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HOT DOG STEW 1 lb. hot dogs, sliced Sm. onion, chopped 1 tbsp. oil 4-6 lg.

potatoes, chopped 2 g een peppe s, sliced 1-2 lg. cans tomatoes Salt and peppe to taste !n a la ge pot, sa"te chopped onion and sliced hot dogs in oil, abo"t # min"tes. $dd canned tomatoes, potatoes, and peppe s, salt, and peppe to taste. % ing to boiling point& ed"ce heat to medi"m and simme "ntil potatoes a e tende 'hen pie ced 'ith a (o ), abo"t *+-4# min"tes.

HOT DOG H$SH 4 c. diced, cold, boiled potatoes 1 med. onion, chopped * tbsp. (lo" Salt and peppe 1,4 c. mil) 1,2 lb. hot dogs, thinl- sliced * tbsp. b"tte 1,2 c. sh edded chedda cheese .ombine potato and onion and sp in)le 'ith (lo" . Season 'ith salt and peppe . $dd mil) and hot dogs and place in shallo' ba)ing dish o pie pan. Dot 'ith b"tte and ba)e at 42# deg ees (o *+ min"tes. Top 'ith cheese and ba)e # min"tes longe o "ntil cheese melts. Se /es 4