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a course in miracles

a course in miracles

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Published by Giorgiana Comsa

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Published by: Giorgiana Comsa on Sep 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INTRODUCTIONT-in.1.1This is a course in miracles. 2 It is a required course. 3 Only the time you take it is oluntary. ! "ree #ill does not mean that you can esta$lish the curriculum. % It means only that you can elect #hat you #ant to take at a &ien time. ' The course does not aim at teachin& the meanin& o( loe) (or that is $eyond #hat can $e tau&ht. * It does aim) ho#eer) at remoin& the $locks to the a#areness o( loe+s ,resence) #hich is your natural inheritance.  The o,,osite o( loe is (ear) $ut #hat is all-encom,assin& can hae no o,,osite.T-in.2.1This course can there(ore $e summed u, ery sim,ly in this #ay2 Nothin& real can $e threatened.3 Nothin& unreal e/ists.! 0erein lies the ,eace o( od.Cha,ter 1.
THE MEANING OF MIRACLESI. Principles of Miracles
T-1.I.1.There is no order o( di((iculty in miracles. 2 One is not harder or $i&&er than another. 3 They are all the same. ! ll e/,ressions o( loe are ma/imal.T-1.I.2.4iracles as such do not matter. 2 The only thin& that matters is their 5ource) #hich is (ar $eyond ealuation.T-1.I.3.4iracles occur naturally as e/,ressions o( loe. 2 The real miracle is the loe that ins,ires them. 3 In this sense eerythin& that comes (rom loe is a miracle.T-1.I.!.ll miracles mean li(e) and od is the ier o( li(e. 2 0is 6oice #ill direct you ery s,eci(ically. 3 7ou #ill $e told all you need to kno#.T-1.I.%.4iracles are ha$its) and should $e inoluntary. 2 They should not $e under conscious control. 3 Consciously selected miracles can $e mis&uided.T-1.I.'.4iracles are natural. 2 8hen they do not occur somethin& has &one #ron&.T-1.I.*.4iracles are eeryone+s ri&ht) $ut ,uri(ication is necessary (irst.T-1.I..4iracles are healin& $ecause they su,,ly a lack9 they are ,er(ormed $y those #ho tem,orarily hae more (or those #ho tem,orarily hae less.T-1.I.:.4iracles are a kind o( e/chan&e. 2 ;ike all e/,ressions o( loe) #hich are al#ays miraculous in the true sense) the e/chan&e reerses the ,hysical la#s. 3 They  $rin& more loe $oth to the &ier <and= the receier.T-1.I.1>.The use o( miracles as s,ectacles to induce $elie( is a misunderstandin& o( their ,ur,ose.T-1.I.11.?rayer is the medium o( miracles. 2 It is a means o( communication o( the created #ith the Creator. 3 Throu&h ,rayer loe is receied) and throu&h miracles loe is e/,ressed.
T-1.I.12.4iracles are thou&hts. 2 Thou&hts can re,resent the lo#er or $odily leel o( e/,erience) or the hi&her or s,iritual leel o( e/,erience. 3 One makes the ,hysical) and the other creates the s,iritual. T-1.I.13.4iracles are $oth $e&innin&s and endin&s) and so they alter the tem,oral order. 2 They are al#ays a((irmations o( re$irth) #hich seem to &o $ack $ut really &o (or#ard. 3 They undo the ,ast in the ,resent) and thus release the (uture.T-1.I.1!.4iracles $ear #itness to truth. 2 They are conincin& $ecause they arise (rom coniction. 3 8ithout coniction they deteriorate into ma&ic) #hich is mindless and there(ore destructie9 or rather) the uncreatie use o( mind.T-1.I.1%.@ach day should $e deoted to miracles. 2 The ,ur,ose o( time is to ena$le you to learn ho# to use time constructiely. 3 It is thus a teachin& deice and a means to an end. ! Time #ill cease #hen it is no lon&er use(ul in (acilitatin& learnin&.T-1.I.1'.4iracles are teachin& deices (or demonstratin& it is as $lessed to &ie as to receie. 2 They simultaneously increase the stren&th o( the &ier and su,,ly stren&th to the receier.T-1.I.1*.4iracles transcend the $ody. 2 They are sudden shi(ts into inisi$ility) a#ay (rom the $odily leel. 3 That is #hy they heal.T-1.I.1. miracle is a serice. 2 It is the ma/imal serice you can render to another. 3 It is a #ay o( loin& your nei&h$or as yoursel(. ! 7ou reco&niAe your o#n and your nei&h$or+s #orth simultaneously.T-1.I.1:.4iracles make minds one in od. 2 They de,end on coo,eration $ecause the 5onshi, is the sum o( all that od created. 3 4iracles there(ore re(lect the la#s o( eternity) not o( time.T-1.I.2>.4iracles rea#aken the a#areness that the s,irit) not the $ody) is the altar o( truth. 2 This is the reco&nition that leads to the healin& ,o#er o( the miracle.T-1.I.21.4iracles are natural si&ns o( (or&ieness. 2 Throu&h miracles you acce,t od+s (or&ieness $y e/tendin& it to others.T-1.I.22.4iracles are associated #ith (ear only $ecause o( the $elie( that darkness can hide. 2 7ou $eliee that #hat your ,hysical eyes cannot see does not e/ist. 3 This leads to a denial o( s,iritual si&ht.T-1.I.23.4iracles rearran&e ,erce,tion and ,lace all leels in true ,ers,ectie. 2 This is healin& $ecause sickness comes (rom con(usin& the leels.T-1.I.2!.4iracles ena$le you to heal the sick and raise the dead $ecause you made sickness and death yoursel() and can there(ore a$olish $oth. 2 <7ou= are a miracle) ca,a$le o( creatin& in the likeness o( your Creator. 3 @erythin& else is your o#n ni&htmare) and does not e/ist. ! Only the creations o( li&ht are real.T-1.I.2%.4iracles are ,art o( an interlockin& chain o( (or&ieness #hich) #hen com,leted) is the tonement. 2 tonement #orks all the time and in all the dimensions o( time. T-1.I.2'.4iracles re,resent (reedom (rom (ear. 2 tonin& means undoin&. 3 The undoin& o( (ear is an essential ,art o( the tonement alue o( miracles.
T-1.I.2*. miracle is a uniersal $lessin& (rom od throu&h me to all my $rothers. 2 It is the ,riile&e o( the (or&ien to (or&ie.T-1.I.2.4iracles are a #ay o( earnin& release (rom (ear. 2 Reelation induces a state in #hich (ear has already $een a$olished. 3 4iracles are thus a means and reelation is an end.T-1.I.2:.4iracles ,raise od throu&h you. 2 They ,raise 0im $y honorin& 0is creations) a((irmin& their ,er(ection. 3 They heal $ecause they deny $ody-identi(ication and a((irm s,irit-identi(ication.T-1.I.3>.By reco&niAin& s,irit) miracles adust the leels o( ,erce,tion and sho# them in ,ro,er ali&nment. 2 This ,laces s,irit at the center) #here it can communicate directly.T-1.I.31.4iracles should ins,ire &ratitude) not a#e. 2 7ou should thank od (or #hat you really are. 3 The children o( od are holy and the miracle honors their holiness) #hich can $e hidden $ut neer lost.T-1.I.32.I ins,ire all miracles) #hich are really intercessions. 2 They intercede (or your holiness and make your ,erce,tions holy. 3 By ,lacin& you $eyond the ,hysical la#s they raise you into the s,here o( celestial order. ! In this order you <are= ,er(ect.T-1.I.33.4iracles honor you $ecause you are loa$le. 2 They dis,el illusions a$out yoursel( and ,erceie the li&ht in you. 3 They thus atone (or your errors $y (reein& you (rom your ni&htmares. ! By releasin& your mind (rom the im,risonment o( your illusions) they restore your sanity.T-1.I.3!.4iracles restore the mind to its (ullness. 2 By atonin& (or lack they esta$lish  ,er(ect ,rotection. 3 The s,irit+s stren&th leaes no room (or intrusions.T-1.I.3%.4iracles are e/,ressions o( loe) $ut they may not al#ays hae o$sera$le e((ects.T-1.I.3'.4iracles are e/am,les o( ri&ht thinkin&) ali&nin& your ,erce,tions #ith truth as od created it.T-1.I.3*. miracle is a correction introduced into (alse thinkin& $y me. 2 It acts as a catalyst) $reakin& u, erroneous ,erce,tion and reor&aniAin& it ,ro,erly. 3 This ,laces you under the tonement ,rinci,le) #here ,erce,tion is healed. ! Until this has occurred) kno#led&e o( the Diine Order is im,ossi$le.T-1.I.3.The 0oly 5,irit is the mechanism o( miracles. 2 0e reco&niAes $oth od+s creations and your illusions. 3 0e se,arates the true (rom the (alse $y 0is a$ility to  ,erceie totally rather than selectiely.T-1.I.3:.The miracle dissoles error $ecause the 0oly 5,irit identi(ies error as (alse or unreal. 2 This is the same as sayin& that $y ,erceiin& li&ht) darkness automatically disa,,ears.T-1.I.!>.The miracle ackno#led&es eeryone as your $rother and mine. 2 It is a #ay o( ,erceiin& the uniersal mark o( od.T-1.I.!1.8holeness is the ,erce,tual content o( miracles. 2 They thus correct) or atone (or) the (aulty ,erce,tion o( lack.T-1.I.!2. maor contri$ution o( miracles is their stren&th in releasin& you (rom your (alse sense o( isolation) de,riation and lack.