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Aristotelian Argument Essay

An Aristotelian argument consists of an introduction, a main claim, evidence, discussion of other perspectives, and a conclusion. In this paper, you will construct an Aristotelian argument based on one of the television shows we watched in class. You will be asked to argue whether the television series exemplifies the ideas of heroism and/or villainy of the period during which the series was made. You will have to examine what was happening at the time of the series to create these heroes and/or villains (for example, Middle Eastern characters being used as villains in the series 24 after September 11th) in order to support your answer. Remember that you must decide whether the series succeeds or fails at exemplifying the ideals of heroism or villainy that were prominent during the time period in which it was made. While the paper is based on your argument, you will likely need to conduct research on the series and the time period. Therefore, you will be required to use two reliable sources (besides the television series itself) in order to write the paper. In-text citations and a works cited page are required for this paper. While writing this paper remember that it: Must be a minimum of 1000 words Must be in Times New Roman 12 point font Must be in MLA format Must have a Works Cited Page Must cite at least two sources (all must come from reliable sources) Must be typed Must include the word count in the heading Must follow the rubric guidelines in order to receive the best grade possible Final Due: Friday, March 7th