Spring 2014 Seminar Schedule

Jan. 15 Jan. 22 Jan. 29 Feb. 5 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Feb. 26 Mar. 5 Mar. 12 Mar. 19 Mar. 26 Apr. 2 Apr. 9 Apr. 15 Apr. 16 Apr. 23 Apr. 29 Apr. 30 Andrea Cupp Randy Jackson Jetty Duffy-Matzner Ganesh Degam Amanda Appel Faculty Meeting Scott Lewis Josh Kofford Spring Break Wenhui Zhou Faculty Meeting Georges Mer Alena Kubatova Geri Richmond (Lardy Lecture) (5:30, Art Museum) Geri Richmond (Lardy Lecture) George Gachumi Erik Nielsen (Burris Lecture) Erik Nielsen (Burris Lecture) University of Nebraska-Lincoln Final Seminar Augustana College Final Seminar Final Seminar Univ. South Florida Final Seminar Final Seminar Mayo Clinic Univ. of North Dakota Univ. of Oregon Univ. of Oregon Final Seminar Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Michigan

Seminars are at 12:00 pm Wednesdays In SAV 378 (except where noted)

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