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The Jungle Book T

The Jungle Book T

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Published by: bunty4u4ever on Sep 06, 2009
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pieces! He will never eat my babies again.’

‘All that’s true enough. But where’s Nagaina?’ said

Rikki-tikki, looking carefully round him.

‘Nagaina came to the bathroom sluice and called for

Nag,’ Darzee went on, ‘and Nag came out on the end of a

stick—the sweeper picked him up on the end of a stick

and threw him upon the rubbish heap. Let us sing about

the great, the red-eyed Rikki-tikki!’ And Darzee filled his

throat and sang.

‘If I could get up to your nest, I’d roll your babies out!’

said Rikki-tikki. ‘You don’t know when to do the right

thing at the right time. You’re safe enough in your nest

there, but it’s war for me down here. Stop singing a

minute, Darzee.’

The Jungle Book

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‘For the great, the beautiful Rikki-tikki’s sake I will

stop,’ said Darzee. ‘What is it, O Killer of the terrible

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