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 Directory Structure (UNIX) 
This section describes the directory structure for the Oracle database with the UNIX operating system.

The directories contain a range of files such as profiles, log files, scripts, executables, and so on. The following conventions apply to this section: Term $<name> <DBSID> <TSP> Meaning Environment variable $ORACLE_SID Tablespace short name For example, BTABD for the tablespace PSAPBTABD.

There are the following main structures: ·        $ORACLE_HOME for Oracle-specific objects with the default directory /oracle/<DBSID>/<Oracle version> ·        $SAPDATA_HOME for SAP-specific objects with the default directory /oracle/<DBSID> ·        Executables with the directory /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe/run

Oracle Home Directory
This directory contains the following subdirectories: ·        dbs/
¡        spfile<DBSID>.ora ¡        init<DBSID>.ora ¡        init<DBSID>.sap

Oracle spfile

Profile for Oracle Profile for BR*Tools Database control file

¡        cntrl<DBSID>.dbf

·        bin/ contains binaries such as oracle, sqlplus, exp, imp rwsr-xr-x ora<dbsid> dba oracle

SAP Home Directory
For the files starting log_, gmeans group and m means member: ·        origlogA/
¡        log_g11m1.dbf ¡        log_g13m1.dbf

·        origlogB/
¡        log_g12m1.dbf 2013/12/27

data1 ¡        .data1 ¡        . stage).cpy Original copied timestamp>.dsv Deleted. Page 2 of 4 ¡        log_g14m1... were saved once timestamp>... Database control file First SYSTEM tablespace file Example of a SAP data file for tablespace PSAPBTABD ·        sapdata2/ ¡        cntrl/cntrl<DBSID>. delete and save timestamp>.Directory Structure (UNIX) (SAP Library - SAP Database Guide: Oracle (BC-DB-ORA-D. i (incremental) §         y = n (online) or f (offline) §         z = t (tape). f (full) . previously all).qua Query which tapes to be used timestamp>.log ¡        <encoded timestamp>.dbf ¡        system_1/system. p (pipe).sve Original saved timestamp>..dbf ¡        log_g13m2. s (remote disk. §         xyz = qub Query for which tapes are to be used §         xyz = cmb Determination of software compression rate §         xyz = tib Tape initialization http://help.ssd Parallel saved on two stations and deleted timestamp>. d (disk).com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/20/f8e36764b1e049beee648a987e4315/ Tape initialization timestamp>..data1 ¡        btabd_1/btabd.cds Copy.dbf ·        mirrlogB/ ¡        log_g12m2.dbf Mirrored redo logs are optional – although we strongly recommend using them – so the specification for mirrlogA and mirrlogB might vary: ·        mirrlogA/ ¡        log_g11m2. 2013/12/27 .. r (RMAN).dbf ·        sapdata1/ ¡        cntrl/cntrl<DBSID>.log BRARCHIVE summary log BRARCHIVE detail logs: ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded timestamp>. were saved twice timestamp>..cpd Original copied and deleted timestamp>. Database control file Example of a SAP data file for tablespace PSAPBTABI ·        sapdata<n>/ ·        saparch/ ¡        arch<DBSID>.xyz BRBACKUP detail log.fst Stop archiving using brarchive –f stop BRBACKUP summary log ·        sapbackup/ ¡        back<DBSID>.dbf ¡        system_2/system.cps Copy and save timestamp>.ssv Parallel saved on two stations timestamp>. p (partial) . f(util_file).svd Original saved and deleted timestamp>.cma Determination of software compression rate timestamp>.dcp Deleted.data2 ¡        btabi_1/btabi. where: §         x = a (whole.dbf ¡        log_g14m2.

chk: log of brconnect –f check timestamp>.log Summary log §         <encoded timestamp). 2013/12/27 . where: Restore backup files Restore archive files Restore individual files §         xyz = rsb §         xyz = rsa §         xyz = rsf ¡        <encoded timestamp>/ Disk backups Copies of profiles and log files Copies of database files ¡        <DBSID>/ §         spfile<DBSID>.Directory Structure (UNIX) (SAP Library - SAP Database Guide: Oracle (BC-DB-ORA-D..log Oracle Alert file §         *.nxt: log of brconnect –f next timestamp>. Page 3 of 4 §         xyz §         xyz §         xyz ¡        <encoded = rmp RMAN preparation run = dbv Database verification with DBVERIFY = ddb Delete of disk backup timestamp>.sap §         back<DBSID>.ora §         init<DBSID>.sap.sta: log of brconnect –f stats timestamp>. and restart files as follows to the directory: datestamp>/ddl.trc Oracle trace files ¡        usertrace/ §         * log of brconnect –f cleanup logs writes scripts.dmp: export dump file for table export datestamp>/ BRRESTORE detail log. parameter Detail log ¡        BRRECOVER log files ·        sapcheck/ ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded ¡        <encoded timestamp>.trc ·        oraarch/ User trace files Oracle offline redo log files Executables in Directory /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe/run ·        brarchive ·        brbackup ·        brconnect ·        brrecover ·        brrestore ·        brspace ·        brtools http://help.edd/expdat.exp: parameter file for table export ·        sapreorg/ ¡        BRSPACE ¡        BRSPACE §         <encoded §         <encoded §         <encoded ·        saptrace/ ¡        background/ table reorganization §         alert_<DBSID>.ora §         init<DBSID>..sql: Data Definition Language (DDL) statements for datestamp>.

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