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Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional for Windows User Guide

Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional for Windows User Guide

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Published by: Pradeep on Sep 06, 2009
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Print production tools overview

Adobe Acrobat adds sophisticated print production tools that enable a complete PDF workflow for high-end color
output. The print production tools are in the Advanced menu and on the Print Production toolbar.











Print Production toolbar
A. Trap Presets B. Output Preview C. Preflight D. Convert Colors E. Ink Manager F. Add Printer Marks G. Crop Pages H. Fix Hairlines
I. Flattener Preview J. PDF Optimizer K. JDF Job Definitions



User Guide

Open the Print Production toolbar

❖ Choose Advanced > Print Production > Show Print Production Toolbar.

Print Production tools

Trap Presets Allows you to create and apply trap settings for later execution by an Adobe PostScript 3 RIP that
licenses Adobe In-RIP Trapping.

Output Preview Combines separation preview, soft proofing, color warnings, the full Ink Manager, and more in one
convenient dialog box.

Preflight Allows you to perform more than 400 predefined checks for all the common output errors that can come
with a designer’s file, and then correct all fixable errors. Preflight also checks files for PDF/X compliance, password
protection of preflight profiles, PostScript level compatibility, and more.

Convert Colors Converts RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale color spaces to the target color space. Convert Colors also
allows you to embed PDFs with ICC profiles.

Ink Manager Modifies the way inks are treated while the current PDF is open. The Acrobat Ink Manager uses the
same options and controls as other Adobe applications.

Add Printer Marks Adds standard printer marks to a PDF page for positioning. These marks are embedded in the PDF.

Crop Pages Allows you to define the crop, trim, bleed, art, and media boxes on a page. The elements are important
for proper page positioning and placement of printer marks, especially for imposition.

Fix Hairlines Finds hairlines and replaces them with heavier-weight lines.

Flattener Preview Provides flattener presets to control the amount of rasterization that occurs during print output
or export to certain file formats, such as EPS. You can save these settings as a preset for future use. This tool also
includes a preview for viewing transparent objects and the effects your settings will have on those objects.

PDF Optimizer Provides many settings for inspecting, analyzing, and repairing documents, as well as eliminating
unneeded content to reduce file size.

JDF Job Definitions Allows you to create custom job definitions that can be edited and used in a production
environment. The JDF file may also include information necessary for the creation of PDFs appropriate for the
production process, including PDF conversion settings and preflight profiles.

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