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Directions 1. Choose the size flower balls to create and make a template using template plastic. 2.

Cover both sides of the 9x12 Phoomph bonding sheet fabrics. 3. For best effect, use one fabric on the front side and a complementing fabric on the reverse side.


4. Cut 12 paper flowers using the template. 5. Tape each one to the fabric-covered Phoomph bonding sheet.

fabric crafting
What you will need:
Phoomph fabric bonding sheets: Stiff in color to coordinate with fabric. Small - 1 piece Medium - 2 pieces Large - 12 pieces 14 yd each of 2 print and striped cotton fabrics Scissors Template plastic Fine tip permanent pen

6. Cut out 12 slotted flowers. 7. These will fit together to create a flower ball. 8. Use the slots to join the petals together. 9. Keep adding flowers, so that every petal is connected to another petal on a neighboring flower. The first flower is the top of the flower ball. 10. Add a row of five flowers encircling it. 11. At this point, the flower ball is half finished. 12. Attach the next row of five flowers. 13. Finally, add the bottom flower to complete the flower ball.


Decorative Flower Balls

Create a beautiful accessory to accent your home decor. With Phoomph you can select a fabric collection that complements your color scheme.

Please Note: Print this pattern using Landscape Orientation.

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