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We All Can Read: The Supplemental Reader James E.

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Short i Real Word Story Six of us went past the dip in the rim to see the pig. Jill had a fig that stuck to her lip, and did not get a bit of a kiss, but her kin still did kid and rib her about the fig on her lip. She lit into them about that. Tim got hit on his hip with a bin, but it did not kill him. But Tim did get sick. He took a pill with a sip of water with fizz to get rid of the sick fix. He then did dip his mitt into a kit to get his wig. Tim put on his wig with a big pin. Bill made a bid to do a gig at the inn. He had to fit into a rig to get to the gig. He did not want to rip his sons bib in the rig. So Bill did put the bib in his tin bin so that it would not rip. Bill got to the inn and did a jig so that he would win the gig. Bill will fill the bill and do it; you will not be rid of him. Bill did sit in the dim lit room, and it is no fib and no sin. He sat till he saw a fin and heard a din like a hiss, and then he lost his wit and hid like a kid. Then it hit him. It all fit. On the sill was a gill. Bill was at a fish mill.