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200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home and Yor Health

200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home and Yor Health

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Published by: mou777 on Dec 29, 2013
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3. repeat until filled. 11. $oll newspapers up tightly in shape of log. Stick them in a cork and submerge in some baking soda. Str$ighten +$r(e Phono Recor !.1. #ip in solution of detergent and water. Papers are wood. Put some super glue on broken off part.will pull out rest of key. Remove Broken Key From Lock.. 12. Remove Broken Light Bulb. insert and hold a few seconds . /. Put a !" decal on those glass and patio doors. Stick a bar of soap into jagged edges. Remove Stubborn Screw. Kee( Fi!h -ook! From Ru!ting. Re($ir Sm$ll -ole! . then sweep off. 13. Heat with a soldering iron for a few seconds first. let dry. 4.n Screen. use soap as handle. ". lunt sharp end of nail before you use by hitting with a hammer. Protect Chil ren From Socket!. ack sandpaper with masking tape. set in sun for a while. Be!t +$y 'o Cle$n Phono Recor !. rinse and wipe dry. 0. . 2. 2$ke S$n ($(er L$!t Longer. Place record between two sheets of glass. Keep a piece of electrical tape over them when not in use. #oo #l$!! %oor S$&ety 'i(. 11. Kee( *$il! From S(litting +oo . . 2$ke 3our 4wn Fire(l$ce Log!. Plug holes with clear nail polish. %over with sand. let stand a few days. -ow 'o Remove 4il From %rivew$y. ).

nglue St$m(! 8 :nvelo(e!. smooth rough edges with sandpaper. Remove '$r 8 P$int From 7uto. 2). . 'ighten 3our -$mmer -$n le. -ow 'o Renew C$r B$tterie!. Prevent Snow Sticking 'o Shovel. 1. Remove L$bel! From Bottle! 8 9$r!. 1". 3ater drops will form on crystals. Put :o2 of ben2ol to each ten gallon of gasoline to incr. $ub them back and forth inside of a drinking glass.. will just fall off. 1se tin snips and cut under water. 1). . Cut #l$!! +ithout #l$!! Cutter. 3orks perfectly5 23. open up and wipe off. Spray that stuck 2ipper with shaving foam. 0ill with hot water and then submerge in hot water. Low Co!t L$min$ting< :7S3. Soak in used engine oil for a day./(). 2". 24. 6he product to clean paint from your car is &+789. 10. #et +$ter 4ut 4& 3our +$tch. 4(en 'h$t Stuck =i((er. 21. +here 'o Sell Bo6 'o(! 7n L$bel!. mpg. turn on for a few minutes. -ow 'o Revive 4l R$5or Bl$ e!. 21. %oat shovel with car wa4.14. *ain Street. '(). Put in free2er a few hours then flip off with knife blade. *ilford.o2 &psom salts in water and add to each cell. -. %over article with clear contact paper. :$!y 'o . +.ncre$!e 3our 2ile$ge. Strap watch to light bulb. 1/. #issolve . 22. &ggleston &nterprises.

:limin$te 4 or! From %i!(o!$l. 6hey will avoid it. 'he .nimals hate mothball odors. :$!ily . . 6ry a saucer of beer. 3/. 6hrow a lemon in it and let it be ground up. 3).fleas hate it. :$!y 'o Ri Pet! 4& Fle$!. 6ake scissors and scratch Scissors on the soles. -ow 'o Remove St$(le!. =inegar diluted in water makes a fine eyeglass cleaner. e$l Pin Cu!hion. 20. %over the knot generously with cold cream. makes sewing easier. 30. 6ake a black board chalk and rub into cloth. 2/. !t will absorb moisture. Put a foam rubber pad in the pet<s bed . .n old nail clipper works just fine for removing staples. >uick +$y 'o Pre!! 'ie!. 31. 2$ke 3our 4wn 2et$l Poli!her. 32. +eedle just slides through. Hang in bath while you shower . 3. #oo %og 8 C$t Re(ellent.. Put pieces of ink blotter in shaker. .n 7 Ch$in. Sim(le :ye<#l$!! Cle$ner. 8r try uncooked rice.. 34. Place moth balls in areas where you are bothered by animal odors. !t<s been known to perk up the appetite. 33. Put some damp newspaper into shoes and leave for a few days. Kee( S$lt 2oi!ture Free. +hen 3our Pet -$! *o 7((etite. 2$ke Shoe! Sli( Proo&. Loo!en 'ho!e 'ight Shoe!. 31.ntie 7 Knot . 3". 1se a bar of soap. then rub on metal.steam takes wrinkles out.2.

7 Sim(le Ro$ch Formul$< . taking the lumps with it. Punch several holes around rim of can with small nail. then just throw away. ivory turns dark if e4posed to darkness. each of rochelle salts and cream of tartar. Keep a small amount of baking soda in ashtrays at all times. 7 *ovel P$int C$n Cover. '$ke Lum(! 4ut 4& P$int. 4). %over roller tray with aluminum foil. vacuum off.. let stand for a day. >ust rub with a damp newspaper . "1. 43. 4.t +4RKS. 1se plastic lid from a coffee can. :$!y Cle$n #l$!! %oor! 8 2irror!. "2. 4/. Kee( Bug! 4ut 4& P$int. Pour ample amount of baking soda on it. %rumble cigarette butts in water. . Keep cover open. brush in.( 'ime. Kee( Pi$no Key! Looking *ew. 4". "1. 41. add an asprin for life. %e!troy %e!ire For 7lcohol. %e!troy %e!ire For *icotine. 1se a few drops of chlorine bleach in water. S$ve P$inting Cle$n . it will float to bottom. Prevent Flower! From F$ ing.they will shine.41. 6ake before breakfast -?' tsp. 2e!!le!! P$inting From Bucket. %ut a piece of screen to fit inside of can or bucket. let dry then spread in roach areas. !t creates a violent taste for alcohol. *i4 goldthread with golden seal tea. !t does the trick. :$!ily Re uce 7!htr$y Smell. Pour a little insect repellent in the paint. 44. 40. -ow 'o Remove #re$!e From Rug!. 42.

-ow 'o . then apply some warm olive oil. grapefruit juice.nwrinkling Pl$!tic 2$teri$l!. "). then use a bit of soap. let dry. $ub baking soda into fur and brush out. let stand a few hours. )4. )".@uart water. )1. . *i4 -tbs safflower oil to ' tbs. brewers yeast. "0.tbs. $ub some toothpaste on. 'he 41. remove with damp cloth. the wash with soap. . let dry. stir into cup of warm milk. rush with nylon stocking. Remove .nk St$in! From C$r(et. ". "4. :6cellent . cover again. 3ill smell great5 )3. Put 7 Shine 4n 3our +in ow!. then apply some ice cold witch ha2el."3. . !t will shine5 )1.. %ry Sh$m(oo 3our Pet ?#R:7'@..pply ice cubes to burn immediately. let dry. rinse dry. rush off. .n!omni$ Formul$. rinse. .pply a paste of milk and cornstarch. Spread milk of magnesia over face. then use blackboard eraser to shine. then buff it. 8ne tbs. Hydrocotyle asiatica teas are a noted brain food. Heat ironing board. "". :$!y *ee le 'hre$ ing ?*:7'@. rinse dry.11 Be$uty F$ci$l. powdered milk. smooth with hands. #ip tip of needle in clear nail polish and let dry.>. 2$ke 3our #uit$r Re$lly Shine. 2$ke 7 P$ntyho!e L$!t Longer. F$mou! %iet Formul$ Pl$n. 8ne tbs. take before meals. 6ake before retiring.m(rove 3our . lay materials on. )2. let dry. Kee( 7 Burn From Bli!tering. ' tbs. alum. Sponge immediately with cold water. Remove Bloo St$in! From C$r(et. "/. . honey.

#rop a potatoe or two in it. 9ook for a creamy surface underneath the melon. Kee( 8 . !nstead of milk or cream try some chocolate milk. +h$t 'o %o . -ow 'o Remove Scorche!. -ow 'o 2$ke 2och$ Co&&ee. -ow 'o %e!troy 4nion Smell!. $emove all dirt. . .bsorbs the over-salt. . .. )/. take out and let dry. Press a piece of tape into file. .0.1. :$!y Boile :gg Peeling.). brush off when dry. )0. shake. .)). pressure causes shell to fall off.3. . . Stick them in the oven for -A minutes at 'A(° %. 3et scorched area and cover with cornstarch./. Keep lid on a few minutes after boiling. :$!y Cle$n Kitchen +in ow!.dd a dash of vinegar to the water.4. -ow 'o Boil 7 Cr$cke :gg. :$!y Cle$n 3our *$il File. pull off. ).& 3ou 4ver!$lt Foo . . *8%H. the it will all pop. -ow 'o Cle$n 3our *eck 'ie!.. . +$termelon Ri(ene!! 'e!t. :limin$te Po(corn %u !< F7S'. . -ow 'o %e!troy Fi!h Smell!. *ash and free2e for making cakes and cookies. Put tie in jar with some carbon tetrachloride. -ow 'o Fre!hen St$le *ut!.1.". . #ampen hands and rub some bicarbonate of soda over them. 0ree2e it first. $ub butter on your hands or wherever smell is to be removed.!e 4ver Ri(e B$n$n$!. ...2.

7 Fruit For 7rthritic #out.ron. 7 Fruit #oo For 'he *erve!.PP9&S B "$.. .3 . %H&$$!&S. 3.dd starch to water and clean with a piece of newspaper. . /1. S6$. 7 Fruit For Con!ti($tion. /.6&$*&98+.+. Fruit Soothe! . .3 &$$!&S.PP9&.. P!+&.PP9&S. //..P. /".n . 7 Fruit For -e$lth&ul Ki ney!. /1. /2. clean.S. Aeget$ble #oo For Ki ney. /4.P&S &. P.6&+ $. 1se baking soda and damp cloth.. 0!"S. /). /0. :$!y Cle$n Silverw$re < 'he B:S'. 03. %8%8+16. 9&*8+S. 7n 7((eti5er Fruit< #44%. Fruit For 'he Stom$ch.nte!tin$l 'r$ct. $. 01.+.3 02. /3. 'wo Fruit! 'hought 7nti<'ob$cco. Fruit For *eutr$li5ing 7ci . 7 Fruit 'hought 7nti<C$ncer. 7 Fruit -igh . 01. &&6S. rinse and let dry.. Aeget$ble For Liver 8 Pro!tr$te.

". parts water over windshield.. 2$ke %ry Cell B$tterie! L$!t Longer. 04.pply solution of .$$86S.part vinegar to .$S9&. -ow 'o Shine 3our Re&riger$tor. 11. 114. keep in refrigerator. Fruit 'o 'une Bloo Ae!!el!. H8+&. 112.o ine. 11". 1se icarbonate of Soda on a damp sponge. %. K&9P. 1se clothes pins CpegsD. 0/.. 7 #oo Source 4& . Aeget$ble +ith ) C 2ore Ait$min C. . 111. P. Aeget$ble 'h$tB! 7ntibiotic. 111. Ri Scr$tche! From Pl$!tic +$tche!.$9!%. Seal in plastic bags.+"&S. -ow 'o Remove 7 -ot C$ke P$n. Remove +$6 From C$n lehol er!. 0).%&9&$. Aeget$ble For Bre$th Puri&ier. 11). 0ree2e holders in refrigerator and it will just peel off.. 0.. wrap in aluminum foil. Kee( +in !hiel ! Fro!t FreeD .ngre ient #oo For 'he -e$rt. "$&&+ P&PP&$S. .. 7 Aeget$ble #oo For 'he :ye!. 8$. 0". Put rubber tips from crutches on bottom of legs. Prevent Kitchen Stool! From Sli((ing. 00. 113.

Put bar of soap in luggage before storing. Remove Cig$rette St$in! From Chin$. -ow 'o Cle$n #l$!!w$re. scratch disappears. 3orks great. makes an e4cellent lubricant. 110. 114. 110. 121. 2$ke 3our 4wn . . it will shine5 11). 11/. Re$lly Shine 3our Kitchen Floor. -ow 'o Re$lly Cle$n :n$mel. -ow 'o Cle$n C$rve Furniture. 1se carbon tetrachloride or rubbing alcohol. :6cellent Lubric$nt For 7((li$nce!. 2$ke 3our 7((li$nce! Re$lly Shine. rub over face. $ub it with aluminum foil.nk From A$rni!he Furniture. $ub it with a cork that has been dipped in salt. !f they spot.dd some sour milk to your rinse water. or : clothes pins. 11/. Paint wood with solution of starch and water.1se E-tip dipped in nail polish remover. -ow 'o Cle$n Ru!t From Chrome.. 11".nk :r$ ic$tor. Remove . 113. %lean with stale tea. let dry. Remove 2il ew From Lugg$ge. Remove Shoe Poli!h From Clothing. 11. when dry rub off. 121. 1se a paste of salt and vinegar then wipe off. 111. Kee( #$rb$ge B$g! From Sli((ing. wipe off. 111. 112. soak in buttermilk. . Remove SmokeE #re$!e From +oo work. *i4 one part li@uid bleach to ten parts water. Put a drop of glycerin in gears. 1se . $ub with soft cloth filled with e@ual parts vinegar and linseed oil. keeps them from slipping. 1se an old toothbrush to clean then use furniture polish on brush.

n 3our 9ewelry. 122.dd some vinegar to dishwasher. 12). Have it warm while using.$ub them over with rubbing alcohol. Put a thin coat of transparent nail polish over it. 12". 12. 131. %ut down the bristles on an old tooth brush. 1se machine oil or same color shoe polish. $ub with a paste of water and baking soda.part vinegar. 1se ' parts olive oil to . . 133. 2$ke 3our 4wn Silver Poli!h 6ooth paste or baking soda makes an e4cellent silver polish. . #oo Cle$ning 7i For %i!hw$!her!. Prevent Co!tume 9ewelry From '$rni!h. 120. -ow 'o 2$ke #oo 9ewelry Cle$ner.tsp. 13". Remove St$in! From Co&&ee Cu(!. 1se a muffin pan so the runts can have some. 131. rub and rinse and let dry. 7 Re$lly #oo Co((er Cle$ner. Cure Scr$tche! From Furniture. 132. rinse and let dry. 2$ke 7 #oo Fingern$il Bru!h.cup of water.. Re!et Stone . 1se tooth paste with an old tooth brush. 'o Cle$n 3our %i$mon Ring!. 2$ke 3our 4wn Furniture Poli!h. Lengthen Li&e 4& +oo en Clothe!(in!. %lean with a solution of . 1se a paste of salt and vinegar. Foo For 'he +hole Litter ?-4+@. Cle$n '$rni!he #ol 8 Silver. $ub with salt and vinegar. set the stone in and let dry. 12/. 124. 134. they will stay shining. ammonia and . Put clear nail polish in the base. 123.

3rap yarn around a moth ball for storage. pull away when finished. B$!ting 2$ e Re$l :7S3. -ow 'o Revive 4l Clothing. 1se a ra2or blade on back of fur when cutting. :6cellent Knitting 'i(.. 143. 2$ke 7 #oo 3$rn Pre!erver. 2$ke 7n :mergency Clothe! Bru!h.oil them in a salt solution. Keep ball of yarn in nylon stocking. 'i( 4n Storing Pl$!tic Curt$in!. 14". 14. 'i(! 4n Sewing Sli((ery 2$teri$l. . +ail a funnel to wall and pull string out of bottom of funnel. 142. -ow 'o #et Ri 4& Shiny P$nt!. 13. 14/. :$!y Pick . sticky side out. Sprinkle talcum powder between the layers as you go. *ake a solution of . soak a cloth in it.part vinegar to : parts water. Stick a piece of wa4ed paper in seam. 13/. 141. put over the pants and press lightly. will flow out free of tangles. 130. 14). wring out. Put a coat of clear nail polish over splinters and rough edges. you won<t cut any hair. 144. 141. 3rap a piece of tape around the hand. 1se a small magnet to pick up any needle spills..( 4& *ee le S(ill!. Shave those little fluffs off with a safety ra2or. 13). 2$ke 7 *e$t String %i!(en!er. >ust tape and sew around the pieces of tape. keeps needles sharp. -$n y 'i(! 4n Cutting Fur. Sto( Clothe! C$tching 4n -$nger!. 7 *ee le<Sh$r(ening Pincu!hion. 1se steel wool to fill your cushion.

1"4. 1"0. 1)1. feet tend to swell in the morning. efore each wearing. 1". >ust put tape around an old tape spool. months. rub briskly with your hand. rush with skim milk every . Re($ir Scu&&e P$tent Le$ther. then a soft cloth.140. rush good. 1"2. %over with same color polish. 1se a damp sponge and touch lightly. Bl$ck Sue e Shoe! L$!t Longer. let dry. then hang in steamy bathroom. +hen 3ou *ee -e$vy %uty 'hre$ . uy shoes in afternoon. 'i( 4n Buying Shoe!. 2$ke 7 Per&ect Sock %$rner. 1"/. C$ring For Le$ther . 2$ke 7 -$n y '$(e 2e$!ure. 1)2. . -ow 'o Remove Lint From +ool. 1"1. -ow 'o Re!tore Aelvet Like *ew. $ub shoe with white of an egg. 1)1. 1se dental floss. 1"3. Re($ir Scu&&e B$by Shoe!. 6hey will come back to life. 1"). Prevent *ylon From 3ellowing. %ut a raw potato and rub all over. then cover with clear nail polish.dd some baking soda to wash and rinse with water. >ust rub a piece of sandpaper over sweater.. makes it easy. Pull socks over light bulb. . Prevent P$tent Le$ther Cr$cking. 1"". +h$t 'o %o +hen Shoe! #et Sti&&. 1"1. #et Ri 4& Knot! 4n Swe$ter!.(hol!tery.

Kee( Aeget$ble! #reen +hile Cooking. 1)". Remove S$lt Ring! From Shoe!..3ash with warm water. Put a spoon of sugar in it. corn chips or pret2els. each time you cut a slice. -ow 'o So&ten Le$ther Shoe!. #oo Bre$ Crumb! Sub!titute. Sponge with black coffee. . Kee( %re!!ing From #oing R$nci . -ow 'o Kee( 3our Berrie! Fre!h. 1. 1.dd a teaspoon of corn starch when mi4ing eggs. #on<t wash until ready to use and keep in refrigerator until ready to use. 1). 1)).1. 6hrow a couple of walnut kernels in pot while cooking. >uick 4nion Ring!.dd a touch of salt.". 1se a buttered knife to cut through a soft pie.2.( Lemon. 1)4. -ow 'o So&ten Butter >uick. #et 9uice From %rie . 1. 1.1. . $inse a knife in hot water first. oil it for a few minutes. 1. 1. -ow 'o 2$ke 7 Flu&&y :gg 4melet. Potato chips. then rub castor oil into leather.4.3. -ow 'o Cut 7 Fro!te C$ke.). 8nions slice more easily if you leave skins on while slicing. -ow 'o Kill '$!te 4& 4live 4il. -ow 'o Cut 7 So&t Pie. -ow 'o Sto( C$bb$ge 4 or!. rush with a solution of vinegar and water. 1)/. 1)0. 9ift the lid of the cooking vessel from time to time while cooking. 1)3. 1. .

it will lift off before it can soak in.n Co&&ee. 1. 1/".. put in small funnel. Re uce +ilting 4& Root Aeget$ble!.. 1/0. 8ld eggs are shiny. 101. 1//.dd a pinch of sugar while cooking and do not stir. +hen 3ou *ee 7n :6tr$ :gg. Chee!e Cutting 'i(. -ow 'o Cut 7ci ity . Pour ice water over it. 9et water run over them while peeling. 1/4. Pour a little milk in the water when boiling cauliflower. 1/. . Kee( 2ilk From Scorching. +h$t 'o %o 7bout #re$!e S(ill!. 2$ke 7 #oo :gg Se($r$tor.!f your butter is fro2en. fresh eggs are rough and have bumps. 1/3. 3hen you press it lightly and it springs back. Kee( Aeget$ble! Fre!h Longer./. Keep it out in open at room temperature. 'he Pro(er +$y 'o Ri(en Fruit.dd a pinch of salt. %rack egg.0. 1/). 1/1. dull knife is more successful than a sharp one. 1/2. -ow 'o Kee( C$uli&lower +hite. Peel 4nion! +ithout 'e$r!. 1/1. 3hen you need an e4tra egg for the recipe add a little corn starch.. . . grate it. #oo Re&riger$tor %eo ori5er. -ow 'o Pick Fre!h :gg!. 1. it<s same as soft butter. $efrigerator slows down ripening. +hen .! 'he 4melet %one. 1. . white will come through separated from yolk. Keep an open bo4 of baking soda in it at all times. %ut off the tops as soon as you get them.

!t will absorb moisture which causes decay. Kee( Pot$to! From S(routing. 'he Be!t +$y 'o Slice 4nion!.. Stick knife into custard.( +ilte Lettuce. 10/. 0ree2e them first. . 1se a thread. 10).dd lemon juice or vinegar to water. cool in refrigerator for half hour. 2$ke Fro5en Aeget$ble! Fre!h. 101. 10". if it comes out clean.Put paper towels in bottom of bin. 103. %over the cut side with leaves of lettuce. . . oil hand full of cloves in water for . 211.t +ill St$y. it won<t burn. Soak in cold water with a dash of lemon juice. it is done. 104. -ow 'o Kee( 2e$t Fre!h Looking. 1se dental floss. Store apples with them 10. -ow 'o Perk .( min. #et Ri 4& Cooking 4 or!. Pour boiling water over them. 'ru!! Poultry . Kee( Beet! 8 C$bb$ge Re . 'i(! For Cutting -ot C$ke. 102.! %one. $estores fresh taste. 'ell +hen Cu!t$r .ll odors will disappear.( So . 100. hold both ends tightly and lower through slowly.

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