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Southeast Asian Games 2013

Worksheet Topic : The 27th SEA Games Name ....... No. Class
1. Complete the table. The 27th SEA Games Medal Tally Rank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Country Gold Silver Bronze Total

What country won the most medals in the 27th SEA Games? What country won the least medals in the 27th SEA Games? ...

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2. Look, read and match. Indonesia Brunei Malaysia Laos Thailand Cambodia Timor-Leste Myanmar Vietnam Philippines Singapore came first place with came second place with came third place with came fourth place with came fifth place with came sixth place with
came seventh place with

a total of 231 medals. a total of 100 medals. a total of 282 medals. a total of 77 medals. a total of 258 medals. a total of 108 medals. a total of 8 medals. a total of 10 medals. a total of 47 medals. a total of 244 medals. a total of 158 medals.

came eighth place with came ninth place with came tenth place with came last place with

3. Answer the questions. 1. What country was the host of the 27th SEA Games? 2. How many Gold medals did Singapore win? 3. What country won a hundred and one medals? 4. What country won the most Bronze medals? 5. What country will host the 28th SEA Games? The Library of Ban Danload School