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The Jungle Book T

The Jungle Book T

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Published by: bunty4u4ever on Sep 06, 2009
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fro moaning.

‘At least he gave me all the Words correctly a little time

ago,’ said Bagheera impatiently. ‘Baloo, thou hast neither

memory nor respect. What would the jungle think if I, the

Black Panther, curled myself up like Ikki the Porcupine,

and howled?’

‘What do I care what the jungle thinks? He may be

dead by now.’

The Jungle Book

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‘Unless and until they drop him from the branches in

sport, or kill him out of idleness, I have no fear for the

man-cub. He is wise and well taught, and above all he has

the eyes that make the Jungle-People afraid. But (and it is

a great evil) he is in the power of the Bandar-log, and

they, because they live in trees, have no fear of any of our

people.’ Bagheera licked one forepaw thoughtfully.

‘Fool that I am! Oh, fat, brown, root-digging fool that

I am,’ said Baloo, uncoiling himself with a jerk, ‘it is true

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