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Advanced Readers Think Sheet (RTS SHEET)

Readers Identify and Summarize

A summary of this chapter/section would be ____________.

The main conflict in the story is _________________________. It is resolved when _________.
The setting of the story takes place _____________ during ___________. Then it changes to ________.
The best summary for this whole story would be ____________________________(SWBST).

Readers Make Connections

This book is similar to another book because __________________. They are different because _____________________.
This book reminds me another book called __________________. I connected it to this book because _____________.
I can predict that in the future _____________________________________ because in the story __________.
One cause in the story was ______________________________________. The effect it produced was
__________________________. This happened because _______________________________.
The theme of this story is similar to the theme in another book I read titled ______ because ______.

Readers Analyze the Authors Purpose and Point of View

The authors purpose of this text is to ___________________. I know this because _______________.
The author used the simile/metaphor to compare ______ with a _______. The author did this to explain that
The author used the illustration to show that _____________________________ because in the text it says
The text is written in ___________________ point of view. I know this because in the text it says . The narrator is
The author uses sensory details to create the feeling of ________________. I know this because
I noticed alliteration where it said . I think the author uses it to _______________________________. This relates to the
story because ______________________________.
The author included the detail about ___________________ to explain _______________________.
The author uses parallelism, causality, ethos, pathos, logos, comparison to _______. The text says . I know this because__

Readers Make Inferences and Use Multiple Skills

I can conclude that _(character) will _________________________________ because previously in the story he/she
Identify a word you do not know. What clues from the text help you understand what the word means. Create a new
sentence using that same word.
The story I was reminding has a historical significance which connects to ________________. The setting is important to
keep in mind because during this time in history ____________________. It affects the story because
The character changes because at the beginning of the story, the character is _______________ and at the end of the story
the character ___________________. The character changed because ________.
Multiple text features were used to organize information such as ______________________. These text features include
information about _____________________. I learned that _________. I also learned __.
Based on the last section of the story/text, I can conclude that _____________________. Clues for this idea are
The opinions presented in the text are supported by opinions. Write a 3 sentence reflection on those connections.