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Half Pipe Jacket Design

Half Pipe Jacket Design

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Published by: yogacruise on Dec 29, 2013
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half pipe jacket design : in ASME section VIII div 1 the half jacket design given only for

coil on shell but in case coil around dish end then what is procedure? 8 days ago Like CommentFollow Flag More Moffat Araka, Sachin Badhe like this 6 comments Thomas Spencer Follow Thomas Thomas Spencer • Procedure for what?? Installation? Design? Testing?? If so it's the same. For a bottom head, assuming it's dished. Have people who know what they are doing. The shell too for that matter. Hey Sachin, just buy them from us. RAS PROCESS EQUIPMENT. 7 days ago• Like1 Sachin Badhe Follow Sachin Sachin Badhe • i want design procedure 6 days ago• Like Fred Hendrix Follow Fred Fred Hendrix • These can be a bit difficult to design. I recall a consulting project where cracking developed between the coil and the head because of thermal transients during filling operations. Fairly significant bending stresses developed that were not apparent during initial design that considered steady state and pressure only.

I apologize that I cannot offer any specific guidance for your inquiry. We used FEA with axisymmetric and shell elements in conjunction with thermal shock hand calculations to prove the bending stresses. We had the benefit of thermocouple data during the cycle. I can try to dig up the report and list some of the relevant points if you like, but I cannot provide the report without violating nondisclosure agreements. 6 days ago• Like• Reply privately• Flag as inappropriate Arjun Prasad, P.E. Follow Arjun

2. for half-pipe jacket may be used for shell or head. P. P. P. • Sachin: There is a solved example in the Appendix EE of the 2010 and earlier editions of the Code. • The ASME Code Section VIII-1.E.E. Follow Arjun Arjun Prasad. The Appendix itself refers its applicability to heads as well.E. Appendix EE.Arjun Prasad. 1 day ago• Like Sachin Badhe Follow Sachin Sachin Badhe • sir if u have any limpeted vessel calculation pls can you send me on my email id 9 hours ago• Like Arjun Prasad. Simply use the head plate corroded thickness (consider corrosion on internal and external head surfaces) in Fig EE-1. . or 3 to obtain the value of the factor “K”. The example is removed from the current Code edition 2013.

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