r.:ur",ftr.-^L-'(L Whatdo yourbestbudscallyou?


is 2. When yourbirthday? t?- |!(z [^'. wouldyougo? in 3 . lf youcouldgo anywhere the world,where date? 4. Whois yourdream 5. movie? :b[gz: is all-time favorite 6 . What your -play musical what it instrument, would be? 7. lf youcould any who artist/performer, wouldit be? 8. lf youcouldmeetanyrecording WD k.u*n-< we:a'2 to? tr-asraul. veesa-.4 9. Whatcandyareydu addicted you Whowould bc:sunerman woul.lvoribe:Superman, r man, Batman? i1a-f{aa'-'\ Soiderman. orFatman? Spide or 10. _____9=!a:1:L 5-.L1 holiday? 4&L@F 11. Whatis yourfavorite gaveyouflowers. whatwouldtheylooklike? h"rrF ./+ 12.lf someone yourfavorite color? 13.What's youplayanysports? Whatarethey? brtl.".!lr 14.Do game? favorite Whatis yourall-time youhadto watchoneTVshowfor the restof yourlife,whatwouldit be? 16.lf

ft-e+u'- {trvee.,
whowouldit be? athlete, 17.lf youcouldmeetanyprofessional



18.Whatdo youget whenyougo to...

Potln"n Jamba Juice: starbucks: crt^dtcz:>Cold Stoneiln-N-Otr' a*4 F

7.D ?:p where yougo? do wona $1000 shop i-ng spree, 19. You've you woulddescribe 4s... 20. Your friends _____ quote? yourfavorite 21. What's yourfavorite book? ? tr F L 22. What's yourfavorite magazine? 23. What's L 0Ja\a.Iar-l-- / F^B- caua{ you 24. Whoat SMHS knows best? 5aL,,.,-tr)e25. Doyouhave pets? any Whatarethey?Names?


your Cupcakes Rice Krispies Cookies Brownies (G 26. Circle FAVE: work anywhere? Paf27.Doyou you youwere Disney who character, would be? 28. lf d 4tr\'.!-.a,j 29.what areyourhobbiesl F@l"i (k-5acjc, ia Bcxr in favorite restauranttheBavArea? 30.whatisvour 4Q"".4-','\ genre? movie 31.Whatis yourfavorite L
wishcame true,whatwouldhappen? Xl( be "r- r,"lU-tr'r-'a-u'r^e32. lf yourBirthday auet- g\et(-<t33. Whodo youlookup to? smellin i6-e worldr +le, a,.,r^e-C^. i"r- L-.r({ t a'-c=, 34. Whatis yourfavorite

stress-reliever? 35. What yourbest is L

yourfavorite ceteal? (b.p 36. What's yourfavorite +rial,'++\''4r''f=' toy? childhood 37. What's t/<l'r t( {lts@ tia'grrt lN WORLD? 38. What,s bestschool THE the


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