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Focus : Language Art Theme: World of Self Topic : Unit 12 : When is Your Birthday !

ontent Standards : "#1 A$le to en%oy and appreciate rhymes& poems and songs through performance# "#' A$le to plan& organi(e and produce creati)e *or+s for en%oyment# Learning Standard : "#'#1 A$le to produce simple creati)e *or+s *ith guidance $ased on action songs# ,$%ecti)e : By the end of the lesson pupils should $e a$le to produce simple $irthday cards# Teaching aids : Song& L!-& laptop& manila card& coloured pencil& scissors& glue& coloured papers&ca+es&hats&$alloons and s*eets# Acti)ities : Teacher sho*s pictures and relia things for $irthday party# .upils sing /0appy Birthday Song1 # .upils are group according to their $irthday2s month# Teacher as+s pupils to rearrange months of the year in groups# .upils as+ their friends *hen is their friend2s $irthday# Teacher sho*s sample of $irthday cards# .upils are as+ed to ma+e $irthday cards for their friends# .upils sho* their $irthday cards to the class# Teacher organi(es a small $irthday party for the pupils# Added )alue 3mpact : : !reati)ity& 3!T