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Directions Cut: of the circle is cut from each sheet of Phoomph. Phoomph is 9 x 12.

. On the long side (length), mark 9 and 4. On the short side (width) mark 4. Mark arc of circle at several points between the edges by measuring 9 and 4 from the corner. Connect the dots. Cut out, then use as a template to cut 3 more circles.


fabric crafting
What you will need:
Phoomph for Fabric- Stiff- 4 sheets coordinate with fabric color Fabric-2 coordinating prints- fat quarters Fabric- colorful scraps to coordinate with wreath fabric 17 Wooden Clothes pins Glue & Glue Gun

Steps: 1. Peel paper backing from one side of a circle and stick to the wrong side of one of the print fabrics. Repeat with each 1/4 circle, being sure to flip 2 of the circle pieces so that you have a left and right side for the circle. Trim away fabric to edges of Phoomph. 2. Repeat on the other side of the Phoomph with the second fabric. 3. On a flat surface, arrange the circles in a complete circle overlapping the edges . Glue edges together to form complete circle. 4. Mark intervals at 1 around inside of circle for placement of clothes pins. Adjust spacing if necessary. 5. Trace outline of clothespin onto the pieces of phoomph left over from cutting out the circle pieces. Cut out 17 strips. 6. Remove the backing from one side of the strip and stick to wrong side of fabric. Cut out. Remove the paper backing from the other side of the Phoomph strip and stick to one side of the clothespin. Repeat with each clothespin. Glue the clothespins to the wreath at markings. Add tea bags.

mph Fabric Bonding Sheets

Texture Soft Stiff Color(s) Assort. Assort. Size " 9 x 12 9 x 12 Thickness 1mm 1mm

Tea Caddy Wreath

Create a gift in minutes with Phoomph. This attractive wreath holds an assortment of tea. Add a pretty mug and you are all set!
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8 Colors
White Black Blue Red Pink Green Fuchsia Orange

30.5 cm kage



Please Note: Print this pattern using Landscape Orientation.

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