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1. Read the given letters. n p s t 2. Say aloud the sounds of the phonemes. a (eh) m i d 3.

Blend the phonemes and says the words aloud. p-a-n m-at a-nt 4. Say the word then sound the given phonemes. t-ap s-ad t-in 5. Read Thank you. You are welcome. How old are you. I am seven years old. What is your name? My name is Peter. 6. Read and match the pictures. a toy car two big bags walk to school a cup of tea 7. Read the sentences aloud. Tina has a bag. It is a big bag It is a big blue bag. 8. Read and match the pictures. Sara walks to school. She eats breakfast. Sara wakes up early. She brushes her teeth. 9. Read the paragraph and answer the questions. This is a cat It is a big cat (Yes, No) It like milk 10. Substitution table This Monday. She is Mimi. Today a book.