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Career and Technical Education Adapted CTE Course Blueprint of Essential Standards Business, Finance, and IT Education BM20

Microsoft Excel and Access

Public Schools of North Carolina State Board of Education Department of Public Instruction Academic Services and Instructional Support Division of Career and Technical Education Linda Lay Pro!ect Director "alei#h North Carolina Summer 2013 Contact msita@dpi nc !o" for more information

This Adapted CTE Course #lueprint is ali!ned to the $#%ecti"e &omains for 'icrosoft E(cel and Access 2010 Certification E(ams

B$%& $icrosoft E'cel and Access

Summer %&()

Adapted CTE Course Blueprint of Essential Standards

Essential standards are bi# po*erful ideas that are necessary and essential for students to +no* to be successful in a course, Essential standards identify the appropriate verb and co#nitive process intended for the student to accomplish, Essential standards provide value throu#hout a student-s career in other courses and translate to the ne't level of education or *orld of *or+, This document lays out the essential standards for a specific course leadin# to industry certification, The essential standards use "evised Bloom-s Ta'onomy ."BT/ cate#ory verbs .remember understand apply analy0e evaluate create/ that reflect the overall intended co#nitive outcome of the indicators *ritten by the certifyin# body, Each essential standard and indicator reflects the intended level of learnin# throu#h t*o dimensions1 The 2no*led#e Dimension is represented *ith letters A3C and the Co#nitive Process Dimension by numbers (34, The Adapted CTE Course Blueprint includes units of instruction essential standard.s/ for each unit and the specific indicators ali#ned *ith industry certification, Also included are the relative *ei#hts of the units and essential standards *ithin the course, The industry certification reflected in this document is $icrosoft 5ffice Specialist, This document *ill help teachers plan for curriculum delivery for the year prepare daily lesson plans and construct valid formative benchmar+ and summative assessments, Curriculum for this course is not provided by NCDPI, Industry curriculum providers revie*ed and approved for this course collaborated *ith the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction .NCDPI/ to develop a valid and reliable test item ban+ used to produce a secure postassessment administered by NCDPI, Assessment for this course is *ritten at the level of the ESSENTIAL STANDARD and assesses the intended outcome of the sum of its indicators, The follo*in# industry curriculum providers participated in the development of the secure test item ban+, To assure ali#nment of the postassessment *ith the credential the follo*in# curriculum providers have been revie*ed and determined to provide curriculum to cover the essential standards, 6or additional information about this blueprint contact the Division of Career and Technical Education North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 4)4( $ail Service Center "alei#h North Carolina %748834)4(, "eference9 Anderson Lorin :, .Ed,/ 2rath*ohl David ", .Ed,/ et al, A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Blooms Taxonomy of Ed cational !"#ectives, Addison :esley Lon#man Inc, Ne* ;or+ %&&(,

Interpretation of Columns on the )C&*I Adapted CTE Course Blueprint

)o ,eadin! Column information 1 Essential Std < =ni>ue course identifier and essential standard number, 2 =nit Titles Essential Standards and Indicators Statements of unit titles essential standards per unit and specific indicators per essential standard, If applicable includes ? for each indicator, 3 Course :ei#ht Sho*s the relative importance of each unit and essential standard, Course *ei#ht is used to help determine the percenta#e of total class time to be spent on each essential standard, + "BT Desi#nation Classification of outcome behavior in essential standards and indicators in Dimensions accordin# to the "evised Bloom-s Ta'onomy, Co!niti"e *rocess &imension( "emember % =nderstand ) Apply @ Analy0e A Evaluate 4 Create

.no/led!e &imensionA 6actual 2no*led#e B Conceptual 2no*led#e C Procedural 2no*led#e $areer and Technical Ed cation cond cts all activities and %roced res &itho t regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or disa"ility' The res%onsi"ility to adhere to safety standards and "est %rofessional %ractices is the d ty of the %ractitioners, teachers, st dents, and(or others &ho a%%ly the contents of this doc ment' $areer and Technical )t dent !rgani*ations +$T)!, are an integral %art of this c rric l m' $T)!s are strategies sed to teach co rse content, develo% leadershi%, citi*enshi%, res%onsi"ility, and %roficiencies related to &or-%lace needs'

B$%& $icrosoft E'cel and Access

Summer %&()


Adapted CTE Course Blueprint of Essential Standards B'20 'icrosoft E(cel and Access ."ecommended hours of instruction9 ()A3(B&/
This blueprint is aligned to the Objective Domains for icrosoft E!cel and Access "#$# %ertification E!ams&
Essential Std < ( =nits Essential Standards and Indicators .The Learner *ill be able to9/ % Total Course 0ei!ht 'IC2$S$FT E3CE4 6nderstand #asic, intermediate and ad"anced spreadsheet soft/are s7ills usin! 'icrosoft E(cel (,&( =nderstand ho* to mana#e the *or+sheet environment in E'cel, (,&% =nderstand ho* to create cell data in E'cel, (,&) =nderstand ho* to format cells and *or+sheets in E'cel, (,&@ =nderstand ho* to mana#e *or+sheets and *or+boo+s in E'cel, (,&A =nderstand formulas and functions in E'cel, (,&4 =nderstand ho* to present data visually in E'cel, (,&7 =nderstand ho* to share *or+sheet data *ith other users in E'cel, (,&B =nderstand ho* to analy0e and or#ani0e data in E'cel, 'IC2$S$FT ACCESS 6nderstand #asic data#ase soft/are s7ills usin! 'icrosoft Access %,&( =nderstand ho* to mana#e the Access environment, %,&% =nderstand ho* to build tables in Access, %,&) =nderstand ho* to build forms in Access, %,&@ =nderstand ho* to create and mana#e >ueries in Access, %,&A =nderstand ho* to desi#n reports in Access, Course "BT :ei#ht Desi#nation ) @ 1001 501 501 B2

1 00

2 00

501 501


CAdapted CTE Course Blueprint based on $icrosoft IT Academy ob!ectives,

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B$%& $icrosoft E'cel and Access

Summer %&()