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A& O Centre of Excellence E.

Mathematics Year 10 February Monthly Test

Name: _________________________________

1 a)

7cm 30 8cm


7cm 6cm

11cm d)



5cm 4cm 10cm 9cm

2. a) A circle has radius 9cm. Find its circumference and area. b) A circle has circumference 34cm. Find its diameter. c) A circle has area 50cm2. Find its radius.

3. A circle of radius 5cm is inscribed inside a square as shown. Find the area shaded.

4. Area of an equilateral triangle ABC is 50cm2. Find AB.

5. In the diagram if AE = AB/3, find the area of the shaded.


6cm 72 A E B

6. A circular pond of radius 6m is surrounded by a path of width 1m

a) Find the area of the path. b) The path is resurfaced with mortar which is bought in packs each containing enough to cover an area of 7m2. How many packs are required?