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Applied Linguistics Resea ch and Re!lecti"n # andi #a nett L"$"la Uni%e sit$


&Ad%"cac$ is a'"ut %isuali(ing change !" a 'ette s"ciet$)c"nsisting "! " gani(ed e!!" ts and acti"ns 'ased "n the ealit$ "! *+hat is, s" that %isi"ns "! *+hat sh"uld 'e, in a -ust. decent s"ciet$ 'ec"/e a ealit$.0 1de 2"ng. 3455. p6376 I a/ an ad%"cate !" /$ students. n"t -ust in /$ class ""/ 'ut all the students in /$ sch""l and sch""l dist ict6 G eat linguistic di%e sit$ e8ists in /$ sch""l dist ict6 Un!" tunatel$. the sta!! di%e sit$ d"es n"t e!lect "u students6 I +ill 'e add essing a p "'le/ that I !ace in /$ class ""/ e%e $ da$. e%ie+ lite atu e that elates t" /$ speci!ic p "'le/. use the lite atu e t" /a9e ec"//endati"ns !" /$ teaching p actice and a ticulate ne8t steps !" /$ class ""/ p actice. /$ sch""l,s p actice and /$ dist ict,s p actice6 Proble m The p "'le/ I ha%e selected is h"+ d" I. as a /"n"lingual teache . 'e an e!!ecti%e teache !" /$ students +h" spea9 a %a iet$ "! languages: ; ight 134547 state &students lea n 'est in the language the$ unde stand 'est6 Thus. p "%iding ELLs +ith c"ntent<a ea inst ucti"n in thei nati%e " !i st language 1L57 +hile the$ a e lea ning English)helps t" ensu e that the$ +ill lea n c"/ple8 acade/ic c"ntent and /aste g ade<le%el c"ntent standa ds.0 1p6 =>76 I! /$ ELL students all sp"9e the sa/e nati%e language. I +"uld si/pl$ lea n and i//e se /$sel! in that language s" that I c"uld p "%ide the/ +ith the inst ucti"n the$ need +hile lea ning a ne+ language. English6 Reg etta'l$. it is n"t that si/ple6 P i" t" /$ e/pl"$/ent +ith S9"9ie Sch""l Dist ict ?=. the c"//unit$ +as p ed"/inatel$ 2e+ish +ith /"st "! the c"//unit$ /e/'e s 'eing /iddle t"

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 3 uppe </iddle class6 The de/"g aphics "%e the past ten $ea s ha%e shi!ted d a/aticall$6 The cu ent student de/"g aphics c"nsist "! thi t$<si8 pe cent Asian. thi t$<th ee pe cent +hite. si8teen pe cent Hispanic. ele%en pe cent A! ican<A/e ican and !"u pe cent t+" " /" e


aces 1G eat Sch""ls. 345>76 Acc"/pan$ing the di%e se de/"g aphics "! the sch""l is an e%en /" e di%e se linguisticall$6 The e a e "%e !i!t$ languages ep esented th "ugh"ut the dist ict6 On a%e age. each sch""l $ea . /$ class ""/ students spea9 a'"ut eight di!!e ent languages6 #ecause "! this. I cann"t lea n each student,s nati%e language t" p "%ide inst ucti"n in thei L5 +hile the$ lea n English6 @et I still ha%e a esp"nsi'ilit$ t" p "%ide each student +ith the educati"n the$ dese %e6 P"lic$ ega ding the educati"n "! ELL students is e%e e%"l%ing and changing6 The ne+e p"lic$ "! the N" Child Le!t #ehind Act. i/ple/ented in 3443. &+ill disc"u age sch""ls ! "/ c"ntinuing nati%e<language inst ucti"n. 'ecause !ailu e t" sh"+ acade/ic p "g ess in English +ill lead t" the l"ss "! !unds.0 1Santa Ana. 344A. p6 54A76 E%en th"ugh esea ch has p "%en. ti/e and again. that lea ning a ne+ language +hile utili(ing the pe s"n,s L5 is 'est p actice. the US g"%e n/ent is pushing !" English !luenc$ Buic9e than p"ssi'le6 &ELLs +h" ecei%e /" e nati%e<language inst ucti"n in +ell< i/ple/ented 'ilingual p "g a/s t$picall$ lea n /" e acade/ic English than th"se in all<English p "g a/s.0 1C a+!" d C D ashen. 344E. p6 5=76 The students in /$ sch""l dist ict ecei%e thi t$ /inutes "! pull"ut ELL inst ucti"n e%e $ da$6 This d"es n"t /ean that I d" n"t ha%e t" +" $ a'"ut /$ ELL students6 It /eans that I ha%e a di!!icult tas9 ahead "! /e "n h"+ I can c eate that lin9 'et+een thei L5 and L36 &NCL# /a9es it clea that ELL students a e held t" the sa/e language a ts. /ath. science. and "the c"ntent<a ea standa ds as thei nati%e English<spea9ing pee s.0 1; ight. 3454. p6 ?F76

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 5 The di%e sit$ in /$ class ""/. sch""l and dist ict is an asset6 &In s"ciall$ -ust class ""/s guided '$ s"ci"cultu al the" $. di/ensi"ns "! di!!e ence can e8ist in thei "+n ight and sh"uld se %e as the s"u ce "! ich lea ning inte acti"ns.0 1Oa9es. Lipt"n.


Ande s"n. C Still/an. 345>. p6 5E576 O!ten ti/es. teache s in /$ sch""l dist ict c"/plain andG" see the di%e sit$ as an "'stacle that the$ ha%e t" deal +ith6 &The sch""ling "! linguisticall$ and cultu all$ di%e se lea ne s sh"uld 'uild "n thei st engths.0 1de 2"ng. 3455. p6 >>76 I en-"$ the di%e sit$ /$ students ' ing t" "u class ""/ and I +ant t" 9n"+ /" e a'"ut h"+ I can p "%ide the/ +ith a Bualit$ educati"n +ith"ut lea ning /ultiple languages and suggesti"ns I can gi%e t" teache s +h" see thei students as a c"/plicati"n6 In the ne8t secti"n. I +ill e%ie+ elated lite atu e "n the p "'le/ t" 'ette in!" / /$ p "p"sed ec"//endati"ns6 Literature Review The e is a pleth" a "! in!" /ati"n ega ding /$ p "'le/. as the e a e c"untless teache s in /$ sa/e p"siti"n6 In the !i st a ticle. Ed+a ds and Ne+c"/'e 1344?7 discuss h"+ t" /a 9et the 'ene!its "! 'ilingualis/ t" pa ents6 The /edia is /"stl$ esp"nsi'le !" p "l"nging /$ths "! h"+ 'ilingualis/ can c"n!use child en6 The e!" e. pa ents +ill gene all$ enc"u age the ad"pti"n "! the d"/inant language +hile neglecting thei nati%e t"ngue6 The ;ales g"%e n/ent is /a9ing a %aliant e!!" t t" p "/"te 'ilingualis/ "! the English and ;elsh languages using se%e al tactics: /id+i%es and health %isit" s as9 pa ents at 'i th and at the eight /"nth sc eening +hat language intenti"ns the$ ha%e !" thei child. ne+ pa ents ecei%e a ' "chu e highlighting the 'ene!its "! 'ilingualis/. and ha%e c eated a l"g" t" p "/"te and /a 9et 'ilingualis/ 1Ed+a ds C Ne+c"/'e. 344?76

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 7 Han$ "! the /a 9eting st ategies in ;ales can easil$ 'e ad"pted he e in the United States i! the g"%e n/ent t ul$ d"es +ant 'ilingual and /ultilingual citi(ens6 I sa+ !i st hand +ith a pa ent this p e%i"us sch""l $ea that pa ents a e /isin!" /ed "n 'ilingualis/6 H$ studentIs pa ents did n"t +ant he t" lea n t" ead " + ite in Spanish and the$


inc easingl$ enc"u aged he t" use /" e and /" e English at h"/e6 I +as easil$ a'le t" c"n%ince the pa ent "! the 'ene!its "! 'eing lite ate in '"th languages and h"+ it +"uld help. n"t hinde . thei daughte Is a'ilit$ t" i/p "%e he English6 &D"(ens "! studies attest t" the p"siti%e i/pact "! pa ent in%"l%e/ent "n child en,s sch""l achie%e/ents and "utc"/es.0 1Oa9es et6 al6. 345>. p6 >3A76 Since students a e s" used t" seeing and !eeling that lea ning English. the d"/inant language. is i/p" tant. getting pa ents "n '"a d +ith an in%est/ent in thei nati%e language can help students 'ec"/e 'ilingual6 Als". sha ing +ith pa ents that &acade/ic language ta9es at least !i%e t" se%en $ea s t" de%el"p. and it can ta9e e%en l"nge !" a student +h" +as n"t lite ate in he p i/a $ language.0 1Hill C Fl$nn. 344?. p6 5=7 +ill h"pe!ull$ ease the /inds "! /an$ eage pa ents and students6 The ne8t a ticle. Jan Slu$s and Ra" 134537 e8plain the" etical p actices that /"n"lingual teache s can utili(e in " de t" teach /ultilingual students in sch""ls6 The !i st !"cus sch""l. an u 'an ele/enta $ sch""l that is c"/p ised "! students +h",s L5 is Spanish. pa ticipate in a sch""l +ide dual< language p "g a/6 Due t" /athe/atics and s"cial studies 'eing taught "nl$ in Spanish and student pa ticipati"n "nl$ in Spanish and lite ac$ and science 'eing taught in English +ith student pa ticipati"n "nl$ in English. the students at this sch""l did n"t !eel the$ had language. p"+e " identit$ due t" the st ict sepa ati"n "! the t+" languages6 The sec"nd !"cus sch""l. a s/all u 'an ele/enta $ sch""l c"ntaining +" 9ing<class and /ultilingual !a/ilies. /ainl$ had /"n"lingual teache s6 Students in this sch""l +e e

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 9 enc"u aged t" + ite in the language students +e e /"st c"/!" ta'le +ith and d "%e the cu iculu/ th "ugh inBui $6 N"t "nl$ can I add ess /$ students, %a iet$ "! languages sp"9en. I can 'e supp" ti%e and &all"+0 the/ t" use thei L5 in " de t" c"ntinue thei lea ning6 This past sch""l $ea I


ead al"ud /an$ '""9s +ith di!!e ent languages. alth"ugh /"st +e e Spanish6 I n"ticed "ne "! /$ students 'egan c"unting. du ing a /ath less"n. in Spanish6 This is a step in the ight di ecti"n !" /$ students and /e as a teache 6 I 9n"+ I can c"ntinue /$ students, p ide in thei language '$ enc"u aging the/ t" spea9. ead and + ite in an$ language the$ !eel /"st c"/!" ta'le 'e!" e t $ing t" use English6 The chapte . Using Hultilingual St ategies in H"n"lingual Ea l$ Childh""d Class ""/s. ec"n!i /s that esea ch sh"+s a student,s s"lid !"undati"n in thei L5 +ill enc"u age L3 language acBuisiti"n 1Sulli%an. 345576 It is si/pl$ n"t en"ugh that +e. as teache s. tell pa ents the i/p" tance "! the c"ntinued use "! thei nati%e language and de%el"ping thei child,s L5 lite ac$ at h"/e6 A list "! st ategies /"n"lingual teache s can use t" c eate inclusi%e class ""/s and supp" t e/e ging /ultilingual student identities is p "%ided. as +ell as e8planati"ns "! h"+ each a e 'ene!icial6 S"/e e8a/ples include spea9ing in p"siti%e te /s a'"ut languages and cultu es. lea ning as /uch a'"ut $"u students, languages and cultu es as p"ssi'le. ha%ing signs and la'els e!lect the linguistic di%e sit$ "! $"u students. enc"u aging students and pa ents t" !ind '""9s. s"ngs. p"e/s and h$/es in thei nati%e language that c"nnects t" class ""/ the/es. and /uch /" e6 This chapte gi%es a /ultitude "! +a$s that I. as a /"n"lingual teache . can use "n a dail$ 'asis t" p "/"te the use "! /$ students, %a iet$ "! languages6 One st ateg$ that is "'%i"us 'ut I had n"t th"ught "! is si/pl$ /e /a9ing an e!!" t t" lea n h"+ t" sa$ 'asic ph ases in each "! /$

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 11 students, languages6 H"st c uciall$. th"ugh. is that I get th "ugh t" pa ents and "!!e the/ suggesti"ns "n h"+ t" 9eep thei child,s nati%e language lite ac$ acti%e and +ell de%el"ped6 ; ight 134547 c"ntends &)teache s +h" espect thei students,


h"/e languages and cultu es can 'e /"st e!!ecti%e in helping students /a9e the necessa $ t ansiti"ns.0 1p6 3F76 The ne8t chapte . The I/p" tance "! Haintaining H"the T"ngue and Cultu e in the Class ""/. !"cuses "n the signi!icance "! child en c"ntinuing t" use thei L5 in " de t" lea n an additi"nal language. as +ell as especting each child,s cultu e 1Ha$i/<#a/'e ge . 345576 #$ ha%ing students + ite "n a t"pic in thei L5 and t anslate it int" English. the$ can c"/pa e and c"nt ast '"th languages in " de t" help the/ lea n the st uctu e "! English K teaching g a//a in English al"ne is n"t /eaning!ul6 This is /" e !" /all$ 9n"+n as additi%e 'ilingualis/. +hich /eans lea ning a sec"nd language +ith"ut neglecting the /aintenance and de%el"p/ent "! the !i st6 Teache s can d" a %a iet$ "! units "! inBui $ t" include lea ning andG" sha ing each student,s h"/e c"unt $6 I can teach /$ students h"+ t" spea9. ead and + ite English using thei L5 and especting the cultu e in +hich the$ " iginate6 ;hile I d" ha%e a st ict cu iculu/ t" !"ll"+. the inc" p" ati"n "! using the c"/pa e and c"nt ast /eth"d in + iting. sch""ls and cele' ati"ns. eading st" ies. discussing !""d. l""9ing at !" /s "! cu enc$. the +eathe . sha ing s"ngs. +hat t" d" +hen s"/e"ne snee(es 'et+een students, cultu e and A/e ica +ill 'e 'ene!icial !" e%e $ child6 Th "ugh tapping int" +hat is !a/ilia and c"/!" ta'le t" a child is h"+ the$ +ill 'ette lea n English +hile still /aintaining thei cultu e and language6

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 13 The ne8t chapte . Lea ning a N"nalpha'etic Sc ipt and Its I/pact "n the Late De%el"p/ent "! English as a Sec"nd Language. !"cuses "n the linguistic t ans!e "! students +h" spea9 Chinese and D" ean Hangul as thei L5 and English as thei L3 1Cheung. Hc# ide<Chang. C T"ng. 345576 Fi st. the auth" s in%estigate h"+ di!!e ent le%els "!


ph"n"l"gical a+a eness in a child,s L5 a!!ects thei English6 Sec"nd.

eading pe !" /ance in

the$ e8a/ine the natu e "! each L5,s " th"g aph$ 1spelling7 and h"+ it a!!ects thei eading pe !" /ance in English6 Thi d. the$ e8pl" e h"+ eading eading pe !" /ance in English6 Finall$. suggesti"ns

inst ucti"n a!!ects thei

a e "!!e ed t" p actiti"ne s "n the 'est app "ach t" use 'ased "n each child,s L5 +hen teaching the/ h"+ t" ead English6 The idea "! d a+ing up"n +hat students al ead$ 9n"+ t" teach the/ s"/ething ne+ dates 'ac9 t" the late eighteen hund eds6 &De+e$,s cu iculu/ 'egan +ith e8pe iences i//ediatel$ !a/ilia t" the child en. then /"%ed students t" /" e distant and a'st act ideas.0 1Oa9es et6 al6. 345> p6 E376 ;hile this chapte "nl$ !"cused "n t+" languages. Chinese and D" ean Hangul. it has gi%en /e insight "n languages that d" n"t ha%e an alpha'et and a e n"t 'ased "n ph"n"l"gical a+a eness6 Students +h" ead Chinese use a &l""9<and<sa$0 /eth"d that si/pl$ d"es n"t +" 9 +hen eading English6 The e!" e. instead "! teaching Chinese students ph"ne/ic a+a eness !" eading English. I need t" !"cus "n teaching the/ t" ead in

s$lla'les6 Since the e a e a %a iet$ "! languages sp"9en '$ the students in /$ class ""/. I can use Cultu e G a/s " s"/e "the "nline es"u ce t" see h"+ each child,s L5 eading /eth"ds can 'e t ans!e ed t" helping the/ ead English6 Acc" ding t" C a+!" d and D ashen 1344E7 &the p "cess "! eading is si/ila in di!!e ent languagesL eade s "! di!!e ent languages use the sa/e st ategies +hile eading.0 1p6 3476 Finall$. the chapte . He itage Language C"//unities and Sch""ls:

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 15 Challenges and Rec"//endati"ns. !i st l""9s at the di!!iculties +ith c"//unities esta'lishing and /aintaining he itage language sch""ls. then "!!e s ec"//endati"ns !" add essing th"se di!!iculties 1C"/pt"n. 344576 The challenges t" esta'lishing and /aintaining he itage language sch""ls c"nsist "! aising pu'lic a+a eness. culti%ating ' "ad<'ased supp" t.


i/p "%ing a ticulati"n +ith g "ups and instituti"ns. i/p "%ing cu iculu/ and /ate ials. de%el"ping teache s and !"ste ing supp" t a/"ng pa ents and elde s6 The /"st c itical aspect "! st engthening an e8isting he itage sch""l is aising pu'lic a+a eness 'ecause "!ten ti/es g eat p "g a/s e8ist 'ut the c"//unit$ is n"t a+a e6 S"/e ec"//endati"ns include e8a/ining i//ig ati"n t ends. he itage settle/ent patte ns. the l"cati"n "! he itage language sch""ls. sp ead in!" /ati"n "n he itage language "!!e ings and /a9e c"nnecti"ns 'et+een he itage language sch""ls and sch""ls in the c"//unit$ including highe educati"n6 One "! the g eatest things I can d". as a teache . is t" help /$ students c eate andG" /aintain a p"siti%e sel!<identit$ '$ enc"u aging the uniBueness that each student ' ings t" /$ class ""/6 Language and cultu e pla$ an essential "le in a child,s sel!<identit$ 1de 2"ng. 3445. p6 5=F76 E%en th"ugh I a/ a /"n"lingual teache . I can enc"u age /$ students t" 'e p "ud "! and /aintain thei cultu al he itage6 The challenge in getting students 1and adults7 in%"l%ed in he itage language classes is the a+a eness in the c"//unit$ 1C"/pt"n. 344576 In the ne8t secti"n. I +ill /a9e ec"//endati"ns !" p actice t" p "%ide 'ette inst ucti"n !" /$ ELL students and t" /a9e /$ students !eel +elc"/ed and %alued in "u class ""/6 Recommendations for Practice Each a ticle ga%e se%e al ec"//endati"ns teache s can use in thei p actice6 S"/e a e n"t !easi'le " pa ticula l$ use!ul !" /$ situati"n 'ut

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 17 /an$ I can easil$ i/ple/ent ight a+a$6 Fi st. I +"uld li9e t" !"cus "n the pa ents6 H$ !i st !" /al inte acti"n +ith pa ents is "n Cu iculu/ Night at the end "! August6 Du ing this ti/e I +ill gi%e pa ents a ' "chu e "n the 'ene!its "! 'ilingualis/6 The ' "chu e I +ill c eate +ill include !acts "n the


'ene!its "! thei child lea ning English +hile /aintainingGenhancing thei nati%e language. as +ell as citati"ns !" %alidati"n pu p"ses di ectl$ ! "/ te8ts such as &de%el"ping nati%e< language lite ac$ speeds up English lite ac$ de%el"p/ent.0 1C a+!" d C D ashen. 344E. p6 A576 Al"ng +ith the dist i'uti"n "! the ' "chu e I +ill 'e su e t" enc"u age pa ents t" use thei nati%e language at h"/e in all !"u d"/ains. listening. spea9ing. eading and + iting6 The !i st ti/e I !" /all$ spea9 +ith pa ents indi%iduall$ is du ing c"n!e ences in ea l$ Oct"'e 6 At this ti/e I +ill ta9e the ;ales app "ach and as9 each pa ent thei linguistic intenti"ns !" thei child 1Ed+a ds C Ne+c"/'e. 344?76 T" pa ents +h" d" +ant t" c"ntinue thei child,s nati%e language de%el"p/ent I +ill "!!e suggesti"ns in +a$s t" d" s"6 T" pa ents +h" a e esistant I +ill eite ate the i/p" tance "! 'ilingualis/ and as9 +hat I can d" t" help6 Finall$. I +"uld li9e t" c"/pile a list "! instituti"ns that "!!e he itage language classes6 Each sch""l $ea I ha%e a c"uple "! students +h" tell /e the$ ha%e sch""l "n Satu da$ +he e the$ p actice thei language6 I +ill each "ut t" pa ents "! students I ha%e had t" as9 the/ +hat language and +he e the classes a e "!!e ed6 On the list I +ill include the S+edish A/e ican Huseu/ that "!!e s S+edish he itage language classes6 Once I ha%e c"/piled the list. I +ill sha e it +ith pa ents6 I +ill c"ntinue adding t" the list as I a/ in!" /ed "! /" e "!!e ings6 Ne8t. /$ ec"//endati"ns +ill !"cus "n /$ p actice as a teache in /$ class ""/6 The e is a p"ste in the li' a $ at /$ sch""l that sa$s hell" in

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 19 a'"ut t+ent$ di!!e ent languages6 I +ill pu chase " /a9e "ne t" put "n the d"" "! /$ class ""/6 I! +e c"/e ac "ss an$ languages that a e n"t ep esentati%e "! the students in /$ class ""/. +e +ill add thei language t" the p"ste 6 #uilding "!! the p"ste sa$ing hell". I +ant t" lea n h"+ t"


sa$ hell" in each "! /$ students, languages and g eet the/ that +a$ each /" ning6 Once I ha%e /aste ed hell" in each language. I +ill ' anch "ut t" g""d<'$e. h"+ a e $"u and h"pe!ull$ /" e6 I +ill 'e c"gni(ant "! spea9ing p"siti%el$ a'"ut all languages and cultu es 'ecause &sch""ls pla$ an i/p" tant "le in legiti/i(ing +hat is %alued and i/p" tant.0 1de 2"ng. 3455. p6 5ME76 I +ill als" c"ntinue t" ead and ha%e a%aila'le in /$ class ""/ li' a $ cultu all$ ele%ant lite atu e since &'""9s %alidate !" child en that thei li%es a e n" /al and that the$ a e pa t "! the cultu e.0 1G"pala9 ishnan. 3455. p6 55376 Finall$. /$ ec"//endati"ns +ill !"cus "n the inst ucti"n aspect "! /$ teaching6 I +ill enc"u age /$ students t" use thei nati%e language +hen spea9ing and + iting t" /a9e sense "! the s9ill1s7 " /ate ial 'eing lea ned6 ;hen lea ning a ne+ s9ill. I +ill st ategicall$ place /$ students in c""pe ati%e lea ning g "ups +ith a /i8tu e "! nati%e English spea9e s and students +h" spea9 the sa/e nati%e language6 &)sha ing. tal9ing. and +" 9ing +ith "the s sh"uld 'e cent al t" the lea ning p "cess.0 1Oa9es et6 al6. 345>. p6 5=576 This +ill all"+ /$ students t" spea9 t" each "the in thei nati%e language. listen t" nati%e English spea9e s and all"+ /$ students t" p actice spea9ing English in a s/alle g "up setting6 I +ill als" enc"u age /$ students t" c"/pa e and c"nt ast h"+ sentences a e sp"9en and + itten in thei nati%e language c"/pa ed t" English6 #uilding "n c"/pa ing and c"nt asting a student,s L5 t" L3. I +ill in%estigate each student,s nati%e language !" alpha'etic " n"nalpha'etic languages6 I! /$ students, nati%e language is alpha'etic " the$ ha%e n"t $et lea ned t" ead " + ite in thei nati%e language. &)

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 21 teaching child en the /"st st aight!" +a d ules. " *'asic ph"nics., can 'e use!ul6 This is especiall$ t ue !" ELLs +h" ha%e n"t lea ned t" ead in the nati%e language.0 1C a+!" d C D ashen. 344E. p6 3576 H"+e%e . i! a student,s nati%e language is n"nalpha'etic and the$ a e lite ate in thei nati%e


language. I +ill need t" unde stand h"+ the$ +e e taught t" ead in that language s" that I can c eate t ans!e !" the/ t" eading English6 ;hile the chapte I ead pe taining t" this "nl$ !"cused "n Chinese. I can use the Cultu e G a/s +e'site t" get speci!ic in!" /ati"n "n h"+ an$ language,s eading is taught 1Cultu e G a/s. 345>76 Reflecti on As I e!lect "n the p "cess "! this assign/ent. the ec"//endati"ns listed a'"%e a e attaina'le6 H$ ne8t steps a e t" put each "! the/ int" acti"n6 S"/e. li9e the hell" p"ste in di!!e ent languages and the 'ilingual ' "chu e. I +ill sta t "n ne8t +ee9 +hen I get 'ac9 int" /$ class ""/6 The est +ill sl"+l$ 'e integ ated int" /$ teaching p actice th "ugh"ut the sch""l $ea 6 As I +as t$ping this pape I used an "utline !" /$ ec"//endati"ns6 I +ill 9eep the "utline that is %e $ eas$ t" ead ne8t t" /$ c"/pute at sch""l s" that I a/ c"nstantl$ a+a e "! /$ aspi ati"ns6 I als" intend t" in%"l%e /$ sch""l s" that the students. n"t -ust in /$ class ""/. +ill 'ene!it6 I can easil$ /a9e c"pies "! the 'ilingual ' "chu e I put t"gethe !" pa ents and the he itage language sch""ls list. as +ell as enc"u age "the teache s t" help /e an$ +a$ the$ can6 E%en th"ugh I a/ c"/pleting this Applied Linguistics Resea ch and Re!lecti"n pape d"es n"t /ean I ha%e c"/pletel$ s"l%ed /$ p "'le/ and the ec"//endati"ns I put in place +ill /a9e /e the pe !ect teache and ad%"cate !" /$ students6 H$ p "'le/ is %ast and the e +ill al+a$s 'e /" e that I can d"6 The e a e nu/e "us st ategies I +ant t" t $ in /$ class ""/

Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 23 ega ding shelte ed inst ucti"n ! "/ the SIOP te8t 1Eche%a ia. J"gt. C Sh" t. 345>76 I +ill 'e ' inging and h"using the SIOP '""9 in /$ class ""/ s" that this +ill 'e p"ssi'le6 I +ill als" c"ntinue t" ead lite atu e as it pe tains t" this p "'le/ t" help e%en !u the 6


The ESL end" se/ent p "g a/ has "pened /$ e$es t" the c"/ple8it$ "! sec"nd language acBuisiti"n6 Since I a/ /"n"lingual and ha%e n"t t a%eled t" c"unt ies +he e the /a-" it$ "! the pe"ple d" n" 9n"+ English. I did n"t 9n"+ h"+ di!!icult lea ning English +as " h"+ I /a$ ha%e /ade /$ students !eel a'"ut thei "+n language and identit$6 &Th "ugh thei dail$ decisi"ns a'"ut language and language use. teache s help shape students, linguistic and cultu al identities as +ell as thei acade/ic and language and lite ac$ de%el"p/ent.0 1de 2"ng. 3455. p6 3>M76 I st "ngl$ 'elie%e that e%e $ child has the ight t" a s"ciall$ -ust and eBuita'le educati"n6 Th "ugh /$ dail$ teaching decisi"ns. utili(ing the ec"//endati"ns listed a'"%e. I h"pe t" /a9e each "! /$ students !eel li9e a +elc"/ed. %alued and uniBue indi%idual +ith a desi e t" lea n6


Reference List 1345>76 Culture Grams. Ret ie%ed ! "/ http:GG"nline6cultu eg a/s6c"/G 1345>76 Great schools: Involved parents. Successful kids. Ret ie%ed ! "/ http:GG+++6g eatsch""ls6" gGillin"isGs9"9ieG>E>M<Highland<Ele/enta $< Sch""lG: ta'Nde/"g aphics Cheung. H6. Hc# ide<Chang. C6. C T"ng. O6 1345576 Lea ning n"nalpha'etic sc ipt and its i/pact "n the late de%el"p/ent "! English as a sec"nd language6 In A6@ 6 Du gun"glu C C6 G"lden'e g 1eds67. Language and literacy development in bilingual settings. Ne+ @" 9. N@: The Guil!" d P ess6 C"/pt"n. C626. 1344576 He itage language c"//unities and sch""ls: Challenges and ec"//endati"ns6 In 26D6 Pe$t"n. D6A6 Rana d. C S6 HcGinnis 1eds67. Heritage language in America: reserving a national resource 1pp65AF<5?F76 HcHen $. IL: Delta S$ste/ C"/pan$ Inc6 C a+!" d. 26. C D ashen. S6 1344E76 !nglish learners in American classrooms: "#" $uestions% "#" ans&ers. Sch"lastic6 Ne+ @" 9:

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Running head: APPLIED LINGUISTICS RESEARCH AND REFLECTION 26 All$n C #ac"n6 Ed+a ds. J6. C Ne+c"/'e. L6P6 1344?76 #ac9 t" 'asics: Ha 9eting the 'ene!its "! 'ilingualis/ t" pa ents6 In O6 Ga cia. T6 S9utna''<Dangas. C H6 E6 T" es<Gu(/an. Imagining multilingual schools: Languages in

education and glocali+ation. # ist"l: Hultilingual Hatte s6


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