Namer E\.\ C !.r-ohtr\ &ciC Er I (I, Whatdo yourbestbudscallyou? . \ Il<ltt t1417, yourDfnnoayl ,' 2. wn e n 15 wou In where 3.

lf youcouldgo anywhere the worid, lr you couro anywnerein rne wono, wnerewoulo you go j ___{+gjl_ JeSt(4 )esica who is vorrr .late? Athd" Att54 Who yourdream date? lf youwerean animal, whatwouldyoube? elocrv<np\'rlr 5. is favorite movie? 6. What yourall-time -tb4sl:L4!a playanymusical what instrument, would be? -$,ec^e it 7. lf youcould artist/peltgrmer,{lro it be? would L lf youcould meet r-ecording any


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9 9. Whatcandyareyouaguicted to? h ^ 4 w ' t= n vou Spiderman.BatmanU or 10.Whowould be:Suoerman. { vJhlr{ horiOavzY c.rrt< - V/r 1 qq Ar' |^^ r \ 11.Whatis you;tavorite gaveyouflowers, 12.lf someone whatwouldtheylooklike? yourfavorite cslq1r &ctg!) 13. What's 14.Doyouplayanysports? Whatarethey? @r'v*r rfrr.t'1n.r\ c|Jtrs\ game? U\ti 15.Whatis yourall-time favorite wourd itbe? 16. ro" n"oto#t:lgT tY'i:1



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18. hatdo youget whenyou90 to...ul!"driA W

itliffi'l -!*rdi&n tn-N-O t: rF \ g.rll{"t

b^r n'"9 ColdStone: Cold Stone: h€lao c iuLt{^ F4U r l4r\ l. -Tqq i$lt\'\rr( Ithipotle: F,tUt r'lt\\. -1c(^ Quickly's:


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where yougo?do 19. You wona $i000 shopping ve spree. L\^i you 20.Your friends would describe as... -!!\ quote? your 21.What's favorite -:!g yourfavorite book? 22. What's

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yourfavorite What's magazine? you 24.Whoat SMHS knows best? {-- F{,'q , r, ".f 25. Doyouhave pets? what arethey?Names? any




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Circle vourFAVE: Cookies Brownies Cake Cuocakes Rice Krisoies \-:::-:s:-i "' 27. Doyouworkanywhere?for (e,l-^ I t.'""* --t-'l ^---.*-' who 28. lf youwerea Disney character, wouldyoubey' Alq^*! ^ o9t C . ka/h 6\ &!rs 29. What yourhobbies? are in 30. Whatis vourtavorite restaurant the BavArea? B en, h q cr ^ genre? Vuv$ 31. Whatis yourfavorite movie / elq55,(..(( / gO5 rd(kwish true. whalwquld happen? Aot te 32. lf yourBirthday came 33. wnoooyou toot< tor up Mv dad 34. Whatis yourfavorite smell theworld? in 35. Whatis yourbeststress-reliever? yourfavorite 36. What's cereal? childhood toy? 37. what'syourfavorite lN WoRLD? 38. What's best the school THE

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