July 1940 July 1940-December 1941 December 1941-July 1943 July 1943-1945 January 1956-1959 February 1968-May 1970 May 1970-November 1971 November 1971-April 1972 April 1972-April 1974 April 1974-May 1976 May 1976-April 1978 April 1978-January 1980 January 1980-April 1981 April 1981-July 1982 July 1982-June 1985 June 1985-June 1987 June 1987-September 1988 September 1988-October 1990 October 1990-March 1993 March 1993-March 1996 March 1996-January 1997 January 1997-March 2000 March 2000-January 2003 January 2003-March 2005 March 2005-August 2006 August 2006-February 2008 February 2008-August 2009 August 2009-September 2010 September 2010-January 2013 January 2013- . United Kingdom Land Forces from 1956 until 1959 and from 1972): Field-Marshal Viscount French. Wall: General Sir Nicholas R. Granville-Chapman: General Sir F. Bramall: General Sir A. Wilsey: General Sir Roger N. John Waters: General Sir John F. Brooke: General Sir Bernard C. 1968 until 1972. Wheeler: General Sir Michael J. Edmund Ironside: General Sir Alan F.H. St.D. Paget: General Sir Harold E. Walker: General Sir Michael D. Kitson: General Sir James M. Chapple: General Sir Charles R. Army Strategic Command.G. Robert C.T.49 Commander-in-Chief. Richards: General Sir Peter A. Glover: General Sir John L. Creasey: General Sir John W. John Archer: General Sir Timothy M. Kirke: General Sir W. Eugster: General Sir Roland C. Jackson: General Sir Timothy J. King: General Sir Basil O. Mansergh: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Home Forces(from 1915 until 1920 and from 1939 until 1945.W. Gibbs: General Sir Edwin N. Stanier: General Sir Frank E.Robertson. Butler: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank D. Richard Dannatt: General Sir C. Parker: Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian J. Franklyn: General Sir E. Redmond Watt: General Sir David J.

M. Commander. Michael Rose: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard H. Newton: Lieutenant-General Jonathan D.R. White-Spunner: Lieutenant-General Nicholas P. Delves: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Regional Forces. Deverell: Major-General John D. Lieutenant-General Sir Barney W. Stokoe: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Kitson: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward A. Redmond Watt: Lieutenant-General Robin V. United Kingdom Field Army from 1982 until 1995 and from 2003 until 2012): Lieutenant-General Sir Frank D. Commander.B. Deverell: Lieutenant-General Sir Cedric N. Brims: Lieutenant-General Sir Graeme C. Swinburn: Lieutenant-General Sir Hew W. McColl: Lieutenant-General Sir Nicholas R. Parker: Lieutenant-General Mark F. Force Development and Training from 2009): Lieutenant-General Sir John P. Mans: Lieutenant-General Sir William R. Pike: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Hugh Beach: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter Hudson: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank E. Carter: April 1972-January 1973 January 1973-January 1976 January 1976-March 1977 March 1977-May 1980 March 1980-May 1982 May 1982-April 1984 April 1984-April 1987 April 1987-August 1990 August 1990-March 1993 March 1993-January 1994 January 1994-July 1995 July 1995-October 1997 October 1997-November 1998 November 1998-March 1999 March 1999-March 2001 March 2001-September 2003 September 2003-March 2005 March 2005-October 2007 October 2007-July 2009 July 2009-January 2012 January 2012 Commander.G. Lamb. United Kingdom Land Forces(from 2003 until 2009. Kiszely: Lieutenant-General John P. Wilkes: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Page: February 2002-November 2004 November 2004-October 2007 October 2007-September 2009 September-December 2009 December 2009-April 2010 April 2010-February 2012 February 2012- .N. Rollo: Lieutenant-General Paul R. Taylor: Lieutenant-General Sir W. United Kingdom Land Forces(from 1972 until 1982. Ramsbotham: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael J.G.50 Deputy Commander-in-Chief. Burgess: Lieutenant-General Sir John B. King: Lieutenant-General Sir Allan M. Akehurst: Lieutenant-General Sir David J.

Wilsey: Major-General R. Charles Loyd: Lieutenant-General John G. R.D. Romer: Lieutenant-General Bernard C. Learmont: Major-General John F. des R. Walker: Major-General John H. Blacker: Major-General P. Strawson: Major-General William T. White-Spunner: Major-General the Hon. Cullen: Major-General Tyrone.Oliver: Major-General Roderick A. Hobart: Major-General Ronald J. Pascoe: Major-General Antony K.B. Paget: Lieutenant-General H. Shaw: Major-General Mark W. Trousdell: Major-General Frederick R.M.R.Regan: Major-General Charles G. Alexander-Sinclair: Major-General Henry M.F.C.E.C. Cordy-Simpson: Major-General John D. Poffley: Major-General David M.Stokoe: Major-General Peter A. MacFarlane: Major-General David B. Morgan: Major-General George P.R.Chambers: January 1989-September 1991 September 1991-December 1994 December 1994-July 1996 July-December 1996 January 1997-November 1998 December 1998-2002 . Shaw: Major-General Cecil F. Tillotson: Major-General Robert A.C.C.W. Buckland: Major-General William N. Land Command: Major-General Michael D.D. Urch: December 1915-May 1918 May 1918-1920 June 1940-February 1941 February 1941-March 1942 March-November 1942 November 1942-July 1943 April 1956-1959 May 1968-July 1970 July 1970-April 1972 April-October 1972 October 1972-January 1976 January 1976-June 1978 June 1978-December 1979 December 1979-April 1983 April 1983-March 1985 March 1985-March 1987 March 1987-February 1988 February 1988-June 1990 June 1990-September 1991 September 1991-January 1994 January 1994-February 1997 February 1997-February 2000 February 2000-May 2003 May 2003-May 2005 May 2005-September 2007 September 2007-March 2009 March 2009-October 2011 October 2011-October 2012 October 2012- Deputy Chief of Staff.51 Chief of the General Staff: Major-General Frederick C. Viggers: Major-General A. Vyvyan: Major-General Philip C. Scotter: Major-General John M.Vyvyan: Major-General Richard A. Richard D.T. Jonathan D. Swayne: Lieutenant-General William D. Gordon: Major-General Charles G. Shirreff: Major-General Barney W. Morgan Llewellyn: Major-General James C.

R. Brian C. Buckland: Major-General Henry E. Watkins: Brigadier C.E. Hayes: Brigadier John C. McColl: Brigadier Roger M. Cumming: Brigadier Guy de V. Everard: Brigadier Thomas A. Johnston: Brigadier H. Frisby: Brigadier Andrew A. Airy: Brigadier Patrick G. Harman: Brigadier H. Baker: Brigadier Maurice R. Garrett: Major-General Laurie W. Barrons: Brigadier James R. Brooking: Brigadier Antony Makepeace-Warne: Brigadier Michael A. Beckett: Brigadier Neil Marshall: Brigadier Timothy P. Thorp: Brigadier David R. Binns: Brigadier Richard L. Woolnough: Brigadier M. Langley: Brigadier David Houston: Brigadier Richard C. Gingell: Major-General Eric J. Bremridge: Brigadier Herbert A.G. Desmond A.M. Brunt: Brigadier Graham J.E. Hellier: April 1972-June 1975 June 1975-October 1976 October 1976-November 1979 November 1979-1981 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier Ashley E. Robinson: January 1968-December 1969 December 1969-April 1972 April 1972-December 1974 December 1974-May 1977 May 1977-December 1978 December 1978-September 1979 September 1979-1980 January 1981-January 1982 January 1982-December1983 January 1984-December 1985 December 1985-April 1988 April-December 1988 April 1989-April 1990 April 1990-August 1992 August 1992-June 1993 June 1993-1995 December 1995-November 1998 November 1998-November 2000 November 2000-July 2003 July 2003-October 2005 December 2005-January 2008 January 2008-June 2009 June 2009-July 2010 July 2010-August 2012 August 2012- . Operations from until ): Brigadier Jack W. W. Truluck: Brigadier J.A. L.A. Field Army from until .J. Administration: Major-General Ronald J. Eberhardie: Brigadier Ian H.R. Keightley: Brigadier Christopher J.52 Major-General. Bill: January 1994-July 1997 July 1997-January 2000 January 2000-2001 Assistant Chief of Staff. Willcocks: Brigadier Thomas J.D. Commitments(Intelligence and Operations until .

: Brigadier W.C. Maer: Brigadier Jonathan J.A. Templer: Brigadier Robin J.C.A. Merry: Brigadier J.T. Toomey: Brigadier Matthew P. Wright: Brigadier Mark F. Michael E. Hayhoe: Brigadier G. Curry: Brigadier Timothy P.Jonathan P. Jardine. Bathurst: April 1972-February 1973 February 1973-December 1975 February 1976-August 1978 August 1978-March 1979 March 1979-1982 January 1984-June 1986 June 1986-May 1988 May 1988-1991 May 1994-December 1996 December 1996-May 2000 May 2000-December 2002 December 2002-May 2004 May 2004-2006 December 2006-January 2009 January 2009-2010 2010-January 2011 January 2011- . Donkin: Brigadier Colin J. Arnott: Commodore G.McC. Anthony Boam: Brigadier G. Trotman: Commodore Vernon C.D.J. Budd: Air Commodore Donald A. Masters: Brigadier Sir Ian L. Webb-Carter: Brigadier Donald R. Hicks: Brigadier T. Ashmore: Brigadier A. Wilson: Brigadier Peter T. Pearson: Brigadier John Cooper: Brigadier Gerald W. Townsend: Brigadier Evelyn J. Davis: Brigadier Nicholas D. Bourne: October 1972-December 1974 December 1974-October 1976 October 1976-April 1979 April 1979-November 1981 November 1981-May 1984 May 1984-November 1986 November 1986-December 1988 January 1989-May 1991 May 1991-April 1992 April 1992-1995 December 2001-January 2005 January 2005-2007 2007-August 2009 August 2009-July 2011 July 2011- Assistant Chief of Staff. Berragan: Brigadier Richard H.S. Rhoderick-Jones: Brigadier Ian G.53 Assistant Chief of Staff. Lloyd Body: Brigadier James R. Training(Field Army from 2001): Brigadier John D. Plans: Air Commodore Denis A. Bt. Mans: Brigadier Bruce Brealey: Brigadier Richard R. Safford: Air Commodore Alan C. Harrisson: Brigadier J. Bourne-May: Brigadier Benjamin J. George W.N.

: Brigadier Peter N. Communications: Brigadier David A. Mountford: Brigadier Michael T. Bt. Pownall: August 1967-December 1969 December 1969-July 1972 July 1972-January 1974 January 1974-September 1976 September 1976-July 1979 July 1979-1982 Commander. Nigel Stisted: Brigadier Ian Mackay: April 1972-December 1975 December 1975-September 1978 September 1978-February 1980 February-November 1980 February-October 1981 . Tillard: Brigadier Roy M. Bellman: Brigadier Charles M. Strickland: Brigadier Geoffrey W.R.V. Wilson: Brigadier Nigel B.Jones: Brigadier Richard S. Cook: Brigadier Christopher C. Redgrave: Brigadier Guy P. Jardine. Jerram: Brigadier John L.F.C. Webb: Brigadier N. Radcliffe: Brigadier W. Stewart-Richardson: Brigadier J. Philpott: January 1968-September 1969 September 1969-October 1972 October 1972-April 1975 August 1975-November 1977 November 1977-April 1980 April 1980-May 1981 May 1981-November 1984 November 1984-January 1988 January 1988-February 1991 February 1991-July 1993 July 1993-December 1996 December 1996-July 1998 July 1998-January 2001 January 2001-2004 Brigadier.H. Royal Armoured Corps: Brigadier Philip B.R. Infantry: Brigadier Percy J. Norman-Walker: Brigadier J. Blake: Brigadier Sir Ian L. Wade: August 2004-2009 November 2009-March 2013 Commander.I.F. Shaw: Brigadier Miles W.E. Hutton: Brigadier T. Tennant: Brigadier J. Reid: Brigadier Richard M.O. Johnston: Brigadier David E. Bagnall: Brigadier John M.54 Assistant Chief of Staff.E.M. Wheeler: Brigadier Peter D.G. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Ronald A.

Mostyn: April 1972-March 1975 December 1999-November 2002 November 2002-January 2005 January 2005-2007 Deputy Quartermaster-General(Brigadier A/Q from 1975): Brigadier Arthur D. Hoskinson: Brigadier Philip J.Tait: Brigadier D. de C. Cowlam: March-June 1968 June 1968-March 1971 March 1971-March 1974 March 1974-February 1977 February 1977-August 1979 August 1979-March 1982 March 1982-January 1985 January 1985-December 1987 December 1987-May 1990 May 1990-March 1992 March-July 1992 July 1992-December 1993 December 1993-December 1994 December 1994-December 1995 December 1995-January 1997 January 1997-December 1999 March 2001-May 2003 June 2003-December 2005 Commander. Young: Brigadier H. Steirn: Brigadier Shaun P.G. Hathaway: Brigadier Edward C. Lambe: Brigadier Christopher M.V. Aviation: Brigadier Athelwold C. Hathaway: Brigadier John S. Botting: Brigadier Simon D.55 Deputy Adjutant-General: Brigadier J.Watts: Brigadier Christopher F.A. Brewer: Brigadier J. Sharp: December 1978-March 1982 March 1982-March 1987 March 1987-March 1990 March 1990-January 1994 January 1994-1996 .G. Martin: Brigadier R. Seamus Kerr: Brigadier John P. Jenkins: Brigadier A. Saunders: Brigadier Peter L.D.C.L.R. Cowan: Brigadier J.M. Wolfe Lydekker: Brigadier J.E. Patrick: Brigadier Michael Smythe: Brigadier B. Wilson: Brigadier R.D. Alan C.E. Firth: Brigadier Kenelm J.Jebens: Brigadier Kenelm J. Wheelwright: Brigadier B.N. Brown: Brigadier Dennis Shaw: Brigadier David F.

Trant: September 1902-December 1907 December 1907-March 1912 March 1912-August 1914 August 1914-May 1916 May 1916-October 1917 October 1917-November 1919 November 1919-November 1920 November 1920-March 1922 March 1922-March 1923 March 1923-March 1927 March 1927-June 1931 June 1931-October 1933 October 1933-October 1937 October 1937-September 1939 September 1939-March 1940 March-April 1940 May-June 1940 June 1940-March 1941 March 1941-1944 1944-1945 1945-1946 1946 1946-1948 1948-1951 1951-1953 1953-February 1954 February 1954-February 1957 February 1957-February 1960 February 1960-November 1961 November 1961-November 1963 November 1963-July 1966 July 1966-November 1969 November 1969-1972 April-December 1972 December 1972-December 1974 December 1974-May 1977 May 1977-May 1979 May 1979-January 1981 January 1981-February 1982 February 1982-September 1983 . Stainforth: Major-General Robert B.M. Bt: General Sir David G. Metcalfe: Major-General Patrick H. Aldershot Command(South-East District from 1967 until 1992. Smith-Dorrien: Lieutenant-General Sir Douglas Haig: Major-General Alexander Hamilton Gordon: General Sir Archibald Hunter: General Sir Archibald J. Norman: Major-General Robert K. Raikes: Major-General Dudley G. Sir John F. James Wilson: Lieutenant-General Sir Anthony H.H. Campbell: General Sir Charles H. Dill: Lieutenant-General Charles N. P. Cooper: Lieutenant-General Sir Paul A. Bramwell-Davis: Major-General Denis S.N. Barker: Major-General Geoffrey T. French: Lieutenant-General Sir Horace L. Broad: Lieutenant-General Michael G. Burke-Gaffney: Major-General Sir A. Eldridge: Major-General Edward S. Dimoline: Major-General William J. Taylor: Lieutenant-General Sir Terence D. Penfold: Lieutenant-General Sir Allan M. Douglas Campbell: Major-General Ronald A. Baillon: Major-General William A. Southern District from 1992 until 1995): General Sir John D. Chetwode. O’Connor: Major-General John F.H. Farrar-Hockley: Lieutenant-General Sir George L. Travers: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard B.56 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Holmes: Major-General Joseph A. McMeekin: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Murray: General Lord Rawlinson: General the Earl of Cavan: General Sir Thomas L. Harington: General the Hon. Johnson: Major-General Roger Evans: Major-General Charles W. Morland: General Sir Philip W.F. Gathorne-Hardy: Lieutenant-General Sir John G.C.S. Man: Major-General Charles H. Ross: Major-General Sir Noel G.

57 Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey H. Gray: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter E. Robb: Major-General Alexander Hamilton Gordon: Major-General Gerald F. Swinburn: Lieutenant-General Sir Anthony A. de la C. Denison-Smith: September 1983-December 1985 December 1985-January 1988 January 1988-December 1990 December 1990-January 1994 February 1994-1995 Major-General. Curtis: Major-General Sir Walter Campbell: Major-General Basil F. Hambro: Major-General John C. Administration: Major-General Henry M.F. Taylor: Major-General Charles N. Howlett: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael S. Ellison: Major-General Sir Reginald S. Broad: October 1907-January 1910 February 1910-July 1914 July 1914-May 1916 May 1916-October 1917 October 1917-July 1919 July 1919-November 1921 November 1921-November 1925 November 1925-May 1927 May 1927-April 1930 April 1930-April 1934 April 1934-December 1937 December 1937-September 1939 . Burnett-Hitchcock: Major-General Sir Percy O. de la Billiere: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard H. Harding-Newman: Major-General Edward Evans: Major-General Maurice G.W. Lawson: Major-General Frederick S.

Woodford: Brigadier Bernard C. d’Avigdor-Goldsmid: Brigadier C. Webster: Brigadier David M. Shapland: Brigadier Anthony G.N. Gordon Lennox: Brigadier Robert B.58 Deputy Commander: Brigadier Hugh P.P. Mans: Brigadier Peter C. MacGregor-Oakford: Brigadier John F. Ferguson: Brigadier Adrian J. Green: Brigadier John B. Acworth: Brigadier Ian W.C. Luck: Brigadier Geoffrey Rimbault: Brigadier Michael-Gordon Watson: Brigadier James A. Armitage: Brigadier Percy W. Rickett: Brigadier Robert W. Pontifex: Brigadier Bryan C. Schuler: September 1953-March 1956 March 1956-March 1958 March 1958-1961 ?-September 1961 September 1961-1962 January 1963-November 1965 November 1965-August 1967 August 1967-March 1969 March 1969-June 1972 June 1972-May 1974 May 1974-August 1975 August 1975-August 1977 August 1977-December 1978 December 1978-January 1981 January 1981-March 1983 March 1983-April 1987 April 1987-February 1990 February 1990-February 1991 February 1991-July 1992 July 1992-March 1994 March 1994-1995 . Jones: Brigadier David M. de P. McLaughlan: Brigadier J. Mackley: Brigadier George C. Gordon G. Oldfield: Brigadier Rowland S.

Milne: General Sir Walter P.B. Eastern Command(until 1968): General Lord Methuen: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur H. James H. Grierson: Lieutenant-General Charles L.E. Bourne: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis W. Festing: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Wilson: General Sir William R.R.: General Sir Evelyn H. Anderson: General Sir Alan G. B. Deverell: General Sir W. Williams: Lieutenant-General Laurence Carr: Lieutenant-General Kenneth A. Gammell: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth A. Edmund Ironside: General Sir Guy C. Robertson: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles L. Erskine: Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey K.H. Bt. Paget: Lieutenant-General Sir James M. Lathbury: General Sir Roderick W. Whigham: General Sir Webb Gillman: General Sir Cyril J. Leslie Rundle: Lieutenant-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: General Sir Henry H. Woollcombe: General Lord Horne: General Sir George F.J. M. Templer: Lieutenant-General Sir George W.59 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.H. Leese. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir James A. Cunningham: Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver W. Cassels: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald W. Barker: General Sir Gerald W.F. Woollcombe: General Sir H. Charles Coleman: Lieutenant-General Sir A.F. Cole: Lieutenant-General Sir David Peel Yates: June 1904-April 1908 April 1908-April 1912 April 1912-August 1914 August 1914-June 1915 June 1915-May 1916 May 1916-September 1917 September 1917-February 1918 February-June 1918 June 1918-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-February 1926 February 1926-March 1927 March 1927-March 1931 March 1931-April 1933 May 1933-April 1936 April 1936-September 1938 September 1938-May 1941 May 1941-April 1942 April-September 1942 September 1942-January 1944 February-November 1944 December 1944-November 1945 November 1945-January 1947 February 1947-February 1950 February 1950-February 1952 May 1952-June 1953 June 1953-July 1954 July 1954-May 1956 May 1956-1959 June 1959-January 1960 January 1960-November 1961 January 1962-January 1965 January 1965-April 1966 April 1966-1968 . N.N. Braithwaite: General Sir Robert D. McLeod: Lieutenant-General Sir George S.

Reginald Kerr: Major-General Philip S. Morgan-Owen: Major-General Desmond F. Dickson: Major-General Richard M. Scott: Major-General Sir George Barker: Major-General Ronald C.60 Major-General. Gillett: Major-General Charles J. Hart: Major-General Douglas A. Ruck: Major-General John Adye: Major-General Richard M.H. Cowley: Major-General Richard W. Oliver: Major-General John G. Bastyan: Major-General William P. Anderson: Major-General Llewellyn I. Denning: Major-General Edric M. Robb: Major-General Sir Arnold F. Brander: Major-General Kevin J. Deedes: October 1905-June 1906 July 1906-March 1908 April 1908-October 1912 October 1912-October 1915 October 1915-June 1916 June 1916-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-February 1927 February 1927-April 1929 April 1929-June 1931 June 1931-March 1934 March 1934-March 1938 March 1938-August 1939 August 1939-May 1940 May 1940-October 1941 October 1941-December 1942 December 1942-May 1943 May 1943-1947 1947-July 1949 July 1949-1950 January 1951-December 1952 January 1953-January 1956 January 1956-May 1957 May 1957-March 1959 March 1959-October 1960 October 1960-December 1962 December 1962-March 1965 March 1965-1968 East Coast Defences(Thames District until June 1905): Major-General Sir Reginald C. Scott: Major-General Cuthbert G. Howard: Major-General Llewellyn I. Whitcombe: Major-General Reginald F.G. Martin: Major-General H. Batten: Major-General David Peel-Yates: Major-General Peter B.S. Hutton: Major-General Edward T. O’Dowda: Major-General Charles W. Ruck: Major-General Sir Frederick M. Rupert Brazier-Creagh: Major-General Richard H. Maxwell: December 1902-1906 December 1906-April 1909 April 1909-December 1911 December 1911-1914 .G. Morgan-Owen: Major-General Maxwell S. Sillem: Major-General James W. Fuller: Major-General Geoffrey W. Administration/Chief of Staff: Major-General Edward T. Jelf: Major-General K.

Brunker: Brigadier H. Neilson: Brigadier Richard B. Renny: Brigadier Richard N.W. Price: Brigadier J. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Capel H.C.T.T.L.W. Munn: Brigadier Ernest N. Rushmore: Brigadier M.H. Frisby: Brigadier David C. Prince: Brigadier George H. Olivier: Brigadier M. Goode: December 1949-March 1951 March 1951-October 1954 October 1954-October 1957 October 1957-December 1958 December 1958-March 1959 March 1959-March 1961 March 1961-February 1964 February 1964-1968 Commander. Dunbar: Brigadier Joseph H.M. Harris: Brigadier D. Crawford: August 1949-January 1952 January 1952-February 1955 February 1955-April 1956 April 1956-May 1959 May 1959-November 1960 November 1960-April 1962 April 1962-May 1965 May 1965-August 1966 August 1966-1968 Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier Gordon De Bruyne: Brigadier John R.F. Mead: Brigadier Richard G. Batten: Brigadier William Odling: Brigadier Hugh A.M.C. Hamilton: Brigadier Claude I.61 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier George D. Bethell: Brigadier Arthur G.H. Graham: October 1949-November 1952 November 1952-April 1954 April 1954-May 1957 May 1957-June 1959 June 1959-July 1961 July 1961-December 1962 December 1962-July 1965 July 1965-August 1966 August 1966-1968 .W.W. Crawford: Brigadier P. Oldrey: Brigadier Charles H. Brind: Brigadier Frederick H. Anderson: Brigadier Cedric R.W.W. Lacey: Brigadier Richard H. Mullen: Brigadier Peter H.S.A.

Lyttleton: General Sir Arthur H. Administration: Major-General Herbert N. Sir Neville G. Paget: Major-General Lovick B.H. Major-General Charles A. Friend: Major-General William Fry: Major-General Felix F.F. Nevil Macready: Major-General. Shaw: General Sir C. F. Maxwell: Lieutenant-General Sir Bryan T. Mahon: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick C. Hadfield: Major-General Lovick B. Ireland(until 1922): Field-Marshal the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn: Field-Marshal Lord Grenfell: General the Hon.62 Commander-in-Chief. Rycroft: February 1907-February 1911 February 1911-January 1913 January 1913-June 1916 June 1916-June 1919 June 1919-June 1920 June 1920-1922 1900-April 1904 May 1904-May 1908 May 1908-May 1912 May 1912-August 1914 August 1914-April 1916 April-November 1916 November 1916-May 1918 May 1918-April 1920 April 1920-December 1922 . Friend: Lieutenant-General Sir John G. Bunbury. Ready: Major-General Sir W.

D. Lawson: January 1915-November 1916 Lieutenant-General Sir John G. Alston-Roberts-West: May 1960-June 1962 Lieutenant-General Sir Charles P.F.M. Goodbody: May 1957-May 1960 Lieutenant-General Sir Michael M. Northern Command(until 1972): Lieutenant-General Sir H. Richardson: April 1963-November 1964 Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey R.N. Shute: May 1927-May 1931 Lieutenant-General the Hon.: June 1940-June 1941 Lieutenant-General Sir T. O. Jackson: November 1970-1972 . Blacker: June 1969-November 1970 Lieutenant-General Sir William G. Bt. Sir John F.: February 1946-March 1947 General Sir Montagu G. Walker: October 1967-June 1969 Lieutenant-General Sir Cecil H. Harington: November 1923-May 1927 Lieutenant-General Sir Cameron D. Wardrop: October 1933-October 1937 General Sir William H. Gathorne-Hardy:May 1931-October 1933 General Sir Alexander E. Bt. Ivor Maxse: June 1919-November 1923 General Sir Charles H. Plumer: November 1911-January 1915 Lieutenant-General Henry M.63 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.F. Ralph Eastwood: June 1941-February 1944 Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin L. Maxwell: November 1916-June 1919 General Sir F. Bartholomew: October 1937-June 1940 Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald Forbes Adam. Oliphant: November 1907-November 1911 Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert C. Leslie Rundle: April 1905-November 1907 General Sir Laurence J. Jones: June 1962-April 1963 Lieutenant-General Sir Charles L. Philip Christison. Musson: November 1964-October 1967 Lieutenant-General Sir Walter C. Balfour: March 1949-May 1953 Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey C. Morris: June 1944-February 1946 Lieutenant-General Sir A. Evans: May 1953-May 1957 Lieutenant-General Sir Richard W. Stopford: March 1947-March 1949 Lieutenant-General Sir Philip M.

M. Bamford: January 1949-1951 January 1951-November 1953 November 1953-November 1956 November 1956- Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier Robert J.Spurling: Major-General George A.K.W. Floyer-Acland: Brigadier J.S. Gepp: Major-General Douglas McA. Dugmore: Brigadier Douglas A. Barton: Brigadier A. Kendrew: Brigadier Arthur B. Mellor: Brigadier Anthony H. Napier White: Major-General Peter H. Springhall: Brigadier Cyril L.L. Shepheard: Major-General Henry T. Administration/Chief of Staff: Major-General Ernest C. Hargroves: July 1948-August 1951 August 1951-March 1955 March 1955-September 1956 September 1956-October 1959 October 1959-October 1961 October 1961-June 1964 June 1964-February 1967 February 1967-March 1968 March 1968-May 1969 May 1969-1972 .S. Ellis: Brigadier James F.C.D. Smith: Major-General John Y.S. Stanton: Major-General John M. Cooper: Brigadier Percy G. Whitfield: Major-General P. Green: Brigadier R.W. Brind: Major-General Anthony F.64 Major-General. Alexander: Major-General Peter H. Bethell: Brigadier Thomas G. Thomas: Major-General Joseph K.D. Mellor: Brigadier Stafford N. Hogg: Major-General Brian Cuff: Major-General Cecil M. de Havilland: Major-General John M. Ward-Harrison: April 1937-1941 January 1941-1942 July 1942-July 1945 July 1945-January 1948 January 1948-January 1951 January 1951-March 1953 March 1953-June 1955 June 1955-May 1958 May 1958-March 1960 March 1960-June 1962 June 1962-June 1965 June 1965-June 1967 June 1967-August 1970 August 1970-1972 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier Hetherington Long: Brigadier Richard B.

Royal Artillery: Brigadier C.L.A. Wilson: Brigadier Nigel G.M.65 Commander. Painter: February 1949-February 1952 February 1952-March 1955 March 1955-July 1957 July 1957-July 1959 July 1959-February 1963 February 1963-July 1965 July 1965-March 1968 March 1968-May 1971 May 1971-1972 . Lamont: Brigadier Harold R. Webster: Brigadier Peter B.L. Graham: Brigadier John D.P. Foster: Brigadier J.A.B. Thompson: Brigadier William D. Hodges: Brigadier Christopher C. Mallock: Brigadier Frederick R.

MacMillan: Lieutenant-General Sir Colin M. Strudwick: May 1896-May 1901 May 1901-October 1903 October 1903-November 1905 November 1905-December 1909 December 1909-December 1913 December 1913-May 1914 May 1914-May 1918 May 1918-June 1919 June 1919-1923 1923-February 1926 February 1926-February 1930 February 1930-February 1933 February 1933-February 1937 February 1937-February 1940 February 1940-May 1941 May 1941-May 1945 June 1945-1947 1947-February 1949 February 1949-February 1952 February 1952-1955 February 1955-May 1958 May 1958-April 1961 April 1961-June 1964 June 1964-November 1966 November 1966-October 1969 October 1969-October 1972 October 1972-January 1976 January 1976-January 1979 January 1979-July 1980 July 1980-July 1982 July 1982-May 1985 May 1985-January 1988 January 1988-March 1991 March 1991-April 1993 April 1993-April 1995 April 1995-December 1997 December 1997-2000 . Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon H.C. McCracken: General Sir Francis J. Young: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander C.C. Thorne: Lieutenant-General Sir Neil M. Ritchie: General Sir A. Leask: Lieutenant-General Sir Chandos Blair: Lieutenant-General Sir David W. Scott: Major-General Jonathan M. Scottish Command(until 2000): General Edward F. Radcliffe: General Sir Archibald R. Leach: General Sir Bruce M.66 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.E.E. Andrew N. C. Turner: Lieutenant-General Sir George C.A. MacMillan: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter W..N. Boswell: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Norman S. Arthur: Lieutenant-General Sir John R. F. Ewart: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick W. Chapman: Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Hunter: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Tucker: General Sir Edward P. Hamilton: Lieutenant-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: Lieutenant-General Sir John S. Bt. de B.F. F.R.S. Carrington: General Sir A. George Collingwood: Lieutenant-General Sir William F. Graham: Major-General Michael I. Hall: Major-General Mark J. Lang: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry L. Michael Gow: Lieutenant-General Sir David T.A. Braithwaite: General Sir William E. Davies: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter P. Philip Christison. Peyton: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip P. Scott-Barrett: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Grant: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert H. Gordon Lennox: Lieutenant-General Sir Derek B. Barber: Lieutenant-General Sir Horatius Murray: Lieutenant-General Sir R. Cameron: General Sir Charles J.

D.P. Campbell: Major-General John F. Miller: Major-General Neil McMicking: Major-General Robert K. Rowlandson: Brigadier John W. Macdonald: Brigadier John Sorel Cameron: Brigadier John W. Johnstone: Brigadier Ralph E. de Rhe-Philipe: Brigadier D. Coutts: October 1940-June 1941 June 1941-January 1945 January 1945-1948 1948-June 1949 June 1949-January 1953 January 1953-March 1954 March 1954-1957 1957-September 1958 October 1958-1960 ?-December 1960 December 1960-January 1962 January 1962-December 1963 December 1963-February 1967 February 1967-1968 Brigadier General Staff(until 1958): Brigadier George C. Bagnall-Wild: Brigadier John C. Lang: Brigadier Peter M. Gale: Major-General Austin T.R.R. Arbuthnott: Major-General George F. Finlaison: Brigadier John Sorel Cameron: 1948-May 1951 May 1951-July 1953 July 1953-July 1954 July 1954-January 1957 January 1957-October 1958 Brigadier A/Q(until 1960): Brigadier Walter M.G. Morgan: Brigadier Alexander M. Hunt: Brigadier Edward J.67 Chief of Staff: Major-General Humfrey M. Tweedie: December 1948-December 1949 December 1949-December 1952 December 1952-December 1955 December 1955-December 1958 December 1958-1960 . Johnson: Major-General Ronald Bramwell Davis: Major-General Victor D. Sale: Brigadier C. Humphreys: Brigadier Arthur T. Snowball: Brigadier Francis H. Tweedie: Brigadier Derek B.M.

68 Commander. Jones: Brigadier Anthony D.V.I. Goschen: Brigadier Francis G. Usher: Brigadier Peter R.C.M. Heathcote: Brigadier Lindsay V. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Julian St. Holbrook: Brigadier C. Fawkes: ?-November 1951 November 1951-January 1955 January 1955-February 1958 February-May 1958 May 1958-May 1960 May 1960-June 1962 June 1962-October 1964 October 1964-June 1966 June 1966-1967 .F. Macmullen: Brigadier Gilbert S. Henderson: Brigadier Geoffrey W. Teacher: Brigadier Thomas C.

F.H. Smith-Dorrien: Lieutenant-General Sir William Pitcairn Campbell: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry C. Burnett-Stuart: Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald P. Carver: Lieutenant-General Sir Basil O. Sclater: Lieutenant-General Sir George M. de B.69 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Brooke: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertie D. Congreve: General Sir Alexander J. Morgan: Lieutenant-General Sidney C. Roberts: Lieutenant-General Sir Ernest E. Brooke: Lieutenant-General Claude J.J.M. Godley: General Sir Archibald A.H. Bray: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth T. John Mogg: Lieutenant-General Sir David Peel Yates: General Sir R. Douglas: General Sir Horace L. Down: General Sir George W. Evelyn Wood: General Sir Ian S. Kirkman: General Sir John T. Southern Command(until 1972): Field-Marshal Sir H. Radcliffe: General Sir John T. Harper: General Sir Walter N. Fisher: Lieutenant-General Sir Alan F. Eugster: October 1901-December 1904 June 1905-June 1909 June 1909-March 1912 March 1912-August 1914 August 1914-March 1916 March 1916-June 1919 June 1919-December 1922 1923-1924 June 1924-June 1928 June 1928-March 1931 March 1931-February 1933 February 1933-February 1934 April 1934-April 1938 April 1938-July 1939 July-September 1939 September 1939-June 1940 June-July 1940 July-December 1940 December 1940-February 1942 March 1942-February 1944 February 1944-February 1945 March-June 1945 June 1945-July 1947 July 1947-July 1949 July 1949-August 1952 August 1952-November 1955 November 1955-November 1958 November 1958-May 1961 August 1961-September 1963 January 1964-October 1966 October 1966-February 1968 February-? 1968 1968-May 1969 May 1969-February 1971 February 1971-April 1972 . Michael P. Baker: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Auchinleck: Lieutenant-General the Hon.C. Wavell: Lieutenant-General Alan F. John Harding: General Sir Ouvry L.H. Alexander: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Charles Loyd: Lieutenant-General William D.L. Erskine: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Hamilton: General Sir Charles W. Darling: General Sir Geoffrey H.G. Montgomery-Massingberd: General Sir Cecil F. Harold R.E. Romer: General Sir Percy P.E. Crocker: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Nigel Poett: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert N.

B. Western: Major-General Charles R.R.70 Major-General. Walsh. Maxwell: Major-General Edward A. Martelli: Major-General Walter P. Bramwell-Davis: Major-General George D. Scotter: June 1905-1907 October 1907-October 1909 October 1909-December 1911 December 1911-July 1915 July 1915-October 1916 October 1916-December 1917 December 1917-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-November 1930 November 1930-May 1934 May 1934-May 1938 May 1938-August 1939 August 1939-April 1940 April 1940-January 1941 January 1941-April 1942 April 1942-October 1943 October 1943-June 1945 June 1945-1946 1946-1947 1947-1948 1948-June 1949 June 1949-October 1951 October 1951-March 1954 March 1954-March 1955 March 1955-December 1956 December 1956-1959 February 1960-November 1961 November 1961-April 1962 April 1962-January 1964 January 1964-April 1965 April 1965-1966 January 1967-April 1968 April--June 1968 June 1968-September 1970 September 1970-1972 . Benson: Major-General Ronald C.H. Stainforth: Major-General the Hon. Churcher: Major-General William R. Altham: Major-General Frederick F. Miller: Major-General Clement A. Whitworth: Major-General William N. Baker: Major-General Alan Jolly: Major-General R. Michael Fitzalan-Howard: Major-General Charles J. Duff: Major-General Cecil B. Cox: Major-General Ronald A. McGrigor: Major-General the Hon. Halsted: Major-General Arthur A. Hill: Major-General Ernest O. Sir A. Deedes: Major-General Reginald H.G.G. McHardy: Major-General Horace de C. Johnson: Major-General William G.B. Prynne: Major-General Charles H. Heyman: Major-General Geoffrey H. Administration/Chief of Staff: Major-General Edward O. Major-General George S. Lindsell: Major-General Walter P. Dowler: Major-General Charles H. B. Hay: Major-General Frederick W. Robertson: Major-General George P. Richard MontaguStuart-Wortley: Major-General George H. Freeth: Major-General Alexander A. Lewin: Major-General John G. Hill: Major-General Wilfred G. West: Major-General Alan C. Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour: Major-General Michael W.H.R. Hatton: Major-General John B.

Clair-Ford: Brigadier Alan W. Purches: Brigadier Richard W. Blewitt: April 1904-November 1905 November 1905-April 1908 April 1908-July 1911 July 1911-1914 South-West Coast Defences: Major-General Sir John Leach: Major-General Frederick A. Stainforth: Brigadier Arthur D. Eden: Brigadier Graham Peddie: Brigadier Arthur R. Montgomery: Major-General Sir Henry H. Hobson: Brigadier Desmond A.E. Mizen: Brigadier Richard A. Brown: Brigadier George A. Vernon: Brigadier John D. Zvegintzov: Brigadier John H. Saunders: Brigadier Peter F. Penton: April 1904-April 1908 April 1908-April 1912 April 1912-1914 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier Peter St. Masters: September 1948-January 1950 January 1950-April 1951 April-December 1951 December 1951-November 1954 November 1954-January 1958 January 1958-May 1961 May 1961-January 1965 January 1965-January 1968 January 1968-July 1970 July 1970-1972 Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier George W.B.71 South Coast Defences: Major-General Robert A.Richard W. Penrose: Brigadier H. Thomas: Brigadier Anthony D. Trotter: Major-General William E. Cook: Brigadier Dimitri D.R. Holt: July 1949-February 1952 February 1952-February 1953 February 1953-January 1955 January 1955-January 1957 January 1957-March 1960 March 1960-November 1962 November 1962-June 1965 June 1965-March 1968 March 1968-May 1969 May 1969-1972 . Clarke: Brigadier Charles H. Craddock: Brigadier Richard W. Bowles: Major-General Arthur P. Teacher: Brigadier Leslie R. Pentreath: Brigadier A. Settle: Major-General James K.M.

Swayne: Lieutenant-General Sir Edmond C. Montgomery: Lieutenant-General Sir John G.A. Paget: Lieutenant-General Bernard L. Royal Artillery(until 1968): Brigadier Herbert C. Fanshawe: Brigadier Donald D. Wainwright: Brigadier John M. Rendall: Brigadier J. des R.W.C. Schreiber: Lieutenant-General Eric G. Miles: February-December 1941 December 1941-August 1942 September 1942-March 1944 March-September 1944 September-December 1944 . Phipps: Brigadier George D. Tulloch: Brigadier James Hills: Brigadier John F. Northen: Brigadier Peter C. Cook: Brigadier John G. South-Eastern Command(from 1941 until 1944): Lieutenant-General Bernard C. Worthington: Brigadier Henry K. Bagnall: December 1947-March 1951 March 1951-October 1952 October 1952-April 1954 April 1954-April 1956 April 1956-May 1959 May 1959-May 1961 May 1961-March 1964 March 1964-October 1966 October 1966-1968 1968 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.S.T.72 Commander.

Butler: Lieutenant-General Sir Cecil F. Antony J.73 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Craddock: Lieutenant-General Sir J. Simpson: General Sir Cameron G. St. Du Cane: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard H.W. Whistler: Lieutenant-General Sir E. Henry Mackinnon: Lieutenant-General Sir William Pitcairn Campbell: Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas D’O. Stirling: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward D.A. Western Command(until 1972): Lieutenant-General Sir Charles J. Marshall-Cornwall: Lieutenant-General Edmond C. Nicholson: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F. Romer: Lieutenant-General Sir Cyril J. Horrocks: General Sir Frank E. Schreiber: Lieutenant-General Sir Daril G.G. Deverell: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter M. Burnett: General Sir W.K. Beauvoir de Lisle: Lieutenant-General Sir John P. Snow: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Watson: Lieutenant-General Sir Brian G. Haining: General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson: General Sir James H.G. Kirke: General Sir Henry C. Howard-Vyse: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard W. Jackson: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert H.Otway Herbert: Lieutenant-General Sir William G. Loewen: General Sir Lashmer G. Read: Lieutenant-General Sir Napier Crookenden: April 1907-October 1910 October 1910-March 1916 March 1916-August 1918 August 1918-October 1919 October 1919-1923 1923-June 1924 June 1924-June 1928 June 1928-April 1931 April 1931-May 1933 May 1933-April 1936 April 1936-August 1939 August 1939-June 1940 June 1940-November 1941 November 1941-September 1942 September 1942-March 1944 March 1944-February 1946 February 1946-March 1948 March 1948-September 1951 September 1951-April 1953 April-December 1953 December 1953-January 1957 January 1957-March 1960 March 1960-May 1961 May 1961-July 1964 July 1964-July 1966 July 1966-July 1969 July 1969-1972 .

R. Elliot: Major-General Llewellyn Wansbrough-Jones: Major-General Kenneth G. Ballantine: September 1939-January 1941 January 1941-May 1944 May-October 1944 October 1944-November 1945 November 1945-1947 1947-June 1948 June 1948-June 1951 June 1951-December 1952 January 1953-January 1956 January-November 1956 November 1956-October 1959 October 1959-November 1961 November 1961-July 1963 July 1963-December 1964 December 1964-August 1966 August 1966-December 1967 December 1967-1971 1971-April 1972 Brigadier General Staff(until 1959): Brigadier John B. Morton: Brigadier John B. Taylor: Brigadier David E. Sloane: Brigadier J. Richardson: Brigadier Thomas B.F. Exham: Major-General Ronald W.B. Hamilton: Brigadier Michael C. Goldsmith: Brigadier David Meynell: Brigadier Godfrey J.A. Holme: Brigadier B.K. Holland: Major-General Gilbert M.74 Chief of Staff: Major-General Robert F. Selby: Major-General William R. Greenwood: February 1949-January 1952 January 1952-April 1953 April 1953-June 1955 June 1955-June 1958 June 1958-November 1961 November 1961-July 1964 July 1964-1966 .M.K. Campbell: Brigadier William F. Naylor: Major-General Douglas P.F. Churchill: Brigadier Tom Grazebrook: Brigadier Thomas G. Metcalfe: Brigadier Victor D. Urquhart: Major-General Robert B. Smith: Major-General Arthur R. Eve: Brigadier Charles L. Turner: Brigadier Trevor Hart Dyke: Brigadier David Meynell: 1949-October 1951 October 1951-1953 January 1954 January 1954-October 1956 October 1956-October 1958 October 1958-October 1959 Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier Raymond A.K. Beddington: Major-General John C.G. Halford: Brigadier Edward M.L. Hall: Brigadier Michael W. Dickinson: Major-General Cecil M. Churcher: Brigadier John F.T.B.

Pownall: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold E. Olivier: Brigadier Harry Knutton: Brigadier J. Daniell: Brigadier Woodford J.N.H.T.A. Franklyn: October 1940-May 1941 May 1941-July 1943 . Mitchell: Brigadier William R. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Walter R. Holman: Brigadier Charles H. Goodman: Brigadier Averell J. Young: Brigadier James A. S. Badley: July 1949-September 1952 September 1952-September 1955 September 1955-April 1958 April 1958-August 1961 August 1961-September 1963 September 1963-March 1966 March 1966-September 1967 September 1967-September 1969 September 1969-1972 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Norman-Walker: Brigadier M. Northern Ireland Command(from 1940 until 1943): Lieutenant-General Sir Henry R.75 Commander.

H. Harris: Lieutenant-General Sir Ian H. King: Lieutenant-General Sir David G. Ready: Major-General Arthur G. Parker: Major-General Christopher C. Richardson: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert A. Northern Ireland District(until 2009): Major-General Archibald R.B. Huddleston: Major-General Ridley P. Denning: Lieutenant-General Sir John D. James N. Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Hew W. John Waters: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Pakenham-Walsh: Major-General Vivian H. Creasey: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard G. Wauchope: Major-General Sir Eric S. House: Lieutenant-General Sir Timothy M. Cameron: Major-General Felix F. Erskine Crum: Lieutenant-General Sir Harry C. Cunningham: Lieutenant-General Gerard C. Pollok: Major-General Hubert J.R.H. Wheeler: Lieutenant-General Sir Rupert A. Trousdell: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Irwin: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip C.C. Brown: February 1922-December 1925 January 1926-December 1928 January 1929-September 1931 September 1931-September 1935 September 1935-May 1938 May 1938-April 1940 April-July 1940 July 1940-June 1941 June 1941-May 1943 July 1943-October 1944 November 1944-1948 1948-July 1949 July 1949-July 1952 July 1952-July 1955 July 1955-July 1958 July 1958-July 1961 July 1961-December 1962 January 1963-April 1965 April 1965-July 1966 July 1966-July 1969 July 1969-February 1971 February 1971 March 1971-February 1973 February 1973-August 1975 August 1975-November 1977 November 1977-December 1979 December 1979-June 1982 June 1982-May 1985 May 1985-May 1988 May 1988-August 1990 August 1990-January 1993 January 1993-March 1996 March 1996-October 1998 October 1998-December 2000 December 2000-January 2003 January 2003-April 2005 April 2005-July 2006 July 2006-August 2007 August 2007-January 2009 . Tuzo: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank D.W. Freeland: Lieutenant-General Vernon F.R. Roberts: Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald F. Douglas Packard: Lieutenant-General Sir John W. Pascoe: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Redmond Watt: Lieutenant-General Nicholas R.S. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir G. Wilsey: Lieutenant-General Sir Roger N. Girdwood: Major-General Sir W. Lawson: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert F. Cooke-Collis: Major-General Robert V. Pike: Lieutenant-General Sir Alistair S. Desmond Fitzpatrick: Lieutenant-General Sir Ian C. Woodall: Lieutenant-General Sir Brian C. Bucknall: Lieutenant-General Ouvry L.76 General Officer Commanding. Kimmins: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Hackett: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N. Majendie: Lieutenant-General Sir Alan G.

Toler: Major-General Thomas H.P.77 Commander. Northern Ireland: Brigadier William D. L. Chiswell: Major-General J. Thomson: Major-General Ian L. Pank: Major-General Anthony S. Loudon: Brigadier James H. Brown: Brigadier Henry A.J. Huxtable: Major-General Peter I.H. Dyball: Major-General Thomas H. Peter Campbell: Brigadier G. Young: Major-General Richard B. Euan B. Davis: Brigadier Charles J.M. Leng: Major-General David T. Gordon: Brigadier Clive Chapman: January 1961-September 1962 September 1962-November 1963 November 1963-October 1965 October 1965-September 1967 September 1967-July 1970 July 1970-May 1971 May 1971-November 1972 November 1972-January 1975 January 1975-December 1976 December 1976-December 1978 December 1978-January 1981 January 1981-1982 June 1993-November 1996 November 1996-January 1999 January 1999-February 2001 February-December 2001 December 2001-December 2003 December 2003-2006 2006-2007 . Green: Brigadier R. Rougier: Brigadier David Strudley: Brigadier Robin V. Freer: Major-General Anthony de C. Tickell: Brigadier Henry E. Ford: Major-General Peter J.E. Lascelles: Brigadier Percy W. Glover: Major-General Charles R. Land Forces.David G.Lloyd Body: Brigadier Brian W. Acton: Major-General Anthony H. David Leakey: Brigadier W. Hodges: Major-General David P. Balfour: Brigadier A. L. Farrar-Hockley: Major-General Robert C.H.H. Trant: Major-General James M. Brims: Brigadier James M. Jeapes: Major-General Robert J. Leask: August 1960-February 1970 February-July 1970 August 1970-July 1971 July 1971-April 1973 April 1973-April 1975 April 1975-April 1977 April 1977-February 1979 February 1979-October 1980 October 1980-January 1982 January 1982-September 1983 September 1983-March 1985 March 1985-April 1987 April 1987-December 1989 December 1989-November 1991 November 1991-February 1994 February 1994-1996 Chief of Staff. Walker: Major-General Anthony J. Northern Ireland(from 1969 until 1996): Major-General David A. Garrett: Brigadier C. Acton: Brigadier Marston E.

C. Norton: Major-General Edward A.F. Sergison-Brooke: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur F.T.C.L. Johnson: Major-General Sir J.N. Cubitt: Major-General George P. Rodney Moore: Major-General Sir W. Thorne: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertram N. Bowes-Lyon: Major-General Sir Philip J.O. Webb-Carter: Major-General Sir C. Feilding: Major-General Sir George D. Sir Frederick W.A. Andrew N. Corkran: Major-General Albemarle B.78 General Officer Commanding. Roberts: Major-General Sir William G. Grant: Major-General Sir Bertram N.S. Desmond A. Langley: Major-General Sir James A. Sir Michael Fitzalan-Howard: Major-General Sir F. Smyth-Osbourne: January 1903-August 1906 August 1906-December 1909 December 1909-September 1913 September 1913-October 1918 October 1918-February 1920 February 1920-February 1924 February 1924-February 1928 February 1928-April 1932 April-November 1932 December 1932-December 1934 December 1934-October 1938 October 1938-October 1939 October 1939-June 1942 June 1942-February 1944 February 1944-February 1947 February 1947-February 1950 February 1950-July 1953 July 1953-July 1957 July 1957-September 1959 September 1959-September 1962 September 1962-November 1965 November 1965-June 1968 June 1968-June 1971 June 1971-October 1973 October 1973-October 1976 October 1976-October 1979 October 1979-February 1983 February 1983-February 1986 February 1986-June 1989 June 1989-June 1991 June 1991-June 1994 June 1994-June 1997 June 1997-December 2000 December 2000-October 2003 October 2003-June 2007 June 2007-July 2011 July 2011-July 2013 July 2013- . Jeffreys: Major-General Lord Ruthven: Major-General Sir Charles E. London District: Major-General Sir Laurence J. Cator: Major-General Sir Charles J. Airy: Major-General Sir Simon C.E. Sergison-Brooke: Major-General A. James C. Cooper: Major-General Sir Robert J.N.G. Codrington: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis Lloyd: Major-General Sir Geoffrey P. Charles Loyd: Major-General Sir John C. Ward: Major-General Sir John Swinton: Major-General Sir H. John B. Gascoigne: Major-General Sir George F. Marriott: Major-General Sir Julian A. Redmond Watt: Major-General Sir Sebastian J. Mackay-Dick: Major-General Sir Evelyn J. George Burns: Major-General E. Eyre: Major-General Sir Christopher J. Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir H. Corbett: Major-General Sir Iain C. Oliphant: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Eugster: Major-General the Hon. Stopford: Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred E. Nelson: Major-General Sir Basil O.R.

Windsor-Clive: Brigadier M. d’A. Chilton: March-July 1939 July 1939-April 1945 April 1945-1946 1946-May 1948 May 1948-May 1950 May 1950-April 1953 April 1953-May 1955 Chief of Staff: Brigadier Stephen N. Smith: June 1948-January 1950 January 1950-April 1954 April 1954-April 1958 April 1958-September 1961 September 1961-April 1964 April 1964-May 1966 May 1966-May 1969 May 1969-May 1972 May 1972-May 1974 May 1974-March 1977 March 1977-March 1981 March 1981-March 1985 March 1985-May 1988 May 1988-May 1991 May 1991-December 1993 December 1993-April 1999 April 1999-February 2002 February 2002-March 2005 March 2005-2008 2008-May 2010 May 2010-October 2012 October 2012- General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.L. Vine: Brigadier Mark P. Ross: Brigadier R. Stirling: Brigadier George P. MacLellan: Brigadier John N.N. Christopher Thursby-Pelham: Brigadier Michael J. Heywood: Brigadier D. Berridge: Brigadier Robert C. Pile. Anti-Aircraft Command(until 1955): Lieutenant-General Alan F. 56th(London) Brigade from 1987 until 1993: Brigadier J. Rodney Moore: Brigadier Walter M.: Lieutenant-General Sir W. Lowe: Brigadier Richard R.S. Brooke: General Sir Frederick A. Dodson: Brigadier David J. Paterson: Brigadier Matthew P.J.D.P.R. O’Cock: Brigadier A. Green: Brigadier James W.Wyndham Green: Lieutenant-General Sir Otto M.79 Deputy Commander. Patrick W. Michael Fitzalan-Howard: Brigadier Henry J. London District(and Commanding. Tower: Brigadier Dermot H. Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell: Brigadier J. Shoosmith: Brigadier William G. Lund: General Sir G.Michael A.G. Blacker: November 1948-1949 January 1950-June 1952 June 1952-1954 . Steele: Brigadier the Hon. Nurton: Brigadier A. Sale: Brigadier William L. Bt. Loewen: Lieutenant-General Sir Maurice S. Ivor Thomas: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F. Willis: Brigadier Martin S. Ghika: Brigadier Peter G.

Burley: Major-General Timothy B. Somerville: May-October 1959 October 1959-September 1962 September 1962-November 1965 March 1966-1967 1967-January 1969 January 1969-October 1970 October 1970-1972 General Officer Commanding. Yorkshire District(from 1959 until Major-General William H. Hulton-Harrop: Major-General Robert F. Salisbury Plain District(Sub-District from 195 until 1977): Major-General Ridley P. Paley: December 1941-February 1943 February 1943-1944 1944-1947 1947-1948 1948-1951 1951-August 1953 August 1953-August 1956 March 1962-May 1965 May 1965-1967 1970-July 1973 July 1973-November 1974 November 1974-February 1977 ): General Officer Commanding. Horsford: Major-General Earl Cathcart: Major-General Ronald M. Laurie: Major-General Edward T.A. Whitworth: Major-General Derek G. Godwin: September 1948-October 1951 October 1951-August 1953 August 1953-May 1955 General Officer Commanding. Goldsmith: Major-General Gordon F.Salmon: Brigadier John T.W. Gurdon: Major-General Edward B.80 Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier A. Upjohn: Major-General Reginald H. Wormald: Brigadier Cedric G. Pakenham-Walsh: Major-General Henry O. Borradaile: Brigadier James F.K. Davies-Scourfield: Brigadier Henry L.G.L. Radford: August 2001-October 2004 October 2004-November 2006 November 2006-November 2008 November 2008-March 2011 March 2011-March 2013 March 2013- . Buttenshaw: Brigadier Edward G. Theatre Troops: Major-General James M.T.B. Victor Paley: Brigadier Hugh A. de Fonblanque: Major-General Charles E.B. Curtis: Major-General Rufus H. Shaw: Major-General Timothy Cross: Major-General N. Martin: Brigadier Derrick B. Firth: Major-General James M. Hamish Rollo: Major-General Bruce Brealey: Major-General Shaun A.

C. Knox: Lieutenant-General Walter W.C. Pitt-Taylor: Lieutenant-General Sir John E.S.B. Davies: Lieutenant-General Sir Cameron D. Brind: Lieutenant-General Sir Oswald C.G. McMeekin: Lieutenant-General Sir Hugh P. Shute: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert C.S. Bower: Lieutenant-General Sir William G.R.M. Stopford: General Sir Horace L. Delves: Lieutenant-General Peter T. Pike: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard W. Lea: Lieutenant-General Sir Napier Crookenden: Lieutenant-General Sir Terence D. Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald M. Bartholomew: Major-General Sir Sanford J.H. Stewart: General Sir Henry Fane Grant: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Uniacke: Lieutenant-General Sir W. Pearson: September 1902-November 1905 November 1905-October 1907 October 1907-August 1909 August 1909-October 1912 October 1912-January 1917 January 1917-September 1918 September 1918-1919 1919-November 1920 November 1920-1923 1923-1926 1926-May 1927 May 1927-June 1931 June 1931-September 1933 September 1933-March 1935 March-? 1935 1935-1936 April 1936-1938 1939-1942 1942-1945 1948-1951 1951-1954 1954-1957 1957-1960 1960-1963 1963-1966 1966-1969 1969-1972 1972-1975 1975-1981 1981-1983 1983-1986 1986-1989 1989-1992 1992-1995 1995-1998 1998-2001 2001-2004 2004-2007 2007-2010 2010- .H. Bt. Sir Frederick W. Seymour: Lieutenant-General Sir George Luck: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert MacG. Craddock: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard E. Denison-Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Roderick A.81 Lieutenant of the Tower of London: General Lord William F. E. Hamilton: Lieutenant-General the Earl of Cavan: General Sir George F. Borrett: Major-General Arthur W. Miller: Lieutenant-General Sir Roger H. Scobell: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur F. Goodwin: Lieutenant-General Sir George H. Leese. Edmund Ironside: Lieutenant-General Sir Harry H. P. Smith-Dorrien: General Sir Ian S. Richardson: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael S. Milne: General Sir Francis J. Pike: Lieutenant-General Sir Cedric N. Gray: Lieutenant-General Sir Anthony A. Cordy-Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Hew W.H.: Lieutenant-General Sir Euan A. Scobie: Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver W. Cunningham: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter Hudson: Lieutenant-General Sir Derek Boorman: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert F.

: Chief of Staff: EgyptGOC-in-C. Deputy Chief of Staff: Cyprus/Near East Land ForcesGOC.: Bermuda.: BGS: Brig.S.: Austria.: Chief of Staff: Major-General Administration: BGS: page 116 page 120 page 119 page 119 page 110 page 96 page 96 page 105 page 105 page 106 page 117 page 117 page 118 page 118 page 120 page 116 page 95 page 94 page 100 page 95 page 102 page 103 page 109 page 109 page 106 page 106 page 113 page 114 page 114 page 114 .: Chief of Staff: Far East Land ForcesGOC-in-C.: Berlin. GOC. Military/DefenceFrance: Germany: Russia: Saudi Arabia: South Korea: U. Land Forces: East AfricaGOC-in-C.A. MilitaryCanada: India: Pakistan: South Africa: Afghanistan.82 (c) INDEX: OVERSEAS COMMANDS Adviser.: Commander/Deputy Commander. Allied Land Forces. Deputy Commander: Allied Rapid Reaction CorpsCommander: Chief of Staff: Arabian Peninsula/Middle East Land ForcesGOC. Governor: Central Europe. GOC-in-C. Combined Force Command. A/Q: Attache.

Lieutenant-Governor: Joint Services Liaison Organization. Support Command.: Deputy Commander: Middle East Land ForcesGOC-in-C.: Senior British Military Representative and Deputy Commanding General.: Deputy C-in-C.83 DAG: DQMG: Brigadier.: Chief of the General Staff: Major-General Administration: BGS: DAG: DQMG: CRA: Nigeria. Allied Forces/Joint Force CommandC-in-C. British Troops: Guernsey. Multinational Corps: Multinational Division(South-East). China: Deputy Commander. Commander/GOC.: Rapid Deployable Corps(Italy).: Northern Europe. Head: Kosovo Protection Corps.: Jersey. Lieutenant-Governor: Hong Kong. GOC. Multinational Force: Deputy Commanding General. Land Forces: IraqGOC. British Forces. GOC. Deputy Commander: page 115 page 115 page 115 page 115 page 93 page 100 page 101 page 97 page 112 page 113 page 107 page 108 page 108 page 108 page 98 page 93 page 97 page 111 page 101 page 102 page 102 page 103 page 103 page 103 page 104 page 104 page 105 page 105 page 109 page 86 page 86 page 87 page 107 page 107 page 96 .: MaltaGovernor: GOC. GOC. Commander: Malaya. Senior British Loan Service Officer: Palestine and Transjordan.: GibraltarGovernor: Commander.: Chief of Staff: Oman. GOC-in-C. GOC. A/Q: CRA: Germany.

Commander: West Africa.: Assistant Chief of StaffNorthern Army Group: Intelligence: Operations: DAG: DQMG: Brigadier.84 Rhine. British Mission. Organization and Training: Singapore. British Army Staff. GOC. and Northern Army Group.: Chief of Staff: Major-General Administration: Deputy Commander: Major-General R.: Soviet Forces in Europe. GOC-in-C. Chief: Assistant Chief of Staff. GOC. Chief: United States of America.: South Africa. Infantry: SHAPEDeputy Supreme Allied Commander: Principal Staff Officer: Contingencies Planning Staff. Joint Services Mission.A. British Army of. NATOC-in-C.: page 88 page 89 page 89 page 89 page 90 page 93 page 91 page 90 page 91 page 92 page 92 page 84 page 84 page 85 page 85 page 111 page 110 page 95 page 98 page 109 .

H. Harman: Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter D. Terry. Richard D.G. Desmond Fitzpatrick: General Sir H.85 Deputy Supreme Allied Commander.R. General Sir Edward A.G. Pike: General Sir Robert N.G. Europe: Major-General Llewelyn Wansbrough-Jones: Major-General Stephen N. Shoosmith: Major-General James R. Mackenzie: General Sir Rupert A. Reith: General Sir John C. Stockwell: Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Thomas G. John Waters: General Sir Jeremy J. Shirreff: April 1951-September 1958 September 1958-September 1960 September 1960-January 1964 January 1964-March 1967 March 1967-December 1970 December 1970-November 1973 November 1973-March 1976 March 1976-November 1978 November 1978-April 1981 April 1981-July 1984 July 1984-June 1987 June 1987-January 1990 January 1990-April 1993 April 1993-december 1994 December 1994-November 1998 November 1998-September 2001 October 2004-October 2007 October 2007-March 2011 March 2011- Principal Staff Officer to Deputy Supreme Allied Commander.C. John Mogg: General Sir Harry C. Gale: General Sir Hugh C. Akehurst: General Sir Brian L. Europe: Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein: General Sir Richard N. Bray: General Sir G. Tuzo: General Sir Jack W. Burgess: General Sir John B. McColl: General Sir A. Cochrane: December 1952-1954 1954-1956 1956-1958 . Kenny: General Sir C. Smith: General Sir John G.

Supreme Headquarters. Crookenden: Major-General Hew D. Europe(from 1961 until 1991): Major-General Geoffrey H. Baker: Major-General Ian C. Harris: Major-General T. Strawson: Major-General George W. Wilson: Major-General Martin H. Europe: Major-General Francis W. Evans: Major-General P. Cornock: Major-General Graham B. Butler: Major-General Peter J. Bush: Major-General Geoffrey B.G. Carter: Major-General Eric K. Napier White: Major-General James N. Sixsmith: 1951-1952 1952-1953 1954-1955 1955-1957 1957-1961 . Wheeler: Major-General James D. Festing: Major-General Geoffrey C. Sinnatt: Major-General David E. Organization and Training. Lunt: Major-General John M. Contingencies Planning. Miller: Major-General Charles G. G. Supreme Headquarters.D.86 Chief of Staff. Fawcus: November 1961-May 1963 May 1963-June 1966 June 1966-January 1969 January 1969-August 1970 August 1970-October 1972 October 1972-April 1975 April 1975-December 1976 December 1976-May 1979 May 1979-January 1982 January 1982-January 1984 January 1984-May 1986 May 1986-May 1989 May 1989-1991 Assistant Chief of Staff. Norman S.

Moran: Air Marshal Christopher N. Robert Mansergh: Lieutenant-General Sir Cecil S. Howlett: General Sir C. C. G. Patrick Brind: General Sir E. Darling: General Sir Walter C. Whiteley: General Sir Anthony H. Pearson: General Sir John A. Allied Forces.C. Judd: Air Marshal Sir Christopher H. Delves: Lieutenant-General David L.87 Commander-in-Chief.H. Lawson: General Sir Geoffrey H. Northern Europe(Northwest Europe from 1994): Admiral Sir E. Bray: General Sir Kenneth T. John Thomson: Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard E.W. Patrick R. Farrar-Hockley: General Sir Richard G. Cheshire: General Sir John F.H.J. Northern Europe(Joint Force Command from 2004) : Lieutenant-General Sir Cedric N. Palmer: General Sir Garry D. Sugden: General Sir Horatius Murray: General Sir Harold E. Allied Forces. Pyman: General Sir Robert N. Harper: Air Marshal David Walker: September-December 2003 May 2004-2007 May 2007-March 2009 March 2009-March 2011 March 2011- .F. Johnson: Air Chief Marshal Sir C. Johns: Air Chief Marshal Sir John A.T. Walker: General Sir Thomas C. Deverell: 1951-April 1953 April 1953-January 1956 January 1956-July 1958 July 1958-July 1961 July 1961-November 1963 November 1963-February 1967 February 1967-August 1969 August 1969-1972 February 1972-September 1974 September 1974-January 1977 January 1977-July 1979 July 1979-November 1982 November 1982-February 1986 February 1986-April 1989 April 1989-April 1992 April 1992-July 1994 July 1994 July 1994-March 1997 March 1997-March 2001 March 2001-January 2004 Deputy Commander-in-Chief. Sharp: General Sir Peter J.

R.F. Watson: Major-General John C. Rodney Moore: Major-General Roger H. Cooper: Major-General Christopher E. Hopkinson: Major-General John C. Bower: Major-General Kenneth C.J. Pett: 1953-1955 1955-1956 1956-1959 1959-1961 1961-December 1963 December 1963-December 1965 December 1965-February 1968 February 1968-February 1970 February 1970-1972 1972-February 1975 February 1975-January 1977 January 1977-March 1980 March 1980-June 1982 June 1982-July 1984 July 1984-March 1987 March 1987-July 1989 July 1989-August 1991 August 1991-1994 . Younger: Major-General Peter J. Bradley: Major-General Allan E.C. Dixon: Major-General Andrew L.88 Chief of Staff: Major-General J. Digby M. Whiteley: Major-General Peter Hudson: Major-General Roy L.F. Tarver: Major-General Richard G.P.O. Welby-Everard: Major-General Charles H.N. Raeburn: Major-General Peter E.M. Barr: Major-General Raymond A. Frisby: Major-General W. Hardy: Major-General Christopher Tyler: Major-General John A.

Keightley. Farndale: General Sir Brian L.Bt. Hunt: General Sir Harry C. Hackett: General Sir G. Inge: General Sir Charles R.: Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas L. Michael Gow: General Sir Nigel T.L. Scotter: General Sir J.Desmond Fitzpatrick: General Sir Peter M. Horrocks: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F. Dudley Ward: General Sir A. Stirling: General Sir John W.R. Kenny: General Sir Peter A. Cassels: General Sir William G. King: General Sir William N. Du Cane: Lieutenant-General Sir William Thwaites: Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard L.89 Commander-in-Chief.R. Godley: General Sir John P. Bagnall: General Sir Martin B.N.G. Guthrie: December 1918-April 1919 April 1919-March 1920 March 1920-March 1922 March 1922-June 1924 June 1924-April 1927 April 1927-December 1929 August 1945-June 1946 June 1946-1948 ?-April 1948 April 1948-1951 August 1951-September 1952 September 1952-January 1957 January 1957-January 1960 January 1960-April 1963 April 1963-April 1966 April 1966-July 1968 July 1968-December 1970 December 1970-April 1973 April 1973-January 1976 January 1976-September 1978 September 1978-October 1980 October 1980-July 1983 July 1983-July 1985 July 1985-November 1987 November 1987-November 1989 November 1989-July 1992 July 1992-March 1994 . British Army of the Rhine(from 1918 until 1929 and from 1945 until 1994): General Lord Plumer: General Sir William R. Gale: General Sir A. General Sir John Harding: General Sir Richard N. Tuzo: General Sir Frank D. Robertson. Morland: General Sir Alexander J.James H. McCreery: Lieutenant-General Sir Brian G.

Charles Coleman: March 1954-April 1956 Major-General John D’A. Boyd-Carpenter:February 1988-September 1989 Major-General Francis G. Tuzo: February 1967-January 1969 Major-General T. Craddock: 1946-December 1947 December 1947-November 1951 November 1951-December 1954 December 1954-February 1957 February 1957-1958 Deputy Commander: Major-General Richard W. Bastyan: Major-General John D.R.A. Talbot: December 1963-March 1964 Major-General G. Guy: May 1978-December 1980 Major-General Walter R.B. Sugden: September 1989-September 1991 Major-General Peter J.B. J. Taylor: December 1980-January 1984 Major-General Michael S.B. Sugden: December 1951-March 1954 Major-General C. Hatton: Major-General William G. Tillard: August 1973-August 1976 Major-General Robin M. Ewbank: 1958-December 1960 Major-General Richard H. Norman S. Stratton: 1947-January 1949 Major-General George N. House: March 1971-August 1973 Major-General Philip B. Beckett: December 1985-February 1988 Major-General the Hon. Shapland: Major-General George S. Administration: Major-General Edric M. Carnegie: August 1976-May 1978 Major-General Roland K. Anderson: April 1956-1958 Major-General Robert W. Cordy-Simpson: September 1993-May 1994 Major-General. Thomas P. Wheeler: January 1969-March 1971 Major-General David G. Gray: January 1984-December 1985 Major-General Edwin H. Batten: December 1960-December 1963 Major-General Dennis E. Desmond Fitzpatrick: March 1964-April 1965 Major-General Viscount Monckton of Brenchley: April 1965-February 1967 Major-General Harry C.90 Chief of Staff: Lieutenant-General Alexander Galloway: 1945-1946 Major-General Arthur A. Sheppard: September 1991-September 1993 Major-General Roderick A. Craddock: Major-General Arthur E. Roe: Major-General Richard W. Dowler: 1946-1947 Major-General William H. Brocklehurst: Major-General Dennis E. Tuck: January 1949-December 1951 Major-General Cecil S. Talbot: 1958-April 1959 April 1959-April 1961 April 1961-1963 .F.

Quayle: Major-General Michael F. de Gex: Major-General Robert S. Turner Cain: Brigadier Derek G. Tweedie: Brigadier Christopher E. Ansell: Brigadier William A. Wheeler: Major-General George F. Roberts.W. Horsford: Brigadier Gilbert A. Brigadier David E.G. Marshall: Major-General John E.L. Sandars: Brigadier Robert N. Hollands: Brigadier James W. Cordingley: Major-General Geoffrey de E. Wilson: Major-General Edward A. Watson: Brigadier J. Pain: Brigadier H. Watkins: Major-General John H. Broke: Major-General Roy S.H. White: Brigadier H. Miller: Brigadier Garry D. Royal Artillery: Major-General Edward D. Howard-Vyse: Major-General Richard H.Johnson: Brigadier Nicholas G.91 Major-General. Parker: ?-January 1950 January 1950-June 1952 June 1952-May 1954 May 1954-July 1957 July 1957-May 1958 May 1958-April 1959 April 1959-May 1961 May 1961-February 1964 February 1964-May 1966 May 1966-February 1969 February 1969-January 1970 January 1970-February 1973 February 1973-July 1975 July 1975-January 1977 January 1977-January 1978 January 1978-June 1980 June 1980-December 1983 December 1983-December 1984 December 1984-February 1987 February 1987-March 1989 March 1989-December 1991 December 1991-1993 .H.David F. Mostyn: Brigadier Peter M. Welby-Everard: Brigadier Adrian P. Stuart R.L.T. Shellard: Major-General Graham S.M. Bray: Brigadier Edward C. Welsh.P. Foster: Major-General Geoffrey B. Collin: Major-General Peter B. Hope: Brigadier Michael Gordon-Watson: Brigadier George R. Burgess: Major-General Guy H. Evans: Brigadier Graham S.C. Hollands: January 1956-December 1958 December 1958-February 1961 February 1961-February 1964 February 1964-May 1966 May 1966-October 1968 October 1968-August 1971 August 1971-May 1973 May 1973-May 1976 May 1976-April 1979 April 1979-March 1982 March 1982-February 1985 February 1985-February 1987 February 1987-February 1990 February 1990-February 1992 February 1992-May 1994 Assistant Chief of Staff. Brigadier the O’Morchoe: Brigadier J. Operations: Brigadier Francis W. Colville: Brigadier John W. Rollo S. Learmont: Major-General Thomas D.

N. MacGregor-Oakford: Brigadier Ian A. Support from 1985 until 1988): Brigadier Arthur J. Litton: Brigadier G. Gribbon: Brigadier David J.H. Willison: Brigadier J. Michael Gow: Brigadier Michael J.R. Dove: Brigadier J.H. Godwin: Brigadier Lucas C. Reece: February 1954-February 1957 February 1957-May 1959 May 1958-May 1962 May 1962-1965 May 1965-October 1968 October 1968-January 1970 January 1970-February 1971 February 1971-August 1973 August 1973-February 1976 February 1976-April 1979 April 1979-April 1981 April 1981-October 1983 October 1983-January 1986 January 1986-June 1988 June 1988-March 1991 March 1991-1993 Deputy Adjutant-General(Brigadier. Ling: Brigadier Denis A. Cox: Brigadier Nigel St. Turpin: Brigadier Francis R.J. Webb-Carter: Brigadier David A.92 Assistant Chief of Staff. Beckett: Brigadier J. W. Intelligence: Brigadier Richard E.C. St. Johnston: Brigadier David L. Lloyd: Brigadier James F. Curtis: Brigadier J. Burden: Brigadier Rodney C.C.H.K. Walker: 1948-January 1951 January 1951-1953 1953-April 1956 April 1956-February 1959 February 1959-December 1961 December 1961-February 1965 February 1965-October 1966 October 1966-January 1969 January 1969-November 1971 November 1971-September 1974 September 1974-October 1975 October 1975-January 1978 January 1978-March 1980 March 1980-March 1983 March 1983-January 1986 January 1986-February 1989 February 1989-December 1991 December 1991-May 1994 . Crawford: Brigadier David B.Michael Koe: Brigadier John Hemsley: Brigadier A. Popham: Brigadier T. Jones: Brigadier R.C. Anthony Ward-Booth: Brigadier Robert F. Rodney Moore: Brigadier Reginald F. Hinde: Brigadier A. Shapland: Brigadier Peter G. Richardson: Brigadier Michael F. Reynolds: Brigadier Robert B.G.B. Johnstone: Brigadier Patrick G. Walsh: Brigadier Christopher J.M. P. Bunbury: Brigadier Fergus A. Christie: Brigadier James F. Rumsey: Brigadier Peter C.

S.C. Boyd: Brigadier Alan Jolly: Brigadier Gerard P.C. Little: 1947-April 1950 April 1950-1952 1952-January 1954 January 1953-1956 January 1954-October 1957 October 1957-January 1960 January 1960-January 1962 January-April 1962 April 1962-August 1964 August 1964-December 1966 December 1966-July 1968 July 1968-October 1970 October 1970-September 1973 September 1973-September 1976 September 1976-March 1978 March 1978-March 1980 March-November 1980 January 1981-December 1982 December 1982-1985 March 1988-December 1990 December 1990-January 1993 January 1993-May 1994 Brigadier. Miers: Brigadier Anthony H. Hindley: Brigadier Ian H.A. Richard Mundell: Brigadier Colin Groves: Februay 1971-June 1973 June 1973-June 1976 June 1976-March 1979 March 1979-November 1982 November 1982-September 1983 January 1984-August 1986 August 1986-April 1988 April 1988-January 1991 January 1991- . Illing: Brigadier Laurie W. Infantry: Brigadier B.F. Betts: Brigadier T. Travers: Brigadier Michael Matthews: Brigadier John H. Gingell: Brigadier Paul A. Ridley: Brigadier E.H. Boycott: Brigadier R. Barnett: Brigadier W.C.Keith L. Reynolds: Brigadier Ronald M. Roden: Brigadier Brian H. Wright: Brigadier Peter A. Ormerod: Brigadier John R.C. Somerville: Brigadier Henry C.93 Deputy Quartermaster-General: Brigadier Geoffrey Lucas: Brigadier Stephen Lamplugh: Brigadier John W. Bromby: Brigadier Michael W.G. Dobson: Brigadier Robert Gordon-Finlayson: Brigadier Jack R.David G. Pank: Brigadier W. Hild: Brigadier B. Hackett: Brigadier Geoffrey B.H.R. Prosser: Brigadier Garry C. Emsden: Brigadier J. Roy Coleman: Brigadier Denis L.

Roome: Major-General Leo H. Ransome: Major-General Christopher G. G. Swindells: Major-General Michael C. Martin O’H. McQueen: -March 1994 Assistant Chief of Staff. Michael G.D. Crowe: August 1980- Brigadier P.H. Plummer: Major-General William T.P. Jones: Brigadier Leo H. Courage: 1955-1958 1958-1961 1961-September 1963 September 1963-October 1966 October 1966-April 1969 April 1969-July 1971 July 1971-November 1973 November 1973-July 1976 July 1976-October 1978 October 1978-October 1980 October 1980-April 1983 April 1983-April 1986 April 1986-April 1989 April 1989-December 1990 December 1990-1994 . Plummer: Brigadier R. Macfarlane: Major-General G. White: Major-General S.M. Chiswell: Brigadier Thomas N. Abraham: Major-General Oliver McC. McMicking: Brigadier Robert W. Hamilton: Major-General Eugene V. Harley: Brigadier Roderick A.M.H. Lipscomb: Major-General Denis G. Cordy-Simpson: 1967-1969 1970-March 1972 March 1972-May 1974 May 1974-May 1976 May 1976-November 1978 November 1978-October 1981 October 1981-August 1983 August 1983-May 1986 May 1986-1988 1988-May 1990 May 1990-1992 Head of the Joint Services Liaison Organization. Friedberger: Brigadier Alexander G. Northern Army Group: Brigadier John M. Ward: Brigadier John P. Lewis: Brigadier Hew D. Butler: Brigadier Anthony G.W. Aviation: Brigadier J. Strickland: Major-General Gilbert A. Fawcus: Major-General A.C. Merrell: Brigadier Peter I. Steele: Major-General Graham B. T.G.G.94 Commander. Germany(until 1994): Major-General Robert St. Neil Carlier: Major-General Walter J. Moore: Major-General Godfrey J.

Bowes-Lyon: Major-General Earl Cathcart: Major-General David W. Brooking: Major-General Robert J. Mostyn: Major-General Bernard C.A. Moore-Bick: Major-General David R. Redgrave: Major-General Robert F. Charles Coleman: Major-General William P. Nares: Major-General E. Grant: Major-General Christopher F. Henderson: April 1994-December 1995 December 1995-September 1997 September 1997-March 2001 March 2001-October 2003 October 2003-August 2006 August 2006-August 2009 August 2009-August 2012 August 2012- General Officer Commanding. Oliver: Major-General Robert C.H. Bourne: Major-General C. Corbett: May-August 1945 August 1945-May 1947 May 1947-January 1949 January 1949-October 1951 October 1951-March 1954 March 1954-April 1955 May 1955-February 1956 March 1956-March 1959 March 1959-May 1962 May-December 1962 December 1962-January 1966 February 1966-February 1968 March 1968-November 1970 November 1970-July 1973 August 1973-November 1975 November 1975-1978 January 1978-September 1980 September 1980-October 1983 October 1983-December 1985 December 1985-January 1989 January 1989-October 1990 .F. Berlin(until 1990): Major-General Lewis O. John B.David F. Drewry: Major-General Christopher H. Scott-Barrett: Major-General Roy M. United Kingdom Support Command. Melvin: Major-General Nicholas J. Caplin: Major-General John M. Mungo S. Lyne: Major-General Eric P.F. Bill: Major-General R. Dunbar: Major-General David Peel-Yates: Major-General Sir E. James C. Otway Herbert: Major-General Geoffrey K. Richardson: Major-General J. Cottrell-Hill: Major-General Francis D. Nelson: Major-General F. Rome: Major-General Sir Rohan Delacombe: Major-General Claude I.95 General Officer Commanding. Elliott: Major-General John D.R. Germany(from 1994): Major-General Scott C. Gordon Lennox: Major-General Patrick G.S.

G. Allied Land Forces. Darling: Brigadier Humphrey E. House: Brigadier Edward W. Holden: Brigadier Douglas L. Crookenden: Brigadier David F. Steele: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander Galloway: Major-General Sir T. Central Europe: Major-General James M. Martin: Major-General James R. British Forces. Cochrane: Major-General Charles E. Bredin: Brigadier A. Winterton: Major-General Michael M. Elderkin: Brigadier Michael J. Perkins: Brigadier Brian W. Wilson: Brigadier David G. Dodd: Brigadier John P. Pearson: Brigadier John R. Miles F.L. Learmont: Brigadier William T.D.David R. Walker: 1951-1953 1953-1956 1956-1958 1958-August 1960 August 1960-September 1962 September 1962-September 1965 September 1965-1967 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Churchill: Major-General Ronald C.96 Chief of British Mission to Soviet Forces in Europe(until 1991): Brigadier the Hon. John W. Anstey: Brigadier George W.T.R. Alston-Roberts-West: Major-General Robert E. Hirsch: Major-General Peter St.N. Austria(until 1955): Lieutenant-General Sir Richard L. Freer: 1957-1960 1960-1961 1961-1963 1963-1964 1964-1965 1965-1967 1967-March 1969 March 1969-1971 1971-October 1972 October 1972-August 1974 August 1974-October 1976 October 1976-March 1979 March 1979-March 1981 March 1981-July 1982 July 1982-1984 1985-1987 1987-June 1989 June 1989-1991 Deputy Chief of Staff. Baines: Brigadier Lionel A. Urquhart: July 1945-March 1946 March 1946-September 1947 October 1947-January 1950 January-July 1950 July 1950-July 1952 July 1952-December 1955 .D. Foley: Brigadier Ian L. McCreery: Lieutenant-General Sir James S. Harrod: Brigadier John N. W. MacDonald: Major-General Walter C.A. Davis: Brigadier John H. Fitzalan-Howard: Brigadier Thomas C.Clair-Ford: Major-General Thomas B.H.

Sulivan: Major-General Andrew P. Shirreff: Lieutenant-General Sir James J. Evans: Major-General Julian R.T. Bucknall: Major-General Richard L. Willcocks: Major-General Timothy J.G. Allied Rapid Reaction Corps(from 1992): Lieutenant-General Sir Jeremy J.97 Commander. Drewry: Lieutenant-General Sir F. Pigott: Major-General Michael A. Lane: Major-General David R. Monro: Major-General Roger G. Ridgway: Major-General David J.R.D.H. Norton: November 2001-November 2003 November 2003-September 2006 September 2006-May 2008 May 2008-July 2010 July 2010-July 2013 July 2013- . Richards: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Capewell: Major-General Thomas A. Bill: Major-General David A. Brown: Major-General James J. Nicholas R.C. Richards: Major-General J. Houghton: Major-General Christopher C. Beckett: Major-General George P. Barrons: Major-General Timothy P.C. Walker: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael D. Rapid Deployment Corps-Italy: Major-General the Hon. Richard D. Mackenzie: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael J.R. Free: Major-General Nicholas Welch: October 1992-October 1994 October 1994-May 1996 May 1996-April 1998 April 1998-April 2001 April 2001-July 2002 July 2002-April 2004 April 2004-November 2006 November 2006-2009 April-October 2009 October 2009-April 2012 April 2012-April 2014 April 2014- Deputy Commander. Jackson: Lieutenant-General Sir Christopher F. Seymour H. Richard Dannatt: Lieutenant-General Sir David J. Bucknall: October 1992-December 1994 December 1994-January 1997 January 1997-January 2000 January 2000-January 2003 January 2003-January 2005 January 2005-December 2007 December 2007-January 2011 February 2011- Chief of Staff: Major-General Anthony D.

J. Hart: Lieutenant-General Sir Launcelot E. Campbell: Major-General Robert Auld: Major-General Sir Edward O. Le Cheminant: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander C.S. Boswell: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael C. Charles Coleman: Vice-Admiral Sir Charles P.Rutledge: Major-General Nicholas J.D. Lawson: General Sir Reginald C.98 Kosovo Protection Corps Co-ordinator: Major-General Andrew A.Balfour: Major-General Christopher M.F. Telfer Smollett: Major-General John R. Steirn: Major-General R. Broadbent: Major-General Alexander P. Malbon: Air Marshal Peter B. Cumming: Major-General Adrian R. Martin: Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter de L.L. Elmhirst: Vice-Admiral Sir W. Freer: Major-General James M.R. Capper: Major-General Lord Sackville: Major-General Lord Ruthven: Major-General Sir Edward N.Matthew M. Robson: Lieutenant-General Sir C. Minshull Ford: Lieutenant-General Sir Philip Neame: Air Marshal Sir Thomas W. Foley: Vice-Admiral Sir Fabian M. Wilkins: Vice-Admiral Sir John F.F.J. Kiggell: Major-General Sir John E. Geoffrey A. Walker: April 1903-April 1908 April 1908-1911 1911-April 1914 April-November 1914 November 1914-June 1918 June 1918-July 1920 July 1920-July 1925 July 1925-1929 1929-1934 1934-1939 1939-June 1940 June 1940 1945-1953 1953-1958 1958-1964 1964-1969 1969-1974 1974-1980 1980-1985 1985-1990 1990-1994 1994-2000 2000-2005 2005-April 2011 April 2011- .D.L. Caplin: September 2002-January 2004 January 2004-January 2005 January 2005-January 2006 January 2006-March 2007 March-August 2007 August 2007-March 2008 March 2008-2009 Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey: Major-General Barrington B.Sykes: Major-General Martin J. Mills: Vice-Admiral Sir John E. Coward: Lieutenant-General Sir John P. Hamilton: Major-General Henry M.

Harrison: Lieutenant-General Sir A.: Lieutenant-General Sir H.: General Sir William D. Willis: Major-General Sir Horace de C. T.John: Major-General Richard A.F. Bingham: Major-General Edward H.99 Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey: Major-General Henry R. Wemyss: Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon N.R.D. McColl: November 1900-October 1904 October 1904-June 1910 June 1910-October 1916 October 1916-October 1920 October 1920-May 1924 May 1924-May 1929 May 1929-May 1934 May 1934-1939 1939-June 1940 1945-1953 1953-1958 1958-1964 1964-1969 1969-1974 1974-1979 1979-1984 1984-1990 1990-1995 1995-2000 2001-2006 2006-September 2011 September 2011- Commander. Sir Francis R. Fyffe: Lieutenant-General Sir George H. Davis: General Sir G. Pillar: Air Marshal Sir John M. Douglas Smith: Major-General the Hon. U. Ritchie: Major-General Stephen N. Carter: Major-General John M. Prior-Palmer: Major-General Valentine Boucher: Major-General James N. Nicholson: General Sir George W.G. Colville B. Shoosmith: Major-General William H. Ridgway: General Sir John C. Lea: June 1941-June 1942 June 1942-1946 1947-April 1950 April 1950-August 1951 1951-1952 1952-1953 1953-1956 1956-January 1958 January 1958-June 1960 June 1960-February 1963 February 1963-July 1965 July 1965-October 1967 October 1967-1970 . J. St. British Army Staff. McNeill: Major-General Roger E. Bt. Whiteley: Admiral Sir William T.A. British Joint Services Mission. Gough: Major-General Sir Alexander N. Rochfort: Major-General Sir Alexander Wilson: Major-General Sir W. Abadie: Major-General Hugh S. Desmond Fitzpatrick: General Sir Peter J. Morgan: General Sir Neil M. Macready. Martelli: Major-General James M.E.R. Sutton: General Sir Michael J. Michael Villiers: Air Chief Marshal Sir John G. Erskine: Vice-Admiral Sir J. Cheshire: Lieutenant-General Sir Andrew P. Edward Grasett: Admiral Sir Randolph S. Wilkes: Air Chief Marshal Sir John A. Stratton: Major-General George E.S.

White: General Sir Frederick W.Bt. Bullock General Sir James Willcocks: General Sir J.E.A.G. Anderson: General Sir Gordon H. General Sir Thomas Astley Cubitt: General Sir Reginald J. Dudley Ward: General Sir Gerald W. Smith-Dorrien: General Sir Charles C. MacMillan: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold Redman: General Sir Charles F. Lathbury: May 1900-August 1905 August 1905-September 1910 September 1910-August 1913 August 1913-September 1918 September 1918-September 1923 September 1923-August 1928 August 1928-May 1933 May 1933-November 1938 November 1938-June 1939 July 1939-May 1941 May 1941-May 1942 May 1942-February 1944 February 1944-February 1947 February 1947-May 1952 May 1952-May 1955 May 1955-May 1958 May 1958-July 1962 July 1962-August 1965 August 1965-April 1969 . Godley: General Sir Charles H. Miles: General Sir Horace L. John Asser: Lieutenant-General Sir Louis J. Wodehouse: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener: Lieutenant-General Sir George M. Hildyard: Lieutenant-General Sir Denis J. Mason-MacFarlane: Lieutenant-General Sir T. Bernard: 1899-January 1902 January 1902-April 1904 April 1904-June 1907 June 1907-October 1908 October 1908-March 1912 May 1912-May 1917 May 1917-July 1922 July 1922-August 1927 August 1927-September 1930 April 1931-May 1936 May 1936-October 1939 October 1939-October 1941 Governor of Gibraltar(Armed Services holders only): Field-Marshal Sir George S.100 Governor of Bermuda(Armed Service holders only): Lieutenant-General Sir G.F. Forestier-Walker: General Sir Archibald Hunter: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert S.T.: General Sir Alexander J.Edmund Ironside: Lieutenant-General Sir Clive G. Monro. Digby Barker: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Le G. N. Keightley: General Sir A. Liddell: General Viscount Gort: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank N. Geary: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert MacGregor Stewart: Lieutenant-General Sir Josceline H. Ralph Eastwood: General Sir Kenneth A. C. Harington: General Sir W. Bols. K.

Birbeck: Brigadier M. Snow: Brigadier Cedric G.101 Commander. Christopher Thursby-Pelham: Brigadier John R. Bt. Schreiber: 1899-March 1903 April 1903-October 1907 October 1907-August 1909 September 1909-February 1915 February 1915-June 1919 June 1919-June 1924 June 1924-February 1927 May 1927-September 1931 September 1931-March 1936 March 1936-April 1940 April 1940-May 1942 May 1942-September 1944 September 1944-July 1946 .M. Buttenshaw: Brigadier Hereward E. Leslie Rundle: Field-Marshal Lord Methuen: Field-Marshal Lord Plumer: General Sir Walter N.L. Jones: Brigadier D. Lewis: 1947-August 1950 August 1950-September 1953 September 1953-May 1956 May 1956-June 1959 June 1959-August 1962 August 1962-August 1964 August 1964-July 1967 July 1967-February 1969 February 1969-October 1970 October 1970-October 1972 October 1972-September 1974 September 1974-April 1977 April 1977-September 1978 September 1978-August 1980 August 1980-January 1983 January 1983-September 1984 September 1984-August 1986 August 1986-October 1989 October 1989-1991 Governor of Malta(Armed Services holders only): Lieutenant-General Lord Grenfell: General Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke.M. Duckworth: Brigadier J. Stayner: Brigadier Geoffrey Lucas: Brigadier John F. Arengo-Jones: Brigadier W. Gibraltar: Brigadier Wilfrid A. Sharpe: Brigadier A. Carter: Brigadier Geoffrey L. Hume: Brigadier J. Stepto: Brigadier D.A.: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Fane Grant: General Sir H.C.R. Campbell: General Sir Charles Bonham-Carter: Lieutenant-General Sir William G.P. Pegg: Brigadier Richard T.S.H. Chambers: Brigadier Anthony J. Du Cane: General Sir David G. Congreve: General Sir John P.M. Boulter: Brigadier Samuel C. Dobbie: Field-Marshal Viscount Gort: Lieutenant-General Sir Edmond C.D.A. British Troops.S. Ebsworth: Brigadier Gerrard F.H. Michael Wingate Gray: Brigadier N. H.

Price: Brigadier Paul S. Block: Major-General Lord Thurlow: Major-General John D.G. Scobell: Major-General Daniel M.E. Davidson: Major-General William R. Ricketts: Major-General Douglas A.B. Heath: Major-General William E. Lloyd Owen: Major-General Michael W.G. Hemming: Major-General Brian Daunt: Major-General Cyril H. Butler: Major-General Corran W.C. Darling: Major-General Peter G.G. Beak: Major-General Walter H.P.C.W. Kendrew: Major-General Kenneth T.T.F. Cyprus(Near East Land Forces from 1968 until 1976): Major-General Abdy H. Frost: Major-General A. Purdon: October 1955-October 1956 October 1956-October 1958 October 1958-1960 December 1962-December 1964 December 1964-June 1966 June 1966-July 1969 July 1969-July 1972 July 1972-January 1975 January 1975-1976 . Revell-Smith: Major-General Gerard W. Young: Major-General Rodney L. Holme: Major-General Hew D. Malta: Major-General Sir Sanford J.102 General Officer Commanding. Ward: May 1962-July 1964 July 1964-July 1967 July 1967-April 1969 April 1969-December 1971 General Officer Commanding. Rea Leakey: 1939-1942 1942-1943 1943-1944 1944-1946 1946-1948 1948-November 1949 November 1949-October 1951 October 1951-November 1953 November 1953-November 1956 November 1956-December 1959 December 1959-October 1962 October 1962-February 1964 February 1964-January 1967 January-? 1967 Deputy Commander: Brigadier Brian Kingzett: Brigadier Lord Grimthorpe: Brigadier Rollo E. Burges: Major-General David L. Oxley: Major-General William Robb: Major-General Kenneth C. Colquhoun: Major-General Adam J.

Dey: Brigadier William J. Robinson: Brigadier David E. Windsor Clive: Brigadier Walter P. Deputy Commander. Williams: Brigadier Philip M.A. Davies: Air Commodore Raymond J. Huggett: March 1958-September 1959 September 1959-October 1962 October 1962-June 1964 June 1964-August 1966 August 1966-October 1969 October 1969-February 1972 February 1972-October 1975 March 1976-November 1978 November 1978-March 1979 March 1979-January 1981 January 1981-March 1983 March 1983-January 1986 January 1986-February 1988 February 1988-January 1991 January 1991-August 1993 August 1993-July 1995 July 1995-October 1996 October 1996-1998 April 1998-2000 2000-June 2003 June 2003-January 2006 January 2006-May 2008 May 2008-August 2010 August 2010-November 2012 November 2012- . Robertson: Brigadier John H.Richard Corney: Brigadier David M.M. Arnott: Air Commodore M.G. Radcliffe: Air Commodore H. Parker: Brigadier J. British Forces since 1976): Brigadier Paul Gleadell: Brigadier David C. Kingdon: Air Commodore Andrew D.F.R. Denaro: Brigadier Keith Skempton: Air Commodore Paul A. O’Brien: Brigadier John H. Davies-Scourfield: Brigadier Robert C.B. McKeon: Brigadier Arthur G. Land Forces. Almonds: Air Commodore Anthony J. Offord: Brigadier Andrew D.Grismond B. Myrtle: Air Commodore Robert P. Santa-Ollala: Air Commodore Andrew J. Acland: Air Commodore Donald A.W. Cyprus(Deputy Commander until 1976.103 Commander. Marchant: Brigadier E. Mullen: Brigadier D.

McCreery: Lieutenant-General Ronald M. Cameron: Major-General George C. Bastin: Major-General Denys H.104 Commander-in-Chief. Lloyd: Major-General Geoffrey R.E. Alexander: General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson: General Sir Bernard C. Administration: Major-General Alexander M. Corbett: Lieutenant-General Richard L. Buckle: September 1948-June 1951 June 1951-June 1954 June 1954-June 1956 June 1956-1957 . G. Douglas Packard: Major-General Richard A. Benson: Major-General Richard E. Paget: General Sir Miles C.G. Musson: September 1939-March 1942 March-August 1942 August 1942-February 1943 March-December 1943 December 1943-1944 1944-February 1945 February 1945-1946 1946-June 1949 June 1949-March 1951 March 1951-January 1953 January 1953-June 1954 June 1954-June 1957 June 1957-December 1959 December 1959-1961 Major-General. Smith: Lieutenant-General Thomas W. Pyman: Major-General Euan A.V. Bower: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N.: General Sir Cameron G. Bourne: Lieutenant-General Sir Roger H.D. Baillon: Major-General Gerald A. Auchinleck: General the Hon.B. Keightley: General Sir Geoffrey K.R. Sir Harold R. Dempsey: General Sir John T. Robertson. Pilleau: Major-General William P. Anderson: July 1939-July 1941 July 1941-August 1942 August 1942-February 1943 February 1943-January 1944 January 1944-October 1946 October 1946-June 1947 June 1947-July 1950 July 1950-April 1953 April-September 1953 September 1953-January 1957 January 1957-January 1958 January 1958-May 1960 May 1960-December 1962 Chief of the General Staff: Lieutenant-General Arthur F. Nicholson: General Sir Charles F. Scobie: Major-General Joseph A. Miller: Major-General C. Bt. Humphreys: Major-General George E. Wavell: General Sir Claude J. Hull: Major-General Edward R. Oliver: Major-General Harold E.L. Middle East Land Forces(Near East Land Forces from 1961 until 1962): General Sir Archibald P. Crocker: General Sir Brian H.T.

B. Richardson: Brigadier Edward C.D.B. Woodford: Brigadier Algernon G.D. Hogg: Brigadier Hugo E.105 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier Charles L. Scott: Brigadier Antony J. Finlaison: Brigadier Ralph F. Dove: Brigadier Alexander M. Knox: October 1948-January 1950 January 1950-September 1952 September 1952-April 1954 April 1954-April 1957 April 1957-January 1959 .) 1949-1952(Plans and Operations) ?-December 1951(Training) ?-1950(Intelligence) 1950-February 1952(Intelligence) January 1951-April 1953(Staff Duties) December 1951-1954(Training) February 1952-1954(Intelligence) 1952-December 1955(Plans and Operations) April 1953-May 1954(Staff Duties) May-December 1954(Staff Duties and Training) December 1954-1957(Staff Duties and Training) December 1955-December 1958 (Plans and Operations) January 1959-March 1961 March 1961-1962 Deputy Adjutant-General(until 1959): Brigadier George R.T.H. C.W.J. Prickett: May 1948-January 1951(Staff Duts. Williams: Brigadier S. Knox: Brigadier A. Cox: Brigadier Thomas P.E. Stoney: Brigadier Thomas E.J. Robertson: Brigadier George A. Joubert: Brigadier J. Bradshaw: Brigadier William R. Turner: Brigadier George S. de Chassiron: Brigadier Arthur J.J. Thomas: Brigadier John W. Williams: Brigadier George S.C. Heber-Percy: Brigadier Dudley W.C.

R. Graham S. Farley: Brigadier John M. Gregson: Brigadier Gilbert C.I. Willoughby: Major-General Philip T. Royal Artillery: Brigadier C. Bray: Major-General James A. Peters: February 1949-February 1951 September 1949-1952 February 1951-November 1953 1952-June 1955 November 1953-1954 April 1955. Middle East Land Forces from 1961): Major-General Robert N.C. Wells: Brigadier Arthur P. Jones: Brigadier Harold C. Napier: Brigadier Ralph E. Bagnall-Wild: Brigadier Adrian P. Green: Brigadier Rupert C. Hackett: Brigadier W. Dunbar: March 1961-April 1963 April 1963-April 1965 April 1965-December 1966 December 1966-November 1967 .S. H. Cubbon: Major-General Sir John E.C.106 Deputy Quartermaster-General(Brigadier A/Q from 1959): Brigadier John L. Hope: Brigadier George C. British Forces. Mills: Brigadier Charles W. Lacey: Brigadier Frederick G. Phillips: Brigadier John H.V.C.A. Trevor: February 1949-July 1951 July 1951-July 1954 July 1954-December 1956 December 1956-January 1960 January 1960-1961 Commander.H. Robertson: Major-General John H.J. Parsons: Brigadier Wallace E. Elstone: Brigadier George W. Arabian Peninsula(from 1959 until 1961.F. Tower: May 1959-May 1961 May 1961-June 1963 June 1963-May 1965 May 1965-May 1967 May-November 1967 Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier A.W.H.1958 June 1955-August 1957 August 1957-January 1959 January 1959-March 1960 March 1960-1962 Commander. Prickett: Brigadier J. Luck: Brigadier Joseph H.M.

G. Holmes: Lieutenant-General Robert G. Marshall-Cornwall: Lieutenant-General William G. Burnett-Stuart: General Sir George A. Kyte: Brigadier R. Dare Wilson: January 1962-February 1964 February 1964-July 1965 September 1965-January 1967 January-November 1967 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Lyall Grant: Brigadier Gerald C. Egypt(until 1956): Major-General the Hon. Stone: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles W. Hull: January 1899-July 1903 July 1903-March 1905 March 1905-September 1908 September 1908-October 1912 October 1912-September 1914 September 1914-October 1915 October 1915-January 1916 January 1916-June 1917 June 1917-October 1919 October 1919-March 1923 March 1923-May 1927 May 1927-June 1931 June 1931-April 1934 April 1934-March 1938 March 1938-June 1939 June 1939-February 1941 February-April 1941 April-November 1941 November 1941-February 1942 February 1942-November 1944 November 1944-January 1948 January 1948-January 1949 January 1949-April 1952 April 1952-June 1954 June 1954-1956 Chief of Staff: Brigadier Kennett Bayley: Brigadier Robert B.E. J. Barry: September 1949-September 1951 September 1951-September 1954 September 1954-1956 . S. Weir: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N. Sir Reginald A. Maxwell: Major-General the Hon. Erskine: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis W. Talbot: Major-General John R. Peter Strickland: General Sir John T. Allfrey: Lieutenant-General Richard N. Maxwell: General Sir Charles C. Julian H. Byng: Lieutenant-General Sir John G.107 Brigadier A/Q: Brigadier Ian H. Goldsmith: Brigadier Richard H. W. Festing: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard A. H. Haking: General Sir E. Gale: Lieutenant-General Sir George W. Bullock: Major-General Sir John G.K. Murray: Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter N. Congreve: General Sir Richard C.F. O’Connor: Lieutenant-General Sir James H. Slade: Major-General George M.J. Montanaro: Brigadier Eric F. Monro: Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald J.B.

Nixon: Lieutenant-General Sir Percy H.Searby: Major-General Albert E. Lake: Lieutenant-General Sir F.J. Palin: Major-General H. D’Arcy: Lieutenant-General Sir Evelyn H.Whitley: Major-General James H. Barker: Lieutenant-General Gordon H. Pownall: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur F.J. Hugh Tudor: Lieutenant-General Sir John G. Dill: Lieutenant-General Archibald P.108 General Officer Commanding. Stanley Maude: Lieutenant-General Sir William R. Palestine(until 1948): Major-General Sir Philip C. Iraq: General Sir John E. Smith: Major-General Reginald A. McConnel: Lieutenant-General John C. Wavell: Lieutenant-General Robert H. Savory: April 1915-January 1916 January-July 1916 July 1916-November 1917 November 1917-April 1919 April 1919-February 1920 February 1920-March 1922 March-November 1922 May 1941-February 1942 September 1942-February 1943 February-September 1943 February 1944-1945 1945-1946 . Quinan: General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry R. Oman: Major-General John Baskervyle-Glegg: Major-General Jeremy J. H. Gordon: September 1990-September 1993 September 1993-July 1996 July 1996-2000 2000-2004 2004-January 2011 January 2011- General Officer Commanding. Macmunn: Lieutenant-General Sir J.A. N. Macmillan: 1920-1921 May 1922-February 1924 September 1936-September 1937 August 1937-April 1938 April 1938-July 1939 July 1939-February 1940 February-June 1940 August 1940-February 1941 February-October 1941 1942-1944 1944-1946 1946-February 1947 February 1947-May 1948 Senior British Loan Services Officer. Barker: Lieutenant-General George J.Aylmer L. Phipps: Major-General Patrick A. Haldane. Marshall: Major-General Sir George F. Haining: Lieutenant-General Michael G. Major-General Sir Theodore Fraser: Lieutenant-General Edward P. Giffard: Lieutenant-General Philip Neame: General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson: Major-General Douglas F.Cordingley: Major-General Robin V.

Farquhar: Major-General Mark F. Brown: May-September 2003 September 2003-March 2004 March -October 2004 October 2004-April 2005 April-October 2005 October 2005-March 2006 March-September 1906 September 2006-July 2007 July 2007-March 2008 March 2008-March 2009 March-July 2009 Deputy Commanding General. Mans: Major-General Nicholas R. Fry: Lieutenant-General Graeme C. Nicholas R. Moore: March-September 2004 September 2004-February 2005 February -August 2005 August 2005-February 2006 February-September 2006 September 2006-January 2007 January-October 2007 October 2007-July 2008 July 2008-March 2009 March 2009-2010 General Officer Commanding. Iraq(from May 2004): Major-General Andrew J. Barrons: Major-General William H. Viggers: Major-General Andrew C. Houghton: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert A. Mayall: Major-General Gerald W. Multinational Corps.E.N. de C. Parker: Major-General Peter F. McColl: Lieutenant-General Sir John P. Riley: Major-General James B. Stewart: Major-General William R. Iraq: Major-General Andrew R. Shaw: Major-General Graham J. Berragan: Major-General Bruce Brealey: Major-General Richard L. Jonathan D. Brims: Lieutenant-General J. Dutton: Major-General John Cooper: Major-General Graham J. Graham: Major-General Andrew P. Binns: Major-General Barney W.N.B. Rollo: Major-General Jonathon P. Everson: Major-General Simon V.109 Senior British Military Representative and Deputy Commanding General. Iraq: Major-General Frederick R. Rollo: Lieutenant-General John Cooper: Lieutenant-General Christopher C. Figgures: Lieutenant-General John C. Binns: Major-General the Hon. Lamb: Lieutenant-General William R. Multinational Division(South-East). Multinational Force. Kiszely: Lieutenant-General Robin V.M. White-Spunner: Major-General Andrew Salmon: December 2003-July 2004 July-November 2004 December 2004-April 2005 April-? 2005 2005-October 2006 October 2006-January 2007 January-August 2007 August 2007-February 2008 February-August 2008 August 2008-March 2009 .

S. Wetherall: General Sir William Platt: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth A. Anderson: Major-General William A. Dalton: Brigadier Percy W. Irwin: Lieutenant-General Sir Cameron G. Cunningham: Major-General Harry E. East Africa (until 1964): Lieutenant-General Douglas P.P.G. Erskine: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald W. Giffard: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis P. Carver: Brigadier John C. Freeland: September 1939-October 1940 October 1940-August 1941 August-December 1941 December 1941-December 1944 December 1944-1946 1946-September 1948 September 1948-September 1951 September 1951-June 1953 June 1953-May 1955 May 1955-July 1957 July 1957-October 1960 October 1960-November 1963 November 1963-November 1964 Chief of Staff: Brigadier James R.H. Inglis: Major-General Kenneth G.110 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Nosworthy: Lieutenant-General M. Dickinson: Lieutenant-General Sir Alan G. Goodwin: Major-General Ian H.N.E. Otway Herbert: General Officer Commanding. Green: Brigadier Michael W. Lathbury: Major-General Sir Nigel P.W. Jackson: February 1949-March 1952 March 1952-December 1953 December 1953-October 1955 October 1955-November 1956 November 1956-November 1957 November 1957-December 1960 December 1960-January 1963 January 1963-November 1964 . Nigeria: Major-General George H. Tapp: Major-General Richard E. Dimoline: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur A.J. West Africa(until 1956): General Sir George J. Brocas Burrows: Lieutenant-General Noel M. Exham: December 1952-1956 1956-1958 June 1940-May 1943 May 1943-1944 January 1945-1946 1946-July 1948 July 1948-May 1951 May 1951-1953 December 1953-June 1956 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.B. Dowler: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander M. de R. Cochrane: Brigadier Geoffrey Rimbault: Major-General George D. Biggs: Brigadier D.D’A. Whistler: Lieutenant-General Sir E. Cameron: General Sir George W.G. Nicholson: Lieutenant-General Sir Lashmer G. Heyman: Brigadier R.Michael P.

Nugee: September 2009-December 2010 January-December 2011 December 2011-2012 2012-November 2013 November 2013- . Sir Neville G. Parker: Lieutenant-General James J. Beckett: Major-General Richard E. Carter: Lieutenant-General John G. Bucknall: Lieutenant-General Adrian J. South Africa(until 1914): Lieutenant-General the Hon. Bradshaw: Lieutenant-General Nicholas P.C. Riley: Lieutenant-General James B. Radford: Major-General Thomas A. Afghanistan: Major-General John Cooper: Major-General Peter Gilchrist: Major-General Christopher C. Hart: Lieutenant-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: June 1902-March 1904 March 1904-April 1908 April 1908-March 1912 March 1912-1914 1914 Deputy Commander. Combined Force Command. Dutton: Lieutenant-General Sir Nicholas R. Richards: Lieutenant-General Jonathon P.Wilson: General Sir David J. Afghanistan: Major-General Colin J. Lyttelton: General Sir Henry J. Evans: Major-General Timothy B.111 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Combined Force Command. Boag: Major-General Timothy P. Hildyard: Field-Marshal Lord Methuen: General Sir Reginald C.T. Lorimer: May-December 2004 December 2004-2005 2006 May 2006-November 2007 November 2007-October 2008 October 2008-November 2009 November 2009-September 2010 September 2010-November 2011 November 2011-September 2012 September 2012-July 2013 July 2013- Chief of Staff.

Stockwell: Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffrey K. Cox: Major-General Dermott Dunlop: Major-General Anthony G. Van Straubenzee: Major-General Harry L. Percival: Lieutenant-General Sir Miles C. Lewin: Major-General William G. Wade: Major-General Sir Charles H. Ridout: Major-General Sir Neill Malcolm: Major-General Sir Theodore Fraser: Major-General Sir Casimir C.112 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.S. L. Harris: Major-General Edward A. Bourne: Lieutenant-General Sir Roger H. Dobbie: Lieutenant-General Lionel V. Bond: Lieutenant-General Arthur E. W. F Dorward: Major-General Inigo R. Stephenson: Major-General Raymond N. Scott: Majr-General Donald D. Singapore(until 1960): Major-General Lionel H.R. Urquhart: Lieutenant-General Sir Hugh C. George Collingwood: Major-General Charles L. Tyacke: 1946-1948 1948-April 1951 April 1951-May 1954 May 1954-March 1957 March 1957-March 1958 March 1958-February 1960 February 1960-November 1962 November 1962-1963 December 1966-1970 . Major-General Thomas Perrott: Major-General Theodore E. Reade: Major-General Sir Dudley H. Messervy: Lieutenant-General Alexander Galloway: Major-General Douglas A. Boucher: Major-General Robert E. Malaya(until 1957): Major-General Sir Arthur R.L.C. Richardson: Major-General Ian C.Williams: Major-General David N. Jones. O’C.H. Dempsey: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank W. Pritchard: Major-General Sir Leopold C. Tulloch: Major-General R. Bower: 1903-November 1905 November 1905-February 1907 February 1907-June 1910 June 1910-May 1914 May 1914-September 1915 September 1915-November 1921 November 1921-May 1924 May 1924-June 1927 June 1927-February 1929 February 1929-January 1931 January 1931-January 1934 January 1934-November 1935 November 1935-July 1939 August 1939-May 1941 May 1941-February 1942 November-December 1945 December 1945-1946 1946-1947 1947-1948 1948-February 1950 February 1950-June 1952 June 1952-April 1954 April 1954-May 1956 May 1956-1957 General Officer Commanding. Oldfield: Major-General Ernest O.


Commander, British Forces, China(Hong Kong from 1945 until 1997): Major-General Sir William J. Gascoigne: Major-General Villiers Hatton: Major-General Robert G. Broadwood: Major-General Charles A. Anderson: Major-General Francis H. Kelly; Major-General Francis Ventris: Lieutenant-General Sir George M. Kirkpatrick: Major-General Sir John T. Fowler: Major-General Charles C. Luard: Major-General James W. Sandilands: Major-General Oswald C. Borrett: Major-General Arthur W. Bartholomew: Major-General Arthur E. Grasett: Major-General Christopher M. Maltby: Major-General Francis W. Festing: Lieutenant-General George W.E.J. Erskine: Major-General Francis R.G. Matthews: Lieutenant-General Francis W. Festing: Lieutenant-General Sir E.C. Robert Mansergh: Major-General Geoffrey C. Evans: Lieutenant-General Sir Terence S. Airey: Lieutenant-General Sir Cecil S. Sugden: Lieutenant-General Sir William H. Stratton: Lieutenant-General Sir Edric M. Bastyan: Lieutenant-General Sir Roderick W. McLeod: Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald H. Hewetson: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard W. Craddock: Lieutenant-General Sir Denis S.S. O’Connor: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Worsley: Lieutenant-General Sir Basil O. Eugster: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard E. Ward: Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin N.W. Bramall: Lieutenant-General Sir A. John Archer: Major-General Sir Roy M.F. Redgrave: Major-General John L. Chapple: Major-General Derek Boorman: Major-General Thomas A. Boam: Major-General Garry D. Johnson: Major-General Peter R. Duffell: Major-General John P. Foley: Major-General Bryan H. Dutton: November 1898-November 1903 November 1903-1906 October 1906-December 1910 December 1910-June 1913 June 1913-1915 1915-1920 1920-December 1921 January 1922-January 1925 January 1925-January 1929 January 1929-December 1932 December 1932-November 1935 November 1935-November 1938 November 1938-July 1941 July-December 1941 August 1945-1946 1946-1948 1948-June 1949 June-October 1949 October 1949-October 1951 October 1951-January 1952 January 1952-May 1954 May 1954-December 1955 December 1955-June 1957 June 1957-June 1960 June 1960-December 1961 December 1961-March 1963 March 1963-June 1964 June 1964-June 1966 June 1966-August 1968 August 1968-December 1970 December 1970-December 1973 December 1973-March 1976 March 1976-April 1978 April 1978-June 1980 June 1980-October 1982 October 1982-June 1985 June 1985-August 1987 August 1987-August 1989 August 1989-March 1992 March 1992-August 1994 August 1994-1997


Deputy Commander, Land Forces, Hong Kong: Brigadier John E.F. Willoughby: Brigadier Thomas Haddon: Brigadier Peter C. Hinde: Brigadier Maurice E. MacG. MacWilliam: Brigadier Henry M.G. Bond: Major-General Derek G.T. Horsford: Major-General E.J. S. Burnett: Major-General Ronald W. T. McAlister: Brigadier Derek T. Crabtree: Brigadier T. Anthony Boam: Brigadier Robert J. Hodges: Brigadier Anthony B. Crowfoot: Brigadier Ian A. Christie: Brigadier Giles G.Arnold: Brigadier Michael R.I. Constantine: Brigadier Christopher J. A. Hammerbeck: August 1961-January 1963 January 1963-July 1965 July 1965-January 1968 January 1968-February 1970 February-April 1970 April 1970-December 1971 December 1971-February 1975 February 1975-November 1976 November 1976-May 1979 May 1979-May 1981 May 1981-September 1983 September 1983-February 1986 February 1986-January 1988 January 1988-February 1990 February 1990-June 1992 June 1992-1994

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Far East Land Forces(until 1971): General Sir Neil M. Ritchie: General Sir A.F. John Harding: General Sir Charles F. Keightley: General Sir Charles F. Lowen: General Sir Francis W. Festing: General Sir Richard A. Hull: General Sir J.H. Nigel Poett: Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald H. Hewetson: Lieutenant-General Sir Alan Jolly: Lieutenant-General Sir R. Michael P. Carver: Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas C. H.Pearson: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter M. Hunt; Major-General Walter B. Thomas: February 1947-October 1949 October 1949-February 1951 February 1951-December 1953 December 1953-August 1956 August 1956-June 1958 June 1958-June 1961 June 1961-April 1963 April 1963-June 1964 June 1964-July 1966 July 1966-February 1967 February 1967-November 1968 November 1968-October 1970 October 1970-November 1971


Chief of Staff: Major-General John M. Kirkman: Major-General J.H. Nigel Poett: Major-General Eric K.G. Sixsmith: Major-General Edward C. Colville: Major-General Lewis O. Pugh: Major-General William G.H. Pike: Major-General George A. Thomas: Major-General Edward A.W. Williams: Major-General William Odling: Major-General Henry A. Lascelles: Major-General Denis A. Beckett: Major-General Michael F. Hancock: Major-General Walter B. Thomas: Brigadier Richard E. Worsley: 1948-1950 July 1950-April 1952 April 1952-June 1954 June 1954-January 1956 January 1956-October 1957 October 1957-June 1960 June 1960-1962 May-November 1962 November 1962-March 1964 March 1964-November 1966 November 1966-July 1968 July 1968-April 1970 April-October 1970 October 1970-November 1971

Major-General, Administration: Major-General Sir H. Reginald Kerr: Major-General Thomas B.L. Churchill: Major-General Geoffrey Lucas: Major-General John C. D’A. Dalton: Major-General Adrian P.W. Hope: Major-General William Odling: Major-General Henry A. Lascelles: Major-General George R. Turner-Cain: 1946-1948 June 1955-1957 ?-November 1957 November 1957-June 1959 June 1959-April 1961 April 1961-1962 November 1963-March 1964 March 1964-1967

Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier Robert St.G. t. Ransome: Brigadier Ian L. Wight: Brigadier Peter St. Clair-Ford: Brigadier Michael W. Roberts: Brigadier Ian T. Murdoch: Brigadier Mervyn F. Brogan: Brigadier John B.A. Glennie: Brigadier Gordon G. Reinhold: Brigadier A.E. Holt: Brigadier Thomas I.G. Gray: July 1948-June 1950 June 1950-January 1951 January 1951-July 1952 July 1952-July 1955 July 1955-December 1956 December 1956-December 1958 October 1962-1963 January 1967-January 1968 January 1968-July 1969 July 1969-1971


Deputy Adjutant-General: Brigadier Francis D. Rome: Brigadier Denis W. Price: Brigadier Archibald I. Buchanan-Dunlop: Brigadier Arthur R. Fyler: Brigadier A.E. Holt: October 1950-1953 1953-January 1956 January 1956-February 1958 February 1958-1961 January-October 1967

Deputy Quartermaster-General: Brigadier Cyril P.C.S. Bright: Brigadier Theodore E.D. Kelly: Brigadier Ereld B.W. Cardiff: Brigadier Desmond C. Curme: Brigadier D. Ross: April 1950-February 1952 February 1952-June 1955 June 1955-April 1958 April 1958-1961 October 1966-October 1967

Brigadier A/Q(until 1950 and from 1967 until 1970): Brigadier Eric E.G. L. Searight: Brigadier D. Ross: Brigadier Richard E. Worsley: August 1948-October 1950 October 1967-April 1969 April 1969-October 1970

Commander, Royal Artillery: Brigadier Frederick H.C. Rogers: Brigadier Francis G. Clark: Brigadier Haughton Thorne-Thorne: Brigadier John M. Hailey: Brigadier David Welsh: Brigadier J. Grose: Brigadier John Harington: Brigadier R.G.Shelford Bidwell: Brigadier Lindsay V.F. Fawkes: Brigadier Ferdinand S. Eiloart: Brigadier C.D.S. Kennedy: Brigadier Denis V.W.P. O’Flaherty: June 1947-November 1949 November 1949-November 1952 November 1952-January 1956 January 1956-October 1957 October 1957-October 1960 October 1960-August 1961 August 1961-January 1963 January 1963-October 1964 October 1964-April 1966 April 1966-May 1968 May 1968-March 1969 March 1969-March 1970


Military Attache, U.S.A.: Brigadier Robert W. Ewbank: Brigadier Henry M. Liardet: Brigadier John V.B. Jervis-Read: Brigadier Derek E. Holbrook: Brigadier L.W. Jubb: Brigadier Sir Frederick G.L. Coates, Bt.: Brigadier David J. St.M. Tabor: Brigadier Giles H. Mills: Brigadier Henry G. Woods: Brigadier Andrew L. Watson: Brigadier David Houston: Brigadier Michael S. Gray: Major-General T. Anthony Boam: Brigadier Stephen R.A. Stopford: Brigadier Timothy K. Thompson: Brigadier Robin D. Grist: Brigadier Edmund F.G. Burton: Brigadier Ian B.R. Fowler: Brigadier Richard F. Baly: Brigadier Andrew C. Mantell: Brigadier John J. Keeling: Brigadier E. John Torrens-Spence: Brigadier Philip D. Jones: Brigadier Timothy J. Lai: 1954-1956 1956-January 1958 January 1958-March 1960 March 1960-1962 March 1964-October 1966 October 1966-April 1969 April 1969-1971 1971-February 1973 February 1973-March 1975 March 1975-June 1977 June 1977-June 1979 June 1979-November 1981 November 1981-May 1983 May 1983-April 1985 April 1985-February 1988 February 1988-December 1989 December 1989-August 1991 August 1991-October 1994 October 1994-January 1999 January 1999-July 2001 July 2001-July 2004 July 2004-October 2007 October 2007-May 2010 October 2010-

Rickett: Brigadier Charles D. O’Flaherty: Brigadier A. Ritchie: Brigadier Andrew C. Gregson: Brigadier W. Christie: Brigadier W.T. Crane: Brigadier Denis W. Thubron: Brigadier Frederick C. Knapper: Brigadier Barry J.M.R.R.M. Tyler: Brigadier D. Jackson: Brigadier James A. Vivian: Brigadier Ian Mackay: Brigadier Clinton L.V.Ratazzi: Brigadier Timothy J.E.R. Bevan: Brigadier Adrian P. Michael Wingate-Gray: Major-General David J.118 Defence Adviser.H. Naughten: Brigadier E.R. Springfield: Brigadier Christopher J.P.C. Tabor: Brigadier B. Peyton Brigadier Arthur C. Page: Brigadier G. Le Grys: 19 -195 1954-1958 1958-1960 1960-1963 196 -196 September 1972-September 1975 1981-1983 1983-May 1988 May 1988-1990 1990-1993 1993-1996 1996-March 2001 March 2001-October 2004 October 2004-2007 2007-September 2010 September 2010- Military Attache. St. Pielow: Brigadier A.C. Canada: Brigadier Gerald E.Day: Brigadier Simon D. Mitchell: Brigadier Barrington Wilson: Brigadier Rainald G.O. Macnab: Brigadier Alexander C. Henshaw: Brigadier John F.A.A.Toby Browne: May 1949-August 1954 August 1954-June 1958 June 1958-June 1961 June 1961-1964 July 1964-August 1968 August 1968-May 1971 May 1971-September 1973 September 1972-1974 December 1977-December 1980 September 1983-March 1986 March 1986-August 1988 August 1988-March 1991 March 1991-September 1994 September 1994-September 1997 September 1997-November 2000 November 2000-January 2003 January 2003-November 2006 November 2006-2008 .G. Maynard: Brigadier Timothy D.G.M.I.Gadsby: Brigadier Roy E.V. France: Brigadier Geoffrey A.J. Millen: Brigadier W.P.M.G. M.P. Young: Brigadier Simon J. Lewthwaite: Brigadier Ian M.F. Addison: Brigadier F.

Quayle: Brigadier Neville M. J. O’Cock: Brigadier Frank L.C. Clarkson: Brigadier George H.119 Military Attache. Rawlins: Brigadier Brian R.P. West Germany/Germany: Brigadier John McL. Thomson: Brigadier Matthew P.Paul Simm: Brigadier Peregrine P. Isbell: Brigadier Robert Pridham: Brigadier A. Titley: Brigadier George V. Britten: Brigadier Michael V. Paine: Brigadier Iain R. Mayes: Brigadier Roger B. Pughe: Brigadier A. Hoerder: Brigadier Charles M. Fletcher: Brigadier John C.A. Monteith: Brigadier Michael J. W.G. O’Hanlon: February 1955-February 1958 February 1958-March 1961 March 1961-June 1965 June 1965-March 1968 March 1968-April 1970 April 1970-May 1973 May 1973-February 1976 February 1976-May 1978 May 1978-August 1980 August 1980-October 1983 October 1983-May 1986 May 1986-November 1988 November 1988-September 1992 September 1992-August 1996 August 1996-July 2002 July 2002-January 2006 January 2006-January 2009 January 2009-January 2012 January 2012- .William Woodburn: Brigadier Thomas D. Plowden: Brigadier C.

Pegg: Brigadier R. Turnbull: Brigadier D. Deverell: Brigadier James G. Bittles: Brigadier Alastair I. Holroyd-Smith: Brigadier Martin J. Wilson: Brigadier J. Graeme Morrison: Brigadier Alasdair J. Chamier: Brigadier J.H.A.M.H.G. Walcot: Brigadier Peter J.K.E. Salmon: Brigadier E.A. Liles: Brigadier J. Askew: Brigadier Ian R.D. Warner: Brigadier William J. Bush: Brigadier C.120 Military Attache. des C. Plummer: Brigadier B.D. Wild: March 1986-March 1988 March 1988-January 1991 January 1991-March 1992 March 1992-September 1995 September 1995-September 1998 September 1998-May 2001 May 2001-May 2003 May 2003-2006 2006-March 2008 March 2008-February 2011 February 2011- . Saudi Arabia: Brigadier T.H. Burrows: Brigadier L. Davidson-Houston: Brigadier D. Kemball: Brigadier Henry L.Sincock: Brigadier Michael J.Strong: Brigadier R.H.A.C. Prynne: Brigadier G. Lance: Brigadier W. Russia: Brigadier Michael W. des N.V. Maxwell: Brigadier Anthony W. Young: Brigadier Ian R. Innes: Brigadier C.B. Fyfe: Brigadier Peter Jones: Brigadier John Q. Winter: August 1951-September 1953 September 1953-September 1955 September 1955-September 1957 September 1957-May 1959 May 1959-1961 July 1961-July 1964 July 1964-July 1966 July 1966-November 1968 November 1968-February 1971 February 1971-May 1973 May 1973-June 1975 June 1975-September 1977 September 1977-February 1980 February 1980-June 1982 June 1982-September 1984 September 1984-1986 January 1987-December 1988 December 1988-February 1991 February 1991-May 1993 May 1993-April 1996 Military Attache. Harper: Brigadier H. Ian Talbot: Brigadier John D.

Bullocke: Brigadier Anthony E.J. Durcan: Brigadier Martin S.M.Wildman: Brigadier Michael R. Archer Shee: Brigadier Brian Kingzett Brigadier J. Parker: Brigadier Murray L. Loudon: Brigadier Charles S.S. Wheelwright: Brigadier E.C. Cardale: Brigadier Henry S.D. Mantell: 1951-1955 1955-1959 November 1993-November 1996 November 1996-April 1999 April 1999-June 2003 June 2003-June 2006 June 2006-2009 Defence Adviser. Hoerder: Brigadier Gordon McDonald: Brigadier G. Keenan: Brigadier Andrew C.Digby O’Lone: Brigadier B.W. Sherry: Brigadier Alasdair W.N.121 Military Adviser. Millar: Brigadier George H.B.W. South Africa: Brigadier William J. Barstow: Brigadier James W.Wertheim: Brigadier Paul A. Watts: Brigadier M. Powell: Brigadier Kenneth C. Deller: Brigadier A. Came: Brigadier W. Berry: Brigadier Ian McLeod: Brigadier R. Vine: Brigadier Steven F.Colin D.Doyle: Brigadier C.Raworth: Brigadier David H. Cartwright: 1953-1956 1956-195 1966-April 1969 April 1969-March 1972 March 1972-August 1974 August 1974-February 1977 February 1977-May 1980 May 1980-September 1982 September 1982-January 1985 January 1985-March 1987 March 1987-September 1989 September 1989-September 1992 September 1992-November 1994 November 1994-June 1997 June 1997-December 2000 December 2000-January 2004 January 2004-June 2005 June 2005-February 2007 February 2007-September 2009 September 2009-May 2010 July 2010-March 2012 March 2012-October 2013 October 2013- .John Torrens-Spence: Brigadier Andrew J. Pakistan: Brigadier John P.D.G.P. Fattorini: Brigadier Rudi N.

Draper: Brigadier S.M.S. Lee: Brigadier Ian D. Usher: Brigadier H. King: Brigadier John H. Dunn: Brigadier J.C. Baker: Brigadier J. Wilson: Brigadier L. Fletcher: Brigadier Brian S.A. India: Brigadier Thomas C. Williams: Brigadier David P.Williams: Brigadier Brian W.G. South Korea: Brigadier A.122 Defence Adviser. Taggart: Brigadier John B. Percival: Brigadier Alan F.G.M. Clements: Brigadier D.H.R.C.W. Rees: Brigadier Clive R.David R.O. Hackworth: Brigadier D. Morgan: Brigadier Colin D. Burditt: Brigadier Timothy W. Oborne: Brigadier R.L.R. Gordon: Brigadier Robin A. de C. Parr: Brigadier J.M. McCall: 195 -195 195 -195 195 -195 195 -1963 December 1963-April 1966 April 1966-November 1968 November 1968-October 1971 October 1971-May 1974 May 1974-August 1977 August 1977-January 1980 January 1980-January 1983 January 1983-July 1986 July 1986-July 1989 July 1989-January 1992 January 1992-April 1994 April 1994-November 1997 November 1997-July 2002 July 2002-2006 April 2007-May 2009 May 2009-May 2012 May 2012- Defence Attache.A. O’Hanlon: Brigadier David J. d’Apice: Brigadier T.J. Elderton: Brigadier Nigel T. O’Hare: Brigadier Matthew P. Eccles: Brigadier John R. MacG. Richardson: Brigadier John D.Edwards: Brigadier Anthony B.G. Cornell: Brigadier W. Pike: Brigadier Alfred J. Penrose: Major-General Logan Scott-Bowden: Major-General Thomas A. Glover: Major-General James D. Newton-Dunn: Major-General Peter J. Greenwood: 1967-1969 1969-1970 1970-June 1973 June 1973-May 1974 May 1974-July 1975 July 1982-June 1985 June 1985-April 1988 April 1988-May 1991 May 1991-March 1994 March 1994-October 1998 October 1998-June 2001 June 2001-May 2004 May 2004-2007 2007-2010 2010-2012 . Lunt: Major-General John H.S.

The dates given for the holders of Divisional Commands cover the periods when the Division is known to have been in existence. GOC: 6th Infantry.C. Regular Army Divisions and Brigades and Territorial Army Divisions are included.: II: III: IV: V: VII: VIII: IX: X: XI: XII: XIII: XXX: DivisionsGuards (Armoured). Part 4 published by HMSO in 1945. GOC: CRA: nd 2 Infantry/Armoured. GOC: CRA: th 5 Infantry. GOC: CRA: th 4 Infantry.A. These can be found in the History of the Great War Order of Battle.) INDEX: Corps. GOC: 6th Armoured. A/Q: Commander.. Army.: Chief of Staff: Brig. GOC: 1st Infantry/Armoured. R. General Officer Commanding-in-ChiefIGOC-in-C.123 (d) CORPS AND DIVISIONS (Note: These lists exclude World War One Corps Commands. GOC: pages 123/126 page 127 page 127 page 128 page 123 page 123 page 123 page 124 page 124 page 124 page 124 page 124 page 125 page 125 page 125 page 125 page 139 page 129 page 130 page 131 page 132 page 133 page 134 page 135 page 136 page 137 page 141 page 140 page 138 . GOC: 6th Airborne. GOC: CRA: rd 3 Infantry/Armoured.

GOC: 11th Armoured. GOC: 1st Federal Division. GOC: 7th Infantry.124 7th Armoured. GOC: 8th Infantry. Malaya. GOC: 52nd Lowland. GOC: 53rd Welsh/Wales. GOC: 9th Infantry. GOC: Deputy Commander: st 51 Highland. GOC: 42nd East Lancashire/North-West District. GOC: 10th Infantry. GOC: 16th Airborne. GOC: Divisional BrigadiersKing’s Division: Light Division: Prince of Wales’ Division: Queen’s Division: Scottish Division: page 140 page 138 page 138 page 139 page 139 page 140 page 141 page 141 page 141 page 143 page 144 page 145 page 146 page 147 page 147 page 148 page 149 page 150 page 151 page 152 page 152 page 153 page 154 page 155 page 156 page 157 page 158 page 159 page 160 page 160 page 161 page 142 page 162 page 163 page 162 page 162 page 161 . GOC: 48th South Midlands/West Midlands District/ Western District. GOC: 10th Armoured. GOC: Deputy Commander: th 54 East Anglian/Eastern District. GOC: 47th/1st London. GOC: Deputy Commander: th 49 West Riding/North Midlands District/ East Midlands District. GOC: Deputy Commander: th 50 Northumbrian/North-East District. GOC: 17th Gurkha. GOC: Deputy Commander: th 44 Home Counties. GOC: 56th/1st London(Armoured). GOC: Deputy Commander: th 46 North Midlands. GOC: Deputy Commander: th 55 West Lancashire. GOC: Deputy Commander: rd 43 Wessex/South-West District.

Adam.G. Bt.S.L. Ivor Thomas: North-West September 1939-April 1940 April-June 1940 June-December 1940 December 1940-May 1941 May 1941-May 1942 May 1942-April 1943 April-August 1943 July 1943-May 1945 May 1945-1947 II Army Corps(France/Belgium 1939-1940. East Anglia. Morgan: Lieutenant-General Gerard C. Templer: Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden: Lieutenant-General Sir Desmond F. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald M. disbanded 1944): Lieutenant-General Sir Alan F.: Lieutenant-General Sir James H. Brooke: Lieutenant-General Edmund A. disbanded 1944): Lieutenant-General Sir Ronald F.D.H. Corbett: Lieutenant-General Noel M. Marshall-Cornwall: Lieutenant-General Sir Desmond F. Willcox: Lieutenant-General Frederick E. Scoones: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank W. Nosworthy: Lieutenant-General Thomas W. Anderson: Lieutenant-General James S. Steele: Lieutenant-General Gerald W.P. Bucknall: Lieutenant-General Sir John T.E. Iraq 1942-44. Barker: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Messervy: February-May 1940 July 1940-November 1941 January-March 1942 April-July 1942 August 1942-December 1944 December 1944-July 1945 .R.Osborne: Lieutenant-General Kenneth A. Dill: Lieutenant-General Michael G. Anderson: September 1939-June 1940 June 1940-November 1941 November 1941-April 1942 April-September 1942 September 1942-April 1943 July-October 1943 December 1943-1944 III Army Corps(France/Belgium 1940. Burma 1942-1945) Lieutenant-General Claud J. Auchinleck: Lieutenant-General Francis P. Northern Command 1940Europe 1944-1945) General Sir John G. Harold R. Crocker: Lieutenant-General Sir G. Scobie: October 1939-June 1940 June-November 1940 December 1940-December 1943 December 1943-December 1944 IV Army Corps(Iraq.N. Alexander: Lieutenant-General Laurence Carr: Lieutenant-General Henry B. 1942. Irwin: Lieutenant-General Sir Geoffry A.125 I Army Corps(France/Belgium 1939-1940.

Montgomery: Lieutenant-General Edmond C. 1940-1942. North-West Europe 1944-1945): Lieutenant-General Harold E. Tunisia.126 V Army Corps(Hampshire and Dorset.I. Barker: July 1940-May 1941 May-November 1941 November 1941-January 1943 January-July 1943 July-August 1943 November 1943-January 1944 January-November 1944 December 1944-April 1946 IX Army Corps(Tunisia 1943. (John) Harding: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard N. 1942-1943. Horrocks: June-November 1941 November 1941-January 1942 January-September 1942 September 1942-April 1943 April-June 1943 X Army Corps(Northern Command>North Africa>Italy): Lieutenant-General William G. Horrocks: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard L. Morris: Lieutenant-General Francis P. F. Nosworthy: Lieutenant-General John T. N. McCreery: Lieutenant-General A. Edward Grasett: Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard L. Italy 1943-1945): Lieutenant-General Bernard L. Crocker: Lieutenant-General Brian G.Allfrey: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles F. Schreiber: Lieutenant-General Charles W. McCreery: Lieutenant-General Sir John L.A.L. Cornwall and Somerset 1940-1944. disbanded 1943): Lieutenant-General Ridley P. Anderson: Lieutenant-General A. Franklyn: Lieutenant-General Kenneth A. Keightley: July 1940-April 1941 April 1941-March 1942 March 1942-August 1944 August 1944-September 1945 VII Army Corps(disbanded December 1940): Lieutenant-General Andrew G. O’Connor: Lieutenant-General Sir Evelyn H. Holmes: Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden: Lieutenant-General Brian G. Pakenham-Walsh: Lieutenant-General Edwin L. McNaughton: July-December 1940 VIII Army Corps(Devon. Hawkesworth: June 1940-August 1942 August-December 1942 December 1942-April 1943 August 1943-November 1944 November 1944-May 1945 .

Massy: Lieutenant-General Noel M. Stopford: Lieutenant-General Sir Neil M. Beresford-Pierse: April-September 1941 Lieutenant-General A. S. Templer: July 1940-November 1941 November 1941-March 1942 March-September 1942 September 1942-April 1943 April-July 1943 XII Army Corps(Kent and Sussex 1940-1944. Pope: Lieutenant-General C. Norrie: Major-General William H. Montgomery: Lieutenant-General James A. (John) Harding: March-May 1945 XXX Army Corps(North Africa>Sicily>Italy>North-West Europe) Major-General Vyvyan V. S. Willoughby M. Thorne: Lieutenant-General Bernard L. Crocker: Lieutenant-General Gerard C. Irwin: Lieutenant-General John T.N. Horrocks: Lieutenant-General Alexander Galloway: August-October 1941 November 1941-July 1942 July-September 1942 September 1942-December 1943 January-July 1944 August 1944-December 1945 December 1945-September 1946 . Reade Godwin-Austen: September 1941-February 1942 Lieutenant-General William H. Bucknall: Lieutenant-General Gerald W. Ritchie: June 1940-April 1941 April-November 1941 November 1941-September 1942 November 1942-November 1943 December 1943-May 1945 XIII Army Corps(North Africa>Sicily>Italy): Lieutenant-General Sir Noel M. Kirkman: January 1944-March 1945 Lieutenant-General A. Horrocks: August-December 1942 Lieutenant-General Miles C. Dempsey: December 1942-December 1943 Lieutenant-General Sir Sidney C. F. Gott: February-August 1942 Lieutenant-General Brian G. Leese: Lieutenant-General Gerard C. Ramsden: Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver W. Bucknall: Lieutenant-General Sir Brian G. R. disbanded 1943): Lieutenant-General Hugh R. H. North-West Europe 1944-1945): Lieutenant-General A. Gammell: Lieutenant-General Montagu G. Andrew N. H.127 XI Army Corps(East Anglia.E. de la P. F.

Ist Army Corps(from 1951 until 1992): Lieutenant-General Sir A. Sharp: Lieutenant-General Sir Roland C. Farndale: Lieutenant-General Sir Brian L. Dudley Ward: Lieutenant-General Sir A. Jones: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth T.G.H. Bagnall: Lieutenant-General Sir Martin B. Inge: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles R.H.L. Goodwin: Lieutenant-General Sir H.T. Butler: Lieutenant-General Sir John A. Alston-Roberts-West: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles P. Gibbs: Lieutenant-General Sir Jack W. Kenny: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter A. Pyman: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael M. Harman: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard E. Leng: Lieutenant-General Sir Nigel T. G. Worsley: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter J. John Mogg: Lieutenant-General Sir Mervyn A. Cassels: Lieutenant-General Sir Hugh C.128 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief. Guthrie: Lieutenant-General Sir Jeremy J. Darling: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard E. Stockwell: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold E. James H. Mackenzie: November 1951-January 1953 January 1953-1954 April 1954-December 1956 December 1956-March 1958 March 1958-March 1960 March 1960-March 1962 March 1962-December 1963 December 1963-January 1966 January 1966-January 1968 January 1968-January 1970 January 1970-January 1972 January 1972-January 1974 January 1974-April 1976 April 1976-July 1978 July 1978-October 1980 October 1980-May 1983 May 1983-May 1985 May 1985-July 1987 August 1987-September 1989 September 1989-December 1991 December 1991-August 1992 .

Darling: Brigadier Guy O.M. Desmond Mangham: Brigadier Alexander C. Dalzell-Payne: Brigadier Richard E.C. Armitage: Brigadier John K. Walker: Brigadier Robert W.C. Macmillan: Brigadier Peter A. McAfee: Brigadier A/Q. Wheeler: Brigadier Patrick R. Hobart: Brigadier Geoffrey T. Heyman: Brigadier Kenneth T. Vaux: Brigadier Ronald A. Jameson: Brigadier Desmond S.S. Fawcus: Brigadier D. Gordon: Brigadier Eugene V. Oliver: 1951-1953 1954-1955 1955-1956 1959 1963-1966 1966-1969 1969-May 1970 May 1970-May 1974 May 1974-December 1975 December 1975-March 1979 March 1979-April 1982 April 1982-March 1984 March 1984-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 -August 1992 1955-1956 1956-1958 1959-1962 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-1968 1968-1970 1970-April 1972 April 1972-February 1974 February 1974-March 1976 March 1976-October 1978 October 1978-January 1980 January 1980-April 1982 April 1982-December 1983 December 1983-January 1986 January 1986-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-1991 1991-August 1992 .G. Strickland: Brigadier Peter A. Duffell: Brigadier Anthony A.A. Ist Army Corps: Brigadier George D.A. Brockbank: Brigadier W.L. Gerrard-Wright: Brigadier John R. Boswell: Brigadier Henry S. Guthrie: Brigadier Peter R. Bellamy: Brigadier Marshall St. Douglas-Withers: Brigadier John M.D.129 Chief of Staff. Bowser: Brigadier Alan Yeoman: Brigadier Graham B. Norman S. Codner: Brigadier Timothy S. Inge: Brigadier Charles R. Lewis: Brigadier Richard A. J. Buckland: Brigadier Christopher J. Streatfield: Brigadier E.D. I st Army Corps: Brigadier Kenneth T.J.J.L. Denison-Smith: Brigadier Michael J.L. Oswald: Brigadier T.L. James Hellier: Brigadier Peter C.I.M. Darling: Brigadier Robert H.M.

Maxwell: Brigadier Gregory Read: Brigadier James W. Lytle: Brigadier David J. Sanders: Brigadier David J. Jenkins: Brigadier Robin V.M. Sinnatt: Brigadier J.St. Searby: 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-December 1968 December 1968-December 1970 December 1970-September 1972 September 1972-September 1974 September 1974-November 1976 November 1976-May 1979 May 1979-March 1981 March 1981-December 1983 December 1983-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-July 1991 July 1991-August 1992 Commander. Canterbury: Brigadier Simon W. Abraham: Brigadier John M. Martin O’H. Bagnall: Brigadier Martin H. Rucker: Brigadier Robert J. Shrimpton: Brigadier M. Michael Palmer: Brigadier J. Brockbank: Brigadier Roy L.A.C.Volkers: Brigadier David E. Royal Armoured Corps. Crowe: Brigadier John R. Hayman-Joyce: Brigadier D.F.R. Ist Army Corps: Brigadier Marquess Douro: Brigadier S. Dixon: Brigadier Nigel T.P. Aviation: Brigadier J. Ralls: October 1976-July 1979 July 1979-July 1982 July 1982-December 1984 December 1984-January 1987 January 1987-December 1988 December 1988-August 1992 .130 Commander. Williams: Brigadier Philip J.J.G.

G. Romer: April 1926-1928 Major-General Sir John Duncan: ?-December 1928 Major-General Felix F. Ready: December 1928-November 1930 Major-General Sir A. Gale: January 1946-December 1947 Major-General Horatius Murray: December 1947-1950 Major-General Francis R.Peter Strickland: June 1916-June 1919 Major-General Sir E. Howlett: November 1979-January 1982 Major-General Brian L. Miles F. Pearson: 1961-November 1963 Major-General the Hon. Clutterbuck: November 1941-October 1943 Major-General W. Rodney Moore: 1955 Major-General Guy P. Bramall: January 1972-November 1973 Major-General John W. October 1943-July 1944 Major-General Charles F.S. Alexander: February 1938-June 1940 Major-General Kenneth A.B. Penney. Wentworth Harman: November 1930-April 1934 Major-General John Kennedy: April 1934-February 1936 Major-General C. Bainbridge: June 1919-1923 Major-General Sir Archibald A. Montgomery-Massingberd: 1923-April 1926 Major-General Sir Cecil F.L. Anderson: June 1940-May 1941 Major-General Edwin L. Harold R.W. Kenny: January 1982-November 1983 .S. Guy T. Harman: January 1970-January 1972 Major-General Edwin N. Alexander-Sinclair: November 1975-November 1977 Major-General Richard G.H.G.E.G. Taylor: January 1968-January 1970 Major-General Jack W. Clement Armitage: February 1936-February 1938 Major-General the Hon.N. Ronald C. Fitzalan-Howard: November 1963-November 1965 Major-General Richard E.N. Stanier: November 1973-November 1975 Major-General David B.Hobbs: 1959-1960 Major-General Alan Jolly: 1960-1961 Major-General Thomas C. Ward: November 1965-January 1968 Major-General Allan M.131 General Officer Commanding. Holland: September 1915-June 1916 Major-General Sir E. Grierson: October 1906-August 1910 Lieutenant-General Samuel H.A. Matthews: 1950-1952 Major-General Thomas Brodie: 1952-1955 Major-General J. 1st Armoured Division from 1960: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur H.W.F. Loewen: July 1944-January 1946 Major-General Richard N. Morris: May-November 1941 Major-General Walter E. Haking: December 1914-September 1915 Major-General Arthur E.Gregson: August 1956-1959 Major-General Reginald G. Paget: September 1902-October 1906 Lieutenant-General James M. Lomax: August 1910-October 1914 Major-General Sir David Henderson: November-December 1914 Major-General Richard C. 1st Division(1st Infantry Division until 1960. Lawson: November 1977-November 1979 Major-General Geoffrey H.

Wall: Major-General John Cooper: Major-General Graham J.N.L. Lambie: Brigadier Brendan P. Kerr: Brigadier John J. Brims: Major-General Peter A. Mackay-Dick: Major-General Anthony A. Redmond Watt: Major-General Robin V. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Mervyn Janes: Brigadier Robert Lyon: Brigadier R.S. Denison-Smith: Major-General Roderick A. Townsend: Brigadier Edmund F. Burton: Brigadier Ian G.132 Major-General Sir David C.C. Durie: Brigadier G.M. Abraham: Brigadier William J. Binns: Major-General Adrian J. Atkinson: Brigadier P. Bradshaw: Major-General James I. Gregory: Brigadier Kevin D. Smith: Major-General Iain C. Brown: Brigadier Andrew R. Ohlenschlanger: Brigadier Ian C. Weighill: Brigadier Richard Haldenby: Brigadier Simon L. Wheeler: Major-General Rupert A. Kingdon: Brigadier Robert P.G. Robin Duchesne: Brigadier Brian T.J. Bashall: Major-General James R. Keeling: Brigadier R. Chiswell: Commander.F. Mullens: Major-General Richard H. Cordy-Simpson: Major-General John P. McGuinness: Brigadier D.J. Thorne: Major-General Anthony R. Pennicott: Brigadier Ian G. Humphrey: November 1983-November 1985 November 1985-July 1987 July 1987-August 1989 August 1989-October 1990 October 1990-August 1992 August-December 1992 July 1993-February 1994 February 1994-June 1996 June 1996-October 1998 October 1998-November 2000 November 2000-May 2003 May 2003-January 2005 January 2005-October 2006 October 2006-March 2009 March 2009-March 2011 March 2011-October 2012 October 2012- 1965-1967 1967-1969 1969-December 1971 December 1971-March 1975 March 1975-December 1977 December 1977June 1981-December 1983 December 1983-February 1986 February 1986-March 1988 March 1988-November 1989 November 1989-1991 April 1994-January 1996 January 1996-December 1997 December 1997-November 1999 November 1999-February 2002 February 2002-January 2004 January 2004-January 2006 January 2006-February 2008 February 2008-February 2010 February 2010-May 2012 May 2012- . Smith: Brigadier Christopher C. Swinburn: Major-General Roger N.G. Kiszely: Major-General C.

Horne: Major-General William G. Sharp: Major-General Chandos Blair: Major-General H.G. Arkwright: Major-General Philip M.T. Nevill: Major-General William G. Edmund Ironside: Major-General Thomas Astley Cubitt: Major-General Henry C. Peter Strickland: Major-General Sir W. Inge: April 1902-February 1904 March 1904-May 1907 May 1907-January 1910 February 1910-August 1914 August-December 1914 January-November 1915 November 1915-December 1916 December 1916-June 1919 June 1919-1923 1923-October 1926 October 1926-October 1928 October 1928-March 1931 March 1931-March 1935 March 1935-August 1937 August 1937-June 1939 June 1939-May 1940 May-August 1940 September 1940-October 1941 October 1941-July 1944 July 1944-April 1946 April 1946-January 1947 January 1947-1949 1949-1951 1951-1954 1954-1956 1956-1958 1958-1960 1960-1962 1962-1964 1964-March 1966 March 1966-December 1967 January 1968-March 1970 March 1970-March 1972 March 1972-1974 February 1974-January 1976 January 1976-February 1978 February 1978-March 1980 March 1980-March 1983 March 1983-January 1984 January 1984-January 1986 . Pereira: Major-General Sir Richard H. Coad: Major-General John H. 2nd Division(2nd Infantry Division until 1977 and from 1995 until April 2012.R.H. Lawson: Major-General Charles C. Stephenson: Major-General Henry M. John Archer: Major-General W. Butler: Major-General Sir E.Norman S. Wavell: Major-General Henry Maitland Wilson: Major-General H.S.K.L. Kitson: Major-General Alexander C. Farndale: Major-General C. Balfour: Major-General Colin B. Jackson: Major-General Archibald P. Butler: Major-General T.B. Douglas: Lieutenant-General Sir Bruce M. Walker: Major-General Sir Cecil E. Callander: Major-General Basil A. Nicholson: Major-General Robert H. Boswell: Major-General Martin B.W. Pain: Major-General A. Wheeler: Major-General John A. Hamilton: Major-General Theodore E. Patrick R.133 General Officer Commanding. Rollo S. Charles Loyd: Major-General Noel M. Watson: Major-General John M. Wilsey: Major-General Cosmo A. Williams: Major-General Mervyn A.O. Grover: Major-General Cameron G. Irwin: Major-General Daril G.S. Desmond Mangham: Major-General Frank E.H. Monro: Major-General Henry S. 2nd Armoured Division from 1977 until 1982): Major-General Charles W. Palmer: Major-General Peter A. Stirling: Major-General Edward A.

Michael Rose: Major-General Michael J. Arnold: Brigadier Graham S. Lloyd Body: Brigadier John B. Shaw: Major-General Nicholas E. Mackay: Major-General David A.L. Royal Artillery: Brigadier T.D.S. Murray Naylor: Major-General H.I.H. Loudon: Major-General David W. Walker: Major-General Patrick J.F. Templer: Brigadier Peter R. Robert Staveley: Brigadier G.C. Bettridge: Brigadier John R. Cordingley: Major-General C. Euan B. Dair Farrar-Hockley: Major-General Robert D. Anthony Richardson: Brigadier W. Parker: Major-General W. Streatfield: Brigadier D. Eeles: January 1986-November 1987 November 1987-October 1989 October 1989-September 1991 September 1991-1992 April 1995-July 1996 July 1996-May 1999 May 1999-November 2002 November 2002-March 2004 March 2004-January 2007 January 2007-May 2009 May-September 2009 October 2009-January 2012 January 2012- Commander. Desmond Mangham: Brigadier Timothy S. McDowall: Major-General Andrew D. Hollands: Brigadier J. Gordon: Major-General Nicholas R.134 Major-General Charles R. Guthrie: Major-General D. Johnston: 1967-1969 1969-1971 1971-1972 1972-January 1975 January 1975-November 1976 November 1976-1978 November 1978-March 1982 March 1982-August 1984 August 1984-1986 1987-November 1988 November 1988-1991 . Bonnet: Brigadier Giles G.

C. McMeekin: Major-General Glyn C. Heywood: Major-General Denis J. Gordon Lennox: Major-General Charles H. Harington: Major-General Vivian W. Churcher: Major-General George C. Blacker: Major-General Anthony J. Jones: Major-General Michael J. Burnett-Stuart: Major-General Harry H. Bernard: Major-General Bernard L. Edward W.H. Deane-Drummond: Major-General Terence D.L. Deverell: Major-General Sir Robert D.P. Walker: Major-General David J. 3rd Armoured Division from 1978 until 1992): Major-General William E.C. Street: Major-General R. Stockwell: Major-General J.: Major-General Hubert I. Ramsbotham: Major-General C. Montgomery: Major-General James A.H. Walsh: Major-General Henry S. Nigel Poett: Major-General John B. Gilbert: Major-General Richard E.A. 3rd Division(3rd Infantry Division until 1978 and from 1992. Whigham: Major-General Sir William C. Ramsden: Major-General Tom G. Mackenzie: Major-General J. Dalzell-Payne: Major-General J.H.Aylmer L. Rennie: Major-General Lashmer G. Michael P. Franklyn: Major-General Sir Henry S.S. Wilkes: May 1907-May 1910 June 1910-May 1914 May-October 1914 October 1914 October 1914-August 1916 August 1916-April 1919 June 1919-July 1922 July 1922-July 1926 July 1926-May 1930 May 1930-November 1932 November 1932-October 1934 October 1934-1936 ?-October 1936 December 1936-August 1939 August 1939-July 1940 July 1940-November 1941 November 1941-December 1942 December 1942-December 1943 December 1943-June 1944 June 1944-1947 April 1951-May 1952 May 1952-March 1954 March 1954-1957 1957-November 1959 November 1959-1961 1961-1962 1962-August 1964 August 1964-June 1966 June 1966-July 1968 July 1968-June 1970 June 1970-June 1972 June 1972-1974 June 1974-June 1976 June 1976-November 1978 November 1978-November 1980 November 1980-November 1982 November 1982-October 1984 October 1984-March 1987 March 1987-June 1988 June 1988-June 1990 . Carnegie: Major-General Michael J. Heneker: Major-General Sir John T. Arthur: Major-General Antony K.K. Carver: Major-General Cecil H.F. Gammell: Major-General Eric C. Haldane: Major-General Cyril J.H. Rawlinson.135 General Officer Commanding. Whistler: Major-General Sir Hugh C.W. Pitt-Taylor: Major-General Robert Gordon-Finlayson: Major-General Cecil P. Worsley: Major-General Robin M. Norman S. Hayes: Major-General William H. Hamilton: Major-General Colin J. G. Bt. Knox: Major-General Walter W.

Ransby: Brigadier Michael T. Lamb: Major-General A. Dean: Brigadier John Milne: Brigadier Michael R. Tadier: Brigadier Bruce Brealey: Brigadier Nicholas H.J.W. Wallace: Major-General Hew W. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Geoffrey L.K.R. Goddard: Brigadier D. Eeles: Brigadier Nicholas D.Q. Ritchie: Brigadier Richard A. Jackson: Major-General Cedric N. Tomlinson: Brigadier Brian W.H. Bramble: Brigadier L. Cowan: June 1990-1993 April 1992-April 1994 April 1994-July 1996 July 1996-January 1999 January 1999-November 2000 November 2000-July 2003 July 2003-June 2005 June 2005-October 2007 October 2007-May 2009 May 2009-April 2011 June 2011-April 2013 April 2013- Commander. Richard Dannatt: Major-General John C. Tennant: Brigadier Michael G. Ford: 1954-1957 1965-1966 1966-August 1968 August 1968-August 1971 August 1971-December 1973 December 1973-December 1975 December 1975-November 1977 November 1977-December 1979 December 1979-December 1981 December 1981-November 1983 November 1983-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 December 1987-April 1990 April 1990-1992 1992 1992-December 1994 December 1994-1997 1997-August 1998 August 1998-July 2000 July 2000-December 2002 December 2002-December 2004 December 2004-June 2007 July 2007-April 2009 April 2009-July 2010 July 2010-2012 October 2012- .M. Delves: Major-General F. Richard D. Lorimer: Major-General James M. Cornock: Brigadier J.136 Major-General Christopher B. Wilson: Brigadier Michael J. Howarth: Brigadier Charles G. Jones: Brigadier Geoffrey P. Shirreff: Major-General Barney W. McQueen: Brigadier Geoffrey B. Davis: Brigadier J. Andrew D. Raworth: Brigadier Frederick R.M.R. McColl: Major-General Graeme C.R. Applegate: Brigadier Colin W. Everard: Major-General John G. White-Spunner: Major-General James R. Viggers: Brigadier Andrew S. Pike: Major-General Michael D.F. Pethick: Brigadier John D. G. Ashmore: Brigadier Neil Marshall: Brigadier William J. Bethell: Brigadier Keith J.D. Anderson: Brigadier John G.B.

Radcliffe: Major-General Archibald R. Brind: Major-General James K. Lipsett: Major-General Cuthbert H. Farrar-Hockley: Major-General J. Dick-Cunyngham: Major-General Clive G. Rawlinson. Hawkesworth: Major-General Hayman J. Reilly: October 1902-May 1906 June 1906-May 1907 May 1907-May 1911 May 1911-September 1914 September-October 1914 October 1914-September 1915 September 1915-September 1917 September 1917-September 1918 September-October 1918 October 1918-November 1919 November 1919-1923 1923-April 1926 April 1926-October 1927 October 1927-June 1931 June 1931-July 1933 July 1933-June 1935 June-November 1935 November 1935-December 1937 January 1938-June 1940 June-October 1940 October 1940-March 1942 March 1942-August 1943 August 1943-March 1944 March 1944-April 1945 April 1945-1946 1946-March 1947 April 1956-1957 1957-1959 1959-1961 1961-1963 1963-October 1965 October 1965-October 1967 October 1967-October 1969 October 1969-August 1971 August 1971-October 1973 October 1973-September 1975 September 1975-October 1977 October 1977-July 1979 July 1979-November 1981 November 1981-November 1983 . Hewetson: Major-General Gerald C. Shute: Major-General Sir Reginald B.137 General Officer Commanding.: Major-General Henry F. Bagnall: Major-General Richard M.M.K. Wilson: Major-General the Hon. Ralph Eastwood: Major-General John G. Michael Gow: Major-General Nigel T. Down: Major-General Reginald H. Support Command from January 2012): Lieutenant-General Sir Charles E.T. Callander: Major-General Ernest E. Belfield: Major-General Thomas D’O. William Lambton: Major-General Torquil G. Erskine Crum: Major-General David W. Eugster: Major-General Michael Forrester: Major-General Vernon F. Matheson: Major-General Louis J. Johnson: Major-General T. Hopkinson: Major-General Desmond S. Allard: Major-General Basil O. Knox: Major-General William E. U. Fraser: Major-General Anthony H.I.H. Snow: Major-General Sir Henry S. Akehurst: Major-General Jeremy C. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General A. des R. Dudley Ward: Major-General Colin B. 4th Division(until 1947 and from 1956 until 1993 and from 1995 until January 2012.Lucas: Major-General Sir Cameron D. Swayne: Major-General John L. de B. Bt. Liddell: Major-General Dudley G.S. Vickers: Major-General John B. Stephens: Major-General Sir Percy P. Franklyn: Major-General Herbert E. Gordon: Major-General Jean V. Cameron: Major-General Charles Bonham-Carter: Major-General Sir John E.

Everson: Major-General R.R. Burgess: Brigadier T. William E. Baines: Brigadier Arthur G.138 Major-General C. Richards: Major-General Timothy J. R. Gordon: Brigadier Michael A. Rous: Major-General Jeremy J. Willcocks: Brigadier Michael Smythe: 1966-1967 1967-February 1970 February 1970-June 1972 June 1972-January 1975 January 1977-April 1979 April 1979-March 1981 March 1981-February 1983 February 1983-October 1984 October 1984-December 1986 December 1986-February 1989 February 1989-1990 1992-July 1993 . Nitsch: November 1983-December 1985 December 1985-November 1987 November 1987-December 1989 December 1989-November 1991 November 1991-July 1993 1995-March 1996 March 1996-May 1998 May 1998-January 2001 January 2001-April 2002 April 2002-January 2003 January 2003-May 2004 May 2004-October 2006 October 2006-November 2008 November 2008-May 2011 May 2011-August 2013 August 2013- Commander.B.T. Mountford: Brigadier M. Jones: Brigadier W. Sulivan: Major-General John T.G. Ritchie: Major-General David L. Judd: Major-General J. Stewart-Cox: Brigadier Edward A. Holmes: Major-General Andrew S. Denison-Smith: Major-General Nigel W.F.E.S.E. Denison-Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Anthony A. Lamont Kirkland: Major-General Colin J. Royal Artillery: Brigadier Geoffrey de E. Collin: Brigadier David F. John Waters: Major-General Michael F.M. Quayle: Brigadier Richard S. O’Connor: Brigadier John C.A.G. Seamus Kerr: Major-General Peter F. Winder: Brigadier Thomas D. Hobbs: Major-General the Hon. Mackenzie: Major-General Anthony A. Boag: Major-General Robert M.

Cottam: Major-General Andrew P. Plumer: Major-General William Pitcairn Campbell: Major-General Sir Charles Fergusson. O. Kavanagh: Major-General Reginald B. Denaro: Major-General Nicholas J. Morland: Major-General Charles T. Hull: Major-General Philip G.McM.S. Howard: Major-General Guy C. Gregson-Ellis: Major-General Geoffrey R.: Major-General Thomas L. Thomas: Major-General Mervyn Janes: Major-General Ian L.M.G. Stephens: Major-General John Ponsonby: Major-General Sir Hugh S. Jeudwine: Lieutenant-General Walter M. Leslie Rundle: Lieutenant-General Henry Fane Grant: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert C. Berney-Ficklin: Major-General Gerard C. Bucknall: Major-General Philip G.139 General Officer Commanding.N.M.S. Musson: Major-General Walter B. Bt. 5th Division(until April 2012): Major-General Sir H. Searby: Major-General A. Kirke: Lieutenant-General Edward T. Freer: Major-General Robin V. Farquhar: Major-General Martin J.D. Peter Grant Peterkin: Major-General Arthur G. Humphreys: Major-General Geoffrey W. Williams: Major-General Harold E. St. Franklyn: Major-General Horatio P. Rutledge: May 1902-November 1903 November 1903-July 1906 May 1907-February 1909 February 1909-February 1913 February 1913-October 1914 October 1914-July 1915 July 1915-April 1916 April 1916-July 1918 July 1918-October 1919 October 1919-1922 December 1929-September 1931 September 1931-March 1934 March 1934-May 1937 May 1937-December 1938 December 1938-July 1940 July 1940-August 1943 August 1943-January 1944 January-November 1944 December 1944-1946 1946-September 1947 April 1958-1959 April 1968-March 1970 March 1970-February 1971 April 1995-September 1996 September 1996-October 1999 October 1999-December 2000 December 2000-January 2003 January 2003-March 2005 March 2005-June 2008 June 2008-April 2012 . Gregson-Ellis: Major-General Richard A.

Wynne. Parsons: Major-General Charles T. Morton: Major-General Sir Herbert C. Marden: Major-General Sir E.G. Davies: Major-General Havelock Hudson: Major-General William C. Carter: General Officer Commanding.140 General Officer Commanding. Heneker: Major-General Bernard L. Evetts: Major-General Jonathan D. Montgomery: Major-General A. O. Page: Major-General Nicholas P. O’Connor: Major-General John F. Peter Strickland: Lieutenant-General Richard N. Knox: Major-General Lawrence W. O’Connor: General Officer Commanding. 6th Division: Major-General Arthur S. Gough: Major-General Sir Thompson Capper: Major-General Herbert E. Metcalfe Major-General William P. Stephenson: Lieutenant-General Lawrence W. 7th Division: Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald de C. 8th Division: Major-General Sir Hugh McCalmont: Major-General Sir Reginald Pole-Carew: Major-General Sir William G. Plumer: Major-General Thompson Capper: Major-General Hubert De La P. Congreve: Major-General Charles Ross: Major-General Thomas O. Major-General Theodore E. Reade Godwin-Austen: April 1902-November 1903 November 1903-October 1905 October 1905-November 1906 November 1906-May 1907 September 1914-July 1915 August 1915-December 1916 December 1916-1919 October 1938-August 1939 August 1939-February 1940 June 1902-April 1906 April 1906-May 1907 August 1914-April 1915 April-July 1915 July-September 1915 September 1915-January 1917 January-April 1917 April 1917-1919 September 1938-November 1939 1905-October 1906 November 1906-May 1907 May 1907-August 1909 August 1909-July 1910 July 1910-July 1914 July 1914-May 1915 May-November 1915 November 1915-August 1917 August 1917-November 1919 November 1919-1922 November 1939-January 1941 January-September 1941 February 2008-January 2009 January-November 2009 . Barrow: Major-General T. Keir: Major-General Walter N. Herbert Shoubridge: Major-General Richard N. Pulteney: Major-General John L. Parsons: Major-General Francis J. Watts: Major-General George De S.

Leach: Major-General Colin J. Lukin: Major-General Cyril A.S.H. Plumer: Lieutenant-General Arthur S. Gorringe: December 1903-February 1904 March 1904-1905 August 1914-November 1915 December 1915-June 1919 June 1919-1921 General Officer Commanding. Wynne: Lieutenant-General Sir Bryan T.O. Bt. Marriott: June 1941-September 1942 September 1942-December 1945 December 1945-December 1946 . Longley: Major-General Sir George F.C. Cunningham: April 1902-April 1905 August-October 1914 October-December 1914 January-September 1915 September 1915 September 1915-December 1916 December 1916-March 1918 March 1918 March 1918-1919 September 1939-March 1940 March-June 1940 June-August 1940 General Officer Commanding. 9th Division: Major-General Edward P. Mackenzie: Major-General Sir Charles Fergusson.141 General Officer Commanding. Beck: Major-General Alan G.: Major-General Hermann J. Blacklock: Major-General H. Mahon: Major-General Sir John R.S. Thesiger: Major-General William T. Guards Armoured Division(Guards Division from June 1945 until December 1946): Major-General Sir Oliver W. Leese: Major-General Allan H. Adair: Major-General John O. Furse: Major-General Henry T. Lindsay: Major-General Edward A. Landon: Major-General George H. 10th Division: Major-General Herbert C. Hugh Tudor: Major-General George M.

Philip B. Loewen: Major-General George E.142 General Officer Commanding.R. 6th Armoured Division(until 1946 and from 1951 until 1958): Major-General John T. Gairdner: Major-General Charles F.N. Rodney Moore: 1955-July 1957 . Stirling: September 1940-October 1941 October 1941 October 1941-May 1942 May 1942-December 1943 December 1943-July 1944 July-August 1944 August 1944-1946 1946 1951-October 1953 October 1953-September 1954 1955-1956 1957-1958 1958 General Officer Commanding. Arkwright: Major-General Charles P. Crocker: Major-General Herbert Lumsden: Major-General Charles H. Musson: November 1944-1945 1947-January 1948 March 1949-May 1951 May 1951-November 1953 November 1953-March 1956 March 1956-February 1958 February-April 1958 General Officer Commanding. 10th Armoured Division(from 1955 until 1957): Major-General J. Mitchell: Major-General Roderick W. Keightley: Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh: Major-General Gerald W. O’Connor: Major-General William G. Cooper: Major-General John W.B.D. Hackett: Major-General Geoffrey R. Lyne: Major-General G. McLeod: Major-General Denis S. Prior-Palmer: Major-General Francis N.S. Templer: Major-General Horatius Murray: Major-General Charles F. Jones: Major-General Kenneth C. 7th Armoured Division(until 1948 and from 1949 until 1958): Major-General Lewis O. Roberts: Major-General Robert H.

Lathbury: Major-General Geoffrey K. Hewetson: March 1941-April 1942 April-May 1942 May-October 1942 October 1942-December 1943 December 1943-February 1946 1950-1953 1953-1955 1955-1956 1956 General Officer Commanding.B.143 General Officer Commanding. Hobart: Major-General M. Walker: Major-General Peter M. Bourne: Major-General Francis D. Keightley: Major-General Percy C. Stockwell: May 1943-December 1944 December 1944-1946 March-December 1946 December 1946-August 1947 August 1947-April 1948 General Officer Commanding.T. Rome: General Officer Commanding. Foote: Major-General Harold E. 17th Gurkha Division: Major-General Lancelot E. Roberts: Major-General Henry R. Gale: Major-General Eric L. 11th Armoured Division(from 1941 until 1946 and from 1950 until 1956): Major-General Percy C. Bols: Major-General Hugh C. 16th Airborne Division(from 1947 until 1956): Major-General Robert E. Anderson: Major-General James A.S.James H. 6th Airborne Division(until April 1948): Major-General Richard N. Robertson: Major-General Walter C. Brocas Burrows: Major-General G. Horsford: 1952-May 1955 May 1955-May 1958 May 1958-February 1961 February 1961-February 1964 February 1964-December 1965 December 1965-January 1969 January 1969-1970 January 1947-December 1948 December 1948-October 1951 October 1951-1953 1953-1956 . Hobart: Major-General Charles F.S. Urquhart: Major-General Gerald W.R. Bols: Major-General A. Perowne: Major-General Richard N.M. Cassels: Major-General Eric L. Hunt: Major-General Arthur G. Patterson: Major-General Derek G. Anderson: Major-General Reginald H. Philip B. Pyman: Major-General John D’A.C.

Lambert: Major-General Peter St. 1st Federal Division.144 General Officer Commanding. Malaya(from 1953 until Major-General William H. Clair-Ford: 1953-1955 1955-1957 ): .

McQueen: Major-General Peter F. Davies: Major-General Colin T. H. Evans: Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh: Major-General Valentine Blomfield: Major-General William H. McNamara: Major-General Sir Hugh J. Park: Major-General Sir William Douglas: Major-General Bertram R.D. Noel Thomas: Major-General Humphrey E. Sibbald: Major-General W. Holmes: Major-General Henry B. Moore: Major-General William H. Herbert Shoubridge: Major-General Arthur Solly-Flood: Major-General Claude D. Dunbar: Major-General George H.J. Major-General John A. Scott: Major-General Claude I. 42nd East Lancashire Division(North-West District only from 1968 until 1991): Major-General William Fry: Major-General Cecil W. Mitford: Major-General Arthur Solly-Flood: Major-General T. Elles: Major-General Kenneth G. James Wilson: Major-General Corran W. Beach: Major-General Arthur E. Dunbar: Major-General A.A.D.B. Buchanan: Major-General William G. N. Hicks: Major-General Philip M. Michael E. Stratton: Major-General Thomas P. Shortis: Major-General Anthony B. H. Willcox: Major-General Eric G. Aizlewood: Major-General Geoffrey C. Dempsey. Bredin: Major-General Charles W. Lea: Major-General J. Purdon: Major-General K. Miles: Major-General Miles C.145 General Officer Commanding. Crowfoot: April 1908-October 1910 October 1910-May 1913 May 1913-March 1917 March-October 1917 October 1917-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-February 1926 1927-September 1928 January 1929-May 1933 May-October 1933 October 1933-March 1934 March 1934-March 1938 March 1938-May 1940 June 1940-April 1941 April-October 1941 October 1941-December 1942 December 1942-October 1943 January 1947-January 1948 March 1948-October 1950 October 1950-December 1953 December 1953-December 1955 May 1956-May 1959 May 1959-April 1962 April 1962-October 1963 December 1963-August 1965 September 1965-February 1968 February 1968-May 1970 May 1970-May 1972 May 1972-September 1974 September 1974-March 1977 March 1977-January 1980 January 1980-April 1983 April 1983-March 1986 March 1986-April 1989 April 1989-1991 .

Howarth: August 1954-August 1956 August 1956-1959 March 1974-November 1975 November 1975-June 1977 June 1977-April 1980 April 1980-August 1982 September 1982-September 1985 . Findlay: Brigadier J. Roy Birkett: Brigadier Walter P. Cartwright: Brigadier Desmond M.H. Robertson: Brigadier George N. Shean: Brigadier T. Powell: Brigadier William F. North-West District: Brigadier John M.A.F.146 Deputy Commander.W.

Jeapes: Major-General Anthony J.G. Cooper: Major-General Robert Lyon: Major-General Sir John H. Borradaile: Major-General John H. Percival: Major-General Robert V. Allfrey: Major-General G. Cubbon: Major-General John R. Floyer-Acland: Major-General Arthur E. Holden: Major-General Michael C.E.C. 43rd Wessex Division(South-West District only from 1968 until 1992): Brigadier-General William J. Cunningham: Major-General George L. Jeffreys: Lieutenant-General Reginald J. Sixsmith: Major-General Hugh A. I. Charles Coleman: Major-General Cecil L. Acland: Major-General Michael S. Donald: Major-General Sir C. Crozier: Major-General Arthur N. Amyatt Hull: Major-General Sir Louis J. Halford: Major-General Thomas H.G. Pollok: Major-General Charles W.P. Symes: Major-General C. Firbank: Major-General Eric K. Ivor Thomas: Major-General George W. Blomfield: Major-General Colin G.T. Hildyard: Major-General Baptist B. Lane: Major-General Anthony S.J. Bols: Major-General Sir Edward Northey: Major-General Sir George D.F.K. Acton: Major-General John K. Erskine: Major-General George W.147 General Officer Commanding. Douglas-Withers: Major-General Hugh P. Gray: Major-General Barry M. Kirkpatrick: Major-General Charles J. Pollard: April-December 1908 January 1909-February 1911 February 1911-November 1914 June 1919-1920 September 1920-1924 1924-October 1926 October 1926-October 1930 October 1930-October 1934 October 1934-December 1938 December 1938-February 1940 February-April 1940 April 1940-February 1941 February 1941-March 1942 March 1942-1945 1945 1945-1949 1949-1951 1951-September 1954 September 1954-October 1957 October 1957-February 1960 February 1960-February 1963 February 1963-December 1964 December 1964-February 1967 February 1967-February 1970 February 1970-December 1971 December 1971-1974 May 1974-November 1975 November 1975-December 1978 December 1978-November 1981 November 1981-January 1984 January 1984-June 1987 June 1987-March 1990 March 1990-1992 .B.

Christie: Brigadier Neville M. Neil L. Shacklock: Brigadier Frederick Stephens: Brigadier George Laing: Brigadier Richard J. Pye: December 1954-March 1957 March 1957-July 1959 July 1959-1961 April 1974-April 1976 April 1976-June 1978 June 1978-July 1981 July 1981-April 1984 April 1984-February 1988 February-October 1988 November 1988-February 1989 February 1989-1992 . Pughe: Brigadier Hugh W. Evans: Brigadier Ian A. Starling: Brigadier Roderick M.148 Deputy Commander.B. Randall: Brigadier B.K.J. South-West District: Brigadier William G. Walker: Brigadier M. Fletcher: Brigadier John G.

M.B. Hodgson: Major-General Arthur G. Peck: Major-General John Kennedy: Major-General John R.S. Osborne: Major-General Arthur E. Dickson: Major-General Charles V.W. Wauchope: Major-General Henry R. 44th Home Counties Division(until 1968): Major-General Colin G.G. Gregson-Ellis: Major-General Brian C. Parry: Brigadier Garth R.H. Turner: Major-General Paul Gleadell: Major-General Ewing H. Grimshaw: Major-General F. Young: Major-General Sir John R. Bird: February 1954-February 1957 February 1957-October 1959 October 1959-1961 April 1908-January 1909 January 1909-April 1912 April-October 1912 October 1912-December 1914 July 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-January 1929 January 1929-January 1933 January 1933-April 1934 April 1934-April 1938 April 1938-June 1940 June 1940-April 1941 April-June 1941 June 1941-March 1942 March 1942-January 1943 1946-1947 1947-1950 1950-March 1952 March 1952-December 1953 January 1954-November 1956 November 1956-November 1959 November 1959-January 1962 January 1962-July 1965 July 1965-1968 . F. Brian Wyldbore-Smith: Deputy Commander: Brigadier John J. Mason-Macfarlane: Major-General Brian G. Kimmins: Major-General E. King: Major-General William F.Otway Herbert: Major-General Robert C. Hughes: Major-General Hugh C.149 General Officer Commanding. McCully: Brigadier Frederick W. Longley: Major-General Sir Henry W.R. Stockwell: Major-General Philip G. Donald: Major-General Edward T. Percival: Major-General Frank N. Horrocks: Major-General Ivor T. P. Townshend: Major-General James C. Minshull Ford: Major-General Edmund A.

Dempsey: Major-General Harold A. Reginald Hoskins: Major-General Casimir C.150 General Officer Commanding. Curtis: Major-General Desmond F. Boyd: Major-General Sir A. Hawkesworth: Major-General Stephen C.B. Bt. Hambro: Major-General Oswald C.: Major-General Algernon L. 46th North Midlands Division: Brigadier-General Hugh J. Wimberley: Major-General Miles C. Archdale: Major-General Hubert I. Anderson: Major-General Charles E.I. van Straubenzee: Major-General Sir Percy O. Taylor: Major-General Sir Hereward Wake.E. Edward J. Combe: Major-General George W. Montagu-StuartWortley: Major-General William Thwaites: Major-General Gerald F. Ransome: Major-General Henry O. Borrett: Major-General Maurice G. W. Hamilton: Major-General the Hon. Hudson: Major-General Douglas N. Weir: Major-General John F. Richards: April 1908-January 1911 January 1911-June 1914 June 1914-July 1916 July 1916-September 1918 September 1918-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-May 1927 May1927-May 1931 May 1931-December 1932 December 1932-April 1934 April 1934-1937 October-December 1939 December 1939-June 1940 June-December 1940 December 1940-May 1941 May-June 1941 June-October 1941 November 1941-August 1943 August 1943-November 1944 November 1944-1946 1946-1947 1947 . Freeman-Attwood: Major-General John L.

Monro: Major-General Thomas L. Liddell: Major-General Harry Willans: Major-General Aubrey E.N. Utterson-Kelso: Major-General Gerald W. Morland: Major-General Sir Charles St.151 General Officer Commanding. Oldfield: Major-General Richard D.L. L. Utterson-Kelso: March 1908-March 1912 March 1912-August 1914 August-September 1914 September 1914-September 1916 October 1916-July 1919 July 1919-July 1923 July 1923-December 1926 January 1927-December 1930 January 1931-December 1934 January-November 1935 September 1939-November 1940 November-December 1940 December 1940-April 1941 April 1941-April 1942 April-September 1942 September 1942-September 1944 September 1944-1945 . Robinson: Major-General John E. Smyth: Lieutenant-General Sir William Thwaites: Major-General Leopold C. Williams: Major-General Clifford C. Dawson: Major-General Charles C. Oldman: Major-General Clive G. F. Gorringe: Major-General Sir Nevill M. Templer: Major-General Alfred E. 47th/2nd London Division: Major-General Vesey J.R. Malden: Major-General John E. Barter: Major-General Sir George F.

Majury: Major-General Robert W.C. de B. Walker: Major-General Sir Percy P. Pat A. Mills: Major-General James H.F. Berney-Ficklin: Major-General W.S.M.C. Thorne: Major-General Roderic L. Western District from until 1991): Brigadier-General Herbert A.152 General Officer Commanding. Thorneycroft: Major-General John L. Bradshaw: Major-General John F. Andrew N.B. Petre: Major-General Arthur E. Ward-Booth: Major-General Richard C. Roberts: Major-General A. Radcliffe: Major-General Thomas T. Butler: Major-General Frank C.F. Raitt: Major-General Alexander W. Worsley: Major-General John E. Bonnet: April 1908-September 1911 September 1911-July 1912 July 1912-July 1914 July-August 1914 August 1914-May 1915 May 1916-June 1918 June 1918-1923 1923-April 1926 April 1926-April 1930 April 1930-June 1931 June 1931-June 1935 June 1935-June 1939 June-October 1939 October 1939-June 1940 June 1940-October 1941 October-December 1941 December 1941-August 1943 August 1943-March 1944 March 1944-1946 February 1961-March 1963 March 1963-April 1965 April 1965-April 1968 April 1968-October 1970 October 1970-October 1973 October 1973-October 1976 October 1976-February 1979 February 1979-March 1982 March 1982-November 1983 November 1983-June 1986 June 1986-June 1989 June 1989-1991 . Gillett: Major-General W. 48th South Midlands Division(until 1946 and from 1961 until 1968 and West Midlands District from 1961 until 1973. Graham S. Grasett: Major-General Hayman J. Downward: Major-General John A.T.F. Graham: Major-General Henry N. Willoughby: Major-General Peter B. Ward: Major-General Peter R. Vesey: Major-General Cuthbert G. Fuller: Major-General Stephen S. Pitman: Major-General Sir Ivo L. Keightley: Major-General Brendan P. Heath: Major-General Sir Robert Fanshawe: Major-General Sir Harold B. Keir: Major-General Edward R. Hayman-Joyce: Major-General Horatio P. McGuinness: Major-General Robert W. Britten: Major-General Peter A.

N.S.W. Bastick: September 1954-September 1957 September 1957-1961 October 1972-November 1974 November 1974-February 1976 February 1976-June 1978 September 1978-May 1980 May 1980-September 1983 September 1983-December 1985 .M. Rose: Brigadier J.S.D. Barker: Brigadier M. Hopkinson: Brigadier I. Christopher Thursby-Pelham: Brigadier Harry S. Malcolm Cubiss: Brigadier J.153 Deputy Commander. West District: Brigadier A. Ball: Brigadier Robert G. Melsome: Brigadier C.

Birkbeck: Major-General Peter J.B. Hanmer: Brigadier Geoffrey F. Rawlins: Major-General George W. May: Major-General George H. Bullock: Major-General Thomas S. Baldock: Major-General Edward M. Cooke: Major-General Reginald P.A.154 General Officer Commanding.B. Mackesy: Major-General Henry O. Perceval: Major-General Neville J. Man: Major-General Robert Gordon-Finlayson: Major-General David A. Cameron: Major-General Henry R. Lushington: Brigadier Charles M. Goodwin: Major-General Theodore H.A. Stileman: Brigadier R. East Midlands District: Brigadier John F. Plummer: December 1952-November 1955 November 1955-December 1958 December 1958-1960 April 1973-March 1975 March 1975-September 1976 September 1976-March 1979 March 1979-January 1982 April 1908-January 1910 January 1910-September 1911 September 1911-July 1915 July 1915-October 1917 October 1917-June 1919 June 1919-1923 1923-March 1926 June 1926-June 1930 June 1930-September 1931 September 1931-September 1935 September 1935-April 1938 May 1938-April 1940 June 1940-April 1943 April 1943-November 1944 November 1944-March 1945 March-August 1945 1947-1949 1949-December 1951 December 1951-December 1954 December 1954-December 1957 December 1957-July 1960 July 1960-September 1962 September 1962-December 1963 February 1964-December 1966 December 1966-March 1970 March 1970-1973 .G. Barker: Major-General Gordon H. Curtis: Major-General Evelyn H. Davies: Major-General Alfred A. Snow: Brigadier John N. Toler: Deputy Commander.N. 49th North Midlands and West Riding Division and North Midlands District from 1956 until 1967. Kelly: Major-General Pierse J. Tugwell: Brigadier David M. Kennedy: Major-General Neville J. Glover: Major-General Christopher M. East Midlands District from 1967 until 1973) : Brigadier-General Archibald J. 49th West Riding Division(49th North Midlands and West Riding Armoured Division and North Midlands District from 1947 until 1956. Mayes: Brigadier Maurice A.A.G. Harding: Major-General Ralph Younger: Major-General Richard E. Cameron: Major-General Sir Reginald S. Richards: Major-General Ronald B.M. Wright: Lieutenant-General George M.J.A.H. Jackson: Major-General George C. MacMillan: Major-General Stuart B.

Guthrie: April 1908-March 1910 March 1910-September 1911 September 1911-March 1912 March 1912-April 1915 April-June 1915 June-August 1915 August 1915-February 1918 March 1918-July 1919 July 1919-July 1923 July 1923-1927 1927-April 1928 April 1928-February 1931 February 1931-February 1935 February 1935-February 1939 February 1939-December 1940 December 1940-July 1942 July 1942-March 1943 March 1943-January 1944 January 1944-1945 1945-1946 1946-1948 1948-May 1950 June 1950-March 1951 March 1951-August 1953 August 1953-September 1956 September 1956-May 1959 May 1959-May 1962 May 1962-March 1964 March 1964-July 1966 July 1966-1967 1967-May 1968 May 1968-August 1970 August 1970-January 1973 January-July 1973 July 1973-July 1976 July 1976-January 1980 January 1980-April 1982 April 1982-January 1984 January 1984-January 1986 January 1986-November 1987 . Baker: Major-General C.T. Cory: Major-General Henry W.A.D. Newcome: Major-General Ladislaus H. Loewen: Major-General Lashmer G. Inge: Major-General Charles R. Colquhoun: Major-General William H. Herbert: Major-General Giffard Le Q. Naylor: Major-General John Y.L. Collin: Major-General Henry G.H. Woods: Major-General Ian H.B. Martel: Major-General William H. Baden-Powell: Major-General Francis H. Whitworth: Major-General John M. Horsford: Major-General Reginald H. Read: Major-General Richard Keith-Jones: Major-General Derek G.155 General Officer Commanding.R. Ward-Harrison: Major-General Geoffrey T. Armitage: Major-General John M. Nichols: Major-General Sidney C. Ramsden: Major-General John S. Graham: Major-General Robert F. Kirkman: Major-General Douglas A. Pope-Hennessy: Major-General William N. Palmer: Major-General Peter A. Plowden: Major-General Frederick Hammersley: Major-General Benjamin Burton: Major-General Sir Walter F. Hulton-Harrop: Major-General Lord Thurlow: Major-General J. Antony J. Wilkinson: Major-General Henry C.L. Whitfield: Major-General Charles F.S. Wilkinson: Major-General Frederick A. Whistler: Major-General Horatius Murray: Major-General Cyril H.D. Lindsay: Major-General the Earl of Cavan: Major-General Sir Percival S. 50th Northumbrian Division(North-East District from 197 : Lieutenant-General Sir Robert S. Dudgeon: Lieutenant-General Sir George N. Patrick R. Jackson: Major-General Sir Percival S. Ward-Harrison: Major-General Geoffrey de E.

M.156 Major-General D. Dyball: Brigadier Alan N. Wells: August 1955-September 1958 September 1958-1959 February 1968-February 1971 February 1971-January 1973 January 1973-April 1974 April 1974-March 1977 March 1977-March 1980 March 1980-October 1981 October 1981-November 1983 November 1983-July 1986 July 1986-April 1988 April 1988-1991 . Murray Naylor: Major-General H.C. Breitmeyer: Brigadier Peter G. Barber: Brigadier Anthony J. Wilson: Brigadier Brendan P. Jones: Brigadier W. Vickers: Brigadier R.H. North-East District: Brigadier Stanley R. McGuinness: Brigadier J. Michael Rose: November 1987-October 1989 October 1989-September 1991 Deputy Commander. Hutton: Brigadier C.D.Anthony G. Garratt: Brigadier James S.A.H. Richard Mundell: Brigadier C. Prescott: Brigadier Geoffrey W.

Carter-Campbell: Major-General Ewen G. Brownrigg: Major-General Victor M.A. Douglas S. Burnett of Leys. Lang: Major-General Ian A. Bt. Barber: Major-General Robert K. James H. Mackenzie: Major-General Richard Bannatine-Allason: Major-General George M. Thomson: Major-General Sir James L. 51st Highland Division(until 1968): Major-General Forbes Macbean: Major-General Charles L.G. MacMillan: Major-General A. Fortune: Major-General Alan G. Arbuthnott: Major-General James Scott-Elliot: Major-General Edward C.C.157 General Officer Commanding. Cunningham: Major-General Neil M. Charles Bullen-Smith: Major-General Tom G. Robertson: Major-General Edward Maitland-Makgill-Crichton: April 1908-March 1911 March 1911-March 1914 March-August 1914 August 1914-September 1915 September 1915-March 1918 March 1918-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-June 1931 June 1931-June 1935 June 1935-January 1938 January 1938-June 1940 August-October 1940 October 1940-June 1941 June 1941-August 1943 August 1943-July 1944 July 1944-March 1945 March-May 1945 May 1945-1946 1946-1949 1949-November 1952 November 1952-March 1956 March 1956-March 1959 March 1959-March 1962 March 1962-April 1964 April 1964-February 1966 February 1966-1968 . Graham: Major-General Derek B. Harper: Major-General George T. Rennie: Major-General Gordon H. Sinclair-Maclagan: Major-General Sir Archibald B. Cassels. Ritchie: Major-General Sir William M. Major-General Colin M. Wimberley: Major-General D. Colville: Major-General Frederick C.: Major-General W. Woollcombe: Major-General Colin J. Ritchie: Major-General Douglas N.C.

Bt. Bowes-Lyon: May 1966-1968 .A. Urquhart: December 1948-February 1950 Major-General George H.:March 1930-March 1934 Major-General Andrew J. Smith: June 1916-September 1917 Major-General John Hill: September 1917-September 1918 Major-General Francis J. Constable-Maxwell-Scott.: March 1941-September 1942 Major-General Neil M. Thuillier: June 1927-March 1930 Major-General Sir Walter J. Inglis: February 1950-1952 Major-General R. Ritchie: September 1942-November 1943 Major-General Edmund Hakewill-Smith: November 1943-1948 Major-General Robert E. Drew: March 1938-March 1941 Major-General Sir John E.E. Frost: October 1961-February 1964 Major-General Henry L. Leask: February 1964-May 1966 Maajor-General F. Kelham: April 1908-March 1910 Major-General James Spens: March 1910-March 1914 Major-General Granville G.M. Robertson: June 1919-June 1923 Major-General Hamilton L. 52nd Lowland Division(until 1968): Brigadier-General Henry R. Herbert A. Marshall: September 1918-June 1919 Major-General Sir Philip R.158 General Officer Commanding. McCulloch: August 1936-March 1938 Major-General James S. Reed: June 1923-June 1927 Major-General Sir Henry F. Bt. Fortune: September 1935-August 1936 Major-General Sir Andrew J. McCulloch: March 1934-September 1935 Major-General Victor M. Lawrence: September 1915-June 1916 Major-General Wilfrid E. Laurie.B. James C. Macdonald: October 1958-October 1961 Major-General John D.C. Egerton: March 1914-September 1915 Major-General the Hon. George Collingwood: 1952-October 1955 Major-General Rohan Delacombe: October 1955-October 1958 Major-General John F.

Lindley: Major-General William R. Graham: Major-General Arthur G. F.159 General Officer Commading. Deedes: Major-General Charles J. Marden: Major-General Thomas Astley Cubitt: Major-General Charles P. Wales District from 1968 until 1995): Brigadier-General Augustus W. 53rd Welsh/Mid-West Division(until 1968. Frisby: Major-General Douglas L. Morgan Llewellyn: Major-General Peter R. John E. Mott: Major-General Cyril J. Bucknall: Major-General Robert K. Napier: Major-General Peter I. Darling: Major-General John M.E. Bastyan: Major-General William R. Regan: Major-General Ian L. de la C. Grant: Major-General James K. Chiswell: Major-General Peter E.C. Ross: Major-General Philip M. Woodrow: Major-General Peter R. Balfour: Major-General Christopher G. Freer: April 1908-January 1909 January 1909-September 1913 October 1913-August 1915 August-December 1915 January 1916-April 1917 April 1917-July 1919 July 1919-1921 March 1922-June 1923 June 1923-1927 1927-October 1928 October 1928-June 1930 June 1930-December 1932 December 1932-June 1935 June 1935-June 1939 June 1939-July 1941 July 1941-September 1942 September 1942-August 1945 1946-January 1947 January-August 1947 August 1947-1950 1950-1952 1952-March 1955 March 1955-January 1958 January 1958-February 1961 February 1961-December 1963 December 1963-April 1968 April 1968-May 1970 May 1970-May 1973 May 1973-February 1976 February 1976-March 1978 March 1978-May 1980 May 1980-October 1983 October 1983-September 1985 September 1985-December 1987 December 1987-June 1990 June 1990-November 1991 November 1991-June 1994 June 1994-April 1995 .J. Wilson: Major-General Gerard C. Spencer-Smith: Major-General A. de la Billiere: Major-General R. Deverell: Major-General Sir Archibald A. Marshall: Major-General Alister G. Cox: Major-General Lewis O. Stewart-Cox: Major-General Lennox A. Dallas: Major-General Stanley F.C.H. Montgomery: Major-General Sir Thomas O. Wood: Major-General Ernest E. Davies: Major-General Michael D. Woolner: Major-General George N. Down: Major-General Edric M. Dick-Cunyngham: Major-General Gervase Thorpe: Major-General Bevil T. Pugh: Major-General Richard G. Hill: Major-General Francis Lloyd: Major-General the Hon. Leuchars: Major-General John D.

Wales: Brigadier B.E. Daniell: Brigadier Gordon McDonald: Brigadier J. Burke: Brigadier Alan W.160 Deputy Commander. Hooper: Brigadier Charles Hince: June 1955-June 1958 June 1958-1961 December 1974-November 1976 November 1976-December 1979 December 1979-April 1981 April 1981-August 1984 .G. Parham: Brigadier John H.A.

Inglefield: Major-General Sir Steuart W.B. Walker: Major-General Patrick J. Fyffe: Major-General Fergus A. Priestman: Major-General Evelyn H. Gerrard-Wright: Major-General John R.A. Julian H. MacMillan: Major-General Charles A. Ling: Major-General Jack B. Firth: Major-General Leslie K. Campbell: Major-General the Hon. Barker: Major-General Charles B. Matheson: Major-General Francis J. Wainwright: Major-General Colin B. Dye: Major-General David W.161 General Officer Commanding. Townshend: Major-General Francis S. Chilton: Major-General Charles E. 54th East Anglian Division(until 1946 and from 1958 until 1967. Harding: Major-General Dennis E. F. Evans: Major-General Michael J. Lockhart: Major-General Roger H. Scott-Barrett: Major-General Peter Hudson: Major-General David J.D.H. Callender: Major-General Cyril E. Tabor: Major-General Andrew L. Hare: Major-General John Duncan: Major-General Sir Torquhil G. Cordingley: August 1908-October 1910 October 1910-October 1912 October 1912-June 1913 June 1913-April 1916 April 1916-July 1923 July 1923-February 1927 February 1927-September 1930 September 1930-September 1934 September 1934-September 1938 September 1938-February 1941 February 1941-April 1943 April-May 1943 May-December 1943 1946-1948 1948-1950 1950-1951 1951-1952 1952-May 1955 May 1955-June 1958 June 1958-March 1961 March 1961-July 1963 July 1963-May 1965 May 1965-February 1969 February 1969-February 1971 February 1971-June 1973 June 1973-February 1975 February 1975-September 1977 September 1977-March 1980 March 1980-May 1982 May 1982-November 1984 November 1984-February 1987 February 1987-April 1989 April 1989-1992 ?-November 1992 November 1992-1995 . Marshall: Major-General Russell M. Freeland: Major-General Richard A. J. Luckcock: Major-General John H. M. Eastern District from 1968 until 1995): Brigadier-General John H.G.St.N. Byng: Major-General Charles V. East Anglian District from 1946 until 1968. Watson: Major-General Richard E. Lomax: Major-General Maurice S. Ramsay: Major-General Peter W. Talbot: Major-General Ian H. Graham: Major-General William A.T. Bower: Major-General Reginald P. A.

Dickson: Major-General Edward C.C. Majendie: Major-General William D. Tailyour: Brigadier John F. Morgan: Major-General Hugh B. Barnes: Major-General Sir Cecil L.B. McCord: Brigadier R. Lindsay: Major-General Frederick Hammersley: Major-General John B. Hibbert: Major-General Walter E.S. Weir: Major-General Sir W. De Pree: Major-General Basil F. 55th West Lancashire Division: Major-General Edward T. Clutterbuck: Major-General Horatio P. Bethune: Major-General Walter F. Harvey: Brigadier Mervyn N.R. Burnett-Hitchcock: Major-General Harold W. Barclay: Brigadier John D. Jeudwine: Major-General Sir Reginald W.L.R. Morgan: Major-General Frederick D.James N. King-Martin: Brigadier J. Litton: Brigadier Maurice G. Higginson: Major-General George A. Lewin: Major-General Vivian H. Nicholson: Major-General Hugo D. Macnab: Brigadier Francis P.H.Ray: Brigadier Peter G. Forster: Major-General Sir Hugh S.M. Berney-Ficklin: April 1908-January 1909 January 1909-June 1912 June 1912-August 1914 August-September 1914 September 1914-1915 January 1916-May 1919 May 1919-April 1921 April 1921-1925 1925-1926 July 1926-September 1928 September 1928-September 1932 September 1932-December 1933 January 1934-December 1935 December 1935-June 1938 June 1938-June 1941 June-October 1941 October 1941-May 1942 May 1942-August 1943 August 1943-July 1944 July 1944-1945 . Eastern District: Brigadier Kenneth R.M.162 Deputy Commander.R. Cooke-Collis: Major-General Ernest O. Middleton: November 1955-November 1957 November 1957-November 1959 November 1959-1961 January 1968-March 1970 March 1970-December 1971 December 1971-May 1974 May 1974-March 1978 March 1978-February 1981 February 1981-1983 General Officer Commanding.

Amyatt Hull: Major-General W. Riddell-Webster: Brigadier D. Graham: Major-General Gerald W. P. Verney: Major-General Robert H. Lithgow: Brigadier Anthony G. Feilding: Major-General Hubert Isacke: Major-General Winston Dugan: Major-General Percy R. Amyatt Hull: Major-General Sir Cecil E.R.L. Arthur H.163 General Officer Commanding. Liardet: Major-General Montagu G.B. Arkwright: Major-General Harold E. Whitfield: Major-General Gerald L. Henniker-Major: Major-General William Fry: Major-General C. Stopford: Major-General Eric G. Riddle: Brigadier E. Dudgeon: Major-General Sir C. Scottish Division(from 1968 until 1987): Brigadier Francis H.D. Miles: Major-General Douglas A.H. Codrington: Major-General the Hon.R. Bray: Major-General Cecil M. Deakin: March 1908-December 1909 December 1909-February 1912 February 1912-January 1915 February 1916-July 1917 July-August 1917 August 1917-April 1918 May 1918-June 1919 June 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-June 1931 June 1931-June 1934 June 1934-June 1938 June 1938-January 1941 January-October 1941 October 1941-May 1943 May-October 1943 October 1943-July 1944 July 1944-1946 1946-1948 1948-1949 1949-1951 1951-1954 1954-1957 April 1957-March 1959 March 1959-1960 Divisional Brigadier. Ashmore: April 1968-September 1970 September 1970-May 1973 May 1973-October 1975 October 1975-August 1977 August 1977-December 1980 December 1980-1983 January 1984-July 1986 July 1986-1987 .C.H. Templer: Major-General John Y. Coutts: Brigadier Anthony O.C.P. Cameron: Brigadier M. Douglas Smith: Major-General Frederick A. Findlay: Brigadier David B.N. Pyman: Major-General Richard W. Pereira: Major-General Sir Geoffrey P.H.T.B. Commings: Major-General Claude F. F. 56th/1st London Division(56th London Armoured Division from 1946 until 1960): Major-General Alfred E. MacLennan: Bridgadier Robert W. Goodbody: Major-General David Dawnay: Major-General Robert N.

E. Turner: January 1968-February 1971 February 1971-August 1973 August 1973-May 1976 September 1976-April 1980 April 1980-June 1982 June 1982-July 1984 July 1984-May 1987 . Levey: Brigadier Christopher J. Armour: Brigadier T.H. Wise: Brigadier James R.E. Anderson: Brigadier Michael J. Charles Millman: Brigadier M.164 Divisional Brigadier. Holme: Brigadier A. Shuttleworth: Brigadier Mervyn N. Howard: Brigadier Michael H. Napier: Brigadier J. Queen’s Division(from 1968 until 1987): Brigadier Michael W.B. Clarke: Brigadier D. King’s Division(from 1968 until 1987): Brigadier William S. Lee: Brigadier W.S. Vaughan: Brigadier Dennis W.W. Ballantine: Brigadier John P. McCord: Brigadier J. Collins: Brigadier Peter H.H.C.G. Prince of Wales’ Division(from 1968 until 1987): Brigadier D.R. Carter: Brigadier H. Roy Birkett: Brigadier M.G.R. Sharpe: February 1968-September 1970 September 1970-June 1973 June 1973-June 1976 June 1976-August 1978 August 1978-July 1981 July 1981-July 1984 July 1984-July 1985 July 1985-July 1987 Divisional Brigadier. Barnes: 1968-April 1969 April 1969-June 1971 June 1971-December 1972 December 1972-June 1976 June 1976-August 1978 August 1978-October 1982 November 1982-September 1985 September 1985-March 1987 Divisional Brigadier.H. Randle: Brigadier John R. Roden: Brigadier Lennox A.G. Thorne: Brigadier Charles M. J.A.

Burgess: Brigadier David M.165 Divisional Brigadier.A.R.H. Robin M. Lowe: Brigadier Christopher C. Welsh: Brigadier Brian J.G. Dunphie: 1968-1969 September 1969-March 1973 March 1973-September 1974 January 1975-March 1977 March 1977-May 1979 May 1979-July 1980 July 1980-March 1983 March 1983-June 1985 June 1985-September 1987 . Parker: Brigadier Peter M. Jackson: Brigadier the Hon. Pontifex: Brigadier Giles H. Sibbald: Brigadier T. Mills: Brigadier Peter F. Light Division(from 1968 until 1987): Brigadier J.

166 (e ) BRIGADES INDEX: Commanding1st Artillery: 1st Cavalry: 1st Guards/Mechanized: 1st Rhine: 2nd Cavalry: 2nd Rhine: 2nd South-Eastern: 3rd: 3rd Cavalry: 4th/Guards/Armoured/Mechanized: 4th Cavalry: 5th/Airborne/8th Field Force: 6th/Armoured: 7th /Armoured: 7th Artillery: 8th: 9th: 10th: 11th Armoured/Light: 12th Mechanized/Armoured: 13th: 14th: 15th: 16th /Parachute/Air Assault/6th Field Force: 17th: 18th: 19th /Airportable/Mechanized/Light/7th Field Force: 20th Armoured: 21st Artillery: 22nd Armoured: 24th Airportable/Airmobile/5th Field Force: 33rd Armoured: 38th Irish: 39th: 42nd North-Western: 43rd Wessex: page 203 page 204 page 166 page 205 page 205 page 206 page 168 page 170 page 205 page 172 page 205 page 174 page 176 page 178 page 203 page 180 page 181 page 182 page 183 page 185 page 186 page 187 page 188 page 189 page 190 page 191 page 192 page 193 page 204 page 194 page 195 page 196 page 196 page 197 page 198 page 198 .

Egypt: Field Forces5th(see 24th Brigade) 6th(see 16th Brigade) 7th(see 19th Brigade) 8th(see 5th Brigade) Ulster Defence Regiment: page 198 page 199 page 199 page 200 page 200 page 201 page 201 page 201 page 202 page 202 page 202 page 203 page 206 page 206 page 206 page 204 .167 44th Parachute: 48th Gurkha: 49th East Midlands: 51st Gurkha: 51st Highland/Scottish: 52nd Lowland: 54th East Anglian: 56th London(see London District) 107th Ulster: 143rd West Midlands: 145th Southern/Home Counties: 160th Wales: Berlin Infantry: Cairo: Canal: Cavalry.


Commanding, 1st (Guards until 1960) Brigade(1st Division, Aldershot; reformed 1981; 1st Mechanised Brigade from 199 ): Brigadier-General Francis Lloyd: Brigadier-General the Hon. Arthur H. Henniker-Major: Brigadier-General Francis J. Davies: Brigadier-General F. Ivor Maxse: Brigadier-General Charles FitzClarence: Brigadier-General H. Cecil Lowther: Brigadier-General Anthony J. Reddie: Brigadier-General John R. Minshull-Ford: Brigadier-General Charles J.C. Grant: Brigadier-General William B. Thornton: Brigadier-General Leonard L. Wheatley: Brigadier-General J. McC. Steele: Brigadier the Hon. Alexander G.A. HoreRuthven: Brigadier Bertram N. Sergison-Brooke: Brigadier Robert V. Pollok: Brigadier A.F. Andrew N. Thorne: Brigadier H. Charles Loyd: Brigadier Merton Beckwith-Smith: Brigadier Felix A.V. Copland-Griffiths: Brigadier S.A. Foster: Brigadier Philip G.S. Gregson-Ellis: Brigadier Joseph C. Haydon: Brigadier Claud A. Montagu-Douglas-Scott: Brigadier Gerald L. Verney: Brigadier J.N. Rodney Moore: Brigadier George F. Johnson: Brigadier William L. Steele: Brigadier George C. Gordon Lennox: Brigadier James C. Windsor Lewis: Brigadier R.G. Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour: Brigadier W.Digby M. Raeburn: Brigadier Edwin H.A. Beckett: Brigadier the Hon. William E. Rous: Brigadier John F.W. Wilsey: Brigadier David P. Thomson: Brigadier John F. Deverell: Brigadier J.G. Williams: Brigadier Ian H. McNeil: Brigadier Brian P. Plummer: May 1904-May 1908 May 1908-November 1909 November 1909-August 1910 August 1910-September 1914 September-November 1914 November 1914-August 1915 August 1915-October 1917 October 1917 October 1917-March 1918 April-September 1918 September 1918-1919 August 1920-October 1924 October 1924-April 1928 April 1928-October 1931 October 1931-May 1935 May 1935-December 1938 December 1938-July 1939 July 1939-July 1940 July 1940-April 1943 April-July 1943 July 1943-January 1944 February-July 1944 July 1944-March 1945 March 1945-1946 1946-1947 1947-1948 ?-1952 1952-1954 1954-1957 1957-1959 1959-1960 January 1981-January 1983 January 1983-December 1984 December 1984-December 1986 December 1986-December 1988 December 1988-December 1990 December 1990-1992 1992-April 1995 April 1995-December 1996


Brigadier John C. McColl: Brigadier Jonathon P. Riley: Brigadier Simon V. Mayall: Brigadier Andrew C.P. Kennett: Brigadier Richard H. D. Toomey: Brigadier James I. Bashall: Brigadier Tyrone R. Urch: Brigadier Timothy P. Robinson: Brigadier Rupert T.H. Jones:

December 1996-November 1998 December 1998-January 2001 January 2001-December 2002 December 2002-December 2004 December 2004-2006 2006-December 2008 December 2008-December 2010 December 2010-August 2012 August 2012-


Commanding, 2nd Brigade(1st Division, Aldershot; 2nd (South-East Brigade) from 2007): Brigadier-General Edward A.H. Alderson: Brigadier-General Sir Henry S. Rawlinson, Bt.: Brigadier-General C.F. Nevil Macready: Brigadier-General Thomas L.N. Morland: Brigadier-General Edward S. Bulfin: Brigadier-General Claude B. Westmacott: Brigadier-General George H. Thesiger: Brigadier-General James H.W. Pollard: Brigadier-General Henry F. Thuillier: Brigadier-General Arthur B. Hubback: Brigadier-General Geoffrey C. Kemp: Brigadier-General Sir William A.I. Kay, Bt.: Brigadier-General George C. Kelly: Brigadier-General Harold W. Higginson: Brigadier-General John G. Dill: Brigadier Andrew J. McCulloch: Brigadier Kenneth G. Buchanan: Brigadier Clare R. U. Savile: Brigadier Edward A. Beck: Brigadier Laurence Carr: Brigadier Charles E. Hudson: Brigadier Arthur A.B. Dowler: Brigadier Eric E.J. Moore: Brigadier Adrian C. Gore: Brigadier Charles E.A. Firth: Brigadier Richard N. Anderson: Brigadier Charles P. Jones: Brigadier Doidge E. Taunton: Brigadier Reginald G.S. Hobbs: Brigadier George D. Renny: Brigadier Edward A.W.Williams: Brigadier George H. Lea: Brigadier J. Noel Thomas; Brigadier Kenneth R.S. Trevor: Brigadier Gilbert McMurtie: Brigadier James H.S. Majury: Brigadier John M.W. Badcock: Brigadier Anthony G. Findlay: Brigadier B. Neil L. Fletcher: Brigadier Richard T.P. Hume: Brigadier M.R. Lee: May 1903-February 1907 March 1907-August 1909 August 1909-June 1910 June 1910-June 1913 June 1913-November 1914 November 1914-May 1915 May-August 1915 August-October 1915 October 1915-March 1916 March 1916-July 1917 July 1917-March 1918 March 1918 March 1918-1919 1921-October 1923 November 1923-October 1926 October 1926-March 1930 March 1930-December 1932 December 1932-February 1935 February 1935-July 1936 July 1936-June 1938 June 1938-December 1940 January-November 1941 November 1941-February 1944 February-May 1944 May-October 1944 October 1944January 1948-October 1950 October 1950-1951 1951-1952 1953-1956 1956-1957 1957-1960 1960-1961 1961-1964 1964-1965 1965-December 1967 December 1967-January 1970 January 1970-January 1973 January 1973-April 1976 January 1982-May 1984 May 1984-September 1987


Brigadier R.S. Webster: Brigadier John C. Holman: Brigadier Guy de V. W. Hayes: Brigadier David H. Godsal: Brigadier Trevor J. Minter: Brigadier David M. Santa-Ollala: Brigadier James I.S. Plastow: Brigadier Iain S. James: Brigadier Simon P. Wolsey: Brigadier Christopher J. Claydon:

September 1987-October 1989 October 1989-December 1992 December 1992-December 1995 December 1995-November 1998 November 1998-December 2001 December 2001-January 2005 January 2005-December 2007 December 2007-June 2010 June 2010-June 2013 June 2013-


Commanding, 3rd Brigade(2nd Division until 1907, then 1st Division, Aldershot; Northern Ireland from 1974 until 1981 and from 1988 untl 2004): Brigadier-General Thomas D. Pilcher: Brigadier-General William Pitcairn Campbell: Brigadier-General Frederick Hammersley: Brigadier-General Hermann J.S. Landon: Brigadier-General Richard H.K. Butler: Brigadier-General Henry R. Davies: Brigadier-General George S.G. Craufurd: Brigadier-General Robert C.A. McCalmont: Brigadier-General R.B. Barker: Brigadier-General Hubert H.S. Morant: Brigadier-General Sir William A. I. Kay, Bt.: Brigadier-General Edward G. St.Aubyn: Brigadier-General Arthur C. Daly: Brigadier-General Harry H.S. Knox: Brigadier Charles P. Deedes: Brigadier Gervase Thorpe: Brigadier Thomas G. Dalby: Brigadier Pierse J. Mackesy: Brigadier Henry O. Curtis: Brigadier Thomas N. F. Wilson: Brigadier W. Ronald C. Penney: Brigadier H.A.E. Matthews: Brigadier J.G. James: Brigadier Eric E. Dorman-Smith: Brigadier Peter St.Clair-Ford: Brigadier Robert K. Exham: Brigadier John N. Hanmer: Brigadier J.Antony J. Read: Brigadier Basil O. Eugster: Brigadier John H. Gibbon: Brigadier Peter J. Bush: Brigadier Colin S. Wallis-King: Brigadier David W. Anderson: Brigadier David M. Woodford: Brigadier David C. Thorne: Brigadier C. John Waters: Brigadier Charles G.C. Vyvyan: Brigadier Mark J. Strudwick: Brigadier Thomas Longland: May 1904-1907 1907-January 1908 January 1908-August 1910 August 1910-November 1914 November 1914-February 1915 February 1915-November 1916 November 1916-March 1917 March-November 1917 November 1917-January 1918 January-May 1918 May-October 1918 October 1918-June 1919 June 1919-1923 1923-June 1926 June 1926-November 1927 November 1927-June 1931 June 1931-January 1935 January 1935-January 1938 January 1938-December 1939 December 1939-December 1940 December 1940-September 1941 October 1941-April 1943 April 1943-April 1944 April-August 1944 August 1944-1947 1950-1953 1953-1955 1957-1959 1959-1962 1962 July 1971-August 1973 August 1973-February 1975 February 1975-July 1976 July 1976-December 1977 December 1977-1979 December 1979-September 1981 February 1988-March 1990 March 1990-1991 1991-May 1992

Knapper: Brigadier Roderick J. Erskine Crum: Brigadier C.173 Brigadier Douglas V. Brunt: Brigadier Andrew J. Graham: Brigadier Simon J. Balfour: Brigadier Roger M. Redmond Watt: Brigadier James M.J.N.M. Porter: May 1992-April 1994 April 1994-December 1995 December 1995-December 1997 December 1997-December 1999 December 1999-November 2001 November 2001-November 2003 November 2003-September 2004 .

4th Mechanized Brigade from 2006): Brigadier-General Herbert C.A. Cracroft: Brigadier John C. Wood: Brigadier Kenneth A.A.H. McLellan: Brigadier William H. 4th Guards Brigade from until August 1915 and from 1950 until 1971. Michael Fitzalan-Howard: Brigadier Vernon F. O. Erskine Crum: October 1902-December 1903 December 1903-February 1907 March-? 1907 August-September 1914 September 1914-June 1915 June-December 1915 January-December 1916 December 1916-September 1917 September 1917-November 1918 December 1938-February 1940 February 1940-October 1941 October-December 1941 December 1941-July 1942 July 1942-January 1943 January-December 1943 December 1943-May 1944 May 1944 June 1944-July 1945 November 1939-May 1941 May 1941-June 1942 June-July 1942 July-October 1942 October-November 1942 December 1942-January 1943 January-February 1943 February-December 1943 December 1943-March 1944 March-June 1944 June 1944-1946 1950-1952 1952-1955 1955-1959 1959-1961 1961-1963 1963-1965 . 4th Brigade(2nd Division. 4th Armoured Brigade from 1971 until 2006.C.S. Harvey: Brigadier D. Gammell: Brigadier Edward G. Aldershot until 1907. Champion de Crespigny: Infantry: Brigadier James A. Carr: Brigadier Marcus G. Carver: Brigadier Claude I. Sparks: Brigadier George N. George Burns: Brigadier E. Currie: Brigadier R.B. Gatehouse: Brigadier Arthur F. Newton King: Brigadier John C. Goschen: Brigadier J. Caunter: Brigadier Alexander H. Plumer: Brigadier-General Herbert E. Pereira: Brigadier-General George D. Warren: Brigadier Herbert E.L. Fisher: Brigadier William G. John B. Theobalds: Brigadier R. Mackenzie: Brigadier-General Robert Scott-Kerr: Brigadier-General the Earl of Cavan: Brigadier-General Geoffrey P. Fitzgerald: Brigadier W.F. McNaught: Armoured: Brigadier John A. Smyth: Brigadier Harry P.T. Belfield: Brigadier-General Colin J.Michael P.T. Dunbar: Brigadier Denis H. Roddick: Brigadier Charles B. 1st Guards Brigade from August 1915 until November 1918. Currie: Brigadier Hugh J. Jeffreys: Brigadier-General Claude R.174 Commanding.Feilding: Brigadier-General Cecil E. Nelson: Brigadier the Hon.H.S.

Richards: Brigadier William R. Gibson: Brigadier Christopher M. Michael Gow: Brigadier Sir Ian L.175 Brigadier David A.: Brigadier John Swinton: Brigadier W. Reith: Brigadier F. Jardine. Hammerbeck: Brigadier John G. Desmond A.A. Toler: Brigadier J. Courage: Brigadier Roderick A. Bt.H. Guthrie: Brigadier William A. Langley: Brigadier C. Michael E. Smith: Brigadier Paul M.G. Inge: Brigadier Charles R. Cordy-Simpson: Brigadier Christopher J. William Woodburn: Brigadier Peter A. Richard Dannatt: Brigadier David J.L. Felton: Brigadier Robert B. Rollo: Brigadier Nicholas G. Herbert: 1965-January 1968 January 1968-1970 1970-January 1972 January 1972-January 1974 January 1974-January 1976 January 1976-January 1978 January 1978-December 1979 December 1979-December 1981 December 1981-December 1983 December 1983-December 1985 December 1985-April 1988 April 1988-April 1990 April 1990-1992 1992-April 1994 April 1994-July 1996 July 1996-May 1998 May 1998-September 2000 September 2000-December 2002 December 2002-December 2004 December 2004-April 2007 April 2007-January 2009 January 2009-January 2011 January 2011-May 2013 May 2013- . Bruce: Brigadier Charles L. Evans: Brigadier Walter J. Deverell: Brigadier Julian R. Hicks: Brigadier H. Free: Brigadier Richard F.P.

Cavendish: Brigadier Victor F.V. Macgregor-Oakford: Brigadier John H.O. Pope: Brigadier J. Corkran: Brigadier-General W. Bullen-Smith: Brigadier-General William L. Haking: Brigadier-General Arlington A. Pratt: Brigadier Richard B.W. Trant: Brigadier Peter M. Shoosmith: Brigadier Hetherington Long: Brigadier John H. Pain: Brigadier Edwin N. Batten: Brigadier Peter H. 5th Airborne Brigade from 1982 until 1999): Brigadier-General William Pitcairn Campbell: Brigadier Thomas D. 5th Brigade(3rd Division until 1907. Wilsey: Brigadier Rohan Delacombe: Brigadier Edgar P. Arthur H. Fortune: Brigadier Francis P. Henniker-Major: Brigadier-General Charles R. Aldous: Brigadier R. Nosworthy: Brigadier Gerald I.W. Gartlan: Brigadier Charles G.S.H. Chichester: Brigadier-General Charles E. Grogan: Brigadier Walter W. Learmont: May 1904-1907 ?-May 1907 May 1907-May 1908 May 1908-September 1911 September 1911-December 1914 December 1914-July 1915 July 1915-May 1916 May 1916-March 1918 March 1918-1919 October 1919-1923 1923-June 1925 June 1925-1928 January 1930-March 1932 March 1932-April 1935 April 1935-January 1938 January 1938-February 1941 March-October 1941 October 1941-July 1942 August-September 1942 September 1942-May 1944 May 1944-1945 1947 1947-1949 1949-1950 1950-1953 1953-1954 1954-1956 1956-1958 1958-1961 1961-1962 1962-1965 1965-November 1967 November 1967-December 1969 December 1969-December 1972 December 1972-December 1974 December 1974-December 1976 December 1976-December 1978 December 1978-December 1980 .C.G. Pitt-Taylor: Brigadier John R. Sewell: Brigadier Richard H. Rollo S. Jackson: Brigadier-General George W.T.176 Commanding. Phillips: Brigadier James R. Alston-Roberts-West: Brigadier Stephen N. then 2nd Division. Bramall: Brigadier Oliver G. Brind: Brigadier Philip W. Davies: Brigadier H. Pilcher: Brigadier-General the Hon. Welsh: Brigadier Robert B. Hawkins: Brigadier Michael M. Minshull Ford: Brigadier Victor M. 8th Field Force from 1977 until 1982. Noel Thomas: Brigadier D. Osborn: Brigadier-General Henry C. Aldershot.G. Simpson: Brigadier-General Richard C. St.B.

177 Brigadier M.M. Holmes: Brigadier Graeme C. Lamb: Brigadier Adrian R. Chaundler: Brigadier Nigel W.J. Jeapes: Brigadier Robert J. Anthony Wilson: Brigadier Anthony S.S. Freer: December 1980-December 1982 December 1982-March 1985 March 1985-January 1987 January 1987-January 1989 January 1989-December 1990 December 1990-April 1993 April 1993-April 1996 April 1996-December 1997 December 1997-1999 .F. Richards: Brigadier Cedric N.G. Delves: Brigadier John T. Corbett: Brigadier David R.

Shapland: Brigadier Wesley G. Greenacre: Brigadier Cosmo A. Verney: Brigadier Walter D. M.C. Brown: Brigadier Herbert E. Nevill: Brigadier Richard E. Smyth: Brigadier R. Irwin: Brigadier Dennis W.V. Hopkins: Brigadier John D.178 Commanding. Carver: Brigadier Charles W.C. Mackenzie: Brigadier-General Richard H. H. Oldman: Brigadier Archibald P. Roberts: Brigadier David B. Ponsonby: Infantry: Brigadier Noel M. Bartholomew: Brigadier Richard D. Davies: Brigadier-General Robert Fanshawe: Brigadier-General Arthur C. 6th Armoured Brigade from 1971 until 1992): Brigadier-General Edward S. 6th Brigade(Southern Command until 1907. Dunbar: Brigadier John K.S.F. Alexander-Sinclair: ?-November 1906 December 1906-March 1907 March 1907-October 1910 October 1910-September 1914 September 1914-May 1915 May 1915-January 1917 January 1917-April 1918 April-May 1918 May 1918-1919 August 1919-1923 1923-October 1926 October 1926-July 1930 July 1930-January 1934 January 1934-October 1935 October 1935-March 1939 March 1939-May 1940 June-September 1940 September 1940-December 1941 December 1941 December 1941-January 1943 January-April 1943 April-October 1943 October 1943-May 1944 May 1944-July 1945 July 1945September 1941-September 1942 September 1942-February 1945 February 19451951-1954 1954-1957 1957-1960 1960-1962 1962-1965 1965-December 1967 December 1967-December 1969 December 1969-December 1971 December 1971-December 1973 . Hart-Synnot: Brigadier-General Frank G. Mitford: Brigadier-General Colin J. McNaught: Guards Armoured: Brigadier Allan H. Aldershot. Adair: Brigadier Gerald L.S. Hayman-Joyce: Brigadier Harold S.H. Cavendish: Brigadier B.F. Willan: Brigadier-General Frank W.R. S.S. Worsley: Brigadier R. Goodwin: Brigadier John F. Browne: Brigadier-General Bertram R. Furlong: Brigadier Hayman J. Michael P. then 2nd Division. Daly: Brigadier-General Richard K. Douglas-Withers: Brigadier David W.I. Ramsay: Brigadier-General William H. Smith: Brigadier R. Scott-Barrett: Brigadier J. Walsh: Brigadier-General Arthur H. Wavell: Brigadier Henry Maitland Wilson: Brigadier Henry C.

Elliott: December 1973-January 1976 January 1976-November 1977 November 1977-November 1979 January 1981-January 1983 January 1983-December 1984 December 1984-December 1986 December 1986-December 1988 December 1988-1989 1990-September 1992 . Smith: Brigadier Robert W. Grist: Brigadier Rupert A. Richard Mundell: Brigadier Robin D. L. M.179 Brigadier Henry S. Edward W. Dalzell-Payne: Brigadier Michael J. Perkins: Brigadier Ian Mackay: Brigadier C. McAfee: Brigadier Christopher L. Jones: Brigadier W.


Commanding, 7th Brigade(, 4th Division until 1907, then 3rd Division, Southern Command; 7th Armoured Brigade until 1956 and from 1958): Brigadier-General Hubert I. W. Hamilton: Brigadier-General Laurence G. Drummond: Brigadier-General Frederick W. N. McCracken: Brigadier-General Gwyn V. Hordern: Brigadier George H.N. Jackson: Brigadier Robert J. Collins: Brigadier C. Clement Armitage: Brigadier George M. Lindsay: Brigadier William Platt: Infantry: Brigadier John A.C. Whitaker: Brigadier Arnold de L. Cazenove: Brigadier Richard J.P. Wyatt: Brigadier Walter H. Oxley: Brigadier Basil B. Rackham: Brigadier David H. Haugh: Armoured: Brigadier H.F. Russell: Brigadier George M.O.Davy: Brigadier John H. Anstice: Brigadier Otho L. Prior-Palmer: Brigadier Kenneth C. Cooper: Brigadier Reginald P. Harding: Brigadier Ralph Younger: Brigadier Richard W. Hobson: Brigadier John R. Holden: Brigadier A. Rea Leakey: Brigadier Ian G. Gill: Brigadier Richard E. Worsley: Brigadier Robert C. Ford: Brigadier Laurie W.A. Gingell: Brigadier Ian H. Baker: Brigadier Martin B. Farndale: Brigadier J. Norman S. Arthur: Brigadier C. Patrick R. Palmer: Brigadier Anthony R.G. Mullens: Brigadier Richard H. Swinburn: Brigadier Richard E. Barron: January 1906-October 1910 October 1908-October 1912 October 1912-1914 November 1919-1923 November 1923-May 1927 May 1927-February 1929 February 1929-July 1932 July 1932-October 1934 October 1934-November 1938 November 1938-August 1940 August 1940-September 1941 September 1941-February 1942 February-June 1942 June 1942-August 1944 September 1944-1945 September 1939-July 1941 July-December 1941 December 1941-September 1943 November 1943-February 1945 February 1945-1946 1946-1949 1950-1953 1953-1955 1958-1961 1961-1963 May 1964-January 1966 January 1966-December 1967 December 1967-December 1969 December 1969-January 1972 January 1972-December 1973 December 1973-January 1976 January 1976-December 1977 December 1977-April 1980 April 1980-September 1982 September 1982-December 1984 December 1984-December 1986


Brigadier Christopher B.Q. Wallace: Brigadier Patrick A. J. Cordingley: Brigadier Timothy J. Sulivan: Brigadier John P. Kiszely: Brigadier Andrew P. Ridgway: Brigadier David W. Montgomery: Brigadier Andrew R.E. de C. Stewart: Brigadier A. Richard D. Shirreff: Brigadier Graham J. Binns: Brigadier Adrian J. Bradshaw: Brigadier Patrick C. Marriott: Brigadier Alexander J.S. Storrie: Brigadier Nicholas Welch: Brigadier Paul A.E. Nanson: Brigadier James M. Woodham:

December 1986-December 1988 December 1988-1991 1991-February 1993 April-October 1993 October 1993-April 1995 April 1995-December 1996 December 1996-April 1999 April 1999-December 2000 December 2000-March 2003 March 2003-December 2004 December 2004-2007 2007-March 2009 March 2009-March 2011 March 2011-January 2013 January 2013-


Commanding, 8th Brigade(4th Division until 1907, then 3rd Division, Southern Command; Northern Ireland from 1969 until 2006): Brigadier-General Edward A.W.S. Grove: Brigadier-General Edward R.C. Graham: Brigadier-General Beauchamp J.C. Doran: Brigadier-General Frederick A. Dudgeon: Brigadier-General Spencer E. Hollond: Brigadier-General Wallace D. Wright; Brigadier Charles J.C. Grant: Brigadier Sir James L.G. Burnett, Bt.: Brigadier Clive G. Liddell: Brigadier Alan F. Brooke: Brigadier William G. Holmes: Brigadier Frank H. Witts: Brigadier Christopher G. Woolner: Brigadier George W. Symes: Brigadier the Hon. William Fraser: Brigadier Bertram U.S. Cripps: Brigadier Edward E.E. Cass: Brigadier Edward H. Goulburn: Brigadier J.N. Rodney Moore: Brigadier J.H.P. Curtis: Brigadier Giles H. Mills: Brigadier J. Alan C.Cowan: Brigadier A. Patrick W. McLellan: Brigadier J. David F. Mostyn: Brigadier David Houston: Brigadier Bryan C. Webster: Brigadier Andrew D. Myrtle: Brigadier Colin T. Shortis: Brigadier W. Keith L. Prosser: Brigadier Colin Mattingley: Brigadier Michael I.E. Scott: Brigadier Michael R.I. Constantine: Brigadier James W. Parker: Brigadier John C.B. Sutherell: Brigadier Anthony M.D. Palmer: Brigadier Nicholas J. Cottam: Brigadier Simon D. Young: Brigadier Patrick E. O’R.-B. Davidson-Houston: Brigadier Paul R. Newton: Brigadier William G. Cubitt: July 1905-December 1908 December 1908-May 1912 May 1912-1915 October 1919-November 1921 November 1921-November 1925 November 1925-August 1927 August 1927-March 1930 March 1930-June 1931 June 1931-April 1934 April 1934-October 1935 October 1935-October 1937 October 1937-February 1940 February-November 1940 November 1940-June 1941 June 1941-March 1942 March 1942-October 1943 October 1943-October 1944 October 1944-July 1945 July 19451966-February 1968 February 1968-December 1969 December 1969-1971 1971-April 1972 October 1972-April 1974 April 1974-September 1975 September 1975-March 1977 March 1977-1978 1978-November 1980 November 1980-November 1982 November 1982-November 1984 November 1984-December 1986 December 1986-November 1988 November 1988-December 1990 December 1990-December 1992 December 1992-December 1994 December 1994-December 1996 December 1996-December 1998 December 1998-December 2000 December 2000-2002 December 2002-September 2004


Brigadier Roderick J.M. Porter: Brigadier Philip D. Jones:

September 2004-November 2005 November 2005-June 2006

Commanding, 9th Brigade(3rd Division, Southern Command): Brigadier-General Charles E. Bradley: Brigadier-General Bertram R. Mitford: Brigadier-General Herbert H. Burney: Brigadier-General Frederick C. Shaw: Brigadier-General Eric S. Girdwood: Brigadier-General Hugh J. Elles: Brigadier-General Robert J. Collins: Brigadier Geoffrey W. Howard: Brigadier Llewellyn I.G. Morgan-Owen: Brigadier William Green: Brigadier Geoffrey T. Raikes: Brigadier Bernard L. Montgomery: Brigadier William Robb: Brigadier Brian G. Horrocks: Brigadier James F. Hare: Brigadier Thomas N.F. Wilson: Brigadier James C. Cunningham: Brigadier Arthur D.G. Orr: Brigadier G.D. Browne: Brigadier George D. Renny: Brigadier W.F.H. Kempster: July 1905-March 1907 March 1907-April 1910 April 1910-May 1913 May 1913-1915 October 1919-1923 1923-August 1926 August 1926-May 1927 May 1927-May 1931 May 1931-July 1933 July 1933-June 1935 June 1935-August 1937 August 1937-October 1938 October 1938-June 1940 June 1940-February 1941 February 1941-March 1942 March-July 1942 July 1942-June 1944 June-August 1944 August 1944-January 1945 January-April 1945 April 1945-


Commanding, 10th Brigade(Northern Command-1920; 4th Division, Eastern Command): Brigadier-General William E. Franklyn: Brigadier-General Samuel H. Lomax: Brigadier-General the Hon. Edward J. Montagu-StuartWortley: Brigadier-General J. Aylmer L. Haldane: Brigadier-General C.P. Amyatt Hull: Brigadier-General Charles A. Wilding: Brigadier-General Charles Gosling: Brigadier-General Aubrey G. Pritchard: Brigadier-General H.W. Green: Brigadier-General John Greene: Brigadier-General Winston J. Dugan: Brigadier-General Thomas W. Stansfeld: Brigadier Francis H. Stapleton: Brigadier William N. Herbert: Brigadier Robert H. Willan: Brigadier Evelyn H. Barker: Brigadier Walter E. Clutterbuck: Brigadier Owen M. Wales: Brigadier John H. Hogshaw: Brigadier Stephen N. Shoosmith: Brigadier Rudolph C.H. Kirwan: Brigadier John A. Mackenzie: October 1902-March 1904 April 1904-April 1908 April 1908-April 1912 April 1912-November 1914 November 1914-February 1916 February-December 1916 December 1916-April 1917 April-November 1917 November 1917-April 1918 April 1918-1919 December 1919-1923 October 1925-March 1929 March 1929-March 1932 March 1932-August 1934 August 1934-August 1938 August 1938-October 1940 October 1940-November 1941 November 1941-June 1942 June 1942-December 1943 December 1943-March 1945 March 1945 March 1945-

F. T.E. Marshall: Brigadier W. Wade: Brigadier-General W. Anderson: Brigadier John M.H. Jeremy Blacker: Brigadier Roger N. Swindells: Brigadier Barry M. Leuchars: Brigadier Timonthy M. Johnson: Brigadier A. Eastern Command. H. Lane: Brigadier Antony K. Arbuthnott: Brigadier Gerald E. 11th Brigade(4th Division. T. James N. Robb: Brigadier-General Thomas D’O. Thubron: Brigadier Richard A. Grover: Brigadier Vyvyan Evelegh: Brigadier Guy F. Heath: Brigadier-General Aylmer Hunter-Weston: Brigadier-General Julian A. Vickers: Brigadier G. S. Creasey: Brigadier Robin M.N. Prowse: Brigadier-General Hubert C.T. Fyffe: Brigadier Richard E. 11th Armoured Brigade from 1970 until 1993. Webb-Bowen: Brigadier-General John Campbell: Brigadier-General Cuthbert H. Walker: Brigadier Garry D.John: Brigadier John A. Douglas S. Carnegie: Brigadier Richard M.H. Gough: Brigadier Edward E.C. Wheeler: November 1905-October 1909 October 1909-June 1910 July 1910-February 1914 February 1914-February 1915 February-April 1915 April 1915-July 1916 July-December 1916 December 1916-October 1917 October 1917-September 1918 September 1918-1919 November 1919-1921 1921-October 1923 October 1923-November 1927 November 1927-November 1931 November 1931-May 1933 May 1933-October 1934 October 1934-January 1938 January 1938-June 1940 June 1940-January 1941 January-November 1941 November 1941-February 1942 February 1942-September 1943 September 1943-October 1944 November 19441955-1957 1957-1960 1961-1962 1963-1965 1965-1966 1966-December 1968 December 1968-February 1971 February 1971-December 1972 December 1972-January 1975 January 1975-January 1977 January 1977-December 1978 December 1978-October 1980 October 1980-December 1982 December 1982-November 1984 November 1984-November 1986 . Lucas: Brigadier-General Francis J. Cass: Brigadier Robert K.A. 11th Light Brigade from 2007 until 2010): Brigadier-General Edward S. Rees: Brigadier-General Ralph A. Browne: Brigadier-General Frederick S. Hunter: Brigadier Kenneth A. St. Hill: Brigadier W. Berners: Brigadier-General T.L. Sharp: Brigadier Frank D. S. Harman: Brigadier Peter R. Hasler: Brigadier-General Charles B. Cooke-Collis: Brigadier Walter P. King: Brigadier Jack W.185 Commanding. Brownrigg: Brigadier Henry N. Snow: Brigadier-General Henry N.J. Michael G.

Cumming: Brigadier James M.186 Brigadier Jeremy J.R. Cowan: November 1986-April 1989 April 1989-1991 1991-1992 1992-January 1993 October 2007-2010 .D. Phipps: Brigadier Iain C.J. Cantley: Brigadier Andrew A. Mackay-Dick: Brigadier W. J.

P. Fagan: Brigadier-General E. Davies: Brigadier Jeremy J.D. Mackenzie: March 1907-July 1909 July 1909-June 1912 June 1912-October 1914 October 1914-June 1916 June 1916-January 1917 January-November 1917 November 1917-October 1918 October 1918-1919 November 1919-1923 1923-October 1925 October 1925-October 1929 October 1929-August 1932 August 1932-July 1935 July 1935-August 1936 August 1936-September 1938 September 1938-October 1939 October 1939-June 1940 June 1940-December 1941 December 1941-April 1943 April-June 1943 June 1943 July-November 1943 November 1943-April 1944 April 19441956-1957 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-December 1968 December 1968-September 1970 September 1970-September 1972 September 1972-December 1974 December 1974-December 1976 December 1976-December 1978 December 1978-December 1980 December 1980-December 1982 December 1982-November 1984 November 1984-1986 . Beak: Brigadier Robert G.G.M. MacMillan: Brigadier Thomas P. Reynolds: Brigadier John C. Hawkesworth: Brigadier Daniel M. Eastern Command until 1914. Callaghan: Brigadier Richard A. Scott: Brigadier F.R. Hugh Beach: Brigadier David T. Thomas: Brigadier H. Gerald Scarlett: Brigadier John G. Hopkinson: Brigadier Brian L. Hankey: Brigadier Sir Hereward Wake.: Brigadier Charles A.G.G. Cameron: Brigadier-General Edward B. Anley: Brigadier-General James D. 12th Mechanised Brigade from 1970 until 1977 and from 1999. Heber-Percy: Brigadier Ian H. Marindin: Brigadier-General Neville J. Ramsay: Brigadier Peter R. Kenny: Brigadier Charles A. Clark: Brigadier John L. until 1947. Bond: Brigadier W. Macnaghten: Brigadier-General Arthur H.W.W.187 Commanding.B. Bradley: Brigadier-General Francis S.W. Wilson: Brigadier-General Frederick G. Freeland: Brigadier Philip T. 12th Brigade(4th Division. Crosbie: Brigadier-General Adrian Carton de Wiart: Brigadier-General Edward A. Howard: Brigadier Martin Kemp-Welsh: Brigadier the Hon. Taylor: Brigadier Michael F.G. Young: Brigadier Walter R. Elliott: Brigadier Algernon G. from 1956 until 1970.I. Tower: Brigadier Walter B.W. Hull: Brigadier Gordon H. Inglefield: Brigadier-General Henry F.O.M. Bt.A. Mark G. 12th Armoured Brigade from 1977 until 1993): Brigadier-General Charles E.

Hughes: Brigadier John G.O. Cuthbert: Brigadier-General William B. Willcox: Brigadier Miles C. Matthews: Brigadier William H. Beckwith: Brigadier-General T. 5th Division. Hall: Brigadier Timothy J.T.C.188 Brigadier Jonathan M. Monro: Brigadier-General Thompson Capper: Brigadier-General Gerald J. Lorimer: Brigadier David M. Hickie: Brigadier-General Edward J. Reade Godwin-Austen: Brigadier Henry B. Campbell: Brigadier Francis R. de Winton: June 1902-June 1906 June 1906-May 1907 May 1907-January 1911 February 1911-1914 ?-October 1914 October 1914 December 1914-February 1915 February-August 1915 August-October 1915 November 1915-September 1918 September 1918-1919 October 1919-June 1921 December 1926-December 1930 December 1930-December 1934 December 1934-September 1938 September 1938-January 1939 January-November 1939 November 1939-July 1940 July-September 1940 September 1940-May 1943 May 1943-September 1944 September-November 1944 November 1944-August 1945 August 1945- . Blake: Brigadier David Forster: Brigadier John H. Vetch: Major-General Henry M. Shaw: Brigadier Christopher G. Ireland until 1922. Priestman: Brigadier A. Maciejewski: Brigadier Douglas M. Dempsey: Brigadier Douglas N. 1927-1929. Cooper: Brigadier-General Robert Wanless O’Gowan: Brigadier-General Charles C. Maynard: Brigadier-General L.F.W.M. 13th Brigade(5th Division. Jonathan D. Granville-Chapman: Brigadier John Cooper: Brigadier the Hon.D.G. Lambert: Brigadier R. Cullen: Brigadier Justin C.Stanton Lambert: Brigadier William A. Lawson: Brigadier-General Charles C. Wimberley: Brigadier Valentine C. Russell: Brigadier Lorne M.M. Jones: Brigadier-General Arthur T. Shanghai Defence Force. Chalmers: December 1988-1990 1990-January 1993 November 1999-January 2002 January 2002-April 2003 April 2003-June 2005 June 2005-November 2007 November 2007-December 2009 December 2009-September 2011 September 2011- Commanding.W. Northern Command from 1929): Major-General William F.S.W.

Huddleston: Brigadier Henry C. Gibb: November 1905-October 1909 November 1909-November 1912 November 1912-October 1914 October 1914-September 1915 September-December 1915 December 1915-January 1916 September 1919-1922 August 1927-July 1929 July 1929-December 1930 December 1930-July 1933 July 1933-June 1937 June 1937-January 1939 January-August 1939 August 1939-October 1940 October 1940-April 1941 April 1941-May 1942 May 1942-November 1943 November 1943-March 1945 March 1945- . Crompton: Brigadier-General Colin R. Palestine. Reade Godwin-Austen: Brigadier George Dawes: Brigadier Ord H. Chappel: Brigadier Alistair Gilroy: Brigadier Thomas Brodie: Brigadier Francis W. Fuller: Brigadier Hubert J. 5th Division.189 Commanding. Rolt: Brigadier-General F. then Dublin District. Shanghai Defence Force. 14th Brigade(5th Division.C. Ballard: Brigadier-General Sir Percy C. 1929-1936. 1927-1929. Harrison: Brigadier A. 1936-1938. Palestine): Brigadier-General Alexander W. 7th Division.B. then 8th Division. Northern Command. Tidbury: Brigadier Brian H. Ireland until 1922. Stanley Maude: Brigadier-General C.W. Thorneycroft: Brigadier-General William Douglas: Brigadier-General Stuart P. Skinner: Brigadier Oswald C. Maitland-Makgill-Crichton: Brigadier Harold C. Borrett: Brigadier John F.

M. Willcox: Brigadier Horatio P.V. Potter: Brigadier-General Sir Percy C. then Ulster Division. Dennis: Brigadier David J.A. Oldman: Brigadier-General George T. Owen Martin: Brigadier John Y. Northern Command from 1929. Beauman: Brigadier Henry B. Berney-Ficklin: Brigadier James A. Payne: Brigadier-General Vesey J. Leask: Brigadier Christopher J. Marchant-Smith: Brigadier J. 15th Brigade(Ireland. Greenfield: Brigadier George S. Turner: Brigadier-General Richard D. Morgan: Brigadier Michael A. Northern England since 1982): Brigadier-General Richard L. Bibby: July 1905-1907 1907-April 1908 April 1908-August 1911 August 1911-March 1915 March-June 1915 June 1915-November 1917 November 1917-1919 November 1919-July 1921 July 1921-1922 1922-1923 December 1929-April 1932 April 1932-October 1934 October 1934-October 1938 October 1938-January 1939 July 1939-June 1940 June-July 1940 July 1940-March 1943 March-August 1943 August 1943-January 1944 January-July 1944 July 1944-June 1945 June 1945January 1982-November 1984 November 1984-April 1987 April 1987-January 1990 January 1990-December 1991 December 1991-December 1994 December 1994-July 1997 July 1997-June 2000 June 2000-September 2002 September 2002-August 2004 August 2004-December 2007 December 2007-January 2011 January 2011- . L. 5th Division. Carter-Campbell: Brigadier-General Herbert C. B. Gammell: Brigadier Hector R. Bevan: Brigadier Anthony de C. Deed: Brigadier Andrew P. Whitfield: Brigadier Christopher Huxley: Brigadier D.190 Commanding.H. Shaw: Brigadier Richard W.D. Dawson: Major-General Alexander Wilson: Brigadier-General Count Gleichen: Brigadier-General Edward Northey: Brigadier-General Martin N. Aris: Brigadier Peter S.N.R. Morton: Brigadier Timothy D. Heathcote: Brigadier George C. Thorp: Brigadier Alan P. Farquhar: Brigadier David A. Skinner: Brigadier Charles E.C.H. Ireland until 1922.F. Kelly: Brigadier Archibald B. Maddan: Brigadier Grenville K.H. Rawstorne: Brigadier E. Northern Ireland until 1923.

G. Howlett: Brigadier Michael S. Farrar-Hockley: Brigadier Charles E. Beckett: Brigadier Peter A. Gibbs: Brigadier Anthony H.F. Kempster: Brigadier Kenneth T. Cameron: Brigadier John F. Anderson: Brigadier W. Ward-Booth: Brigadier the O’Morchoe: Brigadier Geoffrey H. Price: Brigadier Bernard E. Payne: Major-General William P. Walker: Brigadier-General William G. Ireland until 1922. White-Spunner: Brigadier Jonathan D. Eberhardie: Brigadier John A. Osborn: Brigadier-General Henry A. Darling: Brigadier Desmond S. Wall: Brigadier Barney W.H. Lomax: Brigadier Ouvry L. 6th Field Force from 1977 until 1982. Ingouville-Williams: Brigadier-General Cecil L. Lucas: Brigadier-General Neville J.T. Reilly: Brigadier Edwin H. Braithwaite: Brigadier-General Cuthbert H. 1936-1938.W. Palestine.191 Commanding.M. Wilkinson: Brigadier G. 16th Brigade(6th Division. Pearson: Brigadier Napier Crookenden: Brigadier Michael Forrester: Brigadier Roland C. Jones: Brigadier-General Richard L.A. 7th Division. Palestine from 1938. Page: Brigadier Edward A. 8th Division. Northern Ireland until 1923. then Ulster Division. Fergusson: Brigadier Claude J. Butler: July 1905-1907 1907-February 1908 February 1908-June 1909 June 1909-June 1912 June 1912-June 1915 June 1915-July 1916 July 1916-October 1917 October 1917-October 1918 October 1918-1919 October 1919-January 1921 January 1921-1923 September 1936-1939 1939-June 1942 July-December 1942 January-October 1943 October 1943-September 1944 September-December 1944 December 1944-July 1945 1948-1950 1950-1952 1952-1955 1955-1957 1957-1960 1960-1961 1961-December 1963 December 1963-1966 1966-October 1968 October 1968-October 1970 October 1970-1973 1973-June 1975 June 1975-February 1977 February 1977-March 1979 March 1979-1981 January 1981-January 1982 September 1999-December 2000 December 2000-December 2002 December 2002-December 2004 December 2004-2006 . Ireland. H. Gordon: Brigadier Mervyn A. Roberts: Brigadier Reginald G. Carter: Brigadier-General Edward C.S. 16th Air Assault Brigade from 1999): Brigadier-General Morey Q. Nicholson: Brigadier-General William L. Gray: Brigadier Jeremy C.H.N. Evetts: Brigadier Cyril E. Butler: Brigadier Thomas C. Pulteney: Brigadier-General Francis C. 16th Parachute Brigade from 1948 until 1977.

Greenacre: June 1905-June 1906 June 1906-1907 1907-May 1909 May 1909-April 1912 April 1912-February 1915 February-September 1915 September 1915July 1916-January 1919 November 1919-September 1921 September 1921-1923 October 1939 October 1939-January 1941 January 1941-October 1943 October 1943-April 1944 April 1944 April-October 1944 October 19441950-1952 .M. Ireland. Stopford: Brigadier Gerald W. Harper: Brigadier-General J.P. Carleton-Smith: Brigadier James R. Borton: 2006-October 2008 October 2008-May 2011 May 2011-April 2013 April 2013- Commanding. S.V. Ireland until 1922. Chiswell: Brigadier Giles P.192 Brigadier Mark A. F. Dudley Ward: Brigadier John Y.C.Alington Bewicke-Copley: Brigadier-General Walter R. Robertson: Brigadier-General Harold W.B. Northern Ireland): Brigadier-General F. Hill: Brigadier Nicholas R. Carroll: Brigadier-General Philip R. B.N. Finlaison: Brigadier Cecil B. Stokes: Brigadier-General Vesey J. Doran: Brigadier-General George M. Fairbanks: Brigadier Walter D.C. Whitfield: Brigadier Alexander M. Tarleton: Brigadier A.M. Dawson: Brigadier-General Morey Q. then Ulster Division. Jones: Brigadier-General R. 17th Brigade(6th Division. Higginson: Brigadier-General Clement Yatman: Brigadier Russell Gurney: Brigadier Montagu G.

Palestine from 1938): Brigadier-General George F. Bridgford: Brigadier-General George S. Cameron: Brigadier-General Louis J. Ainslie: Brigadier-General Robert J. Gorringe: Brigadier-General Walter N. Bridgford: Brigadier-General William K. 18th Brigade(6th Division. Tidbury: April 1909-December 1911 December 1911-May 1915 May-August 1915 August 1915-April 1916 April-June 1916 June-August 1916 August 1916-September 1917 September 1917-1919 April 1920-January 1922 January-September 1922 September 1922-1923 August 1938-May 1940 . McClintock: Brigadier-General Harold S. Wyatt: Brigadier-General Arthur G. Northern Ireland until 1923. Craufurd: Brigadier-General Archibald R. Congreve: Brigadier-General Henry S. Tew: Brigadier-General Robert J. 7th Division.193 Commanding. Ireland until 1922.G. Northern Command from 190 until 1914. Wauchope: Brigadier Ord H. then Ulster Division. Ireland until 190 and from 1920.

Gordon: Brigadier-General Philip R. Drummond: Brigadier-General the Hon. Bishop: Brigadier William N. Fraser: Brigadier Richard J. Beckett: Brigadier David W.R. Skeates : Brigadier Edward J. Freemantle: Brigadier C.R.C. Vincent: Brigadier Philip M. Peck: Brigadier John F.S. Webb-Carter: Brigadier Robert D. F. Duncan: Brigadier Peter T. Wetherall: Brigadier Christopher G.C. 7th Field Force from 1977 until 1982. Robertson: Brigadier Harry E. 19th Mechanized Brigade from 1993 until 2005. Pearson: Brigadier N. Dair Farrar-Hockley: Brigadier Evelyn J. Grimshaw: Brigadier Denis A. Rickett: Brigadier Timothy P. Gordon: Brigadier Alastair D. Lipscomb: Brigadier Ewing H. 19th Brigade(7th Division. Evans: Brigadier Timothy B. Palestine from 1938. 19th Light Brigade from 2005 until 2013): Major-General Laurence G. Glover: Brigadier Richard F. Chamberlain: August 1914 September 1914-June 1915 June 1915-July 1916 September 1938-1940 1950-1953 1961-1963 1963-November1965 November 1965-September 1967 September 1967-August 1969 August 1969-1971 1971-December 1973 December 1973-December 1975 December 1975-December 1977 December 1977-December 1979 December 1979-December 1981 December 1981-December 1983 December 1983-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-December 1991 December 1991-December 1993 April 1994-December 1995 December 1995-December 1997 December 1997-April 2000 April 2000-December 2001 December 2001-January 2004 January 2004-December 2005 December 2005-2007 2007-January 2010 January 2010-December 2011 December 2011-March 2013 . Toyne Sewell: Brigadier Andrew W.A. Hamish Rollo: Brigadier William H. Moore: Brigadier Clive Chapman: Brigadier Timothy P. Radford: Brigadier Stuart R.W. Cooper: Brigadier Andrew L. Davies: Brigadier Keith Spacie: Brigadier Richard L. de R.194 Commanding. Watson: Brigadier James M. 19th Airportable Brigade from 1966 until 1977. Scotter: Brigadier George L.

Heyworth: Brigadier-General the Hon.S. Deverell: Brigadier-General Henry C. Beckett: Brigadier Patrick N. Johnston: Brigadier Alastair W. Parker: Brigadier J. Green: Brigadier Evelyn D.F. Everard: Brigadier Thomas A. Dunphie: Brigadier William R. Carter: Brigadier James R.H.L. David Leakey: Brigadier Nicholas J. Stibbon: Brigadier Nicholas G. Howard-Dobson: Brigadier John G. Hobart. d’Avigdor-Goldsmid: Brigadier Patrick R. Brigadier Richard E. John F. Regan: Brigadier Michael J. Rutherford-Jones: Brigadier Nicholas P.Y.D.P.R. Gordon Lennox: Brigadier John J. Dennis: Brigadier Bernard C. 20th Armoured Brigade(Armoured from 1939): Brigadier-General Harold G. Stanier: Brigadier Richard G. Lawson: Brigadier Maurice R. Ward: Brigadier Patrick J.N. Fanshawe: Brigadier Charles A. Trefusis: Brigadier-General Cyril J. R. Pringle: Brigadier A.M. Walker: Brigadier J.H.195 Commanding.P.D. Hackett: Brigadier James A.C. Hinde: Brigadier John W. Ansell: Brigadier Garry C.J. Cook: Brigadier David J. Denaro: Brigadier Andrew R. Cumming: Brigadier Arthur G. Allen: Brigadier John W.R. Ruggles-Brise: Brigadier-General Frederick J. Swift: September-November 1914 November 1914-August 1915 August-October 1915 October 1915-August 1916 August 1916-1919 September 1939-May 1942 May-August 1942 August-December 1942 1954-1956 1958-1961 1961-1963 1963-1965 1965-December 1967 December 1967-December 1969 December 1969-December 1971 December 1971-December 1973 December 1973-December 1975 December 1975-January 1978 January 1978-December 1979 December 1979-December 1981 December 1981-December 1983 December 1983-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-1992 -December 1992 December 1992-January 1994 January 1994-April 1996 April 1996-July 1997 July 1997-October 1999 October 1999-December 2001 December 2001-January 2004 January 2004-December 2005 December 2005-December 2007 December 2007-June 2009 August 2009-May 2012 May 2012- . Sanders: Brigadier James F.R. Lewin: Brigadier Andrew A. Barnett: Brigadier Michael D.

Steele: Brigadier John Scott-Cockburn: Brigadier William G.R. Lawford: Brigadier-General Julian McC. Pike: Brigadier Rodney C. 22nd Armoured Brigade(Armoured from 1939 and from 1982 until 1993): Brigadier-General Sydney T. Fisher: Brigadier G. Kiszely: September 1914-August 1915 August 1915-1919 September 1939-February 1942 February-July 1942 July 1942 July 1942-January 1943 January 1943-August 1944 August-September 1944 September-October 1944 October 1944-1945 December 1979-January 1982 January 1982-January 1984 January 1984-December 1985 December 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-1991 1991-April 1993 . Wilkes: Brigadier Anthony A.N.B. Wingfield: Brigadier Robert W. Cracroft: Brigadier Anthony D. Carr: Brigadier Arthur F. Walker: Brigadier John P. Ward: Brigadier D. Hinde: Brigadier Harry R.B. Mackeson: Brigadier Hugh J.Philip B.196 Commanding. Murray Naylor: Brigadier Michael J. Roberts: Brigadier William R. Denison-Smith: Brigadier Hew W.R.

Mark G. Guy: Brigadier J. Murray: Brigadier Malcolm D. Leng: Brigadier Kenneth Perkins: Brigadier Roland K. Wall: September 1914-March 1915 March 1915-January 1917 January-November 1917 November 1917-June 1918 June-August 1918 September 1918-1919 February 1940-February 1941 February-November 1941 November 1941-April 1942 April 1942-May 1943 May 1943-February 1944 February-March 1944 March-November 1944 November 19441953-1955 1955-1956 1957-1959 1960-December 1962 December 1962-November 1964 November 1964-1966 1966-December 1968 December 1968-December 1970 December 1970-December 1972 December 1972-December 1974 December 1974-September 1976 December 1976-1979 1979-January 1981 January 1981-February 1983 February 1983-December 1984 December 1984-November 1986 November 1986-November 1988 November 1988-November 1990 November 1990-March 1993 March 1993-December 1994 December 1994-November 1996 November 1996-January 1999 January-September 1999 . Erskine: Brigadier Arthur F. Frisby: Brigadier Derek G. Pascoe: Brigadier Christopher J.H. Horsford: Brigadier David L. Airy: Brigadier John Hemsley: Brigadier the Hon. Haig: Brigadier-General L.P. Colvin: Brigadier Arthur S. 5th Field Force from 1977 until 1982.L. Borradaile: Brigadier Paul Gleadell: Brigadier Richard G. Drewry: Brigadier A.M.T. Stevens: Brigadier-General Robert O’H.M. Oxley: Brigadier-General Archibald J. Browning: Brigadier W.F. Woolley: Brigadier Alasdair I. Boyd-Carpenter: Brigadier John Baskervyle-Glegg: Brigadier Peter E. Eden: Brigadier-General Horace W. Lloyd Owen: Brigadier Richard M. Bremner: Brigadier Hew D. Butler: Brigadier Peter J. Thomas P. Bradshaw: Brigadier Richard B.G.J. Kennedy: Brigadier Christopher F. Carter: Brigadier-General Reginald S. 24th Airmobile Brigade from 1988 until 1999): Brigadier-General Francis C.T. Cobham: Brigadier-General R.R. Clive: Brigadier Malcolm D.Pat A. William Fraser: Brigadier Frederick A. Erskine: Brigadier Hugh A. Southgate: Brigadier Robert A.197 Commanding. Brims: Brigadier C. 24th Brigade(24th Airportable Brigade from 1970 until 1977. Livesay: Brigadier the Hon. Elcomb: Brigadier Peter A.G. Peter Grant Peterkin: Brigadier Robin V.F.

Hopkinson: Brigiadier Richard C. Brooking: Brigadier Eric M.H. Thomson: August 2007-2009 2009-December 2011 December 2011March 1944-August 1945 1953-1957 November 1977-November 1979 November 1979-December 1981 December 1981-December 1983 December 1983-1985 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-1992 -December 1992 . Julian W. Scott: Brigadier Gerald C. Grant: Brigadier D. Smyth-Osbourne: Brigadier Robert J. 38th(Irish) Brigade(from 2007): Brigadier George P. Harley: Brigadier Scott C.198 Commanding. Norton: Brigadier Edward A. Pank: Brigadier Patrick G. Task Force Echo from 1977 until January 1981 and from January 1981 until December 1992): Brigadier Henry B. Browne: Brigadier Arthur G. Westropp: Brigadier Alexander G. Keightley: Brigadier J. R. Denaro: Commanding. 33rd Armoured Brigade(from 1944 and from 1950 until 1956.David G.

H. Monro: Brigadier James H. Blacker: Brigadier Chandos Blair: Brigadier John M.H. Boswell: Brigadier Robert F. Short: Brigadier J.J. A. Freer: Brigadier Bryan H. disbanded 2007): Brigadier John W. Dutton: Brigadier Michael D. Tweedie: Brigadier Lord Thurlow: Brigadier T. Gerrard-Wright: Brigadier John R. Norman S. Ramsbotham: Brigadier Anthony B. MacMillan: Brigadier David J. Riddell-Webster: 1951-1954 1954-1956 1960-1962 1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-December 1968 December 1968-September 1970 September 1970-May 1972 May 1972-January 1974 January 1974-July 1975 July 1975-February 1977 February 1977-1978 1978-September 1980 September 1980-March 1982 March 1982-December 1983 December 1983-December 1985 December 1985-November 1987 November 1987-November 1989 November 1989-April 1992 April 1992-April 1994 April 1994-December 1995 December 1995-December 1997 December 1997-December 1999 December 1999-December 2001 December 2001-December 2003 December 2003-December 2005 December 2005-2007 . Euan B. 39th Infantry Brigade(Northern Ireland from 1969 until 2007. Seymour H. Wheeler: Brigadier Cecil H.199 Commanding.C. Irwin: Brigadier the Hon. Hobbs: Brigadier H. Loudon: Brigadier James J. Barrons: Brigadier Michael L. Bucknall: Brigadier Richard L. Crowfoot: Brigadier Michael F. Jackson: Brigadier Alistair S. Kitson: Brigadier Alexander C. Strawson: Brigadier Peter Hudson: Brigadier Frank E.Nicholas R.T.R. Michael Rose: Brigadier Ian L.S. Richardson: Brigadier Richard E. Houghton: Brigadier W.

Cary: Brigadier Jolyon T. Powe: Brigadier Michael T. Fitzgerald: Commanding.G. Wharmby: Brigadier Jonathan J. Faith: Brigadier Rodney W. Gaskell: Brigadier David C.N. 42nd(North-West) Brigade: Brigadier J. Gilbert: Brigadier George R. 43rd(Wessex) Brigade: Brigadier N.D. Jackman: Brigadier R. Jackson: Brigadier Steven P. Barnes: Brigadier Bruce C. Young: Brigadier John D. Thursby: Brigadier Patrick J.W. Hodder: Brigadier Piers D. Deane-Drummond: Brigadier Glyn C. Morrison: Brigadier Jeremy J. Hankinson: Commanding.P. Chiswell: 1953-1955 1955-1958 1958-1961 1961-1963 1963-December 1965 December 1965-February 1968 February 1968-August 1970 August 1970-July 1973 July 1973-June 1976 June 1976-October 1978 April 1984-March 1987 March 1987-September 1989 September 1989-May 1992 May 1992-December 1995 December 1995-October 1998 October 1998-March 2001 March 2001-September 2002 September 2002-2005 January 2006-January 2009 January 2009-August 2011 September 2011January 1983-September 1985 September 1985-January 1989 January 1989-July 1991 July 1991-December 1993 December 1993-December 1995 December 1995-September 1998 September 1998-April 2001 April 2001-December 2003 December 2003-December 2006 December 2006-September 2008 September 2008-April 2011 April 2011- . Flood: Brigadier P.W. Howarth: Brigadier R.F.P. Powell: Brigadier Anthony J. Frost: Brigadier Anthony J. Griffiths: Brigadier William N. 44th Parachute Brigade(disbanded 1978): Brigadier William D. O’Kane: Brigadier Kenneth C. Still: Brigadier Charles M.Christopher Wolverson: Brigadier John S. Tighe-Wood: Brigadier Peter G. Brummitt: Brigadier Richard A.A.F.M.J. Birtwhistle: Brigadier Michael J.H.200 Commanding. Aldridge: Brigadier Nicholas O. Shaw: Brigadier Alexander F. Came: Brigadier Peter I. Long: Brigadier Ian McLeod: Brigadier Euan C.

Trousdell: Brigadier Richard W.Gilbert Hickey: Brigadier John Whitehead: Brigadier John L. Howard: Brigadier John B. Crane: Brigadier James E.S. Kent: Brigadier Peter L. Wilson: Brigadier William J. Wilson: Brigadier Simon Caraffi: Brigadier Sean D. Richardson: Brigadier Andrew P. Burnett: Brigadier B. Greenway: Brigadier Simon D. Chapple: Brigadier Michael E. 48th Gurkha Infantry Brigade(until 1994): Brigadier Simon P. Carleton-Smith: Brigadier Ian A. de C.M. Beauchamp: Brigadier T. Duffell: Brigadier Raymond A. Biggart: Brigadier H. Trigger: 1966-1968 1968-May 1970 May 1970-March 1973 March 1973-March 1976 March 1976-November 1977 November 1977-November 1979 November 1979-December 1981 December 1981-January 1984 January 1984-1985 1985-December 1987 December 1987-December 1989 December 1989-January 1992 January 1992-November 1993 November 1993-1994 Commanding.Henry F. Williams: Brigadier G. A. Christie: Brigadier R. 49th(East) Brigade(East Midlands from 1992 until 1995): Brigadier J.B.John W. Pett: Brigadier Vernon J.K. Nickerson: April 1982-July 1984 July 1984-April 1987 April 1987-March 1990 March 1990-March 1992 March 1992-October 1994 October 1994-December 1996 December 1996-May 2000 May 2000-April 2003 April 2003-June 2005 June 2005-July 2007 July 2007-December 2009 January 2010-February 2012 March 2012- . Firth: Brigadier E. Glass: Brigadier Philip C.G.Walker: Brigadier David A. Martin: Brigadier E.K.L. Hurrell: Brigadier Donald R.201 Commanding. Morgan Llewellyn: Brigadier Peter R. C.S.J.A.R.

Tweedy: Brigadier F. Purves-Hume: Brigadier John D. Hamilton: Brigadier David W. Robertson: Brigadier Henry C.L. Findlay: Brigadier Bruce M. Tower: Brigadier Short: Brigadier Harry C.R.David Allfrey: Brigadier George E. Drummond: Brigadier Edward N. Digby M.A. Prescott: Brigadier Peter F. Lowder: Brigadier Paul K. Highland Brigade until 2002): Brigadier Frank H. de Broe Ferguson: Brigadier Melville S. 51st(Scottish) Brigade(Higlands Area until 1982. Coutts: Brigadier Anthony O.202 Commanding 51st Infantry Brigade(51st Gurkha Infantry Brigade from 1962 until 1967 and from 1968 until 1973. Sibbald: Brigadier Derek Boorman: 1952-1955 1955-1957 1957-1960 1960-December 1961 December 1961-March 1962 March 1962-1963 1963-1965 1965-1967 1968-August 1970 August 1970-December 1972 December 1972-January 1975 January 1975-December 1976 Commanding.Allan L. House: Brigadier Henry C.A. Baker Baker: Brigadier W. Allen: Brigadier Andrew C. Jameson: Brigadier Charles S. disbanded 1976): Brigadier the Earl of Caithness: Brigadier James A. Raeburn: Brigadier Philip T. Alstead: Brigadier Ian C.B. Kirk: Brigadier H. Anderson: Brigadier Oliver R. Tuzo: Brigadier David G. Jackson: Brigadier David C. Illing: Brigadier Peter G. Lithgow: Brigadier Anthony G. Grant: Brigadier Simon R. Harkness: 1970-June 1973 June 1973-March 1976 March 1976-June 1978 June 1978-July 1979 July 1979-April 1982 April 1982-January 1985 January 1985-January 1987 January 1987-February 1990 February 1990-March 1992 March 1992-December 1993 December 1993-December 1996 December 1996-December 1999 December 1999-December 2002 April 2002-November 2004 November 2004-July 2007 July 2007-June 2010 June 2010-August 2012 August 2012- .

52nd Infantry Brigade(until 2011.B. McLaughlan: Brigadier Ian S.John S. Wardle: Brigadier Roy M.203 Commanding. Hugh B. Calder: Commander. Heelis: 1962-1953 1954-1955 1953-1955 1957-1959 1959-1962 1962-1964 1964-1966 1968-1970 January 1983-September 1985 September 1985-December 1988 December 1988-March 1992 March 1992-1995 1969-April 1973 April 1973-May 1975 May 1975-September 1976 September 1976-May 1978 May 1978-November 1980 November 1980-April 1983 April 1983-November 1985 November 1985-January 1989 January 1989-February 1991 February 1991-November 1993 November 1993-December 1995 December 1995-January 1997 January 1997-December 1998 December 1998-December 2001 December 2001-December 2004 December 2004-July 2008 July 2008-2010 . 99th Gurkha Infantry Brigade(until 1970): Brigadier Cyril C.K.N.Thomson: Brigadier Ian W. Balharrie: Brigadier David B.E.B. Williams: Brigadier Nicholas J.M.: Brigadier J. Nigel Stisted: Brigadier Peter I. Hamilton: Brigadier Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor. Wilde: Brigadier Andrew J.J. Lowlands Area until 1982.G.Walker: Brigadier Humphrey E. Graham: Brigadier Dennis E. Scott-Bowden: Brigadier Andrew D.H. Cheyne: Brigadier John E. Reid: Brigadier R. Bt. Lowlands Brigade until 2002): Brigadier John C. Patterson: Brigadier William W. 54th(East Anglian) Brigade(until 1995): Brigadier K. Townsend: Brigadier Walter C. Monro: Brigadier Robert L. Talbot: Brigadier Edward P. Davey: Brigadier Peter R. Mackay: Brigadier J. Riddell-Webster: Brigadier John Swinton: Brigadier Bruce M. Craig Lawrence: Commanding. Bredin: Brigadier Arthur G. Durcan: Brigadier the Hon. Stevenson: Brigadier M. Ridley: Brigadier Anthony J.

Naughten: Brigadier John R. Brigadier J.C. Murray: Brigadier Jonathan J.J. Banham: Brigadier Gerhard H. Meek: Brigadier Christopher J.204 Commanding. Percival: Brigadier L. Gregg: Brigadier Richard J. J. Baverstock: Brigadier G.L.E. Dyball: Brigadier Colin J. Richard Nash: Brigadier R. Weller.G.P.M. King: Brigadier Andrew D. 107th(Ulster) Brigade(until 2006): Brigadier Anthony J. MacG. Wheeler: December 1985-December 1988 December 1988-January 1992 January 1992-September 1994 September 1994-July 1997 July 1997-June 2000 June 2000-November 2003 November 2003-December 2006 December 2006-June 2009 June 2009-June 2012 June 2012December 1965-March 1967 1989-April 1991 April 1991-April 1993 April 1993-July 1996 July 1996-1998 1998-July 2000 July 2000-July 2002 July 2002-October 2004 October 2004-December 2006 Commanding.M. Bourne-May: Brigadier Mark P.C. Keenan: Brigadier David J. Silk: Brigadier J. Smales: Brigadier A. Morris: Brigadier John D. Watson: Commanding. Hughes: January 1995-March 1998 March 1998-May 2001 May 2001-September 2003 September 2003-January 2007 January 2007-November 2009 November 2009-January 2013 January 2013- .S.McC. Wilson: Brigadier R.A. Wade: Brigadier Neil A. Digby O’Lone: Brigadier David H. Patrick: Brigadier Tresham D. Clements: Brigadier Jonathan F. 143rd(West Midlands) Brigade: Brigadier Alfred J. 145th(South) Brigade(Home Counties from 1995 until 2007): Brigadier J. Harrisson: Brigadier Adrian P. Deverell: Brigadier Miles W.

Grey: Brigadier Thomas N.St. McAlister: Brigadier Peter A. Aitken: Brigadier Ian D. Napier: Brigadier C. Cholerton: Brigadier Richard W. Le Blanc-Smith: Brigadier William A. Stone: Brigadier Richard F. Evans: Brigadier Antony Makepeace-Warne: Brigadier Patrick P. Taylor: Brigadier David J. McMicking: Brigadier John A. Lee: Brigadier William A. Libbey: Brigadier Russell N.D.T. Powell: Brigadier Richard A. Napier: January-August 1984 August 1984-October 1986 October 1986-September 1989 September 1989-March 1992 March 1992-August 1993 August 1993-October 1995 October 1995-July 1998 July 1998-May 2001 May 2001-February 2003 February 2003-December 2006 December 2006-April 2009 April 2009-September 2011 September 2011- Commanding. Rogers: Brigadier Robert H. Bromhead: 1961-1964 1963-1966 1966-November 1968 November 1968-August 1971 August 1971-July 1974 July 1974-June 1976 June 1976-June 1978 June 1978-June 1980 June 1980-June 1982 June 1982-December 1984 December 1984-December 1986 December 1986-December 1988 December 1988-1990 1990-September 1994 . Oliver: Brigadier David de G.T.M. Whitworth: Brigadier Allan M.H. Mackereth: Brigadier Bruce J.205 Commanding. Tabor: Brigadier Ronald W.Wardle: Brigadier Philip M. Stevens: Brigadier David J.M. 160th(Wales) Brigade: Brigadier Charles Hince: Brigadier Christopher J.R.L. Willing: Brigadier W.B. Downward: Brigadier Lennox A. Ross: Brigadier Charles T. Berlin Infantry Brigade(until 1994): Brigadier Reginald H.

Bagnall: Brigadier J.M.H. Bromby: Brigadier D. Stephenson: Brigadier Michael F. Neville: Brigadier John A. Parham: Brigadier E. Woolford: Brigadier J. Worthing-Smith: Brigadier L. Morony: Brigadier D.H.L. Hutton: Brigadier Michael C.G.D. 7th Artillery Brigade(until September 1977): Brigadier Ernest N.M. Marshall: Brigadier George W. Pope: Brigadier J.206 Commanding. Barker: Brigadier Geoffrey W. Bellman: Brigadier B.K. Crookenden: Brigadier John M.G.G. Hodge: Brigadier T.C. Jones: January 1967-1968 1968-1969 1969-September 1971 September 1971-June 1974 June 1974-November 1976 December 1976-December 1978 December 1978-May 1981 May 1981-1983 1959-1961 November 1962-November 1964 November 1964-November 1967 November1967-January 1970 January 1970-November 1971 November 1971-March 1974 March 1974-May 1976 May 1976-September 1977 . 1st Artillery Brigade(until September 1977 and from 1985 until 1993): Brigadier John Harington: Brigadier John E. Steele: Commanding. Gordon: Brigadier Mark G.J.M. Stephenson: Brigadier A. Shellard: Brigadier Alan F. Oldrey: Brigadier Roy S. Cordingley: Brigadier Leo H. Plummer: Brigadier Thomas L. Douglas-Withers: Brigadier John Milne: 1960-1961 1961-1962 December 1967-December 1970 December 1970-February 1973 February 1973-February 1975 February 1975-September 1977 November 1985-November 1988 November 1988-1990 1990-1992 1992-1993 Commanding.R. 21st Artillery Brigade: Brigadier Philip W.

Hemming: Major-General Henry J. McCord: Brigadier David E.M. Ritchie: Brigadier Angus I. Kavanagh: Brigadier-General Charles J. Ulster Defence Regiment(from 1970 until 1992): Brigadier Logan Scott-Bowden: Brigadier Denis L. Briggs: Brigadier-General Ernest Makins: Brigadier-General Horace S.Graham: Brigadier Roger S. Byng: Brigadier-General Charles T.R. Willoughby M.S. Hodgson: Brigadier Francis W. Sewell: Brigadier-General A. Scobell: Major-General the Hon.207 Commanding. 1st Cavalry Brigade: Major-General Frederick W.B. McM.C. Bray: Brigadier Charles D. Hargrave: Brigadier Peter W. Baxter: Brigadier Mervyn N.P.L.H. Preston: Brigadier Michael N. Ramsay: Commanding. Miller: Brigadier Patrick F. Bullock-Marsham: Brigadier C.G. Wentworth Harman: Brigadier-General Frederick W.S.E. Ormerod: Brigadier Henry J. . Julian H. Norrie: February 1900-1903 April 1903-March 1907 April 1907-May 1909 May 1909-May 1913 May 1913-May 1915 May 1915-April 1918 April 1918-1919 March 1920-October 1924 October 1924-April 1928 April 1928-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-1938 April 1970-July 1971 July 1971-April 1973 April 1973-March 1976 March 1976-February 1978 February 1978-1980 1980-May 1982 May 1982-1984 1984-1986 1986-October 1988 October 1988-1990 1990-July 1992. Cavendish: Brigadier Walter T.

G.H. Cecil E. Weir: 4th Cavalry Brigade: Major-General Edmund H. Maxwell-Scott: Brigadier Charles E. Bingham: Brigadier-General Thomas T. Rankin: Brigadier-General Neil W.208 2nd Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier-General the Hon. Beale-Brown: Brigadier-General Algernon Lawson: Brigadier-General Thomas T. Mullens: Brigadier-General Desmond J. Bell-Smyth: Brigadier-General George A. Byng: Brigadier-General Hew D. Lindley: Brigadier-General Hubert de la P. Haig: 1st Rhine Brigade(until 1929): Brigadier-General Charles J. Heydeman: 3rd Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier-General Michael F. Beauvoir de Lisle: Brigadier-General Richard L. Gough: Brigadier-General John Vaughan: Brigadier-General John A. Bingham: Brigadier-General H.1919 March 1920-April 1923 April 1923-October 1927 October 1927-October 1931 October 1931-October 1935 October 1935-1939 . Steavenson: Brigadier-General Walter J. Pitman: Brigadier-General Bertie D. Garratt: Brigadier-General the Hon. Fisher: Brigadier John Blakiston-Houston: Brigadier Frank B. Allenby: Brigadier-General Francis S. Rimington: Brigadier-General the Hon. Heathcote: April 1920-April 1924 April 1924-April 1928 April 1928-December 1929 October 1905-October 1909 November 1909-November 1911 November 1911-May 1915 May 1915-April 1918 April 1918-1919 March 1920January 1903-January 1907 January 1907-January 1911 January 1911-September 1914 September 1914-October 1915 October 1915-1919 March 1920-1922 May 1905-March 1907 April 1907-November 1910 November 1910-October 1911 October 1911-October 1914 October 1914-October 1915 October 1915-April 1918 April 1918. Hurndall: Brigadier Cecil A. Fanshawe: Brigadier-General the Hon.E. John E. Pitman: Brigadier-General Charles H. Cecil E. Julian H.

H. Mangles: Brigadier William G.I. Grant: June 1919-May 1923 May 1923June 1928-June 1932 June 1932-November 1934 November 1934-March 1938 March 1938-1939 Canal Brigade(Alexandria Brigade until Brigadier-General William G. Bt. Brooke: Brigadier Arthur L.S.: Brigadier Walter T. Watson: Brigadier Edmund A.L. Howard-Vyse: Brigadier Geoffrey F. Braithwaite: Brigadier-General Cuthbert G. Rome: Brigadier Richard G. Egypt(11th Cavalry Brigade until Brigadier-General Algernon Lawson: Brigadier-General Charles L. Friend: ): April 1920-April 1924 April 1924-March 1928 March 1928-September 1930 September 1930-1934 1934-1938 .T. Brooks: ): September 1921-September 1925 September 1925-1927 May 1927October 1932-October 1936 October 1936-1940 Cavalry Brigade. Pile.P.209 2nd Rhine Brigade(until 1929): Brigadier-General Henry B. Morris: Brigadier-General Roland H. Macpherson: Brigadier Sir Frederick A. Dobbie: Brigadier Hugh W.H. Osborne: Brigadier Ian C. Kennedy: Brigadier-General Hugh K. Fuller: Brigadier Alexander D.M. Bethell: Brigadier Reginald J. Hildyard: April 1920-April 1924 April 1924-May 1928 May 1928-December 1929 Cairo Brigade: Brigadier-General Edmund M.

Commandant: Mons Officer Training School. Royal Military AcademyCommandant: Assistant Commandant: Science. President: Sandhurst. CamberleyCommandant: Deputy Commandant: Woolwich. Commandant: Defence Studies. Commandant: Regular Commissions Board/Army Officer Selection Board. Royal Military College ofCommandant: Deputy Commandant: Staff College. Royal Military Academy.210 (f) TRAINING AND EDUCATION INDEX: Armoured Corps Centre. Royal. Commandant: page 216 page 216 page 214 page 217 page 211 page 215 page 210 page 211 page 212 page 213 page 208 page 209 page 212 . Commandant: Artillery. Royal College of. Senior Army Instructor: Infantry. School of. Royal School of.

Hull: Major-General A.: Major-General Bernard C.G.H. Palmer: Major-General C. Harington: Major-General John F.H. Camberley(until 1996): Colonel Herbert S. Major-General Robert J. Wilson: Major-General Sir William R. Learmont: Major-General Jeremy J. Jones: Major-General J. Rawlinson. Bt. Rous: Major-General H. G. Taylor: Major-General Patrick J.P. Robertson: Brigadier-General Launcelot E. Staff College. Patrick R. Worsley: Major-General Mervyn A. Mackenzie: Major-General the Hon.G. Sharp: Major-General Allan M. Gregson-Ellis: Major-General Richard A. Howard-Dobson: Major-General W. Stopford: Major-General Sir Alan G. Lathbury: Major-General Charles P. Cunningham: Major-General Douglas N. Gwynn: Major-General John G. Alexander-Sinclair: Major-General John B. Wimberley: Major-General Philip G. Dill: Major-General C. Butler: Major-General John A. Bt. Hugh Beach: Major-General John W. Paget. Edmund Ironside: Major-General Charles W. Nigel Poett: Major-General Reginald H. Akehurst: Major-General C.: Brigadier-General Henry H. Collins: Major-General Montagu G.T.T. John Waters: Major-General John H. Dudley Ward: Major-General Gerald W.N.S. Stanier: Major-General Frank E. William E. Clement Armitage: Major-General Viscount Gort: Major-General Sir Ronald Forbes Adam. Kiggell: Major-General W. Miles: Colonel Sir Henry S. Michael Rose: November 1900-December 1903 December 1903-December 1906 January 1907-August 1910 August 1910-October 1913 October 1913-August 1914 March 1919-May 1922 May 1922-April 1926 May 1926-January 1931 January 1931-January 1934 January 1934-March 1936 March 1936-September 1937 September 1937-January 1938 January 1938-November 1939 November 1939-October 1941 October 1941-November 1942 November 1942-July 1943 September 1943-December 1944 December 1944-1946 1946-1948 1948-November 1951 November 1951-January 1954 January 1954-December 1956 January 1957-September 1958 September 1958-October 1961 October 1961-May 1963 May 1963-April 1966 April 1966-December 1967 December 1967-January 1970 January 1970-January 1972 January 1972-April 1974 April 1974-December 1975 December 1975-March 1978 March 1978-January 1980 January 1980-January 1982 January 1982-January 1984 January 1984-January 1986 January 1986-April 1988 April 1988-March 1989 March-December 1989 December 1989-September 1991 September 1991-April 1993 . Hastings Anderson: Major-General Sir W. Hewetson: Major-General Charles H.211 Commandant. Kitson: Major-General David B.

212 Major-General Christopher B. Kiszely: Brigadier C.D.M. Bettridge: Brigadier Charles G. Redmond Watt: 1952-November 1953 November 1953-September 1955 September 1955-June 1957 June 1957-June 1960 June 1960-January 1963 January 1963-January 1966 January 1966-April 1968 April 1968-August 1969 August 1969-March 1972 March 1972-March 1973 March 1973-August 1975 August 1975-January 1978 January 1978-December 1979 December 1979-December 1982 December 1982-January 1984 January 1984-1985 January 1986-September 1987 1988-March 1989 March 1989-1990 September 1992-1993 August 1993-May 1996 May 1996-January 1997 .G. Smith: Brigadier Christopher L.Andrew D. John Hunt: Brigadier K.K. Stanton: Brigadier John M. Morony: Brigadier D. Wallace: Major-General Anthony D.John: Brigadier Anthony F. Rupert Brazier-Creagh: Brigadier David Peel-Yates: Brigadier Roger E. Evans: Brigadier Peter R. Pigott: April 1993-October 1994 October 1994-1996 Deputy Commandant: Brigadier Kenneth C. Elliott: Brigadier John P. Bethell: Brigadier Peter R.H. Neville: Brigadier Alastair W. Cooper: Brigadier Sir H. Mackenzie: Brigadier Rupert A.J. Toler: Brigadier D. Dennis: Brigadier John B. Ward-Harrison: Brigadier David A. Davies: Brigadier Jeremy J. Cornock: Brigadier John A.Q. St. Leuchars: Brigadier Thomas L. C.

S.W. Ward: Major-General Richard M.M. Tower: Major-General Jack W. Rutherford-Jones: Major-General Patrick C. Fisher: Major-General T. Marriott: Major-General Timothy P. John Mogg: Major-General Peter M. May: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertie D.W.C. Capper: Major-General Lionel A. Ritchie: Major-General Peter T.N. Matthews: Major-General Sir Hugh C. Deverell: Major-General Arthur G. Stopford: Brigadier-General Stuart P. Harman: Major-General Robert C. Urquhart: Major-General George C. Corkran: Major-General Eric S. Pearson: Major-General David J. Denaro: Major-General Philip C. Skeates: January 1907-January 1911 January 1911-November 1914 November 1914-1916 August 1916-July 1919 July 1919-1923 1923 October 1923-September 1927 September 1927-September 1931 September 1931-October 1934 October 1934-January 1938 January 1938-November 1939 1946-1948 1948-December 1950 January 1951-February 1954 February 1954-November 1956 November 1956-January 1960 January 1960-April 1963 April 1963-January 1966 January 1966-August 1968 August 1968-February 1972 February 1972-November 1973 November 1973-October 1976 October 1976-September 1979 September 1979-February 1982 February 1982-November 1983 November 1983-June 1987 June 1987-April 1989 April 1989-February 1991 February 1991-May 1994 May 1994-July 1995 July 1995-October 1997 October 1997-January 2001 January 2001-January 2003 January 2003-May 2006 May 2006-August 2007 August 2007-August 2009 August 2009-April 2012 April 2012-August 2013 August 2013- .G. Stephens: Major-General T. Trousdell: Major-General Andrew S. Vickers: Major-General Geoffrey H. Toyne Sewell: Major-General Hew R. Hobbs: Major-General Ronald W. Ralph Eastwood: Major-General Francis R.M. Hunt: Major-General Philip T. Cooper: Major-General Peter W. Keightley: Major-General Simon C.213 Commandant.C. Ford: Major-General Sir Philip J. H. Graham: Major-General Timothy P. Herbert Shoubridge: Major-General Charles E. Rolt: Major-General Sir Lionel A. Stopford: Major-General Sir Reginald B. Sandhurst: Colonel William B. Girdwood: Major-General Sir Reginald S. Royal Military Academy. Howlett: Major-General Richard C. Pike: Major-General John F. Gordon Lennox: Major-General H.Stockwell: Major-General David Dawnay: Major-General Reginald G. Evans: Major-General Stuart R.

January 1994 January 1994-1995 Commandant.A. Cunningham: Brigadier Sir Jeffrey L. Bt. Tuzo: Brigadier Anthony J.P. Gordon: Brigadier George L. Page: Brigadier Peter J. Hargrave: Brigadier Richard C. Perkins: Brigadier Andrew D.W. Blacker: Brigadier Harry C. Mons Officer Cadet School(from 1960 until 1972): Brigadier Basil O. Emson: Brigadier John G.214 Assistant Commandant: Brigadier Frederick C. Eugster: Brigadier Philip W. Barker: Brigadier James B. Rothery: Brigadier Eric H. Glennie: Brigadier Philip C.C. Read: Brigadier George R.G. Darell. Graham: Brigadier Desmond S. Dean: Brigadier L. Pope: Brigadier John B. Bush: Brigadier John Whitehead: Brigadier William M.: May-December 1960 January 1962-November 1964 November 1964-May 1967 May 1967-May 1969 May 1969-July 1970 July 1970-1972 .B.S. Andrews: Brigadier Cecil H. Deane-Drummond: Brigadier John H. Flood: Brigadier John H. Myrtle: Brigadier Patrick F.S. Heidenstam: Brigadier Hugh P. Richard Nash: August 1953-January 1956 January 1956-November 1957 November 1957-April 1960 April 1960-June 1962 June 1962-October 1963 October 1963-May 1966 May 1966-February 1968 February 1968-February 1971 February 1971-February 1974 February 1974-August 1976 August 1976-March 1979 March 1979-May 1981 May 1981-May 1983 May 1983-January 1986 January 1986-January 1988 January 1988-September 1989 September 1989-January 1990 January 1990-1992 1992.W. Allen: Brigadier Michael J.J.

Holland: Major-General W. Davey: Major-General Edwyn H. Royal Military College of Science(from 1946 until 2005): Major-General John D.A. Thomson: Brigadier-General Arthur E.S.215 Commandant. Stibbon: Major-General John A.M. Cowan: Colonel Andrew G. De Pree: Major-General Cyril M. Shapland: Major-General William J. Richardson: Major-General John W. Royal Military Academy. Goschen: Major-General Philip Neame: September 1904-September 1908 September 1908-September 1912 September 1912-September 1914 October 1914-1918 1918-September 1920 September 1920-1924 1924-July 1926 July 1926-July 1930 July 1930-February 1934 February 1934-February 1938 February 1938-September 1939 Commandant. Tickell: Major-General Thomas L.H. White: Major-General Sir Webb Gillman: Major-General J. Charles: Major-General Hugo D. Irwin: Major-General John C.B. Wagstaff: Major-General Arthur A. Hackett: Major-General Sir Robert W. King: Major-General Frank W. Sutherell: Major-General Robert Baxter: 1946-1948 1948-August 1951 August 1951-August 1954 August 1954-May 1955 May 1955-February 1958 February 1958-February 1961 February 1961-April 1964 April 1964-May 1967 May 1967-July 1969 July 1969-October 1971 October 1971-April 1975 April 1975-1978 September 1978-July 1980 July 1980-April 1983 April 1983-September 1985 September 1985-October 1987 October 1987-March 1989 March 1989-September 1991 September 1991-October 1994 October 1994-December 1996 December 1996-March 1999 March 1999-April 2002 April 2002-2005 . Jeremy Blacker: Major-General Samuel Cowan: Major-General Edmund F. Vincent: Major-General John J. Eldridge: Major-General Basil C. Burton: Major-General David J. Bates: Major-General Napier Crookenden: Major-General Frank D.W. Evans: Major-General A. Morony: Major-General Richard F. Ronald E. Ewbank: Major-General Edward J. Cowtan: Major-General Marston E. Cleeve: Major-General Geoffrey H. Cobb: Major-General Charles L.G.H. Jenkins: Major-General Alistair S. Woolwich (until 1939): Colonel Henry V.J.M.A.F.

Wright: Brigadier Nicholas J.216 Deputy Commandant: Brigadier Denis G.O. J. Tynan: Brigadier Geoffrey Burch: Brigadier A. Rawlins: Brigadier W. Cook: Brigadier J. Birkett: Brigadier A. Crabtree: Brigadier Simon J. Willmott: Brigadier Christopher Tyler: Brigadier Robert J. Jackson: Brigadier Archibald C. Keeling: June 1957-October 1958 October 1958-July 1960 July 1960-May 1963 May 1963-January 1966 January 1966-November 1968 November 1968-1970 1970-June 1971 June 1971-June 1973 June 1973-October 1975 October 1975-July 1979 July 1979-May 1980 May 1980-October 1981 October 1981-February 1984 February 1984-August 1985 August 1985-January 1987 January 1987-March 1988 March 1988-May 1989 May 1989-1992 1992-September 1993 September 1993-September 1996 September 1996-October 1998 October 1998-September 2001 September 2001-November 2004 November 2004-2005 . Ridley: Brigadier Charles J. Canterbury: Brigadier Charles T.George Lewis: Brigadier Peter G.E. Lewis: Brigadier J. Muir: Brigadier Arthur C. E.C. Crossley: Brigadier Edward G.B. Moore: Brigadier Robert B. Birtwistle: Brigadier Derek T. Beardsworth: Brigadier Ralph J.J. Hayman-Joyce: Brigadier D. Walking: Brigadier A. McBean: Brigadier Peregrine P. Campbell: Brigadier John J.

Stuart R. Digby M. Fairbanks: Major-General Geoffrey S. Gordon Lennox: Major-General John A. Whiteley: Lieutenant-General Guy G. Watson: Major-General John G. Charlton-Weedy: Major-General Keith H. Thompson: Major-General Roderick W. Williams: Brigadier Alan F. Hutton: Major-General R.M. Raeburn: Major-General Vernon F. Gordon: Major-General Walter M. Kennedy: Major-General Peter A. Johnston: Major-General John V. Newton: Major-General Sir Sebastian J. Ansell: Major-General David P. Peter Grant Peterkin: Major-General K. O’Connor: Major-General Frank H. Wilson: Major-General Paul R. Roberts: November 1926-December 1928 January 1929-March 1932 March 1932-June 1934 June 1934-July 1936 July 1936-October 1937 October 1937-1939 1946-1947 1947-1949 1949-1950 1950-December 1952 January 1953-December 1954 January 1955-1957 1957 February 1958-January 1960 January 1960-March 1962 March 1962-April 1964 April 1964-April 1966 April 1966-March 1968 March 1968-February 1970 February 1970-January 1971 January 1971-October 1972 October 1972-December 1974 December 1974-December 1976 December 1976-December 1978 December 1978-January 1980 January 1980-February 1982 February 1982-December 1983 December 1983-January 1986 January 1986-January 1988 January 1988-January 1990 January 1990-January 1992 January 1992-April 1995 April 1995-December 1996 December 1996-January 1999 January-May 1999 May 1999-January 2001 January 2001-April 2002 April 2002-January 2005 January 2005-February 2006 February 2006-June 2007 June 2007-2009 . Evans: Major-General Nicholas G. Airy: Major-General Bernard C. Chambers: Major-General A. John Drewienkiewicz: Major-General Michael A.R.P.M. Homan: Major-General David M.G.G. Woodford: Major-General Christoper J.217 Chief Army Instructor. Thomson: Major-General Alasdair I.L. Brooke: Brigadier Laurence Carr: Brigadier Alan G.S. Cima: Major-General Christopher C. Hull: Major-General Cecil B. Imperial Defence College(Royal College of Defence Studies from 1970): Brigadier John G. Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour: Major-General W.C. Dill: Brigadier Guy C. Clutterbuck: Major-General Allan E. Dewing: Major-General John F. Younger: Major-General H. Oliver: Major-General Richard A. Allen: Major-General Maurice R. McLeod: Major-General Denis S. Brooke: Major-General Desmond S. Dawnay: Brigadier Richard H. Erskine Crum: Major-General Richard L. Simonds: Major-General William P.

Regular Commissions Board(Army Officer Selection Board from ): Major-General Vivian H.J. Lee: Brigadier Arthur B. Prior-Palmer: Major-General Robert C. Wright: Brigadier Robin V. Bethell: Major-General Anthony G. St.J. McLellan: Major-General David Houston: Major-General Peter M. Searby: Brigadier the Hon. Gooch: Brigadier Charles T.John: Major-General Christopher M.S.P. Folkes: Brigadier Philip J.K. Mostyn: Brigadier Simon Caraffi: Brigadier Timothy Sandiford: 1943-1946 1946-1948 1948-1949 1949-1950 1950-1951 1951-1954 1954-1956 1956-1957 1957-1959 1959-1961 1961-October 1962 October 1962-February 1965 February-September 1965 September 1965-February 1967 February 1967-August 1969 August 1969-September 1972 September 1972-September 1975 September 1975-March 1978 March 1978-November 1980 November 1980-November 1983 November 1983-December 1985 December 1985-April 1987 April 1987-April 1988 April 1988-October 1989 October 1989-April 1992 April 1992-December 1993 December 1993-1995 1996-January 1998 January 1998-September 2000 September 2000-December 2002 December 2002-December 2005 December 2005-2007 2007-June 2010 June 2010-May 2012 May 2012- .Andrew D. Majendie: Major-General Hubert Essame: Major-General Cyril E.Man: Major-General David L.R. Welsh: Major-General Robert Benbow: Brigadier J.A. Melvin: Major-General Andrew C. Allen: Brigadier Richard P. Cottrell-Hill: Major-General William F.H. Mungo S.H.R.E.218 Major-General R. Hobbs: Major-General Norman L.D. Coad: Major-General George E. d’Avigdor-Goldsmid: Major-General Roger E.G. Edward Killick: Brigadier M.N. Jones: Major-General A. Seymour H. Lomax: Major-General Francis R. Hoskinson: Brigadier Simon R. Turner: Major-General Reginald G. Matthews: Major-General Francis W.M. Kennett: Major-General Nicholas J.C. Patrick W. Caplin: 2009-February 2011 February 2011-October 2012 October 2012- President. Monro: Brigadier David A. Lloyd Owen: Major-General D.B.B.S. Heath: Major-General Basil A. Biggart: Brigadier John P. Foster: Major-General James A. Festing: Major-General Gerard W.R.

Gooch: Brigadier P. Cavendish: Brigadier Roy M.N. McQueen: Brigadier J. Wells: Brigadier Andrew C. Douglas-Nugent: Brigadier Simon C. Royal School of Artillery: Brigadier John M. Cracroft: Brigadier Ronald E.Anthony G. Gilruth: Brigadier C.S. Jones: Brigadier John B. Cooper: Brigadier Robin J.C. Walker: Brigadier H. Winder: Brigadier A. Badley: Brigadier R. Arnold: Brigadier M. Ohlenschlanger: Brigadier J.F. McD.H.B. McNeill: Brigadier Peter J.E. Brian C.A. Rhoderick-Jones: Brigadier R. Robertson: Brigadier Arthur R. Glover: Brigadier William D. Watkins: Brigadier D. Streatfield: Brigadier Geoffrey de E.E.T.S. Bettridge: Brigadier W.V.S.Shane Rutter-Jerome: 1959-1960 1960-1962 1962-1964 1964-February 1966 February 1966-January 1969 January 1969-July 1971 July 1971-April 1973 April 1973-September 1974 September 1974-July 1976 July 1976-December 1977 December 1977-December 1979 December 1979-December 1982 December 1982-January 1985 January 1985-November 1987 November 1987-July 1990 July 1990-October 1992 October 1992-December 1993 .I. Royal Armoured Corps Centre: Brigadier Hugh J. Armitage: Brigadier H. Sharp: Brigadier R.219 Commandant. Brown: Brigadier John A. Goodman: Brigadier D.H. Allott: Brigadier Henry G.M. Coaker: Brigadier Geoffrey T. Redgrave: Brigadier C. Collin: Brigadier Peter B.L.S. Gadsby: 1951-1953 1961-1962 1962-1965 1965-May 1967 June 1967-December 1968 December 1968-July 1969 July 1969-December 1971 December 1971-May 1974 May 1974-September 1975 September 1975-March 1978 March 1978-March 1981 March 1981-December 1982 December 1982-December 1984 December 1984-January 1987 January 1987-July 1989 July 1989-February 1992 February 1992-April 1994 April 1994-April 1995 Commandant.David W.J. Webster: Brigadier Arthur B.M. Woods: Brigadier Peter B. Clark: Brigadier Giles G. Foster: Brigadier Keith J.A.

G.B. Nevill: Brigadier Geoffrey R. Eugster: Brigadier Ian A.D. Clements: Brigadier James I.P. Gilbert: Brigadier Corran W. Monro: Brigadier David J. Antony J. Goodwn: Brigadier Cosmo A.R. Dair Farrar-Hockley: Brigadier the Hon. Stevenson: Brigadier David J. Kitson: Brigadier Peter A.H. Beauchamp: Brigadier C.S.A. Pollard: Brigadier H.220 Commandant. Harington: Brigadier J. Lowe: Brigadier Ian Mackay: Brigadier Anthony J. Robertson of Brackla : Brigadier Anthony J. Musson: Brigadier Charles H. Downward: Brigadier David W. Hugh B. Purdon: Brigadier Frank E.H.E. School of Infantry: Brigadier Richard E. Maddan: 1951-1954 1954-1956 1956-1958 1958-1959 1959-1962 1962-1963 1963-1964 1964-February 1967 February 1967-June 1970 June 1970-May 1972 May 1972-September 1974 September 1974-August 1976 August 1976-July 1979 July 1979-November 1981 November 1981-December 1984 December 1984-January 1987 January 1987-April 1988 April 1988-December 1990 December 1990-January 1993 January 1993-1995 January 2002-January 2006 January 2006-December 2008 December 2008-February 2012 February 2012- .A. Arengo-Jones: Brigadier Glyn C. Read: Brigadier Basil O. Barnett: Brigadier Vernon J. Michael Rose: Brigadier Garry C.P. Anderson: Brigadier Brian J.

Indian Army Divisions which served during World War Two are listed in Volume I of Chris Kempton’s “Loyalty and Honour”. Major-General/Inspector: Brigades. Royal. CommandingAbbotabad: Aden(Independent): Agra: Ahmednagar: Allahabad: Ambala/Cavalry: Assam: Bangalore: Bangalore Cavalry: Bannu: Bareilly: Belgaum: Bombay: Dehra Dun: Delhi(Independent): Derajat: East Bengal: Ferozepore: Fyzabad: Garhwal: Jhansi: Jhelum: Jubbulpore: Jullundur: Karachi: Khojak: Kohat: Lahore: page 223 page 241 page 229 page 246 page 268 page 259 page 265 page 261 page 250 page 261 page 266 page 266 page 252 page 258 page 264 page 263 page 257 page 259 page 252 page 261 page 248 page 260 page 256 page 262 page 247 page 263 page 249 page 255 page 255 page 251 page 250 .221 (g) INDIAN ARMY (Note: It has not been possible to include District or Brigade Commands after 1941. 2003. Secretary: Artillery.) INDEX: Adjutant-General: Army Department.

3rd: Rangoon: Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi(Additional): Razmak/(Dardoni): Risalpur Cavalry/Nowshera Cavalry: Secunderabad. 2nd: Quetta. 2nd: Secunderabad Cavalry: Sialkot: Sind(Independent): Sirhind: Shillong(see Assam) Southern: Thal: Wana: Zhob(Independent): 6th/2nd Indian Infantry(Jamrud): 43rd/21st Indian Infantry(Sorarogha): 46th/5th Indian Infantry(Parachinar): 67th/9th Indian Infantry(Ladha/Razani): 68th/10th Indian Infantry(Manzai): Cavalry. 1st: Quetta. Major-General/Inspector: page 245 page 260 page 260 page 267 page 267 page 244 page 256 page 263 page 249 page 262 page 244 page 245 page 244 page 264 page 261 page 254 page 254 page 255 page 268 page 246 page 247 page 253 page 245 page 265 page 265 page 266 page 248 page 255 page 249 page 267 page 251 page 254 page 255 page 250 page 253 page 251 page 253 page 253 page 229 .222 Landi Kotal: Lucknow: Lucknow Cavalry: Madras: Mandalay: Mardan: Meerut/Cavalry: Mhow: Multan: Nasirabad: Nowshera: Nowshera Cavalry(see Risalpur Cavalry) Peshawar: Peshawar(1918): Poona(Independent): Presidency: Quetta. 1st: Secunderabad.

GOC. GOC10th Indian: 11th Indian: 12th Indian: 14th Indian: 15th Indian: 16th Indian: 17th Indian: 18th Indian: Eastern Command/ArmyGOC-in-C.223 Central CommandGOC-in-C.: Major-General Administration: Chief of the General Staff: Commander-in-Chief: Deputy Adjutant-General: Deputy Chief of the General Staff: Deputy Quartermaster-General: District/Divisional Commands. Director: Military Secretary: page 233 page 233 page 223 page 222 page 227 page 225 page 228 page 236 page 239 page 240 page 235 page 235 page 237 page 240 page 237 page 238 page 233 page 239 page 238 page 234 page 240 page 236 page 236 page 242 page 242 page 242 page 242 page 243 page 243 page 243 page 243 page 230 page 230 page 241 page 224 page 226 page 225 . Military Secretary: Master-General of the Ordnance: Military Operations and Intelligence.: DAQMG: India Office.Baluchistan: Bombay: Burma Independent: Kohat: Lahore/3rd: Lucknow/8th: Madras: Meerut/United Provinces/7th: Mhow/Central Provinces/5th: Peshawar/1st: Poona/Deccan/6th: Presidency and Assam: Quetta/4th(see Baluchistan) Rawalpindi/2nd: Secunderabad/9th: Sind-Rajputana: Waziristan: Divisions.

Quetta.: page 231 page 231 page 224 page 232 page 232 page 242 page 232 .: DAQMG: Quartermaster-General: Southern Command/ArmyGOC-in-C: DAQMG: Staff College.224 Northern Command/North-Western ArmyGOC-in-C. Commandant: Western Command. GOC-in-C.

Bt. Bt. Beauchamp Duff: General Sir Charles C.: General Sir Robert A. Monro.E.225 Commander-in-Chief: General Sir Arthur Power Palmer: Field-Marshal Viscount Kitchener of Khartoum: General Sir G. Wavell: Field-Marshal Sir Claude J. Hartley: Field-Marshal Sir Archibald P. Chetwode. Cassels: General Sir Claude J. Wavell: General Sir Alan F. Bt.E.: General Lord Rawlinson: Field-Marshal Sir William R. Auchinleck: General Sir Archinald P. Birdwood.: Field-Marshal Sir Philip W. O’Moore Creagh: General Sir H. Auchinleck: March 1900-November 1902 November 1902-September 1909 September 1909-March 1914 March 1914-October 1916 October 1916-November 1920 November 1920-March 1925 August 1925-May 1930 November 1930-November 1935 November 1935-January 1941 January-July 1941 July-December 1941 January-March 1942 March 1942-June 1943 June 1943-August 1947 .

Aylmer: Major-General John McN. Elles: Major-General Horace L. Delamain: Lieutenant-General Sir George de S. Norman Macmullen: General Sir Walter S. Deedes: Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald A. Savory: 1900-November 1901 November 1901-June 1903 June 1903-March 1906 April 1906-May 1908 June 1908-March 1909 April 1909-February 1912 March 1912-November 1915 November 1915-February 1917 February 1917-November 1920 November 1920-March 1923 March 1923-February 1924 February 1924-May 1928 May 1928-May 1930 May 1930-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-October 1937 October 1937-March 1941 May-October 1941 October 1941-March 1944 March 1944-March 1946 March 1946-1947 .G.226 Chief of the General Staff: Lieutenant-General Sir Beauchamp Duff: Lieutenant-General Sir Douglas Haig: Lieutenant-General Sir Percy H. Walter: Lieutenant-General Sir Havelock Hudson: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter S.: Lieutenant-General Sir Cyril J. Leslie: Lieutenant-General Sir John E. Martin: Major-General Robert I.B.S. Chetwode. Vesey: General Sir Eric de Burgh: Lieutenant-General Thomas J. Smith: March 1906-September 1909 October 1909-February 1912 February 1912-January 1916 January 1916-January 1920 January 1920-November 1924 November 1924-October 1928 October 1928-July 1930 July 1930-March 1931 March 1931-May 1934 May 1934-October 1937 October 1937-June 1939 June 1939-May 1941 May-December 1941 February 1942-April 1944 April 1944-January 1946 January 1946-1947 Adjutant-General: Major-General Sir Edmond R. Barrow: General Sir John M. Jacob: General Sir Andrew Skeen: General Sir Philip W. Kirkpatrick: General Sir Claud W. Smith-Dorrien: Major-General Beauchamp Duff: Major-General Alfred R. des R. Brodie Haig: Lieutenant-General Sir William H. Cassels: General Sir C. Baker: Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph B. Lake: Lieutenant-General Sir George M. Hutton: Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin L.N. Bartholomew: General Sir Ivo L. Shea: General Sir Robert A. Scallon: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur A. Deverell: General Sir Kenneth Wigram: General Sir William H. Wilson: Lieutenant-General A. Barrett: Major-General Fenton J. Bt. Swayne: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur F. Brind: General Sir Roger C. Morris: Lieutenant-General Sir John G.

Kirwan: General Sir Henry E. Altham: Lieutenant-General Sir George F.P Durnford: Lieutenant-General Sir Ernest Wood: July 1900-March 1901 April 1901-May 1903 May 1903-February 1904 May 1904-November 1908 January 1909-May 1912 May-November 1912 November 1912-May 1916 May 1916-February 1917 February 1917-February 1920 February 1920-February 1924 February 1924-February 1927 February 1927-July 1930 September 1930-October 1933 October 1933-March 1936 March 1936-April 1938 April 1938-March 1940 March 1940-May 1941 May 1941-January 1942 March 1942-January 1944 January 1944-March 1945 September-? 1945 1945-1946 1946-1947 Master-General of the Ordnance: Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin H.H.227 Quartermaster-General: Major-General Alfred Gaselee: Major-General George Henry: Major-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: Major-General Henry C. Sir A. Brodie Haig: Lieutenant-General Cyril D. Atkinson: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertram R.H. Alfred H. Bingley: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward A. ap R. Reade Godwin-Austen: Lieutenant-General Cyril M. Bird: Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth M. Macmunn: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sclater: Major-General Sir Gerald C. Richard MontaguStuart-Wortley: Lieutenant-General Sir Cyril J. Vickers: Lieutenant-General Balfour O. Loch: April 1924-April 1930 April 1930-April 1934 April 1934-April 1938 April 1938-April 1942 April 1942-July 1944 July 1944-1947 . Pryce: General Sir C. Noyes: Lieutenant-General Wilmot G. Wardrop: General Sir W. Bunbury: Major-General the Hon. Moberly: Lieutenant-General A. Moens: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertrand R. Kitson: Major-General William R. De V. Clement Armitage: Lieutenant-General Sir Clarence A. Edmund Ironside: General Sir Arthur W. Hutchison: Lieutenant-General A. Birdwood: Major-General William E. Deverell: Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander E.M.

Moberly: Major-General Eric de Burgh: Major-General Claude J. Lockhart: Major-General John G. Twiss: Major-General Neil C. Montgomery: Major-General Sir George N. Scott: Major-General Walter C. McCay: November 1902-December 1905 December 1905-June 1909 September 1909-July 1912 July 1912-March 1914 March 1914-November 1919 November 1919-1922 1922-November 1924 November 1924-1926 February 1926-January 1930 January 1930-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-April 1940 April 1940-August 1943 August 1943-March 1944 March 1944-1945 .S. Molesworth: Major-General T.H. Hutton: Major-General George N.S. Bannatyne: Major-General Henry Finnis: Major-General Ralph B. Peyton: Major-General Thomas E. Davies: November 1917-1919 1919-March 1920 March 1920-February 1922 February 1922-February 1926 February 1926-December 1929 December 1929-September 1931 September 1931-July 1933 October 1933-October 1935 October 1935-September 1936 September 1936-July 1938 July 1938-July 1940 July 1940-May 1941 May 1941-April 1943 June 1942-May 1943 1942-1943 April 1943-May 1944 May-? 1943 May 1944-April 1945 October 1944-1946 April 1945-April 1947 Military Secretary: Colonel Hubert I. Coleridge: Major-General Dennis Deane: Major-General William L. Parr: Major-General John F. John W.W. Birdwood: Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew R. Cory: Major-General Walter M. Black: Major-General Herbert F. Muspratt: Major-General John E. Deedes: Major-General Ross C. Cooke: Major-General Sir Harington O. Holden: Major-General Roland Richardson: Major-General Rob McG.D. Brind: Major-General Bertrand R. Bruce: Major-General Henry L. Kirke: Major-General Sydney F. Hamilton: Colonel William R. Moberly: Major-General Sir Archibald A.228 Deputy Chief of the General Staff: Major-General Andrew Skeen: Brigadier-General Frederick J. Nosworthy: Lieutenant-General Thomas J. Winterton: Major-General Stanley Woodburn Kirby: Major-General William C. O. M.Auchinleck: Major-General Francis P.G. St. Wilson: Brigadier-General William E. E.

) October 1944-March 1945(Ops. Scoones: Major-General Coles A.229 Director of Military Operations and Intelligence: Colonel Herbert Mullaly: Brigadier-General Alexander Hamilton Gordon: Brigadier-General George M. McLeod: 1906-March 1910 March 1910-1914 June 1914-1916 1916-November 1917 November 1917-November 1920 November 1920-1923 September 1924-November 1927 November 1927-1929 1929-1930 February 1930-February 1931 February 1931-September 1933 September 1933-June 1936 June 1936-September 1938 September 1938-May 1941 August 1941-April 1942 April 1942-March 1943 November 1942-1945(Intell. Mallaby: Brigadier Alfred J. Osborne: Major-General Walter J. Pitt-Taylor: Colonel William L. Twiss: Brigadier Sydney F.P.) March 1943-September 1944(Ops.H. Muspratt: Brigadier Macan Saunders: Brigadier Edward D. Kirkpatrick: Brigadier-General Andrew Skeen: Brigadier-General Frederick J. G. Cawthorn: Major-General Aubertin W. Ross: Brigadier Roderick W. Ling: Brigadier Alan F. Hartley: Brigadier A. Giles: Brigadier Christopher G. S.O.) March 1945-1946 . Mosley Mayne: Major-General George N. Molesworth: Major-General Geoffrey A. Moberly: Colonel Walter W.

Cory: Major-General Harington O. Park: Colonel Finlay C. Richardson: Brigadier-General Pomeroy Holland-Pryor: Major-General Herbert F. Salt: Major-General C.B. Baker: Major-General Cecil W. Wilson: Major-General William H.G. Beatson: Colonel William G. Cooke: Major-General George N.B. Dashwood Strettell: Major-General Macan Saunders: Major-General Nigel M.230 Deputy Adjutant-General: Colonel Beauchamp Duff: Colonel Cecil W.G. Channer: Major-General Douglas A. De R. Walter: Brigadier-General Charles W. Westropp: Major-General John B. Wade: Major-General Victor J. Parr: Major-General Sir Walter S. Hamilton: Brigadier-General John McN.E. Dalison: April 1901-July 1903 July 1903-January 1906 January 1906-January 1910 January 1910-September 1913 September 1913-November 1915 1915-October 1917 1915-? October 1917-1921 1921-February 1922 February 1922-November 1924 November 1924-1927 ?-November 1927 November 1927-December 1931 December 1931-April 1935 April 1935-February 1936 February-November 1936 November 1936-April 1938 April 1938-July 1940 July 1940-October 1941 October 1941-November 1943 February-October 1942 October 1942-October 1944 May 1944-1945 October 1944-1945 . Toovey: Major-General George O. L. Freeth: Major-General Gervase Thorpe: Major-General Harold F. Leslie: Major-General Arthur Solly-Flood: Major-General George H.

Wilson-Haffenden: Major-General Godfrey M. Durnford: Major-General Frederick J. Holman: Major-General C. Stanton: Brigadier-General Cyril H. Lewis: Major-General Richard L.G. Roe: Major-General Charles W.P.H. Dyer: Major-General Douglas Beanland: ?-November 1903 November 1903-March 1906 March 1906-June 1908 June 1908-May 1911 May 1911-May 1912 May 1912-November 1914 November 1914October 1917-February 1921 February 1921-1922 1924-1927 1927-November 1928 November 1928-October 1931 October 1931-July 1935 July 1935-February 1936 February 1936-April 1939 April 1939-June 1940 June 1940-August 1941 August 1941-March 1942 March 1942-August 1943 August 1943-1945 August 1943-1944 January 1944-1945 March 1945-1947 July 1945-1947 1947 .E. Noyes: Major-General Harold V. Leslie: Major-General Arthur W. Alfieri: Major-General Hugh H.Vaughan Cox: Colonel William A. Dashwood Strettell: Major-General Harold F. Salt: Major-General Cyril D. Russell: Major-General Donald J. Stable: Major-General George N. Hilliard: Colonel Herbert Mullaly: Colonel Francis G. Watson: Brigadier-General Henry E. Moens: Major-General Sir Ernest F. B.M. Bond: Colonel H. Orton: Major-General C. Bond: Major-General Cyril M. Richardson: Major-General Herbert C.231 Deputy Quartermaster-General: Colonel W. Norman Macmullen: Major-General Sir Walter S.

B. Corbett: March 1898-October 1903 October 1903-August 1906 August 1906-April 1908 May 1908-March 1911 March 1911-October 1914 December 1916-December 1920 December 1920-December 1923 December 1924-January 1927 November 1927-February 1931 February 1931-June 1935 June 1935-August 1939 August 1939-January 1940 January-July 1940 . Elliot: Major-General Douglas Haig: Major-General John E. Lecky: Major-General Charles E. Willis: Major-General William H. Giles: Major-General Geoffrey F. Brooke: Major-General Harry Macdonald: Major-General Thomas W. Cavalry(until 1940): Major-General Sir Edward L. Cassels: Major-General Charles A.R. Leader: Major-General Robert A. Mirrlees: February 1901-1906 November 1911-1914 October 1916-November 1918 November 1918-1919 1919-July 1921 November 1921-November 1925 November 1925-1929 1929-1930 1930-September 1931 September 1931-February 1933 February 1933-March 1935 March 1935-November 1936 November 1936-October 1939 October 1939-March 1942 March 1942-1946 Major-General.J. Royal Artillery: Major-General Lawrence W.S. Parsons: Brigadier-General H. Harrison: Major-General Robert H.232 Major-General. Johnson: Major-General Robert St. Kirwan: Major-General John E.S. Newcome: Major-General James M. Nixon: Major-General Sir Malcolm H. Akerman: Major-General William H.D. C. Carrington: Major-General William P. Brind: Major-General Henry Karslake: Major-General Henry W. Kay: Major-General Bertrand R. Grover: Major-General Michael F. H.C. Budworth: Major-General Edward H. Godwin: Major-General Arthur Solly-Flood: Major-General Edward D. Frederic Mercer: Major-General Frank E. Rimington: Major-General Henry P.

Ballentine: February 1936-April 1937 April 1937-1938 May-December 1942 December 1942-October 1943 October 1943-1944 1945-1947 November 1920-February 1924 February 1924-April 1928 April 1928-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-April 1940 April 1940-July 1942 July 1942-May 1943 May-October 1943 October 1943-December 1944 January-October 1945 October 1945-January 1946 January 1946-1947 . Goddard: Major-General Frank H.B. Barrow: General Sir John S. Giffard: General Sir A. Mosley Mayne: General Sir Richard N.G. Irwin: General Sir George J. Douglas Baird: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles N.233 Eastern Command(from 1930. O’Connor: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur F. Nicholson: Major-General Eric B. Norman Macmullen: General Sir H. Tuker: Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster-General: Major-General A. Broad: Lieutenant-General Noel M. F. S.O.M. Brodie Haig: Major-General Francis L. Eastern Army from 1942 until 1943): General Sir Havelock Hudson: General Sir George de S.S. Smith: Lieutenant-General Sir Francis I. Skinner: Major-General John S. Costin: Major-General Eric N. Shea: General Sir C.

Walter: Major-General Harry C. Cassels: General Sir Kenneth Wigram: General Sir John F. Birdwood. Wodehouse: Lieutenant-General Sir James Willcocks: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert I.B. Macmahon: Major-General Donald K.John: Major-General H. O’Connor: Lieutenant-General Sir Frank W.S. Nixon: General Sir Arthur A.H. Messervy: October 1901-1907 1907-November 1908 November 1908-October 1910 October 1910-August 1914 August 1914-February 1915 February-April 1915 May 1916-1920 November 1920-November 1924 November 1924-May 1926 May 1926-May 1930 May 1930-May 1934 May 1934-May 1936 May 1936-June 1940 June 1940-January 1942 January 1942-May 1943 May-August 1943 August 1943-May 1945 October 1945-May 1946 October 1946-1947 Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster-General: Major-General John McN. Hartley: General Sir Cyril D. Inskip: Major-General John F.D. Nugent: Major-General Douglas Beanland: February 1917-1920 March 1921-April 1924 April 1924-December 1926 December 1926-July 1929 July 1929-December 1930 December 1930-October 1932 October 1932-October 1933 October 1933-October 1937 October 1937-May 1938 May 1938-April 1940 April 1940-May 1941 May 1941-May 1944 May 1944-1947 . McLeod: Major-General George de la P. Scallon: General Sir John E.: General Sir Claud W. Douglas Baird: Major-General Digby I. North-Western Army from 1942 until 1945) : Lieutenant-General Sir Bindon Blood: General Sir Alfred Gaselee: Lieutenant-General Sir Josceline H. Coleridge: General Sir Alan F. Bt. Beresford: Major-General Roland D. St. Shuttleworth: Major-General Bertrand R.234 Northern Command(Northern Army until 1920. Cobbe: General Sir Robert A. Noyes: General Sir Edward P. Tytler: Major-General Kenneth Wigram: Major-General Richard S. Jacob: General Sir Alexander S. Quinan: General Sir Henry Finnis: General Sir Richard N.E. Moberly: Major-General Hugh F. Barrett: General Sir William R.

Roy Bucher: Major-General Arthur H. Walker: General Sir William C. Matheson: Lieutenant-General Sir Ivo L. Brodie Haig: Lieutenant-General Sir Noel M.J.A. Knight: Major-General Ernest F. Marshall: Lieutenant-General Sir Andrew Skeen: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold B. Bernard James: Major-General Sir Wyndham C. M.G. Brind: Lieutenant-General Thomas S. Lane: Major-General F. Barrow: General Sir John E. Braithwaite: General Sir George M.R.235 Southern Command(Southern Army until 1920 and from 1942 until 1945): General Sir Archibald Hunter: General Sir Edmund G. Lockhart: 1907-October 1908 October 1908-October 1912 October 1912-February 1915 February 1915-1916 April 1917-November 1919 November 1919-1923 1923-March 1924 March 1924-March 1928 March 1928-March 1932 March 1932-March 1936 March 1936-October 1937 October 1937-March 1941 March-October 1941 October 1941-June 1942 June 1942-March 1945 April 1945-1947 Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster-General: Major-General W. Orton: Major-General Edward C. Kirkpatrick: General Sir Charles H.S. Riddell-Webster: General Sir A. Beresford-Peirse: Lieutenant-General Sir Rob McG. Vesey: General Sir Walter W.B. Snelling: February 1917-1919 1919-1922 August 1926-August 1930 August 1930-August 1934 August 1934-August 1938 August 1938-December 1940 January 1941-March 1942 March 1942-1945 1945-1947 Western Command(from 1920 until 1938): Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Hunter: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter P. B. Jeffreys: Lieutenant-General Sir Ivo L.C. Vesey: General Sir John E. Pitt-Taylor: October 1903-1907 December 1920-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-June 1931 June 1931-June 1935 June 1935-March 1936 March 1936-August 1938 . Wilson: Major-General Charles R. Harington: General Sir Torquil G. Alexander: Major-General Sydney B. Pope: Major-General Thomas A. Heneker: General Sir George D. Nixon: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert I. de la P. Scallon: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles A. Anderson: Lieutenant-General Sir William R.

Alfieri: Major-General Cyril M. Durnford: Peshawar District/1st Indian Division: Lieutenant-General Sir Edmund G.D. Bruce Scott: Major-General Ross C. Cassels: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles A. Dashwood Strettell: Major-General Roland Dening: Major-General J. Muspratt: Major-General Sir C. Barrow: Major-General Sir Andrew Skeen: Major-General Sir Robert A. McCay: January 1904-January 1908 January 1908-October 1910 November 1910-October 1912 October 1912-June 1915 June 1915-April 1919 April -September 1919 September 1919-1922 1922-December 1923 December 1923-December 1927 December 1927-March 1930 March 1930-September 1933 September 1933-November 1936 November 1936-December 1940 December 1940-March 1943 November 1943-November 1946 February-? 1947 1942-August 1943 August 1943-1945 . Coleridge: Lieutenant-General Sydney F. Scoones: May 1942-1944 December 1944-1946 Major-General. P. Nixon: Major-General Charles J. Godwin: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Blomfield: Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Campbell: Major-General Charles A.B.S. Fowler: Lieutenant-General Sir George de S. Willcox: General Sir Geoffry A.236 Central Command(from 1942 until 1946): Lieutenant-General Henry B. Administration: Major-General Frederick J. Barrow: Lieutenant-General Sir James Willcocks: Lieutenant-General Sir John E.D. P. C.

Gattie: Major-General Cecil W. Hartley: Major-General Cyril D.C. Norman Macmullen: Major-General Edward A. Wilson: Lieutenant-General Eric de Burgh: Major-General Alan F. Noyes: Major-General Kenneth F. Wodehouse: Lieutenant-General Sir G.237 Rawalpindi District/2nd Indian Division: Lieutenant-General Josceline H. Fagan: Major-General Robert Gordon Finlayson: Major-General Roger C. Key: 1903-April 1906 April 1906-July 1907 July 1907-April 1908 May 1908-May 1912 May 1912-May 1916 May 1916-August 1917 August 1917-1919 1919-November 1920 November 1920-November 1924 November 1924-1926 March 1927-1929 1930-June 1931 June 1931-October 1934 October 1934-September 1936 September 1936-July 1938 July 1938-June 1940 June 1940-May 1941 1942-November 1943 November 1943-April 1946 April 1946-1947 . Vaughan: Major-General C.D. O’Moore Creagh: Major-General John S. Sheppard: Major-General Sir Herbert C. Kitson: Major-General William E. Dobell: Major-General Seymour H. Toovey: Major-General Berthold W. Martin: Major-General Sir Gerald C. Collins: Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred R. Uniacke: Lieutenant-General Sir Louis R. Bunbury: Major-General Sir Charles M.

Haughton: Major-General John R. Pearson: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry B.H. Wardrop: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert F.S.F. Osborne: November 1920-November 1922 November 1922-October 1924 October 1924-December 1925 December 1925-June 1927 June 1927-January 1930 January-December 1930 December 1930-October 1932 October 1932-October 1936 October 1936-October 1940 October 1940-March 1943 March 1943-1945 . Jacob: Major-General George M. Walter Kitchener: Lieutenant-General Arthur G. Douglas Baird: Major-General Digby I. Moens: Major-General Eric de Burgh: Lieutenant-General Sir Bertrand R. Barratt: September 1914-May 1917 Kohat District(from 1920): Major-General Andrew Skeen: Major-General Arthur Le G. Browne: Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred A. Moberley: Major-General Macan Saunders: Major-General Henry T. Bruce: Major-General Berthold W.M.M. Hartwell: Major-General Coles A. Blaxland: Major-General John G.B. Key: November 1902-November 1907 November 1907-October 1908 October 1908-October 1912 October 1912-January 1915 January 1915-August 1917 August 1917-April 1919 April 1919-October 1920 November 1920-April 1923 April 1923-1927 1927-November 1928 November 1928-October 1931 October 1931-1934 1934-October 1935 October 1935-April 1938 April 1938-November 1940 November 1940-July 1943 August 1943-August 1946 August 1946-1947 1947 Lahore Divisional Area(from 1914 until 1917): Major-General William C. Shea: Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney T. Cooke: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter S.D. Keary: Major-General Sir A. Hickman: Major-General Alan B. Reginald Hoskins: Major-General Sir John S.S. Leslie: Major-General Arthur W. Franks: Major-General Hubert Isacke: Major-General Edward A. Lawford: Major-General Alexander E.B. Watkis: Major-General Sir Henry D’U. Shuttleworth: Major-General Henry L.238 Lahore District/3rd Indian Division: Lieutenant-General Sir F. Coleridge: Major-General H.D. Fagan: Major-General John F.

Norton: Major-General Frederick A.M. Matheson: Major-General Arthur Le G.P.239 Waziristan District(from 1920): Major-General Sir Torquil G. Campbell: Major-General Sir W.S. Newcome: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Karslake: Major-General Hubert J. Evetts: Lieutenant-General Edward F. O’Dowda: Major-General Henry W. Jenkins: June 1903-November 1907 November 1907-April 1909 June 1909-November 1912 November 1912-December 1916 December 1916-March 1920 March 1920-March 1924 March 1924-March 1927 March 1927-March 1931 March 1931-February 1933 February 1933-December 1935 1935-August 1938 August 1938-July 1940 July 1940-1941 1941-April 1942 1945-1946 Sind-Rajputana District(until 1927): Major-General Charles W.B. Holman: Major-General Sir Herbert F. Pope. Robertson: ` Major-General Alan F. Sclater: Lieutenant-General Sir Malcolm H. Smith-Dorrien: Major-General Ralph A. Hutton: Major-General John F. Le Fleming: October 1920-October 1924 October 1924-November 1926 November 1926-November 1929 November 1929-November 1931 November 1931-September 1934 September 1934-December 1937 December 1937-July 1938 July 1938-March 1941 March 1941-September 1942 1942-1944 1944-1948 Baluchistan District/4th(Quetta) Indian Division/Western Independent District: Lieutenant-General Sir Horace L. Quinan: Major-General Ralph B. Cooke: January 1921-1922 1922-November 1924 November 1924-1927 . Herdon: Major-General Sydney B. Major-General Donald E. Jacob: Major-General Kenneth Wigram: Major-General Hugh E. Deedes: Major-General Frederick Buckley: Major-General Roger E. Grover: Lieutenant-General Sir Richard Wapshare: Major-General Sir David G. Clements: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry C. Hastings Anderson: Lieutenant-General James W. Huddleston: Major-General Thomas J.G. Richardson: Major-General Sir Herbert C. Hartley: Major-General Edward P.M.

Weld: Meerut Divisional Area(from 1914 until 1920): Brigadier-General Osbert M. Auchinleck: Major-General Harry Macdonald: Major-General Charles J. Anderson: Major-General Claud W. Milward: Major-General Francis L. Hammond: Major-General Alfred C. Jacob: Major-General Sir George J.E. Lake: Major-General Thomas D.W. Edmund Ironside: Major-General Charles A. May: Major-General Sir Arthur B. Nicholson: Major-General Gerald M. Nixon: Lieutenant-General Sir Percy H. Ker: Major-General Robert J. Fane: Lieutenant-General Sir William E. Deverell: Major-General Sir George M. Nugent: Lucknow District/8th Indian Division(from 1927): Lieutenant-General Sir Edward L.E. Elliot: Major-General Henry C. Scott: Major-General Albemarle B. Curtis: November 1903-November 1908 November 1908-June 1909 August 1909-August 1913 August 1913-August 1914 August 1914-August 1918 August 1918-1920 April 1927-April 1931 April 1931-March 1934 March 1934-March 1938 March 1938-January 1941 January 1941-1944 1944-1945 January 1946-1947 December 1914-October 1917 October 1917-August 1918 August 1918-November 1920 May 1903-April 1908 May 1908-October 1910 February 1911-January 1912 January 1912-August 1913 August 1913-September 1915 September-November 1915 December 1915-May 1916 June-September 1916 September 1916-February 1920 November 1920-December 1921 December 1921-December 1925 December 1925-November 1928 November 1928-June 1931 June 1931-July 1934 July 1934-July 1938 July 1938-January 1940 January 1940-1943 1943 . Franks: Major-General Sir W. Sclater: Lieutenant-General Sir Bryan T.R. Pilcher: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles A. Collins: Major-General Claude J. Thackwell: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry D’U. Cobbe: Major-General Sir Vere B. Peyton: Major-General Cyril J. Fitzgerald: Major-General Arthur V. Hay: Major-General Sir Clement A.240 Meerut District/7th Indian Division(United Provinces District from 1920 until 1927): Lieutenant-General George Henry: Lieutenant-General Sir John E. Mahon: Lieutenant-General Sir Robert I.B. Younghusband: Major-General Alexander S. Keary: Major-General Oliver S. Cator: Major-General Charles J.N. Scallon: Major-General Sir Edward S.

Delamain: Lieutenant-General Sir John S.G. Vaughan: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert C. Blomfield: Major-General Richard L. Herdon: Major-General Osborne H. Des Voeux: Major-General Charles J. Thomson: Major-General Henry D.241 Presidency and Assam District(from 1920): Major-General Thomas Astley Cubitt: Major-General S. Lindsay: Major-General Cecil A. Bethell: Major-General Hubert J. Shea: Major-General Sir Louis R. Central Provinces District from 1920 until 1927): Major-General Sir G. Pryce: Major-General Hugh K.W. F. O’Moore Creagh: Major-General John S. Holman: Major-General Hugh E. Browne: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles H. Huddleston: Major-General George M. Payne: Lieutenant-General Sir Fenton J. ap R. Ward: Major-General Henry E. Collins: Major-General Arthur G. O. Heywood: Major-General F.Roy Bucher: November 1920-November 1924 November 1924-January 1926 January 1926-October 1929 October 1929-December 1930 December 1930-1934 1934-September 1935 September 1935-August 1939 August 1939-1941 July 1941-1942 1946-1947 Mhow District/5th Indian Division(until 1932. Heydeman: Major-General Thomas G.M. Kemball: Lieutenant-General Sir Walter S. Aylmer: Major-General Sir George V.R. Delano-Osborne: March 1903-April 1906 April 1906-July 1907 July-November 1907 November 1907-March 1911 March 1911-October 1912 October 1912-May 1916 May 1916-June 1917 June 1917-November 1919 November 1919-November 1920 November 1920-1923 1923-November 1924 November 1924-November 1927 November 1927-November 1929 February 1930-1932 .

242 Deccan District(Poona District/6th Indian Division until 1927): Lieutenant-General George L. Fowler: Lieutenant-General Sir Michael J. Tighe: October 1914-March 1915 March-July 1915 July-November 1915 November 1915-December 1916 December 1916=July 1917 July 1917-June 1920 Bombay District: Major-General Henry A. ap R.H. B. Scobell: Major-General Guy de C.B. Witts: March 1922-June 1926 June 1926-November 1927 November 1927-November 1931 November 1931-November 1935 November 1935-August 1939 August 1939-1940 July 1941-1943 . Gathorne-Hardy: Lieutenant-General Basil F. Nicholson: Major-General Ernest K. Richardson: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Cummins: Major-General Eric S. John F.R. de V.L. Weir: Major-General Henry Needham: Major-General Sandford J. Brooking: Brigadier-General Maitland Cowper: Major-General Richard Wapshare: Brigadier-General Francis J. Atkinson: Major-General George N. Alderson: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur A. Heath: January 1904-January 1908 January 1908-February 1912 February 1912-April 1915 April 1915-April 1916 June 1920-December 1922 July-October 1920 October 1920-April 1921 December 1922-1926 1926-October 1928 October 1928-December 1930 December 1930-1932 1932-December 1934 December 1934-1938 ?-November 1938 November 1938-1939 October 1939-1940 Poona Divisional Area(from 1914 until 1920): Major-General George F. Barrett: Major-General Charles V.F. Climo: Major-General Edwin H. P. Pryce: Major-General H. Gerald Scarlett: Major-General Lewis M. Cory: Lieutenant-General Sir Charles W. Richardson: Major-General Edward A. Glover: Major-General Frederick V.V. Burnett-Hitchcock: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry E.P.G. Girdwood: Major-General George A. Gorringe: Brigadier-General Harry T. Douglas Baird: Major-General Octavius H. Townshend: Lieutenant-General Sir Skipton H. Squires: Major-General the Hon.

Barratt: June 1904-February 1907 March 1907-February 1911 March 1911-June 1914 June 1914-June 1918 June 1918-1920 November 1920-September 1922 September 1922-September 1926 September 1926-October 1930 October 1930-October 1934 October 1934-October 1938 October 1938-August 1940 August 1940-1942 1944-1947 Burma Independent District: Major-General Montague Protheroe: Lieutenant-General Sir Donald J.O.G. Alexander: Lieutenant-General Sir Montagu G. Norton: Major-General Alexander P. Tarver: Major-General Charles R. Stopford: Lieutenant-General Sir Harold R. McLeod: Lieutenant-General Thomas J. Burnett-Stuart: Major-General John Ponsonby: Major-General Alexander L. Scallon: Major-General Thomas D.243 Madras District(from 1920): Major-General John T.Twiss: Lieutenant-General Donald K. Keary: Major-General Sir Vere B.L.S. Telfer-Smollett: Major-General Douglas A. Coningham: Major-General Sir Dennis Deane: Major-General Sir William L.D. Briggs: January 1899-May 1903 May 1903-1906 1906-February 1907 February 1907-February 1911 February 1911-August 1913 August 1913-October 1914 October 1914-August 1918 August 1918-March 1920 April 1920-April 1924 April 1924-April 1928 April 1928-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-November 1938 November 1938-December 1941 December 1941-March 1942 March-July 1942 October 1945-January 1946 January 1946-January 1948 . Wade: Secunderabad/9th Indian Division(until 1920): Lieutenant-General Sir Charles C.L. McLeod: Major-General Sir George T.N. Newman: Major-General George Fleming: Major-General Edward F. Egerton: Lieutenant-General Sir James Wolfe Murray: Lieutenant-General Sir John B. Tytler: Major-General Frank E. Raitt: Lieutenant-General Sir Henry D’U. Woon: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Phayre: Major-General William C. Fane: Major-General Sir Harry C. Hutton: Lieutenant-General the Hon. Pilcher: Major-General Herbert A. Pretyman: Lieutenant-General Sir Lewis Dening: Major-General Sir Robert I. Harold R.

L.S. Lockhart: Lieutenant-General George N. Army Department. M. Cobbe: Field-Marshal Sir Claud W. Coleridge: Major-General Roger C. Barrow: Major-General Ernest De Brath: Major-General Alfred W.244 Military Secretary. Jacob: General Sir Alexander S. Molesworth: General Sir A. Government of India: Major-General Sir Edmund G. Scallon: Major-General Sir Malcolm H. Mosley Mayne: January 1877-May 1889 May 1889-May 1899 May 1899-July 1907 July 1907-August 1909 September 1909-1914 1914-1917 1917-1920 1920-April 1926 April 1926-June 1930 June 1930-June 1931 June 1931-November 1933 November 1933-May 1936 May 1936-October 1937 October 1937-December 1941 December 1941-July 1943 July 1943-January 1945 January 1945-1947 Secretary. Johnson: Major-General Sir Oliver R. O. Bayly: Major-General Sir Robert I.S. O’Moore Creagh: General Sir Beauchamp Duff: General Sir Edmund G. Wilson: General Sir Sydney F. Muspratt: Major-General Rob McG. Muspratt: Lieutenant-General Sir John F. Bingley: November 1901-December 1903 December 1903-March 1906 March 1906-March 1909 April 1909-February 1911 February 1911-November 1912 November 1912-December 1914 December 1914-July 1916 July 1916-March 1921 .D. Newmarch: General Sir Edward Stedman: General Sir G.G. Cobbe: Major-General Sydney F. Birdwood: Major-General Benjamin Holloway: Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred H. India Office: General Sir Allen B. Vaughan Cox: General Sir Alexander S. Grover: Major-General William R. Barrow: General Sir H.

Gorringe: 14th Indian Division: Major-General Raleigh G. F. Williams: Major-General A. Thomson: Major-General Theodore Fraser: May 1916-November 1917 November 1917-September 1918 September 1918-February 1919 March 1915-January 1916 December 1914-May 1915 December 1914-March 1916 January 1911-1914 June 1919-January 1923 January 1923-January 1927 January-December 1927 January 1928-August 1931 September 1931-October 1934 October 1934-April 1937 April 1937-March 1940 March 1940-February 1941 February 1941-April 1942 April 1942-August 1943 August 1943-June 1944 June 1944-March 1945 March 1945-March 1947 April-August 1947 . Wilson: Major-General Guy C. Osborne: Brigadier Geoffrey C. Collingridge: Major-General Stephen F. C. Humphreys: Major-General Roger C. Boyd: Major-General Charles A. Quetta: Brigadier-General Walter P. Godwin: Major-General Edward T. Davies: 10th Indian Division: Major-General Alexander Wilson: 11th Indian Division: Major-General Alexander Wallace: 12th Indian Division: Major-General George F. Chappel: Brigadier Hugh V. Irwin: Major-General Henry L. Egerton: Major-General William M. Vaughan: Major-General Sir Gerald F.245 Commandant. Braithwaite: Major-General Sir Louis R. Philip Christison: Brigadier Coles A. Evans: Brigadier Brian H. Brodie Haig: Brigadier A. Staff College.

Fanshawe: Major-General Sir Theodore Fraser: December 1917-February 1919 February 1919-1921 August-December 1917 December 1917-October 1920 October 1920-1921 December 1916-June 1918 June 1918-December 1919 December 1919-November 1920 May 1916-March 1919 . Woodyatt: 17th Indian Division: Major-General Webb Gillman: Major-General George A. L. Sanders: 18th Indian Division: Major-General Sir Hew D.J.246 15th Indian Division: Major-General Sir Harry T. Beynon: Major-General Nigel G. Leslie: Major-General Gerard A.F. Barratt: Major-General Sir William G. Brooking: 16th Indian Division: Major-General William C.

Alexander: Brigadier Bevil T. Wilson: Brigadier Archibald E. Channer: December 1907-January 1909 1909-March 1910 March 1910-May 1913 May 1913-April 1915 April 1915-April 1918 April 1918-October 1919 October 1919-June 1923 June 1923-June 1927 June 1927-December 1929 December 1929-May 1932 May 1932-July 1933 July 1933-April 1936 April 1936-September 1938 October 1938-1941 . Luard: Brigadier-General Herbert C. Croft: Major-General the Hon. Beynon: Major-General Skipton H. Brigadier-General Lionel C. Climo: Brigadier-General James W. Milward: Brigadier William D. Dunsterville: Brigadier-General George D. 3rd Indian Infantry Brigade from 1920 until 1927): Major-General Charles A. Grover: January 1906-1907 Peshawar Brigade(1st Infantry Brigade from 1918 until 1920.G.S.247 Nowshera Brigade(2nd Infantry Brigade from 1919 until 1920. Barrett: Major-General Richard L. Crocker: Brigadier-General Charles C.E. Venning: Brigadier Claude J. 4th Indian Infantry Brigade from 1920 until 192 ): Major-General Sir James Willcocks: Major-General Sir Arthur A.W. Potter: Brigadier Charles F. Auchinleck: Brigadier Richard N. De R. Payne: Major-General Richard Bannatine-Allason: Brigadier-General H. Anderson: Brigadier-General Frederick Campbell: Major-General Herbert Mullaly: Major-General Charles F. Wagstaff: Brigadier Clement A.L. O’Dowda: Brigadier-General Stewart G. Harold L. O’Connor: Brigadier George O. Sandilands: Brigadier Francis E. Muspratt: Brigadier Cyril M. Vaughan Cox: Major-General William G.G. Watson: Brigadier Harold R. Loch: Brigadier-General Sydney F. Nye: March 1902-March 1907 March 1907-April 1909 April 1909-April 1910 April 1910-April 1914 April-October 1914 November 1914-May 1917 May 1917-May 1919 April 1919-November 1921 November 1921November 1925-1927 February 1928-1930 1930-May 1931 May 1931-October 1934 October 1934-January 1938 January 1938-May 1939 May 1939-January 1940 Mardan Brigade(until 190): Major-General Malcolm H. Young.


Peshawar Brigade(from 1918 until 1919) Brigadier-General Guy M. Baldwin: 1918-June 1919 ; 1st Indian

1st Risalpur Cavalry Brigade(Nowshera Cavalry Brigade from 19 Cavalry Brigade from September 1920): Major-General Malcolm H.S. Grover: Brigadier-General F.W.P. Angelo: Major-General James G. Turner: Brigadier-General Sydney F. Crocker: Brigadier-General F.G.H. Davies: Brigadier-General Pomeroy Holland-Pryor: Brigadier-General Guy A.H. Beatty: Brigadier-General Wilfrith G.K. Green: Brigadier John Vander Byl: Brigadier Eric de Burgh: Brigadier Donald K.McLeod: Brigadier Harry Macdonald: Brigadier A.A.E. Filoze:


1907-1908 April 1909-January 1911 January 1911-September 1914 September 1914-June 1916 June 1916-April 1919 April 1919-October 1921 October 1921-April 1925 April 1925-September 1927 September 1927-1931 September 1931-1934 December 1934-December 1936 December 1936-1939 1939-

Landi Kotal Brigade(1st Indian Infantry Brigade relocated from Rawalpindi from September 1920 until 1927): Brigadier-General Alexander L. Tarver: Brigadier-General Harold A. Holdich: Brigadier-General Granville G. Loch: Brigadier Clement A. Milward: Major-General Bertrand R. Moberly: Brigadier Wilkinson Dent: Brigadier Alick L. M. Molesworth: Brigadier Henry T.D. Hickman: October 1920-January 1921 January 1921-December 1922 December 1922-1926 May 1927-1930 1930-October 1932 October 1932-March 1934 March 1934-July 1937 July 1937-1940


3rd/1st Abbottabad Brigade(3rd Brigade from April to September 1920; 11th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 1927): Major-General John B. Woon: Major-General Henry B. B. Watkis: Brigadier-General Philip M. Carnegy: Brigadier-General H.F. Loch: Major-General Nigel G. Woodyat: Major-General Charles A. Fowler: Brigadier-General F.F. Badcock: Brigadier-General Alexander M.S. Elsmie: Brigadier-General Etienne R.P. Boileau: Brigadier-General James Whitehead: Brigadier William M. Fordham: Brigadier Neil C. Bannatyne: Brigadier Henry L. Haughton: Brigadier Roland D. Inskip: Brigadier L.E. Dennys: June 1904-October 1907 October 1907-November 1910 November 1910-June 1912 June 1912-January 1915 April 1915-July 1917 July 1917-April 1919 April-December 1919 December 1919-June 1921 June 1921-1923 November 1925-1927 February 1928-1931 1931-November 1933 November 1933-October 1936 January 1937-August 1939 August 1939-1940

4th/2nd Rawalpindi Brigade(from 1907; 4th Infantry Brigade from October 1918 until September 1920; 12th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 1927): Major-General Charles H. Powell: Major-General James C. Young: Brigadier-General H. Vaughan Cox: Major-General Charles V.F. Townshend: Brigadier-General Gerard Christian: Brigadier-General W.M. Watson: Brigadier-General Evelyn C. Peebles: Brigadier-General Charles H. Davies: Brigadier-General Gwyn Gwyn-Thomas: Brigadier-General Henry L. Knight: Brigadier Edmund B. Mathew-Lannowe: Brigadier Walter K. Venning: Brigadier Algernon L. Ransome: Brigadier Cyril D. Noyes: Brigadier Kenneth F.D. Gattie: May 1907-June 1908 February 1909-January 1912 January 1912-April 1914 April 1914-April 1915 April 1915-January 1916 January 1916-March 1918 March 1918-January 1920 January-October 1920 June 1921-October 1923 October 1923-October 1927 October 1927-October 1931 October 1931-January 1934 January 1934-1935 September 1935-November 1938 November 1938-1942


Rawalpindi Additional Brigade(from September 1918 until November 1919): Brigadier-General Ralph A. Berners: September 1918-June 1919

5th/3rd Jhelum Brigade(from 1906; 5th Infantry Brigade from 1918 until 1920; 16th Indian Infantry Bridge from September to October 1920, and 12th Indian Infantry Brigade from 1920 until 192 ; relocated from Jamrud- 13th Indian Infantry Brigade from 192 until 192 ): Major-General William du G. Gray: Brigadier-General John G. Ramsay: Major-General John W.G. Tulloch: Major-General Donald C.F. Macintyre: Brigadier-General Vere B. Fane: Major-General H. O’Donnell: Brigadier-General Frederick A. Hoghton: Brigadier-General Frederick H. Peterson: Brigadier-General H.L. Richardson: Brigadier-General Frederick H. Peterson: Brigadier-General Richard T.I. Ridgeway: Major-General Seymour H. Sheppard: Brigadier-General Reginald E.H. Dyer: Brigadier-General Leslie W.Y. Campbell: Brigadier-General Hugo D. De Pree: Brigadier-General Richard S. St.John: Brigadier Richard Gardiner: Brigadier Robert H. Anderson: Brigadier Charles W. Frizzell: Brigadier Arthur N. Floyer-Acland: Brigadier Charles J. Wallace: November 1906-June 1907 June 1907-October 1908 October 1908-April 1912 April 1912-October 1914 October 1914-February 1915 February-July 1915 July-August 1915 August 1915-July 1918 July 1918-November 1918 November 1918-May 1919 May-July 1919 July-October 1919 October 1919-March 1920 March 1920-1921 1921-1923 May-December 1926 December 1926-December 1930 December 1930-1934 1934-August 1936 August 1936-December 1938 January 1939-February 1940


Sialkot Brigade(2nd Sialkot Cavalry Brigade from until March 1918, and 2nd Indian Sialkot Cavalry Brigade from September 1920; and Sialkot Brigade from March 1915 u November 1919): Brigadier-General Bryan T. Mahon: April 1904-April 1908 Major-General Arthur Phayre: April 1908-June 1911 Brigadier-General Henry P. Leader: June 1911-January 1916 Brigadier-General Laurence L. Maxwell: January 1916-March 1918 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brigadier-General Augustus A.J. Johnstone: July 1915-April 1918 Brigadier-General Leslie W. Y. Campbell: April 1918-November 1919 Brigadier-General Charles H. Rankin: June 1920-June 1924 Brigadier-General Cyril R. Harbord: June 1924-June 1928 Brigadier Charles R. Terrot: June 1928-June 1932 Brigadier Thomas A.A. Wilson: June 1932-1934 Brigadier Frederick Gwatkin: August 1934-August 1938 Brigadier Thomas W. Corbett: August 1938-July 1940 (7th) Ferozepore Brigade(until February 1921; and 44th(Ferozepore) Infantry Brigade from August 1915 until September 1920; 12th Indian Infantry Brigade/16th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Henry A. Abbott: January 1902Major-General Charles A. Anderson: January 1906-December 1907 Brigadier-General James C. Young: December 1907-February 1909 Brigadier-General A.F. Hogge: April 1909-January 1911 Major-General Charles G.M. Fasken: January-November 1911 Major-General Raleigh G. Egerton: November 1911-May 1916 Brigadier-General Sisley R. Davidson: May 1916-November 1919 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brigadier-General Robert M. Betham: 1915-April 1916 Brigadier-General George D. Crocker: April 1916-January 1918 Brigadier-General Alexander M.S. Elsmie: January-September 1918 Brigadier-General William M. Southey: September 1918-December 1919 Brigadier-General Arthur J. Poole: December 1919-December 1923 Brigadier-General Ross J.F. Hayter: December 1923-December 1927 Brigadier Ivan U. Battye: December 1927-November 1930 Brigadier Betham W. Shuttleworth: November 1930-October 1934 Brigadier Hollis M. Burrows: October 1934-November 1937 Brigadier Charles M.S. Manners: November 1937-1940


Multan Brigade(until

, from 1918 until 1919 and from 1924 until 1931): July 1904-April 1906 May 1918-May 1919 October 1924-May 1928 May 1928-April 1929 April 1929-1931

Brigadier-General William du G. Gray: Brigadier-General Philip J. Miles: Brigadier Hugh S. Moberly: Brigadier Patrick H. Keen: Brigadier Francis E.W. Venning: (8th) Jullundur Brigade: Major-General John A.H. Pollock: Major-General Gerald C. Kitson: Major-General Charles H. Powell: Major-General Philip M. Carnegy: Brigadier-General E. Peter Strickland: Brigadier-General Skipton H. Climo: Brigadier-General Stanley M. Edwardes: Brigadier-General Richard N. Hardcastle: Brigadier-General Stanley M. Edwardes: Brigadier-General Edmund W. Costello: Brigadier-General William F. Bainbridge: Brigadier-General Digby I. Shuttleworth: Major-General William L. O. Twiss: Brigadier Alan G.C. Hutchinson: Brigadier Gerald C.B. Buckland: Brigadier Roland Dening: 9th Sirhind Brigade(until 1920): Major-General Ralph A.P. Clements: Major-General John B. Woon: Major-General Thomas D. Pilcher: Major-General James M.S Brunker: Brigadier-General William G. Walker: Major-General James M.S. Brunker: Brigadier-General William G. Walker: Brigadier-General H.J.M. MacAndrew: Brigadier-General Stanley M. Edwardes: Brigadier-General Leslie W.Y. Campbell: Brigadier-General Charles C. Luard:

June 1904-1908 April-June 1908 June 1908-June 1912 June 1912-January 1915 January-November 1915 January 1916 April-July 1916 July-September 1916 September 1916-June 1919 June 1919-May 1920 April 1920-February 1924 February 1924-November 1927 November 1927-November 1931 November 1931-November 1935 November 1935-May 1938 May 1938-1940

February 1904-November 1907 November 1907-1908 1908-December 1911 December 1911-August 1914 August-September 1914 September 1914-January 1915 January-November 1915 November 1915 March 1916 March 1916-August 1917 August 1917-1919

E. Pirie: Brigadier-General Charles H. Garratt: Brigadier-General Ernest H. Beatty: Brigadier-General George H. Hendley: Brigadier-General H. Scott: Brigadier Frederick G. Newnham: Brigadier-General Dennis Deane: Brigadier Ernest C.H. Rankin: Brigadier-General Herbert A.253 Ambala Brigade(3rd Ambala Cavalry Brigade until March 1918. Gepp: Brigadier Walter E. Wooldridge: Brigadier-General C. Albany Fetherstonhaugh: Brigadier Neil C. Orton: October 1918-September 1919 September-December 1919 December 1919-October 1920 October 1920-1922 . Gillies: Brigadier Edward G. Freeth: Brigadier-General Ernest F.W.H. Rivett-Carnac: Major-General Charles P. Gretton: Brigadier Bevil T.C. Adams: Brigadier-General Edward F. Howard: April 1904-March 1906 April 1906-1907 1907-July 1909 July 1909-April 1910 April 1910-May 1916 May 1916-March 1918 November 1914-October 1915 October 1915-March 1920 November 1920-? ?-1922 December 1923-December 1927 December 1927-April 1929 April 1929-1931 1931-May 1932 May 1932-February 1934 February 1934-February 1938 February 1938-1941 Lahore Brigade(from November 1920): Brigadier-General Richard S. Fitzgerald: November 1920-April 1921 April 1921-1922 April 1926-November 1929 November 1929-1931 February 1932-October 1935 October 1935-January 1938 February 1938-1939 1939-1941 (Jamrud) Brigade(6th Infantry Brigade from October 1918 until September 1920.C.John: Major-General Arthur Le G. Bannatyne: Brigadier John C. McSwinney: Brigadier-General Francis S. St. Hall: Brigadier Charles A.L. Iggulden: Major-General C. 2nd Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Gerard Christian: Brigadier-General Guy A.B. Jacob: Brigadier W. and Ambala Brigade from November 1914): Brigadier-General Robert B. Wilson: Brigadier Merton Beckwith-Smith: Brigadier Gerald M. Wilson-Johnston: Brigadier Henry L.

W. Gompertz: November 1938-1939 . Loch: Brigadier-General Frank E. Gray: Major-General William R. Barstow: February 1903-1907 1907-1908 June 1909-May 1912 May-November 1912 November 1912-December 1914 December 1914-October 1919 October 1919-October 1920 October 1920-May 1923 May 1923-1927 1927-November 1930 November 1930-1932 1932-1935 May 1935-June 1938 June 1938-1940 (Parachinar) Brigade(46th Mobile Brigade from May 1919 until September 1920. Keen: Brigadier Henry L. Abbott: Brigadier Arthur E. Coningham: Brigadier-General Manners R.A. Nightingale: September 1920November 1921-1923 1923-1924 Thal Brigade(from 1938): Brigadier Martin L. Birdwood: Major-General William E. Fagan: Brigadier-General Percy L.254 (13th) Kohat Brigade(6th Indian Infantry Brigade from 1920 until 192 ) : Major-General Charles H. Bunbury: Major-General Frederick Campbell: Major-General Alexander H. 5th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Stewart G. Scott: Brigadier Reginald S. Eustace: Major-General Andrew Skeen: Brigadier-General Edward A. Des Voeux: Major-General William du G. Beddy: Major-General Charles Kirkpatrick: Brigadier Patrick H.

Pearson: Major-General Robert B. Anderson: Major-General Sir George J.R. Lucas: Brigadier-General T. Scott: Brigadier Francis H. Baldwin: Major-General Sir William G. Keen: Brigadier Henry St. Woodyatt: Major-General Skipton H. Younghusband: Brigadier Francis J. Bruce: Brigadier-General Frederic G. S. Fane: Brigadier-General the Hon. Aylmer: Major-General Charles G. Charles G. MacLachlan: Brigadier-General John L. Pope: Brigadier Patrick H.255 Bannu Brigade(until May 1920. Fasken: Major-General Hugh O’Donnell: Brigadier-General Vere B. Furney: Brigadier Sydney B. Maynard: Brigadier John F.H. 8th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until Brigadier-General Fenton J. Walton: January 1904-March 1906 March 1906-January 1909 January 1909-1910 June 1911-October 1914 October 1914-February 1916 February 1916-May 1917 May 1917-June 1918 June 1918-May 1919 May-November 1919 November 1919-May 1920 . Fowler: Brigadier-General Guy M.M. Adams: Major-General Charles A. Nugent: August 1904-November 1907 November 1907-January 1911 January 1911-February 1915 February 1915-August 1916 August 1916-April 1919 April 1919-May 1920 September 1920-? April 1922-July 1926 July 1926-April 1929 April 1929-November 1930 November 1930-October 1934 October 1934-October 1938 October 1938-1941 ): Derajat Brigade(until May 1920): Major-General Alfred A.L. Climo: Brigadier-General William C. Beynon: Major-General Nigel G. G.

Borrett: Brigadier-General Herbert W. Lucas: Brigadier-General F. Brigadier-General John L. 9th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Frederic G. Clarke: Brigadier-General Gwyn Gwyn-Thomas: Brigadier-General Wilfrid J. Pope: Brigadier Arthur M. 10th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 1930).C. Jackson: Brigadier Roger C.J. Lewis: July-August 1919 November 1919-October 1920 October 1920-March 1921 March 1921-1922 1922-May 1923 May 1923-May 1927 May 1927-April 1929 April 1929-July 1930 July 1930-1934 July 1934-October 1937 October 1937-1940 (Ladha/Razani) Brigade(67th Infantry Brigade from November 1919 until September 1920. Borrett: Brigadier Walter E.P. MacQuoid: Brigadier-General William C.256 (Dardoni)/Razmak Brigade(47th Mobile Brigade from May 1919 until September 1920. Gordon: Brigadier-General Oswald C. Browne: Brigadier-General Hugh E. Marshall: Brigadier Harold V.R. Mitchell: March 1917-March 1918 September 1918-October 1919 October 1919-June 1921 June 1921-1923 . Mills: Brigadier John S.F. Walton: Brigadier-General Edward T. Southey: Brigadier-General John L. Wilson: November 1919-May 1920 September 1920-April 1922 April 1922February 1926-February 1930 (Sorarogha) Brigade(43rd Infantry Brigade from March 1917 until September 1920. 21st Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 1923): Brigadier-General William M. Herdon: Brigadier Oswald C. Kelly: Brigadier-General Edgar C. Humphreys: Brigadier-General Herbert J.P.K. 7th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Charles E. Kensington: November 1919-1921 February 1922November 1925-1926 (Manzai) Brigade(68th Infantry Brigade from November 1919 until September 1920. Wilson Johnston: Major-General Sydney B.

O’Grady: Major-General Carleton B. Forster: Brigadier-General William H. Duncan: Brigadier Ernest C. Philip Christison: November 1907-April 1910 April 1910-November 1913 November 1913-December 1914 December 1914-May 1918 May-October 1918 October 1918-December 1919 December 1919-January 1921 January 1921-April 1924 April 1924-April 1928 April 1928-June 1929 June 1929-January 1931 January 1931-January 1935 January 1935-1937 February 1937-January 1938 February 1938-1940 2nd/ 5th Quetta Brigade(from . Heath: Brigadier Charles O.A. Brigadier Wilkinson Dent: Brigadier John C. T. Bridgford: Brigadier-General Gerard A. Hardy: Brigadier-General Ralph A. Ramsay.J. L. Harvey: February 1930-1934 February 1934-July 1936 July 1936-April 1939 April 1939-October 1940 1st/ 4th Quetta Brigade(from 1907. 15th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 . Melliss: Brigadier-General Thomas H. Tarver: Brigadier Edward C. Gepp: Brigadier Arthur H.257 Wana Brigade(from 1930): Brigadier Macan Saunders: Brigadier Thomas Milne: Brigadier Lewis M. Chope: Brigadier Theophilus J. Spooner: Major-General Charles N. 10th Infantry Brigade from July 1918 until September 1920. Aylmer: Major-General John B. disbanded 1938): Major-General Charles J.H. H. Paget: Brigadier A. de C. 1st Quetta Brigade from 191 until 1918.E. Campbell: Brigadier-General William C. Ponting: April 1913-October 1914 October 1914-June 1919 June 1919-January 1920 January 1920-December 1921 December 1921-1923 September 1926-June 1929 June 1929-January 1931 January 1931-October 1934 October 1934-August 1936 August 1936-1938 . F. Alexander: Brigadier Henry C. Clery: Brigadier-General Alexander L. 14th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Major-General Fenton J. Sanders: Brigadier Frank W.F.F. Holliday: Brigadier A. Anderson: Brigadier-General H. Berners: Brigadier-General Robert J. Broad: Major-General Bernard C. Sitwell: Brigadier-General A. 11th Infantry Brigade from July 1918 until September 1920.

Porter: Brigadier Henry C.B. 57th Infantry Brigade from July 1918 until 1920): Brigadier-General M. Goring-Jones: Brigadier-General John L.U. Nightingale: Major-General Charles J. Shaw: Major-General Sir George V.J. Westmorland: Major-General Richard L. Hay: Major-General Charles Kirkpatrick: Brigadier Nigel M. Payne: Major-General David G.B. Wilson: Brigadier A. Price: Major-General David G.H. Duncan: Brigadier J. Hartwell: 1926-February 1929 February 1929-1931 May 1931-1935 1935-1936 1936-October 1938 October 1938-1941 .D. Kelly: Brigadier-General C. Shaw: Brigadier-General Charles H. Ross: November 1920-1923 1923-June 1925 September 1925-June 1929 June 1929-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-1940 Khojak Brigade(from 1938): Brigadier Henry Finnis: May 1938-1940 Karachi Brigade(until 1921): Brigadier-General F.R.258 3rd Quetta Brigade(from April 1918.L.H.W. Abbott: Brigadier-General Francis H. McKenna: Brigadier E. C. Douglas Baird: Brigadier-General Charles R. Gordon: April-October 1918 October 1918-November 1919 Zhob(Independent) Brigade: Brigadier-General H. Bradshaw: Brigadier Cyril L. Kemball: Major-General Francis J. Fowler: June 1900-August 1905 August 1905-February 1907 February 1907-April 1909 April 1909-1912 February 1913-November 1914 November 1914-September 1915 September 1915-August 1916 August 1916-June 1917 July 1917-1921 Sind(Independent) Brigade(from 1926): Major-General Manners R. Chope: Brigadier John R.L.J.

Norton: Brigadier-General Henry G. Keary: November 1910-January 1915 Brigadier-General C. Tomkinson: Brigadier Edward D. Betham: March 1917-January 1920 Brigadier-General Hubert Isacke: January-September 1920 .F. Vaughan Cox: November-December 1915 Brigadier-General F. 70th Infantry Brigade from May to September 1920): Major-General Arthur G. and from March 1917 until May 1920. Browne: 1904-March 1907 Major-General Charles L. Lumley: Brigadier John A. Murray: January 1918-January 1919 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brigadier-General Robert M.B. Roberts: Major-General Charles L. Dorman: Brigadier John M. Peyton: Brigadier-General Edmund B. Aizlewood: November 1904-April 1908 July 1908-July 1912 July 1912-November 1913 November 1913-May 1916 May 1916-March 1917 March 1917-April 1919 April 1919-November 1920 February 1915-April 1920 May 1920-1923 March 1924December 1927-July 1929 July 1929-April 1932 April 1932-April 1936 April 1936-1939 1939-1940 20th Garhwal Brigade(until 1920. 3rd Indian Cavalry Brigade from September 1920) : Brigadier-General Arthur Phayre: Brigadier-General William E.B.G. Blackader: January-November 1915 Major-General Sir H.A.R.G. Edwards: Brigadier Leslie C. Giles: Brigadier C. Burton: Brigadier-General Fitz-James M. Watson: January 1916-January 1918 Brigadier-General E.259 Meerut Brigade(7th Meerut Cavalry Brigade from until November 1920. Young: Brigadier-General Hereward L. Smith: December 1915-January 1916 Brigadier-General Harry D. Gregory: Brigadier-General H.A. Dashwood Strettell: Brigadier Edward M. Jones: Brigadier-General Charles E. Woollcombe: March 1907-November 1910 Major-General Henry D’U. and 4th Meerut Cavalry Brigade from February 1915 until September 1920.

Brodie Haig: Brigadier Charles Hemsley: Brigadier Sidney A. Grimston: Brigadier-General Hubert Isacke: Brigadier Walter W.J. and from March 1915 until December 1918.R. Dodd: Brigadier A. J. de M. Peebles: Brigadier-General E. 17th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Major-General Frederick Campbell: Brigadier-General Charles E. Hungerford: March 1911-November 1912 November 1912-January 1915 January-September 1915 September 1915-January 1916 January 1916 January-November 1916 November 1916-February 1917 February-March 1917 March 1917-February 1918 February-April 1918 April-October 1918 October 1918-February 1920 March-April 1915 April 1915-March 1917 March 1917-December 1918 September 1920-1923 1923-June 1925 June 1925-November 1927 November 1927-October 1929 October 1929-October 1933 October 1933-February 1936 February 1936-1937 November 1938- . Jacob: Brigadier-General W. Norie: Brigadier-General Evelyn C. Catty: Brigadier Arthur H. Peebles: Brigadier-General Charles E.H.B. Edwards: Brigadier-General George A. Norie: Brigadier-General Evelyn C. Bradshaw: Brigadier Thomas C.J. Woodyatt: Brigadier-General the Earl of Radnor: Brigadier-General S. St. Weir: Brigadier-General Walter S. Harvey: Brigadier-General Charles E.260 19th/7th Dehra Dun Brigade(from 1911 until February 1920. Pitt-Taylor: Brigadier-General Charles R. Johnson: Brigadier-General Claud W. Wood: Brigadier-General Fitz-James M.M. Leslie: Brigadier-General Nigel G. de M.

C. 72nd Infantry Brigade from May to September 1920. Radcliffe-Smith: May 1934-May 1935 Brigadier Arthur K.G.B. and Bareilly Brigade from December 1914.261 21st /8th Bareilly Brigade(until February 1920. Norman Macmullen: November 1919-December 1923 Brigadier-General Patrick H. Macrae: August 1932-June 1933 Brigadier Donald B. Peter Strickland: January 1915 Brigadier-General William M. Peebles: November 1916-February 1917 Brigadier-General Charles E. de M. Solly-Flood: October 1928-1931 Brigadier Donald E. J. de M. Hoghton: February-May 1915 Brigadier-General Robert G. Hay: May 1935-May 1938 Brigadier Frederick V. Gray: May 1918-November 1919 Brigadier-General C. Ross: June 1933-May 1934 Brigadier N. Norie: September 1915-November 1916 Brigadier-General E. Bradshaw: 1908-September 1911 Major-General Forbes Macbean: September 1911-January 1915 Brigadier-General E.M. Southey: January-September 1915 Brigadier-General Charles E. Williams: 1927-October 1928 Brigadier Richard E. 18th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Major-General Alfred R.B. Dundas: December 1923-1927 Brigadier Guy C. Strange: May 1915-February 1916 Brigadier-General Francis Glanville: February 1916-May 1918 Brigadier-General Frederick W. Martin: January 1904-March 1906 Major-General James Spens: March 1906-1908 Major-General Laurence J. Witts: May 1938-1939 .R. Norie: February-March 1917 Brigadier-General George A.C. Robertson: 1931-August 1932 Brigadier J.E. Kemball: December 1917---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brigadier-General Frederick A. Leslie: March-December 1917 Brigadier-General A.

Mainwaring: Major-General William H.262 Delhi(Independent) Brigade(from 1914 until 1915. Keith Stewart: Major-General Henry Barstow: Brigadier John H. Hoghton: Brigadier-General S. and from 1918): Brigadier-General Frederick A. Baker: December 1914-February 1915 December 1918-December 1919 December 1919-November 1920 November 1920-March 1921 March 1921-September 1922 September 1922-1924 1924-November 1925 November 1925-June 1929 June 1929-July 1933 July 1933-April 1934 April 1934-1936 1936-January 1938 January 1938-1940 Agra Brigade(from December 1918 until March 1920): Major-General Lionel C. F. Drake-Brockman: Brigadier-General Harry C. Davidson: Major-General Kenneth Wigram: Major-General J. Tytler: Major-General Sisley R.M.B.H.G. Lakin: Brigadier Alick L. Dunsterville: December 1918-March 1920 . Molesworth: Major-General Macan Saunders: Brigadier Guy P. Grimston: Brigadier-General David H.

M. Pritchard: Brigadier-General H. Watson: Major-General Edward S. Kavanagh: Brigadier-General Michael J. Younghusband: Major-General Charles J. Laird: Brigadier Charles Hemsley: Brigadier Hugh R. de C.P. Lane: Brigadier Robert C. 19th Indian Infantry Brigade ): from November 1920 until 192 . 73rd Infantry Brigade from May until September 1920.W. Beatty: Major-General Leslie C. 4th Indian Cavalry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Major-General George A. C.H. Lay: 1907-November 1908 November 1908-November 1910 November 1910-October 1911 October 1911-November 1914 November 1914-December 1915 December 1915-January 1916 July-October 1917 November 1917-November 1918 November 1918-April 1920 January 1920-1922 1922-1923 1923-November 1926 November 1926-June 1930 June 1930-May 1933 May 1933-June 1935 June 1935-February 1936 February-December 1936 December 1936-1939 1939-? 8th Lucknow Cavalry Brigade(until March 1918 and from 1920. H. Fasken: Brigadier-General Moreton F. 6th Indian Infantry Brigade from Major-General Sir James R. Cookson: Brigadier-General William H. Money: Brigadier William O.B. Keith Stewart: Brigadier-General Arthur E. Macdonald: Brigadier-General James A. O’Grady: Brigadier-General J. Nicholson: Brigadier Kenneth McG. Tighe: March 1904-December 1907 December 1907-February 1909 February 1909-January 1910 January 1910-April 1913 January-September 1914 September-October 1914 . Bell: Major-General Henry B. Wheatley: Brigadier-General F. Gage: Brigadier-General Guy A. Wolley-Dod: Brigadier-General Aubrey G. Angelo: Brigadier-General George J.263 22nd /6th Lucknow Brigade(from 1907 until January 1916.L. Jones: October 1911-November 1914 November 1914-May 1916 May 1916-December 1917 December 1917-March 1918 April 1920-1923 Fyzabad Brigade(until October 1914): Brigadier-General Henry S. McNamara: Brigadier John Kennedy: Brigadier Octavius H. Melliss: Brigadier-General Charles T. and from July 1917 until May 1920. May: Brigadier-General Owen C. Watkis: Major-General Alexander Wilson: Brigadier-General Stannus Geoghegan: Brigadier-General William A. L.

N. Macdonald: Major-General John S. Stewart: Major-General Manners R. Woollcombe: Major-General John L. Barker: Major-General John S. Molesworth: Major-General Sir Hamilton Bower: ): November 1904-January 1906 January 1906-December 1908 December 1908-May 1913 East Bengal Brigade(from 1936): Brigadier H. Keir: Major-General Maitland Cowper: Brigadier-General C. Strange: Major-General Sir George J.B. Shillong Brigade until Colonel H. Nightingale: Brigadier Edgar C. Ford: Brigadier Wilmot G.B. Ridgeway: Brigadier Geoffrey N. Goldfrap: October 1936-1940 . Younghusband: Major-General Sir Sydney T.264 Allahabad Brigade: Brigadier-General James Spens: Brigadier-General Charles L. Vickers: October 1903-March 1906 March 1906-March 1907 October 1907-October 1911 January 1913-July 1915 July 1915-January 1917 January 1917-February 1921 February 1921-February 1925 February 1925-1926 1926-December 1927 December 1927-December 1931 December 1931-December 1935 December 1935-1939 1939-1940 Presidency Brigade(until 1920): Major-General Sir James R. McRae: Brigadier-General Edward H.W. Lawford: January 1905-June 1907 June 1907-December 1908 December 1908-December 1910 December 1910-May 1913 May 1913-November 1914 November 1914-September 1916 September 1916-December 1919 December 1919-March 1920 March-September 1920 Assam Brigade(until 1913.E. Cadell: Brigadier-General Cosmo G. May: Brigadier-General Arthur W.L. Fanshawe: Major-General Edward S. Kensington: Brigadier S. Orton: Brigadier David G. Money: Brigadier Robert G. Johnson: Brigadier-General A. Cowans: Brigadier-General Hew D.H.W.S.

Poore: Major-General Sisley R. Sangster: Brigadier Donald E. Robertson: Brigadier F.G. Park: Major-General Kenneth S. Davidson: Brigadier-General Gilbert R.A. G.F.H. Townshend.265 Nasirabad Brigade(until 1915 and from 1917 until 192 ): Brigadier-General J. Young: Major-General Charles V. Brigadier-General Frank W. Pocock: Major-General Patrick B. Barker: Major-General Charles F. Donnell: Brigadier-General Robert M.E. Andrew: Brigadier-General Robert H.F.S. Kemball: Major-General Hugh O. Garratt: Major-General Laurence J. Davison: Brigadier-General D. Cassels. Bradshaw: Major-General John S. Craufurd: February 1901-January 1906 January 1906-January 1909 January 1909-January 1915 October 1917-January 1920 January 1920-January 1924 January 1924-? 9th Jhansi Brigade(71st Infantry Bridge from May to September 1920. Craigie: Major-General Cecil W. 20th Indian Infantry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 ): Brigadier-General Francis S.S. Ponting: May 1905-March 1907 March 1907-1908 1908-June 1911 June 1911-May 1913 May 1913-April 1914 April 1914-July 1915 July-August 1915 August 1915-December 1919 December 1919-March 1921 April 1921-April 1925 April 1925-September 1926 September-? 1926 1926-July 1928 July 1928-May 1931 May 1931-1934 May 1934-1938 1938-1939 . Quinan: Brigadier Theophilus J. Ramsay: Brigadier-General P.C. Nichols: Brigadier Edward P. Major-General George V. Hare: Brigadier-General George S.

O’Dowda: Brigadier-General William H. Kitson: Major-General Alexander Wallace: Major-General Hew D. Fraser: April 1932-January 1934 January 1934-December 1937 December 1937-1941 Bombay Brigade(until 1922): Major-General Arthur G.266 10th Jubbulpore Brigade(21st Indian Infantry Brigade from 1923 until 192 ) : Major-General Lewis Dening: Major-General Gerald C. Fanshawe: Brigadier-General Edward C. Tidswell: Brigadier-General Charles G. Gorringe: Major-General Wyndham C. Creagh: Brigadier-General Richard M. Prendergast: Brigadier-General Philip J. F.B. Swann: Major-General George F. Robertson: Brigadier Christopher G. Conry: Brigadier William A. Miles: Brigadier-General Cyril L. Ling. Knight: Major-General W. Freeth: Brigadier-General James W. Beach: Major-General Charles J. Scobell: Brigadier John de L.B. Porter: Major-General George H. Lane: July 1902-February 1907 February 1907-April 1908 April 1908-May 1913 May 1913-November 1914 November 1914-December 1915 December 1915-May 1919 May-December 1919 January-October 1920 October 1920-? ?-April 1923 April 1923-April 1927 April 1927-1929 September 1929-September 1933 September 1933-1936 1936-1937 1937-1940 Mhow Brigade(from 1932): Major-General Sanford J.P. Greenfield: Major-General John C.K. Brigadier William A. Fraser: Brigadier Hugh R. Hay: Brigadier Alexander B.Bernard James: October 1900-June 1905 June 1905-1909 1909-May 1912 May 1912-March 1915 March 1915-1919 1919-March 1922 . C.

G. Barter: Major-General Arthur E. Harrison: Brigadier Frederick G. Fowler: Major-General Charles E. de M. Roberts: June 1907-June 1909 June 1909-June 1913 June 1913-September 1914 September 1914-April 1916 December 1914-July 1915 July-November 1915 November 1915-December 1916 December 1916-June 1917 June 1917-September 1920 ?-February 1928 February 1928-March 1931 March 1931-February 1935 February 1935-March 1938 March 1938-1939 Belgaum Brigade(18th(Belgaum Brigade) from 1914 until April 1916): Brigadier-General Hastings Read: Major-General James A. Aitken: Major-General Walter S. Craufurd: Brigadier George H. Brooking: Brigadier-General Maitland Cowper: Major-General Richard Wapshare: Brigadier-General Francis J. Mackenzie-Kennedy: Major-General Charles I.Riddell-Webster: Brigadier Frank C.267 Poona(Independent) Brigade(from 1907 until 1920 and from 192 . and 16th(Poona) Brigade from September 1914 until April 1916): Major-General John C. Bell: Major-General Edward C. Fry: Brigadier-General William G.W. Norie: Brigadier-General George S. Delamain: (16th(Poona) Brigade) Brigadier-General Harry T. Hamilton: April 1905-April 1908 April 1908-January 1909 January 1909-May 1911 June 1911-October 1915 October 1915-April 1916 .L. Spring: Brigadier Thomas S. Swann: Major-General Charles St.

Monro: Major-General Francis H. Stockwell: Brigadier E.J. Hoghton: Brigadier-General E. Wood: Brigadier-General Claude D. Moore: Brigadier-General Arthur W. 22nd Indian Infantry Brigade from November 1920 until 192 . Gastrell: Brigadier-General Arthur E. L. Smith: 2nd Secunderabad Brigade(until October 1914): Brigadier-General George F. Smithers: Brigadier Sewallis R. Thurlow: Brigadier Leonard S. Aitken: Brigadier-General William H. 16th Indian Infantry Brigade from 192 until ): Brigadier-General S.M. Hamilton: Major-General Walter R.A. Kenyon-Slaney: Major-General Percival S.F. Shirley: Brigadier Alan B. Moberly: Brigadier Clifton I. Keary: Brigadier-General Ernest H.W. Kelly: Brigadier-General Everard T.M. Francis: Major-General Edward C. Moens: Brigadier Bertrand R. Loch: Brigadier-General F.H.268 17th/11th Ahmednagar Brigade(until April 1916.F. until October 1920): Major-General Edward O. McPherson: June 1905-February 1907 February 1907-February 1911 February -November 1911 November 1911-June 1913 June 1913-May 1915 June 1915-April 1916 May 1918-January 1920 January 1920-April 1924 April 1924-1927 November 1928-July 1930 July 1930-April 1931 April 1931-1932 February 1934-January 1936 January 1936-September 1937 September 1937-1940 Secunderabad Brigade(1st Secunderabad Brigade until October 1914. and from May 1918.H.C.H.G.H. Mackenzie-Kennedy: Brigadier-General Henry D’U. Rodwell: October 1904-August 1907 August 1907-January 1909 January-November 1910 November 1910-October 1914 November 1902-November 1907 February 1909-September 1913 September 1913-January 1915 January 1915-June 1916 June 1916-October 1920 . Dobbie: Brigadier-General Frederick A. Wilkinson: Brigadier-General H.

Mosley Mayne: September 1907-May 1911 May 1911-July 1912 July 1912-January 1913 January 1913-May 1916 May 1916-March 1918 February 1915 April 1915-April 1920 April 1920-January 1921 January 1921-1923 ?-October 1925 October 1925-December 1927 December 1927-January 1932 January 1932-September 1933 September 1933-December 1934 December 1934-September 1938 September 1938-1941 Bangalore Brigade(1st Bangalore Brigade until 1907.269 9th Secunderabad Cavalry Brigade(from 1907 until March 1918. Iggulden: Brigadier-General Owen C. Scallon: Major-General John G. Godwin: Brigadier-General Guy A. and from February 1915. Beresford: Brigadier A. Nixon: Brigadier-General Francis G. Scott: Brigadier-General Lord Ruthven: December 1904-June 1908 June 1909-May 1911 May 1911-1912 January 1913-November 1914 January 1917-January 1919 January-December 1919 December 1919-April 1920 May 1920-1923 Bangalore Cavalry Bridge(until 1911. 4th Indian Cavalry Brigade from 192 ): Brigadier-General Michael F. Commerline: Brigadier-General Aubrey G. Ramsay: Major-General Edward C. Mackenzie-Kennedy: Brigadier-General Richard Wapshare: Brigadier-General Herbert A. 5th Indian Cavalry Brigade from September 1920 until 192 . Gregory: Brigadier-General H. Hartley: Brigadier Donald K.G. Giles: Brigadier Alan Campbell Ross: Brigadier Alan F.O. Wadeson: Brigadier-General Charles L.H.W.B. Rimington: Brigadier-General Edmund B. 2nd Bangalore Brigade until 1906): Major-General John E. 27th(Bangalore) Brigade from September to November 1914. and from 1917 until 192 ): Major-General Robert I. Pritchard: Brigadier-General Charles A. McLeod: Brigadier George de la P. Cookson: May 1903-August 1906 August 1906-August 1909 August 1909-October 1911 . Kennedy: Brigadier-General F.G. Wolley-Dod: Major-General Thomas E.W. Beatty: Brigadier-General Edward D. Atkinson: Brigadier-General George A.H.C. Burton: Brigadier-General Richard Wapshare: Major-General F.

R. Hastings: Brigadier-General William H. Dawson: Brigadier-General John T.270 Madras Brigade(until 1910): Brigadier-General Vernon A. Hamilton: Brigadier-General Charles V.M. Holloway: Brigadier-General D. Plowden: Major-General Edward S.M. Schalch: Brigadier-General Harry L. Evatt: November 1902-January 1906 January 1906-November 1907 November 1907-1910 Southern Brigade(until September 1920. and from 192 until 1932-Madras): Brigadier Richard C. Worgan: Brigadier Frederick G.M. Dobbie: Major-General Herbert A. Hall: Brigadier-General Francis G. Sladen: Brigadier-General Hugo D. Raitt: July 1902-June 1907 June 1907-April 1912 April 1912-May 1913 May 1913-October 1914 . Gillies: June 1904-September 1906 September 1906-March 1907 March 1907-February 1911 February 1911-September 1913 September 1913-April 1915 April 1915-July 1916 July 1916-August 1918 August 1918-December 1919 December 1919-September 1920 May 1926-February 1930 February 1930-1932 Mandalay Brigade(until October 1914): Major-General Francis H.G. Fasken: Brigadier-General L. Bond: Brigadier-General William G. Humphrys: Brigadier-General B. De Pree: Brigadier-General Rivers B. Mayne: Brigadier-General Charles G.

Robinson: August 1902-October 1906 October 1906-January 1909 January 1909-April 1913 April 1913-July 1915 July 1915-October 1919 October 1919-April 1920/or 1919-1920 November 1920-November 1924 November 1924-1926 1927-October 1928 ?-December 1929 December 1929-June 1931 June 1931-October 1933 October 1933-October 1937 October 1937-1940 Aden(Independent) Brigade(General Officer Commanding. Beatty: Major-General Sir James M.N. Stewart: Major-General Thomas E.L. Fowler: Brigadier-General Charles W. Solly-Flood: Brigadier Harold E.E. Sandilands: Brigadier Charles F. Bell: Major-General David G. Fenton: Brigadier-General Lionel Herbert: Brigadier-General Augustus A. Commings: Brigadier Charles C.271 Rangoon Brigade: Brigadier-General F. Keith Stewart: January 1904-November 1906 November 1906-November 1910 November 1910-November 1914 November 1914-July 1915 July-September 1915 July 1915-June 1916 October 1915-November 1917 (B) November 1917-? (B) June 1916-July 1920 July 1920-February 1925 February 1925-1928 . Somerset: Brigadier-General Harry Ross: Brigadier-General Patrick B. Watson: Brigadier Percy R. Lawford: Brigadier-General Alexander B. Sangster: Brigadier Richard E.G. Johnstone: Major-General Charles F.G. Mason: Major-General Ernest De Brath: Major-General Sir James A.C. Aden from July 1915): Major-General Henry M. Scott: Major-General Sir J. Walton: Brigadier-General L.M. Young: Major-General Charles A.J. Younghusband: Brigadier-General Charles H. Foss: Brigadier Guy St.U. Shaw: Major-General Sir George J.H. Price: Brigadier-General William C.

272 .

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