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We All Can Read: The Supplemental Reader James E.

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Page 114

Drink Water and Get Cheerful

The following story uses words that contain the third sound of the vowels a, o, and u (syllable pattern 8).

Water is found in most parts of the globe such as China and Cuba. If you are in the desert, you must not squander it but drink a mouthful at a time. Wasps like to drink water and also the walrus. Tuna live in water and form squadrons. Soda is made up of water as is a malt drink. Chalk is not made up of water; neither is salt; this fact is proven, and no one can squabble over it. It is harmful and awful and painful to falter and not let a person drink water. Bald men need to drink water and also those who like the hula. Both joyful and scornful children will walk and wander till they get at least a mouthful of the blissful drink. Do not push luck; drink water like the zebra, and get cheerful!