MESSAGE #2980 from the Blessed Mother April 9, 2007 My daughter, I am with you.

Continue to write each time I come to you. Please continue to focus on My Son’s mercy and take time to kneel before the foot of the cross. Spend time with Jesus and allow His love to penetrate your heart. This is a time of mercy and my children must not ignore God’s loving call. You are each called to imitate My Son’s ways. He is life and He will give you peace if you spend time with Him. He is your joy, so please do not reject My Son. Come to Him with an open heart and adore My Son, Jesus. Now, please turn to Jesus and ask Him to assist you each new day. Turn to Jesus and He will truly fill you with His love, mercy and joy. This, dear children, is my message, so please turn to God and embrace your cross with love and joy in your hearts. Amen.

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