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Thesis: Cathedral of Praise Prayer Mountain Facility Researcher: Madelline Joy Ritarita Interview questions for the Cathedral

of Praise undershpherd, Pastor David E. Sumrall As part of Cathedral of Praise, Im very blessed on how each of us has been taken care of with all the renovations, new congregational facilities and well equipped technologies installations. It is really amazing how God works in our church. I believe that as the church prospers and grows so the members should grow and prosper as an E3 Christian. (Ps 1:2-3) Growing churches need a facility that would aid the members walk with the Lord. This is to inform you that I, Madelline Joy U. Ritarita, a fourth year college student of College of Architecture at University of Santo Tomas, am currently conducting researches for my thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements in our subject Research Methods for Architecture. The thesis entitles as The Proposed Cathedral of Praise Prayer Mountain Facility. The following are the questions prepared to be use in research.

1. How long have you been teaching and pastoring the church? 2. What are the things that continue to motivate and inspire you as the undershepherd of the Cathedral of Praise? 3. Growing the church numerically and even growing them in the relationship with the Lord is a difficult duty as a pastor. How did you handle this and what are the significant things you consistently do for the church? 4. Connecting people to God and to other fellow Christians is one of the missions of the church. With all the renovations, new congregational facilities and well equipped technologies installations, are the current facilities enough to meet the needs? 5. Seeing these new churches being build and having the vision of 200 churches in 20 years, do you consider building training centers, revival centers and prayer facilities as a great need for the church members? 6. As the Cathedral of Praise undershpherd, what are your insights about Cathedral of Praise having the first Prayer Mountain Facility? 7. Do you consider this as an aide in nourishing the spiritual lives of the people? Why?

Thank you for your generosity of time and opportunity. All your answers will be well considered in the said thesis proposal. God bless.