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Find Hot News in China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1312

Find Hot News in China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1312

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Published by: CCM Intelligence on Dec 31, 2013
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Find Hot News in China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1312

Tag: Fluorite; Cryolite; AHF; AIF3;R134a; R22; Fluorosilicone; R410a; R32; R125; R123; R124; R141b; R142b; PTFE; FEP; TFE; LiPF

Summary: China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report offers timely update and lose follow up of China!s "arious #ind of Fluoride Materials mar#et dynami s$

Publis!e" on t!e 20t! e#ery $ont!% C!ina Fluori"e &aterials &ont!ly Re'ort is a $ont!ly 'ublication release" by CC&( It o))ers ti$ely u'"ate an" close )ollo* u' o) C!ina+s #arious ,in" o) Fluori"e &aterials $ar,et "yna$ics% analy-e t!e $ar,et "ata an" tren"s( &a.or colu$ns inclu"e t!e sectors on 'olicy / le0islation% co$'any "yna$ic% su''ly / "e$an"% 'rice u'"ate% etc(

Follo*in0 are !ea"line ne*s o) C!ina Fluori"e &aterials &ont!ly Re'ort1 HF%&123'yf en(oys a )right future 2e#eral ne* 'ro0resses o) t!e a''lication o) HF341234y) !a#e been $a"e an" lea"in0 )luorine re)ri0erant enter'rises !a#e starte" e5'an"in0 t!eir 'ro"uction ca'acities o) HF341234y) recently% in"icatin0 t!at HF341234y) en.oys a bri0!t )uture( *raft regulation on rational e+ploitation and utili,ation of fluorite issued A "ra)t re0ulation about 6T!ree Rates6 in"e5 o) )luorite ore )or t!e rational e5'loitation an" utili-ation o) t!is strate0ic $ineral resource *as issue" by t!e &inistry o) Lan" an" Resources o) C!ina in late 3ct( 2013( -iangsu .uotai terminates its /i0F1 pro(e t Recently% 7ian0su 8uotai !as "eci"e" to ter$inate its LiPF 'ro.ect an" cancel t!e re0istration o) its subsi"iary o) 9!an0.ia0an0 :ayuan( *o&Fluoride2s /i0F1 )usiness progressing smoothly In ;o#( 2013% se#eral ne* 'ro0resses o) <o4Fluori"e=s LiPF business *ere $a"e% )or instance% t!e secon" '!ase o) its LiPF 'ro.ect *as 'ut into )or$al 'ro"uction% in"icatin0 t!at t!e co$'any=s LiPF business is 'ro0ressin0 s$oot!ly( Shanghai 3F to ooperate with Sol"ay in fluoropolymer )usiness In ;o#( 2013% 2!an0!ai 3F !as announce" t!at it is 0oin0 to coo'erate *it! 2ol#ay in t!e )luoro'oly$er business( *omesti mar#et situation of 3lF3 was optimisti sin e 43 2513 <o$estic $ar,et situation o) AlF3 !as e5!ibite" a si0n o) reboun" in >3 2013 an" re$ains o'ti$istic currently( 4u,hou City2s fluorine 6 sili on industry en(oying a )right future

>u-!ou City=s )luorine / silicon in"ustry !as been )uele" by t!e C!inese 8o#ern$ent since 2012( T!is in"ustry is "e#elo'in0 *ell in >u-!ou City% 9!e.ian0 Pro#ince% as se#eral ne* 'ro0resses !a#e been $a"e in R/<% construction an" 'ro"uction !ere in 2e't( an" 3ct( 2013( -uhua 7ailan2s new /i0F1 pro(e t starts onstru ting 8ingfa .roup2s omprehensi"e utili,ation pro(e t goes into trial produ tion T!e )irst '!ase o) ?in0)a 8rou'=s co$'re!ensi#e utili-ation 'ro.ect @inclu"in0 )luorine% io"ine an" siliconA !as been 'ut into trial 'ro"uction recently( F9C% releases an announ ement a)out HCFC usage :uotas of 251' T!e ne* HCFC usa0e Buotas o) 2014 )or C!ina *ere a''ro#e" an" issue" by FEC3 in ;o#( 2013( *omesti e+&wor#s pri es of most fluoride materials in No"$ 2513 <o$estic e54*or,s 'rices o) $ost )luori"e $aterials in ;o#( 2013 ;mport and e+port analysis of fluoride hemi als in China in % t$ 2513 I$'ort an" e5'ort analysis o) )luori"e c!e$icals in C!ina in 3ct( 2013 F9C% releases an announ ement a)out HCFC produ tion :uotas of 251' T!e ne* HCFC 'ro"uction Buotas o) 2014 )or C!ina *ere a''ro#e" an" issue" by FEC3 in ;o#( 2013( *ongyangguang Fluorine2s new refrigerant pro(e t goes into produ tion <onghe Fluoro hemi al2s fluorine hemi al pro(e t de"eloping well Thaihot .roup2s organi fluoride pro(e t to put into produ tion in 4' 2513 Mar#et re"iew of fluorite in the first three :uarters of 2513 <o$estic $ar,et situation o) )luorite *as 'oor in t!e )irst t!ree Buarters o) 2013( Ho*e#er% a si0n o) reboun" *as e5!ibite" in >3 2013( It=s esti$ate" t!at t!e $ar,et situation *ill !a#e a relati#ely stable 0ro*t! in >4 2013(

3)out CCM As a lea"in0 $ar,et researc! consultin0 co$'any in C!ina *it! $ore t!an 104year4e5'erience% CC& o))ers &ar,et <ata% Analysis% Re'orts% ;e*sletters% Cuyer4Tra"er In)or$ation% I$'ortDE5'ort Analysis all t!rou0! its ne* 'ro'rietary 'ro"uct EaloTracer( For $ore in)or$ation% 'lease #isit !tt'1DD***(cnc!e$icals(co$(

Conta t E$ail1 econtactFcnc!e$icals(co$ Tel1 G 42043H 1 0

Fa51 G 42043H 1 I G

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