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need for speed manual

need for speed manual

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Published by acermusz
this cheats allow you to win almost all the race.
don't worry, itis illegal to cheating..
good luck
this cheats allow you to win almost all the race.
don't worry, itis illegal to cheating..
good luck

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Published by: acermusz on Sep 07, 2009
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Pontiac GTO Entry Location: At the click to continue screen Enter "givemethegto" to unlock the Pontiac GTO.

Submitted By: Darren Slone Ford-GT castrol edition Entry Location: At the click to continue screen Enter "castrol" to unlock the Ford-GT castrol edition car. Submitted By: Darren Slone Burger King Entry Location: Enter the following codes at the "click to continue" screen to activate the corresponding cheat function burgerking - Unlocks Burger King Challenge Submitted By: rhino5 Unlock Cars Entry Location: At the main menu. Enter iammostwanted to unlock all cars. Submitted By: Aztek Need For Speed Most Wanted Hints Easy Pursuit win When you are in a pursuit with the police find the bus station, go inside and you will see a ramp. Go up the ramp and on to the second floor and when you are up there the police can not catch you. Hence making the pursuit end fast or in career mode you can rack up points because the police wreck each other's cars and giving you large pursuit times. Submitted By: Ryan C Super Charged Cops If you are on HEAT 7 you will come around the Supercharged SUV. If you have 3 of them in front of you they will completely stop and barricade or block. If they are in front of you make a sharp turn. Also if there is a spike strip get the best nitrous there is and blow through the middle of the SUVs. Always look on your map to see where the roadblocks are Submitted By: PELLET2 Razor's Mustang Entry Location: In "My Cars" Use these parts to make the Mustang Razor uses as Blacklist #15

Body:4 Spoiler:Sport Banshee Rims:BBS CH Hood:Speed Scoop:None Performance:All Ultimate Paint:Gloss 62/80 (Black) Vinyl:Flame 11 Vinyl Color 1:24/80 Vinyl Color 2:26/80 Rim Paint:#1 Window Tint:Dark Black Submitted By: SkylinesR US Easy Road Blocks If you engage in a pursuit, the cops might place roadblocks in your way. It is one easy way to smash through them. Aim for the rear part of the cars, and if you want to have a perfect impact, you can activate a speedbreaker JUST before you hit the car. Submitted By: Bjarte Get More Cash If you are out of cash, you can always go back to the defeated members in the Blacklist and complete unfinished races (or even play the which you have already won) to earn more cash. This is a big thing because you can play the races again and again, the cash keeps on coming. Submitted By: Rohan Ratnakaran To Make Sure You Hit a Tollbooth When you are in a tollbooth race and you want to hit a tollbooth for extra time it will not always work. To avoid that, just before hitting a tollbooth, use the speedbreaker to slow time down. Then you can time correctly to hit a tollbooth and use your nitrous for extra speed. Boom, you have crashed in a tollbooth and have extra time. Submitted By: romario Better Control When moving towards a sharp turn, move on the grass in order to get a faster, better controlled turn. Submitted By: agig Want to Avoid Getting Busted? When the police try to block you, reverse until you are out of the way and then accelerate. Submitted By: romario Recommended Car The best start car to use until you get the Eclipse is the Cobalt SS. When you win blacklist races, try for the three "?" markers. You can get cash or the pink slip

car. If you get their car, go to the safe house and sell it. You can get good money by doing this, and get unique upgrades after you start getting into the visuals (after you switch from the Cobalt). Submitted By: Aztek Nitrous For Grip Hitting nitrous torques the chassis back, giving the rear tires immensely more weight under the new acceleration. The end effect is that you will go straight. If your tail is sliding out or you are about to spin out of control, hit your nitrous to get straighten out. This is a great trick in combination with Speedbreaker. With the correct timing, you can take most corners at any speed. Submitted By: Aztek Quick Start Get a perfect launch on your tachometer when launching from the start line to get a boost. When the needle turns blue drop the clutch and hold on. Submitted By: Aztek Easy Money Defeat one of the opponents on the black-list. You will get two marks to use on several different things. Do not use them on the Uniques early in the game. Instead, use them on the middle or the left "Random" choices. They should usually come out to either a large cash bonus or the opponent's pink slip. Submitted By: Aztek

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