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Plate II

______________________ Figure 11.--The First Pentacle of Saturn.--This Pentacle is of great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits. Wherefore, upon its eing sho!n to the" they su "it, and kneeling upon the earth efore it, they o ey. Editor's Note.--The #e re! letters !ithin the s$uare are the four great %a"es of &od !hich are !ritten !ith four letters'--I#(#, )od, #e, (au, #e* +,%I, +donai* II+I, )iai -this %a"e has the sa"e
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%u"erical value in #e re! as the %a"e 234* and +#I#, 2heieh. The #e re! versicle !hich surrounds it is fro" Psal" l55ii. 6' 7The 2thiopians shall kneel efore #i", #is ene"ies shall lick the dust.7
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______________________ Figure 18.--The Second Pentacle of Saturn.--This Pentacle is of great value against adversities* and of especial use in repressing the pride of the Spirits. 2ditor7s %ote.--This is the cele rated S+T9: +:2P9 T2%2T 9P2:+ :9T+S, the "ost perfect e5isting for" of dou le acrostic, as far as the arrange"ent of the letters is concerned* it is repeatedly "entioned in the records of "edi;val <agic* and, save to very fe!, its derivation fro" the present Pentacle has een unkno!n. It !ill e seen at a glance that it is a s$uare of five, giving t!enty-five letters, !hich, added to the unity, gives t!enty si5, the nu"erical value of I#(#. The #e re! versicle surrounding it is taken fro" Psal" l55ii. =, 7#is do"inion shall e also fro" the one sea to the other, and fro" the flood unto the !orld7s end.7 This passage consists also of e5actly t!entyfive letters, and its total nu"erical value -considering the final letters !ith increased nu" ers4, added to that of the %a"e 2lohi", is e5actly e$ual to the total nu"erical value of the t!enty-five letters in the S$uare. ______________________ Figure 1>.--The Third Pentacle of Saturn.--This should e "ade !ithin the <agical ?ircle, and it is good for use at night !hen thou invokest the Spirits of the nature of Saturn. Editor's Note.--The characters at the ends of the rays of the <ystic Wheel are <agical ?haracters of Saturn. Surrounding it are the %a"es of the +ngels'--9"eliel, +nachiel, +rauchiah, and +na@achia, !ritten in #e re!. %e5t' Plate III