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Workshop on Recent Amendments in Income Tax Act, 2058 and VAT Act, 2052

Course contents
Income from salary Assessable Income Exempt Income Deductions Reductions Net Taxable Income Calculation of Tax liability for single and couple natural person Amendments by budget 2070/71 Tax deduction at source (TDS) TDS on Investment Returns TDS on Contract TDS for foreign Companies Other TDS Filing of TDS Returns TDS Certificate Adjustable and final withholding Amendments by budget for 2070/71 Value Added Tax (VAT) Conceptual Framework and Provisions in VAT Act, 2052 and VAT Rules, 2053. VAT Registration and deregistration Taxable and non-taxable goods and services Time for VAT levy and filing VAT returns Interests and Penalties VAT credit and refund Amendments by budget for 2070/71

Workshop on Recent Amendments in Income Tax Act, 2058 & VAT Act, 2052 Organized by

CEF Academy
Program schedule
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26,Sept. 2013 12:45p.m-13:00 p.m 13:00 p.m-15:00 pm 15:00 p.m-15:15 p.m 15:15 p.m-17:00 p.m

Welcome Speech

Income from Employment and its monthly TDS Coffee Break Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) on Investment Returns Practical Aspects on calculation of Income from Remuneration and Interactions with individual participants Coffee Break VAT, its practicality and recent amendments

27,Sept. 2013 13:00 p.m-15 :00 p.m

15:00 p.m-15:15 p.m 15:15 p.m-17:15 p.m

17:15 p.m-17:30 p.m

Closing & Certificate Distribution