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a course in miracles

a course in miracles

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Published by Giorgiana Comsa

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Published by: Giorgiana Comsa on Sep 07, 2009
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4y "ather &i es all ,o#er unto me.
8-32>.1.The 5on o( 1od is limitless. 2 There are no limits on his stren&th) his ,eace)
his Coy) nor any attri$utes his "ather &a e in his creation. 3 8hat he #ills #ith his Creator
and Redeemer must $e done. ! 0is holy #ill can ne er $e denied) $ecause his "ather
shines u,on his mind) and lays $e(ore it all the stren&th and lo e in earth and 0ea en. % I
am he to #hom all this is &i en. ' I am he in #hom the ,o#er o( my "ather+s 8ill a$ides.

8-32>.2. <7our 8ill can do all thin&s in me) and then e/tend to all the #orld as #ell
throu&h me. 2 There is no limit on 7our 8ill. 3 3nd so all ,o#er has $een &i en to 7our

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