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Visual Analysis

In this paper, you will be asked to write a visual analysis of a video game of your choice. Since video games depend on their visual design, for this paper you will be asked to examine the design, dialogue, in-screen text, controls, and character design in order to study both the hero(es) and villain(s) within the game. You will also be asked to examine the effectiveness of the ethos, logos, and pathos presented in the game design. An analysis not only examines the moves of a piece, but also examines why the piece is constructed the way that it is. An analysis goes beyond the Who and What and examines the Why and How. When writing this visual analysis, it is helpful to consider: How the background or story of the video game creates a dynamic space for the hero(es) and villain(s) that live within the game The characteristics that the respective hero(es) and villain(s) exhibit How the creator employs visuals, dialogue, etc. to create heroes or villains in the video game

You will use logical thinking and proper descriptions and examinations to analyze the meaning or intention of the creator(s). Use visuals, dialogue, characters, etc. from the game to help discern why the creator(s) constructed the game the way that they did. Because many games have heroes and villains that grow and change with the franchise, you may also want to examine the ways in which the design of the character has changed over time and theorize on why you believe this change has occurred (considering what you know about the time periods the games appeared in). If you use any sources outside of the text, be sure to site them. Outside sources are not required. Please remember that the paper: Must be a minimum of 1000 words Must be in Times New Roman 12 point font Must be in MLA format Must be typed Must follow the rubric guidelines in order to receive the best grade possible

Draft Due: Friday, February 7th Final Due: Friday, February 14th