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The conclusion of the Results obtained by solving Folkner skam equation

As seen from the graph of the different values of

(which is a representation of velocity) with y. y represents the vertical distance. Now, as is clear from the graph the velocity values increase with the increasing y distances. The different values of m give different curves. The values of m analyzed are from -0.5 to 0.5. Now, we see that the solutions to values which are positive represent the flow with a positive pressure gradient. The values of m<0 represent the flows with adverse pressure gradient. The physically possible flows are only those for the values of . For m<0, the solution blows up beyond a certain m value and shows velocity greater than the free stream. Therefore it has been shown that the solution diverges for m<0. The case of m=0 represents the Blasius solution which is a special case of Fokner Skam equations. The length scale selected for the y is 6 units. And, this is the condition at which maximum velocity has been obtained.