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by: Mr. Tran Lesson #1 1 Quizlet - Algebra 1 fashcards 2



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Lesson #2 IXL - independent and dependent variables

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Lesson #3 Khan Academy - Functions

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Questions/Directions Make flashcards for all 50 terms and study them. Click on the learn tab and write down the word for each definition - take a screenshot and print your score (I expect 100% since you have all of the flashcards) Click on the speller tab and complete the spelling assignment of the terms - take a screenshot and print your score (I expect 100% since you have all of the flashcards) Click on the A+ tab and complete the test. After completion, click on the "Check Answers" tab and take a screenshot of your score on the top of 100%. Click on the Scatter tab and complete the activity. Take a screenshot of your time of 5 mins or less. You must have 5 mins or less to receive credit. Click on the Race tab and complete the assignment with a score of 100 or better. Take a screenshot of your score. What tab you found most helpful in learning the definitions? What tab you found least helpful? List 3 reasons why for each. Click on the IXL link and complete at least all problems in order to complete the lesson and record your score out of 100 by taking a screenshot Complete this sentence: During the winter, a trucking company ships produce from California to… Complete this sentence: Nathaniel runs the Marshall Farm, which produces many different crops, including… Where are Paco and Dana going? What do they have to calculate?


The expected number of swimmers visiting the community pool each day determines what? What is Darren getting ready for? Customers of the water company are billed based on… Click on Khan Academy tab - Functions. Click on What is a function tab and play the video. Why is the last example in the "What is a function" video not a function? Explain your answer thuroughly. Click on the "Differences between and equation and a function" tab and watch the video. Copy everything on what the instructor is writing on the video. It does not have to be color coordinated. Click on the "Functions example problems" and watch the video completely. Do examples "a" and "c" along with the instructor and write down what he is writing down. Do example "b" on your own and show your work.