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of or connected with the eyes or vision.

from the Latin noun oculus, meaning “eye.”

supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.

1. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or experience.
2. communicated only to the initiated; mysterious; esoteric.

to cut off or conceal from view.

from the Latin verb:
occultare, meaning “to hide, to conceal, to keep secret.”
from the Latin noun:
occult, meaning “something which is covered, veiled, or hidden from sight.”
This is the structure of a human being’s brain, and what each part of our brain makes possible
for us to experience:

The Reptile Brain, or Brain Stem, is the lowest-consciousness part of the brain. If our
thoughts are always “survival-based,” our whole brain becomes more and more unstable, and we
become unable to think higher-order thoughts and truly feel, through our emotions, the
effect of our actions toward others. Physical diseases also result from being in this “fight or
flight” fear mode, otherwise known as stress, most of the time.

The Human Brain, or Neocortex, has two distinct halves, called the Left Brain and the Right
Brain. Here is what these two brain halves make possible:

Left Brain Right Brain

Male Female
--- ---
Sun/Solar Moon/Lunar
--- ---
“Yang” “Yin”
Through certain activities, behaviors, media, If we engage in a balanced way of living in
food, drugs, etc. the male, Left Brain half can the world, encompassing both Left Brain
become constantly stimulated, while the female, (male) and Right Brain (female) energies, our
Right Brain is constantly neglected (not in mind and body function at higher efficiency
one’s Right Mind). When this happens, the and we experience higher quality of life. When
entire Neocortex begins to malfunction. A we heal brain imbalances, our brain will look
brain in this condition looks like this: closer to this scan:

This brain scan shows dark areas of the This is what a healthy brain should look like,
Neocortex that are no longer “active.” with both the Left Brain and the Right
There is no neural activity in these dark Brain both active and firing properly. Such a
area. The brain has simply stopped “firing” in person is capable of higher-order thought,
these regions. Please note that the Neocortex and can make proper critical decisions,
is the part of the brain we use to make critical leading to correct action.
decisions about how we should act in any
given situation.

The Result of a Balanced Brain is the

“Blazing Star” or “Seal Of Solomon”
Left Brain Right Brain

Male Female
--- ---
“Solomon” = Sol (Sun) + Moon
Sun/Solar Moon/Lunar
--- Left Brain + Right Brain ---
“Yang” Acting In Balance “Yin”
A popular symbol in occultism is the five-pointed star, or
Pentagram. This symbols represents the four elements of
the material world: Earth, Air, Water and Fire, plus the
Fifth Element, or Spirit, the animating force of Creation,
which gives us all life. When the Pentagram is in this
configuration, Spirit is in it’s proper place, raised above the
physical, material world. This also represents that we should
act in the physical world in such a way to raise ourselves up in
awareness and try to become more like Spirit.

In its inverted aspect, the Pentagram takes on a more

sinister meaning. It represents identification with
materialism and worldliness, to such a degree that the
point of the star which represents the Spirit is thrust
downward, into the ground - buried by the material world,
which is then raised to the status of godhood. Such a symbol
represents a mind that is stuck in greed, fear, selfishness,
and identification with the material world, or in other
words, trapped in EGO.

Here is the emblem of the Victoria Police (Australia). Note

the inverted pentagram, capped by the Crown,
representing the Queen of England. Do police in this city
even know what the Inverted Pentagram represents? Is this
organization upholding the right of the people of Victoria, or
are they being misled into upholding the “divine right to
rule,” as monarchs and dictators have claimed to possess
throughout human history?
This is the First Degree Tracing
Board of Freemasonry. It is a
complex symbol about our Journey
through Life. The whole image
represents the “Temple of
Solomon.” The human brain can
be viewed symbolically as this
“Temple” of the Sun (Left Brain)
and Moon (Right Brain). The
brain is the “Temple In Man.”

The checker-board style floor of

the temple represents lower
consciousness. The squares
represent Light (good, positive) and
Darkness (evil, negative). But one
who wanders on the “Floor of the
House” never knows which is which.
He dwells in ignorance, and does
not possess the ability to see, because
he lacks the true Light of Creation.
As a wanderer on the floor, such a
person only sees a limited amount of
the big picture. He leads a
“checkered life” and can be easily
misled to act as a pawn in a grand
game of chess being played and
positioned by the game Masters,
who can see the whole board from a
higher perspective.

The object of the “game of life” is to

transcend our dual nature, by uniting our male (Sun) and female (Moon) sides, and coming to
balance within ourselves. This state of awareness is represented by the Middle Pillar (the
balanced brain), which gives us access to the Ladder, which we can then use to climb to a higher
perspective, or the All-Seeing Eye. This Ladder is the path out of the world of chaos (the
checkered floor). If we stay on the checkered floor, we wander in ignorance and can never achieve
true, lasting peace and happiness. But if we raise our awareness so that we can see the game
that is being played, and how we may be allowing ourselves to be used as pawns in that game, we can
climb the ladder, achieve a non-dual state of mind (“Do unto others as we would have them do unto
us”), and become enlightened (traveling East, toward the Light of the Sun).

The Key to the whole “game” (depicted in the image as “hanging by a thread”), is Care. Do we
care enough to improve ourselves and become more aware? If we do, we will prosper. If we don’t,
we will continue to experience suffering in life.
Now, understanding the structure of the
human brain and the basics of how it
functions, and knowing the meaning of a few
important occult symbols and concepts, take a
second look at how such symbolism is used
when it comes to police uniforms.

In the first image here, we see a policeman

wearing a hat with the checkered floor
pattern wrapped in a band around his brain!
Indeed, the checkered “Floor of the
House” (representing base consciousness,
fear, ignorance, and being used as a pawn)
is wrapped around, and completely surrounds,
his Neocortex, or higher-order thought center
of the brain.

In the second example, we see both the

checkered “Floor of the House” and the
Inverted Pentagram being combined and
placed directly around the brain again. This
time, the Inverted Pentagram falls over the
area just in front of the forehead, the most
complex part of the Neocortex, which allows
us to experience very high levels of awareness,
when it operates in balance. Mystics and
teachers throughout time have often referred to
this part of our brain as The Third Eye. Yet
directly over The Third Eye of someone who
wears this uniform, is an Inverted
Pentagram, symbolizing lower
consciousness, the worship of
materialism, and the destruction of Spirit.

Think about how subversive such symbols are.

Think about how they may sub-consciously affect the wearer, perhaps in such a way that he may
not even be aware of these affects. Remember, occult means hidden from sight. The meaning of
certain symbols may be hidden in plain sight, but difficult for us to see.

More importantly, what does the placement of such symbols say about how police are really viewed
by those who designed these symbols and placed them on their uniforms. Do you even know who
originally designed police uniforms and, more importantly, WHY they chose for them the specific
symbols they did?

Do you know why most police in the United States wear an eight-cornered hat? Keep reading.
One of the darkest and most subversive symbols in all of occultism is the Hypercube. Not many
people have even heard of it, because its true meaning is usually reserved only for high-level
initiates into certain occult orders. To understand the Hypercube, you must first visualize the basic
spatial dimensions.

Point Cube
0D 3D

Line Square
1D 2D
Since we only live in a 3-dimensional (3D) world, it is difficult to
visualize what 4-dimensional (4D) space would look like. It is
better to visualize it in relation to our 3D world. Consider a fish
tank as an example. The tank of water is the whole world, as far
as the fish are concerned. They can only travel in the 3-
dimensional space that is bound by the walls of the tank. Think
of this fish tank as our 3D world. Now imagine someone coming
along and taking one of the fish out of the tank with a net or a
plastic bag. This being would have to be from a higher
dimension than the fish. He is an inhabitant of the Fourth
Dimension. He can go beyond the limits of their 3D Universe.
He can completely remove them from their Universe at will. He
can make them re-appear in a different location (by dropping
them back into a different area of the tank), seemingly without
carrying them through the space in between. These would be
considered god-like powers to beings inhabiting a lower
spatial dimension, like the fish.

So how might we represent the 4th Dimension, geometrically?

And what does this mean in occult terms?

This is the geometric construct known as the Hypercube, or a

4D Cube. you can visualize it as a Cube Within A Cube. In
dark occult symbolism, this symbol represents binding, or
imprisonment. The inner cube represents our minds and
spirit, imprisoned by identification with the larger cube, the
world of matter. Both cubes are boxes, confines, limitations. A
prison for the mind and spirit, inside the prison of the
world of matter. This is what the Hypercube represents in
occult symbolism. It is most often invoked when referring to
mind control, or the covert manipulation of another
person for selfish and hidden motives, almost always
without that person being fully aware of how they are
being used.
One may ask, “What does this have to do with
police?” Well, this shape to the left is another way to
draw a Hypercube. It is somewhat more difficult to
visualize it this way, but you can imagine it as a cube
that has been pulled, or extruded into a higher
dimensional space. This is known as a 2-dimensional
projection of the Hypercube. You will notice that
this shape ultimates forms an octagon, or 8-sided

So, if the Hypercube has been used to represent “a prison

for the mind and spirit, inside the prison of the
world of matter” in occult symbolism ...

And, if the Hypercube is invoked when referring to mind

control, or covert manipulation of another person for
selfish and hidden motives, without that person being
fully aware of how they are being used...
Does anyone then know exactly WHY the
Hypercube is placed directly on top of
a police officer’s brain in the form of
an octagonal hat? Are police being told
that they are prisoners? Are they sub-
consciously being told that they are under
mind control and are being used as
pawns in a grand game of chess, by
those with selfish, hidden motives.

If someone were made aware that something like this

might be taking place, would they continue to allow
themselves to be used in such a way?
Light and colors are also used in conjunction
with symbols to influence people. To the right is
a chart of the visible spectrum of light.
Notice that green is at the center, with red
to the left and blue to the right.

Red light is associated with the male, left

side of the brain. It “says” to us: “Stop,”
“Pay Attention,” “Listen,” “Danger!” It deals
with physical, worldly things, survival, and
control. This is why it is used on stop signs
(octagon/hypercube), stop lights, danger signs,
poison labels, etc.

Blue light “speaks” to the right, female side of the brain. It says “Trust Me,” “Accept,”
“Yield,” “Surrender!” These things are associated with passive
behavior, or accepting external control. You will notice that
the news media will very frequently use shades of blue in news
broadcasts. This is because they want people to accept the
information that is being presented to them.

Green is the color of balance. It represents balance

between the brain hemispheres, and also the balance of
Nature (which provides Green everywhere, when it is
healthy). This is because Green is Love energy. In certain
eastern traditions, it has been associated with the energy of the
Heart Chakra, compassion, and the seat of the human Soul
(see the image to the left).

Now take another look at the lights on the top of a police car.
You got it. A red light on the left side, a blue light on the
right side. More polarity. These lights, again, are directly above the heads of police as they
drive in their cars. Is this saying that there is no
balance present? Is it yet another way of saying
to them, “you are trapped in a state of
imbalance, a prison that you cannot see?”

This way of reinforcing polarity though

color can be seen in its use in politics, with
red being associated with Republicans, and
blue representing Democrats. Some people
have noticed that people are easier to
influence and control when they don’t know
much about how their own brain works,
and, if you can get them fighting with each
other, it becomes even easier.
Let’s look at another aspect of how certain things are often hidden right in front of our eyes, but
we fail to see them. The words we speak are more powerful than we think. Spoken word is sound
that carries energy - vibrations - which can have a profound effect on us and those around us.
Many words we speak on a daily basis often have deeper, hidden meanings encoded into them. In
occultism, the concept of hidden meanings being contained inside the actual sounds of words is
referred to as Green Language, because one
must come to a place of balance (green) in
mind, to be able see how it works. Let’s look at
some words associated with police.

When we say the word POLICE, we are using

these sounds, or vibrations: POL - ICE ...
POLE ICE ... POLE EYES. Get it? “Pole
ice” would make it very difficult to climb the
middle pole, which, as we saw earlier, is the way
out of the world of chaos and confusion, and
into unity consciousness (seeing ourselves as
one). “Pole eyes” means having “polar eyes,” or
being polar-ized - seeing the world in terms of
division - as “us vs. them.” Polarity is being at
the “poles,” not being in a place of balance, the
middle pillar. If we exist in polarity, the “third
eye,” or the One Eye at the top of the middle
pillar, is closed - turned off. Someone in this
condition does not see with the One Eye, the
Eye of Wisdom, the Real Eye. They have not
real-ized their true purpose. They are un-real-
ized, and continue to suffer in the world of Ego
and confusion (the checkered floor).

How about the word OFFICER? OFF - I - C -

ER ... OFF - EYE - SEE - ER ... OFF - EYE -
SEER. Wow. An Off-Eye-Seer? How would
anyone SEE with the EYE OFF? They wouldn’t,
would they? A Police Officer. A Pole-Eyes-Off-Eye-Seer. One who sees in polarity, with
the One Eye off. In light of everything else you’ve read in this document, is this merely coincidence,
or is it occult mockery at work? Speaking of work, police do the work they do for money.

MONEY. MON - EY ... MON(O) - EYE ... The One Eye. Money, the One Eye? I don’t think so.
I think money is being sold to us as the One Eye, as balance, as wisdom, as the way out of chaos
and disharmony. But it is all a grand deception, because money never has or ever will bring
ANY of those things. It brings their opposites, because it has always been used to divide
people and put them into polarity, where they see the world as “us vs. them,” never knowing the real
enemy has plans to conquer them all, has softened them up, and has been watching them war against
each other the whole time. Money is the false One Eye sold to us in place of the real one to
keep us unconscious, dependent and under a SPELL (controlled through words).
We’ve all seen the emblem of the
Fraternal Order of Police, but how
many know what is encoded into it
symbolically? Take for example the
checkered floor pattern, around
which we see the 3 Pillars of
Freemasonry. But notice these pillars
are in an inverted arrangement,
which symbolizes duality (opposition,
conflict) being raised above unity

When we look even deeper, we find a

number hidden within the letters “FOP.”
This is occult numerology known as
Gematria. The letter “F” is the 6th
letter of the English alphabet. So we
could assign it a numerical value of 6.
“O” is letter 15. 1+5=6, so the letter “O”
would reduce to a 6 as a single digit value.
“P” is the 16 letter of the alphabet, and 1+6=7, meaning that “P” reduces to the number 7.

Therefore “FOP” gives us 667 when we change it into its occulted numerical form. Well, does the
number 667 have any symbolic significance?

The number 777 has always been seen as a sacred symbolic number. It is the number that represents
being like the Divine, or God - the concept of unity, completion and oneness. Being “in the
world but not of it” is represented by the number 777 in various occult traditions. Human
consciousness has a three-fold nature. We express ourself and make ourselves known in the
world through our Thoughts, our Emotions, and our Actions. So coming to completion in each
of these aspects is how we become more like the Divine, or 777. We must develop Intelligence
(Thought), Compassion (Emotions) and Will To Act Tempered By Wisdom (Right Action).
When these are all unified, we become a being that thinks, feels, and acts in harmony and
balance, with no internal contradiction between these three expressions of our consciousness. We
become one within ourselves and one with others.

So the number 667 is “saying” to someone that they only have the will to act, but they have not
developed their intelligence (they dwell in ignorance), nor have they developed true compassion
for others (they dwell in apathy, the lack of care). Is this pure chance, or was the name for this
fraternal order chosen deliberately, and the emblem used to sub-consciously convey a message to
its members?

Finally, let’s take a look at the numbers 9-1-1. Why are these numbers used for Police? Were they just
randomly chosen? Or do they have a significance that few are able to see because they are not
initiated into certain knowledge? Let’s look at these numbers in terms of occult numerology.
As we have already seen, the number 777 represents being close to the Divine in thought, emotion
and action. This is why the number 666 is said to be the Number of The Beast. Beast-like
consciousness occurs when we have failed in intelligence (thought), compassion (emotion) and will to
act in a moral way in the world.

We can simplify 777 by adding these digits together. We get 7+7+7 =21. Then we can further
simplify by adding 2+1=3. So numerologically, 777 is said to “reduce to,” or be equal to 3 as a single
digit value. Therefore, 3 also represents being like the Divine in consciousness. We see this
embodied in religion today in concepts like the Holy Trinity. Now let’s “reduce” the Number of the
Beast, 666, to a single digit. We get 6+6+6=18, and then 1+8=9. So numerologically, 666 is said to
“reduce to,” 9 as a single digit value. So 9 would also represent Beast-like consciousness.

In terms of occult numerology, the goal of life is said to be to transform our consciousness from
Beast-like (666, or 9) to God-like (777, or 3). This process is often written in occult numerology as
the number 93, meaning “to go from 9 to 3,” or from Beast-like to God-like. This process is
said to be achieved through the use of Thelema, the combined power of Wisdom (using
intelligence wisely), Love (fully-developed compassion), and
Will (proper action in the world). Failure in this
process of transforming our consciousness means “not
getting to 93.” What is ONE SHORT of 93? 92.

The number of the Police is 9-1-1. 9 plus 1+1 = 92,

or failure in Wisdom, Love and Will. “Reducing” 92
gives us 9+2=11. 11 represents the pillars of Duality,
Division, Us vs. Them, The Floor of the House,
Base consciousness, and Chaos. Furthermore, 92
out of 93, or 92/93, reduces numerologically to 11/12,
or 2/3. If we express this in decimal form, it becomes is a
repeating 6, or .6666666666, representing incompletion, not getting to the goal, failure to
change, and The Beast. The number 9-1-1 is a subversive mockery of the Will of both Police and
people as a whole. The act of looking to controllers to save us because we did not take the
responsibility to educate ourselves and our children properly in moral values is a continuing
failure in our society. We are ALL losing our freedom as a result. Control can never solve this
imbalance. Only proper moral education can. We must balance our consciousness by
looking into information about how our minds really work and then using this information to
transform ourselves into more compassionate beings. If we don’t do this, we will continue to be
deceived and manipulated because we don’t really know who we are.

One final question. How many other things are you not being told about regarding what you may
be involved in, and how you are being used? Do you actually believe that ALL of the symbolism
explained in this pamphlet is just pure coincidence? Ask yourself: was there any Wisdom in what you
read here? YOU decide. Even better, DON’T take it on faith, but rather, check into it FOR
YOURSELF. It can be confirmed if you CARE enough to seek knowledge, think for yourself
and open your mind. The world of the Occult may be difficult for many to see, but as we have
seen in this document, it is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.