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Remedial Action Process Roselle Park Youth Baseball Field Site + Conduct Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation (Completed by USEPA) + Sign Memorandum of Agreement with NIDEP (Completed by Borough) + Submit Remedial Investigation Work Plan and HDSRF Grant Application (Completed by Borough/ERM) + Borough Receives Grant from State to Conduct Remedial Investigation + Conduct Remedial Investigation (Initial Phase Completed by ERM) + Perform Additional Investigation Based on Phase I Results + Submit Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) + NUDEP Review and Approval of RIR + Submit Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) + NJDEP Review and Approval of RAWP + Pursue Funding for Remedial Action + Conduct Remedial Action + Submit Remedial Action Report (RAR) + NUDEP Review and Approval of RAR, Determines that “No Further Action’ Required Delivering sustainable solutions ina more competitive world