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English to Chin (Hakha) Dictionary

Authored by Dr. David Van Bik All Rights Reserved by Dr. David Van Bik Used with permission of the David Van Bik family. Permission granted for printing for class and individual use. Under no circumstances should this dictionary be printed or photocopied for resale or commercial profit.

a (an) - (art.) pakhat zong an A-bomb - (n.) atomic bomb A.D. - (n.) Anno Domino; Kan Bawipa kum chungah, Bawi Jesuh chuah hnu A.M. - (n.) chun hlan a priori - (adj., adv.) al len, ruah len hau ti lo i a ummi ruahnak, thil abacus - (n.) Tuluk thilfonhnak abandon - (v.) hlawt , kaltak abase - (v.) niamter , i tthumh , i hmetter; e.g. He abased himself by drinking = Zudin in amah le amah aa niamter. abate - (v.) a zor, a ttum; e.g. The storm will abate soon = Thlichia cu a zor (a ttum) zau lai Abbess - (n.) Nu Khrihfa phungki pawl umnak i an haotu bik a simi abbey - (n.) Pathian rianttuantu hna a bu in nu phungki si hna seh, pa phungki si hna seh, an umnak inn Abbot - (n.) Pa phungki pawl an umnak i an haotu bik abbreviate - (v.) a tawinak in ttial abdicate - (v.) kaltak , chuahtak , hlawt; e.g. The king abdicated his throne = Siangpahrang nih a bawi tthutdan a chuahtak. abdomen - (n.) paw abduct - (v.) soilem i a ping ah kalpi abet - (v.) thil ttha lo tuah midang forh abhor - (v.) huat, lungchung i fih abide - (v.) 1. i tlaihpeng, zulh, let lo; 2. um ability - (n.) thil ti khawhnak abject - (adj.) 1. zohchia tiang i ttih; 2. zoh awk tlak lo tiang i sifah abjure - (v.) chiatser in hlawt; e.g. The king ordered the Jews to abjure their religion = Siangpahrang nih Judah mi cu chiatser in an biaknak a hlawtter hna. ablaze - (adj.) a alh pupmi able - (adj.) kho , khawh; e.g. He is able to come = A ra kho ablution - (n.) thianh , phunglei in i thianh abnegation - (n.) biaknak hlawt, mah duhnak hlawt. abnormal - (adj.) hawi he aa lo lomi; e.g. He is an abnormal child = Amah cu hawi he aa lo lomi ngakchia a si aboard - (adv., prep.) cung kai , cit; e.g. It is time to go aboard = Lawng cung kai caan a si cang abode - (n.) umnak hmun abolish - (v.) hrawh , hloh; e.g. Slavery was abolished = Sal zuat cu hloh a si cang abominable - (adj.) fihnung; e.g. His behavior is abominable = A ziaza fih a nung abominate - (v.) fih , lungchung in fih aboriginal - (adj.) ram a rak hlum hmasa bikmi hna aborigines - (n.) ram a rak hlum hmasa bikmi hna abort - (v.) 1. nau hrawh; nau rawh. 2. donghter. Peace talks have to be aborted = Remnak biaruahnak an hrawh a hau. abortion - (n.) nau rawk, thla tlin hlan nau chuah. abortive - (adj.) a tlam a tling kho lomi; e.g. The construction project was abortive = Innsaknak project cu a tlam a tling lo abound - (v.) tampi an um; e.g. The river abounds in fish = Tiva ah nga tampi an um about - (prep.) 1. hrawng; e.g. I shall come back at about 4 p.m. = Zanlei 4 hrawngah ka ra tthan lai; 2. kong; e.g. I know nothing about him = Amah kong zeihmanh ka hngal lo above - (prep.) cunglei; e.g. We flew above the cloud = Khuadawm cungin kan zuang

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abrade - (v.) tat, hnor, cuarkawh abrasion - (n.) 1. cuar kawhnak hmun; 2. cuar khawhnak abreast - (adj., adv.) artlang; e.g. The soldiers marched four abreast = Ralkap cu artlang in pali in an kal abridge - (v.) tawiter abridgment - (n.) tawiternak. abroad - (adv.) mah ramleng kal; e.g. He is going abroad = Ramdang ah a tlawng abrogate - (v.) hrawh, let, zorter; e.g. His power was abrogated = A nawl ngeihnak kha a zor, a lo abrupt - (adj.) khulrang , duak; e.g. He made an abrupt turn to avoid an accident = Poipang ton sual lo dingah duak tiah aa mer. abruptly - (adv.) khulrang ngaiin , duak tiin abscess - (n.) hmahnai abscond - (v.) zam; e.g. A thief absconded with the money = Mifir cu tangka he a zam absence - (n.) um lo; e.g. His absence from school was caused by illness = Sianginn a kai lo cu zawt ruangah a si. absence of mind - (n.) mah tuahmi kha zei a si ti hngalh khawh lo absent - (v.) um lo; e.g. He is absent from school = Sianginn a kai lo. absent minded - (adj.) milunglo , thil a philh zaumi absentee - (n.) a um lomi absolute - (adj.) tling , hirhiar; e.g. You must tell the absolute truth = Biatak tling kha na chim lai absolutely - (adv.) tling tein absolution - (n.) ngaihthiamnak , sual thianhnak absolve - (v.) luatter, sualnak in luatter, sualnak in thianter absorb - (v.) dawp; e.g. Cotton can absorb water = Lachawn nih ti a dawp khawh absorbable - (adj.) dawp khawhmi thil, hngalh khawhmi thil, cinken khawhmi thil, dolh khawhmi thil absorbent - (n.) dawp khotu thil absorbing - (adj.) lung la ngai a simi thil; e.g. This is an absorbing story = Hi tuanbia cu mi lungla ngaimi tuanbia a si abstain - (v.) sum; e.g. Abstain from strong drink = Zudin i sum abstainer - (n.) aa summi abstinence - (n.) i sumnak abstract - (adj.) tongh , hmuh , theih , khawh lomi thil; e.g. Love, hate anger are abstract qualities = Dawtnak, huatnak, thinhunnak cu tong, hmuh, theih khawh lomi thil an si abstruse - (adj.) hngalh harmi; e.g. This is an abstruse subject = Hihi cu hngalh harmi thil a si absurd - (adj.) nihchuak , zoh rem lo; e.g. His behavior is absurd = A ziaza nichuak a si absurdity - (n.) nihchuak sinak, zohchia sinak abundance - (n.) tampi abundant - (adj.) tling, duhdim; e.g. abundant life = nunnak duhdim abuse - (v.) 1. volhpamh; 2. ningcang loin hman; e.g. He abused his power = A nawlngeihnak kha ningcang loin a hman abusive - (adj.) volhpamh hmangmi; e.g. She uses abusive language = Volhpamh bia a hman lengmang abysmal - (adj.) a thuk tuk; e.g. His ignorance is abysmal = A hngalh lonak a thuk tuk abyss - (n.) dongh hngal lo khor thukpi academic - (adj.) cawnnak lei he aa pehtlaimi; e.g. The academic year begins in June = Cawnnak lei kum cu June thla in aa thawk academy - (n.) cawnnak sang sianginn accede - (v.) 1. hnatlakpi; e.g. They acceeded to his proposal = A bia kha an hnatlakpi; 2. kai; e.g. When did he acceed to his position? = Zeitik ah dah a umnak hmun ah hin a hung kai? accelerate - (v.) a khul ranter accelerator - (n.) khulrantertu, khulrang deuh in kal seh tinak caah mawttawka chung i dahsi tam deuh peknak accent - (n.) awcawi accentuate - (v.) fak khun deuh in chim accept - (v.) cohlan acceptable - (adj.) cohlan khawhmi acceptance - (n.) cohlannak access - (n.) luhnak lam accessible - (adj.) luh hnawh khawhmi , ton khawhmi accession - (n.) 1. hmuh khawhmi; 2. bawi tthutnak hmun i hung kainak accessory - (n.) a bawmtu, thil hmetuai deuh accident - (n.) eksident, thil poipang ruah lopi i a hung ummi accidental - (adj.) ruah lopi ah sualpang a hung ummi acclaim - (v.) thangtthat , cawimawi acclimate - (v.) i nek acclimatize - (v.) = acclimate; i nek. accomodate - (v.) 1. tlum , riahnak hmun pek; 2. ruahnak fonhtonh; e.g. We must accomodate to each other's ideas = Pakhat le pakhat ruahnak kan i fonhtonh awk a si

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accompaniment - (n.) thil dang he aa zulmi; e.g. They danced to the accompaniment of music = Aw dawh an tummi zulh in an lam accompany - (v.) zulh , kal tti , kalpi accomplice - (n.) thil ttha lo tuah bawmtu accomplish - (v.) tlinter , tuah khawh , lim, tuah khawh accord - (n.) mahte hnatlaknak in, mah hnatla tein; e.g. He went there of his own accord = Amah hnatla tein a kal accordance - (n.) ning zulhnak accordian - (n.) aw dawh tumnak akhawrdian according - (adv.) ning zulh in account - (v.) 1. kong chim; e.g. He was asked to account for his conduct = A ziaza kong kha chim dingah an fial; 2. rel; e.g. In English law, a man is accounted innocent until he is proven guilty = Mirang upadi ah cun mi cu, na sual, ti khawh hlanh cun sual lo ah rel a si account - (n.) tangka hmuhnak le hmannak cazin accountable - (adj.) relpiak khawh; e.g. A madman is not accountable for his actions = A molhmi pa cu a tuahmi kha amah tuahmi ah relpiak khawh a si lo accountant - (n.) tangka cazin tlaitu accredit - (v.) 1. ram aiawhtu ah ramdang i ca he tling tein kalter; 2. zumh; e.g. Can we accredit his words? = A bia cu kan zumh ko hnga maw? accrue - (v.) mah tein rak tthan; e.g. If you keep money in the Savings Bank, interest accrues = Bank ah tangka na chiah ahcun a karh kha a rak tthang accumulate - (v.) karh, i chap chin lengmang accuracy - (n.) hmannak accurate - (adj.) hman (hmaan); e.g. You speak English accurately = Mirang holh hman tein na chim accuse - (v.) sual puh accustom - (v.) i nek; e.g. He is accustomed to cold weather = Khuasik aa nek ace - (n.) a ttha bik, a thiam bikmi acerbic - (adj.) bia chiakha ache - (n.) fak; e.g. I have a toothache = Ka ha a fak achieve - (v.) tlinter , lim , hlawhtlin achievement - (n.) tlinternak, hlawhtlinnak acid - (n.) a thormi ti , esit acidity - (n.) thornak; e.g. Lemon has a high degree of acidity = Theithu cu a thor ngaingai acknowledge - (v.) 1. thil kuatmi ka hmuh cang tiah hngalhternak; 2. a si tak , tinak; e.g. We should acknowledge our faults = Kan palhnak cu a si tak tiah kan ti awk a si acknowledgment - (n.) theihter tthannak, lunglawmhnak theihter tthannak. acme - (n.) a sannak bik acorn - (n.) thilthing thei, kuhthing thei, farthing thei acoustics - (n.) aw hrawlning; e.g. The acoustics of the hall is amazing = Khan chung aw hrawlning cu a ttha ngai acquaint - (v.) i theihngalh; e.g. I am not acquainted with him = Amah he kan i theihngal lo acquaintance - (n.) theihngalhmi; e.g. He is just an acquaintance = Amah cu ka theihngalh menmen a si acquiesce - (v.) alnak um lo i hnatlakpi; e.g. She wants to marry him, but her parents do not acquiese = Amah vat cu a duh ko, sihmanhsehlaw a nu le a pa nih an hnatlakpi lo acquire - (v.) ngeih , hawl khawh; e.g. He acquired a lot of money = Tangka tampi a ngei acquisition - (n.) ngeihnak, hawl khawhnak acquit - (v.) a sual lo tiah biaceihnak in thanh acre - (n.) eka, tungvang palh kaih 4840 acrid - (adj.) 1. rimtler; e.g. The smell of burning feather is acrid = Arhmul kangh rim cu a tler; 2. ingthor, ingchia acrimonious - (adj.) misual hawl lawng duh acrobatic - (n.) perzuan thiam Acropolis - (n.) Hlan lo Grik mi nih an khua an rak kulhmi across - (adv.) tan , khattelei in khattelei ah act - (v.) 1. tuah , tuan , tuah khawk; 2: mi nawl cawn acting - (n.) midang tuah hngami rak tuahpiak action - (n.) cawlcangh activate - (v.) cawlcanghter , thawkter active - (adj.) rianttuan huam , thawhzang , thekvak ttha activity - (n.) rian; e.g. School activities are carried out by students and teachers = Sianginn rian cu siangngakchia le sayate nih an tuah actor - (n.) baisikup tlangval actress - (n.) baisikup ngaknu actual - (adj.) a sining taktak, a simi taktak actuality - (n.) a taktak actually - (adv.) a ngaingai ti ahcun; e.g. He looks honest, actually he is a rogue = Miding a lo, a ngaingai ti ahcun mi hrokhrol a si.

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acumen - (n.) thluak rannak, khulrang in thil hngalh khawh le thiam khawhnak acupuncture - (n.) thim sawh in damternak, Tuluk thiam hmasami acute - (adj.) a fak ngaimi ad hoc - (adj.) herhpang; e.g. ad hoc committee = herhpang komiti adage - (n.) phungthlukbia adamant - (adj.) lung hak, lung bantukin a hakmi adapt - (v.) i cawn , i lak , hawi sining i cawn adaptable - (adj.) a herhnak bantukin um khawh, i cawn khawh, hman khawh adaptation - (n.) i cawn khawhnak, i lak khawhnak, i hma khawhnak add - (v.) fonh addendum - (n.) hrelh sualmi chap tthanmi adder - (n.) rul phun khat, a sivai a thawng ngaimi addicted - (adj.) lem cang; e.g. He is addicted to smoking = Kuakzuk nih a lem cang i a thlah kho ti lo addition - (n.) fonhnak additional - (adj.) chapmi address - (n.) umnak hmun , biachimmi addressee - (n.) cakuatmi minung khi adept - (n.) a thiam ngaigaimi; e.g. She is adept at weaving = Thiamtah a thiam ngaingai adequacy - (n.) zatnak adequate - (adj.) aa za adhere - (v.) i tlaih peng, i beh peng adherence - (n.) i tlaih pengnak, i beh pengnak adherent - (n.) tanpitu , zultu adhesive - (adj.) benh khawhmi adhesive - (n.) behnak thil bang adieu - (interj.) dam tein adjacent - (adj.) a changtu , a hun pehtu adjective - (n.) thil kong a chimtu biafang; e.g. (He is a good man = Amah cu mi ttha a si); Tha hi adjective cu a si. adjoin - (v.) peh, an i peh adjourn - (v.) ngol ta rih adjudge - (v.) upadi ningin biakhiah adjunct - (n.) a bawmtu , a chapchuantu adjust - (v.) mah ca ttha dingin mersam adjustable - (adj.) mersan khawhmi , remh khawhmi adjutant - (n.) ralbawi, an cung bawi aiawh in rian a ttuanmi, a tam bki cu captain an si. administer - (v.) 1. tuah; e.g. The Pastor administers the Lord's Supper = Pastor nih Bawipa Zanriah a tuah; 2. zohkhenh , uk; e.g. The Head Master administers the school = Head Master nih sianginn a zohkhenh (uk); 3. pek; e.g. The nurse administers the medicine = Sayama nih si a pek hna administration - (n.) uknak , zohkhenh , rianttuannak administrator - (n.) zohkhenhtu , uktu , tuahtu admirable - (adj.) duh awk tlak a simi, nawl cawn awk tlak a simi admiral - (n.) tilawng ralkap bawi ngan bik admire - (v.) duh , a ttha ti , aa dawh ti admissible - (adj.) luhter khawhmi admission - (n.) luhkhawhnak admit - (v.) 1. ka sual ko ti; e.g. He admitted his mistake = Ka palh ko a ti; 2. luhter, sianginn i luhter admittance - (n.) luhternak admixture - (n.) cawhmi chung i cawh chihmi admonish - (v.) chimhhrin admonition - (n.) chimhhrinnak ado - (n.) hnahnawh lurit, phunzai; e.g. Without further ado he signed the agreement = Phunzai ti loin hnatlaknak kha a min a thut adobe - (n.) rawh lo i ni lawngin cartermi tlakrawh adolescence - (n.) nu le pa kong theih hramthawk caan , tleirol adolescent - (n.) tlangval , ngaknu adopt - (v.) 1. fa i canter; 2. i lak; e.g. We adopt the best method = Tuahning ttha bik kha kan i lak adoption - (n.) fa canter adorable - (adj.) fak piin dawt i fak piin upat awk tlak a simi adore - (v.) fak piin duh i fak piin upat adorn - (v.) thuamh , ttamh adornment - (n.) thuamhnak , ttamhnak adrift - (adj.) thlichia le tilet nih an duhnak paoh i tilawng an fenh khi, hrihhram ngeih lo adroit - (adj.) thiam, fim; e.g. He is an adroit speaker = Biachim thiam ngaimi a si adroitness - (n.) thiamnak, fimnak adulate - (v.) fak , ka daw seh ti duh i fak

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adult - (adj.) upa , patling , nutling adulterate - (v.) thurhnawmhter , a ttha lomi rhil cawh chih adulterer - (n.) nu (pa) sin i a sualmipa adulteress - (n.) pa sin i a sualminu adultery - (n.) vacung pa duh , nu duh , pa duh advance - (v.) 1. hmailei kal; e.g. The troops advanced two miles = Ralkap cu hmailei ah khan hnih an kal; 2. cung kai; e.g. He worked so well that he was advanced to the post of a manager = A rianttuan a tthat caah maneizar rian ah a kai 3. pek chung; e.g. I advanced him two kyats = Tangka phar hnih ka pek chung advancement - (n.) hmailei kalnak advantage - (n.) tthathnemnak; e.g. What is the advantage of having a house? = Inn ngeih cu zei tthathnemnak dah a um? advent - (n.) rat; e.g.1. Since the advent of jet planes, travel has been speeded up = Jet vanlawng rat (hung chuah) hnu cun, khualtlawn rian a rang deuh; e.g.2. Bawi Jesuh rat tthannak. Adventism - (n.) Jesuh a ttum tthan zau lai tiah zumhnak Adventists - (n.) Jesuh a ttum tthan zau lai tiah a zummi pawl adventure - (n.) kal bal lonak ram le ttih a nungmi hmun i va kal adventurer - (n.) kal bal lonak ram le ttih a nungmi hmun i a va kal mipa adventuress - (n.) kal bal lonak ram le ttih a nungmi hmun i a va kal minu adverb - (n.) riantuantu biafang; e.g. VERB a bawmtu bia; (He ran quickly = Khulrang tein a tli) QUICKLY = rang tein ti biafang hi ADVERB cu a si, zeicahtiah tli ti biafang kha a fianter chin i a bawmh. adversary - (n.) ral; e.g. He is not my adversary = Amah cu ka ral a si lo adverse - (adj.) mah ca ttha lomi , harnak ton; e.g. Adverse circumstances caused him to lose all his money = A ca i a ttha lomi thil umtuning nih a tangka vialte a sunghter adversity - (n.) harnak tonmi , mah ca ttha lomi thil tonmi advertise - (v.) thawngthanh , mi theihter , ca in siseh , hmanthlak in siseh advertisement - (n.) thawngthanhnak tuahmi advice - (n.) fim chimhnak , lungthin cheuh advise - (v.) lungthin cheuh , fim chimh adviser - (n.) lungthin cheutu , fim chimtu advisory - (adj.) ruahnak pek; e.g. advisory body = ruahnak petu bu advocacy - (n.) ttanhnak, chimpiak, dirkamh advocate - (v.) tanh , chimpiak; e.g. We advocate peace = Daihnak kan tanh advocate - (n.) ttanhtu , chimpiaktu , dirkamhtu aeon - (n.) rel cawk lo kum a raumi caan saupi aerate - (v.) thli i canter, thli luhter aerial - (n.) radio hri zammi aeroplane - (n.) vanlawng aesthete - (n.) dawhnak lei a duh ngaimi le a hngal ngaimi affable - (adj.) komh nuammi mittha affair - (n.) rian, kong affect - (v.) thlen, umtuning danter; e.g. Weather can affect crops = Nikhua nih rawl kung umtuning a danter khawh affection - (n.) hawikom dawtnak affectionate - (adj.) dawt ngaimi; e.g. Your affectionate friend = Na dawt ngaimi na hawi affidavit - (n.) Biaceihtu bawi hmaiah chiatser in chimmi bia affiliate - (v.) a tengnge rak si , i peh; e.g. This college is affiliated to the university = Hi college hi university tengnge a si; Hi college hi university he aa peh affiliation - (n.) i pehtlaihnak; a lain deuhmi bu he i pehtlaihnak affinity - (n.) pehtlaihnak ; i lawhnak, i banghnak affirm - (v.) a hman a dik hrimhrim ti i chim , ttial affirmative - (adj.) a si ti in leh , a hman ti in leh affix - (v.) benh, fonh; e.g. Affix the stamp on the envelope = Ca-ik ah milu benh afflict - (v.) nganfah pek , harnak pek; e.g. There are many illnesses which afflict old people = Tar pawl nganfah a petuzawtnak tampi a um affliction - (n.) nganfah peknak , harnak peknak affluence - (n.) rumnak , duhdim te i nunnak affluent - (adj.) thilri tampi ngeih, mirum si; e.g. He is an affluent person = Amah cu mirum a si afford - (v.) cawknak man ngeih khawh; e.g. I can afford to buy a car = Mawtaw cawknak tangka ka ngei kho afire - (adj.) a kang hluahmahmi; e.g. Bush afire = A kang hluahmahmi burbuk afloat - (adj.) ti cungah siseh, thli cungah siseh, a lao, aa vuan; e.g. The boat was afloat on the water = Tilawng cu ti cungah aa lao afraid - (adj.) ttih; e.g. I am afraid of tigers = Cakei ka ttih hna afresh - (adv.) a thar in tuah tthan; e.g. We painted the room afresh = Innkhan kha a thar in si kan thuh tthan after - (prep.) hnu ah

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afterlife - (n.) thih hnu nunnak, nuncang hmuhnak aftermath - (n.) thil pakhat nih a dang thil pakhat a chuahtermi afternoon - (n.) chunhnu afterward - (n.) hmailei caan ah again - (adv.) tthan; e.g. I want to read again = Carel ka duh tthan against - (prop.) doh , ralchanh; e.g. He is against me = A ka doh; a ka ralchanh agape - (n.) dawtnak, zawnruahnak agape - (adv.) ngang ko i ka i an i um age - (n.) kum; e.g. I do not know his age = A kum ka hngal lo aged - (adj.) tar , hlun; e.g. An aged person = Mitar; An aged car = Mawttawka hlun agency - (n.) rian fialmi rianttuantu bu le an rianttuannak; e.g. An employment agency helps people find jobs = Rian kawlpiaktu i ciahmi bu nih rian hmuh an bawmh hna agenda - (n.) biaceih awk i chiahmi agent - (n.) rianttuan fialmi aggrandize - (v.) nawlngeihnak le rumnak i ngan chinchin, a puanpar i rumra ngei ngai i um aggravate - (v.) tthat loter deuh , fahter chin aggregate - (adj.) a dihlak tuak ah; e.g. The aggregate sum of his debts was $300 = A leiba a dihlak tuak ah $300 a si. aggression - (n.) midang cung i zaang-ennak va tuah ; midang va doh le va thah aggressive - (adj.) 1. midang va doh le thah a duhmi, midang he bia al a duh ngai i amah duhning in mi dang umter a duhmi; 2. rianttuan huammi, mi hruai kho aggressor - (n.) midang ram a va dohtu agile - (adj.) khulrang , fel , fawi tein cawlcangh , ruang-ai; e.g. Cats are very agile = Chizawh cu an ruang a ai ngai agility - (n.) khulrannak, ruang ainak agitate - (v.) hninhsaih , thinlung hninhsaih i thinhunter agitation - (n.) hnahnawhnak, lung hninhsaihnak agnostic - (n.) Pathian cu a um zongah a poi lo, a um lo zongah a poi lo, tiah a timi pawl ago - (adv.) kan hnulei caan ah khan; e.g. Two minutes ago = Minit pahnih an khan agony - (n.) nganfahnak agree - (v.) ruahnak i khah , hnatlak agreeable - (adj.) 1. a nuam , a ttha; 2. hnatlakpi awk a simi agreement - (n.) hnatlaknak , ruahnak i khahnak agriculture - (n.) lothlawh agronomy - (n.) thingkung, ramkung, cinning cawnpiaknak ahead - (adv.) hmailei ah; e.g. He went ahead of me = Ka hmai ah a kal aid - (v.) bawmh aid - (n.) bawmhnak aide-de-camp - (n.) ralbawi general bawmtu ail - (v.) harnak pek; e.g. What ails him? = Zei nih dah harnak a pek? ailment - (n.) harnak aim - (v.) tinh , tinhmi air - (n.) 1. thli , thlitu; 2. Radio in biachim; e.g. He is on the air = Radio in bia a chim air condition - (v., n.) mah duhning in lumter , kihter Air Force - (n.) Vanlawng Ralkap airborne - (adj.) vanlawng zuan; e.g. The plane was airborne = Vanlawng a zuang aircraft - (n.) vanlawng aircraft carrier - (n.) Vanlawng phortu tilawng nganpi airfield - (n.) vanlawng dinhnak , vanlawng ttumnak airgun - (n.) thlitu meithal airline - (n.) vanlawng in khualtlawnnak tuahtu bu airplane - (n.) vanlawng airport - (n.) vanlawng dinhnak hmun aisle - (n.) biakinn a chung tthutnak tlar pakhat le pakhat karlak lam akin - (adj.) sahlawh rualchan lei in i pehtlaih , i lawh , i bangh alarm - (v., n.) thil ttihnung nih thinlaunak a chuahtermi; e.g. They were filled with alarm when they saw the fire = Mei an hmuh tikah thinlaunak in an khat alarming - (adj.) thinlautertu a simi thil alas - (interj.) aize album - (n.) hmanthlak benhnak cauk alcohol - (n.) zureu alcoholic - (n.) zureu nih a tlaih cangmi alert - (adj.) ralringte le fimte i um, hliphlau algebra - (n.) el-zi-bra; kanan tuakning phun khat alias - (n.) min dangdang i bunhmi; e.g. The criminal has several aliases = Misual nih min dangdang i bunhmi a ngei alibi - (n.) 1. sonhtarh; e.g. He has no alibi for his failure in the examination = Camipuai a sungh cu sonhtarh ding zeihmanh a ngei lo; 2. thil pakhatkhat a can tikah, cu lioah cun ka dang ah ka um ti

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(n.(v. e.(n.(n. an i lo.) pek.) thang piin. chiah. lungthin in tanpinak allegory . aa ruang in umter .) karlak thlak i thlen alternative .g. e.) tantinak alligator .) a san a niam tahnak altitude .(v. He is allergic to penicillin = Penicillin cu a pum nih a huat (A langhning cu thah le bo a si bik) allergy .(v.(adv.(adj.(v.) almon thingthei almost .(v. e. He has already gone home = Inn ah a ttin cang also . chim hnawhchan.(v.(n. A in Z tiang already .) nain. They are alloted a house = Inn pakhat pek an si allotment .(adv. inn sir le inn ser karlak lam alliance .) tivakam vawlei thami ally .) aa ruang in chiah .) zungzal Page 7 .g.) thlen alternate .g.(adv.) zumh awk tlak sinak. cungnung bik almirah . ttihnak daihter deuh allege . e.) bizu almond .(n. rem lo.(adj.g. a va nih a makmi a nupi cawmnak tangka a pekmi alive .(n.(n. thil siseh .(v.) ramdangmi le khual bantuk i ruah. e.) hawi he i komh lo.(adj.(adj.) inn hnulei le inn hnulei karlak lam.) dan (daan) alumnus . e.) tuahnak nawl pek. They aligned the chairs in a straight line = Artlang in tthutdan kha an chiah hna alignment .) karlak thlak i i thim although . a ningpi in altruism .(n.(n.(v.(adv.(v.) rili in zei can dah a san tinak alto .(adj. e. e. fahnak innak nemter deuh .(adj.) a dihlak all right .) a fakmi dinter deuh .) zong .) sianginn i a rak cawngmi siangngakchia always . luklak alms .(n. Read the story aloud = Tuan bia cu thangpi in rel Alpha and Omega .(n. lung fahter align .) harnak .(n. He went to school alone = Amah lawngin sianginn ah a kal along .(v. lem khawhnak . e. ve altar .) cafang. e.(v. a nungin all .g.(n.(v. We went along the river = Tiva zulhin/hrawnin kan kal aloof . The Pilgrim's Progress is an allegory = Khrihfa vancung kainak cu tahchunhnak i chimmi tuanbia a si allergic .(n.) pum nih huatnak alleviate .) mah rak cawnnak college sianginn almighty .g. e.) midang zawnruah aluminum . He is a close ally of mine = A ka ttanpi ngaimi ka hawi a si alma mater .g.. aa nge in remhnak alike .) tangka siseh . n.(adv. n.) Tahchunhnak i hmanmi tuanbia.(n. phun hnih phun thum cawhmi.g.) tisartlam hme deuh phun allocate .(n.(n. an i khat alimony .g. Grik cafang a thawhnak le a donghnak. khual alienate .) dengmang .) cang. Allow him to go on a picnic = Hniang hrawmnak ah kalnak nawl pe tuah allowance . They allocate a sum of money to education = Cathiam fimnak cawnnak caah tangka zeimawzat an chiah allot .) pekmi thil allow . An alloy of gold and copper is harder than pure gold = Sui le dar cawhmi cu sui thiang nakin a hak deuh allude .g.(v.(adj.) a dihlak in .) mah lawngin.(interj.. e.piah khawhnak alien .(adj.) a sullam rak i hngalh seh ti in a vel deuh in chim hnawh alluvial .) a nung .) biaceihtu biakhiahnak in .) aa ruang in tuahnak . aa khat.) thir dar phun. duhternak allusion . What are you alluding to? = Zeidah na chim hnawhchanmi a si? allure .) biakttheng alter . aa nge in ser.) hlasak i eltthu aw timi khi altogether .(n.) pum nih an huatmi.(n. misifak tthenhmi alone . e.(n.(n.(n. cucaah a thawknak le a donghnak alphabet .) pek . e.g.(conj. I shall go although i do not like to = Ka duh lo nain ka kal ko lai altimeter . mah dangte i um aloud .(adv.(adv.(n. sual puh allegiance .g.) zulhin.) thil herhmi ca i tangka pekmi alloy .(n.(n.g.) sawhter .) lem .) lianngan bik .) Hawi he asiloah ramdang he ttan tti. This medicine will alleviate your suffering = Hi si nih hin na innak a nemter deuh lai alley .(n.g. fawiter deuh.(n.) alfa le omega.) a ttha ko allay .) puh .g.) ramdangmi . e.) aa lo.

(n.(v.(adj.2.(prep.g.) lungthin ttha a ngeimi . karhter .(n.(adj. e. vamkil. cawh amass .) tahchunhnak.) hawi he i rem khawh amid . A large amount of money = Tangka tampi.(n.) fah theih lonak si.(adj. tinak ca i thlacam donghnak i rak chimmi amend . remh amends .(n.(n. I was amazed by his skill = A thiamnak nih ka khuaruah a ka harter ambassador .(adj.) nihter .(n. dinter deuh amen .) zawtnak asiloah hma ruangah kutke tan amulet .(conj. An airplane = Vanlawng pakhat zong a anachronism . e.) tthatter deuh . e.) ral hriamnam amnesty .) hlan liopi .(n.) a sullam a fiang lomi ambition .(n. e.) cozah doh ruangah thong tlami ngaihthiamnak amoeba .) pumchung i thi le sa le ruh tehna an umtuning cawnak ancestor . a hlun ngaimi and .) tthatter .(n.) thider zawtnak angel . You and I = Nangmah le keimah anecdote .) cheu cikcek hnu in ttha tein zoh kherhlai analysis .g.(n.) cung kai duhnak lungthin ambitious .(v.) 1. anaesthaesia . utlak.) thil hlun a si cang . I am in the house = Inn chungah ka um.1.(n. e. tangka hmuhnak ah si loin i nuamhnak caah lente aa celhmi amaze .) lakah.) cu zat kha zat timi. hawi komh khawhnak lungthin negih amicable .(n.) Church of England Khrihfa Anglo . kil .(prep. lam i rak bawh i nam ameliorate .(n. um.) vancungmi anger .) le.) ttha tein zoh cikcek analytic . uilong amuse .g.(adj. 2.(v.(n.) mizaw phorhnak mawttawka ambush . nganter amputate .(adj.(n.) cozah nih uk khawh loin . a hlan i rak tuah sualmi hun remh than amiable .(n.) chiaseih. a sullam pahnih i lak khawhmi ambiguous .(n. caan a phan ti lo .) hringsortu anchor .(n.(n.) 1. caan he aa tlak ti lo anesthesia . duh lo tuk lehpekmi anatomy .) aa lo analogy .) ngaihnuammi tuanbia tawite anemia .) hawi he i rem khawh amicable .) ram pakhat ai awhtu caah cu ram nih ram dang i an thlahmi ambiguity .g.g.g. Mirang le miphun dang pakhat hrawm in tuahmi angry .(n.) fakpi lungretheihnak animal .) khuaruahhar.(v.(n.) Aa ralkahmi. innkil .) fonh.g.) pakhat.) thil umtuning ttha tein a kherhlai khomi anarchy . i tuaibur in le ningcang loin um anathema . A small amount of money = Tangka tlawmte amphibian .) a thiam a tling deuh rih lomi . nihchuahnak .) a sullam a fiang lomi .fah theih lonak si analgesin. e.(n.) thinhun anguish .) fah demternak si analogous .(adj.(v.) thinhunnak angle .(n. From his angry looks. we knew something had gone amiss = A thinhun hmai kan hmuh tikah. e. .g.(n.(n.g.(adv. lakah amiss .(n.(n.) khuachia tih .) chungah .) thir cangai ancient .) lamhruang ah . e.) rulhnak ca i pekmi thil. I am a student = Siangngakchia ka si amalgamate . i palh. chungah amount . analgesic .(art. e. cafang aw (vowel) he lawng hmanmi.(n.) ngeih luaimai. a lian . a za amplify .(n. fonh chap lengmang amateur .(v. a kau . hmuhning.(n. e. ti cung zong vawlei cung zong i aa din khomi vanlawng ample .(n. sullam pahnih a ngei khomi bia ambulance .(adj.) ningcang loin um.(v.(adj.(n.(v.) a ngan . si.(v.) cung kai duhnak lungthin a ngeimi ambivalent .) thisen thlet zawtnak rungrul among .(adj. nuamhnak an (a) . an i lawhnak zohtinak analyse .(v. From my angle = Kei ka hmuhning ah Anglican .) tthanter .) Mirang le a dang miphun pakhat aa cawhmi. zeidik ningcang loin a um ti kha kan hngalh ammunition .) cu bantukin si ko seh.g.(interj.(v.(n.) nihchuahternak . nuamhter amusement .) saram Page 8 .) ti chung zong tlang cung zong i a um khomi saram.

ram dang pakhatva tei i mah ram i fonh annihilate . e.) minung he aa lomi saram.(n. a tling lomi chapnak announce . sidin sual le si kah sual tik i hman zokzokmi antipathy . thil hlun. a niam le a sang anus .(n.) pakhat le pakhat i huatnak . kha set ti theng um lomi. animated conversation = lungtho ngaiin bia i ruahmi animate . thinhunter annual .) hlei maw e. zeizat ti set a um lomi. zeitipaoh in anyone .) thanh . thil hme deuh thil ngan deuh i hei fonhmi khi.(n.(n.(n.) fonh.(adv. rittertu sivai thattu si antler . zapi theihter announcement .g.) camphak ni annotation . aa ralchanhmi bia. e.) nengpi.g. pakhat le pakhat aa ralmi Antarctic .(n. n.) fengbeo annals .) hmun dangdang i um.) hlanah.g.) i huatnak .(n. e. i ralnak ankle .(n. hloh anniversary . e.) ahopaoh anyhow .(n.(n.(n.(adj.) so dennak lung anxiety .) inn pakhat chung i a ummi dal . fak piin duh. dongther anoint .) biachimmi hun alnak bia antitoxin .(n.) chiti thuh anonymous . ruahnak i khah lonak antique . He is anxious to meet you = Ton an duh ngaingai anxiously .(v.(adj.(v. radio in thawng thanhtu annoy .(adj.g. tuanbia annex .(n.g.) thanhtu.) i ralnak . 2. ruah hleng antidote . e.(n.(adv.(n.) tthiamtthiam ko.(n.g.(v. khoika paoh ah apart . tawka anvil .(pref.) hlanlio thil .) zawtnak rungrul thahnak si Antichrist .(n.(n.(v. Is the patient any better? = Mizaw cu a ttha deuh hlei maw? anybody .g. zawng.) hrawh dih cikcek .) a dang pakhat answer .) 1.(n.) lungrethei ngaiin any .(adv. zapi theihtertu.g. hmailei thil kong lungretheihnak anxious . phunkhat khat tang chiah apartment .(adj. zei ti paoh in anywhere . Antaktik ante .(n. e. e.) Thlanglei Pole hrawng ram.) rai biaknak.) doh antiaircraft . zeipaoh.g.) kumfate in a ummi annul .(v.) Khrih dotu anticipate .(n.(n.(adj.(n. Take any book you like = Na duhmi cauk paoh kha i lak.) rak i ruah chung. e.g.) khuazeihmanh ah.(n. Do you ahve any money? = Tangka zeital na ngei maw?. zapi theihternak announcer . Antedeluvian = Buanchukcho hlan anthem .) sullam. karlak hlat.(n.) minung chuahkehnak kong cawnnak anti .(v.(pref. e.(n.(n.) fianternak . e.(adj.(n. mi zeipaoh anyway . lungtho ngai i chimmi animism . i dohnak .g. umnak i rak hman ciami Page 9 . He can answer any question = Biahalnak zeipaoh a leh khawh any . biachan ant .g.) lungretheihnak . He is a collector of antiques = Thil hlun khawmtu a si antiquity .(n.) vanlawng kahnak meithal antibiotic .(adv.(adv.) hlaremh tha anthill .animate . The two houses are one mile apart = Inn pahnih hna kha khan khat in an i hlat apartheid . a nak le a rang. a ki a hreu churmi antonym .) min hngalh lomi another . i huatnak antagonist .) ahopaoh.) miphun thleidan in rianttuan.(adj.) kum khat hnu kum khat in thil thar an hmuhmi tehna an ttial lengmangnak ca .) lehnak answer .(n.) hngerhte antagonism . lungreithei in um. We anticipate good crops this year = Tukum cu rawl kan ngei lai tiah kan rak i ruah chung anticlimax .(n.) ral . ngau anthropology .) 1.(v. 4.) ttum .(n. He is anxious about his health = A ngandamnak kong ah lung rethei in a um.) chuntlung anthropoid . e.) tol .g.(n.(n.) sivai thahnak si .) nunnak pek .g. 3.) nunnak a ngeimi.) hlanliopi caan antiseptic . e.(v.) Thengh kahnak meithal antithesis .(v.) sivai a that khotu si.(adv. khuachia biaknak animosity .(n.(n. e..(n. tlawmpal in.) ing puanter .) leh . 2.) thanhnak .) hma por lonak si antitank .) hrawh . Do you want any cream in our coffee? = Na kawfi chungah cawhnuk kham tlawmpal in na duh maw?.) a zeitipaoh a si ah.

mi khingthlainak appraise .g.) 1.) a fiang.(n.) ngaihthiam hal .(n.) Arab namber (1. boih.(adj. hngalh.) Grikmi Pathian. 2. hngalhnak apprehensive . 2.) 1.g. People appealed to us to help the poor = Misifak bawmh kha an kan nawl.(n.) rian peknak appraisal .) hni le tawhrolh hnawn lo dingin a lengin i fenh thuatmi apt .g.(n.) Thla linak thla.azukhan. elektik thilri tehna application .(adj.) ngaihthiam halnak appall .(v. He appeared from the jungle = Ramlak in a hung chuak.(n. e.(v. 2.g.g. What is the approximate amount of money you need? = Tagka zeizat hrawng dah na herh? April . The car approached the town = Mawttawka nih khuapi kha a fuh. e.g.) hmanmi thilri. mi lungthin lak khawh. ka lung a ka donghter apparatus . tidil .(n.(n.) tiluannak kahcham Arabic numerals . fiangin a lang apparently .) hman awk ding i tangka chiah.) rawl duhnak .) 1.(v. ttihnak.) hrawng. e.(n. rian sok appoint . thlaih appendicitis . Please remind me for I am apt to forget = Ka philh sual lai caah ka chim tthan te.(n. The police apprehended the criminal = Palik nih misualpa kha an tlaih. thlaihhleimi appetite .) rian thawknak i a cawngpahmi approach .) 1.(adj.(v.ape . si thuh.(n.) thilthuam apparent .g. tlaih.) Thuankhawhmi. nawl. kut benghpiak applause . 2.) caan donghnak i thil um ding phuanmi Apollo . aa tlak.4.g.(v. a hung chuak. ril fonghlei.) 1..(adj.(v. e. e.) hnatlakpinak approve . 2..(v.(n. e.(v. appear . sual lai caah.) zawng ngan phun ape . e. You must apply your skill in your work = Na thiamnak kha na rian ah na hman lai. adj. 2.(n. lo i ser khawhmi vawlei arbiter . A caan le a hmun he aa tlakin bia a chim appropriate .5. e.9.(n.) thangtthatnak kut bengpiaknak apple .) chapchih . va nawl append .) thil pakhatkhat a herhnak kong i chimchung.g. ka palh ti i chim apology . We have no heating apparatus = Tisa lumnak thilri kan ngei lo apparel . fuhpanh.(v. 2.(n.(adj.g. e.) a man tuak appreciate .) thiam ngai khawhnak le hngalh khawhnak aquarium . a thin a hungmi va hlemh .(n.(v. thinphang ngai i um apprentice .g.g.) 1. e.(v.g. mithmai i hung langh.2. 3.) aa tlakmi .g. e.) a man tuaknak . muisam umtuning appease .) 1.) biakhiaktu Page 10 .(n.) umtu khuasakning nawlcawn apocalypse .) 1.) ril fonnghlei hmaat zawtnak appendix . 3.(v.) nga zuatnak tili . His ideas do not appeal to young people = A ruahnak nih mino cu an lungthin a la kho hna lo.(n.(v.(n. ka thawtnak applaud .10) arable .g. thil pakhatkhat fianternak apologize .(v. 3. 2.(n. thuh.) 1. a ttha rak ti. mi thil ngeih ciami nawl ngeitupa nih va chuh approval . He appears to be happy = Lunglawm in a mithmai a lang. Her conduct appalled me = A umtu nih ka khuaruah a ka harter.(n. zapi hmai a hung chuah appearance .(n.(n.) ttih ngai. khulrang tein a hngal khomi. April thla April Fool . fuh. hawikom ttha appropriate . 2. kuang aqueduct . hman. hmannak.(n. The girl is an apt pupil = Hi ngakchianu hi khulrang tein a hngal khomi a si.) daihter .(n. khuaruahharter . e.6.) a leng zohnak i a hman ko a lomi. rak hngalhpiak apprehend .(v.g. 3.(adj.) langhning. He made apt remarks = Aa tlakmi biatete a chim aptitude . rak lawmh.(n. 2. e. 3.(v. lungdonghter.) ton fawimi.) April nikhat ni ah pakhat le pakhat lentecelhnak ca i i deh apron .) rian pekmi appointment . thilri hmannak apply . nawlpat approachable .) rian pek appointee .) 1. e. e.g. e. tangka hman awk i chiahmi.(n.3. a tthatnak rak hngalh.) hnatlakpi approximate .) epal thei appliances .) a chia lei in khuaruahhar in um .) thangtthat . 2. e. sohluah. He apprehends what he reads = A relmi kha a hngalh apprehension . He appealed to a higher court = Biaceihnak zung sang deuh ah azu a khan.(n. vancung uktu a si tiah an zumhmi arfi pakhat min apologetics .(n.(adj.8.) 1.(n.) thilri.(n. The government appropriated money for the new school = Acozah nih sianginn thar ca hman awkah tangka an chiah appropriation . aa rupmi.(adv. remter . e. e.g.7.g. Apparently they are good friends = A leng zohnak ahcun hawi ttha an si ko appeal .

) thil kong ttialmi chiahnak hmun. U. timhtuahnak array .) 1.(n.) raltuknak ngol ta chung armour (armor) .(adv.(adj.(n.(n.) hlan lio thil hlun le khuasakning le vawlei chung i a ummi hna kong cawnnak archer . thir angki.(n.(n.g.) thawh. e. hman set ti lomi bia archeology .(n.) thal kah thiam archery .) 1.(adj.(n.(n.(n. cantiang hmur arsenal .) lentecelhnak hmun nganpi argue .) porhlawmi . University archives = University i ttialmi thil vialte chiahnak hmun Arctic . 2.(n. lungthawhnak.) kanaan ark .) siamrem .(n.) lung thawter .) phak.(adj. thil pakhatkhat kong ruahnak thuk ngaiin chim le ruah argumentative .(n. he was greeted by his children = Inn a phak ah a fale nih an rak don arrive .) zuamnak.) tikulh aa peh zuahmah in a ummi hna architect . Arctic ram ardent . bia i al. lungthawhnak.) phak. a hlun cangmi thil a simi. e.) inn sakning thiamnak archives . The soldiers were arrayed against the enemy = Ralkap pawl kha ral lei hoih in an tlanter hna arrears . huamnak . e.g.) 1.(v.(adj.(n.) a velchum in arouse .) a rim a hmuimi around . We arrived at the airport at 6 a.(n.(v. pum vennak ca i thir in tuahmi pum khuhnak.(n. e. zuamnak a ngeimi ardor (US) .(n.) naidem arc .g.) mai in thil siseh .) bawi phun nih tlaihmi uknak aristocrat . palik nih an tlaih.(n. ngolter. e. cantiang arrowhead .) pahnih karlak i biakhiah arbor .) bishop ngan bik archaic .(adv. raltuknak meithal ngan pipi le tthengh (tank) armpit .(v.) zaktang arms .(n.) ralkapbu aroma . Let us arise and sing = Tho u sih law hla sa u sih aristocracy . e.(n.(v.(n. On his arrival.) inn sakning a suai i a tuaktantu architecture .) hriamnam an sernak le an khonnak inn arson . ruah setsai lo in mah duh paoh i tuah.m.) raltuknak hriamnam armistice .) thil dawh ser thiamnak .(v. a duhmi arid .(n.g.) bia al a huam. a ruam a kaimi arrow . e.(n. Judah mi hna nih Pathian he bia an i kamnak an chiahnak kuang arm .(n.) cungkhuh a ngeimi lam arch bishop .) arteri thihri artesian well .) thal hmur .(n. ningcang in chiah arrangement .(v.) thal . Archaic words = A hlun cangmi bia.g.) kuaimi innka arcade .g.S. tilawng.(n.) biakhiaktu nih a khiahmi bia arbitrary . Her words were arrested in midsentence = A biachim salingpi ah an ngolter arrival .) hmun a bitkauh .) ban armament .) Chaklei Pole hrawng ram.) hriamnam pek. = Zinglei suimilam 6 ah vanlawng dinhnak hmun kan phan arrogant .arbitrament . kan si.) a rocarmi hmun arise . makter.(v.) vawlei chung i cawhmi tikhor Page 11 .) zuamnak.g.(n. 2.) hnulei a luan cangmi ca i hmuh hnga dingmi tangka arrest . an um.) 1.(n. His words aroused my anger = A bia nih ka thin an ka hunter arrange . e. duhnak.(n.) ningcang in chiahnak . aa pehtlaih set lo zongah mah duh paoh i tuah arbitrate .) ral tuk tikah ralkap pawl kha hmailei hoih in artlang in chiah. duhnak. e. a eria arena . Soldiers are armed with guns = Ralkap cu meithal kha hriamnam ah pek an si arm . inn siseh duah art .(n.(n.(n. Noah's Ark = Noah lawng.) hriamnam army . kan um area .) bawi phun a simi mi hrinfa arithmetic .(adj.(n.) hlan lio thil .g. 2.(v.(n. 2.(n.) an si. British ardour ardour (British) .) lungthawh .(v. thinhunter.(v.(n.g.(n. 2.(n.g. tlaih.(adj.) rimhmui aromatic .) thal kah thiamnak archipelago . hmanthlak suai thiamnak artery .) 1. e. ardor are .(n.(n.

(v. caah. a hman a dik hrimhrim tiah chim. 2.(adj.(n. e. lioah. 2. mi namtu .) 1. tuk.(n. such as Myanmar.) zahpi . e. India = Asia ram pawl.(n. serchommi.) a man khiahnak.(conj.1.) 1.(v. e.g. tluk.(n. 2. 2. India hei ti bantuk.) nu le pa cannak tuah lo i pa ci nu chung i chiah i fapawiter artillery .) bawmh assistant .(adv. e. e. e. As you do not like chilies. a khing thlai assessment . aa lim dengmang as well as .) biaknak ruang i duhnak i sum ngai i a nungmi ascetic . e. a hle a simi artificial insemination .(adv.g. I am not going to give you any = Makphek na duh lo caah kan pe lai lo.(n.) 1. e. thinchiat asphalt . thi chung i rawl hang a luh.(adv.g. He put the book aside = Cuak kha khatlei kam ah a chiah (a rel ti lo). tahchunhnak ah. biahal.(n.(n.g.) 1.) kuakdap chiahnak kheng Asia . mei khang khawh lomi puan phun khat ascend .) ram uknak kong ah mi a thattu (fial chommi an si deuh tawn) assassinate .(v. bantukin. e.) hriamnam in siseh .) 1.(n.g.) duhnak i sum ngai i nun ascribe .(adj. rian thiah assimilate .(n.) 1. 2..) lam phah awk si nak a bangmi aspire . cunglei i kai ascertain .g. You ask too much for it = a man fak tuk na hauh 3.g. mihrut ask .(v.) pumhkhawmh assent . he lived in Yangon = A ngakchiat lioah Yangon ah a rak um as .(v.g.(v.) a sir in asleep . as far as I know = Ka hngalh tiangah as good as .(n. 2.) 1.(adv. muisam. 2. e.) 1. tahchunhnak ah Kawlram. man hauh.2.) mi tutu . e.) zumh lo nawn i zoh . thil pakhat artificial . a rit pipi .(v. He ascribed his failure to bad luck = A sunghnak kah vanchiat ruangah a si tiah a ruah.g.g.(n. 2. ngiat aslant . Thingtan in a tuk.g. bia in siseh mi thuat assemble . e. e.(n.g.(v. thanh.(adv.(n.) hngilh . sawm askance . She is as pretty as her mother = A nu tluk in aa dawh as .) 1.) sivai a ngeimi rul phun khat aspect .) khacer bantuk.(v.(n.(n.(n. rawl dawp.g.(adv.g.) a dih tluk a si ko.) ttuanhawi Page 12 .(n. e.(adj.) thintawi . As a boy. a taktak a si lomi .(adj. 4. Asia thil asiatic . miphun dang umtuning le nunning i lak assimilation .) ram uknak kong i ram uktu thah assassination . e. 2.) hnatlak assert . mi dotu assassin . Ascertain that the door is locked = Innka aa hrenh taktak le taktak lo va zoh tuah ascetic . dawp . khing thlaitu asset .g.(n. lam lei le thil dawh serthiamnak lei i thiamnak ngeih. a khing thlainak assessor .) bawmtu associate .(n. He is working as a clerk = Cazi rian a ttuan as far as .(v. 3.) man khiaktu .) 1.) ttuanmi.) khattelei kam i chiah.(n.) a si taktak maw si taktak lo ti kha fiang tein zoh.) hla lei. Some work as carpentry is very tiresome = Lehtama rian bantuk hna hi rian har a si.) chuahter ti i ruah .(n. puh.) a man khiah .) ngeihmi thil a tthahnemmi assign . He turned aside = Khatlei ah aa mer asinine . He is a man of fierce aspect = Amah cu mi muisam tihnung.) kai .) meithal ngan pipi . miphun dang nunning i laknak assist . aa hngilh asp . adj. e.(n. Asian countries.(n.) zong.(n.arthritis .(adj. bantuk.(v.) laa assail . tahchunh-nak.) hliahhlok fah zawtnak article .) Asia mi.(adv.(v.(n. 2.) Asia ram Asian . hringhro chia a si.) 1. vanchiat a puh ash .) 1. inncung cihnak ca hmanmi thil phun khat.(n.(v. Why is he dressed as a woman? = Zeicahdah nu bantukin aa thuamh?. e.(adj. bia ttha loin ti.) tum sang.) Asiami umtuning in a ummi aside .(adv. Facang a ka pek i cite zong a ka pek chih asbestos .) vutcam ashamed .g. theih khawhnak ngeih as .g.) tiva kam.g. thil kong pakhatkhat ttialmi ca.g. He assails him with bad language = Bia ttha loin a ti assailant . He aspires to fame = Mi minthang si kha a tum ass . 2. All aspects of the question must be considered = Thil cu a kam kip in kan ruah awk a si asperity . rianttuan awk pek. rili kam ashtray . e. ka co ka hmuh awk a si ti peng assess . ningzak ashore . kap.(v. rangleng in hnuhmi pawl artistic . 2.(n. e.) ram uknak kong i thahnak assault .) tiangah.

e. fonhmi assortment . himnak hmun . e. kai.) kainak.) pawngte i um peng at heart . atheism .g.2. rawl ei.) 1. a hman hrimhrim ti i chim.(n.) vawlei hmanthlak .) arfi kong cawnnak astute .) kandap (kaandap) attire . A tam bik ah panga kan kal lal at that rate .g. e. i dawt attache . 2. lungthin lak. At the insistence of the boy.(n.) cuning ahcun . hirha zangmi athletic . 2.) aa kommi bu assorted . phanh .(v.(n.) arfi zoh chih in kutttial zoh astronomy .) a zei a si hmanh ah at hand .(n. e. e. at home = inn ah at any rate . mah le mah fek tein i bochan. pakhat le pakhat lungthin in i naih .) lungthin a rak pe ngaiin .(adv. 3. cheh zuamnak phunphun athletic .g.g. i lawhter. e.) etom atone . cawng hramtu attention .) tuk .. She is attended by a nurse = Si sayama nih a zohkhenh.) Pathian a um lo ti zumhnak atheist . 1.) thuamhnak thilthuam attitude .) fim .(v. khika ah at most . hmuh. e.(adj.g.(n.(adj. He attained fame = Minthannak a hmu attempt . ngaihthiamnak atrocious .(adj.(v. cukhan ahcun . thluak tthat asunder . e. komh .(n.(v.g.) khuaruahhar astonishment .(adj.(adv.) atu le atu. hmundang dang i chiah asylum .) lungputning attorney . raltuk attain .g.) cozah pakhat nih cozah dang sin i aiawhtu bawi an chiahmi sin i ralbawi an chiah chihmi attack .) phun dangdang hmunkhat i chiah timi. per. e. athletic field = lentecelhnak hmunrawn atlas . remter .) Upadi ningin midang ca i rianttuan khawhnak a ngeimi attract . e.g.g. e.) 1.) i hliphlau ngai .) lungchung ah at intervals . thil phun dangdang chiah timi hna assume . n.(v.) i dornak hmun . The doctor attempted to save his life = A nunnak khamh kha sibawipa nih aa zuam attend . ei.(v.(prep. ram hmanthlak atmosphere .(n.) lentecelhnak he aa pehtlaimi.) a ttha lo ngaimi . e. zohkhenh. ngaih.) nawl ruangah.(n. at noon = chun ah.) lentecelh thiammi .g.) Pathian a um lo tiah a zummi athlete .) tlik.) past tense of eat. lungthin pek ngai in zoh attentive .g. The Earth is surrounded by the atmosphere = Vawlei cu a tuamtu thli nih a zelh atom .(n.(n. ruahfonh.(v.(n.2. a lak Page 13 .g.(adv.) zuam.(adj.) remnak . daihnak ser atonement .(adv.g.(n. ttuanvo lak.g.1. I assume you can do the work = Rian cu na ttuan khawh lai tiah ka zumh. e.) ah. zumh.) remnak ser .(n.g.(n.(v.) zohkhenhtu. ttha tein a rak ngaimi attest . 2.g.associate .(v. e. a si hrimhrim tiah zumhnak. ruah .) phun dangdang chiah tinak.) ruahnak . 2.) a tam bik ah. Attend to what your mother says = Na nu bia kha va ngai attendance . I can attest to his honesty = Miding a si hrimhrim tiah ka ti khawh attic . e.) vawlei tuamtu thli.(v. a si ti langhter. 2. a puarhrang hringhranmi atrocity .) biakam tluk fek in bia chim asthma . They attend school = Sianginn an kai. hika. e.(n. e. I accompanied him to his home = Ngakchiapa nih a ka nawl ruangah a inn tiang ka hei kalpi ate .) hnuh . He assumed the appearance of a calm man = A thin a phang nain a phang lo aa lawhter assumption .(n. ruah. hawikomh association . 3.) tem chih .(adj.(adv. He spoke with assurance = Hnangam ngaiin bia a chim assure .(adv. e. She assumes responsibility for the child = Ngakchia zohkhenh ttuanvo kha amah nih a lak.(n. Her beauty attracts him = Aa dawhnak nih a lungthin a hnuh.g.g.g.) 1.(n. at the station = tlanglawng dinhnak hmun.(adj. cuti a si ahcun at the insistence of .3.(n.) 1. va umnak.(n.) khuaruahharnak astrology . vancung kainak assurance .) 1.) tthat lo ngaingainak puarhrannak attach . mihrutmi chaihnak hmun at . e.(v. There is a large attendance at the church = Biakinn kaimi an tam ngai attendant .(n.(n.) phak .) khuhhrin zawtnak astonish .(n.(v.g.(n.) tthen .(n. He attained the age of seventy = Kum sawm sarih a phan.(n.(n. e.

) mahte in i uknak autopsy . tthahnem santlai ding i rak i hman available . tthangh award .(n. a chia tukmi awhile .(adj.(n. a hlatnak i kal.) bawmtu.) lilam suaitu audacious .(n. ti i chim.) biachimmi a rak ngaitu mibu auditor .) cauk ttialtu authoritarian .(n.(adj.) caan tawite awkward .) tthathnem .g.) ni .) tung ding . November) auxiliary .) hnem .(n. hakkauhnak avenge .(n.(v. a si tiah zumhmi.(n. a dingmi tung axle .(adj. She cried.(n. auxiliary troops = bawmtu ralkap hna avail .) mahte in min i ttial automatic .(v.) ttihnak .(adj.(adj.) zoh a rem lomi thil . i tthangh awaken . 2. This poem is attributed to Shakespeare = Hi hla hi Shakespeare ttialmi a si tiah an ruah attribute .g.g.(adj. An azure sky = van dum Page 14 .(interj.) zei nih dah a thihnak a chuahter ti hngalhnak ca i a thimi pum an hlai khi autumn . hruh ngamh deuh . e.) hna in theih khawhmi audience .) thil pakhatkhat mi pakhatkhat sinin lakmi a si tiah ruahmi .(adj.(n.(v. aa dawhmi attribute . hmuh khawh awk a simi .(n.) teirul cham . a si. ninghngal audible .(adj. The bird flew away = Vate cu a zuang diam awe .) zumh awk tlak a hmaanmi author .) hngalh .) hnuhnak .) hawhra tlang cimh avarice .(n. mintthatnak aware .) vanlawng zuannak avocado . sia rem lo ngai a simi thil axe .(v.) pakhatkhat tuahmi ruang i hmuhmi laksawng . i rep ngaiin a nungmi.g. dawhnak attractive .) hngah awake .) hrial avouch .) sikpar (September. tangka ngeih duh tuknak . hmaipanh lo ngaiin a ummi authentic .(adj.(n.) mahte in ttialmi min autograph . e.(n.(adj.(adj. 2.(adj.) ngamh .(n. phuhlam avenue . lungthin laknak .) a hla .) mahte in aa ukmi autonomy . October. mi pakhat nih asiloah mi bu khat nih nawl vialte ngeih dihnak authoritative . raltthat . e.) sining.(n.) a hman a dik ko.(n.) mi lungthin a la khomi .(n.) Mahte in a puak thluah mahmi meithal autonomous . hman khawh awk a simi .) lung in ruah manh loin amah tein a chuak thluahmahmi thil automatic .) a chek tu auditorium .) hlauh .) cawk khawh a simi .) 1.) ttihnung .) i hlauh . zungzal ca in azure .) thawhpat theikung avoid . a thiamhngal ngaimi authority .) 1. hman khawh awkin a ummi avalanche .(n. asinain a mitthli cu san a tlai lo avail . lengke aa mernak thirfung aye .) lilam suai .(n. upatnak le khuaruah harnak aa cawhmi awful .g.(n.(v.(n.(adj.(v.(n.) mahte in aa mermi thil autobiography . thil pakhatkhat kong tling ngaiin a hngalmi hngalhnak authorize .(adj. Love is God's attribute = Dawtnak hi Pathian sining pakhat a si auction .(v. nawlngeih lawng biapi i a ruat i pumpak luatnak zei i a rel lomi.) hreitlung axiom . pa far auspicious .) dum.(adj. e.) caan ttha a simi austere .g.) lam average . nawl a ngei ngaimi.) mathe in i ttialmi mah kong autograph . mah pum i hrem ngaiin a nungmi.(v.) ekzel .) a hman ti i ruah ciomi phungthlukbia axis .(n. tthahnem. but her tears are to no avail = A ttap.) nawl pek auto .(v.(n.) i sum ngaiin a nungmi. theihnak ngeih away .(n.(n.(n. aamahkhan await .(n. e.) biachimnak khan aunt . 2.) santlai.(n. 2. a man a sang bik a pe khotu sin paoh i zapi lak i zuar auctioneer .) buaktlak in aviation .(adj.) 1. tthathnemnak pek.) 1. nawlngeihnak.attraction .(adj.(adj.(n. e.(adv.

) congoih . lungsuk bag . hlan lio thil kong le tuanbia chimnak i hmanni ballet .) rua . lamnak puaipi ballad .) hngawngngerh dawh ngai.g.(n.) sullam hngalh khawh set lo i holh .) kengruh . fiangfai ngaiin chimmi bia bale . mit in hmuh khawh lomi back . thangchiat backbone .(n. The box was strengthened with bands of iron = Thingkuang cu fek seh tiah thirtlap in an tem.(n. cuaithlai. thil phorhnak zal baggage .(n.(n.) voksa .) hma damternak ca i hmanmi si balmy .(adj. e.) changreu rawhnak hmun zuarnak hmun balance .) hnulei i thil a rak ummi backward .) run tiva i an donhmi thir hlei phun khi bailiff .(adj.(n. 2. lawngchung i a ummi ti kha a ran khawh chungin lak balk . bu .(n. 2.) changreu rawtu bakery . ngakchia bantukin hlen a fawimi Babel . me balm . hnulei. nupi ngei lo tlangval. mit in hmuh khawh lomi bad . tanpi.) 1.) arhmul tuk lentecelh baffle . mau ban . pumpululh. e.(v.) thal bantukin kahkhawhmi thil.(n.) 1. e.) Babel Innsang (Gen.(v. nawlngaih zokzok duh lo ball .(n. 11:19) I cawn nuk i holh baboon .(v.(n.) keng back . 2.(v.) uktu bawi.g. thirhri tlap.(n.(n.) lam phun khat a si i biachim loin tuanbia pakhatkhat an langhter ballistic .(n.) changreu rawh baker .(n.(n.) khrih chuah hlan chan babble .) hnulei.(n.) ngakchia bachelor .(n.) a ttha lo . onh lo banana .(n.(v.(n. khuabawi pawl hman bikmi bandit . e. Walk back two steps = Hnulei ah kar hnih i thawn.(n. 2.g.) a hungcho lomi bacon .) mifir . a tangmi balance .) thlauh .) 1. tiva a luangmi thawng babe .(adv.(n. C. vanlawng chunginparacut in zuan.) balm si an laknak thingkung bamboo .hmailei i kal kho ti loin a tang.) coktarh .) minung a lo bikmi zawng phun khat baby . 2. 2. sio harh bait .) aamahkhannak tangka bail . 2.(n.) nunnak a ngeimi thilnung .) khairiat sawngkhoi thli in khahter tik i van i a zuang khomi balun ballot .) 1.) tthat lonak chuahtertu.) lung tuaiter .) rian ca i mithimnak caah hmanmi thil .) 1.) thil tom. rawket balloon . e.) aamahkhan in chuahter bailey bridge .(n.(n.(n.B B. mawttawka hnulei i thawnter backbite .(adv. Pay back your debts = Na leiba pe tthan hna back .(v.(n.(n. a tainem zawn sa lak i cite in ciah i mei i emmi bacteria . e.(n. khat le khat rualter balcony .) bawhte.) 1.(v.) 1.) zal . cuaithlainak. awdawh a tumtu bu bandage .) banhla band .) hla phun khat.) khualtlawn i zuar awk a si lomi thil i phorhmi bail .) a nemmi .(n. .(adj. kham .g. College i hmuh hmasat bikmi degree (Bachelor of Arts) bacillus . a nuammi balsam .) bia in siseh.) a var deuh in tahmi hma tuamnak puanchia bandanna . bawmtu bawi bait .) lukolh .(n.) an sining langhtertu mi nih an i thlaihmi tazeih badminton .(n.g.(n. tuahnak in siseh tarh hramhrammi bake . tthan.) innleng donhhlei bald .(v. kengruh biapi a simi background . lapar tom bale . He looks backward = Hnulei a zoh backward .(n.(n.(n.(n. a pummi thil .(n. Drink was the bane of his life = Zudin kha a nunnak a Page 15 . khualtlawngmi a bu in bawh i lampi i an thil a rak chutmi bane .) 1.) 1. a thu a tlolmi badge .(adj.(v.(v.) unghreu bantuk a simi zawtnak rungrul .(n. 2. 2.g.(v.(n.(adj.

) tangka inn ngeitu.) alaan . e. zudinnak hmun.(n.(n.) 1. cal sam a phei in tan.(n.) hlei tlaihtleng dohtu thing tete banjo . e.) 1.(v.g.) ri kung. Bar the door = Innka kha hrenh barb . e.) hrenhkanh . e.g. mah seh a ngei lomi lawng dang i hnuhmi baritone . ke lawngin bare headed .(v.(v.) taklawng .) thawl . 4. 2.) ralkap umnak ca i inn saupi artlang in sakmi hna barrage . fangkarao bare foot . A bar of soap = Chatpiat tan (thluan) khat. thluan.) rawlkhonnak inn. thir in siseh . tiah biakinn i an tarmi ca banquet .(n. thil tampi aa pongmi. e.(adv. The soldiers delivered a barrage of artillery fire on their enemies = Ralkap pawl nih an ral hna kha a dongh dong loin heh tiah an kah hna. teinak puanlaang banns .g. You cannot bank on his help = A ka bawmh lai tiah i bochan hlah banker . e.(n.) anih le anih an i thi lai.(adj.(n.) aw thanter. There was a snow bank ten feet deep = Hawhra pe hra aa pongmi a um.) sam le hmurhmul mettu barber shop .(n.(n.) sa emnak har barbecue .) pa aw .hrawktu a si bang .) tipil peknak hmun baptize . 2.(n.) 1.g.) hrutmi miphun barbaric .(adj.(n.) 1. tangka chiahnak inn .(n.(n.(n. Bad temper is a bar to making friends = Thinchiat hi hawikom ser dawntu a si.g. rektekhih.(adj. 4. He has barely enough money to live on = A tangka ngeihmi cu nun khawhnak ceoceo a si bargain . She wears her hair banged = a cal sam a phei in aa tan bang .) 1. 6.(v.(n.(v.(n. e. bare hands = Kut lawng bare . e.g. meithal thirpi. 3.(n. dawi banisters . barbed wire = thirhri hling. thal hna.(n. mei vutcam in uap. solfa tan khat. siao hna. 2.(n. bar khat timikhi. barometer .(v.) sam mehnak hmun bare . sihni pawl bu chungah khan a lut ve. gun barrel Page 16 .(n. an sermi ti chiahnak pung.(v.(n.g.) tamhmi inn.) tangka zeihmanh a ngei lomi banner . hmelchunhnak thantar . tenor le bass karlak barium . He banged the door as he went out = Innkhar kha a chuah pah ah thangpi in a khar bangle . a rang i a timi bark . zudinnak cabuai bar .g.(n. A barrage of words = a dongh dong loin chimmi bia barrel . e.) tipil innak Baptist . 3. he was called to the bar = Upadi camipuai a awn dih in. ralkap nih an ral kha hmaiah fong kho hna hla seh tiah a dongh dong loin an rak kah hna khi.) luchin loin.) mihrin fa aa timi hna lak i a niam cem pawl baroque . tan .g.(n. 5.) 1.) tingtang phun khat bank .) leiba a cham kho lomi bankrupt .) sa em barber .g. tiva kam.) puanzar in a kalmi tilawng phun khat barrack .) cuk a tthawngmi ar baptism .(adj. Bank the fire with ashes that it will burn slowly = Mei kha vutcam phulh law duhsah tein alh seh. 2. tuaihmawng kung banish .) 1.) taklawng .g.) thing hawng bark (barque) . biaceihnak hmun ah taza cuaimi pa a dirnak hmun khi.(adj.(n.) thli a rih le rih lo tah i vawlei a niam san hngalh khawhnak seh baron . 2.) barli . asiloah hnulei i an kir lio i kan phan hna hlah seh tiin heh tiah an kah hna khi. a zummi.) kutkhih.g. zohkhenhtu bankrupt .g.) paw le ril X-ray (eksre) in hman an thlak lai i an eitermi hna rawl.) ti cung i thil hnuhnak tilawng . thing in siseh . kham. a dongh dong loin chimmi bia. phulh.) tipil pek bar . e.(n. 2. e. inn tamhning phun khat barque . e. rawlruk.) chawdet barge . awthang. khuh a ngei lomi .) hruthrut nganga i khua a sami barbecue .g.(v.) khrihfa phung luh tikah ti chungah i hnim awk a si ti in a zummi pawl baptistry . mi lung henh seh ti in chim hrammi bia barbarian .(n. sihni pawl.(n.(adj. e.) uico bao bark .g.(n.) puanzar in a kalmi tilawng phun khat barley .(n.(n.) ceoceo. e. lu lawngin barely . bengh.(n. bochan.(n.(n.) puai tuahnak zanriah ngan bantam .(n.) kedan loin. piano chung i a tumnak hmehmi tete artlang in chiahmi hna bank . thuamhnak banian tree .(n. 2.(n. After passing his law examination. fangkarao. He gave the drum a bang = Khuang kha fak piin a tum. dawntu. e. facang bantuk a simi rawl phun khat barn .

i doh .(n.(adj.(n. 2.) ningzah a thiam ngaimi basic . e.) 1.(n. Meat is basted to keep it from drying = Ro hlah seh tiah sa cu chiti an thlerh lengmang baste . kut ttawlnak khengpi . dan (daan) a chuahnak bawl .) 1. 2. umtu hoiher le lungputning. voi khat rawh ah an rawhmi changreu hlum hna.(n.(adj.(v.) a hrampi a simi base . cinh.) kholhnak khan bathtub .(n.) vate hmur beam . nganfah in. chawdawr bazooka .(n.(v.barren .) hrampi bask .) sihni barrow .(n.(n.) nitlang toh mei toh basket .) thil i cawk tikah tagka hman loin a thil in i thlen basal .(n. 2.) chawdawrnak hmun . mibu bath . ti in ttawl.(n.(v. a biapi bik a simi thil. tank (ttheng) kahnak i hmanmi be . bu.(n. Your bath is ready = Na kholhnak ti a za cang bathe .1.(v. mirum inn i rawl petu a ngan bik bearing . e. e.(v.(n.g.2.2. ti chung i ttawl.) lakfa baste .) bete.(n. He will be here this year = tukum cu hika ah a um lai. ceunak inn chung i a run i kapmi beam .) 1. bailep beanstalk . The deer stood at bay at the edge of the cliff = Lungpang hram ah sakhi cu a reng ah an ben i zeiti awk hngal loin a um bayonet .(n.) 1.(v.g. He cannot bear the pain anymore = A ing kho ti lo. His face was bathed in tears = A hmai cu a mitthli nih a cinh dih bathroom .) si .(n.g.g. 2. He battered the door = Innka kha a den battering ram .(n. meithal hmur i bunhmi nam bazaar .) a hrampi a simi thil basillica . 2.) thiltthit tik i var pipi in kut in rak tthit chungmi khi bastion . e. fa ngei kho lomi barricade .) 1. cu bantukin Khrihfa mi nih biakinn i an hmanmi basin . put. pa aw. kan (kaan).) fak piin au. This tree bears much fruits = Hi kung cu thei tampi a tlai beard . 2. inn saknak kan. a thummi.) kholh.(n. rili fonghlei.) ralkap thong khat bu batten . vawlei tangah a si tawn bashful .(n. betteri battle . baskabu an i thawhnak hmun.(v.(n.) ralhau chimhnak i an hmanmi thil battery .(v.g.) a niammi. an hmanmi fung battalion .) vom bear . meithal ngan a hmangmi ralkap pawl le an hriamnam. 2.) ralbawi nih sinum aa chiahmi baton . in .) 1.(n. papalak. nautatawk a simi.(n.g.(n. She tries to be good = that aa zuam mittha si aa zuam beach .) tlah in tahmi bawm bass . hrawn. e.) den . e.) 1. e. phortu.) benet .(n. a ttha lomi thil baseball .(n. 3. a reng i beh. seh mernak ca i hmanmi thil. He has a good bearing = A umtu a hoiher ning a ttha Page 17 . lam i thingtum rilhmi barrier .) 1.) lam hmuhsaktu ca chiahmi mei ceu bead .(n.) 1.) 1.) meithal.) lentecelhnak phun khat basement . tiva kam beacon .(n. I shall bathe myself= Kaa kholh lai bathe . 2.(n. tiva luannak nelrawn basis . hmun base .) tthipum. e.) ralkapbu le ralhapbu i tuk . cinter. hla hruaitu nih si hna seh. ralhau a va fonghleimi.g.1. It takes two men to bear that stone = Khi lung put khawhnak ah khin mi pahnih a herh.(n.) tha hoihter bean .(n.(n.(v. hmai phiahnak i donhmi khengpi.(adj. This story does not bear on the question = Hi tuanbia le biahalnak an si pehtlai.) kal khawh lonak ding ca i lam i dawntu sermi .) 1.g. biaring.(n.) rili kam.(n. pehtlaih. 3.(n.(n. e. e.(v.) palik nih si hna seh. He bawled at me = Fakpi in a ka auh chih bay . i tuk bauxite .(adj. e.(n.(n. pumpululh tuknak fung batch . nga phun khat bastard .(v. 2. 2. bailep ruang bear . thil hlonhnak i hmanmi barter . rocar.) kholhnak kheng nganpi Batman .) innkhan saupi.) inntang a niamnak hmun .(n.) hram bunh base . e. 2.(adj. hrampi.g.(n.) bawhthuah batter .) kang hlah seh tiah kiaumi sa kha ti toih lengmang. um.) 1. 2.g.) kekual pahnih a ngeimi leng .g.g.g.) khahmul bearer .g. hram . e.(n.) bete .(n.(n. 2.) kholhnak. e.) dawntu barrister .) vawlei bantuk a simi thil.) 1. ralhau bangin i bochanmi bat .) 1.(v.(n. tthi beak . hlan lio Rome mi nih biaceihnak zung i an rak hmanmi: siangpahrang inn.

rawlhal began .(n. lamh lengmangmi.(n.(v.) nawl . so I made preparations beforehand = Zeidah a herh lai ti kha ka hngalh.(v.(n.) ihnak khan bedside .(v.(v. hmun khat in hmun dang ah aa tthial lengmangmi bedraggle . komh beg . Don't behave like a fool = Mihrut bantukin um hlah Page 18 . khuaikua Beelzebub . past tense of become. I knew what he would need. si.) cep (ceep) befall . can. zoh. He becomes an army officer = Ralbawi ah a cang.) tlunhnawh.(v.) Past participle of be. tuk velh.) thurter .g. 2. e.(n.) ihphah khuh bedstead .) kal fial. Past participle of become is become.) past tense of beget.g.) ihkhun cung lawngah tho kho loin a ummi .) dawhnak beaver .(n. hlen.g.) lunglawmhnak a langhtermit.) daihter .(n.(v.) nahchuah.) past tense of begin.g.(v.) ramsa bantuk. deh.(v.(adj.(n. tei.) ihkhun bedouin .(n.) khuaibu.(n. Khrih tlangcung cawnpiaknak beautiful . on my behalf = Keimah can ah behave .) cawsa beefsteak .(n.g.(v.) zu phun khat a fim ngaimi becalm . aiawhtu ah. e. hlan ah.) thurhnawmhter befriend .) khan hawttu beatific .(v.g.(v.g. We don't begrudge your success = Na hlawhtlinnak kan in nahchuah lo beguile .(adj.) 1. beater . tlakhnawh befell .(v.(v.) khuaiseng beet . 2.(adj.) pal lengmangmi.) hlankan in. e. cucaah timhtuahnak a hlankan in ka rak ser chung befoul .) lunglawmhnak .) can ah .(n.(conj.(v.g. e.) a rauh hlanah.) caah .) aa tlakni bed .) vom bantuk beast . ziaza lei.) cawnnak aa thawkka a simi. past tense of befall before .) ihcaan bee .) a sa a ttha .(n.bearish .(v. hnawmhter. Look before you leap = Na zuan hlan ah zoh hmasa before long . e.) past participle of beat is beaten.(n. kha.) aa dawhmi beautify . a ngormi bedroom . a si. A rauh hlanah thal a chuak lai beforehand .) um . hrin begrime .(v. e. ihkhun pawng bedspread . The man's longyi was bedraggled from the wet streets = Lam cet nih mipa a lungzi a cin a hnawmhter bedridden . beat about the bush = phihlik kheng tlang vel in. beer .(n. He went before me = Ka hmai ah a kal. a tawba a sen i a thlummi beetle . 2. The beaten path = Pal lengmangmi lam.(n. a si ngaingai lomi thil maw tuanbia in mi lawmhnak tuah begun .(adj. hnawmhter begrudge .(v.) ramsa beastly .g. dai tein umter became .) can.(adj.) befall zoh.(n. The saint had a beatific smile = Mittha cu lunglawmhnak an mithmai ah a lang beatitude . hal .g.(n.g. beastly conduct = ramsa bantuk ziaza beat .) 1.(v.(n. tuk velh. si.) 1. a khal. e.(adv. becoming .) ihkhun tungtlang bedtime .(adv. hramthawk beget .(v.) hramthawk beginner .) Arab mi.(n.(n.(v.) dawhter . beaten . ruangah beckon .) hrin beggar .(n. e. aa thawkka a simi beginning .(v.) khuai beef .(v. e.g.(adj. si. a um.) begin kha zoh behalf . e. e. tamh beauty .) ihkhun kam.g.) rawl hal i a vakmi begin .(adj.(n. e.) hramthawknak caan begone . He became a great man = Mi ngan ah a cang.) hawikom i ser. kal cang ti i fial begot .(n.) zu nem phun beeswax .g.(n.) cinter .(adv.) cawsa tit beefy . be. because .) Khuachia bawipa been .hmai ah.(n. beaten .(v. a titsa a chah beehive .(adj.(v. e.) can.) kutzaoh in kawh become .) antam phun khat . e.

(adv. a hman ti i ruah believer . ro ah a pek bequest . phuan .(n.(v.g. biaceihnak zung i biaceihtu nawl tthutnak bend .) Tthathnemnak a cotu.(adj. His smile belied his hurt feelings = A ni ko nain a thinhun kha a lang tthiam belief .(adj.) darkhing thlainak inn belie . He bends the iron rod = Thir thluan kha a koih.(v. ziaza .) ta si.) tangah.(v.U.g.g.(n.(n. tthathnemnak hmuh benefit .(n.(v.(n.(n.) ngeihmi thilri.) thlang ah belt .) 1. kun. e.(adv. This pen belongs to me = Hi cafung cu ka ta a si belongings .(n.) zohhmanh beholder . lunglen bereavement .) roh.(adj. hmutu behoove .g.g. We do not know when this world came into being = Hi vawlei hi zeitik ah dah a hung um ti kha kan hngal lo belated .(v. 2. benumb .) khing aa oih i a hawile a hruaitu hna tuu belly . e. raltuk a duhmi bellow .) darkhing belle .(n. thuh i zuam na i a lang tthiammi. hnupi ah lehmi belch .) past tense and past participle of bend.(v.) thilttha tualmi.) Thilttha tuahtu nu beneficence .(n.(adj.(n. kuaih.(v.) kulh. thilttha beneficent .) zohtu.Behavior .(adj.(v. beneath . umtu zong behavior behead . ai . behoove being .(v.) zaangfahnak a ngeimi .g.) thilttha tuah .(n.) rohmi .g.(n. tah bench . puarthaunak belligerent . He bequeathed his properties to his son = A thilri kha a fapa a roh. He left a bequest of ten kyats = Tangka fang hra a roh bereave . velh a duh ngaimi . e.(n.) paw belong .) erh (voih).) dawtmi below .) zumtu belike .) hmetter . thilttha a tuahmi beneficial .) hrum . umtu zong behaviour behaviour .(adj. laksawng.(v. e.S.(v.) kawi.) thluachuah pek benefaction . sahmul luchin pum Page 19 .(n.(adj.(n.) 1.) zaangfahnak bent .(n.) khua khat chung ngaknu dawh bik bellicose . thilttha a tuahmi beneficent .(v. beneath the cross = Vailam tangah benediction . e. 2. fak piin au hnawh bellows .) zumh . a kawiter.) tthathnem . tthial khawh a simi beloved . zaangfahnak tuah benefactor .(adj.(n. irh beleaguer .) archaic: a si kho men belittle . Stand behind me = Ka hnulei ah dir behold .g. belated answer = a tlai cangmi lehnak.(v.a herh.) tthathnem .) zumhnak believe .) a herh. thil ttha a chuahtermi beneficiary . um. a puarthau ngaimi belligerence . He was beleaguered by his enemies = A ral nih an kulh belfry .) thilttha tuahtu benefactress .) ngaihchiatnak. It behoves you to work hard if you want to be successful = Hlawhtlin na duh ahcun rian fak piin na ttuan a herh U. rocoh. lam kawi. e.) a puartha ngaimi.(v. kuaih .(adj.) mi lungnemmi.(v.) zaangfahnak a ngeimi.) luchin.(n.) bereave kha zoh beret .(n. e.(n.g.) zun ngaih .(prep. thil.) tthathnemnak benevolence .(v.(v.g. a hmutu benefit .) i tuk le i thah duhnak. e. It behooves you to work hard if you want to be successful = Hlawhtlin na duh ahcun rian fak piin na ttuan a herh British behove behove .) taisawm bemoan .) si. Tthutdan sau. e. e.) behold zoh behind .) sik a duh ngaimi .(v.(adj.) hnulei.(n.) sozahnak puan in sermi bellwether . biapi lo ngai i chiahpiak bell .) mi ca i a tthami thil benign . bochan .) British ziaza . bend. ro pek. kawiter.) thih tak i ngaihchiat .) a tlai ngaingai cangmi.g.g.(adv. e.(n. tuk le thah a duhmi.(n.) lutan beheld .(v. e.) langhter . a ttha . nautat . lunglennak bereft .(v. She bent to the ground = Vawlei ah a kun bend .(n. e. kha zoh.(n.(n. mi cung i zaanfahnak a ngeimi benignity .) mi ca i a tthami thil tuahmi benevolent .) hihter bequeath .g.S.

(adj.g.) thawh.) kulhtu beside .(adj. I bet you ten kyats that i will pass the exam = Camipuai ka awng lai tiah tangka fang hra kan hamh betray .(v. langhter best .) biakarboneih. Sit beside me = Ka kiangah thu tuah.) kulh .) dinmi thil paohpaoh . The bilateral agreement between two countries = Ram pahnih an pahnih hnatlaknak bile .) hnawmhter phut bestride .) 1. e. theihmung berth .) kum khat chungah voi hnih bias .g. e. a ttha deuh.(v.) nawlpat . ralchan bi . e. thil man.) hleiah.(prep. I have three hats besides this = Hi luchin hleiah hin a dang pathum ka ngei rih besiege . e. lungthin hoihlek rak ngei chung cangmi. ttialnak ca. Page 20 . There is a bevel on the frame for a picture = Hmanthlak tarnak tungtlang kha a chunglei tlang an themh hna bevel .(v.) pin. 2. 2.) cauk relmi le hmanmi hna aan min ttialmi bicarbonate . tthatter deuh. Beware of the dog = Uico kha hrial bewilder . khuaruahhar in umnak bewitch .g. melmang thuh ti bantuk bespeak .(n.) khuahmung .) karkalak thlak i tthut.(n.(adj. kawfi tehna .) tah .g. You can bestride a horse = Rang cu karkalak thlak in naa cit khawh bet . ralkap nih kulh besmear . e. zu tehna bewail . electric bills = elektik man. 2.g.(adj.1.) 1.(adv.(v. ti.(v.) nawlpek. bestial behavior = saram bantuk ziaza bestir . sawm.) mah zumhnak le ruahnak tah i thih ngamh in a cawlmi. bicycle = kekual pahnih.(n.) kiangah.(v. nawlpek.) ruakkuang chuannak . si phun khat biceps . ruak kuang thlan i kalpinak leng bifocal . ngan bigamy . rianttuan man. caan rem hngah biennial .(n. beside oneself = ngaihchiat thinhun tuk i ningcang lo i um besides .) ngakchia cilthli dawn Bible . hrial.) kam . You should try to better the situation = Thil umtuning kha tthatter deuh naa zuam awk a si better off . 2.) kap hnih rianttuannak.(n.) 1. hal beseiger .g. a nai zohnak le a hla zohnak thlalang pahnih fonhmi big .g.(n.(n. e.) pek bestowal . i ham better .) karlak bevel .(n. e. zun ngaih beware .(v.(v.) i ralring .) baisikal bicyclist .(adj. saikal bi-product .) ttha bik bestial . e.(n. kamh. e.(n.(n. 3. e.) hamh beyond .) tilawng tlanglawng le vanlawng chung i ihnak beseech .g.(v.) pahnih.(n.g.(n. khuaruahhar in um bewilderment .g.(adj. The captain bids his men to go forward = An haotu nih a mi hna kha hmai ah kal u tiah nawl a pek hna.(n. lakphak tehna .g.) kan i thi lai tiah bia i kam .(n.(adj.(adj.(pref.) tthatter deuhnak between . tthangh bestow .(n.(n.) peknak bestrew .) naih .(n.(v. bide .g. mah lung lawng aa rinhmi bigotry .(n.) nupi pahnih ngeih . a dam deuh.) umtu khusak lei i i nincan deuh betterment . hnawmhter .) baisikal aa citmi bid .(v. khattelei ral.) Khrihfa biaknak phung cauk bibliography .(adj.(v. thah .) mah lung lawng rinh lungthin ngeihnak bilateral .g. e.(v. Some mirrors have bevelled edges = Bihnak thlalang cheu cu a tlang themhmi an si beverage . e.) mithman.berry .(n.g.) hnit bill .) banthol bicycle .(v. e.(v.g.g.) lung-ar . e.) tlangthemh. a ttha lo lei a si. paisah.(n.) 1. Favai biannual .) kum hnih chung voi khat bier .(n.) lung-arnak .(prep.) chim. va pahnih ngeih bigot .2.(prep.g.(prep. Hi puan hi paisah in an tan. He has a bias againstthe plan = Khuakhan mi duh lo lei khan lungthin hoihning a rak ngei chung cang bib . his friends came to bid him farewell = A hawile nih dam tein vaa kal ko ti awkah an ra. 3.g. e.(n. 3.g.) rawi betroth .(v. e.(v.) chuahter duhmi chungin a chuak chinmi. e. e. vatto hmur.) karlak betwixt .) lian .) tlang themhmi. e.) saram bantuk.(adj.

) a hlan bawi phun pawl i an rak hmanmi tazeih Page 21 .(n.(adj.(v.) khuai blast .) ceu hluahmah in alh blaze .(v.(n.) dongh hngal lo i holh lengmang black .g.(n.(n. hrinnak birthday . upadi sertubu sin i chuahpimi billiards . bia fak bitumen . e.g.(n.) buk sak lo i ramlak i riahnak hmun.) chiatlei in theih a tlei ngaimi thil blab .(n. e.) a lawngmi.(v.(n. hmurhmul mehnak belet.(adj.(v.(n.(n. The trumpets blare = Muko aw a thang vuaimai blaspheme .(n. cauk ser tik i catlap hna kha hmun khat i tlem i tthit.(n.) tilet bimonthly . pupuhlut . tuam binder .) nahter.) bite zoh.) uipi .g.(n.) tilawng chung i an hmanmi khompas (compass) an chiahnak kuang binoculars .) mawhchiat blameless . zeihmanh a chungah a um lomi blanket .) va phun khat blackboard .) dai.) 1.(n. ralkap ca i pumh i tonnak hmun bizarre .(n.) khuahmungpa . 2.(adj.) chuahni .(n.(adv.) volhpamh .(v. Quinine is bitter = Kuinin cu a kha.(n.(v. ngerh . upadi ah ser siseh ti duhmi bia. tem. hnawm khonnak kuang bind .) i chuahpimi tinvo biscuit . I am a little bit tired = Ka tha thlawmte a di deuh rih bit .) hrocernak blackout .(adj.) a aw a thang vuaimai.(n.(n.) lam i toihmi kattazasi bivouac .(n.) meizik blazon .) a dang (daang).) biskit changreu bisect .) cheu hnih ah cheu bishop . hringherh hmur.) nak .zapi thawngthanhnak catlap. e.(n.2. bitter words = bia kha.(v. a tam bik cu vate an si biplane .) mit hnih in zoh khawhmi hmanbilu .) vate bird lime .) Amerikan fung bit . thingpel tete bitch . a nak black ball . 2.) chuah .(n.) cauk phaw binnacle . saram nunnak kong a si bik biologist . uinu bite . thil a vun attu namte hmur a harte khi. 3. e.) tlawmte.) 1.) zunthil . khua pumpuluk mei hmih. hrinni birthright . vorhmi puan blare . e. 4. thangchiat blasphemy . ram hnah tlap blamable .(n.) rawl chiahnak kuang .) 1.(n.) nunnak kong cawnnak biped .) 1.(n. bland .(n.(n. past tense of bite bit .000.(n.(n.(adj.(v. mei rawk blacksmith .(n. thangchiatnak blast .) zan i thlalangawng puanzar zar i mei ceu hmih.(v.) soser bladder . minchiatter blacklist .(n.) mi dang nunnak tuanbia a ttialtu biography .(adj. tunhmi dai birth .) khami.(n.(n.(n.) phalung. theihmungpa blackbird . rangchak kahlomh.) bisawp pakhat nih ukmi bison .g. tutuhlut blade .) zumh lomi min khumhnak cazin blackmail . duh lo langhternak ca sanhmi me nak blackberry . e.) biliat lentecelhnak billion .1.(n.) me nak.(n.) volhpamh .(adj.) puan .g.(n. 3.) bisawp. durbing biographer .(v.(v.) mawhchiatnak blame .) temtu binding .) vanlawng thla thap hnih a ngeimi bird .) nunnak kong cawnak .(n. calungpi blacken .(v.) seh bitter .) mawchiat awk tlak blame .000. The boy blanched with fear when he saw the bear = Vom a hmuh tikah ngakchiapa cu a dang dih.) khuainak blaze . 2. Stick no bills on church walls = Biakinn vampang ah thawngthanhnak ca benh hlah.) nunnak kong a cawngmi biology .(n.(n.) ke hnih ngeimi saram.) vaibar lo bantuk mithmai put blank .) thla hnih voi khat bin .000 billow .(n.(adj.g.(n.(n.(n.) mi dang nunnak kong ttialmi tuanbia biological .(adj. 3.) mawchiat awk um lo blanch . Roman Katholik le Anglican nih an ngeihmi pastor bishopric .

(n.) thisen blood vessel .g. thongh.) takbo. blow .(v. bleach . 3. Page 22 .(n.(v. canamnak seh in nam awkah sermi hmanthlak.) lam phih. lam phihnak blond . e.) zudin ruang asiloah ttah ruang i mit sen. The rhododendrons will blossom next month = Chokhlei hmai thla ah an par lai.) mi thisen dawp duhtu bloody .(adj.(adj. blot . thongh. thli hran.(v. He bluffed the thieves = Mifir kha a hlen hna.(n. e.g. blow zoh.) rang nih a kam lei hmu kho hlah seh tiah a mit an chonkanhnak bliss . hnit. bleat .) sam sen nawnte i a ummi. blister . thluachuakmi sinak. block . Blow your nose = Na hnap i hnit. bluff . lgtum. blotting paper . e. thli nih a chem.(adj. ai remmi siter bless . e.(n.) hlen.) mitthep depmap blinker . e.) cafang ngan.) nu angki blow .(n. His mother's death was a great blow to him = A nu thih cu a caah a fak ngaingaimi thil a si.g.) chan lailing.(v.g. The apple trees are in bloom in February = Epal cu February ah an par saling a si. a fak ngaimi thil.(n. tum.) 1.) thluachuah pek blessedness .(v.bibliography . e. bloom . thi chuah.) nuamhnak. ruahchan awk a um lomi.) thluachuah blew .(v.(n. innbu bu khat.(adj. Blow out the candles = Phazawngdan kha chemhmit.) thi chuah blemish . blood .) cawh . blown . blockade . a tum a simi paoh.g. 4.) hmuh khawh lo .) tanbo bludgeon . blond .) thisen chuah . mei hmih. mitcawt blindfold . e.g. e.) cahang roternak i hmanmi ca blouse . He bleached his shirt = A angki a ranter bleak .(n.(v.(adj.(n.(n. e.) vandum mui blue print .g.) thichuak.(v.(n.g. e.(n. fonh . a kawng.(v.(adj. blossom . a kik. Blow up your biccle tyre (tire) = Na saikal ke kha tum tuah.(v. blotch .(n. blear .(v. pa a si ah blond ti in ttial a si. e. There is a blot of ink on his shirt = A angki ah cahang nehnak pakhat a um. e.(n.) ke dorh .) 1. bludgeon . 2. thanuam blizzard .) pumchung thihri bloodshed . kut dorh blithe .g.g.g.) puarpup.g. block . e.) fianloter. bluff .) mitsen.(n. bleary .) dotlak lonak .(v.(adj.(n. dawntu.(n. 2. donh.g.g. blessing .) mitchawtnak blink .(n.) past participle of blow .) tuu onh bled . blind . He came home with a bloody nose = Hnar thi chuak in inn ah a rak tin.(v.g. e. blot . khuaihli bantuk. blow zoh.g. Blow the whistle = Firik kha tum tuah.) nehnak. bom in puah. Make a block of the church = Biakinn blok kha va ser tuah.(n.(adj. e. thingtum. e.) lam hrawnhnak . bloodsucker . e. The road was blocked by a landslide = Mincim nih lam kha a phih.g.) tanbo in tuk. min philh in a nuammi.) mithuh blindness . dotlak loter blend .g. He blows up the rocks = Lung kha a puah hna. e.(v. 2. 4.) hloh hrawh.(v. e. His eyes are bloodshot = A mit an sen dih.(n. thah bloodshot . e.(n. The mist blotted out the view = Minmei nih a phenh i khualanghnak a hloh dih.) pangpar.(n.(n.) hawhra tampi tlak i thlichia he a si i a kik ngaingaimi khi bloat .) pangpar par. A bad cold made his nose run and bleared his eyes = Cumpi nih a hnapthli a chuahter i a mitthli a haiter. cahang nehnak.g.(n.) 1.) lunglawmhnak. blue . blight .) past tense of blow.) thingkung a roter i a thuttertu zawtnak.) past tense and past participle of bleed.) 1. thongh.) cu bantuk sam a ngeimi.) ranter (raanter). The wind blows = Thlitu a hrang.(v. 3. blossom . e.(v.g.(v.(v.) cauk relmi le hmanmi hna an min tialmi. blow up . Print your name in block letters = Na min cu cafang ngan in ttial tuah.) par. block .g.g.) innsak deng tik i sak ding ning ttha tein suaimi le tuakmi khi. She died in the bloom of her youth = A chan lailingte ah a thi.(adj. thli in tum. The mountain peaks are bleak = Tlangpar cu a kawng. Cherry trees bloom in November = Phaizawng cu November ah an par. milungtho.) 1. bloom .(n. an kik i thli nih a chem hna. 2.(adj.) mihmaipanh. nu a si ah blonde ti in ttial a si. e. 2.) lunglawm . bleed .(adj.(v.

(v. booby .g. She blushes = A ning a zak i a hmai a sen.(n. I shall board at the school this year = Tukum cu sianginn ah man pek in rawl ka ei lai.(n.) bom thlatu vanlawng.g.(n.(n. blush .(v. i porhlaw ngai i holh cutmat. 2. bond . mi duh le huh lo ruat lem lo a sining bak i chim.) Australia ram mi nih an hmanmi chechnak thil phun khat.) ningzah hmaisen. e.) bawda i a ummi.) chantling saupi bolster . bobbin . I cut the bond around his ankles that he could run = A fengbeo temnak ka tanpiak i a le kho.) nawncek chung i tap.) hrut: Hrut hlah = Don't be foolish (Don't be a booby) booby .g.) uanthlar boastful .(n. A large body of children sang at the church = Ngakchiabu nganpi biakinn ah hla an sa. takpum. bondage . biachim i chuahsual blunt .) khuaihli hma boil .) uangthlarmi boat . 2.(n.) so .(adj. e.) pum loin.(n.(n.) tilawng zaptu.g. body .(adj.g.(n.) cauk chimmi lawng a hngal ngaimi.) 1. bomber .) 1. aw thang ngai i auh lulh.) fimnak thiamnak zeihmanh a ngei lomi Page 23 .(n.(n.) palh sualmi thil . We must board the train now = Atu ah tlanglawng cungah kan kai awk a si cang. The wind blustered around the house = Inn pawng ah thlitu a hrang.) 1. boarding house . Water boils = Ti a so.(v.) 1.(v. bu.) cauk hmete bookmark .) khualeng i ttihmi meiphu bonnet . a ngaingai a si lomi.) thawng a thang ngaingaimi thawng.(adj.) cauk a eitu rungrul .) thluachuah.) sal. e.) ti sonak um nganpi.rianttuantu bu. hmunkhat i fonhtu. 2. e. bodice . zohkhentu bu. temtu.) ruh bonfire . board . bond .(n. boon .g. bodiless .) 1. ngakchia a dam ngaimi. boil .g. pum.g.) nawncek.g.(adj.(n. e.g. a fak .) mihrut book . board .(adj. a tthahnemmi thil. blunder . boor .(n. e.bluff .(n. e.) deu.) lapar thei bolster . thingpheng. 2.) luat lo i mi kut tang i temtawn bu i um bondman .) bawda inn .(n. cerh nganpi. e.) inntung pehnak thir bawl bomb .(v.) a thawng . boiler . a har lo.(n.(n. a pek i umnak inn boast . pu ngei lomi.) tangka cazin tlaitu booklet .) cauk chung dannak puanchia. a hnawl.) nu angki chungnawh.g. ngakchia duh a nung ngaimi.(n. e.) bom bombard .(n.(n.) meithal nganpi i bom in kah . bogus . sal a simi.(adj.(n.(adj.(n.) thil tthitnak seh laril zelhnak. cucaah ca a rel tukmi khi bookworm an ti boom .(n.(adj. blur . bog . dirh bawmh bolt .(n.) fianloter. blunt knife = nam hnawl. boisterous . boarder . e.(n. Miakpi thawng boom . boll .(n. pakhat le pakhat bia i kamnak i ttialmi ca.) raltthatnak. bluster . 2. ti so.cauk zuartu.(v.(adj. boat man .) cauk chung min khumh bookish . Aw thang ngaiin a au lulhmi mibu bold .(n. bona fide . The picture is blurred = Hmanthlak a fianglo. bookkeper .(n.) a luat lomi.(n. 2.(v.(n. e.) lih um lo tein a hmanmi taktak.(adj.g.(n.) lawng cung i kai i icit. e.(n.) lungpang.) tilawng hme deuhmi phun boat house .(n.(n. bone . bom thlak bombast .) thoh .(n.) tilawng hrennak inn. bookworm .) nu chinhmi luchin bonny .) khulrang tein tuah thluahmah boomerang . bog .(v.(n. School board = Sianginn zohkhentu bu.(v. a cheptu sin i a kir than khomi.) 1. thlitu a hran i a thawng a ngei khi.) ralttha boldness .) cauk book .(adj.(v. bookseller .(v.) a si set ttung lomi holh sangsang le holh tthattha hman le chim.

bouquet . likuk.) 1. e. His feet are bound with rope = A ke kha hri in an tem. born .) India ram miphun thiang. A wrestling bout = Paih i zuamnak.(adj. thil cawi bosom .) burzua. buy zoh.(adj. e. nam.) an pahnih in bother .(n.) 1. put. Pung-na Page 24 .) hlok. cunglei i cawitu.(v. tilawng siseh vanlawng siseh a hmailei.g.) khengkuar bowlegged . uanthlar braggart . bowstring . borne . 2. 2.(n.(n.) pa ngakchia boycott .(n.(n.g. liza box . e.) thingkuang .(n.) kua.g.) 1.upadi he i ralchanh in zureu a zuarmi. 3.) ngakchiat lio caan brace .g.) thingnge bought . mihrut zei thei lomi.(n. hrawl dohnak ca i vampang i khenhmi thing asiloah thir fong. ( ). bound .) 1.(n.(v. tem.) hlok.(n.boorish . boot .(n.) kut in i thonghnak lentecelhnak.) 1. bear kha zoh. me peknak i sermi khan hmete bootlegger .(n.) tangka cawi .) 1.) ziaza dawh set lomi.(n.(v.(n.(adj.(v. ramri borderland .g. brace . borrow . bore . pangpar tom bourgeois . The lion gave a sudden bound on to the back of the deer = Chiandeih nih sakhi cu a keng ah a hei zuan hnawh.(adj.) lungpi boulevard .) hrin. e. paw bowl . breket.(adj.(n.) tawne negi lo .g. mittha lo siseh sahrang siseh tlaih awkah pekmi tangka.) khua. meithal kua.(v.(adj. boulder . boy . Ngakchia cu ihkhun cungah aa hlok lengmang.(n. puantlang .) but kedan booth .) ramri boundless .(n. e. e.) thingkung ramkung umtuning kong cawnnak both . boost . tlang .(n.) bukhe .(n. booty .(n. kal.) boksing thonghthiam boxing .) ril . chuah. cawk. a thuk tukmi dongh hngal lo bough .(n. e. e. in .(n.(n.(v. thihna thawl bottom .) past participle of bear.) beh chih.) mah fak rumro i bia a chimmi brahman .) bawi .) kutkhih bracket . boundary . tem chih.) hnahnawhnak pek bothersome .) thal kah thiam.) ramri he aa naihmi hmun. borough .) a bu in duh lonak langhter i i tel duh ti lo boyhood .) lam nganpi bounce .) kun. e.vih.g. a san .g.(n. bow .(n. bountiful . bracelet . 2. chawdawr chaw tuah pawl a si deuhmi.) hnahnawh petu a simi .) tang boss . peh.) thawl . tingtang tumnak likuk.(v.) thingkung ramkung umtuning a cawng i a thiammi botany .(n. Eliot was a born poet = Eliot cu hlathiam aa chuahpimi a si.(n.(n.Where are you bound? I am bound for home = Khuazei ah dah na kal lai? Inn ah ka kal lai. e.) chuahpimp.) hmailei i namtu.(n. born .) mahfak i biachim .) esid phun khat.(n. 2.(v. laksawng i pekmi. e.nor. 2. a si hrimhrim lai ti hngalh. mi hnahnok a simi bottle .(v. He is bound to attend school = Sianginn a kai hrimhrim awk a si. a kauh tah khawh lomi bounteous .(n. tuam. bound . tuah hrimhrim awk a si.g. The ball bounces very high = Pumpululh cu snagpi aa hlok.) donghnak ngei lo .g.(n. i zuam chung.(v.(n. He is bound to win = A tei hrimhrim lai ti kha hngalh a si ko. 2.past tense and past participle of buy. tawnrolh tlang. a thuh .(adj.(n.(n.(n.) chaiza .(v. nunsiangmi.) ngalkual bowman . zohkhenhtu bawi botanist .) zuan hnawh. brag . Pumpululh cu sangpi aa hlok.) thlamte .(v. uktu . kuang boxer . 3.(adj. lukhunpiak.g.) tawne bottomless . bowels .(n. bow .(n.g.(adj.) thing vihnak. boric acid .(n.) tampi pek. e. The baby bounced up and down on the bed = Ngakchia cu ihkhun cungah aa hlok lengmang.) zuamnak. This book bores me = Hi cauk nih a ka nor. bout . 4.) hranchaw border . bore .) tampi bounty . bounce . hnek.(n.

(n.) thluak brake .) raltthatnak brawl . a pemnak awng.) nam lek. e.(adj. sam i phiar braid .(v.g.(v.) a kauh lei break .(v.g. He brandishes his sword = A vainam a lek. Those who broke the law are punished = Nawl a buarmi cu dan an tat hna. 3.(v.g.) zureu a thawngmi phun brass .(n.(n.(n. 4.g. brazen .(n.) Ralkap thong li hrawng a uktu Page 25 . e.) chakhlomh brief .) ngolternak.(adj.(n. donghternak breakfast . ralkapbu. Farmers brand their sheep = Lothlo pawl nih an tuu cungah hmelchunhnak an ser hna. disagreement produced a breach between two partners = Lungrual lonak nih rianttuanti hawi pahnih kha a tthen hna. hmelchunhnak.(n.) tang ruh breastplate .g.) laa onh.(n.) unau rual brevity . The dog escaped through break in the fence = Hauhruang awng khan uico kha a chuak break down .(n.) thlizil breezy .(n.(n.g.) aukhuan len i sik len.) breed zoh breech . mo bridegroom . e.(n.(v.) rang citnak tawhrolh breed . thil brick .) ti khamnak vampang breast . rawl breadth . luat.g.(n.) thlizil a hrangmi brethren .(n. thaw chuah bred .000 tluk. tlamtlinhlo. hmunkhat i rian a ttuanmi bu brigadier .(n. A thief broke into the house = Mifir inn chungah a lut. e. i velh i vuak len.) thaithawh breakwater .(n.g.) nupi thi tlangval bridesmaid . 2.(n.) tlakrawh bride .) tawi tein chimmi bia brigade .) raltha bravery .g.1.) tawinak brew . i tthennak. mi 4.(n. Do you like this brand of coffee = Hi kawfi phun hi na duh maw? brand .(n.) rawk break loose .) samphiar.(v.) ziknawh bribe . e.) dar in sermi thil. bridge .(n. tang breastbone .) phun. e.(n.) nu angki chungnawh. 2.) samphiar .(n. khacer onh.(n.(n.) 1.(v.) fahrin breeze .(n. let.) mitcaw carel brain .(v. 3.(v.(n. For me to go away today would be a breach of duty = Nihin i kal cu kei ka caah cun rian tlamtlinh lo a si bread .(n.(n.braid . sullam ngei lo i au thlorh i au. Thonginn in a zam break off .g. chuah.) rangchak bridle .g.) dar eng phun brassiere . brandish . brawny .g.(n. hranhram in luh.(adj. awng .) tangphaw breath . brandy . aa hrahhrammi.(n. chuahter. e.) hnuk .2.) hlingbur bribe .) 1.) maw. kuai. brave . dar bantuk a simi. brazier .) thaw dawp .) meithal a thirpi zenthawng hrolhnak breeches . e. breach .) thingnge .(v.(v.(n.(n. 2.) ngol break up . e.) awng e.) khamtu .) zam .) ziknawhnak tangka.) zu an saknak inn hmun briar .) thaw breathe .) 1.(adj. ningzah hngal lo.) ziknawh pek bribery .(n.) zu sak . e.(n. buar.(n.(n. breik branch . e.) va ngei liomi ngaknu .(n.(v.) thazang tthawng bray . braille .) hlei bridle .(n. He broke loose from prison = Thong chung in a zam (chuak) break . Those boys brew mischief = Khi ngakchia hna nih khin hnahnawhnak chuaahter i tim in an um brewery .(adj.(v.(v. ttengnge brand .) hmelchunhnak ser. mo hawi.) meipung a hme pawl. He never breaks his promise = A biakam a let bal lo.(n.) changreu .(n.

2.(v. 2. vokhmul. va u-pa brotherhood .(n.(v. 4.) hliamkhuai .(n.g. Tthumh. langhter brink .(n.(n. kheng tlang . e. We broil in the hot sun = Ni lin nih a chumh in a kan chumh broke .(n.) England ram brittle . i khawndenmi hma brunette .(v. saupi ruah ciahmah brook . vokhmul bantukin tthawng tertor in ummi hmul.) saram tlukseo a simi bubble . lim ngaingai. a al ngaimi bring . cu bantukin a ummi minung brutish .) 1.(n.) a khat dilhdelh.(n. lunglawm. va naupa .(n.) hma . e.) khulrang in .(n.(adj. lam kau broad-minded . ruahnak a ngei lomi.(n. ciar.) 1.(v. e.) a fahnak bik hmual brush .) tivate broom . broken-hearted . e.) lakhruak per Page 26 . letmi.g. His courage was broken by his failure = Sunghnak nih a thazang a tthumh.) past tense and past participle of bring.(n. 2. ceu.) phuan.) lungkuaimi .) unau sinak.g.(adj. arti tlumh. thiam setsai lo in holhmi.) put. khuai.) hrin bring forward .(adj.) vok hmul tom thil hnawhnak i hmanmi . thanuam.(adj. a liam in a liam brimstone . 2.) unau .(adj. 2.) kan pumchung thli peng chung i a te tete pahnih bronchitis .) khuapi chungah si lo in ramlak i a ummi mifir bright .(n. unau bantukin i dawtnak brought .) 1. past participle of break.(adj.(adj. biachim brute . a kuai a fawimi broach .(n.(adj.(n. fim. 2.) kau . sahrang bantuk i um .(v.(v.) sabuti brother . lukhuh tlang brimful . radio in biachim. a cer in a cermi sinak brilliant .(v.(v. lungvar.) past tense of break. e. a cermi thil.(adj.(n.g.(n.) ceuter brightness .) hrai tlang .(adj.(adj. broken . Sun shine is bright = Ni tlang a ceu.(adj.(n.(v. sawhchihnak fungte a ngeimi zong broach brood .(n.(n.(n.(v.) saram.) ceunak brilliance . Our path bristled with problems = Kam lam cu harnak in a khah in a khat Britain .g. angikleng tehna brusque .(v. kuai.(n.) ti buanbara bubble .) lungkau a ngeimi broadcast .(n.) antam par broil .(adj. a kuaimi thil.(n.) 1.) nupi tta .) a kenkiplo rel duahmah bruise . bring about .(n. tampi um.(v.g.) baras in thil hnor . thiam ngaingai a simi brim .) ceuter.(v. thah . e.) kauhter broccoli .(n. thazang ttum.) ti a luan i a awnh hliahmah khi buck .) sakhi cal (pa) buck . hlonh broaden . tlavakmak in bristle .) arfa tete voi khat i hrinmibu brood . Bring here a pen = Cafung pakhat in rak pu.) a hngomi . e. A bright girl learns quickly = Lungvarmi ngakchinu nih cun khulrang in a thiam khawh. khuasa ngaiin um. 3.) dar sen brooch .) hmunphiah broomstick . bring zoh. Everybody was bright gay at the party = Ahopaoh puai ah cun lunglawm thanuam in an um brighten .(v.) cite ti .g.) hmunphiah ko broth . zaangfahnak ngei lo tuk . hmun kaupi i kaupi in theh.(n.g. Broken English = Thiam setsai loin holhmi Mirang holh.(v.(adj. baras brush .) pumchung thlipeng tete zawtnak bronze . ngaihchiami bronchi .(n.) sam a dummi nu brunt . chuan.) umter.(n. e.(v. 2.) cal brown . 3. kedan tehna . tta brother-in-law . hran .(v.) a tlang parte brisk .) kawfi zawng a si nawnmi browse .(n.) 1. break zoh. put.) thil pakhat kong chim i thawk broad . tlumh. siter bring forth . biakam zulh lomi.) 1. fahter bruise . brow .brigand .) kat (kaat) brine . bialeh brutal .(n.) puar . thanh.) mithmai panh lo ngaiin tawite tawite in biachimmi .) kawfi zawng brownish .(n.) 1.) tangbenh.) awng vihnak thilri broach .

) tom.g.) 1. 2. past tense of build bulb .) thazang a tthawng i mi nehsawh le nekngeih a hmangmi bully .(n. I put the bulk of my books in the box = Ka cauk a tam deuh cu kuang chungah ka chiah hna bulky .(v.(n. e.) bury zoh burlap .) Budis biaknak a zulmi budge .(v.(v. e.(n. i khawn .(v.) buri ttha phun burly .(n. 2. anttam tawba bantuk a simi elektrik mei vannak bo bulge . hngir.(n. Page 27 .(n.) thinghnah a corhkate a simi Buddha . 2.) ticung i vuanh khawhnak buoyant . inn sak builder .(n.(n.(n.2.) taisawm hrenh buckler .(n. zu khor burst . ralkap nih an ran i cawn chungmi khor bunny . the house is burning = Inn a kang.(v.) mithi vuinak. a pum a ngan i a titsa a tthommi burn . e. e.(n.(n.) hmuiselnak i chonmi a laifangte bully .(v. a chung i khan hme tete a ngeimi.) cu bantukin mah nak der deuhmi va hrocer. an kek. e. duh lomi va tuahter bulwark . He cannot budge the rock = Lungpi cu a hngir in a hngir kho lo budget .1.g. buckle .(n.(n.(n.bucket .g.) bawi ngaiin aa umtermi rianttuantu burglar .(n. Easter bunny = Bawipa thawhtthan saveh buoy . anttam tawba.g. i den bump . a khat cikcek.) kuanfang .) bangla . The airplane landed with a bump = Vanlawng kha vawlei a vung phan i dut tiah a cawl.) tangka hmuhnak le hmannak ding tuak chungnak buffalo . 2.) bawi ngaiin aa umtermi uktu pawl ukning le rianttuanning bureaucrat .g.(n.) a puar. e.(n. duah. e. Buckle your belt = Na taisawm i hrenh.) mithi vui burial .(n.g.) mah tein i suah ciomi rawldangh bug .(adj. thongh.(v.) thilrit.) 1.) tom.(n.) a kangmi burrow .(n.(n. e.) khor . A bundle of clothes = Hnipuan tom khat bundle .) cawtum bull's eye .(n.) baltin buckle . 2.(v. a kuai. cabuai.) suithluan bullock . cawtum.(n.) saveh kawhnak min.g. riahnak inn bunk .) inn built .(n. tilawng chung i lung meihol chiahnak. His pocket bulges with apples = A angki zal kha epal a khat i a puar bulk .) inn ramhtu .(n. a nemter deuhtu Buffer state . 2.(n.(adj.) 1. a nganmi bull . Please bundle the papers = Caku kha tom hna bungalow .(n.) Budis biaknak a thawktu Buddhist . a ngan deuh.(n.(n.) build zoh.) satu.(n.) hmaifa bugle .) thilrit burdensome . e. 2.(n.(n.(v.(n. meithal kuan bulletin .) tthial. lunglawm hmaipanh i a ummi burden .(n. A bunch of keys = Tawh bor.g.) sa kahnak ca i an sermi kuan bud .(n. me in khang.) 1. dut.) 1.(n.g. mei duah burnt .) bor.(adj.) 1.) a ritmi thil . Pope nih nawlbia a chuahmi bullet .) 1. e. zung.) ralhau bump .) muko tumtu build .) taisawm i hrenh.(n. a bu in chiahmi thil bundle .) i suk .) kumdang nakin rawl tam deuh ngeih bunch .) ram pahnh karlak i ram hme deuh aa tenhmi buffet . The bombs burst = Bomb kha an puak.(n.(n.) ti cung i a vuan dingin chiahmi thil . 3. thlircawi a harmi.) sak.) mawttawka hmailei i khammi thirthluan bumper .g. tawba.) a hmual a dinter deuhtu .g.(v.(adj.) naa buffer .) a tam deuh. a kek . We asked the train fare at the Travel Bureau = Tlanglawng kal man kha Khualtlawnak Zung ah kan va hal bureaucracy .(adj. Burial service = Mithi vuinak pumh buried . ralrinnak peknak buoyancy . ticung i a vuan khomi thil.(n.) a tthawng.(v. e.(adj.(n.(n.g. 2.) 1.(v.g. 3.(v. a bo bumper . inn satu building . e.(n. e.) ttangphaw a hme phun buckshot .) muko bugler . A bunch of bananas = Banhla thlar.g. in bauhtu mifir burial . e. fak piin thin buffet .) thawngpang tawi tein ttialmi bullion .) 1. thawn. a horh a harmi thil bureau . a kang. 2.) vampang i benhmi ihkhun bunker .(n. khawndennak in a phingmi.

3. e. I shall go anywhere but to the river = Tiva dah ti lo ahcun khuazeihmanh ah ka kal ko lai.(v. e.) kawpi hlum cabin .(n. 3.(n. tilawng chungah siseh.(n. e. Business was good last year = Nikum cu chaw lehthal a ttha.(n.(n. 2. e.(v. 3.(adv.(n. thnak khan cabinet .g.) hmailei ah by far .(n.) 1. 2.) zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah ko by and by . e. Taxi cab.) pawng i a rak dirmi . thingpum in sakmi inn. e. cit awkah hlanmi leng.) 1. thlam tia hrawng a si i khan khat lawng a ngeimi inn.) burbuk bushel .(v. liang le tang lawng a langmi bustle . mi biaduh but .) caw thattu .g.) rawl tahnak. 2.) saram thah bantukin mi thah butler .) vampang a fehtertu ding i rualchapmi buxom .(v. sihmanhselaw. phum bus .(n. chaw lehthal. His business is building = A rian cu innsak a si. e.) mi rian i a va sawh lengmangmi khi. rian. e.) muaihang buttocks .(n.(n.) 1.) tawtit . The barns were bursting with grains = Rawl inn cu rawl an khat cikcek bury .) pakhat hnu pakhat aa chang lengmang in by virtue of . hrawl a ngeimi bizu.(n. in.(n. a luan cangmi. My affairs are none of your business = Ka umtuning cu nangmah rian zeihmanh a si lo bust .g. a rak zohtu byword .(v.(n.) 1.) vui .g.) 1.(n.(n.g.) i sulkhawt lulhmalh in um busy . lawnglawng.(adj.) cawhnuk thawhpat butterfly . manh lo busybody .) 1.(prep.) suk. zoh loin by no means .) thau milmial tein a um i a ngan a dam i lunglawm in a ummi buy .) kep button . e. 2.(adv.(v.) vei mu by turns .(adv. 4.(v.) cawk buyer . tang pakhat nih a hnuh khawhmi.) hrial bystander .) kep lhrenh buttonhole . 2.) lungchung in.) upadi hme deuh . cu thawngin bylaw . e.) kut in ser.) kep awng buttress .) mi kip nih hmanmi le theihmi bia . phio hnih. thil.g. mawttawka hme deuh pawl khuapi chung cit awk i hlanmi.(adj.) zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah hlah by the way .) tampi thlau.(n.(n.(adv. tawcor button . tang khat tluk business . There is but one answer to your question = Na biahalnak lehnak ah cun pakhat lawnglawng a um butcher . a mawngtu an tthutnak hla cabaret . vanlawng chungah siseh.(adv.(adj.) zapi citnak mawttawka bush .(adv.g.(n.) hrialnak lam bypass .g.g. The goat butted a boy = Meheh nih ngakchia a suk butt .e. a min chim lengmangmi nu/pa .) cucaah .(v.(n. tlanglawng siseh.) 1.g.) sinum upa bik butt . Stand by me = Ka pawngah dir. He is by far the better writer = Amah cu cattial a thiam deuh suaumau by hand . dah ti lo ahcun. Days gone by = Hnulei a luan cangmi caan by all means .) meithal tanglam butter . No one knows this but me = Keimah dah ti lo nih cun hihi ahohmanh nih an hngal lo.(n.(adv. lu .(n.) rian tam . e. put tuah by heart .g. saram thattu butcher . They came by car = Mawttawka in an ra.(n. 2. cu bantuk nuamhnak tuahnak hmun cabbage . ram uktu bawi ngan bik nih amah bawmtu ah aa thimmi Page 28 . mawttawka siseh. 3.(n.(adv.(n. pawng.) pelep buttermilk . dah lo nih cun. suaumau.) khuai nih a kan helh i a thawng a awn viaimaimi khi. mah pumpak rian.(conj. rawl emak inn i lamnak zong a um chihmi. hna zaizil khuang by .(n. chiatnak lei deuh in ceihmi hna C cab .) hmanthlak .) cawtu buzz . e.g. mah rianttuannak ding ca i sermi bypass .(n.g. 3. 2.

) hawikom pakhat le pakhat i bochan i zumhnak cambium . langhter lotu .(n. cawfa . tuah khawh . 3. ar tawktadak bantuk i nih cactus .(n.) thawl. 2.) tuaknak calculator .) darkhing thlainak innsang camphor . min sak. rian.(n. 2. phengtu.g. A calm night = A daimi zan calmness . 2.(n.(n. zawllung cajole . e. golf bawlung chartu cadence .g. thuhmi thilri .(n. 2.g. e.(n.) riah campaign .) saram le vate zuatnak bawm cairn .(n. 3. 2. algebra thiam nu i cawnmi calendar .) 1.) hmanthlaknak seh camouflage . He is a man of great calibre = Amah cu thil ti khawhnak nganpi a ngeimi a si calico . Our pastor will call on us tomorrow = Thaizing ah kan pastor a kan leng lai caller . vuifa . 2.) Bawi Jesuh thihnak tlang camaraderie . 2. a hakmi calm . 2.) thung hak ah i can calcium . Call me at seven o'clock = Suimilam pasarih ah ka au te.) hi bantuk rianttuannak i an haotu campanile .) 1.(n.) vanchiat calcify . au.) tuaknakpuanthan rang caliph .(n.(adj.: 1.) 1.(n. come zoh.) daihnak calorie .(n.) ralkap chung bawi si ding a cawng liomi Caesar .(n. mi rawi Calvary .) thangchiatnak .(n.) 1.) dai zirziar in um caan.(n.(n. thawl chung i erh. tangka .(v.(n.(v.(n.(v.(n.(n.g.(n.(n.(n.) pangpar phun khat a par a rang i a kung thingkung a simi camera .) British :1.(v.(prop. thirhri in bia i thanhmi cablegram . kotu. thirhri hrual.) mah nih i lak cio in rawl einak le lakphak dinnak inn caffeine . bia i thanhnak thirhri. ar nih a ti a tit i a tawktadak khi.(adj. thil ti khawhnak ngeihmi. whale nga fa . e.) changreu thlum .(n.) past tense of come.) 1.) hreng caddie .) tuaktu (minung a si zongah .S .(n.(n. kekhmuk calamitous .g. holh tik i aw ttum le aw kai cadet . e.) Rom siangpahrang cafe .(adj.(n.(n.(v.(v. hika ah hin ra.g.) 1. Chiti thawl can . khawh.) thing a hawng le a sa karlak i a ummi a nal niknekte khi came . rawl .(n. ra. ruh thawntertu calculate .) a hak i fah a thei ti lomi callous .) thuptu . auh.) lungdonh .) college sianginn umnak vawlei can . He is a man of great calibre = Amah cu thil ti khawhnak nganpi a ngeimi a si calibre .vuanzibu cable . e. seh a si zongah) calculus .) ralkap nih tinhmi pakhat ngei in ral an tuk khi campaigner .g. sawmnak callous .(n.) rawl einak inn .g.) rawl nih a chuahtermi linhnak calumniate . A great calm followed the storm = Thlichia kha dai zirziar in a ummi caan nih a hun zulh calm .(n. thaphet caliber .(n.) nithla relnak calf .(n. e.) lem cake .(n. e. lengtu calling .(v.) kanan phun khat. meithal kua.) kawfi chungah siseh lakphak chungah siseh aa tel ciami si phun khat cage .(v.(v.g. e.(n.(n.(n.) 1.) thirhri in bia i thanhmi cacao . hriamnam le thil dangdang thuhnak hmun. len. kawh. hriamnam cackle .) golf a tumi an tuknak fung a put piaktu.U. camel . My mother cans apples = Ka nu nih epalkha thawl chungah a erh hna Page 29 .) kuku thei kung cache . He can go to church = Biakinn ah a kal kho.) ni thangchiat . Green leaves are use dfor camouflage in jungle warfare = Ramlak raltuknak ah thinghnah hring kha phengtu ah an hman hna camp .) kalauk camelia .(n.) a bu in tinhmi ngei in ttuanmi campaign .) kalsiam. e.(n.) thil buar si campus .(n. 2. thil ti khawhnak ngeihmi. 2.g.g. sazuk sakhi fa.(n.(n. lakphak dinnak inn cafeteria .) 1. They called him John = John tiah min an sak.) a dai.(n.) tuak calculation .(n. e.) riahnak hmun camp . congoihnak . mi congoih calumny . e. meithal kua.(n.) cuar a dakmi .(n.) vanchiat a tongmi calamity .) muslim bawi call .) aw ttum le aw kai .

She worked in the capacity of a nurse = Si sayamah sining ngei in a ttuan cape .g.(adj.(v.(adj.) hawi va sawm canyon . ngan.(n.(v.(v.(n.(adj.) horkuang cap .g.Zoh musk melon.) saltannak captor .) 1. Her charm captivated him = A iang nih hri hren in a hren captive . contraction) cannot.) mawttawka Page 30 . si khawhnak.(n.) ram pakhat chung i uknak caah tthen hme tete i an tthenmi.(n.(n. ekuaitar in chaklei ah degree 23.) mutthai cannibal .(n. ram khat chung uknak khuapi bik.) sal tang captivity .(v.(n. sal bantukin hren.) phazawngdaing candlestick .g.) khairiat puan canvass .45 capsize .) lungrep bunh lonak capricious .) sullam langhtertu bia tlangpi captivate . khawh lo.) celh lo i i peknak capon . e.g.(n.(n. eidin zuarnak ralkap dawr canticle .g.(n. 2. Zong can not.) thil a ti khomi.(n. 3.g. aa let.) Sam bantuk a si i a chung a awngmi thihri capital .(n.(n.(n.(n.) hrawh tthannak cancer .) Khrihfabu nih ansermi phung canopy . a kaumi capacity .U. e.(n. e.(n.) haotu . thih dan pek khawh a simi sualnak.(n.) phazawngdaing vannak tung candor .) thil tampi a tlum khomi . cantaloupe . The boat capsized = Tilawng aa let capstan . e. fim ngaiin a ummi canoe .(n.) tuanbia pakhatkhat hlasabu nih hla in a sullam an sakmi canteen .g.(n. siangpahrang tthutdan cungzarh can't .(n.(n.) 1.(n.) tlaih.) sahmul luchin capability . e.g. e. sining.(n.(n.(v. e.) USA ram Washington khua i Congress an i pumhnak inn capitulate . e. cafang ngan capitalism .) ar til chuah caprice .) 1.(adj.(n. 2.(n. 2.) minung sa a eimi cannibalism .) ti laknak kahcham cancel .) ralkap umnak hmun canvas .) vokkuanglawng phun khat canon . The capacity of this bottle is one gallon = Hi thawl nih gallon pakhat a tlum khawh.Canadian .(adj.g. equator in thlanglei ah degree 23. 2. He has the capacity to become a doctor = Sibawi si khawhnak a ngei..g.) rian pakhatkhat ca i a min aa pemi candle .(n.) tangka hram in rianttuannak capitalize . Murder is a capital offense = Lainawn cu thih dan pek khawhmi sualnak a si capital . Tetracycline si te hna a zawl tete i an tuammi hna khi captain .) ralring tein phaisa a hmangmi. tithawl.(n. thum khawhnak.(v. We capture fish with nets = Sur in nga kan tlaih hna car . e. ralbawi bo thum benh caption .(v. vawlei pumpi vel in ummi lam.) hren .) hrawh tthan cancellation .(n.) Vawlei fonghlei capillary .(n.(n.) thil ti khawhnak capable .) miakpi canny . e. cantata .(n.g. phehthuh lo tein. Capital letter = Cafang ngan.(n. tangka hram. e. He is a capable man = Mi thil ti kho a si capacious . e. ruahnak taktak chimmi candy .(n.(adj.(n. tuah khawh lo. 3.) Canada rammi canal .g. The men in the fort capitulated = Ralhau chung mi hna nih an celh ti lo i an i pe capitulation .) British : duhdanhnak ngei lomi lungthin . ihkhun cung zarh.) hri hrennak tung capsule .) 1.(v.g.: duhdanhnak ngei lomi lungthin .(n.g.(n.) lungrep a bunh lomi Capricorn .) minung sa ei hmangmi sinak cannon .) hla canton .45 candid . e.) vawlei pum vel in rinmi lam.) 1.) lungthiang . khensar zawtnak.(n.(n. ruahnak taktak chimmi candour .(n.(v.) hlum zawl.) celh ti lo i i pek.) cung zarh.S. Switzerland is made up of 22 cantons = Switzerland ram cu tthen 22 ah aa tthen cantonment .) arhli a til chuahmi capon . 2.(n.) cafang ngan in ttial capitol .) sal tlaitu capture .) let . e. I will be quite candid with you: I think you acted foolishly = Lung thiang tein kan ti ko lai: hrut ngaiin na rak tuah ko khah candidate .

e.(n.g.) mawttawka chung i a ummi.) muai.) tilawng .(n. a themh in an suaimi hmanthlak cascade .) raifel meithal tawi carbohydrate ..) zenthong carve .) vawlei cung thil siseh . 3. Wedding card = nupi tthitnak sawmnak ca. He carved the picture of a bear on the stone = Lung cungah vom mui a themh i suai. sendung lungvar carburator .(v.) a biapi bik.) tuangphah carriage .(n.) lawmhnak hla carousal . catlap tthawngmi.(n. hnuhmi carrier . cheu 24 i cheu khat. e.) 1.) duhnak ngeih. grain pathum. 2.g.) lehtama carpentry . e.) mi tampi thah carnal . Please take care of him = Amah cu ttha tein zohkhenh tuah care .(n. hydrogen le oxygen aa cawhmi . book case = cauk kuang.(n.) carbon .(n.(n.(n.) phortu carrot .) zu din puai carpenter . e. 2.g.) 1.(n. e. e..(v. sullam a ngei ngai ttungmi cartoon .) kazer carry . petrol le thli a cawhtu bawmte carcass . chizawh.(n.) tisor tlak in tlak case . e.) sasi phun saram.g.(v.) a nuam ngaimi puai carnivorous . e. e. saram nih siseh . phe kahnak catlap cardboard . lungmeihol le thil nahternak chung i a ummi carbon dioxide .(n.g.(n.g.) catlap a tthawng i a chah zong a chahmi cardigan . kuang.(v.(adj.) 1. ttha tein zohkhenh.(n.) meihol.) mah rian careful . pumsa lei thil siseh a ruat tukmi carnation .(adj.(adj.g. tling lakin ttuan cart . a ngan bik a simi care .g. carol . 2.(n. i themh in themh i mui suai. A mother has care for her baby's health = Nu nih a fa ngandamnak ding zawnruahnak a ngei. chiandeih.g.) tangka i canter.) 1.) saruak card . 2.) lim.g.(n.(n.(adj.2.) thil phorhnak leng . a si lo deuh vakning tiang i nihchuak saihnak ca i chim le cawn carnage .) cawleng.(n.) i ralrin lonak caress . e.) inn zohkhenhtu careworn .(v.g.) mawttaw phorh khawhmi thil carat .) nihchuak in suaimi hmanthlak. zawnruahnak. e. He caresses the cat = Chizawh kha a muai caretaker .(n. lungvar rihzan thlainak.(n. A cat does not care to be washed = Chizawh nih kholh a duh lo career .(n. e. thing cungah load .(n. sullam ngei ngai ttungmi cartridge . e.) zawtnak rungrul thahnak ah hmanmi si.2.(n.(n. e. bia. tlanglawng . mawttaw nih phorhmi thil caricature .) cantu . I wish I could be free from care = Lung retheihnak in luat kho ning ti ka duh.) lung cungah siseh.g.) i ralrinnak careless . karbolik chatpiak bantuk carbon . He does not care about music = Hla lei duhnak a ngei lo. Only one case of robbery was reported to the police = Fir a hung ummi pakhat lawng palik sihan an thanh. 3.g. The judge decided the case = Biaceihtu nih bia a khiah.(n. leng carton .(n. 3.(n. suaita cardinal .(n. thanthling le rawl hang bantuk carbolic acid .) 1.) pangpar phun khat carnival .(n.) tangka cashier .(n.(n.) a bupi in khual a tlawngmi hna carbine . thil a hung ummi. sa can.(n. minung nih kan chuahmi thaw hi carbuncle . 2.1.) tangka kengtu cashmere . e.(n.) caku thingkuang.) a mui hmuh khawh a si lo i rim zong a ngei lomi thaw.(v.(v.) 1. vanlawng .(n. e.g. hmachia. tea case = lakphak kuang cash .) lehtama rian carpet . mi nih siseh .) mi an sining .(v.) tuan peng carry out . Harnak zawtnak a ingmi. lung retheihnak.(n.) aa ralringmi carefulness .(adj.(n.(n.(v. themhtu carving .(n. Father carves the meat at the table = Ka pa nih rawl ei tikah sa cu namte in a can carver .) i ralrin lo carelessness .) tisor cascade .) lungrethei le thaba nagiin a ummi cargo .(n.1.(n.) phorh carry on . .(n.(n. Cakei.(adj.) kut i phiarmi sahmul angki.g. Please cash this check = Hi check cu tangka ah va canter cash . The doctor treated cases of dysentery = Sibawipa nih thisen thletmi a zohkhenh hna. bawm hmanthlak. 2.(n. karat zoh caravan .g.) Pope a hun changtu Roman Catholik biaknak bawi cardinal . 4.) tuuhmul nemin tahmi puan Page 31 .

) 1.(n.(n.(n.(v. hlonh .) kaupi. ngol ceaseless .) fak piin tthat lonak lei i aa thlengmi thil .) awng.) rawl pek .g.(v.) vawlei tang thlan a tlarpi in a ummi hna catalogue .(v. e.g. e. e.(v.) 1. Let his experience serve as a caution to you = Thil a rak tonmi kha na caah ralrin petu si seh cautious .S.(n.(v.) harnak le rawhralnak nganpi khulrang in a chuakmi catch .casing .g.(v.g. thil man sung chiahnak bawmte.(n.(n.g. How many fish did you catch? = Nga zeizatdah na sio. = Spain nih Philippine tikulh hna cu U.g. thangtthatmi celebration .(n. seh. but did not study it = Cauk cu a vun zoh vukvak. me sanh caste .(n.(v. cauldron . What was the cause of his sickness? = A zawtnak a chuahtertu zeidah a si?. The cat will catch the mouse = Chizawh nih zu kha a seh lai. e. tuahmi. sihmanhsehlaw ttha tein a rel lo casualty .) inhliam thingkung a par.) antampar cause .(n.) aa ralring ngaimi cavalry .) thil chuannak um nganpi cauliflower .(n. 2.) 1. 3.) 1. e. He was cast for the part of Hamlet = Hamlet ah an canter cast iron . e.) siling .g.) e. e.(n.) hriamhma ton . e.g. ralrinnak peknak.(n.2.(n. He did not want to cause trouble = Harnak umter.g.) conglawmhnak Page 32 .) conglawmh . A casual meeting = ruah lo piin i tonnak.) past tense and past participle of catch. ruah lopi in thil a hung ummi.(n. ha chung kua cease . baisakup tuahnak i a kong an cantermi khi.(adj. cheh.(n.g. Spain ceded the Philippine Islands to the U. sio. tinhmi set zeihmanh ngeih lo.(n.) 1. 3. e. The tree casts its shadow on the rock = Thingkung nih lung cungah a thla a hei umter.) uhkang cast vote .) lungkua cavern .g.) a dong lomi cedar .) rangcung ralkap cave . hei umter.) biahalnak le bialehnak in cawnpiaknak categorical .(n. e.(n. e.(adj.) biakinn nganpi catholic . He gave the book a casual glance.(adj. casual leave = Lakhruak khonh.(n. a pek hna ceiling . 2.(n. 3.) umter. dantatnak castle .) chizawh cataclysm .(v. The statue of Aung San was cast in bronze = Aung San hmanthlak cu darsen in an thlet.) inn zuat satil .g.g. thlet.) fak piin soinak . They fought for the cause of freedom = Luatnak an i tinhmi ruangah an doh cause .S.) donghter . chuahter a duh lo caution . ralrinpeknak.(n.g. Cross the road with caution = Lam kha ralring tein na tan lai. catch zoh. puai tuah celebrated .g. hriam hma a tongmi cat . kua. seh. fiangrao in category . e. Their catch was large today = Nihin cu tampi an tlaih catch fire . 2. 2.) pek.) minthang a simi. e.) tlaihmi.(n. 4.) khairiat chai catastrophe .(n.(n.1.(v.(adj.(v.A.g. rawhnak catacomb . zawt.g. You have a good cause to be angry = Thinhunnak dingah sullam ttha na ngei.) lungkua nganpi cavity .) sidar thing cede . Low caste = Mi nauta phun castigate . e.(n. e.(n.(v.(adj.(n.(n.g.) ralhruang a ngeimi inn nganpi castor oil .) kangh aa thawk catch up with .) phun. tlaih .) tildit casual . thil a chuahtertu.(n.) thil min le an man ttialnak cauk catapult .(n. Walk slowly and I will catch up with you = Duhsah tein rak kal law ka hun in phak ko lai catechism . sullam. dantat castigation . zeizong vialte a huap kho dihmi Catholic . tlaih.) 1. tthenmi cater . kandap celebrate . tinhmi. e.(n. e.(n. miruak kuang cast . hru par zong cattle .(adj.) chungthlet si bang castrate . sik . He casts stones into the water = Ti chungah lung a hlonh hna. e.(v. herhmi pek caterpillar .) fak piin soi .) Roman Catholic Khrihfabu chung ummi catkin .(n. siknak .(n.) kutthlir.A. Catch the ball = Pumpululh kha tlai.g.) cheumi . e. 2.(v. 2. I catch cold easily = Cumpi in fawi tein ka zaw catch . 4.) tuamnak casket .) hnuaphnap loin .) Mirang le India miphun paohpaoh caught .g. caw phun paohpaoh caucasian .) lunghmui cathedral .

(n. ahodah a tthawng deuh ti i zuamnak bantuk khi challenger .(adj.(n. e. I am certain that he has gone home = Inn ah a tlung cang tiah ka zumh hrimhrim. fangvoi.) 1. lah.) kum zabu.(v.) kum za khatnak . e.) a lai i burnak centralize . cerebellum . muai.) sengh cemetery . ka chim zongin .(n.A.) nupi ngei lo .) hngauh ngeimi tthutdan chairman .) thil cektu a simi censorious .) favai .) kihlum tahnak.) rawl.(adj.g.) zuamtu chamber . Center of the town = Khua laifang.(n. cu zat ti cu a fiang.(n.) minthangmi . e.(n.) 1.) milu rel cent .(adj.(n. mi cheukhat certainly .) phungphai a ngei ngaimi thil ceremony .) phungphai . 2.) inntang i an sermi khan cellophane .(n. cheu za khat i an cheumi phun.g.) lungrawhnak.(n. tangka dollar phar cheu za khat i cheu khat centenary .(n.) a laifang in lenglei ah a chuakmi centripetal .(adj.) a si hrimhrim tinak lehhmah certify . a si hrimhrim lai. a dangte i khan hmete an chiahmi.) thungrang in ttial challenge .) meter pakhat cheu za khat i cheu khat centipede .g. e. 3.) zuamnak .) sualphawt . 2.(adj. a laifang.(v.) thlan (thlaan) censer . kum za khat tlinnak cam center . buh phun paoh.(adj. va ngei loin .(v.(n.(n.(n.) pel lo tein certificate .g.(n. mawhchiat census .) zihmui khanghnak khengte censor .) gram pakhat cheu za khat i cheu khat Centime . ihnak khan.) cozah duh lomi thil a um sual maw tiah thil a cektu censor . 2.. changvut. Facang.(n.(adj. e.(n.(n. John felt chagrin because he did not get a prize = John cu laksawng a hmuh lo caah a lung a rawk chain .) zuam challenge .(n. cattial zongin cesspool .(adj. hmunlai centigrade .(n.(n.(n.) phungphai ngei in tuahmi thil ceremonious .(n.) England ram i a rak ummi miphun. a si hrimhrim ti zumh.(v.g.) thil cek censor . va ngei loin a ummi cell ..(n.) a si hrimhrim tiah ti . Irish.) caleri celestial .) cal lei thluak ceremonial .(n.(v.(n. kum zabu pakhatnak cu kum 1 in 100 tiang hi a si cereal . fahi chagrin . innchung khan .) thluak lei he aa pehtlaimi thil cerebrum . Page 33 . aa pehmi thir cikcin kual tete chair .(n. hmunpi simi centralization .) lubik lei i a ummi luthluak cerebral .(adj. e.) U. cu bantuk khan hmete paoh cellar . e.(n.) siment .(n.(n.(n.) 1.) a lenglei in a laifanglei ah a lutmi century .(n. Scottish le Briton a rak hringsortu hna cement .) nupi ngei lo .) a laifang a simi .(adj. rawci .(adj.(n.(v.) sakhithat .g. sihmanhselaw min chim a um lo. biaknak lei i zuamnak caah um celibate .(n.g.(n. mirang vawlei cement .) thonginn chungah siseh. France tangka franc pakhat cheu za khat i cheu khat centimeter .) vanlei thil. phungki pawl umnak inn ah siseh.) lutlai chalice . 3. e. degree 100 ah ti a tlok centigram .(adv.) a aw chuah cu 'sawnthiim' ti a si. thangtthatmi celery . Spring is certain to follow winter = Thal caan nih khuasik caan cu a hun zulh hrimhrim lai. The centenary celebrations of the coming of Christian missionaries to the Chin Hills will be in 1999 = Laitlang siangbawi an kai kum za khatnak puai cu 1999 ah a si lai centennial .celebrity .) a lai i bur centrifugal .(n. 2. The marriage ceremony was performed in the church = Tthitumhnak phungphai cu biakinn chungah an tuah certain .) thungrang chalk . .(adj. phunglam sertubu an i phumnak khan. tthiamtthiam central .) 1.) kum za khat he aa pehtlaimi.(n.) Bawipa Zanriah i hmanmi hrai chalk . hnor. hmunpi.(v.g.(v.) a thlam a lang khomi plastik phun a simi thil funnak ca hmanmi Celt .(n. phunglam.g. Sun and moon are celestial bodies = Ni le thlapa khi vanlei thil an si celibacy .(n.S.) mi dang sual kawl a duh ngaimi pa censure . The stiff collar chafes my neck = Angki hngawng tthawng nih ka hngawnga ka lah chaff . e.) cikcin .) hnawm luannak khor chafe .

They chartered a plane = Vanlawng pakhat a ningpi in an hlan Charybdis . United Nations Charter charter .(n. ziaza . nihchuak deuh a simi. 2.) zu thaw ngai phun champion .(n.) iang charming .(n.) Scylla lungpi i a ummi tikherh. e. chaw lehthalnak ca i a bu in rian a ttuanmi hna. Drama chung maw asiloah tuanbia chung i minung.) hawi dang he i lawh lonak mah siningte a langhtertu characteristically .(n. cu tikherh ah cun tilawng tampi an pil tawn.(adj.) thing nge bantuk in tettermi ceunak .g. e. the United States has two chambers. e.(adj.g.) sifak rethei bawmhnak charlatan . e. The old man was a character in the village = Tarpa cu an khua chungah khan hawi lo lo deuh a si characteristic . He is the swimming champion of the world = Amah cu vawleicung tileuh tthawng bik a si. 2.(n.g. rili le rili aa pehnak. e.) a si biktu sinak chance . Chamber of Commerce. e. e. tangka nek. e.(n. the Senate and the House of Representatives = United States nih phunglam sertu bu pahnih a ngeih hna.) aa thleng khomi changeless . 2. sining. e.(v.) a zia ningte kha langhternak characterize .(n.(v. Charge it to my account = Keimah cham awkah rak chia charge . 5.) conghrang (kinglang) champagne .g.g. 2.) iang a ngeimi . you are chargeable with theft = Mi dang tangka na lak aheun fir puh khaw na si chariot .g. hawi lo deuh lo.(n. asiloah vangei ciami. 2. meithal chung zen rawn.g. e.g. tilawng cong pawl nih an hmanmi hmanthlak.(n. charter . biaknak bu chung i hruaitu pawl a bu bu in aa tthenmi hna character . 2. The most important character in the story is a young doctor = Tuanbia chung i a biapi bikmi a simi cu sibawi note kha a si.) biakinn chung biakttheng pawng hrawng .g. vantthat caan chancel . e. The charter permits the bank to open an office in London = Nawl peknak ca nih hi bengh (bank) cu London khua ah zung phonhnak nawl a pek.(n.) rangleng mawngtu charitable .(adj.(n.) ralkap sin rianttuantu pastor chapter . elektrik bawl in ceutermi change .) ningcang zeihmanh a ngei lomi chapel .) 1.(n. e. The Serampore College was chartered in the 19th century = Serampore College cu kum zabuhleikua chungah khan fehter a si.) 1. tiluannak chant .(v.(v.phunglam sertu bu. sual puh. cauk chung i tthennak. The books in the library are under his charge = Libray i cauk hna cu amah zohkhenhmi an si.(n. thlennak change hands .(n. ngaknu tlangval a bu in an umnak i a zohkhenhtu hna chaplain . 4.(n.(adv.g.) aa thleng bal lomi channel .(adj. How much do you charge for this bread? = Hi changreu hi a man zeizatdah na hauh?.(n. man. 2. cazin.g. in charge of = zoh khenhtu chargeable . zohkhenh-nak. e.) mi nunsiang charity . 2.(n.) caan ttha .) 1.(n. e.) bawi ngan.) thlen change . a si lo le .) 1.) ning le cang zeihmanh ngei lo i i cawh nelnul i um chaotic . 3.) hngalhnak ngei set tung lo i a hngal ngai bantukin a ummi charm . tangka bawi ngan bik chandelier . sual puhnak.(n.g If you take somebody's money.g. nawlngeihnak he fehter. thil man tarnak cazin. 5.g. 5. tavuan. 4.) ngeitu i thlen change of heart .g. thil pakhatkhat ca i a chim a reltu. rili le a kam le lung umnak le ti puanhnak a langhter dihtu. rianttuantubu pakhatkhat duhnak le tinhmi aa ttialnak ca.(n.) nupi ngei ciami.g.) rangleng charioteer .) biachim tik i hlasak in sak chaos . 2.mi dang ca .g.(v.) 1.(adj.) biakinn hmete chaperon .(n. A criminal charge has been made against him = Ziaza tthatlo sualnakkha an puh.) 1. e. ram khat chung i nawl a ngeitu bik.(n.) Sual puh khawh. He charged toward the door to escape = Zam awkah innka lei ah a choi cutmat. hawi nakin a tthawng cemmi.(n. e.(n. hlan.) 1. e. University saya ngan bik. aa dawhmi chart . They charged him with murder = Lainawn an puh.) 1. uktu bawi nih asiloah utubu nih thil tuah khawhnak caah nawl an peknak ca.g.(adj. e. 3.) 1.) ziaza ningte langhter charcoal .) amah sining a langhning tein characterization . cucaah Page 34 .(v. e. e. His character is good = A ziaza a ttha.) 1. 2. English Channel. meithal thirpi zentong rawnnak zawn chameleon .) meihol charge . hmailei i choi cutmat.(n. tlangbawi nih an hmanmi hmun khi chancellor .(n.(n. rawn. man chiah.g.g.(n.g.g. Senate le House of Representatives an si 4. elektric tha. Their charge for the food was high = An rawl man huahmi a sang. e. 3. e.(n.) lungthlen changeable . He is the champion of peace = Amah cu daihnak kong chim reltu bik a si championship . Electric charge is conducted by wire = Elektrik tha cu thirhri in kalpi a si.

) fa ngei lo childlike .) kihter chilly . nu le pa kong i thiannak chat .) Tuluk mi Chinese . thli kik chill .) chek ttialnak cauk checkroom . mawhchiat chief .(n.(adv.(v.(v.) arfate chicken . .(n. chek.) dawi .(n.) phun khat chung hruaitu bik child .(v. lungpel.) bia i ruah chauffeur . between Scylla and Charybdis ti a si a sullam cu ttihnung pahnih karlak i um. bu hnih karlak i ruahnak aa tthenmi chaste .) 1. 2. 2. hrai. Check your things = Na thil kha chek hna 2.) 1. The dam checked the flow of water = Tikhamnak nih ti luan kha a donh.(v. donh.) thiannak.(n.(n.(adj. Chinese .(adj. a kuai khomi hol pakan.) phaizawng cherub .) vancungmi chess .) a kikmi chime .(v. Tuluk ram.) chemistry a cawng i a thiammi chemistry .g. zei in dah ser an si.(adj.) khabe China .(n.) Tuluk thil.(n.) ngakchia childish .) lunglawmmi cheerfully .) hlen . dawtnak le nem tein tuahtao.) cawhnuk khal chef .(n.(n.(adj.) a biapi bik ahcun chieftain .) 1.(n. e.(n.(n.) 1.) chemistry he aa pehtlaimi thil chemist . There is a chip on his front teeth = A Page 35 . a chia deuh cheat .(n. Check your hat at the door = Na luchin kha innka ah chiata ko check (cheque) .(n.(adj.. e.(n. nawl ngeitu bik chiefly . minung naih bikmi chin .) cuar bo zawtnak phun khat chide . upa bik . meikhu chuahnak.(v. zoh piak dingin chiah ta.(v.) chimhrin chastisement . bel cheer .(n.) 1.(n. mei inn thlalang chimpanzee .) lunglawmh in rak aupiak cheer .) makphek chill . e.(n.(n.(v.(adj. leikak kaupi.) ar paoh chicken pox .) zapi umnak inn i angkite hna luchin te hna chiahnak khan cheek .phungthluk bia a um i. a pemnak chip .lungchung i i chiah peng. Tuluk holh chink .(n. tthawl chasm .g.) sik.) bu khat chung lu .) ches lentecelhnak chest .) ngakchia hrut bantuk childless .(adj. 3.) lunglawm ngaiin cheese .(n.(v.(n. lihchim check . ti a si. 2.g.(v.(n. 2.) kihnak chill .(v.) mawttawmawng cheap . 2..(n. man tlawm .(adj. zeitindah an umtuning a si.(n. lunglawmhnak aw thawng.) biang .) 1.) a awnnak .(v. kan Lai phungthluk i fei le nam karah ti bantuk khi a si chase .(n.) ngakchia pakhat nak tam chili .(adj.) a kikmi.(n. A mother cherished her child = A nu nih a fate kha dawtnak le nem tein a tuahtao.(n. lawmhtertu bia cheer up .(n.g.(n.(n. thingpel. zeitindah pakhat le pkhat an i tthen le an i fonh tikan zei thil dang dah a chuak ti te hna cawnnak cherish . She cherished the memory of her parents = A nu le a pa a lung chung in a hngalh peng hna cherry .) hotel ah tlun i cazin chungah min khumh check out .(n.(n.) man fawi .) lawmhter cheerful . taang.) thianghlim chasten . 2. e.g.) vawlei chung thil a konglam dothlaknak fimnak. e.) 1. a pelte a beohnak hmun.) Bank i tangka chiahnak le laknak lehhmah check in .(n.) darkhing rual aw chimney .) 1. 2.) chimhrinak chastity .(n. thingkuang chew .(v.) sibawi i zohter checkbook .) rawlchuangtu a thiam ngaingaimi chemical .) ngakchia bantukin duh a nungmi children .g.) khai chick .) zawng phun khat .(n.) hotel um man pek i chuah check up .(n. e.

) caan kong tuaktannak cawnnak chuckle . e. 2. e. e.) biakinn pawngkam . e. Khrifahbu churchyard .) Khrismas chronic .) nih din chuckle .) past tense of choose.) leittial chirp .) 1.g.(n.) catlap hmete ttialpiakmi chivalry . biakinn. i vel lengmang. The moon makes a circuit around the earth once a month =Thlapa nih vawlei cu thla khat ah voi khat a vel.(n. thim. He was choking on a piece of meat = Sa a hak. aw ttumnak hri .g. lung themh chipmunk .) 1.(n. 3. a vel in kal lengmangnak. vel circuit .) hau .) mibelbul churn . 2.) cawh.(n. thinghreu tom cinders .) 1.(n.) ngal-cu zawtnak choose . elektrik tha nih a zulhmi lam circuitous .) choklet zawng (mui) a simi choice .(adj.) kulh . 2.(n.) past participle of choose. Lamb chops = Tuu savo a chung i a ruh aa telmi chopsticks .(n.) kuak cigarette . Weeds choke the growth of the tree = Belh nih thingkung tthan a donh cholera .(v.) a pum circle . chosen .) 1. 2.(n.(n.) Tuluk rawl cinak fung tete chord .) 1. kuku chocolate . 2.(n.(adj.) hlaremh bu choke .(v.) Khrihfaram Christian .) thingkung ramkung hrinnak a petu chocolate . e. hngawng dih.g. mi dangn hngalh lo awk i ttialmi bia circle . The news circulates rapidly = Thawngpang cu chikkhatte ah a lan lengmang circulation .(n. a tlang thluahmah circumlocution . Christ . rirawt hri chore . e.) fah theih lonak si chlorophyll .) dai tein nih chunk .(n.(adj.(n.) 1.(v. hawi zawnruah tehna chloroform .(v. cawhnuk thawhphat ser i heh ti i cawh.(n.(v.) kitar hri .g.g.) Khrihfa Christianity .(n.) 1 thimnak.) thil umtuning he aa pehtlaimi circus .(n.(n.(v. tadinca khawpi zat an phawtmi circumcise . 2.(n.(n. pakhat sinin pakhat sinah lanh lengmang.) sarkas Page 36 .(n. tthan donh.) vate awnh chit . vel.) rian hme tete chorus .) aa vel ning in biachim circumstance . e.(n.) chanrelnak ttialtu. Do not chip the dish when you wash it = Kheng kha na ttawl tikah beuhter hlah.(v.(n. sikkaret.) 0.) mi sin phawt ding i ttialmi ca circular . 2.(adj. e. duhmi te i thimmi.(adj.(n. tual churl .) thil umtuning circumstantial . tuanbia ttialtu chronological .) cuarpartan circumcision .(v.) savo chung i a ruh aa telmi.(n.) Khrih christendom .) meihol cinema .(v.) thim chop .(n. tan chop .) cacao thingthei an phomh i a dipmi .(n. cu bantukin kan pawpi chung i rawl aa cawh khi cigar .) patling zaiza.(n.hmailei ha ah a beohnak te a um chip .) baisikup cinnamon . thing.) circle bantukin a pummi circulate .) 1.(n.) chanrelnak tuanbia chronicler .) a pummi thil i a kam .(n. 2. He married the girl of his choice = Amah nih aa thimmi ngaknute kha aa tthit choir .) aa dot thliahmah in ttialmi chronology .) a vel in kal circular .(adj. hak.(n.g.) 1.) nakzik . thim.(n.) a pel nganpi church .(n.) Khrihfa phung Christmas . thakhling cipher . 3.(n.(n. themh.(v.(n.(n.) cuarpartannak circumference .) saupi a ummi zawtnak chronicle . 2. beuh. themh.g.(n. Methodist pastor nih vel khat in a tlawnmi khua hna. hlacang nolhnak chose .(v.(n.(n.g.(v. Raltthat tehna.(n.(n.(n. hmun khat i hla a sami bu.

"when he was a boy" hi a dang biatlang pakhat a si claw . ramchung mi sinak he aa pehtlaimi thil hna. "I knew him when he was a boy" = "Hi biatlang chungah hin": "I knew him" hi CLAUSE pahat a si i.(n.) thiannak cleanness . e.(n. Every person has civic duties. ruhkhulh citation .) 1.g. 3. e. phun clandestine . dawntu zeihmanh a um lo clear . ka ta a si ti i chim.) thianter .(v.(v. mi dang chimmi bia vun lak.) fiannak cleave .(adj.) biatlang pakhat chung i tthen khat. tangkhat i chimhmi siangngakchiabu.) pakan tehna an i khawn lulhmalh i a thawng khi clause .(v.(v.(adj. khawn. ramchung mi sinak he a pehtlaimi.(n.(n.) cu bantukin an i khawn khi clatter .(adj. such as obeying the laws and paying taxes = Mi kip nih khua le ram he aa pehtlaimi rian ngeih cio a si: upadi zulh tehna.g.) aukhuan bu in i cuh.) a thli tein tuahmi thil clang .) 1.) fianternak clarify .g. e.(v. He made a civil answer to his question = A biahalnak kha dawh ngai le rem ngaiin a leh civil service .(adj.) khua le ram mi sining cawnnak civil .(n.) a ttha ngaingaimi thil i ruahmi classified .(v.(n.(n.(n.) fianter clarity .(n.(v. The soldier was cited for bravery = Ral kap cu raltthat ruangah mintthatnak an pek citizen . relchanh. e.g.(v.) vawlei .(n.) zaangfahnak clement . tthial. thiannak clash . 2.g.(v. thianh clean . i khawndennak clasp .(n.(n.(n.(n. e.(n. ralkap rian a si lomi civil war . She clapped her hand over her mouth = Khulrang tein a ka kha a kut in aa huh clap .(adj.) fak piin au le khuan clamor .) ralhau .g. e. e. vun chim.g.(n. dawntu zeihmanh a um lo. e.) chung .) zaangfahnak a ngeimi Page 37 .) lovahmi clearness . chizawh tin .g.g.) ram chung i mah le mah aa domi raldohnak civilian . khuanganpi civic . mintthatnak lehhmah pek. 2.(n. kut bengh.) fimnak .) khuapi ..(n.(adj. fimnak nunning le umtuning claim .) darkhing aw clap . 2.(v.(n.) kuttlaih class . A clap of thunder = Khuari thawng a thang ngaimi clarification .(v.g. He was cited for drunk driving = Zurit bu mawtaw mongh ruangah zung ah an kawh.(v. aa dawh ngai i a rem ngaimi.) class khat a simi clatter .) fiannak .) ramchung mi . The children clamored for candy = Ngakchia cu aukhuang lulhmalh in mutthai an i cuh clamp .) khua he aa pehtlaimi kong .(n. khulrangtein kut in huh.(n. puansutu cleanliness .g. e. The lawyer cleared the accused = Sihni nih sual puhmi leha a luatter.(n.(n. 2. den.) thiantertu.) a bu a bu in tthen classmate .) mintthatnak peknak cite . 2.) ramchung mi sinak city .) tintte .(n. e.) hmun khat. ralkap a si lomi hna civilization .) kut in tlaih clasp . e. a sual lo ti fianter i luatter.(v.(n.) a thiangmi cleaner . She clashed the teapot against the table = Lakphak um kha cabuai ah a khawn clash .cistern .(n.g. e.) thawngthang ngaimi. a fiang . 2. e.(n.(n.) i ralchanhnak.) 1.) 1. Civil rights = ramchung mi a simi nih an hmuh awk le an tuah awk a simi thil hna. tlak clean .) 1.(v. sobul tte clay .) cheu clemency . 3.) thianh clear .) bia thlithup i chiahmi classify . adj.g. The road is clear = Lam cu a tliang ko.) 1.(adj.) thiannak cleanse .(n. zung i kawh.) cozah rian. 2.(n.) reh clan .(n.g. e. Their opinions always clash = An ruahning aa ralchanh zungzal. Clear the table = Cabuai cung i a ummi thil kha tthial hna.(n.) ramchung mi citizenship . cu bantukin rian lei zongah aa bumi classic . a piang.) 1. e. cucu ka si ti i mah nih chim clamor . The weather will be clear = Nikhua a piang lai clearing .g.) thing rehnak clamp .) tikhonnak citadel . ngunkhuai pek tehna civics .(n. piang.

(adv.(v. cu bantukin i bute in a ummi paoh cluster . thuhmi si.(v.) caan relnak .g.(n.g. 2.) 1.) nihchuaksaih a thiammipa club .(n. hnipuan pek clothes .g.) cazi rian a simi clerk .) a fimmi . The house needs a coat of paint = Inn nih si thuh a herh coat .(n.(v.) puanthan clothe .(adj.) tuam. We heard the click as he cocked his pistol = A pistol a ttek a kau i a awnh thawng kha kan theih click .(n.) fimnak.(v. 2.) hnipuan cloud . The meeting came to a close = Meeting cu donghnak a phan close .g. thir a fongmi khattelei le khattelei in khenhchih cling . mitsur bor . His conversation was coarse = A bia chim a hrang coarsen .(n.(n. khuh.) tadinca chungin siseh. e.g. saram hmul. fek tein tlaih.) a naimi .(n.(n. He is a clever carpenter = Amah cu lehtama thiam ngaimi a si cleverness . mi phu khat in a ummi clue .(n. benh clinic .) suimilam kut kalning in kal .(n.) thir angki coax . 2.) hnipuan clothing . hratter coast . The path was covered with coarse sand = Lam cu thetse ngan nawn pipi nih a khuh. kut chung hum.) lungmeihol . 2.(adj.) lem cobbler .) benh .) mizaw zohkhenhnak hmun clip .g.) khar.g.) lungpang climate . The school is close to my house = Sianginn cu kan inn naih ah a um close .g.(v. e.(n. e.(n. 2. e. tivakam . thiamnak click . hei banh i tlaih i zuam clutches .) hnipuan chiahnak dal hmete cloth .) hliah .(v.(n.) donghnak. tikam coat . The table is coated with dust = Cabuai cu leidip nih a tuam coat of mail .g.(n.) thingtan in tuk club .(v.) kortet .) hahter. a thiammi. bek. a hrangmi. 3.g. keh lei in vorh lei ah clog . sammeh.) 1.(n.(n.) banhla thlar .) tla nengnungpi in a ummi thil cluster .g.) 1.) 1. la hliah clumsy . ca sawhnak thim clipper .(n. The lion almost had him in its clutches = Chiandeih nih a hum dengmang.(n.(v.(v. e. Close the door = Innka khar closet . e. naih. We walk close to the wall = Vampang pawngte in kan kal close . a hratmi.(n. He clicks his tongue against me = A ka dakhnawh client . meitil coalition .(n.) i kaitu .) 1.) cazi clever .) 1. mahte lawng i bu hmete i ser cloak .(adj.) tek ti i awnh dak.(n. e. mitsur bor . rangleng.(adj. ca dangdang chungin siseh.) puan aih . Wet clothes cling to the body = Thil cin cu tak ah an i bek. e. thingkung kai climber .(v. suimilam clockwise . The students cluster around their teacher = Siangngakchia nih an saya an but hnawh cluster .(n.(n.(adj. e.(n.(v.) a sannak bik . thingtan.(n.) banhla thlar .) phungki pawl unmak inn close . a khul a rangmi lawng clipping .) pawngte. 2.) khua a dawm clown . He clutched the knife = Nam kha fek tein aa tlaih.) fek tein rialchih clergy . tlanglawng chung i mi umnak khan coach . e.) kai . a zik climb .) kedan remhtu Page 38 . cu bantukin i bute in a ummi paoh clutch . mawttawka chung i thilri pakhat coach .(n.) khuadawm cloudy .) 1.(v.) rilikam .(n. thil cawtu.(n.) but hnawh. 2. e.) angkileng a fualmi clock . angkileng.(n. 3.(n. e.clench . 2.(v. a ngan nawn pipi a simi.) biaknak lei rianttuantu bu clerical .g. thingkung i a kaimi clinch . lumehnak masin.) 1. e.) tak tiah a awnmi khi.(v.g.(n. e.g. khenhchih .(v.g.) cawnpiak coal . e.(n. midang bawmhnak aa bochanmi. Sihni a hlangtu cliff .) hmun khat in i fonhnak coarse .) hrenh .(v. duhnak zawn bia aa ttialnak i riammi clique . e.) 1.(n.(n.g.(adj.) hnawm i phih cloister .) khuati climax . 2.(n.(adv.

kanal colony . 3.(v.) hramhram in hneknak coexist .(n. a zawng umning colossal .(n.) cungtang in a ummi deh pahnih. kawifi bantuk coconut .) aa kual.) thilttha lo tuahnak dingah a thli tein hnatlaknak ngeih ti colon .(n.) college a kaimi siangngakchia collegiate .(n.(n. phung .) vanlawng mawngtu hna an tthutnak khan khi cockroach .(n.g.) ruakkuang cog . hmaitonh in i khawnnak colloquial .(n.(n. bia i thanhnak caah hmanmi hmel chunhnak.) hmunkhat i um ti coffee . 3.) maimomh bu cock . thawhlawm kholhmi collective .) pehtaihnak. yellow. phihlik cocksure . Income taxes are collected every year = Ngunkhuai cu kum fatin an kholh.(v.) ungkung . aa pehtlaimi cohesion .) i khennak. aa kheng.(n. aa sengtlaimi thil cohesive .) a nganpi.) muisam kenning . e.(n. rianttuantti hawi .(n. khattelei kamah a tlu.) azawng.(n.(n.) azawng a thleidang kho lomi colorization . His hat was cocked over one eye = A luchin kha khattelei mit cungah a tlu cock .) thir tangka .) pu rungrul nih an sakmi inn cod .) aa sengtlaimi .(n. a kaupi colt .(adj.g.) zu he din chihmi thil hna cocoa . ':' hihi calon cu a si colonel . ungthei cocoon .(adj. ngunkhuai khawltu college .) angki hngawng .) muisam kenning.(n.(adj.(n. 2. 2.) i funh . pumh .(n. i tonnak coincident .) kuku .g. meithal tek cockpit .g.g.(v. cawiter. khuktthi collect .) rawchok . e.(n. 2. aa khat.) rang fano Page 39 .(v.) 1. upadi. e.) ram thar an va tlak i asinain cu ram cu a tlatu hna ram kuttang i a um tthiamtthiami color (colour) .) 1.) hmunkhat i tuanti collapse .(n.(n.) 1. 2. arhli.(v.) um sawsawhnak i hmanmi holh collusion . aa tong coincidence . minung an i pum.) mah le mah i zumh ngai cocktail .) hngalhnak cogwheel . 2. thinhun sual si lo i zaangfahnakngei lo i mi thah.) hawi .(n.(n.) thir tangka ser coincide . thawhter.(adj.(adj.) i khawnnak . e. a bu in ttuan collector . e. rul cobweb .(adj.) 1.(v.) khawleih sianginn collegian .) thil pumhmi . hmunkhat i thil pumh.(n.(n.cobra .g. Morse code 3.(n.) nga phun khat code .(n.(n. 2.(n.) kual. a zawng umning colorblind .(n.(n.(v.) a bu in tuah .(n.) aa tong sualmi cold .) 1.(adj.(n. telephone in i chawnh tik i a chawntu nih si loin a chawnhmi nih a man rak liampiak khi collection .) uikuang ruh colleague . tangka nek coinage . zaangfahnak lungthin zeihmanh ngei lo.(n.(n.) thil benhnak a bangmi coil .) khawltu.(v.(n.(n. a eng le a dum hna cu azawng an si coloration .(n.) cumpi cold-blooded .) a kik cold .) curcuk . 4.) 1. biathli i chimhnak i hmanmi coerce . Bricks and mortar cohere = Tlakrawh le thung cu an i seng coherence .) lahat ki cognition .g. um ti.) ralbawi . cold-blooded animals timi cu nga tehna.) hramhram in hnek coercion .) a pehtlaimi thil. i senghtlaihnak cohesive .) college he aa pehtlaimi collision .(adj. e. kinglang tehna an si colic .(adj. Red.) kawfi coffin . A snake coils = Rul aa kual coin .) lahat ki a ngeimi a kekual cohere .(v. blue are colors = A sen. A coil of rope = Hri kual kual khat coil . e.(n.(adj.(n. meithal ttek kau.) tlu collar . uico hngawng oih collar bone .(n.(n.) pawfah collaborate .(n.(adj.) i senghnak coherent .

The boy was committed to his care = Ngakchiapa cu a zohkhenh dingah pek a si. riankainak.) chawleh chawhrawlnak commission .(n.) ralkapbu uktu bawi commandeer .) pumpak thil kha zapi hman awk i tlaih commandment . The house is the common property of the hree brothers = Inn cu an unau rual pathum an i hrawmmi a si.) cawhnak .(v.(n. Leprosy is a communicable disease = Thinghmui zawtnak cu i chonh khawhmi a si communicate . 2.g.(v.(v.(n.(n.(v.) thilri le thil sernak vialte le uknak kha cozah nih tlaih dih i thil cu mi zapi nih i hrawm ding a si tiah a timi Page 40 .) Zeitindah thil a hung umning a si come over .(n.(n.(v.(v. mit ah aa remminihchuaksaih thiam comedy .zapi nih an i thimmi cozah uknak.(adj.g. fonh combustible .(n. bia i ruahnak.) bia in i chawnh . e. zuar man hmuhmi commission .) fial commissioner .) a nuammizoh duh awk sinak.) nawlbia.(n.) fiantertu commerce .(n.(n.(n.(v.(n. i theihter . zulh.(n.) 1.) aa tlak comment . e. past participle of come is come. ra . zapi ca rian thiahmi bu.) Zei nih dah an ti comedian . 2.) 1.(n. catlap chung i ca an ttialnak zawn khi.(n. 2. thawknak.) a nuammi comforter .) i chawnh khawhmi. college nih degree an peknak hna puai commend .) hngalhpeng .) thangtthatnak commensurate . e. 4. Jack comes from a good family = Jack cu phun ttha chungin a chuakmi a si. philh lonak commence . tuah. nawlpek. nihchuaksaih thiam.) i hrawmnak. e. hnangamternak.) i biakchawnhnak.(adj.) 1. Bawipa Zanriah communique .(n.(n. come about . hnahnok luri ngaiin umnak communicable . e. 2. fonhnak combine .) mit ah aa remmi comet . ralkap si hna seh.) a kang khomi combustion .(n.(n.) 1. lung in siseh thingin siseh sermi lungpi.(n.) ral doh in doh combination .) hngalh pengnak . hrawmmi thil. 2. He committed robbery = Firnak a tuah commitment .(n.) 1.(n. mit ah aa remmi comely . Two comes after one = Pahnih nih pakhat kha a zulh. 2.(n.) hnemh.) thawk commencement .(v. 3.) thangtthat awk tlak a simi commendation . 4.(adj.(n. 2.g.g.(v. e.) biakamnak committee .) 1.column .(n.) i tuaibur in umnak.) arfi chawntonh comfort .) khawma command . chuahkehnak lei i chuahnak.(adj.(adj. e. tadinca i an chuah lengmangmi bia coma .) kanghnak come .(n.(adj.) thih dengmang i mah le mah i hngal ti lo i um khi comb .) samthih comb .) 1. nunnuam in nun.) thilri common .(v. mangki commit . 3.) hnangamtertu comic .) 1. She lived in comfort = Nun nuam in a nung comfortable .g.) raldohnak combat . hnangamter comfort .(n. The officer commands the ship = Lawng bawi nih lawng cu a uk command .g.(n. e.(v. fial .(n. pakhat le pakhat bia in i hngalhnak communion .) zapi hngalh tawk a simi thil rak hngalh khawh venak khi commonwealth .(v. 2. phanh. 2.) fianternak commentator . e.) nihchuak saihnak i nawlcawnnak hmanmi comeliness . zaran common sense .g. tilawng si hna seh.(n.(v. i hawikomhnak.(n.(n. i zul zutmat in a kalmi hna 3.(n.g.) thangtthat commendable . hika ah hin ra.) samhriah (samthih in hriah) combat . hmuh ton lengmangmi thil.g.(n.(n. 2.) fianter commentary .) cawh .(adj.(n. uk. zawtnak i chawnh communication .) cozah nih tadinca chuahtu pawl sinah/zapi sinah thanhmi bia Communism .) nawlbia commandant . 3.) 1. zohkhenh dingah pek.) kawmiti commodity .) nihchuak saihnak bia comma .) 1.(v.) cozah rianttuannak bu pakhat chung i lu a simi. philh lo commemoration . Ten commandments = Nawlbia pahra commemorate .(v. cozah dangdang anmah duhte i aa fon i a um timi commotion .

(adj. inn kulh chung.(n.(adv.(adj.) phunzai complainant . kal tti hawi companionable .) rulhnak compete .g.) thiamnak .) mi dang zawn ruat lem lo i nuam ngai i nun complacent .(n. thangtthatnak .) hngalh a harmi complexion .) i zuamnak compile .(v.(n. 2.) 1.(v.) hngalhnak comprehensive .) tuah lo khawh lomi compunction .) 1. 2. pek.(v.) 1. His family was composed of three persons = A innchung ah minung pathum an um composer .) hnenghnak compromise .(n.) phuahmi . chawlet bu.(n.) hngalh khawhmi a simi comprehension . e. a fak deuhmi kha a din deuhmi ah thlen.(adj.(n.(adj.) i hawikomhnak company .) a kaumi . dua concave . e.) kanan tuaknak compute .(n. dantatnak.(n. 3. a tlingmi compress . 2.(v.) zaangfahnak a ngeimi compatible .) hla phuahtu composition . thlaichunnak compartment . hla phuah. 2.) a chung thil ummi compose .) hawi . pumh complacence .g. He conceded to us the right to speak = Chimnak nawl a kan pek Page 41 . thinghnah non compound .(n.(adj.) a phunzaimi complaint . thlen.) communist phung in a ummi community .) thuhnak concede . e.(n.(v.(adj.(v.(n.) phunzainak complete . khan compass .) nawl zulh component .(v.(adj. hnengh compression .) 1.(n.(n.(n. Keep company timi ku 'kal tti. zuam. thinghnah le nok cawhmi .) hneknak compulsory .) cu bantukin a kalmi compact .(adj.Communist . thil thuh concealment .(n. lentecelhnak ah i zuam competence .(n.g.) nel .) kanan in tuak comrade . khuapi chung i riantuannak ah khuapi lengin tlanglawng in kal commuter .(n.) khawmh.(v.) hnek compensate . hngalh harter compliment .) rulh compensation . chaklei a sawh zungzaltu suimilam.(n.) mah tining tthumh deuh i hawi tining i hrawm comptroller .(n. thil ti khawhnak competent . 2.(n. a chung i um.) fekte le fel tein tom thipthepmi companion .) a tling .(adj.(adj.(v.(n. a dihlak complex .) komh khawhmi companionship .) 1. khual tlawn ti' ti a si comparable . zohchih comparatively .(n.) hawikom .(v.) a thiammi .g.) zaangfahnak compassionate .(n.(n.(v.) cawh comprehend .(n.(adj.) thil dang he ruahchih .(n.) chimthiamnak .) aa cawhnuk caah hngalh a harmi . a pum suainak fungte compassion .) thil dang he tahchunh tikah compare .) cawhmi . lawmhnak complimentary . bu. a si ti.) mi dang zawn ruat lem lo i nuam ngai i a ummi complain . therphang lo tein um.) aa rem khomi compel .) muihmai complicate .(v.) hmun khat i a ummi mibu pakhat commute . cuh.) 1.) tangka hmannak lei zohtu i an chiah mipa compulsion .(n.(v.) tahchunh comparison .) zohkheknak .) 1.(n. zapei kuar bantuk conceal . Three men competed for the prize = Laksawng kha mi pathum an i cuh.) hngalh comprehensible . Everyone concedes that 2 and 2 make four = Ahopaoh nih 2 le 2 fonh cu pali a si an ti cio.(v.) dal.g.) i ngaihchihnak . e.(n.(adj.) a kuarmi . ttialmi compost . a zami competition . e.(adj.(n.(v.) thangtthatnak le lawmhnak langhternak.(n. laksawng in pekmi comply . 2.) tahchunh khawhmi comparative .(n.(adj. a tammi .(v.(v. cawhmi thil compound . i chirnak computation . 2.) thuh .

) kongah concert .(n. ziaza.) hnenghmi.conceit . lungretheihnak.(v.(adj.g. e.) thil a phunphun cawh.(v.(n. ruah khun concentration .(n.) phuannak confidant . a si tiah ti confession .(adj.(v. nuncan .(adj. tlanglawng cung le baska cung i phaisa khawltu.(n. 3.) komh confer .) 1. e.(n. ttha tein ruah.(v. 2. 2. 2.) muthai sernak confederacy . chawlettu . 3.(v. khawnsat concerted .) thei .) 1.(n. biatlang kawmnak conclusive .) remter .(v.(v.) pumpak cio in Roman Catholic kardinal pawl. pehtlaih. Steam is condensed into water = Tikhu cu ti ah a cang condensed .) 1. a ttha lo.) komhnak confederate .(n. 3. e. Pipes conduct heat through the building = Pipes nih lumnak kha inn chungah an luanter conductor . tlirhnak .) hramhnak condone .g.) i pumh i ruahnak cheuhnak confess .(v. fapawinak. ti. tthawng deuh in ser.) tthumh deuhnak conciliate .(adj.) zumhmi . i niamter . A flourishing concern = A tthangchomi chawlehnak.) mah le mah i thumh .) porhlawtnak . sualnak hmuhpiak duh lo i um conduct . lamhruai. e. e.(n.(v. lungchung in ruah concentrate .) kut in tongh khawh . fapawi. zei i rel. umtuning. lumnak le dah kalpitu thil conduit . lungngetnak concordance . hramh condolence . 2.(adj.(n.) remnak conciliatory . The mother is concerned over her child's safety = A nu cu a fa himnak kong a ruah ah a lungre a thei concern .(v. hnatlaknak ser conclusion . 2. a tampi kha tlawmte i ser.) ruah khawhmi conceive . 2. mit in hmuh khawh tluk in a fiangmi concrete .) lungrual tein tuahmi.g.(n. ti i can.g.) hnenghnak condense . Pope thim awk ca i an i pumhnak hmun cio conclude .(v.(n. hao.) hlasak puai . ruahnak fonh.) 1. den khawnnak in thluak tlirhnak condemn .) rem duhnak concise . ruahnak concern . man le mah i zumh conceited .(n. He conducts himself well = Tha tein a nung.(n.) a leng i a langmi ziaza conduct . 3.) far thei pungsan a simi thil confection . bochannak confident . hlahruaitu. ruahkhunnak concept . e. 2.) ngeihthiam .) kahcham tiluannak cone . rianttuannak concerning .(n. 2. mi toiah i dor condition .g.(n. hruai. This letter concerns nobody but me = Hi ca hi keimah dah ti lo cu aho he hmanh an i pehtlai lo.(n. hmun khat i pumh.) lungdenmi concubine . hmunkhat i pumhnak. zu. e.(n.(n.) 1. Condensed milk = Chawhnuk bu thlum condescend . He conducts the meeting well = Pumhnak kha ttha tein hruihao hna. pehtlaihnak.) 1. 4.g.) bia tlawm tein fiang tein chim thiam conclave .(adj. hlawtnak condensation . 2. phuan. e.(adj. luanter. biathli chimhmipa confide . hnabei i seih ngai Page 42 . on condition that = A si ahcun condole .g. The election of council members should concern every citizen = Khawngsil rianttuantu pawl thim cu ramchungmi paohpaoh nih biapi ah rel awk a si.) zumh biathli chimh .(v. sualphawt.) ngaihchiatpi .) hnatlak ttinak . tuah tti concoction . e.(n. 3. 2.(prep.(n.(n.(n.g.g. 2. a dong .(n. 3. mah le mah aa zum ngaimi conceivable . hnengh . 3. 2.(v.) 1. a donghnak a phan.) tuah ttinak concord .) donghnak thil a simi. 4. e. rem conciliation .(v.) nupi chun concussion .) ruahnak conception .(n.) pakhat le pakhat i pumh i ruahnak i cheuh conference .) donghnak.(v.(n.) cauk chung i aa ttialmi bia kawlnak ca i cafang aa channing in ttialmi cauk concrete .) 1.(n.g.(n. far thei cone . zohkhenhter confidence .) 1.(adj.g. lungre theih.) fek tein zumh. funtomtu a simi concoct .(v.) 1. e.) fek tein zumhnak . Concerted effort = Lungrual tein tuahmi rian concession .g. kalter .(n.) aa porhlawmi .(adj.(n. ruahnak fun. biapi i ruahnak.) 1. e.(v.) hninhnak . hman awk tlak a si ti lo ti i hlawt condemnation .(n. hrui . duh lo.) sining .) 1.) sualphawtnak .

(n. thil ttha lo a thli in bawmh.(v. raltuknak conflict .) biathli a simi confine .g.(adj. bia i chalh confuse . 3.(v. bu cio nih an rak thlahmi lamkaltu hna pawl pumhnak. 2.) congress he aa pehtlaimi thil congressman .) a ttha lomi thil a hmu lo bantukin um.) chuh confiscation . e. hmunkhat i i pumhnak.A.) aa pummi bu a simi congress . e.) thianter . hmunkhatpi i i pumh congratulate . hawikom he aa rem khomi congest .) chimmi bia nih sullam a hei ngeih chinmi connote . ruah.(v.(adj.) leng chuak loin erhnak confirm .) khon .) mah le mah le pawngkam i a ummi hngalh consciously .) a hung chuah bantukin conservation .(n.g.) congress upa conjecture .(v.(n.(v.) lungtuainak.(n. i al conform .) mei in khanghnak nganpi conflict .(n.(n. Some people connive at gambling = Mi a cheu nih phekah kha a thli in an bawmh hna connotation . 3. The strets are congested = Khuapi chung lam cu mi an khat tuk congestion .) hmaitonh in i ton . confines of one's country = mah le ram ramri chung confine .) a fek cangmi confiscate .) aa peh thliahmah in consensus .) zapi hnatlaknak consent .) a khat tuk.) thil ttha lo tuahnak ah a thli tein thazang pek i a hngal lo bantukin i umternak connive .) pehnak connective .(n. 2.) i pumh congregation .) thil hlun tlaihchannak .(v. e.) thianternak.) 1.) teinak conscience .) 1.(n.) chiattha thleidannak lungthin conscientious .) lawmhpi congratulation . hnatlakpi.(n.(v.(v. U.) a si maw si lo ti hngal set lo i ruah menmi conjoin . tam tuknak conglomerate .(n. e.) khah tuknak.(n.) 1. He confused me with my brother = Ka nau ah a ka rel confusion .) 1.(n.(n.) pehtlaihnak.confidential .(adj.(adj.(v. 2. a si tiah ti confirmed .) mah le mah le pawngkam ummi thil hngalhnak conscript . zumh. ret consider . thil pakhat a dang thil pakhat hnu zulh in a hung chuakmi.) 1.(v.(adj.(n.(adv.) sullam a hei sawhmi conquer .S.(n.) lungtuaiter . 'and' hi conjunction a si.) a hung chuakmi consequently . 2.) peh connection .) nu le pa sinak in i pehtlaih conjugation .(adj. pehtlaihtertu bia.(v.) ramri chung.(n.(n.g.) aa peh thliahmahmi consecutively . cozah chung i upadi sertubu pahnih.) lawmhpinak congratulatory .(n.(v.) ralkap tlak hneknak consecrate .) lawmhpinak thil congregate .) duh zong duh lo zongah ralkap tlakter cozah nih conscription .) tthitumnak he aa pehtlaimi thil conjugate .(adj. e.(n. thlennak duh lo conserve . e.(v.(n.) innchung i i erh confinement .(adj.) i hngal bu tein consciousness .(v.(n.(adj.(adj.(v.(n.(n.(n.) chuhnak conflagration .) chiattha thleidan bu tein tuahmi conscious .) khonnak . mi dang zawnruah Page 43 .(adv.) aa pummi congregational .(adv. The loss of that old hat was not a matter of consequence = Kha luchin hlun thlau kha biapipa thil a si lo consequent .) tei conqueror .(v. conjure .) fonh conjugal .(v. onhnak pek consequence .) pehtu a simi connivance . Senate le House of Repressentatives an i fonhnak congressional .) ralchanh.(v.(v.) nu le pa sinak in i pehtlaihnak conjunction . i tuai ur i umnak congenial .) i dohnak .(n. biapipa. mi dang i rel.(adj.(v. 2. Pathian sin pek consecration .) fak piin nawl connect .(v.(n.(v.) teitu conquest . retnak conservatism .(v. Pathian sin peknak consecutive .(v.) i remte i um tti.g.) a bupi in i kulh. fehter.) thil a sining bantuk i zulh i um ve confront .(adj.g.g.

(n.) sak .) ruah awk tlak .(adj.) 1. tlaih.) va asilole nupi conspicuous . hneknak constrict . i thleng loin mah ningte a simi.) thil sermi a rak hmangtu consumption .(adj. cite le thilnu cu changreu a sitertu thil an si constitute . 2. salt and yeast are constituent parts of bread = Changvut.g.) ruahnak i cheuh . ttihnak .(adj.(n. hruainak ca i sermi phunghrampi constitutional .considerable . umnak.) thurhnawmhternak contemplate .) palik bawi constabulary . All things conspired to make her birthday a happy one = A chuah ni cu lunglawmh ni siter awkah thil vialte rem tein an huni fon dih constable .) thil khumhnak i hmanmi thingkuang .(n.(v.) hman dih .(n. n. cuaphmat zawtnak contact .) a sa lei a simi thil . We shall consign the goods to him = Thil cu amah kan kuat lai consignee . She was so angry that she could hardly contain her feelings = A thin a hung tuk i aa sum kho lo dengmang container .(n. tam nawnpi. e.g.g.) reknak construct . e. 2.(n.(n. tlum .(adj.) thazang in uknak .g.) thil kuatu consist .(n. e.) siter. e.) a sitertu thil hna.) ruahnak i cheuhnak consumate . 2.) thil kuatmi consignor .) hnemh consolidate . fawi tein hmuh khawhmi conspiracy .) consul rian a ttuanmi.2.(n.(n.(v.(n. 2.(v.(n.(adj.(n. chung um.(n.(adj.(n.(v. 2.(n.) zumhnak tthial lo tein i tlaih peng constant .(v.(n.(n.) phunghrampi he aa pehtlaimi constitutionality .g.) pakhat le pakhat zawtnak i chawnhnak contagious . thil contain .(adj.) palik pawl constancy .) a chung i um. fonh. ti. atu le atu constellation . liquid. thazang in uk constraint . launak constipation . A week consists of seven days = Zarh khat chungah ni sarih a um consistence .(n.) hmasa ning tein a ummi. e. e. We constitute him our leader = Amah cu kan aotu ah kan ser. ser construction . a sining in a ummi consolation .(n.) ek fer constituency . thil..(v.(n. thil pakhat le pakhat an i tonghnak contagion .) thil kuat mipa consignment .) saupi ruah contemplative .) hnenghnak consonant .g.(n. This tin contains apples = Hi pung chungah hin apple an um.) pumrua umtuning. a thet lei a si lomi thil consular . We have a considerable rain this year = Tukum cu ruah tam nawn a sur consign .(adj.(v.(n.) arfi bu consternation . hman awk .) tlinnak consume .(n.(adj. 2. hmun khat i ttuan tti.) khuktthi.) thurhnawmhter contamination .g.(adv.) thil a ruat ngaimi contemporaneous .) thli tein hawi he thil ttha lo tuah i timhnak conspire . din dih . e. e. hrawh . Flour.(n.(n.) rek constriction . sum .) cafang tung pawl consort . pek.(v. thil kuat. ei dih . aa thleng lomi. 2.g.) a zungzal in .) innsak . khangh.) 1. hal consultation .) chawnh khawh a simi zawtnak .) 1. ei awk .) hnek .(adj.g.) thlalaunak . i theng lengmang loin umnak consistency .g. His body was consigned to the grave = A pum cu thlan ah an vui.(v. e.) hnangamternak console .(n.(v.) tongh .(v.) hmunkhat le can khat i a rak um ttimi hna Page 44 .1.(n. hnengh.) tlinter consumation . lam cawhnak constructive . chang.) 1. consul rian he aa pehtlaimi consulate . rualkhat contemporary .) 1. a thli tein hawi he thil ttha lo tuah i timh. zumh awk tlakmi constantly .) phunghrampi a sining constrain .(v.) 1.g.) 1.(adj. e.(v.(v.) consul umnak inn asiloah a zung consult .) a langmi .(v. Fire consumes his house = Mei nih a inn a kangh dih consumer . e.(v. fek chin in ser consolidation .) mah le mah i al loin um.(adj.(n.) hmasa ning tein um consistent .(n. cuka hmun constituent . pung contaminate . hmun pakhat i me thlatu hna. The government constituted these rules = Cozah nih hi phung cu an ser hna constitution . a chung i a ummi thil hna.

(v.) i zuam contestant . a hme deuh.) zawt dam convalescence .(v.) i al lengmangmi a simi controversy .(v.) aa peh thluahmah in continuance .) Biaknak lei i aa pemi nu hmun khat i a ummi bu.) a peh thluahmahmi .(adj.) i peh thluahmah in contour .) peh thluahmahnak continuous .) i siknak. upadi in khammi thil contract .) upadi in kham. pekmi phaisa contributor . bia al a zuammi contentment .(n.) peh thluahmahnak continuation .(n.) hmun khat ah i ton convergence .) hnatlaknak .) lungsinak .) aa almi contrariwise .g. beauty contest = Dawh i zuamnak contest .) an i dannak langhter contrast .(adj. cu bu umnak inn convention .(v.(n.(adv.) aa ralchanhmi thil conversely .(adj.(v.) a chung i a ummi thil content .(n.(n.) bia har convalesce .(n. ngol lo continuity .(v.(adj.(n.(adj. lungawi contention.) pumh.) pekmi bawmhnak .(n. serhsat contemptible .) 1.(v.(v.(adv.) a kikam lawng langhtermi vawlei hmanthlak contraband .) khawntrek a latu contradict . zawtnak i lak.) aa ralchanh in conversion .(adj.(n.(adj.(n.) uk control stick .) peh thluahmah in ttuannak continue .) dannak contribute .) lungthlennak Page 45 .) ngaihchiatnak contrive .) poipang.) doh.) a pawngkam i a rak ummi thil hna continence .) bia i ruah conversational .) zawtnak in a hung dam tthanmi convene .(n. a remmi thil convent . nehsawh .contempt .(n.(adj. Iron contracts when it is cold = Thir cu a kih tikah a con.(n.(n.) vanlawng mawnghnak fung controller .) i alnak contradictory .) uktu controversial . He contracted tuberculosis = Cuap zawtnak aa lak contractor .) tuah tawnmi ningin tuahmi converge .(n.(n.(n. e.(n.(v.(adj. bia i alnak contentious . hnangamnak contest . con .) bawmhnak petu .(n.) aa ralchanhmi contrast .g.(adj.) i al contradiction .(n.(adj. 2. pumhnak kawh convenience .) lungtlin .g.(adv.) nauta .) peh .(v.(adj.(n. zor .(v.(v.(adj.) zuamnak chungah aa telmi context .(n.) kawntinent contingency . .(n.(n. e. cat lo in a ummi continually .) a remmi caan .) ruah lo piin thil a hung chuakmi continual .) aa peh thluahmahmi continuously . 2.(v. ralchanh content .(n. re.(n.(n.(n.) hmun khat i i tonnak conversation .) i sik a zuammi. 3.(v.) 1.(v. herhpang contingent .) aa ralchanh in contrary .) pumhnak conventional .) caan rem convenient .) biaruahnak i hmanmi converse .(n.) ser .) biaruah converse . lung riamhnak .) nautat awk tlak contemptuous . hnatla tein biakam.) sual i theih i ngaih a chiami contrition .(adj.) i alnak conumdrum .(adj. tadinca ah maw mekazin ah maw cattial contribution . ca in ttialmi hnatlaknak contract . pek. a thar ser control .(n.(n. thil petu contrite .(n.(n.) ngaihchiatnak contrition .) zuamnak.) zawt in hung damnak convalescent .(adj.) nautatnak thil a simi contend . e.) mah le mah i suum khawhnak continent .

(n. ti convict .) ruanternak cope . remh correction . e.) inn khat le inn khat a pehtu cungkhuh ngeimi lam Page 46 . lung fiannak .(n. She cannot cope with her work = A rian a tei lo Copernicus . e. hawikom ttha sinak cordon .) mitmunang corner . pek chin conveyance . e.) dankanh.) ti khawh.(n.(n.(v.) hmun khat i ttuan tti cooperation .(n. ca aa kua lengmangmi. kalpi .(v. corporal punishment = Pum in inmi dantatnak corporal . 2. 3.) thihnathawl chin corn .) 1.convert .) 1.) dawtmi .(n.(adj.) luchin bantukin nika le thlapa kulhtu ceunak coronation . hmun dang in thawngpang a hun thanhtu corridor .(n.) Poland mi arfi thiam (1473-1543) copious .) pumh convoy .) rawlchuan cook .(n.(n.) thlen khawh a simi convex .(n.) fonhtonhnak.(v.(n.(v.(adj.(n. rawlchuang.(n.(v. thlalang convey .(v.(v.) sen hnih benh ralkap corporate .(n. Corps of Engineers corpse .) hri cordial .(adj.) cauk a sertu nih a zuarnak nawl amah lawng nih a ngeihmi coral .) miruak corpuscle .(n. a bu in corporation .(n.(n.) chawtuahnak ca i aa bumi corps . The police cordoned off the playground = Palik nih lentecelhnak hmun kha an dankanh core . lung i khahnak cooperative .) ca i kuatnak correspondent .(v.(n.) aa zul thluahmah in ral i venpiak pah cio in kal .) fangvoi corncob .(v.(n.) kuli .) ruanter. e.) ungthei chung a sa copy .) hawi he ttuan tti duhnak a ngeimi coordinate .(n.) ther thluahmahnak cook .) i dawtnak .) fangvoi fo cornea . thil phortu coop .) 1.(n.(adj.(n.) fonhtonh. Marine Corps.) pumhnak convoke .) ca i kuat correspondence .(n.(n.) sualphawt .(n.) pangpar corona .) lung i thlen convertible .) hmaanter .) hmaanternak . e. na sual .(n.) lung fiang lakin chimh convocation . i hnih hluahmah convulsion .(adj.) lanhter . hawikom ttha a simi cordiality .) pumlei he aa peh tlaimi thil. rawlchuannak um cookie (cooky) .(n.(n.(n. aa lomi thil. khawpi tuah copyright .(adj.(adj.(n.(n.(n.) na sual timi pa conviction . pehtlaihter correlation . corpuscle sen nih oxygen kha cuap in kan pum chung hmun dang ah a kalpi. 2. corpuscle rang nih zawtnak rungrul a thah hna correct .) tampi copper .g.g.) hmun khat i tuntti a simi.) dar sen copra . In swimming.) fak piin ther.(n.(adj.) rili chung ummi cengkeuh cord . tei khawh.(n. pehtlaihnak correspond . lam kilkawi cornerstone .g. lanhpi .(v. sualphawtnak.) ttuan ttinak .) kil . khual tlawn convulse .g. 2.(n. chanhchinnak convict . tuah khawh.) kan thi chung thil.(n.) ralkap chung bu khat.(n. remhnak correlate .(n.) a muru cork .(n. 2.(v.) a kuarmi thil .) changreu thlum cool .) pekchanhnak .(v.) a hmaan a dik correct .(n.(adj. zumh fiannak convince .) a dai . a linnak in a dai deuhmi cooler .) innkil lung corola .) ar inn cooperate . you must coordinate the movements of your hands and legs = Ti lioh ah cun na kut cangh le na ke cangh kha na ruanter hna lai coordination .) 1.(v.(v.(adj.) a sen coral .(n.g.) daihtertu coolie . cauk uk khat.) bawi luchin chinhnak corporal .

(n. 2.(v. nu le va couplet .(n.) biaceihtu pawl banceihnak khan courtship .(n.) nule unau fale si hna seh . e.) tthutdan nem cough . ramlak hna i hman deuhmi.(n. ropnak. cu lehhmah cu coupon timi cu a si courage .g.) korhter.g. rel. e.) 1. 2.(v. an dihlak in cousin an si Page 47 . e.) fimchimtu . aa pehtlai thliahmah tein cawnmi. ram.) duhsah tein ei.(v.(n. ruahnak petu count . nu le pa i fonhnak coupon .(n.(n.corroborate .(n.(n. aa pehtlai thliahmah tein thil a ummi.(v.g.(n.(n. a rop corrupt .) 1.) 1.(n.(v.) duhsah tein situ a simi corrugate .(v.) bochan count up .(v. thohkhan counter . ruahnak i cheuhnak counsellor . tiva kuang.) fimchimhnak .) bawi count on . doh counterfeit .) 1.(n. 2.) ngaknu tlangval i helhnak courtyard . Everything you do counts = Na tuahmi paoh kha man a ngei count .(n.(adj. e.) bu .) fonh.) man costly .) hnatlakpi.) hla i tlang hnih tuah khat a simi coupling .) a lum i a nuammi cot . khuakhangtubu councillor .(n.(n.) can zoh council .(n.(adj. It is a courtesy to help an old person = Tar bawmh cu ziaza dawhte a si courthouse .) dawhnak ca i thuh boih awk thil cosmic .g.) raltthatnak courageous . pale unau fale si hna seh .g.(n.(n.(adj.(v.(adj.) a thli tein ruah lopi i vuk tiah hun tuah. corrugated iron sheets = kuar (zur) a ngeimi canphio tlap corrupt .) a man a fak costume .) fonhnak .) cabuai sau counter .(n.) vawlei le van he aa pehtlaimi thil cosmogony .) fehter.(v. e.(n.(n. man a ngei.g.(adj. Lai costume cosy .(n. Coup de tat = Cozah thlen couple .(n.) relcawklo country . luthluak tuamtu cosmetic . He courted her for a year before they were married = An i tthit hlanah kum khat a helh court . e. 2.(n.(n. Count up what I gave you = Kan pekmi kha fonh dih countenance . 2.g.g.) khawngsil chung i aa telmi counsel . ti luannak lam.(n.g. e.g.) mah sining hnipuan.) khuh. Rust corrodes iron = Cirik nih thir a ei corrosive .) inntual cousin .) vawlei le van thawhkehnak ruahnak cosmopolitian . khuate.) a thu . biaceihnak zung court-martial .(n.g. Do you prefer to live in the city or the country? = Khuapi um maw na duh deuh khuate um? countryside . e. 3.(v.(v.) ihkhun hme deuh pawl.(n.) vawlei cung dihlak he aa pehtlaimi cosmos .(n.) innte cotton .) thil zuartu nih thil cawtu kha thil cawk tikah lehhmah an pek i cu lehhmah cun hmailei ah an thil kha man loin cawk tthan khawh a si.(v. He coughs = A khuh could .(adj.) vawlei pumpi cost . thutnak.) ralkap chung i ziaza tthalomi anmah ralkap biaceihtu hna nih bia an ceih hna i an phuah hna khi courteous . e.) ziknawh ei hmangmi corruption .) fehter cninnak corrode .(n.) biaceihnak zung inn courtroom .(n.) ziaza dawn in tuahmi courtesy .) ralchanh.(adj. fianter chin corroboration .(n. court . phaisa deu ser.) uknak ca i cheumi.) min thutmi pawng i min rak thut ve countless .(n.) 1.(n.(v.) khuatelei county .(adj.) rian fialmi i zulhtermi course . biapi a si.(n. e.) a hawng a tuamtu . camp cot cottage .(v.) lapar couch .(n. ziknawh einak cortex . a deu a simi countersign .) tuah khat .) helh.) raltthami courier . myone ti bantuk coup .) mithmai countenance .(adj.) ziaza dawh tein thil tuahmi. e.) zung.(n.

) lawn.) zumh awk tlak a simi credit .(n. 3.) lawn. e.(v.(n. a hmaan tiah zumh.g.) mi hlen a hmangmi cram . The bank credited the deposit to his account = Bank tangka a chiahmi cu a cazin ah khan an fonhpiak. a siter .(n.g. tangka chiahmi i rak fonhpiak.(v.(v.(n.) caw coward .) hngar . thil phorhnak ca i hmanmi crater .(n.(v.) umter .) a chin .) zumh khawk awk sinak credible .) nau thlimnak bawm cradle .g. 2.(adj.) miralchia cowardice .) mawttawka nunter awk ca i thirfung in merh. A thirsty man craves water = A ti a halmi cu ti a duh tuk hringhran crawl .) mi chimmi fawi tuk in a zummi . 2.) zumh awk tlak a si ti nak ding caah ttialpiakmi ca credibility . The old man credited his long life to good habits = Tarpa nih saupi ka nun hi ziaza ttha in ka nun caah a si tiah a ruah creditor .g. 2. thawngpang hlat.) thatom (a si lo nain tha cah kan ti) crane .(n. Hinges creak when they need oil = Si thuh an herh tikah kawpza cu an awn cream .(n. siter khawhnak a ngeimi creator .(v.) cawphaw crab .) thingkuang ngan pipi .(n.(adj.(v.(n. Crank the motorcar = Mawttawka cu hun merh law nung seh crash .(n.(v.) mi hlen thiamnak craftsman .g.) tawhrolh bil tik i a tlang aa hngal ziahmahmi khi create .(adj.(n.) cangai crack . He crammed his clothes into a bag = A thilpuan kha zal chungah a behn in a ben hna cramp .(n.) khuh .(v.(n.(n.covenant . a canter ti i ruah. e.(adj. thangtthatnak.g. khengkuar bantuk a simi khor crave .g.) zungthiammi crafty . mitthit coveteous . e.g.(n. bank i tangka chiahmi a tang rihmi. e.(v. a tler. She did not credit the boy's story = Ngakchiapa chimmi kha a zum lo.) changreu a pan a car i a mawh a fawimi cradle .(n.) 1.(n.) 1.) mawttawka nunternak merhnak thir fung crank .(n. ahmaan ti i zumh.(n.) tangka mi a cawihtu credulity . molh lakin duh creak .(adj. i a kuai khi.) khedan ngan phun ngakchia nih thil suainak ah an hmanmi crazy .) mi chimmi fawi tuk in zumh credulous .(v. The boy received credit for his hard work = Ngakchia nih fak piin aa zuammi rian ah khan thangtthatnak a hmuh.(n. zungthiamnak.(v.(n.(n.) sermi credence . His bank balance shows a credit = Bank i a tangka chiahmi a tangmi a um rih credit .(adj.) biakamnak cover . The reporter must cover the fire = Thawngthanhtu nih mei kong kha a hlat awk a si lai cover . e.g. A snake crawls = Rul a lawn crayon . e.(n.) ralchiatnak cowardly .(n.(n.(adv. A baby creeps = ngakchiate cu a lawn Page 48 . fawi tein hlen khawh a simi creed . thuh . hlennak le zernak craftiness .g. kheng ttuang i a tlak.) mi thil a hngarmi a mit a thimi coveteousness .g. She cradles the child = Nau cu aa pom i a awih craft .) va hngawng sau. e. khulrang tein a kiakmi cracker .) sernak creative . umter creation .(n. upatnak .(v. vanlawng vawlei i a tlak i a rawk dih khi crash .g.) hngarnak. e. phentu covet . a ttha bikmi thil. e. cu bantukin thil rit pipi cawinak i hmanmi seh crank .) 1.) cawhnuk kham . tlangkang chuahnak awngpi.(n. e.) 1.) thil pakhat le pakhat an i hnor tik i a thawng khi.(v. e.) ser . He put credit in what they said = An chimmi bia kha ahmaan tiah a zumh. e.g. Dont give credence to all you hear = Na theihmi paoh a hmaan tiah zumhnak ngei hlah credential .(n.g.) ralchia ngaiin cowboy . e.(n.) cawkhal.g.(n. pit tuk lo i sermi . He is the cream of the crop = Amah cu an lakah a ttha bik a si crease .) kuai.) nau awih.) benh. e.(n.) ahmaan tinak . 2.) molh . mitthitnak cow .) tivate creep . e.) kheng ttuang i a tlak i a thawng khi crate . aa cheu.) duh tuk hringhran. e. khaubawi cowhide .(n. 2.) zumhnak hrampi creek .(n.g.) 1. zumhnak.(v. 3.) sertu creature .

cauk.) creep zoh crescendo . e.) khautazik cricket .creeper .(n.(n. a kiak.(v.(v.(v. The crest of the mountain = tlang a parpahlek crevice .) sualnak.) & n. 2.(n.(n.) beitermi crisis .(v.(n.(n. Money is only one criterion of success = Tangka hi hlawhtlin tahnak ah pakhat lawng a si critic .) sualnak tuahnak he aa pehtlaimi.(v. mi dang tuahmi soi a hmangmi. Do not forget to cross your 'T' = Na 't' kha a phei in rin philh hlah cross-examine .g.) thlapa samthihkuang crest .(v.) thirfung crowd .) 1. criterion .) siangpahrang luchin chinh crucial .(n.) arkhuan crow .(n.(n. phiarmi crockery .(n. vailam tahnak bantukin kalhkeh in ttialmi paoh cross .g. a tlekmi awng crew .(v. cun cu tannak cu kha thil umtuning langhternak ca i hman crouch .) zunhri cremate .) biahal ciami fiang chin seh ti duhnak ca i hal ve tthan cross purpose . Crude oil = Hman awk i ser rih lomi zinan.g.(n.) 1.(v.(n. 2.(adj.) ttih tuk i a bawh i bawh cripple .(adj.) tahnak ca i hmanmi thil. Facang tehna cross .(n.) mi dang cung i tthat lonak cruise . mi hrokhrawl crooked .(adj. a thar i tlahlirhhlerh tein a ummi.(v. lawng in kal crumb .) ruak khanghnak crept .g.) lam tan .) a ngawimi thil .) a ttha a ttha lo tiah chimnak criticize .) vawlei in sermi umkheng crocodile . a phei in rin.(n.) archuang. tilawng .g. tlu .) vailamtahnak .) langak crowbar .(adj.) sen cringe .) ruak khangh cremation .) a senmi crimson .(n. vailamtahnak pungsan a simi crucifix . a rawp Page 49 .g.) khuk i bil i ui tthut in tthut i a pet ding set i um crow .) changreu pelpawi crumble .) tawi tein riam crop .(n. lam ngawi crop . e.) vailamtahnak i thahnak crucify .(adj.(n.(adj.(n.) vailamtahnak i thah crude .(n.) vawlei chungin a chuakmi rawl. vanlawng tlanglawng cung i rian a ttuanmi hna.(n. e. ttihphannak can crisp .(n.) tisartlam nih hin a sehmi sa a ei tikah a mitthli a tlak caah.(adj.(v.) cauk maw thil pakhatkhat a tthatnak a tthat lonak chimnak crochet .) hmun khat in hmun dang i kal lengmang. Criminal law = Sualnak kong i upadi criminal .(v.(n.) thinhun cross . hla le thil dangdang i a ttha a ttha lo ti hngal khomi.(n. 2. zawt i thi deng in zual caan criticism . hmun khat i rian a ttuanmi bu crib .(n.) biapi ngaingai a simi .) a beuh . Murder is a crime =Lainawn cu sual a si criminal . mi soitu critical .) a kakmi awng . adv. duhsah tein a thang chin lengmangmi crescent .) can har .(n.) vailamtahnak a cung i Bawi Jesu milem a cuangmi crucifixion .(n.(n.) sualnak a tuahtu crimson . a hngo.(v.) a benh i i benh crown .(n.(adj.(n.(n. e.) nau thlimnak bawm cricket .(n.(v.) zei thil paoh in phei in tanmi .(adj.) mipuar mi .g.) siangpahrang luchin crown .(n.) lentecelhnak phun khat crime . tlang a par zik.) 1. mi nih harnak an ton tik i ngaichia nalo i ngaihchia bantukin um khi.. fawi tein a kuai.) mibu crowd .) mi bei cripple .(n.) soi critique . e.(v. e.(n.(n.(adj.(n.(adj.(n.) tinhmi aa ralchanhmi.) a ngawimi . mi dang cung i zaangfahnak a ngei lomi cruelty . e.) tisartlam crocodile tears .) cauk chung hmun dangdang i a um venak langhternak cross section .) vok ril phiar bantukin tahmi . tisartlam mitthli ti cu a si crony . i hngalhsualnak cross-reference . ziaza lei ah tla bulbal in khua a sami cruel .) 1. 2.) ahran a simi thil.) hawikom aa daw ngaimi crook .

His plans crystalized into action = A khuakhanmi khatuahmi thil ah an hun i cang.) e.(n. cun tuchan hmanning ah cun lengah i chokvak hlah u tiah ralkap nih ven curious .(n. e.) pawnghmuk a lengphaw a hakmi khi crutch .) cube a simi thil he aa pehtlaimi.) 1.(abbrev.) 1.(n.(v. 3. e.(v.(n.(n. curd .(n.(adv.) hmeh.(n. donh curb .) kutkhih culminate .(n.) thlalangawng le innka puanzar curve . He cultivated his mind by reading good books = Cauk tthattha relnak thawngin a ruahnak kha a thatter cultivation .(n.g.(v. manter. 2. Mother curls Helen's hair = Ka nu nih Helen sam a kerter. biachim ttha lo curtail . a ummi current .g.(n. kerter. tthatter.) vawlei tang i cawhmi khaan .) thingtan hriamnam ca i hmanmi cuff .) hrai chiahnak le rawl chiahnak bizu curb .) a sannak bik phak culprit .(v.crumple . e. rial .(adj. a kauh pe khat. thil um bal lo deuh a simi.) nan mei hmit cang u hnak ca i darkhing tummi.) 1. biakinn ttuang tang i cawh tawnmi .) kham.) 1.) thil hngalh duhnak lungthin curiously .(adj.) tanpiak .) cawhnuk khal cure .) donh cumbersome .g.g.) thuhmi . 2. a herhnak bik zawnte cry .) tihang kiomi curry .) thil hngalh duh ngaiin curl .) aa chapchin lengmangmi cunning .(n.(n. ttahnak crypt . a sau pe khat.) a hrokhrawlmi . minung dong cucumber . The crystals of snow = Hawhra tlang tete crystal . kawh .) crusade a tuahmi crush .) cawn awk i tuahmi curry .) tliangte i sermi.) dong. mithi vuinak thlan zong i hmanmi cryptic .g.(adj.(v.(v.) thil ttha tuahnak ca i mi zapi nih lungtho ngaiin ttuan .(n. tleng lakin hmuh khawhmi thil.(n. a chah pe khat a simi cu 'cubic foot' pakhat a si cubit .) thiangthunh crux . elektrik tha thirhri chungin a luangmi currently . The machine crushed the stone into fine powder = Seh nih lung cu dip tein a rial.(n.(n. lothlawhnak cumber . e.) 1. i ngerh cukmak. tthanter.) thil pakhatkhat a hmetngan aa tluk i kap paruk a ngeimi cubic .) atu lio caan i a simi.(adj. 2.) misual cult . e.(v. tiluan. 3.(n. lungchuntg i fiang ngaiin hun hngalh cub .) 1.(adv.) a muru .(n.(adj. e.) lam kuaihnak Page 50 . Smoke curls up from the chimney = Meikhu kha meikhu chuahnak awng in i ngerh cukmak in a chuak currency .(n.) thil hnahnawk a simi . Thingtan pakhat. thil ttha lo dohnak ca i zapi nih lungtho ngaiin thau crusader . mi hlen a thiammi cup .g.(v.g.(n.) tthatternak.) ram chung hmanmi tangka current . hawi hngalh lo awkin bia hleng in chimmi crystal . chiandeih fano cube . thiam duh . a ngawi in rin curve . 2. a zermi . thlihran. To curry favor = Midang nakin ka daw deuh seh ti i thil na va tthenh khi curse . hawhra tlang a lomi. 2.(n. a tlang tete i hun i can.(v.(v. mitpurh. a tlang tete a simi.(n. lothlawh.) vom fano.g. cikcek crust . mah he aa pehtlai theng lomi thil i vaa thlak len ve curiousity .) aunak .(n.) biaknak phung cultivate .(v.) damter cure . denh .g.(n.(adj. fim dildelte i a ummi crystalize .(n.) ngawiter .(n.) hrai cupboard .) lamtlang il oh. He crumpled the letter into a ball = Cakuat kha a hmeh crusade . ttah cry .(v.) damnak curfew .(v.) zil cudgel .(adj.) chiatserh .) au . 2. e. The melted sugar crystalized on the fruit = A timi thanthling cu thei cungah khan a tlang tete ah a hun i cang. We saw some curious birds today = Nihin cu a um bal lomi va tete kan hmuh hna. hngalh duh . biathli a simi .(n. thil ah a hun can. e. dawntu a simi cumulative .(adj.(n. e. thumhpiak curtain . fak piin nam . 2. e.(v.(n.) atu lio caan ah hin curriculum .g.) 1.g.

) i ralring lo i thil ngamh thlorh i a ngamhmi dark .(n.) nam daily ..(adj.(v.) cinter. cehrep.) Rak i thlak ve. cutlet .) Russia ram siangpahrang (1917 hlan) D dab .) thengtheng cynic .(adj.(v.(n.(n.tthumh. He cuts himself while shaving = A hmurhmul aa meh lioah aa at.) lam (laam) dancer .(adj.) aa dawhmite dairy .) baisikal cit thiammi cyclone .g. A dapple horse = A dehdeh in a ttialmi rang dare .) zohkhenhtu custody .(adj. e. dip tein cikmi cycle .(n. e.) a lammi dandruff .(n. puanchia nem tein podar hmai i i thuh therhmarh dad .g.g.) cawhnuk lei he aa pehtlaimi. e.(n. baisikal (bicycle) cyclist . e.) tthutnak ca i a nemmi chiahmi custodian . tthumh cut in . e.(n.) nifa tein dainty . He cut the grass = Ram a riam.) dawtmi .g.g.(n.(n.g.) hnipuan le muisam dawhnak a ruat tukmi danger . ka pa daffodil . e.(n. Do not be afraid of the dark = Zan mui kha ttih hlah darken . e.(v.(n.) mi tthatnak a hmu kho lomi .) ngaknu dance . tthatnak lei a sum kho lomi cypress .) Dih lo i ngol. hell tla ding i ruah damnation .(adj. Dark night = A muimi zan dark . He cut his expenses = A tangka hmanmi a tthumh past tense and past participle of cut is cut.(v.) saipress thing czar .) rawhralnak damage . He cut short his trip = A khual tlawn dih loin a ngol cut teeth .(n.(n.(n.(n.) hell tla ding i ruahnak damp .) i thui.(v.(n.(v.g.(v. cut .(n.) ngamh daredevil .(adj.(n.) luval dandy .) a ttha lo i chiah .(adj.(v. sa cannak thilri.) din tein tongh.) cawhnuk an khon i thawhpat i an sernak inn dale .) muihnak darling . Damp clothes = Thil cin damp .g.(n.g.) Tawiter.) tuksa hma cut back . The rain dampened our clothes = Ruah nih kan thil a cinter damsel .(n.) muihter darkness .(n.) a muimi.) cong ..(n.) a dehdeh in a tialmi.(adj.) zohkhenhnak custom . e.) ramdang in a lutmi thil cung i cozah nih ngunkhuai an lakmi cut . tan.) zulh tawnmi phunglam customer . kual khat 2.) ttihnung dangerous .) 1.(v. e.) pangpar phun khat dagger .(n.) Ha keuh cute . e. e.(n.(v.(n. riam .) a vo tete in kiomi sa.) muihnak. e.g. e.(n.cushion .) Thil tannak.(n.(n. Dairy farm = Caw zuatnak lo dairy .(adj.) thil kong lam a phunphun an ttialnak cauk hna cylinder . can kual khat. He cut in on their conversation = An biaruahnak ah a rak i thlak ve i a tan hna cut short .(v. at .) ttih a nungmi thil dangle . duhmi Page 51 .) a cin. ttotho cyclopedea .(n. 2.g.) aa dawhmi . The rope dangles = Hri aa thui dapple .) thil a cawtu customs . .(n.) horkuang dam . 3. Nam. a fimmi cutlery .) 1. rua cong .g.) pa.(n.(n.) thlichia . tuk.) ti khamnak damage .g.) hrawh damn . thir cong cymbal .(n.(n.(v.(n.

3.) cattial tik i hi bantukin rinmi data . 2.(n.) 1. e.g. a nun chung hmanung bik caan debar . He is honoured for his fair dealing with others = Mi he an i pehtlaihning a tthat caah amah cu an hmaizah dean . tla curcar in um daze . Maw ka thin! dearly . man fak ngaiin cawk dearness .) 1. One fighter dealt the other a severe blow = Thongh thiam pakhat nih a dang pakhat kha fak piin a thongh.g.) luri.(interj. lungcawtter deacon . i al debater .) nithla khenh. nichuah in nitlak tiang daybreak .(v. e. a umnak ttialmi ahmaan ti lo ca i kuatmi a phan lomi cakuat. e.) i al khawhmi thil debate .(n. e.) thihphaih khawh lomi dawn .g.darn . caan . e.(n. a min. e. i niamter. e.(n.) ruah tti . You can debase yourself by evil deeds = Thil ttha lo tuahnak thawngin naa tthum.) khuadei day . pe 6 sau. mit ratter.) "die" zoh. 6.g. Some medicines are given to deaden the pain = A fahnak daihter awkah si an pek deadline . Oh dear! = Aize. 2. deih thei date .(n. zulh ti lomi upadi. To indulge in a debauch = Pumsa duhnak le nuamhnak chung i i ciah Page 52 .) 1. khulrang in tlik. college siangakchia a zohkhenhtu hna. a man a sangmi.g.) thihnak a chuahter khomi thil deaf .(n.g. saduhthah daylight .(n. e. lung fiang lo.) Khrihfa upa dead . 4.) onh lo .(adj.g.) thihnak deathbed .(n.) a phei lei he a tung lei he cip cikciak in tthit . 2.g. e.g. Dearness allowance = Thil man fah ruang i a hlei in tangka an pekmi hna death . n. Please date your letters = Na cakuat nithla khenh hna datum .(adj. lung donghter.(n.(v. 2. thingah.(n. e. naa niamter kho debatable . tlawmter ..(adj.) 1.(n. He is deaf to their request = An halmi kha a hna aa cheh deaf . dawtmi.) a tthawnnak derter . The sun dazzles my eyes = Nika nih ka mit a ka ratter. 2.(v. mithimi a thihnak ihkhun.g. A blow on the head dazed him = A lu i an tuknak nih a lung a mihter dazzle .(n.) bia aa almi bu hnih. dawt ngaiin. This shop deals in petrol and kerosine = Hi dawr hi petrol le zinan a caw a zuarmi an si.) 1. e.(n.) thil man fahnak. thirhri inn ah a tangmi deaden .g.(n.) chun ni ceu daytime .(adj. e.(v.) data zoh daughter .) i tei kho veve lo i um deadly . a tlawm a tamning.(n.) saduhthahnak .) deafness . cawk .(v. e. nithla.(v. chawlehthalnak lei ah siseh. The price of this book is very dear = Hi cauk man cu a sang ngaingai dear . 1492 is the date of the discovery of America = 1492 kum kha America an rak hmuh nithla a si.(n. khua theih lonak deal . 2.(v.) fanu daughter in law . nawl pek lo debase .g.g. lehmah 3 tluk chah pawl dealer . maw ka thin. nam.g. nainganzi lei ah siseh deal . thil pemmi belh tikah cu bantuk i tthit dart . pakhat le pakhat ca tthathnemnak ding cio i tuahmi le khanmi.) chaw tuahtauning. e.g.(v. Mipa kong a si ah cun.(adj. zuan hnawh. 5.) ni .(v.) khuadei kate daydream . dem.(n.(n. She dashed the cup on the flor = Hrai kha tuang ah a den dash .) chuncaan. e.(n.(n.) thin phanter .) 1. e. phekahnak ca i phawt cio.) pumsa duhning le nuamhning paoh i um cuahmah. e. 2. an ziaza le an cawn ding a tuaktanpitu hna. e. 2. mi he i pehtlaihning.) tthumh .hna i cheh.(n.g.(adj. a kum. the boy dashed for the bus = tlangval nih baska kha a hei tlikhnawh. hna a chetmi. e.(v. Danger did not daunt the hero = Miralttha cu thil ttihnung nih a lung a donghter lo dauntless .(v.) lungmih. i phawtzamh cio.g. hawikom ngaknu tlangval i len.) cu caan ah rian cu dih awk a si ti in khiahmi caan deadlock . zorh. e.(n.(adj. 2.(n.g. dead letter . A great deal of his money was spent for food = A tangka a tam deuh cu rawl caah a hman 2.(n.g.(n. daihter. e. Alas.g.(v.) 1. i biakchonh i tita. a ngan maw a hme ti bantuk hna khi date .g. Biakinn nganpi pakhat chung i a lu bik a si.(v.) thil a caw i a zuartu dealing . pakhat le pakhat i pek.) fapa nupi daunt . ceih tti .) aize.) 1.g. lehmah 7 kau. a nak maw a ngo.) bia al a thiammi debauch . 3.) a mei i arhmul an bunhmi thal dash . a muisam.(n.) 1.) thil pakhatkhat kong i hngalhmi thil.(v. Khrihfabu chung i upa ngaingai a simi.(adv. He is a deaf boy = Amah cu mi hnachet a si.) 1. e. It is very difficult to deal with him = Amah he i tita cu a har ngai.) hnachehnak . ni a ceu chung paoh daze . saya nganpi dear .) 1. 2. i tei kho veve lo i an um ko khi deadlock a si deadlock .

(v. e.) kum hra bu.(n. 100/. ngeitu sinak ca.) tampi thah . The king decorated a brave soldier = Siangpahrang nih ralkap kha mintthatnak a pek decoration .(n. umtu ziaza aa dawhmi decent .g.) thuk.) leibatu debut .) biachah dedicate . hrawh. Apple is a deciduous tree = Epal cu hnah thil phun a si decimal .) a dangte i chiahnak .) cawimi tangka leiba debit . tlawm deuh decree . lih a chimmi deceive . The high hill declines to a valley = Tlang sangpi cu nelrawn ah khan a vung niam zuahmah decline . Debit my account K.(n. mintthat peknak decoy . e.(n.zuk tuah debris . e.(v.) zumh .(n.g.) hmaizah awk tlak a simi.) thihnak deceit .) thanh . tilawng innleng. ttumchuk.(v.(v.) ttumchuknak.(n.(v.(n.g.) nawlbia pahra decamp . a donghnak .) a thli tein khulrang in lo diam i kal decay . He has a deep voice = A aw a thum ngai Page 53 .) hlen hmangmi .(n. Wooden decoy for ducks = Compai he aa lo in sermi thing compai decrease .debauch . duh lo.(n.) mi hlen a hmangmi .(adj.(adj. His words and his deeds do not agree = A bia le a tuahmi an i khat lo. lihchim deceiver . Old fruits decay = Thei hlun cu an thu.) 1.g. a rawkmi Decalogue .(v. The decline of the Roman Empire decompose . e.) 1. 2. His health is (in decline. ttumchuk.(n.g.(v.) biakhiahnak decisive .(v. The sea is deep = Rili cu a thuk.) biaceihtu hna nih bia an chahmi decree .(n.(v.(n.) hlennak deceitful . aa tlakmi.(n. tlawm deuhnak decrease . Pathian sin i pekchanhnak deduct .(v.g.(adj.(n. hnawmtam debt . Pathian sin i pek dedication . tampi a si lo nain a zami deception .) (chim tikah 'dibiu' tiin chim a si) mi lak i va chuah hmasa bik .(v.(n.1. e.(n. After he paid for the house.g. e. ziaza tthatnak lei in chiatnak lei i kalpi.) ttamhnak.(v. ruah deep . e.) 1.) bia i khiah .(v.(n. Bad companions had debauched the boy = Tlangval no cu hawikom tthalo nih chiatnak ah an kalpi debauchery . rianttuan hram i thawk decade .) 1.) pahra lengmang in tthenmi nambar decimate .(n.g.g.) a dang te i chiah .(n. lih chimmi December .(adj. rawhnak decadent . e.g. e.) zuh deduction .) pumsa nuamhnak i a hleihluat in um tuk.) 1. a simi deck . He declined my invitation to dinner = Zanriah ei ka sawmmi cu a ka al.(adj. zuh.) a fiangmi .) hlennak i tuahmi thil. phethuk declare .) leiba. e. e. e.g.(n. The box is 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep = Thingkuang cu pe 3 a kau i pe 2 a thuk. zapi hmai i va chuah hmasa bik .) zuhnak deed .) thih decease .) thingkung a hnah a thil phun a simi. lung i thleh deciduous . 2.) hlen .g.g. A plague had decimated the population = Plek rai nih an bu chungin tampi a thah hna decipher .) 1. One decade = Kum hra bu bu khat decadence .(v.) a thumi . 2. 2. e.) mi a hleng khomi thil decide .) Dezimbar thla decency . thut.(n.) decease .) leiba lei i chiah . lem khawhnak ding ca i tuahmi hlennak.(v.(v. Inn ttamh 2.) pelpawi.(n.g.(n.(adj.) hlennak deceptive .(adj. e.g. mintthat pek. e. 3. he was given a deed to it = Inn man a pek dih in ngeitu sinak ca kha an pek deem .g.g.(n.g. al .(v.(v.(n. e. hlanliopi hawi hna i an rak ttialmi ca mi sawsawh nih a sullam hngalh lomi le rel khawh lomi vun fianter decision .ttamh. din einak lei ah a si khun debit .) dawhtlakte i nun .) zornak . declining) = A ngandamnak a ttumchuk.g.g.) thutnak .(v.3.(n.) thut i taksa i tthen dih decorate . e. pumsa nuamhnak in asiloah eidinnak in ziaza hrawh. Our physical power decays in old age = Tar tikah kan pum thazang a ttumchuk decay . chim decline . tuahmi. a vung niam zuahmah.) mi dang nih hngal hna hlah seh tiin ttialmi ca a sullam vun langhter. I am in debt = Leiba ka ngei debtor . e. e.2.) zor .100 = Ka tangka chung khan K. e.

) tlaiternak .) thangchiatnak defame .) fianternak . mi nih taza an cuaimi leikap defer . 2.(n.g.(n. zuam.(v.(n.(v.(v.) mi nih taza an cuaimi pa defensive . niamter .) thurhhnawmh defilement .(n.(n. zeihmanh i rel lo.(adj.(n. I defy you to solve this problem = Hi thil har phi chuah hi kan zuam.) a baumi .) a sullam langhter .(n.g.) runven . dantatnak ca i tthumh degree .) 1. tthat lonak defect .(adv.(v.(v. e.(n.(v.) tlin lonak .(n.) 1. lih in i lak defray .(n.(adj.(n.) pathian i ser deism .(adj. Water boils at 120 degrees F = Ti cu dikiri 120 F ah a tlok.) ralhau .(adj. 4.(n.) thangchiat default . mi dang ruahnak tu zulh deuhnak. baunak deficient .g.) zeirel lonak defiant .(adj.g.) Pathian a um ti zumh cu a zum ko i sihmanhselaw zeihmanh a rel lomi deity . e. ttumchuk degeneration . fianter definite . e. rawk fawi sinak. bia in bawmh defendant . a pummi thilkha hmun 360 ah tthen i hmun khat.) nem hniphnep tein ummi sinak.) man pek.) 1.(v. pheo.(v. 2.(v.) tlolh.(v.(n. 2. 3.g. 2.(adj.) tthumhnak.) kah bu kaltak i zamnak. a tliangmi .) kuzale pawl delete . sihmanhsehlaw zeihmanh i rel lem lo deist . rawl thaw delicate . a hnutter delay . thil tahnak ca i rinmi.(v.) zeirel loin a ummi deficiency .deep-rooted .(v. khuazing.) thurhhnawmhnak define . sullam chimnak deflate . thingkung hau dih deform .(n.) thuk piin a hram a sihmi deepen . tuah hramhrammi deliberately .) lungdong ngai i um dejection .(v.) tlaiter . phawi deliberate .) hlen . a tling lomi deficit . mah bu kaltak defection .(n.) 1.(v.g. The wind deflects the arrow's flight = Thli nih thal cu a phai deforest .) a thi cangmi defy .(v.(n.(v.(adj.) kuzale . Children should defer to their parents' wishes = Ngakchai nih anmah duhnak nakin an nu le pa duhnak kha an lak deuh awk a si deference .(n. aa dawhmite .) a nem hniphnepmite .(n. The roadblock delayed the train for two hours = Lamkhamnak nih tlanglawng cu suimilam pahnih a tlaiter. upatnak defiance .) tlin lonak a ngeimi thil defence .(adj. cattialmi chungin duh lomi hrawh . ttumchuknak degradation . pek. His travel expenses were defrayed by his father = A pa nih a khual tlawnnak i a dihmi cu a pekpiak deft .(v.(adj.) a chung thli chauhternak deflect .) ram phonter.) a chung thli chauhter deflation .) tei defeat . Beauty defies description = Dawhnak cu bia in chim khawh a si lo degenerate .) aa rungvengmi .) 1.) tthumh . e. kihlum tahnak ca i rinmi.) timh ciammam tein delicacy . him tein vennak defend .(adj.) phai . biaceihnak zung ah na chuak lai timi chuah lo i tlolh zong khi defeat .(n.) sunghnak hmuhnak defect .(n. tahnak.) thiam ngai. niamternak degrade . hnu deuh i thawn.) tangka bau defile .) lungdonghnak delay . nal dakmak in a tuah khomi defunct .g.(n.(v.(n.(v.) sakhi defamation .) phawi . e.(v.(v. mui hrawh defraud . aiawhtu delegate .) a chia chin lengmang panh . 3.(v.) a fiang .) thlah. e.(v. College singinn nih thiamnak hngalhnak ca i pekmi upatnak deification .) tlin lonak . khulrang ngai. The teacher Page 54 .) timh ciammam tein tuahmi . ri khiahmi definition . tlin lonak defective . hnutternak delegate . ttuanvo pek delegation . mah ruahnak nakin mi ruahnak lak deuh.) tuah hlan in ttha te i ruah hmasa deliberate . e. 2.) muichiatter .) thil pakhatkhat kha pathian i sernak deify .(n.) chiat chin lengmangnak .(n. ralring tein tuaktan a haumite.) thukter deer .(adj. hmailei i caan thawn. fial. chim khawh lo.) zam (zaam).(n. khuazing sinak dejected .) Pathian a um ti cu hei zumh ko.(n.

) bu min. thil pakhatkhat a si lo ti.) a cheu pathian a si i a cheu minung a simi demise . Dental surgeon = Ha sibawi dentist .(n. lungdonghter .) 1. zapi nih langhngan in an duhnak siseh an duhlonak siseh an langhter.(v.) lunglawmhter delightful .(n. e.2. ramri sernak demeanour .) ttheh . pial.) peknak dell .g.g.(n. duh lo den . herhnak demand .) al.M.) tthumh .(v.g.) democracy uknak a zummi demolish . fahrin deliverance .(adj.(adj.(n.(v.(adj.) luatnak delivery .) lunglawmhtertu a simi delinquency . rian in tthumh demur . tiva nih rili a hei phak deng tik i hmun rawn a si cang caah a phorhmi vawlei kha a ne ah a tla lengmang i cu vawlei cu an tthan lengmang tikah tiva cu para ah aa tthen dih i cu tiva cu kutte bantuk in a um.g. He said goodbye and departed = Dam tein a ti i a kal.(n.) langhter.) cawh . e. hrawh demolition . mawttawka a hem dental . 3. hmuhsak.) hlen a hmangmi thil deluxe .) min sak.(n.handled the delicate roblem with care = Tuaktan ngai a haumi thil har cu saya nih ralring tein a tuaktan delicious .g.) hlen .) a kuarhnak. zapi hruaitu demand . tthat lonak delinquent . cucu 'delta' a si delude .(v.(n.(adj.) kua . Fever denotes illness = Taklinh nih zawtnak a langhter denounce . 2.(n.(v.) zapi nih ka duh hna seh tiin mi lung thawhter rumro a uarmi . 'sandahpiah' demonstrator . ' sandahpiah' demonstration .) khuachia bantuk demonstrate . Baptist denomination = Baptist bu denote . 2.) hal . e.(n.) ha lei he aa pehtlaimi. 3.(v. duh lonak chim . bu denial .) 1.(n.(adj.) dinhter .(n.) 1.(adj.) a ttha khunmi thil delve . ziaza hrawh.(v. a hram a bi i a par a kaumi kan kut hliahhlok le kan kutbor bantuk.) a thawmi delight . min pek denomination . 3. e.(v.) ramri . i pheh . tahchunhnak in fianter.(adj.(n. e. chimh .(n.(n.(n.) zapi tthatnak dingah zapi nih anmah uktu dingah an i thimmi uknak cozah democrat .(v. biachim a thiam ngaimi .g.) 1.(n.(n.) a hmaan lomi ruahnak man le mah i hlennak ruahnak delusive .) tiva zawh i nelrawn tete delta . hrawh democracy .(n. thil tuahning tuahnak in a chimtu hna saya demoralize . al.(n.) delta.) tlin lonak demigod .(n.1.3. e. zumh lonak langhter denominate . herh demarcation .) ziaza rawhnak.g.(adj.(v.) lunglawmhnak delight .) buanchukcho . His denial of our request was made yesterday = Kan halmi a kan al cu nizan ah khan a si.(n. ziaza a ttha lomi delirious .) ziaza a rawkmi.) a chahmi. hlawt dense . thil mi va pek.(n.(n.) ha sertu dentistry . He departed from his usual way of working = A rian ttuan tawnning khan a pial.(v.) halnak . khor cawh bantukin cawh i thuk chin lengmang ah pil demagogue .(n. e.(v.(v.) khuachia tuahmi demoniac .(n.(v. There is a dent on the brass pot = Marlei ah a kuarhnak a um dent . umtu ziaza demerit .) hrawhnak demon .) phoih .(n. thi.(v. 2. = Zanlei suimilam pathum ah a thi Page 55 .) tthen .) ziaza . halmi pek duh lo depart . ti nih khuh dih delusion .) thihnak demobilize .) a si lo ti .g. deh deluge . A dense fog = A chahmi minmei density .) ha ser rian denude . e.g. thachiatter demote .(v.(adj.(n.) hem. taklawng in um denunciation .) langhtertu. e.(n. kal. 2.(n.) molhmeh in umnak deliver .(v.) thangchiat .(n.) molhmeh in a ummi delirium .) duh lonak chim deny . He departed at 3 P. biachim.) chahnak dent .(n.(v.) fiang tein langhternak. fiang tein hmuhsak.) khuachia demoniac .

A.(adj.) a rak ummi minung hna kha thihnak in siseh . Deport yourself like a gentleman = Palungfim bantukin um i zuam deportation .(v.) ram dang i tthawlnak deportment . vawlei tang i thil aa khongmi.g.) rian in phuah deposit . e.) dependent. e.) hmanthlak suai deplete .(n. chawlehthalnak a tthat lo caan i mi tampi rian lo i an um caan. e.) a chungin lakmi a simi derive .) a dih .) nihsawh .g. you depress the keys = Piano na tum tikah a hmehnak tete kha na hmeh hna.) 1.(v. dar. airawltu rian ttuan falmi ttuan depute .(n. thih departure .g.g.) dihnak.depart .) kal .) minung tlawmternak deport .g. e.) lakpiak .) kong chim Page 56 . rawknak depreciate . donghnak deplorable . bu nganpi chung i bu hme tete a rak ummi hna khi.(v. lungthin nuam loin um.(n. ngaihchia. e.) a aw chuah ah hin a donghnak 't' aw hi a um lo.) Muslim mihlim pawl descend .) umtu ziaza depose . a kuarmi. a poi ti ngai depopulate . 2.) tefa descent . cun tthutdan a si ahcun hmailei in hnulei karlak khi a si i Lai nih cun 'thuk' kan ti lo i 'kau' kan ti deputation .(v. e. Because his money was depleted.) a chiami .g.(v.(adj.(v. chuh depth .) kal. pial department . 3.(adj.(n.) airawltu derail . thangchiatnak thil a simi.) chiatnak . 'depo' ti a si.(n. zomhtaihnak bia a chim derrick . he is in deplorable condition = A zawt ruangah ngaihchiatpi awk tlak ngaiin a um deplore . chuhnak deprive . e. a man a dihlak in kan pek hrimhrim lai tinak ca i rak pek chungmi tangka.(v.(adj.) mintthatnak tehna .) airawltu rian kha lak fial deputy .) thilrit pipi thlirnak ca i hmanmi seh dervish .g. serhsatnak derivation .) airawltu rian ttuan fial deputize .) 1.(v.(n.(n.(v. ttum describe . The man has feelings of depression because of illness = A zawt caah lungthin nuam loin a um.g.(n.) chiah.(n.(n. 2.) hngatchan dependable .) lakpiak .(n.(v. a dong. e.(v. thahnak in siseh tlawmter depopulation . tiva ti a thuhning. When you play the piano.(v.(n.(v. he went home = A phaisa a dong cang i inn ah a tlung depletion .(n. hmeh.(n.(n.g. bengh i chiahmi tangka.) 1.g.(v.) ttumlei.) lakpiaknak. chuh . Dam tein a ti i a kal. 2.g.(v. Departure time = Kal caan chuah caan depend .(n. ruahnak a ping a pang i canter e. thil chiahnak hmun deprave . kal e.(v. thangchiat derogation . e.) ttum descendant .) zaangfah awk tlak .) a hram in lak.(v.(adj.) deprivation .S. ngun tehna deposition . a rawkmi ziaza depravity .) a ping a pang sinak deride .(v. nam .(v. 'department store' departure .g.g. in 1930 = Kum 1930 hrawngah khan America ram ah depression a um depression . He is mentally deranged = A hrut derangement .(n.) nehsawh . thangthatnak tehna lakpiak . Thir.) zomhtaihnak thil a simi .(adj.(n. e. chuah.) 1. ram dang i tthawl. 3.(n.(n.) chiahnak depositor .) thuhnak .(n.(n. Education Department = Fimthiamnaklei bu.(n.) mi dang i hngatchannak depict .(v. lung nuam lo i umter depression .) 1.(v.) chiatu depot . umtuning. 2. chuh derogatory .) i laknak derivative .g.) a ping a pang siter .(n.) chiatter depraved . Because of his sickness. Rain fills the depressions in the road = Lam i a kuarmi ah khan ruahti an khat dih.g. e.) ngaihchiatnak langhter .) man ttumter depress . He derives pleasure from books = Cauk chungin nuamhnak aa lak derogate .) airawltu fialmi bu . ngaihchiatpi awk thil a simi. He made a derogatory remark about his friend = A hawipa kha a thang a chiat.(n. 2. e. e. serhsat derision . There was a depression in the U.(v. mi dang aa hngatchanmi dependence .) hngatchan awk tlak a simi dependant .(n.) tthen .(v.) tlanglawng a ping (lam lo) i kalter derange . thil a phunphun an zuarnak chawdawr nganpi. He deposits his money in the bank = A tangka cu bengh ah a chiah deposit .

ralkap a zammi desertion . a nekcok tiangin detain . The girls designed the longyi = Ngaknu pawl nih lungzi kha a muisam cu bantuk siseh tiah an rak suai.) zamnak deserve .(n. a pungsan a tuahtu desirability . tthen khawhmi detail .(v.(adv.) langhter.) thil hme tete .) nautat despite .) hnabei dongh despondence . raltunak tilawng destruction .) hmuhnak . zei chim awk hngalh ti lo despise .(adj.(n.) kong chimnak a simi desecrate . hmun king ah a ser desolation .(adj.) tanternak deter .) tanter .(v.) duh awk tlak a simi desire .) phak i tinhmi hmun lei i kal.(n. e. hmuh awk i aa tlakmi thil deserter .(adj. tlaih detect . langhternak.) chuahtakmi hmun king .) bia khiah detest . The designation of places on a map should be clear = Map cung i hmun langhternak cu a fian awk a si.(v.) hnabei donghnak .(v.) hnabei donghnak desperate .g.(adj.) thurhhnawmh desecration .) hrawh destroyer . Her questions were designed to make me angry = A biahalmi cu a thinhung seh tiin a rak ka timh hnawhmi a si.g. e.(v. chuahtak.(v.(n.) duh lo dethrone .) suai. sawhnak.) hrawh. rian thiah.(adj.) khung sau . designated .) bawi tthutdan cungin tthumh Page 57 . kaltak.) duh awk tlak a sinak desirable .) a muisam a suaitu .) ngeih rumro lonak destroy .(adj.) hnabei donghnak despondent .2.(n.) hmuh .(n.) duhnak desire .g. e.(v.(n. rian pek. rianpek.(n.(n.(n.(v. hngalh detection .) hrawh .(n.(v.(n.(n.(adj.(v. an rak timhtuah designate .(n. timh.(n. 2.) a zammi .(a aw chuah 'dizat') zamtak.(v.(n.(n.) donh .) phak i tinhmi hmun .(n.) uktu .(n.(n. e.) 1.(n.(v. cabuai sau desolate .(v. chiatter deterioration . minpek.description .) duh desist .g. chiatnak determine .) rawhnak .) min bunh. e.) kong chimnak descriptive .g.) mah duhning lawngin mi a ukmi bawi despotism .(n. kham deteriorate .g.(adj. The ship was destined for England = Tilawng cu England phak aa timmi a si destiny .(v. Fire desolated a large part of the town = Khua a cheu nak tam kha mei nih a hrawh.(n.) ngol desk .(n.(adj.(adj.) sifak ngai i khua a sa i hnipuan le rawl a herh ngaimi destitute of .g. thim.) hrawhnak hmun king i canternak despair .) ko nain.(adj. sawh.(n.(v. mah duhning lawng in mi a uktu despotic . e. e.(v.1. hngalhnak detention . ngaihchia a simi desolate .(n. Good work deserves good pay = Rian ttha cu lahkhah ttha hmuh awk aa tlak deservedly .) ngeih rumro lo destitution .) thurhhnawmhnak desert . The boys went out despite the rain = Ruah a sur ko nain ngakchia cu an chuak despond .) hnabei dong a simi despot . 2.) ruahchannak ngeih lo despair .(v.) phak i tinhmi hmun destine . The designation of him as a headmaster pleased the teachers = Amah cu headmaster rian an pek kha sayate an i lawm designer .) phoih detachable .) phoih khawhmi .g.) hrawktu . e. donghnak destitute .) 1.(v.) pakhat lawng duhnak in uknak dessert .) hmuh awkah aa tlak.(v.g.(v.) a hmuh awk hnga a si bantuk in design .) hnabei dongh hnu i zei paoh zong chuak ko cang seh ti lungput desperation .(prep. Designated gift = Cu ca kha caah siseh tiin min bunhmi laksawng designation .) rawhnak destructive .) hrawktu a simi thil detach .) hnabei donghnak despondency . e. rian thiah.) rawl ei dih hnu i kamphal i a thlummi ei mi khi destination .(n.

e.) ttang le paw a tthentu a ham diarrhea .(n. e.(n.detonation . e. chuh.) thir ttialnak.(n.(n.) an i ralchanh bak ko e. 2. cattialning dictionary .(n.(n.(v. dewdrop .) aa helmi.) dapti dexterity .(v. contraction) did not.(v. khattelei kam in khattelei kam tiangin a laifang i ding tein rinmi diametrically oppose .) zulh tawnmi lam chuahtaknak .(n.(v.g. We took the devious way home = Aa helnak lam in inn ah kan lawi.) naupuan diaphragm .) tthanchonak deviate . tuahning ser .(v.) zawtnak kawlnak . a tawinak in.g.) zulh tawnmi lam chuahtak .) zumh awk tlak ngaingaimi devotion .) thil a pummi .(adj. timh .(n.(n. khuachia bantuk a simi devilish .) zawtnak kawl .(n.) minung pahnih (pakhat le pakhat i chawnh) bia i ruah diameter .(n. diksineri dictum .g.(n. the die is cast = Bia cu khiah a si cang i thlen khawh a si ti lo Page 58 .) dictation .(n. 2. tuah. ruah devoid . ngeih lo. ca auh.(n.) hrawhnak develop .) chimmi bia.) biaknak lei i a felmi dew .) thil pakhatkhat tuahnak ca i hmanmi thil.(v.(adj. do zoh.) ca auh dictator .(adj.(adj. phungthlukbia did .) cu bantukin dehmi le rinmi.) siangpahrang luchin diagnose . e. pial deviation .g.) suimilam a hmai thlalang.g.(adj.) tthanter .) hrial detract .(v.(n. tthat lonak petu detrimental .) lak.(adj. Her black longyi detracts from her beauty = A hni nak nih aa dawhnak a chuh detriment .(v.(n.) zapi sin i mi dang soinak chimmi bia dice . thiltining devil .) holh sullam ttialnak cauk.) past tense of do.) telefon chawnh duh tik i a nambar merh dial .) dawntu .) dap e.) dawntu a simi devastate . mibu hme deuh nih an bing deuh i an hmanmi holh dialogue . pialnak device .) um lo .(n.(v.(adj.) bomb puah detour . tthatter .) phekahnak i hmanmi thil pum tete dictate .(n. khattelei kil in khattelei kil in rinmi tlang diagram .) kut hman thiam . i pumpek devoted .) nifate thil a cangmi kong ttialnak cauk diatribe .(adj.) daimon lungvar diaper .) paisah in .(v. thlacam pumhnak devotional . A well devoid of water is useless = Ti a um lomi tikhor cu santlaihnak zeihmanh a ngei lo devote .) bia chimning.(n.(n.(v. e.(n.) 1.(n.(n.(n. e.(n. mi hlen hmangmi devise .) khuachia . tthancho developer . harnak petu .) hrawh cikcek devastation .(v. cu bantukin a mui a simi a chungah thil a ummi a langhtertu dialect .(n. diacritical marks = Hmelchunhnak ca i dehmi rinmi diadem . sining kawlnak diagonal . didactic .) hmanthlak sernak si development .) caan vialte pek .) hrialnak lam detour .(v. diamond . die . a thuk i a fekmi dawtnak.(adj.) i pumpeknak he pehtlaimi devour . duh tuk.) khuachia ziaza a ngeimi mi tthalo ngaingai devious .) cawnpiaknak ca i hmanmi.(n.g.(n.g. 2.) chungtlik diary .(n. e.(n.) 1.) thiammi diabetes .) mah nawl lawngin mi a uktu dictatorial .) holh .(v. lungthin hmanthiam.g.(adj.. thih.(n.) pakhat duhnak lawngin uknak diction .(v.(adj.g.(n. I am dying to go with you = Nangmah sin kal ka duh tuk die . e.(adj.) ei devout . ca auh uk in uk dictate . sining kawl diagnosis .) 1.) thiltining ser . didactic story = cawnpiaknak tuanbia didn't .g. A good surgeon works with dexterity = Sibawi thiam nih cun thiam tein a hlai hna dexterous .) mah nawl lawngin mi a uktu bawi a simi dictatorship .(v.) zun thlum zawtnak diacritical .(n.) thil pakhatkhat fianternak ca i suaimi hmanthlak dial .(adj.(n.

a herhnak kha a fak tuk i ttih a nung Page 59 .(v.(adj.) a hmete dimple .(adj.) zanriah dinosaur .(n.(n. a saulei .g.(n. mi chawnhbiak le biachim a thiam ngaimi diplomatic . cucu a dimension cu a si diminish .) rawlrialtu a simi digit . a fiang lo dime .(adj. e.(n.(v. a san pe 6.1.) hmaizah awk tlakmi siter dignitary . he became successful = Thazan in a tan hranhram caah a hlawhtling diocesan .) cozah pakhat le cozah pakhat karlak i i pehtlaihnak tuahmi . i thim awkah a har ngaimi thil diligence .S. those are it's dimensions = Inn pakhat cu a tung pe 10.g..) a ngan deuh ah a cang .) ttihnung. If a house is 10 feet long. a vang pe 8.(adj. The pupil of the eye dilates when light gets dim = Ceunak kha a muih deuh tikah mit falai cu a ngan deuh.) filh . ttum diminution .(n.) thil pakhatkhat .(adj.(n.(adj.) ningzahnak .g.) U. a cheu vui nakin a ngan deuh i a cheu chizawh nakin a hme deuhmi dint .) dannak langhternak difficult .) thil har pahnih karlak i i thim awk a herhmi . lam dang i pial digression .(n.) teimaknak diligent .(adj.(n.(n.(adj.) karhter .) zanriah ei dingy .) vawlei i khor cawh .(adj.(n.(adj.(v.) hlanliopi lawng i a rak ummi saram phun khat .(n.) hrawm phih zawtnak diphthong .) hnim diphtheria . a tak a simi kha filter dilution .(v.) zohkhenh lo ruang i rawk nelnul in a ummi dilapidation .) hnek hranhram.(n. 'dime' pahra ah 'dollar' pakhat a si dimension .g.(adj.(n.) i dannak . kutdong asiloah kedong.(n.) pial.) rawl he aa pehtlaimi dietician .) an i dannak langhter .(n. 'noise' chungah hin 'oi' cu diphthong a si.) cozah pakhat nih cozah dang pakhat he an i pehtlaihnak kuzale .(n.) oxygen atom pahnih le thir atom pakhat aa fonhmi dip .) pialnak dike .g. e.) ram dang le ram dang i pehtlaihnak zung i rian a tuantu hna pawl he aa pehtlaimi thil dire .(n.(v.) ngan deuhnak .) bishop pakhat zohkhenhmi he aa pehtlaimi diocese .) mah le mah aa zum lomi diffuse . e.(adj.) pawpi rawlrial.) hmaizah awk tlak a simi minung dignity .) tei a mami dilly-dally .) rawl lei i fimnak a ngeimi differ .) zei tuah set lo i vah sawhsawh dilute .) cafang aw pahnih aa fonh i aw khat a chuakmi.) hnawm tiaptuap in a ummi dinner . kauh deuhnak dilemma .) hmaizahnak .(v. e. By dint of hard work.(n.(n.(n. 0 in 10 karlak nambar pakhat paohpaoh dignified .(adj. adj.) bishop pakhat nih a zohkhenhmi dioxide .) 1. tangka pia hra. Knowledge can be diffused through books = Hngalhnak cu cauk in karhter khahwh a si dig .(n.) tlawm deuh . zamter. upatnak digress . a kau deuh dilation .(v. 2. e.(n.g.2. mah le mah i zumh lohnak diffident .(n.) harnak diffidence . mi hmai khan lonak .g.(n. tum deuhnak diminutive .(n.(n.(v.) rawlrial digestive . 8 feet wide and 6 feet high.) rawk nelnul in umnak dilate .) filhnak dim . aalu phuk digest . We digest our food = Kan pawpi nih rawl a rial. a kauhlei.) rawl dietary .(v.(v. a si ahcun.) rial khawhmi thil digestion . i lawh lonak different .(v. a tawinak in ttialmi tuanbia digestible .diet .) ti liam hlah seh tiah khamnak tlang dilapidated .(n.) biang kuar dine .) awnnak lehhmah diplomacy .(v.) tlawm deuhnak .) a dangdang differentiate .(n. e.(n. e.(adj.(n. 'out' chungah hin 'ou' cu diphthong a si diploma . mi chawnhbiak thiam diplomat .) i dan .(n. thleidan differentiation .) a harmi difficulty .(adj. i lawh lonak difference .) a ceu lo . a kau deuh.

(n. thurnak dirty .g. A bee makes a direct flight to the hive = Khuai cu ding teomao tein a bu ah a zuang. The gun discharged with a loud noise = Meithal cu a puak. He was discharged from the army = Ralkap rian in an chuah.g.(n. a thurmi dis .direct .(n. e.(v.(n.(n.(pref.) tei cikcek discomfort . 3.) hnawm . luatternak disciple .(adj. 3.) lungsi lo.g.) a hnawmmi .) zumh lonak disbelieve .) azawng rawhter azawng thlen discoloration . telephone directory = Telephone a hmangmi hna min le umnak le namber ttialnak cauk dirt . hmunkhat i butter ti lo disbelief . rawknak . lusam lo i um disarray . lunglawmh lonak disapproval . lam sawhpiak.) phawtzamhnak disc (disk) .) hriamnam thumhnak disarray .(v. a karlak ah ahohmanh um lo. hilei .(n.(n.(n. We get a 10% discount on the books = Cauk man kha 10 % Page 60 .) pehtlaihnak chah discontent .(n.) tuah khawh lonak disable . hmuhsaktu directory .(v. War disabled many men = Raltuknak nih mi tampi kha thil ti kkho ti loin a ser hna disadvantage .) chuahternak.(v.) lungsi lonak .g. khilei .g.(v.(v. hren ti lo.g.) min le umnak aa ttialnak cauk.) 1. e.) hlonh .) comcawroi i um dih.g. phawtzamh disbursement .(v.(n.(n. ruahnak i khah lonak discount . e. velhui lo tein e.) 'disiplin' .(n.) harnak le rawknak a chuahtertu a simi disavow . hmunthur dirtiness .(v.) kheng discard . e.(v.(v.) nuamh lonak .) lohnak .(v.) harnak . e. thil tthumh. 2.(adv.) hriamnam chuh disarmament . tlaunak disappoint .) phuannak discolor (discolour) .(v.) hnatlakpi lo disarm . ti bantuk.) uktu .(n. He went in that direction = Khi lei ah khin a kal directly . The teacher directed us to sit = Sayapa nih tthut a kan fial direction .) lungsi lonak.) fiang tein hngalh.) i rem lonak . a ttha timi kha tuah i zuam peng i a chia timi kha tuah lo i zuam peng disclaim . duh lomi thil disagreement . The truck discharged the rice at the store = Mawtawka nih facang kha kudawng ah a tthumh. ti disclose . e. meithal puah.(adj.(n.) biafang thawknak i chiahmi bia a si i a sullam cu 'lo' tinak a si disability .(n.g.(v.) dawntu a simi thil disagree .) ding teomao tein director . He is in direct contact with the teacher = Amah cu sayapa he an karlak ah ahohmanh um loin an i tong. lungtlin lonak discontent .) thek.) pehzulh lo discord .) lungsi lo .(n.(adj.) lei . e.(v. vanchiatnak disastrous .) onh lo disappear . lunglawmh lo disappointment .(v. hnangam lonak disconnect .(n.) hmuhsak .(n.(n.) hnawmhnak. mah le mah i uk khawh .(n.) phuan disclosure .) lung i khah lo disagreeable .) hnatlakpi lonak disapprove .(n.(adj.) zumh lo disburse . Please give me a direct answer = Lehnak a piangmi te ka pe direct .(v. 2.(v.(n.) zultu discipline .(v. fial. e. ding teomao tein.(adj. chuahter discharge .g. 4.g.g.(n. The policeman directed the traffic = Palik nih mawttawka aa chokletmi kha lam an hmuhsak hna.) thil ti kho ti loin ser. hlawt discern . piang tein .) a nuam lomi thil .(n.) loh . nawlpek .) i pheh disband .) hnipuan i phoih disaster . lungtlin lo discontinue .(v.(v. The dog disappeared from the house = Kan inn in kau uico a lo disappearance .) ka si lo.(n.) 1.(v. hmuh thleidan thiam discharge . hmuh khawh ti lo i um e.(n.g.) azawng rawhternak discomfit . e. e.) lung i khah lonak disallow .(v. rian in chuah.) pek .(v.) dawntu disadvantageous . 2.) thil man tthumhmi.

g.(n.) thin lau tuk i zei tuah awk hngal lo i um Page 61 .(n.(v. They had thought that the new colony would be a paradise.) a ping i kan rak zumhning a si lo hun hngalh tthan.(v.) 1.(n.) fih awk a simi dish . hrai.) tilawng siseh . hlawt disintegrate .(n.(n.(adj.) lungpanh lo i um dismantle .(v. hmuh.(v.) lihchimnak .(n. e. e. chimnak disdain .) nautat .) i dannak .) lungthawh lo.g.(v. duh lo disinfect .) a kek a kuai dih . a thu a man dih disintegration .(n. sihmanhselaw a sining taktak kha an hun hngalh i paradis a si loning kha an hmuh. e. mui i hlennak ca i hmanmi thil. ralring tein umnak.) tangka (check in) pek doh lo.) lungthawh lonak . ralring tein a ummi discrepancy . inn theh dismay .g. zohchuk disdainful . e. Discount half of what he says = A chimmi kha a cheuchum cu hlonh ko discourage .) mi a nautatmi .(v.(n.(n. pakan.(v. no one recognized him in his disguise = A mui hlennak thilthuam khan cun ahohmanh nih an hngal kho lo.(n.g.(n.) porso lo disinfectant .g.) theh.) thleidannak discus .(v. but they were disillusioned = Ram thar cu ram nuam a si lai tiah an rak ruah. e.(n.) deuhnak disinclination . fih awk a simi disgust .(n. lung donghter discouragement .) lih a chimmi .) ningzahnak . tuahnak ah siseh. bia i ruahmi discover . khengkuar hna hi kheng an si. mawttawka siseh kalnak leng cung in ttum disenchant .(adj.(v. e.) hnabei donghnak discourse .) hri phoih disfavor .(v.) thutmannak dislike .(n. deuh disillusionment .) zawtnak disembark . phawi disentangle . dislocated collar bone = Uikuang ruh a pongmi dislocation .(v.) duhlonak fakmi . aa dawhtlak lomi thil disguise .(adj.) hmuhnak discredit .g.(v. 2. e.) ningzahnak.) phoih. He disguised himself as an old man = Tarpa bantukin a mui aa hleng.) cheh i zuamnak ca i hmanmi thir pakan discuss .) 1.(n.) deuh. He disguised his greed with sweet words = a duhfahnak kha bia thlumthlum in a thuh disguise .(n.(v.(v. i khah lonak discretion .(v.) mi nih zum hna hlah seh ti i tuah discreet .(n.) holh ah siseh.g. mah nih a ttha tiin tuahnak nawl ngeih discriminate .) ningzak a simi thil . 2.) duh lo disfigure .) zumh awk tlak lomi sinak dismal .) lung derter dishonest .) fak piin duh lo.(adj.) holh ah siseh.) 1. I was disenchanted by his speech = A biachimmi nih a ka deuh disengage .) rocoter lo.) mui chiatter disgrace . kheng. ningzahtertu disillusion . ningzahnak pek disgraceful . phuan discovery .(adj. duh lonak disincline . e.) ningzahter.(n. mi a zohchukmi disease . chim discussion .) ponghnak dislodge . tlanglawng siseh .(v. minchiatnak disgrace . i ruah ti . biatak chim lonak dishonor .(v. thil man tthumhpiak.) hnabei donghter.) porsotertu zawtnak rungrul thattu si disinherit .g.(adj. bia a perh ttheo lai ti i rak ruahpiak i a cheuchum hlonhpiak.(v.(v.) biachimmi.(n.) i ceih ttinak . 2.) i ceih ti .(v. 2. vanlawng siseh . thil a sining.) 1.) zumh awk tlak lo disloyalty .(n. a si taktakmi lang lo i thuh. i ruah ttinak .g. hunhmi rawl dishearten . taktak a thuptu disgust .(v.(n.(v. tuahnak ah kan tthumh discount .g.(n. A bank will dishonor your check if you have no money in the bank = Bank ah tangka na ngeih lo ahcun check i tangka thohnak na ttialmi kha an in pe (hmaizah) duh lai lo dishonor .) tthial disloyal .(n.) thleidan discrimination . Columbus discovered America = Columbus nih America ram a va hmuh.) 1. mui i hlen.) a pong.(v.(v. e.(v. 2. e. fih disgusting . biatak a chim lomi dishonesty .(n.(adj.) duh lo dislocate .

umnak hmun in a dang i chiah display . 4.) chuh . 2.(n.) hlai cikceknak disseminate . tanh deuh mi ngei lo i um dispatch . langhter display .) aa tlak lomi i ser .(n.) ningcang in a um lomi . bia i alnak dispute . 2.) 1. karhter dissemination .(v. e.g. 3. The good pay disposed him to take the job = Lahkhah ttha nih khan rian ku lak a duhter.g. ningcang in um lonak disorganize .(adj.) lung i khah lonak dissent .g.(v. ttuanter lo disregard .(v.) a ruahnak aa dangmi dissertation . Dispense with = Hlawt. e.(n. e.(v.) i tthennak .) minchiatnak disrespect .(n.g.(v. phuah. e.(n.(v. e.(n. e.(v.(n. e. 2.) 1. duhter.(n.(v.1. Let us dismiss our troubles = Kan harnak hna kha ruat ti hlah u sih dismount .(v. e.) lungsi lo.g. e. thiltining. He has a cheerful disposition = Milunglawm phun a si.(n.) i siknak.) hlai cikcek .) nawl a ngai lomi disobey . tionak displace . umter.) an i lo lo dissimilarity .) lunglawm loin umter displeasure . The dispatch contained important news = Kuatmi bia chungah khan thawngpang biapi a simi a um dispensary . e.(n. serhsat.) ningcang loin umter disown . He is disposed to grant your request = Na halmi pek cu an duh ko dispose of .) hnahnawhnak peknak dissatisfaction .) ti i can dissuade .) thlauh distance .g. tuahserning.) long i khah lo dissenter .(n.(n.) si peknak inn .(v. donghnak dissolve .) upat lo disrupt . bia. The distance between Hakha and Falam is 40 miles Page 62 . bia i al. zeirel lo disrepute .) duh lonak disposal . tthen cikcek .) zomhtaih.(v.(adj.(v.g.) Ti cu hlonh asiloah zuar tinak a si.(v.(n.) aa tlak lomi i sernak disqualify . e. e. The ships were disposed in a straight line = Tilawng cu artlang tein an umter hna. 2. lingtlin lonak dissatisfy . tuah lo i um dispepsia . tio dispersion .) dai tein .g. The disposal of his house will fetch him plenty of money = A inn a zorhnak man nih tangka tampi a pek lai. biachahnak. chuahpimi lung thin lungput. hnatlak. thlah dispatch .) 1. 2. zorh. The disposal of garbage should be made every day = Hnawm hlonh cu nifa tein a si awk a si.) khuaruahhar dismiss . 3.) hnahnawhnak pek disruption . khulrannak.(v.g.g.(v. taza i cuai.) 1. e.(n.(v.) siknak disqualification .) 1.(n. zuar.g.(adj. hlonh. lungthin cawl urar loin a ummi .(n.g.(v.) thek . 3.(n.(v. ruah ti lo.(v.) thil pakhatkhat kong ca in saupi i ttial i bia in saupi in chim dissimilar .) hlawt disparage .g. Dispose of that rubbish = Khi hnawm khi hei hlonh hna.(v. He disposed of all his properties = A thil vialte a zuar dihhna disposition . e.) nawl ngaih lo disorder . 2.(v. He did his work with dispatch = a rian kha a rannak in a tuah.(n.(n. 4.) i theknak .) zei can a hlat timi hlatnak khi.) pawpuarh disperse .(v.(v.g.dismay . lungtlin lo dissect .(v. e.(n.(v. What disposition of John's case did you make? = John bia kha zeitindah nan chah?. e. He made a disposition of his goods = Athil a zuar hna dispossess .(n.) mi nih hmu hna seh tiin langhtermi.) chuah. kalnak nawl pek.(n. i komh lo dissolution . At one's disposal = Mah duhning tein tuahmi dispose .g.) kuat.) mi soiselnak bia chim disparity .) hmaizah lo .) 1. khan dispense .(n. kuatmi.2.) i phuah. 3. ngeih loin umter .) rang cungin ttum disobedient . i sik dispute . phawt.(n.) lungsi lonak .(v.) zar . tarmi displease . cheu cikcek dissection .(v.(n.(n.) thlaici vorh in vorh .) i lawh lonak dissociate .g.) pek. duh. thil ngeitu sinak chun disputation .) karhternak dissension . cu bantuk zomhtaihnak bia chim disparagement .) i ruan lonak dispassionate . ningcang tein thil chiah.

) hman lonak ditch . e. disuse .) hlawt do without . a dor tete in chuah.) kha bantuk tthiamtthiam in dive . sichunhnak ti distiller . kalter divide .) zureu chuangtu distillery .(n.) tipilhtu diverge . 2.(adj.) i komh lonak.) hrawhnak .) tikhu in tlaktermi ti .(v.) kahcham ditto .) hnahnawh disturbance . a tliangmi distinction .) Pathian lei thil a simi. do away with .= Hakha le Falam karlak aa hlat cu khan 40 a si distant . biaknak lei thil a simi divine .(v. e. cheunak.(n.) tthennak. 2. 728 is the dividend = 728 cu 16 in phawt ah.(adj.g. ca cawnnak i hmanmi thirzum tuah khat a simi divine . e.(adj. ttuan. tthathnem. cheu khawh .) ei lo i um Page 63 .) hawi he dantertu a simi distinguish . ttihphannak. I am dizzy = Ka lung a mit do . merhnak distract .(n.(v. zuam.(v. minthan . hmailei pi ah a si dingmi distasteful . Do your work well = Na rian ttha tein tuah.(v.(n.) a hlami .) tthennak divergent . mui hrawh. nupi mak . e.) hmun dang i luanter.) Pathian sinak divinity . va kirtak.) hnahnawhnak disunion . Do your best = Fakpi in i zuam.(n. e.g. A rest will do you good = Dinh nih an tthathnem lai.(n. 2.(n.) aa dangmi .(n.) phawtnak distributor .(n.(adj.(v.(adj. e. A brook divides the field = Tivate nih lo kha a tthen.) 1.(v.) dannak divert .(n. 2.(v.g. tthen dizziness . disuse . e. 3. e.) lungvaihnak. biatak merh distortion . Divide among yourselves = Nanmah kha i phaw u dividend .) a dangdang a simi diversify . In '728/16'.) thleidan khawh a simi distort .) peng khat distrust .) 1. have to do with = ka tuah awk a si. Do you like eggs? = Arti na duh maw? Fak deuh in chim duh tikah hman a si.(n.) hmun dangdang i tthen .g.) biaknak lei rianttuantu. e. phekahnak hmun diver .(n. i tthennak.(adj. Kampani pakhat nih tangka a hmuhmi.) i dannak. phawtmi nambar cu 728 kha a si.(n.(n.(n. lungcawtnak distress .(adj.(v.(v. phawt.) thleidan .. phawtmi nambar.(v.) phawtu.) phawt distribution .g.(n.(n.) i dannak diversity .) lungvaihter.) lungmit in um. lungcawtter distraction .) phawtu.g.(adj.(v.(n. e.) mi lunghrinh a hmangmi disturb .) tthen khawh .(n.(n. Our paths diverge here = Hika ah hin kan lam aa tthen divergence . Pathian kong le phunglam a hngal ngaimi diviner .(n. a fiangmi . 4. Zeitindah na um? How do you do? Do biafang nih ihn sullam set a ngeih lo chel a um. This coat will do for the winter = Hi angki nih hin khuasik cu an zaat ko lai.(n. n. aa tthenmi diverse . 728 kha 16 in phawt tikah 16 kha phawtu cu a si divorce .g. 2.g.(n.) a thaw lo distill .) 1.(n. zureu chuan i a dor tete in tlakter khi distilled water .) phawtu district .) khuavang. phawtnak. Flowers distill a sweet nectar = Pangpar nih tizu dor tete an chuah.g.) aa dangmi .) zureu chuannak distinct .g. cheu. hmailei thil a chim khomi divinity .(adv.) Pathian lei kong cawnnak divisible . thil ttihnung distribute .(adj.) tichung i vung pil thiam khi . phun dangdang i tthen diversity .(v. 2. tuah. 'I do like potatoes = Aalu ka duh taktak.) zumh lonak distrustful .) 1.(n. mi lang a simi distinguishable .(v.) 1.(n. 5.g.) lam tthen.g.) tichung pil dive .(n. pum in siseh lungthin in siseh fahnak inmi.) lungmihnak dizzy .(v. tthen. a zat ko lai.) 1. 2.) zumh lo distrust . hawi hlei thiam ruang i upatnak hmuhnak distinctive . phawt khawh a simi division .) hman lo.) 1.(adj.(n. e.(adj.(v.(adj. e. cu kampani chung rianttuantu hna nih an i phawtmi kha divider . district nakin a ngan deuhni peng divisor .(v.

(n.g. si din khat dot .(v.g.) ca ttialmi bia kha a si hrimhrim tinak caah cuka ca ttial chungah a um tiin fianter khawhnak documentary .(n.) sualphawt.) a hrangmi saram kha a ngammi sattil i ser domestication . tthentu don't .docile . e.) uktu a simi .(v.(n. sernak hmun dominance .) tilawng sernak hmun . iap.(n. ngol duh lo dogma .(n. thihnak. it does. uk.) nawl ngaimi.(n.) uktu pakhatkhat nih ukmi ram dome . e.(n.(n.(n. tthenh donation .g.) 'do' zoh.(adj.) nawl ngaimi sinak dock . dog .) USA tangka dolphin .) tunu .) zumh lo Page 64 . n. 2.(n.) thil pakhat i tuahter riangmang i thil dang tu tuah .) a let hnih double-dealing . cawnnak lei i a sang bik doctrinal .) voi khat din awk si . The town in the valley is dominated by a high mountain = Nelrawn chung khua kha tlang sangpi nih a iap.) uknak dominant .) uk tuk dominion .(adj.(n.) hnipuan i hruk aih donate . pumpululh chuih i i hlen khi does . e. duh ah chuahter i roter khawhmi hmun a si dock . a lang bikmi dominate .(v.(n. The boy dominates his friends = Ngakchiapa nih a hawile kha a uk hna.) uknak. sibawi.) 1.(adj. e.(n.) uknak .) nga phun khat .(n.(n. thil pakhatkhat kong ah siseh aa ttialnak. e. tthenhmi thil done . The prisoner was doomed to death = Thongtlapa cu thi dingin bia khiah a si cang door .g.) i hngilh lio caan dormitory .) hlen dope .(n.(n.(n.(v.(n.(v.(adj.) kut in siseh seh in siseh ttialmi ca .(n.(adj. she does. remhnak hmun doctor .(n. documentary evidence = Ca in aa ttialmi fiantertu tehte dodge .(v. a 3rd person present indicative of do. e.) 'do not'. a hmaan ti i rak zumh ding le cohlan ding dogmatic .(n.(v. e..) i al len awk a herh ti lo ti phun in cawnpiakmi. hlennak doubt .g.(n. lohnak doom .(v. Cun tilawng remhnak hmun zongah hman a si fawn i duh ah ti kha luhter khawh. 2.) rawhnak.(adj.) cawnpiaknak zumhning dogmatic . Birth. e.(n.) dinh.) tilawng dinhnak i hmun pakhat a si i cuka i tilawng aa din tikah thil chuahnak le chonhnak hmun ah hman a si.(n.(n.(n.(adj. e.) hlen.) cattialmi he aa pehtlaimi.(v.(n.(n.(v.g.) khuasaknak hmun. lentecelhnak tunu dollar .) inn a cunglei i pum vuai in sakmi khi domestic .) zumhmi thil cawnpiakmi. si ding khiahpiak.(n.g.(v.g. mah ram kong a simi.(v.) zumhnak lei kong i cawnpiaknak he aa pehtlaimi doctrine . The ship docked at Yangon port = Tilawng cu Yangon tilawng dinhnak ah aa din dockyard .) misifak thil tthenh doll .) innka cawngtu doorstep .) 1.) 1. cawnpiak a fawimi docility . ukmi ram don . a khuh domination . 2.) innka a luhnak awng dope .(n. nupi tthit le thihnak lehmah cu documents an si document .) innka khar doorkeeper .) uico dogged .(v.(n. a nganpi domain . marriage and death certificates are documents = Chuah. donkey . do zoh. He made a dot on the paper = Caku cungah deh pakhat a tuah double .) a hrangmi saram a ngammi sattil i sernak domicile .(adj.(adj.) khacer hme phun donor .(n. domestic news = mah ram kong tadin domesticate .) mah ruahnak lawng i tlaipeng dole .) milungtthawng .) deh.(v. He does.) petu .) pekmi thil .) past participle of do .) bing dormant .(v. tuah dih.) innka luhnak hlei doorway . cucaah mah ruaknak lawng a hmaan ti i thlah duh lo i a zulmi dogmatism . iapnak domineer . tuah hlah doom .g.) zumhnak lei kong i cawnpiaknak document .) pek . biapi bik a simi .) bawda inn dose . inn zuatmi sattil.

) past tense of drink. suai.(n.(adj.(n.(n.) 1. drama he aa pehtlaimi.g.(n.(v. He drains the cup = Hrai khat kha a din dih hirhiar.g.) inn pungsan suaitu drag . e. duh na lo ralkap i luhter draftsman . 2.) thilpuan in tamh drapery .(n. hmetter. phaisa a man pek colh.(adv. atu ah cun Mirang holh i lak in drama ti a si ve ko dramatic . a si hnga maw si lo ti i lungawtawm i um doubtless . He draws water = Ti a than.(v.(n.(adv.2.(n. e. 2.(adj.g. saduhthah Page 65 .) a ritmi thil hnuh drag . 2. a sannak in a niamnak ah. changcet doughnut . misifak mi nauta pawl downwards . e. 3. purnak downgrade . e.) ngut .(v. hnuh.(n.(adj.(adv.(n. muichia draft .) dawh lo. ti roter .) past participle of draw .) lungtho ngaiin dramatist . ihhmu kun i ngut dozen .(v. ti luanternak tilam drainage . e. e.) thilchiahnak bizu . e.(adv.) 1. e.(v.) thil rit hnuh tik i a rak dawn i a hnuh a har tertu dragon . 2.(adj.g.) thing pahnih khuarmi an ha sehter. zapi hmaiah tuahnak in cawn i hmuhsaknak . 4.) a kong ttialmi thil/mi pakhatkhat .g.) limkeng dragonfly .(n.) a niamnak lei ah dowry . 2. tangka chuah.) ngaihchiat downpour . draw zoh.(v.) milhtlorh rih lomi .) 1.) lung awtawm i um.(abbrev.(n.) drama in hmuhsak drank .) changreu reu awk ca i nawnmi changvut .(n. It is a downright good work = A tha taktakmi rian a si.) doctor tinak.(v.(v.g.) ngaihchiat downfall . The wet land was drained of water = Cerh cu an zirh i ti an roter. e.g.) laileng inn dovetail .(adj. ahran ser. ttum.) 1.(n.) 1. than. It is a downright lie = Lih fangfak a si downstairs . drink zoh. 2.) tlin lonak drawer .(n. 4. luanter. He spoke in a dramatic way = Lungtho ngaiin bia a chim dramatically . saduhthah dream .) tisoih drain .) hmanthlak suaimi drawn . lungtho ngaiin tuahmi.g.) tluknak.) zumh lonak zei hmanh um loin dough . a dal hnuh khawh a simi drawing .(n.) lamhchihmi . zeirello downhearted . dread . .(n.(adj. A game is a draw when neither side wins = I zuamnak ah an i tei lo ahcun an i tluk a si drawback . e. suai.g. He was down in the cave = Lungkua chungah a vung lut.g. drape .) ttih a nungmi dream .(adj.(n.g.(n. 3.) tthuro dovecot .) Pathian thangtthatnak hla doze .) 1. mang.g. e. a tawinak in drab .(n.) a fakmi draw .(n.g.) nawlcawn awk tuanbia a ttialtu dramatize .(v. din.) ti zirhnak drake .) ruah bawnbok ngaw in a sur downright . ti zirh.(n.) a ttha hringhran e. The price of rice is down this month = Tu thla cu facang man a ttum.(n. 3. e. You can buy it for five kyats down = Tangka fang nga pek colh (kut humh) in na cawk khawh down .(n. e.(adj.(n.(n.(n.g.) nupi man doxology .) arhmul nemte down and out .) changreu thlummi phun khat dove . chim ding ttialmi bia draft . He draws a picture = Hmanthlak a suai.(n.doubtful .(prep.) hleihnih bu Dr. e. 2.(v.) ti cu vanchiat ton ti a si downcast .(v. thinphan dreadful .) khuapi chung chawdawrnak hmunpi downtrodden . mang manh. He drafted his speech three times = A biachim ding kha voi thum ahran a ttial.) ttih.) niamter. dal tam a ngeimi .) compai a pa drama .(v.g.) puanzar ca i an hman khunmi puan pawl drastic .1.) i tluk. My plan dovetailed with his = Kaa tinhmi le aa tinhmi an i kheng down . He draws ten kyats from the bank = Bank in tangka phar hra a chuah draw . Din dih hirhiar.(adj.) 1. A horse can draw a cart = Rang nih leng a hnuh khawh.(n.) tangdot downtown .

e.(n. Hunger is drive to action = Rawlttam hi hnektu tthawng a si.(v.) ruah siamsiam in sur droop . hma kha si thuhpiak i menpiak dress . suai. draw zoh.(v.(n.g.g.g. din. lawng dinhnak siseh. e. ruah sur lo i saupi um drove .(n.g.past participle of drive. The troops had a drill = Ralkap cer an cawng drill . e. Tom's lessons have to be drummed into him = Tom cu a cawnmi kha nolh chih lengmang a hau drummer .(v.(n.) ti cu awng loin sianginn in a chuak tinak a si drought .(v.(n.) 1.(v.) zuritnak dry .(n.(n.) sa chuan tik i a ti a chuakmi khi drive .(v.dreary . kalter. ngaih a nuam lo dry . paran drum .) pho.(adj.) 1.) ar pheibom . e.(n.) thlep.) mawttaw mawngtu driveway . e. vah. paran tumnak fung drunk . a hranning. a ttum. 2.g. 2.) ngutnak drowsy .(v.g. king diamduam in a ummi dredge . a carmi.(v. dried .(n.(v. one for the teacher and the other for the Page 66 .) ti cu kan leng te tinak a si drop out . awng vihnak hriam.) din drinker .g.(n.) tiva siseh.) nolh chih lengmang. mongh.(v. Drive the dog away = Uico kha kalter.) 1.(n.) zuripa drunken .) rotertu drift . His sermon was dry = A phungchim mi lung a tho lo.) puan rotertu seh dual .g.) thil romi tahnak. mongh.) a dor tete in a tlami ti drippings .) zu din drink . 2. hnektu tthawnnak. thil zar dry clean .(adj.) khuang .g.) khuakhen .(v.) rian har.(adj. fenh.) past tense of drive. e. Our church made a drive to get one thousand kyats = Kan Khrihfabu nih tangka thong khat hmuhnak ding zuam khunnak an tuah driven . mongh.(v.) mitkuh i nam i ngut khi drudge .(n.) ti chung i tlak i thih drowse .) run khat. e.) cu bantuk i thuhter deuh le thianh dregs .g.) cin cikcek dress . e.(n. khenh.) zu ding drip .) a ne drench .) 1.) awng vih.g.) ritter druggist .) 'dry' zoh drier .(n.) hnipuan i hruk-aih . The boat drifted toward the shore = Titlang lei ah lawng cu ti nih a kalpi. choih . e.(n.) 1.) 1.) si zuartu drum .(n. Facang tehna. e.) ngut drowsiness .) rian har hawi ttuan duh lomi a tuantu drudgery .(n. paran tumtu drumstick .g.g. He drifted from one town to another = Khua khat hnu khua khat a vak drift .(n.(n. fangvoi tehna tahnak dryer .(n. It was a drop of five feet = A tlaknak cu pe nga a sang drop .(v.) mawttawka monghnak lam drizzle . e. tlaknak.) ti tel loin hnipuan suk dry measure . a luanning drill .(n.) past tense of draw .(n.(adj. e. chiatnak a chuahtertu a si ahcun sivai a si drug . The airplane has dual controls.(n. 2.) a kalning. rian nuam lo drug .) 1.(v.(v.g. These flowers will droop = hi pangpar hna hi an thlep lai drop . drive zoh.) zu a rimi drunk . Lung a tho lomi.) hnipuan dressing .) a nuam lomi.) khuangtumtu.(v.g. 2. A drop of blood = Thi dor khat.) zu a rimi drunkeness . drove .(n.(n.g. roter. 2. e.(v. a hnawm thianhnak le thuhter deuhnak i an hmanmi seh dredge .(v. drive zoh. 2. cawnpiaknak an thiam hlan lo atu le atu tuah lengmang drink .(v. driver . e.) a dor tete in a tla drip .(v. drunkard . a ro .(n. e. A drove of sheep = Tuu run khat drown . e. zuam khun mi thil. e. ngaih a nuam lomi.(adj. dor. ralkap cer an cawnter hna. drink zoh.) si tthatnak a chuahtertu a si ahcun si a si. Prices drop sharply = Thil man fak piin a tla drop in . Drive the car = Mawttawka kha mawng drive .) past participle of drink. a tla.(n.(v.(n.(n.(adj.g.(v. 3. Drive the nail in the board = Thing ah thir kha khenh.) pahnih.(v.) hma tuamnak puanchia meh phun khat drew .

g. chung hnih umnak inn inn khat a si i a lai i danmi duplicate . lung panh lo.g. phalung hnawhnak puanchia dusty .(n.(adj.(v.) lungpuahnak dynamo .(n.) thil burhnak si dye .) 'die' zoh dynamic .(n.) thetse tlang dung .g. a hmaanmi .) hnawm hlonhnak hmun.(n. mi lung a la lomi thil.(n. ruah . e.g.(v.g.) 1.) 'dig' zoh duke .(n.(n. He sits in the dusk of his room = A khan chung i a muih nawnnak hmun ah a tthu duster .) pawpuarh Page 67 .) carialnak seh duplicity . duh na loin hneknak during .(n.g.(n.(n.(adj.) hnawm hnawhnak. When is the rent due? = Zeitikdah inn hlan man pek a cut lai? A hmuh awk a simi a tuanman kha thaizing ah pek awk a si lai 2.) aa khatmi pahnih siternak duplicator . a thli i phun dang durability . e.learner = Vanlawng nih monghnak fung pahnih a ngeih. a muih nawnnak hmun.(v.(adv.(prep.) lu asiloah pum kun tak.(v. a si taktak lomi dump . aa tlakmi .g.(v.) kap hnih har i umnak .(n.(v.(n. a phanh lai can ruah.) fawi tein hlen khawhmi dupe . e.(n.(n.(n.) compaifa duct . e. Rainy day is dull day = Khua it cu lung a panh lo.(n. Please duplicate this letter = Hi ca hi aa khat tein a dang pakhat in ttial tthan duplicate . caw ek . 3.(n.(prep. 2. When is the plane due? = Vanlawng cu zeitikdah phak lai? due . a tthami.) Netherlands (Holland) mi duty .(adj. He ducked when I tried to hit him = Thongh ka zalh ah a ka kun tak duckling . pa fa hmel palh.) zumh awk tlak set a si lomi duck .(v.(n. e. e. saya caah pakhat a cawngmi caah pakhat dub .(adj.) a holh kho lomi dumbfound .(adj.g. vok ek .) tuavon dull .) thazang kha elektrik ah a cantertu seh dynasty . umnak hmun dwindle . e.) khua a muih lai te khi.) um .) pek awk a simi.) uktu pawl an i hrinsorning dyspepsia .) vawlei tang thonginn dupe .) tlonak .) min sak. In due course = Caan ttha caan hmaan a si tikah. e.(v.) pahnih sakmi tummi hla dug .) aa khatmi. a hnawl.) thazang ngeimi thil dynamite .. khuachung um .(n.) miniam . ti a si duet . mi hmuh i phun dang . dungeon .) a tlomi .(n. chim dwelling .) tlawm chin lengmang dye .) lung-ar.(n.) umnak inn . a niammi dwell .(v.(n.(adj.) tidong due .) hlonh. hrawng dusk .(n.) burh dying .) ek. thlet dump .(adj.(n.) hneknak. 3.) a thau i a niammi dune .(n. He is a dull boy = Milungping a si dullness . We have duplicate keys to the door = Innka tawh aa khatmi pahnih kan ngei duplication . nihchuahnak lei deuh i min sak dubious .) pahnih thuanh. saupi a nguhmi duration .) hlen deh duplex . ramdang in luhpimi thil ngunkhuai dwarf .g.(n.) 1.g. pahnih peh. saupi nguhnak durable .g.) caan chung duress . This knife is dull = Hi nam cu a hnawl 4. 2.(n.) aa khatmi in ser .(n.(adj.) hnawm hlonhnak mawttawka dumpy .) leidip a khatmi Dutch . holh awk hngal lo i um dummy . rian.(v. e.) chung .(adj.(n..) ti cu ruangah.) compai duck .(n.) lung pinnak dumb . ttial e.(adj.) minung he aa lo i an sermi thil.) hmailei ah ding tein. thil hmun khat ah a bupi in chiahnak hmun dump truck .milungping. e. The ocean is due east of us = Rili cu kanmah in nichuahlei bak ah a si due to .(v.

) hna i i benhmi thil theihnak earring .g.(adv.) 1.) fahnak damter deuh.(n.g.g. fawi tein . rianhrang .) vawlei in sermi thil earthly . tumbul earshot . harnak . Each dog is given a bone = Uico cu saruh pakhat cio an pek hna each .) a hak i a nakmi thing eccentric .) ziaza lei i vawlei mi tuk a simi khi ease .) vawlei cung thilri a simi earthquake .) 1. Medicine will ease your pain = Na fahnak cu si nih a damter deuh lai easier .(n. e.) 1.) mupi .(n. e.g.(adj. He gets up early in the morning = Zinglei ah tuante in a tho early .(v. They gave the boys an apple each = Ngakchia cu pakhat cio in epal an pek hna.) i hngahhlangnak eagle .) 1.g. We plant seeds in the earth = Vawlei ah thlaici kan tuh earthen . They discovered the disease in its early stage = A zawtnak kha ttuan ah an hmuh earmark .) a fawimi easy-going . zaangdam in. e.(n. e.(prop. rawl ei.) ei .) hnakhaw khuang .(v. e.(n. sining tawn bantuk i si lo eccentricity .(n. nichuahlei rammi easternmost .g. A rich man lives a life of ease = Mirum cu har lo tein nung.) hnakhaw fah eardrum . veve.(adj.) rianttuan man hmuhmi earphone .(n.) a thli tein mi bia va ngaih ebb .) hual. hlawh. mu vanlai ear .(n.g.(n. e.(n.) eitu eaves . vawlei.(adj. He earns K 20 a day = Ni khat ah K 20 a hlawh earnest .(adj.) aw nih a phak khawh tiang.) Bawi Jesuh Thawh ni easterly .) nichuahlei in / nichuahlei ah . eater . disaap eavesdrop . e. Each will be asked a question = Pakhat duahmah in bia an hal hna lai each .) veve e..) Asia rammi.) a laifang chuah tak .) lihnin earthworm .(n.(n.g.) cangcel earthy .(n.g. fungvoi fo earache .(n.) hmelchunhnak earn .(adv. e. He speaks English with ease = Mirang holh cu zaangdam tein a chim.(adj. e. 2. khuatheitu earl . rawl ei eatable .) hnatonh . 2.(adv.g.) duahmah in.(v.g. fahnak in luat. 2.(v.) A man kan pek dih lai ti biakamnak ca i rak pek chungmi tangka.(v.) nichuahlei ah easy .(n. Nu le pa cu an i duh veve eager . innkai earnings . hawi he i lawh lo .) fawi tein east .g.(n.(v.g.) biaknak lei rianttuantu Page 68 .(n.(adj.g. e.(n.) tuante ah. his fortunes are at an ebb = A vantthatnak cu a ttumchuk cang ebony . ei. fakpi i ruat setsai lem lo i khua a sami eat . We shouted loud.(n. e. hnakhaw.) nichuahlei Easter . The man and the woman love each other = Nu le pa cu an i duh veve each other .(adj. aa hngahhlang ngaimi e.) zei thil hmanh .) Ttumchuk. but he was out of earshot = Fak piin kan au.(adj.(adj. hnakhaw chung i khuang bantuk a simi . lungthomi earnest .E each .g.) a ttuanmi caan e. He is earmarked for the chairmanship = Chairman caah amah cu kan i hual earmark .(n.(adj. The tide ebbed = Tilet a ttum cang ebb .g.g.(n.(adj.) hawi ning i um lonak ecclesiastic .) bawi early .(n.(n.(adv.(adj.(n. vawlei pumpi.) past participle of eat. e.) nichuahlei bik a simi eastward .) thatho .) a duh ngaimi . ease .(pron.(n. He is eager to open the box = Thingkuang hun kha aa hngahhlang ngai eagerness .) cio.) ei khawhmi eaten . e.) dithlasap .(v. nichuahlei in a rung hrangmi thli / nichuahlei ah a hrangmi thli eastern .) hmuh . sihmanhsehlaw kan aw nih a phak khawh lengah a um i a thei kho lo earth .(n.) a fawi deuhmi easily . adv. e. 2.(adj.) tilet ttum.

dawpdolh .(n. Take either book = Cauk pakhat chingchang kha i lak.(n. I shall not go either = Na kal lo ahcun ka kal ve lai lo either or .) tadinca le cauk i chuah awkah cattialmi a timlamtu . He effected many changes = Thlennak tampi a chuahter effective .) tangka le chawva .(n.) mah zawn lawng aa ruatmi .ecclesiastical .) chawlehthalnak he aa pehtlaimi economical .) cawnpiaktu saya eel .(n.(adj.) Eden dum edge . e. har.) i lawmh tuknak ecstatic . Personal effects = Pumpak thilri effect .) hleiriatnak eighth .(num.) 1.) sawm riat either . e. e.(adj. 3.) tadinca ah siseh .(num.g.(conj.g.) mi pakhatkhat pungsan in capawl le buri in milem ser i cu milem cu huatmi ai kha awhter riangmang i a khangh hna khanghmi khi a si effort . Thilri.(adj.) khrihfabu lei he aa pehtlaimi echo .(n.(adj.(v.) lawmh tuknak he aa pehtlaimi ecstatically . 2. thil pakhat nih thil dang pakhat a chuahtermi.) semrel tein tangka i hmangmi economics .(adj.) arti . Water is effective in extinguishing fires = Mei hmihnak ah ti cu san a tlai. ti paohpaoh eggplant .g.(adj.) cawnpiaknak . cawnnak educational . e.(adj.(n.(n. ziaza hunchonak edifice .(v.(n.) cacawn .) thil chuahternak .g.) thil vialte mah duhning le mah ca ttha ding lawng i ruahnak le tuaktannak . 2. mah zawn lawng i ruahnak egoist . a chuahtupa nih a duhnak le a ruahnak a ttialmi khi educate . edge of the table = Cabuai tlang. hmannak le i phawtzamhnak i a thiammi economize .) leng i hlonh elaborate .) i ren deuh economy .g.) tlamtling tein chim .(n. ni dawpdolh zong thlapa dawpdolh zong.) 1.(n.(n.(v.) ram pakhat siseh .) thlarau lei le ziaza lei in tthanter edit . va ti . cun tadinca chung i theihtlei deuh a simi ruahnak le thil umtuning kong a ttialtu editorial .(adj.) tadinca le cauk i chuah awkah mi dang nih an ttialmi ca kha timh editor . an pahnih in. mekazin ah siseh .g. Did the medicine have any effect on him? = Si a dinmi nih khan a cungah tthatnak zeital a chuahpi maw?.(num. fianter Page 69 .(n.(n. tuah duhmi . cawnpiak e.(v. 2.(n.) chuak seh ti duhmi chuahter khawhnak efficiency .) ngarul effect .) cawnnak lei he aa pehtlaimi educator . miruamkai egoistic .) mah ca tthatnak ding lawng a ruatmi .) chingchang/asiloah e.) pariat eighteen .g.g edge of knife = Nam har edible .g.(v.(n.) 1. mibu pakhat siseh . umter .(adj.(n.) 1.(adv.) i lawm tuk hringhram in eczema . ve.) thazang chuah .(n. tinhmi .(num.(adj. pakhat chingchang. If you do not go.(n. Edith asiloah Mary pakhat chingchang an kal lai eject .) pa lawh lo i nu lawh i nem hninghniang in umnak effeminate . tangka hmuhmi le thilri a hman thiamnak ecstasy .g.(adj.(adj.(n.(num. a chuahternak le a hmannak le i pahwtzamhnak he aa pehtlaimi fimnak economist .(n. 2.(n. tuah khawh.(n.g.) pariatnak eighty .) inn nganpi edify . An act of parliament is effective as soon as the president signs it = Parliament nih upadi an sermi cu haotu bik nih a min a thut cangka in rianttuan hram aa thawk effeminacy .) khulrang le fel tein thil tuah khawhnak efficient .) ei khawhmi thil edification . minthatnak thlau economic .) tuah . e.) keimah .(v.) pa lawh lo i nu a lo i nem hninghniang in a ummi efficacious .(n.) khulrang le fel ngaiin effigy . mah egoism . ttuan hram i thawk.) ziaza tthatternak .) chuak seh ti duhmi a chuahter khomi thil efficacy . zuamnak egg .) khulrang le fel tein thil a ti khomi efficiently .(adv. e.) hleiriat eighteenth .) arti hawng ego .(adj. e.(n.(n. mah le mah aa zum tukmi eight . tlang.) bawnbok eggshell .(n.(adj.g.) cuar zawtnak a thakmi Eden .(n. chuahter e.) 1. On either side of the river lie the cornfields = Tiva a cap hnih in fangvoi lo an um. 2.) awtleng eclipse . e. e. He was educated in Cambridge University = Amah cu Cambridge University ah ca a cawng education .

(n.(n.) thiam ngaiin.(n.) aa zam khomi elasticity .(v.(v.(adj.) khuachia eligibility .(n.g. Innliam thingkung elope .(num.) a hrampi a simi thil.(adj.) biachim a thiammi eloquently . 2. e.(n.(n.(n. Roses embalmed the June air = June thla thli cu pangpar rim in a khat embankment .(v.) hmun dangah elucidate .) thlir . chuahnak elite .(n.(n. Gold.(adv. Light and heat emanate from the sun = Ceunak le linhnak cu nika chungin an chuak emanation .(adj. rimhmui in khahter.(adj.) i zam khawhnak elbow .) tlamtling tein chimnak . e.(n. e.) thim election . e. amah ai awhtu ah.) em thingkung. elemental . ti.(adj. ca cawnnak ah mah duhmi subject a thim in i thimmi elective .) a ttha bikmi thil .) chuahnak emancipate . who else is going? = Ka kal lai? else . Khrihfa upa.(n.(v. or else you will be late = I hnawh. thir.) a zawlmi thil .(v.(adj.) innchung i dot tangnung in dot cungnung i kainak seh hlei eleven . chuah elimination . He cannot go.) upa nawn a simi elect .) biachim thiamnak . a cumi eliminate .(v. iron.(v. thli le mei an si.) aa tlakmi sinak . thil hrampi.g.) luatter emancipation . e. cawi .(adj.) sai . oxygen and tin are elements = Sui.(adj. e.(adj.) fanternak elude . cheu khawh le tthen khawh a si ti lomi hna hi 'element' cu an si. people thought that there were only four elements: Earth.(adj. pa si loter embalm . We learned the elements of arithmetic in the first standard = Kanan a hrampi cu tang khat ah kan cawn. zeiti hlei in dah .(v.) 1.) ti liam hlah seh tiah titlang i khamnak tuahmi Page 70 .(num. someone else must go = Amah cu a kal kho lo.) thimtu electorate . a thim in thimmi. 2.(n.) luattertu emasculate .) luatnak emancipator . air and fire = Hlan lioah cun mi nih element (thil) pali lawng a um tiah an ruah i cu hna cu vawlei. thazang tlawmter .) vui bantuk a simi elevate . scientist pawl nih thil phun hrampi 92 an hmuhmi hna.(n.) hleikhat eleventh .(adv. arti pum bantuk elm .(adj. a hlei in .elaboration .) elektrik dah he aa pehtlaimi electricity .) aa dawhmi .(n.) tlaih awkah a harmi thil. nal ngaiin else .(n.(n.g.(n.) upa deuh a simi elderly .) thimmi subject elector .) a hramthawknak a simi elephant . 2. I am going.) 1.g.(v.) nengpi ellipse . In ancient times.(adj.(adv.(n.g.g. Hurry.(n. a cumi sinak eligible . 2. tuahnak elapse .) elektrik dah nih thah elegant .) hleikhatnak elf .(n.) thim khawhnak nawl a ngeimi hna electric .) 1. a tha bikmi hna elite .(n.g.) aa tlakmi . 2. hrial a thiam ngaimi emanate .) a ttha bik a simi elk . What else could I say? = Zeidang hlei dah ka chim khawh nhga?.(n.) chuak .(n.(n.(n.) hlawt . e. a si lo ahcun. a rumra a ummi element . 2.(v. a ttha . water. vui elephantine .(n.) thimnak elective .g. chuah.(v. aho zong .) 1. oxygen le canphio cu element an si.) hrial elusive . a si lo ahcun na tlai lai elsewhere .) hlawtnak.) 1.(adj. upa elder . zeidang hlei dah.) kiu elder .) a lan .) fianter elucidation . ve.) derter .(v.) hmun pakhatkhat a sanning elevator . nalnak eloquent . a fawimi thil elementary .(adj. mithi kha thu hlah seh tiin si thuh. caan a lan elastic . e.) elektrik dah electrocute . hler elevation .) 1. mi dang pakhatkhat tu an kal a herh.) nungak le tlangval an zam khi eloquence .

) chapnak ember .) ramdang i a pemmi emigrate .(adj. tthatnak lei i lonh i zuam. tamh .) fak khun in chimmi .(v. emergency .) palhnak remh emendation .(n. cu thlahmi aiawhtu hna an zung embattled .(n. dawhter.embargo .(v. pum chung i umter.(n. 2. 2.(adj. tamh. 2.(n.) ukmi ram empirical .(adv.(adj.(adj.) ramdang i pem emigration . The silver cup is embossed with a design of flowers = Ngun hrai cu a tamhnak caah pangpar mui an ker embrace .) ningzahnak .(n. pangpar suai embroil . lungtho ngaiin tuahmi emperor .(adv.) tluk i zuam.) va nganpi phun khat emulate .(v. pum in hun langhter.(v.) 1. A chicken within an egg is an embryo = Arti chung arfate cu embryo a si emend .(v.(n.g.) 1.(n.(n. The proverb tells us to emulate the ants = phungthluk bia nih hngerhte tluk si i zuam kha a kan chimh emulation . rianttuantu employer .(v.(n.(adj. pangpar suai embroidery .(n.(n.(n.) uktu siangpahrang emphasis .(v.) hmaizahnak in a rian in aa din cangmi emigrant .) a chung i vaa tel ve embryo .) chuahnak emit . pom embroider .(v. 2.g. thluah embark .) 1. tuahmi . Precious stones are embedded in stones = Lungvar cu lung chungah an i benh embellish . cit hram i thawk embarkation .) hrin hlan fate.(adj.(v.) dawhter .) a hung chuak .) rian emporium .(n.) remhnak emerald .) ningzah.(n.(adj.) lungduhnak emotional .g. mingiatu emission .) lawng cung i cuannak embarrass .) a nungmi vutcam a chung i meittil a um rihmi embezzle . chap embellishment .) chuah.) kuh .) ruah lopi in a hung chuakmi emeritus .) lawnnak empty .) a chungah zeihmanh a um lomi .g. uarnak emphatic . e.(n. a hung lang emergence . chuahter emolument . thlauhnak . a lawng a simi emu .) ral doh awk i timh cia i a ummi embed .) tamhnak ca i ker.) hung chuahnak . rianttuantu uktu employment .(n.) lungduhnak he aa pehtlaimi.(n.(n.) ruah lopi in a hung chuakmi thil. ttamhnak . tthatter deuh.) rianttuan man i hmuhmi tangka emotion .) lungvar phun khat emerge .(n.(n.) rianttuan fialmi . e.) rianttuan fialtu .g.) rak zohkhenh tiah tialmi tangka rak fir emblem .(v.) benh.(n.(v. cozah pakhat nih cozah dang pakhat sinah aiawhtu a thlahmi.(n. e. hman.(n.) meittil embers .(v.(n.(v.(n.) uktu siangpahrang nupi / uktu siangpahrangnu emptiness .) hmelchunhnak a simi embody .) lawngcung i kai . Employ your time wisely = Na caan ttha tein hmang tuah employee .) 1. minthannak.(n.) minthangmi eminently . thawitenh .(adj.) tluk i zuamnak.) dawhternak . hmaichiatnak embassy . e. hung langhnak emergency .g. thawitenhnak . e.(n.(v. e.) nawl pek empress . e.(n. This book embodies information for going to London = Hi cauk chungah hin London kalnak hngalhnak bia a um emboss .) thlahmi .(v. The building embodies the idea of the architect = Inn nih a satu ruahnak kha a pum in a hun langhter.(n.) zohnak le tonghthamnak le hneksaknak in hngalhmi thil employ . uarmi emphatically . uar in empire . pehsauh.(n.) minthang ngaiin emissary .) kham. fialmi .(n.) fak khun in chim in. hleih i zuamnak Page 71 . eminent .g.(n.) hmelchunhnak emblematic .) chawdawr nganpi empower . hmun sang.(v.(v. tuahnak .) rianpek .(n. donhnak embargo . hmaichiat embarrassment .) ramdang i pemnak eminence .) fak khun in chimhnak .) khamnak .(v.

2.) zuamnak endeavour .) thirhri in khih . ham.(n. e.(v.g. aidi in mawn enchanter . nuamhnak encircle . forh encouragement .) thazang pek energy .) cauk ngan pipi.(v. 2. eih in mawn.) thazang tlawmter .) upadi i sernak enamel .(adv.(v. i chuahkehpi. thazang in hnek .(n.(v.) in khawh a simi endurance .g.) thazang a ngei ngaimi energetically .(n.) thazang pek .) mawnh.(n.) ramri en. They engaged a cook for the summer = Tthal caan caah rawlchuang pakhat an lak.) hol pakan sernak i hmanmi si enbalm . e. rian ngeih.(n.(v.) kulhnak . tlonak .) thazang a ngei ngaiin energize .(n.) kuang chung i khumh enchain .g.) tonnak encourage .) upadi i ser enactment .(n. The teeth in one gear engage in those of another = Seh ha cu pakhat le pakhat an i seh engaged .(v.(v. lampi in enable .) me thlak khawhnak nawl ngeihnak engage . Hot climate enervates people = Khualin nih mi an tha a thutter hna enfeeble .g. The inside of the kettle is encrusted with lime = Ketteli a chunglei kha thung in a dak encyclopedia .(v.g.(n.(n. 2. minthut. rian pek.(adj. ramri ennak encrust .) in khawhnak .) i hamnak Page 72 . She was endowed with beauty = Mui dawh cu aa chuahkehpimi a si endowment . thil pakhatkhat tuah khawh pengnak ding ca i tangka/thil pek. The road ends here = Hika ah lam a dong endanger . huatu energetic .(n.(adj.) dawtternak endeavour . e.g.(adj. e. kulh enclosure .) mawnh thiammi enchantment . rianttuantu ca i lak . A rich man endowed a college = Mirumpa nih college pakhat kha a dir khawh peng nakhnga tangka rianttuannak caah a pek. lonh awk a si lomi lonh encroachment .(v.(v.(v. manh lo .(adj.(n.(v.) ttuan khawh pengnak ding ca i pekmi tangka a simi.) luatter.) lampi ah .) ton .) 1. They were engaged in conversation = Bia an i ruah i an i manh lo engagement . e. lawmhternak.g.(v.emulsion .g.(v.) tuam . thathutter. in.g. Hermes and Mary are engaged = Hermes le Mary cu kan i thi lai tiah an i ham. thazang tlawmter enfold .(n. e.) derter . kulhmi hmun encompass .) tuahter khawh enact .(n.) ttihnunnak ah a phakter endear .g.) ennak.) mithi kha thu hlah seh tiin si thuh encase (incase) .) dakter .) forhnak encroach .) upadi hman ding i vun sernak enfranchise . lawmhter ngai.) 1. e. a dak (daak).) zuam ending . e.(v. Endowment fund = Ttuan khawh pengnak a simi tangka endowment .(adv. nguh.) kulh enclose (inclose) .(v. e.(v.) ral . e.(n.(v.(n.(v. ruah lopi in i ton khut encounter . e.) donghnak endless .(v. me thlak khawhnak nawl pek enfranchisement . e.(n.g.(v.g.) kulh encounter . 2.(v.) cawhnuk bantuk a simi en route . He has to endorse the check before the bank could cash it = Bank nih check kha tangka i an serpiak khawh hlanah a check ahcun a min a tthut a hau.(v. hngalhnak tampi an chungah aa ttial i kawl fawi seh tinak ah A B C in aa chang lengmang in an ttialmi end . e.(v.) 1.) ttuan khawh pengnak ding ca i pekmi laksawng endurable .(adj. dong. an i seh.) dongh.g. lungtthawnnak pek .) 1.(n. upadi kha hman ding vun siter enforcement .(n.(n. saupi nguhnak endure . Parents endorsed the plans for the school = Sianginn saknak ding kha hupa hna nih an hnatlakpi hna endorsement .(v.) mawnnak.) donghnak a ngei lomi endorse .) dawtter endearment .(v.(n. 2. hren enchant .) duhmi tuahter khawhnak ca i hnek . A gold ring will endure 100 years = Sui kutdonghrolh nih kum 100 a nguh lai enemy .(n.(n.) thazang tthawnnak enervate .) 1.) hnatlakpinak endow .(v.) donghnak end .) khumh. hnatlakpi. fun enforce .

milungtho enthusiastic .) rumternak .(v.(v.(adv. sal tlaih i tlaih enthrone . hngalhnak le fimnak pek enlightenment .(v.(v.(v. i ralnak enormous . He was enlisted in the army = Ralkap chungah a lut enlistment . tthatternak enroll .) ceuternak enlist .(v.) thinhunter enrich .(v.) rian .(v. a hnu deuh i hung um ensure .(adj.) lungthin tlaih . khuaruahhar bia enigmatic .) forh . lampi in enshrine .) rumter .(n.(adv. ker.(adv.(v. tthatter enrichment . fial enjoy .(n.) thanuammi enthusiastically . vawlei cung thil paohpaoh entomb . a hmu dingmi siter entity .) lunglawmh .) nganpi in enough .) lemnak enticing .(n.(adj. e. luh.) a ningpi entitle .(v.) lampi ah.) lawmhter .(adv.(n.) ningpi in entirety .) khenh . khualtlung mileng rawl ei sawm .(v.) cazin chung i min khumhnak enmity .(v.(n. chuahter engine .) thanuam ngaiin entice .(n. thanuamnak langhter enthusiasm .(n.g.) hun zulh.) a si hrimhrim ding i siter entail . fianter . ttial .g. i awh .) lawmhtertu entertainment .(v.(n.(adj. nuamh theih e.g.(adj. awhnak enter .(n. khuh .) a dihlak in .) a tawkza enough . fak piin i timhmi enterprising . duhnak enthusiast .(n.) min bunh . min khumh enrollment .) i foihnak.(v.) thlan chung vui Page 73 .(v.) ceuter .) zungthiamnak England . Mirang holh engrave . a ningpi entirely .(v.(n. minkhumhnak enroute . She enjoyed her vacation = Akhonh a lakmi kha nuam ngaiin a hman enjoyable .) 1.) a nganpi enormously . His name was engraved on a stone = A min cu lung cungah an ker.) thil awlokchong .(n.) mi lem a simi.) nganternak enlighten .) rap i foih ensue .) lawmhternak enthral . England mi holh.) nuamhnak enlarge .(v.) sehlei zungthiam engineering .) minthlak .) lem (leem) enticement . England ram. thathawhter.(v.) thil awlokchong a simi enjoin .(v.(n.(n.) bawi tthutdan i tthutter enthuse .(n.) hun zulh entangle .(adj.) hmun thiang i va chiah. a hnok entanglement .(v.(v.(n.(v.) lung i cattialmi khenhchih engulf .(v.) tthatter deuh. seh engineer .) a tawkza in. an ttial engrave . zual enhance .(n.) i foih .) thanuam.(v. nganter deuh enigma .) mithanuam .) minthlaknak .) sal i canter ensnare .engender .(n.(n. 2.(n.) a nuammi enjoyment . orfok a simi rawl entire .(v. tuammuai entertainer . e.g.) luh enterprise .) i huatnak . puai tuahpiak .(v.(n.) dolh .(v.(v.(adj.) nganter enlargement .(adj. hmunthiang i sunglawi ngaiin va chiah bantuk lungchung i chiah enslave .(adv.(v.) rian ngan pipi le rian har pipi aa timmi entertain .) hrin .(v. e.) dothlatnak enrage .) thil a um taktakmi.) cazin chung i min khumh.) inzin .) dothlat enquiry . Is the water hot enough for making? = Ti kha lakphak sernak caah a tawkza in a sa maw? enquire .(n.) thanuamnak .

(n.) min chim tein relnak enunciate .(n. khual tlawnnak caah siseh .) luhnak entrap .(v.) phawinak . e. e.(n.) tluk zawtnak he a pehtlaimi epileptic .(v. Roses entwine the little cottage = Pangpar nih thlamte cu an zelh enumerate .(adj.) hnawh . e. phiatnak Page 74 .) tluk.) bia tawite ttung tlingte ttung in chimmi epilepsy .g.(n.(n.) cu bantuk ca hman awk i thilthuam le thilri hna equitorial . e. aa tlukmi.) biatawi tein tling ngaiin chimmi bia.) nahchuahnak . but silence is golden = Bia chim hi ngun a si.(v.g.(v.) chungtlik si.) 1.(adj.) fiang tein chim enunciation .(n.(n.(v.g.) aa tlukmi equivocal .(adj.(v.) zelh.) tuam environment .(n.) cabawm envelope .) tlukter . cauk pakhatkhat a tawinak in ttial tthanmi epoch .(n.) minung tuanbia chung i chan biapi ngai pakhat eradicate . phiah eraser .) kahcham chung i um in i chan.(n.g. tthal caan ah March 21 hrawng a si i khuasik caan ah September 23 hrawng a si equip .(v.) a herhmi thil thuam .) khulrang tein hawi chonh khawhmi zawtnak epigram . All men are equal before the law = Upadi hmaiah cun mi zeihmanh an i khat dih equal .) tluk zawtnak epileptic .) tlanglawng cit entrance .(adj. One hundred pyas equal one kyat = Pia za khat cu kyat khat he an i tluk.) miralttha hna tunbia chimnak ca i hmanmi hla epidemic .(v.) aa tluk khomi thil equal .g. Zong intrench.) vawlei laifang in rinmi tlang .) sullam pahnih a ngei khomi . chaklei le thlanglei an i canghnak latitude degree 0 equilibrium .) i tluk tein equator .) rak zohkhenh tiah zumhnak le bochannak in pek entry .(v.(n.) hlum fonhnak .(n.(n.) buttit khaubawk kong cawnnak entrails .(adv.) tawi tein mi pakhat kong phungthluk bantuk chimmi. e.(n.(n.(n. hloh eradication .(n.(n.g.) rap in foih entreat .) lamkaltu. ruahsual khawhmi era .(n.) aa tlukmi siternak equalize .g.(n. One team equalled the other team in score = Team khat nih a dang team khat kha teinak mark hmuhmi ah a tluk ko equal .(n.) phawi .(adj. 2.) min chim tein rel enumeration . an i khat .) vawlei cung tuanbia i caan biapi khun a simi .(v.(n.) rihning aa khat tein tuahmi. e.(v.(v.(n. dannak a um lo.(v. Scales are in equilibrium when weights on each side are equal = cuai thlainak hna cu khattelei le khattelei i an chiahmi thil hna an i tluk tikah an rihning aa khat equinox .(n.(n. a fiang lomi .) buttit khaubawk kong a thiamhngalmi entomology . e. ram vaihnak caah siseh i lak i thuam tling cun um equipment .) equator he aa petlaimi thil.entomologist .(v. 'ambassador' a hun changtu envy .) nika nih equator a tan ni a si i chun le zan an i can . thil phun dangte pakhatkhat a chuah a um caan epsom salt .) pawngkam thil ummi hna envoy .(n.) tluktu. Richard the Lion-hearted = Chiandeih thinlung ngei Richard epitome . hlohnak erase . e. aa tluk tein ser .(adj.) minung pakhat nun chung i thil biapi ngai a umnak caan khi epitaph .(adj.) nahchuah envy .(n.(n.) fiang tein chimnak envelope .(adj.) thlan lungttial epithet .(v.) tluk zawtnak in zawmi epilogue .) cauk chung biadonghnak .) i tluknak equalization .(n. cite bantuk equable .(n. entrust .(n.) hnawhnak.) luhnak.g. It is hard to find his equal = Amah tluktu hmuh cu a har ko equality .) chungthin entrain .) nawl entrench . hachuahmi thil enzyme .) tluktertu equally . Speech is silver.(n. cazin chung khumhnak entwine .(n. tuah equalizer . dai tein um hi sui a si epigramatic . tlangkawmnak episode .) cil chung ummi rawl rialtu epic . equivalent .(n.

g. When he died. e. bu khat sinak lungthin essay .(n. a fim ngaimi. An erudite person = Ca a thiam i a fim ngaimi erudition .(abbrev.(adj. fianter. They will erect a building = Inn pakhat an sak lai. i tthitnak espouse .) ralvenh . ngiatnak esplanade . innlo .(n.(n.(n. he espoused a new religion = A tar hnuah biaknak phung thar aa lak esprit .g. An erratic clock = A caan a hman lomi suimilam erratically .(adj.) biafang an chuakehning eucalyptus .(n. Water erodes soil = Ti nih vawlei a ei erosion .) huatter. e.(n. Land and buildings are called real estate = Vawlei le inn kha real estate ti an si 2.) tuakmi.(n.(n. Esprit de Corps = Mah bu ca i teimaknak lungthin.) upat estimate .) ziaza lei he aa pehtlaimi. tthen. Late in life.g.(adj.(n.(v.g.(n.(v.(n. 2.g.) zungzal hmunmi.g.) palh. a kah in an i kap eruption .(n.) 1.) rili kam hrawng hna i i chawhnak lam nganpi espousal .) 1. luat.g.) sak .(n. Food and water are essential to life = Rawl le ti cu nunnak caah a herh ngaingaimi an si essential .) a dangdang eternal . a chia khun . Vawlei kaupi.(v. (et cetera) . lungkhahnak.(adv.g.g. He will come ere long = A rauh hlanah a ra lai erect . e.) ti nih vawlei a einak err .) a herh ngaingaimi . e. It is not ethical to tell lies = Lihchim hi ziaza ttha a si lo ethics .) caan hmaan loin a kalmi thil .) herh ngaingai in establish .(n.(adv.(n.) an chuak.(v.(n.) a herhmi thil. 3.) miphun dangdang i chonh khawhnak ding ca i serchommi holh espionage .) caanhman lo ngaiin erroneous .) i hamnak. a si hrimhrim ti kha langhter establishment .) ziaza ttha hi zeidah a si timi kong cawnnak Ethiopian .) ei.(adv.(n. cathiamnak erupt .(v. e. lungthinharnak ti a si. sianginn thawk. thlah escort . he left an estate of one thousand kyats = A thih ah khan ro tangka thong khat a roh tak.) khun .) saknak. i tthit i vat .) minung chuahkehnak le umtuning ziaza cawnnak etiquette . dirter.g. We took only the essentials on the trip = Kan khualtlawnnak ah a herhmi thil taktak lawng kan i phorh essentially . a muru essential . e. thilri . bunhnak erode . e. The estimate for this building is one thousand kyats = Hi inn ca dih ding tuakmi cu tangka thong khat a si estimation . To err is human = Palh cu minung phung a si ko errand . miphun thawk. bu thawk. zulh .ere .) 1.(n.(adj.g. e. 2.) cattial a thiam ngaimi essence .(v.g. tuaknak estrange .g.) zungzal in eternity .(n.) fek tein umnak estate .) chuahnak .(v. fek tein um.) rili chung i tiva a vung luhnak ka khi etc.) zapi sin chuahlangh tik i umtuning ziaza etymology .) hrial escort .(n. bunh .) a rauh hlanah.) i huatnak. e.) ruahnak.(n. luatnak eschew . i lak.) chuahnak .(adj.) tuak estimate .(n. innlo ttha pipi umnak esteem .) Eskimo mi especially .(n.) zungzal ethical . duhsah tein chuah escape .2.(v. e.) ding tein a dirmi erect . e. an pawt. e.) fialmi tuah awk i kal.(n.g.(v. cozah pakhat nih cozah dang pakhat kong theih a duhmi theih khawhnak ding ca i a thli tein hlatnak . khual i ser estrangement .) thil pakhatkhat chung i biapi bik a simi thil. e.(n.) aa palhmi error .(v.g. fimnak.(adj.) thil kong pakhatkhat ttialmi essayist .(prep.g.) zukaliptas thingkung Page 75 .2.(n.1. lungthin i tthennak.(adj. e.) elektrik dah in an kaltermi hlei escape . khual bantukin i ruahnak estuary . e. He has gone on an errand = An fialmi tuah awkah a kal erratic . Eternal life = Zungzal nunnak eternally .(n.(v. fek tein khuasak.(v.) French holh a si i lungthin. ro.g.) fimnak .(n.(adv.) i ngiatnak .1.(n. pawtnak escalator .) a palhnak erudite .) i ham .(n. a ttha khun . e.) Ethiopia mi ethnology . a caan a hman lomi.) cathiam ngaimi .) ralvengtu Eskimo .(n. e.(n. a hleikhun i Esperanto . They erected a flag post = Alan tung pakhat an bunh erection . biapi ngai a simi.

hmanh.) hrialnak evasive .) aho paohpaoh everyday .) a si hmanh ah evening . The snow is even with the window = Hawhra cu thlalang awng he an i ruang.(adv. 3. 4.) zamnak evacuee .(n. Every boy has a coat = Ngakchia paohpaoh nih angkileng pakhat an ngei cio every now and then .(n.(n.) 1. zamtak evacuation . e.(v. e.(v. tikhu bantukin a lo .) ralzam evade .) kaltak .(conj. e. tlang a um lo.(n. The country is even with no hills = Ram cu a rawn.(adj.) zeizong vialte everywhere . zanlei eventual .) thawngtthabia he aa pehtlaimi evangelism . e.(adv. e.) a si hmanh ah even if . e.) duhsah tein thil i hung can.(adj.g.(adj.(n.6.g.(adj. e. 6.(adj. Have you ever seen him? = Amah cu na hmu bal maw? evermore .(adj. e. An eventful evening = Thil tampi a um.(v.(n.(v. 8.) ningzak deuh a simi thil chimnak ca i bia dawh deuh hmanmi.) atu le atu every other .(v. a tikhu chuahter.(adj. 10 are even numbers = 2. The boys evolve a plan for earning money = Tlangval pawl nih tangka hmuhnak lam an ser ewe . e.g. e.(adj. 2.eulogize .(pron.g. They had even shares of the money = Tanka cu aa zat ceote cio in an i phaw.) thangtthat .) a rian ningin exact .g. thil biapi a hung ummi.) langhtertu a simi thil evident .8.) a ttha lomi evildoer . e. 2. 2.) nifate everyone .) 1.(n. On the eve of his departure = A kal laite (ni) ah even .) aa dannak um loin aa lo hrimhrimmi exactly . My brother is running in the next event = Ka nau cu atu a hun changtu ah hin a tli ve lai eventful . They hoped for the eventual success of their plans = An khuakhannak cu hnu deuhpi ahcun a tlam a tling te ko lai.) zanlei event .) thawngtthabia chimtu evaporate .) khuazakip ah evict . thil fawi tete in thil har ngai i hung cannak evolutionary .g. i zuamnak i thil pakhat khi. Even his brother hated him = A nau hmanh nih a huat.(n.(adj.) a lak lengmang in.(n.(n.g.(n.) upadi ningin tthawl. 2.g. He went away even as you came = Na rat bakte ah khan a kal.(v.) zeilo thil a hung um sual kho ding eventually . e.(n.g.(adj.(v.(v.10 cu even namber an si even .) Zurup mi evacuate .(pron.) thil ttha lo a tuahtu evolution . an i ruang.g. ni sunglawi lai ni.) tuu a pi ex officio .(n.(adj.(adv.) hrial aa zuammi .) 1.(n.) thiltthalo evil . bantuk tein.(pron. e.) Thawngtthabia chimnak evangelist .) a man khiah evangelical . Christmas eve = Khrismas lai ni.(adv.(adv.) ning tein . chuah evidence .) paohpaoh.(adj.(n. a cangmi. Evaporated milk = A tikhu chuahtermi cawhnuk evasion . e. every other book in the library is red = Cauk chiahnak inn i cauk hna cu a lak a lak in a senmi an si.) bia dawh deuh hmanmi European .(adj.(n.(adv.) hrial evaluate . e. e. mi dihlak everything . e.g.) thangtthatnak ca i chimmi bia eunuch .) 1. hngah lengmang hnu ah ever . pahnih in phawt khawhmi nambar.g.) hnu deuhpi ah khin. aa zat ceote. 2. chinchin.) tikhu ah a cang . biahal tik i halmi let ngaingai lo i a dang deuh i leh a duhmi eve . a langmi evidently . 3.g.) a donghnak ah . e.) perh .) duhsah tein thil a hung cangmi he aa pehtlaimi evolve .) duhsah tein thil i hung cannak .g. laite ah.g.) tildit mi euphemism .) bal. a leng langin evil .g.g.) a fiangmi . biaperh Page 76 . tiah an i ruahchan eventuality .) ahopaoh. You have done the work exactly as I wanted it done = Hi rian cu ka duhning tein na tuah exaggerate . 4.g. It was even later than we thought = Kan ruahnak nakin a rak tlai chinchin even if .(conj.(adv.g.(adv. 'Pass away' is a euphemism for 'die' = A liam cang ti cu a thi cang tinak ca i hmanmi a si euphemistic . e.4.) a fiang tein .(adv.(n.(n. an sen everybody .) thil a hung ummi in a khatmi. hlorh eulogy . bakte ah. a rawnmi.) zungzal every .

(v.) hringhran excel . upadi ningin thah execution . e.) Khrihfabu chungin chuahnak excrement .) ingpuannak excavate .) luatter e.(n.) tthatnak excellency . hleih exceeding . cawimawinak examination .) a tam tuk hringhran.(n.) camipuaituahtu.(n.(adj.g.(v.) lau buin chimmi bia exclude .(v.(adj.(n.) aunak exclamatory .) ek excrete .(v.) 1.(adj. e.) 1.) mah ram chung chuakmi thil cung i ngunchuai lakmi excite .) tahchunhnak in langhter exempt .(v.(adj.) a sang deuhmi except . hluah.) luatternak .(n. He works every day except Saturday = Zarhpi dah ti lo cu.) pheo . tam tuk hringhran in exchange . thiamnak ca i cawlcanghnak .(n.(adj.(n.(n. 2.) hawi he i khah lonak exceptional .(n.(n. aa lo lomi excerpt .(n.(n.) cotu.exaggeration . lengchuah exclusion .(adv.) a hleihluat excess .(n.) thangtthat .(n.g.) lohn .) tthatnak lei in hawi lonh excellence .(n. telefon hmun laicer exchequer .) chungin chuah excretion .) zohchun awk tlak a simi exemplification .) cozah pakhatkhat i tangka.) bawi nganpi chawnhnak ca i hmanmi bia excellent . e.) midang tel loin excommunicate . ttha tein zoh examiner .) tiantuannak bu pakhatkhat a kakiak a simi executor . hlorhnak.) 1.(v.(v.) tahchunhnak in fianternak exemplify .(v.(v.(v. a tuantu. a hleihluat a simi excessive .(v.) ngaingaimi exceedingly .) sonhtarhnak.) cauk chung in siseh . fialmi tuah.g. cawh i langhter excavation .) pum in tuahmi.(adj.(v. tlinternak executioner .) pheonak . eksersais tuah Page 77 .(v. zohchun awk exasperate .(n.) ingpuanter exasperation . camipuai tuah.) cawh .) dah lo cu.) i thlen exchange .(n.(adj.) hawi dang tel loin tuah khawhnak nawl a ngeimi exclusively . 2.) thangtthatnak. 2. camipuai.) a tam tuk luakchuak excessively . nifate rian a ttuan exception . vawlei cotu exceed . hlorh exaltation .) mithattu cozah chiahmi executive .(n.) lungthin thawhter.(n. hleh excise . olhnak exercise . e.) a ttha ngaingaimi excelsior .) ngaihthiam .(n.(v. tlinter.) thahnak.(adj.) lungthin thawhnak exclaim .) tan.(adv. mi chimmi in siseh lakmi bia excess .) biaperh exalt .g.) tahchunhnak .(n. He had a good excuse for being late = A tlai ah khan sonhtarhnak a ngei execute .) hawi he aa khat lomi . leng i chuahnak exclusive . leng chuahnak nawl pek excuse .(adj.) au exclamation .(n. tuah. tuah lengmangmi exercise .) pum chungin chuahternak excuse .) Khrihfabu chungin chuah excommunication .(n. The school exempts sick pupils from examinations = Sianginn nih a zawmi siangngakchia cu camipuai tuah an luatter hna exemption .(prep.(v.(n.) pum ngandamnak ca i pum in tuahmi .) a tuahtu.(v.) a tam tuk.g.) thlennak. zohtu.(v.(adv.(n.(n. a ttha maw ttha lo tiin ttha tein zoh examine . Executive Committee = Rianttuantu committee executive . England ram ah cun Chancellor of Exchequer cu Tangka Vuanzi tinak a si excise .) cawhnak excavator . hneksaktu example .(n.(adj. The fire excited the animals = Mei nih saram kha a hlauh hna excitement .(n.(n.(n.(v.) ka thih hnu ah ka chawva hi hun tawlrel seh tiah fialmipa exemplary .

(n.(adj. The thief made a quick exit = Mifir cu khulrang in a chuak exodus . We need air and water to exist = Nunnak caah thli te ti kan herh hna existence . sauter expanse . nau ngeih a nai cang la ti aa ruahmi expectation . tangka hmannak expense . a har a si ah .) fianternak ca i hmanmi explicable .) a kaumi.(n.(adj.(n.(adj.(v.) poipang a simi thil exile . a saumi expatriate . e.(adj.(n.g.) a dong.(adj.(v.) minung nih kan tonmi . sal i va tan exist .(n.(n. He had exhausted all his money = A tangka a hman dih exhaust . hmuhsaknak exhibition .g.(adj. hmuhsak exhibit .(adj.) 1.(n.) ah ram in ram dang i tthawlmi hna.) i hmung duai in ummi expansion .(n.) kauhter . nunnak existent .) mah ca i a tha ding le a rem dingmi thil expedient .(v.(adj. e.) ton.(v.) a thiam ngaingaimi.) mi chungin khuachia chuah exotic .) eksperians tampi a hmumi experiment .(n.) thil a si lai ti i ruah expectant . tha chuahnak exhalation .g.(adj. exhaust .g.) lawmhter exhilaration . puarter . i hman dihnak. 2.) forh exhortation .(v. John was exiled to Patmos Island = John cu Patmos tikulh ah an ttawl i sal ah a tang exile . a thi.(v.) 1.) fianter khawhmi Page 78 .) chuah.) langhternak. nun.(n.(v.) chuah expend .) thil a si lai ti i ruatmi.(n.(v. He is an expert teacher = Cawnpiaktu thiam ngaingai a si expiate .(n.(adv.g.(v. cun cu bantukin a ummi hna.(n.) a nungmi exit .exert .) lawmhternak exhort .) khulrang in tuah fawiter i ranter.) hneksaknak expert . 2.(n. These mountains have existed for a long time = Hi tlang hna cu saupi an um cang.) hmannak . e.) ram dang i tthawl.) hman .(v.(v. aa dawh ngaingaimi expand . tangka hman expenditure . tuah lengmangnak in kan hmuhmi thiamnak le fimnak experience . kauhternak expansive .(v. remnak expire . thil pakhatkhat tuah awk i kal. e.) hneksak experimental .) 1.) tha donghnak.(n.) fianternak explanatory .(n. 2.) chuahnak. cu bantuk i a kal mibu expel . um.) engine nih a chuahtermi tikhu le thli exhaustive .(n. chuah.) thawchuah . a nuam a si ah . He experienced many troubles = Harnak tampi a tong experienced .) chuahnak exorbitant .) phaisa hman awk i pekmi expensive .) fianter explanation .(n.) thinhan damternak .) miruak vui ciami thlan chungin chuah tthan exigency .(n.g.) ruah lo piin thil a hung um i khulrang in tuah a herhmi exigent .) 1.(n.(v.) sauternak .(v.(v.) thawchuahnak exhale .(v.(adj. pawnchuahmi hna expatriation .(adj.(v.) langhternak tuahmi exhilarate .) umnak .(adj.) langhter .(n.) mah ram in duh na loin ram dang i umter.) forhnak exhume . e.(n.(n. 2.) a man a fakmi experience .) pawnchuahnak expect .(v. ramdang in a ra lutmi thil.g.(n. e. e.(adj.) a thiam ngaingaimi expert . chuahnak innka.(n.(adj.(v. thachuah exertion .) hneksaknak experiment .g. Hunting expedition = Ramriah.(n.) thazang a hmang dihmi exhibit .) a tam tuk.) hneksakmi experimentation . kuak khu chuahter exhaustion . tangka hman dih.) thinhan damter expiation .) a rem a tthahnemmi expedite . a lehpek exorbitantly .(n. tha batter. a cat explain .) thil a si lai ti i ruahnak expediency .(v. e.) tam tuk lehpek in exorcise .

(n.) 1.(v.) mah i rak humzualmi mi dang sin i pek tthan. e. a kauhnak . phawi dih extermination . e.) bomb puahnak explosive . ram pakhatkhat nih maw . She read an extract from my favorite poem = Hla ka duh ngaimi chungin a hun lak i a rel extraction .) a um ti lo .) langhternak expressive .(n. te hna hloh .(n. a ttha bikmi extant .g.(n. a mit cang extinction .(n.) kawlnak explore .) khulrang tein mawttawka in kal khawhnak ding caah lam nganpi expulsion .(adj. hawi hlei a simi extravagance .(adj. phuan . A mine is exploited for its minerals = A chung i thirdar a ummi laknak caah khor cu an hman. e.(n.(n.(n.(adj.(n. extradite . um ti lonak.(n.) 1. Can you extract the watch from my pocket? = Ka zal chungin suimilam na la kho hnga maw?.(adj.(v.) hramhram in tangka chuh extortion . We must extend help to the poor = Sifakmi cu bawmhnak kan pekchanh hna awk a si extension . A soldier was decorated for his exploits = Ralkap cu ralttha ngaiin a tuahmi thil caah mintthat an pek exploit .) ramdang i zuar export .) hrawh dih . sianginn chungin chuah expunge . cauk chung i bia . pekchanh e. 2. phawinak.) a dang .g. kuak hmih extinguisher .(v.(n. bomb a puak exploit .(n.(adj.g.) mah cozah sinah kuat tthan extraordinary . only the pulp remains = Theithu cu a hangchuah dih hnuah a lachon lawng a tang. e.(v. a hlei extract .(n.(n. 2.) biatak tein bia in i chimh le i alnak exposure . hmanthlaknak film i voi khat hmehmi khi exposure pakhat ti a si expound . hman.explicit .) a chungin chuah .g. It was his express wish that we should go with him = A duhmi a fiangmi cu amah tel loin kannih kal kha a si. 3. pho exposition .) a kawltu explosion .) phaisa sawksam in hmannak extravagant .) fianter express . ram dang he aa pehtlaimi thil a simi extinct .) ramdang i thil zuartu expose .(n.(adj.g.) a puak . sullam chimtu expository .) sullam langhtertu. e.(n.(v.) mei hmittu.(v. a chung chuak chom i chimmi extend .) a kaupi a simi extent .(n.(adj.) piang tein chimmi explode .) a fiangmi. min .(v. chuah. a chungin lak.g.) a lenglei .) hngalh lomi ram le rili i zeidah a um hnga ti kawl i kal .(v.) sullam langhternak bia a simi expostulate .(adj.) a puak khomi . e.) hmih .(adj.(v.) a lenglei exterminate . e.) langhter . cawimawi extort .g.) hloh dihnak . a tamnak .g. a tam tlawm exterior .(adj. Try to extract the main points = A biapi bikmi lak i zuam extract .(n.(n. ha phawi. 2.) thangtthat.(n.) langhter lungchung phuan expression . a thi cang . hmuhsaknak . mi pakhat nih maw amah ca tthathnemnak ca i mi dang ram le phun an hman hna khi exploit a si.(n.) hmannak exploration .) biatak tein bia in i chimh le i al expostulation . mei hmihnak thilri extol .) hawi hlei in .(n. upadi ning loin chuh extra .) phaisa sawksam in a hmangmi Page 79 .) thil a langhtertu a simi expressway . phawi dihnak external .(v. hloh dih .) aa dawh ngaingaimi . lakchuahnak.) ralttha ngaiin tuahmi thil e. sullam chimnak expositor .g.(v.) thihnak.) a saunak .(v.) sauter . a niam a san .(adj.) zapi sin i langhternak .) hramhram in tangka chuhnak. hnawh exquisite . a rangmi. sauh . e.) ramdang i zuarmi thilri exportation .(adj.) hloh .(n.) cauk chungin chuahmi bia.(adj. mei hmih . lungpuahnak exponent . cozah pakhat nih ram dang in a hung vakvaimi a rak zohkhenhmi hna an cozah sin i a kuattthan hna khi extradition .g. sauhnak extensive . a ngannak . hngalh duh i ttha tein zoh explorer .) langhternak.) sullam langhtertu export . a biapi bikmi lak.) 1. mihnak extinguish . After the extraction of the juice from the orange.(n.(n.) kauhnak.(v.(v.(adj.) i timh setsai lomi chimmi. Express train = A rangmi tlanglawng express . Slaves were exploited by their masters = Sal cu an bawile nih an hman hna exploitation .(v.) ramdang i thil zuarnak exporter .(v. phawi.) atu tiang a um rihmi extemporaneous .(n.(n.

) 1.(n.g.) thil sernak seh inn faculty .) i lawmh ngai exultation . He extricated the chicken from the net = Ar cu sur chung khan a phoih exult . 3.g.) hmai face . He uses extreme care when driving in the rain = ruah sur i mawttaw a mongh ahcun aa ralring hringhran.) a lehpek a simi extricate .) mithmul eyeless .) mitfah eyewitness . e. a kih ah kik tuk. e. e.) lawmhnak nganpi eye . e. 3.(n.) phoih.(n. a caan lopi i capo chimmi facial . Page 80 . hnekchommi factor .g. a ttumchuk.) inn a hmailei face .g. bu pakhat chung i a tam deuh a dohtu a tlawm deuh pawl kha.) la. bawmtu thil facsimile . failure . lehpek extremist .) hringhran .(n.) mit thadit eyeball . aa cheumi bu factious .4.) 1. deuh.(n.(n.g.) mit hrimhrim in a hmutu tehte F fable . zumh khawh ding ngaingai a si lomi facade .(n.) a fawimi facilitate . fabrication .(v.(n.g.) tawnchomnak .) hmai he aa pehtlaimi facile . The house faces the street = Inn cu lam lei a hoih. without fail = pel lo tein.(n.) a ziam faggot .(n.(n.2.) mit ngei lo eyelid . 2. 4.(n. e. facet . e.(adj.) i tthen i cheu a duh ngaimi factitious . tlolh. sungh.(n.(adj.(n. sianginn ah siseh. a donghnak bik ah. He failed his exam = A camipuai a sung.g. 3.(n.g.) mithmuhnak eyesore .(n.(adj. catch one's eye = zoh lo ih um khawh lo. a lum ah a lum tuk extremely . fax zong. e. His health has been failing = A damnak a ttumchuk chin lengmang.g. He failed us when we needed him most = Kan herh bik caan ah a kan deuh. e. Tawhrolh ke tet ngai fade .g.(v.(n. e. e.(n.(adv.(n. thil a cantertu thil.) mittlang hmul eyeglass . The weather went from one extreme to another = Nikhua cu khattelei donghnak in khattelei donghnak tiang a phan.g.(n.) mitmu eyebrow . puan tahnak la fabricate. Faculty of theology = Pathian lei kong cawnnak. kan pum nih a ngeihmi thil ti khawhnak.) a dinmi.(adj.(adj.(n. He lives in the house at the extreme end of the road = Lam a donghnak bik inn ah khan a um.g.(v. She failed to answer the letter = Cakuat leh a tlolh.) lungvar an ahmi a hmai facetious . khattelei donghnak in khattelei donghnak.1. dikiri 32 ah ti a khal.) 1.) mit hmaan eyelash .(v. fad . e.(n.(n.(v. 2. Poor health is one factor for his failure = A sunghtertu pakhat cu ngamdam lonak a si. university i cawnmi phun.(adj.) mi tampi nih caan khatte tawite chung an hun duh ngai tami thil.) phuahchommi.extreme .) hoih.(n. e. hringhran.(n. e.) mit.g.) 1.) sunghnak faint . 212 ah ti a tlok.g.(n.(n.(adj. 2.(n. factory . lih tawnmi fabulous . college ah siseh chimtu saya pawl. e. see eye to eye = lungthin i khat repte i um eye strain . tuk .g.g. e. Fahrenheit .) i lote i sermi. Keep an eye on / keep an eye out = ttha tein zoh. e. 3. an eye for an eye = mit caah mit ve.) kih lum tahnak.g.(adj. bawmh facility . We heard a faint cry for help = Ka bawm u ti aunak aw dinte kha kan theih. e.3.) a si taktakmi thil faction .) lungmih i zei hngal loin um faint .(v.) fawiter .) mitcuar eyesight . fail . i cheunak i tthennak. fact . 2.) khuaruahhar a simi .) ni hna seh ti duhnak ca i chimmi capo bia.) tuahtu. Hearing is a faculty = Theihnak hi kan pum nih a ngeihmi thil ti khawhnak pakhat a si.) cawnpiaknak ca i hmanmi tuanbia fabric .) thinghreu tom.) hmanmi thil.(adj.(n.(v. lehpek .

(n.g.g.) Ttha tein theihhngalhter family .g.) a taktak a si lomi. e.) 1.g. e. palh lo tein ttial thanmi. fake . fall behind = hawi phak lo.g. Fall nih sullam dangdang a ngeihmi.) 1. e. 2. The fall from his horse hurt him = Rang cungin a tlaknak nih a khawnden. tlen hnawh. a hmaan lomi thil siter falter .(adv. tla. ziaza lei tlu.) lih siter. 8. Her plan fell through = Aa tinh mi a tling kho lo. fall back = hnulei kir.(n.(adj.) a palh khomi fallow . fakir . e. a chia lo.g.) 1. khawn. 2. They fell asleep = An i hngilh.(adj. It was a fair fight = Boksing an i thongh cu a phungning le a dinning in an i thawng ko. He is familiar with my family = Ka innchungkar he aa theihngalmi an si familiarity . e.g. The city fell into the hands of the enemies = Khuapi cu ral kut chungah a tla.(adj.(v. hawikom sinak. thi. e. The interest on the money falls due in May = Tangka karh kha May thla ah a caan a tling lai.g. a hmaanmi a si lomi tuanbia faith . e. He fell ill = A zaw. e. e.g. The fall of the river begins here = Hika an hin tiva ttum hram aa thawk. 6. man ttum. Water in the river has fallen two feet = Tiva chung ti pe hnih a ttum.g. ruah sur.g.(n.g. waterfall = tisor.(n.) tthatnak. e.(n.g.) zapi hmuh awk le cawk awk i thil tampi hmunkhat i chuahpimi .g. golf ball dawntu um lo i a zuannak. e. fairy . His voice is familiar to radio listeners = A aw cu radio a ngai mi nih cun hngalh cio a si. He was tempted and fell = Tukforhnak a ing i a tlu.(n. Christmas falls on Saturday = Khrismas ni cu zarhteni ah a tla. e. a chia lo. fall zoh. caan a tling.g. Where did the blow fall? = An i thongh ah khan khuazei ah dah a khen? 17.g. si. Make a fair copy of the letter = Cakuat kha palh lo tein ttial tthan.g. Many fell in battle = Raltuknak hmun ah tampi an thi. e. a za ko.g. hawikom si: e.) i theihhngalhnak. Familiarity breeds contempt = I theihhngalh tuknak nih nehsawhnak a chuahter khawh familiarize . tlu. A fake telegram = hlennak ca i thirhri tukmi. ha deu an si. mingo a si. 5. e. niam zuahmah. zumh awk tlak a si lomi. 6.) lih . e. The land falls away here to the river = Vawlei cu hika hin tiva tiang a niam zuahmah.) zumh awk tlak tein faithfulness . fall in love = an i dug kho lo. tiva a kuang a ttum. cheu.) hmaan lo ngaiin falseness .(adj.(n. fall off = a tlinh.) innchungkhar Page 81 . lung aw tawm in um fame . hmailei i dingte i kal kho lo i con.(n. e. tthal le khuasik karlak. fair .g.) golf tuknak i hmun khat in hmun khat kar. man tum.(adj. a si tikah. His story falls into two parts = A tuanbia cu cheu hnih ah aa tthen. tla. The price of oil has fallen = Chiti man a ttum cang. i rinh tthan. e.g.g.(v.) lasi tuanbia. lihchim. e. e. e. A baby falls when learning how to walk = Bawhte cu kal a cawn lioah a tlu lengmang. fall back on = bochan tthan. e. a dinning le a phung ningin tuahmi. dehnak . a thimi.g. hngalh ciomi. lih sinak falsification .g. 12.) zumhnak a ngei lomi . The rain falls = Ruah a sur.g.(v.g.) lih siternak. 3.(v.) a ral a chiami fair .) 1. e. fallible . a hmaan lomi thil fallacy .g. Rome fell = Rom khuapi cu a tlu. The choice falls on you = Nangmah an in thim.g. zor.(n.g.(n.(n. 2. 2.) Muslim asiloah Hindu phungki falcon . e. mah biakammi lila a zul lomi fake .(n. faint-hearted . lih a si. faithful . He fell from the roof = Inncung in a tla.(n. ngo.(adj. dawhnak fairway .(adj. a hmaan lo.g. 4. khua a ttha.(n. cung tlun. She has a fair skin = a cuar a ngo.) past participle of fall. a rawk. rawk. e. a hmaan lomi sinak falsely . keep faith = bia kammi zulh. The beggar's limp was a fake = Rawlhalpa a ke aa beiter kha aa titermi a si.(adj.) a tlumi. 7. tthen. den. e. hlennak. e.(n. 5. The fall of prices was slow = Thil man ttum a nuar ko. paihsual. e. 4. sur. tla. i theihhngalh.(n. 10. e. 14. 13.(adj.(v. 3. a tlami fallen . e. e. 2. fall . 15.) hmaan lonak.) a si lomi a si bantukin ser. September le October hrawng. 11. fallacious .(n.) 1.g.g. sikpar.g.) lasi fairy tale . The weather is fair today = Nihin cu khua a ttha. tlaknak. e. The fall of the rain was heavy = Ruah a tuk ngai. falsehood . dawrpi ni fairly . e.g. e. 9. 2.(n.(adj. e. ttha tein hngalh . When night falls = Zan a si tikah.(adj.g.) zumh awk tlakmi sinak faithless . in good faith = lihchim lo tein. e.) 1.g.) zumhnak. a hmaan lomi siternak falsify . thlawh lo i umtermi lo false .) thangtthat minthannak familiar . tluk.) hlennak a simi . e.) dinhtermi lo.g. 16. They fell in love = An i duh.g.) mupi phun khat fall .(adj. fall through = a tling kho lo. 4.g. a taktak a si lomi. 5. i hngatchan tthan. tlu. a hmaan lomi bia fallen . He has false teeth = A ha khi a taktak a si lomi.) lihbia . 3.) zumh awk tlak a simi faithfully . Words fell from his lips = A hmurka in bia an chuak. biaknak phung.(adv. His knowledge of English is fair = Mirang holh a thiamning cu a za ko.) ttha ngaiin fairness . e.feel faint = lungmit dengmang i um. chuak. A boy fell among thieves = Ngakchiapa cu mifir lakah aa paihsual.

(n. khattelei kam.) lungchung in hmanthlak suai thiamnak. ruah lengpi a simi.) aa hruhchihmi fanaticism .(v.(interj.) hmailei thil a rak hmu khomi far-sightedness .g. e.) a hla deuhmi. Do you need farther help? = Bawmhnak tam deuh na herh rih maw? farther . e. hawi hlei in a tthami.) kal man.) 1. thlanzahnak zahphek. e.g.(adj. e. caan a rangmi.) 1. He talked in a childish fashion = Ngakchia holhning in a holh.(n.g.g.(v.) minthang ngaiin fan . khuaruahhar ngaingai a simi thil fantasy .1.(adj.2.) rawltam tuk i thih deng famous .(adj.) 1.) 1.) rawl ulh.2. Hold fast to my hand = Ka kut fek tein i tlaih.(n. hnipuan le fenh aihning. He lives far from here = Hika hin lamhlapi ah a um.) a nai lomi .g. He is fast asleep = Thinthi in aa hngilh fast . I can swim farther than you = Nangmah nakin hla deuh ti ka leuh khawh 2.) 1.(adj. e.) zahphek in zah.g.(adv.(adj.) minthangmi famously .(n. fancy . far .) si.g.) zumhnak siseh biaknak phung siseh aa hruhchihmi . During his fast.) ser.g. e.(n. e.(n. ning . He is far and away the better writer = Amah cu cattial a thiam deuh suaumau far-fetched . ruahnak far-seeing . e.g. uico hao.) 1.) lamhlatpi i a ummi far-reaching .) hmailei thil rak hmuh khawhnak faraway .) a hla.g. tom. 3. a muia chuak lo.) hlapi rak hmuh khaw .) a hla bikmi fascinate . e.(n. a hlat deuhnak hmun. Fancy dress = Hawi hlei in a tthami hnipuan.g.1.) 1. ttem fastener .g. camh.(n. zapi uarmi fashion . e. Fancy cakes = Azawng phungphun a ngeimi changreu thlum. e.g.) azawng a phungphun in an tuahmi thil tete. fast color = Suk zong i a mui a chuak lomi fast .(n. khul a rangmi. sining.g.) tampi thlau.(adj. 3. baska kal man farewell .(v.) dam tein vaa kal ai law farm . e.(adj. 3.(adj. suaumau. zong phantasy. he did not eat anything = Rawl a ulh lioah zeihmanh a ei lo fastedious .) lungchung saduhthahnak in a khatmi fancy .g.(n.) ttemtu Page 82 .(v. a hlami.) mangtam famish . e. Fasten the doors before you go to bed = Na ih hlanah innka kha hrenh hna. hamh. a taktak a si lomi thil. e.g.) lungchung lawng in ruahmi thil.(adv.g. 2. tam deuh.) thil hruk aihning mi tampi nih an uarmi fast . 2.(n.(adj.(v. volleyball tehna a uar ngaimi fan .) i hruhchihnak fanciful .(adj. Snakes are said to fascinate birds = Rul nih vate an hamh hna an ti fascination .) lamhlapi fare . e. e. He came from a far country = Ram hlapi in a ra.(n.) lo le a chung i a ummi inn hna farther .(v.) lo i sakmi inn farming . a si deuh ngaingai.(v. e. Her beauty fascinated him = Aa dawhnak nih aidi bang a tlaih ko.) lo farm . e.) lo thlawh le sattil zuat in paw i cawmnak farmstead . The farther hill is ten miles away = A hla deuhmi tlang khi khan hra a si farthermost . His car will not go fast = A mawttawka khulrang in a kal kho lo.(adj.g.) lo thlawh farmer . He is a far better writer than his brother = Amah cu a nau nakin cattial a thiam deuh ngaingaimi a si far .(adj.g. rul hao fantastic .(adj.) a hla bikmi farthest . How did you fare during your journey = Na khualtlawn chungah khan zeitindah na um? fare . lungchung lawngin ruah i a si taktak ttung lomi fang .) 1.(v.) 1.g. fek tein. tilawng kal man. e. e. a ttha a chia ti a tuaktan kho ti lomi fanatical . 2. lungchung in ka si ti i ruah. 2. lentecelhnak.(n.(adj. He fastened the papers together = Caku kha hmun khat ah a tom hna.(n. pumpululh chuih tehna. hrenh. rianrang tein.(n. vanlawng kal man.g.(n.(adv. He fashioned a figure out of clay = Tlak in mi mui pakhat a ser fashionable . e. 2.) lung lak khawhnak fashion .) lamhlapi a phan khomi thil .g. thinthi in.(n. hmailei ca khua rak khan khawh far-sighted . He lives on the far side of the mountain = Tlang.) lothlopa farmhouse . e.(adj.(v. 2.(adj.(adv.) hao. He fanned the fire with a fan = Zahphek in mei a zah fanatic . a hlat deuhnak ah khan a um far and away .(adv.) aa dongkhang lo pipi va khawmh chommi hna khi far-flung .(n.) hmun kaupi i aa thekmi far-off . lam hla deuh. aidi nih tlaih. a si taktak lomi thil.(adj.g.famine .g. e. His watch is fast = A suimilam a rang. He fancied himself to be a great king = Siangpahrang nganpi ka si tiin a lungchung in aa ruah fancy . 2.(adj.) miduhce fasten . e.

fastening - (n.) hrenhnak i hmanmi thil; e.g. Locks and buttons are fastenings = Tawh le kep cu hrenhnak i hmanmi thil an si fastness - (n.) a himnak hmun , mi phak khawh lonak hmun; e.g. The bandits hid in their mountain fastness = Mifir pawl cu tlang i an i thuhnak hmun, an ca i hmun him a si i mi phak khawh set lonak a simi ah an i thup fat - (n.) thau , sa thau fat - (adj.) a chahmi; e.g. A fat book = Cauk chah fatal - (adj.) Thihnak tiang a phaktertu thil; e.g. He was knocked down by a car and received fatal injuries = Mawttawka nih a paw i thihnak tiang a simi hliamnak kha a hmuh fatalism - (n.) zeipaoh hi khaukhih cia dih a si ko tiin zumhning fatality - (n.) thihnak fatally - (adv.) thihnak tiang phan in fate - (n.) van , zeizong vialte hi a van nawl a si ko timi van khi , zeizong vialte a uktu van e.g. It was their fate to meet and marry = An i ton i an i tthit cu an van a rak si ko father - (n.) pa , ka pa father-in-law - (n.) nupi pa , pu fatherhood - (n.) pa sinak fatherland - (n.) chuahkehnak ram fatherless - (adj.) pa ngei lomi fatherly - (adj.) pa bantuk ziaza fathom - (n.) lam khat, pe ruk fathom - (v.) a thuklei tah fathomless - (adj.) donghnak a ngei lomi khor fatigue - (n.) thabatnak fatigue - (adj.) thaba; e.g. thaba lakin ttuanmi rian fatness - (n.) thaunak fatten - (v.) thauter faucet - (n.) timerh hmur fault - (n.) palhnak , tlin lonak fault finding - (n.) sual kawlnak faultfinder - (n.) sual kawltu faultless - (adj.) sawisel awk um lo faulty - (adj.) palhnak a ngeimi , tlinlonak a ngeimi , a tthalomi fauna - (n.) ram chung pakhat , asiloah caan pakhat chung i a ummi saram hna; Lairam fauna cu Lairam i saram a ummi vialte hi an si ko favor - (n.) 1. duh, duhpiaknak, hnatlakpinak; e.g. He is in favor of your plan = Na khuakhanmi kha an hnatlakpi; 2. bawmhnak , zaangfahnak; e.g. He did me a favor = A ka zaangfah; 3. bawmh khun, zaangfah khun; e.g. The teacher showed favor to younger children = Saya nih ngakchia a no deuh pawl kha a zaangfah khun hna favor - (v.) 1. duh, hnatlak; e.g. We favor John's plan = John timhmi kha kan hna a tla; 2. dawt khun, duhdanh ngeih; e.g. The teacher favored the boys = Saya nih pa ngakchia kha a dawt deuh hna, a duhdanh hna. favorable - (adj.) hnatla a simi; e.g. He is favorable to our plan = Kan i timhmi kha a hna a tla ve; 2. kan ca i a tthami; e.g. We had favorable weather last week = Kan hnulei zarh cu nikhua nih a kan tthatpiak favorably - (adv.) hnatlakpi ngaiin favorite - (n.) dawt khunmi; e.g. She is her father's favorite = Amah cu a pa i a dawt khunmi a si favorite - (adj.) duh khunmi; e.g. Green is my favorite color = A hringmi azawng hi ka duh khunmi zawng a si favoritism - (n.) duhdanhnak ngeih fawn - (n.) sakhi fa fear - (n.) ttihnak fear - (v.) ttih , thinphan fearful - (adj.) a thin a phangmi, a ning a timi fearless - (adj.) ttihnak a ngei lomi feasibility - (n.) tuah khawh a simi thil feasible - (adj.) tuah khawh a simi thil feast - (n.) rawldanghnak puai feast - (v.) rawl danghnak i rawl thawthaw ei feat - (n.) thil lianngan, ralttha ngai le thiam ngaiin tuahmi; e.g. The first flight into space was a feat = Vanlawng i an zuan hmasa bik kha ralttha ngai le thiam ngaiin tuahmi thil lianngan a si feather - (n.) ar hmul , va hmul feathery - (adj.) ar hmul bantuk feature - (n.) 1. hmai chung , thil pakhatkhat; e.g. Your features are your forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. = Na hmai chung thil hna cu na cal, na mit, na hnar, na ka, na khabe, etc. hna hi an si; 2. hmai a dihlak; e.g. He is a man of handsome features = Hi pa cu pa dawh ngai a si; 3. a lang khunmi; e.g. Light is a necessary feature in a house = Ceunak hi inn chungah herhmi a lang khunmi a si; 4. hawi dang / thil dang he i lawh lonak; the geographical features of the Chin state = Lairam hawi

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dang ram he khuaram lei in aa dannak; 5. prokarem chung i biapi bik a simi thil, tadinca chung i lang khun in ttialmi bia; e.g. There is an interesting feature about world peace in the newspaper = Tadinca ah vawlei cung daihnak kong a lang khun in an ttialmi a um feature - (v.) a hleikhun in langhter; e.g. They featured him as the writer of the year = Tukum chung i cattialtu hna lakah a lang khunmi ah an ser featureless - (adj.) muisam zeihmanh a ngei lomi February - (n.) Febuari thla fed - (v.) past tense and past participle of feed, rawl pek, rawl ei. federal - (adj.) cozah uknak phun khat, state hna nih nawl ngei ngaiin anum khawhnak; U.S.A. uknak bantuk khi federation - (n.) i fonhnak fee - (n.) ttuanman ca i pekmi tangka , eiman ca i liammi tangka feeble - (adj.) dertthawm , thazang ngei lo feeble-minded - (adj.) lungthin a tlingtlam deuh lomi feed - (v.) 1. rawl pek; 2. rawl ei feed - (n.) rawl , sattil arva ca rawl feeder - (n.) rawl petu feel - (v.) 1. takpum in hngalh; e.g. He feels happy because he passed the exam = Camipuai a awn caah a lung aa lawm; 2. ruah , zumh; e.g. He feels you should go = Na kal awk a si tiah a ruah; 3. kut tongh in hngalh; e.g. She felt rain on her cheeks = A biang i ruahti a tlak kha a hngalh; 4. tonghnak in hngalh; e.g. Feel his forehead if he has a fever = a tak a linh linh lo hngalhnak ah a lu kha vun tawng tuah feeling - (n.) 1. lungchung ummi thil; e.g. She saw her diamond earring and had a feeling of jealosy = A diamond hnatonh kha a hmuh i a lungchung ah hngarnak a ngei; 2. lungputning , zumhning; e.g. My feeling is that he will make a good teacher = Ka zumhning ah saya tha a si lai ka ti; 3. tonghnak in hngalh khawhnak; e.g. Since his injury, he has no feeling in his arm = An hliamkhuai hnu in a ban nih zeihmanh a hngal kho lo feet - (n.) foot zoh, ke pakhat nak tam, pe khat nak tam felicitate - (v.) conglawmh , lawmhpi felicitous - (adj.) conglawmhnak , lawmhpinak i aa tlakmi bia; e.g. A felicitous speech of thanks = Lunglawmhnak bia chimnak i aa tlakmi bia felicity - (n.) lunglawmhnak fell - (v.) 1. past tense of fall, tla, tlak; zoh fall; e.g. tla; e.g. He fell from the roof = Inncung in a tla; 2. thlu; e.g. He was felled by one blow = Voi khat thongh nih a thluk; 3. hau; e.g. He will fell the tree = Thingkung kha a hau lai. fellow - (adj.) si timi hawi; e.g. We are fellow students = Sianginn kai ti kan si fellow - (n.) pa hawikom fellowship - (n.) hawikomhnak, college cacawnnak i bawmhnak tangka pekmi felon - (n.) thiltthalo a tuahmi misual felony - (n.) a fakmi sualnak; e.g. to murder = lainawn. felt - (n.) ralkap luchin kau pawl an sernak sahmul kha felt - (v.) past tense and past participle of feel, takpum in hngalhzoh; feel zoh; e.g. kut tongh in hngalh; e.g. She felt rain on her cheeks = A biang i ruahti a tlak kha a hngalh. female - (adj.) nu , nu phun paohpaoh feminine - (adj.) nu lei thil fence - (v.) kulh; e.g. They fenced the field = Lo kha an kulh fence - (n.) hau hruang fend - (v.) 1. dan kanh; e.g. He fended off the blows with his arm = A kut in a hun thonghnak kha a rak i dan kanh; 2. tthawl; e.g. She fended off the dog with a stick = Fung in uico kha a tthawl fend for oneself - (v.) mahte in i cawm fender - (n.) meitihnak kaa khamnak, denkhawn sual dawntu ca i hmanmi thil, mawttawka ke a khuhtu khi ferment - (v.) a tho , zu an uam i a thawh khi fermentation - (n.) zu thawhternak fern - (n.) khangca , khangca bantuk lung i aa benhmi zong khi ferocious - (adj.) ttih a nungmi ferocity - (n.) ttihnungmi sinak ferry - (n.) tiva khattelei kam in khattelei kam ah thil thiarnak i an hmanmi lawng ferry - (v.) tilawng in siseh mawttawka in siseh vanlawng in siseh hmun khat in hmun khat i i thiar fertile - (adj.) 1. vawlei a tthami; e.g. His land is fertile = A lo vawlei a ttha; 2. fa tampi a hring khomi fertility - (n.) vawlei tthatnak , fa tampi ngei kho sinak fertilize - (v.) vawlei tthatter , non pek fertilizer - (n.) vawlei tthattertu , non fervent - (adj.) lungtho ngaiin tuahmi , i biatak ngaiin tuahmi; e.g. fervent prayer = Biatak tein thlacam fervor - (n.) lungthawhnak , i biataknak lungthin festal - (adj.) puai , lawmhnak he aa pehtlaimi

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fester - (v.) hnai a khuar; e.g. The wound festered and became painful = Hma cu hnai a khuar i a fak festival - (n.) puai festive - (adj.) lawmhnak he aa pehtlaimi, puai he aa pehtlaimi thil festivity - (n.) i nuamhnak, i lawmhnak. festoon - (v.) caku dawh le pangpar le thinghnah le a dangdang in khualai lam hna , inn hna tamh festoon - (n.) cu bantuk tamhnak ca i an thlai lulhmi thil hna fetch - (v.) 1. va lak; e.g. Please fetch me my eye glasses = ka mit hmaan va ka lak ta; 2. than, ti than; 3. minung ka zong ah hman khawh; e.g. I want to fetch my son = Ka fapa va lak ka duh fetching - (adj.) aa dawhmi , mit a hlangmi; e.g. She wears a fetching hat = Aa dawhmi, mit a hlangmi luchin aa chinh fete - (v.) puai tuahpiak , conglawmh; e.g. The bride was feted by her friends = Mo cu a hawile nih puai an tuahpiak fete - (n.) puai nganpi fetish - (n.) siasal , camh a ngei tiah an ruahmi thil fetlock - (n.) rang ke hnulei kedil hmul fetter - (n.) hreng fetter - (v.) hrengkhenh fetus - (n.) nu paw chung i nau minung a tling rih lomi feud - (n.) chung dang le chung dang karlak i huatnak saupi a ummi ; i huat in i ralpeng feudal - (adj.) siangpahrang le bawi nih ram kha an ngeih i michia nih a man in ram cu an i hlan i an hman , cu bantukin umtuning kha a si fever - (n.) tak linh few - (adj.) tlawmte. few - (n.) mi tlawmte; e.g. The few who came early were friends = Mi tlawmte ttuan i a rami hna kha hawikom an si. fez - (n.) Arab mi pa nih an i chinhmi luchin. fiance - (n.) hamtu tlangval fiancee - (n.) hammi ngaknu fiasco - (n.) thil tuahnak i hlawhtlin lonak sunghnak fiber - (n.) U.S. la, hri; e.g. Hemp fiber (fibre) can be spun into rope = Thahau hri cu hri ah hrual khawh a si. fibre - (n.) British. la, hri; e.g. Hemp fibre (fiber) can be spun into rope = Thahau hri cu hri ah hrual khawh a si. fickle - (adj.) a fek lomi , aa thleng lelekmi fiction - (n.) a um taktakmi si loin ruah chommi minung kong le thil kong tuanbia fictional - (adj.) a ngaingai si loin ruahchommi fictitious - (adj.) phuah chommi , a ngaingai a si lomi fiddle - (n.) violin tingtang phun khat. fiddler - (n.) violin tumtu. fidelity - (n.) zumh awk tlakmi sinak field - (n.) 1. lo; 2. bualrawn; 3. cawnmi; 4. raldohnak hmun field glasses - (n.) hmanbilu field gun - (n.) miakpi field marshal - (n.) ralbawi ngan bik changtu fiend - (n.) khuachia , Satan fiendish - (adj.) khuachia bantuk fierce - (adj.) 1. a hrang ngai i ttih a nung ngaimi; e.g. A fierce dog = ui hrang; 2. duhnak a thawng ngaimi fiercely - (adv.) ttihnung ngaiin fierceness - (n.) ttihnung ngaimi sinak fiery - (adj.) mei bantuk fifteen - (num.) hleinga fifteenth - (num.) hleinganak fifth - (num.) panganak fiftieth - (num.) sawm nganak fifty - (num.) sawm nga fig - (n.) theipi fight - (n.) raldohnak , ral tuknak fight - (v.) 1. velh, i tongh, taza i cuai; 2. ral doh, ral tuk. fight hand to hand = kut le kut i tawng in i tuk. figure - (n.) 1. nambar ttialnak ca i hmanmi; e.g. 2 is the figure for two = 2 hi nambar pahnih ttialnak ca hmanmi a si; 2. a man zat; e.g. The cost figure for the coat was ten kyats = Angkileng man a zat cu phar hra a si; 3. muithlam; e.g. He saw the figure of a man = Mipa muithlam a hmuh; 4. mi; e.g. He was one of the great figures in history = Tuanbia ah mi ngan pakhat a si ve; 5. milem, hmanthlak; e.g. In the garden are many stone figures = Dum chungah lung in sermi milem tampi an um. figure - (v.) 1. tuak; e.g. He figured out the cost of the house = Inn man kha a tuak cang; 2. a ning hmuh khawh; e.g. He figured out a way of doing it = A tuahning lam pakhat a hmuh khawh.

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figurehead - (n.) nawl ngei ttung lo i lu a simi bawi filament - (n.) elektrik bulb chung i hri tete aa zammi khi. file - (n.) 1. catlap tlemnak ca bawm; 2. i tlang in dir; e.g. A long file of people waited for the bus = I tlang in a dirmi hna mawttawka an hngak; 3. sahrai, hluah tatnak file - (v.) 1. tlem tein chiah; e.g. The clerk files the papers = Cazi nih tadinca kha tlem tein a chiah hna; 2. i zul diahmah in kal; e.g. The children filed out of the classroom = Ngakchia cu i zul diahmah in a khan chungin an chuak; 3. sahrei in hluah tat, sahrei in thir tan filibuster - (n.) upadi sernakbu chung i upadi pakhatkhat kha fehter a si sual lai ti phan ca i a donhnak ding caah heh tiah bia tampi a chimmi fill - (v.) 1. rawn; e.g. Fill the pail with water = Baltin kha ti rawn; 2. a herhmi pek; e.g. They filled the order = An cahmi hna thil kha an kuat hna; 3. rian tlaih; e.g. No one was found to fill that job = Khi rian a tlaitu ding ahohmanh an hmu hna lo. fill in = phih; Fill in all the blanks = A lawnnak paoh kha phit dih. fill out = thau uahmah; e.g. The good food filled him out = Rawl thaw nih a thauter uahmah ko. fill up = khahter; e.g. Fill up the bottle with water = Thawl kha ti khahter, fill - (n.) khimnak; e.g. He ate his fill = Khim tein a ei; filling station - (n.) petrol zuarnak inn. film - (n.) 1. hmanthlaknak i hmanmi film ; 2. baisikup; 3. a pan ngaingaimi thil, arti nang; e.g. There is a film of ice on the water = Ti cungah hawhra pante, arti nang bantuk a um. film - (v.) baisikup i thlak, ser; e.g. They are filming a famous play = Baisikup minthang an thla lio. filter - (n.) thianternak , ti zetnak filter - (v.) thianh, zet; e.g. Charcoal can filter water = Meihol nih ti a thianh, a zet khawh. filth - (n.) hnawm , hmunthur filthiness - (n.) thurhhnawmhnak filthy - (adj.) a hnawmmi , a thur , a thurmi fin - (n.) nga teh, nga thla final - (adj.) 1. a donghnak, a hmanung bik; 2. thlen ti lo ding; e.g. The ruling of the highest court is final = Biaceihnak zung sang bik nih an khiahmi cu thlen ti lo ding a si. finale - (n.) hla a donghnak finally - (adv.) a donghnak ah finance - (n.) tangka tawnghthamning. finance - (v.) tangka pek; e.g. The church financed the Bible School = Krifabu nih Bible Sianginn kha tangka an pek. finances - (n.) tangka financial - (adj.) tangka he aa pehtlaimi thil financier - (n.) tangka tawngthamtu find - (v.) 1. hmuh; e.g. Did she find the lost book? = Cauk a tlaumi kha a hmu maw? 2. biakhiah; e.g. The jury found the thief guilty = Biaceihtubu nih mifir cu a sual tiah bia an khiah. find - (n.) a man sungmi thil hmuhmi find out - (v.) va hmuh, va hngalh finder - (n.) hmutu , mit in hmuh si lo in kawl i hmuh fine - (adj.) 1. a ttha ngaingaimi; e.g. He goes to a fine school = Sianginn ttha ah a kai; 2. a thia, a hme, a dipmi; e.g. Fine sand = Thetse dip. fine - (n.) dantat-mi chaw fine - (v.) dantat; e.g. He was fined ten kyats = Phar hra dan an tat. finger - (n.) kutdong finger nail - (n.) kut tin fingerprint - (n.) kutdong neh finish - (v.) 1. lim; e.g. She finished the work = Rian a lim; 2. ei dih, hman dih; 3. a hmai a phiah; e.g. He finished the table with red paint = Cabuai cu si sen in a hmai a phiah. finish - (n.) 1. donghnak; 2. tthutdan cabuai a hmai an milh i si an thuhning; e.g. The table had a brown finish = Cabuai cu a donghnak i a hmai i an thuhmi cu si pawl a si. finite - (adj.) donghnak a ngeimi , tlinlonak a ngeimi fir - (n.) mirang far thingkung fire - (n.) 1. mei; 2. meithal puah thawng; e.g. We could hear the gunfire of the hunters = Ramvai pawl an meithal puahthawng kan theih khawh. fire - (v.) 1. meithal puah; e.g. He fired a gun = Meithal a puah; 2. rian phuah; e.g. He was fired = A rian in an phuah. on fire = a kang cuahmah lio. open fire = meithal in kah. miss fire = meithal tlolh. set fire to = duah. under fire = meithal in kah chih len. fire station - (n.) mei thattu pawl umnak firearms - (n.) meithal hriamnam firebrand - (n.) mei thingthu firecracker - (n.) phangphang fireman - (n.) mei thattu fireplace - (n.) tappi fireproof - (adj.) mei kangh khawh lomi thil fireworks - (n.) phagphang le a ceumi a phun phun puah i ceuter firm - (adj.) a fek , aa hnin lo. a chawlehnak lo rianttuannak ah hmunkhat i aa fon i a bu in ttuanmi pawl

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firmament - (n.) van first - (adj.) a hmasa bik , apakhatnak first - (adv.) 1. hawi hlan ah; e.g. He always arrives first = Hawi hlan ah a phan hmasa zungzal; 2. deuh; e.g. I will not pay the money, I will go to jail first = Tangka ka pe lai lo, thong ah tla hmasa deuh lo ning. first - (pron.) pakhatnak first aid - (n.) khawnden sual i i thlop hmasa biknak first born - (n.) hrin hmasa bik , fater first class - (n.) a ttha bik tang first fruit - (n.) theitlai hmasa bik hna first person - (n.) keimah, kanmah first-rate - (adj.) a ttha bik pawl firsthand - (adj.) hawi chimh chom si lo i mahte in va hmuh va theihmi fiscal - (adj.) tangka he aa pehtlaimi thil; e.g. fiscal year = tangka kum fish - (n.) nga fish - (v.) nga tlaih fisher - (n.) nga tlaitu fisherman - (n.) ngatlaitupa fishery - (n.) ngatlaih in pawcawmnak , nga kong cawnnak fishhook - (n.) siao fishmonger - (n.) nga zuartu fishy - (adj.) si dawh a si lomi thil, zumh awk tlak lomi thil fissure - (n.) a kuainak , a kehnak , aa thlernak; e.g. A fissure in the rock = Lungpi chung i a tlernak fist - (n.) kuttum fit - (v.) rup; e.g. These shoes fit my feet = Hi kedan hi ka ke he an i rup. fit - (n.) 1. lungmih in tluk, rilh; 2. thinhan phut; e.g. She had a fit of anger = A thin a hung hang phut kho. fit - (adj.) 1. aa tlak; 2. timh cia tein um; 3. dam; e.g. You are looking fit = Na ngan a dam. fitting - (adj.) aa tlakmi thil fitting - (n.) aa rup maw rup lo ti i tahnak five - (num.) panga fivefold - (adj.) a let nga fix - (v.) 1. benh; e.g. He fixed the stamp on the envelope = Milu cu cabawm ah khan a benh; 2. khiak; e.g. Fix the date for the meeting = Pumhnak ding nithla khiak tuah u; 3. remh; e.g. He will fix the broken table = Cabuai a kiakmi kha a remh lai; 4. timh; e.g. She will fix the dinner = Zanriah a timh lai; 5. zoh peng; e.g. Fix your eyes on that sign = Khi hmelchunhnak khi zoh peng. fizzle - (v.) a hlawhtling lo, pakpalawng ah a cang flabby - (adj.) a nemmi , titsa nem flag - (n.) alan flag - (v.) alan hmuhsak flag down - (v.) alan kha hmuhsak i dirter; e.g. He flagged down a passing car = A kal liomi mawttawka kha alan a piah i a dirter flagon - (n.) awi-um ti rawnnak thawl flagrant - (adj.) fiangrang le langhngan in a ttha lomi flail - (n.) facang tuknak fung flair - (n.) pahrang; e.g. He had a flair for composing beautiful poems = Hla dawh phuah thiamank pahrang a ngei flake - (n.) a tlap tete; e.g. snow flakes = hawhra tlap tete flake - (v.) a kok; e.g. The paint flaked from the wall = Si cu vampang in a kok flaky - (adj.) tlap pan tete a simi flamboyant - (adj.) meizik bantuk a simi , langh a duh tukmi minung flame - (n.) 1. meizik; 2. mei bantukin a tthawngmi duhnak flame - (v.) alh hluahmah; e.g. Fire flamed from the burning house = A kangmi inn in mei a alh hluahmah. flange - (n.) thil pakhatkhat, kekual maw, a lenglei in a sang hlei in tuahmi flank - (n.) 1. hnakpang; 2. kehlei kam siseh , orhlei kam siseh; e.g. The enemies attacked both our flanks = Ral nih kan orhlei kam he kan kehlei kam he an kan tuk flank - (v.) kulh; e.g. Trees flanked the garden = Thingkung nih dum kha an kulh flannel - (n.) flanel puan , puan hmul thipthepte a lum ngaimi flap - (v.) thla zah; e.g. The birds flap their wings and fly = Va nih an thla an zah i an zuang flare - (v.) 1. a alh pup; e.g. lamp flares = Mei inn a alh pup; 2. darkhing pum bantukin pum; e.g. Her skirt flares at the bottom = A hni cu a par ah a pum; 3. thinhan phut; e.g. He flared up at their remarks = An bia ruangaha thin a hang phut ko flare - (n.) mei alh flash - (n.) 1. zuk tiah a hung ceumi; e.g. There is a flash of lightning in the sky = Van ah nimtlau zuk tiah a hung ceu; 2. nimthla bantukin a khul a rangmi; e.g. There is a flash of anger in her eyes = A mit ah a thinhunnak kha khulrang in a hung lang; 3. dahmei; e.g. flashlight = dahmei flash - (v.) 1. Zuk tiah hung ceu; 2. khulrang tein kal; e.g. The car flashed past us = Mawttawka nih

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duak tiah a ka lonh; 3. a alh in a alh; e.g. His eyes flashed with anger = A mit cu a thin hun in a alh in a alh. flask - (n.) tisa rawnnak datbu flat - (adj.) 1. a rawn; e.g. The floor is flat = Tuang cu a rawn; 2. samh; e.g. Put the map flat on the table = Map kha cabuai ah samh; 3. a thaw lo; e.g. The food tastes flat = Rawl cu a da, a thaw lo. flat - (n.) 1. hmun rawn, rawn, a phengmi thil; 2. inn pakhat chung i a dot a dot hna khi flat ti an si flatten - (v.) rawnhter, milter, phenter flatter - (v.) fak , chimthiam flatter - (n.) mi fak thiam flattery - (n.) faknak bia flaunt - (v.) thli nih puan a chem i aa zah len bantuk i i thelh len khi a si; e.g. She flaunts her new dress = A hni thar kha mi nih ka hmu hna seh ti in heh tiah aa thelh len. flavor - (n.) U.S. thawtnak. flavoring - (n.) U.S. thawtnak pekmi. flavour - (n.) British. thawtnak. flavouring - (n.) British. thawtnak pekmi. flaw - (n.) a kuainak, a tlehnak, a tlin lonak flawless - (adj.) tlin lonak zeihmanh a ngei lomi flax - (n.) la sernak thil kung phun khat , buri kung bantuk flay - (v.) phaw hawh flea - (n.) ui hrik , uihli fled - (v.) flee zoh flee - (v.) zam fleece - (n.) tuhmul fleece - (v.) 1. tuhmul meh; e.g. We fleeced the sheep = Tuu kha an hmul kan meh hna; 2. hlen i tangka lakpiak; e.g. He was fleeced of his money by two men = Minung pahnih nih a tangka an hlen i an chuh dih fleet - (n.) tilawng bu khat , bawi pakhat ukmi fleet - (adj.) A khul a rangmi; e.g. Fleet horse = a khul a rangmi rangtum flesh - (n.) 1. sa , tit; e.g. The flesh of his arm = A ban tit; 2. minung; e.g. All flesh must die = Minung cu an thi dih lai; 3. thingthei a sa; e.g. The flesh of the peach is yellow = Metei a sa cu a eng fleshy - (adj.) titsa a ttha ngaimi fleur-de-lis - (n.) pangpar phun khat a min iris a simi flew - (v.) past tense of fly, zuan. fly zoh. flex - (n.) bil khawhmi, zual khawhmi elektrik hri flex - (v.) thlep, bil, puan kha vun thlep, puan kha vun bil flexibility - (n.) kualh khawhmi sinak , kuaih khawhmi sinak flexible - (adj.) kualh khawhmi , bil khawhmi; e.g. flexible wire = Kualh khawhmi thirhri; lungthin a thleng khomi minung flicker - (v.) dupdap in alh , dupdap in ceu; e.g. The fire flickered and died = Mei cu a alh dupdap i a mit flicker - (n.) 1. dupdap in alhmi; e.g. They saw the flicker of candles = Phazawngdan an ceu depmap kha an hmuh; 2. caan tawite chung a hung um tami thil; e.g. A flicker of hope showed in her eyes = A mit chungah ruahchannak a hung um ta dak flier - (n.) a zuangmi flies - (v.) zuan, zuang flies - (n.) tho flight - (n.) 1. zuan; e.g. The plane made two flights in one day = Vanlawng cu ni khat ah zuan hnih a zuang; 2. dot; e.g. His room is two flights above ours = A khan cu kan khan cung dot hnih ah a si; 3. zam; e.g. The dog put the thieves to flight = Uico nih mifir cu a zamter hna flimsy - (adj.) a pante a simi , a zaangte a simi flinch - (v.) con, lak tthan zau; e.g. The baby flinched when it touched a hot pot = U lin a tongh tikah ngakchia cu a kut a lak zau, a con fling - (v.) hlonh , cheh e.g. Boys fling stones into the river = Ngakchia nih tiva chungah lung an cheh fling - (n.) 1. hlirh; e.g. He gave the box a fling into the air = Kuang kha a hlirh; 2. lawm ngai le nuam ngai i um caan; e.g. After his fling, he settled down to study = Aa nuamh ngai hnuah ca a zoh flint - (n.) tteklung flintlock gun - (n.) tteklung tenh meithal flinty - (adj.) tteklung bantukin a hakmi flip - (v.) peh; e.g. He flipped a coin = Phaisa a peh flirt - (v.) 1. nungak tlangval kong ah , duh dedeng bantukin um pah; e.g. She flirted with several boys but loved only one = Tlangval tam nawm kha duh dedeng bantukin a um hna, sihmansehlaw pakhat lawng a duh taktak; 2. fawite i ruah , zaang te i ruah; e.g. He flirted with the idea of living abroad = Ramdang i va um kha zaang tein a hei ruah men ko float - (v.) 1. ti cung i vuanh; e.g. Wood floats on water = Thing cu ti cungah a vuan; 2. duhsah tein tlak; e.g. The falling leaves float to the ground = Thinghnah cu duhsah tein vawlei ah an tla float - (n.) ti cungah a vuan khomi thil. flock - (v.) 1. but khat i tlon; 2. but hnawh; e.g. Children flocked round the christmas tree =

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e. e. ti bantuk a si ko rih fluke .(n.g.) a par. luan. 2. changvut flourish .) halwhchamhnak . e.(v.(n.) a laifang bik he aa pehtlaimi focus . 2. hlawh.(v.) 1. He is learning to fly = Vanlawng mongh a cawng.(n.g.(adj.g.(n.(n. tawne. e. mit aa ton dihnak hmun.(n.) luannak flower . Water trucks flushed the streets = Ti mawttawka nih lam kha an tawl hna flush .(v.g.) ttit ek flying buttress .(adj.(v. 3. khahter. His heart fluttered when he saw the doctor = Sibawipa a hmuh tikah a lung a ther flutter .) a luang khomi thil paohpaoh .(n. The river flooded the town = Tilian nih khua a phum.g. 2. He floored the house with pinewood = zeltuang caah farthing a hma.(n. The flag fluttered in the breeze = Alan cu thli nih a hranh i ther thliahmah in a um.) thonglawi flutist . His plan was a flop = Aa timhmi cu a hlawhcham flora .g ocean floor = rilipi tawne floor . ngandam flow . e. rili lian . The door is flush with the wall = Innca cu van pang he i ruang tein an ser flute .(n.) 1. Her face flushed = A hmai a sen. fly zoh.g.) aa thleng lengmang. sen. 3.) fak piin fungfek in huai . A flush of shame colored her cheeks = A ning a zah caah a biang (hmai) a sen 2. biang phun paohpaoh flyleaf . e. Our plans are still fluid = Kan i timhmi cu a fek rih lo. e.) thil buang . a par in a par.) tthan.(n. e.g.) thlabengh.(n. She experienced a flush of pleasure when she saw her old friend = A hawikom thing a hmuh tikah a lungchungah dak tiah nuamhnak a hung chuak flush . thli fluid .) 1.g.g. The roses are floweering = Rose pangpar cu an par flown .) tilian khamnak ca i tuahmi kutka floor .) sahluk . e.g.g.Khrismas thingkung kha ngakchia nih aa but hnawh flock . tizik kah in tawl.(adj.g.(adj. 2.g. Birds fly = Vate an zuang. e. 2. thongh i thluk. They heard a flutter of wings = Thlabengh thawng kha an theih fly .g.) boxing thonghnak i pawng 112 in a tanglei pawl foal .g.g.g. floral decoration = pangpar in tamhnak flotila .) tilawng hmetete rual khat flounder . ther thliahmah in um.) 1.(n. lungthin chung i dak ti i a hung chuakmi. e.g.) meida . tuk flood .) fling zoh flush .) 1.(n. e. e. Horses and men were floundering in the mud beside the road = Lam pawng nawncek chungah mi le rang hna an i sual len ko flour .g.) run. His garden was in flowers = A dum cu a par in a par flower . pamtulnak tlolhnak. The pretty girl Page 89 .(v.) nal ziahmah in chim thiamnak fluent .(v.g. He is fluent in English = Mirang holh ah a nal fluff . 2. e. e.(n. 2.) buanbara i can focal .) 1. hmaisen. ther.) 1. 2.) a buangmi thil fluid . ti . khulrang i a luan. e. ceunak a vaa tonnak hmun .(n.) pangpar.) hlawhtlinnak ttha ngai flying fox .(n. gas . e. e.(v.) rangfa . tawl . His eyes were flooded with tears = A mit ca a mithli a khat flood .g. e. e.(v. e. e.) a tlang aa ruangte in sermi. pangpar. fluctuate . chawlehthalnak i hlawhtlin sual flung .(n. He had to fly from his house = A inn in a zam a hau flyblow .(v. vanlawng mongh.(n.(adj. e.) ti nih a phum. Time flies = Caan cu a zuan in a zuang.) 1. e. dot.(n.g. e.(n.(adj.) past participle of fly. e.g.) thonglawi tumtu flutter . cantiang a hna. karhcho. tla. zuan.) tilian . The birds have flown away = Vate cu an zuang diam cang. e.) hmun pakhatkhat i a ummi thing le ram hna floral .2.g.(v.(v. 4.) a fak rih lomi.(n.) papalak a ngan phun flying squirrel .) cauk phaw a chunglei i ttial lomi catlap flyweight . tlu flop .g.(n.) a laifang bik .) i sual len.g. e. zeltuang phah.(v. He lives in the second floor = Dot hnihnak ah a um. a chel ah a sang a chel ah a niam fluency . lapar te hna bantuk fluffy . The sunlight flooded the room = A khan ca ni ceu in a khat. thlai. laafa foam .g. A flock of sheep = Tun run khat flog . zeltuang. zuan.(n. 2. thil tampi floodgate . 3. The fish flopped on the bank = Nga cu titlang ah a hun i hlok.(n. e.(v.(n.1.(n.(n. e.(v.) tung le inncung dohkalhnak flying colors .g. e. Her hair flowed down over her shoulders = A sam cu a liang tiang a vun i thlai flow . thla bengh.) 1. zam.g. The bird fluttered its wings = Vate nih a thla a bengh.) nal.g.(n. e. 2.(v.g. e.g. He flopped down into the chair = Tthutdan ah a vung tla.) ti buanbara foam .) 1. A single blow floored him = Voi kha thongh ah a ril flop .

) a tar cang i hawi ruahnak a phan ti lomi foil .was the focus of all eyes = Ngaknu dawhte cu mit vialte aa ton dihnak a si. e. The weather is warm for January = January caah cun khuati a lum ko.) ruat setsai lo i tuah cutmat.) biltu foliage .) minung.) rawl foodstuff . ke.) minmei nih phenh . The police foiled his evil plans = Thil ttha lo tuah aa timhmi kha palik nih an hrawh foil .) him tein hman khawh a si i mihrut hmanh nih him tein a hman khawhmi thil .(n.) 1. tuu run riahnak hmun. e.) keneh footstep .) ke lamhnak footnote .g.(n.(n.g. 2. e. 6.(adj. dengmang.) a zeiti lei paoh in. 8. huh i a fiang lomi fogy (fogey) . e. His story of the football game was true. 3. e.g. We thank him for his kindness = A zaangfahnak ruangah kan lawmh.(n.(n.(n.(n. 4.(n.) khuate deuh i a ummi pawl lam (laam) folksong . tinhmi ngeih. 5. To punish for stealing = fir ruang i dantat. hi kong cu cu cauk chungin lakmi a si tiah a cauk min ttial footpath .1. e. e.) kechiahnak tthutdan footwear . We go for a walk = Lam len ah kan kal.) tipil innak ca i ti thlerh awk an chiahnak um food .) ke kalnak lam footprint . dawnh . Have you focused your camera? = Na hmanthlaknak kha a mit cu na thlak dingmi thil kha na khenter maw?.g.g. ruangah. e.(n. sui tlap . e. He gave me a new book for the old one = Cauk hlun can ah khan a thar pakhat a ka pek.) voi khat bilmi caku tlap folk .) minmei . e.) caah for good . zeicahtiah keimah hrimhrim nih ka hmuh.g.(adj.g. ei awk foolhardiness .(n.g. The food supply is good for one week = Rawl cu zarh khat caah a za lai Page 90 .) duh ngai.) thinghnah . aa tlak.g. e.(n. He is leaving for his village = A khua lei ah a kal. e.g.) harnak le hnahnawhnak chuahter fond . bil. 2. e.) zultu folly . e.g.(adj. He is fond of horses = Rang a duh ngai hna fondle . e. He folds the paper = Caku a bil.(v. 11.(n.) catlap a kauh lehmah 13-1/2" a sau lehmah 17" (13-1/2" x 17") foot .) sattil rawl . e. 12 inches make 1 foot = Lehmah 12 ah pe khat a si football . a hmaan lo kho lomi foolscap .g. duhnak lungthin he.(v. dan tlap fold . 13. e. 2.) zeicahtiah.(n. hmunkhat i khua a sa deuhmi pawl khi folkdance . 9.) cattial tik i cahmai aa tanglei i a sullam ttial . It is folly to eat too much = Rawl tam tuk ei cu hruh a si foment .(prep.(v. for all intents and purposes .(n. e. caah cun.(adj. A book for children = Ngakchia ca i a tlakmi cauk. e.g.g. To shout for joy = Lawmhnak ruang i au. e. He longs for home Inn a ngai.g.) kedan le hmawca for . fianter.) a hrutmi foolproof .) hruh. Focus your attention on the speaker = Biachimtu cungah khan na theihnak le na hmuhnak hei hlum.(n. e.(n.(n.(v.) pumpululh foothill .) rawlfang . a si taktak kha. lei ah.(adv.g. 7. e. Tenfold = Let hra fold .) nguh. 10.) 1.(adj. hmuhnak le ngaihnak hei hlum. a let.(n. We work for an hour = Suimilam pakhat chung kan ttuan. 2.2.(n.g. tichum fog horn . 3. ngun tlap . They know it for a fact = a si taktak kha an hngalh. hrawh. 12.g.g.(n. hmaizahnak tuahpiak.(n.) 1.) 1.(n.g. e. e.) hruh raltthat in a ral a tthami foolish . can ah.(v. lehnak. hram.g. for .g.) khuate deuh i a ummi pawl hla follow . for I saw it myself = Pumpululh chuih kong a chimmi kha a hmaan.(n. note: 'focus' cu plural a si tikah 'foci' a si fawsai ti in chim a si focus . ram foe .(n. hmanthlaknak mit a lai khenter .) kekar kar khat footstool . e.(n.) tlang nganpi hram i a ummi tlang hmete foothold .(conj.(n. ramhnah folio .) pakpalawng i canter .) zulh follower . e. dirpi. A party was given for him = rawl danghnak an tuahpiak. the foot of a hill = tlang hram.g.) duhnak he tonghtham fondness . 2.) pan tein sermi tlap .g.(adj.(n. pe.(n.) 1.) minmei a tam tiah ralrin peknak muko foggy .) ral fog .g. tiang. kut sih. chung. She folded her arms = A kut aa sih folder . note: 'focus' cu plural a si tikah 'foci' a si fawsai ti in chim a si fodder .(adj.(v.(n. hruh raltthat in raltthat foolhardy . We walk for a mile = Khan khat tiang kan kal.g.(n.(adv. tuah ding lei ti paohpaoh ahcun for as much as . He stands for good government = Cozah ttha a dirpi.) duhnak font . a bia kha ttha tein ngai.

) vanchiatnak ding rak chimchung forecast .(n. zuar chin awk i thil khar forester . 2.) ti tan fore .) biahmaithi forfeit . 2.(adj.) rak hmuhchung foreshadow .) rak chimchungnak. thir hriamnam sertu.(n.(n. e.) 1.(v.(n.) a hmailei ah.) zungzal forewarn .) tahchunhnak ah.(n.(n. kaltak. e. 2.) past tense and past participle of foretell. The new settlers forged a new nation = A um tharmi nih khan miphun thar an ser. thazang. e. hranhram in. e.) cuarpar forest . forensic medicine = criminal law (ziaza ttha lo upadi) le civil law ( zapi taza i cuainak) he aa pehtlaimi si lei thiamnak medical jurisprudence ti zong ah ti a si forerunner .(v.(n.(n.) pupa forefinger .) ngaihthiam forgiveness . 3. mah ram a si lomi foreigner .) philh forget-me-not .) rak tehchung foretell .) a hlankan in a rawk lai ti rak hngalh chung forefather .) forget zoh Page 91 .(n.for instance .) thil philh hmannak forgive .(v.(n. mi minthut a firtu forgery . rian ah siseh .(n.) rak hmuhchungnak.) chimchung foreboding .) ral chim.) ngaihthiamnak forgo .) rak ruahchungnak foretold . forever .(adj.(n.g.(v. Zoh instance.(v.) thingkung sawksam lo dingah khamnak forestall .) sosernak so buk forger .(v. zualko foresee .(v.(v. meithal hman.(n.(v.) tupi forest preserve .) rak hngalh chung foreman .g.(n. caan ah siseh forenoon . e.(adj.(n.(adj.(v. e.(adv.(n.) chunhlan forensic .(n. He entered the house by force = Hranhram in inn chungah a lut.) hmaisuang bik foregoing .(n. min fir. e.g. e.(v.) mi min mah nih thut forget .) cehrep hmursau ford .) mibu pakhat haotu foremost .g.(n.(n. a bu in rian a ttuanmi hna force .) ramdang .g.) ngei loin um . He forced him to go = Kal a hnek forceps .(v.) mehtawh forefront .) thlauh forbidden .) hmailei.(n.) sungh. thil a tlung lai tiah a rak chimtu . You have to forego pleasures in order to study hard = Ca fak piin zohnak dingah nuamhnak cu na kaltak hna a hau forgot .) hnek. soser i ser.) 1.g.) biachim thiammi biaceihnak zung le zapi bia alnak kong he aa pehtlaimi.(v.(n.) forgive zoh forge . e.) a rak um hmasami .(n.) tupi zohkhenhtu forestry .(n. He forfeited his life by careless driving = Ralring in a mongh lo ruangah a nunnak a sung forgave . chimchung. thocuan.(n.) ralrinnak rak pek chung foreword . forge .(adj.) thlauhmi force .(n. e.(v. ralkap lei tthawnnak.(v.(v.(n.(n.) ka philh hlah ti a min a simi pangpar forgetful .(n. mi dang minthut fir.) a hlan deuh i a rak ummi.(v.) ramdang mi foreknow .g.) thingkung kong cawnnak foretaste .g.) thil philh a hmangmi forgetfulness .) rak tehchungnak foretaste . 4.g. A horse has two fore feet = Rang nih hmailei ke pahnih a ngei forearm . thlet .) ti tannak hmun ford . In the foreground there is a rock = A hmailei hmun ah lungpi a um forehead .) hmaisuang bik .g. See the foregoing page for explanation = Fianternak caah a hlan deuh cahmai kha zoh foreground . ralkapbu.) rak langhter chung foresight . foray .(adj. hmun ah siseh .) cal foreign .(n.(v. weather forecast = nikhua kong chimchungnak foredoom .(n. tthawnnak .) 1.(v. ramh forbid .(n. foreskin .) chawhkanh.) kiu in banrek karlak forebode .(v. soser .) chimchung forethought .(n.

Sersiam. e. 2.) 1. e.(n.) ttih awk a simi .) hlan ah cun formidable .) lanhter chin fossil .g. thing le ram si hna seh . mui. 4.(n.(n. past tense and past participle of find. e.) nge hnih / nge thum ah i tthen. sualnak lei ah cun foul play cu lainawn tinak a si.(v.) 1. 2.(adj. 3. A formula for making soap = Chatpiat ser tikah zeitin tuah ding.(adj.) hmailei ah forthcoming .) sawmli forum . a thi i an pum neh lung i a tangmi . e.2. rawl einak hailengtte fork . 4. The form of a man = mipa pungsan.g.(v.(n. Formulate your ideas before you write = Na ruahnak kha na ttial hlan ah nai fian awk a si formulation .g. thawk i hmunhter. a thur a hnawm i a rim a chiami. e. 2. pungsam. zumhning fiang tein ca in ttialmi formulate .(adj. hri ai tawnmi. 2. A kulh pakhat ah i cang u law nan kut i sih u. chawva tampi fortune teller . phun.) zarh hnih fortress .) fight zoh foul .) saram siseh .) 1.(n. e.g. i den.(v. hmunthur a khat i a rim a chiami.) hlawtmi forsook . serning. e. anmah pum a tangmi .(adj.g.) ca namnak seh ha an thletnak Page 92 . 3.) cawmken. asiloah .(adv.(n. biaknak lei ah.) chikkhatte ah .) a cang sualmi fortunate . e. Ford Foundation = Ford kampani nih mi bawmhnak rian tuannak i tangka aa khonmi founder . cafang ttialning.g.(n. The well was foul with leaves = Tikhor hlun cu hnahchawl a khat dih.(adj. i can.(n.g.) thawktu foundry . lungleng i a ummi form .(n. forsake . nikhua chia.) a sawm linak fortieth .g. a chung i a herhmi ttialnak ca i lawnnak a ngeimi.(n. e. e.) 1.) hlangfang forthwith .) hmailei forward .) cauk pungsan . adj.) van ttha fortune .) zulhmi lam ngei in fianternak furnace .) tining tawn zulh in tuahmi . zeizei cawh ding timi kha a formula cu a si.(n. ralhau in fortitude . phungning zulh in tuahmi formalism . foul weather = nikhua chia found .) 1. lentecelhnak i a phungning zulh lo.(n. e. i khawn.) kulh .(adv. The river forks a mile north of here = Tiva cu hika hin chaklei khan khat ah aa tthen forlorn . sobuk i mei. e. zapi theih duhmi bia ceih awkah zapi aa pummi forward . 2.(v.(n.1.(v. foul rope = hri aa tawnmi.(n.g. find zoh.(adj.(adv.g.(adj. e.(n.) khinhhramh lomi.(v.) hlawt forsaken . 3.) phungning zulh sawsawh in tuahmi thil formality .) 1. a hram thawk. 3.(v. Teachers help form the minds of children = Sayate nih ngakchia lungthin sersiam kha an bawmh hna formal . pahnih lak i a hmasa deuh formerly .g.) mi fa i cawmmi fought . rian pakhatkhat tuannak ca i tangka khonmi..) hlan deuh .fork .) kuttial zohthiam forty . meiphu nganpi.) 1.g. ralhau in kulhnak fortify . hlan liopi thil foster . pumpululh chuih ah kut in tongh cu foul a si. H2o is the formula for water = H2o hi ti a sining a si. Rom cozah chan i khua chungah zapi pumhnak hmun an tuah i cuka i chawdawrnak le zapi bia ceihnak le bia alnak an tuahnak hmun. i can.) 1.) somei. zohkhenh foster adj.(n.) sawm linak fortification .) fungtte . 2. 2.(adj. thil a sining a simi. huphurh awk a simi formless . Broke is the past form of break = broke cu break past tense ttialning a si form .) a ra lai dingmi forthright .g.) sersisam khawhmi former .) nganfah in khawhnak fortnight .(adj.g.(adj. .(n. van. a hmet ngan le a sehha tiangin formation .) ralhruang ngeimi hmun forth .(adj. e.(adj. Ice and snow are forms of water = Tikhal le hawhra cu ti phun an si. hmuh.g. foul play = lentecelhnak ah a phung ningin celh lo.(n. form a circle and join hands = e.(num. hram.(v.g. ser .) ralhruang fortuitous .(v.) forsake zoh fort .) fiang tein chim / langhter. 3. Ice formed in the pail = Baltin chungah ti kha tikhal ah a cang. e.g.(n.(n.) sersiamnak formative . 5. 2. catlap. fall foul of = I suk.) kulhnak . foundation .(adj.) phungning in tuahmi thil format .) ningcang ngei lo pungsan um lo formula . e. The foundation of the house = Inn hram.(n.(adj.(v.(adj.(n. thil tining. khulrang tein fortieth .

a kuarmi .) a tthawng lo .(n.) thuhpheh lo tein chimmi frankincense . tampi a um fray .) luatnak Page 93 .(v.) hleili fourteenth .) a khah in a khat. 2. i sum kho loin a ummi frantically .) thimnak nawl ngeihnak.g.(v. ruah. e.) palinak fowl .g.) fawi tein a kuai khomi fragility .(n. e.fount .g.(adj.g.g. tungtlang frame .(n.(n. e.) rimhmuimi frail . (a sullam cu an lim ngaingai rih lo. va phun deuh pauh fox . e. thlalang awng tung. phih lo. Belgium le Switzerland ram i an hmanmi tangka min franchise . a cheuchum.(v.) sal in luattermipa freedom .(adj. a kekmi fragrance . e. kuai.) sawm riat fourfold . adj.(n. An apple tree bearing peach would be a freak of nature = Epal cung nih metei tlai seh law. They framed the constitution = upadi hram pi kha an ser. The road is free from snow = Lam cu hawhra in a luat.) hlennak . nganfah innak ah siseh . e.) France. a cang bal lo ding a cang sualmi.(n.(adj.) a tet i a tlek dih. an timh tuah. e. hram fountain . hawhra niha phih lo free .(n.(n.(num.(adj. tlang kamh. 3.) 1. a derthawmmi fraility . He is a man of large frame = Amah cu mi pumrua nganpi a si.) 1. 2.(n. donh lo.(n. thinhunnak ah siseh .) cerh .) thlah.(adj. tinak a si) frame of mind . e.) a let li foursquare . donhkhanh loin free thinker .(adv. 5.) hlen hmangmi . e.) phehthuh lo tein frankness .(adj. She read a fragment of the letter = Cakuat kha a cheuchum a rel fragmentary . lih fraudulent .) 1.) frankinsens zihmui frankly . These books are free = Hi cauk hna cu man lo in hmuh khawh an si 4.(n.(adj. hren lo.(adj.(adj. e. timhtuah. He took the free end of the rope = Hri kha hren lonak lei a donghnak khan a lak. a si hna.) phehthuh lonak frantic .(n.) rimhmui fragrant .) hmai i phihlik ek a um mi free . duhning duak ti i thlennak freakish .) i sum kho hrimhrim loin fraternal .) ar.) lawmhnak ah siseh .(n. a cheuchum.(n.g.) pali four footed .g. e.(n. 1/2 and 1/4 are both fractions = 1/2 le 1/4 cu aa pahnihte in a cheuchum an si veve fractional .(adv.(n.(n.(adj.) 1..(n.) cenghngia dawi a thiammi uico foxy . e.) tungtlang franc . 2. man loin. 2. a si bal lo ding a si sualmi. pumrua.) cerh four . I shall free the bird = Vate kha ka thlah lai free-hand .(n.) aa cheumi .) cenghngia foxhound .) derthawmnak frame .) mah duhning paoh i biaknak lei i khua a ruatmi free will .g.(n. lih chim hmangmi fraught .) a kap li in a tung a vang aa can dihmi fourteen .) unau sinak fraud .) mah lungtho tein freedman .g. ser. freckle . A fraction of his salary = A lahkhah a cheuchumte.) unau a simi fraternity .) luat tein. kham lo .(num.(adj.) a cheuchum a simi fracture .) cenghngia bantukin a hrokhrolmi fraction .(n.(n. a si bal lo ding a si sualmi.(adj.(n.) lih in mi sual puh framework .) 1.(adj. a cang bal lo ding a cang sualmi. 2. an ruah.g. lungthin duak ti i hlen.(n. a cheuchum.(adj.) fawi tein a kuai khomi sinak fragment .(v. 2.(n.(num.(num.(n.) hleilinak fourth .g.(adj.g. a tlangkamh ser.(adj. e. She was cut by a fragment of glass = Thlalang kuai nih a ah.(n. I am going to frame this picture = Hi hmanthlak hi a tlangkamh ka ser lai. Long wear had frayed his shirt = a angki cu saupi aa hruk caah a tet i a tlek dih freak . e.) lungput ning frame up . khuaimi thil fracture . picture frame = Hmanthlak tarnak tlangkamh.g.g.) ke pali a ngeimi four score . e. 3.) lungthin ruahlopi i thlen a hmangmi. luat.) kiak . ngaihchiatnak ah siseh .g.(n.) 1. The British Parliment gave the franchise to women in 1918 = British parliment nih kum 1918 ah nu kha thimnak nawl ngei ve cang u tiah nawl a pek hna frank .) khiah khuai fragile .(n.

) theitlai zeihmanh a tlai lomi frustrate .(v. zeirel lo frown .g.g.) tikhal .) cu bantuk langhternak froze .(prep. The fringe of the blanket = Puan a tlang. e. hriang.(n.) tlangkawm.) nuam ngaiin lente i celh.(adj. frock .) hawikom duhmi sinak friendly . 2.) hawikomhnak frigate .g The front of the house = Inn hmailei.) hlanlio i an rak hmanmi raltuknak tilawng fright . a kenkiplo ah.) sifak ngaiin nun front .g.(n. e.) 1. khulrang tein mawttaw mongh khawhnak freeze . The children love to frolic on the grass = Ngakchia cu ram cung i nuam ngaiin lente i celh kha an duh frolicsome .) a kik ngangaimi thil fringe . changreu cung i thanthling le thawhpat le arti cawhmi thuh khi frostbite .g.) 1.) 1.g. to and fro = hilei khilei.) nuncan ziaza lei i i thlahthlamnak frivolous . a kik ngaingaimi froth .) college kum khatnak siangngakchia fret . e.(v.(v.) in. e.(v. I am freezing = Ka khua a sik tuk.) hawikomh duhmi a simi friendship . e.) lungchung ummi sum khawh loin langhternak frequency .g. fresh water = Tiva ti.(n. a tharhlammi.) 1. The windows are frosted = Thlalangawng kha tikhal nih an tlakhnawh.(adj. 2. pakpalawng i canter. khal.) utlak frolic . e. A policeman frisked me = Palikpa nih a ka dah frivolity . Quaker pawl friendless .g.(n.) i hnornak Friday .) nuam ngaiin tuahmi from .(adj.) 1.(v.(n.) hawikom a ngei lomi friendliness . e.) caan nuam frolic .(adj. lauter frightful .(n.) thih . a man a tlawmmi.(n. e.) ttih a nungmi thil frigid .(n. 3. thingthei.(v.(adv.g.) Roman Katholik phungki pawl phun khat friction .) lam kaupi .) 1. He frustrated our plan = Kan i timhmi kha pakpalawng ah Page 94 .) buanbara frown .. rianttuannak theitlai fruitful .(n.(n.(n. 2.(adj. a let lei i kir.) fry zoh friend .) theitlai tampi a ngeimi fruitfulness .(adj.) ramri hrawng ram frost .) hmailei in frontier .(adj. I came from school = Sianginn in ka ra from hand to mouth .) freeze zoh frozen .) hnulei i i thawn.) a kik tuk i ti a khalmi .) a kih tuk ca i a kik nih kedong le kutdong tam frosty .(n.) khuasak thiamnak fruit . 2.) 1.(n. hmailei.(v.(v. 2. frugal meal = rawl mantlawm frugality .(n.) freight . hmaisur.(n.) angki fual frog .) atu le atu kal lengmangnak frequent .(n. They live on the fringe of the town = Khua hriang ah an um fringe .(n. 2. ttih tuk lau tuk ruang i thomtur in um freeze .) atu le atu in fresh . frontal .(n.(adv. 3.) cawn ni nga ni fried .) 1. 2.(n. hawikom. duh lohmai in langhter.g.g.) dah.(n.(n.(adj. a tlang.(adj.(v.g.(adj. e.) theitlai tampi tlainak fruition .(v.g. piangpai tein a ummi. I fringed this handkerchief = Hi pawvuah cu a tlang ka kawm frisk . e.) thilri a phormi tilawng French .(n. e. e.(adv.) launak . 3. adv.freeway .(adj. A frugal wife = Khuasak a thiammi nupi. rili ti a si lomi.) a ing a puanmi friar . sawksam lo i thil hman.g. thinphannak frighten . khuasik ngaiin um.(n. tikhal nih tlakhnawh.(adj.(adj.(v.) 1. You are fresh this morning = Nithaizing cu na piang ngai freshman . e.) a theipar a hung um.(n.) atu le atu frequently .(n.) thil tenau a simi fro . 2.) French mi thilri frenzy . Water freezes = Ti a khal.) 1.(n.(n.(v.) phorhmi thilri freighter . hmaisuang. e.) a kik in khaltermi thil frugal .(adj. 2. khuasak a thiammi.(n.g. in front of our house = Kan inn hmailei ah. e. thei a hung tlai fruitless .(adj. ttha tein sersiam rih lomi hmun e.(adj. hawhra frost .(n.g.) ingpuan fretful .

) meikhu chuahter.g. e.(v. e.) hmul a tammi further . e.(n.) caantling in ttuanmi rian fullness .(adv. a hla bikmi furthest .(v. 2. mei tih awk thing fugitive . dawnh.(n. ruakvuinak fungus .) bawi fund .g.(n.) phunciar fussy . The gasoline fume makes her sick = Datsi khu nih a ritter fume .) somei.(adj. furniture . khat cikcek tein fumble . meiphu nganpi furnish .(n.(adj.) tling tein .) puai caan i a phung ning bantukin i thuamhmi hnipuan full faced .(n.g.(n.) a hrampi a simi thil funeral .) tlinternak .(n.(v.) santlai lomi thil .(adj.(v.(n. The moon is full tonight = Tuzan cu thlapa a lai.) a hla bik a simi . chiti in kiau fatigue . e. He fumbled in the dark for the flashlight = Mui padap ah dahmei kha a dah fume .(adj.) thinhunnak fuse . My pen does not function well = Ka cafung ttha tein a um lo functional .(n. e. etc.(n. nihchuak.) thin hun ngaingai furl .) leithuan i an rinmi kuar furry .) a rim a chiami meikhu. inn chung i chiah furnishings .) e. e.g.(adv. fatigue duty = thaba nakin ttuanmi rian.(adj.g.(adj.) tthutdan cabuai furrow .(n.(n.) kiau .) rianttuan hnga dingmi tuan. fuel . nutling patling a simi full stop .g. thlapa lai.(adj.) cuhleiah furthermost .) a tthan a tlingmi .) titter i cawh. 3.) taldanh fulfil .(n.(v.) a tlingmi full-grown .g. e.) bangbuar (plural form = fungi) funnel . 2.) nuamhnak .) akhonh furnace .(adj.) vanlawng a innpi.) hmul .(n.) nihchuak thil fur .(n.(v. e.) dah. e. sobuk i mei. tthutdan cabuai.(adj.) tthutdan. a hlat deuhnak hmun further . ttuan hnga ding a simi rian.) elektrik dah tha pehnak thirhri fate fuse .(v. The glass is full of water = Hrai cu ti a khat 2.(n. tlamtlinnak full . e.) mei chuahtertu thil . tlinter fulfilment . The chimney fumes with smoke = Meikhu chuahnak in meikhu a chuak.) miphunciar.) ruakvui pumhnak .(n. e.g.g.) hla deuh phakter furthermore . a khat. We were frustrated in our efforts to climb the mountain = Tlang kai kan i zuamnak ah khan a kan dawntu thil a um lengmang frustration . zapi pumhnak.g.g.) awlokchong in umnak fry .) tling .) catlang donghnak i dehmi full time . e. vom hmul ti bantuk furious .(adj.(n.) zual.(adj.) innchung thilri.a canter.) tlinnak fully .(adj.(n.g.(n. minung tthutnak le thil chiahnak hmun khi fusion .(v.) a thli tein fury . e. phunciar a duhmi futile . a lu lei a kau i a taw lei a bimi funny .) rian he aa pehtlaimi thil a simi functionary . Bronze is made by the fusion of copper and tin = Dar sen cu dar rang le canphio cawh in sermi a si fuss . kheng.) ti rawnnak i hmanmi cong . cabuai le innchung thilri.(adj.) 1.) santlaih lonak Page 95 .) farlong.(n.(n.) zammi (zaammi) fulcrum .(adj.(n.) tling khitkhet.(v.) a hla bik furtive . furl the flag = Alan kha zual tuah furlong .(n. a si kho lomi thil futility .g.) 1.) titter i peh fuselage .) tangkabu fundamental .(adj.(adj.(n.) lentecelhnak puai i a zohtu hna lei zoh khi full-fledged . We waited for a full hour = Suimilam pakhat kheng kan hngan full . They make fun of his stammering = A holh at kha capo nihchuak ah an saih function .(adj. He enjoyed his vacation to the full = Sianginn khar kha tling khitkhet in aa nuamhpi full dress .(n.(n. khan khat ah farlong 8 a um furlough .(n. Wedding function = Nupi tthit pumhnak function . thinhun i zai fun .g.) hla chinchin.g. e.(n.(v.

ram vaih hnawhmi sa gamecock . a hramthawk in a donghnak tiang.) i dawh seh tiah tamh garniture .(v. thin i a ummi gallant . bu ttha ngai. 2.(n.(n.) dum tuahtu .(v.(v.(v.(n. innkhan nganpi cung i donhhlei i cu donhhlei i innkhan cu vun zoh khawhnak. e.) hmailei i a si dingmi thil sinak fuzz . tlang le tlang karlak lam. hmuh gain . thli a phunphun.) ka (kaa) kau piin i an.(n.(n.) 1. mah duhning in rak kuaih i rak chim tthan . gang .) a ningpi in.) mi an thah hna tik i an thlainak hna tung galvanize . e. thlitu bantuk i thawngpang a hung um urmarmi gall .(n.(n. hling bantuk a simi thing pelpawi tete fy .(v.(n.) miakmi thil gain ground .) mawttaw chiahnak inn .) tilawng i va luhnak ca i an donhmi phelpheng hlei gangster .(n. vankhawng garment .) canamnak seh ha an tianmi. glory cu glorify a siter G gadget .) a si lo ti .) 1. The king was followed by a galaxy of knights = Bawi run nih siangpahrang kha an zulh.(v.g.) ttaihciat .) hmawca ttemnak khairiat gas . khuasik can i van lai i aa khammi khi.S.) hmailei caan future .(v.) 1.(n. 2.(adj. cuk a thiammi arhli gamut .future .(n.(n. gale .) ti tahnak. In one minute.) hnipuan garbage . thlitu fak.) pangpar thi garlic . 2. gardener .) rawl khonnak inn rawlruk garner .) siter.) duh lomi rawl hlonhmi .(n. garrison .(v.) bu gangplank .) dum garden .g.) hmailei i a si dingmi futurity . al .g.(n.(n.) hmailei kal gainsay .(n.) British. tikhu.) phekah gambler .) hnitkha gall bladder . 2.(n.) canphio kha ngen pan tein thuh gamble .(n.) phawhhnih in tlik gallows .(n.) 1.(n. She likes to garden = Dum tuah a duh. inn asiloah khan nganpi.) vampang pemnak.) khuavengtu ah an chiahmi hna ralkap .) ka chung le hrom hrawng tiin i thuah garland .(n. rawl chuannak hna i an hmanmi gas.(n.(n. e.) dum tuah. jail. hnawmtam garble . khachuan .(n.) hnit umnak tutuhlut .(n. dum ngeitu gargle .(n. clear cu clarify a siter.) mi chimmi bia asiloah mi ttialmi bia .(n. gap . U.(v.(n.(v.) daidim .) canamnak sehha tiannak ca i hmanmi kheng galley proof .(n. hmunhnawm . I ran the gamut of feelings from hope to despair = Minit pakhat chungah ruahchannak in hnabeidonghnak tiang ka phan.(n. thonginn. miak.(n.) 1. garage . lentecelhnak. thihnathawl paruk khat hrawng gallop .(n. 2.(n. 3.(suff. bu dawh ngai ai zul thluahmahmi. jailor.(n.(v. a awng. lunghmul.) hnipuan garner . 2. vun nam taktak hlan i remh tthan ding ca i nammi gallon . hlawt gala .) seh hmete.(n.) ralttha gallantry .(n. mawttaw remhnak hmun garb .) 1. e.) rawl khon garnish . baohnak. U. khuhsi riamnak seh hei ti bantuk gain . ti zong a si lomi.) ttamhnak.) phe aa kahmi game . a chung i hmanthlak le suaimi a phunphun an chiahnak galley .(n. arfibu a sau i a kauh zong a kaumi . lawnnak gape .(adj.g.) lunghmul hling.(n.) British. a kua. cu bantuk ralkap umnak hmun garter . gaoler . innkhan nganpi. thongtla uktu.) a nuam ngaimi puai galaxy . 3. a hmaan deuh loning i rak kuaih garden . Page 96 .) mitthalo bu chung i aa telmi gaol .) raltthatnak gallery .(n.(v.S.

) nem tein gentry . chuk nem .(adv.(n.(n. pumhnak uktu nih ka bia ngai u.(n.) acozah thawngthanhnak i thanh/fehter gazetter . gathering .(n.(n.(n. gear .) chuahkehnak kong cawnnak genial .) hmaizah awk tlak a simi pa .) a tlangpi i hei chim duahmah men.(n. kalnak lam gather . a ki tehna . e.) kutka gateway .(n.(v. General election = Ram chung dihlak i i thimnak. cuar tik i nem neknukpi an hung um khi gem .) siannak generous . 4. rawl pumh. gaunt . e.(n.g. Fire generates steam = Mei nih tikhu a chuahter generation . I gathered from his words that he did not like my idea = A biachimmi in.(n.(n. 2. pek.(n. a thiam khun.(adj.) a taktak in Page 97 .) puan pante hma tuamnak i an hmanmi gave .(adv.(n. a setset in chimmi um lem lo i hei chim duahmah ko generalize .) a tlangpi in chim ahcun generate .(n.) 1. gelatine .(n.(n.) 1.) Jentail. umtu ziaza aa dawhmi pa. compai phun khat.) thuk piin i tukmi nam hma gasoline .(n.) lungvar man sung gendarme .) hramthawknak chuahkehnak genetics .(n. thaw phahlang lengmang i um. rili min le a dangdang hna kha a cafang aa dot ning in ttial an si. tlang min. give zoh.) chuahkehnak general .) nu le pa thleidannak genealogy . ngiatnak le zohnak in hngalh. Belgium.(v.g. i pumh. tiva min.) aa pummi bu gaudy .) tekral geese .) a tlangpi in chim generally . colonel (karnel) cung. ngiatu cuantu gazette . cho nem gentleman .) 1.) a nemmi .(n. a ngan deuh phun. e.(n. 3.g.(adj. gavel .(n. pumpak si loin.) a nuam ngaimi genius .(n.(n.) a kangzapi in a simi generalization .(n.) hawi hlei in a fim khun. gender .(n. 2. gash . thawngthanhnak ca.(v.) Japan mi ngaknu hlasak a thiam i lam a thiammi.(adj.(adj.(v. thil ti kho khunmi Gentile .) Hlanlio Europe ram chung i a rak ummi ram.(n. e. Netherlands.g.) siang ngaiin genesis .(adj. a tlangpi in . hi ram chungah hin France.(v. 3.(adj.) petrol gasp .) sazuk phun khat gazer .(n. kha set kha ti awk um loin. gastric .) plural of goose.(n.) gas khamnak luchin. e.(adv.(n.) a deu a si lomi a taktak a simi genuinely . 2.) kutka awng . Gentlemen's agreement = Cattial loin pakhat le pakhat i zumhnak lawnglawng in tuahmi biakamnak gently .(adj. gas mask .) saupi zoh peng .(v. Germany le Italy an rak um. cawn khunmi ngei loin a tlangpi a kaupi in cawn general .) pawpi he aa pehtlaimi thil gate .) miphun niam sinak langhterning in i thuamh le thilthuam azawng zong kha a ti tuk deuhmi si gauge .(n.(adv.) lunglawm thanuammi gaze . e.) seh ha gecko . France ralkap an rian palik rian a simi. hmun khat lawng si loin hmun dihlak in.) thir kuthruk gauze . Our generation is the generation of science = Kan chan hi science chan a si.) tha chuahtertu enzin seh generosity .) chuahter. mi aw nem . e.petrol. gentle . acozah thawngthanhnak ca gazetted .) hmaizah awk tlak i upat awk tlakmi hna genuine .) thing sobul hmete.(adj.) zohtu. zapi. Hi cauk chungah hin hmun min. cuanh gazelle .(n. ka ruahnak a duh lo ti kha ka hngalh.g. We gathered together = Hmunkhat ah kan i pum.) a aw chuah cu zawdaam ti a si. generality .) khua le ram kong ttialnak cauk.) der filfial in a ummi gauntlet .(n.(n. 2.g.) saruh tehna .g. The farmer gathered the crops = Lothlopa nih rawl kha a pumh hna. Judah mi si lomi. generator .) misiang a simi generously . tha chuahternak.(adj. Switzerland. tiah a hmanmi gay .(adj.) ka (kaa) i an thli dawp.) 1. chan.(n.(n.(n.) ralbawi ngan .) tahnak Gaul .) past tense of give. geisha . mi nunnem .

(adj.(n. e. e. lim.) sullam ngei loin zawng bantuk i awnh gibberish .(n.) tuah khawh fangfang.g. get down to .g.) laksawng gifted .(n.(n.(v. chumh.g.) keimah lei zoh hna seh ti i cawlcangh.) khuaram kong . He gets off the plane = Vanlawng in a ttum.) nihsawh . dang (daang) liapluap in a ummi. e.(n. hmuh.(adj.) germ rungrul thattu.) tilum cerhtiput ghastliness .) catlang rin in thil tuak thiamnak .(v. e. I cannot get him to do this work = Hi rian hi ka tuanter kho lo. thil nunnak thawhkehnak.g. e. ihnak in thawh.(adj.(n.(v. thawk.(v.g.) mithla bantuk giant .(v. bu geographer .(adj. He gets over his illness = A zawtnak in a dam. zawtnak rungrul a hmet tuk ca i mit lawng in hmuh khawh a si lomi. I expect to get some money = Tangka tlawmpal ka hmuh lai tiah ka ruah. get off . zoh rem ding ca men i thau. e.) kheuhnak gerund .(v.(n.) hmunkhat ah i pumh get up . 4. ttum. He gets into the room = Khan chungah a lut. After lunch he gets down to work = Chuncaw ei dih in rian cu aa biatak (tawk). tahchunhnak ah kut zao .(v.(v. get by . e.) huho gibe .) khuapi chung i Judah mi umnak sang. Get some bread at the store = Chawdawr ah changreu va caw tuah. va caw.(n.g.(v.(n. He can get sick easily = Fawi tein a zaw kho.) kut zao ke zao pah in duhmi chim gesticulation . ghetto . 8. cabuai .g. a ngan a tthawngmi gibber .(n. mit ttheh . nawl khawh .) misual an thahmi an thlainak tung gibbon .) lungmit gift . 3. cumh. miphun a ummi hna le a khuati le thingkung ramkung le thil dangdang kong geological . phanh e. thawn . get even with .(n. gesticulate . tuahter khawh.(n.) arthin giddiness .) vawlei cung umnak hmun le tlonlennak hmun ngeih in minung kan khuasak tintukning kong cawnnak germ .(n.g. 2. e.) mithi bantuk.(v.(v.) vawlei umtuning kong in chim ahcun geologist . e.g. phak . germicide .(adj.(n. e.) a chung i luh.) sullam ngei lo i zawng bantukin a awnmi holh gibbet . tuksapur . tthial.) i biatak.(v.(n. 2.) kut zao ke zao kha duhnak chimnak i hmannak gesture .(n. ci. When will you get to town? = Zeitik ah dah khua na phak lai? get along .genuineness .(adj.) ti cu teirul cham tinak a si get in . He gets along with his friends = A hawile he an i rem.) hawi hlei in thil ti khawhnak a ngeimi .(v. duh. study (verb) kha studying (noun) i aa thlen tikah gerund a si.) thawh.) lim. His offer of help was only a gesture = Kan bawmh lai a timi cu zoh rem ca men i tuahmi a si gesture . get out .) khuaram kong thiammi geographic .) 1.(adv.g.(v. ruahnak le lungthin pum cawlcangh ningin langter . 5.) hawi he i rem.) kal tak.) dang liapluap in umnak ghastly .(n.(adj.(n.(n.(n.g.) vawlei le a chung thil umtuning kong he aa pehtlaimi geologically .g.) 1.(v.) khuaram kong he i pehtlai in geography .) mikei . germinate .(adv. va la .) lungmihnak giddy .(adj. She gestured to attract our attention = Ka zoh hna seh ti duh ah a cawlcang len get . I have to get the dinner now = Atu cu zanriah ka timh (chumh) a hau.) a taktak sinak genus .(n. serhsat giblet .(n.(n. e.) thlaici an hung kheuh khi germination .(v. chuah.) vawlei le a chung thil ummi kong a cawngmi geology . 2. a kauh . 6.g. We cannot get the tree out of the way = Thingkung kha lam in kan tthial kho lo. Hurry and get through with your work = I khulranh law na rian kha lim. When can you get your work done? = Zeitik ah dah na rian cu na lim khawh lai?.(v. thil a sau .) khuaram kong he aa pehtlaimi geographically . a chahning tah thiamnak geopolitics . I'll get by with your help = Na ka bawmhnak thawngin ka tuah khawh fangfang a si lai. pahrang a ngeimi gigantic .(n. e.) mithla ghostly .) phun .g. chuak get over .) dam. e.) chuah.) nih .) 1. ghost . tthutnak in thawh i dir geyser . get together . e.) verb kha noun i thlen tikah gerund a si. sican. get through .g. 7.) a ngan ngaingaimi thil giggle . ngaknu no pawl nih khi Page 98 .g.g. e. timh. e.(v.) vawlei le a chung thil umtuning kong geometry .

(adj.) gland he aa pehtlaimi thil.) 1.) linglawm ngaiin gladness . lahat ginger . gill .(n. 3.(n.) cu bantuk hawhra aa thawnmi he aa pehtlaimi glacier .(n. Kennedy min hmassa bik cu John a si. iang. John F.(v.) si ko kun seh ti i doh ti lo give off .) lunglawmh gladden .) nu ngakchia .) mah kha hnulei ah i tawn i hawi kha lam pek given . dawhnak.) ar cokcadil glacial .) ngol give way . biar tung i leh girder . She glared at the noisy children = Hna a chetmi ngakchia kha a mit sensen in a zoh hna. e.(v. 3. glaring .(n.) a sannak hmun i hawhra tampi aa khong aa khong i hlum nganpi ah aa cang i a niamnak hmun leiah aa thawnmi glad .(n.(n. thlalang.) cu bantukin a tleutertu si an thuhmi Page 99 .(adj.) iang a ngeimi. glare . I give him a book = Cauk ka pek. cer.) a fiang ngaingaimi. e.) 1.(v. glamorous . girdle . zureu phun khat.(n.(n. aa dawhmi glamour .(v.g.(n.(n.) lunglawmh awk pah a simi glamor .g.) ngaknu si lio gist .) chuahter give out .(v.) chimmi tampi chungin a biapi bik a simi a tawinak tein lakmi te kha give .(v.) 1.(n.(adj.(v. dawhnak. The road was a glare of ice = Lam cu hawhra nih a khuh dih i a nal ngaingai. the glare of the sun = ni cer.(n. e. pek.(n.) khulrang in vun zoh glance . 2. celh lo.(v.g.g. Her glare silenced him = Thinhung in a vun zohnak nih khan a daihter dep ko.(n.(n.g.(n.(n.) min hmasa bik.(n.(adj.(n. thlalang hrai glasses . tahchunhnak ah thin tehna kal tehna thalbere tehna hi 'gland' an si glandular . e. taisawm i sawmh. The city was girdled with villages = Khuapi cu khuate nih an kulh.) rak i chimh ciami given .) Tuluk nih si caah an hmanmi aikung phun khat gipsy (gypsy) .) U. 2.) aithing paihmi ber (bir). giver . e. thuh. e. va ngei rih lomi ngaknu girlhood .(adj.) phuan.) a cuar a nak a mit a nak i hmun khat ah um loin a vak lengmangmi miphun. lu hloh give back . 2.(adj.(n.(n.(v. Give me your opinion = Na ruahnak a chim.) thlalang bantukin glaze . e.) lunglawmhnak gladsome . e.) tanghri girdle .) hnulei kir give in . biaphuan give up .) Rom cozah chan ah vainam in zapi zoh dawh ah aa tumi hna gladly .) zoh duak gland . iang. girl . mual a phomi glass .) hrai a khatmi glassware .(n.(adj.g.) past participle of give.(n.) khimh.) 1.) awng vihnak thirttial ngerh a saumi gin .) sui hutnak sui gilt . i timh.S. Kennedy's given name is John = John F. giraffe .) aithing paihmi changreu gingerly .(adv. chim.) mithman glassful .(n.g.(v. kulh.g.) tupi chung i phong hmete gladiator .g. glance . 4. pek. gingerbread . a thawknak ah cun India ram in a rami an si rua ti i ruahmi gypsy ti zongin ttial a si.) taisawm. 2.(n.(n.British.) lunglawmhter glade . We pushed until the door began to give = Innkhar nih a celh lo tiangin kan nam.) a hngawng a sau ngaingaimi saram gird . a nal ngaingai i thlalang bantuk a si mi.) ralring ngaingai in ginseng .) petu gizzard . give zoh.(v.g. glare . e. given name .gild .(n.) kherh tthan give ground .) aithing ginger ale .(n.) sui hutmi thil gimlet .(v.(v.) 1.(v. Thinhung in zoh.(v. 2.(adv.) thinhun in mit sensen in zoh.(v.g.) kan pum chung i tihang a chuahtertu hna thil santlai ngaingaimi. Gild a picture frame = Hmanthlak chiahnak tungtlang kha sui in pantein nalh. e.) thlalang in sermi umkheng glaze .(n.) nga samthih gilt .(n.(adj. Taisawm aa sawng = She puts on a girdle. e.) pan tein nalh.(n.

glazier - (n.) thlalangawng le hmanthlak chiahnak i thla lang a benhtu gleam - (n.) 1. ceunak chawn; e.g A gleam of light shone through the window = thlalang awng in ceunak chawn a rung cue; 2. cer; e.g. The gleam of copper pans = Dar umkheng cer; 3. hngalh ual hngalh ual lote i a ummi; e.g. There was a gleam of laughter in her eyes = A mit chungah hngalh ual hngalh ual loin nihnak a um. gleam - (v.) ceuh; e.g. A light gleamed in the distance = Lam hlatpi ah khan ceunak a ceu. glean - (v.) famua suat glee - (n.) lunglawmh thanuamnak gleeful - (adj.) thanuam a simi glen - (n.) nelrawn hmete glib - (adj.) nal ngaiin biachim a hmangmi glibly - (adv.) nal ngaiin glide - (v.) nal ziahmah in tawlh glide - (n.) nal ziahmah in tawlhnak glider - (n.) enzin a ngei lomi vanlawng glimmer - (v.) depdepdep ti i hung ceu; e.g. The match glimmered and went out = Meilah cu dep tiah a hung ceu i a mit. glimpse - (n.) vun hmuh ta duak , vun bih ta duaknak , vun hngalh ta duak glimpse - (v.) vun zoh ta duak, vun hmuh ta duak glisten - (v.) tleu glitter - (v.) tleu, cer; e.g. Diamond glitters = Daimon cu a cer. gloat - (v.) diriam; e.g. He gloats over my failure = Ka sungh cu a di a riam. globe - (n.) a pummi thil , vawlei pum globular - (adj.) vawlei pum bantukin a pummi gloom - (n.) muihnak, ngaihchiatnak gloomy - (adj.) ngaichiah a simi, mui diamduam in a ummi glorification - (n.) thangtthatnak , sunparnak glorify - (v.) thangtthat , sunparnak pek glorious - (adj.) a sunglawimi glory - (n.) thangtthatnak, sunparnak, dawhnak gloss - (n.) tleunak, a cung i nalhmi tleunak glossary - (n.) a sullam fianternak ca i sau deuh in ttialmi glossy - (adj.) a nal i a tleumi glove - (n.) kuthruk glow - (n.) 1. a van; e.g. The glow of the fire lighted the room = Mei a vanmi nih innkhan kha an ceuter; 2. ceu; e.g. There is a rosy glow in her cheeks = A biang cu rose pangpar ceu in a ceu; 3. thlam; e.g. There is a glow of happiness in her eyes = A mit chungah lawmhnak thlam a um. glow - (v.) a vam, a ceu; e.g. His face glowed = A hmai a hung ceu, a hun i panh. glucose - (n.) kulukut , thanthling phun khat glue - (n.) kaw glue - (v.) kaw benh , sengh glut - (v.) i serh; e.g. The boys glutted themselves with cakes = Ngakchia kha changreu thlum an i serh. glut - (n.) khim tuknak glum - (adj.) hmaichia in a ummi. glutton - (n.) mi pawkau gluttonous - (adj.) rawl le sa tampi a ei khomi gluttony - (n.) tam tuk in einak glycerin - (n.) kilisirin , si bang a thlummi gnarl - (n.) thing i a mit bo gnash - (v.) hacang rial gnat - (n.) fikfa, hmaisem. gnaw - (v.) tam, teuh e.g. The dogs gnawed the bones = Uico nih saruh an teuh. go - (v.) 1. kal; e.g. We go to church = Biakinn ah kan kal; 2. thawh; e.g. You should go now = A tu cu naa thawh awk a si; 3. chawh; e.g. It is too cold to go without a coat = Angkileng loin i chawh awkah a kik tuk; 4. an umning i umter; e.g. She let the children go hungry = Ngakchia kha rawltam in a umter ko hna; 5. hmailei caan ah tuah ding; e.g. She is going to come here tomorrow = Thaizing ah hika ah a ra lai; 6. ah a cang; e.g. He goes mad = Mihrut ah a cang; 7. nunter, kalter, tuanter; e.g. Can you make this clock go? = Hi suimilam hi na nunter kho maw? 8. an i tlak; e.g. These colors go well together = Hi azawng hna hi an i rem ngai. let oneself go = sining i langhter. go-between - (n.) bu hnih karlak i lamkaltu go by - (v.) pawng i kal; e.g. We go by the house = Inn pawng in kan kal. go off - (v.) 1. kal; 2. puak, puah; e.g. Did you hear the gun go off = Meithal a puah kha na thei maw? go on - (v.) peh, kal chin ko go out - (v.) mit; e.g. The fire will go out = Mei cu a mit lai; e.g. Are you going out tonight = Tuzan rawlhrawn ah na kal lai maw? go over - (v.) tha tein zoh

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go through - (v.) va in; e.g. I will not go through that trouble again = Kha harnak kha ka ing duh ti lo. go without - (v.) I sum goad - (n.) rang tuknak fung zum goad - (v.) fung zum in sawh goal - (n.) 1. tinhmi; 2. khual tlawn i phak tinhmi 3. kawl goat - (n.) meheh goatherd - (n.) mehehkhal goatskin - (n.) mehehphaw gobble - (v.) ei duahmah dolh duahmah goblet - (n.) thlalang hrai God - (n.) Pathian goddess - (n.) khuazingnu godfather - (n.) ngakchia a cawmtu pa godhead - (n.) Pathian sinak godless - (adj.) Pathian zei i a rel lomi godly - (adj.) Pathian a upatmi godmother - (n.) ngakchia a cawmtu nu godparent - (n.) ngakchia a cawmtu nu maw pa maw godsend - (n.) Pathian tthumhthlakmi thil goes - (v.) go zoh. going - (n.) kal; e.g. His going was very sudden = A kal cu ruah lopi ah a si. goiter - (n.) hrompuar gold - (n.) sui gold - (adj.) sui in sermi gold leaf - (n.) pan tete in an denmi sui tlap golden - (adj.) 1. sui mui a kengmi thil; 2. a ttha ngaingaimi golden age - (n.) sui chan golden rule - (n.) sui phung; Mi nih ka cungah tuah hna seh ti na duhmi kha mi cungah va tuah ve goldfish - (n.) sui nga. goldsmith - (n.) sui soser golf - (n.) kawlf , lentecelhnak phun khat gondola - (n.) vokkuanglawng gone - (v.) past participle of go , kal. go zoh. gong - (n.) bongmong good - (adj.) 1. a tthami; 2. aa tlakmi; e.g. He is a good man for the job = Hi rian he hin an i tlak; 3. nuamh; e.g. We had a good time = Kan i nuam; 4. a tam ial; e.g. He read a good many books = Cauk tam ialte a rel. good - (n.) a ttha; e.g. He is old enough to know good from bad = A ttha le a chia thleidan khawhnak dingah a upa ve ko cang. as good as = A dih tluk a si ko, aa lim dengmang. for good = Zungzal. good for = Nguh; e.g. The food supply is good for one week = Rawl ca zarh khat caah a za lai. make good = hlawhtlin; e.g. He made good in business = A chawdawr a hlawh tling. Good Friday - (prop.) Easter hlan Cawn Ni Nga ni good-looking - (adj.) aa dawh goodbye - (interj.) dam tein goods - (n.) thilri goodwill - (n.) lungthin ttha goody - (n.) changreu thlum goose - (n.) compai phun khat , a ngan deuh phun gopher - (n.) zu phun khat, dinmi zu si loin gore - (n.) thisen gore - (v.) suk, caw nih a suk ti bantuk khi gorge - (n.) hor thukpi gorge - (v.) khim tuk in rawl ei gorgeous - (adj.) aa dawh ngaingaimi gorilla - (n.) zawng nganpi phun khat , Afrikaram i a ummi gosling - (n.) compai fa gospel - (n.) thawngttha gossip - (v.) congoih gossip - (n.) mi congoih a hmangmi got - (v.) past tense of get, hmuh. get zoh. Goth - (n.) Goth miphun, Rom cozah a rak teitu miphun hna lak i pakhat. gothic - (adj.) Goth mi nih inn an sakning gotten - (v.) past participle of get, hmuh. get zoh. gouge - (n.) cop a har a kuarmi gourd - (n.) umruang gout - (n.) hliahcang fah zawtnak gouty - (adj.) gout zawtnak a ingmi

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govern - (v.) uk , hruai governable - (adj.) uk khawhmi governance - (n.) uknak government - (n.) cozah governmental - (adj.) cozah he aa pehtlaimi thil governor - (n.) uktu , mangkibawi governorship - (n.) uktu bawi sinak gown - (n.) 1. nu thuam; 2. dikiri an lak ni i an i hrukmi angkifual grab - (v.) lak zau , char zau , a cuh in i cuh grace - (n.) 1. Pathian vel; 2. aa dawhmi cawlcanghning; 3. dawhnak graceful - (adj.) umtu ningcang aa dawh ngaimi graceless - (adj.) a ttha tthalo ti ruat khak lo i a ummi gracious - (adj.) nuam ngai le ttha ngaiin a ummi grade - (n.) 1. dot; 2. tang; e.g. First grade = tang khat; 3. camipuai tuah tik i a thiamnak thleidannak; e.g. A grade = A sang bik; 4. chen le rawnh; e.g. The road has a steep grade = Lam cu a chuk, cheng. grade - (v.) 1. a bubu in a hmetpuam ning in chiah; 2. camipuai tuahnak zoh tik i hmakpek grade school - (n.) kum ruk in kum riat tiang hrawng cawnnak sianginn gradual - (adj.) duhsah tein aa thlengmi gradually - (adv.) duhsah tein graduate - (v.) 1. sianginn in awn; 2. a tthen tete in tthen; e.g. The ruler is graduated in inches = Pedan cu lehmah tete ah tthen a si graduate - (adj.) cawnnak a sang cangmi; e.g. Graduate School = B.A. awn hnu cawnnak graduate - (n.) sianginn in a awng; e.g. He is a college graduate = College awngmi a si. graduation - (n.) cacawnmi awnnak graft - (n.) 1. thing nge i thing nge dang pehmi; 2. ziknawh graft - (v.) peh, benh grain - (n.) 1. rawl fang, facang fang, fatun fang, etc.; 2. thing ning; 3. tlawmte; e.g. There is not a grain of truth in what he says = A chimmi ah khan biatak tlawmte hmanh a um lo. grammar - (n.) 1. bia an umtuning zeitindah hman an sining, zeitindah ttial an sining, cawnnak; e.g. He is studying English grammar = English grammar a cawng; 2. holh umtuning ttialnak cauk; 3. holh a ning zulh in holh le ttial. grammatical - (adj.) grammar ning in chimmi, ttialmi. grammatically - (adv.) grammar ning in. gramophone - (n.) thingkuang holh thiam granary - (n.) rawl chiahnak inn , buk le han grand - (adj.) 1. a nganpi, a man a fak ngaimi; 2. upat awk tlak ngaimi grand jury - (n.) thil sual pakhatkhat a um tikah, cu thil cu biaceihnak zung ah chuahpi awk a tlak maw tlak lo ti a ceih hmasatu bu, cu bu chungah cun mi 12 in 23 tiang an um kho grandchild - (n.) tu granddaughter - (n.) fanu i fanu , tu nu grandfather - (n.) pu , hringtu pa i a pa grandly - (adv.) ngan ngaiin, upat tlak ngaiin grandmother - (n.) pi , nu/pa i a nu grandness - (n.) ngannak grandparent - (n.) pi/pu grandson - (n.) fanu i fapa , fapa i fapa , tu pa grandstand - (n.) lentecelh zohnak i tthutnak hmun ttha bik granite - (n.) teklung granny - (n.) pi grant - (v.) 1. pek, nawl pek; 2. biatak a si ti i ruah; e.g. I grant that he attended the class = Sianginn a kai tiah ka ruah. take for granted = a si tawn ningin a si ko ti i ruah. grant - (n.) pekmi thil, laksawng, bawmhnak grape - (n.) mitsur grapefruit - (n.) theithu phun khat grapevine - (n.) mitsur ruang graph - (n.) graf; catlang rinmi in kihlum zong a si ah, ruah tlawmtam zong a si ah, a san a niam zong a si ah, hmuhsaknak graphic - (adj.) fiang tein chimmi grapple - (v.) tlaih, fek tein i tlaihpeng grasp - (v.) tlaih , thil a sullam tlaih , hngalh grasp - (n.) fek tein i tlaihnak grasping - (adj.) mihakkau , miduhfak grass - (n.) ram; e.g. Cows eat grass = Caw nih ram an ei. grasshopper - (n.) khaubawk grassland - (n.) phong grassy - (adj.) ram tamnak hmun a simi grate - (n.) meitil laknak thir fingrilh

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grateful - (adj.) lunglawmh gratefully - (adv.) lunglawm ngaiin grater - (n.) a bingbomi thil milhnak gratification - (n.) lawmhternak gratify - (v.) 1. lawmhter; 2. duhnak riamhter grating - (n.) thir tung tete , a tung a phei in tahmi gratis - (adj.) man loin , a lakin gratitude - (n.) lunglawmhnak gratuitous - (adj.) man loin hmuhmi laksawng gratuity - (n.) rianttuan man hmuhmi laksawng tangka grave - (adj.) 1. khua fak piin a ruatmi; 2. biapi ngai a simi; 3. thinphang ttihnung a simi grave - (n.) thlan , mithi vuinak thlan grave - (v.) cattial khenhchih gravel - (n.) lungtekep graven - (adj.) suaimi graveness - (n.) biapi a sinak gravestone - (n.) thlanlung graveyard - (n.) thlan , thlanhmun gravitate - (v.) vawlei dah nih hnuh gravitation - (n.) vawlei dah nih hnuhnak gravity - (n.) vawlei dah gravy - (n.) mehhnawt gray - (adj.) grey ti zongin ttial a si; a nak le a rang fonh ah a zawng a chuakmi, a pawl ti bik a si lai; asinain. gray hair - (n.) cu sam par ti a si graze - (v.) 1. ram tam , tlon; e.g. Cattle are grazing in the field = Caw cu lo lakah an tlong. 2. hnor vak; e.g. The bullet grazed his shoulder = Kuan nih a liang a hnor vak. grease - (n.) 1. sathau; 2. sathau bantukin a tlormi thil grease - (v.) tlorter greasy - (adj.) a tlormi great - (adj.) ngan , minthang , lianngan great-aunt - (n.) pa/nu i a ni great grandchild/ grandchildren - (n.) tu chin great grandmother - (n.) pi chin greathearted - (adj.) mi lungthin ttha greatly - (v.) ngan piin, tam piin greatness - (n.) ngannak , lianhngannak greave - (n.) ngal tuamnak phaw greed - (n.) hakkauhnak , duhfahnak greedily - (adv.) hakkau ngaiin, duhfak ngaiin greediness - (n.) hakkauhnak greedy - (adj.) duh a fakmi , hak a kaumi Greek - (n.) Grik mi green - (adj.) 1. a hringmi , thinghnah hring azawng; 2. a hmin rih lomi; e.g. Green apples = Epal a hmin rih lomi; 3. rian a thiam rih lomi green - (n.) a hring zawng greenback - (n.) U.S.A. tangka ca. greenhorn - (n.) thil theihhngalhmi a ngei rih lo i hlen a fawimi greenhouse - (n.) thlaici erhnak thlalang inn greenish - (adj.) a hring zawng bantuk a simi greenness - (n.) hrinnak greens - (n.) an hringso greet - (v.) biakchawnh , rak chawnh greeting - (n.) biakchawnhnak gregarious - (adj.) hawi he a bu in um a duhmi saram pawl grenade - (n.) kirnet bom grenadier - (n.) kirnet bom a hmangmi pawl ralkap grievously - (adv.) fak ngaiin. grew - (v.) past tense of grow; grow zoh. grey - (adj.) gray ti zongin ttial a si; a nak le a rang fonh ah a zawng a chuakmi, a pawl ti bik a si lai. greyhound - (n.) uico phun khat , a khan a sang ngai i a tai aa rek ngaimi grid - (n.) thir fingrilh grief - (n.) ngaihchiatnak nganpi grievance - (n.) thinhunnak , ingpuannak grieve - (v.) fak piin ngaichiat grill - (n.) sa emnak thir fingrilh grim - (adj.) 1. a hmai a hakmi , nih thlam leng lo , zaangfahnak ngei lomi; 2. ttihnung, tuksapur grimace - (n.) hmaichiat, hmai in nehsawhnak, zomhtaihnak langhter; e.g. Only rude children make

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grimaces = Ngakchia hrut lawng nih an hmai in mi serhsatnak an langhter. grime - (n.) hnawm grimy - (adj.) a hnawmmi grin - (n.) nihnak, merhnak grin - (v.) nih i merh grind - (v.) 1. rial; 2. tat; e.g. We grind the scissors = Cehrep kan tat hna; 3. hacang rial grinder - (n.) rialtu grindstone - (n.) lungtat grip - (v.) fek tein tlaih grip - (n.) 1. fek tein tlaihnak; 2. khual tlawnnak thingkuang hmete gripes - (n.) paw fah grisly - (adj.) ttihnung a simi grit - (v.) a ha a khawn; e.g. He grits his teeth = A ha a khawn. groan - (v.) hrum ruangmang groan - (n.) hrumai thawng grocer - (n.) eidin thil a zuartu groceries - (n.) eidin awk thilri grocery - (n.) eidin awk thil an zuarnak chawdawr groggy - (adj.) derthawm , feh lo , thazang um lo groin - (n.) pang, paw le pang groom - (n.) 1. rangcawng; e.g. The groom brushes the horse = Rangcawng nih a rang kha a hmul a muai; 2. nupi ngei dengmangmi maw asiloah ngei kate tlangval groom - (v.) 1. thianghlim tein um, sam hna ttha tein i hriah; 2. si ding i timhtuah; e.g. He was groomed for mayor = Khuabawi caah an timhtuah. groove - (n.) meithal kua chung ttial , khuarmi grope - (v.) mui lak i i dah, mui lakah kal gross - (n.) dozen 12, cucu 144. gross - (adj.) a thap a hratmi, rawi lei zongah biachim lei zongah, ziaza lei zongah, a dihlak, a fiang tukmi grotesque - (adj.) muichiapi , nihchuak a simi muisam pipi a kengmi ground - (n.) vawlei ground - (v.) 1. tthutter ko; e.g. The plane was grounded by bad weather = Vanlawng cu nikhua chia nih a tthutter ko; 2. hram bunh; e.g. Her statements were grounded on facts = A chimmi cu a si taktakmi i aa bunhmi a si; 3. vawlei ah a tang; e.g. The boat was grounded on the sand = thetse cungah tilawng cu a tang; 4. simple past tense and past participle grind; grind zoh. ground - (adj.) vawlei naih; e.g. He lives on the ground floor = Inn tang dot bik ah a um ground plan - (n.) inn sak tik i a tuang umnak ding tuaktanmi groundless - (adj.) sullam ngei lo , hram ngei lo grounds - (n.) tual le dum inn pawngkam i a ummi groundwork - (n.) a hrampi group - (n.) bu group - (v.) hmun khat i i but grove - (n.) thingkung a bu in ummi; e.g. Orange grove = Theithu kung a bu in a ummi grow - (v.) 1. tthan; 2. duhsah te i hung si; e.g. They are growing tired = Duhsah tein an tha a hung di; 3. cin; e.g. They grow corn = Fangvoi an cin. grower - (n.) thil cingtu growl - (v.) uico ngur grown - (v.) grow zoh; past participle of grow. grown-up - (n.) nutling patling a simi growth - (n.) tthannak grub - (v.) coih; e.g. Pigs grub for food = Vok nih thinghram kha an coih hna. grudge - (n.) lungthli in uam, thinhun peng grudge - (v.) 1. lunglawm lo ngaiin pek; e.g. He grudged his landlord the rent = Vawlei ngeitupa kha lawm lo ngaiin a man a pek; 2. nahchuah. grudgingly - (adv.) siang lo thluahmah in gruel - (n.) fanghang grueling - (adj.) tha a ditter ngaingaimi rian gruesome - (adj.) tuksapur a simi gruff - (adj.) biachim , holhrel , umtu ziaza i tla bulbal in a ummi grumble - (v.) phunzai grumbler - (n.) phunzai huammi grunt - (v.) vok nguk guarantee - (v.) biakam guarantee - (n.) biakamnak , aamahkhan guarantor - (n.) aamah khangtu , biakamtu guard - (v.) ven , congh , runven guard - (n.) vengtu guardhouse - (n.) ralvennak inn

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guardian - (n.) zohkhentu guardianship - (n.) zohkhenhtu sinak gubernatorial - (adj.) governor (mangki bawi) he aa pehtlaimi thil; e.g. Gubernatorial election = Governor thimnak. guerilla - (n.) ral fir guerrilla war - (n.) ralfir. (zong guerilla war). guess - (v.) hngalh setsai lo i ruah guess - (n.) hngalh setsai lo i ruahnak guest - (n.) hawileng , khualtlung guidance - (n.) hruainak , lam hmuhsaknak guide - (v.) lam hmuhsak , hruai guide - (n.) lam hruaitu , lam chimtu guidebook - (n.) lam chimhnak cauk guidepost - (n.) lam chimtu tung guild - (n.) bu guild hall - (n.) hi bantuk bu an i pumhnak khan guile - (n.) hrokhrawlnak , lihchimnak guileless - (adj.) lih a chim lomi, a hrokhrol lomi guillotine - (n.) lu tannak thing, caku tannak seh guilt - (n.) sualnak guiltily - (adv.) sual ngaiin guiltiness - (n.) sualnak, misual sinak guiltless - (adj.) a sual lomi guilty - (adj.) a sualmi , biaceihtu bawi nih na sual ti , i phuhrun guinea hen - (n.) vari haw guinea pig - (n.) zu phun khat, si hneksaknak i an hman ngaimi guise - (n.) thuam guitar - (n.) kitar , tingtang gulf - (n.) rili fonghlei Gulf Stream - (prop.) rili chung i ti lum tiva bantukin a luangmi gull - (n.) vate phun khat gullet - (n.) 1. late, kaa in pawpi tiang rawl a kalnak late; 2. hrom gully - (n.) tilu zir gulp - (n.) dolh khat gulp - (v.) dolh gum - (n.) 1. kaw; 2. khaimi a tlummi kaw; 3. hani gum tree - (n.) kaw kung gun - (n.) meithal , sikahnak gun boat - (n.) ral dohnak tilawng a hmemi , ti puan i hmanmi gunlock - (n.) meithal cengbawm gunner - (n.) meithal kah thiamnak cawnpiakmi gunny - (n.) buri songkhoi gunpowder - (n.) zen gunshot - (n.) meithal kah gunstock - (n.) meithal tanglam gurgle - (v.) a tlok hliahmahmi thawng a ngei; e.g. Water gurgles when it is poured out of a bottle = Thawl chungin ti cu thlet a si tikah, a awn hliahmah. gush - (v.) pawt hluahmah , luang hluahmah gush - (n.) cu bantukin a luang hluahmahmi gusher - (n.) zinan khor seh hau loin zinan a chuak hluahmahmi gust - (n.) thli vuk ti i a hran khi gusto - (n.) thaw ngai i ei; e.g. He ate with gusto = Thaw ngaiin a ei. gusty - (adj.) thlitu a hrang ngaimi gut - (v.) hrawh dih cikcek; e.g. Fire gutted the house = Mei nih inn cu a hrawh dih cikcek. gut - (n.) rilte guts - (n.) raltthatnak gutter - (n.) 1. tiluannak tilu hor; 2. disathlap tidong guttural - (adj.) hrom he aa pehtlaimi aw thawng guy - (n.) mipa gymnasium (gym) - (n.) lentecelhnak hmun, lentecelhnak inn gymnastics - (n.) lentecelhnak gyrate - (v.) i hel , i mer lengmang gyroscope - (n.) aa hel aa mer lengmangmi thil in zohnak

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) chuncha bantuk a simi ceunak . hairy .(n.(adj.) sobul in khenh. a hairbreadth escape = a luatnak cu samfang ngaw te lawng a si.) alan a tung a canceo i thlai khi.(adj.(n.) British thi chung i a senmi.(n. rial tlak in tlak.) a zia a simi.) ngan a dam i a tthawngmi half . a um tung lomi aw hna theih .(n.(n.) hlasaknak lei i vuak cheu half-sister . dinhnak halt .g. hnarcheu i cheu ham .) inn khaan nganpi hallelujah . rak thangtthat hailstone . He hammered away at the problem = Thil har kha a liim hlan lo a tuah peng.(n. molh thil theih le hmuh halo .) zia ah a tla hack .(n. kua habitation . hallucination .(adv.(n.) tuah lengmang i zia i a cang cangmi zia habitable .) dir.) past tense and past participle of have. e. A habitual reader reads and reads = Carel a zia aa ngeihmi nih cun ca cu a rel lengmang ko.(interj.) October 31 zan.(adj.) samfang cheu bantukin cheu a harmi hairspring . habitual .(n.) thil man i det hail .) ruahnak a tlawm ngaimi hall .g.(n.) pa aa khat i nu aa dangmi . The old house is not fit for habitation = Inn hlunpi kha umnak a tlak ti lo. have zoh.(n.) thir tannak hluah hmete had .(n.) lam canceo half-witted . chum halt . half-breed .(n. thil a tthami hmelchunhnak.) cheu . dinh awk i khua i cam halter .) rial. thil a hmaanmi hmelchunhnak.(v. rak lawmh.(adj. haft .(adj.(adj.(n.g.) hmelchunhnak.(n.(n. hairless .(n.(n.(v. cheu hackneyed .) a um ttung lomi thil hna hmuh .) an pa aa khat i nu aa dangmi asiloah nu aa khat i pa aa dangmi half-caste .(adj.) 1. ngolnak . Hades .(v. hmun zong a si ah habitat . 2.(n. hmul ngei lo hair's breadth .(n. hair .) lungcheu bangin half hour . ngol. e.) a cheuchum in.(n. hammock .) suimilam cheu half-mast .) hman tuk cang i zei i rel set ti lomi hacksaw .) mui tlafiamfuam in um . hallow .(adj.(adj.(v.) sattil hrennak hruainak hri halve .(n.) samfang ngaw hairsplitting .(v. haemoglobin .) kahpia half-hearted .(v.) sam ngei lo .) thianter Hallowe'en .) hnarcheu half .(adj. e.) samfang ngawte lawng a simi.) sobul hammer . thlapa siseh a kulhtu khi .(n. a bi ngaingaimi.(n.) um khawhnak a simi . hammer away = a dih tiangin tuah.g.(v.) mithi khua. mithi zunngaihnak ca tuahmi half note .(n.(v.) Bawipa cu thangtthat u hallmark .) umnak. den.) dirnak .) tarnu haggard . umnak hmun.(adj.(n. nau oihnak kuang Page 106 . mit kuak tla haggle .) khuate hmete hammer .) ngakchia ihnak thlaimi. The meat is only half-cooked = Sa cu a cheuchum lawng a hmin.(n.) hmul a tammi hale .(n. habitually . nu aa khat i pa aa dangmi half way . dengmangte.) a zia ning in habituate .) voksa a el tit hamlet .(v.) suimilam chung i samfang tia tete a simi spring hme tete hna.) nam hlok hag .(n.H habit . hell.(n.) rial hail .(n. e.) tan . ni siseh .(v.(adj. inn zong a si ah .) sam hairbreath .) bu.

e. i but hang up .(n.) tin hram cuar haphazard .g. handbag . e.) 1. i zuamnak ah a der deuhmi zong nih khan teinak caan hawi he aa zat in an hmuh khawh ve nakhnga caah ti in a tthawng deuhmi cung i dawntu an chiahmi.(v.(n. The hands of the clock = Suimilam kut.g. hand in hand = i naih tein. Handle the books carefully = Cauk kha ralring tein tawng hna.(n.) kutttial handy .(n. tuah.g They happened to meet on the street = Lampi ah an i tong sual.g.(n.) telefon in i chawnh i i chawnhnak chiahkanh khi. e.) vanchia haply . zohkhenhnak. e.(v. They told us all that happened on their trip = An khual tlawnnak i thil a cangmi vialte an kan chimh. The store is handy = Chawdawr cu a naite. 2.) thapheh hamstring .) thangpi le fak piin au chih len / chimh chih len harass . He won the race handily = Tlik zuamnak cu fawi tein a tei. The criminal was hanged (zong hung) = Misualpa cu an thah. e.(n.(v.) 1. on hand = naite ah. 2.g. 2.) tuaitam . e. happening .g.) laksawng misifak man lo in pekmi thil handshake .g.) i thlaipeng. hapless . hand's up = na kut hler hna.) 1. Hang your coat on that hook = Na angkileng cu khi bahnak ah khin hei bat.g.(n.) hnu ah i thlai hang on .) mi zapi phawt awk i sermi ca handbook .) 1. 2. His car is very handy = A mawttawka cu an hmanlek ngai a si. e. e.) vanlawng chiahnak inn hanger .) thil thlainak fung hangnail . They have the upper hand in the fight = An i paihnak ah khan anmah nih an tei deuh hna. e. e.) a si kho men happen . banh khaw .(n. 3. e.) kut ttemnak thir cikcin handful .) fawi tein.g. thil a hung um . bat.) lunglawm ngaiin happiness .(adv. fight hand to hand = kut le kut i tawng in i tuk.) dawntu.) lunglawmhnak happy . e. e.(v. awlokchonh harbinger .(v. change hands = ngeitu i thlen.) kutput cauk.) 1. The handle of a spoon = Darkeu kut handle .) donhnak.(n. a tthahnem ngaingaimi. e. timh ciammam si loin a um sualmi. i chanh chin vima. He handed me a pencil = Khedan a ka pek.(adj.g.(n.(n. by hand = kut in ser.hamper . tampi. thah. phak khawh .(v.(n. hand down = i pek chin.(n. kut in tongh.(adj.(adj. dawntu hamstring .(v.(n.(n. 2. from hand to mouth = i pek chin. lam naite i a ummi.) kut in tuahmi thil. e. wash one's hands = kei kai tel lo tiin kul i ttawl.) kuttlaih handsome .(n.(adv.) dohn. e.(n.) kut in sermi handmaid / handmaiden .g.) kut zungthiamnak handiwork . e.g. thil kut.) sinum nu handout .) kut zungthiamnak handily .g.(v.(adj.) 1. upper hand = tei deuh. e.g.) zapei khat .(n. hang out . e. tonghthamning.) ruah set loin tuah chimmi.) zeipaoh a fawinak in a ruatmi pawl harangue .(v. His illness handicaps him = A zawtnak nih a donh.(n.(v.(n. i chanh chin vima. hands off = tawng hlah. handmade .) kutput zal handbill . at hand = pawngte i um peng.(n. kutneh handkerchief .) thaphet thapi hand .g. e.(adj. dawh.(n. minung kut bantuk. handicap .(adj.) hmunkhatte i um ti. kut. thlai .g. A handsome salary = lahkhah tampi handwriting . handcuff .(n. put.(v.g. a hung can. e.(n. hangar . She knows how to handle the children = Ngakchia tonghthamning kha a thiam hna. vun lak zau awk i um.(adj.g.g.) chimchungtu. The child is in the hands of the parents = Ngakchia cu a nu le a pa zohkhenhnak tangah a um.) lunglawm happy-go-lucky . hang back . hang together . thil pakhatkhat a ra lio tiin thawng a rak thanh chungtu Page 107 .) thil a cang/ummi happily . Hang on to this rope = Hi hri hi i tlaihpeng. They hung up before I finished talking = Bia ka chim dih manh hlanh an ka ngol kanh.) kut in pek.) seh kut . handicraft . uknak.g.(v.(adv. The boy is hanging out of the window = Ngakchiapi cu thlalangawng in a fong. 2. Lack of education is a handicap for many people = Cathiam lo hi mi tampi caah dawntu a si. hmanlek ngai a simi.(v.) fon. Haphazard answers are usually wrong = Ruah setsai loin lehnak cu a hmaan tawn lo. hand . hang .(n. handiness .) pawvuah (pavuah) handle .g.) donh hamper . kut i tlai in. tei na si cnag ti langhternak. tlawmte handicap .

) thinghak hardy . have zoh. hasten .(v. 2. They harbor a thief = Mifir a thli tein an umter. e.(n. a hak.g.(adj.) British. 2. huat. banh. tthat lonak. aw nem lo harshly . e.(n.) hrawk khotu a si lomi harmonious .) British.) 1. tilawng dinhnak. They left in haste = Khulrang in an chuak. e.(adj.) 1.(n.(v.(adj.(adv. This medicine will not harm you = Hi si nih an rawk lai lo. harbor . harbour .) zaangfahnak ngei lomi hardihood .) rawlttuantu .(n. There is hardly any food left = Rawl zeihmanh a tang set ti lo. e.g. khua theih aa harh harden . a thlite in umter.) aw hrang.) arder. fak ngaiin harshness . a chak a hri .(adj. harbour .(adv.) ralttha ngaiin hardiness .(n. huatmi hatred .) khulrannak in. e.) 1. harnak pek. arti keuhnak hmun hatchet .) remter . 2. thazang.) Muslim pa nih nupi tampi an i chiahnak inn hark .(adj. hard .S. e.g. e.(v.(n.(adj.) raltthatnak hardily .) fak piin.g.(adv.) arti keuh hatch . He is a hard worker = Mi teima a si. Water can be harnessed to produce electric power = Ti cu elektrik tha chuahter khawh a si. harmful .(v. The farmer harvested his rice = Lothlopa nih a facang a ttuan.) huat awk a simi .(adj.(n. tthawnnak chuahter.) a hmur cunglei a ttemi .) hachek.(n.) aa remmi harmonize . harness .) U. e. tilawng dinhnak.) 1.g.) hri thlaihmi fei .(adj. hardness .) ngai hmanh harlot . e. 2.harbor .) hahter hardheaded . e.(v. hard . e.(v. a thlite in umter. He has a coat = Angkileng pakhat a ngei. hard and fast .) khulrang in kal hastily .(n.) tingtang phun khat harpoon . He had a hard face = Mi hmai nuam lo a si.(v. 2.) a tthawng i harnak a ing khomi hare . e. 3. mi teima. zaangfahnak ngei lo. rawl ttuanmi rawl harvest . e.(adj.) i remnak . rili chung nga khawhnak i an hmanmi harrow .(n. His story is hardly true = A chimmi cu a si ngaingai lo.) hahnak hardware . a har. They harbour a thief = Mifir a thli tein an umter.(adv. mi hmai nuam lo. thlen khawh lo a simi hard of hearing . hmurte harem .(n. etc. e. zungthiam (lehtama) hmanmi hreitlung hmete hate .(n.(v. asinain si taktak dawh a si lo. hasp . The rock is hard = Lung cu a hak. 2.) rawk.(n.g. menmen. etc. i tlaknak harness . harp . He can hardly have arrived yet = A phan kho rih taktak lai lo.) U. Harness the horse = Rang cu a thil phorhnak thilthuam kha khinh.(v.(n.) khulrang in thil a timi hat .(n. danh. chim duhmi cu.(n. in khawhnak hardly .(adj.) saveh harelip .(n. rang cu a thil phorhnak thilthuam kha banh.) lei thuannak tthe harsh .(n. ka hngal lo dengmang. kapza tehna.) rawl ttuan.) hlawhhlangnu harm . an i rem harmony .g.(n.(n.g.(n. duh lo hate .g. harm . I hardly know her = Amah cu tlawmte lawnglawng ka hngalh.g. e.(adj.g.) thir in sermi thilri . hrawhnak.) khulrang ngaiin hasty .) 1.(n. a si cu a si kho .(adv.(v. e. hardwood . ngeih. His delay did harm to our plan = A tlai ruangah kan i timhmi a rawk.) tilawng chung i a kua pakhat hatchery .(v.) a fek taktakmi.g.(n.) aw hrannak hart .(adv. Thazang.) mi lungthawng hardhearted . e.g. He works hard = Fakpi in a ttuan.) 1.g.) 1.) a hna chet.) huatnak lungthin hateful . khulrang in.g. 3.(n.(n. I am so tired that I can hardly walk = Ka ba tuk i ka kal kho menmen. He meant no harm = Tthat lonak zeihmanh aa timhmi a si lo.) rang thil phorhnak thilthuam . harvester . 2.(n. a kengdan .) hrawk khotu a simi thil harmless . rawlttuannak seh has . sobul tehna .g.(n.(n. e.g.) rawl ttuan . 4.) hahnak hardship . This work is hard = Hi rian cu a har. tlawmte lawnglawng .) luchin hatch .(n.) huatnak Page 108 . 4.) tawh thlaihnak thir kuai a vun kilhtu haste .g.(n.S.) sazuk harvest .) aw hrang ngaiin.(v.

(n. 2.(v.(adj.g.(v.) lufah headdress . hear .) hmailei kal. e.(v. The cars hit each other head on = Mawttawka cu an i khawng. head .(adj. chung um. 2.(n.) tawcor haunt . fimnak. e. at heart = lungchung ah. change of heart = lungthlen.(n. e. They hauled the boat to the shore = Tikam ah lawng cu an hnuh.) veh lengmangmi hmun have .) ngandamnak healthy .g.(adj. lung 2. He plunged headlong into the sea = A lu lei in rili chungah a tla vurmar.(n. hnuh. pon. e.(n. He hauls furniture from Mandalay to Monywa = Mandalay in Monywa ah cabuai tthutdan tampi a phorh. e.) 1. e.) 1. A heap of stones = Lung pon heap . e. hmuh/ton. Ghosts haunt that old house = Khi inn hlun khi mithla nih a veh lengmang. e.(v. nu si loin head . laifang.(n. The mud on the road is a hazard to driving = Lam i nawncek cu mawttaw mongh ah thil ttihnung a si hazardous .) luchin headlight . 3. hna in theih. ngeih. ei. veh lengmang.) lungthin takte a simi hearth . A day has twenty-four hours = Ni khat chungah suimilam pakul le pali an um. e. by heart = lungchung in.) ruam a kaimi haul . pumh.) mawttaw a hmailei headline . a tthawng tthan. e. e. 3.) mupi hay . hruaitu bik.) lu i khawn. She has a good head for science = Science cawnnak caah a thluak a tha.) hruihruai. He rushed headlong into the crowd = Mibu chungah a lut cutmat.) ramro/capawl pon nganpi hazard ..g.) hmunpi headstrong . heart-felt .(n.g. We made headway despite the storm = Thlichia a hrang nain hmailei ah kan kal kho. e.) ca chung i biatlangpi a nganpipi in ttialmi headlong .(n.) lunglawm ngai a simi.) ruamkai ngaiin haughtiness .g.(n.) lu lei hmasatter i tuah cutmat.) ralkap zal havoc .(n.) 1.(n.) ramro pon hmete hayfever .(n.(n.) hathiau lengmang zawtnak haystack .) lungthu heartily . She heaped food in his plate = A pakan ah a khat tein rawl a chiah.(adj.(adj.(pron. lungthin.) tiva chuahnak headway .g. She heaped the stones = Lung a pon hna.(adv.) hna in theih heard . 2.) dam . thil ttihnung. I have a house = Inn ka ngei 2.(n.(n.(v. The heart of the town = Khua laifang.g.) pon.(n. biapi bikmi.) a theih in theihmi heart . e.) mi dang ruahnak lak duh loin mah ruahnak le duhnak lawng a zulmi headwaters .) sianginn sayaci headquarters .g.(v.g. e. e. Lungchung i hung chuah lengmang haunt . e.) 1.(adj. hearsay .g.g.g.) 1.g.) luchin.(n.) 1. headman .) sattil ei awkah chiahmi ramro haycock .) ngan a dammi heap .(n. tampi in phorh.(n. heal .(n. 2.g. 4. khatpi in chiah.(v. e. e.g.) zaangfahnak a ngei lomi hearty .(n.(adv.) 1.) ngandamnak healthiness .(adj. headache . 2. Will you have dinner now? = Atu ah zanriah na ei lai maw? 4.(n. haunch .) hear zoh.) ttih awk a simi thil haze . e.) ttih awk thil . haven . himnak hmun haversack .(n.g. I have on my coat = Ka angkileng kaa hruk. Page 109 . e. She spoke from the heart = A lungthin taktak a chim. past tense and past participle of hear. a sang bik. aih. adv.(n. He heads the city government = Khuachung uknak kha amah nih a hruihruai hna.) rawhnak nganpi hawk .) khuabawi headmaster .(n.(v.(n. fian lonak hazy .) fiang lo i um he . khuadi. take heart = lung a ttha tthan. e.(adj.g.) tappi .) amah pa .) tilawng dinhnak.g. damter health . lutamhnak headgear .g.(n. Your words go to the heart of the matter = Na bia cu kha thil kong ah khan a biapi bikmi a si. have on = hruk. lu.haughtily .(n.(n.g.(adv.) ruamkainak haughty .(n. zoh loin.g.) lungtho thintho ngaiin heartless . They have trouble with this car = Hi mawttawka he hin harnak an tong lengmang.(n. 3.(adj. head on . mei kaunak hearthstone .

(n. hem . ngaihchia.g. e. He cannot help going to sleep = Ngu loin a um kho lo.) biachimtu kha a ing puang seh ti in heh tiah bia rak hal chih len. hmun sang.g.(n. hemorrhage . a zaang ngaingaimi.(adj.) rocotu ding a simi heiress .(n.(v.) mi bawmtu a simi .g.(n. e.(n. heater .(n.(n. donh. cucaah Page 110 . a san bik lio caan.g. nu a simi heirloom .) thlalang hmanleknak helium . He died at the height of his career = A rian ttuanmi ah a sannak bik i a um lioah a thi.(v. a heavy rain = ruah tampi.(adj.(v. satleng hedgerow .g. cawi i hlonh. e. e.) arpi hen coop .(n. 3.(v. The children ran helter-skelter when the dog rushed at them = Uico nih a zuan hnawh hna tikah khan.) U. heaven . a tthahnemmi helping .g.g.g.(n.(v.(n. hika thawk hin.) i biakchawnhnak helm .(n. helicopter . vanram.(n.(adj. 2. vawlei pum a cheu hemoglobin .) linhnak .(v.) rit ngaiin heaviness .) hnahnawk luri ngai a simi . e.) a ttha lo ngaingaimi heir .) bawmtu ngei lo . The sailors heaved the box overboard = Tilawng cawng pawl nih thing kuang cu an cawi i lengah an hlonh.(n.(n. a beibang loin.) a sa.) sahniar .g.(n. 2.) tilawng mawnghnak cangpa kual helmet .) tilawng mawngtu help . bawmh.(n. Waves heave in storm = Thlichia a hran ahcun tilet cu an ttum an kai lengmang.) santer heinous . biapi i rel heed .(n. 2. hectic .) rocotu heir apparent .) rihnak heavy . a rit.(n. lumtertu heathen . khua lin .(interj. The water heated rapidly = Ti a sa zau.) kedil height .(adj. He was hemmed in by the enemies = Ral nih an hren. e.(n.) rawl voi khat suahmi khi helpless . heedful .) Judah mi. lawkih mi heave .) ralring tein a ummi heedless .(n. 3.(n.(n.g.(n. heavenly .) 1. tlaih. e. e. 2. heavyweight . misual thlarau umnak ding hello .) pangpar kung in kulhnak hau heed .) vancung khua. 4. tampi.(adj.) thir luchin helmsman . mah le mah zeihmanh i tuah khawh lonak helter-skelter . a linhsat liopi .(v.(adj.) ttha tein ngaih.) 1. 3.(n. He heaved the heavy box into the car = Thingkuang ritpi cu a cawi i mawttawka chungah a sanh.) 1. e.) puantlang hemisphere .) a pummi a cheu .) ttha tein zohkhenhnak. a nuam ngaingaimi heavily .(n. har ngaiin cawi i sanh.) 1. She pays heed to her clothes = A thilthuam ttha tein a zohkhenh hna. She hedged when I asked her age = A kum ka hal ah a ka hrial. past tense and past participle of hold. zeihmanh i tuah khawh lo helplessness . hlingbur hau zong a si kho hedge .g. the heavens = van.) bawmhnak helper .) hrial. e. e. hell .(n. heighten .(n.S.(adj.(n. He held her hand = A kut a tlaih. hedgehog .(v.) gas phun khat. hem . The dress was hemmed by hand = A angki tlang cu kut in a tthit. e.) bawmtu helpful .) helikoptar heliograph .) 1.(n. a ttum a kai lengmang.) aa ralring lomi heedlessness . phorh rit.) 1. e.(adv.) pangpar hau .) rocotu.(adj.(n. e. dan.) ar bawm hence . hold zoh.) Khrihfa a si lomi.(n. 2.) lumnak petu.(v.(adv.) hrikung phun khat hen .(n.) mithi khua . 2. He held the baby = ngakchia kha a pom. a kam kip in kulh. rak al chih len.g. cuaphmat zawtnak a ngei i a tak a lin lelekmi hedge .) a biling a balang in .heat .g.) 1. atu thawk in. They heaved on the rope = Hri kha an hnuh.g.) i ralrin lonak heel .(n. 4.(n. e. His heart was heavy = A ngaih a chia. a si lo kho lo. ngakchia cu a beibahlang loin an tli. lumternak heat . puantlang bil tthit.) vancung bantuk a simi .) thonghthiammi pawl pawng 175 in a cunglei a simi hna Hebrew .g. i comcawroi loin . heckle . hnuh. sannak.(n. 2.g.(n. e.) thi a chuah khi hemp . help .) chan khat hnu chan khat an i roh chin lengmangmi thil held .) bawmtu ngei lomi sinak .(adv. thi chung i a senmi.

uknak i a hme deuh le a ngan deuh aa dot thliahmah i um Page 111 .(n. e.(n.(v.g.henceforth . 2. Nu Sui is not here. Na hmu maw? 2.g. It is hot in here = Hika hmun cu a lin ko.) va phun khat . amah hrimhrim nih.) hika ah hereabout . This is her book = Hi cauk hi amah ta a si.) hi ca he hin heritable . tlangbawi pawl uknak.(adv. Hide your book = Na cauk va thup.(v.) zumh tawn ning in a zum lomi heterodoxy .(n. hawi zumhning in a zum lomi heretofore .(adj.) cawngor hesitation . A herd of cattle = Caw run khat herd .) hi hlan ah .(n. atu hlan ah . hmai ruk a ngeimi thil hexagonal .g.(n.(v. himself . Mary did it by herself = Mary nih amahte in a tuah. 3. 2.(adj. hi bia hin hereditary .(v. This bag is hers = Hi zal cu amah zal a si.(n.) mui chia .) bing heroine . hidden . 4.g.) hi ca hin .) chik ik hiccup .) chik ik hickory .) past tense and past participle of hide.(pron.) nga phun khat hers .(n.) saphaw hideous .) 1.) uk. aa lo lomi hew .g. a bu in kalter.g. phenh. mi nih an uar ngaimi.) hi hmun.) 1.) 1. a ral a ttha ngaingaimi.) hi kong hi.) hide zoh.(adv.) zumh tawn ning in zumh lonak heterogeneous . thuh.(n.) anhring herd .g.(adj.(pron. e.(adv.g.) atu caan thawk in henchman .(adj.) ralttha ngaiin tuahmi heroical . her . fihnunnak hierarchy . thing cektu hexa .(n. fihnung hideously .(adj.(n. here .g. 2.(adj.g. here . We will speak further hereof = Hi kong cu kan chim tthan te lai.(n.(adj.) hi hnu tlawmpalte ah hin heresy .) thing ceh. saih hewer . e. Her cu nu tinak lawng a si.(adv. hereon .(v.(v.) tuksapur sinak.) amah nu ta.) phungki ramlak i amah lawngin a ummi hero . 2. e. The newspaper heralded the coming of the troops = Ralkap an rat lai kha tadinca nih a rak thanh. He is henpecked by his wife = A nupi nih a uk. hawi zumhning in a zum lomi heretic .) 1.(n.(adj. amah ta. herb . e. phenh.(n.) pakhat hnu pakhat ci i thlahnak hereof . a hngawng le a hmur a sau ngaimi herring .) bawi nawl paoh zeizei ti lo i a zul a tuahmi henpeck .(adv. e. e.(n.) raltthatnak heron . amah kel a si lo.(n. He herds his sheep from one place to another = Atu cu hmun khat in hmun dang ah an bu in a kalpi hna.(n.) zumhning lo a simi . amah nu. She is behaving strangely.) chan lailing hic-cough .(v. herself. tuanbia pakhatkhat chung i a biapi bik a simipa heroic .) co khawhmi heritage . hawi zumh ningin a zum lomi heretical .(n.) ralttha ngaiin tuahmi. e.(n.(adj.(n.) i cawngor i um hesitate .(n. hide zoh.) a hmaan lomi zumhning . atu tiangah cun herewith . Have you seen her? = Nu Sui hika ah a um lo. she is not herself = A umtuning aa dang.g.) 1.g. e. e.(n.g. e.) thawng thanh.) ro hermit .g. She hurts herself = Amah le amah aa tu. heroin .) hi hnu cu hereby . 2.(pron. amah le amah.) ci i thlahnak he aa pehtlai in heredity . hesitant .(n.) hika hrawngah hin hereafter . They herded together = Hmunkhat ah an i bu.) zumhning hmaan lo a ngeimi . tuksapur .) fihnung ngaiin hideousness .) 1.) tlang autu herald . Clouds hide the sun = Khuadawm nih nika a phenh hide .g. e.(adj.) kap ruk .(adv.(n.(adv.(n.(adv.) phun dangdang aa cawhmi . e. e.) a ral a ttha ngaimi minu heroism .) run.(pref. past participle of hide thuh hide . thuh.) kap ruk ngei a simi heyday . herald .(adj.) thing phun khat a hakmi hid . Mary herself brought the book = Mary hrimhrim nih cauk kha a rak put.(n. e.) cawngornak heterodox .g. amahte nih.) thing hlamtu. 3.(n. e.(n. i but.(adv.(adv.) paruk hexagon . amah kel a si.

(n.g. e. He highlighted the picture by placing it in the window =Hmanthlak kha mi nih hmu hna seh ti a duh khun caah thlalang awng ah a chiah. 2. hire .(n. historical .(n. This is his turban = Hihi amah lupawng a si.(adj.(v.g.(v. a sang.(v.) tlangpar .) amah pa.g. 2.(n. Ih a cu cang.) mi dang cung i zaangfahnak ngei lo i tuahmi highlight . aa khing. 2.) ke in kal hilarious . ngan. The success of our picnic hinges on the kind of weather we shall have = Kan hnianghrawm a tthat lai le tthat lai lo cu nikhua nawl a si lai.) ahohmanh nih uk lomi rili high spirits .(n. mi nih hmu hna seh ti i tuah khunmi.(n.(n. e. a herh biknak. e.(adj.) tlangbo hillside . e.(v.(adj. ram kong minung kong hit . e.(n. We hit the right road in the dark = Mui padap ah lam kha kan va hmuh. a biapit biknak highly . e. This is a high building = Hi inn cu a sang.) kapza bantukin a biapi a si. past tense and Page 112 . hint . They hit each other = Pakhat le pakhat an i thawng.(v.g.g.) a tlai tuk hlan deuh te caan khi high words . biathli pek. I want to meet him = Amah ton ka duh.(adj. khawn. e. 4.(n. The child has a high fever = Ngakchia cu a tak a lin ngaingai.g.) lunglawm thanuam ngaiin umnak high strung .(v.) tilet thawh caan high time .) tai hippopotamus .(n. He hit the ball with a stick = Pumpululh kha fung in a tuk. cumh.(n. 3. e.) 1.g.(n.(adj.) tuanbia he aa pehtlaimi thil.) rianttuan man hmuh ding lawng i a ttuanmi his .) tuanbia ningin history .(n.(adj.(adv. 2.g. e. 5.g.(n. They spoke highly of him = An thangtthat ngaingai.) ram a chungril lei . khuate lei hip .g.(pron.) 1.g.(n.g.(n. ngaingai.) a tha a thermi high tide . 5. A small black cloud gave a hint of coming storm = Khuadawmnak hmete nih totho rat lai hmelchunhnak kha a langhter.(n. hmelchunhnak.) tuanbia . e. e. tuanbia a hngal ngaingaimi historic . 3.) thinhunnak bia highhanded .g. tampi pek.) hmelchunhnak pek.g.) tang hra sianginn high seas . She speaks in a high voice = Aw thia in a holh. kan va khen.(n.(adv.) hmanthlak in ca ttialmi. hinterland .(n.(n. hind .) lam mifir hike .(n.) tuanbia he aa pehtlaimi thil. e.) dawntu hindsight .) 1.(v.g.g. aa bunh.) rianttuantu lak hireling .) dawnh .(n. high jump . 4. e. e.hieroglyphic .g.) amah ta (pa). e.(n. ti zongin a si kho).g. hruh hmasat fim hmanung ti bantuk Hindu .g.(n. e.) kapza hint . 'herself' bantuk kha a si. hind legs = hnulei ke hinder .) tuanbia ttialtu . What he said is highly unlikely = A chimmi cu si dawh a si hrimhrim lo.) tlang tamnak hmun hilt . highway .(pron.(v. He is a high official = Bawi ngan a si.(adj. Historical books = Tuanbia ttialnak cauk historically . e.) ke in kal hiker .) pinpi.) hnulei. thongh.) tlengper high school .(adj.g.(n. He hit his head against the wall = A lu vampang ah aa khawn. e. hiss . cungpi. ngaingai. e.) lam nganpi highwayman .) tlang hillock . e.(n. He paid a high price for the house = Inn cu man tam piin a cawk. 2. He gave him a hint that he should leave = Na kal awk a si tiah biathli a pek (a pekning cu mittheh zongin a si kho).) namhlok i kut khimhnak him .g. himself .) 1. hinge .g.(n. nikhua ah aa khing. hrimhrim . e. 3. thil pakhat hmanthlak cu bia pakhat caah a si high .) herself zoh. tlangsir hilly .g.) ke in a kalmi hiking . The plane flew high above the clouds = Vanlawng cu khaudawm cungpi ah khin a zuang. He is paid highly for his work = A rian caah tangka tampi an pek. thangtthat ngaingai. e. aw thia.) cham (chaam).) lunglawm thanuam ngaiin a ummi hilarity .) biachimtu biachim ngaih duh set ti lo i si rak timi thawng khi historian .g.) vun hngalh tthan. man tampi.) 1. e. e. Pagan is a historic place = Pagan cu tuanbia i hmun minthang a si.) Hindu biaknak a zulmi hinge .(pron. ton. Ni Ni hinted that she wanted to go to bed = Ni Ni nih ih ka duh cang tiah hmelchunhnak a langhter (mittheh zongin a si kho. high .) lunglawmh thanuamnak hill . tuk.(n. The jeep goes at a high speed = Jeep cu khulrang ngaingai in a kal.(adv. hmuh.g He hit his little brother = A naute kha a cumh. e. kham hindrance .

(n.(n.) ningcang lo i i cawh nul in a ummi. lam i a kuarmi hollow . 2.) Easter hlan zarh chung. 'hotchpotch' ti zongin ttial a si.g.(adj. zarh.) khuaibu .) Thiang Thlarau Holy Week . hit .(adj.) Pope uknak hmun.(n.(v. dehnak hobble .past participle of hit = hit.) hlennak .g. a thiang. innchungkhar.(adj. a chung a kuami.(n.) A thiam ngai bantuk i chim hold off .(adj.) i niahter lo i umter peng khawh hold on .(v. He holds the rank of a captain = Amah cu kepten a si.(n.(n. e.(v.(n.(n.(n. sampar hoax .) 1.) aw phar ngaiin hoarseness .g.) 1. Hold the door open = Innka kha tlai law i hung peng seh. e.ruah.g.g.) Inn he aa pehtlaimi.g.(n. Write me all the home events = Inn i thil umtuning ca in ka kua tuah. khuaikua .) upatnak home . e.) ngeihmi thilri hole .(v.) 1.) hawhra rang hoarse . tuah khawh peng holder .) thlirtu . khor. ngeih. a kuarmi. hold forth . 3. hither . e.) a thli in i khon hoarfrost . a sami cawinak i hmanmi holding .(n.(n. 2. holly .(n. 3.) hlennak ca i pakpalawng bia chimmi hodge-podge .g.) a thiangmi hawikomhnak.(n. hither and thither = hika khika. Baibal homage .g. 5. He hollowed out a log to make a drum = khuang ser dingah thingtum a chung a khorh.) hokki lentecelhnak hocus-pocus .(v. Page 113 . hold .g.(n.(adj. 4.(n. 6. hitch . e. Please hold this book = Hi cauk hi rak pu ta. The sabbath is a holy day for the Jews = Sabbath ni cu Judah mi caah ni zarh a si. People are in a holiday mood = Mi cu lunglawm ngaiin an um. home .(v.) lunglawm ngai i um. e. peh khawh peng.g.(n. e. tlaih. chuahkehnak ram. People once held that the world was flat = Hlan ah cun mi nih vawlei hi a per tiah an rak ruah.) chung khorh. A hole in your shirt = Na angki pemnak holiday . kuar. bel dan.(adj. pu. Holy of Holies . e. hoe . e.(v. e. e. pem.(n.(v.g.(n. The robber held us up with guns = Mifir nih meithal he an kan ramh.(v.(n. 2.) thlir . cawitu seh hold .) 1. hika ah hin.(adv.(n. e.) a thli in i khonmi hoard .(v. They are holding a meeting = Meeting an tuah lio. e.(n.g.) pistol thlaihnak a saphaw bawm.(v.(n.) vokthau hoggish .) Ca Thiang.) thingkung phun khat holocaust . hitherto .g.(n.) bai thalhmalh i kal hobby . tilawng chung i a niam bikmi khan.) a rang. e. holy .) 1.g.) tlaitu. cawi hoist . e. Electric bulb holder = Elektrik bawl tlaitu. He hitched the horse to a post = Rang cu tung ah a hren.) mi uar ngaingaimi a simi. tlakter lo. thil chiahnak i an hmanmi.) vok bantukin a hnawmtammi hoist . 2. e.) Judah mi biakinn chung i a thiang bik hmun.(adv.(n.g.g.) tuhmui hog .) mah rian hlei i mah duhmi te rian va tuahmi hobnail . Holy Writ . put .) zungkhar ni . 3.) aw pharnak hoary . Bawipa Zanriah.) kedan tanglei thirkhenh hock . zu kua.) 1.) 1. e. Holy See . 2.g.(n. lungthiang Holy Communion . tlum. aa bumi khuai hoard . Holy Spirit . 3.(n.(adj. umnak inn.g. He came from a happy home = Aa lawmmi innchungkhar in a rami a si. 2.) hren. His home is Burma = Kawlram cu a chuahkehnak ram a si. 2.(n.(n. This pot can hold ten cups of water = Hi um nih hin ti hrai hra a tlum. holiness .) saram an hnulei khuk hockey . Holy Land .(adv.) Palestine ram Judah mi an umnak. akhonh holiday . lam kuar. tuah. Take a good hold of this rope = Hi hri hi fek tein i tlaih.) mei in khangh dih cikcek holster .(n. e.g. kua.(n.) thiannak hollow . 3. ramh.) atu tiang hive .) hika.) a aw a phar hoarsely . e. tlaihnak.) fek tein i tlaihpeng hold up . The new song was a hit of the season = Hla thar kha atu hrawng mi nih an uar ngaingaimi a si.(n.

The food was homely but filling = Rawl cu a sawsawhte a si ko. e. a sawsawh sinak homely .g. upatnak .) mah pa hawi / mah nu hawi he sualnak a tuahmi humourist . upatnak.) 1.(n. Hordes of grasshoppers = Khaubawk bu nganpi horizon .(n.(adj.(adj.(n.(adj.) khuaithlar honeydew . Young people seek new horizons = Mino nih fimnak ramri thar an hawl.) inn ngaih homesickness . tuantermi. e. 2. saduhthah. We should honor our parents = Kan nu le kan pa cu kan upat hna awk a si.g.) aa tthi-um kate .(n.) lungtat honest . He will be home all evening = Zanlei cu inn ah a um ko lai. e. e. a vawlei le a inn dangdang hna he hometown .(n. e.(adv. nihchuak biachim a thiammi. homemade . honourable .) tin .) British.) upat. asinain paw a khim ngai. ruahchan hopeful . ki.) khuachung i hnahnawhnak a tuahtu hooliganism . hone .(v. asinain sullam an i dang. is entering the courtroom = Upat awk tlak. e. van le vawlei an i tonnak khi. anmah lawng tein nuam ngaiin an va um khi honk .) hmaan tein. Meat and meet are homonyms = Meat le meet cu an awchuah aa khat.) inn i tuahmi rian . horizontal .) upat awk tlakmi honorary . honour .) ruahchannak a ngei lomi horde .(adj. miuzik tumnak muko.(adj. cu zung chung ah a lut lio.) inn i khermi la in tahmi puan homestead .(n. inn i ca zoh ding homicide .(n.(n. 3. thangtthatnak.) i dawh set lonak.(n.(n. 3.(n. 3. Upatnak min pekmi. upat awk tlakmi.(n.) inn i um. dinnak in hmuh khawh lo le din lonak in tuah ding hookworm . 4. honor .) a phei in horn .g. e.(n. 4.g. Biaceihtu Bawipa.g. powder horn = zen rawnnak fungki. honey . ke hnih in i hlawh i peh.(n.) a phei in . She is a homely girl = Aa dawh setsai lomi a si. a sullam cu dinnak in hmuh khawh le dinnak in tuah ding.home .) British. sattil tin..(adj. e. Intentional homicide is murder = Timh ciammam tein mi thah cu lainawn a si. 2. thangtthatnak.(adj. aa dawh lomi.g. hope .g. hood .(adj. adj.(n.) mi hmaan a simi . a tung in a si lomi horizontally .) 1.(n.) khuaihliti honey bee .(n.(v.g. the Judge. tin ngeimi saram hook . sermon.) 1. mah le mah i upatnak ruang i thiltthalo tuah duh lo. 2.) khuachung i hnahnawhnak tuah hoop .(adv. She was an honor to the school = Amah cu sianginn thangtthattu a si. ruahchannak. is entering the courtroom = Upat awk tlak. Upatnak petu.) siau in siau. homily .(adj. by hook or by crook = siau in asiloah fung in.) 1. sattil tin hoofed .) 1. cu zung chung ah a lut lio. 2.(v. honorable . Upatnak min pekmi. His hope is to go to college = A saduhthahmi cu college kal a si.(n. zumh awk tlakmi . 2.(n.(n. 3.g. aw thangpi.) ruahchannak a ngeimi hopeless .) khuazei ka hmanh i thlah i inn lei tthiamtthiam i a zuangmi laileng homogeneous . hmaizahnak . e.g.) 1. biachimtu pa a bia duh lo ruang i rak au hnawh hop .) inn.g. lih chim lomi honestly .(adv. 2.) inn i sermi homesick . lihchim lo tein.) vanriang khuai Page 114 .g. tin. Birds hop = Vate cu an pet diatmat.(adj. Upatnak petu.(n. siau bantuk in aa kuaimi thil hook .(n.(adj.) aw aa khat i sullam aa dangmi.(n. vankil . e.(n. 2. mah le mah i upatnak ruang i thiltthalo tuah duh lo.(n. vanhramdeng.(n.) thirhri kual/tlahkual/thingkual/thil a pumtertu hoot . 2.) a phun aa khatmi homonym . We should honor our parents = Kan nu le kan pa cu kan upat hna awk a si.) thinghnah ramhnah cung i a thlummi tete a ummi honeymoon . e.g. Biaceihtu Bawipa.) British 1. His Honor. lahkhah pek loin ttuan fialmi honour .) 1.(v.(n.(adj.(n.) Baibal chungin phungchim.) pawtpawt ti i mawttawka onhter honor .) 1.) siau . homing pigeon .(adj.) bu nganpi.) khukrul phun khat hooligan . upat. 2. She was an honor to the school = Amah cu sianginn thangtthattu a si. 2.(n. ke khat in i hlawh i peh.g. e.(n.(n.) mi thah.) chuahkehnak khua homework .(n. fimnak donghnak ramri.) chuahkehnak khuate homeliness .) luchin hoof . e.(v.(n.) British. e. hmaizahnak.) hliti a sermi khuai honeycomb .) 1. His Honor.g. chimbu awnh. e. hornet .g. home village . homosexual . the Judge. hmaizahnak le upatnak in pekmi. a sawsawhte a si ko. e.) inn ngaihnak homespun .

kan tuksa a kan purmi thil.(adv.) riahnak inn. Areas of poor housing are hotbeds of crime = Inn thittha um lonak hmun cu sualnak kheuhnak hmun ttha a si. riahnak inn hothead .(n.) khualtlung a dawmi hospitably .) thlalang in an sakmi inn .g.(n. Household goods = Innchungkhar thil householder .(n. thlingza a simi thil.(n.g. hotel . thil ci cinnak i a ttha ngaimi. e. a thak.(n. 3.(n.(n.(n. a sa.g.(adj.(n. Little girls have a horror of snakes = Nu ngakchia tete nih cun rul cu an ttih tuk hna i an thling a za. inntekpa.) inn house .(n.) 1.(adj. thin tawi. hourly .) innchungkhar thil. ral i dohnak hot .(n.(n.(n. e.) rang tha . e.) rangkeng horseback .(adj. horsefly .) kehrolh hospice .) rang horseback . caan. hostage . tuksapur horrid .(interj.) 1.) ttihnung a simi horrify .(n.) innchung i umter. seh a tthawnnak hi rang tha in rel a si .(n.g. e.) ttihnung . horse .) ramvaihnak uico hour . 4.) inncung Page 115 .(v.(n. He has a hot temper = A thin a tawi.g. atu ah khamh ko.(v.(n.) 1.) inn zohkhenhtu housemaid .) ti toih. nu hmawca hose . housebreaker .(adj.000 a ritmi kha lehmah pakhat a cawi khawh horseshoe .g.g.) rang tin kedan horticultural .horny . minung tamtlawm ning in thimmi.) innchungkhar household .) hawttel . khulrang in thil a tthannak hmun. England ram i House of Commons timi bantuk khi a si. 2. ral a simi. e. A hostile look = Huat zoh hostilities .(n. biakamnak ca i ral nih minung an tlaih i an hrenmi.) rang cit a thiammi horsepower .(n. ral i dohnak hostility .) 1.) siinn i um host . e. 5.) thingthei kung cin horticulturist . cu bantukin hrennak hostel .(adj. House of Representatives .) America ram an Congress i upadi sertu bu a niam deuh i a tam deuh a simi.g. e. It is pleasant to ride horseback = Rangcit cu a nuam ngai.(n. buk hospitable . The horses are housed in a new stable = Rang cu ranginn thar ah an khumh hna.) innteknu hostile . e. bu nganpi.(n. suimilam. He hosed the garden = Dum ti a toih. Hebru holh a si i a sullam taktak cu. siin hospitality . khua tthate i a ruat hmasa lomi hothouse . 2. e.) bawda hostess . 2.(n.) 1.) thil ttihnung. a hratmi horoscope .) tlep horseman .) khual daw ngaiin hospital .(n.) chuah lio i thlapa le arfi an umtuning nih a ngeih tiin hmailei an sining ding kutttial zohpiaknak horrible . rawl hrawn sawm i mi a bultawl cem tu.(adj.(n. hotbed .) ki bantukin a thapmi. e.(n. The hour was late when he returned = A kir ah khan khua a tlai ngaicang.) inn baohtu housebreaking . Katholik pawl nih mass an tuah tik i Bawipa Zanriah changreu.g.(n.(n.) hnawmtam hlonhnak hmun.(n.g.(adv. rai chia karh thawknak hmun.) rangkeng cung i i cit.g.) 1.(n.) ttih tuk i a ther i ther horror . 2. ti a si hose .) i tuk i dohnak . e.) i tuk i dohnak . a lin.(n.g.(n.) innngeitu housekeeper .) mithinrang . thlaici cinnak i an hmanmi hound .) suimilam pakhat lengmang ah house .) thingthei kung cinning a thiammi hosanna . 4.) mithinrang hotheaded .) inn baoh housefly . enzin rang tha pakhat simi nih minit pakhat ah thil pawng 33 .(n. Pepper is hot = Makphak a thak.(n.(v.) sinum (nu) housetop . 2.) tho household . kualh khawhmi. 3.(n.(n.) mizaw umnak .(adv. hotel zohkhenhtu. huat.) thingthei kung cin he aa pehtlaimi horticulture . tlun inn pa. 2.(adj.(n.(adj. The sun is hot = Ni cu a lin. Boiling water is hot = Titlok cu a sa.) khual dawtnak hospitalize .(v. e.) Pathian thangtthat i aunak. khairiat tipep . hosiery .(adj.(n.

(n.(adv. Human body = Minung pum. Grik le Latin holh in ttialmi cauk hna le ca tinak a si.) asinain howdah . e. e.g.) vawlei inn .) aukhuan. e.S.(adv. e. umtuning.) nganpi hulk . nihchuak biachim a thiammi.(n.(adj. hue and cry .) hlen humdrum .(n.g.) mi toi i i dawr humbleness .(n.(n.(v. e. humanity .) pom .(v.) U. humorous . e.S.) 1.) lengke kual a laifang huddle .) a sa i a cin zong a cin fawnmi. 1.) tilawng a innpi asiloah a tungtlangpi hum .(conj. 2. humour . e.g.) cu bantuk .(adj. e.) 1.S.) zeitindah . Your books have different hues = Na cauk cu zawng dangdang an ngei.g.(adj.g.(n. e.) i tet thup i um. hmur cip i hlasak hum .(v.(v.(n. humidity .(adv. nihchuak a simi. humor . Four people huddled under one umbrella = Minung pali nithawng pakhat tangah i tetthup in an um. humorist .(v. zeitindah.) The Humanities.) innchungkhar chung nu bik housework . 3. He is in a bad humor today = Nihin cu lung nuam loin a um.) cunglei i i hel lengmang.(n. awnh vuaimai. Our home is a humble cottage = Kan inn cu innnautate a si.g. e.) tlang bote humor .(n.(adj.) sai kengdan however . zeizat dah.) British. How much time do we have? = A caan zeizat dah kan ngeih?. 4. e.(n.) 1. aw cu hub .(v.g. How are you? = Zeitindah na um? howbeit . They raise a hue and cry when the criminal runs away = Misualpa a zam tikah an au an khuang.) minung a simi. We will do all that is humanly possible = Minung tuahning in a si kho ding paoh cu kan tuah ko lai. This story is full of humour = Hi Page 116 .) U.) minung sining in tuahmi.(adj. The air is humid near the sea = Rili pawngah thli cu a sa i a cin zong a cin. nihchuak chimpiak i nihter.g.g. Human race = Minung phun.) sihmanhselaw .) miakpi tawi howl . nihchuak a si ttung i a nuam ngaimi. nihchuak a si ttung i a nuam ngaimi. Birds hover over their nests = Vate cu an bu cungah an i hel lengmang.(v.(v. mi toidawr humble . However can I repay you? = Zeitindah (zei in dah) kan cham tthan khawh lai? howitzer .) ningzahternak humility .(n.(n. e.) umnak pek.) minung sinak humanize . Grik le Latin fimthiamnak a cawngmi humanitarian .(n.g.(n.(n.(adv. a si nain however . zeitindah na um. zeizat dah. e. The housing of such a large group will not be easy = Cu tluk bu ngan umnak innpek cu a fawi lai lo. e.) mi tangdornak lungthin hummock . hug . 2.) thli chungah ti a ummi humiliate .) azawng.g. How did you come to Yangon? = Yangon ah zeitindah na rat?. minung kan si cio cu ta ti lungput a ngeimi Humanities .) uico bao a si lo in uico a onh thluahmah khi howl . e.) minung humance .(n.g.(n. humble .g.S.(n. nauta.) U.(v.(adj. aa thleng lomi humid . how .) tilawng a ttet cangmi a innpi hull . zei in dah.(n.) minung humanly . e. 2.g.) toidawrnak humbly .g.) innchung rian housing . minung sining kong biatak tein a ruat a cawngmi.) biafang theih lomi aw thawng.) hlennak humbug . e. huddle . 1. e.(n.(n.) inn thar luh housewife . 2. inn chiate hover . tlerhhawt. human being .g.) U. minung a simi humanist . ttang i i rehchih huge . hovel .(adv.(n.(adj.) amah bon le kel a si lengmangmi thil.g.(n.(n.(n.) minung cung i zaangfahnak a ngeimi .) a sulthong loin aa cawhnukmi bu hue .g.(n. 2.(v.) ningzahter humiliation .(n.) 1. kuh . How many people are living in your town? = Nan khua ah mi zeizat dah a um hna?.) zaangfahnak a ngeimi.(adj.(n. seh aw thawng human . This story is full of humor = Hi tuanbia cu nih nuamhnak in a khat.housewarming .) toidawr tein humbug .(n.) minung siter humankind .

The wind has hushed = Thlitu a dai.(adj.) tuah setsai lem lo i lungchung i a hung chuakmi khi.) fahnak pek . fak piin khawh. e. thah.g.(v.) British. khulrang tein a alh khomi.(n.) fahter khotu a simi hurtle .(n. i nam cutmat i i tenh. e.) 1.) thlam hybrid .) 1. nihchuak a simi.) za khatnak hundredweight .) England ah pawng 112. e.g. uihrut nih a sehmi hna cu hi zawtnak hin an thi hyena .(v.) i tuai ur i um hustle . I have a hunch that my friend will arrive today = Ka hawipa nihin a tlung lai tiah ka lung ah a chuak. hydraulic pump = Ti in kaltermi ti dawpnak seh hydroelectric . hunter . sapel hurdle .(adv.(n.) thlaici phun hnih cawh i phun ttha deuh chuahtermi hybridization .) rawltam bantuk i duh hungrily .(n.) za khat hundredth .(n. hydrometer .(v.) a rawl a tammi.) rawltam hunger . humourous .) tlik zuamnak i lam i dawntu perpah awk an chiahmi hurl . hurt .g.(n.) tan nganpi hunt . cheh.) thlaici ttha deuh phun ttha deuh chuahternak hybridize .(v. pasal husbandman . e.(n.(n.(n.) rianrang in hurry . e. She hurled insults at him = A hauh len.(n. ttotho hurried . 2.(n.(n. kawl. 2.) lothlawh le sattil zuat hush .) ramvaih .(adj.(n.g. 2. facang hawng (favai) husky .g.(n. hang zoh.g. adj.) batteri chung ti tahnak peng hydrophobia .) lawmhnak in au hurricane .) kengkoih hump . husk . hump .(n. e. We hurry them = Kan hnawh hna. humour .(n.g.(n. hurrah .(v.(adv.) 1. adj. He sat hunched up with his chin on his knees = A khuk ah a khabe chuan in kengkuai in a thu.g.(n.(n. He is in a bad humour today = Nihin cu lung nuam loin a um.) rim zong a ngei lo i zawng zong a ngei lomi gas phun khat . 2.) khulrang in choi cutmat i thawng zong than pah. umtuning.(n.. e. They hurried home = Inn ah khulrang in an kal. nihchuak chimpiak i nihter.g. rawltam rawl duh tluk in duh. fahter hurt .) British.(num. fak piin tuk. hunk .(n.) tiin hmanmi thil paohpaoh e.) a ngan i a thawngmi hustle .) va .(interj.) past tense and past participle of hang. Page 117 .) thlichia . They are hungry for knowledge = Hngalhnak cu an duh ngaingai.) nu le va i tthitumhnak uktu i a ruahmi Grik pathian.(n. fak piin i khawn.) thinghnah non hunch . e. khulrang in kal ka duh.) sa-ui phun khat hygiene . e.) mei ti toihnak ca i hmanmi timerh pep nganpi hydraulic . e. e.(n.) khulranh duh. tim manh loin tuahmi hurriedly . Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water = Hydrogen le oxygen an i cawh ah ti a chuak.(v.(v. khulranter.) khulrang in . 2. namchih hut .) fangvoi kawk.) ti ttih zawtnak. cheh husband .) thawng daihnak hush .) a keng a kulmi hundred . Don't bother me.(n.) thlaici phun ttha deuh chuahter hydrant . .) electric kha ti in chuahter a simi.g.g.(n. e.) lothlopa husbandry .g.(adj. They hunted for the lost child = Ngakchia a tlaumi kha an kawl.) kengkoih. khulrang in kal.g. hung . I am in a hurry = Han ka hnawh hlah. sapel. hunch .(v.) thawng daih.(v.) kengkul hunchbacked .) ngandamnak hymen .) tuksa hma hurtful .(v.(n. hunchback .) rawltam ngaiin hungry .(adj.) ramvaipa hunting . thlai.Greek god of marriage.(v.ramvaih .g.(adj. America ah pawng 100.(adj.(n.(n.tuanbia cu nih nuamhnak in a khat.(n..) 1. hunger . bia in lung bantukin cheh. The crowd hustled into the train = tlanglawng chungah mibu cu i nam cutmat in an lut.(v. A rock was hurled at the car = Mawttawka kha lung in an cheh. e.(adj.) lenthang humus . hydrogen .(adj.(v.(n. hurry .

She identified wealth with gold = Rumnak cu sui he aa khat in a ruah identity .(n.) a um taktak lomi .(n.O. hyphen .) tidor a tlami a khal i a tung tete in a ummi icily .(adj.(n.) cafang pahnih pehnak ca i a rinmite " .(adv. e.) tthat a tlingmi thil .(adj. a nih hawi hna heh ti in nih i cu dih in a tah zong tah ko . mah duhningte a simi thil.) ruahnak tthattha le sangsang ngeih i a tuah zia biapi i chiah theng ttung lo. aiskhrim iceberg .(n.) tikhal ice cream .(n. ruahnak lawng hi a taktak a si .(n.) cuar chung chunhmi. Kalaba is a hypothetical language = Kalaba cu a um taktakmi holh a si lo. e. e.) kik ngaiin.) rili nih a fenhmi tikhal nganpi . Charles identified the bag as his by telling what it contained = Charles nih zal kha keimah ta a si ti kha a chung i a ummi thil a chim khawh caah a hngalh ti kha a lang.(n. e. lungchung in suaimi hmanthlak ideal . e. Mary idealized her brother and thought everything he did was right = Mary nih a ta cu a ttha bik le a tling bik in a ruah i a tuahmi paoh kha a hmaan tiah a ruah ideally . e. e.) mah hngal loin umter khawh ttung i duhmi paoh tuahter khawh ttungmi thiamnak.(adj." hyphenate . cu bantukin lungthin i tlaih khawh lo le i sum khawh lo paoh .g. ti cu Mirang holhning a si i.) lungchung zawtnak phun khat . a cheuchum lawng ti leng i a langmi icebox .) haifen in peh hypnotic .(n. aa lomi .) aho a si ti hngalhnak identify .(n.(n.) siasal a hrawk dihtu icy .g. hypothetical . mah nih a ttha bik tiin ruahning in thil tuahmi . Waves mountain high = Tlang tluk in a nganmi tilet. e.U.) a ttha bik thil a duhmi . Hypodermic syringe = Cuar chunhnak saring hypothesis .(v. idealize . va um seh law tiin hei ruahmi holh a si. chawn duh set loin icon .) chungthu lengnal a simi hypocritical .(n. hypnotize .) chungthu lengnal sinak hypocrite .) tikhal he rawl an chiahtinak thingkuang icicle . tthat a tlingmi thil.) ramhring phun khat a rim a thaw ngaimi hysteria .(n. . A clear day is ideal for a picnic = Khuatthat ni cu hnianghrawmnak ah duhtling a si ko. Page 118 .hymn . 2.(adj. aa khatmi identification .(n. 'Cumpi nih a ka tlunh'.) mah hngal loin hngilhter i duhmi fial i tuahter /chimter hypocrisy . Let us act on the hypothesis that he is honest = Miding a si ti in ruat in cu ning cun ttuan phawt ko hnik u si law.) a ttha bik le a tling bik i ruah.(v. I had (would.(n.(n.g.(n.(n. idea .(adj. 2. si seh law tiin ruahmi thil.) tikhal he an sermi cawhnuk khal a thaw ngaimi . e.(adj.) mah holhning.) fak piin bia perhmi.) an i lo .g. ruahnak ttha lawng kha biapi in a la i tuahnak kha biapi i a chia set lomi idealistic . 3.(n.(adj.) idiom in chimmi.) chungthu lengnal a simi hypodermic . ttha tein identical .) hla cauk hyperbole .(n. thil hi cu a taktak a si lo . ti cu hyperbole ti cu a si. cucu.(adj. mi dang nih zeitindah an ruah ve ti lo i mah ruahning lawngin tuahmi.) tikhal bantukin a kikmi I'd .) 1.g.) Bawi Jesuh hmantlak milem iconoclast .(n.(adv.(contraction) I would.(n. 'kan bat' tinak.) Pathian thangtthatnak hla hymnal .g.) 'I owe you' a tawinak in ttial. I have caught cold = Kihnak ka tlaih.) = that is. e.g.(adv.(adj. ti ruahnak philosophy phun khat. tinak a si idiomatic .(pron.) keimah i. um seh law . idealism .(n.) mah siningte idiom . a tlangpi kawl.g.(v. had zoh). 2. idealist . I. Ruth's ideal is her mother = Ruth i tthat a tling tiah a ruahmi minung cu a nu a si ideal . Peace and justice are ideals = Daihnak le dinnak cu tthat tlingmi thil an si. e. ice . hyssop .(n.g.(n. aa khat in ruah. hlim rit I I . tthat a tling tiah ruahmi minung /thil.(v. mi dang sining i um khawh ve. .g.) va si seh law ti in ruah .) 1. aho / zei a si ti hngalh.) mah i hngal loin hngilhter khawhmi hypnotism .(n.) ruahnak .g.) 1.e.) tling tein .

) mihrut idiotic .) biafang thawhnak i hmanmi a si.(n.) a fiang lomi. tahchunhnak tehna .g.(adj.) thathutnak idly . He is the image of his father = Amah cu a pa mui hlekhlek a si ko imaginable .) hrut ngaiin idle .(conj.g.) phungning a si lomi.) tahchunhnak in siseh .) sullam aa pehtlai lomi illuminate . He is ill today = Nihin cu a zaw.(n.g.g.(adj. 2.(adj. 2. 4.) ttha tein zoh khenh lo hrem ill-treatment . tuanbia tawi tete hna illustrative .(adv.(adj.(adv. 3.(n.) zawtnak illogical .) lungchung in thil tuaktan le hmanthlak suai a tthawngmi Page 119 . ceuter.(adj. siasal . a ttha lo.(n.(pref.) zapi hmai i ningzahnak hmuhmi ignorance .) 1.) cauk chung i hmanthlak a suaitu . a niammi thil ignobly .) nehsawh awk tlak ngaiin ignominious . e. mitthlam lawngin hmuhmi imagination .) khuate lei nuncan a nuamhning hla in hloimi if .(adv.) mihrut bantuk a simi idiotically . 2.(n. im.) cathiam lomi illness . upat tukmi idolater .(adj.(n.(adj.) milem biami (nu) idolize . ahcun.(adj. a tha a thumi idle . ill .) a hmu lo bantukin i umter. even if = a si hmanh ah. hmanthlak in siseh fianter illustration .(adj.(n.(adj.(n.) upadi .) a ing a chiami ill-tempered . e. Illegible writing = Cattial fiang lo illegitimate .) fianternak ca i hmanmi .) tlawmte lawng a hngalmi ignore . fianter.) hremnak ill-will .(n.) 1.) hawi he i lawh lonak idiot . hngalh lonak ignorant . e. He spent an idle hour watching the river = Zeihmanh tuah loin suimilam pakhat chung tiva kha a zoh sawhsawh ko.) hlen hmangmi illusory .(adj.(adj.(v. e. e.) thintawi ill-treat . We wondered if you were ill = Na zaw rua tiah kan khuaruah a har. a hngal lo bantukin i umter il. rua.) 1. thlalang kan i bih i thlalang chung i a langmi kan thla khi.) a um i hmuh i a um ttung lomi illusive . image . 2..(n.(n.(n.) thathu ngaiin idol .g. zeihmanh tuah lo. Her ill manners lost her many friends = A ziaza ttha lo ruangah hawi tampi a sung ill . idiosyncrasy .) biafang hramthawknak ca i hmanmi.) hruhnak . 2.) lungchung lawngin ruahnak .(adj. I'll . hmaizah awk tlak a simi I'm . hmai panhter illusion .(v. 'mature' cu 'immature' ah a cang. duh tukmi.(adj.(adj.(contraction) I am. 2.) ttha tein zohkhenh lomi ill-mannered .) mei chuahternak ignoble .) huatnak lungthin illegal .(n.(adj. Come if you can = Na rat khawh ahcun ra tuah. 2. ningin a si lomi illegible . illegitimate child = lakfa illicit .(n. dawt tuk idyll (idyl) .) minthang .) milem biami idolatress .(v. milem.(v.(adj.(n. They were just idling = zeihmanh tuah loin an um sawhsawh ko.g.(adj. hmanthlak tehna .(n. e. harnak.(adj. aa lo ngaimi. dam lo.) 1. nehsawh awk a simi thil.(n. a sullam cu lo tinak a si. milem biak in biak.) umtuning dawh lo ill-natured .) mei chuahter ignition .) phung nih a onh lomi illiterate .) 1. milem.(adj.) hlen hmangmi illustrate .(pref. thachunhnak in a fiantertu illustrious . a sullam cu lo tinak a si. e.) ceuter.(n.) zawtnak.(n.(v..) a ttha lomi.) lungchung lawngin ruah i a si taktak lomi .(adj. e. 'legal' cu 'illegal' ah a cang.(v. tthat lonak ill bred . 2. panhter. siasal.) lungchung in ruah khawhmi imaginary .) idiom ngaiin chimmi.) 1.(adv.g. duh tuk .) 1.idiomatically . e.g. ruahnak chung hmanthlak. a sullam fianter illumination . zeihmanh tuah lo i a ummi. minung/thil he aa lomi mui. ignite .(v.) fianternak ca i hmanmi illustrator .) ceuternak.(adj. fianternak illumine .(v.(contraction) I will.) ningzak a simi thil ignominy .) 1. hmanthlak suai khawhnak imaginative .g. mawttawka enzin kha nunter ttung i kal loin umter idleness .(n.(adj.

) 1.(n.) nu le pa lei ziaza tthat lonak immortal . The wood was painted to imitate marble = Thing cu lungrang lo dingin si an thuh imitation .(v.) thil.g.) khulrang tein .(adj. e.g. 2.) zeitikhmanh ah aa thleng kho lomi imp . naihtu bik a simi. You may buy imitation pearls = Rili lungvar pale adeu kha na cawk men hna lai imitative .(n. My immediate neighbour (neighbor) = Ka innpa a ka naih bikmi.(v.(v. ruahnak hmanh nih a hei phak khawh ti lomi immense .) 1. aa lo in ser.) a chung i khah immaterial .) 1.) ziaza ttha lomi .(v. e.g.(adj.) a si dengmang immoderate . e. nawl cawn. sualnak ngei lomi immanence .(n.(n.) tan khawh a si lomi Page 120 . a si dengmangmi thil.(n.(adv. ningzak a simi .) a tawkza a si lo .) ruahnak a tlawm ngaimi imbecile . thil a si lomi.imagine .) pakhat le pakhat i khawn i den .) duhdanh ngei lomi impartiality . e. ruah.) din .(v.(adv.) a minthannak a thi kho lomi pa.) pemnak imminence .(adj. mitthlam in hmuh imbecile . nu le pa lei ziaza ttha lomi immorality .) i chin dul in umnak.(n.(v.(v.) tak tongh in hngalh khawh a si lomi impart .(n. zumh. zorter .(n. 2.(adj.) chiatter .g.(adj.) thih khawh lonak immovability . e. rawkter impale .g.(adv.(n.) duhdanh ngeih lonak impartially . e.(n.(adj.) a tah in tah khawh lomi immeasurably . ngannak immerse .) zawtnak in khamhnak . Monkeys are imitative = Zawng cu mi dang nawl rawn an duh ngai imitator .(adj. kuang chung i sanh. a luan .(n. nawlcawnnak. 2. Precious stones are imbedded in rocks = Lungvar cu lung ah an i benh imbibe .g.) a chung khah i khahnak immanent . zah hngal lomi immodestly . a tam tuk immodest . lungchung i hmanthlak suai. 2. rau lo tein immemorial .(n.) thawn khawh loin immune .g.) mihrut dengmang a simi imbecility .(adj. 2. lungchung i rawnh imitable . dawhtlak lo ngaiin immodesty .(adj.) a thi kho lomi immortal .(adj. pil lakin hnim immersion . kaupi in immensity . adeu.) a ngan ngaingaimi .(adj.) thawn khawh lomi immovably .(v.(adj.) nawl cawn khawh a simi imitate .) 1.(adj.(v.(v. The butterflies are impaled on small pins = Pelep cu thim hme tete in an thil hna i an tar hna impalpable . cu bantuk i khawnnak in a chuakmi tha impair .(adj.(adj.(n.(adv.) rawn.(adj.(n.) khuachia fate impact .(adj.(adj.(adv.) hnimnak immigrant .) zawtnak in a khamh khomi immunity .) raithawinak immoral .(adj. zawt khawh lonak immunize .) tampi in. hrawm impartial .) thurhnawmhnak a pelpawite hmanh a ngei lomi .(n. Vaccination immunizes people against smallpox = Raise khan chunhmi nih raise zawtnak in mi kha a khamh khawh hna immutable .g.) 1.(n.(n.) aa dawhtlak lomi .g.) a tah in tah cauk loin immediate .) dawhtlak loin umnak immolation .(adj. a kau ngaingaimi immensely .) dundanh ngei loin impassable .) 1.) mipem sathai immigrate . ciah.) pem immigration .) nutling patling a si lomi immeasurable .) thawn khawh lonak immovable . Shakespeare is one of the immortals = Shakespeare cu a minthannak a thi kho lomi hna lak i pakhat a si ve immortality .) zawtnak in i kham. e.) pek . e.) nawl cawn a duh ngaimi. benh.(v. thlarau lawng a simi immature . biapi a si lomi.) mi dang nawl a cawngmi immaculate .(adv. e.(adj. naihnak.(n. The imminence of a storm is shown by thick clouds = Ttotho a nai ti cu khuadawm nak nih an langhter imminent .) zahhngal lo ngaiin.) hlanpi . dawp imbue . rau loin. 2.) hnim .(n.(adj.) kauhnak.(n. immediately .) ruahnak tlawmnak hruhnak imbed .

thinlung a dih umnak in tuahmi. a ning a hngalmi imperturbable .) a ngang kho lomi impeach . thil sual a tuah kho lomi impede .(v. a hmun khomi thil impersonal .(adj. a ti impersonation .) 1.) lungsau lonak impatient .(n.(n.(adj. for he smiled when he saw us take them = Epal kha i lak hna seh ti a bia am in a kan duh ko.) telh chih .(adj.) thin damter khawh lomi .) pumpak a si lomi thil.(adj.(v. He made an impassioned appeal = Lungtho ngaingai in a nawl hna impassive .) ram ukmi maw asiloah ram uktu he maw aa pehtlaimi thil imperialism .(adj. e.(adj. a ruam a kaimi imperishable .) fak piin a nawlmi imply .(v. a si lo kho lomi imperative . impious .(v.) ramdang va uknak imperialist . Do not impinge on my boundary = Ka ramri ka eng hlah.) dawnnak impel . tla cutmat i khua a sami . si lomi ka si i ti.) aa porhlawmi .(adj.) si lomi ka si tiah i tinnak impertinence .g. i tel ve implication .(adj.(adj. hngalh khawn lomi imperfect .) a rawk kho lomi .) tuah .) lungthin cawlcang hrimhrim loin a um khomi impatience .) fiangte chim ttung lo i a sullam hngal hna seh tiin tuahmi .) telhchihnak.(v.) intuarnak nih a lungthin a fahter khawh lomi impassioned .(n.(n. tuk.g.impassible .) fawite i thin cawlcanghter khawh lomi .) lungrannak impetuous .) i ngaihchih lo . zeicahtiah kan lakah khan a merh. 2.) Pathian a hmaizah lomi.) palhnak zeihmanh a ngei lomi .(adj.(n.g. imperceptible .) mi nawl cawn . aa ngaichih lomi imperative .(adj.(n.) lung um lo tein. i telvenak implicit .(n.) lungthin thawhtertu thil impiety .) harnak tlunter. e. ramdang in phiarmi thilri.(v.) ningzah hngal lo in a ummi .) mi hmaizah lonak . thangchiat impeachment .) ding tein si lo in a vel in hngalhter.(n. Rays of light impinge on the eye = Ni ceu nih mit kha a khen.) pumpak i tinak zeihmanh um loin impersonate . lungthin zong vut ti i aa letmi impetus . mi a hmaizah lomi . khen.(v. I trust him implicitly = Lung um lo tein ka zuhm implore . Your manner implies that you are not pleased with me = Na umtuning nih ka cungah naa lawm lo ti kha a vel in a ka hngalhter impolite .(n. e.(n.(n.(v.) pemh khawh lonak impenetrable .) nawlbia.(n.) sual puh . a tla dengmangmi impenetrability .) milungtho kho ngaimi .) fak piin nawl imploring .) mi hmai a zah lomi impoliteness .) hnek impend . first serve" is an impersonal remark = a ra hmasa paoh ei hmasa.) lungtho ngaingai in .(adj. e.(adj. e.g. e. hriamnam implicate .g. ti hi pumpak a sawh lomi bia a si impersonally .(adj.(v.(adj.) sual puhnak impeccable . 2.) a phan dengmangmi.g.(adj.(n.) mi hmaizah lonak import .) rem khawh loin implant . ttihnunnak phakter imperious . phakter.(adj. "first come.(adv. dai tein a ummi impetuosity .) a tthatnak a tling lomi imperfection .(v.g.(adv.) pemh khawh lomi impenitent .) a herh hrimhrimmi .) ramdang va uk a duhmi imperil .(adj. The great imperative is 'Love your neighbor' (neighbour) = Nawlbia ngan cu "Na innpa kha va daw" ti a si.) 1.) ramdang a va uktu imperialistic .(v.) Pathian zeirel lonak impinge .(n.(adj.(adj.(v. e.) thilri.(n. implicitly . thinhun zong a fawimi . tlinter implement . e.(n.) tuh implement .(v. ninghngalnak impertinent .g.) tlin lonak imperial .(adj. He gave us implicit consent to take the apples. Maung Maung impersonated Maung Khin = Maung Maung nih Maung Khin a si lo nain Maung Khin ka si.(adj.g. lunglawmh zong a fawimi . chim hnawhchan duhmi sullam importance . bia am in chimmi.(n. e. * 'impinge' cu 'on' asiloah 'upon' he hman kemh a si.(n.) hmuh khawh lomi .(adv.(adj.) rem khawh lomi sinak implacable .(adj.) ramdang in phiar import . a upat lomi implacability . rem khawh lomi implacably .) biapi sinak Page 121 . ri en.) dawn impedement .

3. caah. improper . The impression of the seal on the wax was very clear = Khuaiseng cung i tazeih mui a cuangmi cu a fiang ngai impressionable .(n. rak duh set na lo i va helhhum peng imposing .) mihlennak ding ca i mi min i lak.) chiatserhnak impregnable .) 1. a tlangpi in ruahnak .) A zeiti lei hmanh in.(n. e.(n. duak tiah lungthin chung i a hung chuakmi duhnak. sifahter impoverishment .g.) i timhechungnak um lo i bia vun chim . e.) i tlak lonak improve .) ruat suksak loin thil ti a hmangmi impunity .) bia in heh ti i al.) ramdang in a lutmi thil cung i ngunkhuai lakmi impostor . The dinner was in honor of Mary's birthday = Zanriah cu Mary chuah lawmhnak caah a si.) lunghmui ngai a simi imprint .) thil ti khawhnak ngeih lonak . We can impress wax with a seal = Khuaiseng cu tazeih in kan nam khawh.(adj. 2. nam .(adj.(adj. nutnak impotent .) thong i thlak imprisonment .(n. tthatter deuh improvement .) 1. 'correct / incorrect. e.(adj. He is in government service = Amah cu cozah rian a ttuan in . lakah. e. cakhenh. ah.(n. 2. rian a ttuan.) si dawh a si lomi impromptu . a ngan bik a simi imposition . tuahnak a umtertu tthawnnak impulsion . hla vun phuah chom i vun sak.) timhechungnak ngei lo i lakhruak in tuahmi thil.g. pa a numi impotently .(v.(n.(v. e.(n.g. anih kha ka si i ti. impossibility .(n. e. I was impressed with what he preached = A phungchimmi kha kaa lunghmuih impression . e.(n.(n.(n.g. sifahternak impracticable .) puh .) fim lo ruang i tlabulbal i um . 6. imprudence . e.(v.(n.) fa pawi ternak impress .g.(prep.(pref. lungchung ah fek tein tuh .(n.(adj.) ngeih loternak . chonh.(v. In any case. san a tlai lomi imprecate .(n.(adj.(adj.(adj. e.) hremnak in luatnak .(adv. khinh.) puhnak impute .) a si kho lomi impossibly .(n.(n. tei khawh lomi impregnate .g. lunghmuih.) si khawh lonak impossible . nganfah innak le sunghnak in luatnak impure .) ramdang in thil a cawtu impose . 2. you will have to go = A zeiti lei hmanh in Page 122 . She is dressed in white = Thilthuam rang in aa thuam. in.(adj.(adj.(n.(adv.g.(v.) a thiang lomi impurity . 2.) 1.) thil ti khawhnak a ngei lomi . e. 3.) tuah knawh a si lo .(adj. imposture . chungah. ttha tein ruat hmasa lo i tuah impudence .(n. 2.) i forh i thazang thawhnak impulsive .) mihlennak ca i si lomi anih kha ka si i tinak impotence .) fa pawiter impregnation .(adv.(adj.) a si kho hrimhrim impost .g.(v.) zah hngal lomi .) neh. It is my impression that they met before = Hlan ah an rak i tong cang lai tiah ka zumh ko.) thian lonak imputation .) biafang thawknak i a um tikah lo tinak a si. 2. e.(n.) pemh khawh lo .) lungthin fawi tein lak khawhmi impressive . zah hngalh loin ral a tthami impugn .) ramdang in thil phiarnak importer .(v. Bring your friend in = Na hawipa cu a chunglei ah run luhpi in any case .) a lang bik. We live in a house = Inn chungah kan um.(adj.) zah hngal lomi raltthatnak impudent . a ttha deuh.(v.' in .g.g.) 1.(n.(n.) zeihmanh tuah kho loin impoverish . 5.) mi dang cung i thilrit bantuk i vaa khinh pengnak. e.(n. They walked home in the rain = Ruahpi lakah inn ah an tin. 4. lunghmuihnak.) thong thlaknak improbability . I saw an imprint of a bear's foot in the mud = Nawncek ah vom keneh ka hmuh imprison .) chiatserh imprecation .(v.) tthatter deuhnak improvise .) aa tlak lomi impropriety .(adj.) tazeih khenh imprint . The board broke in two = Thingphel kha tan hnih ah aa tan.) tuah taktak tikah a si kho lomi impractical .) ruat hmasa ciammam lo i thil tuahnak imprudent .g.(prep. cakhenhnak in nam i tazeih mui ca cung i a cuangmi khi.) si dawh si lonak improbable . e.(v.) 1.important .) biapi a simi importation .) 1. fiang setsai loin zumh.) ngeih loter . sual puh in . bia in tuk impulse .g.(n.(n.(v.) chunglei ah.g.(adj.(adj.

um sawsawhnak inactive .) ruahnak cheuh awk ttha a si lomi inalienable .) Thong chung um in earnest .(adj.(adj.(adj.(adj. Biatlang a vung chuah i a vun chim pah menmi a si in place of .) a linh tuk ah a vamh in a vammi: e. dawhnak a hngal kho lomi inasmuch as .(n.) A dihlak in in good faith .) bia fiang tein a chim lomi .(v.(prep.) rualchan.) hna in theih khawh lomi inaugural .) tuak khawh lomi incandescent .(adj.(prep.) nain e.g.) rian thawknak he aa pehtlaimi inaugurate .) 1. Ruah a sur sual lai. a holh kho lomi inartistic . e.) sunglawi ngaiin rianttuan thawknak tuah inauspicious .g.) aa dawh lomi.(adj.(prep. The President of the United States of America is usually inaugurated in January = America ram President cu January thla ah rian thawk dingin an fehter tawn. Ruah a sur nain ngakchia cu sianginn an kai ko in the event of .(adj. zong unalienable.(adj.(adj.) tuah kho loin umter. timh loin tuah /chimmi.) a thiam lomi.(adv. farle u farle nau.(adj.(v. 2.(adj.) ruat setsai lem loin biatlang chuak i vun chim e.) lihchim lo tein in his favor .) zat lonak inadequate .(adv.g. ralrin loin a rak simi . Khawleih i ka kai khawh nakhnga.(conj. inauguration .(prep.) tuah lonak .) amah can ah .(n. aa tlak lomi .) a hmaan lomi .) camh .(adj.) a tawinak in in spite of . a tthawng lomi inactivity .) nakhnga e.(adv. e.) chimmi bia rak ngaih lonak .) hmaan lonak inaccurate .na kal a herh ko lai in any event .) amah ca i a ttha dingmi in focus .(adv.) luhter khawh a si lomi inadvertence . na nithawng i put in custody .(adv. Bring your umbrella in case it rains = Ruah a sur sual lai. tanka ka hmun a herh in part .) a si sual ahcun e. camhnak i bia an chimmi incapable .(adj. palhnak a ummi inaction .) sawk e.) zei thil hmanh chuak ai kun in case . a hme tukmi inappropriate . tuah kho loin ser incapacity .(adj. nupi nu.(adv. vale nu.) tuah khawh lonak inaccessible . Zanriah ei ah cun ka ra manh ko lai inability . rian thawk.) vanchia. 2.(adj.(n. a ttha lomi inborn .) tlawmpal hnu deuh ah e.(adj. amah hmun ah in reality . caah inattention .) chimmi bia a rak ngai lomi inaudible .g.(adj.g. e. hlawptlo lo inapplicable .) tuah khawn lomi incapacitate .) a za lomi .(adj.) hmuh tlak theih tlak a si lomi .(n. nupi pa.(prep. Na hmaan sawk in passing .(prep.g. rian nganpi ttuan ding i fehter.) chuahpimi incalculable .(adj. thawk.) a ngaingai ti ahcun in short .) nunnak ngei lo . tale nau tlae u in order that . Several new courses were inaugurated in the school this year = Tukum cu siangin ah cawn awk thar tam nawn an thawk.) a cawlcang huam lomi .(n.) phak khawh lomi inaccuracy .) ttuan lonak inadequacy .) A si sual ahcun.(adj.g.(adj.(n. i that lomi inadmittable .g.g.(adj.(n.g. Inadvertent remark = Timh hmasatnak zeihmanh um lo i chim phutmi bia inadvisable . hman khawh a si lomi inappreciable .(adv.) amah ca i a ttha dingmi in-law .) timhtuahnak um loin tuahnak/chimnak inadvertent .) aa rem lomi .) aa tlak lo inapt .) Pathian minung i i can Page 123 .(n. e. zei i rel lonak inattentive .) ttha tein rak zohkhenh lomi .g.(adv. aa tlaklomi inarticulate .(adj.) I biatak tein in favor of .(adj.(conj. inanimate .(n.(adv. tiangah cun.) a lai khen in full .) a donghnak ahcun in the presence of .) hmaika ah e. na nithawng i put In case of .) tuah khawh lonak incarnate .) 1.(n.(adv. incandescent mantle = gaslight mantle incantation .(adv.(adj.(n. vale pa.(adj.g.(n. Tette pahnih hna hmaika ah min a thut in time .(v.(adj.) a hmasa bik ah in the long run .) chuahpimi inbred .) chuh khawh a si lomi.) thil pakhatkhat a chuah sual ahcun in the first instance .

) a lut lei a simi .(n. fak piin thinhunter incentive .) thil pakhatkhat a hung ummi incidental .(adj. ot dehu.(adj. harnak pekmi incorporate .(adj.(adj.) ngol lo tein incest . aa tlak lomi inconsiderable .) innchungkhar aa naihmi he sual . kawm kulhmi include .) a fek lomi aa thleng lelekmi inconvenience .) a langsar lomi inconstancy .(adj.) ruah khawh a si lomi .(adj.g. hngalh lo awkin tuahmi incoherence .) lehhmah.) tuah khawhnak ngeih lo incompetent .) aa ralring lomi incendiary .(adj.(n.) thil a cang lengmangmi incident . a chung i khumh incautious .(n.) ha . a sor tlukter.incarnation . hoihter. a hlai in mi a hlaimi bia incisor .(adj.) a kang kho lomi income .) hnemh khawh lomi inconspicuous .) aa rup lomi .(adj.(n. raltthatter incitement .) hngalh khawh lomi incompressible .(adj.) 1. hnengh khawh lomi inconceivable .(adj. ral tthatternak inclination .(v. sortluk deuhnak incline .) khanghmi zihmui incense .) feh lonak .(v. khumhnak.) a cang sual .(n. a si sual .) lungthawhter .(v. nu le fa .(n.(adj. i tlak lonak.) namte in ah incision .(adj.) aa rup lomi incommunicable . sor tlukter.(adj.) telh chih . duhter. e. thlen fawimi sinak inconstant .) kulhnak.) ahnak incisive .g. duh deuh .(v.(adj.(adj.(n.g.) hmuhmi tangka incoming .(n. e.(adj.) duh deuhnak.(n.) tahchunh khawh lomi incompatible .) i pehtlaih thliahmah lonak incoherent .(n. He inclines to carelessness = Ralrin lo lei ah a sor a tlu deuh incline .) lungthawhternak .(v.(n. a dongh tiangin ceih lomi incongruity .(adj.(n.) Pathian minung i i cannak incase (encase) .(n.(n.(adj. duahnak incinerator .(adv.) hmetter khawh lomi.) khanghnak.(v.) caan rem lonak . sor tluk deuh .) ziaza aa tlak kho lomi incompetence .(n. 3. kulh inclosure (enclosure) .) telh chihnak inclusive .(v. u le nau inch . tlangpang a chengmi inclined . a thiam lomi aa tlak lomi incomplete .(n.(adj.) lungthawhnak incentive .) mi dang zawn ruahnak a ngei lomi inconsistence .) fel tein ceih lomi.(adj. e.(n.) a tling lomi incomprehensible .) a chengin chiahmi.) thil tete a hung um lengmangmi incidentally . a karlak ah hun tenhta in incinerate . rianttuantubu i can Page 124 . pa le fa .(adj.g.(n.) biakchawnh khawh lomi incomparable .) i peh thliahmah lonak inconsistent .) khumh.) khanghnak meiphu incise . kaohnak ha incite . duhter.(v.(adj.(adj.) tuah khawnnak a ngei lomi .) mei a chauter khotu thil a simi incense .(n. incongruous .(n. Incline your heart to obey God's law = Pathian nawlbia zulh ding kha na lung cu hoihter. e.(adj.(adj. a lut liomi incommensurate .(adj.) a ah in mi a atmi.) hngalh lomi .(n.) khangh.) ngol lomi incessantly .) aa peh thliahmah lomi inconsolable . harnak peknak inconvenient .) a caan a rem lomi .) lung a thawhter khomi incessant .(adj. An inclined plane = A cheng in chiahmi thingtlap inclose (enclose) . thlenfawinak . duah incineration .) thinphawh.(v. a chung i telter .) a ruah in ruah khawh lomi inconclusive . An inch of rainfall is the amount of water that would cover a surface to the depth of one inch = Ruahpi lehhmah pakhat a sur ti cu ruah nih kha surnak hmun khat lehhmah pakhat in a khuh khawh tinak a si incidence . a tlang kawm lomi.) cheng . 2.(adj. fonh.) 1. 2. sanh chih inclusion .) i ruplonak.(adv.(n.) khumh. ruah awk a tlak lomi inconsiderate .) telh chihmi incognito .) aa pehtlai thliahmah lomi incombustible . duh.(adj.(n.

(n.g.(v.) mah ram chung i a rak um hmasa bikmi hna .) karhnak .g.(v.g. incumbent pastor = Rian a ttuan liomi pastor incumbent .(adj.) leiba ngeih. ramri chung i ral an luh indebted .) tam deuh in. serhsatnak Page 125 .(n.(n.) 1.(adj.) mahte in i uknak independent . e. 3. mahte in a um i hawi a bochan lomi indescribable . chin lengmang incredibility .) ri khiahmi set a um lomi .(n.(adj.(n. thleidan loin.) thinhunnak indignity . sawhmi set a ngei lomi. a hmaan lo ti i ruahmi increment .(n.(adj.) cham .) zumh khawh si lonak incredible . She felt it incumbent on her to answer the letter at once = Cakuat cu leh zau awk a si ti kha ka cungah aa khingmi a si tiin a ruah incur . The indefinite articles are 'a' and 'an' = 'a' le 'an' cu pakhat tinak an si i sawhmi theng an ngei lo.(n.(adj.) hmuhsaknak indicative . 2.(n. a fiang set lo .) sifakmi .) tam deuh . pamnak indigenous . indent five spaces to begin a paragraph = seh in ca na ttial tikah. khuarnak. chanh khawh a si lomi indefinable .) 1.(n.(adj. When you type.(n. indelible .) sifahnak .(adj.(adj.(v. tthat lonak le sunghnak tuahpiakmi cham indemnity . zei poi loin. e.) a sual lo na i a mualphohnak .) hmuhsaktu .) hrawh khawh lomi indeterminate .) Rian a ttuan liomi.(n. an chung lut lakin cawnpiak incumbent . 3. chunglei i pilter.(adj.) pawpi nih rial khawh lo i chungtlik indignation .) zumh lonak incredulous .(v. e.g.) 1.(n.(adv.) 1. sualnak ah aa tel ve ti langhter incubate . ziknawh khawh lomi increase .(n. minung zong saram zong indigent .) 1.) ka cungah aa khing ti in ruahmi.) ngaingai .(n.) hmuhsaktu a simi.(adj. 3.g. a kong chim khawh a si lomi indestructible .(n. e.) sual puh .(adj. paragraph thawknak ah deh nga a chunglei ah na pilter lai.) a sullam fianter khawh a si lomi indefinite .) cauk chung ummi bia a kawl fawinak ca i abc tiin z tiang aa chang lengmang in tuahmi index finger .(v. leiba bat indecent . ttha lo ngaiin indigence .(v. 'index' a zoh.(adj. cu set a si ti awk a um lomi index .) zumh lomi .(n. karhnak increasing .) khamh khawh a si lomi .(n. a tam chin lengmangmi increasingly . sawhmi theng a ngei lo. arti keuh seh ti tlumh incubation . indicate .) tazacuai awk ah a sualnak a tlak tiin hmuhnak indifference .) zei poi lonak indifferent .) zumh khawh a si lomi zumh tlak a si lomi incredibly .(adj.(adv. hman.) zumh awk tlak loin incredulity .) taza cuai awkah aa tlak ti in a sualnak hmuh indictment . He gave me an indefinite answer = A ka lehnak a fiang set lo.(adj.(adv.) a bu ah i fonhnak .(adj.(v.) index i a plural.) pawpi nih a rial khawh lomi indigestion . karhter increase . pilternak independence . taktak indefatigable . khuar. 2.(adj. 4. rianttuantubu i cannak incorrect .) damter khawh lomi incursion . caan tuk. tangka hman.) laibawi (kutdong). a thu a man kho lomi. langhtertu a simi indicator . reknak.(adj. lahkhah karhnak incriminate .) cawnpiak chih lengmang.g.(v.(v.) keuhternak .) hloh khawh lomi .) 1.) a remh in remh khawh lomi incorruptible . a pammi indigestible .(n.g. 2. an rek. The boys indent the stick = Ngakchia nih tthiangtthunh kha an khuar.incorporation .(adj. 2.(n.(n. langhtertu indices .) chamnak indent .) thilcahnak. thil ca in cah indentation .(n.) lung i chat kho lo i um indeclinable . We have an indefinite time to finish the work = Hi rian limnak dingah caan tukmi kan ngei lo.(n. seh inculcate .) tamter .) arti keuhternak thingkuang .(adj. indict .) a hmaan lo incorrigible .(n. kik lo lum lo i um .) ralchim.) tlumh . e. a tawkzawn in. thil cah. hnawh khawh lomi indemnify . zei poi lo indifferently .(adv. 2.) a cafang ttialning thlen khawh a si lomi bia indeed .) hmuhsak indication .(adj.(adj. mahte in aa ukmi ram.) fiang tein chim khawh lomi . dawhcah lo khuasak indecision . e.(adj.) a tha a ba kho lomi indefensible . mah cung i tlunter incurable .(adj.(adj. caan khiah a um lomi.) zei i rel lo . e.(adj. nehsawhnak .) a karhmi . 2.(n. tlumhnak incubator .) ziaza dawh lo . rek.

(adj.(n. cawlcang lo i um ahcun cuti i um ko.) 1.(adj.g.) um lo khawh a si lomi indispose .) umter . pumpak cio in ruahpiak individually .(adv. duhmi paoh pek .) mi a lemtu. 2. His poor health was induced by poor food = Rawlchia nih a zawtnak cu a chuahter inducement . zawt nawn indisposition .(adj.(n.) relcawklo .(v.(n.g.(n.(adj.(adj.) pumpak cio in indivisibility . thil a canter kho lomi ineffectual . Mr. Aristotle is a human being. santlai lo .) teima ngaiin industriousness .) 1.) 1.) i lap lonak .) hrawh khawh lomi.) seh thil a sertu sehzung rianttuannak ngeitu industrialize .) seh in thil ser industrious .(adj. e.) seh in thil an sernak. a remning a hngal lomi indiscretion . cheu khawh lomi indolence . George was inducted into the office of the president of the corporation = Mr.) mah pumpak cio in nun ding ti ruahnak individualist .(adj.) a tha a thumi . i tluk lonak inert .) aa tlak lo inequality .(n.(adj.) teimaknak industry .) tei khawh lomi indoor .) bia in chim khawh lomi ineffective . e.(n.(n.(n.(n. 2.(adv. teimaknak inedible .) a man a fak lomi inexperienced . George cu corporation president rian ah an chiah induction .g. upadi nih a awnh lo inept . Cucaah mi vialte nih luchin an i chinh indulge .(adj. a chung i chiah .) nunnak a ngei lomi thawn khawhnak thazang a ngei lomi inertia .(adv.(n.(n.) cheu khawh lo sinak indivisible .) hrial khawh loin inexcusable . a man a sung /tam tukmi inevitable .(adj.(v.(adj.(adj. Therefore. aa hne khomi industriously . ti i a cang kho lomi indistinct . chuahter.(adj. rianttuan a huam lomi indomitable . pumpak individualism . Aristotle puts on a hat. tuaktan cawk lo .(adj. duhnak paoh zulh. a remning hngalh lonak indiscriminate .) al khawh a si lomi indissoluble . thil pakhat a si caah thil dang zong cu bantuk cu an si ti ruahning. 2.(n. aa dawhtlak lomi inexpensive .) tthen khawh lomi .) thleidang lo . chiah. all people are human beings.(adv.(adj.(n.) hnatlakpinak minthut induce .) aa tlak lomi .) thil zeihmanh a chuahter kho lomi inefficient .) aa tlak lo.(v.) lating burhnak si indirect .) 1.(adj. seh in rianttuannak.) 1. e.) ruahning phun khat.) mah pumpak cio in a nungmi individuality .) thlahthlamnak indulgent .) tthahnem lo .(n. all people put on hats = Aristotle nih luchin aa chinh. duhnak thlahthlam.(v. van le vawlei i a ummi thil vialte.) 1.) innchung thil a simi indoors . mi pakhat. mah umnak i um ko i i thlennak thawk lo.(v.) thleidan khawh a si lomi individual . e.) aa thlahthlammi indulgently .(adj.(adj.) aa ralring lomi .) minung pakhat le pahkat a dang cio kan si a langhnak individualize .) i ruan lonak. Those parents indulge their children = Khi nu le pa hna nih an fale kha an duhnak an zulh tuk hna indulgence .) thathutnak . zawt nawnnak indisputable .(adj. chiattha hnong lo indispensable . rianttuan huam lonak indolent .) a dong kho lomi inexpedient .) ralrin lonak . ttuanmi a tlam a tling kho lomi inelegant . 2. rianttuan a zuammi .(adj. Mi vialte cu minung an si.(adj.(adj.) ei khawh lomi ineffable . sihmanhsehlaw cawlcangh cang hnuah cun dawntu zeihmah a rak um lo ahcun kalnak lei hmun i hmailei i kal pengnak inestimable .) rak hmuhtonmi le cu hmuhtonnak thawngin hngalhnak hmuhmi a ngei lomi Page 126 .(v.) pumpak cio caah tuah. All the people are human beings. lungthlenternak induct .(n.) i thlahthlam ngaiin industrial .) miteima .(adj.) a fiang lomi indistinguishable . industrial city = seh in thil an sernak khua industrialist . Aristotle cu minung a si.) aa dawh lomi ineligible . duh tuk lo.(adj. e.(n.(adj.indigo .(adj. e.) ngaihthiam khawh lomi inexhaustible .(adj. 2. Therefore.) dingte si loin a vel in velmi indiscreet .) innchung ah.g.(n. i lap lo.g.(adj.(adj. Let us play badminton indoors = Badminton innchungah i cehl u sih indorse (endorse) .) rian a thiam lomi.(adj. 2.(adj.(v. lem khawh i tuahter khawh.g.

) a chung i a lutmi hna influence . theihnak. dongh hngal loin . Pathian a zum lomi .(adj.(v.) luhhnawhnak infinite .(adj.(adj.(adj. phuangtu information .) mei bantukin alhter khotu a simi.(v.(adj.) hmih khawh lomi inextricable .) thil a ti kho ngaimi influenza .) khulrang in a alh khomi inflammation .) tangka a tam tuk i a man a tlawm khi inflect .) aw hun santer deuh inflection .) midang kong a chimtu infraction .(adj.(n.) pornak infectious .(v.g.(adj.) hawi ka tluk hna lo ti lungthin put infest .) 1.(adj.) hei ruah hei ruah i a phi chuahter .(n.(adj.(n. chimh.(n.(n.) ngakchia dawt in i dawt. The Infinite = Pathian infinitely . dongh hngal lo.) a hme tuk hringhranmi infinity . e.(n.) kan pum chung hmun khatkhat a zawt i a sen i a phin i a fahnak khi inflammatory . 2.) ke ralkap infantryman .(n.inexpiable .(v.(n.) phungphai um theng loin tuahmi informality . informal . 3.) mersan khawh lomi inflict . nauta deuh sinak inferiority complex .(n.g.(adj.) ngaknu tlangval i duhnak infect . ngakchia thil. a ngan a dam set lomi .) aw hun santer deuhnak inflexible .(v. a chung i thli rawn .(adj.g. 2.) porter infection .) chimtu . puarpup in um.) mei alh in alh inflammable .) tlangrai cumpi khuhpah influx .(v. um .(n.(n.) 1.) a thli in a chung i luhhnawh infiltration . tangka ngeimi le huham ngeimi nih an ngeihmi thilti khawhnak influence . 2.) a sullam langhter khawh lomi inextinguishable .) a niam deuh . infant industries = Thawkkate lawng a si rihmi sehzung rianttuannak. ngakchia bantuk a simi.(n.(adj.) dongh hngal lomi sinak infirm . e.(n. huham a ngeimi.(adj.(adj.) harnak pek infliction .) ngakchia he aa pehtlaimi thil .(n.) hngalhnak mi a pe ngaimi informer . thawkkate lawng a simi.(n.(adj. 2. hei langhternak inferior .(n.(n.) bawhte infant . nganchia bantuk in ruahnak ngeih rih lo infantry .) thangchiatnak infancy . lung a cawlcanghter khotu inflate .) rem khawh lomi inexplicable .(n.(n. ngaknu tlangval an i duh sawsawh khi infatuation . donghnak ngei lo .(n.(n.) ke in ral a tumi ralkap infatuate .) 1.) i hlihphuah khawh lomi infallibility .(n.(v.(v.) tampi um i hnahnawhnak le harnak pek infidel . infantile .) thangchia a simi infamy .(v.) a fek lo .) harnak peknak inflow . chimhnak hngalhternak informative .) hawi chonh khawhmi zawtnak infer .(n.) nawlbuarnak infringe .) a sullam fianter khawh lomi inexpressible .(adv.) siter. pumpululh tum. e.(n. a ngan ngaingaimi. 2.) 1.(adj.) a palh kho lomi infamous .(n.) bawhte sinak infant . a nauta deuh .) ruah lengmang i a phi chuahternak .(adj. mi dang cungah ruahter khawhnak le tuanter khawhnak ngeihmi. Khrihfa a si lomi infidelity .(v. 2.) palh khawh lonak infallible . midang kong chiatnak lei chim. umter influential .(v.(n.(adj.(v.(adj.(v.) 1.(n.(adj. tangka a puar i a man a tlawm inflation .) biaknak lei i zumhnak a ngei lomi .) 1. mi dang cung i ruahter khotu le tuanter khotu a simi. 3.(n.) fehfuan lonak inflame . hei langhter inference .) a chung i luan inform .(n. a ttha set lomi inferiority . fehfuan lo infirmary .) sianginn i mizaw zohkhenh chungnak siinn infirmity .) nawlbuar Page 127 . hngalhnak.) phungphai zul theng lo i umnak informant . infant clothes = ngakchia thilthuam.) donghnak ngei loin . hihi 'inform on' ti a si.) niam deuhnak .) zumh awk tlak lomi sinak infiltrate . tuk hringhran infinitesimal .

) rocotu inhibit .) thinphawh infuse .) tthat lonak initial . tenhmi inlay .) suitlang .(adj.) roconak .) fim lo . comi thil. 2.(n.) tamh . a sual lomi. thil ser thiamnak .(n.) nawlcawn khawh lomi iniquitous . e.(v. e.) khualtlung a daw lomi inhospitality .(n.(adj.(adj.(n.(n.(v. tenh inlet .) thli dawp inharmonious .) a chung bik innkeeper .(n. He is initiated into their society = Amah cu an bu chungah an luhter initiate .) ruahnak pelte inky .(n.infringement .(adj.) donh inhibition .) a fim ngaingaimi . David Stanley Jones cu DSJ a si lai initially . sanhnak -ing .) rawnnak.(v.) 1.) chung i lut lak i dawp inhale .) hlanlio i cahang chiahnak i an rak hmanmi saram ki inkling .(n.(adj.) rianttuan tik i phuhri sattu sinak .(n.(v.(v.) i chuahpimi inner . luhter. cini le arti an si inhabit .) hliam . 2.) a chung bik inn .) rawn. Fish inhabit the sea = Nga cu rili ah an um inhabitable . thirtlang ingrain .(n.(v.(adv. a thawktu sinak lungthin inject .(adj.) a chungah fek tein pilter ingratitude . hramthawk.(adj.) i chuahpimi thil ning in inherit .(n.) khualtlung zei rel lonak inhuman . mi nakin fim deuhnak ingot .g.) riahnak inn .) aa rem lomi . 3.(n.) a chung i ronh injection . chia ttha a hngal lomi Page 128 .(adj.(adj.) i chuahpimi thil a simi inherently .) nawlbia. sualnak zeihmanh a chuahter lomi thil.(v.) 1.(n.) roco inheritance . a chung i khua a sami .(adj.g.) a ttha lo ngaingaimi iniquity .(adj.) a chung deuh innermost . 2.) donhnak inhospitable .(adj.(n.) fim ngaingainak .) ronhmi injudicious .(v. hma putter . Good health is a fine inheritance = Ngandam hi ro ttha a si inheritor . hma putnak injustice . The ingredients of a cake are flour.) biafang donghnak lei i pehmi.) riahnak inn zohkhenhtu innocence .(adj.) hliamnak . e.) din lonak ink .) min hram cafang in minthut.(v. fahter injurious . sanh infusion .(n.) cawhla .) um . khualbuk innate .) fim ngaiin ingenuity .(v.(n.(n.) a hmasa bik a simi .) nawlbuarnak infuriate .(n. tuah liomi langhternak.(adj. sualnak a tuah lomi.(adj.(n.) bu chung i luhternak initiative .(n.(n. thil fiang tein thleh khawh lo injunction .) zaangfahnak lungthin ngeih lonak inimitable .) cahang bantuk a simi inlaid .) umnak hmun a simi inhalation .(adj. a ummi.(n.(n.(n.(adv.(v.) tamhmi . sugar and egg = Kekmuk tuahnak i aa telmi cu changvut.(n.(adv. mi dam lonak a pe khomi injury . thongtla inmost . ingenious .(n.(adj.) 1.(n. lung aa khat lomi .) a hramthawk ah initiate . nguntlang . thil cawh tik i a rak i tel vemi. thil a thiam kho ngaimi ingeniously .) um khawhnak a simi inhabitant .) cahang inkhorn .g.) mi a hliam khomi .(n. injure .(v.) i lawmh lonak ingredient . aa nge lomi inherent .(suff.) a ummi inhabited .(adj.g.(n. a hramthawknak a simi initial .) ti fonghlei hmete inmate . e.) sual lonak innocent .) bu chung i luhtermi pa initiation . khuasak.) zaangfahnak lungthin ngeih lo inhumanity . 'eat' cu 'eating' ah a cang. 'go' cu 'going' ah a cang.(adj.

(adj.(adj. thir inquest .g.(v. He has inside information about their plan = An i timhmi kha a chunglei biathli hngalhnak a ngei. e.(n.(adj.) uakhluak tuk deuh in a simi inordinately .(adj.(n.(n.g.(n. tangbenh.g. ngalsang le hmaifa.) bia am in sawhter insinuation .(adj. e. a chunglei bia a simi.) a chung.) hruhnak insatiable . The .(n.(adj. e. a hngal kho lomi insensitive . insider . I insist that you go = Na kal hrimhrim lai kan ti.g.) thlaici tuh . Please insert this advertisement in your newspaper = Na tadinca chungah hi hmuhsaknak hi rak ka telhpiak insertion .(n.) hrokhrawlnak insinuate .g.(n.) sual lo tein innovate .) a thli tein rian a ttuanmi insight . inside . ngandam a si lomi insanity . flies. Page 129 .) biaceihtu hna hmai ah upadi ningin biahalnak tuahmi inquire . At the insistence of the boy I accompanied him to his home = Ngakchiapa nih a ka nawl ruangah a inn tiang ka hei kalpi.(n.) thakza thahnak si insecure . biahlat Inquisition.(adj.(n. biathli a hngalmi insidious .(n.) a duhnak a riam kho bal lomi inscribe .(v. fek tein i tlaih peng insistence .g. e.) a thar in thlennak innovator .(n.) biahalnak inquisition .(v.(v. a thar in thlen innovation .) hngalh lonak insensible . Have you been inside the church? = Biakinn chungah na lut cang maw? inside .g.g.(adv. Mosquitoes.(v.(n.(n.) bia am.(adv. tho.) tthen khawh lomi insert . gnats and bugs are insects = Fikfa.(adj. fa pawiter insemination . thohmuai.(adj.) him lonak inseminate .(n. tahchunhnak ah lung . artificial insemination = nu le pa cannak tuah lo i pa ci nu chung i chiah i fapawiter. e.(prep.(n.) a chungah.) duhnak a riam kho lomi . cngcel cu thakza an si. hngalh khawhnak insignia .(n.(adj.(adj.(adj.) hrokhrawl insincerity .(n.) bia am in sawhternak insipid .) zungzal hmun dingin ttialmi inscrutable .) thakza.(prop.) a hrutmi insanitary .(v.) thlaici tuahnak.(n.) thlennak thar a tuahtu innuendo .innocently . a dami insist .(v.(n. fak piin fial. e. rungrul.) mi hau kulh chung i va luh.) tenau ngai sinak .(n.) thawtnak a ngei lomi .(n.) a chung i a ummi . a hak a kau ngaimi insatiate .) chungah.) thil hngalh a duh ngaimi inquisitor .(n.) a chung i sawh .) biahal.) 'The Inquisition' a sullam cu Roman Catholic Church nih 'zumhnak hman lo i an ruahmi hna thattu ah an rak tuahmi bu' a si. insensibility .) ttial. e. biapi si lonak insignificant .) thlen .g.(v.(adj.) uakhluak tuk deuh in inorganic .(adj.) 1.) zawtnak khamnak si i chunhnak inoppurtune .) a him lomi insecurity .(n. fapawiternak.(n. insecticide . Please step inside = A chungah rung lut inside .(adj. luhhnawh insane .(adj. e.(adv.) thil tenau ngai i simi insincere .) bia haltu inroad .) a chunglei hmuh khawhnak .(adj.) medal.(adj.) relcawklo inoculate . 2. at the insistence of = nawl ruangah.(adj.) thingram le saram sinak a ngei lomi thil .) hngalhnak a ngei lomi . sining langhtertu insignificance .) a si maw si lo ti hngalhnak caah biahal inquirer . e.) biahaltu inquiry .) a chung i sawhnak. a chung i telh. The gossipy woman spread scandal by innuendo = Nu hmursau nih bia am in thangchiatnak a kenkip ah a chim innumerable . His tombstone was inscribed with his name = A thlanlung ah a min aa ttial inscription .) thil a hngal kho zau lomi inseparable .(n.) a thianghlim lomi .) hngalh khawh lomi insect .) caan rem lo inordinate .(n.) zawtnak khamnak si i chunh inoculation .) a chunglei thil a simi . a chung i telhnak inside .) fek tein i tlaih pengnak. inquisitive .

) in khawh lomi insufficiency .) fek tein aa tlaih pengmi insofar as . chiahnak installment . cawn lo zei lo in institute .) thazang peknak .) i chuahkehpimi ningin.insistent .(adj.) cawnpiaktu . tangka a ngei lomi insomnia .(n.g.) 1. 2.(n.(adj.(adj.(n. hriamnam.(n.) rian i chiahnak .(v.) dirh ser . e.g. 2.(adj. Musical instruments = Awdawh tumnak thilri hna. e.g.(n. in the first instance = a hmasa bik ah. 2. sianginn an zung hna le an inn hna zong institute .) zeirel lonak langhter .) sifak rethei cawmnak he aa pehtlaimi instruct . tar umnak inn institutional .) tuksawh instill . lungthawhter.(adj. guitar. instant .) chuak kho hlah seh ti in tuamnak insulator .) aamah khannak.) 1.(adj. The president of the college was installed yesterday = College President cu nizan ah khan a rian ah chiah a si cang. fehternak.) leiba a cham kho lomi .) chuahkehpimi duhnak .) ruru hranghrang in umnak insolent . chimhnak . atu thla.(n.) 1.) a dangte i va chiah .g. thih sual. kangh sual.(adv. 2.(v.(v. Cu bantuk biakamnak ca i tangka pekmi zong cu 'insurance' ti a si ve ko i 'premium' ti Page 130 . elektrik tha kha thirhri lengah chuak kho hlah seh tiin khairiat in tuam insulation .(n.) lonh khawh lomi . e. 2. sifak rethei cawmnak hmun. he has gone home = Ka hngalh tiangah cun. ca i biakamnak tuahmi.) thazang a pe ngaimi a simi inspire .(adv. etc. 2. cawnpiak . saupi hman cangmi phunglam.(adj. chimh. hmakhatte ah a si khomi.(adj.) 1.) ttha tein zoh inspection . fial instruction .) i zat lomi. tikulh khuati insulate .) a zop kho lomi .g. ti ah a cang kho lomi . e. fimthiamnak cawmnak ca i bu in aa sermi hna bu.(n. You may pay me back by installments = A cheuchum a cheuchum in na ka cham ko lai instance .(v.(adj. thiamnak . umter. tei khawh lomi insurance . The tenth instant = Atu thla ni hra ni instantaneous .(n. a taktak a si lomi . nawl a ngai lomi insubstantial .) 1.) a cheuchum.(adj. chikkhatte ah a cang khomi instantaneously . tlau sual. 4.) tiangah cun. aphi chuah khawh lomi insolvency . lungthawhnak peknak . mi dang can ah instep . e.(n.(adj. for instance = tahchunhnak ah.(n.(v. Cobwebs are insubstantial = maimomh bu cu a derthawm ngaingaimi an si insufferable . thazang pek . bawmtu a simi insubordinate .) leiba cham kho lo in umnak . rianttuantu ding kha a rian ah rumra um ngaiin chiahnak tuah.(n.(adj.g.) ttha tein va zohnak inspector . thil cawnnak hmun. thaw chuahhnawhnak inspirational .) mi dang hmun ah . hngalhnak etc.(n. kum saupi rianttuantu rak si cang ca i mikip nih an theih an hngalhmi.(n.) lungchung i tlawm tete i ronh lengmang instinct .g. chikkatte ah instead .) khulrang tein a si khomi.(v. e. e.) mi cawnpiak khotu a simi instructor . thonglawi. tumnak thilri.) mi tang um a duh lomi .) i zat lonak insufficient .(n.g.) zunthlum zawt damnak si insult . They instituted new laws = Upadi thar an ser hna institution . hmuhsak .) khulrang tein.(adj.(adj.) hriamnam ttha a simi.(n.(adv. tangka ngeih lo insolvent . a chung i thaw chuahhnawh instability .(n. Instant coffee = Vun paih i hmakhatte i a zop khomi kawfi. ruahnak bimi . hmuh khawh tongh khawh a si lomi.(conj.) ruru hranghrang in a ummi insoluble .(n.g.(n. Ghosts are insubstantial = Mithla cu a ngaingai a simi an si lo. serhsat insuperable . tahchunhnak ah ngaktah sianginn. upadi. 2.) elektrik thazang chuak kho hlah seh tiah tuamnak khairiat insulin . ti nih a kulhmi . e. umternak.(v.g. bianabia. Electric lights were installed in my house last week = Kan hnulei zarh ah kan inn ah elektrik ceunak an kan chiahpiak installation .) tahchunhnak. e.) kepha cunglei instigate .(v.) tuksawh instigation . hmuhsaknak instructive .(n. etc.(v.) tikulh bantuk a simi .) chuahkehpimi a simi instinctively . hmuhsaktu instrument . e.(n. instrumental .(adj. i that lomi insular . a derthawm ngaimi.(adj. tuahning. Insofar as I know.) cawnpiaknak . chiah. 3.) 1.) feh lonak install .) 1.) i hngilh khawh lo inspect .) zohtu inspiration . nihsawh .) 1. instinctive .(adj. firpiak sual.(n. inn ah a tin cang insolence . 2.(n.

g.) nawlpiaktu interchange .g. The speaker interjected a joke now and then in his Page 131 . e.g.zongah ti a si.) a thuk i fel tein tuahmi intent . cozah a domi pawl insurmountable .) kekkuai hleng lo tein . 2.(v.) tuah hlah ti i khamnak interest . mitlak.) timh ciammam tein tuahmi intentionally . cuar intellect .g. rel khawh a simi.(adj. e. 1 . tuah hlah ti i kham interdiction .(v.(v. Hockey does not interest me = Hockey nih ka mit a ka la lo.) a chunglei interior .) nawlpiak intercept .g. an i kalh. 2. thawngpang theihmi intelligible .) i sum lonak intemperate . thawngpi a simi. cu nambar tling an si integral .) 1.(v.(v.(v.(adj. He interests his friends in fishing = a hawile kha ngasio a duhter hna interest .) tinhmi.(adv.(n. tampi . pakhat le pakhat i komhnak .) fak ngaiin intensification .(v.(adj. They sent a car for him to insure his presence in the meeting = Meeting ah um hrimhrim seh tinak caah mawttawka pakhat an kuat.) a fim ngangaimi intelligence .(adj. i theih hngalhnak interdependence .(adj.(n. e. si hrimhrim seh tinak ca i tuahmi. hnahnawh peknak interim .g. him hrimhrim seh insured .) fahter .) aa sum lomi .(adj. nambar cheu a si lomi . e.(v.) 1.) college le college i ttuan tonh.(v.) pum pakhat tlinnak caah a a herhmi thil integrate .(adv.) duhnak ngeimi. His handwriting is intelligible = A kutttial rel khawn a si ko intelligibly .) pum tling i sernak integrity .) a fakmi i canternak intensify .) pakhat le pakhat i chawnh intercommunication .) aamahkhanmi thil a simi insurgent .(n.(v.(n.) nambar tling . caw le sia ti bantuk intercede .) timh ciammam tein interact . tangka cawih man i a karh pekmi interest . To all intents and purposes = a zeiti lei paoh in.) chung i luhtermi thil intangible .(v.(v. fak tuk in thil a ruatmipa intensely . intercommunicate . nganpi . rak tan . lihchim lo integument .(n. 10 .(n. He is interested in reading = Amah cu carel duh ngaimi a si interesting .) i thlen tonh khawhmi intercollegiate .) 1. a hlei a hluat in a tuahmi intend .) pakhat le pakhat i bochannak interdependent .(adj.(n. lonh khawh lo a simi insurrection . It will be to your interest to get more education = Ca tam deuh cawn cu nangmah ca thil tthahnem a si lai.(n.) pakhat le pakhat i tuahtonhnak interbreed .(n.(v.) i pehtlaihnak .) nawlpiaknak intercessor . e. 2.) pakhat le pakhat i tuah tonh interaction . 2. 3. phaw .(adj. a fim ngaingaimi intellectual .) tei khawh lo a simi .(adj.g. hngalh khawhnak.(adj. Do not interfere with my work = Ka rian ka dawn hlah interference .(n.) hngalh khawh awk ngaiin intemperance .) ram chung thil a simi.(n. fimnak.) hngalh khawh a simi .) timhnak intentional .Interior minister = mah ram chung thil tlaitu vuanzi.) a karlak i rak ton . tuah ding lei ti paohpaoh ahcun.) kham . 2. hnahnawhnak pek interfere with . insure .g.(n. 2. tthathnemnak. e.(n. e.(adj.) i thlen tonh interchangeable . mah ram chung ral thawh intact .(n.) pakhat le pakhat aa bochanmi interdict . fimnak .(adj.(n.(n.) can karlak interior .) ziaza ding .) tongh khawh lomi thil integer . lungchung in hngalh khawhnak thazang. hnahnawh. e. rawkcat lo tein a simi intake .g. intense light = A ceu ngaingaimi ceunak.(adj.(n. 3. um hrimhrim seh . interject .(adj.(adj.) pakhat le pakhat i chawnhnak intercourse .(adj. 2.) duh awk a simi interfere .(n.(adj. 9 .(n.) a karlak i vun thlak pah.) tapung . e. intention .(v.) 1. ruah khawhnak .) tapung thawh . duhnak lungthin.(adj. 2 .(n.) sattil phun dangdang fa ngeih tonhter .g.) donh.(n.(v. zualter intensive . rak tlaih intercession .) 1. duhter.) timh intense .(n. dengmang.) 1. duh. e.) 1.) pum tling i ser integration .) dawnhnak.(adv.) hawng .(n.

(adj. e.) biahalnak i hmanmi interrupt . si inn pakhatkhat i bawmtu i chiahmi.(n. leng in chungah luh.(v.(v.(v.) pakhat le pakhat i cawh intermixture .(n. a sullam leh interpretation .) biahaltu interweave .) a karlak i telhchih pah lengmang intertwine .) phun khat le phun khat i tthit intermediary . A path intersects the field = Lam nih lo kha a tan intersection .(adj. 2.) siangpahrang pakhat uknak a donghnak le a uknak changtupa bawi i a hung can a karlak khi interrelated .) tan.(v. 2.(adv.(n.g. There is an interval of six days between Christmas and New Year = Khrismas le Kumthar karlak ah ni ruk a um.(n. remnak sertu intermediate .) holhlehnak a sullam lehnak interpreter .(adj.(v.(v.(v. hika.(v.(n. thawk i ngol tthan ti bantuk intermix .(n.) a karlak i a ummi thil interment .) biahal . hun chimta interposition .(n. sullam chimtu interregnum .) a karlak i i dinh ta intermit ..) tlawmpalte ngol ta intermittent .) lam pakhat le pakhat an i tannak. cawhchih intestate . biakhernak interrogation mark .) a karlak i thlak . mah chung thil a simi.) pakhat le pakhat i ngerh interval .) holh leh .) pakhat le pakhat a pehtlaimi interrogate .(v.) pakhat le pakhat an i peh interlude .(n.(n.(v. e.) holhlettu . tenhchih interwoven .(n.(v. thuk ngaiin intimation .(n.) ril intimate .(n.) laknak hmun i thar khumhnak interpose . chunglei ah international .(prep.(adj.) i cawhnak intern . thawk i ngol. 3.(n.(adv.) uarnak.(adj. 3.(adj. a karlak caan.) mittheh kutzauh hmanh in hngalhter khawh intimately . rian soktu bia an hal hna khi interviewer .) phun khat le phun khat i tthitum tonnak intermarry . interlace . Oh! Ah! Hurrah! ti tehna hi uarnak bia cu an si. e.) 1.(n.) hngalhternak intimidate .) tahchih .g.speech = A biachimmi a karlak ah nihchuak a thlak pah interjection . intervene . tadinca ttialtu hna le mi dang an i ton i tadin chuah ding an i ceih an i halmi bia.) pakhat le pakhat karlak i lamkaltu .) ram dang le ram dang i pehtlainak he aa pehtlaimi internationalize .(n.) a karlak i hun chiahta.) i cawh intermission .(adv.) rovui ta manh lo i thih intestinal . 2.(v.) a karlak i hun chiah tanak hun chimtanak interpret .(n.) hmunkhat khat i zam hna hlah seh ti i chiah .(v.) biahalnak . There are trees at intervals of twenty feet = Pe kul dan (karlak) lengmang ah thingkung an um. hawikom theihngalh ngaingaimi.) hnahnawhnak . a chunglei in hngalhnak thukpi rak ngeimi intimate .(adj.) 1. thong thlak bantuk.(n.) cu bantuk rian interpolate .) 1. 2.) a karlak i vai hrolhnak interview .) chunglei in.(n.) biahalnak hmelchunhnak "?" interrogative .(n.g.) ngol can ngeimi.(v.(adj.) mithi vui intermingle . a tlawm bik ah minung pahnih i ton i thil pakhatkhat ceih ti.) pakkalh in tah.) American sibawi a awngkami. He was interned for three years = Kum thum himnak ah an chiah intern . phun khat in phun khat ah i thlen intolerable .(adj.) a karlak i hnahnawhnak hun tuah interruption .(v. rak i lunghmuihnak.) I kom ngaiin. donhnak intersect .) thihphaihnak into .) midang in khawhnak ngeih lonak Page 132 .) thil pahnih karlak i a hung ummi khi intermarriage . a tung le a phei in tah interlock .) ril he aa pehtlaimi intestine .(n. khika ah.(v.) ram dang le ram dang i pehtlainak he aa pehtlaimi internship .) cozah pakhat lawng nih uk loin cozah tam nawm nih ukmi i ser internationally . e.(n. biakher interrogation .(n.) cauk pakhat chung i bia maw biatlang maw lak i a hmun ah cun a thar khumh interpolation .(n. a karlak i vai sawh intervention .(v. an i tonnak intersperse .(v.(v. prep. at intervals = atu le atu. internal .g.) 1.(adv.(v.(n. pumpak thil.(n.) tahchih.) in khawh a si lomi intolerance .(v.) chunglei a ngeimi internally . karlak hmun.

) thil zeizat dah a um ti i chek i cazin i khumh inventory . it is invalid = Check cu minthut lo ahcun man a ngei lo. rit intoxicated .) aa thleng kho lomi invariably .) hawi sinah ruahnak a chim zunzan lem lomi. vun i tenh ttualmal.) mi dang a ing kho lomi intonate .) intonate kha zoh.) cu bantuk hngalh khawhnak a ngeimi inundate . e. biahmaithi i ttialmi introspect . hman awkah chuah.) ahohmanh nih an ser bal lomi thil ser invention .) 'direct object' a ngei lomi 'verb' hna.(n.) a lettalam in chiahnak invert .) cozah dohnak ding khua a thli tein khannak intriguing .) ti nih khuhnak invade .(adj.(n.(v.) a um bal lomi thil sernak . inversion .) bia in fak piin al invent .(adj. tthathnemnak hmuhnak ding ca i caan siseh thil siseh hman.(n.) hngalhternak i chimmi.(n.) 1.) thil ser thiamnak lungthin a ngeimi inventor . DCBA cu ABCD a lettalam a si.(n.) a hnok ngaimi thil .(n.(n. ral invalid . a thli tein rak i duh. hnahnawk ngaiin ruah lem lo i hngalh khawhnak i chuahkehpimi intuitive .(adv.(n. ralttha ngai intrepidity .(adj. zohkhenhter intuition .(n. a thli tein khuakhan. biachim le carel i hlasak bantuk i sak. e.(v.(n.g.) mi lungthin hlau ngai a simi intrinsic .(adj.) ti nih khuh inundation . hngalh a har ngaimi intrigue . sining intrinsically .) bia chim tik i hlasak bantukin sak.g.) a chunglei.) ritnak a simi intoxicating . New electrical products are introduced = Elektrik thil thar an chuah.) biafang vun chim tik i aw phun dang deuh i vun chim .(adj.) a lettalam in chiah invertebrate . a chungah.) i chuahkeh pimi lungthin in thil umtuning hngalh khawhnak. invalidate .(adj.) dirhmun tthial a duh lomi intransitive .) ral nih chim invader .) mah le mah lungthin vun i purhnak introvert . e.(n.(v.(adj.) a man a sung tukmi .(adj. introduction . 2. hngalhter.(adj. a miak hmuh nak ding ca i phaisi hman.) entrench kha zoh.) ttih ngei lo . 3.(n.(v.(n. adj.) vun luhchih cutmat.) a dam lomi.) rak duh nalo i luhchihnak intrusive .(adj.) mah le mah lungthin vun i purh introspection . ruah awk i meeting chung i chuah. e. intrepid . a hmaan lomi.(v. biachim tik i aw sang aw niam tuah tik i sullam dangdang chuahternak intone .) thil pakhatkhat nih a chunglei i a rak ngeihmi man.) rak duh nalo i a luhchihmi intrusion .(n.) kenter. He invested his lawyer with power to act for him = A sihni cu amah ca ttuan kho dingin nawl a pek Page 133 .(v.) hngalhternak . sermi inventive . hlauh.(v. sawm lo i luh intruder .(adv. The story of your adventure intrigues us = Na khualtlawnnak kong nih kan lung a kan hlauh ngai intrigue .) i thleng lo tein invasion . e.(n.(v. belong.(n.(v.) rit khawhmi thil . e.) raltthatnak intricacy . etc. 3.(v. aa chuahpimi man. carel tik i hla bantuk i sak intonation . 2. nawl pek. intrench .) vampang kulh chung .g.(adj.) chimtu ral.(n. Unless a check is signed.(n.) a lettalam in chiahnak.(n.(v.(n.intolerant . 2. man a ngei lomi.) ritnak intramural .) cu bantukin chek le tuah kha inverse . duhnak lungthin hun ngeihter .) thil a um bal lomi ser a thiammi inventory ..(v. mahte in khuaruah a duh deuhmi intrude .g.(adj. intoxicant .(v.) rit .) dirhmun tthial duh lo i um intransigent . She introduced her friend to her mother = A nu sinah a hawi kha aho a si hngalhter.) man ngeih loter.(adj.(adj. intramural burial = biakinn chung i vuinak intransigence . pakpalawng i canter invaluable .) ral chimnak invective .) holh chiakha inveigh . go .g. seem .) hnok cikcek in um intricate .(v.) 1.g.(n.) rittertu a simi intoxication .(n. zu intoxicate .(v.) keng ruh a ngei lomi saram invest .(adj. 3. a man relcawklo a simi invariable .(adj.(n. bia hmaithi introductory .(n.) a vun i tenh lenmi intrust (entrust) .(adj. a sining man in tuak ahcun introduce .(v.) 1.

An inveterate smoker = Saupi kuak a zu i a thlah kho ti lomi invigorate .) tlawmter deuh khawh ti lomi irrefutable .) damh khawh ti lomi irreparable . 3.(adj.) donh khawh lomi irresolute .) lung i thleh khawh setsai lo .(adj. ingpuanter.(n.(n.) 1. The rough cloth caused irritation on the child's tender skin = Puanchia hrat nih ngakchia vun nemte kha a thahter senter i boter Page 134 .(adv.) thinhuntertu.(n.g.) ttuanvo la lo i duh paoh in a ummi irretrievable .) darlin in thil hnor ironical . a chung i rak i tel ve. ingchiatnak irritable .(n.) bia-eng . iris . kham khawh lomi irreproachable .) tei khawh lomi inviolable .) biaknak zei i a rel lomi irremediable .(n.(v.(n.(n.) thahter i bo i sennak.) let tthan khawh ti lomi .) 1.(adj.) lung aa thlek kho lomi irresolution . thir bantukin a hakmi. iron .) duh nalo tein involuntary .(adj.(adj. fahnak pek khawh a si lomi inward . He has a grip of iron = A kuttlaih cu thir bantukin a fek.) a chung i i telnak invulnerable .) saupi thukpi a si cangmi.) thil cawknak cazin a cawtu sin i kuatmi invoke . zulh lo awk a si lomi invisible .(n.) tlaih khawh lomi . iron . rian chung i luh tuk. hmuh tthan khawh lomi irreverence .) dothlattu investment .) al khawh a si lomi irregular .(adj. 2.) thazang umter invincible .(adj.(adj.) cu ruang thengte ahcun.(adv.(adj.(adj. thil .) 1.(adj. a ing a chiami irritant . irrelevant .(adj. siseh investor . zumh awk tlak a si lomi irreconcilable .(n.(adj.) dothlat investigation . e.(n.) Pathian sin nawlnak thlacam invoice . fimnak .investigate . ingpuantertu irritate . a chung i luhpi. 2.) chungril iodine .) aa dongkhang lomi .(v.(adj.(n.(adj.(v. duh tuk involvement .) thil hnornak cabuai irony .) mah duhnak tel loin tuah involve . thir in sermi thil. e.) mitmu dum iron .(adj.) a thin a tawimi .) rianttuannak ding ca i tangka i chiatu inveterate .(adj.(n.(adj.) aho aho ti loin .) sawmnak invite .) rianttuannak ding ca i chiahmi.) kahcham tilak in lo tipek irrigation .(adj.(adj.) bia-eng in chimmi ironing board .g.) sawm inviting .(n.(v.(n.) aidin si ipso facto .(adj.(adj.(adj. e.(v. e.) buar awk a si lomi . thakzatter.(v. 2.) lak tthan .(adj. Latin hohl a si.) hma inter khawh a si lomi .(adj. hngalh awkah a har tuk. The boys called the very thin man 'fatty' in irony = Ngakchia nih a der ngaingaimipa kha bia-eng in "Pa Thau" an ti irrational .) tlanh tthan khawh lomi irreducible .) soisel khawh lomi irresistible . hnulei i khirh tthan khawh ti lomi irrevocable . 3.(v.) mi a lem ngaimi thil invocation . a sullam a bingtalet a simi. a hak a thawng.(adj.) a chunglei a simi inwardly . fek tein um khawh lonak irrespective . thinhunter.(n.(adj. a hnok tuk.(adv.g.) remter khawh lomi irrecoverable .) remh khawh ti lomi irrepressible .) thintawinak .) let tthan khawh ti lomi irrigate . 2.) kahcham tilak in lo tipeknak irritability .) 1.(n. thahter zatter irritation . thil hnornak darlin. thleidannak zeihmanh um loin irresponsible .(adj.(adj.) dothlatnak investigator .(n.) a caan a hman lomi.(n. tangka siseh .g.(n.) a chunglei in inwards . aa tlak lomi irreligious .(adv.) zaangfah hal involuntarily .) a sullam a um lo .(adj.(adj.) hmuh tthan khawh lomi irredeemable .(n.) hmuh khawh loin invitation .(v. 4.) hmuh khawh a si lomi invisibly . thir. thlah fawi lomi.) hmaizah lonak irreversible .

isolate .) thakpherh zawtnak .g.(n. rel tlak a si. The magazine is issued once a month = Mekkazin cu thla khat ah voi khat an chuah.(n.(n.) 1. He saw a house and bought it = Inn pakhat a hmuh i a cawk. nam in chunh jabber .g.) 1. a thakmi item .(v. e.g. it is worth reading = Hi cauk hi a ttha. a ngeihmi.g. This book is good.) a dangte i chiahnak isolationist .) pakhat hnu pakhat in ttial iterate .(v. pron. 2. a um lo.) vawlei nganpipi pahnih a pehtu vawlei rawrek.(contraction) I have. 2. thawngpang pelpawi tadinca i chuahmi. chuah. The land itself is worth the money. e.) ngaihchiat awk a simi. e.(n.(v.(n.(adj.(n. itself . 3. e. thiam ngaimi a ngei ttung lomi.(n.) hawi rem lo i mahte lawng i a ummi issue . 'baptize' cu 'baptism'.(n.(suff.) cafang ngawi italic .g. Panama Isthmus = Panama vawlei rawrek.(n. thil ummi. The dog saw itself in the glass = Uico nih thlalang chungah amah le amah aa hmu -ity .) a ta.) thilrit kha cawi doh jack .(v.) luhhnawhnak is .) thil.) biafang dinghnak ah hmanmi. e.) tikul i a ummi minung isle .) vampang ah an kaiter tawnmi zunhri aa dawhmi phun -ize . a inn chim loin.) 1.g. e.g. ' criticize' cu 'criticism.(n. 2.g. e.) chim i nolh tthan lengmang itinerant .(suff. Jack of all trades = Rian zeipaoh aa ot duahmahmi. program) is reading names of the members of the committee = Prokarem chung i thil hmasa bik cu komiti member hna min rel kha a si.' isn't .) a ngawimi cafang hna. 4. The baby hurt itself =Ngakchia cu amah le amah aa tu.) 1. a um ciami chim tthan tik i hmanmi bia. These words are in italic type = Hi cafang hna cu cafang a ngawi in ttialmi an si italicize .) holh fang donghnak ah chapmi.) 1. e. amah can ah khan hman a si..(suff.(n. The last issue of the newspaper contains the story of his accident = Tadinca an chuahmi a hmanung bik ah eksident a tonnak kong kha a um.(n. a tawinak bik cu 'a'.g. 'sincere' cu 'sincerity' ah a cang I've .) vui hao ivy . a dangte i umnak isolation . He is in Yangon = Yangon ah a um. e. e.) a dangte i chiah .(n.g.(n.) Muslim biaknak phung island . contraction) ' is not'. The first item on the programme (U. pa paoh min auhnak ca i hman sawhsawhmi.(pron.(v. a dangte i umter . ti a si ko. tahchunhnak ah. e.(n.g.(v. 'memory' cu 'memorize' ah a cang.) chunh. e. itemize . thilrit cawinak seh jack fruit . e. The cat plays with its kittens = Chizawh cu a fale he lente an i cehl.(v.) biafang donghnak lei i chapmi. ruahnak. Vanlawng na tahn lo cu a poi ngangai ko. ca chuahmi.) khulrang ngai i sullam ngei set lo i a holh lengmangmi jack .(v. 'public' cu 'publicize' ah a cang.g. a bu chung i thil pakhatkhat .) cafang ngawi in ttial itch . 2. italic .g.' isthmus .irruption . John a tawinak in cihm. 'active' cu 'activity' ah a cang.) khualtlawnnak lam le a can timhmi it's .) cafang donghnak ah chap tawnmi.(n.g.g.(pron. a um. without the house = A vawlei lawng-lawng hmanh kha tangka pekmi cu a man ko.) tikulh.(adj. mah le mah. tikulh bantuk a simi thil islander . 'tour' cu 'tourist'.(contraction) 'it is' its .(n. it . cazin chung i ttialmi thil pakhatkhat.g. It is rainy = Ruah a sur. e. Football is a current issue = Atu lio i zapi nih an ceih lulhmi cu pumpululh a si. Islam . e.(n. tikulh hme deuh -ism .) hnuhnun Page 135 . 3.S..) hmun khat in hmun khat ah khual a tlawng lengmangmi itinerary .) tikulh . fek deuh in chim duh tik i hmanmi a si. e.) a si.(suff. 'author' cu 'authorize' ah a cang.g. Food and clothing are issued to the soldiers = Ralkap cu rawl le hnipuan an chuah hna issue . The Earth is round = Vawlei cu a pum. i ceih lengmangmi -ist . e.g. 'piano' cu 'pianist. ivory .(v. e. e. hmun.g. it's a pity . a si lo. J jab .(v.(n. zapi nih an ceih lulhmi. e. 2. pek.g.

g.) thonginn uktu bawi.(n. lakhernak seh.) Januari thla Japan .(n.(n. jimmy . ttih awk i ser.(n.(n.(n.) 1.) darkhing hme tete .) kedan a cawng khuk tiang dengmang a saumi jacket .) e. mi tuancia lawng ei a duhmi jackass . tam tuk hmunkhat ah um in i donhkhanh dih.) pangpar buk pakhat .(n. e. khacer a pa.) lungvar phun khat a man a sung ngaimi jaundice .(n. 2. 2.(n.) jin tawhrolh.) ziarsi angki lum.(adj. The key is jammed in the lock = Tawhfang cu tawhinn chungah aa tenh i a tang jamb .) 1 .) 1. inn zohtu January .) thawl bial nawn a sang tuk lomi jargon . 'jess' an timi aw.) angki jeket jade .) tak aihre zawtnak javelin .) Zong jailer.) cakei .(adv. thlalangawng tung janitor . 2.(n.(n. tahchunhnak ah.) a zumharmi jaguar .) Japan Japanese .(n.) durwan . Japan holh. hninh jar .(n.(v.) lungvar hring jag .) a tlang i rual loin thleh jag . a par aa dawh ngaimi jasper .) thanthling le thingthei chuan i a thlum ngaimi a bangmi khi jenny .) nahchuakmi jealously . khuate ngaknu jeopardize . e. German mi.(prop. thingthei le thanthling chuan i a bang i a thlum ngaimi khi.) hngalh khawh set lomi holh. 2.(n.) 'gibe' zoh.(v.(n. pakkalh le bawhtah aa cawh in tahmi puan jeep .g. nihsawh.(adj.(n.(prop. jewel . mi dang i an hngalh lomi kha. German vanlawng.) thinphannak .(n.) ticik a hun i kapmi khi jettison .) nihchuah saih jester .) Jeep mawttawka.) angkileng tawi.) i hnin deldul in a ummi jerry . rawk jeopardy .(adv.(n.(v. Jersey . i tet ngaimi jerky . A jag of rock = lung fonghlei jagged . thinhunnak jerkin .(n. jersey .(n.(v.(n.(n.(n.) innka tung .) lawng zanternak ca i a chung thil a leng i hlonh jetty . jam .(n.(n. khing tete an rin i an aw khi Page 136 . serhsat.) khabe ruh jazz .(n. jew's harp . Zong jailor.(n.jack-o-lantern .) nihchuak saitu Jesus .) nahchuak ngaiin jealousy .(n. tisuar khamnak ca i chonmi vampang.) hlawn Jewess . jealous .) thonginn jailer .) lungvar man sung .(n. jailor .) fei .(n.) Jesuh jet .(n.) congoih jibe . 2 .(n. khawh zuamnak i an hmanmi jaw .(v.(n.(n. cucu an 'jargon' cu a si jasmine .(v.) hlauh. German ralkap.) Judah mi. tilawng dinhnak hmun i tilawng cung kainak ca i ticung i donhhlei an tuahmi Jew .(n. There is a traffic jam on Sule Pagoda Road every morning = Sule Pagoda lam ah zing fate mawttaw an i hronh khanh dih tawn jam . 2.(n. mi a cheu khat nih anmah pawl ca lawng i an hmanmi holh. hlohlak.(n.(adj.) cenghngia phun khat .(v. thil pahnih karlak ah i tenh i tan. jeer . thil pakhatkhat chungah a benh in i benh. a hnuk a ttha ngaimi.(v.(n. jest .) khabe .) mai a chung kuatter i minung hmai a lomi i tuah jackal .) 1.) Japan mi.) 1. thil sunglawi paohpaoh jeweller . luhnak kua bite jaw bone .(n.(n.) mifir pawl nih thil kalhnak ca i an hmanmi thirfung jingle .) ttihnung chung i umter.) nahchuahnak jean .) caw phun khat.) lungvar in hlawn a ser i a zuartu jewelry .) 1.) nihsawh jelly .) nihsawhnak serhsatnak jibe . a hrut ngaimi pa jackboot . mawttawka sertu pawl nih cun mawttaw sernak i an hmanmi thilri min. pawlai nakin a ngan deuhmi jail .) Judah minu.(n. Many people jammed into the house = Mi tampi inn chungaha benh in an i benh. e.(n.g.(n. heh tiah an hman.(n. jar .) hla phun khat.(n.(n.g.

(adj.(n. e.(n.g.) nihchuak saihthiam jollity . 75 dan i tuahmi.(n.) upadi thiam juror .(n. junk .) kalper . a ngakchia deuhmi.(adv.(adj.) lungthanuamnak jolly .) lung aa lawmmi joyless .) tonnak.(n.(v. Jr.(adj.) khuaruah a thiammi .) lunglawmh caan. i hlawh jump .(n. rangcit in a paw aa cawmmi jocular .(n.) college kum hnih tiang lawng cawnnak.(n.) 1.(n.(n. (America le England ah cun 12 an si tawn) just .) hlawh jolt .) upadi umtu ningcang lei fimnak jurist . lawnglawng . e.) pehtu. a fimmi . e. He is just an ordinary man = Amah cu mi sawsawh memen a si.g.) cawh dih i hnok ngaiin tuah jumbo .) biaceihnak i bia ngeimi hna kha an thiam an sual kong ah bia ding tein kan ceih lai ti in bia aa kammi biaceihtubu. judge . e.) lunglawmhnak jubilee . 'Thomas Smith.) jury chung i aa telmi. That is a just scale = Khi khing khi a hmaanmi a si just .(v.(n. Page 137 .(adj. vui jump .) lung aa lawm lomi joyous . kum 25.(n.) biaceihtu bawi judge . ttial tikah 'Jr. He joined the army = Ralkap chungah a lut joiner . a chia a ttha a thleidang khomi jug . a fa a si tinak ca i hmanmi.(v. jumper . a hmaanmi.) lunglawmh awk a simi jubilation . 2. high jump = tlengper.) 1. a niam deuhmi rian.(v.(adj.) vui kawhnak . a chung i luh.(n. menmen.(n.(adj. junior .(adj. He is a just man = Amah cu mi ding a si.) 1.g.) khualtlawn jovial .) June thla jungle .(n.job . angki phun khat jumpy . e.(n. He just left here = Atu te ah khan a chuak.(n. 2.(n.g.(n.(n. a dih kate a simi.) biakhiahnak judicial .(n. a dingmi.) biaceihnak lei he aa pehtlaimi judiciary . peh.) rian jockey .) pertu . fonhtu joint .) tadinca i ca a ttialmi journey . e.(adj.(n.' tiin ttial a si i a sullam cu Thomas Smith.(v.' tiin ttial a si.(n. fonhnak.(n.) lungthanuam in a ummi jolt .(n.) ramlak junior . e. fonh.g. pom joke . He is my junior by two years = amah cu keimah nakin kum hnih in a no deuh junior college .) 1.(adj. Junior' ti cu ttial tikah 'Thomas Smith Jr.(v.) ngiang ngei hraitung juice .) thil pahnih an i pehnak hmun joist .) per .) hang.(n. tiva pahnih an i fonhnak.) nawlngeihnak chung jurisprudence .(n.(n.) biaceihtu hna an dihlak komh in a bu an simi khi judicious . peh . i hlawhnak. 3.(adj.) pernak. Orange juice = Theithu hang juicy .) rangcit thiam .) lungthanuammi joy .(n.) 1.(n. a hmete journal . 2.) lunglawmhnak joyful .) tonnak hmun June .) cattial thiamnak .g.(n.(n. cu Thomas Smith i fapa a si tinak a si. rianttuannak i a niam deuhmi.(n.(n. e.) nihchuak joker . nifate hmuh ton lengmangmi ttialnak cauk.(n. 2.) a pelte. manh ceote. long jump = vawlei i a sau lei in per i zuammi.(adj.) nihchuak a simi thil join . tlanglawng lam tonnak juncture .) Julai thla jumble . 2.(adj.g.) kum a no deuhmi. 50.) a hang a tammi July .(adj. tadinca ttial thiamnak journalist . Tuluk tilawng phun khat jurisdiction .g.) heh tiah i en jot . hmun hnawm.) khulrangin tawite in ttial jot .(adj. tadinca journalism .g.(n.(n.) lunglawmhnak in a khatmi jubilant . jury .(v.) duh ti lomi thil.) thil aa hrawmmi joint .) hlawhnak jostle .) biakhiah judgement .) thather junction .(adj. e.

(n. 2.(n.) 'carat' zoh.) a biapi bik vemi hmun keyhole . Keen blade = Nam a har a chuakmi. keen .g.) tumpang karat . tlangval he aa pehtlaimi juxtapose . 4.) kal kill .) kangkaru saram . suk kicker .) tlakrawh rawhnak meiphu inn kilocycle .g.(n.) chuih . rawk loin um peng.g.) thah killer . He keeps chickens = Ar a zua hna.(n.(n. The key to success is hard work = Hlawhtlinnak a chuahtertu cu teimak a si.) atute ah khan.) 1.(n.(v.) 1. I kept track of what they were doing = An tuahmi kha ka hngalh peng keep up with . zuat.(v. ret (reet). donh . karat 14 ti tawnmi hi cheu 24 chungah 14 hi a taktak a si i 10 hi thil dang he cawh chihmi a si tinak a si.(v. kerchief .(n.) chimmi ah siseh .) Eskimo mi tilawng.) amah tluk si. e. biaceihtu bawi justifiable .) voi thong khat mer Page 138 . perh .(v.(adv. zohkhenh.) meheh fanote.) minung fir kidney .) artlang in chiahnak K kaleidoscope .(adj. e. si. i komh keep faith .) chuihtu kid . e.) mah lawngin um keep track .) hawikomh. e. e.(n. ttialmi ah siseh .) thil kong hngal peng in um.) khaki zawng a simi puanthan kick . Handkerchief = paunah. The pier juts into the sea = Tilawng cung kainak donhlei an tuahmi cu rili chungah a va fong jute .) catsup ti zong ah ttial a si.) ketli key .(v. zohkhenh .(v.(n.) 1. Do you keep warm? keep company .) a muru.g.(n. e. cattialnak seh ha key .g.g.) keep zoh. karat pakhat timi cu. kept . hnulei ke saupi .) tawhfung sawhnak awng keynote .) thiamcoter khawh a simi justification . buri hri kung juvenile .(v.(v.(n. kettle .I just caught the train = Tlanglawng ka tanh manh ceote a si just now . e. 3. past tense and past participle of keep.(n.g. chiah .(n.) biachimnak le thil tinak i i sum keep step . kehlei ke an cawi i cawi ve keep to oneself . men phun khat.(n. 7.g.g.) lu mennak puan.(n.) zohkhenhtu keepsake .(adj. kerosene .(adj.) a fong. sui le lungvar a rihning thlai i tahnak. 2. piano tumnak ha.) philhlonak caah i chiahmi. 5.g.g.(n.) hawi nih orhlei ke an cawi i cawi ve .(v.(n. cheu kul le cheu li chung i cheu khat tinak a si.) buri hri .) artlang in chiah juxtaposition .(v.) harnak keep .(v. tilawng a tanglei bik tlang.(n. 6. kham.g. hmailei ke tawite kapok .) thiamcoternak justify .(n.) bia i kammi zulh keep one's head .(n. a biapi bik mi ruahnak khaki . 2.(n. ngakchia kidnap .(v. kayak . 2. tawhfung. Cold milk can keep quite long = Cawhnuk kik cu sau nawnpi rawk loin a um kho.(v. keenness .(n.(n. e.(n. saphaw in sermi. tlinter.) 1.) mino .(v.(v. amah pawng i kal peng hngalh peng keeper .) thattu kiln . kernel . 3. a phi a chuahtertu.) thiamcoter jut . dinnak.(n. mah ta. e.(n. Keep the cake until tomorrow = Kehmuk kha thaizing tiangin chia/ i ret. keen mind = khulrangte le hmaan tein thil a tuah khomi lungthin. This book is yours to keep = Hi cauk hi naa chiah awk na ta a si. e. a har.) thalang kua pakhat chung i mer tik i a mui i a phun phun a chuakmi kangaroo .) zinan ketchup . e. justice . He keeps his promise = A biakam a tlinter. They could not keep him from going = kal an dawn /kham kho lo.(adj. e.(n.

) rawlchuan inn kitchenette .) biakinn.(n.) chang nawn knee . khualtlawnnak ah i phorhmi thilri. a fimmi Page 139 .(n. zaangfahnak langhtertu thil a simi kindly . 3.(n.(n.(n. rua cang. pakhat nak tam deuh knob . 2.g. knotty .(n.(adj.(n.) 1.) gram thong khat.(n. e. e. 3.(n. He knocked at the door = Innkhar a kingh.) know zoh.) hrokhrolnak . kilt .) zaangfahnak tein kindness . travel kit = khualtlawnnak thilri bawm kitchen .) Scotland mi pa nih an i fenhmi hni.(adj.(n.g. ca zuanthiam kith .) a liannganmi thil kink . 2. thingmit. e.(v.(adj.(n.) thil tining hngalh. hngalh. Their refusal rang the knell of our hope = an duh lonak nih khan kan i ruahchannak mithidar an tum knelt . e. upatnak an pekmi hna knit . kin .g.) sahlawh rualchan king . e. 2. knew .) suaitar taktu knives .(n.) 1. thongh.) lihchimmi. thilri bawm. e. a mit a tammi thing.) Japan nu hni. e.(adj.) khuk khawm knock out .) a hngalmi.(n. pah. fu cang.(n. a hngalh know the ropes . furlong 5 tluk. sambeo. kiss .(adj. kilowatt . thilnak theihtertu aw.(v. zaangfahnak a ngeimi. Bill ran against another boy and knocked him down = Bill nih ngakchiapa a pah i a tlu.(n. 2. suaiter tah knitter .g.) i rualchannak kinsman . The knots on your package must be tied tightly = Na thilfun temnak hri beo cu fek tein na beo hna lai. e.g.(adv. past tense of know .(n. He knows how to drive a jeep = Jeep mongh a thiam know-how . samtom. a beo a tammi hri.) hnamh kit . e.) rualchan kind .(n.(n. hngalh. e.(n. 2. 3.(v. ralkap nih thilri an i phorhmi.) meter thong khat.(n.) hawikom kith and kin .(n.(n. e. pawng 2. past tense and past participle of kneel. 4.(n.) hlanlio chan i miralttha hna. 5. thiam.(n.) zaangfahnak kindred .) phun. 2.(n.(v.(adj.) hawikom le sahlawh rualchan kitten .(n. khawn.) 1.(n. Scotland mi holh.(v.) ningcang hngalh knowing . kaite.(n.(n.) lungmit lakin thongh knot .(n.g.) innka hunnak bo knock . kingh.(n.) kneel zoh.(n. tuanning hngalh. I heard a knock at the door = Innka kingh thawng ka theih knock-kneed . kilometer . cang.g. 'knot' khat cu pe 6080. knife . e.) sahlawh rualchan kine (mother cow) . thongh. 3.g.) thiam ningte knapsack .) 1.) nam. He knocked his teeth out = A ha beu lakin a thongh knock .) 1.) 1.(v. khukbil.) rawlchuan inn hmete kitchenware . He knocked his head against the wall = A lu vampang ah aa khawn.(n.) mithidar tummi darkhing aw khi. This board has many knots = Hi thingphel nih mit tampi a ngei.) 1.) va hmur saupi kingly . 2.) mihrokhrol knavery .) 1.) khuk knell .g.(n.(n.(n.) sahlawh (pa) kinswoman . 4.) watt thong khat.(n.) sahlawh (nu) kirk .(v.(n.g. 2.g. kimono .27 a si.) raw chuannak thilri kite .(n.2460.(n. What kind of dog is that? = Khi ui khi zei phun dah a si? kind .g. hri val.g.) ukmi ram kingfisher .(n.(n.) namte knight . hrokhrolmi knead . hri beo . The hard knock made her cry = Fakpi in a thongh caah a ttap. lihchimnak knavish .) samker kinship . a beo a tammi hri a phoih a har bantukin a hnoksak ngaingaimi thil know .) chizawh fa knack .) siangpahrang kingdom . kingh thawng.) hmawca tah .kilogram . He has a business know-how = Chawleh ning a thiam. e.) ruksai knave .(v. rili cung khan tahning.) cawpi kinfolk .

labor . knuckle .) hmanthlaknak min pakhat Koran .) thalrit .) thleh .(adj. ttah awk tlak a simi lamentation . rian.(n. adj.(v.) a ke a beimi lamely .(n.(n.) kainak hlei ladies . a teima mi 2.(n.) a lung a lengmi .(n. ngei lo lackluster .(n.(n.) bei lengmang in lameness .) sinum .) British.(v.(v.) ngeih lo .) hngalhnak .(n. fimnak known .) science lei thil an hneksaknak hmun.(n. lamb .) ngaihchiat awk tlak a simi .(n.) U. hngalh.(n.S.) British.) thil tlang kawmnak i hmanmi puantlangkamh lacerate .) hnulei ah i thlainak lagoon .(n. ngeih lonak lackadaisical . know zoh . labored .) nu.knowingly . hmur in chimmi an si.) Muslim pawl Baibal L label .(v.(n.(v. zun in a zawmi lackey . laboratory . ti tit lain .(adj.) past tense and past participle of lay. labourer . B.) kutcang kodak . a ci a haimi .(n. labyrinth . tthumh.) zunngaihnak hla .) kebeinak lament .(n.(n. zun ngaihnak lamp .) ttahnak .(n.(n.(adj.(adj.) mi sawhsawh lake .) tuu fate lame .(n.(n.) lam i cawhnuk i an um i a zeitu hi dah ka zulh lai ti hngalh awk lo in umnak hmun labyrinthine .(n. thil tthumh 2.S.) U. ttah thawng lamentable .) thalrit lace .) cawhnuk chungin chuakmi. cawnhuk bantuk lactic .) Tibet ram Buddhist phungki.) British.(n.S.(n.(v. har ngaiin ttuanmi.) rangcung ralkap fei aa putmi Page 140 . cafang hna cu labials.g.) a chungah a ummi zeidah a si ti hngalhnak ca i a lengah benhmi ca label .) hmur in chimmi.) fei lancer . lad . tuah timi paoh a tuahmi lacking .) meiinn lance .) zur . P.(adj.) U..(n. har ngaiin ttuanmi. inn siseh.) ngaihchiat i ttah lament .(n.(n. vom bu.(v.(n.(n. rian.(adj.(n.(n.) past participle of lie.(adj. lactic acid cu cawhnuk thor chungin a chuakme a si. tibual laid .(adv.(n.) cozah nih donh khanh loin pumpak nih luat tein chawtuahnak laity .(adj.(n.(n. mi hmurka tlawm lacquer . M. thil tom lady .) bau. thil tleuternak si lacteal .(n.(n.(n.(v.(v. 1. zau.) cawhnuk lei he aa pehtlaimi thil. rianttuantu. laborious .(adj. baoh lack . ngal bu laissez-faire .) i cawhnuk a um i kalnak hngalhnak a harmi hmun lac . lair . bau lack .) tlangval ladder .) bia chim tik i bia tampi a hmang lomi .) tibual nganmi lakh .) a muisam a dulmi a vervar lomi laconic .) cabenh labial . He had lain on the bed = Ihkhun ah a zau cang. laborer .) baunak .(adj. laboured . e.) thong za khat lama . ih.) phorhmi thil . rianttuantu. pakhat nak tam deuh lading .) hawi hnu denh lag . hmun siseh.) nu pakhat lag . rian har a simi labour .(adj.) hngalh bu tein knowledge .past participle of know .(adv. kua.) bu.) 1.

lap .) holh languid . lastly .(n.(v.(n.) lungvar phun khat a man a sung ngaimi lapse . ram. tuk. e. 2.(adj.(adj. e. Some travel by land.(n.g. 3.) lungder ngai i um .) hlanlio Rom holh latitude .g. lately .g. vawlei 2.(adv.(n. He lashed the horse = Ran kha a tuk lass . The check lapses within six months from date of issue = Check cu thoh ni in thla ruk chung i hman lo ahcun a tthathnemnak kha a dih.(adj.(n.(adj.g. He got ten lashes = Voi hra tuk aa huah 3.) a sirlei.g.g. thil pahnih lak i a hmanung deuh 2.g.(adj. lapel . They visited many lands = Ram tampi an tlawn.(n.(adj. ekuaitor in chaklei le thlanglei ah a phei in rinmi tlang.) a nganmi at large = a va ko.(n. a tlaihnak fung si loin 2.(adj.) a dongnak bik ah latch . Your coat will last a year = Na angkileng cu kum khat an nguh lai last .) meiinn lap .) 1.g.) 1.) phei. harnak le lunglawmh lonak chungah um i pum ngain zong dam set ti lo i um . land . 2. phanh .lancet .(n.) thilfir lard .) a thiami .) rawl chiahnak bizu large .(v.(v.(adv.(n. e. aa tetmi upadi in luat. mithmul. e. unico ti liah in liah.(n. tunai bik.(n. aw bawm lascivious . e.) vawlei (ram) ngeitu bawinu landlocked . a hnu. a umnak set hngalh a si lo.) ram ngeitu landscape .) aa thupmi .) 1.(adj.) lungvar a at cheu i a milhtu lapidarian/lapidarist ti zongah ti a si lapis lazuli . larceny .g. e. 3.(adv. tla hniamhuam in a ummi.(v. mit cuar cung hmul lash .(n.) thau. latrine .) ram muisam .) ngaknu lassie . latitude dikiri pakhat cu khan 70 tluk a si. a tlu. e.) tuk. mihreu lanky .) thingthling (khairiat kung chungin a si khun) cawhnuk bantukin a rangmi lathe .(n.(adj. a cheu rili in. ram pungsan . a lang lomi lateral . e. lank . largely .) hri saupi caw rang themnak i hmanmi last . December is the last month of the year = Dizimbar cu kum khat chung thla hmanung bik a si 2. mithia. a donghnak lei.(n.) bil.) 1. e.(v.(v.) chatpiat buan Latin . Your late father = A thi cangmi na pa. voi khat hei zoh i a lang khomi vial landslide .) vawlei nih a kulh dihmi ram/hmun landlord .) a biapi bik in largeness .g.) hau le hau karlak/inn le inn karlak lam language . e. a hreumi lantern . ti nih a khuh lomi vawlei.(n. e.(n.) dangfir tanglei i a ummi aw hri umnak . You are allowed much latitude in this work = Hi rianttuannak ah hin luatnak kaupi na negi ko. The last few days have been rainy = Tunai bik ni hnih tlum cu ruah a sur. ramri hmelchunhnak 2.) innka hrenh late .) ngannak largess .(n.) ngaknu lasso .) tunaite ah.) nguh. a hri khi.) kedan sernak ca i kedan bantukin kedan i rup in an sermi dolung last .) thatho lo i um.(adj. 3.(n. zei can dah a hlat ti tahnak.) tholung tho i an can hlan khi larva an si. e. He was languishing in prison = Thong chungah zun ngaiin a um ko. larynx . a panglei.) a sang i a der ttungmi. a dongh denglei ah khin. Lateral branches = A sir/a pang in khomi nge latex . We had a late supper = Kan zanriah ei a hnu / tlai.) phak . Lap this edge of the paper over that = Caku hilei tlang hi khilei tlang cungah khin bil.g.g.) thir den awk tlaihnak thir seh lather . The latter part of the week = Zarh khat chung a donghnak lei Page 141 .(n. a hmanung bik. I did not hear from him lately = Tunai cu a thawngpang ka thei lo latent .g.(n.) 1.g. The pieces lap over each other = Pakhat le pakhat an i sulhthuanh.(n. e.g.) sibawi nih hma hlainak i an hmanmi namte land .g.(n.(n. i sulhthuanh in i thuanh.(n.(n.) ek-inn latter . 2.) 1.) ram/vawlei ngeitu bawipa landmark .(n. mi tuknak. e. thi cangmi.) mincim lane .(n.) angkileng hmailei a hngawng tang deuh i bilmi lapidary .(n.) laksawng nganpi larva . a tlai. vawlei i tum landlady . e.(n.) 1.(n.) pumsa nuamhnak duhmi . ttemttawn tuk lonak. tuanbia chung i thil biapi ngai a simi pakhatkhat landowner .(n. lam hmunhsaknak hmelchunhnak 3. zun ngai i um. The house lapsed into ruin = Inn cu a tlu i rawk 2. e. languish .(n.(n. a hurmi lash .(n. tt hathnemnak dih. some by sea = A cheu tlang in khual an tlawng. e. vok thau larder . e.g.(adj.) 1.g.

lay away: hmailei ca i chiah.(v. e.) mi sawhsawh. e.g.(adj.(n. laundry . aa kommi bu 2. 3. upatnak a sang ngaingaimi lava .g. teinak 2.g.g.(n.(adj.(adj. Lay the book on the table = Cabuai cungah cauk kha chia.) thathu ngaiin. We saw them lay the body in the grave = Thlan chung i a ruak an vui kha kan hmuh. a hnah a tthami league . i khon.g.(v. e. He was laid off for one month = Thla khat chung a rian an ngolter.g. vanleng i zuanter.lattice .) upadi sertu.) chungthlet si laxity .(n. e.g.(adv.) 1. a pemnak .(n. nihsaw laugh . e. thapthap.(n.) tilawngpi le tikam karlak i thil thiarnak lawng hmete launch . hram dirh.) nih (nihnak) laughable . nawlbia buar lawmaker .) hruaitu sinak leaf .) laurel thinghnah in an sermi luchin in upat peknak caah chinhmi.) thathutnak lazy . laurel . a khuhtu a pan mite.(n.g. The cake has three layers = Kekhmuk cu thap thum a ngei 2.(n. hruitu leadership . phunglam 3.(adj. lay aside.g.(n.) 1. e. chiah. tam tuk i hman law .) 1.(adj. thil sukmi laundryman . thil suknak hmun 2. a saulei tahnak.(n.(n.g.g. lay over: cam. 3.(n. 2.) meitlang in a luangmi lung ti a lin ngaingaimi lavatory .) upadi zulh lo .) a zutmi Page 142 . 4. suan bantukin a ritmi leader .(v.(adj.) 1. lay . khedan chung chiahmi suan leaden .) nihchuak a simi laughingstock .(n. suan 2. duhsah huamsam tein laziness .(v.(n.) catlap tlawm tein thawngthanhnak ttialmi leafy .g. hri dor .) siang tuk i tangka hman .(n.) thil kha suk i darlin in taih / hnor.) 1. lay out: cauk pungsan. a kuainak leak .) hnah tampi a ngeimi . nihthawng launch . lax .) ram dawh tein cinnak tual lawyer .(v.(n. A ni duh lo = He does not like to laugh 2.) past tense of lie.(v. nunnak.(n. He leads a busy life = Aa manh lo ngai. lay out: hmuh khawhnak hmun i chiah. e.) mi nihsawhmi laughter .(n.) thingkung phun khat a hnah a hring i a milmi a si i Rom mi le Grik mi nih an upatmi hna chinh awk luchin tahnak i an hmanmi a si laurels .) ramkung phun khat a rim a hmuimi lavish . lam hmuhsak .(v.) a tha a thumi lead . launder .) dorhnak lay . 2. The new ship was launched yesterday = Tilawng thar cu nizan a khan ti cungah an kalter.) zuhnak.) thilsutu laureate .) phung a zul lomi .(n.) 1. lam hruai 2.) thinghnah . tit. upadi a buarmi lawful .) 1. upadi lawbreaker .(n.) hmai le kut i tawlnak khaan .(n.(n.(n. biaknak/sibawi/thiam khun in cawnmi rianttuan a si lomi lay .(adj.(n. e. Our hens lay many eggs = Kan arpi nih arti tampi an tit. khan thum hrawng leak . vui.) a zuhnak . He leads a quiet life in the village = Khuate ah dai tein a um ko lead . thing kharvar laud .) phungning in tuahmi lawgiver .) 1.) zut leakage .) hnah ngei lomi leaflet . e.(n.) thangtthatnak laugh .) phung (nawl) petu lawless . leaky .(n.) thangtthatnak laudable . bu .) dor .(v.(v.(n. A new spaceship was launched yesterday = Nizan ah vanleng vanlawng an zuanter.) 1. ekinn lavender . ram pakhat nih nawlbia sertu i an thimmi bu chung i aa telmi lawn .) suan in sermi.) zawng dai kalh . hman. cozah nih zapi zulh awk i an sermi phung 2. e. e.(n. lay off: rian ngolter.(n.) biachimpiaktu sihni. nih.g. ziaza dor laxative .) thangtthat awk tlak laudation .) hruaitu .(adj.(n. ti cung i vun kalter. He lay down and slept = A it i aa hngilh layer .) 1.) thangtthat laud . thawk. He leads an idle life = Um sawsawh in a um ko.(n. There was a layer of dust on the table = Cabuai cungah leidip pante a um lazily .(n. e.(adj. The attack was launched at midnight = Zanttim ah ral nam cu an thawk. They lay the foundation of the church = Biakinn hram an dirh.(n.(adj. e.) nih .(n. cahnah leafless . Alfred Tennyson was a poet laureate of England = Alfred Tennyson cu England ram hlaphuahtiam laurel hnah luchin cinhmi a si.(n.

chiahtak.) cattial in hlanh leash .g.(n.) kawng chung i mu a ngeimi pawl .) duhsah tein . be .) biachimtu.(adj.) a thau lomi.) fimnak.(n. e. A thau aa tel lomi satit. e. He is on leave = A khonh in a um leave in the lurch .(adv.g. Lean meat = A thau aa tel lomi satit leanness . He leaves home early in the morning = Zingkate in inn in aa thawh 3. e.(n.(v. tinak a si. aa ttialmi ca. hngalh. e.) 1.) past tense and past participle of leave. Windows ledge = Thlalangawng tlang 2.) upadi sernak legislative . ra .) politik ah kommunist phung lei a hoih deuhmi leg .(v.(n.(n.(adj. Did you see him leave = A kal kha na hmu maw? 2.(n.) past tense and past participle of lead.(v. zumhtlakmi.(n.) phung ningin a simi legume . thlahmi .) a tlawm bik in.) thilnu leaven . thir tangka cungah siseh. cawn .) fimnak tampi a ngeimi learning .leal .) kehlei kut leftist .) fiang tein legislation .(v. led .) 1. learn .g. kal.(adv. kaltak.(n. pe leisure .) upadi ning a simi .) 1.) phungning in tuah legally . You may leave your books here = Hika ah hin na cauk kha na chiahtak khawh hna 4. minung tuanbia a hmaan set lomi 2.g.(n.g.) ar phun khat.(n.) ke legacy .(adj. a rel fawimi legibly .(n.(adj.(adj. tai cung lawng awngka in chuah lean . fiang tein ttialmi ca legible .(n.(n.(n.(n.(adj. medal cungah siseh.) hlanhnak hnatlaknak ca in ttialmi lease .(n.(n.g. per leap year . i mersan khawhnak 2. kaltak.g.) phung ningin sinak legitimate . a sining in chiate.) biachim.(n. chiahtak.) 1. hngalhnak.) ram ai awhtubu .(v.(n. college sianginn i saya. ser Page 143 .(v.(n.(adj.) saphaw leather . e.) upadi sertu (mi) legislature . e.(adj. e. Lean boy = Ngakchia der: e. tlang. Legislative assembly = Upadi sertu bu legislator . thawh.(adj. hmanthlak tang i aa ttialmi ca zong. e.) ni 366 a ngeimi kum.(n. a phung ning a simi legality .(n. e.) saphaw in sermi thil leave . e.) fiannak .(n.(n. He gives a lecture on water = Ti kong a chim lecture . e.) 1.) thilnu phulh leaves . Leave the windows open at night = Zan ah thlalang-awng kha khar loin chiata ko hna leave .) ro legal .) Scotland mi holh a si i.(v. e.) a fiangmi .(n.) thliphen lei kap leeway .) a khonh. legitimacy .) upadi sertu.) peh . thiam 2. kum li dan ah voi khat lengmang.) thli phenhnak lei.(n.g. lungpi par. He lectured on water = Ti kong a chim lecturer . We learned that he had gone home = Inn ah a tin cang ti kha kan hngalh learned .) tangka cazin lee .g.g. caan tampi hmang in lemon .(v.) raite .) harnak ton lio i bawmh duh lo i cuka hmun i kal tak leaven . He liked the book least of all = Cauk kha a tlawm bik in a duh leather .(n.(n.) a hme bik least .) uico hngawng hri.(adj.g.(adj. lean . e.) tuanbia sawhsawh a simi leghorn .) phungning in tuahnak legalize .g. hngauh 2.) biachim. left hand . The wind was so strong that we ran to the lee of the house = Thli a fah tuk caah inn thil phenhnak lei ah kan tli leech .) khachuan phun khat leeward . herhmi nakin a hlei deuh hngaih left .) kehlei left .(n.) cangvat leek .(n.(n. e. ledge .g.) upadi a tuahmi bu. hruai kalpi.) phungning tein legation .) plural of leaf: thinghnah lecture .(n.g. legendary .(v. cu hna an umnak inn legend . lungpi tlang ledger .(adv.(v. a sen duk pawl legibility .) caan lawng leisurely .) 1.(adj.(v. least .) dernak leap .(adj. thiamnak lease . February thla ni 29 a simi kum.g.(n.

) a tunglei in lengthy . hawikom i ser duh lo lengthen .) tal (taal) leverage . nemnak a ngeimi lens .(adj.(n. Grik le Latin holh hna dictionary kha lexicon tiah ti an si khun. lender . Let him alone.g. You are liable to get wet if you go out in the rain = Ruahpi sur i naa chawh ahcun na cin kho ko. e.(n. mizaangthu lethargy . past tense and past participle of let = let.) nu le nu aa duhmi less .) pawlai leper .) 1.) sannak.) biafang tete sullam a ttialtu.) 1. e. a saunak 2.) ruahnak thar le kau ngeih duhnak Page 144 .) zaangfahnak a ngeimi . Hebru. Be careful lest you fall from the tree = I ralring. upadi nih fial. Lend me your book = Na cauk ka hlan. e.) nemnak .) milihchim libel .) zaangthutnak . Let us go to church = Biakinn ah kal u shi.(n.) chiandeih kawhnak min leopard . The chair lends itself to use in many rooms = Khi tthutdan khi khan tampi hman awkah san a tlai.(n.(adv.) cattial in thangchiatnak libellous .(v.(n.) cawihtu .) thinghmui zawtnak.(adj.g.(n.) rawnmi.(n.(n. liaison .g.) a si sual nakhnga lo.(adj.(adj. duh naloin.g. lethargic . He leveled the ground = Vawlei kha a rawnhter. mit chung i khua a hmutu Lent . e.) 1.) a hme deuh pahnih lak i a hme deuh chinmi lesson . tling khitkhet tein a tthami letterhead .(n. let oneself go : sining i langhter.(n.(v. 2. She let us down by not coming = A ra lo i a kan deuh..(n.(adj.g.(adj.(n. e.) rawnhter.) 1.) a saumi leniency . ttuanvo lak.) 1. cakuat letter-perfect .(n.(n. a bami.(v. Tom is less clever than his brother = Tom cu a nau nakin a fim lo deuh lessen . let off: chuahter. cu lo ahcun.g.) tlawm deuh. lend itself to = san a tlai.(conj. hnahnawh hlah.) ti liam hlah seh tiah tikam i an sermi ti khamnak level .g.(v.) biafang tete sullam ttialnak .g. he is reading = Amahte in umter ko.(v. leprous . ter . a si kho. e. level . 2. let alone: chim loin. Lethal weapons = Mi a that khomi hriamnam.) thazang a ngei lomi . fak loin tuahnak lenient .) mi a that khomi. ca a rel khah. e. e.(adj.(adj. liability .) 1. hi bia he aa ralchanhmi cu assets a si liable . e. cawih. We were let off early today at school = Nihin cu sianginn in tuan ah an kan chuahter. cawih. 2.) tlawm deuh .(n.) hurmi lewdness . level . He lends me ten kyats = Tangka phar hra a ka cawih.) min le umnak khenhmi ca lettuce .(adj.) a tling khitkhetmi.) mi thangchiatnak ca i ttialmi ca.lemonade .g. letter .g.(n. cafang 2.) raite hang le thanthling cawhmi lend .g. tangka cawihtu length .g.) ngunkhuai pekmi tangka lewd . a si kho 2. caan saunak at length: a donghnak ah keep a person at arm's length: ka naih sual hlah seh tiin ser. a hring eimi levee .) 1.(adj. dictionary a tuahtu.) ngunkhuai khuai levy .g.(n.) sauter lengthwise . tiah a ti.) salat anttam.(v.(n. ngeihter.(n.(v.(adj. thil tom pipi le uico pathum kha chim hna hlah. contraction) let us = u sih. ruahnak thar a la duhmi .(n. khua hmuhnak ca i sermi thlalang 2.g.(n.) tlawmter lesser . hlanh. let down: deuh. e. e.(n.(n. let alone a pile of luggage and three dogs = Mawttaka chungah mi pasarih an um. thingkung cung khan na tla sual lai let . leiba pek ding hrumhrim a simi. e. u sih. hlanh.(n. siter. There were seven people in the car. liberal . Let the dog eat the bone = Uico kha saruh kha eiter. lethal .(prop.(n.g. mitkuh i ngut lengmang let's . e.(n. e.) 1.(adj. cawnnak . cawn awk i chiahmi 2. mi nunsiang 2.(v.(adj.) Easter hlan ni 40 chung lent .) rulhreu levy . hmailei huncho le thlen a duhmi liberalism . He stated that he would not be liable for his son's debts = Ka fapa leiba cu ttuanvo ka la lo. Leo . The floor is level = Tuang a rawn. lexicon . lend a hand = bawmh hal. mah ca ttha dingin cawnpiaktu a simi thil lest .) hurnak lexicographer .) 1.) thinghmuimi leprosy .(n. lever . The flood water rose to a level of six feet = Tilian cu pe ruk tiang a kai.g.) tal in phawh khawhnak leviathan .(adv. e.(n.(adj.) thinghmui zawtnak ngemi lesbian . e.) bu hnih karlak i pehtlaihnak liar .) past tense and past participle of lend. hme deuh less .

) i lawhnak likewise .(v. e. cawi. The book lies on the table = Cauk cu cabuai cungan a um 3. He enjoyed reading the life of Churchill = Churchill kong rel a nuam ngaiin a thei life belt .) lih.) in lieu of = amah can ah.(v.(adj.) a aimi. a langh khunnak hmun Page 145 .) 1. e. nunning .(v.g.(adj. ceunak pek .(n.) theu hmanh maw.g. um.g. lihchim. hler 2.) lungcung khomi bangba lick . He told us a lie = Lih a kan chimh lie .) nunchung lift . Five lives were lost in the flood = Tilian ah minung panga an thi 4. e.(n.(n. Liberty bell = Luatnak darkhing librarian .(n. e.) library zohkhenhtu.(n.(n. lung a mitmi.g. adv.g. a zaang (zaang) light . bawh .(n.) luatnak a simi.(n.g.g.(adv. theithu limelight .) tilawng ca i mei vannak inn lightning . e. ceuter lighter . e.(n. light . e.) lihchim lied .g. it will be rainy today = Khuati kong an chim ningin. a chin 2.(v.) nunnak a ngei lomi lifelike .(n.g. e.(n. a si hrimhrim lai ti khawh dengmang a si.) cauk hmun khat i chiahmi . He was licensed to drive a car = Mawttaw monghnak nawl laisen pek a si licentious .(n.) lili pangpar limb . minung. tek ligntning rod .) thungrang.g. mi pakhatkhat an konglam.(n.(adj.(n.) laisen .(adj.) cu bantukin liking .g.) 1.(n.(n.) luatternak liberator .) luatter . ih . aman hmun ah lieutenant .) mah duhduh in ummi .) luatnak liberty .(n. e.(n. thil tuah khawhnak nawl peknak ca license . life . e.g. kutke 2.) 1. thing nge limber .g.(adj.g.(adj.) nunchung a simi lifesize . He lies down on the grass = Ram cungah a it 2.) ceunak in light of: hngalh ningin. e.g. lighthearted .(v. we shall (will) go = Minmei a ttian in kan kal lai.(n. nunnak 2.(v.(n.(adj. Something like one hundred kyats = Tangka za khat hrawng 4. kampani pakhatkhat sin i tangka khon i thih tik i a karh he lakmi . When the fog lifts. hrawng. e.) luattertu libertine . raite.) 1.) lunglawm thanuam in a ummi lighthouse . e. e. mitcuar lie . mei kau 2.(n.liberalize .(v. plural of louse.(v.g.) 1. Lieutenant Governor = Governor Airawltu lieutenant general .) nunnak khamhnak ca i hmanmi taisawm life boat .) a ceu khunnak hmun . khuasakning.g.) nunnak khamhnak lawng life insurance .(v. chimmi nih ceunak a pek ningin. vawlei cung i umnak. She can sing like a bird = Vate bantuk in a sak khawh 3.) general taktak tang major general nak cung. likeness . e.) si dawh a simi.(v. chuahter liberation . City life is more pleasant than village life = Khuapi nunning cu khuate nunning nakin a nuam deuh 5. Willow is a limber wood = Inhliam cu thing aimi a si limbo . ruahnak a tlawmmi.) meitek lightheaded . In the light of weather report. cucu biakam in tuahmi a si lifeless .) nunnak aamahkhan .g. nunchung 3.(adj.(adj. Europe lies north of Africa = Europe cu Afarika chaklei ah a um lie .(n.) tipilnak a ing lomi hna thlarau umnak ding hremhmun tlang lime .g.(n. ralbawi bo hnih 2.) a ceu .(adv. I feel like going to the movies = Baisikup zoh ka duh bang a ti like . e.(n.) 1.(n.) liah lid . A rise in price is likely = Thil man kai dawn a si likely . ttian. license .) 1.(adj. an i lo 2.(n. zau.(n.) duh awk a simi like . aa sum set lomi lichen . duh. It looks like rain today = Nihin cu ruah sur nih a dawh ko 5.) 1. library . e.(adj. cauk chiahnak inn/khan lice .(n.) nun lio pum ngaw lifetime . ai rawltu.(n. 2.(n.) a nungmi a lomi lifelong .) nawlpek.) duhnak lily .) duh likely . I shall (will) very likely be here again next month = Hmai thla ah cun ka ra theu hmanh maw..) 1.) ruahnak thar le kau ngeihter liberate . e.) tek tlak khamnak ca i inncung i an bunhmi thirfung likable .(n.(adj.) ziaza lei i duh paoh i luat ngaiin a ummi liberty . nihin cu ruahpi a sur lai light .(n. bantuk. e.) past tense and past participle of lie.) nimtlau . lieu .) thah.

) la. Limpid water = Ti fim line . 2. line .) Itali ram i hmanmi phaisa list .(n.) lei he aa pehtlaimi thil.(n.(n.(adj.(n. He crossed the line into the neighbouring (neighboring) country = Ram dang ramri rin chungah a hei lut 4.(n. dongh negi lo limousine . Ocean liner = Rili tilawng nganpi linesman .) hmur lip reading: hmur cangh mi kha a sullam zeidah a si ti i hngalh khawhnak lip service: Hmur lawng i ee ti i lungthin taktak si ttung lo lip .(n.) bei . a sullam cu a biafang sullam si loin a chunglei sullam hngalh i zuam.) holh thiam ngaimi .g.(n.(n. hla siseh bia siseh lithe .(n. e.(adj. read between the lines = catlang karlak rel.(n.g. vok nih siseh saram dang nih siseh voi khat hrin i an hrinmi hna fale Page 146 .(v.(n. cencerh.g. fanghang liquidate . e.) cazin list .(n.) past tense and past participle of light. in tahmi thilpuan.) innkaba .) vanlawng/tilawng.(v.) pumpululh chuih tik i a out out lo zohtu.) ri chiahpiaknak limitless .(n.) i pehnak .(v.) 1. lintel . 3.) a biafangning tein. e.) tlangholh lingual .(adj.) 1.) ca rel khawhnak le ttial khawhnak literal .) a aimi .) ngaih lit . a si khawhnak.(adj.) golf tuknak hmun kaupi. 5. ihphah khuh tehna liner . e.) a biafang in literally .) ti a simi.) lung canamningin in canammi. rin.) 1. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link = Cikcin cu aa pehnak kual a fek lo bik tluk lawngin a thawng link .(n.) hrawhnak .(adj.(adj.(n.) a thiang a tliangmi. Zong lighted.) taza i cuai litigation .) hrawh .(n. a cunglei lion . ceuter. hloh liquidation . e.(n.(adv. She lined her coat with silk = A angkileng kha a chungah pupuan a nwah. Railway line = Tlanglawng lam.) pawng hrawng literacy .) ri ngei lo .) ti i cang lak i chuan liquefy .) canamning phun khat .) telephone le elektrik hri a ser a zohtu. litigious .) holh lingua franca .) bei. mei kau. The stretched the rope to its limit = Hri kha aa zam khawhnak a donghnak tiang an rengh limit .(n.) hmur cangh in chim duhmi sullam hngalh khawh liquate . e. e.) malitsi link . adj. literary .) mawttawka ttha ngai phun limp . ceunak pek.) a tang. artlang in um chiah.g.(n.(n. liter .(n. a cahang kha lung chung i nalh i cu ti i nam litigant .) zureu lira .) cazin chung i ttial listen . He walked with a limp = A bei limpid .(n.) thungrang lung limit . e.) cattialmi .g.(n. cabuai khuh tehna.) taza i cuainak. 2.(n.g.(adj. lithography .(n. Bi-lingual = Holh pahnih a hmangmi. A line of people = Mi artlang in a dirmi hna. ri tthennak rin.(v.) chiandeihpi lip . bei lengmangin kal limp . linen .g. i pehnak kual. chungnawh. lineage .) tazacuai a duh ngaimi litter ..(v.) cathiamnak lei he aa pehtlaimi literature . man holh leng i mi dang holh a thiammi liniment .(n.) chiandeih lioness .(n.(n. catlang ri in. an tongh tongh lo zohtu linger .) ti. linguist .(n.(v.) taza aa cuaimi litigate . Liquid food = Ti tampi cawhmi rawl. linotype .) ramkung phun khat linseed oil . tinak a si.(v.(n.g. e.g. kal duh theng lo i umpah lingo .g. 3. e.(adj.) la . They lived beyond the city limit = Khuapi ri lengah an um 2.(n.) a tlang ning zulh in tuahmi lineman . hmunhnawm 2.(n. inn si thuhmi he cawhmi.(v.) ti i canter liquid . a hngo lomi lithograph .(v.) 1. e.) peh links .(n. a chung i nawh.(n. lam.g.(n.limestone .(n. Water and milk are liquids = Ti le cawhnuk cu ti an si liquid .g.) cafang bunh tikah a pak tete in si loin a tlang a tlang in bunhmi pawl linseed .(n. hlohnak liquor .g.(n. puan tahnak la linens . e. ri. e.(adj.(n.) ri serpiak limitation .(v. tlang.) linseed thei in a chuakmi chiti.(v.) chuahkehnak linear .(v.

zen rawn . umchungnak Page 147 .(v.) 1.g. The load of work was heavy = Rian a rihnak cu a rit ko. Local train = Dinhnak hmun kip i aa dinmi tlanglawng 3.) hlum . khuasaknak liveliness . e.(n. e.) plural of loaf. e. cangtual vawlei loan . location .) pakpalawng .g.khi litter .(n. samtom.) riahnak inn lodge .) duh lo . e.(n.) biakinn chung i zapi Pathian biakning livable .) bo. The lobby of a hotel = Hotel i mileng khan lobby .g.) innchung vung luhnak khan . dah a ngeimi lodge .(v. dinhnak hmun kip.) a nungmi. cam 2. mi zuanzang . mah umnak hmun. inn hlan in a ummi lodging . lock .g. Chaklei Arfi lodestone .g.(n.) thonginn locker .) 1. i vah sawsawh loafer .(v. e. hlanh.(adv. e.(n. living room .) thingkuang locomotive . hmunkhat lawng i um.(n.) hrenh. a umnak hmun kha kawl i fiang tein hngalh.) fih loathsome . pakpalawng. chuntlung vawlei. hrenhnak.g.) lennak khan lizard .) um chungnak lodgings .) a hmun a ram . thil khumh 2.(v. Lock the door = Innka hrenh.(v. khua kip ah aa dinmi tlanglawng. changreu hlum meat loaf: sadip hlum loaf .(v.) hmunkhat lawng i umter . He lives with his parents = A nu le a pa sinah a um 2.(v.g.(n.) lam hmuhsaktu lung .(n.(adj.) ngaikuang a ngan phun local . vawlei karlak i aa zammi lodestar .(n.(n.(n. e.(n.) sattil zuatmi living .) upadi sertubu kha duhnak va chimh i an lungthin lak khawh vai zuam lobe .(n. kha cih zawtnak lock-up .) a riakmi .) 1. lock jaw .(adj.) tili. thahri.g. e.) 1.(n. Live animals = A nungmi saram livelihood .(n. He loaded the gun = Meithal ah zen/ zenthong a rawn loaf . fih loathe . 2.(n. load . Ear lobe = Hnakhaw tanglei bo lobster .(v.) 1. i vah sawsawh.(adj.(n. e. 2. etc.(v.) tlanglawng inzin locust .) a tlo ngaimi .(n. thil chonh.g. ngun. Loch Lomon = Lomon Tili lock .(n.(v.(n.g.) fihnung a simi loaves . She slept very little = Zahan cu tlawmte lawng a it liturgy .(adj.(n.) khaubawk locution . chiah.(v. a hme 2.) a umnak hmun lawngah. khan. The infection seemed to be localized in the foot = Hma pornak a umnak kha a ke lawng ah a si locally .(n. e.) nuncannak . e.) 1.g. I loan him money = Tangka ka cawih loath .(n.(adv.(adj. mileng khan.g.) a nungmi living . dar sui.(n. Local time = Mah umnak hmun zawn cio in relmi caan locality . biakam phawh-ning lode .) mithatho sinak lively .(n.(n.(n. mah umnak zawn cio in caan relning.g.) holhning . e.) rang ek in a chuakmi zawtnak.(adj. e. tawh inn. e.g. mithatho ngai liver .) thin livestock .(n. tap (taap) lodger . e.) cawih .) pakpalawng i a vak sawhsawhmi loam .) umnak hmun loch .) cawihmi tangka.(v. He loans me a pen = Cafung a ka hlanh. a umnak localize . a tlawmte little . Local newspaper = Mah umnak hmun i chuahmi tadinca 2. nun. 2. rihnak. lobby .g.) umnak ah a tthami live .) nunnak pawcawmnak.) 1.) laiking load .g.) tlawmte. He got a loan from his friend = A hawipa nih tangka a cawih loan .(n.) 1.) lam hmuhsaktu arfi. The general tried to locate the enemy's camp = General nih ral pawl umnak hmun kha fiang tein hngalh aa zuam.(adj. He located his shop on Church Road = Biakinn lam ah a dawr kha a chiah.(n. zenthong hrolh.g.(adj. The paper was made locally = Caku cu amah a umnak hmun i an sermi a si ko locate .g. e. e.(n.) a kenkiplo i thil thek dih. You have littered the room with papers = Innkhan chungah caku na thek dih little . e. e. His father lived forty years = A pa cu kum sawm li a nung live . um. rili fonghlei zong.(n. phorhmi thil.) vawlei ttha.g.) hlanmi inn.(n.) thir.

Summer will come before long = A rauh hlanah thal a chuak lai.(n.(n. e. e.) ngaihnak .) hmawmmi muthai tlaihnak fungte a ngeimi Lombard Street .(n. ramh lop . a dormi. e.) fir . look up: cauk chung i kawl. 2. e.) vel.) mi a ing khomi. a lung a sau i a thin a fualmi loofah .(n.g.(v. e.(n. 2.g. e.) 1.g.) lungleng a simi long . thingtum log . look . aa longmi 3.(n. e.) thingtan in sakmi. look out: i ralring.) bia al a thiammi logistics . e.) 1. e. a reng lomi 4. hri dorh 2. As long as you are going please take this letter to him = Na kal lai caah hi ca hi hei pe pah. He broke loose from prison = Thonginn in a zam set loose: thlah. look on: bantukin zoh.) umpawng look .(adj.(n.(v.) cik . before long: a rauh hlanah. reng loin loosen .g. I look forward to seeing you = Nangman hmuh lai kaa ngaih nagai.) thinghau /tan /ah .(v. lone . all day long: chun nitlak.) dor ngaiin. feh lonak. The horse is loose = Rang cu hren loin a um 2. aa tet lomi.) 1.(n.) a ning a zul thliahmahmi . thlah.(v.) thiam.) khuacuantu. look forward to : i ngaih ngai. tan Page 148 . rengh lonak loot .) sannak lofty .(n. hi rian hi logic . Loose soil = Vawlei dor loose bowels: chungtlik break loose: zam.(adj.g.) 1. ngaih.(n. hri dorh looseness . I knew him = Voi khat zoh in ka hngalh 2.) 1. look up to : zohcho. The road looped around the loop = Lam cu tili vel in a kal loophole . mah duhsahlam i um le kal loiterer . dorh .) thingtan in sakmi logarithm .(n.) tilawng chung thil cuah le tthumh rian a tuanta longsuffering .(n.(v. I have long thought about him = Amah kong kha caan saupi ka ruat cang. e. ning zul tein chimmi bia logician . I was looking for my hymn book = Ka hla cauk ka kawl. i huat.) mah duhsahlam i a um a kal menmi loll .(n. He set the chickens loose in the field = Lo ah ar a thlah hna loose .) 1. as long as: caah lai caah. longshoreman . a fek lomi. lollipop . She longed to come home = Inn tlun a duh long jump .(n.) michupchap at loggerheads: bia i al lengmang. e. Londoner .) a um a harmi . caan saupi.) thathu ngaiin ihkhun cung hawi hna i zau i i leh huar.g. e.(n.g.(n. hri vel 2. luat. zunram kal loosely .(v. a hramthawk in a dongh tiang. e. i bochan.) 1.g.(n. e.(n.(adj. duh.(n.) thingtan . si dawh a si. A large rock loomed above the water = Ti cungah lung nganpi a lang loop .(n. inn le rawl ralkap pawl pek thiamning logos . look over: ttha tein zoh.g.(n.) sang ngaimi log .g. khuacuanhnak lookout . long .(adj.g.(n. England ram Greenwich khua in aa thawk.) 1.g.(n.(adj.) a sawhsawh i caan hman i umkal men .g.) kanan phun khat logbook .(adj.(n.) tai loiter .) a saumi long .(adj.) London khuami. After one look. bia alning . You looked tired = Thadit dawh na si. zoh.(n. mithmai ah a lang. look down on: zohchuk. thilpuan tahnak thiam. His argument showed logic = A biachimmi cu sul le lam zulhmi a ngei logical .(n.(n.g.(adj.) khuacuantu a simi loom . kawl. She had a sad look on her face = A mithmai ah a ngaih a chia ti a lang looking glass .) vawlei i a sau lei in per i zuammi longevity .g. thlahdorh. He was away at school all winter long = Khuasik chung vialte sianginn ah a um.) dorhnak.g. a lung a lengmi lonesome .) kut in ttialmi ca longing .g. ning zulh in chim thiamnak 2.) kal umnak .(adj.(n.(adj. look to : i bochan.) Grik holh a si i bia tinak a si loin .) a nun a saumi longhand .) vawlei pum hi a tunglei in tahnak rinmi .(n. fiang tein hung langh. lunglennak lonely . hren lomi.) phoih .g. e.(v.) vampang awng loose . e.) hmai bihnak thlalang lookout .) nun saunak longevous .(v.(adv.(n.) umharnak .) pak . e. 3. pakhat lawng loneliness .(n. tili loop . He longed for his mother = A nu a ngai 2. ning a zulmi.(adv.) London khua i phaisa lei chaw lehnak hmunpi.) tilawng cawngtu nih nifate an kalnak i an hmuhtonmi le nikhua kong an ttialnak cauk loggerhead . sullam a ngeimi. zoh. e.(n.loftiness . i kalh logging . Log cabin = Thingtan in sakmi inn log cabin . duhnak longitude .(adj. look after: zohkhenh.

) a niam bikmi lowland . lucrative .(n. thlau.g.) thlaunak sunghnak at a loss: zei tuah awk hngal loin um lost .) tangka tampi a chuahpi khomi thil lucre . a niam.g.) a niam deuhmi lower . a hnawmmi. dawt. loyalty . van ttha van chia luckily . dawtnak.(adv.) kam khattelei lawng a rit tukmi lord .g.g.) dawtnak um lomi loveliness .(n. a tlawm.) deuh ngaingai.) toi i aa dor ngaimi lowly . duhtu loving .) thawngthannak loudspeaker . lentecelh (tennis) i zeihmanh hmuh lo khi love a si. He loses his temper = A thinhun aa sum kho lo 3. nehsawh awk a simi lovable .) zumh awk tlakmi sinak lubricant .) awngbali lotus . e.) 1.) thawng a thangmi.(adj.(adj. e.(adj.(adj. Make love = hmanh. low-spirited .g. sungh.(v.(n.(n.(adj. thil in siseh.(n.(adj.(adj. e.(n.(adv. Fall in love = I duh. e. vawlei.) zumh awk tlak a simi loyalist .) toidornak.) dawtnak in low .g. lousy .(adj. I may lose my book = Ka cauk ka thlau sual lai lose face: hmaithlau. He feels a lot better = A ttha deuh ngangai lotion .(n.) 1.(n.(adj. 2. e. They fall in love = An i duh. ih. 3.(n. man tthumh 2.) dawt til lo ruang i lungleng ngai i a ummi lovely .) toidor ngaiin loyal . 2. i sum khawh lo.) thawng thang ngaiin loudness .) tangka in siseh.(adj.(v.(n.(n.(n.(v. sungh.g.(adv.(v. thinhun i tuahmi zei a si ti hngalh ti lo. Our footstool is too low = Kan thing tthutdan a niam tuk. miakmi. ram.(n.(n.) a naltertu si lubricate .(n. e.) zumh awk tlak in a ummi.) fiannak .) thah pakhat. Our supply of rice is low = Kan facang ngeihmi a tlawm.(v.(adj. lucid . tthumh.) vantthat ah luckless .) a naltertu. thlau. lowermost .(v. a sungtu loss . e.) lili pangpar phun khat loud . a sullam cu ningzah ton lose bead: thinhun i tuahmi zei a si ti hngalh ti lo lose oneself: tuahmi thil cung i lungthin chiah tuk i a dang zeihmanh hngalh ti lo lose track of: thawngpang i theih ti lo lose one's head . thlau.(n.) nal seh ti i si thuh lubrication .) ram niam lowliness .g.(adj.) dawtu a simi .g. loveless .g.) a tleu .) dawt awk a simi love .(v.(n.) Pathian lore .) dawtu .(n. loser .) bawipa Lord .) tak i thuhmi si lottery . tampi.) 1.(adj.(n.(adj. duh. minung a si zongah thil a si zongah.g.) 1.) thil phorhnak mawttawka lose .lopsided . They lounged on the beach = Rili kam ah an i nuam louse . e. e. e.(v.) 1.(n.) past tense and participle of lose.(n. pom. e.(n.) dawhnak lovelorn .) thah tammi. There is no love lost between them = An i hua.(n.) nalternak lubricator .(n. ngeih ti lo. The army lost healvily yesterday = Nizan ah ralkap pawl tthalo tein an sung 4.(adv.) nuam tein umnak khan lounge .) aa dawh ngaimi lover . sungh 2.) a lung a dongmi lower . He has a lot of friends = Hawi tampi a ngei 2.) van . lice = thah pakhatnak tam. He has a small lot = Vawlei bite a ngei lot .) van ngei lomi.) thang piin biachimnak seh lounge . 2.g.) forlorn = hlawt cangmi lorry . minauta a simi. thiannak luck . Loud noise = A thawng a thangmi thawng loudly . kal .(adj.) nihchuak a simi thil Page 149 . e.(n. They lowered the flag = Alan an tthumh. e. lowly . love . a lung a caw.(adv. tthut . a fiang lucidity . lucky .(adj.) tuanbia lorn .) 1. cheumi.(n. ludicrous .) thil thlautu .g.(n. duhtu a simi lovingly . lot . 2.(adj.(adj.(adj.) 1.) van tthami.) a nuamhning in um .

The ship gave a lurch = Tilawng kha aa lei. e. kan i cawk khawh set lomi a si lye .) lem. e. lustful .(n.g.g.(adj. Lustrous pearls = A tleumi pale lungvar.(n.) cangal lying .(n.) lemnak . e. 2. rum ngai le nuam ngaiin nun 2.) 1.(v. lung .) a thawmi.) khauhsuai bantuk a simi rawl mach number .) seh in ttuannak machine . duhnak tthawng luster .(n. lyrical . e. i hlum.) thlapa he aa pehtlaimi. thil man sung a tlawm i a har ngaimi kan i cawk khawh set lomi khi.(adj. e. He had a luxuriant head of hair = A lu ah sa tampi a um.) thingah lumberman . a laklawh a simi lull .) 1. phing. a tam bik cu a phuahtu nih a lung chung i a ummi a langhternak. thil.(adj.(v. Luxurious house = Inn ttha. luxury .(adj.g.g.(v. bo. The sugar lumped when it became wet = A cin tikah thanthling cu aa hlum. luxurious . e. lusty .(n.) lungdenmi macadamize .) a thli tein bawh ziar . e. daihter.) lungdenmi kha lam i toih i cuticun lam kha fek tein ser macaroni .) lum hrot lo kik hrot lo .) a ttha i a man a fak i a nuami thil. lunacy . minthannak. lurch .) seh .g.(n.(n. lynch . lymph . e.(adj.) a ceumi thil lump .) khualtlawnnak i i phorhmi thil lukewarm .(adj. The fox was lured into the trap = Cenghngia cu rap coktarh nih rap chungah a lem i aa foih.(n. The drunkard lurched forward = Zuripa cu hmailei ah a sawn.(adj.) taksa chungin a chuakmi ti.) tleunak. hihi cu phungphai ngei deuh a si. lurk .g. e. There is a lump on his head = A lu ah bo a um.) hlum.) a bia ceih set lo i thah men lyre .(v. e.(n.) a tammi .) lih a chimmi.) van i ceunak petu thil hna khi luminous .g.) thingattu lumberyard . lure . e. thil tlang.) aa lei.(n.(n. lump .) pumsa duhnak ngaiin thil a tuahmi. zawtnak vennak.(n.) hla.(n.(n. lumber .(v. a hringmi.g.(adj.) lyre tingtang he thuanhmi phun hla. hngilhter. coktarh lure .(v. dawtnak hla.(v.) a ngan a dam i a taksa a tthami luxuriant .(v. lunatic . inn nuam.(adj. lying .) mihrut lunch . lurid .(adj. e. mach khat cu suimilam pakhat ah khan 760 hrawng a rang tinak a si machination .(n.(adv.(n. "lie" kha zoh.) thingah zuarnak hmun luminary . pakhatkhat.(n. lust . a sen lomi.(n. Lush grass grows along the river banks = Tiva kamah ram hring detdut in an um.(n.) tampi.(adj. The captain lulled our fear = Keptenpa nih kan ttihnak (thinphannak) kha a daihter. put. Meat is a luxury = Sa cu kannih caah cun thil man-sung.(adj.(n. rak bawh luscious . Lunar eclipse = Thlapa dawpdolh. mei nih a sentermi mui. leave in the lurch = harnak ton lio i bawmh duh lio i cuka hmun i kal tak. lustrous . M macadam .lug .) lihchim.g.(adj.) chuncaw luncheon .(n.) sawn.) a senmi. a hang a tampi.) cuap lurch . lush .) nau oihnak hla.(n.) 1. thiltthitnak seh Page 150 .) tingtang phung khat lyric .) tleunak a ngeimi.) pumsa duhnak aa sum lomi lustily .(v.) rit ngaiin hnuh.) chuncaw.(n.(n. luggage .(n.g.) pumsa duhnak .) hruhnak lunar . ceunak.g.) thil kal a ranning tahning.(n. hlum. 2. lullaby .) thil le ruah a hung cah i dai tein a hung um khi. lull .(n.g. zei ngaw ti awk set a um lomi.

(n.) hrut ngaiin madness . e. made-up . lieutenant general tang.(adj. Men make tables = Mi nih cabuai an ser hna. Zoh make.(n.(v. He is making plans to build a house = Inn sak aa tim.) rumra ngeimi majesty .) a tam deuh .(n. a tam deuhmi.(n.(n.(n. His Majesty the king = Siangpahrang Bawipa major . ralkap bawi.) 1.) thingkung phun khat a ttha ngai i a man a fak ngaimi maid .(n.g.(n.) zaangfahnak lungthin a ngeimi magnanimity .(n.g.(v. ser. a taktak a si lomi madly . cakuat 2. dawh magnificent . mekazin 2. siter.) 1.) hruhter made .) rumra .) 1.) aa dawh ngaingaimi .) phuahchommi . bregadier general cung.) thil cawk thil zuar carek cakuatmi in tuahmi mailman .(n.) va ngei rih lomi ngknu maiden speech: Parliament chung i ahopaoh an si ah an biachim hmasa bik mail . 2. nganter 2. a biapitning magnolia . major . 4.(n. thangtthat magnitude .) magnet i canter.) thir dah .) chungthletsi .) ca sanhnak thingkuang mail order .(adv. hnarcheu nak tam deuh make .g.) va ngei rih lomi ngaknu maid servant . He majored in Math = Math kha a cawn khun.(n.(adv. e. Don't be mad at me = Ka cungah na thin hung hlah 4.) capetu maim . e.) a ngan deuhmi. e. e. ngaihthiamnak lungthin magnate .g. Two and Page 151 . chuak.(n.(n. e.) biaceihtu bawi Magna Charta .) thingkung phun khat a par aa dawh ngaimi mahaut . ti peng.(n.) a biapi bikmi.(n. maintain .) Magna Carta. e.) tikherh . 2. a hrutmi 2.(n.) seh lei a thiammi mad .(n.(n. tuah peng .(adj.(adj. bia dawh ngai .(n. e.) mitleh thiam magistrate .(n. mainland . major .(adj. zohkhenh.) 1.(adj. cite bantuk magnesium .) 1.) fangvoi majestic . e.) hmaput i bei.) 1.(n. magnaminous . bawinu .(adj.(n.machinery .g.g.(n.(n. colonel tang.(n. siangpahrang chonhnak i hmanmi bia. lau i molh den 3. majority . Coat of mail = Thir angki mail .) seh thilri machinist . e.) 1.(n. a ttha ngaingaimi magnify .(n. a biapi deuhmi.(n.(n.) a biapi bik in mainspring .) ram pakhat chung i biapi bik le a ngan bik a simi hmun mainly . biapi ngai a simipa magnesia .) past tense and past participle of make.) cawn khun. zenthong an chiahnak inn maggot .) spring lak i a ngan bik. It is hard to maintain a family with a low salary = Lahkhah tlawmte cun innchungkhar zoh a har ko 3.(n.) thirhri inn in cakuat mail box .) nu chawnhnak i hmanmi bia . kal.(v.) zohkhenhnak.) a nganning .(n.) mirum tuk lehpek . captain cung.(n. zaangfahnak lungthin. He was maimed in his right leg = A orhlei ke a bei main . e.) sinum nu maiden .) saicawng.) hruhnak maelstrom . chim peng.) dah ngeimi magnetism . ngeih peng.(n. magnet bantukin hnuh magnificence . timh.D.(n.) mitleh magician .(n. remhnak maize . He maintains a steady speed = A kal ranning in a kal peng ko 2. tinak a si madden .) lungthin ttha.(n. 1215 ah England mi nih an Siangpahrang John sinin zalonnak an hmuhnak ca. Hot weather makes people lazy = Khualin nih mi an tha a thutter hna.) hnuh khawhnak dah magnetize .g.) 1. 5.g.(v. zenthawng an khumhnak bawm 3.(v.(adj.(v. e.(v. 3. rumra.(v.(v. ser.g. thir angki.g. A. hruhchih mad house .) tholung magic .(adj. lianhngannak 2. tikherh bantuk a simi hnahnawhnak hrial khawh lomi magazine .) mihrut an chiahnak hna inn madam . thinhun ngaingai. dah ngeimi thil magnetic . tadin an ttialnak ca . They maintain that they are innocent = Kan sual lo an ti peng ko maintenance .(n.) meknisiam magnet . siangngakchia nih college i an cawn khunmi cio. vuicawng mahogany .g. He will make a trip to town = Khuapi ah a kal lai.) ralbawi. major general .g.

bungkung manhandle .(v. make up: 1. 5.(n.) caw rawl einak kuang mango .) a ngan ngaingaimi thil.S. malevolent . kilkawinak. uk .(adj. thimtu pawl nih an kuzale ca i an thimmi sinah nawlngeihnak an pekmi mandatory .) lungthin ttha lo . 2.(adj. khuakhang laireltu kilkhawitu. make do : tlintlam lo bu zong i tuah peng i zuam.) lungsi lo male .(n. e.) zohkhenhnak.(n.g. hihi malpractice cu a si malt . tan hmun siam thiam.) hei pekmi nawlngeihnak. Bullock carts must make way for jeeps = Cawleng nih jeep cu an kenh han awk a si.) khuakhang laireltu lei he aa pehtlaimi thil mandarin . e.g.) meneizer. make haste: i khulranh. Digging Panama Canal was a mammoth work = Panama Canal cawh cu a ngan ngaingaimi rian a si.(n. We will make up and be friends again = Kan i rem tthan lai i hawikom kan si tthan lai. lung i thleh.) a ttha lo ngaimi .) mi tthat lonak a kawlmi . 3.(v. dinhdorh loin tuah maltreatment . serchom.(adj.g. Malignant cancer = Thihnak tiang a chuahtertu khensar mallet .(n. khuakhan lairelnak manager .(n. He made up his mind to go = Kal dingin a lung aa thlek cang. e. make out: hngalh.) thil ttha lo tuahtu.) rawl i zat lo ruang i a chuakmi zawtnak malpractice .) tingtang phun khat mandrake .(n. e. fim ngaiin cu thil le cu thil cu i tong seh ti tuak thiam le tuah thiam.(n.g.) hri thlai ngeimi thing .(n. timh ciammam tein ralkap an umkalter hna khi.) ai phun khat mane .(n. rulh.) ttha loin tuahnak .(n.(n. e.) cozah pakhatkhat nih cu bantukin kan tuah lai tiah an thanhmi Page 152 .) mi cung i tthat lonak tuah a duhmi malign . hmai i podar i thuh.g.(n. manful . e.) zawtfahnak malaise . I can manage to keep warm = Ka khua kaa lumter khawh ko manageable .(n. Make believe I am not here = Hika ah hin a um lo ti in i zumhter. He made good in business = A chawdawr a hlawh a tling.g.) miluhnak kua manhood . hruihaonak. The new owner made over the house = Inn ngeitu a thar nih inn cu a thlen dih.two make four = Pahnih le pahnih fonh ah pali a chuak. dinhdorh loin tuahnak mammal .) a fiangmi . 1. e.(adj.) raifanh zawtnak malcontent . e. malady .) 1.g. e. i rem tthan i hawikom si tthan.) thing sobul malnutrition .(v. e.(v.g. cunglei in vun pekmi nawl 2.g.) langhnak manifesto .(n.) U.(n. e. mi cung i tthat lonak tuah duhnak lungthin . 4.(adj.) pungsan tthalo. She made up her face = A hmai ah podar aa thuh. i siter khawh. mizaw hna ttha tein sibawi nih zohklenh lo. thihnak tiang a chuahter khomi. a langmi manifestation .(n.) rian ttha lo tuah.(n.g. e.g.) fak piin tonghtham.) facang uh i roter tthanmi maltreat .) tuang . He cannot manage the horse = Rang cu a hruai kho lo 3. I cannot make out what he said = A chimmi a lutaw ka hngal kho lo.(n. 2.(v.) thir phun khat manger .(n.(n.(adj.) minung . thil ttha lo tuah.(n.) pa bantukin a ral a tthami manganese .(n.) thangchiat malignant . mammoth . Hunch back is a malformation = Kengkul hi pungsan ttha lo a si malice .) ttha loin tuah . tangka.) hai mangrove . Mandatory power = Hei pekmi nawlngeihnak mandoline . patling manage .(n.) minung sinak mania . misual.(n. tuah tiah fialmi.(n.(n. nahchuahnak malicious .) fale hnuk a dinhmi saram.g.g. make good: hlawhtlin. make over: thlen.(n.g.) thil aa hruhchihmi manifest . rianttuan ding hna ttha tein tuah lo.) Tulukmi bawi ngan mandate .(adj.) uk khawhmi management .g I shall have to make my old clothes do for this winter = Tutan khuasik chung cu ka thilpuan hlun kha an tlamtlin lo buin ka hman peng hna a hau ko lai.) khuachia.) hruhchihnak maniac .) pa malefactor . e. zohkhenh 2.) i nuam setsi loin umnak malaria . tha loin tongh manhole . make way for: lam kenh.) 1.g. e. zohkhenhtu managerial .(adj.(n. e.(adj. hruai. man . make believe: i zumhter.(n.(v. He made up the story = Amah nih bia cu a phuahchom. e. e.(adj. rang tuang maneuver .(n.g. I will make up for your losses = Na sunghmi cu kan rulh lai. mammon . ral i doh i an i hlen khi . mi nahchuak malformation .

marrow .(v.(n. e.(adj.) British. manse .(adj.g.(n.) rili he aa pehtlaimi thil mariner . mi umthiammi manoeuvre .(n.) March thla mare . e.) pa bantukin a ral a tthami manna . thiltining.(v.) khuaram hmanthlak maple . 3.) rangpi margarine .) aa tthi-ummi.) uitawntawk mantle .) a tawngthamtu mankind .(v. a mui hrawh marathon ..(v. manipulate . hmelchunhnak 2.(n.(n. e. e.) 1.(n.(adj. a herh tuk lomi.) mi kha rili kamah chiahtak i kaltak marriage . cattial lonak khi.(n.(n. makpek.) manna changreu manner . ningcang mannerism .(adj.) tthitumnak marriageable .) pa bantukin a tuahmi manliness .) 1. a kam. hmelchunhnak ser 2.) kutken cauk manual .(adj.) tlik zuam khan 26. va ngeih Mars .) market hmun marketable . rili he aa pehtlaimi thil mark .g. a kam a simi. nupi tthit .(n. a thei a thlummi mar .(n.(adj.(n.(adj.(v.) zoh.) ziaza dawh in a ummi.(adj. nupi tthit.(n. The margin of the lake = Tidil kam.) seh in thil ser manure .(n. rili pawng i a ummi. e.(n.) inn nganpi manslaughter .) puan manual .(v.) meicung mantis .) cerh marshal .) hrawh. fim ngaiin cu thil le cu thil cu i tong seh ti tuak thiam le tuah thiam.(n.) kut in tuahmi manufacture . 1.) tampi map .) 1.) hman .) thap tampi a ngeimi.) tilawng in khual a tlawngmi marines .(adj. 2.(n.(n.(n. hmuhsaktu hmelchunhnak 4.(n.g.) mahle thil tiningte mannerly .) thlek marry .(n.) 1. tinhmi hmuichon mark . lainawn a si lomi mantel .(n.) zuar khawhmi thil marksman .) hmuithiam marksmanship . herhmi leng i ngeihmi. 3.) nupi pasal a ngei khomi a simi married .(n.(adj.) mi thil fir ah zan i a vakmi marble .(n.(n.) 1. ral i doh i an i hlen khi .) ralkap cer i an kal bantuk i kal march .) cu bantuk kalnak ca i tummi awdawh March . mak.) ek .(n. sayate nih siangngakchia mak an pek market . He won the argument because he marshalled his facts well = Bia alnak ah teitu a sinak cu.) Mars arfi marsh . adj. mi vialte manlike .(n.(v.(n.) thingthei in sermi tlawhpat margin .(n.) marmaleih .(prop. a miak menmen a simi marine . Allow a margin of twenty kyats for unexpected expenses = Ruah lo in a herh sual ding hman awk caah phar kul cu a hlei in i chiah.) tilawng ralkap hna marionette .(n. a hlei .(n. caw ek manuscript . catlam a kam . va ngeih.) Past tense and past participle of marry. timh ciammam tein ralkap an umkalter hna khi. Married life = Nupi pasal ngei in khunsaknak.(n. theithu hawng he sermi zem maroon . He received a high mark in Geograhphy = Khuaram ah mak sang a hmuh.) hmuithiamnak marmalade .) mithah .(v.manifold .(n.) kun in ttialmi ca many .(n.2 marauder . a hmetemi 2. thil aa dot tete le a ningcang tein khawmh i tian.(n. a miak tlawmte lawng a simi.) ralbawi ngan bik marshal .) lungrang marbal lunk march .(n.(n.(n.) pa sinak manly . married .) minung .(v.(n.) tonghthamnak manipulator .(n.) seh in thil sertu manufacture .) meipal thing .) hri in cawlcanghtermi tunu maritime .(n. marginal .) chawdawrnak hmun market place .g. tan hmun siam thiam. 2.(adj. tonghtham manipulation .) rili cung chawlehnak.g.) ziaza.(n. a kam i a ummi. a thil theihmi kha aa dot tete le ningcang Page 153 .

) 1.) kanan phun paohpaoh mating season . She mastered seven languages = Holh pasarih a thiam master .) mah le mah nu/pa duhnak i riamhter mat . match . e.(n.) martar in thihnak marvel . meilah.) i tlak.) innchung pakhat chung tawh vialte a hung khotu tawh masterful .) tluk khawh lomi mate .(v. e.) tampi thah massage . e.(n.g.(v. tluk.g.) hmunkhat i pumhter.g. e.) kanan lei thil a simi mathematically .) mi pakhatkhat nih thil a tuahmi lak i a ttha bikmi mastery . matchless . tuah khat chung i pakhat.) pa. hruai.(n. nganpi .(adj. e. thil in maternal .) pher mat .) tuah khat i can. A mass of people = Mi tampi aa pummii 3.(n. hmeh masses . e. 2.(adj.(n. Furniture mart = Thutdan cabuai an zuarnak dawr martial law .) a thiam ngaimi masterly .(v. matriarchy .(n.) kanan in tuak in mathematician .(adj. uk khawhnak mastiff .) martar in a thimi martyrdom .(v.(n. thil hlum thil aa fon aa komhmi 2. nu roco phun Page 154 .g. Football match = Pumpululh chuih i zuamnak. thil lawng hi a biapi bik a si ko ti zumhnak materialist .(n.(n.(adj.(n.) 1.(n.(n.) 1.(adv.(adj. He could not find the mate to his shoe = A kedan pakhat a hmu kho lo 2. uk 2.) tlakrawh le lung in inn saknak rian mass .(n.(v.g. His suit and tie are a good match = A suit le a nektai an i tlak ngai. lamtthit. He marshalled the troops to safety = Ralkap kha himnak ah a tthit hna marshy . matriarch .) innchungkhar/phun chung i lu a simi nu.(n.(v. Birds mate in the spring = Vate cu thal ah tuah khat ah an cang (nu le va an si) material .(n.(adj.) thil i can. thiam.) hmaikhuhnak mask .) 1. cu tuahding ruah hmasat cu masterpiece . e.(n.(v.(n. Roman Catholic nih an tuahmi Bawipa Zanriah mass . A boy is not a match for a man = Ngakchia cu upa zuam khotu (tluk) a si kho lo.) tei khawhnak. a uktu hna.(n.) khuaruahhar. aa tlak.(n.) khuaruahharmi thil marvellous . pheh mason .) pumsa in .(adj.) thiam ngaiin mastermind . He marvels at the speed of the train = Tlanglawng a ranning kha a khuaruah a har marvel .(n.(n.) khuaruahhar a simi masculine .) tinbaw i alan thlainak tung master .) hringtu nu sinak mathematical .) nu lei he aa pehtlaimi. tei.(n. e.(n. hawikom.) i sengh dih.(v. e.) thuh . a haotu hna 2. thil siseh minung siseh.) thil pakhatkhat tuah tikah cu tuah ding a rak ruat hmasatu. e.(adj.) uico sadawithiam masturbate .) kanan a thiammi mathematics . match .) ralkap uknak upadi martyr . The mass of the load = Thil a nannak 4. sayapa 3.) tampi .) zapi massive . zuam khotu. e.g.(v. kalpi. nu si loin mask . ruahnak kha a taktak i hun canter materially .(n.(n.) thil materialism . The were schoolmates = Sianginn kai lio hawikom an rak si mate .g.(adv.g.) 1.(n. The troops are massed in one place = Ralkap cu hmunkhat ah an pumh hna mass meeting .) tampi in khulrang in ser i chuah massacre . a ngannak.g.) thil pinah hin zeihmanh a um ti lo . rian a thiam ngaingaimi master key .(n.g.) pa a simi masculine .(n. 4.(n. Her dress matches the colour (color) of her hair = A angki le a muisam kha an i tlak ngai. tampi.) dawr.(n.) cerh umnak hmun a simi mart . e.(n.) thil lawng hi biapi a si tiin a zummi materialistic .g.g.) hringtu nu lei a simi thil maternity .) zapi pumh mass production .) sattil an phol caan matriarchal .g.tein a tian khawh hna caa a si 2.(n.) nu nih innchungkhar /phun chung i a lu tlai .(adj.(adj.(v.) thil lawng hi biapi a si ti zumhnak a ngeimi materialize . ritpi mast .(adj. e.(v. 3.) tlakrawh le lung in inn a satu masonary . zuamnak.) malit .

sawh. dip lakin phomhmi rawl. hngalhter.) British. matriculation examination = college luhnak ca i tualmi camipuai. cu bantukin thil thletnak i hmanmi bawm matron . e. Biatlang a thawknak ah cun ' I' hman a si.) tanbo mausoleum . e.(v.g.g.) phertah mattock . tlawmte. The dark clouds mean it will rain = Khua-dawm nak nih ruah a sur lai ti kha an langhter.g.) a tam bik . An important matter kept him from going to his village = Thilbiapi pakhat nih an khua kal kha a thlauh 3. May they live long = Saupi nung ko hna seh. sual ko hnga.) a si kho ko .) 1.(n.(n. matriculate .(n.g.) 1. sullam.(v. e.(adj.) nutling/patling sinak maul .(n. Maybe we will go tomorrow = Thaizing cu kan kal men lai.g.g. e.) matrix in plural form.g.g.(adj.) phungthlukbia maximum . He helps me = A ka bawmh.g. ko hnga. Corn is ground into meal = Fangvoi cu dip lakin an phomh. e.) U.(n.g.) biapi a si. mi lei a si ahcun. cei cikcek in tthuat (seh).g. tlawmte. e.g. mean . matrix zoh. rawl. Pears mature quickly = Piar cu khulrangin an hmin 2.g. lai.g.) Mei thla May apple . e. meal . tleng lakin ruahmi. e. e.(adj. thil pakhatkhat a hung ummi. nem tein tuah fial.) college luhnak.. I will write to him so that he may know when we will arrive = Zeitik ah dah kan phak lai kha a hngalh nakhnga ca ka kuat lai. He gives a mature opinion = Ruahnak tleng a chuahpi mature . 7. ziaza ttha lomi 2. matting . e. nakhnga.g. He matures faster than his brother = A unau nakin khulrang deuh in a patling maturely . kan kal kho men mayor . nutling/patling si.) rawl ei can. May you be happy = Lunglawm tein na um nakhnga. e.(n.g.) 1.) thil a sining bak in chimmi/tuahmi.(adj.(n. He did not mean to hurt her feelings = A lun fahter kha aa tim/tinh lo.g. What is the matter with the sick child? .g. e.) tthalo in . e.(adv.) ihphah a chahmi mature .g.g. matriculation . What people say matters to him = Mi nih a chimmi kha biapi ngaiin a ruah matter of fact . e. patling/nutling a simi. tang hra awn i college i luh.g.(n.) bawnbawk maybe .(n. cauk chung i ummi thil/ruahnak.g. Wood and stone are matters = Thing le lung cu tongh khawhmi thil an si matter of: e.(pron.g. It may rain today = Nihin ruah a sur kho men. timh. 5. hnem. I'm afraid the news may be true = Tadin cu a hmaan sual ko hnga ti ka phang. He may arrive today = Nihin a phan ko hnga.) tthitumhnak matrix . 3.) luh. ko seh. The mean salary of the workers is three hundred kyats per month = Rianttuantu cu thla khat i za thum hi a si Page 155 . a si men lai.) hmuizum mattress . 4.) keimah . e. 2.) nu bawda le si inn i zohkhenhtu i chiahmi nu upa matted .) thlan nganpi maxim . e.(n.g.) 1.) ramhring khawhnak hmun meager .(adj. e. mealtime . He was mauled by the bear = Vom nih a seh maul . The distance between Mangnu and Hakha is a matter of six miles = Mangnu le Hakha kar cu khan ruk hrawng a si ko as a matter of fact: a ngaingai ti ahcun for that matter: cu kong ah cun matter of course: a si lai ti komi thil what is the matter?: zeidah harnak/palhnak a um? Zeidah a si? matter of fact: thil a sining bak in chimmi/tuahmi matter .g.(adj. e. e. 2.g.(n. He is a mature man = Patling a si 2. sihmanhselaw na ttialning cu a ttha lo 4.(v. mean . e. e. lungchung i tuai ngai i um i zeidah ka tuah lai ti i hngal kho set lo i um khi. He was matriculated into college = College ah a lut.(n. e. e. cucaah tlau a fawi i lam zulh awk hngalh a harnak hmun.) nutling/patling ngaiin maturity .. lam i kalh nuk i a umnak hmun khi. me .. mah lei a si ahcun 'ning' tinak.(n.(n.) a laivuang.(n. e.(n.matrices .(n.g. tongh khawh hmuh khawhmi thil. May I come in? = Rung lut ning? e.g. 2.) ca namnak seh ha an thletnak bawm.) 1. a si kho. The matter in your book is good but the style is bad = Na cauk chung i ruahnak a ummi cu a ttha. a ttha lo ko lai.(n.) aa sengh dihmi matter . What is the matter with you? = Na zeidah a ti? 6. 3.) 1. e. i chawnh tik i holh ttha i hmanmi.(adj. e.. thil 2. biatlang a donghnak lei ah hmanmi. May . tinh. tuah ahcun a ttha ko lai. 6.(v. What does this word mean? = Hi biafang hi a sullam zeidah a si? 2.) 1. hmin.(n. a sang bik may .A zawmi ngakchia kha zeidah a harnak a si? 5. zaangfahnak ngei lo.(v. langhter. college i luh.g.g. harnak. You may as well stay where you are = Na umnak ah khan um law i ttha ko lai.) khuapi uktu bawi maze . e. e.(adj.) 1. I help him = Ka bawmh meadow .S.(n. khiar . meagre .(n.g.(v.(n.) tthitumhnak he aa pehtlaimi thil matrimony . ttha tein. e. matrimonial . Breakfast is the first meal of the day = Thaithawh hi ni khat chung rawl hmasa bik a si. He is too mean to pay his workers well = A khiar tuk i a rianttuantu pawl kha ttha tein an hlawh a pe duh hna lo mean .

mangit pawl khi an si khun medium .(adj.) meantime he aa khat.(n. a karlakah cakuat pahnih a ttial meantime . aw dawh a simi melody .g.(n.g. thil dang pakhtakhat nih umnak ah hmanmi.(adj.(n. a sullam a si ti.(v.) i hel hulh le hnahnok ngaiin i thuat i den mellow . e. e.) a sa a tammi mechanic .(n. 2 feet wide and 3 feet high = Cabuai cu pe 3 a sau.(v.(n.(adv.(n.g. He meant what he said = A chimmi kha a sullam a chim duhmi a si ko meantime .) past tense & participle of mean. a hlunh le a hmin i a thawmi. The city has taken measures to improve the roads = Lam kha ttha deuh in tuah awkah khuapi nih rian an ttuan cang measure .) seh lei thil he aa pehtlaimi mechanism .) sullam means .g.) a laivuang sawsawh sinak meditate . kumkhua a sau i nunnem le nunttha i um 3. e. seh in ser medal .) i tonnak inn . kum le khua a upatning in fin le nem mellow .) 1. musk melon = hmazil.) mekhanik . timhmi tlinnak ca i tuahmi rian.) hmin i thlum. thilremh a thiammi mechanical . khuavang.(n.(adj.(v. e. e. tahnak.) a laivuang sawhsawh . e.(n.) lungnemnak meet .) remnak sertu medical . and she wrote two letters in the meantime = Pali ah a kal i pasarih ah a ra kir tthan. pah in.) dai tein khuaruahnak meditative . He is of medium height = A san a zafang a si meek .g.) 1.(n. e. a laivuang thil 2.) seh a cawl a cangning mechanize .) a lin nih thil a titternak dikiri Page 156 . He will use any means to win = Teinak a si paoh ahcun zei thil paoh a hman ko lai 2. a sau .(n.g. thil tuahnak i hmanmi thil.) a tam tuk lo a tlawm tuk lo . tahchunhnak ah radio .) ngaichiatnak .(n. e.) mi karlak i remnak sernak mediator . zungthiam .) thangpi in chimnak seh melancholy .(v.(n.) si lei thil a simi.g. melt .) awdawh melon . a caan aa khat in.(n.) seh in ttuan .g.(n. pe 2 a kau i pe 3 a sang meat . Zong cantaloupe.(v. cu caan chungah. rumnak .(adj. chuncaw a chuanpah meanwhile . aw thlum le aw dawh a simi melodious .) i tonnak .meander .D. e.) mi dang kong le rian i aa thelhvaihmi media .g. A. e. e.(adj. ton 2. don make both ends meet: tangka hmuhmi le hmanmi kha aa tluk siter meeting . e. Water is the only medium in which fish can live = Ti lawng hi nga an um khawhnak a si 4. si lei cawnnak medieval . Medical school = Si cawnnak sianginn medicine . a ttha tuk lo a chia tuk lo mediocrity .(n.) dai tein khuaruah meditation .(adj.g.(adj.(n. She set the table.(n.) 1.g.(adj. measles . Her husband was away six months.(adj. i pumhnak meeting house . television.(v.) 1. umharnak .(n. phazeti.) 1. Mass Media = Zapi theihternak ca i hmanmi thil. a kauh . e.) mi dang rian le thil i vaa thlak len le hnahnawhnak va tuah meddler . meantime she looked after the cows = A va cu thla ruk khual a tlawng.g.g.) upatnak ca i pekmi thil . ti i canter. a cung i cattialmi a ummi meddle . lilennak lunglennak melee . He left at four and returned at seven. e. e.) 1.) caan karlak chan .) hmaihu zawtnak measure . The sun melted the snow = Ni nih hawhra kha ti ah a canter 2.) a karlak caan.(n.(n.) tiva i ngerh len in a luan khi meaning .) dai tein khua a ruatmi medium . thil hmuh khawhnak/tuah khawhnak ca i hmanmi thil.(v.) tahnak .g. thil tuahnak i hmanmi thil.(v.(v. chawva tangka.) mi dang rian i aa telhvaihmi meddlesome .(n.) 1.) 1.(adj.) 1. tah. cauk. The measurement of the table is 3 feet long. e. cu chung cu amah nih caw kha a zoh hna 2.(v. e. tlangrel 2.) dawnzuk. lungnemmi meekness . meantime she cooked lunch = Cabuai ah khan rawl a ser pah.g.(n. That old wine is mellow = Kha zu hlun kha a thaw 2.(n.g. a san.(n. The table measured 9 feet by 3 feet = Cabuai cu pe 9 a sau i pe 3 a kau measurement .g. cu pah cun/cu lioah cun.) plural of medium .(adj. She measured the length of the house = Inn a saulei kha a tah 2.) sa meat loaf . 500 in 1450 tiang hrawng mediocre . i pumhnak inn megaphone . thil pakhatkhat . mediate .(n.) aw dawh a ngeimi .) sadip hlum meaty . Radio is a medium of communication = Radio cu i chawnhnak ca i hmanmi thil a si 3.(n. He has means to buy a house = Inn cawknak tangka a ngei ko by all means: zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah ko by no means: zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah hlah meant .(n. damnak si 2. e.g. a za fang.) mi toidor .(n.(n. nemter melting point .) mi karlak i remnak ser mediation . a sau / a tawi a si.

) plural of man.(n.) sur vang.(n.) masalaih la i ser.g. e.) harnak tluntertu thil .) thil ttha lo tlunter dingin thinphanter mend . mi pa menace .(adv.) chawlehnak lei he aa pehtlaimi mercenary .) cu bantuk camh a thiammi mesmerize .(n.) menmen caah.) chungtel sinak membrane .) cawk/zuarhmi thil merchant . e. camh.(n. Her room was a mess = A khan cu hnokcur in a um 2. e. si phun khat in la kha fek deuh le dawh deuh in ser merchandise .(n.(v. a ttha deuh. He has a great mentality = Lungthin lei thil ti khawhnak a ngei mentality . He has happy memories of his childhood = A ngakchiat lio thil nuam tampi a hngalhpeng hna men . Memorial stone = Philh lonak lungphun memorize .(n. lawnglawng. e.) chungtel membership .(adj.(n. This net has half inch meshes = Hi sur hi vang lehmah cheu a si mesmerise .(adj.(v.) 1.) plural of Mr.(v.g.) zaangfahnak mere .) rawl hal i a vakmi awkhlawh menial . hamh.(n.) ar rang le ar nak an i kaih ahcun ar pawl a chuak ti bantukin. lungchung ah i cinken khawhnak 2. tthatnak. e. e. e.(v.) lungtuak in.(adj.S.(n.(n.(n.) i cinken awk a tlakmi thil memorandum .(adj. hmunkhat i rawl cinak mess .) nu thi ngeihmi mental . camh.) nang.) si phun khat mention .(v.member .) lunglawmhnak tuahnak make merry: i nuamh.) fonh meridian .(n.U.(n.(n.) a fim i zumhmi lungthin cheutu menu . kih-lum tahnak thermometer chung i an rawnmi.(n.g.) laksawng hmuh awk i aa tlakmi tuahnak / thil merrily .(adj. ttihnung menace . hamh. lungthin lei in menthol . The children messed their room = Ngakchia nih an khan kha an hnawhter message . minung.(n.(adv.) biacahmi bia messenger .(v.(v.(n.g.) ni nih van i a sannak bik hmun a phak caan .) 1.(adv. mess .(n.) British.(adj. mah nih mah kong i ttialmi memorable . arti nang memoir . chunlaicer merit .) chawdawrnak a simi.) 1.) lungthin lei.) zaangfahnak a ngeimi merciless .g. e. i nuamhnak tuah merry . e. e.(n.(n. sinum rian a simi meningitis .) merkuri.) rawl zeizei dah a um tiah an ttialnak ca mercantile . thurter. mi pakhatkhat kong ttialmi 2.) lunglawm thanuam a simi mesh . pu lei chawdawr mercerize .) hun chim duakmi.(v.) philh lo awk i i ttialmi memorial .) philh lonak thil. hnokcur in um.g. I said it merely as a joke = Capo caah ka chim menmi a si merge .) chawdawrpa merchant . mercy .) 1. Mention was made of the flood = Tilian kong an hun chim duak mention .(n.(n.g.g.(v.g. remh 2. i hngilh bantukin a umter khawhmi mesmerist .(n.g. He mentioned your name = Na min a chim mentor .) thluak tuamtu nang phin zawtnak menses .) rian niam bik a tuantu sinum menial . lungthin mentally . hlanlio thil hngalh pengmi.) chim. Page 157 . a sining taktak in. e. a lum tik i cunglei i a kai i a kih tik i tanglei i a ttummi. mesmerism . His work has some merit = A rian cu tthatnak a ngei ve 2.(adj.) zaangfahnak a ngei lomi mercury .(n.) sinum a simi. His business was in a mess = A chawleh aa ningcang lo 3.) zoh loin chim .) 1. Me merits the prize he won = Mintthatnak laksawng a hmuhmi cu a hmuh awkah aa tlak hrim meritorious . The court will judge the case on its own merits = Biaceihtu nih bia cu a si ningte khan an ceih ko lai merit . Merchant ship = chawdawrnak tilawng merciful .(adj.) hmuh awk i i tlak.(n.) thilpuan lei .) menmen .) lunglawm ngaiin merriment . lung chungin hngalh memory .(n. e.(n. ningcang loin um.(adj.) tangka duh ah ramdang i ralkap rian a ttuanmi mercer .) hnawhter.(n.) ruahnak . .g. thil a chuahning dothlatnak fimnak mendicant .(n.) bia phortu Messr.(n.g.(n.) camh in minung pakhat nih a dang pakhat cung i a lungthin le tuahnak tei khawhnak a ngeihmi.g.(n.g. e.(n.(n. e. He will soon mend if he takes medicine = Si a din ahcun tuan ah a dam deuh lai on the mend: tthat lam a tlai mendelism . e.g.(n. She is a mere child = Ngakchia men a si ko merely . lungput .(adj.

(n.) ralkapbu military .(v.) kalmi khan milestone .) arfi zuang . sui . e.(adj.(adv. suan .(n.) nikhua tahnak he aa pehtlaimi meteorology .(n.) a hakmi thil in sermi metallic . ton.) hmanh maw. e.) nikhua a chia lai maw a ttha lai ti hngalh khawhnak fimnak meter . In our midst = Kan lakah. a lin tuklo. nu hnuk . e.) thil hme ngaingaimi a nganter i mit in hmuh khawh awkin tuahnak seh .) pum le mui i thlen.(n.) a hmemi microbe .) a hakmi thil .) lufah ttha lo migrate .(adj. e.) tar tuk lo . metal .(adj.) a laifang bik midnight .(n.(adj.(n.g.(n.) kan pum chung i rawl kha thi i a can i pum nih a hman ti lomi pum leng i a chuahning metal .(adj.(v. no tuk lo . e. inter meteor .(n. men lai. e.(n.g.(n. Metropolitan police = Khuapi chung palik mew .) chunlai middle .(n.(adv. mah hmuh ding cio kha tahpiak i pek.) mit in hmuh khawh lomi rungrul microphone .(n. cawhnuk . ngun . thir .) nau chuahtertu sayama might . nem. ralkap bantukin cawpiaknak a ngei vemi milk .(v.(n.(n.) nem ngaiin mildness .) pemnak migratory .(adj.g. lehhmah 39.) lakah .(n.D.) tiva laifang midsummer .) chizawh ngeu mice .(adv.) tahchunhnak in metaphysics .) zapi zaran pawl midland .g.(n. A. ningcang zulhmi lam methodical . khainiat hang cawhnuk a lomi Page 158 .) 1.(n.(n. adj.) khuavengtu ca i vengtu pawl .(n.(adj..g.(n.) pum le mui i thlennak.(adj. e.37 a saumi 2.g. e.) khan .(n.(v. One mile = Khan khat mileage .) a tthawngmi migraine .(adj.(n. Tadpoles metamorphose into frogs = Buluk cu sawngpate ah an i thleng metamorphosis .) arfi zuang meteorite .) Caan Karlak Chan. 500 in 1450 tiang hrawng. e.(adj. Military training = Ralkap si ding cawnpiaknak militia .(n.) ram laifang midmost .) hnuksurmi mild .(n. Mild cigarette = Sikarik a nemmi 2.g.) ralkap lei a simi.(n.) tah. a bih in bihmi mid . vawlei a phanmi meteorological .) nemnak mile . chungah.) tthawnnak might .) pem (peem ).) ningcang tein metronome .) hla veinak seh metropolis .(n.g.) thil a sining taktak hngalh i zuamnak cawnnak mete .(v.) a laifang midday . ram dang i pem migration . kum 45-65 hrawngmi Middle Ages .) aw thanternak bia vun chimnak kuate khi microscope .) plural of mouse. meng. Water meter = Ti a tlawmtam tahnak method .(n. He might be able to help you = An bawmh khawh hmanh maw mighty .(n. zu micro .g.(adj. e.) bangbuar mildly .(n.(n.(n. Tadpoles become frogs by metamorphosis = Buluk kna sawngpate i an cannak cu pum le mui i thlennak in a si metaphor . sual lai.) zantim midst .) ningcang tein tuahmi methodically .(n.) hnuk .met . etc.) tahchunhnak a simi metaphorically . dan .) khan tung militant .) laifang a simi middle-aged .) 1. kan chungah midstream .) past tense and past participle of meet.(adj. a kik tuk lo.) tthal laifang midwife .) 1. He has a heart of stone = Lung bantukin a hakmi lungthin a ngei metaphorical . metabolism . middle class .) a pem lengmangmi milch . dar .(adj.) ram khat chung khuapi bik metropolitan .g. e.(n.(adj.) mi ralhraat military . thil ttining .) khuapi chung i a ummi.(adj.(v.(adj. tahnak.(n.) a hakmi thil a lomi metamorphose .) tahchuhnak. The climate is mild = Khuati a nem mildew . rianttuan ning 2.(n.(adj.g.(n.

) saram phun khat .) mi tlawm deuh pawl minster . e.) tangka nuai khat a ngaimi .) hnuksur. mining . vuanci.(n. i ralring.g. Page 159 .g.(v.(n.g.(adj.g.g. e.(adj. pastor rian a simi. na lungrethei hlah mine . 2. a hmete. e. e. dipte i can. Coal mine = Lung meihol khor 2.(n.(v.g. vawlei cawh.) vawlei chung thilri . minute .(num. poi.) fatun millimeter .) 1. Do you mind if I smoke? = Kuak zu ning law.) zuh.000 nuai khat. e. They were mining for gold = Sui an co 2. a poi na ti hnga maw? 2.) sehzung ah seh in facang a rialtu millet . He is very shy and does not mingle with others = Mi ningzah thiam ngai a si i mi dang he an i cawh lo miniature . ministry .) tangka ser.) mineral a ummi.) kum tling lo minority .(adj. molh.) pe rialak lung mimeograph . Ministry of Finance = Tangka lei rianttuannak bu 2.(n.(v. e. fehternak (ordination) a hmumi pastor. The nurse ministered to the needs of the sick = Si sayama nih mizaw cu an herhnak kha a tuahpiak /tuanpiak hna.(n. thir . biakinn nganpi.g. e.) 1.(v.g. ruahnak 2.g. mint .g.(n. Iron is a mineral = Thir hi mineral a si mineral . bom phum. e. hmetnak. thlacam cang u tiah aunak i an hmanmi mince .g. e. meter cheu thong khat i cheu khat million . The car is in mint condition = Mawttaka cu a thar tluk a si ko minus .(n.) mainiuhly. al . Mind what you are doing = Na tuahmi kha i ralring 3. cangka in. khuaruah khawhnak. He has a mint of ideas = Ruahnak tampi a ngei mint .) 1. a niam bik a simi. ministerial . You must drink one cup of water a day at the minimum = A tlawm bik ah ni khat ah ti hrai khat na din awk a si minimum .g.) vawlei chung thil kawl i a khor cotu mineral .g. Pathian lei rianttuannak.) hmetter. e. vawlei chung i cawhmi khor. e.(n.) 1. e. a phaw angki lum ca i a ttha ngaimi minor .) 1. e.(v. He has lost his mind = A lungthin a tlau cang 4. hmunkhat i umti.(pron.) 1.) minits ti in awchuah a si.) milian 1. mifim ngaingai.g.milk . a niam bik. e. tangka sernak hmun 2. The place was mined during the war = Ral lioah kha hmun ah khan bom an phum miner . e.) keimah ta.(n.g. They minted a new coin = Tangka thar an ser mint .(v.(n.(n. e.(v.) mainiuhness. He entered the ministry = Pathian rian ah a lut mink .) a thar tluk.) a tlawn bik.) stencil cungah ttialmi ca ca rialnak seh i i rial i chuah. duh lo .(v.) 1.(v.(n. e. tampi.2.) mainiuh tiah a awchuah a si.(adj.) a tlawm bik .(adj.(n.(n. nawlngaih. biakhiahmi ttialmi. He acts as if he is out of his mind = A hrut bantukin a tuah mind .) vawlei chung thil chuahnak rian minister .) i cawh . e. etc. e.(n.) 1.000. the minute you see him = Na hmuh cangka tein cauk hi pe te minute .(adj.(n.(n. minit.(n. mimic .) 1.) cawhnuk bantuk a simi mill . hme tein minuteness .g.(n.(n. .. He milks the cow = Caw hnuk a sur milky .(n.(v. tlawmter minimum .) a hme deuhmi minor .g. Please give him the book. e. The child will not mind his mother = Ngakchia nih a nu nawlngaih a duh lo never mind: a poi lo. Mineral water = Mineral a ummi ti mineralogy .) nihchuak saihnak ca i nawlcawn minaret .) vuanci rian a simi. A minute particle of sand = Thetse fang hmete minutely .) sehzung millennium .(v. e.(n.(n. tawite i kar i kal mind . minutes .(adv.(adj. ruahmi. dar . There are sixty minutes in one hour =Suimilam pakhat ah minit sawm ruk a um 2.g.g. He is one of our great minds = Amah cu kan mifim hna lak i pakhat a si presence of mind: thil har pakhatkhat a chuah tik i khulrangte i ruahnak ngeih khawhnak absence of mind: mah tuahmi kha zei a si ti hngalh khawh lo bear in mind: pilh hlah have a mind to : cuhnak ngeih keep your mind on what you are doing: na tuahmi kha ruat peng ko have in mind: lungchung in i timh make up one's mind: lung i tlek of one mind: lungthin khat out of one's mind: Hruh. Six minus two is four = Paruk ah pahnih zuh cu pali a si.(adj.) vawlei chung thilri kong cawnnak mingle . a rum ngaingaimi millstone .(n.g. Hi inn cu keimah ta a si mine .) a hmete miniature .g.(n.g. He speaks his mind = A ruahmi a chim 3. lungthin. vawlei tang i phummi bom mine .This house is mine = g.) rianttuan.) a hmete minimize . caan tawite 3.(n.) a saulei tahnak .) kum thong khat miller . e.g. ha al hnga maw. sur . e.g. minister .) Muslim pawl biakinn i innsang an sakmi. e.g. ngun .) Khrihfa phungki pawl umnak i an biakinn. e. Cozah rianttuannak bu. e. millionaire .

miracle - (n.) khuaruahhar thil miraculous - (adj.) khuaruahhar a simi mirage - (n.) a si taktak lomi a si bantukin a langmi, thetse ram i khualtlawngmi hna nih ti um lopi kha tilipi bantuk in an hmuh tawn i cucu 'mirage' cu a si. mire - (n.) nawncek mirror - (n.) bihnak thlalang mirror - (v.) mui langh; e.g. The stars are mirrored in the still water = Arfi cu a cawlcang lomi ti chungah an lang mirth - (n.) lunglawmhnak, thanuamnak mirthful - (adj.) lunglawm thanuammi miry - (adj.) nawncek ummak hmun misadventure - (n.) vanchiatnak , a sualpang ton sualmi misappropriate - (v.) mah tangka a si lomi a ningcang lo i hman, tangka a thli i rak ei misappropriation - (n.) tangka a ningcang loin hmannak, a thli in rak einak misbehave - (v.) ziaza ttha loin um misbehavior - (n.) U.S. ziaza ttha loin umnak. misbehaviour - (n.) British. ziaza ttha loin umnak. miscalculate - (v.) tuak palh miscalculation - (n.) tuak palhnak. miscarriage - (n.) 1. tuahmi thluachuah lonak 2. nau rawknak miscarry - (v.) 1. thlua a chuak lo; e.g. His plan miscarried = A khua khanmi thlua a chuak lo 2. nau rawk; e.g. She miscarried because of her illness = A zawt ruangah a nau ai rawk miscellaneous - (adj.) thil dangdang aa cawh dihmi miscellany - (n.) thil dangdang aa cawhmi mischief - (n.) 1. rawhnak/tthat lonak tuahmi 2. ziaza lei caah a tthalomi rawhnak tuahmi 3. luakchuahnak, minennak mischievous - (adj.) luak a chuakmi, mi a nengmi misconceive - (v.) ruahpalh misconception - (n.) ruahpalhnak misconduct - (n.) ziaza ttha lo misconstrue - (v.) a pingin a sullam rak i lak , a pingin a sullam sawhter miscount - (v.) relpalh miscreant - (n.) misual misdate - (v.) a pingin a nithla khen misdeed - (n.) tuahnak ttha lo misdemeanor - U.S. upadi buar, ziaza ttha lo; e.g. Stealing is a misdemeanor = Fir hi ziaza tthatlo. misdemeanour - (n.) British. upadi buar, ziaza ttha lo; e.g. Stealing is a misdemeanour = Fir hi ziaza tthatlo upadi buar a si. misdirect - (v.) lam a ping i chimh. miser - (n.) mikhiar , mihnem miserable - (adj.) a nuam lo ngaimi; e.g. A miserable journey = Khualtlawn nuam lo ngaimi miserably - (adv.) nuam lo ngaiin miserly - (adj.) khiar ngaiin misery - (n.) nuam lo ngaiin umnak , fahnak innak; e.g. Poverty is the cause of their misery = Harnak an innak a chuahtertu cu sifahnak a si misfire - (v.) tlolh, meithal tlolh misfit - (n.) aa rup lomi, aa tlak lomi; e.g. These shoes are misfits = Hi kedan cu kaa rum lomi an si misfortune - (n.) vanchiatnak misgiving - (n.) lungretheihnak, lung awtawmnak, lung si deuh lonak misguide - (v.) hruai sual , a ping i hruai mishap - (n.) vanchiatnak a um sualmi misinform - (v.) a ping chimh , a hmaan lomi chimh misinformation - (n.) a hmaan lomi chimhnak misinterpret - (v.) a pingin leh misinterpretation - (n.) a ping in lehnak misjudge - (v.) a hmaan loin biachah , a ping in ruah sual mislay - (v.) kaa khatkhat i chiah i philh , a ping i chiah mislead - (v.) a ping i hruai misleading - (adj.) a ping i kalpitu a simi, a hmaan lomi a hmaan lomi tuahtertu a simi misled - (v.) past tense and past participle of mislead, a ping i kalpi. mismanage - (v.) a ping i tuah , pakpalawng i canter , hlohlak mismanagement - (n.) a ping i tuahnak, holhlaknak, pakpalawng i canternak misplace - (adj.) a ping i chiah, a um lonak ding hmun i chiah misprint - (v.) canam tikah palh sual misprint - (n.) canam palhmi mispronounce - (v.) a ping in awchuah chim mispronounciation - (n.) a ping i a awchuah chimnak misquote - (v.) mi bia a ping in chim tthan

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misread - (v.) a ping in rel, a hmaan loin hngalh sual, a hmaan loin leh misrepresent - (v.) a kong a hmaan loin chim; e.g. He misrepresented this car when he said that it was in good running order = Hi mawttaka hi a ttha ko tiah a ti tikah a hmaan loin a kong a chim a si misrepresentation - (n.) a hmaan loin a kong chimnak misrule - (v.) ttha loin uk miss - (v.) 1. nganh; e.g. He fired at a tiger, but missed it = Cakei cu a kah, asinain a nganh 2. ngaih; e.g. The child misses her mother = Ngakchia cu a nu a ngai 3. tanh lo; e.g. We missed the train = Tlanglawng kan tanhmanh lo Miss - (prop.) ngaknu; e.g. Miss Sara Martin misfire (miss fire) - (n.) meithal tlolh. missile - (n.) chehnak thil , lung a si ah , thing a si ah , hriamnam a si ah ; ral hriamnam mizil , khan tampi a zuang khomi missing - (adj.) a tlaumi; e.g. My book is missing = Ka cauk a tlau mission - (n.) 1. rian pakhatkhat tuan awkah minung bu khat an thlahmi 2. cu an va ttuanmi rian missionary - (n.) thlahmi siangbawi. misspell - (v.) cafang komh palh. misspelling - (n.) palh in cafang komh mist - (n.) minmei mistake - (n.) palhnak mistake - (v.) palh mistaken - (adj.) palh a simi. Past participle of mistake. mistakenly - (adv.) palh ngaiin mister - (n.) pa, upatnak in kawhnak, a tawikan ttial in Mr. mistletoe - (n.) tektek bawm mistook - (v.) past tense of mistake, palh. mistreat - (v.) hrem, ttha loin tuah mistress - (n.) chunghkar lak nu upa bik, tthit lomi nupi. mistrial - (n.) a ping in, hmaan loin biaceihnak mistrust - (n.) zumh lo , zumh lonak misunderstand - (v.) hngalhsual misunderstanding - (n.) hngalh sualnak misunderstood - (v.) past tense and past participle of misunderstand, hngalhsual. misuse - (v.) a ningcang lo i hmam , a ping i hman mite - (n.) thil hmete, phaisa a ngei bik miter - U.S. bishop luchin. mitigate - (v.) nemter; e.g. We may mitigate his anger = A thinhun kan nemter lai mitigation - (n.) nemternak mitre - (n.) British . bishop luchin. mitten - (n.) kuthruk, kutpi hrolhnak lawng a ngeimi mix - (v.) 1. cawh, fonh 2. komh; e.g. He likes to mix with others = Hawi he i komh a duh mix up: lung hnahnok, buai mixed company: nu le pa i cawh in um mixer - (n.) thil cawhnak fung mixture - (n.) cawhmi moan - (v.) hram , hrum thawng , thuro onh; e.g. The girl moaned in pain = Ngakchianu cu nganfah in a hrum len ko moan - (n.) hramnak , hrumnak moaning - (adj.) a hrammi moaning - (n.) hramnak moat - (n.) siangpahrang inn kulhnak ti; Mandalay i bantuk khi. mob - (n.) mi bu nganpi , uk khawh set loin a um lulhmi mob - (v.) a but in but hnawh mobile - (adj.) fawi tein tthial khawhmi , fawi tein mer khawhmi mobility - (n.) fawi tein i tthial khawhnak , i mer khawhnak mobilization - (n.) raltuk i tim in umnak mobilize - (v.) raltuknak caah i timhtuah , hmun kip ka kip i i chiah i phurh mock - (adj.) a si taktak lomi , cawn chommi; e.g. The soldiers staged a mock battle = Ralkap nih cawnnak raltuknak kha an tuah mock - (v.) 1. nihsawh 2. nawlcawn in nihchuak saih mockery - (n.) capo i saihnak mockingly - (adv.) nihsawh serhsat ngaiin mode - (n.) zia; e.g. His mode of walking is different from mine = A kal zia cu ka kal zia he aa dang model - (n.) 1. zohchunmi, i cawn awk a tlakmi 2. thil ser ding a lem sermi; e.g. He made first a model of the church he wanted to build = Sak a duhmi biakinn kha a lem a ser hmasa 3. pungsan; e.g. His car is the latest model = A mawttaka cu tunai bik pungsan a si 4. thil cawk duh hna seh ti in an thil zuarmi an hrukter hna i mi hmai ah an chuahmi hna model - (adj.) zohchun awk tlak a simi model - (v.) sining zulh; e.g. The boy modeled himself after his father = Ngakchiapa nih a pa sining zulh kha aa zuam; i zoh chun

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moderate - (adj.) 1. tam tuk lo , tlawm tuk lo , a zafang 2. a laivuang a simi moderate - (n.) a liafang i um khomi. moderation - (n.) a zafang siternak moderator - (n.) bia alnak le biaceihnak hmun i hruaitu modern - (adj.) tuchan thil a simi modernize - (v.) tuchan he aa tlak in siter , umter , ser modest - (adj.) 1. aa porhlaw lomi , aa namhmi , aa khiammi 2. ttha tuk nuam tuk a si theng lomi; e.g. He lived in a modest home = Inn zafang ah a um modestly - (adv.) a zafang in modesty - (n.) porhlawtnak lungthin ngeih lo , toidornak modification - (n.) thlennak modifier - (n.) thlengtu modify - (v.) 1. thlen 2. tthumh deuh , nemter deuh modulate - (v.) aw nemter , aw noter modulation - (n.) aw noternak Mohammedan - (n.) Muslim Mohammedanism - (n.) Muslim biaknak phung moist - (adj.) a cinmi , a hnawngmi , a ro lomi moisten - (v.) hnawter moisture - (n.) thlitu lak i a ummi ti molar - (n.) rawl khainak hapi molasses - (n.) thantling hang a khuaitidai mold - (n.) U.S. a timi thil thletnak ca i sermi kua; e.g. Melted lead is poured into the mold = Tittermi suan kha thletnak kua ah an toih. British. mould. mold - (v.) U.S. mui ser; e.g. Children mold figures out of clay = Ngakchia nih nawncek in tunu tete an ser hna. mole - (n.) 1. tawte, buikelet. 2. khuazing hmelchunh cuar cung i a ummi. molecule - (n.) thil chung i a ummi thil hme bik molest - (v.) tuaitam molestation - (n.) tuaitamnak mollify - (v.) nemter, damter, ngamter. Moloch - (n.) Molok khuazing, mei khuazing a si i a biaknak caah ngakchia kha mei in an khangh hna molt - (v.) U.S. hmul thlongh; e.g. Birds and snakes moult = Vate nih an hmul an thlongh i rul nih an i zirh. molten - (adj.) titmi; e.g. Molten image = Thir/dar titmi in an sermi milem moment - (n.) 1. caan tawite 2. atu ah; e.g. The doctor is not here at the moment = Atu ah cun sibawipa a um lo momentarily - (adv.) caan tawite chung lawngah momentary - (adj.) caan tawite chung a simi momentum - (n.) thil aa thawnmi nih aa thawn i thazang a ngeihmi monarch - (n.) siangpahrang monarchy - (n.) siangpahrang nih ukmi cozah monastery - (n.) phungki pawl umnak monastic - (adj.) phungki pawl umtuning i a ummi monasticism - (n.) phungki pawl nunning Monday - (n.) Cawnni khat ni monetary - (adj.) tangka lei he aa pehtlaimi money - (n.) tangka money order - (n.) thirhri inn in kuatmi tangka monger - (n.) zuartu; e.g. Fish monger = Nga zuartu Mongol - (n.) Mongolia miphun mongrel - (n.) kahpia, phun hnih cawhni monism - (n.) a nungmi thil pakhat lawng a um i sermi thil dihlak hi cu a nungmi pakhat chung lawng cun sermi kan si dih, ti zumhnak monitor - (n.) 1. siangngakchia a hawi siangngakchia dang zohkhenhtu i chiahmi 2. ram dang radio nih zeidah a chim tiah a ngaitu le a chimmi a chimtthantu ding i mi an fialmi, zohtu, ngaitu monitor - (v.) zoh, ngaih monitory - (adj.) ralrin peknak a simi monk - (n.) phungki monkey - (n.) zawng monkey wrench - (n.) thir cehnak mono - (n.) pakhat monocle - (n.) mit khat lawng benhmi tarmit monogamy - (n.) nupi/va pakhat lawng ngeihnak monogram - (n.) cafang dangdang hmun khat i cawh i ttial , min ttialnak ah hin hman khun a si tawn , tahchunhnak ah , Sang Hnin cu (S le H) in fohn in ttial a si hnga monograph - (n.) thil pakhatkhat kong felfai tein ttialnak cauk monolith - (n.) lung pakhat in sermi tung

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monologue - (n.) pakhat lawng biachim monopolist - (n.) thil pakhatkhat uktu khun a simi monopolize - (v.) thil pakhatkhat va uk khun monopoly - (n.) thil pakhatkhat kha pakhat nih maw bu khat nih maw an uk an hman i mi dang an tonghter duh hna lo khi; e.g. In some countries tobacco is a government monopoly = Ram khat khat ahcun sahdah hi cozah lawng nih an tongthammi a si monosyllable - (n.) biafang pakhat awfang pakhat a ngeimi biafang (holh), tahchunhnak ah E ti cu biafang pakhat awfang pakhat a ngeimi a si i sullam zong a ngei, A ti cu biafang pakhat awfang pakhat a ngeimi a si i sullam zong a ngei monotheism - (n.) Pathian pakhat lawng a um ti zumhnak monotone - (n.) thleng lo i aw khat lawng a si lengmangmi monotonous - (adj.) thleng loin aa khat lengmangmi monotony - (n.) thlen um lo, mah bon lengmang si monotype - (n.) cafang ha pakhat tete in bunhmi pawl canamnak seh monsoon - (n.) faruahthawh monster - (n.) 1. thil ttihnungpi , lu hna pahnih a ngei ti i ruahmi 2. mitthalo ngaingai monstrosity - (n.) tthat lonak. monstrous - (adj.) a tthaa lo ngaimi. month - (n.) thla; e.g. There are twelve months in one year = Kum khat ah thla 12 an um monthly - (adj.) thla fate monument - (n.) philp lonak lungphun monumental - (adj.) philh khawh lomi mood - (n.) lungthin umtuning; e.g. He is in a happy mood = A lung aa lawm moon - (n.) thlapa moonlight - (n.) thlapa vang moonlit - (adj.) thlapa nih a ceuhmi moonshine - (v.) a herh lomi bia chim sawhsawh i um men moor - (v.) tikam i hri i hren moorings - (n.) lawng hrennak hri moose - (n.) sazuk ngan phun moot - (adj.) i al len khawh a simi, a i rua lo ti zumhnak a um deuhmi. mop - (n.) la in sermi hmunphiah mop - (v.) hmunphiah in phiah moral - (adj.) ziaza ; ziaza ttha moral - (n.) hmuhtonmi nih a kan cawnpiakmi morale - (n.) lungthin chung raltthatnak , lungtthawnnak moralist - (n.) phungning te i khua a sami , ziaza tthami morality - (n.) ziaza tthatnak morally - (adv.) ziaza ttha ningin morals - (n.) ziaza morass - (n.) cerh , zur moratorium - (n.) leiba cham ding hnu deuh cham ding i upadi ning tein tuahpiakmi caan, cu a caan pekmi chung cu. morbid - (adj.) a ngan a dam lomi thil , a ngan a dam lomi ruahnak lungthin more - (adj.) 1. tam deuh , ngan deuh 2. a hlei; e.g. We need two more men = Minung pahnih a hlei kan herh 3. a dang; e.g. You can get more information tomorrow = Thaizing ah tadin dang na hmuh khawh lai more - (n.) tam deuh; e.g. Give him some more = Tam deuh in pe rih more - (adv.) 1. deuh in; e.g. A plane travels more rapidly than a train = Vanlawng cu tlanglawng nakin khulrang deuhin a kal. 2. tthan; e.g. Tell me the story once more = Tuanbia cu voi khat in ka chim tthan. more or less: an si dih ngawt ko; e.g. Most people are more or less selfish = Mi tam bik cu mah zawn ruat an si dih ngawt ko. moreover - (adv.) hlei ah; e.g. I didn't want to go fishing, moreover the weather was bad = Nga sio kal ka duh lo, cuhleiah nikhua a chia fawn mores - (n.) phunglam , phungphai morning - (n.) zingka , zinglei morning star - (n.) deirel arfi morocco - (n.) saphaw ttha phun, cauk phaw i a ttha ngainaimi, meheh phaw in sermi a si moron - (n.) lungthin a tlamtling lomi morose - (adj.) lungthin nuam lo ngaiin a ummi morphia - (n.) bing morphine - (n.) mitkuh si morphology - (n.) biafang umtuning morsel - (adj.) tlawmte, ka khat lawng mortal - (adj.) thihpi awk tlak ; a thi dingmi a thi khomi mortality - (n.) 1. a thi khomi sinak 2. thih zat; e.g. The mortality rate is high = A thimi zat an tam ko mortally - (adv.) thi dingin.

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mortar - (n.) 1. thung , thetse le ti cawh i senghnak ca i hmanmi 2. miakpi hmete 3. sum suknak sum mortgage - (n.) tangka cawimi aamahkhannak ca thil; e.g. Tim holds a one thousand kyat mortgage on Jim's house = Tim nih Jim cu tangka thong khat a cawih i cu tangka cun inn a sak i cu tangka a cawimi cu Jim nih khan a inn khan aamah a khan mortification - (n.) takpum i hremnak mortify - (v.) takpum i hrem, biaknak ruang i takpum i hrem mortise, mortice - (n.) thing pehnak chung i thing pehmi a va luhnak awng khi mortise ti a si i a va lutmi bo khi tenon ti a si. mortuary - (n.) mithi chiahnak inn mosaic - (n.) thawi tehn bantukin lung in siseh thlalang in siseh tamh i tenh. Moslem - (n.) Muslim biaknak a zulmi. mosque - (n.) Muslim biakinn mosquito - (n.) fikfa moss - (n.) lung bangbuar most - (n., adj.) 1. bik. e.g. She is the most pretty girl = Amah cu aa dawh bikmi ngaknu a si. 2. tam bik, a dihlak nawn; e.g. Most schools open in June = Sianginn a tam bik cu June ah an hun. at most, at the most: a tam bik ah; e.g. At most five of us will go = A tam bik ah panga kan kal lai. make the most of: a tthatnak bik in hman; e.g. While we wait let us make the most of our time by reading = Kan hngan lioah, kan caan cu relnak ah kan hman ahcun a tthahnem bik lai. mostly - (adv.) a tam bik cu; e.g. The students are mostly bright = Siangngakchia a tam bik cu an lung a var moth - (n.) pelep mother - (n.) hringtu nu mother-in-law - (n.) nupi nu/pasal nu. motif - (n.) pithlur , ruahnak biapi bik motion - (n.) cawlcanghnak motion picture - (n.) a cawlcangmi hmanthlak , baisikup motionless - (adj.) a cawl cang lomi. motivation - (n.) lungthawhternak motive - (n.) thil a kan tuahtertu lungthin motor - (n.) seh a mertertu enzin motor - (adj.) seh in a kalmi leng, mawttaka motorist - (n.) mawttaw in khual a tlawngmi motto - (n.) hruaitu ca i hmanmi biatlang tawite; e.g. Think before you speek is a good motto = Na chim hlan ah ruat hmasa ti hi hruaitu ca i hmanmi biatlang ttha a si mould - (n.) British. a timi thil thletnak ca i sermi kua; e.g. Melted lead is poured into the mould = Tittermi suan kha thletnak kua ah an toih. U.S. mold. mould - (v.) British. mui ser; e.g. Children mould figures out of clay = Ngakchia nih nawncek in tunu tete an ser hna. U.S. mold. moult - (v.) British. hmul thlongh; e.g. Birds and snakes moult = Vate nih an hmul an thlongh i rul nih an i zirh. U.S. molt. mound - (n.) bo , vawlei bo , lung ponmi bo mount - (n.) tlang mount - (v.) 1. She mounted the steps = Hlei ah a kai 2. cit; e.g. He mounted the horse = A rang aa cit 3. kai; e.g. Prices are mounting = Thil man a kai 4. benh; e.g. The photograph was mounted on a white paper = Hmanthlak cu caku raang ah an benh mountable - (adj.) cit khawhmi mountain - (n.) tlang mountainous - (adj.) tlang tamnak a simi mourn - (v.) ttah , ngaihchiatnak ttah in langhter , zunngaih mourner - (n.) mithi ngai , mithi ttahtu mournful - (adj.) ttah awk a simi , ngaihchiat awk a simi mourning - (n.) ngaihchiatnak mouse trap - (n.) zu rap moustache - (n.) hmurhmul mouth - (n.) 1, ka (kaa) 2. tiva rili i a vung luhnak ka mouthful - (n.) ka khat a simi , ka nih a tlum khawhmi zat mouthpiece - (n.) 1. awdawh tumnak thil vun hmawmnak kate khi. 2. mi dang aiawh in bia a chimmi. move - (v.) 1. tthial 2. pem; e.g. He moved to another village = Khua dang ah aa tthial 3. hninh; e.g. The wind moves the leaves = Thli nih thinghnah a hnih hna 4. kal; e.g. The train moved slowly = Tlanglawng cu duhsah tein a kal 5. lungtongh , i lunghmui; e.g. She was moved by his speech = A bia chimmi nih a lung a tongh ngai move - (n.) 1. thawnnak; e.g. He made a move toward the window = Thlalangawng leiah aa thawn 2. tthialnak; The move to their new home was made yesterday = An inn thar i an i tthial cu nizan ah a si move - (n.) tthialnak movement - (n.) 1. cawlcanghnak. 2. thil pakhat tinhmi ruang tuahmi; e.g. A movement was begun

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to stop smoking = Kuakzuk ngolnak ding caah cawlcanghnak an tuah. movie - (n.) baisikup mow - (v.) tual i a khomi ram tan Mr. - (n.) mister, Pu; e.g. Mr. Martin = Pu Martin. Mrs. - (abbrev.) misis (abbrev. Mistress); nupi; e.g. Mrs. Martin = Pi Martin. Zoh Miss le Ms. Ms. - (abbrev.) miz; nupi le ngaknu; e.g. Ms. Sara Martin much - (adj.) tampi. too much = a tam tuk. very much = ngaingai. much - (adv.) ngaingai; e.g. He is much taller than his sister = A far nakin a sang deuh ngaingai. much - (n.) a tampi; e.g. Much of this story is not true = Hi tuanbia chung thil tampi cu a dih lomi a si. mucus - (n.) khak (khaak). mud - (n.) nawncek muddle - (v.) cawhhnok; e.g. You have muddled the plan = Kan i tinhmi cu na cawhhnok dih; nawiter, ti nawiter muddy - (adj.) nawi , ti nawi muffin - (n.) changreu thlum phun khat muffle - (v.) tuam, lum seh ti in puan in tuam muffler - (n.) hngawngngerh, mawttaka meikhu chuahnak aw a nemtertu bawm mufti - (n.) thuam sawhsawh mug - (n.) hrai muggy - (adj.) nikhua a cin i a linh khi mulberry - (n.) pu rungrul eimi thingkung mulch - (v.) thinghnah le hmunhnawm thingkung hram i pon hnawh mule - (n.) khacer muleteer - (n.) khacercawng multifarious - (adj.) kap tampi , phun tampi , phun dangdang a simi multiform - (n.) muisam tampi a ngeimi. multilateral - (adj.) sir/hmai tampi a ngeimi multiple - (adj.) tampi , a phunphun multiplicand - (n.) nambar pakhat nih a dang pakhat a karhmi, 10 cu 5 in karh tikah karhmi nambar cu 10 a si, cucaah 'multiplicand' cu 10 kha a si. multiplication - (n.) karhnak multiplier - (n.) karhtu, 8 cu 5 in karh tikah 5 cu 'multiplier' a si. multiply - (v.) karh multitude - (n.) tampi , mibupi. mumble - (v.) fiangfai lo i kam kau ser lo in biachim mummify - (v.) mithi hlunhter mumps - (n.) biangpawr zawtnak mummy - (n.) hlanlio Iziptmi hna nih mithi an hlunhtermi hna khi 'mummies' n si; e.g. Egyptian mummies lasted more than 3000 years = Izipt mithi hlun hna cu kum 3000 leng an si. munch - (v.) tam rupmap mundane - (adj.) hi vawlei cung thil a simi municipal - (adj.) khuachung uknak le zohkhenhnak lei he aa pehtlaimi munition - (n.) hriamnam le kuan mural - (adj.) vampang cungah tuahmi; e.g. A mural painting = Vampang cung i an suai colhmi hmanthlak murder - (n.) lainawn murderer - (n.) lainawngtu murderous - (adj.) lainawnnak/harnak nganpi chuahtertu thil murk - (n.) muihnak murky - (adj.) a mui i a nuam lo ngaimi murmur - (n.) 1. tiva a luan hliahman thawng khi 2. phunzai; e.g. The children went to bed without a murmur = Ngakchia cu phunzai lo tein an it murmur - (v.) phunzai muscle - (n.) tha; e.g. The muscle of his arm = A ban tha muscular - (adj.) a tha a tthawng ngaimi muse - (v.) ruah , khuaruah museum - (n.) thil hlun chiahnak inn mushroom - (n.) pa , eimi pa music - (n.) awdawh , miuzik musical - (adj.) awdawh he aa pehtlaimi; e.g. Musical instruments = Awdaw tumnak thilri musician - (n.) hlasakthiam , awdawh tumthiam musk melon - (n.) hmazil. Zong cantaloupe. musket - (n.) tenglam meithal musketeer - (n.) tenglam meithal hmangmi muslin - (n.) la puan, a ttha ngaimi phun Mussulman - (n.) muslim biaknak a zulmi must - (v.) 1. awk a si; e.g. Man must eat to live = Minungnih nunnak ah rawl a ei awk a si 2. a si

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(n.(n.(n. e.) khuaruahhar ruah awk hngal loin umnak mystify .(v.(adj. rang/caw hmur temnak 3.) pahnih hnatla a simi .(n.(n. e. He must have arrived there by now = Atu cu khika ah a phan cang ttheu lai must . meithal kua.(n.(n.) 1.(n. kuai . I am at the nadir of my hopes = Kaa ruahchanmi a niamnak bik hmun ah ka um nag .(adj.g.g. pathian hna kong i an rak phuahmi tuanbia N N.) tuu sa mutual .g.(v. pathian hna kong i an rak phuahmi tuanbia mythology . e. thirkenh 2. It is a must that you should sleep six hours = Nazi paruk chung cu na ih hrimhrim awk a si.) i thlen lengmang khawhnak mutable .g. e.) ttha tein i chingchiah nadir .(n.(n. tin nail . hngalh awkah a har ngaingaimi mystery . My book = Keimah cauk myriad .) antam muster .(adj. The victims of the accident were mutilated. a cheu cu an kut a um lo.(n.) uktu cozah dohtu ralkap mutiny . . a niamnak bik hmun cu nadir a si. i hrawmtonhmi mutuality . tan . mystically . I myself will tell him = Keimah hrimhrim nih ka chimh lai 3.(v.g.) khuaruahhar ruah awk hngal loin um myth . a nal lomi naivete .(n.theu lai.) hmurhmul mustang .(v.) mura zihmui myrtle .) pahnih ca ttha ding a simi.g.) uktu cozah doh awkah ralkap nih ralthawh.) mystic symbols = hawi dang nih hngalh khawh lomi hmelchunhnak mystic . a hnar le a khabe 2. mah sining tawn.) hngalh awk le fianter awkah a har ngaingaimi thil .) tuanbia .) thlarau le khuavang chimhnak thawngin hawi theih lomi ka thei ti in aa ruatmi.(n. phunzai nail .(n.) ruah sawhsawhmi.) thir in khenh naive .) taklawng fangkarao i a ummi nakedness .(n. van a sannak bik hmun cu zenith a si.(adj.(adv.) taklawng in umnak Page 166 .) phunciar. I cut myself with a knife = Keimah le keimah namte in kaa at 2. phuah chommi tuanbia.(n.(n.(v. e. myth ti tikah hin pathian kong tuanbia deuh a si khun mythical .) hmunkhat i pumh mutability .(adj. thil hram thawhkehnak fianternak ca i tuanbia hlanpi in an rak hmanmi hna 2. i hrawmtonh muzzle .(n. keimah le kaimah.(n. mi dang si lo in keimah nih.) a fim lomi .) thil a hngal tuk lomi naked .) holh lo i um mutilate .) tuanbia .(adj. e. a si taktak lomi a hmaan taktak lomi mythological .) keimah ta.(pron. saram i a kaa .) a thuk ngaingaimi thil .g. I must have fallen asleep while you were out = Leng i na chuah karah khan ka rak i hngilh i a si theu lei 3.(adv.) 1.) i hrawmhtonhnak mutually . e.(v.) tampi.) a holh kho lomi mute .g.(adv.(adj.(n.(pron.(adj. kutke hna tan. mutter .) ruahnak tel loin Pathian biatak cu thlarau chimhnak lawngin hngalh khawn a si ti zumhnak mystification .) keh .) bultannak mutineer . some lost arms.) tuah hrimhrim awk a simi. cang theu lai. a parlei kua khi my .(n.(adj.(n. mustard .) 1. cu bantukin kan nunning zong i kan niamnak bik kha nadir a si. kek .g.) American rami a ummi ram rang phun khat.B.) aa thleng lengmang khomi mutation .) fiang setsai lo i ka ang set lo i chim mutton .) 1. I do not feel like myself today = Nihin cu ka sining tawn ka si loin kaa hngal mysterious .) a thuk ngaimi thil theih khawhnak thawngin mysticism .(n.) i thlen lengmangnak mute . a si taktak lomi.(n. a cheu cu an ke a um lo mutilation . some lost legs = Eksidenh a tongmi hna kha an bultan dih. mustache .) martal thingkung myself .) a niamnak bik hmun.(v. a rel rel cawk lo myrrh . e. thil thukmi mystic .(n. e.

(adj.) min name .(n.(adj.(v.(adj.) cawnchommi si loin. e.(n. chuahkehnak a simi. e. mi huatthlala . hrinnak.) min ngeilomi namely .(n. e. minennak. navigable .) 1. e. a pawngkam thil he aa tlak aa rem in umter 2.(n.) chimtu . The Nativity ti ahcun Bawi Jesuh Hrinnak ti a si natural .(n.) luakchuahnak .g.) tilawng lei thil. e. mi a nengmi. It is the nature of birds to fly = Vate cu zuan hi an sining a si.(n.g.) miphun sinak nationalize . a si kho lo dengmang in narrowminded . e. ser chommile tuahchommi si loin.) sining tein nature .(n. John was born in Brazil and naturalized in India = John cu Brazil ram ah a chuak i India ram ah India rammi canter a si naturally . minung a serchommi le thlenchommi a si lomi thil.(adj.g.) luakchuahnak.(n. e. kokek in um. M and N are nasal sounds = M le N cu chim tikah hnar in aw cuhah a si nastiness . pulpit hrawng.(n.g. naughty .(n. upatnak caah sakmi.g.) bi ngaiin.g.(v. My son Kenneth is the namesake of my friend Kenneth = Ka fapa Kenneth cu ka hawipa Kenneth upatnak in sakmi a si.) phunlei in ti ahcun native .) 1. navel . e.) tilawng lei thil a simi nautical mile . ram dang mi rammi i canter.(adv.(n.) luakchuahnak.g.) ruahnak a bimi narrowness .) 1.g.) minchimin. e.(adj. Opium is a narcotic = Bing cu ritnak thil a si narrate .) ritnak thil ttha lo: e.(adv.g. vawlei le a cung le a chung i a ummi thil vialte.) fihnung a simi . asiloah. vawlei cung a uktu sining.) pumpak thil cozah nih chuh i ngeih nationally .(v. 4.) bitnak.) caan tawite vun i hngilh nap .) a luak a chuahkmi nautical .(n.) a bimi narrowly .) min aa khatmi. e.(adj.(adj.(adj.(n. mi mineng a simi.(v. minsak 2. The weather is governed by nature = Khuati cu sining nih a uk. pakpalawng.(n. nap .) duhhlawptlai knak. namesake .(n.(n.g. Chin State is my native land = Lairam cu ka chuahkehnak ram a si 2.) tilawng in kal khawhnak a simi Page 167 . It is natural for parents to love their children = Nu le pa nih fale dawt cu an kokek in an i ngeihmi a si.g.(adj.) konglam chimnak narrative . thil pakhatkhat a sining i siter.(n.) 1. duhhlawptlai lomi nation . luak a chuakmi.(adv.g. minchim.) kong.g.(adj. konglam chim narration .g.) thil an kokek sining le umtuning a hngal ngaimi naturalize .) luakluak nauseous . 5.(adj.(adj.(adv. pe 6080 nautilus . 2. Zong umbilical cord. Pine trees are native to cold climate = Farthing cu a kihnak ah kokek in a um nativity . nasal . His father's nature was lovable = A pa cu a minung sining ah miduhnung a si. Bawi Jesuh hrinnak kha ti khummi a si.g.) rili cengkeuh phun khat naval .(v. zeihmanhlo naughtily . koketein ngeihmi le simi.(n. e. e.(n.(n.(v. chungnonak nauseate .) miphun nationalism . mineng ngaiin naughtiness .(n.) biakinn chung tuangpi.(adv. minung sining. cu hna cu an min in chim in Tommy le Susie an si. chimmi konglam narrator .(n. . nastly . Name what you want to buy = Cawk na duhmi kha an minchim tuah nameless .) phun tanhnak lungthin nationality .(adj. naturalist . e. e.g.) chuahkehnak ram/hmun i khua a simi.) lai navel cord . Peter was a native of Palestine = Piter cu Palestine ram mi a rak si native .g. naught . mi bia ngaih a duh lomi 2. sining.) chuahnak.) rili cung khan . She loved the wild flowers found in nature = A duhmi pangpar cu minung nih serchommi si loin amah khohdtein a khomi pangpar kkha an si.) rawl ei tik i kut hnawhnak pawvuah narcotic .) laihri.) duhhlawptlai loin nasty .) can tawite vun i hngilh napkin . e. His naughty joke angered his friends = A capomi mineng a simi nih a hawile kha an thin a hunter hna nausea . Only two pupils got 100 marks in the test. 3. konglam chimtu narrow .) 1. namely Tommy and Susie = Siangngakchia pahnih lawng nih camipuai ah mak 100 an hmuh. Naval officer = Tilawng ralbawi nave .) nothing.) hnar he aa pehtlaimi.(n.(n.(n.) chim .

S.(n. nearly .(adv. Coming near we saw the flowers = Kan hei naih i pangpar kha kan hmuh hna.(v. hmanthlak a thlam lawng a langmi kkhi negatively . khihramh lo neglect . neither .g.g.) remtu .) dengmang.(adj.(adj. naih.(n.(adj.(n.(n. nefarious .) hliti .(conj.(adj.(n.g.) He lives nearly = Kan pawngah.(n. daithlanh 2. e. aa innpami. herh. nai.) a herh ningin necessary .) pahnih lak i pakhat zong kha a si lo.g. innpa chakthlang.g. short sighted ti cu khua fak piin hlapi tiang a ruat kho lomi khi a si. e. nainak nearsighted . a nai. hmailei kong chimnak nectar . i naihnak.) U.) daithlannak . neighboring .) metei phun khat need .) thiang hirhiar tein.(n.) a herhmi necessitate .(adv.S.) a dummi zawng. neighbour .(v.(n.(n.(n.) i remhchun khawhmi negotiate .) British. a si lo/a si kho lo tiah chimnak 2.) herhmi thil neck .(n.) thitlawnnak .(v.) tilawng ralkap navy blue .) 1.(n.) 1. aa innpami.) midaithlang mi negligible . thim bantuk a simi far hnah needlework . a si lo i canter negation .(adj.(n.g. I never went to town = Khuapi ah ka kal bal lo. a si lo negative .) zeirel awk tlak a si lomi negotiable .) tilawng kalter navigation . near . thiltamh .(n.(n.) U.(adj. aa dawhriami.) naihnak .) remhchunhnak khua khan tinak negotiator . thilsuai needs . aa tlak ngamhmi si i dawhria ngaiin um.g. thim 2.(n.(adj. Neither statement is true = A chimmi kha an hmaan veve lo Page 168 .) British. hngawngoih necromancer .(adj. e.) thiangte le ningcangte i a ummi neatly .) thitlawn a thiammi . aa tlak ngamhmi si i dawhria ngaiin um.) nekttai .) remhchunnak ruah ti le khanti negotiation .) 1. neighbourly .) a sual tuk hringhranmi .(adj. neighborly .) a si lo lei in neglect . hmanthlak nekatif. e.(v.(adj.(adj.(v.(adj.g. innpa chakthlang neighbourhood .(n. innpa chakthlang sinak. a mit cu a ttha ko nain neat . Innpa chakthlang sinak. herh lio can needle . Babies need milk = Ngakchia nih hnuk an herh 2.) al . necessarily . Africa mi.g.(adj.) 1. awk a si. kan naih ah a um nearness .S aa dawhrimi.(n.) 1. bal lo. nearsighted ti cu a mit a tthat lo ca i lamhlapi a hmu kho lomi khi a si.(adj.) never.(n. e. pangpar hliti nectarine .(adj. duh lonak negative .(adj.(n.g.) hngawng necklace .) tilawng kalternak navigator .) a herh hrimhrim.navigate .) British.(adv.(adv. A soldier must needs go where duty calls = A herhnak hmun ah ralkap cu an kal hrimhrim awk a si ko needy .) a si a fakmi .(n. He nearly missed the train = Tlanglawng a tanh lo dengmang nearly . tilawng ralkap nih an i hrukmi angki zawng Neanderthal . He neither drinks nor smokes = Zu zong a ding lo.(n.(n. herhnak 2. khuavang .) U.(adv.) thim in tuahmi rian .S. herhmi thil 3. thiltthit .) 1. e. e. 2. Vacation is near = Sianginn khar a nai.) thi necktie .(n.(adv. neighbouring .(n.. adv.) mi nak. duh lonak langhter 2. hmailei thil kong a chimtu necromancy . kuak zong a zu lo neither .(adv.) lamnai lawng a hmu khomi.) 1.) alnak .) aa naihmi.(adj. herhbaunak a ngeimi ne'er .(v. sual cerlet negate . tizu . We need to go today = Nihin cu kan kal awk a si need . neigh .) rang onh neighbor .(n. Peter is my near relation = Peter cu ka sahlawh a naimi a si.(v. duh lo .) tuah lo lei lenghternak. Zong Blacks le African-Americans.) U. remnak khuakhangtu Negro . neighborhood .(adj.) minung nih lung kha hriamhrei ah an rak hman lio chan thil a simi near . zohkhenh lonak negligent .) daithlanhgmi negligence .) British. e.(adj. e.) herhter necessity . i naihnak.) lawng kaltertu navy .) daithlan neglectful . e.

(n.) tadinca phawtu newspaper .(n.(n.(n.) khulrang tein.) min ngaingai a si lomi .) thather derhdorh in a ummi nervousness .(prop.(adv.) sawmkua ninth . teirul chamnak neolithic .(v.(adv.) baisikup in chuahmi tadin next . tikor niece .(n.(prop. adj.(adj.(n.) a let kua nineteen .(n.g.) ttha tein nickle .) a hun changtu nib . e.) thahri zawtnak in a zaw i thiinphang derhdorh in a ummi neuter . ngakchia chuakthar newcomer .) thawngpang . tadin newsboy .) khuazeilei khuazeilei hmanh i tang lo i tuah .g.) bal tthan lo nevertheless .(n.(num.) dengmang.(n.) thather derhdorh in umnak nest .) sawmkuanak ninety .(n.(adj. e. ahohmanh nih kal a duh veve lo nemesis . A network of roads connected the towns and villages = Sur bantukin aa takmi lam hna nih khuapi le khuate kha an pehtlaih dih hna neuritis .(adj.(n.(pron.(adv.(n.) mangchia nil . newborn .) dah pakhat neophyte .(num. naite night .) a hmurpar.) thahau network .(n.(adj. e.) nain .) khattelei khattelei i a tanglomi neutrality .(n. a zuan a zangmi nimbly .) khuhsi chung ummi .(n.) veve lo.(adj.(adv.) Negro . nu a simi niggard .) vate phun khat min nightly . serhsatnak i hmanmi auhnak.(num.) thazang ngei lomi nervous .) thahri nerveless .) khattelei khattelei i tanlonak neutralize .) tadinca newsreel .(n.(n.) sur net .) hleikuanak ninetieth .) thahri phin zawtnak neurotic .(adv. tipil ing ka nephew .neither .(adv. Khrihfami Cathiang.) zan nightcap .(adj.) teirul chamtu khuazingnu .) a ra tharmi .(n.) mikhiar nigger .(adv. nigh .) nu zong a si lomi . Holland ram nettle .(n.) arfi pakhat min nerve .) bu chung i a lut thar. e.(n. He never came to church = Biakinn ah a ra bal lo nevermore .(n.) ih lai i i hrukmi angki nightingale .) teuh.) thar .(n.) unau fa asiloah far fa . Netherlands = Ramniam.(n.g.) sakahthiam.(n.(adj.g.(adj. nibble .) suan bantuk a simi thil.(n. US tangka dollar pakhat cheu kul cheu kha.(n.(n.) pakua ninefold .(num. nickname .(n.) khuamuih nightgown . rianrang tein Nimrod . pa a simi nepotism .) a tthami nicely . mipem news .(n. Fountain pen nib = Fountain pen hmurpar. caponak i i kawhnak min nicotine . a tharmi New Testament ..(adv.(n.) uknak nawl ngeimi hna nih an chungle lawng an zawn an ruah hna khi Neptune .(v.) khulrang in a kal khomi.(n.) hleikua nineteenth . si a si tikah a tthawnnak hloh kha a si never . far fa .) a chuaktharmi.) vate bu nestling . nice .g.(n. e.(n.) sur bantukin aa takmi. pa zong a si lomi neutral .(n. moksu nine .) a niammi.) va fanote net .) hmanmi vialte zuh dih hnu i a tangmi nether .(n.(adj.) ta fa .(n.) zanfate in nightmare .) pakuanak Page 169 .) zan ih tik i hmanmi luchin nightfall . Rabbits nibble carrots = Saveh nih kazer an teuh.(n.(num.) Biakam Thar.(num.g.) bal lo.(n.) zeihmanh lo nimble . sihmanhsehlaw new . Neither of the boys would go = Ngakchia pahnih hna lakah khan. e.) hriamhrei ca i lung an hman chan a donghlei neon .

ti hlah.(adj.g.(adj.) party pahkatkhat chung i aa tel lomi. zei chim awk hngal lo i um. normally .(n. norm . nob .) naihtreih non nitre .) naitrozen dah no .(n.) min menmen in nominate .(v.) chaklei a simi.(n.) ee zong ti lo ai zong ti lomi .(adj. a luanter lotu non-conformist . Buddhist pawl vancungkhua nitrate . pa zong a ngei lo. e.) zeihmanh a si lo mi nocturnal .(adj.) ral an i tuk i ahohmanh nih an uk veve lomi an karlak i a ummi ram khi. zeihmanh a si lomi noodle . He has neither father nor mother = Nu zong a ngei lo.(adv. Eleanor received the prize with pretended nonchalance = Eleanor nih laksawng a lakah khan zeirello bantukin aa umter nonchalant .g. e. non-essential .) chunlai noose . hnatlaknak langhternak 2.(adj.g. ngut i lu suk node . a si lo. tuavon. nirvana .(n.) zencing nitrogen . thawri noisily .) zumh lo awk zeihmanh um lo tein no man's land .nip .) biafang thawknak i hmanni. nobleness .) lu nobility . e.(n.(n.) nitlak-chak northern .(n.g. nonsence . tuavon ngaiin nobody . e. She is no better today = Nihin aa hlei lo 3.) mihrinfa sinak .) ralkap sen thum in sen khat tiang non-conductor . a hnah a chuahnak cang.) ttha ngaiin. rua cang.) a si tawnmi normal .(adv. nonchalance . ahohmanh lo.(n.g.) min peknak nominee .) kiken noon .(adv.) hrival nor . a sullam cu 'lo' (a si lo) tinak a si non-commissioned . Noel . He has no friends = Hawikom pakhat hmanh a ngei lo 4.(n.) 1.) thawng .) 1.) a herh lomi thil non-partisan .) rian pakhatkhat tuantu ding ca i thim awk ca min pek nomination .g. hlei lo.) hmun khat hnu hmun khat ah aa tthial lengmangmi nomadic .) zan fate in nod .) 1.(adj.) si tawnnak.) a cang. normal school .(n.(adj.(v. tthatnak nobly .) aa tthial lengmangmi nominal .) chaklei north-east .) mihrinfa.) Chaklei Arfi north-west . Northern part of Burma = Kawl ram chaklei kam.) rimchia a simi nomad . asilo 2.(adj. e.(n.(n.(adj.) upat awk tlak sinak.(n.) thawngthang ngaiin .(n.(n.) zeirello in a ummi noncombatant .) min pekmi non .(pref.) min lawng a simi nominally .) zeirello. fircang.g.(n.(adv.g.(n. e.) zan thil a simi.) khohsuai nook .) hnacheh thawng noisome .(n. ziaza ttha a simi noble . None would want to help him = Ahohmanh nih an bawm duh lo 2.) nichuah-chak North Pole . e.(adv.(adj.(pron. The owl is a nocturnal bird = Chimbu cu zan va a si nocturnally .(conj. pakhat hmanh lo.(n.(v.(n.) raltu lo pawl noncommittal .(n.) hnukpar bo Nippon .) upat awk tlak .) Cunglei Pol North Star . e.(n. Eat rice no more = Facang buh ei ti hlah no doubt .(adj.) Christmas.) a phittu . mi numsiang .(n.(n.) Japan.(n.(n.) ceh .) a si tawn ningin north .) hnatlak langhternak lusuk nod .g.(n.(n.(n.) 'neither' he lawng hman khawh a si i lo tinak a si.(n. tuavon sinak noble .(adv.(n.) Khrihfabu kalning tawn duh lo i a thar in kal a duhmi pawl.) neihban . None of her work is done = A rian pakhat hmanh aa ttuan lo. e.(pron.(adv.(n.(adj.(n.(n. thawri ngei ngaiin noisiness .) sianginn saya cawnpiaknak sianginn. noise .) lung ar i um.(n.) vantlang tahnak tlangrel normal . nonplussed . Page 170 . ka vaa ruat rih lai a timi khi none . cik nipple .(n. lu suk .(n.) pakpalawng .

) cinken awk a tlakmi nothing . e. ruahning . zoh. e. Nuclear bomb = A muru in a puakmi bom.(v.(n. cawmnak novel . thil thar. langhternak am. e. i chingchiah awk a tlakmi notably .g. hmuh khawh awkin notification . I do not like millet = Fatun ka duh lo. e.) rianttuannak biakamnak a tuahtu bawi. philhlonak ding ah i ttialmi ca 2. hngalhning .g.g.g.(adj. hngalhternak.(n. pakhatkhat nih chiatser in bia hmaan ka chim tiah a timi bia a ttialtu le a khumhtu bawi notation . It was her notion that planes were safer than trains = Vanlawng kha tlanglawng nakin a him deuh ti cu amah zumhning a si notoriety . e. phungki a cawng liomi now . hmuh khawh a simi. cakuat tawite 4. The garden is on the northward slope of the hill = Dum cu tlang pang chaklei kan ah khan a um northwestern .(n. ttha tein i chingchiahmi 3. notice .) minthangmi .) rawlpek .(adv.) minthangmi noteworthy .(n.g.) aa thawkka a simi .) a tlang.(n.) naisai lo. There is nothing in an empty box = A lawngmi kuang chungah zeihmanh a um lo nothing . pakpalawng.) thil min.(n. 2. sawh nugget .(n.(adj.) Norway mi.(adv. November .(n.) hnahnok luri null . e.(n.(adj.) biktaling in tlak nostril .) hmuh. Words like John. zero .) 1.) i chingchiah awk tlak ngaiin notary . philh lo awkah i ttial.) a muru he aa pehtlaimi thil. I will in nowise cast them away = Azeitihmanh in ka hlonh hna lai lo nozzle .) ruahnak in phan chommi tuanbia novel .(adj. The notice on the wall said "For Sale" = Vampang cung i hngalhternak. Nugget of gold = Sui tlang nuisance .) khuar.) 1.g. Notwithstanding her homeliness.) a muru nude .) khuazeihmanh lo.(adj.(adv. 0 noun .(n. I have no notion of what he means = A chimmi kha a sullam zei a si a ruah awk ka hngal lo 2.) ruahnak in tuanbia a phanchom thiammi novelty . tonic solfa notation = d r m f in a aw ttialmi khi.) a tharmi.(adv.(v.) hnar thichuah nose-dive .(adv. zumhning.(n.) 1. e. cawm nourishment .(adv. e.) lo . e. null and void = zeihmanh lo. I love my daughter = Ka fanu cu aa dawh lo nain ka dawt ko nought .(n. A note of triumph was in his voice = Teinak am a aw chungah khan a um noted . e.) nain.g.) tthat lo lei i min thang ngaiin notwithstanding .(n. e.(n. ruahnak.) November thla.(adj. 2. You must give a month's notice before you leave = Na kal hlanah thla khat ralrinnak na kan pek lai serve notice: a hlankan in ralrinnak pek noticeable .(n.(n. philhlonak ding ca i cattialmi.) tthat lo lei i a min a thangmi notoriously .(n. He cut notches on a stick = Fung ahkhan khuarmi a tuah note .(n.(n.(n.) lang ngaiin.g.(v.(adj.) hmurparte nuclear .) 1. tharnak.) azeitihmanh in. nose . ttha tein zoh. I notice that you are wearing a new hat = Luchin thar naa chinh ti kan hmuh notice . hla aw hmelchunhnak d r m f ti bantuk 5. an tarmi nih.) atu just now : atute ah khan now and then/now and again: pah lengmang.(adv.(n. novelist .) hnarkua not . notch .) din nawn tein en . e.(v.g.(n.g. Page 171 .) hngalh awk tlak a simi. e. ralrinnak pek.(n. note .) hnar nose bleeding .(n.) nitlakchak a simi Norwegian .(adj. e.g. a lang khomi noticeably . chinchiahnak he ttialmi.) chaklei kam.(n. e. This coat is nothing like you old coat = Hi angkileng hi cu na angkileng hlun tluk kha a si naisai lo. I saw him now and then = Amah cu ka hmuh pah lengmang nowadays: atu hrwng nowhere . e.(adj.) tthat lo lei minthannak notorious .) hnipuan loin nudge .g.(v.(adj.) theihter notion .g.) 1. "Zuar Awk" tiah a ti 3. e.g.) theihter chungnak notify . e.g.g.(n.(prep. hlah.g.) zeihmanhlo. table and cow are nouns = Biafang a simi John.g.) 1. Bring the letter to his notice = Cakuat kha amah zoh awkah rak pu 2. e.) pakpalawng .(adv. novice .(adv.) zeihmanh a si lomi. 2. Do not lie = Lihchim hlah notable .g. nucleus . cabuai le caw hna hi noun an si nourish .) rawl peknak . This road leads nowhere = Hi lam cu khuazeihmanh a phan lo nowise .northward .

e. a tawi khawhnak bik in nylon . ngaknu mui dawh O O .K.g.(adj.) nawlngaihnak obedient .(adj.(n.) nailon nymph . e. ai ngaichin duh lomi obedience . obduracy . chiatsernak.(n. thingkung thlaici erhnak hmun nursery rhyme . .(n.nullification .) 1.(n.(adj.) 1.(n.) i thirtumnak he aa pehtlaimi nurse .(adv.) tinhmi oblate .(n.2. ngakchia zohkhenhnak inn 2. objective .(n.2.) cawmnak nurture .) pakpalawng i ser nullity .(n.(adj.) tampi nun .) rawl nutritious .(n.) thetse ram i cerh oat .) kuhthing oar .) a nambar relnak in numerous .) mizaw congh nursery . Bolt and nut = Thirkhenh ngannawnmi bawl le a lu nutcracker .(adj.(n.) nambar he aa pehtlaimi numerically . tinhmi.) lawng zaptu oasis .(n.(n.) rawl ttha a simi nutshell .) 1.) oat changvut.) upatnak le hmaizahnak i kun obelisk .(n.(n.(n.) nawlngaih obituary .(adj. sianginn taktak kai a cu rih lomi ngakchia ca sianginn 3.(n.9.) oat. nunnery .) lawng zahnak fung oarsman .) Aw O.(n.) hangtamnak thingthei nutrient . facang bantuk a simi rawl phun khat oath .) thazang a pe khomi rawl nutrition .) thau tuknak obey .3. 1 is the numerator = ½ ah hin 1 hi nambar cheu cunglei um ci a si.(adj. tak nih zeihmanh theih lo number .(v.(n.(adj.(n. siinn sayama 2.) a ttha O. In ½.(v.(n.(adj. numerical .(n. ttial a ngeimi thirkhenh ngan nawnmi le a lu.) nambar.) pakpalawng i sernak .(n.(n.(n.(n.) phungkinu pawl umnak inn.) a thau tukmi obesity .) thingthei khuainak nutmeg .) 1.) a ttha O.) nawl a ngaimi obeisance . 1.) lungphun sangpi obese .(n.) hihnak numeral .) Pope aiawhtu.(adj. .) mithimi kong chimnak a simi object .) ka hna a tla oak .) nau hla nurseryman .) a lung a hakmi.) 1. His object in life is to become a doctor = Aa tinhmi cu sibawi si a si.K.(v.3.) phungkinu nuncio .(n. 2. biakamnak.(n.(n.) hit .) nambar numbness .100 are numbers = 1.g.(v.(adj.) zeihmanh lo sinak.) cawm nut . pakpalawng sinak numb . nuptial .100 cu nambar an si numerator .(n.9. thingthei 2.(n. convent he aa khat.(n.) thingkung thlaici zuartu nurture .(interj.) a par le a par a zum i a lai a puarmi Page 172 .g.(n. e.(v. ngakchia zuhkhenhtu nurse .) tiva le rili le tupi chung hawi hna i a ummi khuazingnu. e.g.(n.) lunghahnak obdurate . zeihmanh lo i tuahnak nullify . thil 2.(adj.) nambar cheu i al cunglei i a ummi khi.) thingthei hawng in a nutshell: tawite ttung tling tein chim.(n.(interj. oatmeal . .K.

) hman ti lomi. I am very pleased that on this occasion I have the privilege to preach = Tutan cu phungchimnak caan ka hmuh caah kaa lawm. He obtained two kyats for two eggs = Arti pahnih caah fang hnih a hmuh obtainable . Europe le America.g. lunglawmhnak langhter awk a si ti i kan lungchung i a um khi.g. You have no occasion to be angry = Na thinhun a herh lo.) donh .) a hung um. e.) fian lonak observance .(v.) thurhnawmmi . e.) hmuh .(adj.) dawntu a simi obtain .(n.) thurhnawmhnak obscure . Sports occupy Jim's thought = Lentecelh kha Jim lungchung ah a khat 3. e. The dog. Astrology is an occult science = Arfi zoh thiamnak in thil um lai ding chim khawh timi fimnak hi occult fimnak cu a si.) hman ti lomi . 4.) paisah.(n. um.) a ttha lo . a chung i a ummi va sinak occupant .(n.g.oblation . hni lo hna i hmanthlakmi obscenity . e. e. ngaih.) dawntu obstinacy . e.) 1. a lung a pingmi obviate . e.) ziaza ding lo obliterate .(v.(adj.(adj. The accident occurred last Friday = Eksidenh cu kan hnu Cawnni nga ni ah khan a um. had run away = I siknak a umtertu uico kha a tli diam cang. The enemies occupied our village = Ral nih kan khua an lak i an um hnawh 4.(v. caan nih a kaltak cangmi obsolete .(n.(n. e.) a lung a hakmi obstruct .(n.) upadi in tuah hrimhrim awk timi obligation .(n.(adj.(adj. 2. observer .(n.) mi dang bawmh a duhmi oblique . e.) lunghahnak .g.(n.g. tan.) lohnak . e. We observe Sunday = Zarhpini kan ulh. huat awk tlak .) hlawt . The boy's behaviour (U. na thin a hun awk a si lo.g.) hmuh khawhmi obtrude .g.(adj.(v. What is your occupation? = Na rian zeidah a si? 2. harnak le ttihnung kha thianh . khamnak obstructive .) 1. e.(adj.(adj.(adj.) philhmi .) 1. e.(n. a fim lomi .) a caan caan ah a simi occasionally . e. zulh.) a fiang komi occasion .g. duh lomi a simi obscene .g. He observed a man leaving by the back door = Inncar lei innka in mipa a chuah kha a zoh.(n. kham obstruction . e. hngalh lomi oblong . We occupy the house = Inn ah kanmah kan um occur . hloh.g.S . The occurence of storm delayed our trip = Tothe a hung um caah kan khualtlawn kan tlainak a si Page 173 .g. The building occupies a large area = Inn nih hmun kaupi a khat (a huh) 2. zoh. e. lawmhnak bia chim i batmi obligatory .) a vang nakin a tung a sau deuhmi thil obnoxious . mah ruahnak siseh .(adj.(n.(n. ulhnak observation . occasion . occult .) fian loter obscurity .g.) zohnak .) lungthin chung i a khah in khah . I am very much obliged for your help = Na ka bawmhnak caah ka lung aa lawm ngaingai obliging . co.g. e. a hlun cangmi obstacle .(adj. Who is the occupant of this house ? = Hi inn chung i a ummi hi ahodah a si? occupation . ulh. ngiatnak observe . rian.(v. Our occupation of this house began on May 1 = Hi inn chung i kan umnak cu May 1 khan aa thawk occupy .(v. He observes the law = Upadi kha a zulh.(v. a chung i umnak.(n. nawlngaihnak . behavior) occasioned his parents much anxiety = Ngakchiapa a umtuzia nih khan a nu le a pa cu lungretheihnak a pek hna. The rain obliterated the footprints = Ruah nih neh kha a hloh din hna oblivion .) hnawh .g.) a hriam lomi . nawl. tuah awk a simi 2.(n.(adj. occupancy . dinglo.(adv. lungchung i khah. e.(v. 3.g. caan. herh.) vawlei cung thil umtuning zulh in hngalh khawh a si lomi thil. This is not an occasion for laughter = Atu hi nih caan a si lo.g.) 1.g. thil a hun umtertu. a khat..) hung umnak.(adj.) a caan caan tete ah.(n.(n. which was the occasion of the quarrel.) tuah awk rian a simi oblige .g.(v. occasional .(adj. It did not uccur to her to be afraid = Ttih awk a hngal lo occurrence .(adj. caan nih kal tak cangmi .g.) 1. mah ruahning lawng a hmaan i relnak obstinate .) Nitlaklei ram.(n.) inn siseh vawlei siseh a ngeitu va si.g. Occident . e.) mah le mah siseh .) zulhnak . a ngawi obliquity . philhnak oblivious . aa dawh lo .(n. adj.(n. teinak in co. e. mi nih an duh lo na i heh ti i hmailei i fon obtrusive .(adj. 2. helhkam ngai obsession .g.(v.) a chung i a va ummi. e.) umter. 3. komiti cung i bia ngaitu kutthlirnak nawl a ngei lomi obsess .(v.(adj.) lungthin helhkamnak obsolescent .(v.) tuah awk a simi rian.(v.) donhnak . tthial obvious .) hmaifon le langh aa cuhmi obtuse .) din awk thil Pathian sinah raithawinak i pekmi obligate .) a fiang lomi obscure . e.) bia ngaitu.

octave . phoih. He offered ten kyats for the box = Thingkuang cu fang hra in kan cawk lai.) pekchanhmi thil he aa pehtlaimi offhand . phoih.(n. hmih. kal. oceanic . tuah duhnak langhter.g.) i rem lonak. 3. ka kal cang lai. e.g. e. We were pleased with his offer of help = Bawmhnak kan pek hna lai. The take off will be at seven = Vanlawng zuan caan cu suimilam pasarih ah a si lai.) pekmi thil .) thinhuntertu offense . cat. e. tthat lonak.) mit sibawi odd .g. 4. 6. ral doh tik i a namtu lei si.g.g. octopus .) 1.) rilpi he aa pehtlaimi o'clock .) a namtu lei si offer . He likes to tell of his trip = A khualtlawnnak kong chim a duh ngai. pathum le panga hi a pak an si 2. e.g. e. e.) kap riat a ngeimi thil.g. He was arrested for the offense of stealing = Fir sualnak ruangah an tlaih. a man ah pek. favor): Teinak ding caan ttha cu amah lei ah a um. e. offer . A friend of mine has gone home = Ka hawipa cu inn ah a tlung.(adj.(v. off .) hla odious .) rili chung saram phun khat.(n. take off: 1. I must take off for home = Inn ah ka kal lai. a timi cu kan i lawm.(n. officially .g.(adv. how many people live in this town = Hi khua chungah hin minung zeizat dah a um hna ti kha ruah ciammam lo cun ka hngal lo offhand .) 1. The electricity is off = Elektrik dah a cat. He turned off the lights = Elektrik ceu kha a hmih hna. The boy offered to carry my books =Ngakchiapa nih.(n. odds and ends: a bultan tuktak ode .g.g.g.(adv. a ti. e. off . Take the lid off = A chin kha phong. kap riat a ngeimi inn.g.g.(adj. I watched the planes take off and land = Vanlawng an kai le an ttum kha ka zoh hna. van i zuan.(n.) 1. diam. The bird flew off = Vate kha a zuang diam.(n. of . e. October .) suimilam. 2. khat. a pak. Pathian sin pekmi thil offertory . offensive .g. 3.(prep.g. 3.(n.(n. nawlbuarnak. e. off . phongh.g.(n. They were off to the cinema = Baisikup zoh ah an kal. kong. They are at odds with each other = Pakhat le pakhat an i rem lo The odds are in his favour (U. asinain thaizing cu ka ttuan hrimhrim lai.) zung chung i hmanmi tlangval officer . It's now seven o'clock = Atu cu suimilam pasarih a si octagon . duh lo awk ngai a simi odor .) kaa in pawpi tiang rawl kalnak lam. e.g.(n. 2.g. e.) nawl ngeitu.(n. e. e. Official duty = Zung rian official .(adv. zung 2.(adj. 2. 6. I do not know offhand. a pial. ocular . e. e. 3.(n. e.(adv. pek. He drinks two cups of coffee = Kawfi hrai hnih khat a din.(adj.(n. rian ngolta.(v. palhnak. He offered her his watch = A suimilam a thianh (pek). e.(n. I took time off this afternoon. e. e. phih.g. 5.(adj. This book is one of the books which he wrote = Hi cauk hi a ttialmi cauk hna chung i pakhat a si. e.) hawi he i lo lo ngaiin oddness .g. The soldiers are off duty after three = Ralkap pawl cu zanlei pathum hnu cun an rian in an i din. but I must work tomorrow = Nihin chunhnu cu ka rian ka ngolta. e.) pek laimi thil. 2.) aw . His coat was off = A angki aa phoih. e. e.) e. One. d r m f s l t d = do re mi fa so la ti do.ocean .g.g.(n. The chair is made of wood = Thutdan cu thing in an ser.) mit he aa pehtlaimi thil oculist .g.g.) rimchia .) 1. e.) hawi he i lawh lonak oddly .(n.(n. ngeih.g.) Octobar thla.(n. e. rian office boy .g. 2.(adj.) 1. thawhlawm . ta. I must be off now = Atu cu ka kal awk a si. 5.g. hmailei caan ah a si lai.) bawi official . 7. na cauk kan putpiak lai. e.g. rianttuannak in i dinh. chungmi.(n. a duh rih. 2.) 1.g. 4.(n. e.(prep.) zung he i pehtlai ngaiin Page 174 .) thinhunter offender . but comes here off and on = A kan leng zungzal mi a si lo. a ti. in.) rili kam in rili chunglei ah a hlatnak hmun offend . The train is off the tracks = Tlanglawng cu a lam a pial. e.) ruah ciammam loin.) 1. a si nain a zeimaw caan ah a ra tawn.g.) 1.g.(adj.(adj.) rilipi. He is not a regular visitor. Take your shoes off = Na kedan i phoih. be off: e.) rim oesophagus . hla. Our holidays are still a month off = Kan sianginn khar cu thla khat a duh rih. e. e. Zong esophagus.(adj. Our house is within three miles of the city = Kan inn cu khuapi chungin khan thum a hla. lakmi.(n.g.) zung he aa pehtlaimi thil. The offense we launched on the enemy was well planned = Ral kan va namhna cu ttha tein timhmi a si.g. off and on: a zeimaw caan ah. three and five are odd numbers = Pakhat. He is a man of great strength = Thazang ngeimi pa a si. offering . kal.(n. bawmh duhnak .g.S. off-shore .) hawi he i lawh lonak odds .) ruat setsai loin chimmi. e.g. e. 2. kut pariat a ngeimi. His was an offhand remark = A chimmi cu ruah setsai loin chimmi a si office . hawi he aa lo lomi oddity . (n. sualnak.

(n. He turned off the lights and all at once it was dark = Mei kha a hmih i chikkhatte ah a mui dup ko. zapi citmi omnibus . He is twenty years old = Amah cu kum kul a si 3. 2. above zong cung a si caah. He goes to church on Sunday = Zarhpini ah biakinn ah a kal tawn. ah. They came all at once = An dihlak in voi khat ah an ra.) sathau thuh .) hmelchunhnak ominous .) pakhat.(prep.(n.) 1.(n.g. e.(n. hman khawh a simi. e. e. My shoes are old = Ka kedan cu an tet cang old .) ram pakhat mibu hmete nih uknak chung i aa telmi oligarchy .g.) Biakam Hlun.(n.g. na philh ti lai lo once . He oils the machin twice a day = Ni khat ah seh cu voi hnih si a thuh oily . cu cungah a si) 2.g.(n. a dihlak in voi khat ah.) 1. The house is on fire = Inn a kang. This house is very old = Hi inn cu a hlun ngaingai 4.) Grik ram tlang pakhat min.) cangka in. an pathian Zeus umnak i an ruahmi. During foggy weather the trains are late as often as not = Minmei a tam chel ahcun tlanglawng cu atu le atu tlai lengmang more often than not: atu le atu oh .(adj. si thuh i nalter.) 1.g. hlanah.) khuazei ka hmanh i a um dih khomi omniscience . voi khat. a si.(n. a tet cangmi.) telh lo .) baska . e. khat one-sided .(conj.) zeizong vialte hngal dihtu a simi on .) thil ttha lo tlung ding hmelchunhnak a simi.) thing tengnge offspring .(n. Roman cafang i 'z' bantuk. oliv thei olive branch .(adj.) oliv thinghnah a lomi thinghnah tom. on.g.) 1.g. e. The machine is on = Seh cu a ttha ko.(n.(v. cucaah donghnak ti sulla a ngei omelette . cungah.(adj. at once = Khulrang tein ra tuah one .g. a hlunmi 2. Once you hear the song.) pakhat sinak Page 175 . e. you will never forget it = Hla cu voi khat na theih hnu cun.g. aih . omega . e. telh lonak . a tarmi . (Lai holh ah hin on zong cung.) hlanlio chan days of old: hlanlio chan old fashioned . The money he got partly offset his losses = Tangka a hmuhmi nih a sunghmi kha a cheuchum cu a rulh offshoot .(adv.(n.(interj..) hlanlio old timer . ceuter.g. zapi citmi omnipotence .) aa bawiter ngaimi .(n. January 1 occurs once a year.) hlan thil tining le ruahning a duhmi Old Testament .(n. once .) si thuh ca i a nalmi old . e. e.g.) arti cawh dih hnu i reumi omen .) hrinsor tefa often .. hnu cun.) Grik cafang i a donghnak bik.g. e.) aw! ah! oil .g. thlau .g.) khuazei ka hmanh i um dihnak omnipresent . sathau 2. e. He came on time = Tinhmi can te ah a phan on time: a caan hmaante ah.(n.(adj. tlangbawi/biaknak lei rianttuantu nih biakinn chung hawi hna i an rian an ttuan khi officious . You must be here on time = A caan bak ah hika hi na phan hrimhrim lai on fire: a kang cuahmah lio on foot: ke in kal /rat on purpose: timh ciammam tein on hand: naite ah. khulrang tein. The book is on the table = Cauk cu cabuai cungah a um. Once is enough = Voi khat cu a za ko.(n.) kam khattelei lawng oneness .(adj. He puts on his shirt = A angki aa hruk 2.) zeizong vialte a tuah khotu a simi omnipresence . e. old time .) a ttha ko.) zeizong vialte a tuah khawhnak omnipotent .(adj.(adj.) ram pakhat mibu hmete nih uknak olive .g.(v.g. hlun.(n.g. He talked on and on = A holh lengmang on . e. e.) baska .(n.) lengmang. hruk. once upon a time = Hlanliopi ah hin once . mi dang thil kong i aa thlak tukmi offset .) hrelhnak . thlaunak omit . on time: tinhmi caan te ah. e.(n. omission . I once attended that school = Khi sianginn ah khin hlanah ka rak kai bal.(adj.g.) voi khat.g.(n.(adj.(n. vun lak zau awk i um on the fence: khauzeilei hmanh ah i tom lo i um on the mend: tthat lam a tlai on the spot: cu hmun bak ah cun on . 3.g. all at once: 1.) rulh.(n. hi tlang min hin Olympic Games hi chuankhan a si. January thla ni khat cu kum khat ah voi khat lawng a um.) zeizong vialte hngalh dihnak omniscient .(v.(num.) rian pakhat saupi a ttuan i a hngalh zong a hngal ngai cangmi oligarch .(n.(adv.) oliv thingkung . e.(adj. She turns the lights on = Elektrik mei kha a vun hmeh i a ceuter on and on: lengmang. rak ttuan chung 2.(v.g.(adj. daihnak hmelchunhnak ca i ruahmi Olympus . hlan lio ah.(n.officiate . hrelh omnibus . datsi 3. kum . I often see him at church = Biakinn ah ka hmuh lengmang as often as not: atu le atu. The clouds look ominous for our picnic = Khi khuadawm hna khi kan piknik rawktu si dawh an si ko. 2. e. e. e.g.) 1. chiti oil . e.) 1. e. e.(adj.

(n.g.) oniks lungvar ooze .) a cuanh in a cuantu only . piat onlooker .) opal lungvar bantukin a mui a thleng khomi opaque .) mit thlalang a ser i a zuartu optimism . minung pum hlai. aa ralchanhmi 2. pawt.(adj. operation .g.) 1. openhanded . e. aa paimi lak i pakhat paoh khi . e.) 1.g. e. She is their only daughter = Amah cu an fanu ngeihchunte a si onrush .) doh .) mi tang i a namchihtu a simi . e.g.(n.) hremnak . Open your book = Na cauk kau tuah 4.(n. rian aa tlukmi.(n. e.) hremtu . My house is opposite his house = Ka inn cu a inn he hmaitonh in an um.g.g.(adj.(v. He could not win (beat) his opponent = Amah a dohtu (a paitu) kha a tei kho lo.) mit he aa pehtlaimi thil: e. He brought only two books = Cauk pahnih lawnglawng a rak put only . tang i mi a namchihtu optic . 3. e.(n.) thawl chin phonghnak.) ruah. tang i namchih oppression . e.) khachuan sen .) hmaitonh. e. e.(n. thawk. hmaitonh i um. The soldiers marched onward = Ralkap cu hmailei ah an kal onward . Black and white are opposites = Nak le rang cu aa ralchanhmi bia an si oppress .(adv.g. Open the door = Innka kha hung tuah 2. An open door = Aa hungmi innka.) 1.(n.(n. e.(adj.(adj. e.(v.(n.(adj.) fak piin tuk chim.g.g.(adj. e. lenglang in openminded .) mit he aa pehtlaimi. The new store will open today = Chawdawr thar kha nihin an hun (thawk) lai 3.) piahzat hla in an sakmi operate . Jones opined that it will rain today = Mr.(v. opinion . e. namchih . The onset of the enemy took us by surprise = Ral nih an hung kan chim/tuk cu ruah lopi ah a si 2.) zei thilpaoh a tthalei in a ruatmi Page 176 .g.(adj. opposite .) a ttha lei in thil ruahning optimist . Radio operator = Radio in bia a thanh i bia a latu.(n.g.(n.(n.(adv. e.g. e. pum hlainak operator . 3. tang i namchihnak oppressive .(n. tuk . aa domi. The Indians made an onslaught on the settlers' fort = Indianmi hna nih ram i a ummi an ralhau kha fak piin an tuk onward .) ruahnak opium .g.) duhsah tein chuah thliahmah . Mr.) lungvar phun khat a mui aa thleng khomi opalescent . We sat opposite each other = Hmaitonh in kan thu.) aa ralchanhmi.(n. He is open about his feelings = A lungchung kha hlangfang in a chim ko.(adj. The onset of this disease was gradual = Hi zawtnak cu duhsah tein a si onslaught .(adv. rianttuan.) 1. open . e. kau. al ralchanh opposite . e.g. Optic nerve = Mit thahri optical .g.(adj.(adj.g.) hlangfang in .(prep.g.(n.g.) ttuantu. 2. rianttuan hramthawk. e. thawknak. e.(n.(pron. rian thawk.(n. zapi hman khawh.(v.) mit phin zawtnak opiate .(n. e. hun.) bing rit opine .) chunte. e.g.) bing opponent . The doctor operated on my knee = Sibawipa nih ka khuk a ka hlai.) 1. e. zapi in i tel khawh.(adj. 2.g.g. 3.g.) thuhpheh lonak opera . hman.(adj.) mah le mah. One post is open for English teacher = Mirang holh cawnpiaktu ding saya caah rian pakhat a lawng. One must do the work oneself = Mah le mahte nih rian cu ttuan ding a si ko onion .g.) dohtu. Blood oozes from his wound = A hma in thi a pawt thluahmah opal . ophthalmia . He was caught in the onrush of the traffic = Hmailei i a kal lulhmalhmi mawttaw zasen lakah khan aa paih ve onset .(n.oneself .g.) lawnglawng. e. The British Foreign Minister is in Washington discussing problems with his opposite number = British Ramdang Vuanzi cu Washington ah amah a rian he aa tlukmi America Ramdang Vuanzi he khuakhannak an ngei. The machine operated very well = Seh cu ttha tein rian a ttuan. e. oppose .) hrem . Optical instrument = Mit zohnak thilri optician .g.(n. e.) khualeng i tuahmi. a lawng.(n. The office opens at nine = Zung cu pakua ah an hun (an thawk) open fire :meithal in kah open air .) hmailei i kal.(n. The meeting was opened with a prayer = Pumhnak cu thlacamnak in an thawk 5. e. e.) rianttuannak. aa hungmi. e.g.g.) hmailei i a kal lulhmalhmi.(v. Great heat is very oppressive = A linh tuk tikah i awk a har ko oppressor . She can operate a sewing machine = Thiltthitnak seh a hman khawh.) midang ruahnak lak a duhmi openness . e. chim.) ceunak nih a hleah khawh lomi . The meeting is open to all = Hi pumhnak cu ahohmanh i tel khawh a si.) mi nunsiang openly . a thlam a lang lomi open . 4. e.g. ral tuknak i kal i ral tuknak.(n. Jones nih nihin cu ruah a sur lai tiah a ruah. hlangfang. opposite . opener .) hmailei i a kalmi.(v. in awk a harmi.g.g. onward march = hmailei i kalnak onyx .g.

e.) ningcang tein umnak orderly . nawlpek 2. Oratorial contest = Biachim thiam i zuamnak oratorio .(adj.) hnabeisei ngaiin option . e. e.) 1.) ka chim in orange . tangka ka hmuh a herh.(adj.g.g.g. orgy hi plural in hman deuh a si orgies.(n. cu bantuk pum hneksaknak cu ordeal timi cu a si.g. Page 177 . thil cah.(n. 3.g. a sawsawh in.(adv. He ligthed (lit) the candle in order to lighten the room = Innkhan cu a ceu khawh nakhnga phazawngdan a van.) a vel in kalnak lam. mi tampi bu khat ah aa fon i rian a ttuanmi 2.) 1. rianttuan awk ca i a bu ah i ser organize .(n.) organ tampi a bu in rianttuannak organist .(n. She ordered food from the shop = Rawl dawr in rawl a cah. rianttuan tti ding i bu ser 2.g.g.) theithu oration .) thingkep par .) mi sawhsawh. e. rianttuannak i fehter.(n.g.) awdawh tum pawl nih awdawh an tumnak orchid .) vel. e. Either Edith or Mary will go = Edith asiloah Mary pakhat chingchang an kal lai oracle . in order to = khawh nakhnga. e.) hlanliopi ah hin. Order of service = Biaknak tuahnak i tuah dingmi a ningcang in order = ningcang tein um out of order = ningcang loin um in order that = nakhnga. 3. Your order should reach you soon = Na thil cahmi nih tuan ah an phak lai.g. cucaah ziaza siseh in khawhnak siseh hneksaknak ca i inmi paoh cu ordeal a si.) awdawh tum pawl nih awdawh tum orchestration . order . ka pe tiah hal.(n. e.) zapi hmai i biachim a thiammi oratorial .) biachim lei he aa pehtlaimi.(n.(n. e. e. hneksaknak a fakmi.) 1.(n.(n.(conj. Edith or Mary will go = Edith asiloah Mary a kal lai either or: chingchang/asiloah. ordinary man = mi sawhsawh.g.(n. e. raltuknak hriamnam paohpaoh ordure . I must earn money in order that I may go to college = Khawleih i ka kai khawh nakhnga.) thingkung cinnak dum orchestra . Baibal ca chung ummi kong he chuankhanmi oratory .g.optimistic . You will reach home in short order if you go by plane = Vanlawng in na kal ahcun khulrang in inn na phan lai. zulh.) asiloah.g.(adj. The heart is the organ that pumps blood = Kan lung hi thi kaltertu a si 2.) duhmi i thim khawhnak optional . He gave the company an order for books = Kampani kha cauk a cah hna.(adj. e. ordeal . e.) duhmi i thimmi or .) zapi hmai i biachim orator .) ka in chimmi bia .(adj.g.) a si tawnning in.(n. 4.) organ tumtu organization . thil cahmi. e.(adj. ka in dinmi.) biaknak lei hla .) aa repmi .(v. He ordered his life according to rules = A nunning kha phunglam ning zulh in a nung. ningcang ngei i chiah.) awdawh tummi pawl orchestral . ningcang. aa chang aa changin chiah.) miakpi. Put these things in order = Hi thil hi aa chang aa chang tein chia hna. He is ordained to the Christian ministry = Khrihfa rianttuantu caah fehter a si.(n. a ningcang tein chiah. e. orderliness .(adj. ning zulh.(n. mi pakhatkhat cu a sual tiah an lunghrinh tikah.) Pathian nih a ka chimhmi bia a si ti in ruahmi bia oracular . e. Oral medicine = Ka in dinmi si orally . ai repmi. ordinary man . The moon travels in an orbit around the earth = Thlapacu vawlei vel in a kal orbit . 5.) fehter. dingdi ordain . e.(v.) pum chung rianttantu thil he aa pehtlaimi organically . a menmen in ordinary . e.) 1. cah.(v.g.(n.) vawlei lak i aa cawhmi thirdar organ .) zu he sa he nu he nuam ngai i ningcang lo i um.) Pathian nih a ka chimhmi bia a si ti in ruahmi.) zapi hmai biachim thiamnak orbit .(adj.(adj.g. awdawh tumnak thingkuang bantuk organic . ordination .g.(adv.) fehternak ordnance . oral .(n. e.(n. tinak a si order .(n. in short order = khulrang in.) 1.(adv.(n. ningcang tein a ummi ordinance .(v. kan pum chung i rianttuantu thil pakhatkhat.) 1. zapi cio. The moon orbits the earth = Thlapa nih vawlei a vel orchard . a sual lo caah khuazing nih a luatter ti in an ruah.) hnabeseinak a ngeimi optimistically . a sual sual lo hngalhnak caah khan pum hneksak an tuah tawn i cu hneksaknak cu thchunhnak ah ti tlok chung i kut hnim hawi hna khi a si. e. sawshawh. The book of poems is organized according to authors = Hi hla bu hi hla a phuahtu hna min zulh in a ningcang tein dot tete in ser a si organized .) zapi cio. ek ore . zapi cio.(n.(n. An orderly person knows where he puts his things = Ai repmi hin cun khuazei ka ah dah ka thil kha ka chiah hna ti kha a hngalh 2. thil a ningcang tein a chia zungzalmi orgy .(v.(n.(n.g.) pum chung rianttuantu thil he i pehtlaihning in organism .(adj.(adj.) hmunthur .(n.(n.g. nawlbia 2.) awdawh tummi pawl nih an tuahmi orchestrate .) nawlbia ordinarily .g. a kut kha dorh lo tein a chuah khawh ahcun a sual lo.(adv.

but ours is small = Annih inn cu a ngan. other .) ttamh ngaimi thil ornithologist . asinain a duh taktakmi cu tthutdan cabuai ngai kha a si ostensibly . e.(v. He looks out of the window = Thlalang awng in lenglei a zoh.) i theihhngalhnak tuah oriental .g.Grikmi le Rom mi nih a thli tein an khuazing biaknak ah an rak hmanmi phung a si.(v.(n. e. a si lo Page 178 . lengah a chuak cang 4.) leng lang ah cun .(n.) pawng khat cheu hleiruk cheu khat. We left our hoes in the hut = Kan tuhmui thlam chungah kan chiahtak hna ours .(n.(v.(n. We ourselves painted the house = Kanmahte nih inn cu si kan thuh.(v. a hakmi thil ah i can ostensible .) nichuahlei hoihter orientation . but he really wanted to see the furniture = Mr. He had no choice and could not do otherwise = Thim awk a ngei ti lo i a dangin zeihmanh a tuah kho lo.(adv. hi khuazing hna lakah hin Bacchus timi biaknak i an rak hmanmi a si khun i cu biaknak ah cun heh tiah an lam zu an ding. e.(adj.g.g.) kanmah ta.(adv. oust .) langh a duh ngaimi.) ttamhnak ornate . a dang 2.) aa langhternak. va nganpi other . a hram aa thawk origination . a dangin ti ahcun rianttuantu ttha a si ko otherwise . chuahpi.) a dang in. a dang pakhat every other day = a ni lak a ni lak in the other day = kan hnulei te ah khan other .g.(v. Take the dog out = Ui kha hei chuahpi.(adv.) thlizil va ornament .(adj. ttial hmasa bikmi ca originality . asinain.) hlawn . Brown's ostensible purpose was burrowing some sugar.g.) ngakttah orphanage .(v. hramthawknak original .(n.(pron.(v. I cannot do other than agree with you = Hnatlakpi loin kan um kho lo.) nichuahlei mi orientalist . 3. mi ta i lak chommi a si lomi 3.g.(adj. ttamhnak ornamental .(n.(n.(adj.) 1.) vate kong a hngal ngaimi ornithology .g.) i chawhpade. a hmasa bik a simi 2.(n.) paw hna vun bengh i a fai i "a!" ti khi ought . sihmanhsehlaw kannih inn cu a hme ourselves .) a hram a thawktu oriole .(n.) awk a si. khattelei kam in khattelei kam ah i tthial lengmang oscillation . e.g. 2.g.(adj.) mahte in thil thar tuah khawhnak originally . e. He is slow but otherwise he is a good worker = A khul cu a nuar.) 1.(v.(n. I was there and knew that the facts were otherwise = Cuka ah cun ka rak um ve i thil a simi taktak kha a dang ti kha ka hngalh otter .) ostrik va .g. Brown nih a leng i a langhtermi cu thanthling cawi a si. We bought ourselves a new car = Kanmah caah mawttawka thar kan i cawk 2. awngka origin .(n.(n.) Turki miphun ouch .) theihhngalhnak pek . kanmahte nih.g.) ttamhnak a simi thil ornamentation .) tthawl . zu an ri i nu le pa kha ningcang zeihmanh um ti loin duhduh in an um.(pron. Each blames the other = Pakhat le pakhat an i mawhchiat otherwise . dawi ostrich . Their house is big.(pron.) a ka .(n.(pron.g.(n. e. The fire burnt (burned) out the house during the night = Mei nih inn cu zan ah a kangh dih. cucu orgies timi cu a si orient .(adv. chunglei in lenglei ah.) Meditaranean Rili in nichuahlei rampaoh orient oneself . 5.) helnnak ca i a leng i langhtermi. chuah out .(adj.) nichuahlei miphun holh le phung le lam a hngalmi orientate .(n. ruh bantukin a hakmi i cannak ossify . hramthawk te ah cun originate . a leng langhnak ah cun ostentation . ounce .(n. ostracize .(n. e.(n.(n.) a hramthawk tein . mi nih ka hmu hna seh ti a duh ngaimi. e.(n.) zumh tawnning zumhning in zumhnak orthography .) ruh i cannak .) 1.) pakhat le pakhat.) hram . e. ngeihter orifice .) a dang in.) cafang komhning a hmaanmi oscillate . e. 1/16 our .(adv.) aa thawk .(n. thawl.(adj.) kawpcheu. Children ought to obey their parents = Ngakchia nih an nu le an pa bia an ngaih awk a si.(n.) ngakttah cawmnak inn orthodox .(adj.g.) kanmah ta.) aa dang. e. e.) 1.(v. Mr. ostentatious .(n. kangh dih.) a hram aa thawknak originator . hla an sa.) i chawhpadenak ossification .(n.(n.) Khrifami a tam bik nih an zumh tawnmi zumhnak orthodoxy .) saihrem Ottoman . kanmah caah. ruh bantukin hah .) vate kong cawnnak orphan .) ruh i can . e. e.g.

(n. a rit deuh outwit .g. Two students were out today because of illness = Nihin cu siangngakchia pahnih cu an zawt caah an um lo.(adj. a chuakmi.) upadi huhphenhnak tang i a um lomi outlet .) a leng i hlonhmi outcome . overboard . In the dim light I could see only the outline of man's figure = Ceu huaphap ah cun mipa cu a pumrua tungtlang lawng ka hmuh khawh 2. chuahmi.) chuahnak awng outline . e.g.(pref.g. The shop sign extends out over the side walk = Chawdawr mintarnak thingphel cu a herh lo tiangin lam cung tiangin a fong. lonh in.(prep.) 1. Go outside = Lengah chuak thah outside . e.(n.(v.(n.) ceunak in tei .) a lenglei outside . They were outraged by his stealing = A fir nih an thin a phawh hna outrageous . fimnak in a tei oval .(v.) arti pungsan .) 1. a ttha lo hringhranmi thil.) 1.g.(v. e. bia chim i a tlangpi a tlangpi lawng.(n. ceu deuh outside . Outside influence = Lenglei in a rami lungthin laknak outsider .g.) 1.(n.) 1. e.) a fimnak .) changreu rawhnak kua over .(n.) lenglei deuh. e.g.g.(adv.(n. minthangmi .g. Outer wall = Lenglei deuh vampang outfit . e.g. mi zapi hngalhmi .(adj. hriamnam thilri 2. The work has to be done all over again = Rian cu a ningpi in tuah tthan a hau.) mi nih thil kan hmuhning . thilthuam outgoing .) lengah .g.) angkileng fual.) 1.(n.) minmei aa zelmi overcoat . Many outrages were committed during the war = Ral lioah thil ttha lo tampi an tuah 2.(n. e. The lights are out = Mei an mit cang. e. hawi hlei in thil a ti khomi 2.(adj.(n. e. toih output .) minmei nih zelh overcast .) 1.) pawngri . e..g.) lengah.g.(adj.) a lenglei mi outskirts . The outside doors have locks = Lenglei innka cu tawh an ngei dih 2.(n. e.g. a dihjlakpi in over. a tungtlang.) aa phuakmi .(n.) nu chung i ti a semnak ovation . He drew an outline of the child's head = Ngakchia lu a tungtlang lawng a rin 3. thlet. kan ruahning le kan chuanhning cio outpost .(n.) tthan.(n.(v. out of focus = a lai khen lo. e. a zawl ovary . e. nolh chih lengmang over and above = cu pin ah over .) a kek phut outcast . An outbreak of cholera = Ngaleu zawtnak hung chuahphut outburst . a fiang lo out of step = hawi kehlan he i ruan lo out .(v.(adj. lenglei thil. see cu oversee ah a cang.g. innchung si loin lengah outer . over and over = tuah chih lengmang.(adj. They have a light over the door = Innka cunglei ah ceu pakhat an chiah 2. cunglei ah.) tu chan he a tlak ti lomi outbreak . e. e. thangtthatnak pek oven .g.(n. oversee ti cu zohkhenh ti a si.) ralkap nih ral vennak i an va hmanmi hmun outpour . e.(adj.g. e.(v. e.) hung chuahphut.) lawng in ti chung i tlak.(v.(n.(adj. tlik kanh outset .(n.(n.g. outrage . He had to do the work over = Rian kha a tuah tthan a hau.) rih lei ah a tei .) a thawkterte ah outshine . Outgoing teacher = A chuakmi saya outlaw . a tungtlang lawng rinmi.) thinhunter.(n.) a lenglei ah cun outweigh .(adj. all over = a ningpi in.) tei Page 179 . He gave me an outline of his speech = A biachimmi a tlangpi a tlangpi a ka pek outline . overcome .leng tiang i hei fon. e. e. He outlined his plans to his friends = Aa timhmi kha a tlangpi in a hawile a chimh hna outlook . a um lo.(adj.g. look cu overlook ah a cang. e.g.(n. They stood outside the door = Innka lenglei ah an dir outside .) a tlangpi in chim. out-of-date . overlook ti cu zoh lonh ti a si. It was an outrage for him to ignore their call for help = Kan bawm tuah ti i an auh i zei i a rak relpiak hna lo cu thinhung ngaingai a si outrage .g.(n.) mi thinphawk ngaiin outrun .(adv.) a hung chuakmi thil outdoors . thinhung ngai a simi thil.) zapi nih conglawmh . He fell overboard = Lawng in ti chungah a tla overcast .) a lenglei ah.(adv.g.g.) mi thinphawk a simi thil outrageously . e. ceunak an pe ti lo.(n.(v. lo pawngri outspoken .(adv.g.) bungh. rian an ttuan lo.(adv.) tlik i tei.) thilri sermi.(adj.(n. e. 2. leiba cham rih lomi. The boy jumped over the wall = Vampang lonh in ngakchiapa cu a pet over one's head: a thluak phak leng a si over all: khattelei deng in khattelei deng tiang.(prep.) lungchung ummi paoh a chimmi outstanding .) cafang thawknak i chapmi. Outstanding debts = Leiba a tang rihmi outstretched .) kut samh outward . a lenglei thil a simi.) a lenglei outwardly .

e.g.) ngeitu.(n.) i sulhthonh overlay .(v.g. ox .(n.(n.) a khah in khatmi. inn remhnak.(adj. The soldiers held their own against the attacks = An ral nih an tuk len hna nain ralkap nih kha na umnak kha an hum peng khawh ko.(n. oyster .) rili leng ram dang oversee .) i lawmh tuk overland .(v.) khattelei hmai overload . e.(v.) 1. a caan luan overestimate .(adj.g.) tei overprint . mei man.) a hlei in ttuanmi caan overturn .) zohkhenh overshadow .(v.) tangka hmannak tlangpi: inn hlan man. cengkol Page 180 . e. e.) kah lonh oversight .) khuh.(v.(v.(n.) lu cunglei i a ummi. tam tuk i ttamhmi ovum .(n. i zaar overhaul .(n.g.) oksizen dah oxyidize . a cungin khuh overleaf .(adj. e. adv.) i hnek tukmi.overconfident . He owns a house = Inn pakhat a ngei own .g. overwrought .g.(v.(n. Is that his own horse ? = Khikhi amah rang a si maw? owner .(v.(v. own .(adj.) enzin ttha tein remh cikcek tthan overhead . He was overrun by a car = Matttawka nih a cil overseas .) kar (kaar) overt .) cawtum oxen .(n. e. hrelh sual 2.) phak overthrow .(v.) langhngan in tuahmi overtake . bat.(v.(v. He owes his life to the doctor's skill = Sibawi a thiam ruangah a nung owing to : cucaah. cicua . rulh lo.(v.) hold one's own: harnak tei khawh.) tei overtime .(v.(adj.) nawl ngeihnak niam deuh nih tuahmi nawl ngeihnak sang deuh ngeimi nih an rawk tawnmi overrun .) mah nih khonmi tangka nakin tam deuh chuah . cu ruangah. rianttuantu hna lahkhah.(adv.) zan khat overpay .(n.(v.) theih awk a si lomi theih overjoy . bank in overdress .) tam tuk in pek overpower .) mah nih phaisa khonmi nak tam deuh in phaisa chuahnak overdraw .g.) cengkeuh .(v.) ti nih luan hnawh i khuh dih .(v.(v.) cawtum hna Oxonian .) a rit tuk overwhelm .(v. own .(adj.) tam tuk in tuah overdose .) tthan deuh overhang .(v.(v. The boat overturned = Tilawng aa let overweight . overgrow .(n. a cung i vorh overstep .) tam tuk in chil chonh overlook . mah dir hmun hum khawh.g.) cham lo.(v. e.g.) i zumh tuk overcrowd .) mi dang tuahmi namhnulpiak .) phenh overshoot . e.(v.) chimbu fa.(v.(adv.(adj. hmu loin i umter overnight .) tam tuk in tuak overestimate .g.) Oxford University in a awngmi.(v.) let. ei man.(adj.) hmuh lo sual overspread .(n. thawngthanh man.(n. oxygen .) ngeih.) chimbu owlet . ruangah.) oksizen dah he i cawh.) tam tuk in rianttuan.) tlanglam in overlap .) si tam tuk in pekmi overdraft .) minung an khat tuk overdo .(n. sermi thil sernak ca i hman lomi paohpaoh overhear .(v.. e.(v.) mah ta.) tei.) i thuamh tuk overdue .(v.) nu thlaici owe .(v.(v.(adj.) cil. She was overwhelmed with grief = Ngiahchiatnak nih a tei overwork .(n. ngunkhuai.(v. kangh le cirek kai hi 'oxidize' a si. e.) tam tuk in tuaknak overflow .) i thlai.) canam tikah a cung i nam chih override . a caante i cham lo.) phah chih.(v.(v. The stars are overhead = Arfi cu kan lu cunglei ah an um overhead .(n.) 1. a liam in a liammi.(v. hlawtpiak overrule . He owes me ten kyats = Tangka phar hra a ka bat 2. ti nih ti tlang in liam overflowing . Owing to illness he cannot come to school = Zawt ruangah sianginn ah a ra kho lo owl .(v.

P P.) lachon i maw puan in maw nem seh ti i benh.(v.(adj.(n. e.g.) timh.(adv. paganism . rang tlik an zuamter hna hlan i an pumh chungnak hna hmun. sibawipa a um maw. chantling bantuk in nem tein tuahmi.) past tense and past participle of pay.) 1.(v.(n. lungfahnak take pains: zuam .(adj. zual. hmun hmemi 2.(n.(v.(n. e.) 1.(v. 2.) thil funtu.) 1. e.) 1. e.(n.(n. e.g. fun.) thuam dawh ngaiin i thuamh i a bupi in zoh nuam an tuahmi pagoda .) daihtertu pacifism .) pa. He had the pots in his pack = A ruksai ah um cu a sanh hna.) daihnak a duhmi pacifier . rang tlik zuamtermi pawl an hneksak hmasatnak hna hmun.g.(adj.(v. painstaking .g.g.) 1. ttuanmi rian paint . He paddled down the river = Va sum lei ah a lawng cu a zah 2.(n.(n. kar khat.) thilfun pact .) 1.) chunhnu P. teimak tein tuah. pail .(n.(n.(n.) pastor paen .g.) hmanthlak suaitu Page 181 .(n.g.g.(n.g.g.(n. hringtu pa pace . You may pack up your bed-roll = Na ihphah i zual tuah package . khatlei kam lawng an senghchihmi hna. tinbawsi thuh 2.g.) 1. There is a pad on the seat of the chair = Thutdan a tthutnak ah a nemmite an chiah.) Khrihfa a si lomi. One page = Cahmai pakhat 2.) tinbawsi paint . e. ram a tamnak hmun paddy .(n.g.) ram pakhat le pakhat karlak i hnatlaknak tuahmi pad .g.(n. e. They packaged their lunch in small packages = An chuncaw kha fun hme tete in an fun hna packer .(n.g. khul.) benhnak i hmanmi thil nem paddle . e. He paced the floor waiting for his friend = A hawipa a hngah lioah tuang ah aa chawk lengmang pacific . A mule is a pack animal = Khacer cu thilphor-tu i hmani saram a si pack up . 2.(n. bu. pawng khat cheu hleiruk cheu khat.) cakuat ttial dih hnu i bia tawite vun chapmi khi pa . pain . .(n. hngerhlei in tuk. e.(n.M. He packed his clothes in a suitcase = A thilthuam cu a suitcase chungah a sanh hna 2. thil timtu packet .(n.) pura paid .) fahter. cahmai.) ounce pakhat. e. e. a khat in sanh.) raldoh hi a zei ti lei hmanh in a ttha lo tiin a zummi pawl zumhning pacifist . e.) Khrihfa biaknak a si lomi page .) fak ti ngaiin.(n. cakuat ttialnak catlap pawl. He walked at a slow pace = Khul nuar in a kal pace . e.) vokkuang lawng zahnak fung paddock .g.) min in auh i kawl.(v. e. thil sanhtu.oz.) 1. capetu nganchiapa.) tawhinn padre .(n. fahnak 2.) thil phortu i hmanmi. The church was packed on Christmas day = Khrismas ni ah biakinn cu a khah in an khat pack .(v. He paddled the bad child = Ngakchia tthalo cu hngerhlei in a tuk paddle . Does your wound pain you = Na hma nih an fahter maw? painful . He walked three paces forward = Hmailei ah kar thum a kal 2. e.) 1.(adj. pageant .(v.) raldoh a ttha lo tiah a tangmi pack .(n. The inside of the jewel box was padded with cotton = Lungvar chiahnak kuangte a chunglei kha lachon in a benh padding . tiah a au i a kawl. e. sinum page .) ralring tein . pad .) facang hum padlock . a khah in khah. writing pad = cakuat ttialmak catlap. e.(n.(n.) thangtthatnak le lawmhnak hla pagan . vokkuanglawng zah.) a fakmi painfully .(n. ruksai.(n.) fun. e. sanh. A pack of foxes = cenghngia run khat pack .g.(n. post script .(v.g. felfai tein .) thilfun package . hmanthlak tinbawsi in suai painter . A messenger paged a doctor in the hotel dining room = Hotel i rawl cinak khan ah lamkaltu pa nih.(v.) baltin pain .) i chawh lengmang. phaisa pek. .(n. lahkhah pek. He took pains to please his teacher = A sayapa lunglawmhter awkah fak piin aa zuam.g.S.

(n.) hlawhhlang nu auh pane .(v.(n.) hlen deh.(n.(n.) sinangpahrang inn . nu le va tuah khat pair off .) zan ihnak tawhrolh le angki pal .(n. pan .) a thawmi palate . zeihmanh nih donh loin a langmi .(n.) pop uknak papal . 3. e.) voi khat khua cuanh in ram kaupi hmuh khawhmi . pamphlet .(n.(adj.(n. rua kung bantuk a si i an tham i a tlah kha an tah i cu cungah cun ca an rak ttial.) thlalang tlap.(n.(n. e.(n.g.) ralthuam in aa thuammi. e.(adj.(n.g.) umkheng chiahnak khan pants .(adj. panorama .) 1.(n.) zawtnak vialte damnak si panama .) thaw ha lengmang in chuah .) tlah luchin pancake .) ka pa papacy . uico thaw chuah in chuah pantheism . They are panning for gold in the creek = Tivate ah sui kawl in lung tekep an tawl an rilh pan .(n. e. caku. thlakawkbar panicky .(n.(n.) ti lak i sui an kawl i lung lekep an tawl khi. sullam pahnih ngei i chim.) kutttial zohthiam.) zeizong vialte hi pathian a si dih ti in zumhning panther .) changreu tlap pan tete a thlummi pancreas .(n.(n.(n.g.) tawhrolh papa . thlakawkbar a simi panicstricken . palmy . tadinca.(n.(n.(v. bia pakhatkhat siseh thil pakhatkhat siseh ceihtu dingah an thimmi hna bu pang . par .g.) ruakkuang khuhnak puan nak.(prop.) cauk pantete a phaw a ngei setsai lomi pamphleteer .pamflet tuahtu.) tuah khat .(n.(v.(v.) launak in a khatmi minung hna panoplied . The gains and losses are about on par = Miaknak le sunghnak kha aa tluk fang an si.) lau . 2.) hmanthlak suaimi pair .) tangka ca papist .(n. cu a langmi cu aa thleng lengmangmi a si kho. khuah khat .) hawikom palace .painting . The panorama of London life = London khua chung umtuning a langhning aa thleng lengmangmi pant .(adj.g.) 1. ttialmi ca. i hninh palsy .) tung a par a zummi pall . They are outside the pale of civilization = Annih cu fimnak ramri lengah an um paleness .(adj.(adj.) siangpahrang inn bantuk a simi pale .g.) 1.) hmai danghnak palisade . thirhum panacea .(n. The face of the sick man is pale = A zaw mipa hmai cu a dang pale . .(n.) i thluknak.(n.(adj.g.(n.) paper ti biafang hi payprus in a rami a si.) Roman Katholik a simi papyrus .) pop he aa pehtlaimi paper .(n.(v. lihchim. uktu bawi inn . inn ttha inn ngan inn nuam palatable .(adj. e.(n.(n. Tom is on par with Andrew in intelligence = Tom cu fimnak ah Andrew he aa tluk an si Page 182 .) Bawipa Thawhtthan Zarhpi hlan Zarhpi Ni palmist .) uhkang .) zen zawtnak palter .) caku in sermi. Paper flower = Caku pangpar paperback . e.g.) 1. e. In my palmy days = Ka rak neihnun lioah khan palpable . vanlawng ah siseh mawttaka ah siseh thil hmuhsaknak an chiahmi 3.) a tuah a tuah in an i tthen pajamas . tongh in theih khawhmi palpitate .) pawpi pawng i a ummi rawl rialnak ti a chuahtertu pander .(n.(n.g. pallbearer .(n.) lau awk a simi . neihnun lio caan a simi.g.(adj.) cunglei dang palatial .) caku in a phaw an sermi cauk paperboy .(n.) fahnak panic . Do you have a paper to show that you have paid the tax? = Ngunkhuai na pek cang nak ttialmi ca na ngei maw? paper .e. Window pane = Thlalang awng i hmanmi thlalang tlap panel .(adj.) lungtur in tur palpitation .) ramri. e.) a dang.(n.(n. ungkung Palm Sunday .) hlawhhlangnu a kawh piaktu pander .(n.) keite pantry .(n.(n. ungkung tampi umnak a simi 2.) ruakkuang putu palm .(n.(v.) khulrangte in hmuh theih khawhmi . e. zapei 2.) tadinca phawtu ngakchia papermoney . thing phel pakhatkhat i dawh seh tiah thing dang in a tlang an kawmmi 2.) lungtur .

(n. parental . biachimning parley .(n.) cattialnak ca i an rak hmanmi saphaw pardon .) nithawng phun khat paratroop . They have parallel ideas about what to do = Zeidah tuah awk timi ah khan an ruahnak aa khat parallel . hawikomhnak ca i dawhtein an tuahmi khaan.(adj. vawlei cungah hin keimah hi a ngan bik ka si i keimah hi rawi an ka timh zungzal tiin ruahnak a ngeimi parapet .) 1. Page 183 . a ttha bik parable .) pakhat le pahkat aa khatmi.) ngaihthiam khawhmi pardoner .(adj. e. a zeng. uico vak paring .(n.g.) ral i tuknak i phenhnak vawlei pawng vampang bantuk paraphernalia .g.(v.) zennak paralytic . Parched land = A rocarmi vawlei 2.(v.) kulhmi pariah .(n.(n.(adj.(n. artlang in a kalmi hna.g. e.(n.) parsel thilfun parcel out .(n.(n.g.S.U.(n.(n. He pared an apple = Epal a met parent .(n.g. cawlcang kho loin um. e.) vanzuang hmemi phun . cawlcang kho loin um. a romi .) kulhmi parenthetical .(adj.g.(n.) hawi thil i rinhin a numgni parasol .g.) tluknak park . a bupi in kal 2. thilri. I am parched with heat = Khualin nih ka ti ka hal her parchment .) parasut parade .) pastor peng chung i a ummi parity .U.) 1.(n. nuamhnak hmun paradox .) pastor peng khat parishoner . ngaihthiam 2. paralysis .) biatlang chungah a sullam fianternak caah kulhmi bia: ( .g.(adj. e. Mistletoe is a parasite on oak trees = Tektekbawm cu kuhthing cungah hawi rinh in a nungmi a si parasitic .(v.) ngaihthiamnak pardon . Parental authority = Nu le pa nawlngheinak.(n.) met: e.(n.) miphun mauta. ritte bantuk parallel .) a cungnung bik.) mi zapi nih an aiawhtu an thimmi hna bu cozah a tlaitu parliamentarian .(adj. thil nekcok 2. pialral 2.) chuahkechnak.(n.par excellence . a carmi.(v.) amah le amah aa almi bia paradoxical .(n.(adj.(n. paragon .(n.(n. Camp paraphernalia = Ramlak riahnak i hmanmi thilri paraphrase . artlang in umnak paralyse .) 1. parenthesis .) parliament he aa pehtlaimi thil. dihnak hmun i sermi pangpar le thingkung hawi hna an phunnak hmun 2.(n.(n.(n. ralkap cer paradise .(n.(n.) khawnferen . aa ralmi bu pahnih i pumhnak parliament .(v.) mawttaka dinhnak hmun parkway . His experiences are parallels to mine = A hmuhtonmi le ka hmuhtonmi an i khat parallelism .) 1.(adj.(n.(adj.) parliament chung ummi. hawikomhnak ca i dawhtein an tuahmi khaan.) holhning . e.(v.) mehmi hawng parish .) lam dawh parlance .) mawttaka dinhter parking lot . dantatnak in luatter pardonable .(n.) hringtu nu/pa parentage . catlang rin a ding vevemi a thluanchuak in a kauhlei aa khatmi 2.(n.(adj.g. tihal. e.) zinan rang. paramount .(adj. aa kalhmi paraffin .) cheu parch .) parenthetic .) parasut in an thlakmi ralkap parcel . e. American pawl nih kerosene an ti. e.) British.(n. a zeng. aa lomi.(n.) a sullam bia dangin chim paraphrase .(n.g.) 1. These two lines are parallel = Hi catlang pahnih hi parallel an si 3. England has parliamentary form of government = England cu parliament ukning cozah a ngeimi a si parlor .) biapi bik a simi paranoia .(n. vancung khua .) i lawhnak.(n. parliamentary .) 1.(n.(n. pumpak thilri 3.) a zengmi paralyze .S.(n. e. parlour .) mi dang thilri i rinh in a nungmi.) nu le pa he aa pehtlaimi thil.) 1.) zohchun awk tlak in a tthami paragraph .) ngaithiamtu pare .) British.) a sullam biadang in chimmi parasite .) tahchunhnak parachute .) catlang bu parakeet . mawttawka dinhnak hmun park .(n.(n.(n.) hruhnak phun khat .) aa almi .

e. e. e.g. e. Jones cu a inn rian kong ah a ti kherkher tuk caah ahohmanh nih a rian ttuan an duh lo.(v.) khun.(n. After we parted.) 1.(n.) 1.g. ei. i cheunak 2. A particular characteristic of a skunk is its smell = Sachia a sining thengte a langhtertu cu a rim a si.g.) vangzuang parry . kal. politik tuahnak i bu sermi.(n.(n.(v. e. The storm passed and the sun is shining = Thlichia cu a liam (dih) i ni a tlang. particularly .g.) mimte (va) . e.(n. a hmete tiangin.g. noun maw verb maw ti bantuk. e.g. partridge .(n. 3. nimte party . thil pakhatkhat tuahnak ca i sermi bu pass .(n.g.) 1.) i tel venak participle . e.parochial .) 1. e. lonh. e.) i tel ve. minung pakhat /thil pakhat ta . awn. Dinner party = Zanriah hrawmnak nuamhnak 2. cang hi past participle a sitertu a si.g.) duhdanhnak partially . e. He has gone = A kal cang. i hrawmmi rian. He took part in the singing = Hlasak ah khan aa tel ve part .) 1. Democratic party = Democratic bu 3.g.g. particular . rian aa hrawmmi 2. tthen cheu. 3. duhdanh a ngeimi. partial . He was partial to his son = A fapa kha a duhdanh partiality . e. mah lei tangmi partisanship .g. He made a partpayment (partial payment) on the book = Cauk man kha a cheuchum a pek 2.) a khiarmi . liam. The report agrees with yours in every particular = A chimmi cu na chimmi he a hmete tiangin an i khat.) catlang chung biafang hna kha zeidah an si. The motorcar needs many parts = Mawttaka nih thil hmetete tampi a herh 3.(n. hawi he i tthen.g.g.(n.) aamahkhan in um parrot .g. particle .(adj.) thil hmete particular . e. e. e.(n. ba tehna parson . vanpang partition . Parliament passed an education bill = Parliament nih cawnnak upadi an ser.) thil hmete.(v. partake . muri tthen. The partnership sells clothing = An i hrawmmi dawr ah hnipuan an zuar partook .) a nihchuak ning lei in mi chimmi nawlcawn i nihchuak saih parole .) a cheuchummi partner .(v.) pastor parsonage . e. e. parted hmasa hi verb a si i a hmanung hi adjective sullam a si caah participle a si past participle a dih ciami caan.g.) holh tthenning.(adj.(n. 2.(v. e.g.) biaknak lei kulhchung lawng i a ummi.(adv. It is hard to part with friends = Hawile he i tthen cu a har ko take part e. partition . 6. part of speech .) tawba ngei phun rawl . mi khiar parsimony . thengte.g. For the most part what he said was true = A tam deuh cu a chimmi kha a hmaan ko in part = sawk.) i tel participation .(n.g. 2. Parochial school = Biaknak bu nih an tuahmi sianginn parody . tuanbia chung i pakhatkhat ummi nawl vacawn.) cheu. The property will pass from father to son = Thilri cu a pa Page 184 . He made a part payment on the book = Cauk man kha a cheuchum a pek.(v.(n. kherkher. He ate a part of the bread = Changreu a cheu kha a ei 2. We passed his car on the way = Lam ah a mawttaka kan lonh. I watched him through the parted curtain = Kan i tthen hnu ah aa tthenmi (cheumi) thlalang awng zar chungin ka bih.) zultu.(adj. 2.(n.) hrial parse . pakhat sinin pakhat sin i tthial. e. a cheu. vampang in dan partly .(adj. chanh.(v. He passed his examination = A camipuai a awng.(adv.(adj. The parade passed down the street = Ralkap aa cermi kha thlanglei ah an vung kal duahmah. e.(n.(n. part .) a cheuchum in participant . His hair is too short to part = A muiri tteh awkah a sam a tawi tuk. ei. You are right in part = Na hmaan sawk part with = i tthen.g.) pastor umnak inn part . e. 4. a cheuchum.) participle Mirang holh ah verb timi biafang kha adjective timi biafang sullam i hman tikah participle a si. thil nganpi pakhat chung i aa telmi thil hmete. e. 7. a tang timi partnership .(n. He played the part of Romeo = Romeo nawl kha a cawn for the most part = a tam deuh cu. i tei. She likes chocolate particularly = Choclate kha a duh khun parting .g.g. e. kal. That particular chair belonged to my father = Khi tthutdan thengte khi ka pa ta a si.) 1. e.(n.(adv.g.(n.g.g. parsimonious .g. 5.g. Mrs. nuamhnak ca i aa pummi. kha bantuk an sining chim.) 1. mah tinvo cio.(n.) aa telmi participate . e.g. e. e.) a cheuchum.g.) i tthennak partisan . e. upadi i ser. Pass the sugar to me = Thanthling kha rak ka chan. a hmete.) khiarnak parsnip .g. mah party fak piin tanhnak.) past tense of partake.(n.) zultu sinak.) 1.(n.) 1.(v.g. Each one must do his part = Mah cio nih mah tinvo cio tuah awk a si 4. i hrawm in tuannak 2. e.(n. Jones is so particular about her house work that no one wanted to work for her = Mrs.

g.(adj. My mother passed away = Ka nu a thi.) belh.) sattil tlonter. My house is past the church = Ka inn cu biakinn pin ah a si past tense .g. a liam cangmi caan.g.(prep.(adj.) 1.) sattil tlawnnak ram . e. pass away = thih. mi pakhatkhat nih thiamnak thar a chuahpi tikah . e. The passage between two houses was blocked = Inn pahnih karlak lam kha a pit.g.(v. He wore a patch on his eye = A mit puanchia in aa huh 3. e.g.) 1.(n. The pass is between two mountains = Kot cu tlang pahnih karlak ah a si passable .) rang ke a tin le a kedil karlak aa reknakte khi pasteurization . hnulei. hnu .(n. He was the past Chairman of Hakha Baptist Association = Amah cu HBA i hlandeuh Chairman a si past .(n. e.g.) kalpah i chimmi.(n.(adv.(v.) kaw bantukin a bangmi pat . e.g. kot. chanh. rili ah siseh.g. e. e.) pumpululh i chanh.) duhnak tthawng ngai ngei in passive .) a pawng in a kalmi passing . e. Pastoral duties = Pastor rian. hnu ah.(n. We cannot change the past = A dih cangmi can cu kan thleng kho lo past . passenger .) pa lei.g.) Lanhtak Puai passport .(n.sinin a fapa sinah tthial a si lai. e. pin.(adj. He patented a new process for making fresh water from salt water = Cite ti in ti thiang semak ningcang thar a thiammi hmannak nawl a hmu pater . lam tan passage .) tan khawhmi . e.g. 4. e.(n. My mother patches my trousers = Ka nu nih ka tawhrolh a belh patella . pass .) a kalmi passer-by .) lanh .(n. duh hringhran.(n. Day is past when the sun sets = Ni a tlakin ni a dih 2.g. e.) 1.) khualtlawngmi passer . in passing = ruat setsai lem loin biatlang chuan i vun chim. e. ti in nawnmi changvut a bangmi pastern .g.) cawhnuk chung rungrul thil hna seh ti in chuan pastime . e.) duhnak tthawng a ngeimi passionately . paste .g.) nuamhnak in hmanmi caan.) pastor he aa pehtlaimi.g.(v.(n.) rak leh ve loin i in Passover . phong pasty .(v. passion .g. chuan. He was passed over when they chose the players = Pumpululh chuihtu an thim hna ah khan anih cu an lanh tak. pasteurize .(n. e. He passed the ball to me = Pumpululh kha a ka chanh (hlonh hnawh).g.g. The soldiers marched past = Ralkap cu an lan thluahmah past . a lanh.(n.g.) pa can cannak Page 185 .(adj.g. He went to school = Sianginn ah a rak kal.(adv.g.(n. rak hi past tense a sitertu a si.) Bawipa Zanriah tuah tik i changreu phawtnak kheng patent .(n.(n. kal.g.(n.(n.) 1.(n.(n. e. It is past noon = Atu cu chun hnu a si 2. Games are pastimes = Lentecelh cu nuamh caan a si. 8.(adj. He read a passage from the Bible = Baibal cauk chungin hmun knat a rel. pass over = lanhtak.) khukkep paten . hmun bite.g.(n.g.g.) pa paternal . We did not notice the passage of time = Caan a lanh kha kan hngal lo.) din tein bengh pat .(n. 3.g. cozah nih cu pa cu a thiamnak kha amah lawng nih hmannak nawl kum cu zat chung ca ti in an pekmi. 2. He was sick for the past few days = Kan nhulei ni tlawmte chung cu a zaw 3. a dih. He is my grandfather on the paternal side = Amah hi palei kamah ka pu a si.(v. e.(n. hlonh hnawh. lam. e. pastor .(n. He pastured the cows on the hill = Tlang cungah caw kha a tlonter hna pasture .) thiamnak thar hmannak nawl hmuh. hlan deuh caan.(n.(adj. He applied for a patent of his invention = Thiamnak thar a chuahpimi hmannak nawl kha a sawk 2. He made a passing comment which I could not hear = Kalpah in a chim i ka thei kho lo passing .(adj. kaw .) a dih cangmi caan. cauk chung i hmun khat khat. e.) 1. belhnak i hmanmi thil.) tukhal pastoral . He was given passage on a morning plane = Zinglei vanlawng in a kal lai. A vegetable patch = Tihang cinnak hmun bite patch . hulhnak i hmanmi thil.g.(n. ca senghnak kaw 2.) uih kho lo le thu kho lo dingin cawnnuk kha tuah.) biaruk i pekmi past .) din tein benghnak patch .g. pastry . e.) 1. e. e.(adj. e. She sewed patches on the elbow of his coat = A angki kiu ah puanchia a belh hna 2. e. e. khualtlawnnak. paternalism . He has a passion for music = Hla a duh hring hran The Passion = Bawi Jesuh nih vailamtah a innak passionate .) lam bi . van ah siseh. e. He said it only in passing = Biatlanga a vung chuah i a vun chim pah menmi a si.g. cu hmannak nawl an peknak ca patent leather = a nal ngaimi saphaw nak patent medicine = zuarnak nawl a ngeimi kampani nih an ser an zuarmi si patent . e.) changreu thlum ngai le thaw ngaiin sermi pasture .(n.) ram dang kalnak lehhmah password . e.) a dih cangmi caan.) 1. duhnak a tthawngmi 2.

(n.) a daimi peacefully . He pays five kyats for his hat = A lu khuh fang nga in a cawk 2.(n.(n. phun khat chung i haotu bik a simi 2. a lung a saumi 2. e.) 1.(v.(n.g. ningcang tein umnak.(n.) mah pale thahnak patrimonial .(n.) lahkhah. mi a ing khomi 3. chizawh tin pawn .) 1.) zawtnak aa thawkning pathological .) 1.(n. drama hoi hna piahnak ca i an sakmi inn.g.) pek awk a simi.) zohchunh awk ca i a tthami thil .) 1.(n. Roman Katholik Pop bantuk patrician .) 1.) changreu tlang a chung i sa khumhchihmi paunch .) inn kulh chung i a ummi tual patriarch .(n. patrimony .) Rom mi lak bawi phun patricide . pek.g.(v.) awtaw peak .) paw pauper . lentecelhnak hmun i aa celhtu le a zohtu hna nih hman awk i an sakmi inn nganpi 2.) palik patron .(n. lam serpiak. a parpahlek Page 186 .) tlawmte i dinhnak pause .g.) zaangfak ngaiin pathless .) zaangfahnak lungthin a chuahter khotu cattialmi le biachimmi pathway .(n.) saram tin .(v.g. e.) thil pawnnak dawr pay .) Bawipa Thlacamnak.) lam patience .(v. khulrangte le nal nagiin holh 2.) chawcawk.) ven i chawhhnawh lengmang patrolman .) dirkamhtu a simi nu patronize . Grik Orthodox Khrihfabu chung i lu bik a simi.(n.(n.(adj. remnak 3.) pa lei kap in comi ro patriot . a zik 2. He pays him five kyats = Tangka fang nga a pek pay .(n. e.(n.) mi zaw patio . e.) mah ram a dawmi patriotic .(n.(adv.(adj.) rianttuantu hna an min le an hmuh hnga dingzat ttialnak cazin pea . patrol .) metei peacock .paternity .) peknak payroll .) dai tein peacemaker . You must not disturb peace = Ningcang tein a um komi thil kha na hnahnawh lai lo peaceable . e. aa si lengmangmi a si lomi peaceful . His pay is thirty kyats a month = A lahkhah cu thla khat ah sawm thum a si. path . The bill for electricity is payable today = Elektrik man pek awk a simi cu nihin ah pek awk a si payment .(v. The rain patters on the window pane = Ruah nih thlalangawng thlalang a theh pattern . Her watch is in pawn = A suimilam cu aarmahkhannak caah an tlaihpiak pawnbroker .) phaisa cawimi aamahkhannak ca i pekmi thil. namuna. e.(n.(n. e. khulrang tein bengh. dirkamhtu nih bawmhnak pekmi 2.g.(adj.g.(adj.(adj. lung le mirang vawlei in lam ser 2. chaw cawk zungzal patroness .) lam um lonak hmun a simi pathogenesis .) thil pawnnak a tuahtu pawnshop .(n.g.(adj.g.(adv. lung a sau i ngol duh loin a ttuan pengmi patient . Mary used a pater pattern in cutting out her new dress = Mary nih a angki thar a ah ah khan caku namuna a hman patty .) 1. cawk.(n.(n.) sataw pe peace .(v.(n.(n.(n.(n. khuhzarhnak inn paw .) lam bite pathetic .g.) ram dawtnak lungthin i ngeimi patriotism .(v.(n.(n.(n.) zawtnak umtuning cawnnak pathos .) 1. She pawned her watch to buy food = Rawl cawknak caah a suimilam kha a pawn in pawn = aamahkhannak.(n.(n. daihnak 2.) zaangfah awk a simi pathetically . e.(n.(n. e.) zawtnak umtuning cawnnak he aa pehtlaimi thil pathology .(n.(adj.(n.(n.(n.(adj.g.) misifak ngaingai pause .) lungsaunak patient . She patronizes this shop = Hi chawdawr ah hin thil a caw zungal patter .) a dai khomi . payable .(n.) mi kalnak ca i mawttawka lam a kam i sermi lam pavilion . dirkamhtu 2.) ram dawtnak lungthin. chawhdawr i thil a cawmi 3.) 1.) tlawmte i dinh pave . Latin holh in.) ralvengtu patrol .) hringtu pa sinak paternoster . e.(n. e.) 1.) 1.(v. He paves the way for us = Lam a kan serpiak pavement .(n. khualtlawn i vengtu patronage .) pale sinin hmuhmi ro a simi.(n.) daihnak tuahtu peach .

) tolhtang pelt .(n.g.(n.(adj. cengkeuh nih a sermi .(adj. The oriloe builds a pendulous nest = Thlizil va nih aa Page 187 . hringsortu hna min cazin peek .(n. pell-mell . aa tlukmi. arfa ciap.) piar thei pearl .) thanh.(n. e.) ke in a kalmi pedigree . thanter. sattil khumhnak kulhmi penal .(adv.(n. He pedalled his bicycle = A saikal a ke in a mawngh pedant .) a zummi peal .(v.) lung in cheh pelvis .g.(n. ahohmanh a tluktu an um lo 2.(adj.g.(v.(n. bawi upa peer .(n.) va hmursau rili kam i a ummi pell-mell .) nuar lengmangnak.) aa thui lengmangmi. hei zoh vak peel . theithu hawng peel .(n.(v.peaked .(n.(adj. caw kiam . pale lungvar pearly . e.) voi dang i a um tawn lomi . awng in bih. A flower peeps through the grass = Ram lakin pangpar kha a hung lang. A peevish child = A nuar lengmangmi ngakchia peevishness .(adj.g. a thiam ngai i aa ruatmi lung abi ngaimi saya pedagogy .g. e.(n.(n.) lungtekep pebbly .) hngalhnak a porhmi pedantry .) phun dang tein pedagogue . 3.(v. cawnpiaktu saya 2. thing le thing i tthen hlah seh tinak ca i khenhnak fung peg .g.(n.) a hram .) tawttawk ruh le pang ruh pen .) bih .) nuar a duh ngaimi.(adj.(v.) lungtekep a khatmi pecan .) nai tein bih.) dantatnak he aa pehtlaimi. As a lawyer.) cathiamnak aa uangmi .) chuahkehnak cazin .) pale lungvar bantuk a simi peasant . hawi he aa lo lomi. Penal code = Dantatnak upadibu penalize . sattil hrennak ca i khenhmi fung 3. hawng kheh .(adj. dantatnak 2.(v.) hawng .(v. bia i kammi let ruang i dantatnak.) mipe pear . tuavon. The paint was peeling from the wall = Vampang si thuhmi kha a kok peep .(v.(v. ingchiatnak peg .(n.) 1. She peeled potatoes = Aalu a meh hna 2.) 1.) khenhnak fung zum in khenh.(adj.) thawng ring ngaimi. cafung 2.) cuk peculiar .g. pendulous . baisikal mawnghnak a lamhnak khi pedal .(n.) hru thei bantuk a simi thing thei phun knat peccable . naa kiam .g.(n.) thil tlawm tete aa phorh i hmun kip ah a zuar lengmangmi peddler . e.g.(v. a cheuchum i hung langh. kok. aw thia tein awnh.) phun dangte sinak peculiarly . thir tu khenh loin pelican .g.) dantatnak pek penalty . She took a peep at the hidden gift = Laksawng an thuhmi kha a thli tein a va bih peer .(n. a si lo ah lente i celhnak i zuamnak i phung buar ruang i dantatnak pencil . The bells pealed forth Christmas joy = Khrismas lunglawmhnak kha darkhing nih an thanter peanut .(adv. peep . We heard a peculiar sound = Zahan ah thawng dangte pakhat kan theih peculiarity .(v.) cawnpiaknak pedal . e.) 1. A peal of thunder = Khuari thawng peal . The old lady peers at the needle = Tarnu nih thim kha naih tein a bih in a bih peerless .(n. e.) a choi in an choi cukmak.) ke in mawngh.) hngalhnak i porhnak peddle . e.(n.) lulam loin a rak choi cukmak ciomi pellet .(adj.) 1. 2.g. e. zohnak. e. kiam .) a sual khomi peck . e. e.(n. e.) thil tlawm tete aa phorh i hmun kip i a zuarmi pedestal . va fa awnh. e.(adj. he has no peer = Sihni ah cun. thingnge a kuimi pending .(n.) lothlo pawl pebble . e.g.(n. pung cu cu bantuk kha bantuk a si a ti i cu ning cun ti a herh lo tiangin i timi pedantic .) 1. hawng meh.) hmailei i tuah te dingah chiahmi.(n.g.(n.g. The chair is pegged.) thli tein bihnak . thil bahnak ca i vampang i khenhmi fung 2.) 1.(n.) ahohmanh nih tluk lomi peevish .(n. instead of nailed = Thutdan cu rawfim an khenh.) seh mawnghnak kui .(n.) khedan pencil .) a kuimi .(adj.g.(n.) 1.) khedan in ttial pendent . e. tung nganpi hram pedestrian .(v.) rili lungvar .(adj.(adj. The children dashed pell-mell down the beach and into the waves = Ngakchia pawl cu rili kam ah khan an vung choi cutmat i tilet chungah khan an i lioh colh.

) chung i i khon i a hung irhmi.) cape people .(adj.(n. Has the water percolated through the coffee yet? = Ti nih kawfi kha a ciah cang maw? A sullam cu ti nih khan kawfi kha a ciah cangin kawfi hang cu ti nih khan a chuahpi cang maw tinak a si.) vawlei fonghlei peninsular . pension .(n.(n.(n.g. Penny wise and pound foolish = Penny i fim i pound i hruh = Thil hme tete i fim i thil ngan i hruh ttung. kut ttial.) zakhat chungah zeizat perceptibility .) thil a pem khomi penetration . Easter ni in a ni sawm nganak.) vate thingnge i an fut. The town was peopled with farmers = Khua cu lothlo pawl an um pepper .(n.) England tangka a neo bik. e.(n.g. pensive . e. a dong lomi Page 188 .(n.) a si kho.(adj.) sual ngaihchihnak he aa pehtlaimi.) va phun khat peninsula .) namte hmete penman .) 1.g. percolator . e.) kap nga/kil nga a ngeimi inn Pentateuch .(adj.) awfang hmannung bik a hei changtu penultimate . e.g.(n. penny wise . Exodus. Genesis.(n. His pennmanship is hard to read = A kut ttial rel a har penname .) hngalhnak perch .(n.(n. tilawng cung i an hman bikmi penniless .) thing makphek . e.) phaisa zeihmanh a ngei lomi penny .) cattial thiammi penmanship . e. Numbers le Deuteronomy.(adj. 2.(n. Leviticus.) suimilam chung i aa thui lengmangmi khi penetrate .) a luang zungzalmi .) sual i ngaihchihnak penitent .(adj.(n.(v.(adj. Water percolates through sand = Thetse chungin ti kha a zut.(v.) thil fak piin a ruatmi penstock .(n.) vawlei fonghlei bantuk penis .(n.(n.) Moses cauk panga.) sual aa ngaihchihmi penitential .g. zakhat chungah kul ti cu 20% tiin ttial a si percentage .) kawfi sonak um perennial .) grain 24.) pemh i a chung i luhhnawh penetrating .g.(prep.(adj.) hngalh khawh a simi perception .) Easter in Zarhpi pasarihnak.) zang penitence .g. Pent up feelings = Thin i ben lengmang i i ben khawh ti lo i a hung chuakmi thinhunnak khi pentagon .g. minung 2. in.) a thak per .(n. makphek peppery . penthouse .) pension pensioner .(adv.(adj. Penitential songs = Sual ngaihchihnak kong a simi hla penitentiary .) 1.) penny pakhat man. Pentecost .(n.g.) thil hngalh khawhnak phun nga kan ngeihmi in hngalh .(n.) sifahnak peon . e.) pension pekmi. percent cu % tiin ttial a si .(n.(n. pakhat caah pakhat.g.) mi umter. awng hme tete chungin zuh.) innpi i pehchinmi innte penult . e. Mi A pound of sugar per man = Mi pakhat caah thanthling pawng khat 2. asiloah.g. pennyworth .(n.(v.) vate an i futnak thingnge perch .) pemh i luhhnawhnak penguin .) 1. ram khat chungmi. a sullam cu cauk panga fonh. e. Whitesunday ti zong ah ti a si.) ti khamnak pent . The people of Japan = Japan ram mi people .(adj.) a hmanung bik a changtu penurious .(n.(adj.g.) hngalh khawhnak perceptible .) cattialtu nih a min ngaingai si loin min aa bunhmi pennant .(n. I will send the book by parcel post = Cauk cu carek parsel in kan kuat lai.) ziaza remhnak thong penknife .(v.(n. I will send the book per Lian Lung = Lian Lung sinin cauk kha kan kuat lai per annum = kum khat ah per capita = minung pakhat caah perceive .(n.) thil hme tete tu i a fimmi.(n. a sullam hngalh percent . I may go to India perchance = India ah ka kal kho men percolate .(adj.(v.) kut in ttialmi ca . pension a hmumi. pennyweight . e. The sparrows perched on the ridge of the house = Pithlung cu innthlung ah an i fu perchance .g.) mi khiar penury . e.(adj.(n. e.(n. ciah.) zakhat chungah .(n.(n.(adj.thui lengmangmi bu a sak pendulum .) alan a saumi. e.(n.(n. ounce cheu kul cheu khat.

The target was perforated by bullets = Kuanfang nih hmuichon cu an pemh dih. a tlingmi .g. e.g. caan pakhatkhat. artlang in awng tete ser. He lives a perfect life = A nunning ziaza ah mitling a si 2.perfect .g.(n.g.g. at ruah awk hngal lo i um Page 189 . caan.(n. e. onh. e.) onh khawh a simi permission . e.(adj.) awng tete sernak perforce . Water permeates cotton cloth easily = Ti nih la puan kha fawi tein a ciah hlanh khawh permissible .) zihmui tuahnak perfunctory .) ciah knawhmi hlanh khawhmi permeate .) a hlanh dih .(n.(adv.) hmantleng saupi . lih in chiatser. perforation .g. e.) a hmaan lo ti hngal ko na in a hmaan ko tiin chiatsernak .(adj.g. The new teacher was perfunctory.(adj. e.) a zei maw can a zei maw caan ah tuahmi periodical .(n. e.) a rawk khomi .) caan ngei tadinca .) ttha hringhran in .) onh lengmangtu a simi permit . Windows permit light to enter the room = Thlalang-awng nih ceunak cu innchung ah an luhter permit .) = elektrik in sam i kirter i saupi a nguhmi permanently .g.(adj.g. Please permit him to go = Kal ong ko tuah 2.(v. he did not really care about his work = Saya tharpa cu tlangrian ttuan in a rian a ttuan.(adj. The witness perjured himself by lying about what he saw on the night of the murder = Lai an i nawn zan i a hmuhmi kong ah khan.(n. 2.(adj.) hnatlaknak onhnak permissive .(n. e. He will stay here permanently = Hika ah hin a um zungzal ko lai permeable . e.) tuahmi peh lengmang perpetuation .(v.(v. a kekkuai khomi perjure .) tthat tlinnak perfectly .(adj.) duhnak ngei taktak lo i tlangrian ttuan i ttuan. e.) a si kho men .g.(adv.(adj.(n.) tuah.) tuahtu perfume . Sheets of postage stamps are perforated = Milu benh tlap cu awng tete in an ser hna.(n.(adj.) zumh awk tlak lomi sinak perforate . Perhaps he may arrive today = Nihin a phan kho men peril . catlang donghnak i deh (. His accounts are perfect = A tangka hmannak cazin a hmaan dih perfect .g.(n.(v.(adv.(adv. a can hmaan tein chuahmi thawngtheihnak ca periphery . a hmaan dih.(v. e.) baunak / tlin lonak zeihmanh um lonak perfidious . e.) tuahnak performer .(adj. a si men lai.) a lenglei kap a vel chum period . tuah zungzalmi perpetually .(adj.) peh zungzalnak perpetuity .) lungtuai .) ding tein a dirmi perpetrate .(n.(v. Perform your duty = Na rian kha tuah performance .) tlinter. He visited us for a short period= Caan tawite chung a kan leng periodic .) a caan tete i a chuakmi periodical .) zungzal in tuahmi perplex .) zungzal .) sualnak a tuahtu perpetual .) 1.g. ter. a ciah dih .) thil ttihnung a simi.) rawk .(n.) ttihnung ngaiin perimeter .) onhnak lehhmah. e.) sualnak tuah perpetrator .(adv.(n.(adj.) a herhning tein perform .) ttihnung a simi perilously . The burning ship is in peril = A kangmi tinbaw cu thil ttihnung chungah a um perilous . e. tthatling in perfectness . amah le amah kha lihchim sual aa phaw perjury .g.(n.) 1.) a hmun zungzalmi .) zungzal in perpetuate . perhaps . pemh.(n.) 1.g.) 2.(adj.(adj.(n.(adj.) thil a hrawk khotu a simi perpendicular .) saupi a nguhmi thil sinak permanent .(n.(n.(n. The smoke permeates the room = Meikhu cu innchung kha a khat dih.(v. aa hmun zungzalmi .(v. saupi a nguhmi permanent wave (n. a tthat khawh chung in tthatter perfection .(n.) lihchim. khor chungin asiloah rili chungin a lenglei thil hmuh khawnak perish . thih . kehkuai perishable .g. a khat dih.) phihlik khengtlang vel in biachimnak periscope . During the period of war = Ral lio caan chungah 3.) zumh awk tlak lomi perfidy .(v. baunak zeihmanh a ngei lomi.g. e. He must have a permit to drive a car = Mawttaw mawnghnak ah a mawngh onhnak lehhmah a ngeih a hau pernicious .) zihmui perfumery .) 1. tehtepa nih lih a chim caah. e. a rian kha zei ah a rel taktak lo. lihchimnak permanence .g. siter khawh. e.(n.) zungzal in.(v.(n.

(n.) zei thilpaoh a harnak lei kap le a chiatnak lei kap a hmumi pessimistic .(n.) hremnak persecutor .g. a pum. rian ttuan tik i lungdong lo te i ttuan pengnak lungthin persevere . Pertaining to school = Sianginn he aa pehtlaimi ah cun 3.) thil zohning le hmuhning i a fim ngaimi thil.) 1. lem . She is a personable young woman = Amah cu mi pumrua ttha ngaknu a si personage .(n. ngeih. pestilent .) a ping i kalpi pessimism . pumpak ta a simi.) hrem persecution .) rianttuantu minung hna perspective .(n. ciahnak perverse . zum lakin chimh khawh. Smallpox and cholera are pestilences = Raise le ngaleo cu rai an si. He persuaded me he was right = Amah cu a ding ko tiah zum lakin a ka chimh khawh persuasion .(adj.) tthat lonak in umnak pervert .(n.) rai. rian hi minung a kan kotu hei si sehlaw cu ko cu a lo personify .(n.(adj. There is no money on his person = A pum cungah phaisa a um lo personable .(v.(v. e.g. Everything that pertains to Christmas = Khrismas he aa tlakmi thil paohpaoh pertinence .) 1.(n.) 1. thil hmuhning thil cuanhning perspicacious . e. fial.(adj.) minung bantuk i canter.(n. mah lawngin. They could persuade him to stay = Um awkah an lem khawh 2. e. a hmu thiammi perspicauity .) mi lem khawhnak a ngeimi .(v.(adj.(adj. We personify the sun and moon calling the sun our mother and the moon our father = Ni kan nu thla kan pa kan ti hna tikah hin ni le thla hi minung bantuk i kan canter hna a si personnel .) 1.) lung retheihter perturbation .g.) thil kha minung bantuk ah canter i cu bantukk in holhter. thil zohning. e. We own the house and the land pertaining to it = Inn le inn ngehmi a simi a vawlei kha kanmah ta an si 2.) zawtnak kartertu a simi pestilence .(n. hlanh dih pervasive .(n.) thlah duh loin a tuah pengmi persistently .(n. Duty calls us = Rian nih a kan kawh.(n.) a khah in khah.(n.) thlan chuah persuade .) mah sining te cio personate . kong ah cun. e.(adj.(v. e. harnak petu thil .) zuva .) ningcang loin umnak. chimhnak persuasive . ciah.(n.g.(v. e.) hlanhnak. e.(n.) hnahnawhnak pek pesticide . lentecelhpi awk ca i i chiahmi.) ningcang loin a ummi . rawl a hrawktu pester .) teimak tein ttuan pengnak persistent .) sumkhal pet .(v.(n. Personal letter = Pumpak cakuat 2. e.(v.(adv. tthat lonak a tuah pengmi perverseness .(n.(n. The children wanted a rabbit as a pet = Ngakchia nih Page 190 .(v.) hlennak caah anih ka si i titer personification . mi.(n.g.) awlokchonnak .) 1.(n. e. ahohmanh bawmh loin tuahmi.) i tlaknak pertinent .) teimak tein ttuan peng persist . e. tthat lonak perversity . lamhlat deuh in thil cuanh tik i fiang deuh le hmaan deuh in hmuh khawhnak khi.) hremtu perseverance .) thihnak tluntertu a simi pestle .(n. aa tlakmi.(adj.(adj.g. e. He made a pesonal effort to reconcile them = Amah lawngin remh aa zuam hna personality .) 1.) zei thilpaoh a harnak lei kap le a chiatnak lei kap i hmuhnak pessimist .g. zuva .) pumrua a tthami.(v. a pehtlaimi.) teimaknak .g.(n.(n. khaubawk thahnak si pestiferous .(v.) lungretheihnak perusal .g.(n.(n.) lemnak. hnahnawhnak .) ttha tein rel pervade .(n.) hlanh dih khawhnak a ngeimi pervasiveness . e.(v. Four persons saw her leave = A kal kha mi pali nih an hmuh 2.) tthat lonak perversion .g.) thlah duh lo tein person .(v.) ca relnak.(adj.g. e.(adj.(adj. mi a tei kho mi (bia le ruahnak in) pertain .g.) lungtuainak perquisite .g. e.g.g.g.perplexity . Many happenings of last year seem less important when viewed in perspective = Nikum til ummi tampi kha hlat deuh in vun cuanh hna tikah hiapi tuk an rak si lo ti kha a hung lang 2.(n.(n.) mi herhsen personal .) biachim i fiang ngaiin chimthiamnak perspire .) thil a harnak lei le a si khawh lonak lei kap in a zohmi pest . I finished the perusal of your letter = Na cakuat rel ka dih cang peruse .(v.) teimak tein ttuan peng persistence . e. rungrul .) aa tlakmi perturb .) lahkhah leng in hmuhmi thil laksawng bantuk si loin hmuh awk a si hrim timi persecute .

phonetic .) holh fang a awning in ttial.) mitthlam i hmuh.(n.(n. Politics is his pet subject = Politiks cu a duh khunmi subject a si petal .) a hmete a simi petition .(n. e. kap.(n. thlapa hmai.) holh aw a umtuning cawnnak phonics .(n. a um taktak lomi mah ruahnak i hmuhmi phantasy .) mithla pharmacist .) si sernak pharynx . a tlai ca i a tthami phosphorescence .) thingkuang holh thiam phonology .) mifim .) hmete .(n.(adv.(n.(adj.(n. phonetics . hawi dang nakin a lang khummi thil philanthropic .g.(n.) telephone.) nawltu petrify . The new moon.saveh cu lentecelh pi awk i i chiah awkah an duh 2. Minung kan ruahnak hrampi.) 1.(n.(n.) hmetnak. duh khunmi.(n.) aw lei cawnnak phonograph .(n.) 1.) holh lei fimthiamnak cawnnak philosopher .(n. hnar lei i a kalmi kua .(n. man tlawmnak petty .) biakinn chung tthutdan sau phalanx . hilei kap.(n.) mi dang thil ttha tuahmi a simi philanthropist .) non phun khat .(adj. e.) nawl petitioner .(adj.) holh lei fimthiamnak a ngeimi philology .(n.(n.) ingchiatnak petulant .g. Fever us a phenomenon of disease = Taklinh hi zawtnak langhnak pakhat a si 2. zinan le zinan phun paohpaoh an sernak thil pettiness .(n. 3. thil a hung langmi hmuh khawh tongh khawh a simi. thlapa lai le vunchuk cirin hna hi thlapa hmai hmai li an si.) fimnak lei in philosophize .(v.(n. zei thil paoh hmanh i lungtho cutmat i a um lomi phoenix . He has a pet dog = Lentecelhpi awkah aa chiahmi uico pakhat a ngei 2.) ttha tein ruah . zong fantasy.(adj. cucaah phonetic hi a phonetic ning in ttial ahcun fawnetik ti a si hnga.(v. full moon.(n.) kang loin a ceumi phosphorus .(n. e.(n.) kang loin ceu phosphorescent . lentecelhpi awkah i chiahmi.) si sertu pharmacy .g.(n.) fim duhnak he aa pehtlaimi thil paohpaoh philosophically .) amah tein a ceumi thil photo .) va rit phenomenal . 2. man tlawmte a simi petulance .) ruah philosophy . nunnak hi a sullam zeidah a si ti tehna.) holh a aw chuahning cawnnak phosphate . telifawn.(n. phantom .) hmanthlak Page 191 .) khan (khaak) phlegmatic . and last quarter are four phases of the moon = Thla det.(n.(n. dot. thil hmuhning.) dang . harnak le nuamh lonak le tihnak chung hmanh ah dai tein umnak 3.(n. cirin.) 1. zei hi dah a hmaan a hmaan lo ti tehna hngalh i zuamnak hi philosophy timi cu a si.(adj.(adj.(n.) lenglang sawhsawh a simi phenomenon . hihi tlangvai paohpaoh nih an pal pahmi dot a si ko.(adj. fimnak . cuap lei i a kalmi kua le pawip lei i a kal mi kua an i thawknak phase . e.) mi dang ca i thil ttha tuahmi philharmonic .) mi dang ca i thil ttha a tuahtu philantrophy . datsi petroleum .(adj. a biafang sullam hi cu fimnak duhnak ti a si 2.(adj. e.(n. thil zohning. first quarter.(n. this is a phase all boys go through = Dick aw cu aa thleng lio.) vate phun khat phone .g. In philosophy we try to understand the meaning of life = Philosofi ah cun nunnak sullam hi zeidah a si ti hngalh hi kan i zuammi cu a si phlegm .g.) dai tein um .) thinghnah ngiang petite .) pangpar a par chung tlap tete khi petiole . lungthin le thilri hi zeitindah an i pehtlaih ti te hna.) ingchiami pew .) aw duh a nung ngaimi philologist .g.(adj.) petrol. dawt khunmi. Dick's voice is changing.) lung in i can petrol . fimnak a duhmi philosophical .) telephone in i chawnh. khattelei kap. phone .(n.(v.) raltukning phun khat hlanlio i an rak hmanmi phantasm .(n.) 1. ttial i minthutmi nawlnak sohluah petition .(n. The baby was the pet of the family = Bawhte cu an innchungkhar ah an dawt khummi a si pet . kap khat.(adj. pheasant .) petrol. e.(n.) mitthlam i hmuh.g. e.(v. a um taktak lomi mah ruahnak i hmuhmi.(n.

pick out = thim pick up: 1. e.(n. seh umtuning .) 1.(n. tawhfung in si loin thil dang in tawhinn hun. e.(n.) hmanthlak he aa pehtlaimi thil photography .g.(n.photograph .g. thil le thazang (linhnak . sattil hrennak ca i khenhmi fungzum 2. Mango pickle = Hai thor ciahmi. He gives a picture of his life as a soldier = Ralkap a rak si lio kong kha a chim 3.(adj. etc.g. zal chung i a ummi thil a thli tein rak firpiak.) biachimning. Human physiology = Minung pum umtuning kong cawnnak physique .) rawl thlum ngai phun khat piece . e. Physical strength = Takpum thazang.(n. hmanthlak 2.(n.(n.) past tense and past participle of picnic.(n. elektrik dah .g. e. Pick up the book on the floor = Tuang i cauk kha vun char. pickle .g. 5.) cite he ciahmi thei.) 1.) pikel tuah. He had his pocket picked = A zal an rak purhpiak i an fir. e.) rian pakhat a ningpi in ttuan i a ningpi man in tangka hmuh ve pier . tangka fang pakhat. pickaxe . a cheuchum . karhter. The prize winning cows are the pick of the herd = Laksawng a hmumi caw hna cu an run chung i a ttha bik kha an si. e. e. e. biatlang a tling ttung lomi.g.) thil an umtuning .) takpum lei in. In the garden there is much to do: Dum chungah tuak awk tampi a um.(adj. picturesqueness . e. tahchunhnak ah. e. thianh.) thir titnak chungin a hung chuak hmasa bikmi thir tluan hna pigeon .(v. fonhtonh piecemeal . She picked the lock with a pin = Thir zumte in tawh kha a hun.g. baisikup picture . pickpocket .) hniang aa hrawmmi pictorial . piecework .) tilawng dinhnak i minung kalnak hlei ti cung i donhmi pierce . thim. vih. 3.g.(n.(n.g.) hmanthlak phu a simi thil.(n.(n. phar khat fang.) dawhnak pidgin .g.) vok pig iron .) vawlei cung thil umtuning a hngalmi physics .) takpum.) sibawi . char.(adv.) hnianghrawm. e.) hmanthlak.(n.g.g. tthanter. He is a man of strong physique = Takpum a tthawngmi pa a si piano .(n. He picked at his meal = Ka thaw set loin rawl a ei. lehmah pakhat cheu ruk cheu khat tluk. Kanmah ni chung lawng min rinh a = Kanmah chung lawng nan kan rinh pie . piece . picnicked .(n. e.) hmanthlak photographer . He got the pick of the best clothes =Thilpuan ttha bik hna lak i a ttha khummi kha a co hna.g.) 1.(v. They picked all the peaches on the tree = A kung i a ummi metie kha an lawh din. He photographed the building = Inn kha hman a thlak photograph .) takpum.) hmanthlatu photographic . He is physically strong = Takpum lei in a tthawng physician .(n.(n.(n. 2. Pick any book you want = Na duhmi cauk paoh kha i thim. He put the machine together piecemeal in his spare time = Aa manh caan paoh ah seh cu pakhat tete in a fonhtonh lengmang. Physical geography = Vawlei aa serning a khuati. e. ralvengtu i an chiahmi ralkap tlawmpal hna pickle . picnicker .) cawhnuk i hmanmi holh.(adv. e.(n. He picked a pin from the floor = Tuang in thim a char. char.(n.(n. biahmanning physical .) dawh tein chim.g. 4.) seh ha.) biatlang pakhat chung i biafang a bu in a ummi . phrase .(n.(v. ceunak) kong fimnak cawnnak physiology . kong. lawh.) hmanthlak lei kong a simi picture .g.) 1.) peh. Where did you pick up that news? = Khuazei in dah cu thawng cu na theih? 3. e. He picked up the room before we arrived = Kan phak hlanah innkhan kha a rak thianh (phiah).g.) bia in hmanthlak suai picturesque . She phrased her answer carefully = A lehnak bia cu dawh tein a chim phraseology . hnianghrawm.) pakhat hnu pakhat in. hmuh theih.(n. hlai lei si lo in si lei a thiammi physicist . cafang pahralehhmah pakhat chungah aa tlummi pick .) hmanthlaknak. ngamu fang.) chartu picket .(n.(n. e. The car picked up speed = Mawttawka cu a rannak a hung karh. e.(n. pick .(n. mittha sinak pig . tamat fang.(n.(v.(v. e.(n. an chunglei umtuning le rianttuanning cawnnak. pick at = ka thaw set lo in rawl ei. aa dawh ngaingaimi.) cawlcanghnak . e. minmei khuadawm le rili tilet kong tiangin cawnmi khuaram physically .(v.(adj. hi biatlang ah hin ' in the garden' le ' to do ' hi ' phrase' an si veve phrase .g.(v.) piano pica . e.g.g.g.) 1.g.(adj.) tthatnak .) laileng Page 192 . 12 point.) hmuizum picker .g.(v. e.g.) thim khummi. Dawn khuami nih Mizo holh he Lai hloh he i cawhnuk i an hman bantuk khi. e. e.(n. Girls have their ears pierced for earrings = Ngaknu nih hnatonh tonhnak caah an hna an i vih piety .) mi zal chung thil fir hmang picnic . 4.(n. tleng lakin chunk 2. 2. a tim tthen 2. rawl he i a thaw ngaimi.

pipe . pillar .(v. 2.g.) biaknak lie i khuh riangmang i lihchimnak tuah piously .) ramh. pangpawi meithal piston . 2.(v.(n. kai ttum lemgmang. tilawng mawng pilot .g.(adj.(v. e. The sudden pitch of the ship knocked him off his feet = Tilawng duak tiah a ttum a kai caah a ke a phlelh i a tlu.) biaknak lei hmunthiang i tlawngmi pilgrimage . e.(n.) fei pilaf . Rose pink = Rose pangpar sen dang pinkish .(n. e. laileng zuatnak inn bantukin a kua tete sermi kuang pigheaded . e.(n. thlam bunh.g.) farthing pine .(adj. Pilot car = Hmai i a rak kal chugmi mawttawka.(n. khua le ram a tla hmasatu pioneer .) 1.g.(n. Shi pinched a piece from the lump of the dough = Changcet kha a sawk pincushion .(n.pigeonhole . sih.(n. a chen a rawnh. thingpon pile .g.(n.) mi lungkhong pigment .(n. cong. ram ngaih. He pinched the apple = Epal kha a hmeh 2.) pon .g. palau timi.(adj.) tlawm tete in fir pilgrim .(n. The pitch of the roof is very steep = Inncung a chen a rawnh cu a cheng ngai. She pinched her mother to stop talking = A nu kha holh ti hlah tiah a sih 4.(n.(adj.) 1. e.) thim sawhnak bawm pine . e.(n. This song is pitched too low for me = Hi hla cu ka caah niam tuk in an lak.g.) rili cung i firnak tuahmi pirate . In a pique she left the dinner = Ingpuan in zanriah einak cun a chuak piracy .) farthei pinfeather . 2.(n.) a sen dang (daang ).) a sen dang a simi pinnacle . khuat (quart) cheu. ngaih.(n.) hlawhhlangnu hawlpiaktu pimple .(n.) thir cong in asiloah rua cong in ti luanter.(n.) zun zun pistil .) ziaza ttha ngaiin pipe . rial.(n. buh le sa kio chihmi pile .(n.(n.(n. ttumkai. e. The door pinched his finger = Innka nih a kutdong a rial 3.g.) dantatmi hna lu hrolhnak le kut hrolhnak ca i an tuahmi thingpheng an vihmi hna pillow . pe li hrawng lawng a simi pigtail . duhshtein tlumral. e.) sitlang pillage .g. Bamboo pipes = Rua cong.) hmaisuang i tuahmi.) rungtaban pinecone .) vanlawng mawng.) pon.) ingpuan.(n. kuaite kuak.) ounce pakul.(n. pitched Page 193 .) 1. The ship pitched in the storm = Tilet chungah lawng cu a kai a ttum lemgmang. e. thlam sak.(n.g.(v. hla aw lak. hla le aw i a sannak le a niamnak.(n. 4. e. 3.g.) cong tummi awdawh tumtu pique . pumpululh chehnak. 3. kiar ha pink . pimp . pitch .) a parpahlek pinpoint . pioneer .) rili cung mifir bantukin tuahmi piss . e. pitch .(n. 5.(v.) tonh.(n. 2. hmeh.) cengceh phun khat pinch .g.) piston pit .) minung hme tete .) pistol meithal .g.) saisam pinion .(n.) chantling khuh pilot . khua ngaih.(v.(v.(n.) inntung pillory . e.) mah biaknak i aa zuam ngaimi .) thim pin .(n. e.g.) a simi hrimhrim te kha vun sawh i khen pint .(n.g.(v. pineapple .(n. cong tummi phun khat.) 1. Pilot project = A hmasa bik i tuah chungmi thil.) 1. piper .) khor. We pitched our tent under the tree = Thingkung tangah kan thlam kan sak/bunh.) hnulei samphiar pike . pumpululh cheh.) lam hmaisak pious .(n.g.(adj.(n. e.) 1. a ziaza a tthami pious fraud . He can pitch the ball very well = Ttha ngaiin pumpululh kha a cheh ko. e. sawk. e. 4. vate thla 2. He pitched away the stones = Lung kha a hlonh hna. We piled the wood = Thing kan pon pilfer .(adv.) rawl phun khat. She pinned a flower on her dress = A angki ah pangpar aa tonh pincers .) dumternak si/thil pigmy .) rili cung mifir piratical .(v. 3. hlonh.g.(n.) lam hmaisatu .(v.) laileng zuatnak inn.g.) pangpar chung i a ci a umnak te khi pistol .g.(n.(n.) chantling pillow case .) arsik pin . The pilgrims travelled many miles on their pilgrimage to the holy city = Khua thiang an tlawnnak ah khan khualtlawng pawl kha khan tampi an kal pill . He has a high pitch of voice = A aw a sang.(n. e.(n.(v. e. e.) khualtlawnnak lam.(n.

vanzuanglawng 3. He planned to go to Yangon = Yangon kal aa tim 2. Saturn.) 1. They have a pleasant place = Innlo nuam ngai an ngei. a tuaktantu plant . tamh lomi thil. 5.) muru .) dai tein a ummi. phuntu 2. thingphel 2.g. e.) fiannak. tlaknak khor paohpaoh.g. She wore a plain black longyi =Hni nak zeihmanh tamh lomi a fenh. harnak nganpi chuahtertu plague .(v. timh.(adj. 2.) fiang tein plainness . She placed her hand on her head = A kut cu a lu ah a chiah. Trees and grass are plants = Thing le ram cu thingram an si 2. Uranus. e. Earth.(v.(adj. His plain remarks sometimes offend people = A sining bak i a chimmi hna nih an thin a hunter tawn hna.) 1. e. Where were you born? Khuazei ah dah na chuah? 4. thlaiti thlaihnah.(n. e.) mi dang ttialmi bia/ruahnak kha mah bia le mah ruahnak bantukin i fir i anih ruahnak le bia a si ti hngalhternak zeihmanh tuah lo. He planted vegetables in his garden = A dum ah tihang a phunphun a cin hna plantain .(n. e. What a pity it is that you missed the plane = Vanlawng na tanh lo cu a poi ngangai ko pity .) a timtu . e.) zaangfah pivot .) phun. seh in thil sernak a seh he a inn he. He planned the streets of the town = Khuachung lam an umtuning ding kha pungsan a suai hna 3. planter .g. mi sawsawh.) zaangfah awk ngaingai a simi pitless .g.) a man in zohmi kut thongh (boxing).g.(n.(n. 2.) 1. inn pungsam suaimi.) rawn. e.) vancung vawlei. hmun. e. e. 3.(n. Our plan is to go to the river = Khua kan rak khanmi cu tiva kal a si 2.(n. tichiahnak thawl pitchfork . planet .) ca tarmi placate .(n.g.) zaangfak a simi pitiful . e. tamhlonak plaintiff . timh.g. pitcher .(n.) harnak pek.) banhla a ngan phun plantation . 6. amah hmun ah.(n. e. 4. Their civilization reached a high plane = An fimnak cu a sangmi phun a phan. Venus. zaangfahnak 2.) hlam placid .) vancung vawlei hna kong plank .(n.(adj.g.) 1. e. Mercury.) mi dang ruahnak i fir plague .(adv.g. zu hrik nih a kalpi i a karhtermi . planetary . fawi tein a lang.(n.) a tung le a phei in a ttialmi puan plain .) 1. placenta . a sining bak i chim. tling ngai ttung i chimmi pitiable . placable . e.) 1.g.g. Khulrang tein mi thih khawhnak a simi 2. umnak hmun.) thin damter . e. e. dum ngeitu Page 194 .) 1.(n. e. Mars. a chung i mi umnak a si colhmi. Automobiles are manufactured in the plant = Sehzung ah mawttaka cu an ser hna plant .(n. e.) lo nganpi. ni a heltu hna. He has a coffee plantation = Kawfi lo nganpi a ngei. ram/khua. e.g. 3.(n.(adj.(v.(v. e.g. He has no place to stay = Umnak hmun a ngei lo.g. biachimmi muru pithy .(n.(n. thingkung muru .(n.(n.) capawl hlonhtu fungte pitfall .) tawite ttung.) chiah. hnemh place .) zaangfahnak zeihmanh a ngei lomi pity . a fiang. 5. phakmi hmun.(adj.) 1.g. palek zawtnak . thingram. a permi.g.(n.g. The plans for the new building are in my office = Inn thar pungsan kha ka zung ah an um plan . a hung cang place .g. Rice is grown on the plains = Rawn ah facang cu an cin plainly .(n.(n. politik party pakhatkhat nih an tanhmi thil kan tuah lai ti i zapi sin i an chimmi planner . This is a good place = Hika hi hmun ttha a si. e.g. aa dawh set lomi.(v.) taza cuaitu plait . Asthma plagued her all winter = Khuhhrin nih khuasik chung vialte harnak a pek plaid . plagiarize .g. She was a plain girl = Aa dawh set lomi ngaknu a si. cheptu 2. e.g.(adj.g.g.) thindamter khawhmi . thinghnornak zipaw 2. He was a plain farmer = Amah cu lothlo sawsawh a si ko. His house was in plain sight = A inn cu fawi tein a lang ko.g. Neptune and Pluto are planets =Hi hna hi vancung vawlei cu an si. He planned the dinner properly = Zanriah einak ding kha ttha tein a timh plane . plain .(v. A placid lake = Dai tein a um zirziar mi tili plagiarism . pith .) 1.) tlak (tlaak) saram tlaknak ding ca i cawhmi khor.g.(adj. vai ton sual si loin. take place =a hung um.battle (n. He can do plain sewing = Thil tthit sawsawh cu a thiam ko.(n. e.g. hlonhnak. a rawnmi 4. e.) thil aa khinnak bo prizefight . Jupiter. ngaihchiat awk a simi. rian.) 1.(n. People in high places are respected = Rian ngan a ttuan mi cu mi nih an hmaizah hna in place of = amah can ah.(n. e. e.) = umhmun i khuar ciammam tein ral i tuknak. e.g.g.) samphiar plan . pungsuai.(v. She has many kinds of plants in her garden = A dum ah thlaiti thlaihnah a phunphun a ngei 3.) 1. His meaning was perfectly plain = A chimmi sullam cu a fiang ngaingai ko. innlo.(n. e. a hlan in khua rak khan chungnak.(n. thil sawhsawh.(n. e. lung a nem i ngaihthiamnak lungthin a ngeimi placard . 7.

(adj.) lente aa celhmi playground .(n. e.) lentecelhnak certual playmate . play on words = bia pakhat kha nihchuak siseh tiin chim i a sullam pahnih ngeihter. e.(n. tuam . platitude .(adj. e. taksa nuamhnak.) tlangcung hmunrawn platen . They plastered the wall with pictures = Vampang ah hmanthlak an benh tung plastic .(n.) duh ningin sersiam khawhmi. fak piin nawl 2. Plastic surgery = Takpum ai nincan lonak zawn hna sersiam. biachimnak donhhlei 2. play . e. chuih.(v. She played her sister in the show = Nawl cawnnak ah a far ah khan a cang. lentecelhnak. 2.) thingkheng khengper phun plausibility .(n.(v.(n. The candidate explained his party's platform = Politik aa cuhmi nih an party i tinhmi le an tuah ding ning kha a chim hna.) korpusal aa tel lomi thi plaster .(n.(adv. e.(n. duh.) 1.g.(n. tazacuainak zung i bia chim. a nuammi 2.g.) 1. e.g.) nawlnak plead .) 1.(n. He has a pleasant face = A hmai a panh pleasantly . nuamhter.(adj.(n.) fawi tein koih khawhmi. lungton.) 1. e.(n. e. thir tlep plateau . He is in a sad plight = Ngaihchia a simi harnak chungah a um Page 195 . a biapitter.) canamnak seh i a cahang vun nalhnak thi pheng bial.) tamhmi lungpher .) cengceh plight .(n. He played down the importance of work = Rian biapi a sinak kha a biatette.) harnak.(n. Please open the door = Zangfahnak in innka hei hung tuah.(v. e. e. e. politik party nih tuah an i timhmi le thil kalpi an timhning.g.) sihni pleasant .(n. 3. muisam dawh tein sermi thil plastic . vampang i benh tung.) tampi plentiful .(v.(adj.) tampi a simi plentitude . 3.(n. nawl cawnnak caah mi dang i i can.(n.(n. pleasing .(n. She played on the piano = Piano a tum. benh.) ralkapbu mi sawm nga tluk platter .(adj.) tampi pliable . thil nemmi duhning paoh i sersiam khawhmi 2.r play into the hands = mi kut chung i vaa sanh i annih nih an duh bantukin rak tuah khawh.g.(n.(n. e.plaque .g.g. tum. e.) bia i kam.g.g. Clay is plastic = Tlak cu duhning paoh in sersiam khawh a si. plate . nawl cawnnak playboy .(n. e.) zumh awk tlak a lo i a si ngaingai ttung lomi play .g.g.) 1.g.g. He pledged to marry her = Kan tthit lai tiah bia a kam plenary .g.(n.) 1.(v. 4.) khuapi chung zapi pumhnak hmun plea . pakan bantuk . e.(n. You do what you please = Na duhmi kha va tuah ko. plastic in sermi thil 3.(v. biakamnak ca i hmanmi thil.) nuamhnak please . lentecelh 2. zaangfahnak in.(n. vampang nalhnak ca i hmanmi 2. These cups are plated with gold = Hi hrai cu sui in pan tein an tuam hna.) hawi theih ciami a thar ngai le biapi ngai a si ti i chimnak platoon . hmaipanh.) lentecelh hawi playwright . hmur beu hei ti bantuk. e.) 1.) 1.) pan tein khuh .) 1.g. plebiscite .(n. thung le thetse ti he cawhmi . biakamnak 2. 3.) nawlngeihnak tlamtling tein pekmi plenipotentiary . platform . Toys pleased children = Lentecelhnak thilri nih ngakchia kha a lawmhter hna.) tling cikcek in plenipotentiary .(adj. hmelchunhnak plasma .(adj.g. 4. e.g. duhning paoh i sersiam khawhi thil.(n.(n.) tangka tampi a ngei i rian ttuan duh loin lamnak hmun lawng i a kalmi player . e.) nuam ngaiin pleasantness .) zumh awk tlak lo ttung i si ngaingai ttung lonak plausible .) 1. lunglawmhnak. He gave him his watch as a pledge = Biakamnak thil caah a suimilam kha a pek pledge . pakan 2.(adj. The accused pleaded not guilty = Sual an puhmi pa nih ka sual lo tiah a ti pleader .) 1.) 1.) tampi .g. hma benhnak plaster .(adj. nuamhnak 2. The wall has been plastered recently = Tunaite ah khan vampang cu si rang an nalh 1.) mee thlaknak nawl a ngeimi paoh nih me thlaknak in sermi uknak pledge .) nuamhnak petu a simi pleasurable . holh dawh le holh nem a simi. tlamtling sinak plenty .(adj. Willow twigs are pliable = Inhliam nge cu fawi tein koih khawh an si.) nawlcawnnak a tuanbia ttialtu plaza .) cozan nih ram dang i aiawhtu an thlahmi nawlngeihnak tlamtling tein an pekmi plenteous . e. e.g.g. benhnak. vampang nalh.g. sui an hut plate . play down/play up = biatetter.(n. e.(n. nuamhnak . fawi tein lem khawhmi pliers .(adj. Children must have for play = Ngakchia nih lentecelhnak caah caan an ngeih a herh 2.) a nuammi thil pleasure . They played football = Pumpululh an chuih. It is a pleasure to meet you = Nangmah ton cu lunglawmhnak ngaingai a si.

3.(v.) a ding maw ding lo ti tahnak hri i thlaihmi bo plumb line .(n.) hla he aa pehtlaimi bia .(adj.(n. Pointed stick = Fung zummi pointer . e.) mirang khuhlu plumage .) thil a khatmi pneumonia .(n.(adj.g.) 1. She plucked the flowers = Pangpar a tawh hna 3. sullam a ngei lomi poise .(v.(n. hnawm luannak tidong tehna a tuah a sertu hma rian plume . e. pointed . She plucked a chicken = Ar hmul a bawt pluck ..) leithuan.g. e.) pum nawn lillial in ser.) 1. e. tinh. e.(n. 4. Two plus two equals four = Pahnih le pahnih fonh cu pali a si = Pahnih le pahnih fonh cu pali a si.g. khulrang in hnim. e.(n.(adj.) nu tangka bawm pod .(n.g.) zal chung i sanh pocket . plow . thil poetry .) tidong tehna. e. chung i vung zuan. phawi.) fonh.) leithuannak ha ployglot . e.g.(n.) raltthatnak.) pum nawm lillial i a ummi. 2.) vate hmul plumb .) hlabia poet .) hla phuahthiam nu poetic . He was shot point-blank = Naih tein an kan.(n.) sawhtu .) seh chung thilri pakhat plural . e. e. mah le mah i uk khawhnak.(n. ramhtu damiah.g.) leithuannak plow .) pum nawn lillial in umnak plunder .(n.) phih.(v. hman.g.(v. e.(n. plug . har cuahmah in kal plodder .(adj.) tidong tehna .g. She plumped the feather pillow = A rhmul chantling cu pum nawn lillial in a ser.) namonia zawtnak . e. e.(v.) 1.(adj. plump . Pocket dictionary = Zalsanh dictionary pocketbook . e. e. fiangrao in chim. mi chun ngaimi point .) mi fak ngaiin chunh khawhnak poignant . awng hruknak thil. chimmi chung i a biapimi.g. At this point the car stopped = Hika hmun ah hin mawttaka kha a dir.) 1.(v.(adj. ply .(v. tuanbia chung i a biapi tlangpi bik. tawh.) 1. Don't point your finger at me = Na kut dong in ka sawh hlah 2. damiah inn ramh plunder .(n. ramh in lakmi thil. He plundged the hot iron into the water = Thirlin kha ti chungah a hnim.g.) 1.) 1.(v.(n.g.g. naihtein kah. 2. He plucked the grass = Ram a phawi hna 2.) pakhat nak tam sinak plus .) 1.) bekawng poem .(n.(prep. e. He has pluck = A ral a ttha. Enemy troops plundered the town = Ral pawl nih khua cu an lak 2.) a zummi.) a ding maw ding lo ti tahnak hri plumber . 2.) 1.(n. plumpness .) holh pakhatnak tam in ttial i uk khat chung i aa tlar in ttialmi pluck . thazang in lak. 2. The point of a needle = Thim par zum.) a thli tein i timh.) a ding maw ding lo ti tahnak plump .(n.) raise zawtnak nih cuar bo hrethrut in a tuahmi pocket . 2. hmul bawh.g.(v. e. He is plotting to rob a bank = Bank tangka fir kha a thli tein aa tim plot .) 1. pneumatic .(adj. e.g. He plundged into the water to save his friend = A hawipa khamh awkah ti chungah a zuang.(n. hmuhsaktu pointless .(n. Don't point the gun at me = Meithal cu ka tinh hlah point-blank .(n.g. elektrik pehnak palak plug .(adj.(n.g. e.(n.(n. The tailor plies his needle = Thilthi nih a thim a hman.) 3. lau lo therphang loin umnak.) a fakmi . He pulled out the plug = Awng hruknak kha a phawi 2.) vate hmul aa dawhmi plummet . hmun.) har cuahmah in a kalmi plot .(n. e.) huamsam caomao in kal . The bus plies between Hakha and Kalemyo = Hakha le Kalemyo karlakah baska caan hmaan tein a kal.) zal sanh awk tlak in a hmemi.) zal pocket .(n. hmun khat in hmun khat ah caan hmaan tein kal lemgnang.(v.(n.(n.g. plunge .(n.g. ek luannak tidong tehna a ser a remhtu plumbing . Three ply rope = Zai thum komh hri ply .) 1.(adj.(v.g. ramh.) hla poignancy .) pakhat nak tam plurality . tangfah zawtnak pock . conj. They plugged the leak in the boat = Tilawng a zuhnak kha an phih plum .g. e. hmun hmete. A good public speaker must develop poise = Zapi lak biachim thiam nih cun thinphang ther in a um lo awk a herh.) komh.(n.g.g. 2.) hla phuahthiam poetess .) a zum lomi. khattelei Page 196 . e. sawh. He plows the field with water buffaloes = Na in lei a thuan hna plowshare . e. a par zum. catlang donghnak deh (. thlitein timhmi. His answer was a point-blank no = A lehnak cu a fiangrao in ka duh lo ti a si ko.g. 2.g. plunger . e.(n.plod .(v.(n. beside the point = chim duhmi si lo i thil dangpi rak chim point .(n.

aa porhlaw ngaimi pond .g. e. e. A poll was taken to learn who was the most popular footballer (football player) = Ahodah pumpululh chuih a thiam bik tiah zapi nih an ruah ti hngalhnak caah ruahnak halnak an tuah. ttha tein tuah tthan. suk.(v. vih. tangka thong hnih ka hmuh lai.) 1.(n. me thlakmi rel. Political science = uknak lei thiamnak fimnak politician .(adv. e.(v.) Chaklei Pole le Thlanglei Pole he aa pehtlaimi thil.) 1.) tleuternak si polite .) taleti pommel .(adj. e.) 1. He pokes a hole in the wall = Vampang ah awng a vih poker .) tlangbawi ngan bik.(adj.(n.(n. Flowers are pollinated by bees = Pangpar cu khuai nih an ci an cawh hna polls .(adj. Chaklei Pole .g.(n.) rang kengdan a hmailei tlaihnak bo pommel .(adj.(n.(v.g.g.) awfang .) rang cungin lente an i celhmi hockey bantuk a simi. rili cung lam hruaitu ca i an rak hman ngaimi police .) i siknak a simi polestar . awfang pathum nak tam deuh polytechnic .(v. He polished what he wrote = A ttialmi kha ttha tein a remh tthan polish .) nupi pakhat nak tam deuh a ngeimi polygamy . e.) thongh. He pommeled his friend = A hawipa a thongh pomp . 2.(v.) dawh ngaiin politeness . meisawhnak thir zum polar .(v.(n.(n.(adj.(n.(n.) a rit ngaimi .(n.) palik bu policeman .(n. polygamous .(n. me thlatu min cazin.) uknak lei i rianttuan a duhmi . zapi kha an ruahnak hal. Political geography = Ramri le lam te hna khuaram. polish .(n.) holh pakhatnak tam in ttial i uk khat chung i aa tlar in ttialmi polysyllable .) mah ca ruah a thiam ngaimi political .) i ukning .g. naingnganzi tama politics .g.(n.) 1. ka inn a kangh ahcun.) ci cawhter.(adj.) 1. ngaih le theih awk a har ngaimi pontiff . cozah pakhat/bu pakhatkhat nih rianttuannak ding ca i an i suaimi zulh awk lam 2.) pathian tampi biaknak phung pomegranate . a ci a keuhtertu pollinate . My fire insurance policy states that I shall receive two thousand kyats if my house is burnt down (burned down asiloah burns down) = Ka mei aamah-khan biakamnak ca chungah. thli lak i kaite a dir khi.g.(n.(adj.(n.) 1. remh.(n.(n. sawh.g.g. pawlisi. thimnak i me sanh.g.) dawh tein umnak politic .(n.) thingpar rampar chung i a buang a ummi . sivai pek. polltax .g. phekah 2. e. e. Polar regions = Pole pawngkam ram pole . tiah aa ttial.) ttha tein ruah ponderous .(n. biakamnak cattial in tuahmi. The winner is the one who polled the most votes = Teitu cu me tam bik a hmumi a si. e. Roman Katholik pop Page 197 . i sinak polemical . e.(n.) Chaklei arfi.(n.(adj. They polled the neighbours (neighbors) to learn their opinion of the new well = Tikhor thar kong ah khan innpa pawl nih zeiti in dah an ruah ti hngalhnak caah an ruahnak an hal hna.) fimnak thiamnak a phunphun cawnak a simi polytheism . 3. e. 2.(v.(adj.) palik policy . e.) sivai petu poisonous .) tibual ponder .(n.) umtu holhrel ah mi dang zawnruat le upat in dawhtein a ummi politely .) 1.) aa uahngaimi.g. 3. zapi nih zeitin dah an ruah ti halnak. sirai rawl chung/zu chung i thlahpiak.) puai nganpi pompous . ram ukning .(adj.) uknak . e.) sivai poison .(n.(adj. me an thlakmi zat.(n. me hmuh.(n. He poked me with his elbow = A kiu in a ka suk 2.) thurhhnawmhnak polo . bu i hruaining poll .) minung ngunkhuai pollute . poise . The kite hung poised in the sky = Kaite cu van ah a dir ko poison . poison ivy .) ram uknak lei he aa pehtlaimi. 4. 2. e. Thlanglei Pole polemic .) sivai ngeimi poke .) hrizun phun khat mi a awh khomi poisoner .khattelei i tlu lo i a laifang i um khawh.) nupi pakhat nak tam deuh ngeihnak polyglot .(adj. e. The girl poised the basket on her head = Bawm kha ngaknu nih a lu ah tla lo tein aa kinh 2.g.(n.) 1. thiangte le tleu tein hnawh 2.(n.(v.) bia i alnak .) thurhhnawmh pollution .) 1.g. poll . pollen . vawlei donghnak . kam khattelei nih lerh lo i um. cozah ukning polity .(v. The poll showed he was the winner = Thimnak me thlakmi nih amah cu teitu a sik tiah a langhter. tung 2.) me thlaknak hmun.

e.) i khat pornography.g. pose . e.(v. 3. e. zeidah kan pek hna lai ti harnak a chuahter. vanlawng dinhnak zong.(n.(v. pool .(interj. Sweat comes through the pores in our skin = Kan cuar awng in thlan a chuak pork .(n. pornography . He pops in and left =A hung lutta duak i a kal colh popcorn .(v. hmanthlak suai 2.) kutka . The corn pops = Fangvoi reu a puak 2. 3.(n. a hung lut ta duak.) 1. It is no (not) good to despise the poor = Misifak serhsat cu a ttha lo. They posed in front of their house = An inn hmai ah hmanthlak awkah an dir. The desert is poorly supplied with water = Thetse ram cu ti aa za lo 2.(adj. meithal puah in a puak.g. si lomi i siter. zangfakte a simi. Tom did poorly in the test = Camipuai ah Tom nih ttha tein a tuah lo pop .(n.) cencerh port . tilawng dinhnak. hmanthlak awk ca i dirning.g.) thlircawi khawhmi portal .(v. mi tampi nih duhmi.(n.) innka vengtu . za loin. 3. ttha lo ngaiin. He pored over the map for hours = Suimilam saupi chung vawlei hmanthlak kha a zoh i a tuaktan pore .) a pum a ngan i hro a kual ngaimi portrait .) misifak.) fangvoi puahmi pope .(n.(adj. tangka siseh rian siseh hmunkhat i fonh. tilawng nih thil an laknak le an tthumhnak khua.(n.) vokkuanglawng pony . handbag.) mi nih um hnawh. tilawng dinhnak khua. 2. e.) nehsawh serhsat in biachim.) hurnak hmanthlak a cuannak cauk porous .(v.) 1. poorly .(n.(n.(n. vuanzi rian.) rang.) biatak tein zoh i a sullam tuaktan.) a hung um lai dingmi thil hmelchunhnak .g.g. e. e. Airport = Vanlawng dinhnak.(n.(adj.(n.(n. sattil.) 1.) a ummi minung dihlak populous . 2.) pope rian pontoon .) hol porch .(adv.g. pooh-pooh . phok tiah a puak. e.g.) nehsawhnak bia. hmanthlak portray .) minung tampi umnak a simi porcelain . e.(adj.g.(n. portly .) hmanthlak portraiture . poor .) zapi nih rak duhnak. e.) hmanthlak suaitu pose . e.) sakuh pore . She portioned out the food to each of them = Rawl kha a cheuh cio hna. His handwriting is poor = A kutttial a chia.) 1. thil phortu portfolio .(n.(n.(v. e.g.) 1.) voksa porn .(v.) zapi duhmi siter popularly .(n. tili.) a vangmi thil.pontifical .(adv.) hmanthlak sernak .(n. hmanthlak awk caah a remnak hmun i dir.) tinvo portion .g The tickets are sold at popular prices = Ticket cu zapi cawk khawh dingin an zuar popularity .(n. porthole . zapi duhmi.(n.) zapi nih duh ngaiin populate .(n.) kan cuar chung i a awng hme tete. e. van a chiami.(n. He has great popularity among young people = Mino zapi nih an duh ngaimipa a si popularize . e. He is a poor man = Mi sifak a si. e.(n. ceunak le thili luhnak ca portico .g. a hung langta duak. innka portend . chia.(adj. e.(adj. hawikom tampi a ngeimi 2.) mi zapi popular .) 1.(n.(v. 2. a ba ko.(n. e.(adj.) 1. He posed himself as a doctor = Sibawi a si lo nain aa siter.g.(n.(n. Their unexpected arrival for dinner posed the problem of what to feed them = Ruah lopi i zanriah ei awk i an hung phanhnak nih hin.(adj.) 1.) innleng portion .) ca le cauk kennak kuttlaih zal.g. She likes popular musik = Zapi duhmi hla a duh 3.(v.g. langhter chung portent . pony tail . The poor child is tired = Ngakchia cu zangfakte a va si dah.(n.(n.) tthat lonak a tlung lai tiah a langhter chungtu thil porter .(n.g.g. e. poor . Cloth is porous = Lapuan cu a vang porpoise . e.) lubik asiloah lukheng i ttemmi sam pooh . Mizo nih zawngdulinu an ti porridge .g.) 1. 2. e.) pope he aa pehtlaimi thil pontificate . sifak.) tilawng kap i thlalangawng . Europeans populated America = Zurupmi nih America ram an um hnawh population . ruah awk thil a hun chuahter.) rili chung saram phun khat .) chimchung .g. The photographer told him to hold the pose = Page 198 .g.) Roman Katholik biaknak i a ngan bik tlangbawi populace . bia in hmanthlak suai portrayal .) innleng porcupine .(n. vanchiatnak chimchungtu portentous .(n.g. zapi cawk khawh ding i tuahmi.) hmanthlak suaining portrayer . portable . e.

g.) hnu. ngeih 2. Page 199 .) 1.) rak ngeimi rawlpaoh pottage .(n.(adv.) alu potency .A. A postman's pouch = Capetu zal poultry . thongh.) cakuat tik i bia dongh hnu min ttial hnu i bia herhte vun chap tthanmi khi postulate . hmanh maw.g.) thih hnu i sibawi nih pum hlai postpaid .g. e.g. e. e. Anger possessed him = Thinhunnak nih a uk possession . a nithla le a hmun aa ttialmi postmaster . He is positive that he saw him = Amah cu ka hmuh hrimhrim a ti.) si khawhnak possible .(n. thirhri inn i ca va sanh.(n.) ar .(v. mi nih rak ruahning le rak hmuhning.(n.(n. lungthin. e. hmanthlak i a hmanthlak an sermi taktak khi. tlak umkheng sernak hmun pouch .) um .(n. 2. 6. post . What is his position concerning the new taxes? = Ngunkhuai thar kong ah a lungthin zeidah a si? positive .g.(adj. He pounds paddy = Facang a suk.(n.g. suk. A soldier was posted at the door of the minister's office =Vunazi zung innka congh ah ralkap pakhat an thiah post graduate . a hmaan tiah chim posture .(n.) a si khomi potentiality .) 1. 3.(n.Hmanthlatupa nih ttha tein dir a ti 2.) sabuti potter .) 1. rian.(n.(n. e. awn hnu cawnnak post office . A wall surrounds the army post = Ralkap pawl umnak hmun cu ralhau nih a kulh. The pastor holds a position of trust = Pastor cu mi zapi nih an zumhmi a si.) umsertu pottery .(v. He posted the letter yesterday = Ca kha nizan ah a sanh 2.) hmailei caan i thawn postpone .) thazang . fiang taktak in hngalhmi. e.(adj.) a tthawngmi potential . 2.(n.g. ralkap umnak hmun.) B.) carek postage . e.) zal.(n.) cakuatnak man pek postpone . I will come as soon as I possibly can = Ka caah a si khawh chung ttuan in rat kaa zuam lai post. Rain is possible today = Nihin hi ruah a sur kho: Nihin hi ruah a sur hmanh maw possibly .) milubenh thahnak i khenhmi .) hnulei .) hmailei caan i thawnnak postscript .) milu benh postal .(adj.(n. e. langhtermi. e.g.(n. ralvengtu ca i thiah.) a si .) 1.g.) si kho ngaiin potluck .(n.(n. tthawnnak potent . 2.) tefa posthumous . negative a si lomi khi. hmuh hrimhrimmi.(n.g. He pounded the door with his fist = Innka kha a kuttum in a thongh.(n.(v. ngeitu sinak possessive .) cakuatnak lei thil he aa pehtlaimi postcard .g. e. e.) 1. chuih. compai le a dangdang . e.(adj.g.(n. 4. e. hngalh hrimhrimmi .) pumchiahning. a si khomi 2. e.) ngeihmi thilri .. e. tlak in sermi umkheng 2. thlalang i bih pot .(n.g. He found a teaching position = Cachimh rian a hmuh.(n.(n. uk.(n.) cakuatnak catlap a bawm a hau lomi poster .) hrimhrim in possess . thil chiahning.(adj. His unfriendly manner is a pose to hide his shyness = Hawi rem lo i a um cu a ningzah thuhnak a si ko position .(n. positively . chimmi.g.) thirhri inn uktu postmortem .(pref.(n.(v.(adj. 4.) cakuat man postage stamp . kan pum kan chiahning.) 1.) a si khawh chungin. post .(v.g.) zuan hnawh. tung.(v. e.) hmailei caan i thawn postponement . ngeih lomi a ngei bantuk i um. ruahning. post-war = ral hnu. The cat pounced upon the rat = Chizawh nih zu a zuan hnawh i a tlaih pound .) 1.(n.g.(adj. a si kho lai ti lei in lehnak le chimnak le ruahninng. He placed the books in an upright position = Cauk kha a tung in a chiah hna.(adv.(n. rian. Announcement was posted on the wall = Thawngthanhnak kha vampang cungah an tar 3. 2.(adj.) si khawhnak potentially . 3. ralvengtu hna umnak hmun. hnu deuh i a ummi thil posterity .(n.) pale thih hnu chuakmi fa postman . bel potash .(v. The guard cannot leave his post = Ralvengtu nih a umnak kha a kaltak kho lo. umnak hmun. e.g.) thawngthanhnak ca zapi hmuh awk i tarmi posterior .(n.(n. 5.) ngeitu possibility . innzuat va phun paoh pounce . 4. 3.) potasim potato .g.) capetu postmark .(adj.(adv.) vutcam potassium .) 1. e. ca tar.) thil ngeih a duhmi possessor .

cozah power house . a hlan i a rak ummi sinak precedent .) phungchim preacher . practise . e. England tangka. pout . Pre-war = Ral hlan pre-empt . pre-war . pour .) thangtthat praiseworthy .) a hlan i a rak um cangmi. pumhnak ti zong a si.) biachimmi siseh .(v.g.) elektrik chuahnak inn powerful . Practice makes perfect = Tuah lengmangnak nih thiamnak a chuahter. a tuah lengmangtu prairie .) 1. practice .(adj.) a si setsetmi .) cawnpiaknak preceptor . powder .) voi tampi thla a cam tawnmi pre.) cawnpiaktu precinct . a si a fak ngaingaimi.) U.) hawi hlan i rak co.(n.) rianttuantu . cattialmi siseh a tawinak in a biapi bikbik kha ttial tthanmi precise .(adj. sifahnak poverty stricken .g. 2.) 1. Small pox = Raise.) mi dang i an cawk hlan i rak cawk pre-emptive . thiam ding tuah lengmang. 3. nawlngeihnak 3. e. precipice .(n.) ruahnak lei si lo in tuahnak lei he aa tlai deuhmi. inn pawng kulh chung precious .) biafang hlan chiahmi.(pref.(adv.) rak hngalh chungnak Page 200 .) thlacam prayer .) inn pawngkam . pow wow .) si setsetnak preclude .(n.(v. preceding .) tuah taktak tikah. e.) British .) 1.(n.g.) thlacamnak prayerful .) namhnaw ngaiin tuahmi.(v.) nutling/patling si tuanh tuk . zendur powder horn .) a hlan i rak um cangnak pre-existent .(n.(v.(n.g. pre-exist .g.) a fek lomi .) ngaikuang pray . chuah nuahmah. 2..(n.) takbo zawtnak phun.) a hlan i a rak ummi precept .(n.(v. thlet. zen rawnnak fungki.(n.) a si setset tein precision .(n.) a cheng ngaingaimi.) thangtthat awk a tlakmi prawn .(v.) British. Gun powder = Meithal zen powder flask . hnangam a si lomi precaution .(v.(n.) zen i kennak thawl.) bia chimmi siseh cattialmi siseh a hramthawknak ttialmi biahmaithi precarious .) a pammi.(n.(adv.(adj.) tuah khawhmi.) a man a sunglawimi. lungpang bantuk precis .) hawi hlan i tuahmi.) tuah tawnmi. hmual 2.(n.(adj.(adj.(v.) 1.) phungchimtu preamble . e.pound .) ralrinnak rak pek chungmi precautionary . hman knawhmi practical .) a biling a balang i hlonh.(v. a si taktak ahcun practice .(n.(adv. hrilh precipitous . e.) a hlan i rak um hmasa precedence .) 1.(v.(adj.) a tthawngmi powerfully . hnawhnam ngaiin tuah cutmatmi precipitate . 2.) duh lonak langhternak ca i hmur euh poverty . a tuan tukmi precognition . e.(adj.(n.g. tuah taktak tik in.) ral hlan preach .) ralrinnak rak pek chungnak ca i tuahmi precede . thiam ding tuah lengmang.) tthawnnak zeihmanh ngei lo pox .(adj.(adj.(n. e.(n.(adj. zen.(n. His ideas are good but not practical = A ruahnak cu a ttha asinain tuah khawn an si lo practically .(n. He pre-empted the land by occupying it = Vawlei cu hawi hlan ah a rak um hnawh i a co pre-emption .(adj.(adj. ongs 16 khi pawng khat a si.(n.) hmailei i vun i zuhchun awk a si dingmi thil. The rain poured down = Ruah a thlet in aa thle. thil dip 2. i kennak ki.(v.(adj.) a hlan i rak um cang pre-existence . a thiam cangmi. a si setset in tuahmi le chimmi precisely .) a leng i hrenh kanh . sibawi ti zong a si.(adj. practitioner . practised .S.(adj.) pamnak . lungpang precipitant .(n.) tthawng ngaiin powerless .(v.) a hlan i rak um hmasatnak . donh precocious .(adj.g.) a cheng ngaingaimi tlang . tthawnnak .(n.(n. The crowd poured out of the church = Biakinn chungin mi tampi an chuak nuahmah.(adj. fungki.(n.(n. ruah tampi sur.(n. practicable .(v.(n.) America ram Indian mi hna holh a si i tlangbawi ti zong a si.(n.) phong rawn kaupi praise . power . e. thazang .(adj.g. tuah lengmangmi.

g.) nalh .(n. nambar pakhatnak.(v.(n.g.) ttha tein ruah setsai hmasa lo i ruahnak rak ngeih chungmi prejudiced .(v. cun.g.(n.) duh deuhnak prefigure .) a hlankan in rak khiah cia predicament .(n.(n. Page 201 .) chimchungnak predispose . inn le a hmun le cu hmun chung i inn dang zong a ummi 2.(adj.(v. a ttha lomi .) a sang bikmi .) lungchung i thil pakhat a khah tuk i cu lawng ruahnak preoccupied .) bia fianternak i hmanmi bia: bia chimmi pahnih in a phi chuahning.(v. e. a tam deuhmi predominate . cun hnatlaknak tuah hnawhchanmi thil kha premium . hika ah thei an duh.(n.) biaknak lei upa.(n.) a rak chim chungtu biahmaithi a simi prefect .(n.) hramthawknak ca i hmanmi thilpaoh.) a hlankan in duhnak lam hoihmi rak negih cia.(n. tuahtu (subject) kong a chimtu cu 'predicate' a si.(adj.(v.(n. tam deuhnak predominant .) a ngaingai hngalh hlan ruahnak rak ngeih chungnak preconcerted .) 1.) a dik a hmaan tiah ti predict .) lungchung i cu lawng a ruat pengmi preoccupy .) a hmanthlak rak langhter chung prefix . like cu un chap tikah unlike a si pregnancy . preoccupation .) a hlankan in hna rak tlak cia chungmi precursor .) lungthin kalning predominance .) a hlankan in ralrinnak rak pek chungmi a si.) biafang a hram lei i chapmi cafang. ti cu a biaphihnak a si.(v.) fa a pawimi prehistoric .preconceive . e.) fapawinak pregnant .(v. lungchung i cu lawng um.(adj. I find myself predisposed in his favour (favor) = Amah lei tang dingin ka rak um cia cang ko. You are a boy. duh deuh awk a simi preferably .) a nuam lomi . vate nih a hmur in a hmul a nalh khi preface .) tthawn deuhnak .) a ngaingai hngalh hlan ruahnak rak ngeih chung.) a hlankan in ralrinnak rak pek chungmi premonitory .(adj.(adj.(n.) Mirang holh grammar ah. predicate .(v.) aamahkhannak ca i phaisa chiah lengmangmi premonition .) a hlan tein rak ruah cia premeditated . premeditation .(adj.) biahmaithi prefatory . upa bik.) khaukhihnak predestine .) i thim deuh awk a simi.(adj.(n. Cucaah nangmah nih thei na duh.(n. premises . e.(v.) a hlan tein rak ruah ciami.(n. preliminary .) duh deuh. Life is short ah hin 'Life' hi subject a si i 'is short' hi predicate a si.(v.(v.(adj.) ngakchia lak i uktu i chiahmi prefecture . upadi holh ah cun.) a um hmasa i a hun zul ding ca i thil a rak timtuahtu a simi.g. nambar in siseh hleih preeminence . zei dang ruat kho ti lo i duhmi thil pakhat lawng ruah . a ttha bikmi preemptive . a caan a phak taktak hlanah . e.(n.(adj.(n. hika ah hin You are a boy ti hi Minor premise ti a si.(adj.(adj.(adj.) duh deuhmi a simi preferment .) khaukhih predeterminate . I prefer reading to playing = Lentecelh nakin carel ka duh deuh preferable .(n. pumhnak taktak thawk hlan i organ rak tum chung khi prelude a si premature .g.) a hlan tein rak ruah cianak premier . Therefore you like fruit.) a hlan i rian a rak ttuan hmasami predestination .(n.(n.(adj.(adv. e.(adj. hnatlaknak rak tuahmi chung i a hmasa deuh i rak ttialmi thilri a setset hna an man le minung min hna.) a tthawng deuhmi .) 1. nang cu ngakchia na si. hiti holhning hi premise an timi cu a si.(n.) ruahnak a rak ngei cia chungmi prelate .(adj.) bawi bik.) hawi ramh/hawi thil chuh a duhmi predecessor .(adj.(n.(n. After a few preliminary remarks he began the speech = Hramthawknak bia tlawmpal a chim hnu ah a biachim cu a thawk prelude .(n.) thazang in siseh .) a pitlin hlanah .) duh deuhmi i thim in preference .(n.) a rak um kanhtu predatory .) duh deuhnak preferential . tih a nungmi hmun predicate .(n.) a tlamtling in thil theih hlan in bia rak i khiah chung prejudice . bishop tehna.) a sang bik a ttha bik sinak preeminent .) chimchung prediction . Boys like fruit = Ngakchia nih thei an duh. hika ah hin Boys like fruit timi hi Major Premise ti a si.(v.(v.(n.) hawi i hlan i tuahmi preen . preconception . vuanzichoh premise .(n. a caan a cut hlanah tuahmi premeditate .) minung tuanbia ttial hlan i a ummi thil prejudge . predisposition .) uktu sinak prefer .

(adj.(adj. In August cloudy weather preponderates over sunshine = August thla ah cun ni tlan nakin khuachiat a tam deuh preposition . atu lio i a simi.(adj. A man with baskets for sale walked by our house in the morning. The thief presented a pistol at me = Mifir nih pistol in a ka sawh 3. e. e.) pumhnak tuah tik i a haotu si .(adj. e. um. umnak hmun.(n. He was admitted to my presence = Ka umnak hmun ah an run luhpi. um. Ice helps preserve food = Tikhal nih rawl cu thu loin um a bawmh preserve .(adj.e.(v.) nawlbia prescription .(n. He was present at the church last Sunday =. e. si din ding ttialpiakmi presence . peknak . hneknak Page 202 . e. sawh.(n.) biafang dang an sullam a pehtonhtu bia. a tthawng deuh .) zapi hmai ah chuahpi awk tlak a simi . a ngan deuh a simi preponderate .(n. Press the button to ring the bell = Darkhing awnhternak ding ah a kep kha hmet 2.(v. I know of his presence in the other room = e. Our school concert was reported by the press = Kan sianginn khawnsat kha tadinca ah an chuah pressing .g.g.(v.(adj. Our favorite seats were preoccupied = Thutnak kan duhmi kha an kan co kanh preordain . e.(v.g.) Khrihfa upa.g. e.(n.g.(n.g. for. e.(n.g.g.(v.) theih hngalhternak .) tam deuh. salam pek.(n.g. e.(n.(adv.) haotu bik presidential . hot days have the preponderance = Tthal caan ah cun ni linh ni a tam deuh. People are not allowed to hunt on the preserves = Sakah khamnak hmun an cun ramvaih onh a si lo preside .g.) atu te ah .(v.g.g. a tthawng deuh sinak. pumh hao presidency .(n. They presented flowers to their teacher = An saya kha pangpar an pek 2. Presidential election = Haotu bik thimnak press . e.) Presbyterian Khrihfabu civui.(n. Present arms = Salaam peknak ca i meithal hmailei i a tung i tlaih 4.(n.) 1.) laksawng. i theihhngalhnak tuahnak.) 1. Presbyterian . Students use prescribed book = Siangngakchia nih hmang u tiah nawl pekmi cauk kha an hman hna 3. Brown = Miss Smith. present . prescience .) 1. benh.(n. prepossess . nam . e. zapi hmai i chuahpinak presently . The present pastor of our church is Mr. e. in hi preposition an si. tadinca le a chuahtu hna. rak co kanh. thu lo rawk loin chiah. Good citizens do what the laws prescribe = Upadi nih tuah u a timi cu mi ttha nih cun an tuah 2.) tuah zau awk a herhmi thil pressure .) timh preparedness . e. With.(n.) 1. Kan hnulei Zarhpi ni ah khan biakinn ah a um (aa pum) 2.) a man rak pek chung preponderance . The government has the prerogative of coining money = Cozah lawng nih tangka sernak nawl a ngei presbyter .) a hlan in rak hngalh chungnak prescribe .(n. pek. e. tuah u tiah nawlpek.) a tam deuh.g.(n.(v.) khaukhih prepaid . preponderant .) 1. Presbyterian . rihnak 2. e.) Khrihfa upa nih zohkhenhmi a simi.(v.(adj.) a tam deuh . Press him to go to school = Sianginn kai kha hnek ko press .) mi dang nih an ngeih lomi nawl ngeih. e. him tein chiah . Miss Smith.) mi pakhatkhat cungah. What medicine did the doctor prescribe for the sick man? = Mizawpa cu sibawi nih zei si dah a cawh? prescript . with.) thu lo rawk lo in umternak a simi preserve . hnek.g. presence of mind ruah lo piin duak tiah thil a hun tik i ttha te le da tein ruah khawh khi a si.) Khrihfa upa nih Khrihfabu hi kan hruai bik awk a si tiin zumhnak a ngeimi Kriihfa.g.) timh chungnak a simi prepare . Edward = Atu lio kan pastor cu Edward a si present .(n.g.) 1.g. hmang u tiah nawlpek. e.(n.(v.g. atu lioah preservation .) ralring tein umnak prepay .(n.) mi lung a la khomi prerequisite .) haotu bik sinak he aa pehtlaimi thil hna. rqawk loin umternak preservative . may I present Mr. He was preoccupied by family problems = A innchungkhar harnak lawng a lungchung ah a khat 2. in the presence of: Hmaika ah.) a man rak pek cia chungmi preparation .(n. by. e.(adj. e. In the summer.) timhnak preparatory . sibawi nih hi si hi na din lai tiah cawh. He signed his name in the presence of two witnesses = Tette pahnih hna hmaika ah min a thut. a ngan deuh . 2. e.(adj.) cu bantuk kha bantukin nan tuah lai tiah nawl pekmi.g. by.g. ruahnak ttha hun ngeih. I am prepossessed by the boy's modest behaviour from the moment he enters the room = Innkhan chung i a hung luh te khan ngakchiapate cungah khan ruahnak ttha ka ngei ko prepossessing .g. e. hmuh tlak a simi presentation . Brown a si present . e.) sakah khamnak hmun. hi pa hi Mr. e.) thil dang tuah hlan i tuah hmasat awk a herhmi prerogative .) thu lo . e.) 1.) haotu bik sinak president .g. Christmas presents = Khrismas laksawng presentable . presbytery . thil pakhatkhat kong ah.g.(n.g. for. Khattelei khan i a um kha ka hngalh ko. canamnak seh 2.g.g. in.) him tein umter .(adj.(v.

g.(adv.(adj. prick .(adj.(n.) tlangbawinu priesthood . kham khawhmi.) hlan deuh ah cun .) maw nawl i rak tuah men komi.) 1.(adj. primates .) a hmasa bikmi primary .) ram hme deuh siangpahrang fapa pakhat nih a ukmi principally . khuang hla tlai primacy . e.) hmun kip i zapi nih tuahmi hmanmi le inmi sinak prevalent .) a si lomi a si bantukin langhternak pretty .(adj.(n.) siangpahrang fanu principal .(adj.(v. Previous to her departure she gave a dinner = A kal hlanah zanriah einak a tuah ta.(v.(adj.g.(n.) pangpar eng phun khat.) man priceless .) 1.(n.(n. e.) a par zumte prickly .) tlaih. hlan deuh in prey . In its primeval state the earth was a fiery ball = Vawlei cu a rak si hmasa bik lioah hin mei hlumpi a rak si ko primitive .) rawl ca i thahmi saram. Thorns prick my hand = Hling nih ka kut ah an ka chunh.(n.(adv.(n.(adj. prima donna .) aa dawhmi pretty .) mah le mah aa zum tukmi .(n. primrose path = lam nuam.(adj.(adj. price .(n.) pakhatnak sinak primal . a bawi bik.) donh khawhmi.(n.g. previously .) hmasa bik a simi.(adj.(n. e.(n. seh.) a par zum in chunh. e.) puai tuahnak hlasabu chung i nu hlasa bik tu . tangka hlanhmi a hram principality .(adv.) i porhlawt prideful .) 1.prestige . siangpahrang fapa 2.) donhnak . prime . khamnak preventive .(n.) hling tampi a ngeimi prickly heat: khua linhsat ruang i tak bo pride . hlanliopi ah a rak ummi. e.g. e. prince .(v.(v. mi zei i a rel lomi presumptuously .(n.(n.(adj. prevention . I cannot prevail upon him to stay for dinner = Zanriah ei ko tiah ka lemsoi kho lo prevailing .) a si hlan i rak ruah presupposition . a hmasa bik a simi.) hmun kip i zapi nih tuahmi le hmanmi a simi prevaricate .(n.) sawk .) lihchimtu prevent .) lihchim prevaricator . princely . saya ngan bik 2. mi ruamkai .(adj.) a si lai le si lai lo hngal set lo i a si lai ti i ruah presuming .) mi zei rel hleng loin presuppose .) 1.) atu le atu a ummi.) saram lak i a sang bik phun .g.g. Cats prey on rats = Chizawh nih zu an seh hna. e.) Khrihfabu chung rianttuantu hna lak i upa bik. a sang bik a simi.) tlangbawi he aa pehtlaimi thil.) upatnak .(n.(v. e.) phungning .) a man a fak tuk i cawk khawh a si lomi prick .) siangpahang fapa bantuk a simi princess .(v.(n. tlah.(v.(adv.(adj. Primitive Christians = Khrihfa hmasa bik hna.(v. a tthawng bik Prince of Wales .) a si lai le si lai lo hngal set lo i a si lai ti i ruahmi presumably . a thiam bik.(n.) porhlawtnak pride .) a rak si hmasa bik lioha. Rats are prey of cats = Zu cu chizawh rawl an si prey on . mi va ngamh tuknak presumptuous . a biapi bik in principle .) a si taktak ti hngalh setnak um lo i rak ruahnak.(adj.) aa porhlawmi priest .) hlan deuh ah a simi.(adv. zawng tehna minung tehna.) a hlankan i rak ruahnak pretence .(n.) a biapi bik . lemsoi khawh.) England siangpahrang fapa upa bik rocotu ding a simi.) i titernak pretend .) a si lai ti i ruahnak ahcun presume .(adj. e.) tlangbawi sinak priestly .) i titer pretext . The soldiers prevailed on their foes = Ralkap nih an ral kha an tei hna 2.(n. mi a va ngamh tukmi presumption . It is now pretty late = Atu cu a tlai ial cang prevail .) dohnnak khamnak ca i hmanmi previous .(adj. Prime minister = Vuanzi ngan bik primeval . a ngan bik a simi principal . e. primogeniture .g.(n.(n.) a tam bik ah .(n. thil a hrampi a simi Page 203 .(adj. tei. She did better in the previous lesson = Hlan deuh cawnmi ah khan a thiam deuh.(n. nawn.(v.g Primary school = Cacawn hmasa biknak sianginn primate .) a par zum prickle . kham preventable .(n.(adj.) a hramthawk i a ummi primrose .g.) donh .) hrinmi fa lak i hrin hmasa bik sinak primordial .g. a si tawnmi prevalence .(n. e. hmaizahnak presumable .g.) tlangbawi priestess .) upa bik.(n. previous to : e.(adj.(adj.g. 2.(adj.

) a harmi biahalnak a simi .(n.) thanhnak proconsul .(n.(v.(n.(n. Vegetables are the produce of our garden = Kan dum chuahmi cu tihang a si producer .(n.) hmuh . ngeih prod .) uk bawi nih ruahnak petu ah aa chiahmi bu prize .(n.(v.) aa tluk ciomi kap a ngeimi thil prison . a harmi thil a simi problematical .) hlanlio thil a simi privacy . Pro and con = Duh leinak le duh lo leinak probability .(adj. a ttha ngaingaimi thil prodigy .(v.(n.) taza cuainak aa dot tete in tuahmi ttialmi proceeds .) nunnak ca i a herhmi thilri ngeih lo. dinnak problem .) a ngan ngaingaimi thil .(n.) chuahmi thil.(n.) a harmi biahalnak .) khuaruahhar in a tthami thil produce .) chuahmi thil Page 204 .) thonginn prisoner .(adj.) tinvo hmuhmi. e.(n.(n.) a tlaumi prodigality . a thli in private .) duh leinak. thlahnak proctor .g.) purh . Private car = Mah bing mawttawka in private: zapi hmai ah si loin.(n.) hmailei i kal lengmangnak procession .(n.) hmailei i kalnak he aa pehtlaimi proclaim .) tlaunak prodigally .(v.(adj. e.g. e.) laksang .(n.) chuah.) hneksaknak probationer . Many children died because of privation during the war = Ral lioah cun nunnak ca i a herhmi thilri an ngeih lo caah ngakchia tampi an thi privilege .) hmailei caan i tuah ding i thawn procrastination .) upadi ningin rovuihnak ca cu tuah a si ti fianternak.(n.print .(n.) seh in canamtu printing press .) zumh awk tlak sinak .g. I have a prior engagement and so I cannot go with you = Rak i timh cangmi ka ngeih caah kan zul kho lai lo priority .(n.) hrin .(n.(adj.(n.) tuan deuh rak sinak prism . rovuihnak ca a hmaan taktak tinak lehhmah he ttemchihmi probation . e.(n. seh in ca nam i ttial 2. si dawh ngaiin probate .) sawksam ngaiin prodigious .(n. lawmh man prize . seh ha in ttialmi ca bantukin kut in ttial printer .) hmailei i kal proceeding .) mibu artlang in kal nuahmah processional .(adj.) thanh proclamation .(adj.(n.) thongtla pristine .) 1.) a si hmanh maw .) hlan deuh ah.(n. harnak problematic .(n.(adv.) hrinnak .(v. hawi loin umnak private .) peng pakhat uktu mangki bawi procrastinate .g.) canamnak seh prior .) pakhat hnu pakhat aa chang lengmang in tuahning proceed . cawk . thukpi in kawl probity .(n.) a thli a simi privy council .(adv.(n.) hmailei tuah te ding i thawnnak procreate .(v.(adj.) a thli tein privy .) si dawh sinak probable .(n. Every child has the privilege of going to school = Ngakchia nih sianginn kainak tinvo an ngei cio privileged .g.(adj.(n.) tuahmi chungin hmuhmi tangka process .(prep.(adj.(n.) tuahmi proceedings .) pumpak a simi.(n.) sianginn sang i phung tlaitu procurable . Produce your ticket = Na tiket hun chuah produce .(n.g.(v.(adj.(adv. He prizes his watch = A suimilam kha biapi ngai ah a ruah pro .) si nih a dawh ngai . cawk khawhmi procurator .(n. e.) vui nor procedure .) sen a hmu rih lomi ralkap privation .) chuahtu product .) hmuh khawhmi.) mah lawngte i umnak .(v. tefa thlah procreation .(n. e.) tuahpiaktu procure .(v. e.) tinvo a ngei khunmi privily .g. e.) hneksakmi pa probe .(adj.(n.(n.g.) fung in sawh prodigal .) biapi ngai i ruah. si nih a dawh timi probably .(adj.) a harmi a simi proboscis .(n.(v.

) hringsortu progeny .) sauter prolongation .) dawntu khamtu a simi project .(adj.(n.) miak.(adj. nu le pa kong ah duh paoh in a ummi promise . a miak a chuahpi khomi profitably .) cheh khawhmi thil projection .) sauternak promenade .g.) sirlei in zohnak .production .(v. zapi sinah chim profession . e.) khawleih saya sinak. Promissory note = Kan cham hrimhrim lai tinak caah Page 205 .(n.) tampi chuahtu a simi.(adj.) san a tlai lai ti zumh awk tlakmi promissory .(adj.) tampi.(n.) minthangmi . proffer .) thuknak profuse .(n.) michia zapi proletariat .) a fong projectile . a hung chomi prohibit .(v.(v. sirlei in thlakmi hmanthlak profit .(adj.) thiam ngaingai.(n.) hrinsormi tefa prognosis .(n.) khamnak .(n.) hmailei i kalnak progressive .(n.(n.(adj.(adj.) tthahnem ngaiin profiteer . Profuse thanks = Lawmhnak tampi chimmi profusion .) thiam ngaiin cawnmi thil professionally .) thurhhnawmh profaness .) baisikup chuahnak seh proletarian . e.g.) hmailei kal progression .) rak hngalh chungnak program . e.) biakam promising .(n.) pek proficiency .(n.(adj.) misifak bik pawl prolific .(n.(n.(v.(adj.(n.) sianginn sang saya professorial . e.) thil tampi a chuahmi productiveness .(v.(v. a langmi promiscuity .(adv. i cawh nelnul i a ummi 2.(n.g.) amiak profit .) thurhhnawmhnak profess .g.(adj.(n.(n. e.) thurhhnawmhnak profanity .(n.) tampi in chuah khawhnak profanation . i sumrennak a ngei lomi profound . sannak prominent .(adj.(n.(n.(n.(n.) tuah dingmi thil progress .(n. thlauhnak prohibitionist .) tam piin chuah khawhnak productivity .(v.) biakamnak ca i tuahmi.) i chawh.(n. He is a prolix speaker = A biachim a sau tukmi a si prologue .g. He promenaded in the garden = Dum chungah aa chok prominence . thlauh prohibition .) a rian zulh in professor .) rak hngalh chung prognostication .g.) hmailei ah zeitindah a si lai ti hngalhnak a simi prognosticate .(n.) hmailei i a kalmi .(n.) fonnak projector . a tthahmen lomi profligacy .(v. e.(v.(n. He profits ten kyats = Phar hra a miak profitable .) kham .) zawtnak a kalning ding chimchungnak prognostic .(adj.(n.(n.) thurhhnawmhnak profane .) nu le pa kong ah duh paoh in khuasaknak promiscuous . tthanchonak progress .(v.(adj.) rianttuan awk i timhmi project .) hunchonak .(adj.) a tthahnemmi .(n.(n.(adj.(n. e.) langhnak .) biakamnak promise .) phuan .) 1.) a miak a um lomi.) rian professional .(n.) a miak lawng a kawlmi profitless .(adj. He is a prolific writer = Amah cu ca tampi a ttialmi a si prolix .) a sau tukmi.) chuahnak productive .(v.(n.(n.) a thuk ngaingaimi profoundity .(adj.) tthat lo ngaingainak profligate .) thiamnak proficient .) mitthalo ngaingai ningzah hngal loin a ttha lomi .g.) biahmaithi prolong .) zu din kham a duhmi prohibitive . phaisa duhduh in sa hmangmi .) tampi sinak progenitor .(adj. She is proficient in music = Amah cu hla a thiam ngaingai profile .(n.(adv.) sianginn sang saya he aa pehtlaimi thil professorship .

(adv.(n.) hmailei i a kaltertu . a fiangmi pronouncement .(v.(n.(v.) aa tlak ngaiin . vanlawng herlep propensity .) zumhning le ruahning a karhtertu propagate .(adj.(v. taza a cuaitu proselyte . cu bantuk kha bantuk in kan tuah lai tiah chimmi 2.) thindamter propitiation . kan i thi lai ti i hal proposition .) khulrang tein tuahmi prompt .(adj.) 1.) fak ngaiin tanhmi.) ruah awkah chuahpimi bia propound .(n.(n.) profet .) ngeihmi thil a simi proprieteress . Prop the clothes line with a stick = Puan zarnak hri kha fung in doh prop .(n.(adj.(n.(n.) kaitertu. prompter .(n. zumhnak/ruahnak pakhat in pakhat ah aa thlengmi Page 206 . zapi theih in thanh. e.(n. chim.g. thanh pronounced .) drama tuah tik i a tuahtu pawl bia chim awk chimh. a dikmi properly .) i chuahkeh pimi duhnak proper .) zumhning le ruahning karhternak zapi sinah chimnak propagandist . e.(n.) bia sawhsawh a simi proscribe . palhnak tuah lei kha a duh) prong .) khapnak prose . He was promoted to sixth standard = Amah cu tang ruk a an hun kaiter promotion .(v.(adj. thawngpang siseh hngalhnak le fimnak siseh karhternak propel . e. thlaici karhternak 2.g. tuah awk chim 2.(n. umternak.) thanhnak.(n.) kaiter.(n.) te.(n.(n. ruahnak chim . kaupi in karhternak prone .(n.) aa rupning tein.) hmailei i zur ti i kalter propeller .(n.(n.) doh. karhter promulgation .g.(n.(v. e.) profet nu prophetic . palhnak tuah lengmang.(v.) dohnak tung propaganda . zapi sin i chim propagation .) mah lei ca i a tthami proportion .ttialmi ca promontory .(n.) 1.) ngeitu nu proprietor . tlangval nih ngaknu i thi u sih tiah a sawm khi propose . Pronounce the words distinctly = Bia kha fiang tein chum hna 2.(n.) thil tuah tik le bia khia tikah khulrang tein tuah khawhnak.(adj.) zumhning le ruahning karhter.(v. hmailei thil kong a chimtu prophetess .) bia sawhsawh prosecute .(adv.g. promulgate .(n.(v.(v.) hau leng i chuah.) rili chung i a vun i sawhmi vawlei fong promote . sortluk.) thindamternak propitious .) hmailei thil kong chim chungnak prophesy .(adj.(adj. zung in thanh 2.) a hmaan a dikmi ziaza propulsion .(n. proposal .(adj.(n.(n.(adj.(adj.(n.(n.) ruahmi thil a hmaannak kong thukpi in chim proprietary .(n.) ngeitu sinak propriety . He is prone to error = Palhnak lei ah khan a sor a tlu (palhnak kha a tuah lengmang.) profet he aa pehtlaimi prophylactic .) kaiternak.) 1.) biaceihnak zung i taza cuai awk i chuahpi . a bawktakhup in a bawkmi.) aa rup ning tein proportionate . a hun kaitertu.) hmailei thil kong chimchung prophet .) ngeitu proprietorship .) 1. prompt .) thil pakhatkhat thil dang he aa rupning. thil pakhatkhat a hmaan hrimhrim ti chimnak le langhternak 2.) aa rumpi proportionately .) sual puhnak .(n.) a hmaanmi .) phunhrawmh a simi .g.) biafang a aw chuah fiang tein chimnak proof . e.g. aa rem tein property .(v. promoter .) sualpuhtu .) thilri prophecy .(n. taza-cuainak prosecutor . seh in nammi ca a hmaan hmaan lo zoh ding a simi prop .(n. He was in a prone position = A bawktakhum in a um 2. e. fungte pronounce .) 1. upadi leng i chuah. This door is too narrow in proportion to its height = Hi innka cu a tung he i rup dingah a bi tuk proportional . aa tlakmi .(v. pronounciation .) zawtnak khamnak ca i tuahmi propitiate . e.(v. khap proscription .(n.) hmailei i namnak prosaic .(n.(v.) thanhnak.(adv. Payment should be proportional to the work done = Tuan man pekmi cu ttuanmi rian he aa rupmi a si lai proportionally .) aa rupmi.) 1. sual puh prosecution .(adj.(n.) 1.g.) cu bantukin bia a chimtu hna promptitude .

cozah pahnih nih hnatlaknak an tuah i ca in ttialmi a hmasa bik a hran 2.) sadah.) hmailei ca ruatmi.) sauter protraction . a pawngmi proud .) thil tlang a ki tahnak. protract .) Roman Katholik le Grik Katholik a si lomi Khrihfa paohpaoh. protoplasm .) pekmi thil .(v.) a si hmasa bikmi thil. khonmi thil .(n.(n.(v. e.) phungthlukbia a simi proverbially .(n.(adj. Provident men lay aside money for their families = Hmailei ca a ruatmi nih cun an innchungkhar caah tangka an khon providential .(adj.(n. biakinn hngaktu tlangbawi 2.) 1.) phungthlukbia ah/in provide .(adj.) i ruahchan ngaiin prospector .) bawhnak prosy .) fonnak protuberance . e.) peng pakhat he aa pehtlaimi provincialism .(n.) Pathian thawngin a simi province .(n.) huhphenhnak protective . rumnak prosperous .) alnak protocol . Were the seating arrangements for the dinner party according to protocol? = Zanriah einak i tthutning ding kha a ningcang tein a si maw? Hika ah hin anih a tthu lai.) cuti in a si ahcun cu bantukin a si lai tiin ttialmi ca provision . duh lonak langhter . cu bangin thil taktak zong i biap bik a simi pa.) sauternak protractor .(n.) Pathian zohkhenhnak provident .g. arti hna chungah hin sadah a um protest .(n.) hunphenh protection . dikiri zeizat dah a si ti tahnak protrude .) cuti a si ahcun cuti cun a si lai providence .) 1. e.) mi nih rak zohkhenhpiakmi minung protein .(adj.(adj. protect . a hmaan tiah langhter provender . protestation .(adv. cawhnuk.) a hmaan tiah chim .(n.) hlawhhlangnu prostitution .g.) huhphenhnak a simi protector .(n.(conj.(n.(n.(n. tuanbia chung i biapi bik a simi. eggs.) ram pakhat chung i tthen pakhat .(v.(v. ruah a sur i thing a puar i a poh khi protuberant . mitlaitu (palik bawi) provost marshal: sualnak a tuahmi ralkap a tlaitu hna Page 207 .) hmun pakhat chungin thil ttha a chuak lai tiah a kawlmi prospectus .) hlawhlang sinak prostrate . Meat. a nuam lomi protagonist . a rummi prostitute .(n. hmailei thil cuanhnak prospective . Protestantism .) hlawhtlin prosperity .(n. contain protein = Sa.(v.) Protestant Khrihfa zumhning.(v.) bok prostration .(n. A hollowed log was the prototype of modern ships =Thingtum dao kha tuchan tilawng hna an thawhkehnak a rak si ko.(n.(v.) thinphawhnak provoke . khika ah khin anih a tthu lai tiin ttha tein tuah a si maw? Kha bantuk tuah ningcang kha protocol timi cu a si proton .) saram le thingkung i nunnak hram prototype .(adv.(n. soisel Protestant .) phungthlukbia proverbial . tuchan tilawng han hi an rak si hmasa bikmi cu thingtum dao a si.(n. bawi sin um tik i a ningcang tein tuahserning. khawleih sianginn saya 3.) thil pakhatkhat kong thanhnak ttialnak cauk prosper .(adj.) porhlawt ngaiin prove .(n.) atom muru.) hlawhtlinnak .) fong protrusion .) hmailei ah a ra lai tiah i ruahchanmi prospectively . milk.) peng pakhat ca lawng tuaktannak lungthin provisio .g.g.) caan tawite chung ca provisions .) hlawhtlingmi .(n.(n.) thinhpawh provost .(v.(n.) aa porhlawmi proudly .) pek provided . pohnak .(adj.(adj. peng pakhat provincial . ti le rawl provisional .(n.(v.(adj.) zohkhenhmi ram protege .(n.) bia sawsawh a simi.(n.(adj. ziaza lei ah ningcang tein umnak.) ei awk din awk ti le rawl provocation .) al .(n.prospect .(n.(n.(adv.) a parmi .(n.(adj. khuacuanh i hmuhmi thili khi 2.) puarnak .) drama tuahnak i biapi bik a simi. e.(n.(n.(n.) saram rawl proverb .(n. a pohmi .) hupphengtu protectorate . etc.) 1.

a thaw a ha.(v. Pull the trigger of the gun = Meithal zang kha phelh pull oneself together: mah le man i uk khawh pull through: harnak chungin chuah puller .(n.(n.(v. zapi rel awk le hngalh awk i chuahnak publicity .) 1.) tingtang phun kat pseudo .) zapi hngalh tein publish . meithal phelh.(n. cakeite hna an vah khi proximate .(n.(n.) zapi hngalh awk le rel awkin ca le cauk chuah publisher .) mai pun .) bia in nihchuahnak tuah punch .) thli in tum .) thil tuah hlan i khua a ruatmi prudery .) min deu psyche .) ngunkhuai khawltu publication .(v. pak.(n.(n.) thil tuah hlan i ttha tein ruah hmasanak prudent .g. hla .) a naih biktu a simi .) ti dawpnak seh pumpkin .(n.) velh duhnak pull .(v.) 1. aa mer khomi Pullman . chuahter . e.) a deu a simi pseudonym .(adj. e.) lungchung .(n.(n. Baibal chung Pathian biaknak hla psalmist .(adv.) arla pulley .(n.) zapi public .) ziaza dawh lo a hua ngaimi prune .(v.) thitur .(v.(n. e. virhkhoih psalm .) kor. thingthei a sa 2.) nutling patling hung sinak public .(n.) zu dawr puberty .(n. proxy .) zapi hngalh awkin tuahnak publicly .(n. thingkung a sa caku sernak i an hmanmi khi pulpit .) naihnak.) 1.(adj.) a nemmi pulsate .) thitur bantukin tur pulsation .) salm .(n.(n.(adj.(n.(n.(n.g.(n.) sa seh awk kawl i vah. chem . zapi rel awkah cauk chuahnak 2. I rested in close proximity to the fire = Mei naihnak ah ka it.) 1.) cakei phun khat pummel .) upapi ngakchia bantuk i a ummi puff .(n.(n. Do not pull my hair = Ka sam ka hnuk hlah 2.) thaw ngaiin an sermi changreu phun khat puddle .(n.(n.) tilawng a hmailei fong prowess . Public school = Zapi sianginn public house .(n. She puffed as she climbed the hill = Tlang i a kai ah khan a thaw a ha pugilist .(v. e.) kornak pudding .) nawncek i ti aa dilmi pudgy .(adj.(n.g.) salm bu psaltery .) lungthin zawmi damhnak psychology .(v.(adj.(v.) thitur pulse .g.(n.) zapi inn.(adj.(n. thonghthiam pugnacious .) a herh lomi.(n.(n. The coat puckers up at the shoulders = Angki leng cu a liang ah kor pucker .(n.(n.) zapi rel awkin cauk a chuanhtu pucker .(v.(v.) velh a duh ngaimi pugnacity .(n.(n.) kuttum in aa thongmi .) raltthatnak prowl .(v. thinlung .) thil tuah hlan i ttha tein a ruat hmasami prudential . fung in kalh 3. hmailei in siseh a naih biktu proximity . thlarau psychiatry .) ziaza tthat aa uangmi prudish .) mirang khuhlu phun khat prune . kan kut rek i kan hmeh i aa theimi khi pulverize .(n.) a thau i a tawimi puerile .) biachimnak donhhlei pulpy . hnuh.) lungthin umtuning kong cawnnak pub . kalh.) aiawhtu prude .(adj.(n.(n.) thongh pump .(n.prow .(adj. bih 2.g.) hnuktu pullet .(n.) tlanglawng i ihnak a ummi pulp .(n. zureu dawrnak inn publican . mawttawka ke tum hawi hna khi pump .) hri hnuhnak ca i tuahmi puli . thing nge hna tan pry .(adj.) zapi thil a simi.(n.) 1.) theithu hawng Page 208 .) hla phuahtu psalter .) zeipaoh hmanh i ningcang tuk i um a duhmi prudence .) thongh punch .(n. hnulei in siseh .) dipte i den puma . kuak pak 2. e.

sihmanhsehlaw zeihmanh a caw lo. a dang nih telh lo tein pureness .) biaknak lei i thiannak le ziaza ttha a uarmi puritanical .) cawtu pure . purport .) Roman Katholik zumhning ah.(n.(n.(n. pum mit in siseh ruahnak mit in siseh hmuh khawh chung pus .) a hnawmmi kha thianh purification .) a sullam si dawh a simi siter chommi.) a caan hmaan tein zulhnak punctuate .(adj.(n.(n. a thak a tekmi bia punish . zulh purvey .) thianternak purify .) chizawh ngur hliahmah purse .(adj.) senduk dengmang purport .) tiva a luan hliahmah khi purple .(adj.(n.(n.(n.(v.) 1. lentecelhnak tunu.) cawk khawhmi purchase .(adj. a thak a tekmi 2.) zulh pursuer .) thianternak a simi purgative . full stop tehna. a tek.) zultu pursuit . timhmi si dawh siter. full stop tehna .(v.(n.) a sen le a dum aa cawhmi mui purplish .(n.(adj. He went to India purportedly to buy things. puritan .(adj.(v. a almi an sinak pungent .) i timhmi ngei in tuahmi purposeless .) thil tining le puai tuahnak i thil hme tete tiang thengtheng i tuah dih a duhmi punctual .(adj.) tinh purpose .(n.) England ram i Protestant Khrihfa.(n.(v.) ziaza ttha rumro a uarmi purity .(adj. thiannak le ziaza ttha a rak uarmi.(v. but he did not buy anything whatsoever = India ah thil caw ding pungsan in a kal.) dantat khawh a simi . A butcher purveys meat to his customers = Cawsa zuartu hih a cawtu pawl kha sa a pek (zuarh) hna purveyance .) fung zum in chunh i pemh pundit .) pek.(v.(v. hmaan tein chiah punctuation .(v. hri in an hnuh hna i an cawl an canghtermi 2.(n.(adj.) dantat punishable .(v.) rim le lei in theihmi thil ah a thak. siangngakchia 2.) 1.) a tthawng lomi.) nam.(n. e.) dantatnak punitive . tuahmi pursue .) thianter purist .(v.(adj.) thiang tein.(n.(n.) caan hman tein a zulmi punctuality .(adj.) petu purview .g.(n.(v.) namnak pusillanimity .) uicofa pupil .(adj. e.) i timh ciammam tein purr .(adj.(n. sawhtermi.) hmahnai push .) dawi.g.) chungthlet si purgatory . mi pakhat nih thil a tuah tikah zei ruangah dah a tuah ti a sullam a chimnak purpose .) dantatnak ca i tuahmi puny .(n. hmelchunhnak pawl puncture .(adj.(v.) zulhmi .(n.) biadonghnak.(adj. biadinhnak.) thiannak purgative . a fiangmi purely .) 1.) cattial tik i comma tehna .) peknak purveyor .(n. hmaan tein chiahnak.) uicofa purchasable .) timhmi a ngei lomi purposely .(v.) cattial tik i comma tehna. cu bantuk a simi minung puppy .) tangka bawm purser .g. a hmete pup .(adv.(n.puncheon .(n.) a thiangmi.(n.(n. dantat awk tlakmi punishment .) zureu chiahnak um nganpi punctilious .(n.(n. etc.) timhmi on purpose: timh ciammam tein purposeful .(n.) zulhnak pursuant .(n. etc.) kala ca a thiam ngaingaimi mifim pungency .) thiannak purl . Push the door = Innka kha nam push . cung tangka tlaitu pursuance . biahalnak.(adv.(n. vancung phak hlan i thlarau um chungnak purge .) cawk purchaser .(n. punctuation mark .) zei paoh ah thian a uarmi Puritan .(n.) thil pakhatkhat ttialmi/tuahmi a sullam a tlangpi le aa tinhmi.) tilawng. mitfalai puppet . e.) ralchiatnak Page 209 .) rianttuannak chung.(n.

(n. quadrilateral .(n. quake .(n.(v.) 1. I put the book on the table = Cabuai cungah cauk ka chiah 2.(adj.g. e. Zong pajamas. a thang (thlaici) put off: chiah ta. That is a good quality of cloth = Khikhi puan phun ttha phun a si. ther. e.(n.) khuaruahharter. thlennak. pyjamas . I put sugar in the tea = Lakphak ah tlanthling ka paih.g. pe nga tang a simi. hmailei hman awk i i chiah put forth: a keo. ral a duh lo i umtu ziaza i sawhsawh tein um hi Khrihfa ziaza a si tiin a uarmi pawl. paih.(adj. e.) thutnak putrefy .(v.) thir tung sangpipi elektrik zamnak i an hmanmi pyorrhoea .(v. e.) kap pali a ngeimi hmun bantuk quadrant .) ngalmen putty . e.(n. He does not qualify for the job = Rian caah aa tlak lo. quadruplet .) 1.g. Sullam dangdang hna put to death: thah.g.) fa pali phir.) Khrihfabu pakhat a si vemi. aa tlakmi sitertu . Quack doctor = Sibawi deu.) mimte quaint .) British.g. earthquake = li hnin.) lim (rul) Q quack . e.) hani thi chuah zawtnak pyramid . qualification . qualify .(n. i titer put out: mei hmih put through: tlamtling tein tuah i lim put to it: hnek (hneek) put up: tlun.) a let li.(adj.(n.) thil a sining he aa pehtlaimi quality . quackery . e.g. e.) mi hrokhrawl pawl tuahmi rian quadrangle . Page 210 .) a harmi thil. chiah. lungsau in in. cucu cawnnak in hmuhmi.(n.(n.) chizawh pussy . an tar cang ca le an hlunh cang ruang i. quadruped .(n. a kho.) a thu a nammi putt . e. angki aih. putrefaction . piramit pyramidal .(v. We admire quaint photographs = Hmanthlak hlun kha an hlunh cang ruangah kan tlaihchan hna. How to get all my things into one box is a puzzle = Ka thil vialte kuang pakhat chung i sanh dih ding cu thil har a si puzzle .(n.) mithi khanghnak thingpon pyrotechnic .) ke pali a ngeimi saram quadruple .) piramit bantuk pyre . Where did you put up? = Khuazei ah dah na tlun? put up with: in. 2.(adj.) a pummi thil cheu li i cheu khat. qualitative .g. He was put to death = Amah cu an thah a ship puts out to sea: Tilawng cu rili ah a kal. e.) canphio awng benhnak si bang puzzle . phun. phoih put on: aih. quagmire .(n.(adj.(adj.(adj. a phun in an um. the required qualification is tenth standard pass = Cazi rian soknak caah tlaktertu a herhmi cu tanghra awn a si.) nawncek umnak hmun quail .(adj.) hninh.) kap pali a ngeimi thil.g.) chizawh put . e. The meat has putrefied = Sa cu a thu cang putrid .(n. qualified .(n. e.) aa tlakmi.) phun dang tein a ttha vemi.) compai awnh quack .(n.) hlanlio Izipt siangpahrang thlan .g.g.(n. She quakes with fear = A ttih tuk ah a ther. puttee . e.(n.pusillanimous . e.) sining.(v.) a ral a chiami puss . How the cat got out of the box puzzled us = Zeitindah chizawh kha kunag chungin a chuah ti cu kan khuaruah a kan hartertu a si pygmy .g.(n.(adj.(v.(v.(adj.) mi tawite mi hmete. pylon .) a fa pali phir chung i pakhat quadruplets .(adj.g. You can accept his statement without qualification = A chimmi cu thlennak zeihmanh um loin na cohlan khawh ko lai. e.) sibawi a si lo nain sibawi bantukin a tuahmi.(n. Quaker .g.g.) mei tuah thiamnak python .) aa tlakmi si. remhnak.) thu. khualtlawm ah aa thawh a ship puts in to port: Tilawng cu lawng dinhnak hmun ah aa din a ship puts about to change its direction: Tilawng cu a kalnak lei thlen awkah aa mer put by: i chiah.(n. It is hard to put up with him = Amah cu in awk a har ko put heads together: hmunkhat i ttuan tti past tense and past participle of put = put.(n. zan ihnak tawhrolh.(n.(n.(adj.g.(n.) kap pali a ngeimi hmun quadrangular . i ret.) golf ball a kua chung i luhter. To apply for the post of a clerk.) mei he aa pehtlaimi thil pyrotechnics .

) a ruah awk hngal lo i umnak. pref.(adj.) 1.) tilawng dinhnak hmun vaukam i kainak ca i thir a si lo ah lung in an tuahmi .(adj.(n. tah khawh a simi quantity . e. Water quenches thirst = Ti nih tihal a riamhter.(adj. quart . quay .) siangpahrangnu he aa tlakmi. e.(adj.(n. quarry .) thil pakhat kong hngalh duhnak i biahalnak a tlangin tam nawn ttialmi. quartette .(n.) pali hlasabu.(n.(v.(v.) umnak inn. quick witted .(v.) tilawng chung i bawi pawl umnak quarterly .(v. e.) a tam a tlawm he aa pehtlaimi .) cu zat kha zat a si tinak. awlokchong i um. queue .) biahalnak hrial in leh quick . queue .) hnachet lo dai zirziar in a ummi quietitude . quintessence . e. James was quarantined when he had measles = James cu hmaihu in a zawt ah khan a dang ah an chiah. fa panga phir lak i pakhat.) thil hmakhatte ah a hngal kho zaumi quicken .(n.(adj. quiet . quincentenary .(n. pelmi sa. panga phir Page 211 .(n.(n. quenchless .(n.(n.) phunzai a duh ngaimi query .) arhmul.(v.(n.) thla thum dan i voi khat lengmang tuahmi/a ummi.) cheu li cheu khat quarter-century .) aa chang lengmangin mi zapi i tlar.g.g. quatrain . a si bik quintet or quintette . quasi . (?) questionable .(n. hloh. a ttha bik .) daihnak.g.) samphiar quibble .) a cam phanh voi 400 nak.(n. riamhter khawh lomi querulous .(n.(n. quill .) thung quickly . hmih. 2.(v. quash .(adj.(adj. a si maw si lo ti dothlatnak quest . donghter.g.(n.) za nga cam.) puanbu.g.. quarterdeck . quilt .) hmih khawh lomi .(adj.) daihnak quietness .) ralkap chung i tirawl le thilri zokkhenhtu quarters .) biahal question mark .(n.(n.) a hmaan maw hmaan lo ti biahal a herhmi thil questionnaire .(v.) a thiang bik . quench .(n. e.(adj. quinine .) cang khat i tlar li a ngeimi hla.) 1. quicksand .(n. quilting . quarter .) a si bantuk.(n.) khulrang in.(n.(v. Psalm ah hin P le L hi quiesent a simi cu an si.) rizai tuahnak thilri.(v.) hawi he aa lo lomi quell . quarrel . quantitative .(n.) raifanh si a kha ngaimi quinsy .(n.) biahalnak . thil chonh awk le thil tthumh awkah a kam i lawng an hrennak queen .) tichung i lamh tik i a pil ruahmahmi thetse quiescence .) a khul a rangmi. quintuple .) a chawnh khawhmi zawtnak a ngeimi a zawtnak a thian tiang hmun dang i chiah. quarantine .) sik a duh ngaimi quarry .(n.(n.) gallon cheu li cheu khat.(n.(adj.) cawlcang lo te i dai te i umnak quiescent .) biahalnak hmelchunhnak .(n.) siangpahrangnu queenly .g.(n. e. quintal .g. phalh (mei phalh. a tam a tlawm zeizat tinak.) kilogram 100. 2. lung khoih.) a tawinak in ttialmi quintuplet. daihter. e.(n.(adj.) khulrannak.(adj.) panga hlasabu.(n. quaver .) tei.) biahalnak question .qualm .) a let nga . Quasi humour (humor) = Nihechuak a si bantukmi.(n. riamhter. He has no qualms about borrowing money = Mi tangka cawi a zeihmanh a poi lo. bia phalh).) dangfir fah quint . quartet.(n.(adv.) hnawh .(n.) hrawh.) ther.(adj. kehlan i hnawh quicklime . adj.(v. queer .) lung cawh. quandary .(n.(n.. His voice is quavering = A aw a ther. He can eat a great quantity of food = Rawl tampi a ei khawh.(n. rizai.) lungttha lo lungaw ttawm i um khi.(n. quartermaster .) kawlnak question .) cawlcang lo te i dai te i ummi. lung cawhnak khor. quickness .) i sik quarrelsome .

) caku tlap 24.(n. 2. e.g.) 1.) anih nih a chimmi a si ti i hun lakpiak awk i a tlakmi. e.(v.(adj.) hneksaknak bia halnak a simi.(n. 3. mah zawn lawng aa ruat lomi.(n.(n.(n.) a ceumi radiate .(adj.) chuah.(n. Rabid dogs = Uihrut zawtnak a ngemi uico.) 1.(v. cawlcang ngai. miphun sinak langhter ngai i umnak rack .) fa panga phir quip . a thin a hun tuk i a hruh in a hrutmi rabies .) ther . a laifang in va phak tawk kulh kha radius cu a si.) 1. quotation .(n.) zeimaw ti nawnte i mi hngerh kho ding i bia chim/bia leh.) Judah mi cawnpiaktu saya.g.) pumpululh tuknak fung racy .(n.(n.(n.) tli. R rabbi . America ram i a ummi ramsa.g.(n.(adj." quote . radiance . e. 2.) rediam . miphun sinak a langhter ngaimi.) 1.) uihrut zawtnak raccoon . e.) redio radioactive . e.) saveh rabble .(adj.g.) a hrampi in tuahmi a lehpek a phanmi thil radio .(adj.(n.(adj.) a hrampi a simi. rabid .) miphun he aa pehtlaimi. quizzical . tthawng ngaiin bia a chim/ca a ttialmi. quitter . ".(n.(n. Quit yourselves like men = Ral ttha ngaiin tuah tinak. Don't make a racket when others are reading = Midang ca an zoh lioah hnachet hlah.(adj.(n. quiz . thil aa hruh chihmi.(v. quotation marks .g.(v.(v. saikal kekual chung fung tete a laifang in a tlangkual i aa sawhmi hna zong khi radius an si.) hmuh hnga ding zat tuakpiak cangmi quotable .) midang bia a si ti hngalhnak hmelchunhnak . race .) mah ram rawi riangmang i ral thawng i ram uktu si tthan quit . 2. thawng.(n..g. e.) vom bantuk. tthawng ngai.) uihrut zawtnak a ngeimi.g. 2.(n.(n. e. rabbit . kaltak. khuasih i ther quixotic .(n.) "quint" zoh. quota . Page 212 .) hneksaknak biahalnak. The sun radiates light and heat = Ni nih ceunak le lumnak a chuah radiation .(adj.g.) canamnak seh ha bunhnak i khenhfial. quire .(n.) thil chiahnak hrawl racket . Racial discrimination = Phun thleidannak racialism .) 1.(n..quintuplet . He raced to the house = Inn ah a tli racial .(adj.(n. mi dang chimmi bia a chimning in hun lak tthanmi bia. quisling .) thil/rian/tuah awk hnga ding hrial a hmangmi.(n. He made a radical change in his behaviour (behavior) = A ziaza a hrampi in a thlen.(n.(n.(n. quoit .(n.) cangpakual.(adv.) biaceih khawhnak ding ca mi cu zat tlin ah ceih khawh si seh ti khiahmi. 2.) ceunak le lumnak chuahternak radiator .) nambar pakhat kha nambar dang pakhat in phawt tikah a chuakmi a phi. e.(v.) mawttawka chung i lumnak i chuahtertu radical .(n. The explosion of a bomb could be heard within a radius of two miles = Bomb a puah thawng cu khan hnih chung aa thei kho. Racy apple = epal thor/thaw. 26 cu 2 in na phawt ahcun a phi cu 13 a si i cu 13 cu 'quotient' cu a si. thil man a hmanung bik.g. reket.) antam tawba sen radium . ngol.) mi nunsiang a simi.) ceunak radiant .) 1. quoin .(n.(n.(n.) mi dang bia hun chim/lak quotient .) phun . zawt zohnak ah hmanmi thil ceu radius . quite . quintuplets . thor nawnte i a um ttung i a thaw ttungmi. pumpululh tuknak fung. quiver . radicalism . miphun race . a bialmi thil chung i a laifang in a tlangkual tiang a phanmi catlang rin. nung ngai i umnak 2. e.(n.) thlam lang lo a simi thil chung hmanh in a lan khomi ceunak radish .) mi zapi aa pummi ningcang tuah set lo i a ummi.) leiba in luatternak. racquet .) ngaingai quittance . 3. quorum .(n.) miphun dangdang si ruang i i remlonak raciness .

(v.) a kenkip i choi le pernak.(adj.(n. a tlekmi (puan) raid .(n.raft .) duhnak paoh i i chawhvahnak ramification . a tler rancor . ramvaihnak hmun ranger . e.(v.) a tetmi . We rambled here and there = Hika khika ah kan i chawk rambling . dohnak raider . The motorcars raise a dust = Mawttawka nih leidip an thawhter 4.(n.) puanchia rage .) ruahsur rainy . A range of mountains = Artlang i a ummi tlang hna 2. tutu .g.(n.(n.g. pah .(n. rua pum.g.) ni langh chung paoh Muslim . e.) i sik i hauh rail .) past tense of run.) ruahpi rain .) ral chim . artlang i a ummi thil.g. tlaihtleng bantuk railroad .) huatnak ngaingai in tuahmi le chimmi rancour .(v. tuknak . thinthun ngaingainak.) dum kaupi a ngeimi pa ranchman .g.(n.(v.) duh paoh i a kenkip ah choi le per rampage .) thingtunh artlang tein tuahmi .) e.) tlanglawng lam raiment .) hmunkhat i i pumhnak.(n.(adj.(adj.(n.) ruahpi sur rain gauge .) ruah a sur ni a simi raise . Would you rank him among the world's great men? = Vawlei cung mi ngan hna lakah na chia ve hnga maw? rankle .) ruahfang rainfall .) inntling rag .(adj.(n.g. A rifle range = Rifle kah phak tawk 4. huat ngaingainak.(n.(n.(v.(n. A random remark = Tinhmi ngei set lo i hei chim menmi bia random .(n. Youth rally = Mino pumhnak ram .) a rawp i a tlu a pur dengmangmi ran .(n.S.) donhkhanh lo in a ummi.) tupi thingram a humhaktu rank .) 1. mau pum (tilawng) rafter . thawhter.g.(n. thil man kai 5. ve.) tinhmi ngei lo le ruahchihmi ngei lo i tuahmi.) India ram bawi.g. e. ranch .(v.g.) 1.(n. dohtu rail .) ruahsur tahnak rainbow . artlang in umternak 2.) artlang in umternak rank . thawhter.(v.g.(n. tlanglawng ke kalnak i chiahmi thir thluan railing .) artlang i chiahmi hna lak i chiah.(n.(n.) hnawm thianh rally . luang. nam Ramadan . cawmken 7. e. The farmer raises chickens = Lothlopa nih ar a zuat hna 6.g.) ruahkham angki raindrop .) dum kaupi a ngeimi pa rancid . An army has been raised by the government = Cozah nih ralkap an lak hna 8. huat ngaingainak. hmuichon kahnak hmun 3.(n.) a nih .(n.) mitsur thei a car rajah .) ral chimnak .(n. doh raid . kah phak tawk. e.(n.) dum kaupi rancher .(v.U. zuat.(n.) thinhunnak ragged .) 1. ralkap lak. hnatheih phak tawk a simi 5. pawl rawl ei thian lo thla ramble .) past tense of ring. e. e.(n. What is his rank? = A reng zeidah a si? His rank is captain = A reng cu kepten a si to be in the ranks: ralkap sawsawh.) British . hler 2. e. e.) hnipuan rain . ral tuk .) chuncha raincoat .) chawhvah.(n.(n.(v. The mad elephant went on a rampage and killed its keeper = Vui hrut cu a choi a per ciammam i a cawngtu kha a thah rampant . tlak dawntu thingtunh 2.) pum. e. He raised the dead = Mithi a thawhter hna raisin .) lu i suk .) meithal zen sawhnak fung ramshackle .) fahter Page 213 .(v.(v.(adj.(n. e.) ral chimtu . tum range . zam.g. Alice took a book at random from the shelf = Alice nih cauk kha cauk chiahnak hrawl in tinhmi zei ngei loin a hei lak men ko hna rang .(n.) hmunkhat i i pumh rally .(n.(adj.(n.) hnawm thianhnak kawrawt ha a ngeimi rake .(n. rancorous .g.) tuukawng ram .(adj. lungphun 3. tlik.) tteng le nge i vun cheu chin lengmang ramp .(n. zapi sawsawh tinak a si the rank and file: Zapi sawsawh tinak a si rank . e. kal. thinthun ngaingainak.(v. rake . sattil tlonnak hmun.g. rianttuannak ah zei dot dah a si tinak. e.(n. random . The vines were rampant over the fence = Hau cungah zun cu zeihmanh nih donhkhanh loin an i zam tung ko ramrod . rawl uih .) 1.(v.

ransack - (v.) 1. ttha tein kawl cikcek , dah cikcek 2. fir, ramh ransom - (n.) tlanhnak man ransom - (v.) tlanh rap - (v.) kingh , fak piin tuk; e.g. The chairman rapped on the table for order = Chairman nih ningcang tein um u, tiin cabuai kha a tuk rapacious - (adj.) hranhram in mi a tlai i thil chuh a hmangmi rapacity - (n.) hranhram in mi thil chuh hmannak rape - (v.) tlaihhrem rapid - (adj.) a khul a rangmi rapidity - (n.) khulrannak rapids - (n.) tihrah rapport - (n.) i rualchannak rapproachement - (n.) i remhnak , i hawikomh tthannak rapt - (adj.) i lawmh tuk i zeidang ruat kho ti lo i a ummi rapture - (n.) lawmhnak nganpi rapturous - (adj.) lawmhnak nganpi a simi rare - (adj.) a tlawmmi thil , a um set lomi thil rarefy - (v.) panter deuh , tlawmter deuh rarely - (adv.) a si setsai lomi , a caan tete lawng i a simi; e.g. He rarely comes to church = Biakinn ah a ra setsai lo, a caan tete lawngah a ra rarity - (n.) um set lonak rascal - (n.) mihrokhrawl rascality - (n.) mihrokhrawl sinak rash - (adj.) ralrin lo piin a hung ummi , khulrang tuk in tuahmi thil rash - (n.) cuar cung i a sen bo tete a chuakmi rashness - (n.) tonghmang loin umnak, ruat setsai lo i raltthat thlorh i raltthat rasp - (n.) thing sahrai rasp - (v.) hnor, thing hnor rat - (n.) zu ratchet - (n.) ha ngeimi thir kual rate - (n.) khan; e.g. He can go at the rate of four miles an hour = Suimilam pakhat ah khan li khan in a kal kho at any rate: a zei a si hmanh ah at that rate: cuning ahcun, chukhan ahcun, cuti a si ahcun rather - (adv.) deuh; e.g. I would rather go today than tomorrow = Thaizing nakin nihin ah ka kal deuh lai ratification - (n.) fehternak ratify - (v.) fehter rating - (n.) a tthat a chiat tuaknak ratio - (n.) khan; e.g. He has sheep and cows in the ratio of ten to three = Caw le tuu a ngeihning cu tuu pahra ah caw pathum khan lengmang in a si ration - (n.) rawl hmuh zat ding tuakpiakmi rational - (adj.) ruahnak in tuak khawhnak a ngeimi; e.g. As children go older, they become more rational = Ngakchia cu an hung upat deuh in ruahnak in tuak khawhnak an hun ngei deuh rationale - (n.) thil pakhatkhat tuah tik i zei ruangah dah ka tuah ti kan ruahnak nih a tuakmi khi rationale a si rationality - (n.) khuaruah khawhnak rationalization - (n.) thil pakhatkhat kan tuah i a hmaan set lomi ruang kan pekmi; tahchunhnak ah, minu pakhat cu cho ah a kai i a ba i aa din, sihmanhsehlaw ka ba ti duh loin, hika cu khuacuanhnak a rem tuk, a ti, cucu rationalization cu a si rationalize - (v.) a hmaan setsai lomi sullam pek rationally - (adv.) khuaruat ngaiin rattle - (v.) hnih i a thawng rinter khi; e.g. The wind rattled the windows = Thli nih thalang awng a hninh hna i an awn; The windows were rattling in the wind = Thli nih thlalangawng a hninh hna i an awn rattle - (n.) an i khawn thawng. rattle snake - (n.) rul sivai ttihnung ngaimi ravage - (v.) fak piin hrawh rave - (v.) fak piin au , thinhun ngaiin au len ravel - (v.) poih , phoih , a tlek , a ttet ravelling - (n.) phoihmi la, suetar angki chungin phoih/zuhmi la raven - (n.) langak phun khat ravening - (adj.) a rawl a tam i ttih a nung ngaingaimi (saram) ravenous - (adj.) seh a hrangmi ravine - (n.) horkuang thuk ravish - (v.) 1. lawmhter, lawmhnak in khater; e.g. He is ravished with her beauty = Aa dawhnak nih lawmhnak in a khahter 2. seh i kalpi; e.g. The lamb was ravished by the wolf from the flock = Tuufa cu cenghngia nih tuurun chung khan a se i a kalpi. ravishing - (adj.) a nuam ngaingaimi , duh awk ngaingai a simi

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raw - (adj.) 1. a hring; e.g. Raw meat = Sa hring 2. cuar a kawhnak hma; There is a raw spot on the horse where the harness rubbed = Rang cu a kengdan nih a hnornak zawn ah khan a cuar kawhnak a um rawhide - (n.) si in ciah rih lomi saphaw. ray - (n.) nichawn rayon - (n.) pu bantuk a simi la raze - (v.) hrawh cikcek, chimh dih cikcek. razor - (n.) hmurhmul/khahmul mehnak namte re-echo - (v.) thanter chin re-elect - (v.) thim tthan re-election - (n.) thim tthannak re-embark - (v.) tilawng chung i kai tthan i tilawng cun kal re-enforce - (v.) tthawnnak pek tthan re-enforcement - (n.) tthawnnak pek tthannak re-enter - (v.) luh tthan re-entry - (n.) luh tthannak re-establish - (v.) umter tthan, fehter tthan re-establishment - (n.) fehter tthannak re-form - (v.) i ser tthan, hung si tthan reach - (n.) phak , phanh react - (v.) lehrulh , kir tthan reaction - (n.) lehrulhnak , thil a hung kir tthanmi reactionary - (n.) tthatnak lei tu duh lo i rawhnak lei tu a duh deuhmi , dohtu lei i a tangmi read - (v.) carel, cacawn. read between the lines: a biafang sullam si loin a chung i aa thupmi sullam hngalh khawh i zuam ti a si. past tense and past participle of read ("red"). readable - (adj.) rel (ca) khawh a simi reader - (n.) 1. careltu 2. carel cawnnak cauk readily - (adv.) khulrang tein readiness - (n.) timh cia tein umnak reading - (v.) carel reading - (n.) thil bawm cung i aa ttialmi ca a langmi; e.g. The reading on the thermometer yesterday was 96 degrees = Nizan i kih lum tahnak cung i a langmi cu dikiri 96 a si readjust - (v.) sersiam tthan readjustment - (n.) sersiam tthannak ready - (adj.) rianttuan awkah timh cia in a ummi ready-made - (adj.) hman colh awkin ser ciami thil real - (adj.) a si taktakmi , a um taktakmi , a taktak a simi real estate - (n.) hmun le a chung i a ummi thilri inn tehna , hau tehna , ti tehna realise - (v.) British. 'realize' zoh. realism - (n.) nunning a sining taktak in chimnak le ruahnak realist - (n.) thil a sining taktak in a hmu thiammi realistic - (adj.) a sining taktak in a hmu thiammi reality - (n.) taktak a simi in reality: a ngainai ti ahcun realization - (n.) hun hngalhnak, lung hung pemnak realize - (v.) 1. hun hngalh 2. hun hmuh; e.g. The sale of his books realized K 200 = A cauk zuarman a hmuhmi cu K 200 a si really - (adv.) ngaingai , taktak realm - (n.) pennak , ram realm - (n.) pennak , ram realty - (n.) inn , lo ream - (n.) caku tlap 480 ream - (v.) a kua kauhter reamer - (n.) a kua kauhnak hriamnam reanimate - (v.) nunter tthan reap - (v.) rawlttuan , facang zun reaper - (n.) rawlttuantu reappear - (v.) hung lang tthan. rear - (v.) fa zohkhenh; e.g. Mother rears her children = Ka nu nih a fale a kan zohkenh rear - (n.) hnulei rear admiral - (n.) tilawng ralbawi rear guard - (n.) hnulei ralvengtu rearrange - (v.) sersiam tthan , remh tthan rearrangement - (n.) sersiam tthannak rearward - (adj., adv.) hnulei lei ah reascend - (v.) kai tthan reason - (n.) zeicahdah a si ti sullam langhternak ah hin ruahnak kha hman a si i "reason" nih hin a va sawh duh bikmi cu ruahnak kha a si; e.g. Sickness was the reason for Mary's absence = Mary sianginn a kai lonak cu a zawt ruahgah a si.

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reason - (v.) 1. fak piin ruah , luthluak hman; e.g. An idiot cannot reason = Mihrut nih cun khua a ruat kho lo; e.g. It stands to reason = si dawh a si ko. 2. bia alnak in hun hngalhter; e.g. Reason with Mary and try to make her change her mind = Mary cu va al hnik law a ruahnak thlenter vaa zuam hnik. reasonable - (adj.) aa dawh tawk , aa tlakmi reasonably - (adv.) aa dawh aa tlak tein reasoning - (n.) cu bantuk thil a um caah cu bantuk thil a chuak ti ruahnak hmannak reassemble - (v.) pumh ttlhan, fonh tthan reassert - (v.) a si awk a si tiin fak piin chim tthan reasssume - (v.) ruah tthan reassurance - (n.) a si hrimhrim lai tiah kamh tthannak reassure - (v.) a si hrimhrim lai tiah chimh tthan , lungfehnak pek tthan reave - lakpiak. rebate - (n.) chawlehnak holh a si i thil tam cawk ruang i man tthumhmi khi a si rebel - (n.) dohtu , ral rebel - (v.) doh, ral, duhlo al. rebellion - (n.) ram chung ral thawhnak , uktu dohnak rebellious - (adj.) uktu a dohmi rebind - (n.) tem tthan rebirth - (n.) hrintthannak reborn - (adj.) hrintthan rebound - (v.) a hun i let tthan rebuff - (v.) hun lehnak (duh lo lei in) rebuild - (v.) sak tthan rebuilt - (v.) rak sak tthan; past tense and past participle of rebuild. rebuke - (v.) mawhchiat rebut - (v.) hun leh i a si lonak hun langhter ve , hun al recalcitrant - (adj.) mawl ngaih duh lomi recall - (v.) kawh tthan, auh tthan recant - (v.) chimmi bia kha lak tthan , bia hmuh tthan recantation - (n.) bia hmuh tthannak recapitulate - (v.) chim tthan , a tawinak in a biapi deuhdeuhmi kha hun chim tthan recapitulation - (n.) a tawinak in hun chim tthannak recapture - (v.) tlaih tthan recast - (v.) thlet tthan, ser tthan recede - (v.) kir tthan , hnulei ah i tawn , ti a lianmi a zor tthan khi receipt - (n.) thil hmuhnak , cate hna hmuhnak; e.g. I am in recepit of your letter =Na ca ka hmuh receivable - (adj.) hmuh khawhmi receive - (v.) 1. hmuh; e.g. I received your letter = Na cakuat ka hmuh. 2. cohlan; e.g. He came to his own people but they did not receive him = Amah a miphun sinah a ra nain an rak cohlang duh lo. receiver - (n.) 1. hmutu , cohlangtu. 2. kuakdap chiahnak kheng. 3. telefawn ngainak le chawnhnak khi. receivership - (n.) cohlangtu sinak recent - (adj.) tu naite ah a simi recently - (adv.) tunaite ah receptacle - (n.) thil chiahnak , zalte hna , bawmte hna reception - (n.) 1. hmuhnak; e.g. The reception of money is a joy to him = Tangka hmuh cu a caah lawmhnak a si 2. rawldangh; e.g. He was given a reception last night = Zahan ah zanriah an dangh receptionist - (n.) khual chawntu receptive - (adj.) khulrang tein a rak cohlang khomi; e.g. He has a receptive mind = Rianrang tein a rak cohlang khotu lungthin a ngei recess - (n.) dinh caan recession - (n.) hnulei kir recessional - (adj.) pumh dong tik i chuahnak hla sakmi recessive - (adj.) hnulei ah aa thawnmi recipe - (n.) rawl chuan tik i cu bantuk kha bantuk cawh ah a thaw timi khi , a cawhmeih/a tamhpaih recipient - (n.) hmutu, cohlangtu reciprocal - (adj.) i co thon , i pek tonhmi; e.g. Although I gave him many presents, I had no reciprocal gifts from him = Laksawng tampi ka pe nain laksawng a ka pek tthanmi zeimanh a um lo reciprocally - (adv.) i pek tonh, i co tonh in reciprocate - (v.) lehrulh , pek tthan ve; e.g. She loves me and I reciprocate her affection = A ka dawt i ka dawt tthan ve reciprocation - (n.) lehrulhnak, pek tthannak reciprocity - (n.) i pek ciocionak recital - (n.) chim tthannak, zapi hmai i hlasak awdawh tumnak he recitation - (n.) zapi hmai i zoh loin chimnak recite - (v.) zoh io chim reck - (v.) ralring tein um reckless - (adj.) aa ralring lomi , a daithlangmi

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recklessness - (n.) daithlannak reckon - (v.) 1. tuak , rel ruah; e.g. You must reckon the cost before you decide to buy = Ka cawk lai tiah na ti hlanah a man na tuak hmasa lai 2. bochan, rinh; e.g. Me may reckon on your help = Na bawmhnak kha kan i bochan (rinh) lai reckoning - (n.) relnak, tuaknak reclaim - (v.) santlai i ser tthan reclaimation - (n.) santlaimi thil i ser tthannak recline - (v.) zau; e.g. He reclined on the bed = lhkhun cungah zau. recluse - (n.) mi dang he i cawh lo i amahte lawngin a ummi recluse - (adj.) amahte lawng i a ummi; e.g. A hermit lives a recluse life = Phungki cu ramlak ah amahte lawngin a va um recognition - (n.) hngalhnak , theih hngalhnak recognizance - (n.) 1. aamahkhannak tuahmi 2. aamahkhannak tangka recognize - (v.) theihhngalh , hngalhpi recoil - (v.) 1. con; e.g. He recoiled at seeing a snake = Rul a hmuh i a con. 2. suk; e.g. A gun recoils when fired = Meithal cu puah tikah mi a su. 3. kir tthan; e.g. His meanness recoiled upon his own head = A tthatlonak kha amah lu cung lila ah a kir tthan. recollect - (v.) 1. hun hngalh tthan, lung hung pem tthan 2. khawmh tthan, pumh tthan recollection - (n.) khawmh tthannak, hun hngalh tthannak recombine - (v.) fonh tthan recommence - (v.) thawk tthan recommend - (v.) a kong a tthatnak le duh awk tlak a sinak chimpiak recommendation - (n.) a kong a tthatnak chimpiaknak recommit - (v.) tuah tthan recompense - (v.) pek tthan , cham , lehrulh reconcile - (v.) i rem tthan reconcilement - (n.) i rem tthannak reconciliation - (n.) i rem tthatnak recondite - (adj.) a thuk i hngalh a harmi. reconnaissance - (n.) rak ngiat chungnak, rak zoh chungnak (ralkap lei ah a si khun). reconnoitre - (v.) rak ngiat chung. reconquer - (v.) tei tthan. reconsider - (v.) ruah tthan reconstitute - (v.) ser tthan reconstruct - (v.) sak tthan record - (v.) 1. philh lo ding i ttial 2. aw khumh record - (n.) 1. aw khumhnak phel 2. philh lo awk i ttialmi 3. a lonhtu a um rih hlantiang a sang bik a simi; break a record = a sang bik a simi vun tei. recorder - (n.) biaceihmi ttialtu; record ttialtu recount - (v.) rel; e.g. He recounted the events of the day = Kha ni i thil ummi hna kha a hun chimrel hna recounter - (n.) i dohnak, i tuknak recoup - (v.) cham tthan , pek tthan recourse - (n.) bawmhnak duh i fuhpanhnak; e.g. Our recourse in illness is (go) to a doctor = Dam lo tikah kan fuhpanhmi cu sibawi a si. recover - (v.) hmuh tthan, ngeih tthan, dam tthan recovery - (n.) dam tthannak, hun i sersiam tthannak recreant - (n.) zumh awk tlak lo, mah bu hlawtu recreate - (v.) ser tthan, hrim tthan recreation - (n.) hrimh tthannak ca i lentecelhnak recriminate - (v.) report tu report chin, sual puhtu sual puh chin recrimination - (n.) pakhat le pakhat sual i puh i i puh chin venak recross - (v.) tiva tan tthan recruit - (n.) ralkap tla thar rangrut recruit - (v.) ralkap ca i mi thar lak recruitment - (n.) rangrut sinak rectangle - (n.) kil li a ngeimi thil rectangular - (adj.) kil li ngei a simi rectify - (v.) palhnak hngalh i remh tthan rectitude - (n.) ziaza ding, lihchim lo tein a ummi ziaza, dinnak. rector - (n.) 1. Anglican Khrihfabu phung ah, Kaifabu pakhat a zonkhehtu saya. 2. University sianginn saya ngan bik. rectory - (n.) rectorpa inn rectum - (n.) tol recumbent - (adj.) a zaumi thil recuperate - (v.) dam tthan; e.g. He has recuperated from his illness = A dam lonak in a dam tthan cang recuperation - (n.) dam tthannak

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recur - (v.) um tthan lengmang recurrence - (n.) um tthan lengmangnak recurrent - (adj.) a um tthan leng mangmi red - (adj.) a sen Red Cross - (prop.) Vailamtahnak Sen, harnak a tongmi hna bawmtu, hi bu hmelchunhnak cu vailamtahnak sen a si. red-handed - (adj.) kut ah thi i nalh belbul in, a sullam cu sualnak a tuah lio hrimhrim ah tlaih, ti a si red-hot - (adj.) a lin hringhranmi red-letter - (adj.) philh khawh lomi. red pepper - (n.) makphek red skin - (n.) America ram i a ummi Indian an timi hna. red tape - (n.) a neknawi le a cephnep tampi a ummi khi redden - (v.) senter reddish - (adj.) a sen bantuk redeem - (v.) tlanh, cawk tthan redeemer - (n.) tlantu , caw tthantu Redeemer - (n.) Tlantu, Jesuh Khrih redemption - (n.) tlanhnak redirect - (v.) cakuatmi a umnak a rak i tthial i cu aa tthialnak hmun i hei kuat tthan rediscover - (v.) hmuh tthan redness - (n.) sennak redolent - (adj.) rim a nammi; e.g. Our house is redolent of fresh paint = Kan inn cu tinbawsi thar kan thuhmi rim a nam redouble - (v.) a let hnih in karh tthan redoubt - (n.) ralhruang amah te lawng i a ummi redoubtable - (adj.) ttih awk a simi redound - (v.) a hung kir tthan redress - (v.) remh tthan reduce - (v.) tlawmter , hmetter , man tthumh reducible - (adj.) tlawmter khawh a simi, hmetter khawh a simi, man tthumh khawh a simi reduction - (n.) tlawmternak redundance - (n.) a herh leng i tam deuhnak redundancy - (n.) herh lomi a hleimi sinak redundant - (adj.) herh lomi , a hleimi; e.g. With the decreasing demand for coal many miners may become redundant = Lungmeihol herhnak hi a tlawm chim lengmang caah lungmeihol cotu tampi cu herh lomi, a hleimi, an si lai reduplicate - (v.) nolh tthan , a hlei in cham tthan reduplication - (n.) a let in chap tthannak, holh thannak redwood - (n.) America ram California Peng i a ummi thingkung phun khat, pe 200 in 300 tiang a sang khomi. reed - (n.) hluang , phaikung reedy - (adj.) hluang/phai tamnak a simi reef - (n.) tichung i a ummi lungpang , ti cung i a lang dengmangmi reek - (v.) rimchia chuahter; e.g. He reeks of garlic = Daidim rim a nam hut ko reek - (n.) rimchia reel - (v.) lungmih i sawn lengmang i um reel - (n.) la zelhnak kihlum reelection - (n.) thim tthannak reestablish - (v.) umter tthan , fehter tthan reestablish - (v.) umter tthan , fehter tthan reestablishment - (n.) fehter tthannak refection - (n.) rawl refectory - (n.) rawl chuannak le einak khaan refer - (v.) 1. pek, chanh, chimh; e.g. Let us refer our disputes to our chairman = Kan i almi cu kan chairman chan tuah u sih/chim tuah u sih 2. sawhpiak; e.g. Our teacher refers us to many books = Kan saya nih cauk tampi a kan sawhpiak 3. zoh; e.g. A person refers to a dictionary to find the meaning of words = Biafang an sullam zoh/kawl awkah dictionary a zoh referee - (n.) lentecelhnak i firik tumtu reference - (n.) 1. hmuhnak ding sawh pianak 2. chimmi sawh pianak 3. mi dang kong ah ngalhnak bia a chim khotu; e.g. Tom gave his headmaster as a reference = Tom nih an sayagyi cu amah kong i hngalhnak bia a chim khotu pakhat ah a min a pek referendum - (n.) zapi nih duh le duh lo me thlak in khiahnak refill - (v.) rawn tthan refine - (v.) thianter. refined - (adj.) a thinagmi , thianter cangmi refinement - (n.) thianternak refinery - (n.) thanthling tehna , zinan tehna an thianhnak sehzung refit - (v.) hman awk tlak dingin ser tthan

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reflect - (v.) kirter tthan; e.g. The mirror reflects my face = Bihmi thlalang nih ka hmai (mui) kha a kirter tthan reflection - (n.) 1. kirter tthannak 2. a thla; e.g. I see the reflection of a tree in the pond = Tili chungah thing thla ka hmuh reflective - (adj.) a kir tthanmi reflector - (n.) a khirhtu reflex - (n.) kanmah nih uk loin kan pum chung nge amah duh tein a cawlcangmi; e.g. Sneezing is a reflex act = Hachio hi amah duh tein si. reflexive - (adj.) a tuahtu cungah a kir tthanmi reflux - (v.) a luang kir tthan reform - (v.) remh tthan reformation - (n.) remh tthannak reformatory - (adj.) remh tthannak ca i hmanmi reformer - (n.) remhtu refract - (v.) ceunak ngawiter; e.g. Water refracts light = Ti nih ceunak a ngawiter; Ti chung i fung pakhat na phun i na zoh tikah a ngawi a lo, khi a ngawi in a langmi khi refraction cu a si refractory - (adj.) nawl zulh a duh lomi, si pek i a dam duh lomi zawtnak refrain - (v.) i sum; e.g. Refrain from wrong doing = That lo tuahnak i sum refrain - (n.) hla nolhnak refresh - (v.) tharter tthan , hrim tthan refreshing - (adj.) mi a hrimhter i piang ngaiin mi a umtermi. refreshment - (n.) hrimhnak a kan pe khotu , lakphakti zong a si kho , rawl zong a si kho refrigerate - (v.) kihter refrigeration - (n.) kihternak refrigerator - (n.) kihtertu thingkuang reft - (v.) past participle of reave, lakpiak. refuge - (adj.) dornak hmun refugee - (n.) ralzam (ralzaam ) refund - (v.) pek tthan refusal - (n.) duh lonak , alnak refusal - (n.) duh lonak , alnak refuse - (v.) al , duh lo , i lak duh lo refuse - (n.) hmunhnawm refutation - (n.) thil pakhatkhat chimmi a hmaan lonak hun chim i a chimmi kha alnak refute - (v.) thil pakhatkhat chimmi a hmaan lo tiah hun langhter/chim regain - (v.) hmuhtthan regal - (adj.) siangpahrang he aa pehtlaimi thil; e.g. Regal power = Siangpahrang nawl regale - (v.) nuam ngaiin umter; e.g. He regaled the children with stories = Ngakchia kha tuanbia a chimh hna i nuam ngaiin a umter hna regalia - (n.) siangpahrang thilthuam luchin tehna bawifung tehna regard - (v.) 1. zoh; e.g. The cat regarded me when I picked up her kitten = A fa ka lak ah khan chizawh nih a ka zoh 2. ruah; e.g. He is regarded as the best doctor in town = Amah cu hi khua sibawi ttha bik i ruahmi a si 3. hmaizah, upat 4. kong he aa pehtlaimi; e.g. As regards money, I have enough = Tangka he aa pehtlai in, a za ka ngei ko regardful - (adj.) upatnak lungthin a ngeimi regarding - (prep.) kong he aa pehtlaiin; e.g. Regarding his health, it is good = A ngandamnak he aa pehtlai in, a ttha ko regardless - (adj., adv.) zeirello in , zeirelnak zeihmanh um loin regards - (adv.) thluachuahnak regency - (n.) bawinak regenerate - (v.) hrintthan regeneration - (n.) hrin tthannak regenerative - (adj.) hrin tthannak a chuahtertu a simi regicide - (n.) siangpahrang thahnak regime - (n.) ukning , cozah kalning regimen - (n.) ngandamnak hmuhnak ca i phunglam tete sermi regiment - (n.) ralkap bu colonel (kanal) pakhat ukmi. regimental - (adj.) regiment he aa pehtlaimi. regimentation - (n.) luatnak um loin uknak , palik ukmi ram an i uknak bantuk a simi uknak region - (n.) hmun regional - (adj.) hmun pakhatkhat he aa pehtlaimi register - (n.) cazin register - (v.) cazin chung min khumh registrar - (n.) cazin chung min khumhnak he aa pehtlaimi kong i haotu. registration - (n.) cazin chung min khumhnak registry - (n.) cazin regress - (v.) hnulei kir tthan regret - (v.) ngaichih

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e.) lungmen ngei lo i puar ngaiin um relevance .(v. hmanhman tein regulate .) rak si hmasaning chung i tlak tthan relapse . rualchan. a hlunmi kha a pungsan thlen tthan rehearsal .(n.(adv.(n.(n.) ngaihchiat awk a simi thil regular .hlan i a rak sining ah khan ser tthan rehabilitation .(v.(v.) hmasa a umning i umter tthan reiterate . hman tthan.(v. tlamtling tein a simi.g.g.(n.) ralkap thar hei kuat chapmi reinstate . zoh tthan.(v.(adj.) ralkap tlamtling. The wall was relaid with new bricks = Vampang cu tlakrawh thar in an remh tthan release . e. reign . caantling in hmanhman tein ttuanmi.(n. e.(adv.(n.) ngaihchiatnak langhtertu a simi. He is a regular doctor = Amah cu sibawi tlamtling a si.) zapi hmai i tuah ding thil (dramate hna) kha tuah ding ning bantuk te khan rak tuah chungnak rehearse . rulh rein .(n.) i pehtlaihnak relative .(v.) 1. Our regular eating place is in the kitchen = Rawl kan ei tawnnak hmun cu rawlchuan inn chungah a si 2. renh lo .) thil dang he an i pehtlaihning zohchih in.) thil a ummi he aa tlakmi.) tthawnternak reinforcements . a sullam cu tuah dingmi kha thiam hlan loin tuah tthan lengmang i a donghnak i thiam ngaiin tuah ding ti khi a si Reich . chim.(n.) thazang thar in tthawnnak pek .(v.) phung ning tein umter . His answer is not relevant to the question = A Page 220 . an zulh awk i chiahmi phung regulator .) noter tthan rekindle .(v.) uk . e. sahlawh rualchan si.) a thi ciami mi dang chung i hung chuah tthan reincarnation .) pakhat nih pakhat pek chin.) lehnak bia rejuvenate .(n.g.g.(v. 3. e.) nolh tthan reiteration .g.) 1.g.(adj. tawn.g.) thar chuah tthan.) caw hnarphe hri . bawi reimburse .(n. I want to express my regretful feeling for not being able to come to the dinner = Zanriah einak i ka rat khawh lo ruang i ka ngaihchiatnak lungthin cu theihter kan duh regrettable .) aa pehtlaimi.(n.) caan hmaantertu rehabilitate .(v. ke in kalmi nih si hna seh.(v. e. leng dangdang a mawngmi nih si hna seh. e. He is a regular not a volunteer = Amah cu ralkap tlamtling a si ko. German miphun.) thlah relegate .) rualchan relative .) nolh tthannak reject . zulh ding timi kha zulhter regulation . rangchak hri reincarnate .(n.(n. pehtlaihter.(n. remh tthan.) pek tthan . dawi. ningcang .g.) 1.) dorh .) rak sining chung i tlak tthannak relate . e.(n. e.) a niam deuhnak hmun i vun chiah. bialeh rejoinder .(adj. relationship . fek chinchin seh ti in tuah reinforcement .) remh tthannak rehash . 2.) hlawtnak rejoice .(adj.) zapi hmai i tuah ding thil (dramate hna) rak tuah chung. hlawt.(v.) alhter tthan.) thil a ummi he i tlaknak ngeihnak relevant .(v.) lunglawmh rejoin .(n. I am not related to him = Amah he kan i rualchan lo.) ningcangte le caan hmaan tein umnak regularly . i dinh relay .g.) Germany ram.) a thi ciami minung chungin hung chuah tthannak reindeer . He is a regular soldier = Amah cu ralkap tlamtling a si regular .(v. mawttaw mawng pawl nih si hna seh.(v.(n. hlonh. In spite of her dull husband she is relatively happy = A va a hrut nain hawi dang he zohchih tikah aa nuam ko relax .(n. thil pakhatkhat kha a umnak hmun i chiah tthan.g.) remh tthan . related . Amah he kan i rualchan lo relation . It is difficult to relate his sickness to any known cause = A zawtnak hi zei he dah kan pehtlaihter hnga ti awk a har ko.(n.g.) thil a ummi he i tlaknak ngeihnak relevancy .) 1. Road regulations = Lam zulhnak phung.(n.) nengpi reinforce . van tthan relapse . fonh tthan 2. duh lo. zulh ding i chiahmi phung.(adj. Reject all the bad apples = A ttha lomi epal kha hlonh dih hna rejection .(adj. a hmaan lo ti 2. The facts relative to this problem are these = Hi thilhar he aa pehtlaimi thil hna cu hihi an si relatively .(v.) lung nem in um tthan relentless . tthawl.(adj.g. mah lung tho i a hun i pe tami men a si lo regularity . e.(v.) phunglam .(n.(v.(v.(v. chanh chin.(v. 2.regretful .(v. e. i pehtlaihnak.g. e. rian i chanh chin relent .) ningcang tein.) sahlawh rualchan si e. He has no regular work = Rian nagingai a ngei lo 3.) 1.

g. e.) phil lonak remind .g.) tangka kuatnak.(adj.g.) ngeih ti lo thlah. chim. hmuh.) hnulei thil hun hngalh tthannak reminiscent . She has relinquished all hope of going abroad this year = Tukum ram dang kal aa ruahchannak vialte cu a thlah dih cang relish . e.) lamhlapiin remount . chawn.) theihter tthan reminder .(adj.) chingchiah awk a tlakmi . ngaihthiamnak remit .(n. He remarked that he would be absent tomorrow = Thaizing cu ka um lai lo.g.) biaknak phung religious .) damternak remember . phunzai .) duh lomi.) rawm tthan .(n.) 1.g.(n. harnak. etc.) um rih tan (taan). a ttha khunmi remarkably .(v. remainder . phunzainak remonstrate .(n.) al .(v. valleys.) thil ttha lo tuah ruang i ngaihchiat remorseful .(v. 4. hnipuante hna.) sual thlahnak .(adv.(v.) hngalh peng .(v.(n. remh tthan remonstrance .(v.) damternak a simi remedy .g. Did you remark the spotted cat? = Chizawh ttial kha na hmu maw? 2. e.(adj.) theihter tthantu thil reminiscence . remake .(n. 3.g.) bochan remain . bawmhnak 2.) tangka kuat remittance .) tthialnak .g. chawngtu. kalter. hmuh. chawnnak 4.) tthial remover . horkuang tehna le a dangdang a bomi paoh kha an lang relieve .) bochan awk tlakmi sinak reliable . 5.) duh lonak reluctant . Hunger gives relish to simple food = Rawl tam ahcun rawl sawsawhte i a thaw ngaingai ko reload .(n. He was relieved of his post = A rian in an dinhter. rawlte hna. lunghakmi.) tthialtu Page 221 .) ngaihchiatnak a hngal lomi aa ngaihchih duh lomi.) a tangmi .) thil hlun a tang rihmi relief . tthan.(n. A relief map shows hills. rian in phuahnak remove . You have been remiss in your duty = Na rian ah na fel lo remission .(n.(v.(n.) hnulei thil hun hgalh tthan remiss .(n.(n. alnak .) fel lo.(adj.) thaw ngaiin ei . zunzun. e.(n. remand .(adv.(v. lung retheihnak. remark . e.) kuat tthan. I want to relieve myself = Zunzun/ekek ka duh. e. e.(v.(v.) rawl thawtnak.(n.(v. e.) 1.) bochannak reliant . a hleimi remains .(n.) bochan awk tlakmi reliance . luatternak.) chingchiah awk tlaktein remarry . duh lonak langhter remorse .g.(n.(n.(adj. 2. = Hmunbo le hmunkuar langhternak vawlei hmanthlak ah cun tlangte hna.(v. e. e. fahnak. a hleimi. We shall remain in the church after service = Pumh dih in biakinn ah kan tang rih lai. e. site hna 3. zaangfahnak ngei lomi remote . Aspirin will relieve your headache = Asprin nih na lufah cu a daihter lai 2.) ser tthan .) tangmi.(n. hmantlak suai le ker tikah a bo in tuahnak. e.(n.) 1.g.(adj.(adj.bialehnak cu an halnak he aa tlak lo reliability .) a tangmi remodel .(n. thongtla thonginn khumh tthan. fir.) bochan awk tlakmi relic .(n.(adj.g.(adj.(v. e. Let me relieve of your bag = Na zal kha in chawng ning. nemternak. The general has hurried to the relief of the fortress which was besieged by the enemies = Ralhruang ral nih an kulhmi chanh awkah khan ralbawipa general cu khulrang in a kal 5.) ngaihchia a simi thil remorseless .) ser tthan. philh lo remembrance .(v. tiah a chim remarkable . bawmhnak ca i pekmi thil. harnak. zenthong rawn tthan reluctance . tlawmternak.(adj. kuatmi tangka. The cat relishes milk = Chizawh nih cawhnuk a duh ngai relish . damter deuh. ekek. fahnak tlawmter deuh .g. duh ngai.(n.(v. e.(adj. e. He is reluctant to go to school = Sianginn kai a duh lo rely . remnant .) tthitum tthan remedial . remark . rian in dinhter.(v.) biaknak he aa pehtlaimi relinquish .) cit tthan removal .g.g. chanhnak.) lamhlapi remotely .) zoh. religion .g. The thief relieved him of his watch = Mifir nih a suimilam a firpiak.) duh lonak . There was noting worthy of remark at the flower show = Pangpar piahnak ah hmuh/zoh awk tlak pakhat hmanh a um lo.

) i dinh repose .(n. renegade . e.) tharter tthannak renown .) thil chianak hmun/kuang .) ngaihchih repentant .(v.(v.(v.(n.(adj.(adv.) inn hlan man.) laksawng remunerative . pekmi zong a si kho.) aa nolh tthan lengmangmi repine . Do not disturb his repose = Aa dinh cu va hnahnawh hlah repository .) hlawtnak reopen . mi rawiphiar hmangmi renew .) remh repairable .) a dang in thlen replacement .) ngaihchihmi repercussion . replica .(n.) leh .g.) khat lak in a ummi repletion .) ai awhnak. He will represent us at the meeting = Pumhnak ah kan ai a kan awh lai 2. atu le atu repel .) pek tthan repayment .(v. tadinca chung ttial awk i thawngpang i khawmtu repose .) min sak tthan renascence .(n.(v.g. i tonnak ding hmun i tiammi. thleh rendezvous .) phunciar replace .(v.(n.(adj.(v. tharter tthannak renounce .) i sersiam tthannak reorganize . a sullam cu ti nh a hlanh lomi tinak a si.) theihtermi kong reporter . bia theihtertu 2.) a pe tthan khomi a simi.(v.) nolh tthan lengmang in . tampi in chiah tthan.g.) sersiam tthan repair . 15 le 16 chung i fimnak le thiamnak a tthancho ciammam caan kha.) khirh. The law was repealed = Upadi kha an hrawh tthan repeat .(n.(n. khahter tthan replete . e. He represented the story as true. kong chimnak representative .) ngeih tthan reprehend .(n. a rak khirh khotu a simi.) innhlan man rent .(v.(n. e. e.) nolhnak . a thar in ser tthan renovation .) tharchuah .) nolh tthanmi.) chap tthan.(v. sihmanhsehlaw a hmaan lo representation .) chim tthan .) lawhmi .(n.) minthangmi rent .(n.) 1.) lak tthan .(n.(n.(n.) hun tthan reorganization .(v.g. Water repellent =Ti a khirh khotu.) aiawhtu repress .(n.(n.) theihter report .) remhtu reparation .(v. amah he aa lo te i sermi .) mah biaknak a chuahtakmi . but it was not true = A kong cu a hmaan tiah a chim.g. a sullam cu fimnak le thiamnak an hung tthan kha a si.) French holh a si i a awchuah cu ron-ti-vu a si.) cheu .(n. They repelled the enemy = Ral kha an khirh hna repellent .g. namchih Page 222 .(v. e.(v. repent .(n.(v. ai awh. kettalok repetition .(n.(v.) minthannak renowned .) Europe ram i kum zabu 14. chim. bialeh reply . bunh tthan replenish . mawhchiat represent .) remh khawhmi repairer .(v.) rianttuan man laksawng pek remuneration . e.(n.) dinh i ih.(n. rename .(n. thil khonnak hmun/bawm repossess .(v. tharter tthan renewal .) lehnak report .) pek tthanmi thil . mi nor a simi 2.(v.(n.) sik .remunerate .) phun tthan.) tharchuah .) a dang in thlennak replant . chim tthanmi repeatedly . He rents a room in our house = Kan inn ah innkhan pakhat aa hlan rental .) 1.) innhlangtu renunciation .(adj.(n.) chawdawr thil cazin.(v.(v.(v. nolh tthan repeated .) 1.) khat lak in a umnak.(n. hrawh tthan.(v.) remh tthannak repay . chamnak repeal .) nun tthannak. chim tthannak repetitious .(n.(n. e.(n.(adj.) cawlcang kho loin tuah .(adj.) inn hlan.(v. hrin tthannak rend .) a hun i let tthanmi repertory . cin tthan.(n.(v.) tharchuah . a miak a chuahpi khotu a simi Renaissance . hmuhmi zong a si kho renter .) hlawt renovate .(n.(adj.(v.(adj. amah he aa lo taktakmi reply .g.

) cattialmi nam tthan reprisal . We are required to attend the meeting = Meting kai an kan fial requirement .) hlaw.) duh lonak tthawngpi repulse . rulte hna republic .) i lawhnak resemble .g.(n.) duh awk a si hrimhrim lomi.) a tangmi resign .) khir tthan. He resigned his job = A rian kha a ngol.(n.(v. herh 2.) biatak kha fel tein kawl resemblance . e.) khamhtu research .) mawhchiat reprint .g.) thinhunnak reservation . mawhchiat .(n.(v.) um.) mi zapi nih an thimmi hna aiawhtu hna nih uknak an tlaihmi repudiate .) herhnak .) hun umter tthannak. You just reproduced what he said = A chim ciami lawng kha na hun chuah (chim) tthan ko reproduction .(adj. ngol .) cham . mintthatnak.(n.(v. mawhchiat reproach .) a umnak kel i chiah tthan reside .(n.(n.) thil umtuning nih a herh i a hun cantermi requisition . i kennak.(v.) mawhchiatnak reproval .) 1.g. zarh khat chung ihkhun i ih i phunzai lo te i um ding khan a lungthin a tuah Page 223 .) cozah nawl in ca ttial in hal/fialmi.(n. nawlnak requiem . a rian khan aa phuak 2.) sik .(v.) 1. minchiatnak reproachful .(v.(v. let tthan rescue .) sik hmangmi reprobate .(n. pek tthan rescind . chiat lei minthan zong a si kho request .) minttharnak.) thah awkin biaceih cangmi a caan hmailei i hei thawnpiak.) thangtthatnak. phuah. e.(n.) mawhchiatnak reprove .(v.(adj.(v.(adj. The prisoner was reprieved for three weeks = Thah awkin biakhiahmi thongtla cu a thahnak ding caan kha zarh thum an thawn reprimand .(v.) hal .) chuah tthan.(n.(n. lungchung i a ummi thil a dihlak in chim lonak reserve .g. e. A radio reproduces songs = Radio nih aw a hun chuah (umter) tthan.) duh lo resentful . e.(v.(adj.(n.(n.(n.(adj. hlawt reprobate .(v.g.) umnak hmun/inn resident . Jim had to resign himself to a week in bed when he hurt his back = Jim cu a keng aa hrawh ah khan. al repudiation . The attack was repulsed = An hun dohnak hna cu an rak khirh repulsion .) nawl ngei ti lo i ser . mawhchiatnak .) lungthin kha langhter duh loin um.) hlawtnak.(n.) chamnak .) misual ngaingai a simi reprobation . requital . i nganh reserved . i hrinsornak reproductive .) a ummi minung residential .) siknak .) mawhchiat reptile .) namchihnak repressive .(adj. fial.(adj.) mi zapi nih an thimmi hna nih an ukmi ram republican .(v.) mawhchiatnak.(v. phunzai loin in ding i lungthin tuah.(v.repression .) sik .) thangthat awk tlak a simi reputation .) i chiahnak.(n.(n.) a umter tthan khotu a simi reproof . retnak. sualphawtnak reproduce .) namchihnak a simi reprieve . a um ciami hun umter tthan.(n.g.) mithi ca thlacamnak require . herhmi thil requisite .) i chiah. pek tthanmi thil requite .(n.) duh awk a si hrimhrim lomi repugness .(v.(n.(v. reset . repute .(v.(v.) lawh resent . nawl request .) herh sual pingpang caah tiin ralkap an chiahmi hna. e. a fih in fihmi reputable .) khamh rescuer . alnak repugnant . zapi caah si loin a hleikhun in sam/fialmi hna caah chiahpiakmi reserves .(adj.) khirhnak repulsive .) pumpak inn he a pehtlaimi residual .) halnak . e.(n.(adj. e. He resided in Hakha = Hakha ah a um residence .(v.(adj.(n.(n.) thinhun resentment .(n.g.(n.(v.(n.(n.(adj.) thikik pawl thilnung a lawn in a lawnmi .) lehrulhnak reproach .(adj.

alnak resistant .) thil ruahning a thiam ngaimi respect .) ttuanvo .) biakhiahmi .) a tleu in a tleumi respond .) thawchuahnak respiratory . Rubber has resilience = Khairiat cu i zam khawhnak a ngei/khairiat cu aa zam kho.) hun i perh tthan.(adj. Tom and Mary are 6.(adj.g.g.) doh khawhnak a ngeimi resistless .) chim tthannak restaurant . i zam khawhnak. resound .g.) ttuanvo ngeimi responsive .) dai tein a um duh lomi .) pakhat cio in. lung tthawng ngaiin tuahmi resonance .(adj. aw hrawh.(adj. a um zirziar duh lomi restlessness .g. kum 8.) hmasa sining in a siter tthantu restrain .g.(n. bialeh.(v.g. upatnak respectability .(adj.) lehnak responsibility . kham resistance .(v.) mahle ta cio.) thingthling resinous . 8. al .(n.(v.(adj.(n.g.) hmaizahnak .) veh. bawmhnak hal lei i i mer. and 10 years old respectively = Dick.) kham . minthan. e.g.g. e.) hmaizah awk tlakmi respectful . There are many summer resorts in the mountains = Tlang ah cun thal caan va umnak hmun nuam tampi an um ko.(v. ca in lehnak tuah response .) thingthling bantuk resist .(v.) rawl cawk i einak hmun/inn restful .) kong ah respective .) hmaizahnak hmuh awk aa tlakmi sinak respectable .(adj. We have no resource of money = Tangka a kan pechan khotu thil/tangka hmuhnak kan ngei lo resourceful .(n.) dinhnak resplendent . e. kal hnawh. a hlan bantuk te hung si tthan resilience .) leh. Mother resorted to punishment to make the child obey = Ngakchia cu a nu nih ka nawl ka ngai seh ti a duh caah dantatnak kha a hman.(adj. e.) mi hmaizah a thiammi respecting .(n.) thawchuahnak he aa pehtlaimi respire .(n.) tlaih khawh lomi. In the last resort force will have to be used = A donghnak bik ah cun hriamnam/thazang hman a hau ko lai. va kal. sum sumter restrain .(n. The resort to force is forbidden in this school = Hi sianginn chungah cun thazang hman cu kham a si.) hmasa sining in siter tthan restorer .(n. chawnghlang in Baibal bia relnak tuah mi.(v.(adj.) hmasa sining i siter tthannak .g. in the last resort: zei dang tuah awk hngalh ti lo hnu i a donghnak bik i tuah i zuammi.) 1. kan tuah lai tiah biakhiahmi resolve . dinhnak 2. a rak sining i siter tthan restless .(adj.) aw a va thangmi a hun i khirhnak resonant . sumnak Page 224 .(n. resort .resignation .(adj. e.) bia hal tik i mi a letmi.) dohnak .(adj. a tangmi rest .) a lung a fekmi .(adj. The students go to their respective classes = Siangngakchia cu anmah le an khan cio ah an kal respectively . e.(adv.) dinh restate . e.) ngolnak.) a zei ti paoh in va si ko seh ti lungthin ngeih resile .(n.(v.) kan herhmi a rak kan pechantu thil.(n. e. resort to : ti cu bawmhnak hal/thil pakhatkhat hman tinak a si.) thawchuah respite .) thadam tein i dinh restitution .) doh . Dick. His name resounded all over the world = A minthannak cu vawlei cung a thang dih resource .(v.) chim tthan restatement .(v.(n. phuahnak resigned . e. a ningte a si kho tthan resilient .(n.(prep.) kan tuah lai tiah lungtak tein ti i bia khiah resolved . mi an kal lengmangnak hmun.) aw a thang hluahmahmi resort .(adj.(n. le kum 10 cio an si respiration . Many people resort to the seaside in hot weather = Khualinh caan ah mi tampi cu rili kam ah an kal lengmang. 2. hmasa hmun i chiah tthannak restorative .(adj.) hmaizah .g.) dai tein a um duh lonak. upat respect . kham khawh lomi resolute .) cham thannak . a ral a tthami resolution .(n.(n.(n.) hmasa sining i thil a siter tthan khomi restore .(adj.) i zam khawhnak a ngei i a ningte a si kho tthanmi resin .(adj.(adj.(n.(n.) 1. The hills resound when we shout = Kan au tikah kan aw nih tlang cu a hrawh dulmal hna 2.) khamnak.(n.(adj. restoration . rest .(v. e.) ainak .) 1. e.(n. Tom le Mary cu kum 6.(n. kan tuah awk a simi thil responsible .(v.) ruah ciammam tein tuahmi.(v.

e.(n. retiring .) a bia ceih tthan return .) kir return .(v. retrospective .) kham .) hnulei kal/kir retrogression .(n.) puai i nuam ngaiin umnak revenge .) a bia ceih tthannak retribution .(v.(v. retry . hmuh tthan retriever .(v. retroactive .(n.(v.(v.) phuhlam revengeful . thazang thar va laknak i hmanmi retreat .(n.(v.(adj.(n.(v. pension in um. i ton thannak.) mit chung i khua hmutu a simi retinue .) dinh. bia let tthan retraction .) aa din cangmi.) nunnak pek tthan.(n.(adj.) thil pakhatkhat nih a hei chuahtermi thil .) hnulei vun zoh tthanmi thil. retirement . tinak a si) 2.(v.(v.restrict .(n.(n.) i khirh tthannak .(adj. e.(n.) hmurka a tlawmmi .) puai ah nuam ngaiin a ummi revelry .(v.) a tawinak in tuahmi.) tthat lonak tuahmi ruang i teirul chamnak retrieve .(v.(v.(n.(n.) thawk tthan resuscitate .(n.) hnulei vun zoh tthannak. resumption .) i peh tthan reveal .(v.) i nuam ngai i um revelation . i sumnak reticent .(n. a phichuak resultant .g.) mithi lalang retire .) thil um ciami vun zoh tthan in retrospect: hnulei vun zoh tthan ah retrospection . bia tampi chim duh lonak .(adj. huncho lo retrospect .) phuan reveille .) a hung chuakmi resume . i thimnak i me hmuhmi zat reunion .) a umter peng khomi.g.(n.(v.) thawk tthannak resurrect .) phuannak reveller .) lak tthan retaliate .(n. retired .(n.) khammi thil restriction . kan rianttuannak/kan thil tuahnak cu bantuk kha bantuk a si ti in cattial in ripawt tuahmi.) umter peng retake .(v.(v. aa cinken khomi reticence .(adj. a herhmi dangdang kha a za ti lo i hmailei kal lawngah nunnak ding a si cang. pension lak.(v.) ralkap tho cang u tiin tummi muko aw revel .) hmurka a tlawmmi .(n.(n.(v.) i khirh tthan.(n. mi ningzak retort . nunter tthan retail .) a aw a hung kir tthan reverberation .) khamnak restrictive . tuah khawh ding a ri khiahpiak restricted .) teirul chamnak retard .) zapi hmai chuah a ngamh lomi.) phuhlamnak lungthin a ngeimi revenue . Family reunion = Chungkhar i ton tthannak reunite .) zapi sinah thil tlawm tete in va zuar chinmi khi retailer .) umter pengnak.) tthandonhnak retell .(v.) hmun king hmun dai .(adj. i cinkennak retentive .) 1.) ngunkhuai reverberate .) zapi sin i thil a zuarmi retain . bia let tthannak retreat .) teirul cham retaliation .(adj.(v.) hun nalh ttan retrace .(n.(v.) lak tthan .) dinhnak.(n.(n.(n.(v. miakmi 3.(n.(adj.(v.) tthan donh retardation . kirnak.) na tuah lai lo ti a khamtu thil a simi result . We reached a point of no return = Kir khaw ti lonak hmun kan phan.) thawk tthan resume' . tahchunhnak ah tangka kan hmuhmi zat. zawtnak lei a si ahcun zual deuh.) zulh tthan retract .(adj.) thil um cia cung i hun tuah tthanmi retrograde .(v.(n.) hnulei kir retrench .) i fonh tthannak . bia aa summi retina .(n.) phaisa hmanmi tthumhnak retrial .(n.) chim tthan retention .(n.(adj.) aw a hung kir tthannak Page 225 .) hnulei i kal chin lengmang. (kirnak ding caah datsi maw.(n.) sakap pawl nih an kahmi va siseh saram siseh a chartu ding i an cawnpiakmi uico.(n.) thinhuntein bia hun leh lakmak retouch . pension a la cangmi.) phaisa hmanmi tthumh retrenchment .

) biachim thiam rheumatic .(adj.(v.) dawi. e. chawva rick .(n. rewrote .(v. cucaah rhyme an si ve rhythm .) zoh tthantu.(v.(adj.) pangpawi meithal revulsion . Their departure was a good riddance = An tthial hna cu kan caah a Page 226 .(n.) ka halnak bia hi ka let hna seh ti duhnak si loin an lung hei hriat hna seh ti i halmi biahalnak khi a si.(adj.) upat awk a simi reverent .) facang rich .) hrawh tthan revolt . cucaah rhyme an si.g.(n.) let tthan.) cozah thlennak revolutionary .(n.) rum ngaiin richness .(n. e.(v.) hla a tlang donghnak aw chuah aa khatmi.(v. riddance . Aho zei dah a poi? Ti duhmi cu ka biahalnak ka let hna seh ti si loin aho zeihmanh a poi lo.) upatnak lungthin a ngeimi reverential .) ruh fah zawtnak rhino .(n.(n. ca ttialnak seh hri . What will rid a house of rats? = Inn in zei nih dah zu cu a dawi hna lai? I want to get rid of this cold = Hi cumpi hi hlonh ka duh ko cang.) thangh tthan reward .) laksawng rewrite .) rumnak .) bia chim i bia hman thiam ngai i zuam in biachimmi rhetoric .) past tense of rewrite.) kut hnuhmi leng ricochet . an ruh hna i kuai ngengngung ia a ummi khi rickety .g.(adj.(n. e.(n. Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky Hi hla ah hin star le are kha ar aw in an dong veve.) luakchuak a simi thil revolution .) hla vuak rib .(n.(adj. khi bantuk pawl khi rice .(n.) zawtnak phun khat .(n.) hrawh tthannak revoke .(adj.) mang bantuk i nuam ngai i um reverse .) a fek lomi.(n.) tthialnak.) uk liotu cozah doh revolting . tthumh tthan review .) a rummi riches .) chokhlei rhubarb . kuanfang lung hna a khen i aa khak khi .(v.(n.g.g.(v.) lungthin duak ti i i mernak.(n.) kuarang rhododendron .(v.) upat .) upatnak reverend .(v.) hnak ruh ribbon .g. ca ttialmi a ttha maw ttha lo ti zohtthantu revile .(n.(n.) len tthan.) ruh fah zawtnak he aa pehtlaimi rheumatism .(n.) let tthan reversible .) ttial tthan rewritten . ttial tthan.) capawl pon rickets .(v. lunglen hla sullam ngei lo rhetoric .(n.(n.(n.) chawva richly .) bia chim i bia hman thiam ngai i zuam in biachimmi rhetorical question .(n.) cozah thlennak i aa telmi revolve .(v.(n.) ba phun khat rhyme .(v.) remh tthan khawhmi.) zoh tthan reviewer . kirter tthan khawhmi.) upatnak lungthin a ngeimi reverie .(n.(n. cun lung in ti na theu i a per deuhmauh khi rid .) let tthannak revert . Rickety chair = A fek lomi tthutdan.) cozah thlennak he aa pehtlaimi revolutionist . hnulei i mer tthan khawhmi reversion .(adj.) a hleihluat i i lawmhnak chim len . rhetorician .(adj. ti kha an lungchung i a um ciami a si ko i cucu an rak hnatlak vemi a si ko ti kha a si. hlim ri holh .(adj.) sam temnak hri .(adj. ttial tthan. e.revere .(v.(v.) past participle of rewrite.) nunter tthannak revive . rewaken . ton tthan revival . hmaizah reverence . rickshaw .(v.(n. hlawt.) palhnak remh tthannak ding ca i zoh tthan revision .(n.(n.(n.) nunter tthan revocable . thlen khawh a simi revocation . kir tthan. e.) let tthan khawhmi.) a kual in i mer revolver . rhapsody .(v.(n. hrawh khawhmi.(adv.) volhpamh revise .(n.) remhtthannak revisit .) lung cheh tik i aa khak khi .(n.(v.) rhinoceros a tawinak in chimmi rhinoceros .(n. high le sky kha ai in an dong veve.

e. The wood rang with their shouts = An aw thawng nih tupi cu a hrawh dulmal.(v.(n.(v. nu lei zong i ningcanglo a ummi.(v.) phunglam ning tein rightly .(n.) dinnak rightful .(n.) vorhlei kut a hmangmi righteous . tthawng tur in umnak rigorous .) atu le atu um.(v.(adj.(n. 3.(n.(n.(n. cit.(adj.) hminter ripeness .(adj.) cittu ridge .) mi bupi nih hnahnawhnak an tuahmi rioter . 2. A ring of robbers = Mifir bu ring . a khah in khah. a kheng.(adj.) a thomi.) cheu.) a fakmi.(v.(adv.(adv. Ring the bell = Darkhing tum tuah.(n. thawh. caku thleh rip .(n. e.(v. e.) bu hruaitu ringworm . tlehnak. a dam ko. (_|_) "right angle" cu dikiri 90º a si.(adj.) 1. hmaan tein kan hmuh awk hnga a simi thil hmuhnak khi right a si.) fak piin. ertu rivalry .(v.(n. right .(n.) phunglam ritual .) zubui liah . e.g.) tilawng a puanzar zar right .) meithal rifleman . rip .(v. puan thleh.) inn thlung saram keng thlung ridicule .(n.g.) ttih awk thil tampi a ummi/a simi rite . aw khenh.) nih sawh awk a simi .) fek tur in a ummi rigidity . har ngaiin rim .) a hawng . ningcanglo in khua a sami. ticung i lung na cheh i tilet hme tete a ummi hna khi ripsaw . riddle . kutdong hrolh 2.) 1. tilet nih tisuar a umtermi ripe . theithu hawng ring .g. awhrawh. zudin saei.(n. ridden .) hminnak ripple .) 1. 2.(adj.) zei ruaram lomi pawl rifle .(n.) hmanlekmi right handed .(v. hmaan tein rigid .(n.) ton sual ding harnak maw vanchiatnak risky .) fek tur in. 2. bu. i chuhnak river . kulh .(n.(adj. e. sen hmu rih lo rift .) tlehnak awng.(n.) dohnak . e. right hand .(n.) dohtu . tum.) past participle of ride.(adj.(n. Telephone rings = Telefawn a awn/ring. right angle .) phunglam he aa pehtlaimi thil rival .(n.g.) phunglam ningin tuahmi rightfully . a chuakmi.(n.(n. 2.) thleh. They dance in a ring = A kulh in an lam 3.(adj.) tivakam Page 227 . The country is rife with mosquitoes = Ram cu fikfa a khah in an khat.) thing a tunglei in ahnak hluah rise . a dik a hmaanmi all right: a ttha ko.g.) a kam rind .) nih duhnak rising .) ralkap.) 1.(adj.(adj. tinak a si. an kan hnahnawh ti lo. a hung dirmi risk . a kulh in. e.(n. a hminmi 2.(n.) tiva riverside .) hnahnawhnak a tuahtu riotous .(v. kan hnatlakpi ko.(v. ka dam ko.) thil pahnih dingte veve in an i ton tikah an i tonnak kil khi "right angle" cu a si .) cit rider . e.) ding tein .ttha.) tilet hme tete. a harmi rigorously .(n.g.(adj.(n.) ti in tlengh riot .g.) dingmi righteousness .(adv.g.) 1. ernak .(n. The sun rises in the East = Nichuahlei in ni a chuak 3. hnahnok lulh in a ummi.(n. dir 2. e.(n. a kum a tling cikcekmi ripen . chuah. Is superstition still rife in the country? = Ram chungah khuachia tehna hnamte hna a zummi tampi an um rih maw? riffraff . thing hawng . nihchuak a simi rife . a awn. ringleader . The car was riddled with bullets = Mawttawka cu awng cikcek in an kah riddle .) awng tampi umter.) 1.) 1.(v. We rise early in the morning = Zing ah tuan in kan tho risibility .) nihsawh ridiculous . orhlei. orhlei kam.g. cuar zawtnak rinse . kuai rig .) biahar ride .(n.) orhlei kut right hand man .

a chung i kang khomi thil rawn i cu a kangh tikah amah tein van i a zuang khomi rod .) thirkhenh phun khat. e.g.(n.) nga baw/ti rogue .(n.) inncung roofless . e.(n.) 1.) onh .(n. e.(n.) 1. cawtum hrem lo cit hna i zuam.) Roman nambar.(n. L.(n. Root out the grass = Ram cu phawi hna rootlet .(n. X.) thuinak tthutdan rocket . phuah chommi tuanbia romantic .g.g.(n.) fek tein khenh chih .) minung bantukin rian ttuantermi seh . M.(v. a ngentu roller skate . My chair rocks = Ka tthutdan aa thui 2. e.(n.) a hram in phawi.(n.) rian roll .(n.) cattialning phun khat . e. a pummi thil.(adj.(adj.(n.g.) hram hmete rope . cakei onh . IX.) 1.) rilh viahmahnak kedan a tanglei i rilhnak a ummi rolling mill .) past tense of ride.(n. tehna hi. e.(n. caw onh .g. VIII. lung bantuk rocker .(n. II. zu tehna rodeo . The earth quake rocked the houses = Lihnin nih inn a hninh hna 3.) vate an riahnak tleng. cawleng le rangleng pawl kalnak lam roam .(n.(n.) rawket.(n. The root of a tree = Thingkung hram root . e. cawkhal pawl nih an thiamnak an langhter tawnmi roe . lung rock .) Rom mi he aa pehtlaimi Roman numerals .) langak phun khat rookery . My mother rocks the baby = Ka nu nih bawhte kha a oih rock salt . VII. ril.(n. thui.) angki fual robot .) langak keuhnak hmun room .) Rom khua roof .(n. e.) lam roadside . A roll of papers = Caku zual khat 2.(n.) cite tlang. miakpi thawng roast . rivet ti a si ve ko.g.) fung rode . rivulet . III. e.(n. seh bantuk a simi minung robust .) inncung a ngei lomi rooftree . e.) vaih roar .) thlung rook . e.(n.) a si ngaingaimi si loin lungchung in suaimi hmanthlak he aa pehtlaimi romanticism .(v.(n.) fir . lungpi 2. dal roomful .) a ngan a dam i a tthawngmi rock .) hram.(n.) tiva hmete road .(n. a si ngaingaimi si lo i lungchung in suaimi le ruahmi tuanbia Rome .(n. Roman alphabets = Atu kan hmanmi cafang hna hi Roman .(v.(n. e. changreu phun khat roller . Your house is very roomy = Na inn cu inn khan tampi a um khomi inn kaupi a si roost .) mohrokhrol .(v. hranhram in chuh robber . oih. I. Please roll a cigarette for me = Kuak ka zualpiak tuah roll .g.(n.) ro lakin kiao rob .g.g.) lampawng roadway . e.(n. A ball rolls = Pumpululh a ril 2.) arhli khong root . IV.(n. min cazin.g.) hmun kaupi a simi.) khan .) roman letters = cafang a tung pawl.g.(adj.(v. hninh.(n. I will call the roll to find out who is absent = Min cazin ning in min ka au tuah lai i ahodah a um lo ti kha aa hngal lai 3.(adj. V. VI. lungpang 3.(v.) mawttaka.) thil ttama hmangmi pawl . a rilhtertu.rivet . cit. Their eyes were riveted on the speaker = An mit cu biachim pa cungah fek tein aa fu rivet .) rang cungin caw them hna i zuam.(v.(n.) hriltu. rodent .) chang reu ding nennak fung pum roman . an riahnak hmun rooster .) hmun kaupi sinak roomy . romance . A ngawi pawl si loin.) 1.(n.(n.(n.) firnak robe . zual. miralttha hna kong tuanbia 2. zual.(adj.(adj.) 1.(v.(n.g. mihlenhmang role . a lu bil chih in khenhmi.) inn khan khat in a ummi.(adj. fek tein aa fu.(n.(v.) damiah robbery . nungak tlangval aa duhmi hna tuanbia 3.g.) thir a tlap in an sernak seh inn rolling pin .) hri know the ropes: ningcang hngalh Page 228 . A roomful of people = Inn khan khat in a ummi minung roominess .

From Hakha to Falam is roughly 43 miles = Hakha in Falam cu khan 43 krawng/tluk a si 2.(n. rouse .) rose pangpar pungsan in aa sermi tangtonh rosily .(adj. round trip .) hmunthur rubble .) aa mer lengmangmi rotate .) ruksai rudder . 10.) tlahrawh kuai tete hna.(n. tehna. e.(n. Zong ruble.g.) 1.(adj.(n.g. pumpululh bantukin a pummi.) 1.(n. nal lonak roughshod .(v.) bial. 1000. Rotund face = Hmai bial rotunda .) a aukhuang ngaimi rower .) nambar a sawm pawl.rope . They rounded up the cattle = Caw kha an pumh hna round number .) a vaimi row .) hri in khih rosary .(n.) sunglawi ngaiin royalty .(n. voi khat puah. A rotten egg = Arti thu (da) rottenness .(v. e.(n.(n.(n.(n. 1000.(n. i helnak . hnortu.(n.(n.(n.(v. a thapmi roughly .(n.) hratnak. round number .(v. e.g.g.g.(n.(n.) thawhter. A row of trees = Artlang in a dirmi thingkung hna row . aa changchang in i thiah lengmang rotation . rouge .(adj.) a pum bantuk.(adj.) tilawng mawnghnak thingtlep ruddiness . rawknak rotund .g. bawi sinak.) tei cikcek i dawi dih route .(n.(n.(adj.) farthling rosiness . hrawng.(n. lung kuai tete hna ruby .(adj. e.) vokkuanglawng zah rowdy . 100. It is no good to try to learn by rote = A sullam hngalh ttung lo i a chim lawng thiam in cawn i zuam cu a ttha lo rotten .) sullam hngalh ttung lo i zoh loin chim khawhnak by rote: vanzuang bantukin a chim cu chim len ko i a sullam zeihmanh hngalh ttung lo.) aa mer lengmangmi rote .) i hel i mer lengmang . a rawkmi.) ngandam i taksa sen tertarter i um ruddy . hlauh rout . a nal lomi .) pangpar bur rosemary .) pumh. e.) inn bial rotundity .(v.) nambar a sawm pawl. e. 2.) sung cikcek i ningcang loin zam khi rout . one round = vel khat. cattialtu nih cattial man a hmuhmi rub .g.) khualtlawm tikah duhnak lam in kal lei i kal i kir tthan tihah lam dang in kir roundish .) rose pangpar rose bud .(adj.(n. thutter rotary . cattial palhmi hnawhnak rubbish .) tuah tawnning in tuah lengmang rove .) fiang koin. mil lonak.) rose pangpar bantuk azawng sinak roster .(adj.) zapi hmai biachimnak ttheng rosy .) thlacamnak thi rose .) hmur sen si rough . tluk .) rian thiahnak cazin rostrum .(n.(n.(adj. round . aa chang aa chang in i thiahnak rotatory .(n.) a thumi .) vokkuanglawng zaptu royal .) rubi lungvar rucksack .) a ngan a dam i sen tertarte i a ummi Page 229 . thapnak.(adv.) rose pangpar he i lo ngaiin rosin .) artlang in a dirmi tlang.(n.(v.) 1.g.) kedan a tanglei i thirkhenh a ngemi ride roughshod over: mi nih zeitindah an ruah ve hnga ti ruat lo i a fah le fak seh ti in mah duh paoh in tuah round .(adj. They ran one round = Vel khat an tli.(n. ve.) pangpar kuhkumum rosebush . 900.) siangpahrang uknak a tanhtu royally .(n. 100.) bialnak rouble .(n.(n. tehna.) rose pangpar a lomi rot .(n. bawi. zenthong pakhat.(n.(v.) thut .) thutnak . khairiat 2.) a hratmi .g.(v. e.(n. He spoke roughly to her = Aw hrang ngaiin a chawnh roughness . 900. e.(n.(n.) hnor rubber .) zihmui sernak i an hmanmi pangpar rosette .(adv.) siangpahrang he aa pehtlaimi royalist .(n.(adj. round .) lam routine . e. 20.(adv.(n.(v.) Russia tangka.) 1.) vaih rover . Kings and queens are royalty = Siangphrangpa le siangahrangnu hna cu bawi an si 2.) i mernak .) a pummi. 10. 20. roundly .(n. hrang ngaiin.(adj.

) British. e. run-down .) pangpar phun khat a rim a tthawng ngai i a khami rueful .) korter run . luang.(n.(n. sakhi sul.) ngaih a chiami ruffian .(v.(n. rudiment .) a miltlor lomi thil .) thlitu nih thinghnah a hninh hna i a thawng khi rustler .(n.g.(v.g. a luangmi thil.(n. rump . kut in ttialmi ca. run out of: hman dih.rude . The clock has run down = Suimilam cu a kal ti lo.(n. e.(v.(n.(v.) mitthalo . a pelh.) miltlor lonak.(n. e. ah a cang. biachokvai.) rawhnak ruinous . 2. He rules the paper with a ruler = Pefung in caku cungah catlang i a rin hna ruler . Running nose = hnap a chuak lengmangmi 2. run away: zam (zaam ).) phaikung phun khat rush .(v.(adj. 4.(v.S.(adj. e.(adj. pefung ruling .) 1. tuahpah i chimmi.) uktu a simi rum . rumour . Does your watch run well? = Na suimilam ttha tein a kal maw? 3.(n. mithatthawng 2.) 1.) arhlei tung a karlak i khammi tete khi.(v.(v. Running water = Ti a luangmi.) 1. tuu . tlik. rupture .) India tangka.) rawlrial khainak. Blood runs from the wound = A hma in thisen a luang.(n.) korter . run out: donghnak phak. tum.(n.) cirik rust . tuah ding le tuah lo ding ti i chimmi le ttialmi 2.) thil hlehtlawi rumor . vom sul rupee . hramthawknak. catlangrin rule . phung .(n. He will rue the day he insulted his mother = A nu zeirei lo in a ti ni kha aa hgaihchih te lai rue .g.) ngaihchiat . sul. He is a rural boy = Khuate mi a si rush .) U.) a bingbo .) ong hluahmah ruminant .g. ngeih ti lo. She is run down from working too hard = Rian fak tuk in a ttuan i a ba tuk i zaw. The well runs dry in summer = Thal caan ah cun tikhor hi a car.(adj. e.(n.) 1.) kuainak awng . uk 2.g. Creepers run all over the wall = Vampang cungah zun cu an zam dih. runner .(n. caw . run through: vun zoh duak.(adj.(v. biachokvai. e. thim awkin i pek. e.) pumpululh phun khat.g.) khuate. rugged . rung .g.(adj. i ngaihchih.) rawhnak a chuahtertu a simi rule . e.) thawknak thil a simi rue . a pum nih a cehl lo.(n. past participle of run = run.) zaangfahnak a ngei lomi rye .) 1.) past tense and past participle of ring. bat i zawt. khulrang in kal cutmat rust . ngol. catlang rin.(adj. 6.) tuah cutmat .) rawlrial khai .(n.(v.) 1.(n. e. Smith cu aa pe.(n.(v.) cawleng ke nih a kalnak lam i vawlei kuar lakin a tuahmi khi ruthless .) khuate mi sinak rustiness . Smith will run for Parliament = Parliament i thimnak ah Mr.(adj. a kuarkak a tammi . e.g. harnak in i a celh ngaimi ruin .(adj.g.(n. inn a rawkmi ruination . He makes a running commentary on the football match = Pumpululh chuih an i zuamnak kong kha an chuih pah in amah nih a chim thluahmah runway .) tawkawng rumple .) vanlawng dinhnak a vung tumnak lam khi. sia .) khuate mi a simi rusticity . uktu 2.(adj. in the long run: a donghnak ahcun.) rawlrial a khaimi saram . rung .) zureu . 2. zam (zaam).) 1. thuk piin ruah rumination . Running handwriting = Kut in ttial thluah-mahmi ca 3.(n.(n. mi velh hmang ruffle .g. kal. e.) 1.(n. bingboter.(adj.) cirik ei rustic .(v. England ram i an i celh ngaimi.(n.) a tlimi running . kalauk ruminate . uknak 3. cu bantukin a miltlor lomi minung rudeness . rawhnak 2. e.) cirik einak rustle .g.(n.g. hnulei thil hna thuk piin vun ruah tthan rummage .(n.g.(n. e. zulhmi le zulh lomi . 5. pemnak awng rural . cawn hmasa bikmi thil rudimentary . caw fir hmang rut . A breeze ruffled the lake = Thli nih tili kha a ti a bingboter rugby . Mr.(n. rum zureu rumble .) a hram a simi.) facang bantuk a simi rawl phun khat Page 230 . tthutdan ke an karlak i khammi tete khi.(n.) leh cikcek i kawl rummage .

) buri puan sacrament . hrawh.g.) tlangbawi lei thil a simi sachet .) bawi.) zusi .(n. rai i thawi sacrificial . a sullam cu biakamnak ti a si sacramental .) a thianghlim ngaingaimi.(n. This is a safe place = Hika hi hmun him a si.) a himmi.(n. sad .(n.(n.) Bawipa Zanriah he aa pehtlaimi sacred .(n.(v.) mi nih rian an ttuan liomi donhkhanhnak ca i a thli tein rak rawkpiak saboteur . sack . safe .(n. pualthawh bantuk safe .(n. inn ah ka tin lai.(adj.(n.(n.(n.) theithu zawng a simi.S. saddler .(n. hawi dang zawnruah ruang i mah nih harnak le fahnak inmi sacrifice .) mi cung harnak tuah duhnak sadist . ramh.) rain in phuah.) tilawng puanzar sail . saga .) a lai in kui. vainam kuaipi.(n. Khrihfa mi ni relning ah Zarhte ni saber .) British.(adj. a ti.(adj.U.(adj.(v.(n.) zihmui paudar.) fimnak sage . sabotage . under sail = puanzar kha zar peng. mifim.(n. e.) biakinn chung i hrai tehna .(n. vainam kuaipi sac .(v.) a thiangmi .) biakinn zohkhentu. said .) ngaihchiatnak safari .(n.(v. sail .) himnak ding caah phihnak le hunnak an tuahmi hrenhnak saffron .) Bawipa Zanriah. chim. sacristy . e. sawngkhoi.) rang kengdan saddle bag . sahib .(n.(n. sail boat .) chimmi. The said boy said that he would go home = Ka chimmi ngakchiapa nih khan.) a fimmi sagacity . sag .) Judah mi Nizarh.) 1.(n. set sail = tilawng in i thawh.(adj.) ral lio ttihnung a simi hmun i him tein al khawhnak ding nawl ca in pekmi safeguard .(n. 2.(adj.(n.) ngaihchiatter saddle .) raithawinak .) tilawng in kal.(adj.) ramriah .) tangka chiahnak kuang safe conduct .(n. Page 231 .(n.) rang kengdan a hmailei i a bomi a ummi khi.) past tense and past participle of say.) i runven safekeeping . thanthling bantuk a simi sacertodal .) puanzar lawng sailor .(n.) ngaihchiat .g.(v. a zarh ngaingaimi. The army sacked the village = Ralkap nih khua cu an hrawh dih. sainted .(n. sackcloth .(n.(n.) hlawt .) zal.) miralttha nih thil an tuahmi kong sagacious .) rang kengdan zal saddle bow .(n. dawtnak langhter ni ti a si i aa dawmi hna nih khan laksawng hoi hna an i tthen.) him tein chiahnak safety .) mu cung harnak tuah a duhning a simi sadness .(n.g.S sabbath .(n.(n. e.(adj. ngol .(n. make sail = tilawng puanzar zar.(n.) mithiang i ser/canter.(adj.) tilawng chung rianttuantu saint .(v. said .(adj.(n.) himnak safety valve . ram hring phun khat.) mi nih rian an ttuan liomi donhkhanhnak ca i a thli tein rawkpiaknak a tuahtu sabre .) khuai nih an pum chung i tizu umnak bawm an ngeihmi saccharine . angki tehna an chiahnak hmun sacrosanct .) rang kengdan sertu sadism .) mithiang Saint Valentine's Day .) = February 14.(v.(n.) mah zawn ruat loin tuahmi sacrilege .) biaknak lei thil hrawh le hnawmhtamh sacrilegious .(v. ngaih a chiami sadden . a zarhmi sacrifice .) biaknak lei thil hrawhnak le thurhhnawmhnak sacrist .(adj. sack .

(n.(n.(n. salve . ngandamnak a simi salutation .) thianter. salivary . thingrai sandbag . sanctify .(n. chuah salvation . sand . sameness . for sale = Zuar ding. a almi saliva .(adj.(adj.(n.(n. e. salesman .g.) ziaza thiannak. saintly .) thiang ngaiin.(adj. an i khat.(n.) thianternak.(adj.) hawikomhnak ca i hmanmi khankaupi saloon .(n.(n.(n.sainthood .(n. sake .g.) chawzuartu salesmanship . sanctimonious . 2. 3. on sale = zuar ding.) cite ti .) upat peknak ca i meithal puah Samaitan . nawlpeknak. 2.) salat .(adj.(n. Christmas sales = Christmas a si ruang i man tthumh in zuarmi. salmon . We came back by the same road = Kan kalnak lam khan kan kir tthan. thing hau khamhnak hmun.) rawhnak chungin khamh salvo .(n.) phanat sandalled . himnak hmun. hmunzarh. sanction .) onh. sanctum .(n. hma thuh si salve .(n.(n. onhnak.) fiang tein a langmi. sanctity . 3.) zu dinnak hmun salt .) nga phun khat salon . aa khatmi.) rimhmuimi thing .) lahkhah sale . same .) lahkhah pekmi salary .(n. saleswoman .(v.) cite bantuk a simi . sandalwood . sanatorium .) zohchun awk i tuahmi thil.(adv.(v. salt water .g. England ram ah 1865 kum i thawkmi. To take a statement with a grain of salt = A chimmi bia kha zumh dih awk a si lo.(n. ti al salty .(adj.) vokkuanglawng sample .) cite khor.) rawl teptu.(n.) Samaria mi.) a tthami .(adj.) zuar khawhmi salad . Today's sales were larger than yesterday's = Nihin kan manhmi chaw cu nizan i nakin a tam deuh.(adj.) cabuai cung i cite hunnak thawl salt lick .) mitthawng.(n.) khamhnak Salvation Army .(v.(n.) phanat aa danhmi.(n.(adj. e. For the sake of = Cu ruangah cun.(n.(n. hmunthiang.) chawzuar thiamnak. rianttuannak ca i tangka pekmi.(n.) khulrang in hmai i choi.) 1.(v.g.(n.) i lawhnak .) mithiang sinak.(n.(n.) 1. man tthumh in zuarmi. sampler . Page 232 .(n. sandwich .) 1.(n.(n.(n.) cil.) si inn sanctification . salt cellar . a lang khunmi.(n. sakah khamhnak hmun.(n.) i biakchawnhnak salute . zuarnak.) hmunthiang. biakinn. nawlpek.) chawzuartunu. salient . His name and mine are the same = A min le ka min an i khat.) thetse rawnmi sawngkhoi sandbank .) thir hnornak caku sandpiper .(n. upadi zulh ruang i laksawng hmuhmi. e. a fimmi sang . rawl he i mehmi khi salaried .) cil he aa pehtlaimi sally .(n.(v.) salam pek salvage .) 'for' he hman a si.(adj.(n.(n. 2. salable . buar ruang i dantatnak hmuhmi. e.(adj. saline .(n.) thiannak sanctuary .) i biakchawnhnak bia. e. 2.g.(n.) mithiang aa lawhtermi a thiang ttung lomi sanction .) cite.) a almi salutary .) past tense of sing. He sanctioned permission to the students to go home = Siangngakchia kha inn i tlun khawhnak nawl a pek hna.) rawhnak chungin khamh .) fimnak a ngeimi .(v.) thetse tlang sandpaper .) sathau bantuk a simi si . pek.) thetse sandal .) laichidit vate. 3. manhmi chaw. salaam .(n. hlasak. a sullam cu daihnak ti a si i na cungah daihnak um seh tinak a si. saintliness .) Khrihfabu pakhat.(n.(n.) changreu tlap hnih karlak i sa tenhmi sane . i khahnak sampan . Samson .(n.) 1.

2. horh.) khamh.(n.) lungsi a simi satisfy .) khongtu.(v.(n.) thing keuh. satisfactory .) safir lungvar . My strength is sapped by heat = Ka thazang cu ni lin nih a zuk. phun khat satire .) vok ril chung sa rawnmi savage .) thingthling.) khim tein rawl ei satiety .(n. 2. sat . thlalang awng thlalang tlaitu. sapphire .) khim tuk ah nor lakin khim satin . e.(n.) meh suahnak pakan dei saunter . Santa Claus .(n.) 1.) biaeng ngaiin chimmi.(n.) fimnak sapient . a lung a thomi. saviour (British ) Savior .) nehsawh entainak biachim le phuah a thiammi satirize .(adj. mihor pawl kong he chim chih tawnmi.) Zarhteni.(n.(n.(n.(adj.) U.) hensawhnak bia a simi satirical .g.(adj.(n.) meh phun khat .(v.) thing um lonak rawn .(n.(adj. sap . saver .) a thianghlimmi sanitation . sap . thisen bantuk a senmi.(adj.(n.(v. sardine . a zawng van dum he aa lomi sappy .(n.) ciah cikcek saturation . satirist .(prep. thianhhlimnak sanity . The foundation of the house was sapped by water = In hram cu ti nih a horh.) phaisa khonnak a simi.) maimaw uan phun .(n. Jesuh Khrih.) biaeng . bianek sarcastic .(n.(n. Saving certificates = Phaisa khonnak lehhmah.) Page 233 . e.(n.) phaisa khonmi savior .) uktu bawi saturate .(n. dah lo ahcun.(n.) saram bantuk si rihnak savanna .) nehsawh zomhtaih ngaiin chimmi sash .(adj. sausage .(n.) past tense of sink.(n. thut.) thi tampi a chuakmi.) ciah cikceknak.(v. savior (U.(n. zuh. saram bantuk si rihnak.(adj.) nga phun khat sardonic . ngakchia nih Khrismas ah tarpa pa khat a rung ttum i kan i hngilh karah lakazawng a kan chuah ti in a ruahmi.S. e.) lungsinak satisfactorily . Sanguinary battle = Thi tampi a chuahnak raltuknak hmun.(v. khamhtu.(adj.g.) 1. e.) nehsawh entai in biachim satisfaction .) duhdim tein ei sateen . lung aa lawmmi.) Satan (Seitan).) lungsiter .) a hrutmi minung.(n. Satan .) biaeng in chimmi sarcastically .) British. khamhtu. He saved one hundred kyats last year = Ni kum ah tangka zakhat a khon. sapience . saving . e.) thling ngei lomi sapling .(adv.(n.) fimnak sank .g. Rinni Saturn . sanitary . pil. entainak bia satiric . lung awiter satrap .(v. phawng save .) liangbah puan. Rom mi lothlo khuazing.(n. Saviour (British ) saviour .g.) nehsawh serhsat in chinmmi bia . saws ti a si ve ko saucepan . savings .g.) hruhnak.(n. savageness .) Satan bantuk a simi sate .(n. satanic . arfi vawlei pakhat. a ke meheh ke a simi khuachia. satyr .(n.(adj.) a lu minung lu.) past tense and past participle of sit.(n.) la puan phun khat satellite . savagery .(n. 2.) Khrismas Pa.) dah lo cu.(adj.) nehsawhnak bia le entainak bia a simi.(n.) 1. save .(adj.(adj.(v. khon.(v.(adv.) nuam ngaiin i chawh sawhsawh.(n.S.) tlaihnak ngiang a ngeimi uhkangdei saucer .(adj. sanguine .) lungsi ngaiin.(n. e.g.) thiannak .S.) a thling a khatmi sarcasm .(n. Saturday .(n.sanguinary . saram bantuk a rihmi minung savage .(n.(v.(adj.) U. He works everyday save Sundays = Zarhpi ni hna ti dah lo ahcun nifate rian a ttuan.) a hrutmi .) hnu zultu satiate . sauce .(v.) a fimmi sapless .

e.) 1. a dihlak in khattelei kam in khattelei kam tiang zoh.(v.(n.(n.(n.) ttha tein zoh. thahnak ttheng.) a tlawm ngaingaimi.) tlawm tuknak scare . 4. scalp .(adj.) ttih a nungmi scathe . savour (British ) savory .(v. harnak atu le atu a tong lengmangmi.(adj. scarcely .(n.(v. a thawmi. savor (U.) hluah saw .) thek .S. They scaled the mountain = Tlang ah an kai.) inn satu pawl kainak le chawhnak ding ca i hlei bantuk rua in siseh thing in siseh an donhmi. a simi Scandinavia . scar . saw . scathing . duah. pay scale = Lahkah a dotdot in a simi. scaffolding . cuaithlainak khing. cun tuchan hmanning ve ahcun. scantiness .(n.) a sen scarlet fever .) U.) chim saying . hmun phiaktu scenario . ngaphaw bantukin a tlap tete in aa thuanhmi.(n. e. scavenger .(n. thangchiatnak scandalize . scale . rim. He scanned the newspaper while eating breakfast = Thaithawh ei pah in tadinca kha a vun zoh thluahmah. Savior (U.) hmape scarce . The shipwrecked sailor scanned anxiously the horizon if any ship would be coming to rescue them = Lawng aa rawkmi lawngcawngtu nih kanmah khamh awkah lawng a rami a um hnga maw tiin vanhramdeng kha ttha tein a cuanh. thanglawi bantuk say .) ritttih scarf .(n. scarcity . e.) tlawmnak.) phukphuhir a ngeimi scamper . inn sak tik i kai chungnak rua in a sermi. bil.(adj.) Scandinavian a simi. scapegoat . scant . nambar khenh thliahmahmi.) min chiatter .(n.(adj.) thingah ding khannak kalhkeh. Jesuh Khrih. thang chiat scandalous .) past tense of see. pakhat nih a chim tikah hmanmi.) kai.(n.) hmakhir scabbard .) baisikup an piah tik i a tlangpi in an piah hmasami khi Page 234 .S.) tling lomi . scan .) sibawi nih mi hlainak i an hmanmi namte har scaly . scape grace .(n.) tlawm tein.g.) thingahnak seh sawn .) zawtnak phun khat chawnh a fawi ngaimi scary . sawmill .(n. 6.(n. scandal .(n. mi a hlip dihtu bia scatter .) British. ngaphaw. thawtnak.) hnawm hlonhtu .(adj.(v. savoury (British ) savour .(adj.) kawpihlum hnah kir phun.(n.) a si kho fangfang.(n.(n.g.) min chiatter .) Germany ram miphun pakhat saxophone .) 1.) chimmi bia says .(adv.(n.) a thawmmi.(v.) mi dang sualnak ruang i dantatnak i ingmi.g.(adv.(n.(n.) thingah dip sawing horse .) savoy . Sugar is very scarce = Thanthling a tlawm ngainai. e.) awdawh tumnak phun khat .S . sawyer .) namkawng scabies .(v.) British. Sweden le Denmark ram Scandinavian .(n. kangh.) thing attu Saxon .) bia in cei tein thuat.) khulrang tein tlik.) zeihmanh san a tlai lomi.(adj.(adj.(v. "Zawng lakah ngau kang" ti bantuk khi.g. scanty .(adj.) tisa toih.(n.) hngawngngerh scarlet . a thawmi.(adj.(v.) minchiatnak .(n.) korter.(n. He can scarcely write his name = A min a ttial khawh fangfang a si. scale .) savor .S.(v.S. a dotdot in a ummi. savory (U.(n.(n. e.(adj. hmuh.(n. a kenkip i hlonh/vorh scattering .) thakpherh scaffold .(n. 5.) aa thek dihmi. a tlawmmi scantily .(v.) British.(v.) Norway.g. scallop . 3. kainak hlei. fahnak pek. e. saw dust . 2.(n.Saviour .(adj.(prop.) tthihphaih scarecrow .) U. ca vun zoh thluahmah i ttha tein i chingchiah lem lo. 2. scab .) savoury .(n.(adj.(n. buck saw = chai hluah.) ahmi thing.g. thawtnak. scald .) chim.) lukheng scalpel .(v.) bia fak ngai a simi . tahnak fung.

(adj.(v.) ca tampi relnak fimnak he aa pehtlaimi.) ca tampi relnak fimnak he aa pehtlaimi scholarship .) hruhnak phun khat. scenery .) nihsawh.) motor saikel hmephun scope . normal school: sianginn saya cawnpiaknak sianginn.g. cetnak. scold . .) tilawng science . khuakhanning. ca tampi relnak in hmuhmi fimnak.) science hngalhning in.) 1.(n.(n.(v. piahnak ttheng cung i puanzar tehna.(n.) a zum lomi. 2. e. scorpion . hluh.(n.) a zum lomi scepticism .(n. a nelrawn tehna a tupi tehna. de tleu. sianginn lei he aa pehtlaimi.) cehrep sclerotic coat . schnorkel .) sik. hmuh phak dongh. ngabu. mah sining i philh i siangpahrang ka si ti hawi hna in i ruah.) sianginn chung khan schooner .(n.(adj. schedule . scintillation .etc. scent .) khuakhannak. siangngakchia ca cawnnak ca i bawmhnak tangka. scheme .(n. hmun khat i a tlongmi.(adj.) mitnang.) meici a ceumi. scholastic .(n.) mihrokhrawl a simi .S. hmanthlak suaimi tehna. zohchuk.) baisikup ca i an cawnmi tuanbia hmun. school . din tein khangh score .(n.) sianginn saya school yard . sceptic . a tlang tehna.(n. scoot . hrinsor tefa.) i cheunak i tthennak schismatic .) 1. cer. What is the score? = An i teinak hmak zeizat dah a si? The score is 9 to 2 in favour of our school = Kan sianginn nih kawl 9 to 2 in an tei hna.) siangakchia pa school girl .) 1. scissors .(n. dawh ngaiin a langmi hmunram.) 1.) nihsawh.(n. scorch .) rim ngei lomi scepter . cawhlek. ttialter.) em .(n.) siangakchia nu school mate .) khualran in choi.(v.(v.(n.(adj. scoop . scoop .(adv.(n.) khuakhangtu. mi rawinak khua a khangmi schism .(n.) aa dawhmi hmun.(v. ca tampi a thiammi.) siangngakchia.) sianginn i ca a rak cawng timi school teacher .) rim in hnimh i hngalh scentless .(v.(n.) suah.) nihsawhtu. scornful . school board .(adj.(adv. caan thiahnak cazin scheme .(n.. scintillate .U.) cu caan kha caan ah cu bantuk kha bantuk in a si lai ti in ttialmi cazin .(n. ruahnak aa khatmi bu. schemer . Johnny scored four goals for our school team = Johnny nih kan sianginn pummpululh chuih bu caah kawl li a hluh/tei.(n. peh awk i tanmi thingnge.) sianginn tual schoolroom .) tthennak/cheunak a chuahtertu a simi schizophrenia .) ningcang tein tuaktanmi fimnak le hngalhnak scientific . bawi fung.(n. scientist . e.) zum loin umnak sceptre .) nihsawh ngaiin.) ceu.(adj. pakul (20). 2.g.) 1. zumhnak a ngei lomi.(adj.scene .) hngalhnak tampi a ngeimi scimitar .(n. scorn .) suahnak kheng. rin.(n.(adj.(v.(n. scheming .(n. tei .) vainam phun khat aa kuaimi scintilla . a caan le thil umtuning.) nihsawhnak lungthin he tuahmi scornfully . piahnak ttheng hnulei i tuahmi. mawhchiat.) hmunram pakhatkhat a umtuning.) ceunak. bawi fung.(v. dawh ngaiin a langmi.g.(n.) khuakhan. score .(v.(n.(n. Moving the tables across the floor scores the polish = Tung i cabuai hnuhnak nih tuang kha a rin/ a ttialter dih.) British.) science he aa pehtlaimi scientifically .(n. scooter . scoffer .(n.(adj.(v.(n. sianginn.(n. scoff . scenic .(n. lentecelhnak le i zuamnak i teinak hmak hmuhmi. cernak. 2. ul . 2. 2.) rim scent . scion . zomhtaih.(n. skeptic ti zongin ttial a si. e. behind the scenes = a zohtu pawl nih an hmuh lomi.) sianginn zohkhenhtu school boy . scholarly .) ti chung um tik i thaw chuah khawhnak hmai huhnak peng a ngeimi scholar .(n. a tiva tehna.) hmuh khawh chung.) tlangngaikuang Page 235 .(n. sceptical . 3.(n.

scotch . khulrang in dawh set loin cattial.(v. Scotchman . a hnawmtammi tuannak le tawlnak. scraper . 2. thingkung. ziah .(n. from scratch = i thawknak bik in.) mi der tiangtuang.(n.) 1.) hnor.) tuknak saphawhri. scrape through = har lengmang tein ti khawh.(n.(n. John scraped through his exam = John nih a camipuai kha har lengmang tein a awng.) tukbakhur .) huah .) kok tawdot in si loin a viu in a viumi chimbu screen . khulrang ngai i va fuh/panh/cuh. tuk. a pelpawi.(v. The child scraped a hole in the sand = Ngakchia nih thetse lakah khor a khoih/huah/cawh.) sikuru thirhrenh screwdriver .(v.(v. scribe . scruff . scrubby . vok hmul hmunphiah.) til . scrub . felte le ralring tein a ummi scrutinize . 3. Scripture .) 1.g. 3.(n. 2. scout .) misual . scrap . scotfree .(v. har fialmal tein khon.(n.(n.) 1.) cattialtu.(adj.) fiangte le ttha tein zoh cikcek scrutiny . skyscrapers = van a hun hnor khotu inn hna.(v.(v. He scouts for firewood = Tihthing a hawl. thinhunnak mithmai i langhter. e.(n. e.) Scotland mi.) kut in ttialmi ca.g. scoundrel .) Baibal ca ning in a simi.) ai .g.(adj.(n. scratch .(n.(n.(adj. lam i mawttawka mawng pawl an herhnak bawmtu ding i a ummi.) sualnak zeihmanh um loin a luat tiah biaceihnak zung nih an timi Scotland Yard .(n. e.) 1. pheh.) cattialtu.(v.) phenhnak puanzar screen . ramlak khuasak umtuning a cawng i mahte nih zei paoh tuah khawh ding a cawng i aa zuammi.) Scotland mi he aa phtlaimi.) khulrang in zuan.) hawl.) fiangte le ttha tein zoh cikceknak scud .) hawi nakin a niam deuhmi minung.) a der ttiangttuangmi scramble .) a niammi.) i ren ngaiin um. au screech . Page 236 . hngawng hnulei cuar scruple .) hnor .(n. tak thak i kheuh scrawl .(adj. scrabble .(v.(n.) a dingmi thil upatnak a ngeimi .(n.(v.) kut in siseh tin in siseh huah. scrawny .) Scotland mi he aa pehtlaimi. e. 2. e. kheuh.) Scotland mi hna.(adj. scrape . a vun lawng scrub .) lungchung i zeipoi ngai i umnak.(n.) rawl chuannak khan. fahnak inter. Scottish .(v. kheuh .(n.) i velh i tuai len.(adj. 2.g.g.(v. John scraped money for his vacation = John nih a sianginn khar caan caah phaisa har fialmal tein aa khon.(n. a vah in vah. scout . vampang hawi hna i rin.(v.(n.) duhdah ngaiin.) London khua chung i a ummi palik sungthoh pawl. e. ziah. fingrilh in rilh. scoutmaster . scull .(n. Don't scrape your feet on the floor = Na ke tuang ah hnor hlah. 2.(adj.(adj. khulrang in kutttial dawh lo ngaiin ttial. e. Scotch .(n. script .) scout haotu scowl . khulrang in kutttial dawh lo pipi in ttial.(n.(v. scuffle . scrupulous . hnor.g.) sau tiangtuang.) Scotland mi.(n.(v. scribbler . scrapbook . Scots .) lamh.) meet .(v. scraggy .) aw thia ngaiin thangpi i ai.(v.(n.) hmanthlak tete le ca pelpawi tete benhnak cauk. scream . hnornak i hmanmi thil.) lawng zahnak fung scullery .) 1. screw .) hnortu. scrabble .) ttial. kal. mi zei ruaram lo scour . scrimp . a pelpawi a tangmi. A dishonest man has no scruples to deceive others = Mihrokhrawl nih cun mi a hlen hna tikah a zeihmanh a poi lo.) Baibal ca scroll . i kheuhnak i aa rinmi tete. scourge .(v.) 1.(n. hling hriahnak. 2. 2. The prisoner scowled at the judge = Biaceihtu kha thongtla nih a meet. arti cawhcawh i kiao. theh scourage . mitthalo . khoih. screech owl .(v. scratch . Boy Scouts = (n.) sikuru merhnak fung scribble . ral nih zeidah an tuah tiah a va ngiatu thlahmi.(n.) cazual scrotum .) cafang in lentecelhnak phun khat.) 1.(v. 2.) 1. screening board = a riltu bu. scriptural .g.(n.) Tlangval bu.(n. scribe . scrag . kut he ke he i bawmh in kai.(n.(n. 4.Scot .

(v. e.) thingthei hanghnah ei lo ruang i a chuakmi zawtnak.(n.) ra .) khuacaan he aa tlakmi. tthutnak.) 1.(n. secede .) thiltthit in a paw a cawmmi seamy . seal . seal .(adj.) Charybidis tikherh ralchan i a ummi ttihnung ngai a simi lungpi.) mi inn mi lo va dah khawhnak nawl a cozah nih pekmi ca searching .) tilawng kap i ti chuahnak awng scurf .(v.(v.) mah dang tein umnak second .) luval scurry .) tilawng rit. searchlight . out of season = a caan a si ti lomi.) cengkeuh phaw seashore .(n.(adj.(n.) rili lei ah.(n.) rili sea dog . seasick .(n. seken 60 ah minit pakhat second .) a niam deuhmi .) mah dangte i mu .(adj.(v. tthutdan cung i tthutak zawn khi.(v. a tthat lonak a langhnak lei.(n. e.(n. seal nga. a si awk a si ko.(n. cahhenhnak. seasonable .) tilawng ritnak seasickness .) thawtternak seat . meinih a cuar a kangh. sea gull .g. sea girt .(n.) rili nih a kulhmi. Scylla .) pahnihnak second . 2.(v. e.(n.(n.) 1. The seat of the government = Cozah umnak hmun. seaside . tilawng cungah saupi rian a ttuanmi. scythe .) kawl search warrant .(n. bawmh second-class . pahnihnak a simi second hand . khuacaan.) i tthen i cheu .(n.(v.) 1. thing hoi hna ttha khun seh ti i tuah.) rili kam.(n.) rili/ti cungah aa din khomi vanlawng seaport .(n.) rili va sea level .) rili cung mifir seacoast .) puan zungtthit ngei lomi seamstress . The hot iron seared his skin = Thir lin nih a cuar a duah/kangh.(n.) cakhenhnak khuaiseng/thalrit seam . seaward .(adj.(n. sculpture .) rili kam. 2.(n. seashell . e.) puan zungtthit seaman . e.g. Khrimas caan. seafarer .(n. bu chungin chuah secession . a hnawm tammi a tawngtu sculptor . hawi he i komh lo secluded .(n.(n. 3.(n.) mi chungril a hmu khomi. khonter.(n.(n.) khulrang in tlik.) tilawng ritnk.(v.(n.g.(n. Strawberries are out of season now = Atu cu strawberries kha a caan a si ti lo i a um ti lo. tthal. vahnak nam saupi hlok saupi a ngeimi sea . season . Hot weather is seasonable in May = Khualinh cu May thla he aa tlak ko.(adj. scuttle .) thohkhan .(n.) a tharte a si ti lomi Page 237 .(n.(n. seclusion .(n. 2. bu chungin chuahnak seclude .) a hliah a langhnak lei. season .(adj.(n.g.) tilawng cung rianttuantu thiamnak seamless .(n.) thing le lung cungah minung/saram muisam ker a thiammi.) 1. His soul had been seared by injustice = A cungah ding lo tuk in an tuah caah a lungthin kha a khong cang. fei le nam karah ti bantuk khi a si.) 1.(adj.(adj.) cabawm phih/sengh sealing wax . Between Scylla and Charybdis ti cu thil ttihnung pahnih karlak ah umi pakhat in luat zongah a dang pakhat chung khan cun luat hrimhrim lo ding.) rili cung i khual a tlawng tawnmi seafaring .(n.) tilawng dinhnak hmun sear . tinak a si.(n.) rili cung i khua a sami.) i tthencheunak .(n. tihang thaw seh ti i tamh.) rawl chuangtu .(n.g. e. 2.(v.) a cung i a vuanmi a phul scupper . seal nga. khuasik hi season cu an si.) rili he aa rualmi.) mah dang tein a ummi. scurvy .) elektrik mei cu zan thil kawlnak ca i tuahmi a tthawng ngaingaimi.) tilawng rianttuantu seamanship . sea rover .scullion . seasoning .(adj.) rili kam.(n. a hleikhun in thil a ummi caan.) 1. umnak hmun. search . 2.(n.) minung/saram mui an kermi scum .(adj. 2.g.(v. seasick . seaplane .) khulrang in tlik.) seken . Wood is seasoned for building by drying = Thing cu inn saknak ca i ttha khun seh tiah ttha tein an roter.) kawlnak search . fur.

(n.(adj.) a phei in zarmi sur .(v.) bishop pakhat nih a zohkhenhmi Khrihfabu hna.(n. seemly .(v.) himnak sedan .) hnangam a simi secure . pummi thil pakhat an cheumi i cheu khat.) ti chung nengnawi vawlei dip he a pehtlaimi sedition .(n. 3. This apple seems good but is rotten in side = Hi epal hi a tthami a lo nain a chung a thu seeming .(n.) hmailei thil a hmu khotu . secretary .second rate .(n. segment .g. ci seed case . biaknak lei a si lomi secure . e. chuh Page 238 .(adj.) thil pakhat chungin aa cheumi pelpawi segregate .) a ttha changtu lawng a simi secondary .(v.) thlaici tuhtu seedy . I see what you mean = Na chim duhmi sullam ka hngalh.) cozah dohnak a chuahternak. seed . 3. adj.) thil ttha lo tuah awk i lem seduction .(n. hnuh.(adj. 2.(n.) lihninh tahnak seh seize .(v. e.) cheu.(adj.(adj. sedimentary . chungtuan rian lei le cattialnak lei he a pehtlaimi.) 1. This country is seething with discontent = Hi ram hi lungsi lonak in a khat.(adj. tthen segregation . raltuknak hmun an cheu an cheumi chung i pakhat ve kha. chungtuan. ton. seep .(v.(n.) ti chung nengnawi vawlei dip.) tthutnak lang. Mother cut the cake into two sections = Ka nu nih chang cheu hnih ah a cheu.(v.(adj.(n.) fungvoi ci seeder .(n. 2.(adj.) chuahter secretion .) pahnihnak a simi secondly .g.g. sector .) zohnak i a langhnak ah seemingly .g.(n..(adj.) thlaici a keuh ka seedsman .) biathli secret . He seethes with anger = Thinhunnak in a khah in a khat.(n. 2. tla fiapfuap in a ummi.(n. 4. tthennak seine .(adv. e. lenkhang seismograph .g.) cheunak he aa pehtlaimi.) thlaici tuhtu seedling .) i tlaknak. len: e. be kawng. secrete .) zut .) hawidang sinin i tthen . fah theih lonak si sedentary .(adj.) a ci a tuamtu a kwang.(adj. a mu a tammi 2. The blind cannot see = Mitcaw nih khua an hmu lo. The private sector of the industry = Sehzung rianttuannak ah pumpak pawl nih an covo a simi.) 1.) past participle of see. secrecy .(adj. sectional .(n.(adj.) biathli a simi secret service .) a pahnihnak ah.(v.) 1.) dai tein umternak a simi .(n. khua hmuh.(n. seh .) chuahternak secretive .(v. tthut buin ttuanmi rian.g.) vawlei lei thil a simi .(v. sediment . a hnam seepage .) ti zuhnak.(n.g.) a leng a langhnak ah seemliness .) pengpaso seethe .) tlaih . see . secular .) cozah dohnak a chuahtertu a simi seduce .) dai tein um sedative . profet seesaw .(n. sehzung rianttuannak ah rian an cheumi chung i pakhat. ti a zut . zoh.(adj. chuan.(n. The streets are seething with people = Lam cu mi an khat. mi pahnih zawn. dam setsai lo. a khah in a khat.g. vuanci.) thlithup in thil tuah a duhmi sect . miteima see .(adv.(v.(n. e.) capttialnak lei he a pehtlaimi.) rianttuan a huammi . seed corn . seditious . cozah nih an ukmi a si lomi. e. e. seem .(adj.) 1.(n. 3.(n. tthut buin rian a ttuanmi hna. The cook seethes the mutton = Rawlchuang nih tuu sa a chuan. I want to see him tomorrow = Thaizing ah ton ka duh.(adj.) thil ttha lo tuahnak ah lem seductive .(n.) thlithup sinak secret .g.(v. 2.) cawk security .(n.(n. 5.) a lo. sedate . 2.) a thli tein mi angaitu secretarial .(adj. I want to see my friend = Ka hawi len ka duh.) thil ttha lo tuah awk i mi lemtu a simi sedulous .) thlaici .) i tthennak .(n.) 1. e. hngalh.(n.) aa tlakmi seen .) bu section . seer .) 1. e.(n.

(n.) mah le mah aa lunghmuihmi self-seeker . self-sufficient .(adj.(n.(adj.(adj.) thim .(n.) amah tein a fiangmi thil self-expression .) mahte nih mah sining langhternak self-governing .) mah le i cawm khawhnak.) a siningte a simi kha.(n.) mah tein aa zohkhenhmi self-supporting . self-made . semantic .(n.(adj. mah le mah lawng kha heh ti i i hlorhnak self-assertive .) a tawkza in aa uahmi.(n.(n.) mah le mah hmaizahnak .) mah le mah i lung hmuihnak. We study the self-same books that you do = Nan cawnmi cauk te kha kan cawn ve hna.(n. select . self-assertion .) mah le mah i hngal peng i kan um khi self-contained .(n.) mah nih mah min le umnak cabawm cung i ttial ciami.) mah zawn lawng aa ruatmi.) thimnak . sell .) ka ding tiah aa ruatmi self-sacrifice . hrilnak selective .) mah le mah i uk khawhnak self-defence .(adj.(n.(n. self-same .(n. hril selection . self-command .) mah le mah aa bochanmi self-respect .(adj. adv.(n. biafang hna an sullam Page 239 .(n.(n.) mah le mah i uk khawhnak.) mah tein aa ukmi cozah self-important .(n.(n.(adj. Yourself is you = Nangmah i mah cu nangmah na si.) zuartu selvage .) mah nih mah pum a ningcang loin hmannak self-addressed .) mah duhning lawngin siseh ti i zuamnak .(adj.(adj. self-governing .) mi hmai ah ningzak i kan um i mi nih kaimah lawng hi an ka zoh rua ti i kan um khi self-consciousness .(adj. self-control .S. self-styled .(adj.(v.) mah le mah biapi in aa ruatmi self-imposed . self-satisfied .) harnak chung lut loin mah le mah i khamhnak self-reliance . ka tuah awk a si lo ti i hngalhnak self-respecting . a thin a lau lomi.(n.(adj.(n.) lenglei in si loin mahte nih zeitindah ka tuah lai tiah i khiahnak self-devotion . e.(n.) mah le mah i zumh tuknak.(n.) mah le mah i bochannak self-reliant .(n. self-preservation .(adj.(adj.(adj.) mahte in a cawmmi. self-willed .seizure .) mah le mah i uk khawhnak self-complacent . seldom . self-esteem .) mah zawn ruat loin umnak self-denying .) ka tuah khawh lai ti i zumhnak self-confident .) self a plural form a si.) ahohmanh nih bawmh loin mah tein i tuahmi .) mah lawng i dawtnak.) mah zawn lawng i ruahnak.(adj.(n.) mah le mah heh ti i hmai i aa fonter i mah duhning lawngin siseh ti a duhmi.(v.(adj.(n. mah tein a um khomi. self-centred .) mah.) mah le mah i porhlawtnak self-evident .(adj. mah tangka huih in khua a sami. self-supporting .) mah duhnak ngol i mi dang ca ttha ding tuahnak.) zuar seller .(n. self-abuse .) ttlaihnak.) mah le mah aa uk khomi. mah zawn lawng aa ruatmi.) British. mah tein aa sersiammi self-possessed .) mah ca lawng kawlnak.) mah tein i uknak.(n. mah le mah i uk khawhnak.(adj.) thim khawhnak a ngeimi self .) mah le mah cucu khakha ka si aa timi.(n.) mah zawn ruat loin a ummi self-determination . mah le i todanh khawhnak.(adj.(adj. chuhnak.(n.(adj.(n.) puantlang kawm selves .) a caancaan tete lawnglawng ah.) mah le mah i runven khawhnak self-denial .(adj.g.(n.(adj.(adj. self-possession . self-confidence .(n. self-sufficiency ..) U. mah kha pakhat nak tam deuh a si tikah a si.(adj.(n. selfishness .) mah tining lawng a duhmi selfish .) mah ca ttha ding lawng ruahnak self-love .(n.) mah zawn ruat loin umnak. e.) mah le mah i lunghmuih self-conceit .) mah le mah mi cung i i khin.) mah le mah aa sum khomi. self-satisfaction .(adj. Myself is I = Keimah i mah cu keimah ka si.) mah ca lawng a kawlmi.(adj.) ka tuah kahwh lai tiah aa zummi self-conscious .) mah le mah i sumnak self-righteous .) mah tein aa ukmi. amah le amah aa todant khawhmi. khua a sa khomi. self-government . self-interest .g.(n.) holh a sullam . self-restraint . zeipaoh ah lau lo tein um khawhnak. self-centered .

2. sense .(adj.(n. kalter. send . lei. mah hngal loin um. senate . a vengtu sentry . hnar. catlang.) thil hngalh khawh zaunak sensory . seniority . sullam.(n.) hlan hmanning ah cun bia tlawm tein thil tampi chim a thiammi inak a si.) pum in hngalh khawhnak i ngeimi .) holh le biafang sullam umtuning cawnnak semaphore .) baw semester . kuat. Siria.) Semmi pawl he aa pehtlaimi seminal .(n.) 1.(adj.(n.) hngalh. e.) biafang a hram i chiahmi a cheu tinak sullam semi-annual . lau ur in um.) kan tak pum chung i thil theitu hna mit.(n.) a pummi a cheu semi-circular . fim lo.(adj. humour) e.(n.(n.) senate chung i chungtel a simi senatorial . (British . seminar . sensation .) sianginn kai caan a cheu semi. e. thlah.(n.(n.(n.) mi lunghno phun sentimentality .) lawhnak semen . siangnakchia an saya nih a haomi hna an si bik tawn. USA cozah uknak ah hin an Parliment cu Congress ti a si i cu chungah cun Senat timi House of Representative timi an um.(n.(n. sense of humor . sensibility . kuat.) tthen khawh a simi separate . kut te hna hi.) senate he aa pehtlaimi. takpum in hngalhnak. taste.) upa .(n.g.(adj. biakhiahnak biaceihtu bawi nih an tuahmi. e. semiprecious .) colon a cheu = .) puan in hmanleknak semblance .) past tense and past participle of send. tinak a si.) U.) lunghnonak sentinel .(adj. He lost all sensation in his leg = A ke kha a hit i zehmanh a hngal ti lo.(adj.(adj.) pum nuamhnak lawng duhnak sensuous . sentient .(n.g. a thawtnam theihnak.) Spanish holh in Mrs.g.) hngalh khawhnak he aa pehtlaimi .(adj.(n. 2. ngaihnak . lunglennak .. i hninsai ur in um.(n.) 1.) pum nuamhnak a duhmi sent .) tthat lei ah siseh . Foinisia le Assiria miphun an si Semitic .) tthen separately .(n. e. senator .semantics .(adj.) 1.) baw he aa pehtlaimi. Arab. hngalhnak a ngeimi sentiment .(n. 2.) 1. e. 2.) biaknak lei cawnnak sianginn.) thil pahatkhat thiam deuh le thuk deuh in hngalhnak ding caah aa pum i hmun khat ah a ruat ti le a ttuan timi pawl.(n. senora . He has a sense of humor = Bia a chim tikah nihchuak a telhpah khawh i a ttha ngai.(n.(adj. What he wrote made no sense = A ttialmi kha sullam a ngei lo.(v. hna. bawi upa deuh a simi.) Spanish holh in Miss tinak a si. sensational .g. fimmi.) 1. upa deuh pawl senior .) pangpar a par hram i a ummi hnah khi separable .(adj.) sentri cawngtu ralkap sepal .) upa deuh a simi.) tar tikah pum sa lei le lungthin lei in derthawm senility .) sentari cawngtu . sententious .) upa deuh sinak senor .(adj. Rom chan ah cun ram khat chung i nawl a ngeitu bik a simi khawngsil.(n.) khulrang tein thil a hngal khomi sensitivity . cu hna cu Hebru.(adj. Mother sensed that father was tired = Ka nu nih ka pa a tha a ba ti kha a hngalh. pum in hngalhnak. hearing and touch = Pum in hngalhnak pa nga hna cu hmuhnak. hruh.) a dang cio tein Page 240 .(n. senorita . rim theihnak.(adj.) Spanish holh in Mr.(adj. hngalh khawhnak a ngeimi sensual .) kum cheu paoh in a si tawnmi semi-circle .) lunghnotertu a simi sentimentalist .(adj. fial. finak a si. 2. The five senses are sight. Pu tinak a si hnga cu.) pum cheu bantuk a simi.(n.(n.g.) ruahnak lungthin . sensitive .(adj. sentence . duhnak sentimental .(v.(adj.) pum in hngalh khawhnak sensible .(n. 2.(adj. sense organ .(n.) Semmi pawl. chiat lei ah siseh mi nih ceih duh ngaimi sense .(adj. tuchan ah cun cozah uknak bu (inn) pahnih chungah a hme deuhmi. Nu tinak a si hnga cu.(n.(n. semicolon . seminary . The judge sentenced the thief to one year in prison = Biaceihtu bawi nih mifir cu kum khat thong tla dingin dantatnak bin a khiah.(n.) dantat.) tar nih a chuahtermi derthawmnak senior . Pi tinak a si hnga cu.) hngalh khawhnak a ngeimi.(v.g.S.(v.(n.(adv.(n. hna in theihnak le tongh in theihnak an si.) a cheu lawng in a sunglawimi a simi. sentence .(n. smell. Semite .(v. tuchan hmanning ah cun ka fim ti i aa langhtermi a chimmi zeihmanh a si set ttung lomi tinak a si.) pum nuamhnak lawng a duhmi sensuality .) 1. senile . senseless .

) thil pakhatkhat a ummi a hun zultu thil khi sequence .) India ralkap. series . luatter: e.(n.) langhter. All my efforts have been set back = Ka tuahmi vialte zei nih dek a donhkhanh dih. e.(n. e. 2. lentecelhnak (tennis le badminton ah a si khun) vun thawk khi.) aa chang aa changin a hun i zulmi thil sequent .) santlaimi .(n. September . 4.(n.(n. serenity . um. sal. A spark sets the house on fire = Meici nih inn kha a kangh. mi dang ca i a tthami rian. serve . 4.(n.g. White was served with a summons to appear in court = Mr. thawh.g. an i pumh khi session a si.) aa tthenmi. e.) hluahha bantukin a kakmi serum . 5. sequel . thlan. Page 241 . rawl einak inn i rawl peknak. civil service ti cu cozah rian ralkap rian a si lomi paoh a si.separation .(n. in session ti cu an i pum lio tinak a si. 2. kanghter. 7.) 1.g.) U. 2. rap chiah. He served two years in the army = Ralkap chungah rian kum hnih a ttuan. san a tlai. set . e. a tthahnemmi servile . serviceable . bu khat.(n. Set the box in the room = Thingkuang kha akhaan chungah chia.) tthentu.g. e. thanh. lente an i celhmi bu khat khi. serence .(n.) hla sak i zan i vah.(v.(adj. mithi vuinak thlan. 2. lentecelhnak i thawk.) a fakmi sermon .(v. Mr.(adj.(n.(v. septic . e. thlan. ei awk i i hunh.(n. mithi vuinak thlan. 4.(adj.(n. sinum.(adj.(adj.g.) 1. e.) 1. White cu zung i chuah awkah ca pe a si. the service ti ahcun ralkap rian tinak a si. ca cawn caan.) thlan he aa pehtlaimi. 2.) aa chang lengmangmi sequoia .(n.(n.(n. ca pek.(n. set . rian.) duah set forth . voi khat lawng pumh si loin.) September thla. e. 2. Septuagint .g. Our school has two sessions. tlak. e.g.(n. ti bantuk khi.g.) sal bantuk servitor . session . khualtlawn i thawh. serf .(n.) California i a ummi thingkung sang pipi. caan hman.(n.g. rianttuan.(adj. e.) 1. sinum rian. tla.) innka a hong khotu camhnak bia.(prop. e.g.(n.(adj.) rul bantuk a simi serrate . The slaves were set free = Sal cu an luatter hna. aa chang aa changin ttialmi/tuahmi.) Biakam Hlun Grik holh in an lehmi. biaknak pumhnak. 3.) biaceihnak zung chung i thil a ningcang in um seh tinak ca i mi a vengtu bawi. Tea set = Laphak.g. 6.) 1. upadi a sertu pawl si hna seh.) rul serpentine . 2. biafang sullam cu sawm sarih tinak a si sepulcher .(adj.(n. separator . e. set about . e.) a thiang aa dawh i dai tein a ummi.(n. rianttuantu. sepulchre . khuakhangtu pawl si hna seh. set fire to . past tense and past participle = set.) hma a portertu a simi septuagenarian . tuanbia pakhatkhat tadinca nih a cheuchum tete in aa dot thliamah in an chuahmi.) aa peh lengmang in a ummi thil serious .Kan sianginn nih ca cawn caan voi hnih a ngei.g.(n.g.) 1. biaceihtu bawi si hna seh. 6. set 8 chungah set 6 i a tei ahcun tei a si. 3. e. 3.) vancungmi hlasak thiam serenade .(v. sinum sinak. 6.) petu.) sal sinak sergeant at arm . 5. sesame .) 1.) saram chungin lakmi si phun khat servant .g.) 1. I must set about my packing =Ka thil timh kaa tkawk awk a si.S. set back . 2.) daite le dawh tein umnak. He set on his journey yesterday = Nizan ah a khualtlawn aa thawh. chiah.(n.(v.g. pakhat cu zinglei ah a si i a dang pakhat cu zanlei ah a si.(n.g. tennis ah an hman bik. 4. 5. A flat stone served as a table = Lungper cu cabuai i hman awkah a ttha.) British.) sinum servitude .) senthum ralkap serial . The thief served one year in prison = Mifir kha kum khat thong ah a um.) zapi hmai i phungchimmi serpent . dantat in rianttuanternak.) sal serfdom . one in the morning and the other in the afternoon . a ttha.(n. service .(n.(n.) donhkhanh. The service in this restaurant is good = Hi rawl einak inn i rawl an pekning hi a ttha. There is a daily train service between Yangoon and Mandalay = Yangon le Mandalay karlakah nifate in a kalmi tlanglawng a um.(n.(adj.g. ningcang tein tuah lenngmangmi. e. kum khat chung an i pumh lengmang khi a si fawn.(n.) tthennak separatist .(v. seraph . Dinner is served = Zanriah an kan hunh. The sun sets in the west = Ni cu nitlaklei ah a tla.) kum 70 le 80 kar mi. server .(n. sepulchral .) thawk e. sergeant/serjeant . The hunter sets his traps = Ramvaipa nih a rap a chiah hna. sepoy . 3.

e. e.) 1. thladem demhmi hmun.g. seventieth . 2. thin. thing. i hnin deldulin a ummi shale .g.(v. tampi si lo severance . sex . fung sau nawn.) past participle of sew.) 1. shade .) sawm sarih sever . Type setter = Type ha a bunhtu. ni he zohchih i tilawng kha khuazei zawnah dah a um ti hngalhnak tahnak seh sextet/sextette . e. thilri i peknak.) hrengkhenhnak thir cikcin.(adj. Lo ah ar a thlah hna set on fire .(adj. muihter. e.(n. umnak hmun.) nu le pa sinak he aa pehtlaimi shabby . Meici nih inn kha a kangh settee .(n. shaker . thladem.) sawm sarihnak seventy . shall .) 1.) hleisarih seventeenth .(n. awk a si.) ttet fiapfuap in a um cangmi thilri.(n. e. 4.(n. You shall try to do Page 242 .g.g.g. 2. e. Shake the bottle = Thawl kha hnin. ther.(v.) hnawmluannak tidongpi sewing . thil a ningcang te i umter.(n. thladem. sextant . thin. I shall (will) go home = Inn ah ka kal lai.(adj.(v. 3. No settlement of the dispute could be made = Remhchunnak zeihmanh tuah khawh a si lo. Your coat is a shade longer than mine = Na angki cu ka angki nakin tlawmte lawng a sau deuh.) 1. setting . shading . a felmi severity .1. e. dumter.g.) aw ruk in sakmi hla. 2. tlawmte hmamh.) thingtu. 3. He is shaking with cold = A khuasih in a ther.) 1. phaisa/thilman i pek.) tuktak in sakmi inn/thlam shackle . hnintu.g. cheunak .(n.) a hmul a hrat hrethrutmi shah .) biakinn le a tual zohkhenh i thlan a co i darkhing a tumtu sexual . He shades one side of the drawing of the object = Thil a suaimi kam khat kha a dum deuh in a ser.) 1.) thil tthitnak a simi.) tthutdan bu khat. seh in tthit sewage . He sat in the shade of a tree = Thing thladem ah a thu.) hleisarihnak seventh .) nu maw pa sinak sexagenarian .(num.(v.(v.(n. e. Sal cu an luatter hna set loose . e.g. thladem demh. shaft .) tthen. seven .) pasarih sevenfold . 2.(adv. shack . several .) thil a tung a phei in tahnak .) chahnak .(adj. Shakespearian .g. 2.(n. There is no shadow of doubt about his guilt = A sual lai ti zumh lonak a tlawmte hmanh a um lo. settlement .) tthim in tthit . ceunak phentu puanzar.(v. ther.set free .) Persia (Iran) ram siangpahrang shake .(num.) tlawmte lawnglawng in i dan.) 1. 3. tannak .(v.g. tan.(n.) kanghter e. kutdong hrolh i lungvar an bunhnak a kulhtu khi.) Shakespear he aa pehtlaimi.) a chiatu.(adj. 5.(n. thla bantuk a simi shady .(n.(n. 2. azawng a dot a dot in i thlen.) fahnak sew . settler .g. seti an ti ve komi hi.(n. chah.) past participle of shake.(adj.) kum 59 in 70 karlak mi.(n. hninh.(n.(v.(n. 2.(adj.(adj.(n. e.) luatter e. shade .(n.(n.g. shadowy . 2. shaggy .(n.(n.(adj.(n. sexton .) hnawm luannak tidongpi chungin a luangmi hnawmtam sewed . um.g.(v. tthim in tthit.(n.(v.) past tense of sew .) a va ummi hna.) thil tthitnak sewing . 2. e.) pasarihnak seventhly . tthim in tthit. cawleng ke pahnih hna karlak i an sawhmi fung (vuanzu). sewn .(num. inn a bu tein a ummi hna khi. shadow .) a fakmi . 2.) 1.(v.(v. tthennak severe .g.) thlah e. seh in tthit. vawlei chung i sui le ngun an cawhnak khor thukpi i vung kalnak kua. shaken .(adj. the case has been settled = A bia an ceihpiak cang. bia ceihpiak.) pahnih thum . zumh awk tlak a si set lomi. hninh. shade . 3.(num.) a let sarih seventeen . thil pakhatkhat a hung um tik i a pawnngkam i a rak um vemi thil hna khi. remhchunnak. shag .) 1.) hrat hrethrut in a ummi puan. We settled in our home = Kan inn ah dan um. e.g.) aa hninmi . shaky . phenh. ram thar i khua a va sami hna. Don't shake your head = Na lu kha thing hlah.) mitpheng. setter .) a pasarihnak in/ah. e.(n. settle .(num.g.(n. e. I sat under the shadow of a tree = Thing thladem tangah ka thu.g.(num.) thladem a umnak hmun . tlia. lai. sewer .) lung no phun.

(n.g.(adj. hmuh lei zongah pek lei zongah mahle vo a simi thil.(n.(adj.) pungsan i canter shapeless . shareholder .(n.(n. 2. e.) tinvo. sharp = Zanlei suimilam pakhat cekei ah ra. The sun sheds its light = Ni nih a ceumak kha hmun kip ah a umter.(n. 4.(adj. covo. contraction) shall not. e. sheepish . sharpness . e. 2. zumtu. sheet . a dihlak in a dihumnak in. 2. a henh in mi a henhmi. a sharp turn = Aa kuai bakmi. sheeprun .) khuhnak . shanty . sheathe . tuu hmul hna an meh khi shears .) tuktak in sakmi. share .(v. sharp eye = mit fim. 8.better = Ttha deuh in tuahnak zuam awk a si. pumrua.. A snake sheds its skin = Rul nih a phaw a hlonh (aa zirh). a har (haar).) hmuithiammi shatter . a poi ngaimi thil.) kuai cikcek . hmulmehnak.(pron.) harnak.) a puanmi.(n. shard . e. e.(n. a deu a simi.(n. e.(n.(v.) amah (nu lawngah hman khawh a si) sheaf .) hrawm. sham . A sheet of paper = Ca tlap khat. hmuithiammi.(n.) zeihmanh nih a cawh lomi.(n.(n.g. sheet iron . 9.(v.(v. cu bantukin mi chawva a eimi hakkau. 3. shape . lai lo. khulrang vetvat.(adj. paihau kuai share . Christ shed his blood for sinners = Khrih nih misual hna caah a thi a thlet.(n. e. fun . sheathing . hmul ziah . Come at 1 p.) tat (taat).(n.) pungsan ngei lomi shapely .) liangbah puan she . a fiangmi. zumnak. mi zong a ei khawh.) 1. He and his brother share one room = Amah le a nau cu khan khat an i hrawm.) Arab mi bawi shekel .(n.) a zakzummi.g. 5. a sharp boy = a lung a varmi ngakchia.) tleunak sheep . share .) tuu sheepcote . sheen . a sharp shooter = hmuithiammi.g. shamble .) a pumrua a dawhmi.) 1.(n. tom khat .(v.) 1.) 1. lam kikawi aa kuai bakmi. e. shed . sharp pain = a henh in mi a henhmi fahnak.) belrua kuai .g.m.) thil chiahnak inn kaupi vampang a ngei set lomi.) hmul meh .) ningzak a simi shameless .g. e.(v. thing ziahmi pan tete. Trees shed their leaves = Thingkung nih an hnah an thilh (thlongh). 10. thlongh.) nam a kawng i vun sawh. sharp . a deu men a si. A shallow pond = A puanmi tili. a sharp walk = vetvat ti i kal.) cehrep nganpi phun. 6.(v. shampoo .(n. tatnak. phal khat shear .(n.) a phal i tom . thlingh. a kik ngaimi. thisen chuahter. ningcang loin umnak hmun shame .(v. sharp weather = khua kik ngaimi.) sa tthahnak inn . ningzahnak. pe 15 tiang a sau khomi. 12.) tuuphaw sheer .) khuk le fengbeo karlak shan't .(v. An apple is different in shape from a banana = Epal cu a pungsan banhla he aa dang. What a shame you could not come to the party = Puai i na rat khawh lo cu a poi ngaimi a si ai shameful .g.(n. thing ziah shaving . e. hmun kip i umter. 7.) bor khat .(n.(n. 4.) tlap.) tuu riahnak sheepfold . a zum.g.g.) ningzah a hngal lomi. shawl . hor shed . sheepskin .(adj. shallow .(n. e.(adj.(n.) kal tik i ther durhmarh in kal shambles . sharp words = bia har.(v.) tuu tlonnak phong. sharpen . pungsan. His goodness is all a sham = A tthatnak khi a ngaingai a si lo.(adj. tuamnak sheave .(adj. e. thittha i um.(n.g. (chuahter).) hlanlio Hebru mi tangka Page 243 . sheath .) hmul neh . sharpshooter . ttuanvo. sharpener . e. a ttha set lomi.g. e.(adj. lungvarmi. sheik .) lu tawlnak chatpiat shank .) tattu.(n. zum.g.(n.(n.(n. shape . There is a sharp contrast between black and white = A nak le a rang cu fiang tein an i dang ko.) chawlehnak kampani pakhat i tangka a chia ve i aa hrawm vemi shark . 2. I am in good shape = Ka dam ko.(n. 11.) tuu kiam. khuai cikcek shave .) a taktak a si lomi. cekci.) riamkawng. mit fim.) thir tlap (tlep). nga dang a eimi. 2.g.(n.g.) vawlei kalhnak fung a tte khi.) ngaphu phun khat.) 1. mi a rai khotu bia. 3.(v. a hawng/phaw khawh i hlonh.(n.

(n.(contraction) = 1. e.(n.(v. she has.) tuukhal shepherd .(n.(n.(v.) din tein tleu shimmering . 2.(adj. tlang. hawng. He is on the night shift = Anih cu zan ttuan bu ah aa tel.(n. tlan.(n. tleunak.(n.(n. ni tlan zongah.) phaw ngeimi thilnung tampi umnak a simi.) a ceumi. miakpi kuanfang. e.(n. There are two shifts of work at the factory = Sehzung ah rianttuan a bu in i thlenmi pahnih an um.(n. hninhnak. 3.) zureu phun khat she's .) a ceumi. shift .) hrial shirt . kingkuar. a tleumi.(n.) anki chungnawh ca puanthan.) ceu.) 1.(v. shield . e. shiftless . 2. 2.(n. shellshock .g.) tilawng rawhnak shipyard .) hrawl i hei chiah.) tilawng.(n.) ngalpacar shine . launak.) peng (myone) pakhat a uktu bik a simi bawi sherry . shield . rian ttuan a zuam lomi shilling . e.) a thlummi thei hang. shock .(n. lungawttawm i um.) din tein a tleumi.) angki chungnawh shirting . e. shiny . e.(n.) tilawng cung i nan tuantu hna.(contraction) she will/she shall.(n.) England ram i myone pakhat an cheuning.g. He shined his shoes = A kedan tleu tein a hnawh kha.g. cengkol te hna pawl.g.) cuar zawtnak phun khat shining . rain or shine = ruah sur zongah.(adj.g.) tilawng in siseh tlanglawng in siseh thil kuat shipshape . shipboard . 2.(n.(adj.(v.) thil chiahnak hrawl she'll . John's face shines = John hmai a ceu (panh). shilly shally .(n. sheriff .) hmun khat in hmun dang ah i tthial shift .) tilawng ngeitu shipper . 2. ngabu.(v.(n. shock .g.) din tein a tleumi.shelf . tipuan. The sun shines = Ni a tlang.g. Earthquake shocks are often felt in Japan = Japan ram ah cun lihnin hninhnak hi theih lengmang a si.) khuasik nih a therhmi shoal . shimmery .(n. thlongh. elektrik tha nih a kan duah khi.) Mirang cozah tangka. kedan tleu tein hnawh. shipmaster .) lau i lungmih i mah i hngal set lo i um.(n.) lung i thlek kho lo i laklawh i um.(adj.(n.) ti cung i a ummi saram phaw a ngeimi pawl. ship . shingle .(n. cengkeuh.) tilawng khat thil.) a puanmi ti.(n. shipment . shine .(v.) tilawng sernak hmun shire . e.) ceunak. shell .) thing thuhmi si phun khat shellfish . Tortoises have shells = Chungkuh nih phaw an ngei.(adj.) 1. shilly-shally . sherbert .(n.) tilawng ser shipload . shirk . pawng (pound) khat ah shilling 16 a um. 3.) tilawng uktu bawi shipmate .(v.(n.(n.) lungawttawm i umnak shimmer .(n.) tilawng ship . e.(n. a bu in rian a ttuanmi. His death was a shock to his friends = A thih cu a hawikom hna caah launak a si.) tuukal bantukin chongh i lamhruai shepherdess . shelter .(n.) tilawng in thil a kuatu shipping .(n.(adj.(n.(v.) raltuknak in a lungthin a hmaan ti lomi zawtnak shelly .) tilawng in kuatmi thil.(v.) inn cih awk i an hmanmi thingtlap.(n. shipowner . shell . she is.) tilawng in thil kuat.) phaw.) khuasik therh shivery .) dornak hmun shelve . rianttuan a bu in i thlen.) 1. miakpi in kah shellac .) a tha a thumi .(v. cangai. shin . shinny/shinty .) 1.(adj.(adj.) tukhalnu.(n.) phaw in chonkanh.(v. shoal . atu ah cun an hmang ti lo. He was shocked when he heard that his Page 244 . phaw. shiver .(adj. shepherd .) i dawh vitvette i a ummi shipwreck . shipbuilding .(n.(n.(v.) hokki celhnak phun khat. 2.g.(n. shingles .) a kawng chungin a mu chuah.

khulrang in shorts . zong shined. off shore = tili/rili chungkei tikam in a hlat lonak hmun. shortcoming . I heard two shots = Meithal puah voi hnih ka theih.(v. shooting star . meithal puah.) past tense and past participle of shoot.) lamphawk short of . workshop = thil remhnak hmun.(adj.) liang dar shoulder strap . shoulder .(adj. turn or give a cold shoulder = hrial. shopkeeper .(n.. rang tin kedan zong shoelace . in short = a tawinak in. shoulder blade . shoreless . shoe . shoplifter . ti cu. put one's shoulder to the wheel = fak piin i zuam. a tling lo. a si hnga maw si lo ti langhter.S. cut short = khulrang twin ngol tthan fall short = tlin lo.(n. hninh.(n. U. shortlived .(n.) ngeih lo. U.(n.(v. shorn .(n.) kedan i danh. tung doh in doh. adj.) nam chih len.(n.) a tawinak in ttialmi . shout .) kedan hri.g. set up shop = chawleh hram i thawk.(v.(n.) chawdawrtu.) chawdawr thil fir shopman .) ngeih lo.) rianttuantu a za in ngeih lo shorthorn . shoreward . tlan. awk a si. shore . va thawlnak i au khi.) cae ki tawi pawl. A bow shoots an arrow = Li nih thal a kah (kalter). shoo .) British. e. tilikam. lungthin i khat tein. shortly .(n.(v.) rilikam.g. chawdawrnak hmun. sheared.(v.g.(n. shall (present tense form) kha past tense form a si tikah should a si." tinak a si. rem lo. zong sheared. shore .) chawdawr i thil zuartu shopper .) hmailei saupi a hmu kho lomi mit tthat lo ruang si loin (mit a tthat lo ruang i lamhla a hmu kho lomi khi cu near sighted ti a si).(n. tlin lo.) a au in au hnawh. a niammi.) tikam lei a simi.(v.g. e. shoddy . shoot .) 1. shone . thawhpat changreu sernak i humanmi. shoplifting . short cut .(v.(adj.(adj. shook . shortage .) tikam ngei lomi. shoot . shoreline .. lam kam zong khi shoulder ti a si ve. hmul meh.) zal hnam shouldn't . nam vurmar.) sathau.(n. shoddy . I said that I should come next week.(v.) a chia deuh phun. tawi tein . sawthen shorthanded .(n. e. a si sual ahcun. contraction) = should not.(n. run short = a za in ngeih lo. Fred shoved the boat into the water = Fred nih tilawng Page 245 . chaw zohtu. short .) 1.(adj.(n. e.) a vel cah. ziah. e.g.) 1. a tawimi.g. Fire can be caused by short circuit of electricity = Elektrik a sawtnak nih mei kanghnak a chuahter khawh. hmul meh.g. I am short of money = Phaisa ke ngei lo.) tlin lonak shorten . 2.(n.g.(adv.(adj. kah.(n. put the shot = lungcheh i zuamnak. shot . shot .) liang.) tunaite ah .(interj.) 1. past tense and past participle.(v. The cashier is short in his accounts = Tangka kengtu kha a tangka a tling lo.(n.) lungcheh zuamnak should . I should have gone if you had asked me = Rak ka fial law cu ka rak kal ko hnga. e.g.S.(n.) thil thing phoihmi la in tahmi thil.) kedan hri shoemaker .) tawhrolhtawi shortsighted . 4.(n.) 1. tlang. shoulder . 2. bia tlawm tein .) kedan sertu shoestring . 3. 2.(v.) tawiter shortening . shoulder to shoulder = liang le liang i tong in.) au shove .) liang in put. shotgun . sichunh.(v. Should it rain I shall not go = Ruah a sur sual ahcun ka kal lai lo. barbershop = sam mehnak hmun.) thinghnah ram hnah a hung ber tharmi khi. short wave . e.(n.) doh. e.(n. past tense of shear. bau.) chawdawr i thil a caw bantukin i umter i thil a firmi. 2.) chaw cawtu. e. bau. bau .(v. short circuit .) meithal a pak/a phir shotput . I said. lai.) past tense of shake.mother died = A nu thih a theih tikah a lau i mah hnagal loin a um.(n.(n.) tawite lawng a nungmi. e. meithal kah phak.(n. You should try to do better = Ttha deuh in tuahnak zuam awk a si.(n.(v. 4.(n.(v. There is a shortage of fish = Nga a um lo.(n.g.) arfi zuang shop . shod . e. ceu.(n.(n. meithal in kah.g.(n.) past tense and past participle of shine. thil a rak um kho ding asinain a um ttung lomi. shorthand . ziah. kalter. meithal kuan.(n. "I shall come next week. 3. duh lo. meithal in kahnak. shore .) kedan .) participle of shear.) radio chuahnak tahning.) ti le tikam vawlei an i tonnak.

The sight of human manure sickens us = Ek hmuh nih kan Page 246 . luak. 3. 2.) zen le kuan rawnmi bomb.) biaknak hmunthiang .) hmailei thil kong a chimmi nu sic . 2. e.(n.(adj.) con shrinkage . e. 2.(n.) burbuk tampi umnak a simi shrug .) aw thia aw sang. con. showily . e. shower . khuahrum bo shrink .) mi nih ka zoh hna seh ti ngaiin. hmuhsak.(n. camera (khemara) chung i ceunk luhnak le a hungtu.(n.(n. luak chuak i um.(v.(v.) hmuhsaknak tuah thiamnak. A deer is shy = Sakhi cu a phing. shuttle .) connak shrivel . 2.) arhmul tukmi shy . e. rit.(v.(v.) mah lam sial thiam rigainak.(adj. ngandam lomi.) tlanglawng lam thlur in tlanglawng lamte i tlanglawng lam thlur zulmi donh lonak ding ca i hei kalter khi shunt a si.(n.(v.) 1.(n. shower . 2.(n. showcase .cu ti chungah a nam. hmuhsak.) hme tete i can.) 1. a tawi cangmi shudder . shuttlecock .(n.(n.(n. By show of hands = Kut thlir in. shriek . cawh. shrunk . shrub .g. e.) cu bantuk tein.(n.) langh duh tuk deuh a simi shrank .g. showmanship . e. shrew .) 1. phih. shrunken . 2. show off .(n.(v.(n.) past participle of show.) a ro a car i a kor. sam cikcek. khar.(n.) zakzumnak sibyl .g. phit.) ttih tuk / khuasih tuk i ther thluahmah shuffle .) aw thia ngai thang ngai ttung in au . shun .) 1. 3.(v.) cu bantukin sur thliahmah.(n.(n. kingkuar shrine . showman . nor.(adj.(adj. thlennawn. shyness . a pelpawi.) hmuhsaknak tuah thiamnak. thia tein thlehmi thil. lanhter. show .(v.(v.(n.(n.g. 4.) a conmi . donh. e.) zakaum ngaiin. phentu. a phingmi (phiing).(adv.) puan in zual.g.(adv.(v.(adj. e. showiness . lanhter.g. sick .) a zaw.) thlen nawnnak.) chawdawr i mi nih hmu hna seh ti duhnak ca i thil an langhternak thlalang bizu showdown .(v. a ning a zakmi.) langning ti i umnak.) mah ca ttha ding thil a hngal kho ngaimi mifim . 2. langhternak. sicken . shroud . shrimp .(v.) 1.) cawhlek show . thleh.) thiamphei. shuffle .(v.) hmuh-saknak.(n.(v. He shuffled the cards = Phe kha a cawh dih hna.) thihtuam puan shroud .) laughter mi nih ka nmu hna seh ti i tuahmi.) a aw a thia ttung i a sang ngai ttungmi shrill . shove . shyly . Shut your eyes = Na mit chin. shred . pek.) 1.) duh lo langhternak ca i liang cawi.g.) 1.) tangka coih i a miak hmuh lawnglawng a duhmi. shred . There is not a shred of evidence that he took the money = Tangka kha a lak tinak caah tehte thil a pelpawi hmanh a um lo. chinh.(n.) ruah a sur thliahmahmi. khartu. ai shrill .) hrial shunt .(n.g. kal tik i ke a hnuh in hnuh.(adv.) mizaw.g.(v. shrapnel . showed . mah lam sial a thiam ngaimi shrewdness . hmuhsak. 4. mi hmai i tei langhternak. 2. zapi a hem lomi. khumh. shut . God shows us mercy = Pathian nih zaangfahnak a kan pek. a zawmi.(n.) ahodah aa tei deuh lai ti in heh ti ah pakhat le pakhat i tinak. shuttle .) burbuk shrubbery .) ngaikuang .) mibiatamnu shrewd . con. a zaw.) thiamphei bantukin i cawh lengmang.(v.) hei nam shovel .(n. 3. shutter .) past tense of shrink.(n.(n.(n. nor.(adj. showy .(v.(n. Shylock .(n. pek. shown .(n. 3. sick . The bird sickens when kept in the cage = Vate cu bawm chung i hren peng ahcun a zaw.) burbuk an cinnak hmun shrubby . khar kanh. kut thlir. He wants to show off his fine clothes = A hnipuan ttha kha mi nih ka hmu hna seh ti a duh. e.) past tense of shrink.past participle of show .(adj. a sawng.

luak a kan chuahter. 2. Page 247 .) 1. Pu ti bantuk a si. e.(v. hmelchunhnak.(n.) pu bantuk sinak. e.(n. sullam. hla hram thawknak i a aw le a ki le a vuak.) khattelei kap i tan e. hei zoh tik i hluah ha ko a lomi. 2. at sight or on sight = hmuh cangka in.(n. sierra .) 1.(adj. sight seeing .(n.) fingrilh .(n. 4. tlang pang. aa dawhmi. silkiness .g.(v.) 1. side . lei.(adj.(adj. puanhmai. minthut. hmuhsak. biapi a simi.(n.(n. e.) 1.(n. datari.(v.(n.) sinni-or.) sullam hei langhter Signor . silence .(v. signal . kap. Dogs have better sight than birds = Vate nakin uico nih hmuh khawhnak ttha deuh an ngei. Walk on the left side of the road = Lam kehlei kap in kal. e.(n.) 1.(n. The side of a box = Thingkuang sir. sidle .) aw daihtertu.(n. 2.g.) chun ih sieve . chunglei.(v. 3. significant .(adj. hmuhning. pu in tahmi hnipuan a simi.) a zaw lengmangmi. pialte. A hawile cu amah lei kap ah an tang zungzal sideboard . signpost . sickening . 3.) luakchuak a simi sickish .(n. e. mit hmuh phak. e.(n. He signaled the car to stop by raising his hand = Mawttawka dirter awkah a kut a thlir. hmanlek. hrap (hraap). signification .g. sight .(v. 2.) a zawmi a lomi sickle . 2.(n. a verb cu besiege a si. e. zoh awk tlak.(n. pu a lomi hnipuan.) a tungtlang lawngin langhter..) pu rungrul silky . It is pleasant to be on the winning side = A teitu lei phu si cu a nuam.(adv. e.(n.g.) hmelchunhnak sign . adj. silent . A four-sided box = kap li ngei thing kuang. a kam i hei fuh. The mountain was silhouetted against the sky = Tlang cu van he zoh chih tikah a tungtlang lawngin a lang. fingrilh chungah chiah i cuticun phulh.(n. meithal hman (hmaan). sidewalk . We live in sight of school = Kan sianginn in mit hmuh phak ah kan um. e. Niagara Falls is one of the sights of the world = Niagara tisor cu vawlei cung i zoh awk tlak pakhat a si. 3. e. silk .) zoh nuam .) 1. e. kulh.(adj.) pu.) tazeih significance .) daihter. 3.(adj.(adj.) a sir i hei fuh. sidetrack .) tlanglawng lam thlur in tlanglawng hei pialter i hei chiahnak lam.(n.(adj.(adj.(adj.g.) khattelei kap i tan. pa a simi upatnak in kawhnak.) zawtnak. phu. Write only on one side of the paper = Cahmai pakhat lawngah khan ttial. 2. hnachet loin a ummi silhouette .(n. sigh .g. hmuhnak.) dai tein a ummi .) rakap nih kulh.) a sullam a hei langhtermi.sided = biafang donghnak i chapmi. talawn sift . hmuhsaknak.(v. sightless .) 1.g. zohning. pu bantukin a nalmi.) hnachet loin um silence .(n. side . zoh dawh sign .) India ram mi phun sam aa tommi. hmuh khawhnak. hmuhnak ngei lomi sightly . 2.g. silkworm .(n. silken .) kut in maw asiloah thil pakhatkhat in maw hmuhsak.) min thut signal . 2.(v.g.g.g.) hmuh.) faah (fa-ah). fingrilh in rilh. Silk thread = Pu la.(v.) pu bantuk.) a sirapleng in a kalmi. sir. siege .) tlanglawng lam thlurpi in lamte i hei chiah chungnak lamte khi sidetrack . 5. thaw i ip tungmang.) mitcaw .(n.(n. 6. He sighs for home = Inn a ngai.) langhter. lenglei. signboard . The inner side of the ball = Pumpululh a chunglei.) bizu sided . silencer . 4. sight .g. foresight cu a parlei hman khi a si i backsight cu a hnulei hman khi a si.) pial.) hmanthlak a nak lawnglawng a si i a tungtlang lawng a langmi silhouette . side with somebody . Dolls are precious in the sight of a little girl = Ngakchia nute hmuhning ahcun lentecelhnak tunu tete cu thil sung ngai an si. 6.(v.) khuapi chung mawttawka lam kam i minung ke kalnak lam sideways . langhternak. signature . He was shot on his left side = A kehlei hrap ah an kah.g.g. 5. e.g. 7. sickness . ram/facang hlehnak. signalize .(n. e.) tlang thluan i tlang a hun i chun lulhmi. biapi a sinak.) khuacuanh.g.(n. cahmai.) sullam ngeimi.(n. siesta .) -.g.) hmelchunhnak tarnak tung Sikh .) 1. I sighted a rabbit = Saveh pakhat ka hmuh.(adj.) hmelchunhnak tarnak thingpheng signet .) kam khat in kam khat ah. ngai. sideways .(v. siding .(v. His friends always side with him = A hawile cu amah kei kap ah an tang zungzal.(n. signify .(n. e. e. sickly . e.(v.

3.(adv.) a sami thli.) pakhat lawng tein . 2. Simple food = Rawl sawhsawhte a simi.(adj. silliness .) sualnak a tuahmi sing .(conj. hnu.g.. hawi nih tluk lonak singularly .(v. singularity . hlasak.(adj. 3. 2.g. e. My answer is the simple truth = Ka lehnak cu zuh lo chap lo biatak kha a si.) vawlei dip ti nih a kalpimi silver . sinewy . e. silly .(n. Cole at first refused the job but since accepted it = Mr.) thlalang awng.(v. simper . since .(adj.) zawng.(adj. kha caan le atu karlakah. tlangbawi rian hna cawk simoon .(n.(adj.(prep. i titer simultaneous . an i lo similarity .) 1.) i ruahchihmi pakhat lawng a ngeimi singleness .) mihrut .(n. hawi hlei in a thiammi. sinful . e.) pakhat hnu pakhat aa zul thliahmah in single-handed . a zuh zong zuh lo.) 1.(n.(n.) a tthawngmi.(n. Simmer the soup for one hour = Tihang kha tlok dengmang in suimilam pahkat in umter. tisa a tlawh tik i vi ti i a onh khi. hmun khat le caan khat i rak tuah ciomi simultaneously .g.) menmen simulate .(n.(n.) a hrutmi .) rian fawi ngaimi .) hlasak in sak.(n.g. sattil rawl khonnak silt . pakhat lawng. sincerity . simpleminded .(n.) a duh ngai bantukin nih. single . biaknak lei le Pathian lei he aa pehtlai in hman deuhmi bia a si since . sin . Since you feel tired you should rest = Na bat caah naa dinh awk a si. a fim lomi silo . sihmanhselaw kha caan le atu karlak ah khan a rak cohlan tthan.(adv.) hngalh fawi sinak . simmer .(v. hawi tluk loin. Cole nih rian kha a rak al.) 1. sincere . 3. cu ri thawk in.(adj. Boy is singular.(n. e.) 1. single file .(n.(adj.) i titer lo tein a ummi . hawi bantuk si loin. khangh singer . similar . hlan deuh ah.) 1. hngalh a fawimi.(n. innka. pakhat. John caught cold on Sunday and has been in bed since = John cu Zarhpi ni in cumpi nih a tlunh i cu ri cun a it peng ko. 2.) aa lomi .) i lawhter . thazang. singe .(adv.(n.(adj.) aa rual tein tuahmi . hnu cu.g.) ngun bantuk a simi.) tthat lonak lei i ttih a nungmi Page 248 .g. sawhsawh.(n.(n. since .(adv.) tlok dengmang in umter.(adj. e. 3.) hlan deuh in atu tiang.(adv.g.) pakhat lawng tein.(n.) taktak sinak sinecure .g. Charles works hard since he left school = Charles cu sianginn a kai ti lo hnu in rian fak piin a ttuan. a chap zng chap lo.) mah lawngin . He has been home only once since he went to London = London a kal hnu cu voi khat lawng inn ah a tlung. Boys is plural.(n. adj. i tluangtlam mi sawsawh.(n. caah.) fawiter simply .) 1.(n.(adj. pakhat pakhat tete in singsong .(n. va ngei lo nupi tthit loin mah lawng i a ummi. an hram i thingkhammi.(v.) ngun silversmith .(adv.(n.) tahchunhnak. a taktak a simi sincerely . hawi nih an tluk lomi.) pakhat lawng sinak . khuate mi lungthin a ngeimi.(adj. singly .) = hlenthawinak zeihmanh a lung chungah a ngei lomi.) hawi taktak sinak in.) zawng bantuk simian .(v. 2. simple .) Pathian lei thil a simi a cawk in cawk. e. fiannak . Mr. simony . sinister . 5.(n. e. aa rual tein.) fawiternak simplify . 2. 4.(adj.) i lawhnak simile . e.(adj. sawsawh sinak simplification .) i lawhnak. single-minded .(n.g. simian . 2. We have been up since five = Suimila panga in kan tho diam cang. tangka tampi hmuhnak a si i ttuanvo a um ttung lomi sinew .) 1.(adj.g.(adj.) thli lut loin tuahmi khor . thahri.) sualnak .) aa ruang tein. similitude . khuatemi simplicity .) pakhat lawng sinak. e.) hruhnak.) hlasami.) ngun soser silverware . 2.sill .(v.) tlawmpal tein hrem . singular . e.(n.) ruahnak a tlawm deuhmi simpleton . hawi bawmh loin single-hearted .g.) ngun khokheng silvery .(adj.(adv.) hlasatu singing . e. Old Jack died long since = Jack tarpa kha hlan deuhpi ah a thi cang.

sir .(n.) a dak hah . 2.(n.(adj.(n.(n.) lazai .g.(num. biaknak lei zong i Panthian a zum lomi. ngawinak tampi ngeimi.(adj. skim milk .(v.) a let ruk sixteen . thirhrum.(n.g. sister-in-law .) hmun.) a dak an hui cangmi cawhnuk skimmer .) vokkuanglawng hmete.) hri hrual awkah a tthami khau kung sissy .(n.) lungawttawm in umnak.(n. van.) cu bantuk i hawhra cung i tlik/kal. e. six .(v.) uhkang.(n.(n. sisal .(n. sire .) a dak a huitu. umtuning.(v.(n. thil bangmi.(n.(v.) 1. a phul.(n. skillet . skid .) misual sinuosity .) kheng tawlnak le ti thletnak pakankuar nganmi.) sawmruk sizable .(n.) far. 2.) a tungtlang lawng a simi.) a tawkawng tit sirocco .) hmaizahnak in biakchawnhnak. skilful .) a tungtlang sawhsawh in suaimi sketchy .) thlitu min.) zungthiammi.) hringsortu pa.) 1.) ngawinak.) hawhra cung tliknak kedan skater .(n.(n.(adj.) ruh chung kua hnar he aa pehmi Sioux .) paruknak a simi sixtieth .(n. fut. inn hmun. sinus .(n.(adv.(v.g.) lungawttawm in a ummi.(adj. tichung i pil. situation . a dak hui skim . e. skeptical .sink .) hawhra cung tliknak kedan in hawhra cung i tlik skate .) tthut.(n.) far sinak.) zungthiammi skilfully .) zungthiamnak skilled .(n.(v.(n. 2. sip .) tungtlang he aa pehtlaimi skeleton .) tlawm tein din .) mileng khan situated .S. Bawipa ti khan a si. sisterly . Africa ram in Meditrrranean rili i a hung hrangmi.(adj. tlumh. rian.(n.(n. 3.(adj.) hawhra cung tliknak kedan i danh in hawhra cung i a tlimi skein . skepticism .) hleiruk sixth . site . America ram Indian mi miphun pakhat.(num. The school is situated in the centre (U. e.(n.) ti chungah a pilmi. skiff .) tungtlang . sizzle .) a zum lomi.) tto in ti dawp.) a dak. skim .) chiah.g.(n.) paruk sixfold . hawhra cung kalnak thingphel pahnih a saumi ski .(v.(n. nu zong nih a u/nau nu kha sister a ti khawh.) plural of sky.) far bantukin mi a dawmi sit . ski . hmetngan. 3.) a ngawimi.) nu bantukin a ummi pa sister .(n. The birds sit on the branch = Vate thingnge ah an i fu. sitting . umter.(n.(n.(v.(adj.(adj. Page 249 .) a sirlei i nal i tluk skies . a tuah tawn zungzal i a thiam ngaimi.(n.(v.) Su tiah a awchuah a si.(n. e.) 1 tthut. size up = zei bantuk mi dah a si ti tuak. pil. He can read fifty pages in one sitting = Voi khat tthut ah cahmai sawm nga a rel khawh. kaw.(n.(n. sinker .(num.) 1.) sathau linh tik i a onh khi skate . sink . 2.) zungthiam ngaiin. a fiang lomi.(num. teh siphon .(adj.) a ngan nawnmi size . skill .) ti dawpnak tto siphon . umnak hmun. sketch .) nupi nau/u nu sisterhood .(adj.) sawm ruknak a simi sixty .(adj.) hawhra cung kalnak/ tliknak ca i fung sau nawn pahnih . He was sitting in the room = A khan chungah a thu. e.) tawhfung tawhinn tampi a hung khomi skeptic . laduang skeletal . sitting room .(n.(n. a zum ngaingai lomi. A hen sits on its eggs = Arpi nih a ti a tlumh hna. sinless . sirloin .(n. takpum ruh skeleton key . pilter. phul a huitu.(n.(num.g. sinuous . She is trying to find a situation = Rian pakhat hmuh awk aa zuam lengmang.) sualnak a ngei lomi sinner . center) of town = Sianginn cu khua laifangah a um.

3.(v. skywards .(n.(n.(v. slacker .) ralkap tlawmpal tlawmte an i kahnak skirmish .(n.(n.) lungpher.) sal a caw i a zuartu. ah.(n. skirt . halwh. at.) sachia sky . 2. daithlan.) tlawmte lawng a simi..(v.(n. sa pel .) tawhrolh tluan slag . lanhtak.(v. 3. i thuh i bawh skull .) cilkiri chuahter.(adj. Has your roof a sharp slant? = Na inncung cu a chenning a fak maw? slant .(v.(v.) 1.(adj.(n. slacks .(adj.) sa thahnak inn slaughterous . slack water = tilet a um lo bik caan.(n. inn sangpi.) tilawng cawng bawi kepten skirmish . e. slack . 2.(n.) thah.(n. skip . She skips over difficult words when she reads = Ca a rel tikah bia har kha cu a lanhtak hna. tlu. skinny . thinghawng themh.) sal sinak slavish .) innka fak piin khar slander . Most handwriting slants to the right = Kutttial tam bik cu orhlei ah a tlu/ngawi.g. Slav. skin .) sal ngeitu slaver .) van le vawlei an i tonnak. themh. 2. Work slackens on a hot day = Nilinh ni ah cun rian cu a nuar deuh. slash .(adj.(n.) hni skulk .(adj. thah.) hawhra cung i hmanmi leng. Slovaks le Yugoslavs an si.) ngawi.) a kam in hrial.) past participle of slay. skirt .) sal slave trade . cuar.) thahnak he aa pehtlaimi. van a hun hnor khotu inn hna. slave . slavery . skyscraper . a khul nuarhter.) sal cawknak le zuarnak slaveholder .(n.) 1.g.) thah slaughter . skylight . a daithlang mi.) mah rian ttha tein a ttuan duh lomi slackness .(adj. slaver . slayer .(adj.(n. thing cek.) thathut.(n.(n. thangchiat slanderous .(v.) thattu sled . per. pante lawng a simi.) sal bantukin a ummi.(n. hawng banhla hawng.(n.g. e. slaver . slatternly . Lambs skip in the field = Lo ah tuufa an i hlok.(n. slam .) kawpi hlum pan tein riammi.(v.(n.(v.(n. skipper .) phuahchommi holh slant . sledge .(n.) a sang ngaingaimi.) cilkiri.(v.) thir ek slain .(adj.g. cu miphun chung ummi cu Russia.(v.) 1.) tampi thahnak slaughter house .) nichuahlei Europe ram i a ummi miphun. Poles.) ralkap tlawmpal tlawmte an i kah khi. e. e.(n. slap . phaw.) 1.(n.(n. Don't slacken your efforts till the work is done = Rian kha aa lim hlantiang na tuannak kha nuarhter hlah. sa bawh .(v. dormi.) pel .g.(n. skimpy .) mikhiar.(v.(n.) tlawmte lawngin pek.skimp .(n.(v.) aa filhhnawmmi. a nuar deuh.) hawhra cung i hmanmi leng Page 250 .) van lei ah khin.(n. slay .) ahnak awng.) luruh skull cap . .g.) lukhuh. Zong slayed.) calung slattern .) 1.(n.) mider ttiangttuang. e.(n. 2. skunk .) aa filhhnawmmi nu. e.(n. 2. e. skin flint . slaughter . Czechs.(n.(v.) van sky-blue . slaw . dorh.(v.) a hmaan lomi puh . 2.(n. skin . skyward .(n. vanhramdeng.) bengh slash .) 1. slacken . slate . Bulgarians.) van lei ah khin.) inncung/siling i thlalang awng skyline .) thangchiatnak a simi slang .(n. slab .) chennak.(adj.) a hmaan lomi puhnak slander .g. Slacken the rope = hri kha dorh.) a cuar hawh a phaw hawh.(adj.(n.) vandum zawng skyey .(adv.

) past tense and past participle of sleep.g. 2. e.g. din tein slim . sloppy . sleuth . He slid a knife into his pocket = A zal chungah namte dak tiah aa sanh. cucu thih. A sloppy ground = A cinmi vawlei.g. 5.(n. 3.) par.sledge hammer . 2. e.g.) 1.) nalnak.(v.) 1. 4. a daithlangmi. a ngan lomi. sling . tthutdan cabuai khuhnak puan. a thiami.(v.) 1. aa hngilh bantukin um.) 1. 2.(v.) past tense of slay.(n. thawn. bai. ui fir kal in kal slip . phawi.(adj.) nawncek umnak a simi.(adv. e. slick .g.g. thilrit cawinak i hmanmi hri. He slipped on a slippery road = Lam nal ah a ril. nawncek bantuk. e. ruh kiak. She slights her work = A rian zei ah a rel lo.) 1. slide .) tlanglawng dal ihnak a ngeimi sleepwalker . slip on = i hruk i aih.(n.) a tlor a nalmi sleep . e. slice . a thli tein pek. The soldier slung his rifle over his shoulder = Ralkap nih a meithal kha a liang in a bai. slippery . slip . 2.(n. John slings stones at the cat = John nih chizawh kha lung in a cheh. nal ngaiin thawn. 3.) kut ttuan rannak in tuahmi mitleh slender . sleight-of-hand .(n. slipshod .) cheu . 5. Page 251 . zeirel lo.(adj. e.g.(n.g. sleeve . slightly .) 1. 4.(n.) 1.) 1.g.(v. a zuk slit .(adv. e. ihnak khan a ngeimi tlanglawng dal. railway sleepers = Tlanglawng lam thir danh thing.(v. Your name slipped my memory = Na min ka vun philh ta duak. nalnak.(v.) hrival slipper .g.) 1. 3.g.) past tense and past participle of slide.g.(v.) hawhra cung i leng in kal sleight .) nalmi slipshod .(n. nal i rilh. e.(n. 2. hnipuan i hruk tik i daithlang in i hruk. tlanelnul in a ummi. 3. a hmete a simi. She slipped the note into his hand = A thli tein ca kha a pek. Asleep = I hngilh. a nal.(n.) hngilh buin kal a hmangmi sleepy . thleh . a tlawmte a simi slime . ahnak. I have a slight headache = Ka lu a fak nawn. nawn.) 1. lung in cheh. 2. 4.(n. the last sleep = hngilh hmanung bik. peh awk ca i sahmi thing nge hmete. 2.) tlawm tein . 2.) a thiami slept .(n.(n.) par khat . zong slayed. slew .g. 2. e. sleep sickness . e. kut ttuan rannak.) 1.(n. She slipped out of the room = A thli tein inn chungin a chuak.(adj.) phanah slipperiness . slicker .g. She is a slight girl = Amah cu mi thia a si. landslide = mincim. a phei lei in khammi thingthluan.. dak tiah sanh. 3. nalnak.) ihhmu kut sleet . a cin a ciarmi.(n.) thlehnak.(n. slight . slink . 4. palhnak.) a thiami .) zawtnak phun khat sleeper . changreu par khat slice .) angki ban sleeveless . ih. She felt slighted because she was not invited to the party = Puai i an sawm lo caah zei ah an ka rel lo tiah aa ruah. sleepily . ralring tein tuah lomi. nu angki chungnawh le hni chungnawh aa pehmi.) a tlor i a nalmi. e.) ram vaihnak uico. slit .(n. thingte chai.(n. bainak puanchia a saumi.(n.(adj.(adj. a thli tein kal.g.) 1. The car slips and falls off the edge of the road = Mawttawka cu a nal i lam ilthlang in a tla. nal ngaiini thawn. ban bul sleigh .(v.(v. nalnak i sermi thingphel.(n. lungehehnak saphaw hri per. slip off = i phoih. ih.(adj. 2.) kut thiamnak.(n. A sloppy table = a cinmi cabuai. slide . e. e. e.) ihhmu kutnak sleeping car . sleep off = hngilh cih i holh lan.(adj.) ruah dawn angki slid .) hawhra le ruah a cawhmi sleety . tawn.(n.) bia fang khat maw bia tlang khat maw mibu bu khat nih an biapi bik aupinak i an hmanmi slop . e. sungthoh. ka lu din tein a fak. The seeds sleep in the ground all winter = Khuasik chung vialte cu thlaici kha vawlei chungah an i hngilh ko. a phei in siseh a tung in siseh a awng a saumi khi. kut ttuan rannak in mitleh tuahnak. slipknot . sling .(v.g.(v.(n. cheunak.(n.) ihhmu ku ngaiin sleepiness .) hawhra cung kalnak leng sleighing .) tlanelnul in thlet.(adj.g.) angki ban ngei lomi . e. Slice the bread = Changreu kha par. She slipped the ring fom her finger = A kutdong hrolh kha a phawi. ban kiah.(v.) kedan i danh tik i hnulei kedil lamhchih.(adj. slogan . She was sleeping off a headache = A lufah kha lo lan seh tin a hngilhchih. a it mi.) sobul nganpi sleek . thah. e. slight . hmanthlak mei ceu in piahmi.) a thli tein kal .(adj. 3. sleep away = i hngilh thluahmah.(adj.) hawhra le ruah a cawhmi.(v. 2.

smear .(v.(n.(n.) duhsah .) thathu tlahniamhnuam in a ummi.) nalnak.(adv.(n.(n.) fak piin tuk smith . slug . smug . phaisa thlaknak kua.(v.) meikhu a khatmi smooth .) thli hmu kho loin tuah i thah. dawntu a ngei lomi.) mifim.) past tense and past participle of smell. a ttumnak.(n.(adj. sloven .) past tense and past participle of sling.(v.(n.g.) dawhnak.) ti khamnak le ti hunnak ca i tuahmi kutka slum .) rimchiami smelt .) a aw chuah cu slu a si. kuanfang. mah tuahmi aa lungmuih tukmi smuggle .(n. fel ngaiin. 3. mifel.(adj.(n. remnak felnak.g.(n. rul nih a cuar aa zirh khi.(n.) 1. 2.(v. sluggard . thir titnak sohor.) rem ngaiin. hnawmhter smite . There is a smudge on your shirt = Na angki ah a thur aa nalh. e.) khulnuarhnak. smoulder .) fak piin tlaknak.) meikhu smoky .) mithathu.) 1.(v.) 1. sluggard . smoke .) mah le mah aa zum tukmi . slung .(adv. a thurhnawmmi i nalh dih.(n.) a tek (teek).) a khul nuarhter slow .) a mit a kumi slump .) 1.) soser. A slump in prices = Thil man fak piin a tlaknak. fak piin tuk.(v.) a thli tein. dawh ngaiin.) awng hmete.(n.) chungttial ngei lo meithal smoothness .(v.(v.) hawhra le ti aa cawhmi sly .) nawncek slug .) a tha a thumi slough .(v. smartness .(adj. bai zal bai. smack . smooth . dawkawng phun khat.) thurter .) khuai.) fikfa thawlnak meikhu. sludge . The boy smashed the window = Ngakchia nih thlalangawng a khuai. slush . e. He slumped in the mire = Nawncek ah a tlu.) fak piin a tlu.) hnipuanhruk aih lei ah siseh ziaza lei ah siseh a daithlangmi slovenliness . smash .) sobuk smog . sluggishness .g.) i nalh dih. 2.(n.(v.(v.) raise zawtnak smart . e. sluice .(adj.) mirh smirch . e.) misifak pawl khuapi chung i i tet thup i umnak sang slumber .) rim smell .) hngilh slumberous . e.) a thli tein thil a ti khomi . a kormi kha milter.) a hmemi smallpox . nawncek umnak hmun. zong smelled. midawh. smote . 2. nalter. smack .) mawttawka chungah cun a khul a nuarhtertu. smart .(n.g. mizer slyly .(n. slovenly . smell .(n.(v.(v.) cite phun khat lufah le lungmih i hnimhtermi smelly .) fak piin thongh. hlasak i biafang pakhat nih aw hnih aw thum a kemhchih khi. puanzar tilawng a hme phun. tumnak.) thir a tittertu.) a aw chuah cu sluf.(v.) 1.) mei alh ttung lo i a nun peng khi smudge .(adj. smithy .(v. smelter .slot . kamtemh. slump . smile .) hngilhnak slumber .) meikhu le minmei aa cawhmi.(n. nawncek a nawn in aa nawnnak. nal ziahmah in biachim a thiammi.(adj.) kamtemh small .) thir titter smelt ..(n. The cut smarts = A tuknak hma kha a tek. a nalmi. blacksmith = soser.(n.) a thli tein ram chung i thil a luhpitu/chuahpitu Page 252 .(n.(n.(n. 2.) a thli tein le upadi he i ralchanh in ram chung i thil luhpi/chuahpi smuggler .) daithlannak.(adj.(n.(v. thathutnak. e.(adj.(n.(n.g.(adj. khulnuarmi slow .(n.(adj.g. puk ti i hnamh i a ringmi khi. silar ti a si ve ko khi. smoothbore . a tha thumi.(n.(n. 3. smother .(v.(v.(v. milnak. smartly . hnimh.(adj.) thur aa nalhmi. slough . slothful .(v. sloth . 2.(adj.(adj.) diathlang ngaiin.(adv. smudge .) rim hnimh smelling salts .) past tense of smite. slow . slur .) thathutnak. a thawtank tlawmte aa telmi. fiang set to i chim thluahmah.(v.(v. The sauce has a smack of pepper = Meh cu tlawmpalte a thak.

a hnawmtammi capo bia. snack .) bawi le chawngei a uar tukmi . ti chungah/nawncek chungah fek tein a tangmi fung.) thlitu nih a ponmi hawhra pon snowdrop . snap .) rap snarl .(adj.(n.) rangchak phun khat.(n.(n. hnimh.(n. snail .) 1. hnimhnak.) rap i i hoih. 4.(v.(n. The rope snaps = Hri cu a cat.) 1.(n. snuffbox .(v. hnar fik. fung zum. sneeze .(n.) hnar fiknak.) rawl tlawmte ei snaffle .(v.(n. sneaky . a thli tein helhhum. snare .(n.(adj.) a thli tein thil a tuahmi.) sam temnak hri snoop .) hleh.) hawhra tam tuk a tlak ca i khualtlawn khawh lo /i chawhvah khawh lo a simi khi snowcapped .(v.(n. snuff .(n.(adj. The dog snapped at the child's hand = Uico nih ngakchia kut kha dak tiah a seh. a thli tein pel.(n.) hawhra huinak seh snowshoe . snapdragon . e.) rul snaky .(adj. cu bantuk a si lomi zei a rel ttung lomi .g. cunglei bawi tawzat a huam tukmi snobbery . hawhra bantuk a simi.(n.(n. snipe .(n. sneer . snuff .) khuhsi dip hnimhmi chiahnak/i kennak bawm Page 253 . 2.) hawhra cung kalnak kedan snowstorm .(v.(n. We heard snatches of their conversation = Bia an i ruahmi kha a tlawm tete kan theih. tannak (taannaak) paohpaoh. ceh.(v.g.g. 2.) tlawm tete.(n. a thli tein luh/chuah.) nehsawhnak langhternak.(n. snoop cu around le into ti bia fang hna he hman an si.(v. smut .) zeirello nehsawh ngaiin ti. 2.) cirdawt snipe . i hngilh i hnar khi snort . sneaking . fangvoi zawtnak.(adj.) melmang. sniff .(n.) 1. snub .) hngilh snore . mifir bantukin i chawh.) hawhra tlang a pum in an sermi.(v. snub . sneak . hnar phit snout .(n.) hmih mei hmih.(n. sniper .(adj. snooze .(v.(n. snowdrift . 3.) 1.(v. dawnkhantu paohpaoh. snip . a kiak/a cat.) 1. snigger . a fo vutcam nak bantuk i a cangmi khi.) 1.(v.(n.) hawhra nih a khuhmi. 2.) hachio.(adj. 2.) phenhnak a ngeimi hmun in meithal in a kaptu snob .smut . vok hnar bantuk.) hawhra totho snowy .(v.) pangpar phun khat snowfall .) a bilh i a par a pirhmi.(n.) bawi si a uar tukmi snood .) uico nih a hani aa hlih i a ngur khi snatch . a thli tein mah siangngakchia hawi kha an kong sayate sin i va chim.(v.) bia in siseh. muihmai in siseh nehsawhnak langhter.(n.(n.(v.) khulrang in tlaih snatch . e. rul tamnak hmun a simi. riam. ttumtting bantuk thil hnawmmi in hnawmhter.) 1. snag . dak tiin seh/tlaih.(v.) riammi thil pelpawi.) ihhmu snooze .(n.(v. virhkhoih. snuff . snowbound .(v.(adj.(v.(n. He sneezes = A hachio.(n.(adj.(v.(n.) vok hnar snow . sneezing .) pangpar phun khat snapshot .) cengkeuh . melmang bantuk hnawm.) hawhra bantukin i rangmi snowball .) a thli nawn in nih snip .(adj.) hawhra tlak snowflake . sniff .) hnar fik lengmang.) a thli tein thil tuah a duhmi.) hachio.g.) hnar in dawp.) hnar . 3. rul bantuk a simi. 2. thingnge. dawkawng snake .) khuhsi dip hnar i hnimhmi phun. smutty .) hnar tum .) hmanthlak duak tiin vun thlakmi khi snare .(n. hnimh. sniffle .) melmang bantuk i hnawmhter.) hawhra per tete snowplough . e.) phenhnak a ngeimi hmun in meithal in kah.) hawhra snow-white . e.) hawhra khuhmi.) bawi a simi uar tuknak snobbish . 2. 2.(v. sneer .(n.

(adj. chatpiat bantuk a simi. ray.(adv.) chatpiat buan soapy . and so = zong. a lummi hmun.(adj.(n. lan. hna hi hla aw an si.(n. a himmi.) nika.(n. John zong a um ve. so-so .) hawi he aa kom khomi social . te.(n. snuffle . So? = Tlanglawng cu a tlai.g.) hla aw min pakhat.) tthutdan nem soft . sodden . or so = hrawng.) ti nem. so far as I know = Ka hngalh tiangah so long .(v.(v. e. so . sofa .(prep.) a nuammi. For God so loved the world = Pathian nih vawlei a dawt hringhran caah.(adj.) a ttha tuk lo a chia tuk lo.(interj.g. me.snuffers . sojourn .(n.) i hawikomh.) a va pem tami.(n. e. e.(n.) vawlei soil . so . soda .) hawi he aa kom khomi socialism .) ni he aa pehtlaimi Page 254 . Speak clearly so that they may understand you = Na chimmi an hngalh khawhnak hnga fiang tein biachim. e.) nemter softness .(v.(n.(adj. Sol .) chatpiat aa nalh dihmi.) thing nem pawl.(v.) mibu sociological .g. lah. so to speak . sojourner .(n. hringhran. dawp.(n. theithu hang te hna bantuk soft water .g.(v.) hnawmhter.) thil khumhnak kua.. soil . zeitluk hmanh. va pem ta. so .) tah i ik sober .) dam tein. so that . sociability .) chatpiat soapsuds .(adv.) zu a si lomi dinmi .) nakhnga caah. tahchunhnak ah kan mitmu umnak kua hna hi sockets an si.) tiangah.(n.) cu bantukin timi cu so far .(n.(adj. 3. cucaah tampi aa hngilh.) ahohmanh zeihmanh.(n. 2. e.(v. socially . va tlawn ta.) a ttha tuk lo a chia tuk lo so-so . thil suknak i a thami.) ri lo tein umnak soccer .(v. e. Cun tah? so called .) ciah. cu bantukin.) ram khohter.(n.(v. sod .g.(adj.(adv.(n.) fimhring tein a ummi .(n. He went home a day or so ago = Inn i a tlunnak cu ni khat/hnih hrawng a si cang.) hmawca a tawi phun socket .g.) zapi duhnak/tthatnak kha pumpak duh/tthatnak nakin i biapi deuh ti in ruahnak /cawnpiaknak socialist .) nemak. Jack went to bed early so he got plenty of sleep = Jack cu tuan tein a it. a ri lomi sobriety .(conj.) a cin cikcekmi sodium .(adj. The chair was broken and has been so for a long time = Thutdan cu a kiak i kha bantukin saupi a um cang.) mei hmihnak cengceh. The train is late. e. doh. You are so kind to him = A cungah zaangfahnak na ngei ngaingai. soggy .) hnangamnak.g. solace .) sawda phun khat soever .(n. 3.(n. soh.) hawi he i komh khawhnak sociable . soap . ngaingai.(adv.) cunglei i hung kai/zuan.) va um ta. solar . so and so = anih le anih.(v. fah. so on and so forth = cu bantuk vima cun. soften .g.) cun tah?. e. thurter.(n.(conj.(n.) zapi duhnak/tthatnak kha pumpak duhnak/tthatnak nakin a biapi deuh ti in a zummi socialistic .) cu bantukin a si hei ti awk a si ko soak . snug . adv.) pumpululh.(interj.) sawda ti. ruahti.(n. 2.(n. ram in huh. sob .(adj.) a nemmi soft drink .(n. Dick is here and so is John = Dick cu hika ah hin a um.g.(n.(prep.) zapi he um tinak lei ahcun society . doh.) cumpi.(adj.(n.(adj.(adj.g.(adj. snuffles .(adj. e.) a cin cikcekmi soh .) cucaah. cu tiangah so far as . e. soar .) minung bu he aa pehtlaimi thil kong a simi sociology . farthingte hna bantuk.) minung bu umtuning kong cawnnak sock . softwood .) 1.) atu tiangah.(n.) cumpi tlunh i hnar in thaw fak piin chuah khi.) sawda soda water .) zapi duhnak he aa pehtlaimi socialize .(n. Water will soak through the earth = Ti cu vawlei chungah a lan lai.

2. tlang hleili lengmang a si i tlang khat ah awfang pahra lengmang a ummi sonny .) 1. Cucu equator in Chaklei i a si ah Thlanglei i a si ah ni a hlat bik caan kha a si Tthal caan ah June 21 asiloah 22 a si i cucu Summer Solstice ti a si.(v. cun khuasik ah December 21 a si lo ah 22 ah a si i cucu Winter Solstice ti a si i ni a tawi bik caan a si. tlawmpal.(n.(n. somnambulism .) 1. aphi chuak hmuh khawhnak.) lawnglawng sole .) a zei maw ti tuktak in. Cucu soliloquy cu a si. a sullam fianternak.(n.(n. ram chungmi son-in-law .) hla phun khat .) zeimaw tiin somewhere . I shall go away soon = Ka kal zau lai. solution .) khalnak . Page 255 .) mit a kumi son . leiba a cham khomi.) htaphuahthiam.) a aw aa dawh ngaimi soon .(adv.) khal .(adj.(n. songstrees .(adv.) rumra a ummi . tluk hrawng.) ralkap soldierly . A ngaitu zapi nih khan cun a chimmi kha an hngalh ko.) ti i can khawhnak soluble . hmunkhat i um khawhnak solidify . mah lawng a simi solitude . Some seventy men worked here = Hika ah hin minung sawm sarih tluk hrawng rian an ttuan.) thirsengh soldier .) biaknak lei phung ningin rumra um tein tuah solicit .(n.(v. e.g. solve .(adv. hawi he um lo solo .) saram an ketin a te lomi pawl.) ralkap he aa pehtlaimi. Some dogs are large = Uico a cheu cu an ngan. lungretheihnak solid .(pron. sonorous .(adj.) hla songbird .) fak piin nawlnak/halnak tuahmi.) a khalmi .(n.) zeimaw caan ah somewhat . 3.(n.) mui khepkhup pit khepkhup in a ummi.(n.g. solemn .) i hngilh bu in kal somnambulist . songster . ti a si lomi solidarity .(n.(adj. sihmanhselaw nawlcawngtu a hawile nih khan cun an hngal lo.) a sullam cu ni a dir tinak a si.) pakhat lawng nih tuahmi. kedan tanglei. kepha. lung i khahnak .(n. somersault .) pate.) thil zeimaw sometime .) zaangfahnak .) aho nih dik. 2.(n.(n. 3.) leiba cham khawhnak solvent . cucu ni a sau bik caan a si. ti ah a cang khomi.) mah le ma i chawnh/mah le nah bia i ruah. Salt is soluble = Cite cu ti ah a cang kho.(n.) fapa .(v.(adj. Nawlcawngtu nih zapi hmai biachimnak ttheng cungah amah lawngin a dir tik i bia a chimmi.(v. e.) ti i cang khomi.) pakhat lawng nih sakmi hla solo .) i hngilh bu in a kalmi somnolent .) fak piin nawl . ti i can khawhnak.(v.) aho nih dik somehow .(n.(v. aphi chuak hmuh khawh.(adj.(adj. e. ti hna a khal khi solidity .(n.(v. 2.(adj.) hlaphuahthiamnu. soliloquy . 2.) hlasak thiammi vate. sole .(n.) zeitik maw ah. some how or other . zawnruahnak .) past tense and past participle of sell. soliped . dawtnak in ngakchia pa pawl kawhnak. lungtaktein tuahmi solemnity . somebody . sombrero .(n.(adj.(adj. solvency .(adj. solitaire .) 1.(adj.) fianter.(n.(n.(n.(n.(adv.) rumra solemnize . solubility .) 1.) fanu pasal song .) pakhat lawng nih i celhmi lentecelhnak solitary . sihni.(adv. nawltu.) lukhuh tlang kau phun some . solicitor .) zei maw ti in someone .(v.(n.) 1. a cheu cu.) mah lawngte in umnak . solicitude .) khuazeimaw ah somewhile .) zeimaw tikah sometimes . hal solicitous .) pakhat lawng a simi .(n.g. solder .(adj.(adj.(n.(adv.(n. kedan tanglei benh.) bingtalet in rilh. sonnet .g. soloist . 2. 3.(adv.(adv. e.(n. zuar.) i hlumte i umnak . something .) zau. hahnak soliloquize . mah le mah lawng i chawnh/bia i ruah.(pron.sold .) a pak in hla a sami solstice .(n.) haltu.(n. sombre .

) thlanglei South Pole . 2.) an kulhmi hna ralkap.) eihthiammi nu sorcery .) a ngaih a chiami sorrowfully .) zu din tuk ruang i a thluak a ttha ti lomi sottish . sort .(n.(n.) (plural) hri in a thuh puanh an tahmi.(adv. nunak. sorry .) past tense and past participle of seek.(n. sop up .(n.(n.g. sound . I like this sort of mango best = Hi hai phun hi ka duh bik. thawng a umtertu. sot .(n. soulful . thawngthanh.(n. khuapi chung thil umtuning a hngalmi. e. 2. ngakcia a ttapmi hnemh i ngamter soothsayer . e. sound .soot . harnak a tongmi hna nih bawmhnak halnak ca i an thanhmi hmelchunhnak a si. khuangtum thawng. sorrow .) ngaihchiatnak sorrowful .(n. ti a thuh tuk i a ne phak khawh lomi. 2.(adj.(n. sophomore . aa filhhnawmmi. sop .) a saunak cun Save Our Souls = Kan nunnak kha kan khamh tuah u. e.) ngaihchia .g. hulter e. Please sop up the water with a piece of cloth = Ti kha puanchia in dawp.) vawlei cung thil umtuning. soundness . dawp.) thim. minung. out of sorts = i nuam lo. ti i chiah.(adj. sophistication . e. sounder .(adj.(n.(n.) fu phun khat sorority .(v.g.) ngandamnak. 2. a sullam cu college ah maw sianginn pakhatkhat ah maw nu nih khan bu an ser i far rual kan si an ti. supareno kan timi khi sorcerer .(adj.(n. Ti kha puanchia in dawp sophism .(adj.) ti i ciahmi changreu hlum.(n. SOS . 3.(n. 2. a ping i mi a kalpitu fimnak.g. ttha tein. tiva hna . e.(n. siarem lo i um.(adv.) a fahnak nemter .(adj. a kulhtu hna ralkap doh awk i phutti i an hung chuah khi.(v.) dam tein.) azawng senduk a simi anthor sen.) a thur a hnawmmi.(adj. ti a thuh le a puanh tah.) hmailei thil um ding ka chim kho aa timi .) 1.(n.) cu bantuk aw khi sought . Mary has a sore throat = Mary a hrom a fak.) far rual sinak.) doih . cerh south .(v. soup .) far lak kan i chawh i farhnah thli nih a chem hna i a thawng khi.) 1. This is a sound man = Hi pa hi mingandam a si. soothe .(v.g.) mi cungah dawtnak lungthin a ngeimi soulless . sound . 2. bochan awk tlak sinak.) a ciinmi soprano . e. I am sorry that you could not come = Na rat khawh lo cu a poi ka ti ngai.(n. He is in sound health = A ngan a dam. We are in soundings asiloah we have come into soundings ti cu tikam kan naih cang i ti cu pe 600 nakin a thuk ti lo tinak a si.) nihchuah-thlanglei. Page 256 .(n.) a fakmi.) 1.) tihang sour .) ttumtting a khatmi sop . sough .(n. soul .) hram .(v.) zu din i a hrutmi sough .g.(adj. Sop the bread in milk = Changreu kha cawhnuk ah ciah. e.(n.(n. He sorted out the best apples = Epal ttha bikbik kha a thim hna. sophisticated .) High School asiloah College ah kum hnihnak a simi siangngakchia.g. ti a thuh a puanh a tahtu. 3.(abbrev.) 1. hulter.(v. 2.) khuapi chung tlonlenning hngalhnak.) ngaihchia ngaiin. 2. cin cikcek.) 1. sophistry . sortie . sophist .(prop. thawng. kawl. e.(adj.) phun.(n. ti a si.(adj.) 1. khuavang sooty . sounding .) vawlei thlanglei a donghnak bik Thlanglei Pol timi southeast . soundless . ti a thuh puanh hri par i a ritmi thil an thlaih i an tah khi.g.) hla sak tik i aw sang bik . apori ti ngai. thlarau.) thil kong chimnak le ceihnak i a hmaanmi a si ttung lomi duh awk ngai si dawh a simi. We are sopping wet = Kan kechik in kan luthlung tiang kan cin cikcek. The pines sough when the wind blows = Thli a hran tikah far hla an sa.(adj.) dawp .g.) ttumtting. sore . soundings .(n. soppy . sort .(n. thawng a ngei lomi.(v.(n.(n.(n. eih sordid .) a fim ngai ko na i thil kong i ceihnak le i ruahnak ah a ping i mi a kalpimi.) a hmaanmi a lo ttung i a hmaan ttung lomi. rili kam an naih pah cang i tak khawh a sinak hmun.) 1.(n.) hma sore .) a thormi source .(n. hi bantukin an tahnak in ti cu zeitluk dah a thuk ti an hnglahmi. e. mi a ping i a kalpitu a simi.) a dammi.(adj. sorrel .(adv. soundly . mi nih an ruahning va hneksak i hngalh vaa zuam.) mi cungah dawtnak lungthin a ngei lomi.g.) eihthiam sorceress .(n. sorghum . tili ngan deuh pahnih a pehtu tili hme deuh a zalmi.(adj. 3.

(v.) thlanglei a hoihmi . a tlawmmi.) Spain ram le mi he aa pehtlaimi. khap khat.(adj.(n.) 1. tuah khat sattil tuah khat.) thlanglei ah.) thlanglei bik a simi southward . 3.) a ci a choi cukmak.) 1. hnuhdawh a lomi.(adj. lehhmah peruk tluk. caan tawite chung.(v. 3.) nitlak thlanglei ah. cilchak.g. ruah a sur thiaimal khi.g.) thlanglei ah southwest .) 1.) pithlung sparse . Spanish .g. sparing . theh.(n. sparkling .) nichuahthlanglei ah a ummi. space .) a panmi.g.(n. hnuhdawh bantukin a ummi. khap in tah.(n.(adv. spangle . The sky is spangled with stars = Van ah arfi an i benh thup. soviet . Rain spatters on the road = Lam cungah ruah a sur thiaimai.) 1.(adj. The road is bad for the space of two miles = Lam cu khan hnih chung a chia. tuah loin um.) 1. 2.(adj.g.g. span .(v.(n. spare .) Russia holh a si i khawngsil (council) tinak a si sow . spat .(adj. a surh in surh thuaimai.(adj. spacious .(n.(n.(v. spangle . e.) nitlak thlanglei. southwestern . e. Spare a few bars of soap for me = Chatpiat tlawmpal in rak ka zuah/nganh/chiahpiak te. a ngan bikmi.g.(n.) past participle of sow .(n. a thaphet a phinter i a baitertu spawn .(adj.) 1. e.) 1. The garden is on the southward slope of the hill = Dum cu tlang thlanglei kap ah a um.g. thlaici vorh. caan ngei loin a hung chuak dukmi.(v.southeaster . span . Page 257 . A spanking breeze = Thli a hrang siahmahmi.(adj. He spatters mud on the wall = Vampang ah tlak a theh.) meici sparkle . nawl ngeitu bik a simi. spark .) Spain rammi. soya bean ti zongin ttial a si.(n.(adj.(adj. a lawngmi hmun 2. e. spank . thlaici tuh.g.) hman rih loin i chiahmi thil.(n.(adj. cengkol fa.) nitlak thlanglei a simi. spasm . spasmodically .) a tleu durhmarhmi sparrow .(v.) past tense of spit.g.g. chiahpiak. 2. southward .(adj.) 1. e. e. Southern Hemisphere . a hlat a naih.) i sumren ngaiin thil a hmangmi sparingly . a biapi bikmi.) nichuah-thlanglei in a hung hrangmi. 2.) thlanglei simi.g. spat .) hmuiper spaghetti . e. e.(n. southwester . e. e.) rang zawtnak .) a bengh in aa bengmi. e.(n.(v. Spare the rod and spoil the child = Fung in tu loin um law ngakchia cu na hrawh ko lai. The bridge crossed the river in a single span = Hlei cu tiva cungah tung le tung karah aa thlai.(n. a fang a kau i a nemmi spavin . The bridge spanned over the railway lines = Hlei cu tlanglawng lam cungah aa thlai. nganh.g.(adj. e.) philh lonak caah tuahmi thil sovereign .) bengh spanking . Sparse hair = Sam a panmi.) khohsuai phun khat. cozah dang nih si loin amah tein aa ukmi. 4. sovereignty .(n. phep.(n. spatula .) vawlei pum a laifang equator in cheu i thlanglei a hrap cheu. spare .(n. kedan kemit hup.(adv.) thlanglei kam ummi. Bullets spattered the wall = Kuanfang nih vampang cu a surh thuaimai. southwards .(n.(v.) nga tehna sawngpate tehna an ti.) tamhnak ca i hmanmi thil tleu tete i dawh seh ti i benh tungmi khi.(adv.) sumren ngaiin.) Spain mi holh. e.) 1.g. Spanish . Spaniard .) cu bantuk tamhnak thil benh thup khi. hmun.(n. thlanglei hoih in southern . southernmost . tuh soybean . sow . spatial .(n.(v.(n.) nitlak thlanglei in a hung hrangmi thli southwesterly .) hmun lawng kaupi a simi spade . southeastern .) hnuhdawh bantukin dutdut tiin hung um in. 3. souvenir .(n.(n.(adv.(adv. 2. southerly .) hnuhdawh spasmodic .(n. 4. He walked southward = Thlanglei ah a kal.(adj.(adj. zuah. tung le tung karlak.(adj.) siangpahrang sovereign . 2.) behrum. 2. 2. cun an fale a keuhka tete zong.) hmun he aa pehtlaimi spatter . i thlai. The bus spatters us with mud = Baska nih leicet a kan pheh. 2.) siangpahrang sinak. Her dress was spangled with gold = A hni ah sui aa benh thup. e.(n.) si thuhnak ca i hmanmi namte bantuk .) nichuah-thlanglei in a hung hrangmi thli southeasterly . cengkol ti.) vokpi sown .

(v. a pawl le a senduk. e.) 1.) khua a ruat ngaimi speculator . e.g.(n.g. cafang ttial. e.(adj.) biachimtu.) 1.) British.) fei spear . spectacles .) mi hmurphun zoh in a chimmi hngalh khawhnak. spell .(adj.) hriamnam ah fei a hmangmi.(n. e.g. 2. thlarau. speak distinctly = Fiang tein chim speak out = thang le fiang in chim so to speak = cu bantukin a si hei ti awk a si ko.(n. cafang komh. This is a specific gift for me = Hihi keimah bing ca laksawng a si.) thil umtu ningcang.) 1. a sung lawi ngaimi. specification .g.) khulrang ngaiin. e.(n.) hmai a deh tete um. e.(n. speech . e. a dum.(n.(n.) khulrang ngaiin mawttaw in kalnak ding ca i an tuahmi lam. Eye specialist = Mit lei i a thiam khummi.U.(adj.(n. theithu.(n.(v.) 1.) zei tluk rang in dah a kal ti tahnak seh.(adj. species . camhthiammi nih camhnak i an hmanmi bia. speak . spectre .(v.(n. speculation . muthla. specious . speckle .g.(n. ticket hna a rak i cawk ong i a zuar tthanmi sped .(adv.) zapi hmai i biachimmi .(adv.(v. thiam khunnak a ngeimi. tahnak seh spectrum .) muthla.) ttial hme tete in a nak in aa dehmi. speculative . khua khannak i upa bik. holh speechless .(n. cu sette kha sette timi. speedy . speaker . a khul a rangmi.(n. zoh phu. e.g. thlarau.(adj.(n.g.) 1. aidi a ngei ngai i mi a suai kho ngaimi Page 258 .) khulrangin a tlimi.(n.(n. speculate .g. e.) a khunhlei a simi .) zei tluk rang in dah a kal/a tlik tinak.(v.(n. speeder .) tihang ca hmanmi rimthaw phun khat special . thil hmete. thil zuar awkah rak i cawk ong.) zoh dawh. There is no specific reason for their quarrel = Cu set ruangah an i si ti awk a um lo.(adj. e.(n.(n. spectroscope .(v.) fei in chunh spearman . mah bing ta/ca a simi.(adj. orange. speedily .) a khul a rangmi.(n.S.g.(n. He speaks English = Mirang holh in a holh. speedometer .(n. chim. mithla.spawn . spectral . e. 2. khulrang in kal. thukpi in ruah. thlarau he aa pehtlaimi.(n.(adj. speaking terms . spear . speedwell . mithla.g. sapesial specialist .) leng lang i dawh ngai i ser i a chung i a ttha ttung lomi.) thil aa cawk ongmi . spectator .(n. zeilo aa nehmi. spearmint .) a holh kho lomi .g. muthla.) zohtu .(adj. holh awk hngal loin a ummi speed .g. cu lakmi cu a dang he zohchih tik i an sining langhtertu a simi. How do you spell your name = Zeitindah na min na ttial? 2. specie . thinthun tuk i holh kho loin a ummi .(n. speckle . Specimen signature = Lehhmah thutmi a lehhmah thutmi a si ti a langhtertu. 3.) cuti set in siseh ti tuaknak specimen . a eng. 2. yellow. fahrin. What is the speed of the train = Tlanglawng cu zei tluk rang in dah a kal? speed . speedway .(n.(n. a hring. thil a man a ttum a kai lengmang lio i a man a ttha ttheo lai ti ruahnak in thil rak i cawk ong.g. indigo and violet = Chuncha nih khin azawng bu khat chung azawng dihlak a ngeih hna: a sen.) cu sette kha sette tiin.(v. specifically . speed reading .) zapi zoh awk i aa dawh ngaimi. chuahter.) a khunhlei in cawn/thiam specially .) titit.(n. A rainbow has all the colours of the spectrum: red. When C A T are put together they spell cat = C A T cahang hna cu komh tikah cat a chuak.) cuti set in siseh ti tuaknak specify . spell . thukpi in ruahnak.) azawng bu khat. tuahmi thil specialization . I have a speck in my eye = Ka mit chungah mithnawm a um. Delay spells danger = Rauh nih ttih awk a chuahter.) past tense and past participle of speed. Wheat is a species of grass = Changvut hi ram phun khat a si.) mithman . e. 2.(n. tarmit spectacular .g. blue.(v.) thir tangka.) a khunhlei in a thiammi.(v. speciality . e.) khunhlei in tuahnak/cawnnak/thiamnak specialize . zong speeded. e.) khulrangin tlik.) holh.) a khunhlei in cawnmi thil . 2. cuantu specter . 2. Silver dollars are specie = Ngun dollar cu tangka ngun phar an si.) ceunak nichawn . His face is speckled with freckles = A hmai cu phihlik ek in a ttial dih.(n. e. green.) thil tam nawn chungin an sining langhtertu ding ca i tlawmpal lakmi. specific .g.) pangpar phun khat. mithla. spectacle . speck .) 1.) phun.) a khunhlei ngaingai in. They were not on speaking terms = An umtuning cu a chawnh zong an i chawn lo.(adv.

na mermi thil pawl spindle-legged . lungthin. hman. pumpululh bantuk a simi. spendthift .g.) tilang tamhnak in tamh i a thawtnak. sungthoh.) zureu a simi thil spit . 2.(n.) mi sisih saram siseh a zit in aa zimi. The audience was spellbound by his rhetoric = A biachim thiamnak nih a hamh in a hamh hna. hnahnawhnak pek.(n.) tibel awng hru (ti um a ti chuahnak awng hruknak). thir zum he aa lomi favui.) thabat.(n. e.(v.) awdawh tumnak i hmanmi thil phun khat . spinster .) 1.(n.) lungthawhnak zeihmanh a ngei lomi spiritual .(n. spigot . 2. e. la zelh.(adj.g. spick-and-span . thlawt. spite . zong spilled.(n.(n.(n.(n.(n. bunghmi thil. 2.(n.(n.(v. cafang komh cawnnak cauk.) a pummi. spindrift .(n.g. hnahnem bantuk a simi spinal .(v.(n. a ral a chiami.) past tense and past participle of spell. spike .(n.(n.) khulrang tein i mernak.) past tense of spy. spineless .(adj.) tihang ttamh .(v.(n. The child has spells of coughing = Ngakchia cu a khuh lengmang.) mithi thlarau he i chawnh khawh a si ti a zummi. I want to spend Christmas at home this year = Tukum cu inn ah Khrimas hman ka duh.(n.cil.(adj.) zihmui phun khat spill . spent . inn a sannak bik a va zumnak te khi.(adj. e.(v.(v.) antam phun khat . spit .g.) past tense and past participle of spend.(n. spin . dothlat.) lungtho thatho ngai a simi spiritless .) thlarau lei thil i i zuamnak spiritualize . 2. a pummi thil. sphinx . bungh.(v.(n. spinach .(adj. spherical . The neighbours/neighbors let their radios blare just Page 259 . i zitnak.(v. hling.) thlarau he aa pehtlaimi spiritualism .) 1. thletmi thil bunghnak. zong spelled. 3.(n.(n. la an thlur khi.) lung milem nganpi a lu minung lu a si i a tak chiandeih tak simi spice . 2.) lazelh/lakhernak thir phun khat spinning wheel . ttial.) 1. 2.(v.) sawmpalak .(n.(adj. e. can. tangka hman. cafang komh. la kher. 3.) huel nga phun khat spew . kedan tanglei thir zum khenhmi. 2. ram hnah bantukin a zum ziahmahmi thil.) cafang komh spelt .) keng ruh chung thlik spindle . thlet ti thlet. 2.(v. e.g. spirituality . 2. maimomh spied .) 1.) a ke a sau i a thiami.) ti liamnak ding i tuahmi tilam spilt .) 1.) thlarau lei thil i canter spirituous .(n. masala spiciness .) hling le so a tammi spiracle . spindling .) 1.(n.(adj. spillway .(adj.) saram le butit khaubawk nih an pum i thaw chuahnak awng hme tete an ngeihmi spiral . spikenard .(n. chafak sphere . e.) thir zum in khenh.(adj.) changvut phun khat.) 1.(n. spinet . hreng hling le sakuh hling. 3.(n.tuthul.) 1.) va ngei loin a ummi nu.(n.(n. spend . khulrang tein i mer. khulrang tein i zit. 2.) hang tamh in tamhmi spider .g. spirit .) past tense and past participle of spill.) baw sperm whale .) ing puanter. 3.(n. spinning-jenny .) tilet nih a hun vorhmi tiphul spine . 3. 2.(n.(n. cafang komh a cawngmi. thadit. A football (soccer ball) is a sphere = Pumpululh hi a pummi thil a si.) a tung a sang ngai i a der ttungmi.(adj. spill .) luak .) cilchak.(v. spin .(n.(adj. speller .(n. spiny .) lakhernak thir phun khat.(n. umnak hmun. It's no use crying over spilled milk = Thletmi cawhnuk tahhnawh cu zeihmanh a tthahnem lo.(n.) thletnak.(n. sperm .) thar hlirhhlerh tein thiang hirhiar tein a ummi spicy . thirkhenh ngan pipi a zummi. piano bantuk spinnaker . ngiat.) lathlur . tlonlennak hmun.) aa kualmi thil a chonh in a kual aa chonhmi spire . caan hman.) mithi thlarau he i chawnh khawh a si ti zumhnak spiritualist . thlarau.bia. spelt .) camhnak biatlaih hna bantukin tlaih.(v. spellbound . kengruh.) tilawng puanzar kaupi phun khat spinner .) 1. spike .(adj.) 1.) tangka a sawksammi spent . zureu.) keng ruh he aa pehtlaimi spinal cord . kengruh a ngei lomi. chungin chuahter .) 1. spirited . spelling .

tiluanternak pep. hranchaw latu. spout . thing pelpawi tampi umnak a simi. spitfire .) ti a dawp khomi thil spongy .g. 2. 2. dotla. split . ceh split .) 1. splintery .U. sunparnak le lianhngannak.) hnawm i nalhmi.) keu khat a khatmi spoor . zeilo hnawm i angki hawi hna a sehnak hmun hi. sport . 2. a cik in aa cikmi ti.) thil kuaimi a awnh thawng khi. spot . mi cung i tthat lonak tuah duhnak lungthin.) tlah. soisel awk zeihmanh a um lomi.) 1.) hranchaw.) British. splash . 2.) cheu . lakphak chuannak ketali hmur.(v. ti theh. splash . chim.(n.) cheunak split second .(adj. spoil . spleen . hmelehunhnak.) ti a dawp kho a simi sponsor . spoilt .) lentecelhnak.(n.) 1.) lentecelh a duh ngaimi sports . The children went to school in spite of the rain = Ruah a sur nain ngakchia cu sianginn an kai ko.g.(v. spoiler .) muthla spooky .) lente aa celh zungzalmi.(adj. He sprained his ankle = A fengbeo aa merh.(adj.(adj.(adj.) a per (peer) kho zaumi thing.) merh. spotted .(adj.(v.) mi pakhatkhat kha ka zohkhenh lai tiin biakamnak a tuahtu sponsor .( spite us = Kan innpa hna nih an radio thangpi in an chuah cu kanmah ing puanter an duh ca sawsawh a si.) i varh nawn i a hung ummi thil sporadically . hnawm nih a sehmi. spittle .) la. sportsmanship . 2. splendid .(n.) i merhnak Page 260 .(v. spontaneity .(v. ruh kiah tik i temchihmi tem.) 1.(v. a cerdukmi thil. spore .) 1.) i varh nawn i varh nawn in. 2. la he a pehtlaimi.(n. e.) 1.(adj.) saram sul sporadic . chim. e. spotty . hrawh .(n. Water spouts from the breach in the pipe = Pep a kuainak in ti a cik in a cik.(n.) laril zelhnak fung . a ing a chiami. thinghniar. sprain . thinghniar 2. 3. ti peh.(n. e.) ti theh. thil hnawm aa nehmi.(n. 3.) muthla bantuk .S. a ttialmi.) 1. aa dawh ngaingaimi splendor .(n.(n.) mitthep ah splotch .(adj.) lentecelhnak.(adj.(n.(v. 2.) darkeu spoonful .(n. in spite of = nain. ti chung i thil pakhatkhat a tlak i ti a pehter khi. a tin a tawimi. minung kan chung i a ummi la. a hmaan lomi spool .) lente i celh. 2. spouse .) amah duh tein thil a hung chuah thliahmahnak spontaneous .(v.) ti a cik in cik.) ka zohkhenh lai ti in biakamnak tuah. spoken .(adv.) sulhthonh in peh splice .) thinhun le lunglawmh i holh aa nawn bantukin holh cukmak. 2.) a ttha ngaingaimi . sportsman .(n.) tikam i a hun i bengmi tisuar.) hrawh spoil . spokesman . 3. on the spot = cu hmun bak ah cun.) par loin kung thar i a kheu (karh) khomi sport . mi zapi an mit aa futnak.) saikel kekual/cawleng kekual i thir/thing fung tete hna khi.) mibu pakhatkhat nih anmah aiawhtu biachimtu ah an chiahmi sponge . splinter . splatter . 2. zong spoiled. 3. tikam i ti a hun i bengh khi.) past participle of speak. 1. drama tuahnak i a tuahtu pawl fiang khun in a vun ceuhtu hna ceu.(n.(v. lungchung i uamnak. splice .(n.(n.(n.(n. spoke .) amah duh tein thil a hung chuakmi spook .(adj.(v.(v.(n.(n. 3.) mi thintawi. make sport of = nihchuak i saih.(n.) nupi zong a si va zong a si spout . thing pelpawi. hrawktu.(n. spoke .(n. 2.(n.(v. splenetic . 2. a cerdukmi thil. film zelhnak fung spoon .(v.(n.(n. splutter . 2.(n.) 1. sprain .) 1. sunparnak le lianhngannak.(n. hnawm nih a sehnak a ummi thil. spite .) cil.(n.) 1.(n.) 1. splutter . thlalang kuai a pelpawi. cikdot in a ummi.(n. splint . 1.) lentecelhtu lungthin angeimi. splendour .(n.(n.g. sportive .(adj.) past tense and past participle of spoil.) past tense of speak. spotlight . do a tla lomi.) 1. spotless .(n.

2.(n. e.(n. peh. a cawlcang ngaimi spring . sprinkler .) 1. thulh.) keuh . alu.) 1.) fung in zarmi tilawng puanzar sprocket . sprayer . kheuh.) pakpalawng i hman . sawksam Page 261 . e.(n. spread .g. peh.(n. i koih khawhnak thazang a ngeimi thil. spree .) farthing phun khat sprung . rang cittu nih a kedil i rang hnawhnak caah thir zum aa khihmi.g. a nuam hgaimi puai.) ti khulrang ngaiin a cik in aa cik khi sputter .) i hlawhnak ca i an chiahmi phelpheng .) titheh springtide . To spring a mine = Mine bomb hmanhmi phelh i puahter. khuachia spritsail . mer.(v.) 1. peh. tlawmte.) miralttha spur .(n.) ti buanbara buanbara.g.) past tense and past participle of spin.(n. zei i rel lo. sprint . spray . February thla hrawng khi. Motor spring = Mawttawka spring. spunky .(n. 2. e. springkling .(n. 2.(v. 3. ruah le hawhra cawh in a hung ummi.) ti theh sprinkle .(n. 2.g. a kaptu. khlrang in tlik. e.) tilawng puanzar zarnak fung sprite . cunglei i mi a hun vawr khomi springbok .(n.) karhtertu.) tthal chuahka caan sprinkle .) leng kekual i a ha sprout . tlang in a zuangmi fing. te sprightly .(v.(v.) lasi . duh lo.(n. 2.(v. bomb hmanhmi puahter/phelh. sprig .(n. fiang hrathrai lo i khulrang ngai i chim len. e. e.(v. To spring a trap = Rap phelh. hlawh. spray . e. a theh menmen a simi. spring . squalor .) tidor dip tete i kah siahmah khi.(v. 2. spun . arhlikhong fek. spur .(v.(n.) a khul a rangmi. 4. There was a sprinkling of young people in the congregation = Aa pummi chungah mino cu tlawmte lawng an si.) 1.(n. The dog springs at the thief = Uico nih mifir kha a hlawh hnawh.) tidor dip tete.(n. It is foolish to spur on a willing horse = Nawl a ngai komi rang hnawhchih len cu hruh a si.) thlaici keuh tete . 2. samh. hnawhchih.) khulrang nagiin tawite lawng tlik sprit . e. nalh.(n.(n. zurit i tlabual i um. spy . karhter. spreader . The king spurned the slave = Siangpahrang nih a sal kha a chih.(n. spume .) bu . squall .(v. a taktak a si lomi spurn .(v.(v.) mingiatnak hmanbilu hmete.(n.(v.(n. The rider spurred on to his destination = A cittu nih khan a dongh tiangin a tlikter thluahmah.(n.(n.) vanlawng bu khat squalid .(v. sungtthoh spy .(n. hlawh. A rat is a spry animal = Zu cu a khul a rangmi saram a si. e.g.(n.(v. springtime .(n.) hnawm.(adj.) thlapa lai caan i tilet a sangmi.) a hmaan lomi . belhkeuh tete spruce .) past tense of spring.g.) South Africa ram i a ummi sazuk phn khat. rianttuan awk ca i an thimmi ralkapbu hmete squadron .(n. sprinkling .) thlitu. phah 3. thlaici keuh sprout .(adj. khak.) sathau uhkang chung i kan linh i a tlawh khi. 2.) fak piin ai fak piin tah. tidor dip tete kahnak seh. nge . spud .(adj.) a thur a hnawmmi squall .(n. sprawl .g. spurious . squabble .) cil.) ruah tlawmte a surmi. e.) 1.) hnachet ngaiin bia i al len .g. springboard . spunk .(n.) 1.(adj. spry .) ti a thehtu.) thlitu.(n.(v.sprang . ke le kut samh riangmang i bawh. The boy sprang to his feet = Ngakchia cu a ke in duak tiah a hung dir. rap phelh.) ngiat spy glass .(adj. khuasik aa lawh i thal a hung chuahka.) past tense of spring. hlawh.) a piang ngaimi .(n. Plants spring from seeds = Thingkung/ramkung cu an ci in an kheu. The judge spurned the bribe = Ziknawh kha biaceihtu bawi nih a duh lo. sputum .g.) raltthatnak. chuih.g.(v.) 1.) thingnge .g.) 1.(n. cerhtiput. 4.(n.) laileng fanote. a nuam lomi hmun.) 1.) mingiatu . squally .(n. zeihmanh ah a rel lo.(adj. 2. spurt . 2. squander . cattial tik i kutttial daithlang ngai i arthai bantukin ttial. e. 3. 2. 3. ruah le hawhra i cawh in dut ti i a hung um khi. tizik.) 1.) 1.(n. ram hram kalhnak tuhmui. titheh. squab . i hauh len squad .

(n.g. zapi ram le hmun a simi i a ummi. zapi ram i va um. square . squatter .(v.) a fekmi thil . e.g.(v. thil biapi pakhatkhat a cannak hmun.(n.(v.g.) nam in chunhmi hma stability . squelch . neh. 3. The square of seven is forty nine = Pasarih a square cu sawm li le pakua a si. stab . A stack of firewood = Thing on khat.) zapi nih hmuh dingin tuah. The table cloth is stained with ink = Cabuai khuh puan cu cahang nih a seh.) 1. 2.(v. damah le amah karh tik i a chuakmi.(v. tilawng i lei hlah seh ti i a kap i an benhmi thil. 2. 2. buahneh. hnawm nih a sehmi.g. e. Waterloo was the stage of a famous battle = Waterloo cu raltuknak minthang pakhat a rak cannak hmun a si. sang deuh in hun donhmi tuang.) 1. e.(n.square . e. mai phun khat.g. I was staggered to hear that he was dead = A thi ti ka theih ah ka lau ngai.(n. e. He has ink stains on his shirt = A angki ah cahang nehmi an um. squash .) ar an lau i an awnh khi. e. Don't squeeze the kitten = Chizawh fa ha hmet hlah.(adj. e.(n. ram a ngei bikmi.) nawncek lak i kan kal i kan ke kan phawi i a awnh thawng khi.(adj. stagnate .(adj. pon. 4. 2. tangka hmanmi i fianh i i pek. Let us square our accounts = Kan tangka hmanning kha i fianh u sih law i pe u sih. 3. lau.) American Indian nu. mah ram le hmun a si lomi i inn va sak va um 3.(n. a hang sur. stack . 2. fung.g.) 1. fehnak stabilization .(n.) a caimi mit . fehtertu. 2. hlasaknak aw tanbo.(n.(n. square . stain . raltuknak cawnnak sianginn saya pawl. His acts do not square with his promises = A biakammi le a tuahmi an i kaih lo. stage .g. e.) theithu hang surnak. A stack of straw = Capawl pon khat. squeak .g.(n.) 1.(adj. khua chung hmun pakhatkhat.) a hmaanmi.) thahri zawtnak.) luang lo i um hman awk i santlaih ti lo stagnation . mitcai squire . tung.(n.g. lente celhnak phun khat.g.) sattil chiahnak inn stack .g.) 1. e.) ngakchia saupi an tthut i an tthut duh ti lo i an i ngerhnguai len khi.g.) a tawi a chahmi.) dai tein a ummi pawl stain . e. Page 262 .) 1. America ah khuate biaceihtu bawi. squint . I can't squeeze another thing into my box = Ka kuang chungah zeihmanh ka benhchih kho ti lo. 3. hmailei kalnaki a dot a dot in a ummi khi. 2. tungvanghalh a simi thil. 3. Sixteen is the square of four .(v. St. e.g. First stage = dot hmasa bik. squaw .) keh a fawimi thil. i cawngor i um.) pon. 2.) nam in chunh stab . khi bantukin au khuan len.) khualtlawnnak ca i an rak hmanmi rangleng stagger . 2. stable .(adj.) nengpi stage . His character is without stain = A ziaza zeihmanh aa buahneh lo. vok ngek bantukin ngek squeeze .) luang lo i aa dilmi.g. 3.(v.) kek lakin nenh. rianttuantu pawl. on. e.) fehternak stabilize . squirm .(n. a fekmi minung stable . squatty .(adj.) a khuah a khuah in lam.) 1.) 1. tthiangtthunh. 2. 4. stag . tlum na lo i benhchih.(n. Water squirts through a pipe = Peng chung in ti aa zik. stadium .(n. 2. e.) 1.g.g.) 1.) thiahlei squirt .(n. The water squelched in my shoes = Ka kedan chungah ti an awn cukmak. 2.) hnawm nih a seh. square dance . You will get a square deal at his shop = Anih dawr ah khin cun thil man a hmaan a za in na hmuh lai. e.g.(v. e. We stack firewood = Thing kan on/pon.) tizik chung in ti zikter. squat . squash . They staged a demonstration = Sandah an piah.(v. 2. on.(n.(v.) 1.(n.g.chimning in tuah.) luang lo i umnak staid . 3. rul fung in kan tuk i aa ngerh cukmak khi. thahri amah cawl tein a cawlter lengmangmi khi.(v. The flag hangs on the staff = Tung ah alan an thlai.(n. e.) lentecelhnak hmun nganpi . inn zong a ngei i zohnak i tthutdan a dotdot in an chiahmi staff .Hleiruk cu pali le pali karh i a chuakmi a si. zurit i lam i hawl lengmang i kal.) zu an awnh an cik khi . e. kedil le kedil tonter in thut. 4. kil li ngei a simi thil pungsan suainak i hmanmi pedan.(v.) fek tein umnak .(v.g. stagecoach . e. chimtu saya pawl.) a cikmi squeal .g. a chung i thingkung le ram te nha an cin i lam nih a kam li in a kulhmi. hmeh.(n. A squashy place = A cin i a vawlei a nemmi hmun. den. Stagnant water = A luanglomi ti.(adj. England ram ah. fek lo i um.(v. stagnant .(n.) 1.(n.) fehter stabilizer . a nem a cinmi hmun.(v. She squeezed oranges = Theithu kha an hang a sur hna. thutbual in thut. squashy . Vitus's dance .(n. a dikmi.(adj.(v.) mah ram le hmun a si lomi hmun i khua a sami. e. squeezer . khuate bawi. cawleng ke si an thuh lo i a awnh khi squeaky .) vok ngek . tennis bantuk. squawk .g. squirrel . e.(v. 5. e.

His hair stood on end = A ttih i a hmul thithit a ling. in khawhnak stammer . 5.) i remh kho lo.(n. e. 7.(n. The old house stands (has stood) here for 100 years = Inn hlun hi hika ah hin kum za khat a dir cang. bia i chat kho lo i um khi. stand .(v.(n.) 1.(adj.) holh aa holh i holh stammer . chiahnak e. 2. Please stand the box here = Hika ah hin thingkuang kha a tung in chia. an tlawmtam . tazeih .(v. Jack stamped on the spider = Jack nih sawmpalak kha a lahm.(v.stainless . stand for = tanh. an pumrua le an tthatchiat kha aa tluk dingin ser standby . haukulhnak ca i zummi tung/hruang. Page 263 . standard time . He is in the first standard = Tang khat a cawng. a cawlcang lo. The men played for high stakes = Phaisa tampi an thap. caan saupi a rak um cangmi.(v. 2. The stakes were divided up among the winners = A teitu pawl nih khan a miak cu an i phaw. e.(n.(n.(v. e.) thazang . dir. e.(n. I cannot stand the smell = Cu rim cu ka ing kho lo.g. 6 thil ttha hmuh khawh ding cio maw sungh khawh ding cio maw a ummi. tun. e.) fangvoi kung. 2. 6.) ci thlahtu an chiahmi rangtum stalwart . biaceihnak zung i tehte tthutnak.(v. e. stake . cu bantuk tung zum ah cun misual thah ding hna kha an rak hren tawn hna caah cu bantuk dantatnak cu the stake ti a si.) thung umnak vawlei i tung bantukin thung lung a hung ummi hna khi stalagmite . thil tlawm tete zuarnak i an chiahmi.(n. She stamped the paper with the office stamp = Ca kha zung tazeih in a khenh. e.(n. stake . Your umbrella must be left in the stand in the hall = Na nithawng kha a khan chung thil chiahnak ah khan na chiahta lai. a hlunmi. He has much at stake = Tampi zong a miak khawh tampi zong a sung kho.g. phaisa thap. 3. 5. an thapmi chungin miak an hmuhmi. Each of us has a stake in the future of our country = Kan ram limailei umtuning dingah hin kan sungh khawhmi maw kan miak khawhmi maw a um cio. 3.g. thangtthatnak. stall .g. Stale food = A uihmi rawl.g. stalemate . biakinn chung hlasa pawl tthutnak. = Kihlum tahnak cu 92* F. 2.) aa ngol. 2. dirnak hmun. sullam dangdang.) a uihmi.g. thil chiahnak/bahnak. stampede .(n.g.) tlaihtleng a ngeimi kainak hlei stairway . e.(n.(n. He stood first in his class = Amah tang chungah pakhatnak a si.(v. Newsstand = tadinca zuarnak hrawl. stallion . The thermometer stands at 92* F. lakphak dawr. phekah/rang tlik zuamnak i phekahnak i thapmi phaisa. kainak hlei i lamhbak. stalwart . 4. stalactite .g.) 1. dawr hmete.g.) thung umnak kun a ttuang i thung a khalmi stale . Inkstand = Cahang dur chiahnak. e. hmelchunhnak khenh.) lukhawlo in zam/choi luhmalh. zung tazeih stamp .) 1. a thawngmi. e. e.(n. dikiri 92* ah a dir.) 1. staunch ti zongin ttial a si. 3. 2. in.bawmh dingah timh cia in um.g. stamen . staircase . kainak hlei.) zulh liomi nawlbia. stall . e.g. 3. e.(v. The policeman took his stand at the corner of the street = Palik cu lam kil ah a dir. 3. cawnak i kir hmun. piahzat/baisikup zoh i hmaisuang tthutnak.) 1. e. hmunkhat i umpeng.) 1.g.(n.(adj. stance .g. e. e. stand to = tuah sek ingin ralring tein um.) cuticun siseh ti ning i si dingin sernak standardize . 2.g. Let the words stand = Bia kha thlen loin um hna seh. a fekmi. standard . catang. stand .) golf a tumipa nih a vun tuk i dirnak hmun khi. 2.(v.) ram khat chung i mi vialte nih hman awk i khiahmi caan.g.) sapel.) 1. tannak dir hmun. Many plants cannot stand the cold = Ramkung tampi nih cun khuasik an ing kho lo. 7. He staked all his money on the black horse = Rang nak ah khan phaisa a thap dih. e. a tung in chiah.(adj. It is a feud of long standing between two families = An chung hnih karlak ah caan saupi a rak um cangmi i huatnak a um. thil pahat le pakhat le pakhat tahchunh tik i an i tluknak le an i dannak khiahnak ca i hmanmi.(n.(n. e.(n. e.) cuticun siseh timi ning in an hmetngan .) milubenh .g. e. 8. miralttha. 4. stalking-horse .g. standardization .(n.g.(adj.) mitthawng.g. Stand the ladder against the wall = Vampang ah khan arhlei kha hei tung. stalk .g.(n. stanch . 4. sungh zong sungh khawh miak zong miak khawh.g.(n. 2.) pangpar a mawimang a kengtu bawm stamina . e. a tthawngmi.) miholhaa stamp .) fek tein sakmi. standing-orders . standing .) 1. pumpululh chuih zohtu mi zapi an umnak hmun. 9.g. 5. stood on end = ttih i hmulthithit lin.(n.g.(n.) hnawm nih a seh khawh lomi stair .(n. hautung in ramri kulh. e.) kainak hlei a lam. He is a man of good standing = Mi thangttha a si. alan. Hunters stalk deer = Ramvai nih sakhi an pel hna. stalk . dir. tuar. stampede .) sapelnak rang.(n.g. He was condemned to the stake = Thah awkin a bia ceih a si. 6. lamh. hngatchan. stale bread = a hlunmi changreu. sattil hren/riahnak inn. e. The blackboard stands on its stand = Phalung cu aa hngatchan hnguah khan a dir.) a fekmi. baska/mawttawka a bu in an dirnak hmun.) thi chuakmi phih.) 1. The engine of his car stalled = A mawttawcar enzin a thi. 4. stanch .g.(n. e. thlen lo.) lukhawlo i zam lulhnak.

) lungthu hreng a simi.) zeizat dah a si ti tuaknak i a thiammipa statistics .) a chung i a bangmi a ummi rawl. dawhnak lei le rumra lei in milem he aa lomi. starve . e. A house is a stationary thing = Inn cu aa thawn kho lomi thil a si.) 1. ca hrenhnak thim kuai. station .(adj. e.(adv.) arfi star-spangled .(n.(v. state .(v.) rawl chung i a bangmi a ummi starchy . stationary . stateliness . start .) milem. thawk. The cruel man half starves his horse = Mi ttha lo pa nih a rang cu rawl ei lo huaha in thi dengmang in a chiah. starry .) cattialnak thilri a zuartu stationery .(n.(v. e. 2. khedan tehna statistical .) past tense of stink.(n.(n. A man of six feet is above average stature = Pa pe ruk a tung a simi hi zapi Page 264 .(v.(n. a dih umnak in .) tilawng chung i paraivet khan statesman . State your opinion in writing = Na ruahnak kha ca in ttial.) arfi tampi a langh zan. upatnak.(adj.g.) arfi bantuk .) USA alan.) milem hmete stature . e. arfi he aa lomi (nga a si) stark .) 1. 2.) rawl loin umnak. arfi bantukin i ceumi starling .(n. That fool is talking stark nonsense = Khi mihrut khi pakpalawng lawngte a chim.(adj.000 = Hakha khua chung minung zeizat dah an si ti relmi cu thong kul a si.(n. e. 3.) 1. Starvation caused his death = Rawl lo nih a thah. 3. e.) aa thleng lomi . starvation . start .(n. sunloihnak. Starry night = Arfi tampi a langh zan. Rice is the staple in Myanmar = Kawlram i an cinmi lakah a biapi bik cu facang a si. hmun khatkhat i an cinmi thil lak i a biapi bik a simi.g.) cattialnak thilri .(n. thomtur in um. caku . The statistical figure of the Hakha town population is 20. e.g.) chim. Stars and Stripes . e.) chim ciami. stare .(n.(adj.(adj.(adj.(adj.) lamhlat in um tak.(v.(n. khi thirkuai a vun kilhtu khi hasp a si. starveling . umtuning. e. stated .. 4.) hla cang staple . statuette . mawttawka nuntertu startle . e.S. e.) arfi nih a ceuhmi zan.g.) ca hrenhnak thim in hrenh. fikceu starlike .) rawl ei loin um.g.g. 3.) rawl ei awk um lo ruang i a zawmi. alan. starter .(n.(adj. State Department = USA cozah ah ram dang cozah he i pehtlaihnak Department. innka/thingkuang hrenhna i tawh vun thlaihnak thir kuai khi.g.) aa thawn kho lomi.(v. 3.(n. ttial. stanza . His body was lying in state = A ruang cu sunglawi ngaiin an chiah. e.(n.(n. Star Spanged Banner = U. rumra. Secretary of State = Ramdang Vuanzi.(n. e. a thu a nam.) milem. 2. 2.) rumra ngei ngaingaimi statement . staple . paoh (i hngilh i hlauh khi si loin thinphan i lau khi a si). The dog lay stark in death = Ui thi cu thomtur in a ril ko.) 1. stately .(n.g.) arfi.) tung. e. cafung .(v.(n.g.(adj. statistician . e.(n. He is in a poor state of health = Ngandam lo ngaiin a um.g.g. e.) 1.g. He made a good start = A thawknak a ttha. adj.) hlauh. I started a fire = Mei ka kau.(n. thawknak. thawh.) 1. The boys went swimming stark naked = Ngakchiapa hna cu an fangkarao in ti an i leuh. statesmanship . kau.(n. e.) vate phun khat.g. The bus started punctually = Baska cu hmaan tein aa thawh.(n.g. Railway station = Tlanglawng dinhnak.g.(n.(adj.) arfi ceu . Staple food = Lungthu hreng rawl.) dai tein dir ziar ko stank . mawtawka nunter. staple .g. His statesmanlike character was known to his friends = A ziaza mifim le upat awk tlakmi ziaza a simi kha hawikom nih an hngalh dih.) zeizatdah an si ti tuak thiamnak cawnnak statuary . state . cattial in chimmi stateroom . sunhloih awk tlak sinak. benh tungmi.(n. 4.(adj. starboard .) tilawng orhlei kam starch . cawlcangh lonak lei i milem a lomi. e. khiah ciami.(n. standstill . statue .) thawktu .) upat awk tlak sinak. fangkarao in. starlit .g.) rili chung i a ummi thilnung phun khat . e.(n. statuesque .(n.A.(n. star . lawng dinhnak hmun.) 1. rianttuannak i hmanmi hmun.g.) zeizatdah a si ti relnak.) mit fak piin i au i zoh peng starfish . cahang . 2.(adj. cozah pakhat ukmi ram chung i peng pakhat.g.g.(n. starlight . thok.) hmuhning.) mifim bantuk a simi. stationer .g.) uknak lei i a fim i upat awk le hmaizah awk tlak a simi statesmanlike .(n. dirnak hmun.) chimmi .(n. 2. e. Civilization does not remain static = Fimthiamnak cu a dirhmun ah thleng loin a dir peng lo. e. standpoint .(adj. 3. a dir hmun i a dirmi.) zapi uknak le zapi ca khuakhannak i fimnak static . lawngte.standoff .

um. ngiang. staunch . stay . a hrapmi steep .(n.) fung /thiangthunh stave .(n.(adv. kahpa thir in sermi.(v.) thli le ti nih donhnak a tlawm bik dingin a pumrua (mawttawkate hna tilawngte hna vanlawngte hna) nalte le dawh tein ser.(n.) kham.g.) a thli tein thil tuahnak.(adj.(n. stealth . thingkung a hram (vawlei chung i a hram khi si loin). pangpar ngiang. thirhri.g. pawtam dawn.g. The judge stayed judgement until he could hear both sides = An kap hnih in an bia a theih hlantiang biakhiap kha thawn/a tlaiter. tuchan ah cun tourist class/third class ti a si. steamer . kar khat.) tikhu in a kalmi enzin seh.) khualtlawnnak tilawng chung i a man a fawi biknak hmun. stem . 2. 2.(n. e. steadfast .) hmun .(n. in step hawi kehlan ningin hlan ve.(n. thei ngiang. hnah ngiang.) a tawinak in ttialmi stenography .(n. fir.(adj. e.) cawtum note.(n.) cawsa steal . 2.(n. He ate some bread to stay his hunger till dinner = Zanriah ei tiang a pawtam dawn ah changreu tlawmpal a ei.) a mawngtu stele .(n.(n.) tikhu bantuk a simi .(n. steak .) citmi rangtum steel . amah can ah.) rang tlik zuamnak i dawntu caah kahcham tehna hau tehna an thiahmi. bochan awk tlakmi.) stanch ti zongin ttial a si.) nawlbia . tikhu in a khatmi steed . steeplejack . stellar . sining status quo .) hnim.) 1.(n. kum hnih hrawng. 4.) biakinn hmai i darkhing thlainak innsang steeplechase . thi a chuakmi phih. kihlei ke an cawi i cawi ve. umnak.) tikhu in a kalmi lung rialtu steamship .) 1. kahpa thir. ke tengh thawng.) rimchia stencil . e.g.(v. out of step = hawi kehlan he i ruan lo. keneh. steadiness .g. thancho. In his stead = Amah hmun ah. steel .) a ttawinak cattial. 6.(n. 2. duhsah tein i thawn.) a chengmi . e. duhsah nawn tein thli a hran. e. pemh. steeple .) a tawinak cattial thiam.(n. steady .g.) khuailul thuhmi caku . hri. status . lmhbak. ke hlan khat. keep step = hawi nih orhlei ke an cawi i cawi ve. awng pemh. 2. can.(n.(v.) 1.(adj. e. steamboat . She steeped the tea in boiling water = Titlok ah lakphak kha a ciah/hnim. stealthy . step .) upadi he aa pehtlaimi staunch . steely . The wind steadied = Thli duhsah nawn tein a hrang.) thlan lungphun.(v. e.) a thli tein tuahmi steam . kham. 3.(n.(v.) arfi he aa pehtlaimi . stave .(adj.(v.(v. steamroller . The campers ate bird's eggs to stave off hunger = Rawltam khamnak ah ramriak pawl nih vate ti an ei.(adj. She stays at home = Inn ah a um.(n. 3.(adj.g.) mawttaw mawnghnak a steering steersman . zumh awk tlakmi. cawmtu.(adj. The oldest son was the family's stay = An fapa upa bik cu an innchungkhar cawmtu a si.(n. Steady the laddar = Arhlei kha fek tein tlai.(n. rauhter.(n.) tikhu in a kalmi tilawng. fek tein tlaih cawl lo dingin tlaih. 2. arfi bantuk .) kahpa thir bantuk.(n.) cuaithlainak khing. This post is steady = Hi tung cu a fek (aa hnin lo).(v. e.) 1.(n.(n.) innsang phiaktu.(adj.) 1.) mongh steer .(n.(n.) tikhu in a kalmi tilawng streamline .) a fekmi steadily . stealthily . a thli tein chuah ziar.(n.(adj.(n.(n. Page 265 .) muisam lei le hahnak lei kahpathir bantuk a simi steelyard . thil tuahnak ding ca i thawknak tuahmi.nak sang deuh a si. stay .) 1. 2.g. 4.(adj. stenographic .) duhsahte ttung fel ngai ttung in. 3. fek tein bunhmi.) 1. tlaiter.) tikhu steam engine . 2. biaceihnak zung nih an khiahmi tuah rih lo i thawnnak. stensil papar stenographer . He took steps to stop smoking = Kuan zuk ngolnak ding ca thawknak a tuah cang.g.) 1. e.) tikhu in a kalmi tilawngpi steamy . e. donh.(n.) a hakmi a fekmi a tthawngmi. ciah. upadi statutory .g. arfi ceu stem .(adv. 2. steady . steer .g.(n. steerage .(n. steep . 3.) a thli tein. 5. stench . steering wheel .) duhsah si ttung fel ngaiin tuahnak.) 1.(v. hlei. stead . e.) thil umtuning a si tawnning statute .) umtuning .

) ti ning kel tawn a simi sterile . fa ngei kho lo in umnak. 2. 2.) mi dang chaw kengtu sinak rian.(adj.(n. He was hungry. a thommi. e. still .(n.g. He asks a stiff price for his house = A inn man a tawk zawn lengin tam tuk deh a hauh.g.) nu ei steppe . stewardess .(adj. 2.) hauhruang karnak ca i lamh awk donhmi. 3. 2. cawlcang loin umnak stilly .) thil pakhatkhat kap hnih in hman a thlak i cu hmanthlak pahnih cu seh in zoh tikah pakhat in a lang tthan i kha a langh tikah khan thuk deuh le fiang deuh in a lang.(n. thaw chuah rem loin um.(adj.(n. stick together . 2.(v. stick . stiff .(n. a cingmi.(v. Don't step on my toes = Ka kedong ka lam hna hlah. a harmi. still .(n. thiangthunh.g. 2. stepbrother . stick . ningzak a simi thil ziaza i aa benhmi. fa ngei kho lo in i tuahnak. e. 5.g. 4.(n.(n.) lawng a hnulei sternum .(n.(n. e. 3.(n. stigmatize . 2.) sabuti stew . still .(adj. a tang. 2.(n. stereotyped .) 1. 3. zawtnak rungrul pakhat hmanh um lo dingin ti sa in chuannak.) fa ei stepfather . cawlcang loin a ummi. stiletto . e. 2. ke in lamh.) a bangmi. stickle . e. a fang a hmemi nam.g.(n.(adj.) kaltheuh.) phungphai tlai tuk i a ummi stimulant . 2.) 1. lawng chung i eidin lei zohkhenhtu.) 1.) thil hmete i terlengchai in a cawlmi.g.(v. e. 3.(v. sterilization . England cozah tangka.step . Don't stick your head out of the window = Thlalangawng in na lu chuah hlah.) a ttha ngaingaimi a taktak a simi. John sticks with his job = John cu a rian kha aa tlaih peng.(v. 3.(adj.g.) mizaw ngaihnak stevedore .(n.) tangruh (taangruh). thiah.) 1. stillness .) bannak. step up = karhter. The lake is still = Tidil cu tilet zeihmanh um loin dai tein a um. atu tiang.5% ngun a simi.) tilawng chung i thil a chuang a thumtu stew . Is the shop still open = Atu tiang chawdawr cu an hun rih maw? 2.) 1. e. e.(adj.g. My neck is stiff = Ka hngawng a thom. Stick together = I naih tein um peng u i tthen hlah u. Step this side = Hilei ah tlawm tein i thawn deuh. thangchiatnak hmelchunhnak. 2.g.(adj.(n. 6. 3.) daihnak . i tlaih peng. The jeep was stuck in the mud = Jeep cu nawncek ah a tang.(n.) zu chuannak um stillborn .(adj.) 1. stile .(n.(n. kham. stickler . e. e.) milunghak . thinghreu.g. 2. chuah.(n. e.g.g.(n. pangpar a buang a rak latu bawm. stern .(n. 2.(n.(adv. a thiang i rungrul pakhat hmanh a um lomi. stiffen .(v. benh. minung an cuar cung i thir lin in misual an sinak hmelchunhnak ca i hmelchunhnak an ttuahmi. e. e. sterilize .) a daimi.) tthomter stiffnecked . e. chunh. e. zawtnak rungrul pakhat hmanh um lo dingin ti sa in chuan.) 1. thil tahnak fung.) 1. cawlcang lo in a ummi.) 1. fung. fa a ngei kho lomi. i naih tein um peng. 3.) phong kaupi stepping-stone . rih.) 1. 92. Stiff examination = Camipuai a harmi. sterling . He sticks a flower in his buttonhole = A angki kep awng ah pangpar a thiah. Sit still = Cawlcang loin thu. sterility . sticky rice = Fathau.) 1.) lamh awi ca i chiahmi lung stereoscope .(n. kaw bantuk i bannak.(n.) dusah tein ti in chuan steward . The smoke stifled the fireman = Mei hmittupa kha meikhu nih thaw chuah kho loin a tuah. He stuck with a stick = Fung in a chunh. e. donh.g.) ta ei stepchild . fa ngei kho loin tuah. Stick a stamp on the envelope = Cabawm ah milu benh.) i naih tein um peng u .g.) thazang a hun umtertu .(n.(adj.) lawng chung i eidin lei zohkhenhtu nu stewardship . sticky . cu zohnak seh cu stereoscope cu a si.) pa ei stepmother . stethoscope .(v. e. chinchin. fawi tein kuaih khawh lomi.) milungtthawng stifle .g. stilted .) 1.) 1. nain. stigma . tlawm teini thawn.(v. a tawk zawn lengin hauhmi chawman. tamter. a hun cawlcanghtertu Page 266 .) cinnak.(n. e. i tthen hlah u stickiness .g. He is stigmatized as an illegitimate child = Lakfa na si ti in an serhsat/ an thangchiat.(n.) a thi cia in a chuakmi naute. sterling . stilt .(n. still he would not eat = A rawl a tam ko. riah.g.g. mi dang thilri zohkhenhpiaktu.) 1.(adj. e. asinain a ei duh hlei lo. You can still read better if you try = Naa zuam ahcun hi nak ttha deuh in na rel khawh chinchin lai. 7.) thangchiat. zaangfahnak zeihmanh a ngei lomi mipuar mitthalo stern . dai.(v.g.) thil hme tete i terlengchai i cawl. thaw chuah kho loin tuah.

) khiar ngaiin. stool .(n. cucaah dai tein in khawn hi a ttha bik tiin cawnpiaknak stoke .(n. zuar. a si awk a si tiin hnatlakmi.(v.(n.(n. stood . lung a tamnak hmun a simi.) past tense and past participle of stand.g. stokehold . stop .(adj. palik sungthoh.g. stint .) past participle of steal.g.(n. rap chiahmi chung i a va hawi a luhpitu laileng.(n. thingkung a kungpi.) mihnial .(v.) lung in sermi um.) pakhat le pakhat karlak i tangka chiahnak lehhmah i cawknak le zuarnak a tuahtu stockholder .) ralhruang thing in kulhmi . e.g.(n.(n. fir.) 1.(adj. stood on end = ttih i hmulthithit lin.(v.) lungthawh a harmi.) nuamhnak ton zongah harnak ton zongah dai tein a um khomi stoical . stool pigeon . ralhruang kulhnak stockbroker . lung hun thawhter.(n.(n. stingy . cawlcanghter.) kampani chung i tangka chiahmi siar (share) a ngeimi stocking . cawh. sting . He stocks rice = Facang aa khon/chiah.) henh. stoic . e.) paw stone .) henhnak stingily . stone .g.) hmawca sau stocks .stimulate .(v. e. 3.(n. e.) khiarnak. stock . stomach .) kampani i tangka chiahnak lehhmah an i cawknak le zuarhnak hmun stock market .) thil tthit stitch .) kun.(n.(n.(n.g. stoop .g. 6. hun cawlcanghternak stimulus . mei thal kuang.(v. stolid .g. The wind stirs the leaves = Thli nih thing hnah kha a cawlcanghter hna.) kampani i tangka an chiahmi lehhmah an i cawk an i zuarhnak hmun. stint . hreng khenhnak thing. stimulation .(v. chawlettu kampani chung i tangka chiahmi 4. hun cawlcanghter.(v. A stone's throw = Lung chep ah khin.) amah le amah ttha tein aa tlai khomi.(n. fung in sawh. 2.) sumnak. e. lung bantuk a simi. fir. e.(n. stock-still .) 1.) thinghnah a ngiang hram i a hnah hmete a ummi khi. A big box stops the way = Page 267 .(n. It was stipulated that the goods should be delivered within three days = Ni thum chungah thil kha nan hun chuahpi lai ti in hnatlak a si. stoicism . e.) a thu a rim a chia ngaingai. stocky . He is Puritan stock = amah cu Puritan hrinsor a si.) hngawng ngerh puan. phaisa hman i sum ngai.(n.(n.(n.(n.) 1. stony . ding thil i chiahmi.) hriamnam caah lung an rak hman chan stonecutter . rennak.) meiphu chung i thing/meihol an hei rawn i vutcam chuahnak awng. stipend . Bees sting him = Khuai nih an henh.(n.(n.(n.) lung in cheh. We stopped three days in his village = A khua ah ni thum kan caam. 5. e. She stooped to pick up her pen = A cafung char awkah a kun.(adv. 2.(adj.(adj. stipulation .g. e.) 1.(v. He stirs the sugar in his tea = A lakphak chung i thanthling kha a cawh. stolen .) tilawng chung i meiphu le ti tlawhternak umnak stokehole . (plural ah stimuli a si).g.) tthitnak stock .) thazang hun ummter.) i chiah.g. kum khat ah thla khat lengmang akhonh nan ka pek hnga. 3.) cuticun a si awk a si ti i hnatlaknak tuahmi stipule .) 1.) meiphu meitiktu stole .(adj. 2. a vervar lomi. hrinsor.(v.(v. He stopped the rat holes = Zu kua kha a phih hna.(adj.) nuamhnak le fahnak hi zeihmanh an si lo . Stone house = Lung inn.(n. stoker . 2.(n.(n. e. The farm was sold with its livestock = Lo cu a sattil hna he an zuar dih. stole .) lung in sakmi. He stipulated that he should receive a month's vacation every year if he took the job = Rian hi ka ttuan ahcun.) lunglei rian.) the stocks ti a si.(v.) 1.g.g.(v. cam.) lung tantu stoneware .) thah ding sattil an chiah chung hnanak hmun. hnatlaknak ding ca i ttha tein i chimh ciami.) hmaanhmaan tein pekmi bawmhnak stipulate . The parents stinted themselves of money to give it to the children = An nu le an pa hna nih an fale kha pek an duh hna caah phaisa hman an i sum.(v. a tawi ttung i a chah ttungmi stockyard . kham. e.g. stinginess .(n.(adj.(n.) thazang hun thawhternak . e. sattil. stir .) ek.) lung stone .(n. 2.g. dir.(n.) thazang a hun umtertu. tiin a chim cia hna. stonework .) rang kelamh stitch . lung a hun tthawntertu. phih. His hair stood on end = A ttih i a hmul thithit a ling.) mikhiar stink . 2. stirrup . e. Decaying fish stinks = Nga thu cu a thu. e.(v.(v.(n. stock exchange . 2. e.) i ren ngai i um.) past tense of steal. Stone Age . meitih.) 1.(n. chung. sting .) a cawlcang lomi stockade .

g.) thil chiahnak khan storey . straighten . (U. storm .(adj. e. Stout walls = Vampang fek.) 1. Black cu bank ah a dirtam.S. chuahkehnak ci le ruang. e. e.) biatllang donghnak i deh (. straitness . fiang tein. 2. hawi he aa lo lomi. felnak. 2. dir. stormy .(n. hmunkhat khat i zei tuah awk hngal lo i tan.g.) donhnak . e. e. They had stormy quarrels = Fakpi in i siknak an ngei.g. stow .) chiah . lentecelh zuamnak i hman a si bikmi. khon storehouse . 2. This rope of three strands = Hi hri hi zai thum komh hri a si. e. 3.) chawdawr store .(v.) bitnak. Cows straggle along the road = Lam zulh in caw cu a kenkiplo ah an vai.(n.g.(adj.(n. strange . e. a ngawi lomi straight . strain .g.) 1.) 1. zet (zeet).) 1. thil chiahnak hmun. e. stoppage .g. 3. Three storied building = Inn dot thum a simi.) 1. e. strainer . 2.(n. 5. 2.g.) chiah straddle . e. story .g.U. ci le ruang. straightforward .) a dingmi . e. He strained every muscle to lift the rock = Lung cawinak ah khan a thazang a dihumnak in a hman. e. kong stout .(adj. storied). 3.) thawlchin. ngolter.(v. stoutness . He has a Chinese strain in him = Tuluk ci le ruangte kha a ngei.) meipung stove .) elektrik tha khonnak battery store . lazai. Stormy weather = Thli he ruah he aa zimi nikhua.(n.) thil a baumi pakhat hmun a ra phittatu. straight away = khulrang in.(adj. The barrel was stove when it dropped off the truck = Mawttawka cungin pung kha a tlak ah khan a pem.g. e. ding tein.(adj. The man stopped working = Mipa cu rianttuan aa ngol. hmuh lomi.g. He was stranded at the airport = Vanlawng dinhnak hmun ali a tang. He felt strange in the city = Khuapi chungah lileng in a um. e. hawi nin in aa ning lomi. 2. ralttha. 7.(n. e. The strain on the rope made it break = Hri cu a lengtu rihnak (lungrit) nih khan a cahter.g.(n.) thil zetnak . 4. 3. stop .(n.S. The man stopped the children from teasing the cat = Mipa nih ngakchia kha chizawh tuaitam a ngoiter hna.g.) dinter. 5. 4.g. He went straight home = Khuazeihmanh ah pial pah loin inn ah a kal. a fek i a tthawngmi.g.(n. 6. strain .) thil chiahmi zohkhenhtu storeroom .(n. Mr. lileng in um. ngol.(v.g.) a kenkiplo i vaih.(adv.(n. a dot dot in sakmi inn. a rengtu rihnak asiloah tha. dirta. sam zai.) lihchim lo tein. e. e. stopwatch . pem. The enemy took the town by storm = Ral nih khua cu fak piin an tuk i an lak.(n. 2. totho bantukin a fakmi.g. a dih umnak in hman.) 1. Strain the soup = Tihang kha a hang ze tuah.g. strand . The bus stops at the bus stand = Baska cu baska dirnak ah a dir. stork .(n.(n. thlitu he ruah he aa zimi.g. lakphak zetnak strait .(adj. The steamer was stranded on the sand = Tinbaw cu thetse cungah a tang.(n.) tuanbia .(n.) 1.) 1. tikam.) a ke le a hmur a sau ngaimi va storm .) mi hi. stopgap . totho. The weight strained the rope .g. storeyed .(v.g. raltthatnak. tthawnnak.Thingkuang nganpi nih lam a kham. e. rengh. e.(n.) a herhnak bantukin dirter khawhmi suimilam. 2.(n. The enemy stormed the town = Ral nih khua cu fak piin an tuk. 2. e. 2.) 1.g.(n. One storey = Dot khat.Thilrit an thlaihmi nih khan hri cu a reng. e. khamnak . thil chiah man i pekmi tangka. a dot dot in sakmi inn. rili kam. fak piin a surmi hawhra. Creepers straggle over the yard = Tual cungah zun cu a kenkiplo ali an zam. storage . e. rehchih.) angki leng tet ngai.) hngawng in dih i thawchuah kho loin umter Page 268 . 2. e.(v.g.g. stranger . storied .) British. strand .) past participle of stave.(n. straight . harnak. dairek in pialpah loin.(v.) fak piin tuk. She strained her child to her breast = A fate kha a tang ah a rehchih.(v.(adj. ngolternak stopper . Straighten the nail = Thir kha ding tuah.(v.(v.(n. Three storeyed building = Inn dot thum a simi.(n. a tang. e.(n.Thil chiah man ah fang hra a pek.g.(v. fak piin tuk. kut cawlcanghnak dawntu ding hrim i tuahmi. a tha ditter. e.) rili pahnih hmun bite i an i tonnak strait-laced .) khual strangle .) thil chiahnak inn storekeeper . (British. storeyed). thuhphenhmi zeihmanh um loin.(n. Stormy sea = thlitu he ruah he aa zi i tilet fak piin a thomi rili . e..g. Black stopped at the bank = Mr. hngalh lomi . 3.g. She paid ten kyats for storage .) kap hnih lamh in kal straggle .) 1.g. storage battery .) 1.) inn dot.g. The runner strains his heart = Tlikzuammi nih a lung kha a tha a ditter.g. The strain of sleepless nights made her sick = Zan ih lo i a umnak harnak nih khan a zawtter. adv. He went to a strange country = A hngalh bal lomi ram ah a kal. stove . e. e. e. e.) ziaza lei i a fek ngaingaimi straitjacket .g.

g.(v.) 1.) 1. stream . The forest stretches for miles to the East = Tupi cu nichuahlei ah khan tampi vawlei kha a huh. e. stream .) zapi ruahnak le lungthin zeitindah a si hnga ti hngalhnak ding ca i me thlaknak tuahmi . then strata of rocks = Tikhor cawh tikah thetse thap kha an ton hmasa bik.) vanlei vawlei in khan 7 hrawng stratum . stricken . strict .) 1.) 'stratum ' zoh.(v.g. capawl. puanchia tlap.g.) tthawnter strength .g. e. straw vote . e. e. strenuous . hi bantuk hi a fekmi cu a si lo . up stream = va hna lei i kal. a ngan zong a hme zong.g.g.g. Under the stress of hunger he stole food = A rawltam nih a hnek ruangah rawl cu a fir. ti dawpnak caku in an sermi. thazang.) a thap a thap in a ummi thil. hri bantuk in a saumi. The stratagem of having a soldier enter the enemy line in the clothes of a beggar was successful = Ral an umnak chung i ralkap pakhat. tampi in rung luh.strap . theh strewn . samh. 3.(n.(adj.) mah nih phunglam fel tein zulh i mi dang zong zulhter ve. straw . Page 269 . raltuknak lei i thiamnak. cun lung thap dangdang kha an ton hna.) aa pehtlai thluahmahmi. tthawnnak. 4.(adv.) felnak stricture .(n.) aa rinmi. The last straw that breaks the camel's back = Capawl hmanung bik kalauk keng a khiaktu.(v.) 1.) siknak. saphaw hri tlap.(n. e. e. rawlhal thuam in luhternak khuakhannak kha a hlawhtling ngai.g.(v. hmun kaupi a hun. stratagem . men struck first a stratum of sand. cu bantukin ttha tein khan i timhmi thil.(n. stratification .) tiva. minung zeizat. lo lak i kal. strategic .) 1.) biapi in lak.) past participle of strew . 3.g. e. lu mehnak namte tatnak saphaw tlap. last straw = thil phorh khawh ti lo hnu i chonhmi khi. The bird stretched its wings = Vate nih a thla a zam hna.) a tlaumi." the stress is on the first syllable "he" = "Hero" ti chim tikah hin aw fahnak cu awfang hmasa bik "he" cungah khan a si. strategist . strenghten . streptococcus .(n.) 1. 2.(adj. 2. streetlight .) lu mehnak namte saphaw i tat.g. Thousands of people stream into the city = Khuapi chungah minung thong tampi an lut lulhmalh.(adj.(n.) tlau. e.) hlennak ca ding i ruah ciammam in tuahmi.(n. e. street .) khuachung lam i tlanglawng bantukin a kalmi mawttawka streetlamp . rengh.) satrawberi thei stray . He strode over the brook = Tivate kha a kar. kar. down stream = va sum lei i zuan. luan.(v.) mizaw putnak lang strew .(v. thir tlap zong a si kho.) harnak a ingmi. e. Streaks of lightning = Nimtlau a lekmi hri bantukin a saumi. 2. Tears stream from her eyes = A mit in mitthli a luang. 2.) raltuknak ca i umtuning tuaktanning.(n. stretcher . biachim tik i fak deuh in aw chuahnak cafang aw. Put a strap around the trunk = Thingkuang kha thir tlah tlap in tem.(n.) a thap a thap in chiah/um stratosphere . He stretched the violin strings = Violin hri kha a rengh hna.) raltuknak leiin. a ping i kal.) khuachung lampi streetcar .(n. 4. He strides over a fence = Hau kha kar khumh in a dir.g. e.(n.(n. pial.) aa thlai sulhmi puan streamlet .g. e.(n.(n. strap .) 1.(n.) zawtnak rungrul rual stress . stray .(v.(n.) raltuknak lei i thiamnak a ngeimi strategy . strictness .) thazang a tthawng ngaimi.(adj. theh. Fire stricken village = Mei nih a kanghmi khua.(n.(n. e. a thap a dot.(n.g. stride . stretch . mawhchiatnak. 2. 3.) vorh .(v. hneknak. a stretch of forest = aa pehtlai thluamahmi tupi.g.(n.(n. tlah bantuk a simi saphaw i tlap in a ummi. streak .) 1. streamer . 3. e. In "hero.(n.(adj.) tivate streamline . stretch . e.(n. Rubber stretches = Khairiat cu aa zam. luang. He is strict about class attendance = Sianginn kai kong ah a fel ngai. e.) thli le ti nih donhnak a tlawm bik dingin a pumrua (mawttawkate hna tilawngte hna vanlawngte hna) nalte le dawh tein ser. hngalhnak sawhsawh ca i tuahmi a si strawberry . strata .(v.(n. In digging the well.g.) a thap a thap in umnak/chiahnak stratify . That hill lock is a strategic place for our section = Kannih section caah khi tlangbo khi raltuknak lei in umtuning hmun ttha ngai a si.(n. e.) (streetlamp) lampawng i an vanmi meiinn. e. vorh.(v.(v.g.(n. kar khumh in dir.g. e.g. The school lays stress on arithmatic = Kan sianginn nih kanaan kha biapi in a lak/a ruah. a thap a thap in a ummi thil.g.) (streetlight) lampawng i an vanmi meiinn. khuakhan thiamnak. stress . 2. 2. aa zam. 2. Kal. strategically .

) kehlan sau . hnipuan phoih i taklawngin um.) muai.) 1. strings . striker . e.) lu mehnak nam tatnak ca i hmanmi sahaw.g. fir dih cikcek. zuam.(v.(adj.) 1. 2.) lang ngaiin. stucco .) fek ngaiin tuahmi .) benhmi a bo tete.(v.(adj. tum.(v. e. stud .(n. strut .(v. We arrived home at the stroke of three = Suimilam pathum a awnh ah inn kan phan. la hri.(n. 4.(n.) 1. suimilam caan a awnh khi. stringency . duhnak langhternak ca i nuar. 5. She strings the beads = Thi kha a thil hna. inn. (strings of a guitar or banjo) strip . Thieves stripped the house of every valuable thing = Mifir nih inn chung thilman ngei deuh paoh cu an fir dih hirhiar strive .) vampang milhtlorhnak plaster stuck . fung in tuk. 2.(adv. stroll . chizawh tehna unico tehna muai khi. a nuarmi.(v.(n.) hri ngeimi (tingtang).g. e. a tutu. e.) 1.(n. aw thia ttung thang ttung strife . onh. 2.) arhlikhong chawh in ruamkai ngaiin i chawh. stroke . stripling .) past tense of strip. 3. tingtang hri.g.) hla fung khat chung i cang khat strove . 2.(v.g.(n.(v. ruahlopi i a cangmi khi. chuah.) past tense of stride. kal.) duhsah tein nuamhnak i i chawh stroller . kar sau strident .) aw thang . A string of beads = Thi rual khat. 3.) fak ngaimi. stringed . Page 270 . tuk. hnawh. hri sih. 3. hawikom an si.(n.) umnak hmun a fek i a himmi strop .(adj. check cauk i a hramlei a tangmi khi.(v. strung . stroke . 2.(n. e. structure . The structure of the school house is excellent = Sianginn a inn an sakning cu a ttha taktak. e.(n. string .) ser.) fak piin i zuam striven . zuam.g.(n.g. Thieves stripped the house of every valuable thing = Mifir nih inn chung thilman ngei deuh paoh cu an fir dih hirhiar.(adj.) thil. chak.g. struggle . striped .) a tung a sau i a permi.) a tthawngmi stronghold .) nam tatnak sawphaw i nam tat.(adv. inn sakning. struck . e. fak piin ttuan strum .(n. He got stuck in the mud = Nawncek ah a tang. 2. strong . e.(v. 2. thingchumhmui.) hloh. strike . e.(v. e. 2.(v.(n.g. e.) innsaknak lei in ti ahcun.g.g.) tlangval no stripped of . strike out .) 1.(n. e.) past tense and past participle of string.(v.(v.) innsaknak he aa pehtlaimi structurally . striking .) 1.(n. stripe .) i siknak . 3. thi rual. e. strut .) nuamhnak ca i aa chawkmi.g. Strike out his name = A min kha hei hlo/hnawt strike up .) ttial sau a ngeimi.) ttial sau.(adj.g.) past tense of strive.g.g The belt was ornamented with silver studs = A taisawm cu ngun bo tete in an tamh. kuakbul.stride . eg.) past tense and past participle of strike. e. e. stubble . A medal was struck = Medal pakhat an ser. fir dih cikcek.(adj.(v.g. strikingly . aa tet ngaimi. strip .(n.) a lang ngaimi. medal ser. A strip of paper = Caku sau nawn in thlehmi.) fak piin i zuam . hri. tuk.g. Zebras are striped = Zebra cu an ttial a sau. stub . The crown was studded with jewels = Siangpahrang luchin cu lungvar tete an benh hna.(n.(v.(v. The clock strikes twelve at noon = Chun ah suimilam cu voi hleihnih aa tum. Stringent laws = Upadi fak/tet ngai.) facang hmui . buri hri. fangvoi hmui stubborn . 2.) kan (kaan) le kan (kaan) kar i cunglei dohtu chiahmi.(v.1. e. stud . e.(adj. The American flag has thirteen stripes = American alan nih ttial sau hleithum a ngei.(n. The human body is a wonderful structure = Minung pum hi khuaruahhar in aa sami inn a si. mi lunghak stubby . Dick and Bob struck up a friendship = Dick le Bob nih hawikom sinak kha an ser.) a tawi i a chahmi. e. strode . tan. A tiger has stripes = Cakei cu a ttial a sau. tet ngaiin tuahmi thil stringent .) lung tthumtthial a duh lomi . 3. e. She stuck out her tongue = A lei a chak.(n.g.(v. strop .) past participle of strive.(n. e. string .) a bo tete benh.) tingtang hri perh.(adj. He drove in the nail with one stroke of the hammer = Sobul voi khat den in thir cu pil lakin a khenh ko. He got a stroke of paralysis = Zen zawtnak ruah lopi ah a cungah a tlung ko.(adj.(n.) tum awk thilri hri ngei pawl. tan tawite a tangmi. strophe .g.(v. The coal miners strike to demand more pay = Lung-meihol cotu pawl kha lahkhah kan tthanh deuh u tiin an nuar. e.(n. den khenh.) 1. tuk. hawng hawh. i relonak strike . meilah tuk.g.g. past tense and past participle of stick.g. structural . fungfek in tuknak.) nuarnak. inn bantukin aa sami thil.

) hawikomh a thiam ngaimi . stunning .) a sangmi sublimity .(v.(n.) stensil paper ttialnak cafung zum.g. He was stunned by the fall = A tlaknak nih zeihmanh hngal loin a tuah.) tlawm tein thang lo deuh in umter.(v.) khuaruahhar a simi . zeilo i chuih i rilh.) hme deuh in cheu chin. subject to = ahcun.(n. mit uikhel style .(n.) mah i hngal setsai lo i umnak sturdiness .(adj.) 1.(n.(n.(v. ceihmi ruahmi. stupor .(n.) nihchuak saihnak ca i a phunphun tuah. The candidate for Parliament stumped the country = Parliament i thim aa timmi nih ram chungah khan hmun kip ah uknak kong kha taza a hawt.(v.) ceihmi kong.) sannak.) cazoh le cawn a zuam ngaingaimi study .(v. 2.(n.(v. stumpy . cozoh le ruah in hngalh le thiam i zuam. 2.) tthannak donh. cattialning le biachimning.(adj.(adj.(adj.(n. 2. e.) a chung i rawnmi thil hna . rumra a ngeimi stupid . zeihmanh hngal loin tuah.(adj.(adj.(n. chimmi.g.(n.(v.) mi biakchawnh thiamnak subagent .) uknak lei kong chim.) lungchung umtuning langhternak ca i hmanmi sublease .(n. hmanthlaknak khan/inn.(n.) chawdawr ngan hna nih an chiahmi hna an thil zuartu hna nih an hei chiah chinmi. biachim tik i i thuahthah lengmang.(n.(n.) 1.The window curtain gives the room a subdued light = Thlalangawng zar nih a khan cu zorter deuhmi ceunak kha a pek. subconscious . Aung San was styled the star of the East = Aung San cu nichunahlei arfi tiah min an rak bunh. I shall go home subject to your approval = Na hna a tlak ahcun inn ah ka ttin lai.(n.g. lungmih. e.) hlanhchin sublimate .(adj.(n. aw thanhnak inn/khan.) past tense and past participle of sting.(v. suave .studied .) a tthawngmi .) kontinent tia dengmang a simi subdivide .(n. uk .(v.(adj. stunt . subdued . subdivision . ar an thah i tamhnak ca i a chung i an tawnmi thil hna stuffy . ceu lo deuh in umtermi.) tei .(n.(n.(n.) mah chung i ruahnak a ummi subjugate . 2.) hun thianh i aa dawh deuh le a ttha deuh i hun chuahter sublimation .(v.) ti tang tilawng submarine . She bought some white stuff for a curtain = Thlalang awng zar caah thil rang a cawk.) holh aa in holh sty .(adj.) a lung a pingmi .) 1. subcommittee .) thilri. style .(v.) sty.) teinak subjective . 2.g.) tei subdued . stylish .(v.(n.) mi a rilhtertu .(v. kuakbul. stuff . cuti a si ahcun. stumbling block . sturdy .(n.) vokinn . stumble . subdue . She stuffed the pillow with feathers = Chantling chungah arhmul a khumh. i thuamhning.(adj. e. 2.) thuamhning aa dawh ngaingaimi stylus .(v. mihrut stupidity .) 1. e. study . a thurhnawmmi hmun paoh stye .(v.(n.) thil hlangtu pa nih hei hlanh chin sublet . fehnak. tthan lo i con. dawntu stump . sawnpah lengmang i kal.g. e. mi biakchawnh a thiam ngaimi suavity .mihrut lawhter.) komiti hme.) 1. e.) 1.g.) 1.) thawpit cetcut a simi (inn) stultify .(n. subject .) hruhter. tangchiah subjugation .) a ttha deuh le aa dawh deuh i hun chuahternak sublime .) a chung i khumh.) ttha tein ruah i tuaktanmi studio .) 1. e.) aa thei bantuk aa thei lo bantuk i um subcontinent .(n. cawnmi.g. 2.(n. e.(v. 2.) tthawnnak. stump . thingchumhmui a lomi.(adj. stun .) hruhnak stupify . 3. stupenduous .(adj. cawn.) mualphoh. stung .) hme deuh in cheu chinmi. thingchumhmui. subject matter .) ti chung i khua a sami thilnung Page 271 . henh. uktu nih a ukmi hna. 3.(v. 2.g. submarine .(adj. cawnmi subject. subjection .) aa dawh ngaingaimi stunt .) min bunh. thingchumhmui tampi umnak a simi. studious . stuffing .(n.(n. zorter. cazohnak khan.(adj.) 1. zeiti ruah awk hngal lo i um. stuff . The subject for our discussion will be health = Kan i ceih lai dingmi kong cu ngandamnak a si lai.) tlawmter. a fekmi stutter .

fek tein.(v.(adv. a fekmi. thil pakhatkhat ca i a dang thil hmannak.) a pan ngaingaimi. submersion . hna tlak. thil hngalh khawh zaunak fimnak a ngeimi.(v. a nem ngaingaimi.) a niam deuhmi sinak nawlngaihnak .(n.g. khuasaknak subsistent . e.) khuapi leng deuh vak i a ummi sang suburban . subpoena . substitute .(n. 3. subsistence . thil pakhatkhat can i a dang hmanmi. 3.g.(n.(n. chim awk tlak a simi. 2. thil a sining taktak.) 1. a tlangpi in.(v. e. ghosts are not = Minung le thilri cu a si taktakmi an si. khua a sami. subtropical . 2.) bawmhnak ca i a tak tthahnem vemi subsidiary .) ttum a tlawmlei. subordinate . na ka tei ti langhter.) vawlei tang i a kalmi tlanglawng succeed .(adj. We subscribe to the Working People's Daily = Working People's Daily tadinca kha kan lak.(adj. ruah awk i chuahpi.g.) zuh awk a simi kha.(adj. subsoil .(n. hnu deuh ah a hung ummi subsequently .) leh .(n.) a nungmi.(v. a nal ngaingaimi. thil pakhatkhat a biapit biknak.(adj. People and things are substantial. substratum . minthut. subversive .) hrawhnak a ping i kalternak. He succeeded his father = A pa kha a hun chan. subtlety .submerge . a si taktakmi.) cu bantuk bawmhnak thil.(adj. subscriber .(v. In 10-2=8 the subtrahend is 2=10 chungah 2 zuh i aphi 8 a chuakmi chungah hin zuh awk a simi (zukmi) kha 2 hi a si. a hmelei le a niam lei i ttum.) sal bantukin mi tang i aa dormi.) cauk a min hme deuh .) a cung palang a hun changtu thap vawlei khi substance .(n.) bawmhnak tangka subsist . 2.(v.(v.) nunnak . tthawng ngaiin. 4. mirum a simi. 4.(n. hngalh awk a har ngaingaimi.(v. Ice and water are the same substance in different forms = Tikhal le ti cu an sining aa khat ko.) a hnu zulh in subserve .(n.) thap khat tang i a ummi thap dang subterfuge .(n.(adj.(v.) ti chung i pilnak.) ti chung i pil submergence .) mi dang ai va awh.(n. a si taktak lomi subterranean . a hme ngaingaimi. 2. e.(n.(n.) nawl nagimi submit .) vawlei tang i a ummi subtitle . e.(adv.(n. substitution .(v.) bawmh subservience .) tadinca lakman subsequent .(n.g. subtract . subsidence . submission . tadinca lak. She substituted for Miss Brown who was ill = Miss Brown a zawt caah a ai a va awh. co.) biapi ngaiin.) a si taktak tinak langhter substantive . cung le tang maw lu le taw maw leh . Page 272 . e. aiawhtu. a tlangpi in.) zuhnak subtrahend . subtly .) biaceihnak zung nih zung ah na ra chuak lai tiin ca in order an ttialmi subscribe .g. substantial .(n. substitute .) a hme deuhmi si langhternak.(adj.(v. A church cannot subsist without members = Khrihfabu cu a minung um loin a nung kho lo.) khuapi leng deuhvak i a ummi sang he aa tlaimi subversion .) tadinca latu subscription .) ai awhnak.) ziknawh in tehte lih chimter.(n. e.) a um liomi cozoh hrawh awk ca i khuakhanmi . a nganmi.) a thli tein. phaisa pek.(n. e.(n.) a hun zultu .) 1. e. (cucu a hun zulh tinak a si).(n. toidornak. 3. subsidize . a ttha pah a simi. hrawktu a simi subvert .(n.) sal bantukin mi tang i umnak.g. chawva. substantiate .) zuh subtraction .(n.g.(adj.g. hun rolh. The stories told by the two boys were in substantial agreement = Nagkchia pahnih nih an chimmi kha a tlangpi in an i khat. an langhning lawng aa dang.) 1. submissive .(adj.(v.(adj.) i fahfirhnak . thilri. subnormal .) 1. subside . 5.g.) 1.) a si taktakmi.(n.) ttumnak. John made a substantial improvement in arithmatics = John cu kanan ah aa chap ngai.g.) ram lum dengmang a simi suburb .(adj. subsidiary . hlawhtlin.(n.) 1. e. toidornak suborn . 3.(n.g. His plans succeed = A khuakhannak a hlawh an tling. a min taktak a sullam a chimtu subtle . nawingaihnak.(adj.) a sining kel a si deuh lomi. e.) ti chung i pilnak.) tangka in bawmh subsidy . hrawh subway .(v. subservient . mithla cu an si lo.) nun. e. a sullam taktak.(n. a sullam cu 2 hi subtrahend a si. substantially .) a niam deuhmi bawi/thil subordination . hun chan. 2. 2. 4.) hngalh har ngaimi sinak.(n. People in our country subsist on rice and meat = Kan ram minung hna cu facang le sa in an nung.(adj. a thangmi.

sifah innak suffice . ihnak khan.) hnuk ding lio sucrose . thingkung a hram i a nge hme tete a khomi hna khi.(adj.(n.(adj.) thanthling bantukin a thlummi.(v.) ruahnak cheuh suggestion . e. thlauh lo. sue . bawmh. such .) in khawh a simi. 2.) 1. 2.) a hlawhtlingmi. 2. thilrit chawnnak hnemhnak. 2.) chatpiat buan. succession .(adj. e. dawptu. The bank was robbed in such and such a town.(n.) hlawhtlinnak .g. harnak . suckle . succumb .) pakhat hnu pakhat i chan (zulh) diahmahnak.) kut thlirnak in biakhiahnak nawlngeihnak suffuse . awngminnak successful . hmul thipthep tein tuahmi suet . suitably .) 1.(n.(n. thlauh lonak.The oldest son succeded to his father's estate = A fapa upa bik nih a pa vawlei kha ro ah a co.) U. e. nawlpek. Eyes suffused with tears = Mitthli nih a tuammi (khuhmi) mit.) tuamnak. bad cu badly a si tikah -ly cu suffix a si.(n. suede .(adv.) hnuk dinh. 2.g.) i tlak ngaiin. tuam. harnak in.(adj..) thanthling ah an sermi antam tawba ngei phun khat sugar coated .(adj.(adj. at such and such time. suitable .) thanthling rang.) 1.) i tlaknak. His clothes suit him well = A hnipuan aa tlak ngai. successively .(v.) British.(v. i tlak suitableness .(n.) 1.) U. successor .(adj. suffering . cu bantukmi. success .g.(adv.(v.(n. sufferance . suffix .) zatter .(n.) 1. such . suitcase .(n.S. 2.(n. suction .(adv.(adj. thilrit chawn.) saphaw a chunglei a lenglei i chiahmi . Such men as Daniel and Isaiah are rare = Daniel le Isaiah bantuk minung cu an tlawmte. khuhnak. e. Page 273 . succour .(n. sudden .) innak. nawlpat.) hringhran.(v.(n.) 1.g. kha khua ah khan.) thaw chuah kho loin tuahnak suffrage .) aa tlakmi . 2.) kal i thau aa benhmi suffer .(n.) 1. such and such .) thaw chuah kho loin tuah i thah suffocation . e.(n. adj. suit . thilrit chawn.) zalnak.(n. hnemhnak.(v.) ruahnak cheutu thil a simi suicidal . The cat suckles her kittens = Chizawh nih a fale kha hnuk a dinh hna. sugarcane .(n. succor . a za siter sufficiency . 3. suggest . The king travelled with a suite of twelve = Siangpahrang cu mitthi lalang hleihnih he khual a tlawng.(v.) dawpnak. suckling .(n.) dawp .(n. chikkhatte ah tuahmi. chim ciami thil bantuk kha. e.(adj.) i teiter.) fiangte ttung tawi tein succor . aa rup tawkin ser. e.g. lawmhter. a awngminmi.) ruahnak cheuhnak suggestive . nupi ca i helhnak.) i peh thluahmah in. 2. suffocate .(n. ohn.(adj. successive .) biafang a hnulei i pehmi.g.(v.(n. kha caan ah khan an baoh. angki leng le tawhrolh thluan azawng aa khatmi.(v.) i tlaknak. hal.) ruah lo piin suds .(adj.(n.(n. ruah lopi ah duak ti i a hung ummi.S. Dan is such a great man = Dan cu mi ngan hringhran a si. by such and such persons = Bank cu kha mi hna nih khan.(v.(n.g. suffusion . The ladies took only teas and such drinks = Nu pawl cu lakphak le kha bantuk lawng kha aa din.(n.g. fahnak in.(n.) khualtlawnnak thing-kuang put khawhmi suite .) mah le mah i thahnak suit . e.) British thilrit chawnnak. sufferable .(n.(v. bawmh. din sucker .) aa peh thluahmah in a ummi.) kha mi hna.) za ngaiin.) a hun changtu (zultu) succinct .) khuh. mitthi lalang.) mah le mah i thahnak he aa pehtlaimi suicide . suitability .(n. sufficient . tzazcuai.) thanthling rang sugar beet .(n.(adj.g.(v. succour . onhnak. e.(n.g. suck . It is hard to suit everybody = A mi kip lawmhter cu a har ngai. taza cuainak.) innak .(adv.) fu sugary . all of a sudden = ruah lo piin suddenly . e. sugar . He succumbed to the temptation and stole the money = Tukforhnak kha aa teiter i tangka cu a fir.(adv.) 1.) thanthling in tuammi.) a zami sufficiently .(n.

tangka za. sunk .(n.) nika chung i a zeimaw caan i a nakmi a lang tawnmi khi sunstroke .suitor . zen i hmanmi kat.) sultan nupi.(n.(v.) ni ceunak sunlit .(n. sultriness .) thinhun i holh loin a um ziarmi.(adj.) ni in caan relnak kheng sundown .) a pilmi.) zanriah ei super .(n. a thawng ngaingaimi esid sulphurous . auh summons .) ni ceu um lonak. hlasak.(n.) ice cream phun khat.(n.) ni pangpar sung .g. sully .) cozah zung in auhnak. sunlight . superfluity .(v.(adj.g.) tthen .(n.) biafang thawknak i hmanmi .) kawh . a sullam cu bik tinak a si superannuate . a thaw ngaimi.(n. superhuman . sulphate .(adj. sunless .) ni linh tuk ruang lungmih zawtnak sup .) nitlak ah sundry .) kat phun esid .) a ttha tukmi.(n.) nichuah kate i tuahmi. sully .(adj. He paid the sum of twenty kyats for his longyi = A lungzi kha tangka phar kul in a cawk.(adj.) cite phun sulphide . nika.(adj.(adj.) a leng lang menmen a simi.(n. sulk . The sum of 2 and 3 and 4 is 9 = 2 le 3 le 4 fonh cu 9 a si. sultry . sulphureous . Sunday .) unnak.(n.) ni nih cuar a emh i sen nawn in a ummi khi sundae .(n.(v.) khulrangin. sumptuous . sulphuric acid .) upat ruang i rian in dinhternak.(adj.) ruah a sur hnu i ni a hung linh i ni lin he ti lin he aa cawhmi khi. a zik summit .) ni.) a phunphun a dangdang sunflower .) aa sannak bik .(n.(adj. sunset .(n. Sunrise service = Nichuah kate i tuahmi biaknak pumhnak.(adv.) hmai le lhngawng i khuhtu luchin sunburn .) tangka zat summarily .(v. Sunken ship = A pilmi tilawng.(v.(adj.) na chimmi kha a tawinak in chum tthan summary .g. taza cuaitu.(adj.) 1.) thil phrtu rang.(v.) nichawn sunbonnet . sumpter .(n.) khuasa mi a kan uap tthupmi sum .) sulphur he aa pehtlaimi.(adj. e.) ingpuan i holh duh lo i ung tun i um sulkiness .(n. a sang bik . e. sum up = a tawinak in chim.(n.(n.) a chungah kat (kaat) a ummi.) kat (kaat). summon .) nichuah sunrise . sulphuric . sun .) past tense and past participle of sink. superficial .) a hlei a hluat a simi.(n.(n.) tthal caan summit .) a man a tam ngaingaimi. supererogation .) a hreh leng i va tuahmi. nitlang nih tlanhmi sunrise .) Muslim pawl siangpahrang sultana . nupi ca i ngaknu a helhtu. e. 2.(n.(v.(n.) a sang bikmi.) minung a si lomi Page 274 .) ni ceu nih a ceuhmi sunny . nambar pahnih asilole pahnihnak tam fonh i a chuakmi khi.(n.(n.(n. sulky .(adj.(adj.(adj.(n. sum .) a ungmi sullen . a puanlaumi.) a hlei a hluat a simi thil superfluous .(n.(adj.(n. cheu sundial . summarize .(n. superfine .(adj.(n. pil.g. pel lo tein.) nitlang sunspot .) past participle of sing. sunken .(n. 2.) sulfa phun sulphur .) 1.(adj.) Zarhpi ni sunder . sunshine .(v. e.(v.) i tawinak in chim tthannak summer .(n.(n.(n.) nitlang a hmumi .) hnawmhter.) a chungah kat (kaat) a ummi.) a hnawmmi. sunbeam . a thuk lomi.) upat ruang i rian in dinhter superannuate . sultan .(adj.) nitlak. dinhter ruang i pension pek. tak bang cekcukpi i a um khi.(adj.

suppression . langhter.(n.(adj.(n.) zohkenhnak .(adj.(n. lam kal tik i rilh a hmang lomi.(adj. danh.) zohkhenhtu . supine . e.(n.(adj. surcingle .g.g. ngolter. supremacy . hruaitu superior .) aw nak rang deuh in a kalmi superstition .) bawmtu.(n. 3.(v.(adv. e.) a hmun rolh.) fonh chih .(n. I suppose Harry will come today = Harry nihin a ra lai tiah ka zumh. supplication .(n.(adj. e.) a tha a thumi.) 1. surcoat . He supports the Labour Party = Labour Party kha a tanh. surely .) fawi tein a kawi khomi .) biaceihnak zung a sang bik surcharge . e.) chapmi.) nawlnak supply .(n. a hmaan tein.(v. hruainak superintendency .) thil pakhat cung i thil dang pakhat sakmi supertax .) nawltu . lonh.) toidor tein nawimi. He needs our support = Kan bawmhnak a herh. e.) minung nakin thil ti khawhnak a ngei deuhmi supernatural . supporter . rian soktu supplicate .g.(v. a hlei in lakmi ngunkhuai.(n.) zakpathal in ih.) a hmaan ti i ruah cangmi. suppliant .) 1.) toidor tein a nawltu.(adj. sure .(adj. nawl ngeitu bik .(n. e. bik paoh hi superlative a si. 2.(v.g. 2.) hawi nakin ka si deuh ti lungput.) a sang bik .(n. superscription . a hlei in va chapmi thil. what will you do? 2. a ttha bik. rianttuan a ngan deuhmi. hnamte hna zumh hi superstitious .(adj. The goat leaped surely from rock to rock = Meheh cu lung Page 275 . fek tein.g.(v. The facts support his claim = A si a timi kha thil a cangmi hna nih khan a hmaan tiah a langhter. e.(n. doh.(adj. hruihruai supervision .) pekmi thil support .(v. thonh. 2. cawn.) vawlei cung thil umtuning pin a simi. superintendence .) donghter.) zohkhenh . tanh.(v. Suppose you pass the exam. supposed .superimpose .) bik.(v.(n. a ngan bik . a sang bik.g. e.) angkileng lengchin. lam chia zong i ril lo tein a kal khomi saram.) hawi lonhnak superiority complex .) zanriah supplant . a hmun a rolh caah khan a rolhmi kha a herh ti lo.) pek supply .(n. a aimi supplement .) 1.) zohkhenhnak . hruihruainak supervisor .(n. zumh. superlatively .g.(v. suppose . e. a chia bik. supplicant . e.(n.) rang sumreh. chap supplemental. a simi Supreme Being . zapi nakin a sang deuhmi.(adj.(n.g.) 1.(adv. ngolternak supreme . A wise man is superior to flattery = Mifim nih cun faknak kha a lonh. 4.g.) thil pakhatkhat cung i a dang pakhat va chiah. 5.(n.g.g. hruihruaitu supervisory .) ruahnak. supposedly .) zohkhenhtu . e.(adj.) a ke a fekmi. a ttha deuhmi. The troops suppressed the strike = Nuarnak kha ralkap nih an donghter.(adj. superphosphate . a si kho hnga ti i ruah. tahchunhnak ah khacer.) a cung asiloah lenglei i an ttialmi ca khi supersede . thelh lo tein.) a si hrimhrim ti zumh.) hruihruaitu thil a simi. a riam bik.(n.) rak ruahning khan supposing .(v.) donghternak . He is supported by his father = A pa nih a cawm.(v.(adj.(v.) nawl ngeitu bik sinak.) 1. Supreme Court .) thingthei ca i a tthami non superpose .) cuticun va si sehlaw supposition . a si kho lai ti i ruah cangmi.) Pathian.(n.(n. Walls support the roof = Vampang nih inncung kha an doh. Angels are supernatural beings = Vancung mi cu vawlei cung thil leng mi an si.g. a ngai tein. supplementary .(n.) zumhnak hrut in a zummi superstructure . superlative . suppliant . 3.) a cunglei in vun chiahhnawh.) zumhnak hrut . supine . supersonic .) bik in. 2. Hope supports us in time of trouble = Harnak caan ah ruahchannak nih thazang a kan pek. 4. haotu .) umnak rolh supple .(adv.g.) nawl.(n.(conj. suppress . superiority . e.(n. supper .(v.(adj.) lak tawnmi ngunkhuai leng i a hlei in lakmi ngunkhuai supervise .(n. thuat. superman . va si seh law ti ruahnak. thazang pek.) zohkhenhtu rianttuannak. support . khuachiate nha . e.) bawmhnak.(n.(n. surefooted . superintendent . Surely he is a good man = A hmaan tein amah cu mittha a si.

g.g. e. chikkhatte ah. e. a si rua ti zumh.(n. lung hrinh. The police suspected the thief of lying = Palikpa nih mifir kha lih a chim tiah a lunghrinh. I suspect that an accident has delayed him = Accident nih a tlaiter rua tiah ka ruah.) ttha tein zoh i tah.) tilet.) Hindu phung ah a va a thih tikah a nupi kha a va an khanghnak meiphu i khangh ve. 6. tei fawi.(adj. A surfeit of food makes one sick = Rawl tam tuk ei nih mi a zawtter. surety . 3. kham. Hope sustains him in his poverty = A si a fak ngaingai nain ruahchannak nih hnabei dong loin a umter.g.) thli tein tuahmi surrogate .) 1. e. She sustained a great loss in the death of her father = A pa a thih cu fak piin a in.) nunnak. We must eat food for our survival = Kan nunnak caah rawl kan ei a herh. The surface of the table = Cabuai hmai. surgeon .(n. surplice . survive .g. Lincoln surmounted many difficulties = Lincoln nih harnak tampi a tei khawh. ruahdamh .(n.(v.) fel tein ngiat pengnak survey .g.) tlangbawi nih an i aihmi angki rang. e.(n. surround .) 1.(n.(n. hnabei dong loin umter. e.) tawhrolh chungnawh phun khat suspense .(v. e. caan tawite chung ngolta. 2. hri zam. a umnak hmun.(n. cumpi a khan lo.(n.(v.(n.) 1. The sea walls sustain the waves = Rili kam vampang nih tilet kha a kham hna. hmailei tuah ding i chiah.(v.(n. His face shows surprise at the news = Thawng an theih i a lau kha a hmai ah a lang.(n.) 1. e. surveyor . 2. rawl ei ah si khun. The facts sustain what he said = A chimmi kha thil a um taktakmi hna nih khan a hmaan tiah an langhter.(v. e.) ngunkhuai a hlei in pekmi.(n. The police arrested two suspects = Palik nih lunghrinhmi pahnih an tlaih hna. surprise .) aiawhtu. hmuh lai i kan i ruah lomi thil. 2.) a nung rihmi susceptibility .) na ka tei cang ti i i pek surreptitious .) rianttuan loin umtanak . doh.) lunghrinnak suspicious . bishop aiawhtu.(n. His coming surprised us = a rat nih a kan lauter. suspenders . phuahtanak suspension bridge .(adj.) a thlai in thirhri in thlaimi hlei suspicion .) pum hlai thiammi sibawi surgery .(n. e.) a hlei a hluat surprise .) hmin fawi.) pawnkam thil hna surtax . lunghrinh awkin a ummi. survival . The crowd surged through the street = Mibupi cu khuachung lam ah an kal lulhmalh.) 1.) tei khawh a simi. ruah. 4. va chuahhnawh.g.(n. zei pungsan. e. a hmaan taktak le taktak lo hnaglh lomi surmount . sustenance . zoh. tuaitam fawi. 3.(n.(v. He is susceptible to cold = Cumpi nih a tlunh khawh zau. susceptible . Walls sustain the roof = Vampang nih inncung kha an doh. 3.(n.(n.) mi chimmi mi tuahmi nih a kan tuaitam khawhnak. a leng langhnak. e.) kulhtu a simi thil .g.(n. 2. surpass . surge .g. a ramri ti in ttha tein zoh i tah. e. in tuar.pakhat in lung pakhat ah thelh lo tein a pet. a si lai tiah ruah hrimhrim lomi surrender .) lonh. suspect .) 1. a cung i cuan.) rawl. rawl in cawm.) pum hlai thiamnak surgical . e.(adj. zei ngaw.) tlangtah.g.(v. suspend .g.g. bawmhnak cawmnak. surveying .) 1.g. thlai.(adj. hlauh. suspect . 2.g.g.(n.(n. 2.) kulh surrounding . a hmaannak langhter.(n. pawngkam i a ummi thil surroundings . ram tahtu. suttee .tei khawh.) tilet titlang a hung phanmi surface .(n. launak. survivor .) aamahkhan surf .(v. 4.(n.(n.) a ing a chiami surmise .) 1. John Smith ti ah hin John hi amah min taktak a si i Smith hi a innchungkhar min a si.) pum hlainak lei he aa pehtlaimi surly .g. He surpassed his brother in English = Mirang holh ah a nau kha a lonh. lunghringmi. hmai.g. a leng.(v.g.g. 2. lam cawh ding tahtu.) ruahchom . surmountable . e.) 1. tilet bantuk a simi thil. e. ralrin lo liote ah tuahmi thil. surplus .g.(n.(adj. surname .(adj. e. 5. 2.) thil pakhatkhat a can hnu i nun khi. e.) tilet bantukin kai ttum lengmang in um. Mother has a surpise for me on my birthday = Ka chuah ni caah ka nu nih kaa ruah lomi thilte a ka pek.(v. e. The surface of a pot is smooth = Um a leng cu a nal. i thlainak. Only ten of the crew survived the shipwreck = Tilawng a rawh hun ah khan pahra lawng an nung (a dang cu an thi dih).g. sustain . e. an i ralrin lo liote i va tlaih.) a tam tukmi thil. surprising .) 1.(v. e.g. innchungkhar min a simi. surveillance .) lunghrinhmi. Page 276 . e. zeitindah a si lai ti ruah awk hngal lo i lung rethei bantuk i um khi. surge .(v. surfeit .(n.(n.) khuaruahhar a simi . 2.(adj. suspension .(adj.) min hmanung bik. 2. 3.

He sweated as it was hot = A linh caah a thlan a chuak.(v. swept . swab .) a cuar a nakmi swash . He swam his horse across the river = A rang kha tiva a lioter. swine .) cerh i pil swampy .) thlanchuah.) mangva/lengder swam .) varang hi a thih lai ah fakpi onh a hmang tawn ti a si i cucaah thih lai rovuih bia hi ' swan song' (varang hla) ti a si tawn swank . phiah.(v.) vok bantuk mi hna hnawmtam.g.(n.) ti nih tilawng kam a tongh len khi.(v. 2. a ngan.(n.(v. e. sweetness .(v.) mutthai pawl.(v. swelling .) a lin a sami.(v.(n.) 1. e. tla cepcup i um.g.) Lai kawlhra.(adj.(n. 2.(v.) piphen swing .(n.) thlan.(adv. phiah. He made a sweeping statement about agriculture = Lothlawhnak kong ah kaupi in a chim. swerve .) hlen .(n.(n. sweepe