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Definition Essay

The ultimate goal of this paper is to write your definition of a hero or a villain. Before you begin writing more specifically about what defines a hero or a villain, you must first define the term itself. This paper is one of the few that will require no research and you will be writing your own definition of the term hero or villain. After you have written your general definition of the term, you will want to next define what makes someone a hero or a villain. The difference between the two definitions is very finite and should intersect. Please see the short examples below (but do not copy them because they are terrible examples!): Example of definition of the term hero: The term hero refers to anyone who has the ability to be hopeful in the face of hopelessness Example of definition of a hero: A hero is someone who never allows their circumstances to prevent them from doing what they need to do. They are tenacious and brave in the face of fear. In reality this translates to Remember to be creative while writing this paper. Because there is no research involved, feel free to write as literally or abstractly about the terms as you wish. You may also use examples from both the real world and the world of fiction. Please remember that the paper: Must Must Must Must Must be a minimum of 1000 words be in Times New Roman 12 point font be in MLA format be typed follow the rubric guidelines in order to receive the best grade possible

Draft Due: Friday, January 24th Final Due: Friday, January 31st