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uniquename tuple set

////course Day 1 Designing a data warehouse for use with Analysis Services Dimension design: designing optimal attribute relationships, when to use parent/ child hierarchies and ragged hierarchies Day 2 Complex cube modelling: multiple measure groups with different dimensionality an d different granularities, many-to-many dimensions Securing your cube: administrative security, dimension security, cell security Productionisation: understanding processing options, scheduling processing and p artition creation, maintenance, monitoring and deployment Day 3 Understanding Query Execution: SSAS Architecture, using Profiler, Monitoring you r Cube Query Performance Tuning the storage engine: partitioning and aggregation design Query Performance Tuning the formula engine: writing efficient MDX, tuning calcu lations and queries Tuning Processing Scale-up, Scale-out and hardware configuration for SSAS Day 1 What is MDX and why should I use it? Understanding the structure of a cube: recognizing cubes, measure groups, dimens ions and hierarchies Understanding the concepts of members, tuples and sets Writing simple queries: using SQL Management studio to write SELECT statements Creating simple calculated members: when to use query, session and cube-scoped c alculations, using simple MDX expressions and functions Day 2 Standard Calculations: looking at the best ways to implement common calculations , such as time series, market shares and rankings Using set functions: using common MDX functions such as Crossjoin, Filter, Order , Generate to create more complex queries Advanced concepts: autoexists, solve order and subselects Day 3 MDX Script Assignments: making scoped assignments, understanding how assignments affect aggregation, using assignments with calculated members MDX for Reporting Services Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting: using Profiler, building aggregations, f unctions to avoid