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The Credentials Which Most Impress the Lord

The Credentials Which Most Impress the Lord

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Published by: mrvictor on Dec 30, 2013
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The credentials which most impress the Lord are as follows: Honoring my parents at all times, not just

as a child, but even now as an adult. Submitting to my wonderful husband for 29 years, even when I did not understand his decisions. Teaching the things of God to my three daughters, by LIVING the Word and not just speaking it. Giving extravagantly, even after losing everything during a season of my life and having to sleep on someone else’s floor. Developing a lifestyle of Abandoned Worship regardless of circumstances or situations evident in my life. Trusting Him like a child, unquestionably! Being thankful for everything He gives me, even the small things! Sharing what I have with others, when they are in need. Setting aside hours every evening to worship and pray; and then waking every morning to greet The Father, my Lord Jesus and my best friend, Holy Spirit. A life lived for ‘them’ is my greatest credential!

I am so honored that God chose me for this assignment, even though I never asked; He has my permission to use me in any manner He chooses. You must live a ‘surrendered’ life to the will of the Father if you wish to pursue this type of intimate relationship. Worship becomes a lifestyle, not just a habit and obedience is a form of worship too. I make myself continually aware of what comes into my home through any type of media, because what you enter into; enters into you!

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